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Day 10

Jasmine sat in the beach laying in the midday sun as Bianca chattered on once again. Not intentionally listening to Bianca, Jasmine sat in her own world, thinking of the past two days.

Things were back to the way they were very since Luis kissed her two days ago. Amar still ignored / was rude to her but now she knew the reason why. He liked her. Like a little boy school crush who didn’t know how to express it he like her. It was hard to believe at first, so she tested him. Even though he would ignore her as if she didn’t exist, she would purposefully undress to her underthings before going to bed, claiming the late-night heat. His eyes would devour her when he thought she wasn’t looking and he would almost groan out loud every night she did it. Yet she would wake up to him leaving as soon as the sun rose, as if he was waiting to leave.

She sighed out loud causing Bianca to stop talking.

“Is everything alright girl?” Bianca asked.

“Good,” Bianca interrupted before she could answer.

“I was thinking that we should explore the island a little more, I mean there’s bound to be more people here, there are hardly any deserted islands in the world today,” she said.

“You know that’s actually not a bad idea,” Jasmine thought out loud.

“Where exactly does Amar think we are?” Bianca asked sitting up now in excitement.

“He believes were on some small island just west of Florida by the Bahamas. But he said if we were in the Bahamas we would have been found by now so we must be on some extremely tiny island,” Jasmine recounted.

“But he didn’t say a tiny island with no people right,” Bianca said as she stood up and began walking towards camp.

“Wait, hold on,” Jasmine began as she followed her.

They walked towards the campsite where Amar was fixing his fishing net.

“Amar we think there may be people on this island. We want to go look and see if we can find people,” Bianca said.

“That’s not a good idea. We need to stay here where the search team can find us,” he said not looking up from his work.

“But there a rarely any deserted islands nowadays, we can find help ourselves,” Bianca pleaded.

“No. It’s dangerous to go in there without knowing what type of wild life or dangers you might run into. We will stay here,” he said his vice commanding.

Bianca stopped talking, and Jasmine, fed up with his bossy attitude said, “We are grown ass adults and you do not make all the decisions here. If we want to go look on the island, we can!”

Amar stood up and walked towards her.

“So you thing you can go and find civilization on your own Miss Medschool, because be my guest. If something happens to one of you and the other can’t carry you back then what are you going to do, huh? You’re going to play Doctor and everything is going to be fine right? There’s no wild animals, no crazy landscape, just a beautiful fucking island that were trapped on and have fun!”

He got in her face.

“You will not go in that island past the watering hole, you hear me! Neither of you. We will stay and we will wait,” he finished.

Jasmine, just as mad as he was yelled back, “You’re such a fucking coward. You sit here and catch fish, looking out at the sea for this magical rescue team when you know damn well they are NOT going to comb every single island in this damn Caribbean. You were in the military, you know how it works. After 15 days the coast guard will call off the search and we are not even in American sea space by your calculations,” she punctuated each word with her finger poking him in the chest.

“Then, our families will collect the insurance money from the cruise and go on with their lives while we sit here with you and eat fucking fish that I fucking HATE!” she screamed the last part.

Everyone was quiet as they both breathed heavily.

“I don’t give a damn about your orders anymore, SEARGENT. I will go where I please and when I please and you can sit here for all I care!” she said in a calm voice as his face went pale with anger. She turned in the other direction, almost running into Luis as she walked away.

“Senorita, what is wrong, what happened?” he asked concerned at the tears forming in her eyes, and looked at Bianca for an explanation.

“Nothing,” she said her voice calm. “Bianca and I will be searching this island, and you’re welcome to join us if you want. Or you can sit with that Jackass over there and look at the water each day, I don’t give a FUCK.”

She walked passed him, bumping into his shoulder as she went. Bianca ran to catch up, shrugging her shoulders to Luis as she passed him.

“That was so totally awesome, I mean the way you just…,” Jasmine cut her off.

“Bianca we need to prepare for whatever can happen in here, he’s right. I’m not just walking in there blind, we need to be smart,” Jasmine looked at Bianca seriously.

“Ok, tell me what to do” Bianca replied.

They set about planning what to bring and how to prepare food. Once done they settled on exploring the next day and setting out early in the morning. This was so they could get plenty of rest and finish preparing later.

“I’m going to take a nap,” Jasmine said yawning as the sun continuously drained her energy.

“Ok girl, I’ll be right here,” Bianca replied cheerfully.

Jasmine stood and walked towards the camp. Not wanting to go inside the hut with Amar, she laid by the fire and nodded off to sleep.


Jasmine awoke to the sun partially set and looked around her and saw no one. She stood and called Bianca’s name.

“That girl is always off somewhere lately,” she mumbled as she made her way towards the watering hole.

Walking through the trees she suddenly heard a groan, and she stopped, until she heard it again. Walking in that direction, her heart beating fast, she came upon Bianca and Luis, in flagrante delicto and hid behind bushes and trees beyond their view.

Her face became hot, yet she was unable to look away as she watched Luis with his head between Bianca’s thighs. Bianca moaned aloud, and Jasmine almost did as well as she spied his tongue roughly lapping at her sex. He took his finger and spread her as if she were the most delicious delicacy and began furiously devouring her. Bianca’s cries grew louder and louder until she shuddered visibly. She lay there limp and Luis knelt over her and grabbed her head while pushing his dick in her mouth. Bianca swallowed it whole while rubbing herself again before Luis smacked her hand away. He slowly pumped in and out her mouth, his head falling back in pure ecstasy. Removing himself before he came he flipped Bianca over and entered her from behind, before she could even realize what happed.

Jasmine’s nipples were hard as pebbles and her wetness escaped from her flimsy underwear as she watched his penis slam into Bianca. A hand touched her shoulder just as she was about to touch herself and she turned squealing into the hand the covered her mouth to keep her quiet. Amar shushed her, then turned her with her back against his chest to face the couple as they fucked furiously. His hand removed her hand from her panties and replaced them with his own.

He began to bite her neck as his finger search her pussy as if to find some treasure within. Jasmine squirmed in his hand as he obviously avoided her clit which was painfully swollen. He removed his hand from her mouth and Jasmine wisely kept quiet lest he stop. He finally touched her clit and Jasmine moaned aloud.

He bit her ear, hard, then whispered “You will be quiet and take this.”

He hooked her leg over his arm and spread her as he began to lightly pull on her clit, then finger fucked with two fingers. Jasmine, while balancing on her one foot on the ground, desperately tried to keep silent as she ground her body against his in agonizing pleasure. He stopped suddenly, and she moved against his finger in frustration.

“Watch them, don’t close your eyes,” he commanded as he went back to her pussy. Her climax building, she kept her eyes wide open as Bianca was riding Luis in reverse, his penis entering her for all to see. She began to move her pussy in rhythm to his hand, and rode his finger as she exploded, her juices running down his hand. Her head resting back on his shoulder, she closed her eyes, not noticing him licking her juices off his fingers.

Realizing his erection at her back, she grabbed him, as he tried to move away.

“Let me. Please.” She pleaded as he tried to leave, noticing the pained look on his face.

When he didn’t move, jasmine easily moved his shorts out the way and freed his cock. The hard smoothness of it entranced her as she knelt down and took him in her mouth. Creating a seal with her wet tongue she soaked him with saliva, then loudly slurped him up and he groaned. Jasmine peaked up to see his head fall back and she used teeth to get his attention.

“Watch them, NOW,” her voice was just as commanding as his.

He looked straight at Bianca and Luis as they fucked, trying not to blow his load too early in Jasmine’s mouth. The sensory overload was too much and he groaned loudly as he shot jets of cum into her mouth. Jasmine, caught off guard, automatically swallowed and wiped her mouth as she stood. Realizing that Luis and Bianca were about done, she fixed her clothes and turned to leave, motioning for Amar to follow.

They walked back to camp quiet, lost in their own thoughts. Neither said a word as they lay down not touching each other. The awkward silence stretch until ten minutes later Bianca showed up alone. Soon after Luis emerged from the trees in a different direction, and they greeted each other as if they had not been fucking twenty minutes ago. Jasmine smirked to herself and went to sleep.

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