For those of you not familiar with American football, a “wide receiver” is an offensive player whose primary job is to catch passes from the quarterback, although he also needs to block people trying to tackle his teammates when they have the ball. In Division I college football while there can be a large deviation from normal the average wide receiver is about six feet one inch tall and about 200 pounds. A “tight end” is another offensive player whose primary job is to block, although he also can be a dangerous pass receiver, especially running passes up the middle of the field (for example traversing the “seam” between defensive backs in a zone defense). There is less variety in size of tight ends than wide receivers, and in Division I the average tight end is probably about six feet four inches tall and about 250 pounds.

I was twenty two years old, a senior at a Division I University, on a football scholarship, and starting at wide receiver. I lived in an unofficial football dorm, really a large old house owned by the university that the athletic department paid the rent on and provided most meals for. About twenty football players, mostly seniors, lived there, along with a tutor.

Life was pretty good. We were ranked 20th in the nation, preseason, and won big the first three games that we played. The only drawback was having to go to class and study (can you imagine a University requiring students to do that? Ha, ha).

Psychology 301 was my most difficult course. I was having some trouble with some of the more esoteric concepts and wanted to be sure to remain academically eligible since we expected to go to a bowl game after the season was over. The in-house tutor couldn’t help much and he suggested that I go to see the instructor, an assistant professor.

I made an appointment with the instructor to see him at 6 p.m., so as not to interfere with practice or my other classes. When I arrived at his office I was shocked to see a provocatively dressed hot older woman, maybe 40 – 45 years old, there. The instructor introduced her as his wife Jill. She apparently came to pick him up most nights, combining that trip with work she did for him organizing his files.

Football players at my school rarely had girl friends in season because they demanded too much of your time, and I was no exception. Obviously, however, I had all the raging hormones of a normal in shape twenty two year old male, and thought about sex constantly. I did my best to get help from my instructor, but I found my eyes continuously fixating on Jill’s body, especially as she bent down to access lower file drawers, or bent over her husband’s desk to pick up files.

Jill was a tall lanky brunette, with her heels on almost as tall as I was (6’2″). Her dancer’s legs seemed six feet long themselves. Her ass was to die for, totally round and protruding, stretching her dress to the limit; it looked especially large since she had a very small waist. Although her face showed her age, it was beautiful, with big brown eyes and full lips, and she had enormous tits that seemed to want to bust out of her tight top.

Before I left I made another appointment to see my instructor the day after next at the same time. As I left I said to Jill, as casually as I could, “Nice meeting you, and I hope to see you again.” “I’m here from six to seven p.m. almost every day” she responded, and I thought that I saw her wink — maybe I was hallucinating.

I couldn’t get that mature piece of ass out of my mind. I jacked off twice that night thinking about her shapely body, big ass, and enormous tits, and couldn’t wait until the next tutoring session.

The next tutoring session Jill looked even hotter than the first time. She had more eye shadow on, and a skimpier top, which exposed her cleavage when she bent over the desk. Fortunately her husband was really into explaining the fine points of how to create a stem and leaf plot to compare the scores of first and second respondent pairs (got that?), and the desk hid my boner, so I don’t think that he noticed my ogling. I know that she did, however.

Although I had by now completely caught up in my Psychology 301 course I scheduled another session for the next Tuesday, same time, telling the instructor we had an away game against our biggest rival, ranked second in the country, that weekend and I might not be able to study as much as I liked. He was happy to oblige, and this time when I left I winked at Jill, evoking a broad smile from her.

I was able to block Jill’s consummate ass out of my mind that weekend in the game against the second ranked team in the country. With a clear mind, and motivated by being on national T. V., I had a great game. I caught a touchdown pass in the first quarter, and a twenty five yard pass with six seconds to go that set up the winning four yard touchdown pass to the tight end. It was our biggest win in years.

I decided to push it up a notch with Jill on the Tuesday after the big game — which was the talk of the campus Saturday night, Sunday, and Monday. I wore a pair of compression pants that clearly showed the outline of my cock, and a summer, no-midriff, football jersey, making the excuse that practice ran over and I had to come straight from there. My outfit had the desired effect on Jill, and my story was believable enough that her husband didn’t question me, especially since they were both excited to get my first-hand account of the big win, and my performance.

I made my crotch as visible to Jill as I could during the session, and when I left I told the instructor that I was now caught up thanks to his great help. Just before exiting I again said to Jill “I hope to see you again.” As I shook her hand goodbye I slipped her a piece of paper with my cell phone number on it.

While I couldn’t suppress my woody whenever I thought about the possibility of hearing from Jill, I was by no means confident that I would. To my great joy on Wednesday I received a text photo from her on my cell, posing naked on her husband’s desk, with her return number and the single word “Interested?” I almost came in my pants right there. If I thought that she looked good at the tutoring sessions, naked she looked like a goddess.

I had no classes until the early afternoon on Thursday, and she took her husband to work at 7 a.m., so we made arrangements to meet at her house at 8 a. m. Thursday.

I arrived right on time. She had a silk mid-thigh length robe on with a single cloth belt tie, and three inch high heels. We greeted with hand squeezes, and she led me into the kitchen, which was adjacent a sun room with a big couch. Standing face-to-face, she offered me some orange juice. I flippantly said “I want something sweeter than that,” and yanked on the belt of her robe, which caused her robe to open and exposed her naked tits and pussy, glistening in the morning sunlight.

With a big smile on her face she said “I see that you’re someone who doesn’t waste time going after what he wants. I’m the same way.” With that she dropped her robe to the ground, walked up to me, undid my shorts and boxers, and helped me step out of them. By then my cock was already at attention, and she grabbed it with one hand and lead me to the couch in the sun room, giggling the whole way. When we got to the couch she planted a French kiss on me and started rubbing my ball sack with one hand and pulled off my T-shirt with the other and then rubbed my chest.

After a couple minutes of French kissing, with my hands busy on her beautiful chest orbs, I picked her up and laid her on the couch and went after her pussy. It was small for such a tall woman, obviously recently shaved, but with large lips. I started nibbling on her lips while rubbing her clit with one hand and finger fucking her with the other. I loved her smell and taste, and had her writhing around and loudly moaning in no time. While finger fucking her I found her G-spot and vigorously chastened it. It was the most sensitive in my experience, and my attack caused her whole body to shake, rock, and tremor violently as she screamed (making me hope that there were no neighbors nearby and that the windows were closed). Her convulsions hardened my dick into a steel pole.

Before she came down completely from her orgasm I gave her a “shocker;” euphemistically called “two in the slit, one in the shit.” For those of you not familiar with the term (look it up on Wikipedia — ha, ha) that means that I put two fingers in her pussy and one in her asshole. Her pelvis jumped and then she groaned like a locomotive chugging up a mountain.

Once I was sure that I had worked her over the edge once again I pulled up on her so that she was completely on the couch, and then sank my shaft into her juicy pussy in one glorious thrust. She groaned even more loudly, wrapped her long silky thighs around my waist, wrapped her arms around my back, and started pumping her pelvis like a belly dancer. Not to be outdone I thumped her with all that I had.

While we were fucking each other’s brains out she moved her mouth next to my ear and said “I’m still fertile and not on the pill so you need to come in my ass, not my pussy.” While that surprised me, I had no problem with that since I loved anal. So after a few more strokes I pulled out, grabbed a hold of her enormous knockers to help turn her over, and then scooped up some of her abundant pussy juices and lubricated her rosebud. When I stuck two fingers in and found her sufficiently lubricated, I slowly buried my pole. Since my cock was completely slick from five minutes of pounding her pussy, it slipped right in.

Despite the ease with which my lubricated cock had slithered into her ass it was extremely tight for such a tall woman, and she obviously had powerful sphincter muscles that she seemed to have complete control over. My pounding combined with the undulating contractions of her muscles had me blowing my wad within just a few minutes. She obviously was used to and loved anal because she climaxed as violently as most women do when pussy fucked, and though she climaxed she continued to undulate her ass muscles to suck every bit of cum out of me.

Once we both got what we were after, I withdrew and we laid side-by-side massaging each other’s parts and hedonistically kissing.

The phone rang, her machine answered, and then her husband’s voice came on saying that he had forgotten some papers at home and that she should call him within five minutes and let him know if she would bring them to him, or he would have to take a cab home and pick them up; and that he would call and leave the same message on her cell.

Shit. I was psyched for seconds with this horny delicious cockhound, which obviously wasn’t going to happen. By the disgusted look on her face and the string of expletives that she spewed out she made it clear that she had been looking forward to a repeat too. However, there was nothing to be done except to massage each other as we got dressed. I was pleased to see cum running out of her asshole, and as she put panties on that they immediately got wet both at her crotch and ass. When I kissed her goodbye she said we needed another session next week, which I heartily agreed to.

As I left she comically threw out “I guess tight ends have made you real happy twice this week already.” Boy was she right! I don’t know which made me happier, my teammate catching the winning touchdown in our rivalry game, or her ass working on my cock.

The game the next weekend was as big a downer as the previous one was uplifting. We lost at home by one point to a 2-2 team that we should have beaten by twenty points, and I injured my back making a catch over the middle in the second half and missed the last three offensive series.

After getting an MRI and X-rays Saturday night — which fortunately showed just severe bruising rather than any breaks or disc damage — I hobbled to the dorm and spent an almost sleepless night. Sunday I didn’t feel much better, so I basically laid in bed and felt sorry for myself. Normally I looked forward to Sunday evening, but not this time.

The reason that I normally looked forward to Sunday evening was because that was when our unofficial “housemother” brought dinner to our dorm/house. Her name was Betsy. She had graduated from the university about ten years earlier lived locally, and was always a big football fan, and this was her way of supporting the team. Although married, she apparently had an understanding husband who was also a big fan. Her dinners were much better than the food normally served in our dorm, but the way she served it and her sparkling personality were even better than the quality of the food.

Betsy was about 5’7″ with a tight well-toned athletic body, dirty blond nicely kept hair, and big blue sultry eyes. Most intriguing, however, were her C-cup breasts that had large dark extremely puffy areola. She always wore a short skirt, and a top that exposed virtually the entire top half of her breasts, including some of the puffy areola. Also, the only good thing about losing was that on the day after a loss she was very compassionate and free with hugs, and having those soft boobs squeezed against you was almost enough to forget the game. I had always gotten along great with her, and if I could have handled a girlfriend during football season I would have loved for it to be someone just like her.

The rumor was that in years past a number of players had fucked her — because God knows everyone wanted to. However, never having seen any evidence that she would cheat on her husband I considered that rumor was likely just an “urban legend” or wishful thinking.

Sunday around dinner time I was immersed in self pity because of my injury. So instead of going to dinner and getting a great meal and nice view, I simply showered and laid on my back in my bed with only a towel wrapped around my waist. Once most of the clamor in the dining room had subsided there was a knock at my door. It was Betsy with a plate of food.

She closed the door behind her, put the plate, covered with aluminum foil, on my desk, and sat next to me on the bed. In her characteristic compassionate way she talked to me softly telling me about how bad she felt that I had been injured, stroked my head, and leaned over and kissed my forehead, placing those fabulous puffy tits right near my mouth. I let out an involuntary groan, and started getting stiff — my back may have hurt, but there was nothing wrong with my pecker.

Seeing my reaction she smiled and said “I see that I need to do something to make you feel better and take your mind off your injury.” She then reached under the towel and started stroking my now hard cock. After a few strokes she asked “how does that feel?”

I figured, why not go for broke — maybe she would fuck me. So I said “It feels fabulous, but it would be even better if I could see those world class puffy breasts of yours while you stroke me.”

With a smile a mile wide and a little laugh she stood up, went to the door and locked it, and turned on the radio. Then she erotically removed her top exposing her bare boobs, then without any coaxing removed her short skirt and panties, and went back to stroking. Shit, her tits were fantastic, so I reached up and started gently squeezing them. They were the softest things that I had ever felt in my life, and if possible got me even harder.

After a few minutes of this, with our eyes meeting the entire time, Betsy quietly asked “Is your back too sore for me to fuck you?”

My immediate reply was “Hell no, as long as you’re on top.”

“Where are your condoms?” she asked.

Shit, I didn’t have one, and I sure wasn’t about to ask one of my teammates for one. When she saw the disappointed look on my face she said “Well then I guess I’ll have to fuck you with my tight end; but I need to lube it and your dick up good first.”

With that she straddled my face with her legs and put her pussy right above my mouth. I started licking and fingering it furiously and it obliged by putting out an enormous quantity of juice. As I continued licking and fingering she was busy — between moans — scooping up pussy nectar and putting it on her pucker hole and reaching back and rubbing it on my dick. After about five minutes, and an orgasm, she apparently thought that she had enough lubrication, and though she clearly did not want to move her pussy away from my face, she turned reverse cowgirl and gently pushed her asshole over my dick. This gave me a great view of her beautiful bulbous ass, and the sexy muscles in her legs. Also, gloriously, my arms were long enough that if I sat up a little, without straining my back, I could grab ahold of the wonderful balloons on her chest.

I have to say that no woman has ever pounded the shit out of me like “housemother” Betsy did. She quickly determined exactly the right degree of reciprocation to move her ass up and down to completely stroke my cock while not popping out, and bounced up and down with a fierce passion. I was almost unconscious by the time that I ejaculated in her, but was with it enough to be grateful that she came shortly thereafter. Even after we had both climaxed, she kept pounding for another few minutes while I played with her puffies.

Finally she stopped moving and just sat on me rubbing my ball sack until I went flaccid. Then she got up, wiped off the cum leaking out of her ass, got dressed, and took the aluminum foil off my dinner plate and placed it in the microwave in my room.

Smiling the whole time, after she heated up my food she put pillows behind me so that I could sit up in bed to eat, and brought me my food. She kissed my lips and then the head of my grateful cock, and said “I hope that you feel a little better now. See you next week. Get a condom, will you?” and traipsed out of my room, swinging her ass back and forth as she exited.

As I was satisfying my only remaining hunger, I laughed as I thought to myself “Now in just eight days three tight ends have made me over the top happy — and satisfied.” I had two unbelievably sexy MILFs on the line, and despite the loss our team was 4-1 and still ranked in the top twenty nationally! Yeah, overall, life was good! Really, really good!

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