I got in from taking Carol to the airport at just after 8, it was beginning to get dark. Late September, winter would be here soon. But I had a weekend on my own while she accompanied an ageing aunt to her own sister’s funeral in Glasgow. Carol had volunteered, she liked the aunt and did not insist on my going with her.

So I was on my own. What to do this weekend? My main interest was very regrettably ruled out, I needed a substitute. Well maybe not, I could see what was happening on my favourite chat-line, maybe have a decent conversation or two. I switched on the PC and made a coffee while it loaded, then logged onto the Internet and started the program. When it connected me to the server I accessed the channel and looked down the list of the ‘girls’ chatting.

‘Girls’? Yes, like me. I am a transvestite, a man who like to dress up sometimes. In women’s clothes that is, sometimes the lot, bra and panties, high heels, make up, everything. OK, some people may think it weird but I don’t, in fact many of us don’t. We are basically ordinary people, don’t do anyone else any harm, just like our ‘hobby’.

I say ‘our’ hobby but I am not a social TV (that’s short for transvestite). Strictly solo, me. I looked down the list, several names, mainly girls’ names though I knew they were all really men, like me. I’m Ben actually, but I use the name ‘Bethany’ online.

I tried a brief chat with in the chat-room but she had to go soon after, then started up a chat. But I soon realised ‘she’ was not really serious about dressing, probably just a gay guy pretending, looking for some sex.


Hi there Bethany

Sara! Now that was a name I knew, and knew well. He was a guy called Richard and we had some great fun chatting and emailing to each other.

Hello there Sara. How are you?

We even swapped stories, tales about TVs which we had written, and indeed collaborated on some, writing alternate chapters to try to excite each other.

I am fine. You? What are you up to?

It was the same boring start to chats, but polite I suppose. I typed back.

Fine here but on my own, Carol is away all weekend so I thought I would chat to someone. Are you dressed?

Which, to a TV, means are you dressed in your ‘hobby’ clothes, bra and panties, high heels etc. Actually, I say hobby – which it was to me – though to some guys it’s more of a lifestyle, some going for a more substantial transition or a sex change.

Yes, dressed tonight and really feeling good.

In what, please tell.

We always like to hear what other TVs are wearing.

White blouse, see-through, black skirt, black undies, stockings and heels, also have done my makeup and wig.

Wow, sounds great, is Jemma not in then or does she approve of this now?

Jemma is Richard’s wife, she sort-of accepted his dressing to an extent but was not too happy with maybe more extreme expressions of femininity.

Jemma is away with family for the weekend, that’s why I am able to dress fully, go all the way, I feel gorgeous.

I am sure you look it too my darling

Wish you could see me.

Me too. I am on my own too, Carol is away in Scotland until Sunday night.

Are you dressed?


Why not? A perfect time to have some fun.

Problems. No wig. I tried spraying it clean last week, and a fair part of it dissolved! It was synthetic, be careful if you try cleaning yours

Was it expensive?

Quite but not very. I should maybe get a decent one, maybe longer and a bit more blonde.

Richard was a nice TV, not like some of the nasties you sometimes come across. An idea was beginning to form in my mind, suddenly it rushed to the front. I started typing furiously

Is Jemma away all night? all weekend?

Gets back Monday lunchtime

Sounds nice. Any commitments, any plans for the weekend?


Blast. Sometimes that happens, random glitch in the power supply or something, it just switches off. I rapidly switched my modem off and on and set up the reconnect, then logged on again. I checked the list of girls, Richard was still there.

Sorry about that, very, something switched me off. Back on again Ok. You still there?


Anything planned for the weekend?

Not really, shopping, some DIY etc. I may get another chance to dress.

We could meet.

There was a pause. I expected that. One of the nasty things about chat-rooms is that you can fool people, especially if they can’t see you (clever geeks nowadays have digital cameras too, but not me or Richard). So people often say or arrange something they have no intention of doing just to see the reaction.

Are you serious?

Yes. Both wives away, is this too good an ‘OPPORTUNITY’?

I had used that word and put in the capitals and inverted commas deliberately, Richard would know what I mean. I had told him on an earlier occasion of my first ‘opportunity’, similar to this, a young TV whose parents were away for the night, I was sitting there dressed as Bethany chatting when ‘he’ suggested a meet. I had been tempted but had chickened out and regretted it ever since. But could it happen now?

Sounds possible. How?

Let me think.

I had been thinking hard ever since I suggested it, coming up with a feasible plan. Like many TVs we had not swapped names or addresses etc, just ‘met’ online and chatted. But I knew he was in Yorkshire and I was in Warwick. Far but not too far, not Portsmouth and Inverness.

Could you drive out now? Dressed? We could meet somewhere between us, say at Trowell service station on the M1? Remember?

Again, I had commented to Richard before. Carol and I had stopped at Trowell Services, on the M1, one evening, it had struck me then it was a perfect meeting place, a bit public and a bit private. And meeting in cars, in the dark, well, if either of us didn’t like it we could just drive off.

Are you REALLY serious?

Capitals on the IRC is shouting! Maybe Richard did want to.


There was another pause.

OK then. When and how?

Tonight. I can be there by 11 o’clock. Can you?

There was yet another pause. Had I scared him (or her) off? (Gender is sometimes difficult to address between TVs!)

Yes. How will we meet?

I had to think quickly again, chances like this were few and far between, I was getting excited by the prospect and was determined not to waste it.

North or Southbound.


OK. Not by the main entrance, too many people there maybe, though there won’t be too many at this time on a Friday night. Just by the entrance into the actual car park. OK?


We both stop there, at about 11, it will be fully dark by then.

I typed in the letter and first three numbers, and the colour and make of my car. I KNEW Richard was serious when he replied in kind. This was the first time we had exchanged any real personal data. I was interested, his car was the same year as mine and the same colour. Not the same make but very much an equivalent, it confirmed what I had thought, we really were so similar. I was really beginning to get excited by the thought of this. I had always been a totally ‘solo’ cross-dresser, not into clubs or anything, the thought of meeting someone with the same interest….

Will you tell Carol about this?

Probably not

Actually, certainly not. I think she would be appalled

The trouble sometimes with the chat system is when both people type together, it often confuses the flow. On this occasion I had just pressed the RETURN key to send that comment when, immediately, Richard’s reply appeared on my screen.

I will certainly not be able to tell Jemma, she would be appalled.

I had to smile, indeed Richard and I were SO similar.

What will you wear?

Let’s not discuss that now, I may change my mind if I think about it. I am going to sign off now – and go and get in my car. I may change just a little and refresh my makeup. If I don’t act at once I may back out. Let’s go for it.



Transvestites in chat rooms almost always do that, send ‘virtual kisses’ at the end of the chat. I know it sounds silly but, well, again it’s harmless. I sat for a moment to think. Did I realise what I had just let myself in for? YES, definitely. I logged off the channel and switched my machine off, then sat quietly for another moment.

Though I had considered before this sort of thing, I had really never thought it would actually happen. But now I had to. Richard was going to be there, it would be cruel not to rendezvous. After all, he was taking the risk, coming dressed. Not me. I grabbed my jacket from the peg in the hall, checked there was something in my wallet, for emergencies. Locked the back door, and out of the front. My car was still on the drive, I backed out and was off.

I took me longer than I had thought to get there, I drove very carefully, no point in having an accident or getting stopped on an occasion such as this. It was two minutes past when I pulled off the M1 and into the service station. I could see several cars down at the far end of the car park by the actual services. And just one car near the entrance. I swung round and faced it across the access road.

I looked, peered at the number plate. Yes. I switched my lights off. The lights on the other car went on, then off. I hoped he had recognised my number. We both waited, maybe for about fifteen seconds. Then I decided, I opened my door and got out. And as I did so, the door of the other car opened, and – a woman got out. Even in that light I could tell. I could just see the reflection from nylon-clad legs, and from longish smooth hair.

‘She’ paused, hesitating. I decided I should make the move, so shut my own door and walked across.

“Hello Sara”.

“Hi Ben”.

We both just stood for a few seconds.

“Shall we go over and sit in my car” I offered.

Richard didn’t speak, just started to move. We crossed to my car, I held the door open for ‘Sara’ to get in, then went round.

“How was the journey?” I asked – silly start to such a conversation. “I mean, did you get out of the house OK at home. Any problems?”

“No, it was fine” he said. “It was dark already by the time I set off. I got out and away and just kept on going, didn’t have to stop, even at lights, all the way here.”

I knew what he meant, being uncertain how convincing you look and having to stop at traffic lights, specially with a car next to you. I turned to have a proper look, Richard knew he was being ‘inspected’.

“Well then go on, tell me, how do I look?”

It really was difficult in that light, I asked if he would mind if I turned on the interior light, briefly, there were no other cars parked near us. In the better light I gave him a close inspection. The hair, or rather wig, was nice and the makeup was impeccable, GORGEOUS lips and very good eye makeup. Almost no beard line visible. Gold earrings, a white blouse and black skirt to just above the knee. And what seemed to be gorgeous legs, in black stockings or tights with court shoes, about 2″ heels I guessed. And just how good did he look?

“Sara, I am impressed, you gave me the impression you were much bigger than you look, no, really, impressive.”

“And could I pass? Go on. Be honest, I know the answer really.”

I had to think, to give an honest answer without causing too much distress. I looked carefully at the figure beside me. There were so many female characteristics, a few of them ‘original’, many artificial, it really was difficult to give a truly honest answer. I put the internal light on again for a few seconds and looked.

“OK, Sara, what I really see here is a transvestite, but a good one. In these conditions it would be very difficult to make a proper comment. But maybe from a slight distance, not in daylight, maybe you could – pass.”

“Thanks anyway, Ben” came a rather resigned reply.

“Hey, Sara, don’t let it get you down. In so many ways you look really good. And you maybe haven’t prepared fully, this was sprung on you. Wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, yeah”

“No, really Sara. Tell you what. Let us go for a walk. That always gives me a buzz. Just being in one sense out in the open. Just down the car park and back. I guarantee nobody will ‘spot’ you. And what if they do? Anyway, Sara, I have to admit, I want to see those legs!”

I could tell, Richard was rather taken with the idea. He looked round, then at me.

“OK, Ben, I am game if you are!”

We both got out, I went round the car rapidly to ‘help’ him exit, we stood together. I took his hand, which rather surprised him. We set off walking towards the café area, he was a bit nervous naturally and was gripping my hand tight.

“OK Sara?” I asked, remembering my own first such outing. “Don’t worry, no-one will notice”

A car came up behind and passed us. Then another but for some reason this one didn’t go right up to the café, it stopped just in front of us to one side.

“Just keep walking” I whispered.

We walked together, just like any other couple we both hoped, past it. A very tall guy, maybe as much as 6-3, trotted past us, on his way towards the phones. He smiled politely as he passed, looking at me and at my companion. There was absolutely no sign he saw anything wrong, just me and my girlfriend or wife walking towards the café area.

“Evening” I said, and looked at Richard.

He was having a good time, I could tell.

“How are you coping with the shoes?” I asked.

I knew that even low stilettos can cause problems.

“I am coping fine, look Ben, you have done this sort of thing before, I haven’t. Can we go back now? That area in front is pretty bright.”

He was right of course. I led us towards the phones to one side of the main café area, then turned to face Richard so his back was towards the light.

“Just wait there for a moment. OK, now, I’ll come round the other side, we can head back.”

Which is what we did, walking steadily, holding hands, with no problem at all. We went to Richard’s car. We got in and carried on talking for a while, both agreed that our respective wives should NOT be told about this. We just gossiped for maybe a quarter of an hour, about what clothes we have, what we like to wear, where we got them and so on.

“Look, Ben, thanks for turning out like this. It IS my first time you know, and I have to drive back, I think I had better be going.”

“Right Sara. But. I was thinking on my way here, hoping we would get on as well as wondering what you would look like. I hope you enjoyed the outing.”

“Oh yes, well, we didn’t do much did we but, first time, you know.”

“Right. Anyway, as I said, I was thinking. Do you want to meet again tomorrow evening? Another ‘opportunity’ if you see what I mean. Give you time to prepare this time. Do your nails maybe.”

Even in that light I could see Richard was tempted – but unsure.

“Meet here again?”

“Well, I thought – how about coming to our place. It’s quite a drive but maybe not TOO far. I could do a meal, we could be more leisurely, take our time a bit more easily.”

“Sounds like a good idea Ben, but I am not sure.”

“OK, I understand. Maybe you could have a look at my clothes, I have a few more than you, I think, I know some of them will fit.”

That convinced him! He smiled at the thought.

“OK, Sara, let’s leave it at this. You email me early tomorrow morning, by 10? Saying yes or no. I will send details of where and when and how, I have a map on disc we used for a party last year. When you get it, email again to confirm, yes or no. How about that?”

I had given him a way out if needed.


He was going to get in his car, then turned to me.


I turned, he leaned forward and, very gently, gave me a very brief kiss on the lips!

“Thanks”. He got in his car, started up and was off. I stood for a few seconds thinking, then turned and drove home myself. I definitely would not tell Carol about that.


In the morning, after a slightly restless night’s sleep, I got up later than usual. Normally I’m about before 8 even on a Saturday but that day I surfaced at 9. I don’t know why but I switched on the PC straight away, even before dressing. There was a Hotmail from Sara! Already!

Subject: Tonight

Dear Ben


Love, Sara XXXXX

That “Love, Sara” may seem odd but it is the way women write to each other, in that case not an unusual form of address. Richard and I had been corresponding, writing stories etc for each other for several months via Hotmail. We had asked questions about TV experiences of each other, both real and our own fantasies and had always, again as is customary in female circles, addressed each other by our ‘femme’ names, Sara and Bethany. But that was the first time he had addressed me as ‘Ben’, I think. Damn that wig, if I hadn’t tried to clean it we could have been dressing together and both offering comments about our ‘look’. But this was different, I was to be the guy hosting a sort-of ‘date’ with a TV friend. I thought it would be best, make Richard more at ease, if in our role-play I were to treat ‘Sara’ almost entirely as a woman.

So how would I prepare for dinner with a woman friend? A close friend, in a way, we had anonymously shared some intimacies about ourselves. I had a couple of ideas, but first I had to reply, to confirm, to show Richard it was all on. I set to writing my e-mail reply and attaching the map I had showing how to get to the house. He had the real job to do that evening, driving all the way from South Yorkshire, probably ‘dressed’. He would want to come in the dark again, I guessed.

From: Sara

To: Bethany

Subject: Tonight

Dear Sara

Great! Map attached shows how to get here. Directions are easy, off the motorway junction it is first left, first left again then first right and you are on our road.

We are 200 yds down on the right, the house number is there, a large number on the gatepost, can’t miss it even in the dark. Pull into the drive immediately after the gatepost. The garage door will be open, my car will be at the side on the left. Drive straight into the garage and turn off. I will close the door behind you and go round to open the back door of the garage, you can get through there and into the back of the house totally unseen (front door is overlooked, I NEVER use it when ‘dressed’.) Arrive by 9.00? That should mean you can set off in the dark. I will have a bit of a meal available, I am VERY MUCH looking forward to seeing you in more comfortable surroundings, though last night WAS fun, I thought so anyway. I will be watching out at 9.

Love, Ben XXXXX

Attachment: “map1.jpg”

I logged on again and sent it, then switched off. It might be a little while before Richard got it and replied, and I had things to do! I was going to prepare as for any other ‘date’ but I was a bit out of practice. The house was tidy, and clean, well it was ‘lived in’ but more than acceptable. I had a big clear up in the kitchen, Carol had left me with a fair bit to do in there and I had been doing other things the previous evening. Then I got the car out for a quick trip to Sainsbury’s.

It took me longer than I thought to shop, I didn’t usually do it on a Saturday morning but I did get everything I wanted. I filled in a little time over lunch cleaning the mower, some other ordinary house things to keep my mind off other things, and to stop myself being in a permanent state of arousal! Then I checked my emails again.

From: Sara

To: Bethany

Subject: Tonight part 2

Dear Ben

Got your details, everything looks OK, very efficient. Please have garage door open at 8.45 in case I am early. If not there by 9.30 there has been a problem, check Hotmail. See you at 9-ish I hope

Lots of love, Sara XXXXX

I started to get ready for the evening at about 5. Prepared the whole meal, OK I was cheating, it was a Sainsbury’s ‘Ready Meal’, just pop in the microwave. But it was one Carol and I had tried before, a quality item, not cheap stuff. I prepared a small Melon Cocktail for starters, melon and cherries and grapes and a clear sauce, and my own speciality, Strawberry Vodka Mousse for dessert. I KNEW that would go down well, it always did with just a little whipped cream.

When I pulled back the door to go in the dining room I realised I had more to do than I thought. Carol had left all our tax papers on the table there, rather mixed up, we had been sorting them on Thursday evening. I was supposed to finish the job. I carefully packed them together so I could spread them again and get on with that task later, the whole pile was soon out of sight in the desk.

Then I laid the table. With the lot, ‘best’ dinner service, side plates, the silver cutlery, place mats, serviettes, candles in the middle, the flowers I had bought, I went all the way in that respect. Then I headed up stairs to get myself ready, once again regretting that I would not be able to greet my guest as ‘Bethany’. But I was still determined the evening would be a success.

I stripped, showered, shaved and dressed and was ready by 8. Then I checked the back room, the spare room where Richard would be able to dress, do his makeup, have a look at the clothes I had in the wardrobe and the dresser there and so on. I sat downstairs for a few minutes, then at 8.30 went out and opened the garage door and checked the side door was unbolted. I was nervous of course, I forced myself to sit and read the paper. One slight alarm when I realised that the wine was not in the fridge. I did that and got the paper again. I couldn’t settle, got up and went to check my e-mails just in case but no messages.

I was JUST beginning to wonder when, at ten past nine, I saw the lights of a car as it pulled into the drive. I dashed out of the front door, and closed the garage behind it, then through the side door, bolted it, and went into the garage. I had left the light on in there, the car WAS Richard’s, he was there!

Despite all that happened that weekend that image will stay in my mind for a long time. As I moved round and the driver’s door opened, I looked down and saw a VERY long and very female leg emerge. I think he had forgotten just for a moment how to get out of a car in a skirt. I saw a lovely glimpse of a black nylon-clad leg, shiny black stiletto maybe 3″ heel, maybe even 4″, the FULL length of leg as the side split in his skirt opened to reveal just a hint of stocking top, then the other leg, and a beautifully manicured hand, with three rings, with longish deep pink nails, appeared. I held it to help Richard stand, he did so, helping himself up by grabbing the car door with the other hand, he was carrying a very nice black soft leather handbag.

I wouldn’t say my heart fluttered, but something did and I have to admit, there was just a little movement between my legs! I was impressed by that first view of ‘Sara’ in full light. Well, in the light in the garage, much brighter than the previous occasion we had met. Richard reached into the back of the car and got his small suitcase, I had expected that, I just KNEW it contained at least one change of clothing he wanted to show me. In true gentlemanly fashion I took the case from him, we got out of the garage and into the kitchen door.

“Go on, straight ahead” I said, we went through into the lounge and I got my first full look at ‘Sara’.

And now – well – I was VERY impressed. He was obviously still nervous, looking round, I looked at what I could see, carefully. The hair was longish, almost to shoulder length, he was wearing big gold earrings, large discs maybe an inch across clipped in place. And the makeup was good. He had really put some time in, I thought, and some care too. The eyebrows were not too bold, the eye makeup was bluish merging to pink under the eyebrows, the mascara was fantastic, very carefully done, with very thin eyeliner on the lower lid. The facial makeup looked smooth and not thick at all, a little blusher, and a gorgeous cupids-bow lips, in a deepish pink which matched the nails very well. I wanted to say something then but didn’t, just kept looking down.

Richard had chosen a ‘business suit’, a style we both liked and had chatted about a lot. A deep grey jacket with quite a wide off-white stripe, over a white shirt/blouse which had the top three buttons undone. The skirt of course went with it, the same material, probably a wool mix I thought, a straight line quite tight over the bum, down to about 5″ above his knees. There was a slit on the right going up about another 5″, I had seen his stockings in the car. They were black, not quite opaque and slightly shiny, he had very shapely legs, and those ankles and shoes, they were very nice, set the outfit off well.

“Well, go on, tell me Ben. Honestly please”

He was being very careful with his voice, keeping the tone gentle, it sounded just a little deep, really a very sexy voice indeed, could EASILY be a woman. I stood back a little, retraced my gaze up his body and looked in his eyes. I remembered that kiss last night and just couldn’t help myself. I held my hand out to take his and admired the nails and rings again, then opened my mouth to speak. He was trembling just a little, heck so was I, we were both still new to this.

This was SO close to convincing. I moved away and turned the dimmer on the main light down just a little and then looked back. I looked straight at Richard. Hell, no, I looked at Sara. I saw a woman! But I didn’t speak, I leaned over and very gently, for about a second, kissed his gorgeous lips. We both shuddered again.

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist that. Right now, Richard, I see a woman. You look fantastic. The figure, the makeup, those legs! Really, honestly, with the light down just a little I cannot tell. ”

He smiled, I knew exactly what he was feeling, I had been through this. But not so quickly and effectively, he had done a superb job.

“Last night Richard, if you had asked me, marks out of ten I would have said five, maybe six. But this is more, eight or nine! I know I am biased but you really do look totally female in this light. Sorry, I said ‘Richard’, just for a moment I was thinking of you as a transvestite but as far as I am concerned, for this evening, you are Sara. OK?”

He, or rather she, smiled again. I moved closer.

“May I take your coat, my dear?” I nearly said ‘Miss’ but stopped myself, maybe that would be going too far. As it slid off into my hands I smiled, in fact I chuckled.

“Oh yes, Sara, I love it, the thin white blouse over the black bra. Classic, it looks great!”

We both laughed, it was the TV obsession with showing underwear in a sexy pose, and from the front the bra and the breasts, they really did look real.

“Please, sit down. Can I get you a drink?”

Sara did sit down, sliding ‘her’ right leg over the left so the skirt rode up to reveal very attractive long thigh, again a classic TV pose.

“Thanks. What are you having?”

“And the voice, Sara, you are being careful I can tell. Very effective, it sounds just plain sexy! Oh, sorry, how about some white wine? It’s a good one. Yes?”

When she said yes I slipped into the kitchen and got it from the fridge and opened it, pouring two glasses. Then took it through and handed one over. She took it from me, sipped a little, I watched her long pink nails lift the glass to her cute lips, sipping the wine in a very ladylike fashion. She shifted her bum on the chair a little, I saw her thighs move and heard the rustle of nylon, it was gorgeous. We talked for a short while, about dressing in general, going over some of the things we had chatted about online. I asked about driving while dressed which was obviously new to her, I repeated the comment I had made before about driving in high heels.

“It really wasn’t that difficult, I enjoyed it, specially looking down at my legs!”

“I must say Sara, I also like looking at them!”

Her makeup was not too thick, I could see a slight blush.

“Sara, are you hungry?” I asked as we finished the wine.

“Yes, nervous, excited and ravenous.”

“Then shall we dine?” I asked, standing and offering my hand to help her rise.

“Oh yes. But – where is the blue case, I would like to dress for dinner. I thought it might be more appropriate.”

I hadn’t expected that but it seemed a very good idea.

“OK, I’ll show you to ‘your room’, at least where you can change.”

We went together up the stairs, I went in front which was a shame, I would have loved to look up that skirt from below. I lead her into the back bedroom, where I always dress. The curtains were closed, ready. I showed her the wardrobe and the dresser drawer in there where I’d put my ‘Bethany’ clothes, she spent a few minutes looking through them. We chatted about which I liked best and which she might care to try on.

“Please, Sara, try anything, really”.

I had seen her eyeing the tight black TV basque, leather look with strong strips built into the material to really shape a body, take the waist right down and gave a TV push-up boobs. And the 6″ stilettos.

“Thanks very much but right now I want to stick to what I know, show off in some of my clothes”.

“OK then. The bathroom is just next door, here, call me when you are ready. I am looking forward to what you have in store for me.”

“Well, OK, it’s for me too, but I hope you will like it.”

As I left a thought occurred to me. I stepped into the front bedroom and rapidly stripped, emerging maybe five minutes later, ‘dressed’ for dinner myself. Not in a dress as I might have liked, but in my dinner suit, velvet collar, white shirt, bow tie, looking very respectable and freshly shaven and after-shaved.

In the kitchen I got everything ready, the melon cocktail on the table, the main course in the oven and on low after a few minutes in the microwave, the dessert chilling still in the fridge, the filter machine on. Then in the lounge and dining room I put the lights out and lit the candles ready, and switched on the stereo, with an ‘Easy listening’ CD very quiet in the background. Richard was taking his time, just like a woman. Then I heard footsteps, heels, on the floor in the hall and turned, to see ‘Sara’ slowly coming forward.

“Well, candlelight, and music, how romantic, at least in this light I have a chance of ‘passing’.”

That combination, the light and music and the sexy voice, and the way she looked, again, and stronger than before, I became just a little aroused. I just couldn’t help it. And when she came towards me! Obviously she wanted to impress me, she certainly did that. She was wearing what almost any woman likes to think she looks good in, a ‘little black dress’. But it’s usually the way it is worn that matters, and Sara was making an exceptional job of doing so.

The dress was a silk-like material, maybe polyester, nicely cut over the shoulders, long tight sleeves with three gold buttons at each cuff. The neckline itself was loose with large lapels, down the middle below the neck were three more ‘mock’ buttons ending just above the ‘breasts’. The waist and the skirt were very tight, they showed a very attractive figure, and the skirt finished about 12″ above the knee. She was wearing the same shoes, the black high heels complemented the tan stockings she had chosen. These were maybe a little thick though I am sure that was to cover leg-hairs, and were slightly glossy. With the PVC black bag, the total effect was stunning. And in no uncertain terms I said so.

“Now that, Sara, you look really gorgeous!”

“Why thank you kind sir, might I say you look mighty handsome too” she joked.

“Sara, I am serious, you really look good. Have you seen yourself?”

“Well Ben, I crept into the front room upstairs and posed for a while.”

“And what do YOU think?” I asked.

“I must admit, Ben, I am VERY pleased. I have had the chance to go MUCH further than before, it is great fun. And now I know, I DO have good legs.”

“You have GREAT legs” I commented.

She smiled again as I got up to slide open the door to our dining room, I did the gentlemanly thing, pulled her chair back so that she could sit down.

“This looks good” she continued as I poured wine for both of us. “I am VERY impressed and I am rather hungry.”

“Well Sara, if you like, we could forget all this, I could take you out for a meal.”

Just for a second I had her fooled, I noticed a sudden very worried look on her face, then she realised it was my turn to joke.

“Oh, sure Ben. Then we could go dancing and I could meet this guy, and he would be so attracted by me he would kidnap me and sell me to the slave trade….”

We both laughed, recognising the sort of plot line we had come across in a TV story. Some were good, some were diabolical. We sat and ate and laughed, telling each other of the more ridiculous stories we had come across. As I was serving the dessert I remembered my favourite stupid TV story.

“And then there was the guy who went to bed with his girlfriend and they got mysteriously zapped in the night and swapped bodies, and he woke up in her body and his body was dead next to her or him. And he found out he was pregnant with his own child, and became reconciled to being a girl when he, or she, found out the pleasures of breast-feeding!!”

We were both merry by then, a combination of the relaxed fun and the wine, and the vodka mousse. I was just going to suggest we get up and have coffee in the conservatory when I noticed Sara had gone quiet. She was smiling rather wickedly – and very attractively. I felt something under the table, she had slipped her shoe off and was playing ‘footsy’ with me. She continued, her stocking-clad toe reached the top of my sock and started stroking my bare leg.

“Stop it Sara, I am having a hard enough time controlling my urges as it is! I think we both need some coffee.”

I got up and pulled her chair out, she was definitely just a little merry, we went into the kitchen where it was just ready. I got the cups and saucers (yes, all the best for my guest!) and poured it and turned. She was sat on a stool at the breakfast bar, legs crossed, showing thigh. I grinned.

“STOP it, you tease, or I will not be able to answer for my action.”

She just looked up coquettishly and moved her hand down, sliding her hem up with her manicured and varnished fingers to reveal stocking tops and bare thigh, and just a hint of her panties!

“Now tell me, kind Sir, exactly what is that doing to your libido?”

“NO!” I shouted in mock rage, and took the coffees through and put them on the small table in the conservatory.

Sara followed and sat, quietly, on the small sofa in there and had her coffee. We talked quietly for a few minutes and sobered up a little, I had done the coffee strong, I reassured her that the conservatory and whole of the top half of the garden were totally private.

“Trust me, I know” I said, and she knew how I knew.

As she finished her coffee she crossed her legs again, I was quickly in a state of some discomfort once more. I shuffled a little, she looked down and slid her skirt up yet again, mischievously grinning at me as she did so. The skirt itself was very short, I could see almost all the way up to her panties. This was too much.

I put my own cup down and turned, put my arms round her and gently kissed her neck, pulling at the collar of the dress, I stroked her bare neck down to the bra strap. She tensed at the attention but I continued. Then I pulled away a little and looked her straight in the eyes, she was very slowly sliding her tongue very sexily over her gorgeous red lips. I put my hand on her knee and moved it up her thigh, she tensed again and began to breathe deeply. I kissed her neck once more, she looked so inviting. I knew what I had to say next.

“Sara, please. Can you stay the night?”

I know now she had been hoping for this, or at least had come prepared. She stared straight into my eyes.

“Does this mean you want to sleep with me?”

“Sara, I am DESPERATE to sleep with you, surely you know that, you have been tempting me for the past half hour. “

“And just what does that mean?” she asked in all seriousness.

I had to think, an honest answer was the best.

“Really, I don’t know. I don’t. Something may happen – maybe – if we both want it to.”

She reached out for me and gave me a much longer, seriously romantic kiss, teasing my lips with hers, exploring my mouth with her tongue, the taste and texture of her lips, I was over the moon, she tasted and smelled so nice, so feminine, so desirable.

“That’s to say thank you” she said “For all you have done, I have enjoyed this enormously. You went to a lot of trouble. The dinner, the flowers, sorting out the map, all those things, I have had a gorgeous evening. And for saying that, it is so kind, I would love to stay the night, AND to sleep with you my darling.”

I did appreciate what Sara was saying but I was not paying serious attention really. I have to admit, I was overawed, and I was feeling extremely randy. This very attractive woman, sitting beside me, being so feminine, I really could no longer control myself. I turned and slid one hand behind her waist to pull her towards me to kiss her, to return the compliment, to try to give her the pleasure she had given me.

My other hand slid from her knee, over her stocking tops, over the bare flesh of her thigh, to meet her panties, she felt very warm and damp. We kissed long and hard, our tongues mingling, our bodies close. I felt her hands exploring me, finding a way into my shirt and round my back and then – I felt her pull at my trouser zip, I felt her long red-tipped fingers slide in and past my pants and cup my balls. I gasped in delight, I released my grip a little but my passion was growing.

I felt her hand sliding over my aroused cock, I looked her in the eyes, they were wide open and smiling. I looked down and saw those gorgeously manicured fingers moving along my shaft, my heart beat even faster. I had been aroused all evening but my cock was now straining, erect, shaking as a result of her attentions. She was going to speak but I kissed her again as she fondled me, I was ravenous, my lips were eating hers, it wasn’t love but it was passion, it was lust!

We parted once more, both somewhat breathless and shifted our positions to make ourselves more comfortable. Then she leaned over and kissed the swelling, purple knob, it reacted by bulging even more.

“Sara” I managed to croak.

“Darling, let me, please, I want to, I want to see you satisfied” she replied in a husky, sexy female voice, and leant to caress my swollen member once more.

Then she sat up and reached for her handbag and took out a foil-wrapped condom. Still in disbelief, I watched fascinatedly as her pink nails pulled open the pack, I groaned in sheer delight as I felt her roll it all the way up my shaft. And I almost screamed with pleasure when she leant over me again and slid her luscious lips right down the shaft, taking the knob deep in her throat.

She started to apply pressure with those gorgeous lips, her tongue, her throat. I exploded, spurting my cum hard into the tip of the condom, feeling her working on my throbbing cock as it pulsed. I finished shooting my load all too soon and relaxed with a very deep contented sigh. She sat up with a satisfied look on her face, I imagine mine must have been even more ecstatic.

She didn’t say a word. She just carefully slid the condom off me, I was still pretty erect. She lowered her head and slid those gorgeous lips up and down several times, cleaning me of the juices still coating my erection. Then she sat up and swallowed.

“Time for bed” she said, stood up and walked off towards the stairs.

I dressed again, with some difficulty, I was still physically aroused, overcome to some extent by the totally erotic experience I had just had. I locked up, put the lights out and followed her. As I went towards the bedroom door she was coming out of the bathroom.

“Darling, please, I will join you in a couple of minutes. Please, for me – I want to see you naked” she said in an even more sexy voice than before.

I stripped, washed, did my teeth and went back into the bedroom. She was there already, standing, waiting. She had turned the lights down and I realised why. Without the clothes, the makeup, the jewellery, even in sexy night-clothes, the TOTAL image of a woman was not there. This was a transvestite, though it was a VERY good one. Richard was still wearing the wig but had removed most of his makeup and was maybe feeling not quite so feminine, but was wearing a long transparent black night-dress, split down one side to show his legs.

I had to say it, and I had to be honest.

“Richard, you still look very sexy indeed.”

Which he did. I went over towards him, my cock once again standing out proud, slid my arms round him and kissed him hard. It didn’t feel wrong.

We got into bed and cuddled for a short while, and slept.


As I said I almost ALWAYS wake at 7.30 at the weekend, it was obviously the excitement which had tired me out. When I eventually stirred I peered at the clock by the bed. It showed just before 9 again, and there was a coffee mug on the bedside table.

“Oh, I thought I heard some stirring, good morning my love.”

I felt a light kiss on the cheek and opened my eyes fully.

“I have been up some time, thought a coffee might be needed. OK?”

I stirred for a moment, then sat up and looked across the room. I could see ‘Sara’ sitting at the dressing table there, doing her lipstick! A very domestic scene, I thought, man getting up late, his wife dressed and making herself look nice. Then I peered more closely. The curtains were still drawn, I had mentioned possible problems about being seen at the front of the house, though there was some sunlight coming through. My guest was sitting at the dresser and was indeed dressed. At least partly, she was wearing Carol’s white shortie silk robe .

“OK Ben. You still smell of sex. Go and shower and make yourself presentable, I’ve put some clothes out for you.”

She walked out of the room – as she left I got a glimpse, of black fishnets and of enormous black high heels! I tumbled out of bed and dashed to the bathroom to relieve myself. I showered and shaved as quickly as I could, then found the jeans and the white shirt she had left out for me. I rushed down to the kitchen, Sara was sitting on the high stool in there with a coffee in her hand, with the robe promiscuously open at the front, long legs covered by fishnets stockings attached to the black basque, and wearing the 6″ black patent stilettos. As I went in she stood, the robe fell open – showing her ‘boobs’ pushing out from the cups of the basque. She had in, I thought, Carol’s ‘breast-enhancers’ slipped into the bottom of the bra cups, they did lift the flesh and produce two nice-looking tits.

“Well” she said, walking provocatively towards me and kissing my cheek. “Do you like what you see? Ah, I can tell you do. I thought the loose jeans may be a good idea.”

She had reached down between my legs, she stroked my thigh gently and could feel my excitement.

“I can tell you do!” Then she turned. “OK, get breakfast, I’ve had mine, just some cereal. I’m going to finish dressing.”

And she left me alone and excited and aroused and thinking, what next? She had looked very different, more confident – and even in full daylight – female!!

When she came down again a few minutes later I looked carefully, despite the erotic attire, I was sure. She had put on a white silk blouse, tucked into a very short tight black skirt. The blouse had an elasticated neckline, it was pulled across to reveal her shoulders and to show off her ‘boobs’. I could only admire. I had tried the basque myself like that, strapless, but was not confident in it, Sara looked great, her gorgeous legs were unbelievable!

I stared carefully at the figure in front of me, the legs, the figure, the face. The makeup was different, in some way, more suitable for daytime, but she had changed her nail varnish for a darker red, and her lips too of course. I grabbed her hand. I was desperate to try to see just exactly what had made such a difference, the hair, the makeup?

“Come with me” I said, pulling her towards the back door and out into the garden.

She was reluctant. I was still staring.

“Look, it’s OK, the whole of the top of the garden area is TOTALLY private. Believe me.”

She did, again she knew why I was so sure.

“So what’s wrong, why are you staring?”

And I was STILL staring, inspecting Richard very carefully indeed.

“Richard, do me a favour please. Go back upstairs and put on some ordinary black stockings, or tights. Please. And those shoes you had when you arrived. Go on, trust me. I KNOW your legs look totally gorgeous in fishnets, especially with those heels, they really do but – well, trust me. Please.”

She was a little reluctant but said “OK” and went up. I got a mid-blue jacket from the hall, one of Carol’s, it is a bit big for her but she likes it that way. Sara came down, I pulled the elasticated shoulders of her blouse back up and slid the coat on her, then took her hand as we went out into the light again.

“Well, what is it?” she asked.

“Richard, you remember when we met on Friday, in the dark, I said six out of ten or something. Yesterday in dim light inside you were an eight. No, don’t get upset. Right now Richard, I am definite, TEN!”

He looked puzzled. He realised I was talking to ‘Richard’, and he realised what I was saying.

“Right now, I don’t know what is radically different, the combination of the makeup and the tight-waisted figure, the light maybe, I don’t know, but I see in front of me – a woman. Totally. I would defy anybody to tell me otherwise, you look great – and female. Not gorgeous, not beautiful, no. But attractive yes. definitely. So I have to call you Sara, don’t I?”

She still looked puzzled, unconvinced.

“I did do the makeup lighter, and I do admit I think the figure in this basque looks good, thanks very much for the compliment, Ben, it means a lot to me, it really does, but…..”

“Sara, no ‘buts’. I mean it. Tell you what. let’s go out, for a walk?”

That did it. Sara was at the same time delighted and very tempted.

“You mean you and me, go along the road?”

“No way, Sara, this is real life, not a TV story. I am NOT taking you down to the pub. If Carol finds out I was out with another woman, well! No, we can drive for a mile or so. I know. There’s a supermarket car park a mile away. We never use that branch but I’ve been there dressed once, in the evening. There’s a canal next to it and a small park area. It’s ideal.”

“This evening you mean?”

“No, now. Yes, now, you look great, we can just walk for a bit. And before you say it, Sara, I don’t care if anyone sees us, it will be just another couple out in the sunshine Sunday morning. It’s still early, the store doesn’t open ’til ten. Yes? I would be proud to take you. ”

Sara thought for a moment, for several moments, then spoke.


She got her handbag, I opened the car, within five minutes I had backed out and we were heading along the road quite quickly. As soon as we passed the bend and the house was out of sight I relaxed. I really didn’t want to be seen with another woman! I looked across, Sara was nervous, I told her to relax, and put a hand on her thigh.

“Please Ben, don’t. I am shaking enough already”

We pulled into the car park, I could see across to the little grassy area and the canal, there were a few people about but not many. I went round and opened the door for Sara, this time she swung her legs out together, very ladylike.

We held hands and walked, the first fifty yards we didn’t see anyone, Sara became more confident, eased her grip – and me too, I eased mine, I was sure but I was nervous too. Then as we turned to walk along by the canal, a guy came jogging up the towpath.

“Morning” he said.

“Morning” I replied, and smiled.

I looked at Sara, she smiled too. A few seconds later we passed an older couple going the other way with their dog, no comment was made, but he DID give Sara a good look.

“Don’t worry, my love. He was only looking at your legs!” I reassured her.

We walked on for several minutes, passing about six more people. I could tell Sara was loving it, there were absolutely no ‘negative’ reactions. As we walked round and back towards a car park Sara noticed a young couple under a tree, necking fairly furiously. As we approached they separated and moved off. She pulled me over towards the tree and leant against it, then put her arms round my neck.

“OK Ben, I never thought I would ever get the chance to do this especially in public in broad daylight, come here!”

She began kissing tenderly, we did an awful lot of kissing that weekend! But then she began to revel in it, extrovert petting and fondling, made even more exciting by the fact that as we explored each other’s mouths, as my hand slid further up inside her skirt, her hand slid unseen inside the zip of my trousers, her breathing became heavier, her ‘bosoms’ heaved more and more as we became even more passionate, people were passing! They couldn’t help but notice we were ‘hot’ for each other, I was only vaguely aware of their presence from the sound of footfalls and occasional mutterings.

The last I remember, as we eventually parted, both really horny from the public lust we had been displaying, was from a couple of older women, probably over sixty, I heard the words ‘…. such a short skirt….. disgraceful!’ as they passed.

Sara heard it too, she showed her delight. We calmed down and walked on, holding hands still, came to the edge of the car park. I turned to her.

“Right Sara, when was the battle of Hastings?”

She looked extremely puzzled. “1066″.

“Right, now do those numbers backwards.”

“You mean 6601?”

I took out my wallet and handed her my credit card.

“The ATM is that way, I am going back to the car. Can you go get me £30 for the weekend, I’ll see you there in about five minutes?”

I strode off purposefully back to the car. I think she recognised the scenario, I had told ‘Richard’ in one of my emails. This was the site of my very first outing as Bethany, when I had done that very thing, walking across the car park alone in the dark to the cash machine. I turned to watch.

She could have chickened out, hurried after me, but no. She was almost striding, much more confidently now, towards the machine. I watched as she put the card in, pressed as needed, and got the cash out. She turned, opened her handbag, and slid it into a small purse I think – I was too far away to see properly. But she didn’t turn towards the car, maybe she had lost her bearings? But no again, the store had opened a few minutes earlier, she was going in!

I thought about following her, but decided to wait. Less than two minutes later she emerged, now very confident indeed. I thought then ‘She’s been in the Ladies’, and indeed she had. She was carrying the jacket over her arm and had slid her top down her arms a little, exposing her shoulders, and more of her boobs, to the bright morning sun. She looked round and began to step purposefully in my direction.

But she didn’t get far, that was when she was accosted! Not surprising really, she really did look provocative at that moment. Not tall like when she was wearing the 6″ stilettos but tallish, well built, a thin waist and long long legs, it was really to be expected she might get approached. And she was.

It was the ‘AA’ man, he had just set up his little recruitment box outside the supermarket, trying to recruit the mums and dads as they did their shopping Sunday morning. As Sara started to walk towards me I could see him approach her and start talking. And I could see her talking back, showing an interest in the leaflet he was holding. They chatted for quite some time, then he took her arm and led her towards his stand. I could see two seats there, she sat down, he sat next to her and she crossed her legs! I wish I had been closer, to see properly the look on his face when she revealed that gorgeous expanse of thigh, he must have been wondering where his luck had come from, recruiting such a lovely leggy lady maybe.

I never did ask her, what with the events afterwards, but I am sure I saw him put a hand on her thigh as they talked. Eventually they stood up, she had a leaflet in her hand, she looked towards him and then turned away and came towards me, every inch a woman who had just been enjoying herself, a woman who knew she looked good, who knew her sexuality and was proud to show it. Her hair was bouncing, her earrings were glinting, her breasts were moving with every step of her lovely legs. She passed about four men on her way back, every one turned to look. I leaned over to let her in the car.

“God, Ben that was INCREDIBLE!” she almost shouted. “What a buzz, I just LOVED it, did you see the way he was looking at my legs?”

“Sara my dear, did you see the way he was looking at your tits?”

“God I feel great. Drive, Ben, drive!”

And I did, I drove home, Sara was sat beside me all the way, breathing deeply. It was difficult to keep my eyes on the road, her cleavage, with her top pulled down like that, boobs bulging and heaving, looked really impressive. At the house we got out of the car and through the side gate, into the living room with no problem, no neighbours around at all. She was still on a high.

“What an outing, Ben, I felt fucking great if you will excuse the unladylike language!”

She wiggled her hips suggestively, loving the attention. I was transfixed. She was sex on legs!

“And you were – and are – fucking sensational” I exclaimed.

I thought she was going to kiss me on the lips, I was feeling horny as hell. Instead she began to undo my shirt and leaned over, planting a huge kiss above my right nipple.

“I can’t give you a love bite, I hope that will do.”

I looked down. She had left a red lip-shaped mark on me. Then she started on my trousers. I was going to protest but she was insistent.

“Ben, take them off. OFF. And the shorts and shoes and socks, take them ALL OFF” she almost shouted.

I did as I was told! My cock was 100% at attention, I was so aroused by this gorgeous tart in front of me, she started to caress my balls, then moved back a little. She lifted her skirt up to her waist and sat perched on the edge of the kitchen table and almost tore off her knickers!

“Now my darling, please, I want your cock up me, you have to, FUCK ME. NOW. On Carol’s kitchen table. NOW!”

Her cock was exposed and erect. Yes, HER cock. I was being propositioned by a gorgeous woman with a ripe erect cock between her legs. As she moved back she lifted her legs to plant those long heels on the table and reveal the full glory of her long legs and her inviting arsehole to me. It was glinting in the sun, she had obviously prepared for this. As I hesitated just a little she reached down between her tits and pulled out a condom.

“Put this on me, please, to stop the mess and keep Carol’s table clean!”

I did, enjoying my fingers sliding down towards her balls, thinking that I never imagined the weekend would include this.

“What about me?” I asked.

“No Ben, none for you. Please. I want to feel your cum shooting up me, like you want to make me pregnant. I just don’t care, I want you to make love to me.”

She steered my bulging cock towards her hole, I let her, I wanted her too. When it touched a shiver went through me, all of me. I began to push, I climbed onto the table on top of her and pushed, I watched the head of my cock begin to enter, I paused. I looked at her face. Yes, HER face, I could see a real desirable woman. I pushed again, she winced a little, I pushed again, she made a slight strangled cry.

I really didn’t want to hurt her in any way but I could tell that, with over half of the head inside her hole, it was a bit painful. I looked again, questioning.

“Go on, go on.”

I pushed again, her cries got louder and more strained, I really was not at all sure. Her stocking-clad legs were pushing against my chest, she grabbed me and pulled gently, digging her nails in, I slid further. And then. I went in. Right in. As the shiny purple bulb of my cock slipped into her, the shaft followed oh-so smoothly, I cried out myself.

“Aaaah Sara, ooh God, that is gorgeous, that is out of this world”

I looked at her, the face had changed, this wasn’t hurting now, this was erotic, this was sensational, this was the start of a damn good fuck! I pushed, then slid out, then in again and we both screamed with delight, it was really something, I kept on and on for several seconds, sliding just a little further each time. We had our rhythm going, she was clenching her arse muscles round me, squeezing me into ecstasy, breathing deeply, her breasts were heaving.

“Christ Ben. Oooooooooh!” she said after maybe two minutes. “You can go on like this all afternoon, that is a sensational feeling, deep inside me, OOOOOOh.”

I was going on steadily, it was a sensation, being aroused to such an extent, every thrust maintained the height of my arousal. I just carried on for maybe a minute more, pushing and relaxing, I looked down at my cock sliding into her arse, at her own condom-clad member standing proud, it was swelling more, her juices were beginning to cum. And she did, violently, her arse shuddered and shook, her muscles tightened but I kept on thrusting, I saw the jet of cum through the thin condom, shoot out and swell the teat.

She shook, she cried out, she was having sex with me and loving it! And so was I, that set me off, I speeded up just a little and reached my own climax, pulsing hard and deep into her.

“Oh yes, Ben, fuck me, fuck me, oh my lover!!”

We were both at a crescendo, we bucked and shook together as I emptied my cock into her, I could feel the hot juices spurting deep. We were in heaven together, I shot my load, I just kept on cumming up her, filling her up with my hot sperm!

And it finished. We collapsed, I fell on top of her, kissed her neck, her ears, her hair, her lips. I was just incredibly grateful. At which point we realised how uncomfortable we were, me lying on top of her on that kitchen table. I withdrew carefully and stood up. She reached for her black silky panties and pulled them on, then stood.

“I want to keep your sperm inside me a little longer, Ben. I’ll clean up in the downstairs loo, you go up and clean too, I’ll make some coffee.”

I came down about five minutes later, in jeans and T-shirt, she was sat in the sun in the garden on the swing-seat, with two coffees beside her, I joined her, we kissed. Strangely for the first time in the weekend I felt just a little guilty. The last time I had sat there had been about two weeks earlier, with Carol, after we had a very successful shagging session.

We had our coffee, it was really a very sweet time, a couple sat there in post-coital bliss cuddling and caressing, enjoying the moment. Sara squirmed in her seat.

“Ooooh, Ben, I can still feel it, I can feel your sperm shifting round inside me”

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