Miranda sighed and brushed her bangs aside. The figures didn’t add up. She needed to rerun the whole report, and she had absolutely no interest in even trying. An August sun burned through the long, glass windows, and she leaned back in the chair and let the heat drive her thoughts toward more pleasant avenues.

Her hands lifted to breasts warmed and already tightening underneath her thin tank top. She brushed her thumbs across her nipples and wiggled her butt against the chair. It felt good, and it had been too long since anyone else had touched her. She continued to rub her nipples with one hand, but let the other slide down to the top of her shorts. She slipped her fingers inside and her pussy pulsed eagerly.

Footsteps on the stairs had her scrambling for composure. By the time the door opened, she was upright again, staring at the laptop screen and only slightly flushed. Her sister thumped into the room, scanned it as if she’d never seen their vacation house before and then shook her head.

“You need to get out, Miranda.” She tapped one toe against the floor boards and scowled. “It’s far too nice a day to spend working.”

“The figures are wrong.”

“I don’t care about your figures. Get down to the beach, for heaven’s sake. You need sun.”

Miranda would have argued. The work did need doing, but her body still trembled for attention, and the beach was private, ringed in cliffs and touched by that lovely, summer sun. She’d been single for three months now, and damned if she didn’t deserve a little pleasure before they had to go back to real life.

For a second she hesitated, but her sister pointed toward the door and shook her head. “Fine. I’ll go, I’ll go.” She sighed again and stood up. Three months since her cheating boyfriend dumped her–the vacation didn’t lessen the sting of it. Nor had it eased her burning desire to be fucked again, but at least she could find a little pleasure on the beach. Alone, maybe, but the sun and sand were waiting, and Miranda’s nipples perked again just at the thought.

She slid past her sister without further argument.

A thin staircase wound down the cliff side to a little strip of beach. The vacation house perched above, but Miranda had checked the view more than once, and she’d discovered a strip of sand completely hidden from the overhead view.

She rolled out her towel there, tucked against the cliff and fronted only by smooth sand and the azure ocean. The latter rolled gently today, frothing against the shore and singing a soft rhythm. She eased out of her shorts and top, stood for a moment in only her white bikini, and then untied the top as well and tossed it to the sand.

Her breasts warmed immediately, nipples pointing up toward the sun as if in worship. Miranda rolled them in her fingers and moaned against the tingles she spawned. She’d brought oil as well, however, and she sat on the towel and dug the bottle out, tipping some of the liquid into her palm and then rubbing it liberally over her chest.

The touching felt so delicious. It was only her own hands lifting each heavy breast, her own fingers tweaking her swollen nipples, but the oil make her skin slick and responsive, and soon she had to spread her legs and wiggle against the fires sparking in her sex.

She slid her fingers under the bikini bottoms and stroked her pussy. The shorn hair tickled her palm. Her fingers slipped in between the folds and she gasped and arched her back, squirming against the towel and the slick sand.

It was good, the rubbing and the spasms as her cunt contracted, but she wanted to be filled, stretched and fucked hard, and that hadn’t happened in over three months. Miranda bit her lip and pressed her thumb across her clit. Her other hand pinched one of her nipples until she whimpered. God, she needed this orgasm.

Something splashed in the water.

Miranda sprang upright, covering her chest with one arm and sliding the other quickly out of her bottoms. She sat on the towel, heart racing and eyes scanning the sea. Her body ached at the interruption, but she’d heard something, and it hadn’t sounded small.

The waves lapped at the sand, however, without disturbance, and the sun beat down and lit the whole scene until it sparkled. She squinted out across the water. Between the waves, she caught a glimpse of something shiny. It vanished once, and then surfaced again. This time is broke from the water, a gleaming fishy tail, and smacked down hard against the surface with a splash.

That was one big fish. Had she been any less desperate, she might have cared. Instead, she shrugged it off and turned her attention back to the sun’s rays against her bare skin. She ran a hand down her abdomen and moaned. The bottoms had to go. Her hands tugged at the spandex, and she wiggled out of them, pulled the bikini down around her ankles and exposed her entire body to the summer sky.

She flicked one foot, and the bikini flew aside. Her hands dove into her sex again, this time impatient, hungry for release. She spread her pussy wide and let the sun kiss her swollen lips. Her fingers dipped into the opening and probed deep inside. It wasn’t enough. Her muscles clenched and throbbed for more, but she couldn’t help them. Instead, her other hand found her clit and rubbed hard while her fingers rammed in and out of her starving cunt. Her hips rocked into it and she moaned and squirmed against her furious arousal. Each thrust sent a stab of longing up through her body. It chanted for more, more…

Footsteps crossed the sand. Miranda heard them, but she couldn’t bring herself to stop. She continued to fuck herself, even when she heard a man’s voice.

“So beautiful,” he said.

Miranda peeked. He stood over her, shadowed with the sun behind him, and as chiseled as the rocky cliffs. Her eyes devoured his wide shoulders, dropped to his narrow waist and settled hungrily on the cock standing full and exposed between his muscular legs. It surged thicker, even as she watched.

“So hungry.”

She nodded, and he knelt beside her. He had dark hair and a face most actors would have killed for. Miranda didn’t care who he was, she rolled onto her side and took his enormous dick in her free hand. He didn’t move to stop her, and when she gripped the shaft, he moaned softly. She leaned in and brushed her lips against his head, tasting salt and lapping at it with her tongue.

“So very hungry. We couldn’t help but watch.”

Hands found her shoulders. He touched her skin and fires sprouted. Miranda sucked his huge head, rolled her tongue along his ridge and then slid him deeper into her mouth. She squirmed closer and he reached around and lifted her breasts, playing with the weight and letting his fingers swirl over each nipple.

God it felt good to have someone else’s hands on her body. She groaned and sucked harder, rocking her head up and down and taking as much of him in her mouth as she could. His hips tilted to allow her better access, and he rolled her nipples and tweaked them hard.

She arched her back, and felt more hands at her waist. He’d said we, hadn’t he? It registered, but only barely. The second pair of hands ran down, one lingering on her ass and squeezing, while the other found her snatch and slipped over her folds.

Miranda growled and twisted. She pressed back into the contact and sucked harder on the first man’s cock. She heard them laugh, deep and masculine, and then she was lifted and rolled onto her back. Two faces looked down at her. The dark-haired man sat at her head, and a lighter twin knelt beside her feet. Both of them grinned.

“So lovely,” they said together.

Miranda gasped and tried to catch her breath, but they moved at once. Strong hands roved over her skin, and their mouths joined in. Lips brushed over her chest. A tongue flicked across her nipples at the same time the other man pressed his face between her legs. She writhed below them and felt the first waves of orgasm swell deep inside her.

One man nipped and suckled at her breasts, his hands stroking and tweaking whatever nipple wasn’t in his mouth. The other licked her pussy, probing his tongue into her opening, sucking her lips and clit until she screamed out and stiffened with the first breaking climax. Her body trembled and bucked under them, and they continued to kiss and lick and pet her skin until she stopped seizing.

“Beautiful,” the dark man said.

“So hungry,” his blond twin agreed.

Miranda panted and tried to catch her breath. She closed her eyes and let their hands against her skin blur into the sun’s heat. She let the tingles build again, and wasn’t disappointed in the least when they rolled her onto her belly.

One of them found the oil. She felt it, cool and sharp against her sun-warmed skin. Their hands rubbed it over her hips and back, slid down and dribbled it between her ass cheeks. Fingers followed, pressing against her tight hole and massaging the skin there.

She rose up onto her elbows and knees. One of them stroked her breasts and cunt while the other worked at her ass. She felt a finger slide inside, enjoyed the little shiver of pain as it wiggled and stretched her open. A second finger followed and she rocked her hips and moaned.

“She wants us both,” one of them said. It didn’t matter which.

Miranda squirmed and nodded her head viciously. The fingers vanished, and she was left throbbing with want. A hand lifted her chin, and the dark-haired man faced her. His eyes flashed with desire.

“Come here.” He scooted to the side and lay on his back in the sand.

Miranda scrambled to join him. His huge cock stood at attention, and she straddled him and rubbed her dripping cunt against it. His hands settled on her hips and guided her up and onto his dick. The big head pressed into her lips and she wiggled and pushed it between them, feeling the stretch as he filled her. God, he filled her. She squirmed and plunged him deep, all the way inside her pussy. He held her there and ground their bodies together. Her pussy contracted and gripped him, hungry and desperate for him to thrust.

“Not so fast,” the other man slid up behind her. He wrapped his hands around her waist and pressed her down and forward. The dick inside her shifted, and she lay across the dark-haired man’s chest while his partner straddled them from behind and pressed his cock against her back door.

They both stroked and kissed her. Fingers found her hole again and worked it. The man she lay on kissed her on the lips, and his cock twitched deep inside her cunt, surging and hungry to move. Miranda arched her back and wiggled into all the sensations at once. She felt the second man’s head press into her, and pain joined the pleasure. It was sharp and quickly swallowed by the sweetest feeling. He paused just inside her until she writhed again, and then he pressed onward, one inch at a time until they both filled her until she felt she would burst open.

They moved together and she howled and tossed her head. They alternated and she bit her lip hard enough to taste blood. Both of them growled and grabbed at her. Hands seized her hips and shoulders, and the rocked together, three bodies joined by hers, while their cocks impaled and stretched her even wider.

Miranda felt her second orgasm like an explosion. The men thrust into her again and again, faster and harder until her body was theirs as much as her own. She flung her head from side to side against the spasms and let her pleasure out in a throaty, animal yell.

She felt them cum together. Their cocks swelled and burst, spilling hot seed into both her openings. They growled and held her in strong hands while their orgasms washed over them all. Her ears rang, and her heartbeat drowned out the sound of the surf. She arched her back one last time, and then collapsed forward, limp and shivering and totally spent.

They lifted her and carried her back to her towel. They set her down and rained kisses across her body, whispering sweet thank yous to her skin. Then they stood, and she heard their footfalls cross the sand. Weak and barely in control of her body, Miranda managed to turn her head. She saw two figures stepping to the surf. They stood as men, shadowed by the summer sun, for just a moment. Then, as the waves lapped against their legs, they shifted.

She caught the glimmer of green scales, the flash of fishy skin as her lovers dove into the ocean. She sighed once as the sea took them back. She shook her head, but her body sang the impossible answer. They’d filled her, satisfied her like no man could, and yet they couldn’t exist at all.

Miranda giggled and let the sun warm her satiated skin. The figures didn’t add up, but she was happy with them, just the way they were.

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