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“Make sure you tell your Aunt Penny hi for me honey and to not even worry about my casserole dish!”

My mother’s voice trailed out after me as I carried the foil wrapped lasagna to my beat up, black Thunderbird. I set the warm dish onto the tattered passenger seat and turned the key in the ignition. After a few unsuccessful tries, the old motor finally turned over and I backed out of the drive.

Aunt Penny and Uncle Kurt lived all the way across town, about a 20 minute drive each way but I really didn’t mind making the trip. I liked my aunt and uncle, and my cousin Darren was always fun to hang out with. It was hot outside though and since my air conditioner didn’t work, I was glad I had worn shorts and a baby doll tank. By the time I pulled my car in front of the big house my hair was damp and clinging to my neck and face and I could feel a wet spot forming in the small of my back.

As I walked up the brick pathway that wound through the lush lawn my Aunt Penny came bustling out of the front door, purse and keys in tow.

“Oh hey Sweetie!” Her high pitched, sugar coated voice reached me a fraction of a second AFTER her heavy White Diamonds perfume did. Like usual she was dressed to the nines and hair, makeup and nails were perfectly done. She was probably heading out for a shopping date with her country club friends or old sorority sisters.

“I’m sorry Bree, I have to leave for a bit but the door is wide open. If you are looking for your Uncle Kurt he’s in the basement helping Karina with her senior project and Darren won’t be home for another hour or so but make yourself at home.”

She squeezed me into a tight hug and then when she noticed the casserole dish I was trying to balance amid her onslaught of affection squealed, “Ooohhh is this your Mother’s famous lasagna?!”

“Yea, she made extra and wanted me to bring some by,” I answered.

“Just put it in the refrigerator, I’m sure Kurt and the kids will just gobble it right up! See ya later sweetie pie!”

With that Aunt Penny clattered off in her high heels and drove off in her baby blue Mini Cooper.

I took a minute or so to recover from Aunt Penny then went on inside.

My Aunt and Uncle’s house was big and very airy, modern and defined. The furniture and décor complemented each other in a simple, bold way and I always felt a little intimidated by its “aloofness”. It was definitely different from my parents more earthy, eclectic taste.

I set the dish in the huge stainless steel refrigerator and took out a strawberry Fanta while I was at it. The kitchen was spotless, perfectly clean. Aunt Penny was a clean freak and every inch of her immaculate house showed it. Absent mindedly I sipped at my soda as I wandered out towards the back deck.

The backyard, much like the front was perfectly manicured and lush green. Sully and Cash, the two glossy Weimaraners dozed peacefully on the far end of the sunny deck. Once I got close to glass, Cash the younger one perked up sensing me. He rushed to the glass door, rubbed his moist nose to it and wagged his tail furiously.

His sincere, doggy happiness at seeing me made me smile and I slid open the glass door and stepped outside to ruffle his ears. Cash greeted me enthusiastically then; always the playful puppy ran and fetched his braided rope. He dropped the worn, dirt and slobber stained toy at my feet and pleaded with his large grey eyes. I picked it up and tossed it to the far end of the yard. In a flash he leapt off the deck and chased after it. Soon, Sully was joining in the fun as well.

After a few minutes Sully and Cash lost interest in me and the rope and made their way to the water faucet. They must have been thirsty since they were lapping at the drops that were slowly leaking out of the spigot. I eyed the water bowl near the picnic table and saw it was empty.

Taking it over to the faucet I squatted down and turned on the water. As I waited for the large bowl to fill I caught a flash of movement from the basement window. At first I paid no attention to it, but when I realized it was bare skin I looked a little closer.

I could not believe my eyes.

The window I was looking into with shock and dismay belonged to the exercise room and there on the edge of the bench set was my Uncle Kurt fucking Karina, the foreign exchange student who lived with my Aunt and Uncle and who I now saw had a penis.

I stared transfixed; shocked, stunned, disgusted, intrigued, and aroused all at the same time.

My Uncle was an average height man, thick and muscular and very hairy. He always kept his hair in a buzz cut much to Aunt Penny’s protest; but I had always liked it on him. He was a loud, outgoing man who liked to drink and play football and smack Aunt Penny’s ass when she walked by him in the kitchen when he wasn’t working as the owner and foreman of his construction company. Never had I thought him to be the guy to cheat on her with their she male exchange student!

And Karina! She had played it off very well. I had seen in her tight pants and skirts and never suspected she had a penis between her shapely legs. Her attitude with the opposite sex never said differently either. She had always been nice but her and I had never been close the 3 years she had been with Penny and Kurt. Friendly yes, but best buds, no. Flashy and outspoken, she was the life of every get together, pool party or football game and simply put, quite the opposite of me. In my mind I had always suspected her to secretly be the “slutty” type but she was very close to my Aunt Penny and always very respectful and proper to them both whenever I had seen them together.

And yet there they were, shamelessly indulging in this erotic, forbidden act together. They must have started as soon as Aunt Penny had left and from what I could tell had wasted no time. Karina’s socks and Nikes were still on and her shirt was pulled up to her neck while my Uncle Kurt’s jeans were on the floor bunched around his ankles.

His legs were spread wide, thigh muscles working as he thrust his thick, engorged cock deep into Karina’s ass, her flaccid, dark penis flopping in front of her at the apex of her smooth, slim hips. Uncle Kurt’s hands were gripped tight around her small waist, digging into her soft, olive colored flesh. Her small, high breasts jiggled with each buck of his hips and her dusky nipples were erect, taut. Her eyes were closed and I could tell she was moaning or panting, her darkish purple lips full and moist.

My Uncle’s head was resting on her shoulder face pressed into her neck and dark, glossy hair. His expression was one I had never seen on a man before; animalistic, dark, and hungry. Sweaty and flushed I could see he was breathing hard and grunting, the veins in his throat and forehead bulging as he whispered something to her.

Conflicted feelings were running through me now. Disappointment and shame at my Uncle for betraying my Aunt in such a way, shock and confusion at Karina’s penis, lust and desire at the raw sexuality they both participated in. And yet I could not bring myself to look away.

A wet, slippery fireball forming between my legs and I could feel my lips parting and my breath quickening. Then, suddenly, as if he had known I was there the whole time Uncle Kurt opened his dark eyes and looked directly at me.

Terrified, I stumbled backwards, fumbling to shut of the faucet that was now overflowing water everywhere. Panic replaced my arousal and I scrambled towards the gate, searching for my keys in my pocket as I ran.

Once safely in my car I shoved the key into the ignition, praying feverishly that it would start. The roar of the engine was music to my ears and I shifted into reverse as fast as I could.

With heart pounding, pussy throbbing and face blushing I sped away from the house as fast as I could.


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