shipboard romance

I entered the stateroom a few minutes behind my Lord, as He had instructed, warm, tanned and relaxed after a morning being pampered by my Lord with a permitted massage in the day spa, then an afternoon spent tanning and swimming. The pool area had not been crowded, and the warm sun had left me very aroused, which my Lord well knew, having spent a good deal of time surreptitiously caressing my thighs, gently kissing my lips and belly, and generally keeping me charged up. My short swims after these session had done nothing to relieve my longing, and I was very ready for a refreshing shower. Or so I believed…

He cocked an eyebrow, with a wicked, knowing smile playing across His lips, sending a thrill of response through me. “Not so fast, My girl” He said softly. “Fold up that towel, and assume your position there, bent over the desk…you may use the towel to cushion your face…for now.”

I obeyed, closing my eyes, ankles open against the another wave of arousal sending moisture again through my already-wet pussy, nipples tingling. A minute passed, then two…eternity, and I jumped as his fingernail touched the nape of my neck, then shivered as it drew a slow line down my spine, over the raised curves of my ass…and stopped, teasing, right above that entrance. Then, again, nothingness…soft caress, my waist, hips, thighs…back, slowly, to my shoulders an neck and I felt His breath against my ear, soft nuzzle…

“Raise your head a moment, girl” He instructed, and I felt the silk fringes brush my back, the scarf He had purchased today. He wrapped it around my eyes, then I felt it cross my lips opening them slightly, and being tied behind my neck. This was new, the feel against my cheeks, the silk biting slightly into my mouth, my breath against it. He lightly pushed my head back down, turned to the side.

i felt him cross my arms behind my back now, fingertips to elbows, and something more substantial than the scarf…one of His silk ties, perhaps… wrapping at the midpoint, two, three times, then being knotted. This was also new, He had only bound my hands in the past…but I had consented already to His proposal of more adventurous bondage activities. Another minute passed, then another jolt as I felt His fingertips, His lips caressing my legs, my inner thighs, His fingers exploring my ass then down and around to my soft, wet lips, my clitoris, teasing, rubbing my slickness into her folds, and I moaned slightly as the was began to build again. He slid his hands again down my legs, fingers trailing wetness, and i yielded to the pressure of His hands against my ankles, spreading them wider. i felt Him wrapping soft suede around my left ankle, then a buckle, no two…then the right. i waited in the silent darkness, God, i felt so exposed, so vulnerable now. I jumped as something clicked onto my ankles, affixing a sturdy bar between them. A spreader bar, ok, He had told me about this too, but i was still a bit unprepared for the…finality of being so securely opened. “I love you, girl” He whispered softly, and i began to relax some, easing into these new sensations, this new awareness. I could feel the air moving slightly against my exposed, spread pussy lips as I again waited, trembling now. Soft music came on, and He startled me again with the drip of ice water down the crack of my ass in a trickle, some tickling my pussy lips, some down my legs. I felt His hand caress my ass…then jumped at the first stinging swat, gasping. He waited for my breathing to slow, then delivered another, to the other cheek, and I felt warmth already radiating. He began to deliver harder, timed swats, to each cheek, rhythmic, each time waiting for my breath to subside…occasionally caressing and sending shockwaves of electricity through me as he traced the rising welts.

His fingers begin teasing, rubbing my pussy lips, my swelling clitoris, and I felt myself responding, rising, trying to move against His fingers, as they moved surely, dipping inside then back to my clit, then suddenly the touch of His hardness caressing my ass, teasing my pussy lips, rubbing my clitoris with the sweet head of His cock. I felt the heat begin to throb deep inside me…and He stopped as I moaned in frustration. Again He began delivering careful, timed slaps to my ass, harder now, a sure rhythm building and I felt the response deep inside, waves of arousal, my clit throbbing now in time with the blows…harder now, building me to a sexual frenzy I had never, ever felt…over and over, He built me to a moaning, begging crescendo, my whole body tingling, the sound of the sea pounding in my ears, in time with my heartbeat, with my aching need for release…His fingers again caressed my pussy lips, my clit, wetness to my thighs now, and I felt his hardness again teasing me, oh my God I couldn’t stop…He slowed, and whispered “good girl, you may cum now” and the cresting waves thundered through me as I screamed with the intensity, His cock entering me as I came, triggering another, even stronger orgasm.

Every sweet, sure thrust brought another, until he was fucking me with deep, hard strokes, faster, bring such a continuous orgasm I thought I was dying from its intensity…One last, full-body, screaming orgasm as I felt His cock throbbing deep inside, felt His cum flooding me. I was floating on the waves of sensation now, feeling out of my skin, nothing but those incredible waves. I slowly came back to myself with His caresses, and I felt Him releasing me, kissing me tenderly in each place as He did so.

He gathered me tenderly in His arms, and kissed the tears from my eyes. “You are so beautiful, girl” he said softly, and half led-half carried my rubbery body to the bed, laying me, down holding me. We just lay and rocked there for a while, me feeling so secure, so complete in His arms.

He raised up on one arm and smiled at me. At His suggestion, I poured U/us each a glass of champagne, and we walked naked out onto the balcony, savoring the sunset and each other as we sipped. “Okay, girl” he said, slapping my very sore fanny. “Shower time for you…we’re seated for dinner tonight, so I will pick out something…heh…appropriate for you to wear.

As I emerged from the shower, gingerly patting my still-stinging behind dry, He had a very satisfied smile. Laid out on the bed were my black silk, seamed thigh high stockings, red suede stilettos and His favorite dress. A muted red, it was of somewhat loosely-woven nubby raw silk, sleeveless with softly draped shoulders and frog closures all the way from the armholes down to the hem below mid-calf. The right side was unhooked pretty far up, and I looked up at Him. “You’re kidding, right?” and He laughed at my discomfiture. “Nope. Now, dress for Me” and he settled back in the armchair fresh glass of champagne.

I noticed that He had laid out no undergarments, and looked up, questioning. He chuckled, and motioned for me to continue. “Pinch your nipples first, girl. Hard. Harder…Roll them…now SNAP” and I gasped at the new jolt and blushed. My nipples were again fully erect, and the feel of the rough silk against them was exciting as I slipped it over my head. I bent over slowly, the fabric falling away from my thigh, as I slipped the silken stockings on and smoothed them up, making sure the seam stayed straight up the back of my leg. I raised the dress over my hips to do the other stocking, enjoying what I knew to be His pleasure in the sight. Then I sat on the bed, knees wide as He had taught me, and slipped into heels, carefully buckling the restraint-like ankle straps with each foot up on the bed for His viewing pleasure. Well-tapered dark red suede belt, double-buckled, completed my outfit, and I was allowed to sit at my dressing table, dress hiked up, for makeup and hairstyle, done up, soft tendrils loosely arranged.

As we entered the dining room, beautifully decorated, heads turned, making me blush and feel the press of his fingers in response. Seated to His left, I felt his fingertip lightly brush my thigh under the tablecloth. I almost jumped, my nipples hardening under my dress, and sat up straight, reddening. His fingers explored further, keeping up His end of the conversation with another couple seated at O/our table, and began brushing my mons, the inside of my wide-open thigh, my outer lips…never quite touching my now-throbbing sex…then withdrew His hand, leaving me a quivering mass of dissolving flesh trying desperately to focus on the small talk and keep my face straight. I watched from the corner of my eye as He lifted His wine glass to the other couple, and saw Him lightly taste his fingers as He raised the glass to His lips.

My resulting shudder of pleasure, it seemed, must have reverberated through the room…but I managed to keep my face straight this time. Throughout dinner and dessert, He kept teasing me maddeningly, under the tablecloth, and it was all I could do to keep from squirming as He pleasured me slowly, sometimes brazenly I thought, and I wondered just how much was being noticed by the others. I was slick to the thighs from His attentions, intoxicated from the wine and his caresses. When He asked me for a dance, I caught my breath. Dance? I didn’t know if I could stand at this point, but He took my arm reassuringly as He escorted me from my chair to the dance floor. The band was beginning a slow, sensuous rendition of “Unforgettable”, the darkened dance floor intimate as He took me into His arms and drew me close. Aha. Ulterior motive, as I felt his hand slowly trace my neck, down my back, then my ass as His other arm held me smoothly close, our bodies molded. I could feel his hardness against my crotch as he held me close, breath on my cheek, on my neck sending waves of arousal again shuddering through me and we swayed together to the music. He worked His magic on me through an entire set, His lips brushing mine, sometimes gently kissing, sometimes hungrily, or my head on His shoulder as He caressed me. It was magic, and when He murmured endearments to me I just kept melting until I thought I would just melt into a puddle, right there on the dance floor.

Eventually the lights came up, and He guided me, floating, out of the dining hall. I found myself feeling more intensely feminine, and conversely, more free then ever before. I walked proudly by His side, with my wetness still sliding between my thighs, as W/we walked to the lounge for a promised nightcap.

He spied an empty loveseat in a quiet corner, and steered me toward it. Our drinks arrived, cognac for me, brandy for Him, and we talked quietly for a few minutes before the hand He had draped casually around my shoulder began exploring the side of my breast, caressing, circling, occasional tweaking or pinching my nipple, hard then harder. I managed not to let the cognac jump out of the glass as His other hand slipped inside the open slit of my dress, sliding it up. My God, I looked around guiltily, but the people in the room seemed to be paying us no heed. Hmmm…except for the couple from the dining room, seated not far from us and openly watching us.

Embarrassed, I started to pull away, but He firmly continued His ministrations, His hand now teasing my inner thighs, still wet, now stroking my sex once, maybe twice…then stopping. My knees open to Him, my nakedness assuredly viewable, it was obvious that the show was doing quite a bit to turn on the other couple, who were now caressing each with their other eyes glued to U/us. He began kissing me more deeply now, orchestrating the nibbles and teases of His tongue with the movements of His fingers, stopping as he sensed me nearing the edge of climax. Aching again with longing for Him, I stilled myself outwardly and finished my cognac. “Come, my darling, please allow Your girl to serve You” I begged quietly to Him, and He gave a slightly sinister chuckle, then led me from the lounge, nodding with a grin to the amorous couple who had witnessed His expert performance.

The air held was chill and I shivered as He led me out into the solarium, roof open to admit the starlight, the scent of orange blossoms in the air. He led me behind a screen of flowering shrubs, kissed me again, and said “All right, girl, honor Me”. This, along with the forbidden thrill of doing so here in the open, was all the incentive I needed. Moaning softly, I kissed His lips, His neck as my shaking fingers undid His buttons, then forced myself to slow as I nibbled and licked my way down His chest, His nipples, then His belly, slowly sinking to my knees. Undoing His trousers, His hardness now freed, I gasped at the hardness, the beauty of His cock. Gently, slowly I licked circles around the head, feeling His jerk of response as I took Him into my mouth, licking my way down His shaft then taking Him into my mouth again. New waves of arousal, more intense, began to consume me as he pulled my hair. I slid His trousers down and caressed His ass as his cock moved insistently inside my mouth, moving in rhythm with Him, His cock sliding into my throat, exquisite. I gasped occasionally for air as He thrust, loving the near-suffocation and moments of breath.

“Stop, girl” He said suddenly. “I have other plans for you” and pulled me up. I wiped my mouth as He straightened Himself quickly, and blushed again. There were other people I hadn’t noticed before in the solarium, and I caught a few knowing smirks as we emerged. Smoothing my dress, I touched His arm and W/we walked back through the darkened corridors to our stateroom.

The room was candlelit…how and when had He arranged this, I wondered…and He stopped to start some music , then led me out to the balcony. He led me to the railing, slid my dress off my shoulders, then placed my hands on the railing, arms outstretched. I closed my eyes, again as instructed, and felt his hand slide the dress up around my waist. Thus bent over, the cool breeze across my highly charged sex and ass, I felt as naked as I had ever felt. The belt was tight around my waist in this position. After a few minutes of suspense, I felt the wool lining of the leather blindfold covering my eyes and forehead, then being buckled in to place. Soft rope lashed my wrists into place on the railing, and then the same to my spread-eagled , high-heeled ankles, the ankle straps tight.

The softness of the silky, fringed scarf traced itself lightly across my ass, teasing goosebumps up, then slowly slid down. I felt it pulled tightly between my legs, and gasped as He pulled it back and forth against my sex, then let it drift down my legs. The fringes tickled the back of my knees, my calves, then back up slowly to my as cheeks, touched my outspread puckering, and rested in a pile in the small of my back, fringes tickling down. A sudden trickle of ice water down my quivering ass, running down my legs made me jump again, then a sudden sharp prick on my labia. His fingers kneaded and pinched, then pulled my erect nipples, and each new sensation was again turning me into a quivering mass of pure feeling, not knowing what to anticipate or how to react, but simply experiencing.

Something hard and smooth – a dildo? lubricated, a vibrator, began exploring my ass, town to my pussy, teasing it open, exploring my clit, then back up, again and again until I was quickly back at that precipice, on the brink of coming. He gently began exploring my ass with it, teasing me open, relubricating it as He explored. I felt myself opening to it, uncontrollably…I had always feared being explored anally, but his ministrations were having the desired effect, as He slipped it in slowly, I felt a whole new desire, to be fucked there, long and slow or hard and fast, I didn’t care, and my pussy quivered with a shared response. He pulled it out and there was a pause, then another, larger object began sliding across my dripping pussy, spreading it wide, my clit throbbing as it was stroked insistently with the head of this artificial cock. The head of His well-lubed cock pressed gently onto my ass, and I felt gave a ragged gasp of pain as He entered me, just the head, and let it rest there as He again stroked my pussy. I felt my ass muscles relax, accommodating Him, and He began to slowly stroke His cock in, and it felt so damn good, jolts of electricity inside my ass caressing the length of Him as He fed His cock into my ass. He inserted the dildo into my dripping pussy, and I felt straps holding it in place, hand-held because it began moving in time with His strokes in my ass. Long and deep he was, full into my ass now, and the feelings of being fucked in both places was driving me closer to the point of no return. His thrusts quickened, full length, almost all the way out, then deep. Harder, and I reveled in taking all of Him, being fucked into delirium now, crying out with each sweet stroke now, His Hand gripping my as cheeks hard, slapping with the other.

“Now my girl, cum for me” he commanded, slapping my ass hard with His cock and hand, and I screamed in release as the unbelievably powerful explosion ripped through me, ass and pussy cumming around Him, Him fucking me hard now. Every stroke, taking me higher, and suddenly I screamed and came again, and again, shaking uncontrollably now with each new orgasm building stronger until the sky opened and I was transported, floating in the world of pure sky, pure sensation. It seemed to go on forever, this kaleidoscopic flight among the reeling stars. Slowly, I became aware of his voice gently murmuring to me, His hands and lips caressing me.

We were lying naked on the bed in the candlelit room, and I was still gently floating, in His arms now. I had no memory of being unbound or undressed, and I didn’t care. As my spirit slowly came back into my skin, I looked at Him with new eyes, tears of joy, and love, and gratitude for this incredible journey of exploration and discovery He had guided me through this night. He smiled with love, kissed me and said “Welcome Home, my darling”. I drifted off to sleep in His arms, safe, secure, replete, never to be the same.

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