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Chapter 33

The Honeymoon — Part 1

“Scotland?” Kate said puzzled. “This is our wedding gift from Madam. We are staying at Inverlochy Castle. Also,” Grant said a little ashamed, “I have a meeting with King William to discuss UK efforts to keep a war from happening in the Middle East.”

Kate pouted. Grant put his arm around her, “This is only the first stop on our honeymoon. The second stop will be much more fun, but I thought that my Queen needed a Castle. There are a few surprises here so smile. Have you ever been to Scotland?”

“No.” She said sulkily, “I just never thought of it as a vacation spot.”

The Presidential limo known as “The Beast” was waiting. Kate was surprised to see Max driving. He tipped his cap to her and winked. Kate giggled. When they got into the car, the President reached over and unbuttoned her pants. “Take these pants off and get over my knee. He said. Kate looked at him surprised. “Do It!” He ordered. Kate did as he asked and in her panties, she got over his lap. The President did not put up the partition. James and Max were sitting in the front.

“Aren’t you going to put up the partition,” Kate asked. “No. I have been too lenient on you lately.”I know you are Mistress Kate, but to me you are now my wife and First Lady so I will not put up with pouting and sullenness. You learned a lot with Madam, but you will also learn that I am always your Master and sometimes you are to just accept what I say. In addition, I am not thrilled with your wearing pants. You know that I like access.” Grant proceeded to spank her. “Count damn you.”

“Sorry Sir.” Kate’s face was red as the thought of being chastised with James and Max listening was embarrassing, but also very arousing. WHACK, The President’s hand came down hard on her right cheek, “One Sir — Thank you for my Punishment.”

WHACK, His hand came down on her left check. The President alternated between her cheeks until he had delivered twenty smacks. Kate’s ass was singing and tears were falling, but she was nearly ready to come.

The President pushed her down to her knees. “Mouth Kate”, he said and she immediately undid his pants and took his erect cock into her mouth. She was kneeling on her sore ass and so wanted him to fuck her, but she knew he was annoyed at her reaction to their place of honeymoon.

A thrill went inside of Kate because she knew that Max and James were listening to her suck the President’s cock. Too bad Mandy wasn’t here. She was riding in another car. The President fucked Kate’s face hard and it wasn’t too long before he came in her mouth, holding her head onto his dick.

When he was finished, Kate licked him just to make sure she had gotten all of it and zipped him back up. She waited expectantly. “You may put back on your underwear and pants. No more pants when you are out with me. Take off that blouse and bra. I want to see your tits. We have an hour more of a drive.” The President put up the privacy partition.

Kate did as he ordered. Grant felt her breasts and licked her nipples. “You are always to be available to me.”

“Yes Sir, I apologize for being upset about where we are going. The most important part is for me to be with you.” She said lowering her eyes.

“I love when you look at me through your lashes. Come here!” he ordered and she climbed his lap. Grant buried his face in her breasts and tugged at her nipples. He bit her breasts, “Yes you are always my Master and I’m sorry if I forgot myself. I promise you I won’t again. Thank you for sucking my nipples. Sir that feels so good.” Kate stroked his hair.

“Yes, my darling, I like being able to just take you whenever I want and I plan to over this time. I’ve bought some new toys I want to try out on you and Mandy. I want you to punish Mandy. You need to learn some rope tricks so we may tie her up.” Grant bit her nipple lightly. “I bought a tit whip and I am going to use them on your breasts. You are mine. You are all mine forever.” Grant sucked and nibbled at her breasts until Kate was begging to come.

“No, you will not come. We will be at the castle shortly. I think tonight, Mandy will join us. Be prepared for a honeymoon you’ll not forget my dear.”

Just before they arrived, The President gave Kate permission to put her bra and blouse back on. Kate gazed up at him. She had missed this Grant. Grant met with Lord Gravely the owner of the Castle, a very strait-laced Englishmen who shook his hand. Lord Gravely had entertained Kings and Queens, celebrities and non and he was used to giving first class service, what he was especially looking forward to was meeting The President Of The United States. He had heard a great deal about President Adams and his bride from Madam Claude and had arranged everything to her instructions.

Kate shook Lord Gravely’s hand and he held it. “Mr. President, my I kiss your bride?” The President nodded and Lord Gravely gave her a chaste kiss. “You are as beautiful as the Madam said you were.”

“Is everything ready for my inspection later today?” Grant asked. “Yes Sir it’s all been done.” Gravely said, leading them into the castle. They were taken to their room where the President’s butler and to Kate’s surprise Vivian were waiting to unpack their bags. Kate was surprised at how beautiful and modern the castle was. Their room had a canopied King sized bed and was beautifully done in patterns of pink and white.

“This place is beautiful.” Kate said as Grant came up to her and nuzzled her ear. “Would I give you nothing less?” He said and she turned to him, taking his lapel in her hands and kissing his chin, ‘no. I am sorry and surprised that Vivian is here.”

Grant laughed, “Vivian is your lady-in-waiting so to speak and she will take care of you when you are traveling. She is always going to be with you as is my butler, Steven. We have the entire castle. The Secret Service are getting everything ready and tomorrow King William and his entourage are arriving.”

“Is Queen Catherine coming?” Kate asked. Grant chuckled, ‘not on this trip. I have some diversions for his Majesty. Tomorrow you will spend most of the day with Mandy after his Majesty gets here. Later we will all have dinner and at night, Mandy has a job to do. I have someone who will entertain you for the evening until I come up for bed. The next day I will be going riding and fishing with the King. You will be given a tour and taken to meet some children in a local orphanage. After his Majesty leaves, will be our time for us. There will be a few more surprises. We’ll be going to the second part of our honeymoon two days later. Right now,” Grant said taking her chin in his hand and kissing her lips, “I have a few things to attend to. So get settled and I’ll be back. We’ll take a walk. Wear a long skirt and put on some boots, no bra, wear a sweater it gets a little chilly in the evening. I want you accessible to me.”

Grant kisses Kate again and leaves. Lord Gravely and James were waiting as the President walked out the bedroom. Lord Gravely led the President outside to the Gate Lodge. Normally the Lodge was a place where one would stay away from the castle, but Lord Gravely had redesigned it to the President’s specifications.

The President had it designed to resemble a kinky torture chamber. Downstairs there were two ornate chairs. On the chairs were that read Master and Mistress. There were whips, chains, ropes, different types of paddles, crops, and floggers along the walls. In one part of the room was a bondage and spanking stand. One wall held two st. Andrew’s crosses, one of which rotated.

There were leather leg cuffs and wrist cuffs, vibrators, spreader bars, collars and leashes. There were nipple clamps, cock cages, butt plugs and other instruments.

Upstairs was a black steel four-poster bed with two sets of wrist and leg restraints. The other bedroom held four beds with restraints and a spanking couch in the corner.

Everything was brand new and had been cleaned and sanitized. After the usage, it would all be packed up and delivered to a warehouse where it would wait until Kate and the President decide where they would live permanently.

“There are cleaning materials available for everything.” The President asked, “Yes.” Lord Gravely walked over to a table where all the cleaning instruments, lube, cloths and condoms were in a bowl.

“Very good. You and your lovely wife are going to join us?” asked Grant. “As well as my new Mistress named Olive.” Lord Gravely said. “Very well done, thank you Lord Gravely.” The President said.

“Please Sir, call me Henry. I am at your service. HRH is looking to partake with Miss Mandy. Your wife, Helena will be busy with my Kate later in the week.” Said the President.

“Yes sir and she’s looking forward to serving her.” Lord Gravely smiled. The President turned to James who had up until this time been silent. “James, have you arranged for everyone to attend.”

“They have all given their consent and will be here.” James said. The President put his hands on James shoulder, “then right now you will have your reward.” The President turned to Henry who was licking his lips. “Whatever James tells you to do over the next hour and a half you will do?”

“Thank you Sir.” Said Lord Gravely and James smiled.

The President walked back outside. His vision was still a little blurry, but every day was getting better. When he got back to the castle, Kate was sitting, waiting for him in the foyer in a long skirt with one of his fishermen’s sweaters on. He laughed. “Wait here while I change and then we’ll go out. I have a surprise.”

Grant changed into a pair of jeans and a sweater. He put on some hiking boots and went back to Kate.

They walked for a half a mile, when Kate saw a white small canopy. As they got closer, she could see that a blanket had been set under the canopy with a picnic hamper.

“Is this for us?” She asked. The Secret Service was discreetly behind them. “Yes my dear, part of our honeymoon celebration.” Grant said and they sat down. Inside the hamper were china plates, real silver, crystal glasses; a bottle of Dom Perignon, scotch eggs, beef Carpaccio, dressed lobster, roast beef and horseradish sandwiches, homemade sourdough baguettes, Scottish salmon, Piccalilli, selection of British charcuterie, Roast vegetable salad, potato salad, mixed leaf and herb salad, two flavors of Tyrells crisps, English strawberries with crème fraiche. There were also scones, strawberry jam, a selection of biscuits, freshly squeezed orange juice and lemonade. A bottle of sparkling mineral water, curious chocolate dark chocolate bars and a small chocolate cake were also in the hamper.

It was enough food for ten people. After they had eaten and drank until they were full. The President was lying in her lap. Mandy came towards them and knelt on the blanket. Grant pulled her to him and they kissed as Kate watched.

Mandy had brought with her two large blankets. “Mandy strip.” Ordered the President and she took off her clothes. Grant sat up and ordered Kate to take off her sweater. She was naked underneath and her nipples grew large in the cool night air. Grant unzipped his pants. His dick was hard. “Kate on my dick, Mandy on my face, I want to lick you. You may cover yourselves with the blanket. Mandy you are to suck your Mistresses nipples.” Mandy climbed naked over the President’s face and lowered her pussy to his lips as Kate climbed on his dick.

“Yes Master, thank you for licking my pussy.” Mandy said. Kate was going up and down on Grant’s dick. A month before their wedding she had stopped taking birth control and wondered if she would get pregnant on this trip.

The President lifted Mandy up and off his face. She sat blanket around her as Grant told Kate to get on her knees. He lifted up her skirt and felt where the whip had left its mark on her butt. Kate stayed on her knees as Grant inserted his prick into her pussy. He motioned for Mandy to get under them.

As Grant was fucking Kate, Mandy was licking his cock as it went in and out and Kate’s pussy. Grant grabbed Kate’s hair and pulled her head back, “I don’t want you ever to forget that I will take you whenever and wherever I like. I can’t wait until you’re pregnant and I can fuck you with my child in that belly. “Grant played with her breasts with one hand while holding onto her hair like reins with the other. “God this pussy is so good and I am the only one who gets to fuck it. Yes, I love it.” He fucked her. “Squeeze my cock Kate.” Her muscles tightened around him. Grant pulled his cock all the way out and dipped it in Mandy’s mouth. Mandy sucked on him.

I’m going to come soon, Kate. Eat Mandy’s pussy and make her come, but you are not to come not yet. I have plans for you later.

Kate did as she was ordered and Mandy came screaming into Kate’s pussy. Grant was still fucking her. As soon as Mandy had come, he grabbed Kate’s hair pulling her back. Grant ran his hand down the x that was on her back. His beautiful black Queen marked by that disgusting Senator. He kissed and licked her there. Kate was close, “Please Master let me come.” She begged.

Grant swatted her ass, “I told you later.” She moaned and he fucked her harder and faster. Finally, he came deep inside her. “Mandy clean my dick.” Grant said, “Then clean out Mistress.” Mandy sucked Grant’s dick, licking up and down his shaft. She made love to his dick. She had really missed it and she loved the taste of his semen mixed with Kate’s juices.

Kate was so frustrated and on the edge. When Mandy latched on to her pussy, Kate almost came. She bit her lip, she was so very close, but knew if she asked Grant again he would spank her.”Ah, oh, oh.” She said as Mandy licked.

Grant watched her and pinched her nipples with his hand. He went in front of her. Her mouth was open, her head back, she was so close. It wouldn’t take much and he smiled. Grant looked at her, “If you come, I promise you tonight I will punish you.”

Kate fought and fought as Grant bent down and sucked her nipples. Mandy kept eating her and flicked her clit. Mandy twirled her tongue around Kate’s clitoris and Kate couldn’t take it anymore. She threw back and her head and came. “I’m sorry Master, I’m cummmming.”

Kate collapsed onto Mandy. The President’s dick was hard. He lifted Mandy’s hips up and thrust into her. Pulling Kate to him he said, “Tonight you will wear my collar for all to see. You still need to learn control. Tonight I will punish you for coming without my permission. Right now, you get to watch me fuck Mandy and eat my come from her pussy.

Kate watched as Grant brutally took Mandy who was in heaven. He hardly ever fucked her, saving his fucking for Kate. She wrapped her legs around Grant and stared up at him. “Mandy you may come when you’re ready.” Grant took Kate’s hair and pulled bringing her lips to his. He pulled his cock out of Mandy’s pussy and shoved Kate’s head down. She licked and sucked him. Pulling her by her hair, he shoved her into Mandy’s pussy where she licked.

“Who is your Dom?” He said, pulling her up to look at him. “You are sir.” Grant pinched her nipple. “Don’t forget it ever again. You control everyone but me.”

“Yes Sir.” Kate said quietly. He pulled her head to his nipple and she sucked on it as he went back to fucking Mandy. “Sir, I’m cumming.” Screamed Mandy.

Grant pulled out. He aimed his dick at Kate’s breasts and came on her, his semen splattering her breasts and stomach.

“You may put on your sweater. When we get back I want you to take a shower and lie face down on the bed.” He said to her. She nodded.

Grant said to Mandy, “Thank you for going to the Amazon. I know it wasn’t pleasant. I want to know if you are happy?”

“Yes, I love being with you and Mistress.” Mandy said blushing, “I love how you treat me.”

“But are we enough, would you like a companion?” asked The President. “I wouldn’t mind, if James wasn’t with Audrey, I’d like him, but they are getting serious.” Said Mandy sadly.

“Then we will see if we can find you someone. For now, you will share the room next door with James, but no fucking or sucking tonight. You know what happens tomorrow.” Grant says and Kate looks puzzled. “What happens tomorrow?”

“Kate, that is none of your business. It’s between Mandy and I. A special assignment.” Grant says and Kate looks hurt. “Don’t look at me like that. Remember I am your Dom and I won’t always tell you my plans.”

Mandy nodded. She was ready. “You may dress Mandy and meet Mistress and I back at the castle.”

When Mandy had dressed and gone, Grant took Kate into his arms. “I know I’ve been hard on you today, but it’s for a reason. Your life will be different now. You are my wife. After leaving Madam’s you are more in control of yourself. I need you to know that I am in control of you and will discipline you as I see fit.” He lifted up her chin so she was staring at him “I am yours Sir, I will always try to do what you ask me.” Kate said and he kissed her.

“Tonight I will punish you and fuck your ass again. I will fuck your ass every night that we are on our honeymoon. I want you to learn to love my cock in your ass.” He said taking her hand, they stood up and walked back to the castle.

Dinner was very romantic in the dining room where they were the only diners. There were violinist serenading them. Grant held her hand across the table. “I know I was a bit rough with you today.” He said kissing her hand.

“Yes, you were.” Said Kate simply. “But I know why. I know you want me to remember that you are my master and Grant I know that. When I went to Madam’s I learned so much about myself. You need to know that sometimes I need to spread my wings a little. All this confidence and power the Madam has given me, sometimes I just need to be me.”

Grant’s eyes softened. “I’ve been very gentle with you and we will both share power, but I need to teach you how to be strong when the Press comes after you, when someone says something you don’t like and because of this office, you can’t respond the way you’d like.

You are a very strong woman and I want to build on that strength. Know that all that I do is about love.”

She smiled at him, “I know that above everything and I understand your punishment. I also know that you cannot tell me everything and I apologize for even asking about what Mandy was up to, but remember you gave her to me, so shouldn’t I know.”

Guiltily he nodded. “Most times I would say yes, but this is a sensitive matter and for now, let it go.”

She agreed and they went on with their dinner and their night. Grant decided not to punish her, but he did take her ass again to Kate’s delight. It still hurt, but it was getting easier and he made her come twice before they went to sleep.

Michael woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat. Eric still lay sleeping beside him. They had moved into their new home and had furnished all the rooms except one the nursery. They were waiting for September and for Mandy to get pregnant.

Quietly getting out of bed so as not to wake Eric, Michael walked downstairs to the living room. He had a dream; no more like a nightmare and Kate was in danger. Someone had kidnapped her and was holding her. In his dream no matter what he did, he couldn’t get to her. Michael went into the kitchen and turned on the light over the stove. He went to the fridge, took out some grape juice, and poured himself a glass. Sitting down at the breakfast bar he couldn’t let the feeling go that something was about to happen.

He called the President. It was eight in the morning in Scotland. Grant answered on the second ring, “Michael is anything wrong?” he asked. “No, I just had a feeling. Are you and Katherine all right?”

“Yes, we’re just enjoying our honeymoon. Anything up there?” asked Grant concerned.

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