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This story is a continuation of The Hand.


I caught up and joined my friends. I had just had the most bizarre experience… an anonymous hand brought me to climax in the middle of a crowd on Bourbon Street. It had been both exciting and embarrassing. I could never let them know what had happened back there, especially that I had enjoyed it. Suddenly, I no longer wanted their company. I feigned a headache. “No, really, you guys go on… I’ll find a cab.” Of course they had no idea a cab was absolutely impossible on Mardi Gras day as all major streets were blocked off. All the better for me.

I wandered off, in the vague direction of Jackson Square and the Cathedral. My experience, on Bourbon Street, loomed large in my mind. I had to be honest, I HAD enjoyed it. Some part of me knew I could lie to myself, swear it was against my will, disown the massive pleasure, absolve myself of guilt. But I have never been good at lying. The anonymity was exciting. I had not known I had such a hunger within me. I had wanted every single movement and touch, accepted it, eagerly devoured it. Knowing my own limits were being pushed thrilled me. What would I do? What wouldn’t I do?

I wanted to find out.

This was the perfect day to learn. Everything was permitted, nothing was taboo. I was more experienced than my friends, it was true. But I found myself out of my league, far too shy to actually seduce a stranger. I was still stumbling over my recent experience like it was new furniture in the dark. But I eyed men, imagined touching them, imagined all sorts of pornographic things. This was entirely unlike my normal mind frame. What was happening to me? Now I was ogling women too. So much cleavage. It made my mouth water. I had no idea this was inside me. I longed to boldly grasp at what I desired, but found myself not equal to the task. I had always thought myself worldly and experienced, but now I felt like the rankest novice. How to translate my desires into actual experience? Was I brave enough?

I took another pull on my fruity drink. I didn’t really need more, but I drank anyway. Now I was admiring what looked like a Vegas showgirl. She had chosen pasties, and my god what a choice! Perfectly shaped, large, beautifully brown. The flaring collar her shoulders supported must have weighed 10 pounds, encrusted with glass beads and sequins. Her feathered headpiece must have weighed almost as much, similarly decorated. A long skirt sparkled… but it did nothing to cover her as it was slit up both sides to the hips. My mouth was parted, and I wiped saliva from the corner of my mouth. She walked so smoothly and gracefully, as if her costume was feather light. She paced on, the crowd following her with hungry eyes.

I felt someone grasp my shoulder, turned to see brown eyes looking intently at me. A pretty brunette. “Makes you want to eat her up, doesn’t it?”

My mind hunted for a reasonable answer to this. Finally I muttered “Yes.”

The young lady rubbed my arm and laughed. “It was pretty obvious. Want to join us?” I saw just behind her a tall guy, maybe 20 or so. Handsome. I felt like my eyes never wanted to leave his shoulders, chest, forearms. My god, I had been drinking a lot. I couldn’t seem to hide any of my reactions. I licked my lips. Now he was laughing. They took me by the arms, one on each side, as if we were old friends. I had to laugh too. In a bold move that never would have occurred to me before today, I put my arms around them. It was peculiar, such a soft pliant curving waist under my hand. Of its own accord, my hand stroked this lush curve. My new friend pressed herself against me. Her companion put his arm around me and leaned to kiss the girl.

She introduced herself. “My name’s Kerri, and this is Jim.” I stammered my name. I blushed. Kerri laughed delightedly. Jim squeezed my shoulder, Kerri nuzzled my neck. “You’re ok with us, don’t worry.” And I did feel ok with them.

They bought me another drink (a virgin daiquiri for me, I’d had plenty enough already) and we leaned against a wall watching the crowds of costumed and masked revelers. After I threw away my empty cup, I embraced them both again, this time more deliberately, stroking both and pulling both closer. Was this me? Yes, it was me who turned and kissed Kerri. Turned and kissed Jim. They snuggled closer, Jim rubbing my back, Kerri with her arm around my waist. “Let’s go to my sister’s place, we can get more comfortable there.” Kerri steered us up one street then another, then to a door in a brick wall. She unlocked it and we pushed through into an amazing courtyard. Unlocking a tall French door to the right of the fountain, we found ourselves in a high cool room. A large sectional sofa gathered around a sheepskin rug in front of a fireplace. It was a plush, inviting arrangement.

I felt like a complete schoolgirl when I had to ask for the bathroom. Kerri pointed me to the left. I imagined a small powder room as would be usual in an American house. Instead I found myself in a huge flagged room. There was a claw foot bathtub in the middle of the floor and two toilets against one wall. A sink was built into a niche between them. I had never seen anything like it. I felt exposed pulling down my shorts in such a big room. I hurriedly took care of business, noting along the way that my shorts were still damp in the crotch. As I was washing my hands, Kerri came in. “I forgot to put out a hand towel,” was her explanation. Indeed, my hands were wet and I had nothing to wipe them on. She approached and took each hand in turn and tenderly patted it dry.

I clumsily stood there, not knowing what to do. Then this bold stranger inside me reached out and cupped one of her breasts. She kissed me slowly, deliberately put her hand on mine and encouraged me to explore her breast. I flicked my thumb over her taut nipple and my palm followed over. My other hand came up to help, then I was burrowing my head into her chest, nuzzling in her cleavage, kissing my way over to the other nipple. I licked it through the cloth of her gauzy top, pulled it gently with my teeth. How did I know to do this? It was what I had always longed for from the different boys I’d been with. I stopped, went back to kissing Kerri, moving my hands as if I caressed women every day. Kerri ran her hands over the silky fabric of my shorts, grasping my bottom, pulling her hands up slowly. Still kissing me, she stopped my plucking, teasing hand on her breast. She led this hand down to her thigh, under her short skirt. Still operating by instinct, I kneaded her thigh, followed the inner curve up. Then my courage stalled. I took my hands away, pulled back and looked at Kerri. She had a secret smile on her face, as if she was satisfied with something. “Come and have a drink.”

I went after her. She turned at the door and gave me an encouraging smile. I found Jim at a bar in a shadowy corner of the room. This time, I had wine. We went and sat on the sofa, all holding wineglasses as if this was perfectly natural. Jim had sprawled on one end of the sofa, Kerri and I sat more primly in a curve of the couch that pressed our knees together. There was music, light bells and a flute. Kerri put down her glass and took away mine. Kissed me again, again guided my hand to her inner thigh. Loosened up by the wine, I felt easier. Her flesh was so soft. Up the firm soft line, then hesitated.

Kerri pulled away from our kiss and whispered “Do.” So I did. She was breathing in my ear, licking my neck. My hand traveled on into unknown territory. And found her panties. I stroked the crevice between her leg and the panties, felt her breath come faster. Slid my fingers over the cotton to stroke the other side, just on the rim of the elastic of her panties. It was incredible. So smooth. No hair? A spurt of dampness between my legs at this discovery.

I found myself sliding off the couch, onto my knees before her. I ran my hands under her shirt, up to her breasts as I pressed myself between her legs. She pulled the shirt over her head. I admired the gentle curves of her exposed breasts, leaned in to suckle them, one hand on either leg. Her legs spread easily as I ran my hands up her skirt again, my thumbs going back to the delicious crevice between leg and sex. I could have stayed that way forever, licking and sucking and stroking. Then some impulse led me to unbuckle her belt, unzip the skirt. She helped me work it off her hips. I looked up at her, amazed and arrested. I was undressing a woman. She had only her panties on now.

She seemed to sense how taken aback I was, and pulled me up off the floor, back onto the couch. Kissed me gently. Began pushing my t-shirt up to my sports bra. “You don’t need this.” She pulled it over my head. I glanced over, suddenly and acutely aware Kerri and I were not alone. Jim was still sprawled on the end of the couch, watching us. I wanted to cover my chest and fought the urge with great difficulty. He smiled but didn’t otherwise move. Kerri took my face in her hands gently, turned my head back to her. “Don’t mind him.” I pushed his presence to the back of my mind.

It wasn’t hard, Kerri was licking my ribcage just below my bra. I had no idea I was so sensitive there. Her hands were on me too, caressing my belly, moving up and down my waist as if to enjoy the slight curves. I always felt self conscious about my athletic build, more firm than lush. But Kerri was making me feel beautiful. Now she was gnawing on my breast trough the sports bra. The material was thick and tight, and it had to come off. That was evident. I struggled to pull it over my head, threw it aside. Suddenly free and exposed to the air, my breasts came to attention. It was heaven when she sucked first one and then the other.

I had never lost myself to sensation in this way before. I heard cries of pleasure coming from my mouth, distant and unconnected. I was wholly in the now. Kerri’s fingers slipped under the waist band of my shorts, slid around the waist, not pulling them down or pushing in deeper, just slipping around with her fingertips. It was my turn to guide her hands. Together, my hands over hers, we pushed down my shorts. She put her hand between my open legs, rubbed my outer lips, my sex blossoming open. She was touching my slick pussy. I was still swollen and sensitive from my earlier encounter, which made her touch all the more electrifying. The lightest touch was shooting off rockets in my head. An animal sound came out of me when she licked my clitoris. She laved it, her tongue flat and soft and velvety and wet. It pushed me over the edge, crying out, pleasure a prolonged explosion from my innermost part. I was panting wild with excitement, writhing, wanting more, anything, she could do anything with me.

Then Jim was there. He was what I needed. I pushed him down on the rug, tearing at his jeans. Some part of me felt his surprise, but I did not care. Frantically I pulled his cock free from his boxers. I straddled him, rubbing my pussy lips against his shaft, leaned forward for a savage demanding kiss. His hand guided the head of his cock into my swollen throbbing cunt. I rode him hard, crazy wet and loose and now clamping down as another orgasm flattened me. I collapsed, rolled off, my selfish desire satisfied.

There was Kerri, taking over where I left off. But she was quiet, careful, impaling herself slowly and then resting there. She began a gentle rocking. Some part of me thought Jim must be confused with the sudden shift. His eyes were closed, his hands on her hips, an inward look on his face. She was so beautiful. I crawled over, put my mouth over her nipple, sucked, teased it with the tip of my tongue until it sprang up hard. I reached up and kissed her, slowly, gentle, long, deep. All my frantic energy was gone and I was in tune with her gentleness. I rubbed her arms in long sensuous strokes, kissing her neck, delighting in her soft moans.

Jim’s eyes were open now, devouring the sight of Kerri and me. He ran one hand up and down the furrow in the small of my back. I jumped at the contact, but his hand stayed there, firm and warm. He was wordlessly urging me closer and I complied by straddling him once again. I kissed Kerri again and acquiesced when Jim pulled my hips down so that his mouth met me. Kissing Kerri and feeling the expert tonguing of Jim made me shiver. Kerri’s hand was on my clit again, I was being eaten and rubbed. This time my orgasm came long and unbearable.

I dismounted, backed away, looked on as Kerri pulled Jim over on top of her. Jim sped up. I watched the sinewy muscles in his back as he pumped into Kerri. She was warming up too, wrapping her legs around his waist, meeting him thrust for thrust. They were beautiful. I had never watched a couple make love. Then they were both cumming, Jim with one deep low groan, and Kerri crying out a sharp strangled, drawn out “Ah.” I sat leaning against the sofa, looking at them as they disentangled them selves. Jim curled around Kerri as they both rested. Kerri smiled sleepily at me, gestured. I fitted myself into her curve and she folded her arm around me so that we were three spoons nestled together.

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