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It was a dark and stormy night on Earth. Many light years above in space Captain David Marshall and the crew of the SS Starship, were settling in after a long day of exploration. David sat at his small chrome desk to record the day’s events. “Captain`s log, day 989, 23:00 Earth time. The days are starting to run together. We were sent on this mission to operate the Vive telescope, but maintenance only takes up a small portion of the hours we spend in this space prison! My mind can’t help but wander… Three years… Three years without the touch of a woman. The sweet taste of parted lips on…” The Captain hit the stop button. Cabin fever had long set in for him and his crew. They tried to fill their days with mundane tasks, but there were some earthly things they had trouble living without. For David it was sex. The tender embrace of a female haunted him day and night.

There was only one woman on the SS Starship, Lieutenant Janet Furburrow. She was the shy type and kept to herself. She wasn’t much to look at. There was no makeup or hairdressers on the ship. She lived her life in standard issue underwear and a ponytail.

Nevertheless with each passing day the men found themselves lusting after her more and more. They watched her every move, hoping to catch a glance of cleavage or some of that sweet white panty waistband. Janet was unaware of the men’s desires. She buried herself in her work, being the only woman, she felt she had to prove herself. But sometimes late at night, her desires would creep in and she would softly moan into a pillow, pleasuring herself, secretly hoping one of her crew mates would hear.

Captain Marshall’s cabin shared a wall with Janet’s he often thought he could hear the sounds of a woman in the throes of passions, but he was convinced that it was just his mind playing an awful trick on him.

He decided to head to the meal hall to get a light snack. There she was, her brunette hair pulled back to show her average looking features. Suddenly he could take it no longer. He marched towards and wrapped his hand around her waist. “Why don’t you put down that muffin and fuck me,” he said, wild with the rage of ten thousand suns, his member beginning to swell. He knew that not space– but her vagina was the final frontier.

She stood for a moment breathless, she met his gaze and something came over her. She let out a deep moan and moved her lips in to meet his. She ran her tongue over the roof of his mouth. He left her lips briefly to kiss the sides of her neck. More moans ensued. The Captain lifted her onto the meal hall counter. He lifted her NASA t-shirt to reveal a simple white cotton bra. There was no time for bras. He reached back, and released the two tender breasts. Janet lifted David’s shirt over head to reveal the chiseled six pack of an ancient Greek statue. He pressed his face against her chest kissing and licking her tits until his hungry mouth found her nipple. He suckled and nibbled, as she tossed back her head in ecstasy.

David pressed his now fully erect wiener between Janet’s legs. She was so wet. The secretions soaked right through panties like a dam breaking on the fourth of July. He was grinding her hard and her wetness began to seep through his own pants. When he felt her homemade lubricate engulf his cock, he couldn’t take it anymore. He stood back from her and pulled his pants down to his ankles releasing his huge 12 inch boner. Janet stared in awe. Finally when her eyes moved up to meet his she said, “I NEED you to put that fucking cock down my throat right now!”

He didn’t hesitate. He nearly ran at her his dick aimed at her mouth like a bull’s eye. He stuffed it in her face and it filled her throat. Her lips tightly fit around his shaft, as she brought her head in back and forth, back and forth, massaging his penis with her tongue. David could have come right there, but he didn’t want this pleasure journey to end. He pulled his dick out of her mouth. Spit poured out of Janet’s lips.

David pulled Janet’s legs right out from under her so she was now laying with her back on the floor. In one swift motion he ripped her pants off. He knelt down and then lowered himself face first into her pussy. He lapped at her folds like a kitten drinking milk. Never before has a pussy tasted so sweet. His wet wanting tongue found her hard clit. He flicked it with his tongue repeatedly. Her moans were the sounds of a flowing river.

Between space shaking moans, she finally was able to yell, “Please Captain I want you to enter my black hole.”

He lifted himself off of her. “Permission to land?” he said saucily. He leaned in, and then pulled back again. “Are you ready for the second big bang?” he said as he winked. “One giant step for….” “Oh just fuck me!” Janet screamed. “Prepare for entry,” he said as he plunged his penis into her willing vagina.

He pounded her missionary style, when he heard a gasp behind him. The sweaty, love locked couple looked towards the door where a small crowd had gathered.

The Captian slyly said, “I guess in space they can hear you scream.” Everyone chuckled. Janet perked up. “All hands on deck,” she said with a wink. The near dozen gathered man, stripped off their uniforms as quick as a panther pounces on its prey. The captain slid his member inside her with a jazzy rhythm. The men stood over her their cocks at attention.

To her delight each one grasped their hand around their man meat; their other hands rubbing her body, touching every inch of her. It didn’t take long for streams of hot semen to hit her body. With each load she would moan a little louder. Soon she felt the beginnings of an orgasm. “Yes, please,” she moaned as David fucked her. She felt his final deep hard thrusts as he came inside his. He quickly pulled out and licked up their combined juices. Finally she felt the plateau of her own orgasm. She yelled out in pleasure as the contractions came. Each one slowly bringing her down to reality.

She sat up, licking someone’s cum off her lips. “Next time we try out the anti-gravity chamber.” David smiled as he said “I think there is enough fuel for re-entry”

Everyone laughed again.

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