As dusk gave way to evening Debby found herself walking down the street lost in her own thoughts.

“Why did I agree to this?”

“Will I go through with it?”

She wasn’t sure, and yet she continued walking to meet a man she felt she already knew, and yet had never met. It had started innocently enough. They had met on the internet, in a chat room. Debby would sometimes log on in the morning before work, or after work when she was bored, and chat with various people about the topics of the day. Harmless stuff, until she met Alex. Even that had been fine, in the beginning. He piqued her interest; they discussed topics from politics to religion to international affairs, or just pop culture subjects like music and movies. He could be funny at times, and at other times she found him irritating. Sometimes he was confident, and sometimes cocky which wasn’t nearly as appealing. Debby always found their conversations interesting though, and continued to seek him out when he was available.

Often they would talk for an hour or two, or occasionally just for a few minutes. And yet, as time went on and they got to know each other better Debby began to look forward to seeing him. She would log on to see if he was there, and if he wasn’t she would log off, a bit disappointed. The more time they spent together, she began to feel like she could tell him anything, and he seemed to be as interested in her as she was in him. Perhaps more. They would meet and chat and joke with each other, and then go on with their days.

One issue kept coming up, though. Alex was an incorrigible tease. He was always making comments that on the surface seemed tame enough, but in the right light could be considered blatant sexual innuendo. Debby was upfront about the fact that she was a happily married woman, but that didn’t seem to deter Alex in the least, as far as the teasing went. Even when Debby pointed it out and scolded him for it he would only be chastened for a short while before continuing. Eventually Debby began to tease him right back, as long her husband wasn’t around to see what she was typing. When she was honest with herself, Debby discovered that she enjoyed it. She enjoyed the attention. She enjoyed being chased.

Initially she had closely guarded her personal details, and Alex had as well. But, over the course of their conversations, they slowly let their guard down bit by bit. She got to know what he did for a living, and she found herself telling him about her career. When she asked him about his age he laughed and said, “What does that matter?” Eventually, though, she discovered that he was a few years younger than she was. “I guess you could call me a cougar,” she joked, and they both laughed.

Debby found herself attracted to this man she hadn’t met, and even though he would hit on her shamelessly she continued to respond to him. Her scoldings came less often and with less vigor, and she suspected he could tell that she didn’t really want him to stop. They began to plan to meet each other online when they could, and even exchanged email addresses so they could keep in touch with one another. Occasionally in their discussions he would go too far and she would tell him that he had crossed a line. They could tease each other, but he had to respect the fact that she was married. (Not to mention that she would be mortified if her husband saw some of the things Alex said to her!) “Nothing is enough for you,” she would say. And yet, Alex continued to cross the lines, and Debby found herself doing the same. She couldn’t help herself. He was attracted to her and she was attracted to him and it was obvious to both of them.

They began to be more open with each other about sex, and they would discuss fantasies, likes and dislikes. Debby couldn’t believe she was telling this stranger about her most private details, but it was just words. It was just online. Eventually Debby and Alex began being explicit with each other about what they would like to do with each other. In bed. On the floor. In the car. Debby blushed at the thought of some of the things she said to Alex, and if anything he was even more unabashed and she would warn him when her husband was around. She didn’t want her husband to see some of the things Alex would say to her. Alex would chafe when he had to “be good” but he went along. When Debby would tell him, “My husband is gone, you can be bad” it took no urging to get Alex in the mood. Debby’s heart would start racing, and she would get wet just thinking about some of the things Alex would say. “At least I can’t get pregnant this way,” she told herself.

After their conversations Debby would sometimes have to go find her “toy”, which was a rather sizable vibrator that not only penetrated her pussy but also her bottom, and rubbed her clit at the same time. She would slide the vibrator in and out of herself and pretend that it was Alex. He was upfront with her as well; towards the end of some of their conversations he would say, “Well, I have to go to bed, but first I’m going to have to take care of myself since you’ve gotten me so turned on.” She knew that he thought of her while he masturbated, and that thought alone would sometimes get her so wet and aroused that she couldn’t be bothered to go get her toy and had to rub herself to release right then and there.

One day Debby’s curiousity got the better of her and during one of her online conversations with Alex she asked him where he lived. When he responded her heart skipped a beat and she almost gasped. They lived in the same city! She hadn’t even been sure if they lived in the same country. Debby wasn’t sure what she should tell him, but the long pause had Alex asking if she was still there. “Yes honey, just surprised is all. I didn’t expect you to live near me,” typed Debby. Alex responded: “How near is near?” And Debby typed back: “Probably walking distance.”

Now the long pause was on Alex’s end, and Debby smiled to herself. Finally he typed, “Maybe we should meet?”

Debby’s hands were shaking and she didn’t know how to respond, so she simply logged off without another word. For a few days she didn’t log on to talk to Alex, and although he sent her a few emails she deleted them without reading them. “I am a married woman,” she told herself. “I can’t do this.” And yet, she would still find herself checking her phone regularly to see if Alex had sent anything. She would lay in bed and think about whether or not to respond to him at all, or just walk away and pretend none of it had ever happened.

But she would still think of him when she went to sleep at night, and when she woke up in the morning. And when she would use her toy. (Especially then!) Finally, after almost a week had gone by, Debby resigned herself to the fact that she wanted this man. She wanted him inside her. She wanted him to do to her all the things that they had talked about. She had confided in him her most secret fantasies, and she wanted them to come true.

And so, she sat down at her computer and composed an email for Alex.

“Alex honey, I’m so sorry I disappeared the other day and that I haven’t responded to your emails. I wasn’t prepared for that. You know I’m a married woman. But, I just can’t get you out of my head and I’ve accepted the fact that I want you, and that I’m willing to meet you if you still want to, but just this once. For one night you can have me any way you like, and I want you to fulfill my fantasies too. (You know what turns me on.) And then that’s it. It won’t happen again. It can’t. Please understand.


Your Debby”

The cursor hovered over the Send button for a while before Debby finally clicked the mouse button.

It didn’t take long from there. Of course Alex was interested. Of course he wanted to meet. They exchanged photos and found each other attractive. They talked on the phone and agreed to a date when she would be able to get away for the night. They would meet at a hotel that was within walking distance of her apartment. Debby made clear to Alex that he was free to do with her as he pleased, as long as made sure to fulfill some (if not all!) of her fantasies. Once she arrived she would cede control to Alex and let him have his way. She didn’t want to know ahead of time what he would do, and wouldn’t discuss it with him. The very thought that he was going to be free to do whatever he wanted sent shivers down her spine.

And so she found herself wearing a tight dress barely covering her C-cup breasts or her firm bottom, walking into the lobby of the hotel as if in a daze, onto the elevator, and then standing in front of the door to the room Alex had reserved. She knew he was waiting for her inside, and paused and took a deep breath before knocking lightly on the door.

The door swung open and there he stood. They stared at each other for a moment before he put his arms around her and held her close. She wrapped her arms around him and sighed. Alex stepped back, and with a mock bow he swept his arm in the direction of the room and said, “Please come in, milady.”

Debby walked into the room and heard the door shut and lock behind her. Before she could even give the room more than a cursory glance she felt Alex’s arms around her again, this time from behind. His hands crossed in front of her tummy and he pressed against her. He was already hard. She could feel his stiff manhood against her backside, and as his hands began to roam he whispered in her ear: “Mmmm…. I’ve wanted you for so long.” His hands grasped the fabric covering her breasts and squeezed as he rocked his hips against her, and in answer she leaned back against him. His hands slipped into the top of the dress and roughly pulled it down a bit, exposing her breasts. As he had requested, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Once her nipples were free of the fabric they began to stiffen, and he gently took them between his fingers and squeezed and lightly twisted them. In no time at all they were erect and she felt goosepimples on them as Alex began massaging her naked breasts, occasionally running a finger across a nipple.

With his right arm he held her tight against him, and with his left hand he reached down and began to tug the hem of her dress up until it was bunched around her waist. His hand slid across her bare belly before she felt his fingertips insistently push under the elastic band of her panties. She knew he would soon feel how wet she was, and the thought made Debby even wetter. As his hand slid farther into her panties she felt his fingers run through the hair on her mound, and he twisted his fingers through the curly hair and tugged gently. “You know I told you I prefer shaven. You’ve been a bad girl. I’ll have to take care of this,” he whispered in her ear, before running the tip of his tongue in and out quickly.

Abruptly Alex released Debby and pushed her forward, and she was barely able to get her arms up in time to stop her fall onto the bed. Her breasts swung freely and before she could say a word Alex tugged a mask down over her eyes.

“Hold still,” he demanded. “I want to look at you.”

She could just imagine what he was seeing. She was on her hands and knees on the bed, her breasts hanging down, the dress just covering her belly and hips. Her sheer white panties didn’t cover much of her bottom. Debby gasped as she felt his hand run across one exposed cheek, then across the panties and down the other.

She heard him move to the other side of the room and open a drawer, and return to the bed.

“Turn around,” he said. Debby awkwardly turned on the bed, still on her hands and knees, and Alex grasped her right wrist and pulled her hand up, placing it on the bulge in his pants.


Debby wasn’t sure what Alex wanted her to say, so she said nothing.

“You know what to do,” he stated flatly.

And she did know what to do. She supported herself on her left hand, and with her right hand she lowered his zipper and reached inside. Wrapping her fingers around his hard shaft she squeezed him a few times through his boxers. Alex reflexively thrust himself against her hand, and she extracted his erect cock. Holding the shaft tightly she pumped it a few times before leaning forward and sticking out her tongue. As soon as the tip of her tongue touched the head she realized he was already leaking pre-cum and she moaned before opening her mouth and engulfing the head. She swirled her tongue around him as she continued to pump her hand on his shaft. She felt him run his fingers through her hair, and then grasp it tightly. At the same time his other hand took her wrist and pulled her hand from his shaft, and he roughly shoved his cock into her mouth and pulled her by the hair towards his hips. Debby only had a moment to draw a deep breath through her nose before he started pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. With the mask she couldn’t see him, but she could hear the wet noises her mouth was making as he took his pleasure. He thrust against her for a minute or two, and then suddenly withdrew. She felt his hands at the back of her head, and before she knew what was happening she felt something roughly shoved into her mouth. Suddenly Debby realized Alex had placed a ball gag in her mouth. She moaned, partly in fear and partly in desire, and Alex said “I won’t need to use your mouth for a while, and you won’t need to either.”

She felt his hands on her shoulders and he pushed her onto her back. She felt his hands on her left wrist, and then felt something rough slide over her hand until she realized he had pulled a leather cuff tightly around the wrist. Her right wrist followed, her arms now pulled wide. Alex put his hands on her ankles and pulled her legs together, and then he held both ankles together with one hand and began to push them up until she was bent almost double, her bottom up in the air and Alex above her. She felt him slide his hard cock inside her panties and he rubbed the bottom of his shaft against her pussy lips as he thrust himself against her. The tip of his cock ran past her clit each time he thrust forward, and she lifted and tilted her hips trying to get him to enter her, to no avail.

“What did I tell you about this?” he growled, and pulled his member out of her panties. She felt his fingers grasp the fabric and with a loud rip he tore them off, exposing her sex. Debby felt both of Alex’s hands on her ankles again, and within moments he had placed leather restraints on each, spreading her completely open. Apparently the restraints were attached to the bed; she couldn’t close her legs or move her arms. She felt the bed shift, and then Alex was gone.

She lay there for a few minutes, bound, gagged, blindfolded… and delirious with desire. She felt so exposed; the cool air from the hotel air conditioning was causing her wet pussy to cool even though she had never felt so hot before. In the distance she could hear water running.

She heard Alex come back into the room, and she pulled tightly against the restraints as she felt a sudden shock of heat between her legs. Alex had placed a steaming hot wet towel over her pussy. Alex placed his palm over the towel and her mound and massaged it, saying “If you won’t shave yourself I’ll do it for you.”

Debby relaxed against the restraints and lay back in the bed, enjoying the wonderful sensation of Alex’s hand massaging her pussy through the hot towel. Her hips slowly moved in rhythm with his hand, until he removed the towel and she felt him slathering shaving cream all over her sex. When she felt the razor run along her inner thigh Debby froze, and held her breath. Alex gently tugged at the hair with the razor, starting with her mound, then at the apex of her thighs. The razor scraped against her skin, carefully avoiding her lips. As the razor made its inexorable way around her private area the cool breeze again brought goosebumps. When she was almost completely clean she felt Alex pinch her nether lips together and pull them this way and that, the razor ever so slowly and carefully scraping against her sensitive skin.

Finally Alex seemed satisfied with his work and she heard a splash of water before his wet hand rubbed her mound and pussy down, apparently cleaning off the last of the shaving cream. Again the bed shifted as Alex left the room. Debby lay on her back, her legs lewdly spread, wondering what Alex was doing. Suddenly she heard a loud clicking sound and realized it was a camera shutter! She tried to say “NO!!!!!” but couldn’t through the gag, and she bucked against the restraints as the camera continued to capture her in this most exposed state. “Something to remember you by, honey,” she heard Alex say, with a hint of a smile in his voice. Defeated, she lay back and let him have his way with her through his camera lens. She lost track of how many pictures he might have taken. At this point it didn’t matter.

After a moment Debby realized that it was quiet again. Maybe he was done taking pictures? She lay there for a few minutes, waiting for something, anything to happen. With a shock she suddenly felt something touching her pussy, and when she felt Alex’s breath on her wet sex she realized that it was his tongue. “Much better,” he said, and then continued licking her. He ran his tongue along her lips, parting them gently before sliding his tongue inside her. When his tongue slid out of her pussy it swirled around her clit and gently lifted her hood, tapping insistently on her clit before sliding back inside her. Debby moaned and bucked her hips against Alex’s mouth and felt his lips close around her pussy before sucking briefly on her clit. When his tongue slid inside her again Debby came, her juices flowing freely into Alex’s mouth as he lapped at her nectar. Debby pushed her pussy against his mouth as hard as she could as her orgasm consumed her.

Before she had even finished cumming she felt Alex slide his hard cock into her slick, clean-shaven, soaking pussy and felt his weight on her as he began to thrust deep inside her. She felt another orgasm building as Alex pounded into her. Just as she was on the verge of cumming again she felt his cock withdraw. She felt the tip probing just below her pussy and she realized that Alex was about to fuck her in the ass. Debby moaned into her gag, and felt his insistent cock pushing into her. She relaxed and allowed him to sheath himself in her to the hilt, and as he began steadily thrusting in and out of her tight backdoor she came again, shuddering against him.

This was too much for Alex, and his pace increased frantically until he suddenly thrust deep inside her and moaned and she felt his shaft twitching inside her as he came. Alex collapsed on top of her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek. “I think we’ll sleep like this for a while,” he said, flexing himself inside her to emphasize his point.

“When I wake up I’ll have to take that gag out of your mouth, honey. Because that’s where I’ll be cumming next,” he chuckled. “We have all night…”

(To be continued?)

“Hi, how are you guys?” the girl asked. We were walking towards Belize City to do some shopping.

“Fine, who are you?”

“My fiancée and I arrived a couple of days ago and are staying in the bungalow next to yours. My name’s Kylee.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Jill and this is my sister Susan. We’re headed downtown to do some shopping and have lunch. Want to join us?”

Along the way Kylee told us that Phil, her fiancée, was from Santa Barbara. He was Phillip Alexander Howell IV. I suppose that name should have familiar to me but at the moment it wasn’t.

She was born in Palau, which is an island in the South Pacific. Her mother was Polynesian and her father was in the US military. They met and married in Hawaii. Kylee was only about 5ft in height, slender and very pretty, as mixed races frequently are. She grew up in Hawaii and, of course, spoke perfect English.

After a bit of shopping we three stopped for lunch in one of those open-air places right on the beach. We told Kylee that Jim and Bob were our respective spouses and that we had arrived four days earlier and were having a great time.

“I saw you guys in the pool the other night just after we arrived. It didn’t seem appropriate to interrupt so we stayed inside and watched.”

Uh oh, Kylee must have seen our fun-and-games together. That was the evening Bob fucked me in the ass. Jim spent time between Susan’s legs and then slipped his big cock into her.

“I’m sorry. We should have been more discrete. We thought your bungalow was empty.”

“No problem. I must confess we stepped back from the patio door and watched for a long time. So sexy. I suppose what turned Phil and me on was the obvious familiarity between all of you. We had never seen people actually having sex together. And certainly not anal either. Afterwards Phil went down on me. He’s not very good at it but tries. And then we fucked and I climaxed. That doesn’t always happen.”

“Well, there’s a story. My husband Jim was a late bloomer but fortunately was seduced by my sister. Right, Susan?”

“Yeah, Jim was a virgin when I latched onto him. But a very quick learner. DOn a few occasions my husband had previously let me have fun with his friends. Jim was more fun. Putty in my hands, so to speak. And as you saw last night he has a big cock, long and fat! He has developed great staying power and his tongue has become very talented.”

“As you can see my sister is not shy. She persuaded her husband to also get involved. Susan introduced Jim to me and told me all about their sexual activities. It really shocked me. I was an 18 year old virgin, mind you. She told me Jim had become a skilled lover. And he was certainly very good looking. You probably noticed. We became a couple and a few months later we got married. That’s the short story.”

“I probably shouldn’t say this since my husband Phil is a really nice guy. But he needed someone like you, Susan, to show him the ropes. We were both virgins without any prior experience. Not even heavy petting. I’m not good at giving head. He flounders around at my pussy. So we really don’t do much other than the very basics.”

“No wonder you guys were fascinated by our antics the other night. How about this: Let’s get together for dinner. Then you and Phil join us all at the pool. Wear your suits. We can chat, have some drinks, and just get comfortable. Then maybe on another night we can do the same thing without suits. And if it seems right, take it from there. You guys can just watch. What do you think?”

“Sounds ok if we all have suits on.”

Bob and Jim played golf while we shopped. Upon our return we briefed them on the plan. Dinner at the resort was a success. Food and service were excellent and the ambiance couldn’t be beat. Phil seemed to be a real nice guy, quite handsome and well spoken. Santa Barbara must be a nice place to grow up, especially if you have money. Dinner conversation was quite safe, where we grew up, school, etc. We headed back to our bungalows to change.

Bob mixed up some Lemon Drop martinis, our favorite. He makes it with real lemons, triple sec, and some good vodka. His version is the real stuff, not the watered down bar versions. Tasty and powerful.

“Bob has mixed up some of his famous Lemon Drop martinis.”

“I’ve heard they are popular but I’ve never had one. How about you, Kylee?”

“No, I’m not much of a drinker but willing to sample.”

Sugar on the martini glass rims, ice and martini in the shaker, and we were ready.

“Hey, this is pretty good. Phil, you need to get the recipe.”

“We rarely order one in a bar or restaurant since they don’t use fresh squeezed lemons. And the mix they use waters down the liquor.”

The evening progressed very nicely. It’s amazing how two really good martinis will lower inhibitions. Nothing overtly sexual was going on but three attractive couples in rather skimpy swim suits added a bit of erotic tension.

Kylee had on a white bikini which contrasted nicely with her light brown skin. Phil was slender but nicely built. I noticed him glancing from time to time at my crotch and that of Susan’s. Our suits were barely adequate for beach wear so camel toes were visible. I’m pretty sure the bulge in Phil’s suit was growing a bit.

“So, Kylee tells us we should have been more discrete the other night.”

“Actually we didn’t mind a bit. Watching you guys really got us going.”

“I don’t know how much Kylee related to you but we at lunch today I gave her the short story on how we met. I am the beneficiary of Jim’s sexual experiences with Susan and Bob.”

“Kylee told me everything. The other night was very exciting to watch. I’ve seen a few X-rated clips on the Internet but seeing real sex is sure different. I have to ask, Jill, did it hurt when Bob put his penis in your rear?”

“No, it really felt good. Jim bought a couple of dildos, one fairly small, the other one bigger. And we practiced a number of times although I still can’t get more than a couple of inches of the bigger one in my butt. Bob is a little smaller than that one. It fits fine.”

“Jim’s hobby is photography,” Jill continued. “He has taken many good photos of me including some nude. But we also wanted some pictures of us together and Susan volunteered to be our photographer. Bob naturally wanted to come along and watch. By the end of that evening he did much more than just watch. Only my second cock ever. He also slipped it into my butt and took my virgin ass. Eventually I want to have Jim back there but I can’t handle him yet.”

“How about you, Susan?”

“I like anal but my favorite is with Jim in my pussy and Bob in my ass. We actually did it two days ago. Jill too. Sometime I’d like the guys to swap places but Jim’s cock is so big that I really can’t take it back there.”

“Wow, two guys at once! That’s not anything I’d ever want to do. But it’s interesting to visualize. You know I really like your cock, Phil. It gets nice and hard. I suppose after some practice with a dildo you might get it in my ass.”

Not wanting to scare off our new friends we purposely started winding down the conversation and talked about what to do the next day. Susan and Bob had talked about hiring a boat to tool around the Belize shoreline. Jim and I decided to join them. Kylee and Phil were going to explore the island. We agreed to meet for dinner.

Dinner was another success. The prior evening had broken the ice. Phil asked Bob to make his famous martinis again and we met again at the pool. Suits were still the norm but Susan and I decided to go topless. Kylee was coaxed to pull off her top. I sensed danger in proceeding too fast. But eventually I wanted to see Phil’s cock and the guys had fallen in love with Kylee.

“Jill, tell Kylee and Phil about the two guys you met on the beach.”

“Susan! Well, OK. Jim and I were sitting in deck chairs on the beach back towards the tree line. You know it’s a nude beach and Jim and I were both nude. There were these two guys that walked by, tall, black as the ace of spades. We later found out they work at a local restaurant. They were lived here but were from Haiti. Anyway right away I noticed their long cocks hanging down. They strolled along the beach a couple of times.

“The next thing I knew they had come up to where we were sitting and started to chat. Now mind you I’m sitting in a chair, nude, eye-level to two long, black cocks. Not only just the third and fourth cocks I had ever seen but also the first uncut ones.

“Anyway, as they chat away I see their cocks gradually enlarge. It didn’t help that I was curious about their foreskins. William, and, um, George were their names. George told me to touch his cock. I looked at Jim and he just shrugged. So I reached out and tentatively touched his cock. I couldn’t keep from stroking it. I could put both hands on it with some inches to spare.

“It didn’t take him long to shoot his cum all over my hand. William was next. His cock was a little smaller but still at least ten inches. And it spurted more than George did. I wanted a taste so I kissed the head of his cock.”

“Really? What happened then?”

“They quickly left. We headed back to our bungalow. I was quite embarrassed with what I had done but Jim didn’t seem to mind. We had quite a time in bed that night.”

“Seeing Jill’s small white hands on those big, very black, cocks was unbelievably erotic.”

“I’ve never seen a black cock.”

“Kylee, you’ve never seen another cock besides mine, much less a black one!”

“Not true, Phil. Don’t forget we saw Jim and Bob’s cocks last night and saw them in action. I do have a question, however. I noticed that you, Jill, and Susan are bare down there. I assume you shaved?”

“Yes, once I saw how sexy Susan looked I asked her to help me shave. Many women are doing it now. Jim likes how I look. And no stray hairs when he goes down on me. I also like the smooth feel when he runs his hands and fingers around.”

“Doesn’t it itch?”

“It was a little irritated the first day from the actual shaving. I probably shouldn’t tell you this but my sister made it feel better by going down on me after the shave.”

“The trick is to shave at least every other day since short stubble can feel rough,” Susan added. She stood up and pulled down her suit to show everyone her shaved pussy. “Jill, show them yours.”

I pulled down my bottoms. Feeling rather naughty, I put my hand on my pussy and rubbed it around. ” I really like the smoothness without the hair.” I slipped my index finger between the folds to tease everyone. I had everyone’s attention, particularly Phil’s.

“Jim, I couldn’t tell for sure but are you also shaved?”

Jim stood up and pulled down his suit. His cock was already at half mast and starting upward.

“Susan shaved Bob and I think the bare look on a guy is very sexy so I also shaved Jim. It makes his already big cock look even more impressive.”

“It really is big. Bare is so sexy. Don’t you think so, Phil? Maybe we could do the same.”

“You guys can come over in the morning. I’ll shave you and Jill can shave Phil. Then we can show you off to the guys. OK?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Bob, pull off your suit. Show them your bare look. Kylee, Phil?”

The remaining suits disappeared. Kylee had a really thick black bush.

“You sure are going to look different tomorrow. You will like it, Phil. You also ready to lose that fur patch down there?”

His cock was up and proud, a little smaller than Bob’s but still worth checking out.

“I’ll go along with the flow but I hope the guys at the gym don’t razz me about the little boy look.”

“I had the same thoughts when I was first shaved,” Jim added. “But it made my cock look bigger, not being partially obscured. Several guys in the locker room stared a bit but I figure they were either gay or jealous. Either way it didn’t bother me after the first time. I’m much more interested in the response I get from Jill.”

“Your cock and Bob’s really stand out. Let’s do it tomorrow, Phil.”

I knew Phil was convinced. His erection gave him away.

So there we were, three couples, all nude, with the guys all sporting hard-on’s. I was ready for some sex and obviously they were too. We hurried to our respective bedrooms and as they say, a good time was had by all.

More to come…

The couple exchanged texts, emails and calls during the week prior to their next date. Tim’s first email was to confirm his safe arrival at home and to inquire about Suzanne’s arrival. In a second paragraph he added, “I forgot to mention that between now and Friday there should be no masturbation. The real ‘Tim’ wants you horny when he’s next with you and doesn’t want to share you with your dildo (or anyone else). I trust that’s acceptable.”

In another paragraph Tim noted that he would be sending some emails or texts with links to URLs over the next few days and she should feel free to open them; they wouldn’t be spam, etc.

Suzanne replied that she’d gotten home safely and would remain chaste.

He replied that during the week Suzanne might do well to practice her oral skills using her dildo but that she should remember to keep it above her waist. She didn’t think that warranted a reply.

The next evening Suzanne sent him pictures and descriptions of two bras she wanted to buy. He called her to approve her choices but told her to only buy one of each since he was sure they could find sexier styles and fabrics. She told him she’d tried on the chemise he’d bought as a possible nightgown. He didn’t react so she explained that meant the chemise with no bra. He said that sounded good and that she should plan on wearing it to bed on Friday rather than as a slip under her dress. She teased him by describing how the small garment stretched over her breasts and accentuated them in an obscene way. “Your hands can fondle me as if I’m naked but visually I think the thin covering is sexier than being nude. I’m looking forward to teasing you. In fact, I can already envision having to wash pre-cum stains out of my chemise in the sink,” she said. She also told him the thin fabric allowed the color of her areola to show through and, of course, there were two nipple bumps that she was sure he’d love.

When she asked if she’d produced an erection he admitted that she had; she was pleased. She then added, “If I’m supposed to be chaste this week, can I assume you’ll leave your cock alone until Friday also?” Tim responded that he hadn’t really thought about it but since she’d brought it up, ‘yes’, she should think about his cock and balls getting full and frustrated. On Friday she could demonstrate her ability to swallow what he’d be saving for her.

Later the same evening Tim sent a text saying, “I’ve ordered some things for Saturday. See item #…” followed by a number and a URL link. When Suzanne clicked on the link a catalog page of leather gear appeared and she saw the item he’d specified was a pair of bondage cuffs. Suzanne stared at the picture and read the description of the cuffs as being made of very soft leather but durable and strong, ‘perfect for controlling your slave comfortably for hours’. She shivered at the thought but was also aroused. She’d never engaged in any kind of kinky sex play but had read just enough in porn books to be intrigued.

A little later she received another text saying, “get naked at mirror; hands behind waist; think cuffs; nice look? I can’t wait.” Suzanne studied the words. She concluded that he wanted her to look at herself in the mirror. It was almost bedtime so she stripped off her clothes, put her hands behind her back and looked in the mirror. She saw her huge tits pushed out boldly by the pose. They almost looked arrogant in their forward thrust- as if daring the observer to touch them. She imagined the leather cuffs he’d bought rendering her helpless while her horny lover had unfettered access to her. Tim would love the way her tits were being blatantly presented and would undoubtedly enjoy her breasts for an extended time. He’d tease her and play with her nipples. Her nipples looked incredibly erect at the moment- an indirect effect of her posing and getting excited. In fact, if her hands weren’t in imaginary restraints she’d probably tease herself by playing with them. The thought of being actually restrained was very hot; she wouldn’t be physically able to play with herself nor stop Tim from doing whatever he wanted. Her breasts would be fully exposed and defenseless. She imagined squirming as Tim’s mouth sucked on her sensitive nubs. Sensations of saliva and the light tease of his tongue flooded her mind and seemed almost real. She smiled and wondered how to reply to his text.

Finally, she texted back, “The look? I imagine you’ve already visualized how I look. I’ll bet my ‘look’ made ‘little Tim’ hard but don’t touch him, he’s mine.”

On Tuesday Suzanne received a text with a link to a catalog picture of nipple clamps as another item Tim had purchased. She’d heard of such clamps but never seen them. The set in the picture reminded her of spring loaded clothes pins made of metal with rubber covers on the contact parts of the jaws. A heavy chrome chain connected the two clamps. Each clamp had an adjustment screw that she could imagine being turned as the torture device was tightened on her sensitive nipple. Having one’s nipples intentionally squeezed in such a device seemed medieval if not crazy. She couldn’t understand why but the thought of Tim using them on her was arousing. She was kinkier than she’d ever thought. A follow up text said, “Naked at mirror. With thumb and forefinger squeeze each nipple hard – hold 1 min; imagine 15 min.” She smiled and felt a sexual thrill as she promptly started to unbutton her blouse. She stopped at the soft ping of her phone signaling another text. She opened the message to find, “Squeeze harder. After 1 min take close up pic of one nip; email to me.” Suzanne’s pussy moistened at the thought. She’d never considered taking a dirty picture much less sending one electronically to someone else.

She finished removing her blouse and bra and experimented with her phone’s camera which she rarely used. She took a deep breath and squeezed both nipples with her fingers as directed. With her fingers pinching each nipple, she took a step closer to the mirror and squeezed a little harder while counting off seconds in her head. She marveled at her willingness to follow Tim’s directives but also was aware of how aroused she’d become. As her count neared 60 she remembered that she wasn’t allowed to masturbate for the whole week and that restriction excited her even more. She was teasing herself but had no prospects for sexual relief until Tim took care of her on Friday. She held on for an extra 15 seconds beyond the required minute in a self defeating bravado. Releasing her fingers she saw that her nipples were red and swollen. She envisioned Tim’s tongue teasing them as she reached for her phone and fumbled with pointing the reverse camera at her breast while trying to align her finger with the shutter button. The camera’s small screen was filled by the image of her large areola and erect nipple. She clicked a picture and then a second. She exhaled- and then took a deep breath- realizing for the first time that she’d been holding her breath for most of the past two minutes. Feeling like a pervert she studied the pictures to select the better one. Tim would love either. Her nipple looked obscenely inviting- almost begging to be sucked on. Her body shivered as she sent an email with the photo attached. The email read, “You’re the devil and a pervert but you aroused me. Wish you were here.”

Tim picked up Suzanne on Friday as agreed. He was surprised that she was wearing the charmeuse blouse he’d bought for her with a different skirt. He’d expected to see a sexier dress from her closet- perhaps something with a little cleavage though he hadn’t mentioned any requirements. She looked great and he didn’t want to offend her so he merely complimented her noting her four inch heels made her legs look fantastic.

As they drove to the restaurant Suzanne volunteered a discussion of her existing wardrobe. She explained that her chest was so large she’d found it impossible to buy nice dresses. If they fit her in the chest they hung like maternity tops. She said she’d actually bought two dresses after her enhancement but never worn them. When she really looked at herself in the mirror on the day after the purchase, she thought them made her look pregnant. She’d been too embarrassed to return them. As a result her entire wardrobe consisted of ‘separates’- a large top and smaller size bottom.

After listening to her candid explanation of what must be a sore subject for her, Tim said, “I might have a solution. I’ll explain over dinner.”

At dinner Tim reminded Suzanne that she’d agreed to his being her dominant lover for the weekend. He also noted that except for some specified exclusions she’d given him carte blanche on sexual activities. She nervously agreed with his statements wondering what he had in mind.

Tim then said that he had a friend of a friend that might be the solution to Suzanne’s wardrobe problem. Her name was Kate. She had a degree in fashion and worked at a large department store. She was also an excellent seamstress and did some dressmaking and alterations on the side. Tim said he’d call Kate to check on her work schedule. She’d be able to assess Suzanne’s figure, select some dresses and alter them if needed.

Suzanne thought the concept sounded great but would be too expensive. Tim told her not to worry about that yet; he’d been told Kate’s rates were reasonable. He noted that Suzanne’s two new dresses were currently worthless; Kate might be able to give them a custom fit which would be better and less expensive than anything new off a rack. She might also have reasonably priced dresses at the store that could be easily altered.

He then added, “There’s one thing though. Kate is an aggressive lesbian. I’ve been in her company in a bar twice and was struck that her mind is like a guy’s mind in a petite woman’s body. She was blatantly checking out the same women I was. When she sees your body she’s going to want to touch it like a man would. As your ‘Dom’ I’m directing you to accept any advances she might make as a part of your sex ed.”

“Oh. I wasn’t expecting a lesson in girl on girl sex from you. I…uh..I thought you didn’t want to share me.”

“The male mind is more perverse than you think. Kate’s fashion services should be perfect for you. I’m sincerely trying to help you. My ‘broker’s fee’ for arranging those services is getting to watch the two of you together if anything evolves. It might even become a threesome which would also be educational for you- actually for me, too. Now excuse me while I go to the vestibule to make a call to see when she’s available.”

Tim returned a few minutes later. “We’re meeting her at the store at 11AM. Apparently your problem isn’t all that unique. Kate said she’s helped a couple of other women who got large implants and then realized that off the rack clothes are designed for more modest measurements. She’ll review your sizing and find some dresses for you to try on picking styles that would be easy to alter. There’s no obligation to buy but I’d hope you’ll find at least one thing to buy. She’s off Sunday and will come by your place at noon to look at the dresses you already have to see if she can alter them.”

Suzanne asked, “What did you say about me? Did you offer me to her…sexually?”

“No, I didn’t ‘offer’ you. I described your body a little since that’s at the heart of your need for her services. Just describing you got her a little sexually curious. I said you were very sexy but also very inexperienced. I told her that you’re seeking to learn about sex but that you hadn’t expressed any interest in women. I said that you’re mine and not available for any relationship but that if she wanted to tease you a bit and explore a sexual experience with you I would content myself with watching.”

“Oh my” she groaned. “That sounds like an offer to me. I feel like a piece of meat but then again, it sounds exciting. What if she doesn’t like me?”

“I told you; she’s wired like a man. I can assure you there’s not a straight man alive who wouldn’t want to mess around with you sexually; therefore, I think it’s a given that she’ll put a move on you.”

“I’ve never been touched by a woman in any intimate way before. I’m going to be very embarrassed and don’t know how I’ll react if she fondles me or kisses me.”

“Don’t worry about it. If she doesn’t make a pass at you or if you don’t like her attention it will be fine- just let it happen-give it a try. My requirement is that you are open to the new experience a woman could offer. If after a little trial you don’t want to go further you can stop. I’m not trying to make you a lesbian; I merely felt I should alert you about Kate’s preferences before she’s feeling you up. Actually, I’d think you would find the delicate touch of a woman very arousing but maybe that’s just a guy’s perspective. My cock is getting hard thinking about her long fingers toying with your nipples.”

“Stop that. You’re deliberately trying to make me horny for her. I’m not a lesbian. You should be happy that I’m not going to fall for her and leave your cock hanging. I will admit the image of being gently caressed by a woman’s delicate hand is arousing.”

“Good. I’ve given you something sexy to think about. Let’s put Kate aside for now. Did I get your attention with my emails about the cuffs and nipple clamps I’ve bought?”

“Oh, yes. I can’t explain it but both of those purchases struck a chord with my libido. I’ve never done anything with bondage and certainly not with nipple torture but the subjects have been in some porn I’ve read. In simple terms, your emails made me wet. I’ve been thinking about being helpless in your leather cuffs all week. I might hate it but I’m excited at the prospect of the experience. Your emails were very effective at focusing my attention on what you were going to do to me this weekend.”

“Good. That’s the reaction I was hoping for but I couldn’t be sure of how you’d react. I guess I should note that I enjoyed your notes, too. The nipple photo was fantastic. I’m going to get a large print made and framed for my bedroom. “

After a brief pause Tim continued, “Did you practice oral with your dildo?”

“Well…yes and no. I tried the dildo one night but it wasn’t great. I decided to go to the store where I bought several cucumbers in different sizes. They worked better as my practice cocks. You should have seen me at the market. I felt very wicked handling the cucumbers and visualizing them in my mouth as I was surrounded by soccer moms. I actually went to two stores since the first market’s cucumbers were all on the small side. In each store I couldn’t help but visualize the women around me picking out cucumbers so they could get better at sucking a big cock. All but one of the women didn’t look like they’d be very enthusiastic at cock sucking but who knows. It was fun.”

“Do you think they were thinking about you with a big cock in your mouth?”

“Cock, yes. Cucumber, no. With my big tits, long hair and high heels they probably thought I was a stripper or call girl who wouldn’t need a cucumber for practice.”

“Your self- image is very odd. I can’t tell if you love your body or hate it.”

“I love it. I’m just self conscious because my experience hasn’t caught up to my bra size. I love being sexy and having men lust for me. It makes me feel powerful. Thanks for helping get my experience up to speed.”

“It’s my pleasure. As soon as we get to my house we’ll see if your cucumbers were effective.”

Suzanne paused and then said, “There’s something about me that I may not have made clear. I’m very competitive. If there’s nobody in direct competition with me I’m driven to beat my own last performance. I worked hard with my cucumbers this past week. I want to learn how to give the best blowjob you can imagine. The cucumbers helped with my gag reflex but obviously couldn’t teach me technique. I need you for that. I’ll generally leave the teaching approach to you but for Blowjobs 101, I have suggestions. I want you to visualize the best two blowjobs you’ve ever had and focus on what made them the best. As I work your cock tonight I want you to direct me with words and with your hands if necessary to replicate your best blowjobs. In the future if you can think of any other teaching tools I’m up for it. I guess the most obvious would be watching porn videos but we could hire a hooker as a consultant- whatever might improve my technique or teach me some special tricks. I want to be a world class cocksucker.”

Tim replied, “You really are the perfect student. I look forward to helping you achieve greatness.”

After dinner the couple drove to Tim’s home. As soon as they were inside Tim said, “The blouse and skirt come off immediately.” As he spoke he started unbuttoning Suzanne’s blouse. She enjoyed the sense that Tim was in control and she needed only to follow his lead. Her skirt came off next leaving her in the demi -bra, garter belt and panties Tim had selected when they’d been together at the trade show. Tim told her how great she looked and dipped to kiss the swells of her breasts. They kissed passionately and Tim enjoyed her body with roaming hands. After a minute or more Tim broke their kiss and said, “Turn around and put your hands behind your back. The cuffs are for tomorrow. Tonight I’m going to tie your wrists with a necktie- let’s call it a soft introduction to bondage.” Before she knew it Tim had her wrists behind her back, wrapped in a silk tie in which he tying a knot. Tim then stripped himself and sat down on a straight backed chair. He reached down and lifted a small rectangular pillow- holding it up for Suzanne to see. He then spread his legs and placed the pillow on the floor beneath his thighs saying, “I bought this pillow for you this past week. Let’s see what you learned from your vegetables.”

Suzanne smiled broadly as she gingerly tried to kneel on the pillow. It was surprising difficult to kneel with her hands tied behind her which gave her a true sense of her helplessness. Tim reached out to give her some support and balance and she was soon in place. She said, “I can honestly say I never thought I’d have my own blow job pillow.” As her eyes lowered to Tim’s cock she added, “You’re a very considerate man…with a very large cock. I wasn’t expecting to be without my hands but I’ll do the best I can.”

She flicked her tongue over the head of Tim’s cock and then trailed down the shaft. The same route was followed in reverse and then she deposited a large amount of saliva on the crown. After wetting the head she toyed with it using her lips and tongue and in a soft sexy voice said, “I need to do some reading on how to produce more saliva.”

She lowered her mouth over Tim’s cock and took most of his length which was considerably better than she’d been able to do before. Withdrawing, she played with his cock head for a few seconds and then took his shaft in again- even further than the first time.

“Very impressive,” said Tim. She continued to play with swallowing as much cock as possible and in between toyed with his crown. After awhile Suzanne paused and reminded Tim that he was supposed to be teaching her how to match his best blowjob experiences. He moaned and sheepishly suggested that his balls would love some attention. Suzanne kissed and sucked gently on each of his balls and then routinely included them as she traced her way up and down his shaft. She sucked on the head of his cock and used extra saliva to tease the sensitive area on the underside of the shaft near the head. Her tongue explored and Tim murmured something unintelligible. She paused again and asked for more oral technique suggestions. Tim told her she could be a little rougher and more aggressive. He gasped as her mouth attacked him with new vigor. After several minutes of her enthusiastic sucking and teasing Tim’s hips were lifting off the chair as his hands grasped the seat in frustrated passion. She did her best to use lots of saliva in an effort to give him the ‘wet and nasty’ blowjob featured in the several porn movies she’d seen. Finally, he urged her to take as much of him as she could in several in and out movements while sucking on him. It was obvious to them both that his cock would soon explode and Suzanne tensed a little in anticipation of taking his load and swallowing it. He ejaculated violently as he was buried her throat which made swallowing almost unnecessary; the phrase ‘ he shot it down her throat’ came to Suzanne’s mind and she smiled. She’d still need to practice swallowing. Holding him in place and then pulling off of him to gain a breathe Suzanne was thrilled that she’d given her first official blowjob with no hands involved. She internally gave her performance a grade of B- and was already looking forward to improving. More saliva would help; she made a mental note to research foods that increase saliva.

The Conclusion

It was strange coming home to Lee instead of my wife but over the next few days I became more accustomed to my new mistress. It took some time to adjust to the chastity device that had been installed but eventually I accepted the fact it was there to stay. I also no longer took issue to the panties Lee had me wear. I resigned myself to the fact that the CB6000 and the undergarments were reminders I was no longer in control and completely subservient to her.

Each night she had me pick us up both dinner and afterwards I would run her bath. She would have me massage her with oils or lotions, rubbing her body and particularly her tiny feet. I would then spend a great deal of time performing oral sex on her until she came over and over.

Lee loved to have me lick her slit, including her succulent ass, for the better part of an hour or more while she watched television. Actually, I enjoyed licking her beautiful bare pussy and savored her tasty juices.

On our third night together, Lee fastened her strapon around her slender waist and after having me kneel on my knees, sucking on the rubber cock, she had me lay on my back on the floor, holding my feet while she positioned the dick to my asshole. The cock Lee had was much bigger than the rubber dick I was accustomed to with Laura but my asshole accepted it and Lee generously applied lube to ease her delivery.

Soon I was rocking back into her encouraging her to fuck my ass.

I was surprised on Friday when I arrived back at our apartment to find a young man with her on the couch. Lee had instructed me to strip naked when I arrived each day and I was a little taken back by our visitor but Lee gave me a look that did not need to be interpreted. I was extremely embarrassed when I took off my trousers to reveal the red panties she had me wear earlier that morning.

It drew laughs from her guest who said he thought she was kidding when she said she had a live-in sissy. It was even more embarrassing when I removed those as well only to reveal the CB6000 chastity device encasing my cock.

“What the fuck is that thing on his dick,” her friend Bryan asked.

“Gary does not have a dick. That is a chastity device around his little clit. It keeps him out of trouble and prevents his little clit from getting hard,” she smirked.

I bowed my head in shame as they both laughed at my humiliation. Lee had me get them both another beer as I turned and walked away, my face red with embarrassment. When I returned Lee and Bryan were frenching on the couch as he locked his lips with hers.

I opened their beers and set them down on the table and knelt on the floor awaiting whatever directive she would give me next. That drew a glance from Bryan who remarked, “Fuck, you’ve got him trained like a little puppy dog.”

“That’s not all,” Lee chimed in. “Come over here Gary and show Bryan your specialty.”

I knew what she wanted me to do and walked on my knees over to the couch, the plastic device bouncing from side to side. When I started to reach for his jeans, Bryan drew back reactively.

“It’s alright,” Lee smiled at him. “You’ll enjoy this, I promise and besides, no one will know but us.”

Bryan seemed less sure but made no attempt to stop me as I unsnapped the jeans and unbuttoned his fly removing the large cock from his briefs. He was still quite flaccid as I placed his warm cock to my lips, kissing the head before I took him in my mouth. The soft cock hardened in no time as I moved my mouth up and down on his slick shaft.

Bryan appeared surprised at first. Unsure what to make of me until Lee took her hand and moved his face to hers and began kissing him again. I looked up to see her soft pink tongue dance across his lips before he willingly accepted it into his mouth as they again began kissing passionately.

Bryan moved his hands along the outside of her shirt squeezing a breast until, finding no resistance from her, moved his hand under her shirt. Lee seldom wore a bra and he was free to grope her titty drawing soft moans from her.

Bryan had a nice size cock and it fit comfortably in my mouth. I knew he was really enjoying what I was doing when he took his left hand and started pushing the briefs and jeans lower onto his thighs giving me more access to his cock. I took that as a hint to remove his pants and shorts altogether. Once removed, I went back to bathing his cock, along with his balls, with my tongue. His cock was now fully erect as I moved up and down on the slick member.

Lee, seeing his hardon, stood and removed her clothes. It was evident this wasn’t their first time together as he looked over her lean body. He removed his shirt as well now leaving us all naked. Lee had me lay on the floor as she took up a doggy style position above me and he fucked her from behind.

I licked her slit, sucking on her clit, while he pounded her from behind. “Fuck me Bryan, fuck that pussy,” she panted as I sucked on her tiny clit, watching his dick slide in and out of her hot box.

If he was uneasy with having his dick sucked by me initially, he quickly got over it as he would often remove his cock from her wet pussy and into my anxious mouth. Bryan pushed his meat between my lips and seemed to get off on having a guy suck his member. He really picked up steam when I licked his hairy balls sucking each of them in my mouth one at a time.

Lee in the meantime bucked back into his thrusting cock and the two bodies came together in a rapid wet slap. Without much warning, she moved back up on the couch urging Bryan to mount her, with her toned legs thrown over his shoulders.

I simply stayed on the floor watching the two of them fuck. Lee’s little feet pointed in and teased the back of Bryan’s neck as he plunged his cock in and out of her gushing pussy. Her moans became louder and I knew she was moments from cumming as she gripped the cushions of the couch as wave after wave wracked her body. Bryan also became more deliberate as he grunted loudly and banged into her ass, time and time again until he slowed and then came to rest as her small feet slipped off his shoulder.

When he disengaged from her, Lee’s look at me said volumes as I moved in quickly and took up a familiar position between her outstretched legs.

“Fuck, look at that bastard doing you,” Bryan remarked as I licked the wet pussy where he had just moments earlier deposited his giant load. Her pussy leaked the warm, slick, salty deposit that oozed out mixed with her sweet pussy juice. I lapped it up as she squeezed out more and more of it for me.

“Mother fucker,” Bryan commented as he watched me clean up the cream pie he had launched into her womb. It was the first for me and Lee although I had sucked up many from my wife since we had begun having threesomes and swapping with other partners.

It didn’t bother me to have Bryan look on as I performed my duties and actually I now got a little excited myself having another man watch me lick Lee’s shaved pussy. While I was not allowed to fuck her, or anybody for that matter, I doubted he could perform oral sex on her with the thoroughness that I did.

Lee stroked my hair as I licked all around her slit, getting up all the semen that trickled slowly from her puffy lips. I looked up to see her smiling at me and I smiled back knowing that I pleased her so.

When she was satisfied, she asked that I clean off Bryan’s cock as well. I took up a position on my knees as I licked the mixture of cum and her juices off his shaft. His limp cock actually stirred under my assault and Lee encouraged me to leave them as I retreated to my bedroom leaving the two of them alone.

I was already asleep when Lee woke me well past midnight encouraging me to join her in her bed. Before she went to sleep she thanked me for a wonderful evening by fucking my asshole. She took me from behind as we spooned, her strapon moving slowly into my “boypussy” as she often referred to it. I looked down and saw that I was leaking cum out of the tip of the CB6000 on the sheets from the workout she was giving my prostrate.

On Sunday night, she said she had a real treat for me. She hooked in our computer to the TV screen, using it as a larger monitor, as she played a video that she had downloaded. I recognized it immediately as Laura, Wanda, and Carl. My wife Laura was now referred to as Anna.

Anna was naked in what appeared to be a hotel suite. However, both Wanda and Carl were fully clothed. Soon there was a knock at the door and Carl left the room. Anna was on her knees by Wanda, her head resting on Wanda’s thigh. Anna had a black collar around her neck. It appeared to be the same collar with silver points that she had worn at Carl’s home.

Voices could be heard off camera and I watched as Anna raised her head. I could not actually hear what was being said but I could distinctly make out the voices were two men as I heard the camera lifted from its tripod and now focusing on two naked men. Both had large cocks that dangled from their waist. One was clean shaven but the other had a considerable amount of body hair on his chest and crotch.

“Welcome our guests Anna,” Wanda encouraged her as my wife slid over to the men and knelt between them. Anna reach out for the guy with the hairy crotch and slid his cock into her moist mouth while gripping the other between her fingers, pumping as she bobbed her head back and forth.

It didn’t appear there was any changes to her body – no piercings, tats, or breast enhancements I could see as she sucked this guy’s dick. Saliva trailed from his cock to her lips when she moved her mouth from his shaft only to take the other hairless dick between her anxious lips.

She moaned as one of the men leaned down and tweaked one of her nipples which hardened immediately. My wife has lovely nipples which I love to suck on all day as she worked the two cocks over.

One guy moved behind her, wet his fingers with his tongue, before dabbing it at her pussy just as he positioned the cock to her gaping hole. He pushed it in as she now focused her oral talents on the other guy. She was now getting fucked from both ends as she moved her hot ass back and forth with his thrusts all the while getting fucked in the face by the huge dick, that she licked and swallowed.

Her slurps mixed with the slapping of skin as Lee encouraged me to watch Carl’s slut. “Look at her Gary. Look at Anna suck that cock. She’s such a whore now. Carl says she can’t get enough cock.”

I was fixated on the screen watching my wife, The camera zooming in on her lips. She gazed up at the man whose cock fed her face, her tongue moving all around his penis as he guided her head with his free hand.

“You like watching her get fucked, don’t you Gary. You like watching Anna being such a slut. Sucking off all those men. Having them shoot their loads into her dripping pussy. This is a video from earlier in the week. Carl said she’s fucked about two dozen men now and more than a few women. The woman you married, what was her name…Laura? She’s long gone now. Those pictures of the two of you I put away earlier in the week…. that woman does not exist any more,” Lee informed me.

“She’s in your past and we’ll never see her again. You know that don’t you?” Lee inquired looking at me. I could feel her stare and looked back at my mistress. “You know things will never be the same don’t you sweetie? You can never go back to the way things used to be between you two. Even if you were no longer Carl and Wanda’s slaves, the two of you are changed. Anna is a slut and you are a little bitch. You will always be a bitch. A little cuckold who gives his woman willingly to other men. That’s what you want, what you desire,” Lee said.

“Your little clit can’t make her happy the way your tongue can. You have a wonderful tongue. It was made for pussy and you like eating pussy don’t you baby,” Lee purred.

“Yes mistress,” I heard myself answer.

“Yes, you love licking pussy, and cleaning up the sperm, and sucking cock. You have a wonderful talent sweetie. I love watching you suck cock. It makes me happy. Anna likes watching you suck cock too. She told me that first night she stayed with us. She also told us how much you like to have a cock up your ass. You do don’t you baby?” Lee went on.

“Yes mistress, I love getting fucked up the ass. I love when you fuck me up the ass,” I added.

“I know you do darling and I’m going to see you get lots of cock. Lots of cock to suck and to fuck you. Over the next few weeks we’re going to see if we can catch up to Anna although it will be hard. She’s really being a slut fucking all those guys over in the U.K. But I’m going to bring you some men home to take care of… and me too. You can clean me up when they shoot their loads up my pussy,” she cooed.

“Now get over here and lick me,” she commanded. I looked back at the screen one last time as I saw this guy’s cock pounding away at my wife’s pussy. Her moans muffled by the large cock moving back and forth in her hungry mouth.

I spent the next thirty minutes or so licking Lee’s pretty pussy and took a break only when Lee directed so I could see one of the guys cumming all over Anna’s face. She licked her lips taking it in as she was flipped over onto her back and Wanda came over and sat her pussy down on her lips.

Anna ran her tongue up and down the older woman’s slit, licking from her vagina to her asshole as Wanda moved back and forth. Anna’s face was almost completely obscured between Wanda’s ass cheeks.

It had been about a week since Laura and I gave ourselves over to Wanda and Carl, signing a slave contract giving the rights of our bodies over to them both. But I knew now, there could have been no other decision.

Lee and I had been together for about eight weeks when one day she met me at the office. It was actually her first time in my office and she drew quite a few stares from my associates. I had never told anyone about our arrangement and for all they knew Laura was still at home when I got off every day. Lee told me that today was a special day for me and informed me that Carl, Wanda, and Ann were all headed back home by the weekend.

That being the case, there were a few loose ends Lee needed to take care of. In the weeks we had been together, Lee had brought home a dozen or so guys. All of whom she fucked and then made me suck and clean up afterwards. I had become not only accustomed to this, I now looked forward to those evening when I could suck the load out of her delicious pussy or look on as she was well fucked by some young stud.

More than a few laughed when they saw me with my chastity device and were surprised further when she had me suck their cocks. She had already informed me life for neither me or my wife would ever be the same and I was now completely resigned to that fact. Anna was a complete slut and I knew I would not likely be allowed to fuck her pussy again. I would have the privilege though of licking her and sucking the loads from her lovely pussy from the men she brought home or that Carl and Wanda directed her to fuck.

Lee drove us both down to the Tattoo and Piercing Parlor called “Wild Ink” where she had received her tats. A man named Rob directed us to a back room and we were his only customers as he locked the door behind us. He examined a piece of paper that Lee handed him and chuckled as he looked back at me and then shook his head.

Rob directed me to strip naked and chuckled again when he saw the CB6000 which had now been on my cock for eight weeks. While Lee kept my balls shaved as well as much of the area around my cock, there was still a little hair that was growing around and under the cylinder.

Just as Carl had ordered, Rob took his gun and began inking just above my cock and slightly to the right on my lower stomach. It was a cuckold tattoo. Three circles symbolizing two males and a female with the arrows and the cross. One circle had the erect arrow of the male penetrating the female symbol which was linked to another male symbol with the arrow hanging down – limp!

When he was done he began working on my ass cheek. I was pretty sure what it was and had long ago resigned that it would be done. I knew, barring laser removal or having it inked over, which were both possibilities, the tattoos on my stomach and ass would serve as reminders to both me and anyone who saw them I was a submissive cuckold. The tat on my ass would also let everyone know I had given myself over to another man to be his cock sucking slave.

I was unprepared for how long the tattoo would take and Rob took several breaks as he rested in between. Finally, he inspected his work and remarked it looked pretty damn good.

Lee had me pay him for the tat and to add to my further degradation I was made to suck his cock. While I’m sure Rob thought it humiliating, I actually enjoyed taking his hot load down my eager throat.

Lee kept my ass bandaged and changed it out herself and did not allow me to see the tat until we unveiled it for the first time to Carl, expected home the next day.

I almost didn’t recognize Anna when I saw her. She still had the blonde hair that Wanda had given her but now she had an injection of something called artecoll that had plumped up her lips. They were not too big but definitely larger and fuller than before and really gave her a sexy sultry look. What startled me the most though was her chest.

She had been a gorgeous 34B-26-36 but now had a 36D chest. I could not believe it when Carl had her remove her clothing to reveal her large firm breasts capped off by her nipples, now pierced with two small gold hoops. She also had her belly button pierced and I was informed the diamond she wore there was from the engagement ring I had given her.

Like the tattoo Lee had, she had two Chinese symbols on her right breast that stood for female slave along with a series of little black stars which began at her pussy lips, and moved up her lower stomach gaining size until they produced a flower on her left side much like a blossoming lily. She also had a tribal tattoo on her back along with a red green, and yellow dragon on her right shoulder blade.

What was not visible unless she wore her hair up was the word “SLUT” on the back of her neck just under her hairline.

I suppose the tattoo though that made my heart sink a little was the word “Carl” just over her smooth cunt in small bold black letters.

Anna seemed delighted to show off her markings but what really surprised me was when Anna whispered to Lee whether she had done what she had requested. I wasn’t sure what she was speaking about till Lee had me turn around and removed the bandage covering my new tat. I had yet to see it myself and I heard everyone laugh and voice their hearty approval.

It was only then that Wanda brought in a mirror for me to see. Carl had informed me he would have a kneeling naked man, collared and bound with his arms behind his back sucking the cock of another man who stood before him. That much was given.

I was blown away though to see behind the standing man was a blonde, closely resembling my wife who was naked as well, huge tits pressing into his back as she had her right arm around his chest. His head thrown back kissing the woman. Clearly the picture was Carl kissing my wife as I knelt before him sucking his erect cock.

According to Lee, Anna had requested the design herself. She wanted to have me inked with our images, creating a permanent notice to everyone who saw it that Carl was our master.

I hung my head in shame but knew its what both Anna and I both wanted – what we needed. Wanda produced a key and unlocked the CB6000. It was the first time my dick had been free of the device in two months. It seemed smaller than I recalled and one thing I noted was it seemed to take more for me to get an erection.

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Inside, after getting home, I got on the phone to Karl. I didn’t know what I was going to say, I only knew that I really didn’t want to go out with him any more, and that now was the first chance I had to tell him so.

It rang.

“Karl speaking.” came the voice.

Bingo! I was hoping it wasn’t his mother or father.

“Karl, it’s Kate. Don’t hang up, we need to talk.”

There was what sounded like a resigned pause, the pause of someone with no excuses. If only he knew what I’d been up to I’m sure it would have been different.

“Karl, I know you were fucking Ann this afternoon. Besides your guilty expression and the smell in her room, she was covered in your cum, and believe me, I know that taste.”

I kicked myself at letting that little titbit slip, but Karl was so ready with his excuses he missed it completely.

“Kate, Kate, I can explain…. I just went round to say hi, and one thing led to another. She led me on. I couldn’t help myself. It didn’t mean anything…”

The words tumbled out, one after the other, none making sense. I was listening to the ravings of a totally guilty man, caught virtually in flagrente delecto.

“Shut up, Karl” I interrupted, with a quietness that I didn’t know I had, my voice stopping him mid-track. “You betrayed me, I found out, and that is it. We’re through. I’m going to tell my parents that you dumped me, and you’d better say the same, otherwise I will make damn sure that everyone knows I caught you fucking Ann, including your parents.” I could make no greater threat to Karl, his parents being the roost-rulers they were, and both of us knew it.

There was another long pause.

“You’re right. We’re through.”

I put the phone down without adding another word. My coming of age was truly happening, and I was losing my early teen link to my first boyfriend, the one who’d also, up until this last weekend, also been my only fuck. I felt no sorrow, just a numb emptiness that told me I’d been under his spell too long, and that I’d just made the best and biggest decision in my life.

I called Nessie, and explained what I’d seen, but not what I’d done or the secret I now shared with Ann and Richard, and then told her about my conversation with Karl afterward. As ever, she was totally supportive, the perfect girlfriend, backing me without questioning.

I left talking to Tim till school the next day, when I collared him in the library at a quiet study carroll near the back in the sixth form area, out of bounds to the juniors.

“Karl and I are through.”

“You WHAT” Tim jerked his head up, the look in his eyes one of total astonishment. “Really?”

“No, I’m making it up. What do you think?” Teen sarcasm is the worst, I knew.

His expression was one of mingled hope, exhilaration, fear, love, expectation.

“Where does that leave us?” The trepidation was obvious. He must have thought I’d keep him on the secret side as I lived my life. I had to stop that.

“Tim, I am so in love with you. I’m really pleased Karl and I are finished. Last weekend meant a lot to me, and I want to see where we can go as a couple. Will that be okay with you?” I finished my sentence in my best little girl lost voice.

He reached up and hugged me to him, completely breaking the school’s two-foot rule, brought in to keep randy teenagers off each other. Luckily there were no teachers around to see, so I leant in for the deep kiss his mouth was offering, our tongues meeting, and the resultant brain engagement releasing the hormones so closely associated with sex. I broke it off before my legs gave way.

“See you.”


+Just over a month later.+


I’m in my bedroom, slightly tight, with a giggling Vanessa. Paul’s parents are away, but they’ve told him it’s okay to get some friends around for a hallowe’en party. Paul being Paul, he’s decided it must be fancy dress. Nessie and I have been to the costume shop, and walked out with our costumes. Nessie has a Morticia outfit, all very goth, and very in keeping with her pale complexion, large chest and extraordinarily long legs. I’ve also gone for something suitable, and have an elf outfit, with feathered hat, green buttoned tunic, mini skirt, and matching tights I’ve bought to complete the ensemble.

We’ve made excuses to parents about stopping over, and Tim’s also coming. I’ve been seeing him steadily for the last few weeks, and our relationship (and the love making) gets better every day.

My parents being out, we’re trying these costumes on, matching our dress-up session with a quarter bottle of vodka Nessie has stolen from her father’s cabinet. Both of us have stripped to our underwear and put costumes on, taking turns to admire ourselves and each other in my full-length dress mirror.

“It’s no good, Nessie”, I say. “this material’s so thin you can’t help but see the outlines.”

With that I disrobed, the elf tunic and skirt hitting the floor, then I stood, wobbling with vodka effects, on each leg as I removed the tights, then my panties, then my bra. I finished my routine by putting the skirt and tunic back on and checking myself in the mirror once more. Besides the very obvious projection of my now unfettered nipples, the overall silhouette was much more pleasing.

“That’s better” I said to myself, then started to take my costume off again, intending to dress back into my jeans and t-shirt.

As I finished removing what little I was wearing, I became aware of Nessie sat up on my bed, looking thoroughly surprised.


“You’re going to go…. just in your outers?” Nessie conveyed outrage, combined with an amused approval.

“Yes” I said. “Never liked tights – too sweaty, so if I leave my knickers at home at least my crotch might be able to breathe. Likewise, look at my tits. I don’t need a bra when they’re this size.” I cupped myself as I said this, enhancing my small breasts by squeezing them together under my top.

Nessie stood up, next to me, looking over my shoulder at my nude reflection in the mirror. She reached behind herself and unzipped her full length ‘Morticia’ robe, letting it fall around her. She stood in her black underwear.

“I wish I had your breasts” She said. “They’re so perfect. So petite, so young, so firm. They look great with your tanned body too.”

I was surprised she’d even noticed my breasts next to her own and said so. “I wish I had yours, Nessie, they’re great. Good size, sitting nicely, womanly and very adult compared to my small girl versions. Your pale skin sets off your green eyes and brown hair better too.”

I felt I had to follow up her compliment further. “I wish I had your legs, Nessie. They’re so long, so slender, so grown-up.”

“I wish I had yours, Kate.” Nessie stared down at my butt. “Your legs are just right. Mine feel too long, but yours are just right, and they lead up to that great little bum you have.”

“Your bum’s better.” I replied. “Your butt’s fuller, more rounded, nicer, and mine’s just undeveloped. I can hardly keep my jeans up without a belt, my bum’s so flat.”

Nessie looked at me in the mirror, and I could see her gaze fall to my mound. “Your pussy is much nicer too,” she said, quietly, almost whispering. “So flat, so hidden, so smooth.”

I’d be the first person to admit that I don’t have much of a mons, and that my labia are very straight and underdone, giving the effect that I have just a small slit between my legs. The way I keep it shaven adds to the effect, but that’s what I like so that’s what I do.

I turned to Nessie, and hiked her undies down so I could her pussy properly. “Yours is much more womanly,” I said critically as I stared closely. You have good pubes, you have a good bump and great lips, from what I can see.”

Nessie held my shoulders. “I just wish it was more like yours,” she whispered.

I giggled. “Listen to us. We’re both actually quite happy with the body God gave us, but both us want something else – each other’s body.” I realised as soon as I said it that the statement could be read two ways, and desperately trying to make it sound like an off-the-cuff comment added. “There’s one way I can help.”

“Help what?” Vanessa asked curiously.

“Make your pussy more like mine. Lie back on the bed – I’ll be back in a minute.”

I quickly pulled on my panties and t-shirt, just in case, and rushed out on my mission. On returning to Nessie I laid my tools out – a bowl of warm water, a damp face cloth, my razor and shave foam, a pair of nail scissors and a towel.

“Lie on the towel” I instructed, in a voice that brooked no dissent. Nessie obeyed automatically, her breasts swollen in her bra, but otherwise as naked as the day she was born. She parted her legs instinctively, as I picked up the scissors.

I knelt between her legs, working closely with the scissors, slowly snipping off Nessie’s long pubic hair to reveal the treasure beneath. Nessie, not being able to see, lay back eyes closed, perhaps partly embarrassed at having her best friend perform such an intimate act upon her.

Eventually I’d taken her hair back, and I applied the shave cream, squirting it onto my fingers and spreading it around her pubic area, eliciting a gasp from helpless Nessie. Picking up my razor I started to shave off the remaining roots, clearing the blade in my water bowl. Each stroke removed the cream, slowly exposing her stubble-free pussy to my close gaze.

I used my free hand to keep her skin taut as I shaved her, slowly getting closer to her lips, until eventually I’d finished. I leant over, grabbed the face cloth and wiped her clean, removing all last traces of shave cream and finally exposing her perfect pussy. She had a pronounced mound, and her prominent labia creased the length of her now-damp slit, slightly parted and flushed with the excitement of the close attention I’d given her.

Nessie started to get up, but my hand on her stomach pushed her back onto the bed.

“One more thing.” I said, firmly.

I got up and went to my chest of drawers, collecting my bottle of baby oil. I squeezed a little onto my fingers and went back to the bed, kneeling next to it so that my face was near hers. My hand went to her freshly exposed pussy, and I slowly rubbed the baby oil in.

“Just to prevent a shaving rash” I whispered. I massaged the oil in, using vertical strokes which took my fingers either side of her slit.

“That tickles,” Nessie giggled.

“Sorry.” I quickly stopped, moving my hand every so slightly away from her hot cunt.

“Mmmmm. I didn’t say stop!” Nessie murmured in my ear.

Looking at her, eyes closed, lips slightly parted, with an expression close to rapture, I figured it was a now or never moment.

My hand went back to delivering its ministrations. My middle finger delved between her folds, into her slit, and upward across her clitoris. The reaction was instant and immediate. Nessie’s legs drew up and outward in an involuntary response to this stimulation, as her arms gripped the sheets and her head went back, exposing her long, slender neck and wide-open mouth.

I couldn’t resist any longer. I covered her lips with my own, even as my middle finger sought her vagina. I kissed her, repeatedly, quickly. Little teasing kisses on the lip, mouth slightly open, testing, to see if I’d gauged things right, to see if I could get a response.

I did. Nessie started kissing me right back, one arm coming around my back to draw me closer to her. Our tongues met, crossed, circled and withdrew. She let out a ragged sigh as I introduced a second finger into her most intimate area, to join the first. At the same time my thumb started to massage her clit, to give her maximum pleasure. Her pussy was tight, feeling about as tight as mine did with two of my fingers inside, and I wondered how she managed with Paul’s cock, whether it hurt, and (oh, how I wanted to know) what it might feel like inside me.

We continued French kissing, and Nessie’s hand rubbed me slowly up and down my back through my t-shirt. Eventually I decided my knees had had enough of the floor, and I broke the kiss, withdrawing my hand. I gently removed her arm from round me, and pulled my t-shirt over my head, exposing once more my small breasts, little nipples pointing to the sky. Standing, I also took off my panties, so my straight slit was exposed too. Nudging her, I lay down on my bed next to her. My arm went round her back to remove her bra, the last article of clothing between us, and for the first time I got a close-up view of Nessie’s tits. They were big, at least a ‘D’ cup, and her nipples were large, swollen now with lust, and surrounded by a pale pink aureole at least an inch across, easily twice as much as my acorn-brown ones. Even with their size, Nessie’s taut teen body held them well, and there was little sag as she lay on her back, staring into my eyes.

We kissed again, an arm around each other, and each of us started tracing a path down the other’s body. My hand went over her breasts, touching, kneading, tickling. I briefly tweaked her nipple, then, palm flat, continued my journey downward across the slight swell of her belly, and back to her freshly shaven snatch. Nessie spent much more time on my tits, tracing lazy circles round my budding nipples, then slowly compressing them between finger and thumb, releasing, and beginning the process again. As we kissed, I was in ecstasy.

I was more than ready when Nessie decided she’d paid enough attention to my breasts, and sighed deeply as she caressed me, rubbing my flat stomach and then – oh! finally! – reaching my pussy. My leg was raised, knee off the bed, with my foot drawn up to give Nessie easy access. She caressed my mound, cupping it and feeling my heat and dampness. As one finger traced the outline of my slit I moaned, wanting her to hear as well as feel my need.

Nessie took the hint. Her finger pushed lightly, parting my slit and putting her at the entrance to my tunnel. I was wet and willing, and my hand covered hers, guiding her questing finger inside me.

“Oh, God, that’s good.” I groaned.

I lowered my mouth onto hers once more, and we gently fingered each other as we kissed. My stance meant I was leaning into her, and our breasts were touching, conveniently enough at nipple level, which added a new dimension.

I thrust a second finger inside Nessie, and she responded in kind, adding to my pleasure.

Our hands quickened, instinct guiding us, thumbs on each other’s love buttons as we fingered each other to an earthquake of a climax, sighing deeply as our mouths and tongues locked together, arms embracing, hugging and making one simultaneous orgasm out of our separate bodies.

“Oh, wow!” I breathed.

Nessie sighed. “Whew,” she said. “I’ve never done anything like that before.” She looked up into my eyes, reached forward and kissed me once more. “I’m glad it was you though.”

I smiled back at her, looking into her eyes, then kissing her back. “That’s what friends are for.”

We hugged again.

“I saw you watching us.” Nessie said into my shoulder, from our hug position. “Up in the mountains when I was fucking Paul. It was really erotic to think I’d turned you on, and then to see Tim come and take you from behind.”

I was stunned. I’d thought Nessie hadn’t been interested in anything other than the fat penis inside her. “I’m sorry.” I whispered. “That was a really intimate moment. I didn’t mean to pry.”

“No problem,” replied Nessie, hugging me closer. “I enjoyed the audience, and when I told Paul about it later he was just as excited.” She giggled. “he screwed me so hard afterward he made me sore, and I’ve never had to swallow so much spunk.”

A plan was beginning to form in my mind. I checked the time, and jumped up.

“Nessie, we’ve got to get moving. We need to shower and change for the party.” Maybe we can continue this later.” I looked down at her beautiful, naked body, and plunged on regardless. “With Tim and Paul.”

Nessie smiled as her eyes took in my form. “That sounds like a great idea.”

We showered together, lazily washing each other, and one thing led to another, with us both sharing another quick orgasm, lips locked together, legs trembling, in the bathroom.


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What had happened? When? How? I don’t know. Really. But I got that letter for all that. A real one, on expensive paper. It had a nice smell, and my address was on it, with lots of curls. There was no address on the back. It was strange; I never get any letters. Do you? I only get e-mails and stuff. First I wanted to open it with a nail but it was heavy paper, and I really liked the idea. I didn’t want to damage the envelope. So I went into the kitchen and slit it open with a knife.

There was a single sheet inside, and there was no address in the letter either. I read it twice; it was not like any letter I’d ever read before. It said,

Dear Charlene,

I have had my eyes on you for some time. I do admire you, and I would like to offer you a weekend at our mansion — one that you will remember. I promise you will not regret coming; you will be well looked after.

If you accept my invitation you can indicate this by standing on the sidewalk outside your home next Friday at twelve sharp. My driver has been instructed to take care of you; if you are not there he will drive on. He will not return.


- and then there was a scrawl I couldn’t read.

Tough titty, I thought. I wasn’t born yesterday… I put the letter on the kitchen table and went to the gym. But the message kept popping up, and I wondered what that mansion would be like — huh, a bungalow, more likely. So. What would you have done? I read the letter again that night. Somehow…

That week I found it hard to work properly. I kept thinking I wouldn’t and then again I secretly wondered what it was I’d miss.

That Thursday night I packed a weekend bag; I could always use it, if I changed my mind. Thinking about it couldn’t do much wrong. I slept badly. Oh man, this was really difficult.

The car was a really nice. It was a car like the one the Queen has. The driver was a tall man. He was a little grey at the temples, and I thought he looked quite sexy. He took my bag and then he went and opened the door for me, and he put a rug across my knees. But he didn’t say anything. I asked him where we were going, and who had written the letter, but he just held up his hands. I had dressed nicely, and he looked at me in his mirror a couple of times. I wore a low neck. I think he tried to look at my breasts, but I’m not sure.

The car was really sumptuous. There was a small table with some drinks on it and I asked if I could have one. The driver nodded. It was very nice, a kind of cocktail I’d never had before, and then I can’t remember what happened until I noticed we had gone off the main road. We were going down a lane or something, and at the end there was a huge building. There was a flight of steps up to the front door, and the lane ended in a sort of circle in front of it.

We stopped and the driver opened the door. He took my bag and went up the steps in front of me. The door opened, and I was greeted by a young woman. “Welcome to the mansion,” she said.

Phew. Now I still didn’t know where I was; I must have slept for most of the trip. That’s what you get from lying awake at night. We were in a big hall with a deep red carpet, and big old pictures on the walls. I couldn’t see what was on them very well; they were all very dark. The woman took me into one of rooms, with a table laid just for me, and I realised I was famished. I looked at the clock, and it was going on for six. Man, I must have slept for over five hours! But the food was good. I felt a little uncomfortable, since I was waited on by a man in livery — a funny sort of suit, really — who seemed to have no tongue either.

Then the woman returned. She asked me to come with her, and I followed her up the stairs, into a big room with the same red carpet. The pictures in this one were nice; they were bright and cheerful. In the middle of the room there was a stool with a red plush seat, and legs shaped like an X. There was a big bed in one corner, and a dressing table in another. The curtains were drawn; they were red velvet. The whole room looked like a boudoir from a story. There was a door to the bathroom. I had thought they would have an enamel bath on legs or something, but there were a modern bath and a real Jacuzzi! Everything was bright and new.

The woman said I could take a bath and prepare for the evening. I really loved soaking in the Jacuzzi. I felt a little dirty, what with the long journey, and this was really good. She came in and took away my dirty things.

There were some big soft towels on a rack next to the bath, and when I had finished the woman came and rubbed me good and dry. Then she led me back to the room and made me sit in front of the dressing table. I felt a bit funny with no clothes on, but she didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong. She told me to relax and made up my face for me. It took a long time; she applied all sorts of stuff to my face. Her fingers softly touched my cheekbones, and she did something to my cheeks. Then her fingers touched the skin over my eyes. I felt a little worked up because she could see all of me; I’d never been naked with another woman before. When she had finished I could look at myself. Man! I looked like some fashion model or other. My mum would not have approved, and that’s for sure. But I liked it a lot — never thought I could look like that. She put my hair in a roll; that was really beautiful. I will try and do my hair that way myself!

Then I thought I saw something move over my shoulder — and before I knew someone put a blindfold over my eyes. I was scared witless — but the woman told me not to worry, they only wanted to please me. Sit back and relax, she said. Man oh man! Could you do that? I just sat as still as I could. The woman asked me to put out my hands, and she slipped some bra straps up my arms. Someone fastened the bra at my back. I couldn’t feel anything over my nipples, but it seemed my breasts were pushed up alright. They rolled a pair of stockings up my legs and the woman put a garter belt round my waist. Get up, she said, so I can fasten the clips.

Then they helped me put on a pair of shoes. They must have had very high heels — when I stood in them I felt as if I was on tiptoe.

I thought they would help me into my panties next, but they led me to the stool in the middle instead. I was told to sit on the edge. The woman spread my legs, and started to lather my pussy! You could have struck me down with a feather! The water was warm enough, and it felt really weird, having someone touch you there that way. When she put a razor to my pussy it made me jump. It was very cold. I was too amazed to say anything. Man! I was scared at first, but the feeling of the razor moving up an down my privates was lovely.

When she had shaved off all my hair down there she sprayed something onto my pussy. It was was cold, too, but it stopped the itch. Then they rubbed something into the skin around it, and into my nipples. I though that was strange — I was wearing a bra, after all. Some kind of a bra! I felt nothing at first, but after some time it felt as if my skin was on fire. Oh dear. It felt very weird. But it was very nice, too, just like you feel after you’ve touched yourself in bed, only much stronger. Fortunately there was no one there that I knew.

They let me sit there for a little time and then they led me into direction of the bed. They helped me onto it, and they made me kneel with my bum on my feet. I could feel the straps of my heels, and the bed felt soft. They put my hands on my legs, and made me open my legs. I felt the garter straps taut against my buns. Then I felt two people get onto the bed. One of them moved between my thighs; it was a woman, and she was naked — I felt her breasts touch my nipples when she moved between them. I was really confused. Man! Then she started to touch me softly. It felt really nice, but not really proper – but I didn’t want to make her stop, either.

I felt a couple of thighs touch mine. Someone must have knelt down like I did behind me. I wished I could have a look, but they held my hands down, and I could not remove the blindfold.

I felt something touch my back, just over the crack of my bum, and there was a pair of hands that went round my body after my breasts. The thing touching my back slid up a couple of inches, and it felt sticky. The hands started to work on my nipples. Man, did it feel good. Then I felt the person’s body against my back, and it had no breasts but a big cock that got stuck between us. I leant back against him and enjoyed the feeling of his fingers on my tits. The woman’s fingers felt my back. I could feel her touch the man’s cock for a moment, and then she moved to the front. She tickled my navel, and then she ran down to my pussy. She slipped a finger into me. It made me jump! It felt much stronger than when I am in bed doing the same. It was very confusing, having a woman touch me. My, you would go haywire, soo sexy!

Oh, and then she touched my lips with hers. She felt very soft, much different from the guys I’d been necking with. It actually felt quite good. The man behind me moved back and forth a little and put his cock between my buns. That felt good, too. I tried to wiggle them a bit to feel him better. Oh, this felt kind of alright. Man!

The man behind me began to fuck the crack of my ass. Stupid; I’d much rather have a cock in my pussy! But it did turn me on anyhow. Not that I wasn’t turned on already — I was soaking wet. Man, was I turned on. They still held on to my hands. At least there was this tongue in my mouth so I could do something, too. She tasted alright. Yes.

She leant back. I asked her not to stop, but she said nothing. Then I felt her mouth on my tits. She made me so hot I could scream, but there was another mouth on mine, a man’s. I could feel the stubble on his chin. The man behind me moved away. His cock slipped away; I heard it slap against his stomach and I felt his hands slide across my belly and down my ass cheeks. One went into the crack and he put a finger up my arse. Man! No one had ever done that to me before. It was strange but I was so worked up I didn’t mind. The girl in front of me put two more fingers in my cunt, and she rubbed my clit with her thumb. She made me see stars. I felt my juices run down around her fingers. Ooh, and the fingers didn’t stop. The man behind me put another finger in my behind, and I squeezed them hard. Then he took them out. He spread my cheeks with one hand and put something else against my arse. It felt cold and hard, and he pushed it in slowly. It was big and a little painful at first, but it made me feel so sexy! Once it was all in the feeling became different. I don’t really know. It felt full, and there was something big where it ought not to be, but that felt exciting, too.

The man behind me sat back, and rubbed his cock against my ass again. The other one got up and then I felt his cock against my lips. He tasted good, and I tried to get some of him in my mouth. I could feel the little bit of skin just under the tip with my tongue. The man behind me moved away, and he took my shoulders and slowly pulled me down backwards on the bed. I had to move my legs a bit, and they held my hands, but not on my upper legs any more. Then he moved away completely, and I felt the girl slide her mouth down to my pussy. When her lips touched my clit I almost bit that cock, but then he began to fuck my mouth. He didn’t go in so far I had to gag. Well, almost. I tasted his juices on my tongue and felt a mouth on my tits again. It made me come hard. The cock in my mouth didn’t stop, but the others waited until I was back.

Then I felt the other man move between my legs, and he pushed his cock between my pussy lips. Phew. He was big! I had to open up wide, and then he slipped in. It felt very strange, what with that thing in my behind, but he fucked me good and hard. I squirmed — it was soo nice! I felt the girl’s tongue all over my body. They still held my hands down, on the bed beside me. They held my legs down, too. But they couldn’t stop me from trying to pull him in — I could work my pussy on him alright, and I tried to buck against his pelvis. He fucked me with long, deep strokes. He felt wonderful.

Suddenly he stopped. The bastard! Man, I could scream! They made me stretch my legs. The man who was fucking my mouth stopped, and we rolled over. Then the cock was returned to my mouth, and someone took the thing from my arse. It felt very empty. But then I felt someone else stroke my ass. He lowered himself over me; I could feel his arms against my body. He ran his cock between my buns a couple of times, and I felt something drip onto my ass. The man worked it down my crack and into my back hole. It felt very smooth and slippery and sexy, and then he pushed his cock into me from behind. I could feel two cocks inside of me at once. Man! The man under me was rubbing my nipples hard, and they were so stiff they hurt. I wished the girl would lick them, but there was no room for her now. I’d never thought it would feel soo good.

The man who was fucking my arse lifted himself on his arms. I felt oil trickle down my back and on my shoulders, and then a hand rubbed it all over my back and down onto my belly and my tits. It made me feel very weird. Very sexy, but a bit — oh well, I don’t know. Different. Like a fish or something. No, I don’t know; weird, that’s just it. But it set my pussy on fire, and it made my nipples feel even more swollen. I tried to suck all of the cock in my mouth down my throat, and I ran my tongue around the shaft. He suddenly stopped and grabbed my hair, and held his cock still in my mouth. Then I felt his come spurt down my throat. There was quite a lot of come and I couldn’t swallow all. I felt some of it trickle down my mouth. When he had gone half limp he drew back and I felt the girl move over to lick the come from my chin. Then she kissed me, like before.

I felt sooo sexy, with those two cocks inside of me, and the girl’s tongue in my mouth… The hands on my nipples pulled at them, and pinched them hard. It hurt a little but I didn’t care. I could only think of those cocks. It was a pity I couldn’t watch, but I was too busy being fucked to care. I rubbed my oily tits into the man under me; it made my nipples tingle like mad. Man! What a wonderful feeling! When I rolled my ass a little I could feel those cocks shift in my holes, and I loved the feeling of the upper man’s abs against my buns. I squeezed his cock with my sphincter, and he groaned. He pulled back and felt him spurt all over my back. What a waste – but then I felt the girl’s tongue on my back. Hmph, come and oil? She must have scooped it all up, for she came back to kiss me and worked some of it into my mouth with her tongue. It didn’t taste too bad, either. Then she sucked my tongue into her mouth and ran her own around and up and down. It felt almost as sexy as the cock in my cunt. She pushed me up a little and I think she must have gone down on my fucker’s face, for she started panting heavily and moaned into my mouth. I kissed her as hard as I could, and I loved the feeling of pulling at her lips a little and then biting them softly. I moved my ass cheeks back and forth independently, and the cock in my pussy went hard as steel and then I felt his come spurt against my cervix. It felt like he’d never stop. It pushed me straight over the edge. I don’t think I ‘d ever come so hard before.

The girl released me and I slumped down on top of the man. I was cover in sweat and oil, and it felt as if there was still some come on my back, too. There was a lot of it inside of me, and it made me feel a little sluttish but very sexy indeed. I wish I could have seen myself, but they didn’t allow me to remove my blindfold. Instead someone came with a bowl of hot water and a cloth, and they cleaned me up. Then they took my hands and led me off the bed.

They made me kneel on the floor, somewhere in the middle of the room, and they put handcuffs on my wrists. There must have been rings in the floor. I couldn’t lift my hands and they held my hips up and put something under me – I suppose it was the stool, but I’m not sure. I was forced to kneel on the floor with my bum up in the air and my pussy exposed — I felt very vulnerable, but that really made my juices flow. My ankles were fastened next, and then I was stroked and fondled and felt up by lots of different hands — sweaty, dry, cool, timid, bold, demanding — they all made free with my body. A few people bent down to kiss me, and I had a cock pushed into my mouth a couple of times – never long enough to suck it properly, though. Man! It was exciting and very frustrating.

Slowly there were fewer and fewer hands. A few of them kept fondling my tits that were dangled free from the stool, and I heard people moving some objects. Then I could smell someone’s pussy near my face, and a small hand took my head and bent it down towards her. Here, she said, eat my cunt — slut!

I said I wasn’t, but then I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue in search of her pussy. It was the first time I ever tasted one. The soft, well-lubricated lips felt very good against my tongue. She smelled good. She tasted great, too, and she held my head and pushed her cunt up into my face. I think I was doing alright. She was moaning and making sounds like speech, but I couldn’t make out a word. I did understand her, though.

They put a cock into my pussy, but it felt strange, I thought. No one had touched my back or my bum, and it just sat there. I couldn’t feel the warmth of a body near my legs, either. Then, all at once, I heard the sound of an electric motor buzzing and some other mechanical noises and the thing started to move. Oh God! A fucking machine! Man, that really seemed too much. But there was nothing I could do about; I couldn’t even complain for the cunt on my mouth. It was a good thing I was lying across the stool for I went completely weak in the knees. The relentless fucking made me come — and come — and come… They stopped the machine for a moment, and inserted something into my ass. Then they turned the machine on again, and the thing up my ass as well. It felt bloody sexy, and I felt my juices flow like a tap…

I must have passed out, for the next thing I remember is someone kissing me. I was still in the same position, and the girl who kissed me stroked my hair. They put something over my pussy. I don’t know what it was, but it felt a little like the girl sucking my pussy but then harder. It felt — well, I really don’t know, but it was really something else! When it stopped, and they took it off, the girl stroked my pussy again, but it felt mush more swollen than before. They left me like that for some time. It felt very indecent, lying there, kneeling with my swollen pussy high up in the air for everyone to see, but it felt sooo sexy!

Two men took the place of the girl and the machine. The thing in my ass was still there, but they must have switched it off. It was less intense than the machine, but they felt nice and warm.

The man behind me had strong, warm hands and he caressed my hips while he slammed into me as he fucked me doggy style, and the man whose cock was in my mouth fondled my breasts. They used me for quite some time before they came. They took the thing from my arse, and then there were so many others who took my mouth, my arse and my pussy that I lost count, both of them and of my orgasms. Man! I felt their come run down my thighs; I think I managed to swallow most of the come in my mouth. My oh my, if you had seen me…

Eventually they undid the cuffs and helped me to my feet. The girl who’d been with me most of the time kissed me again, trying to taste the traces of come that lingered behind.

They waited until I was steady on my feet again, and then they led me from the room, into the bathroom where they must have prepared the bath. I was helped into it. But there was no water in it; it was full of oil, and it felt very slick and sexy as hell as I felt my whole body go slippery as an eel. One man stepped in beside me. He sat down on his haunches, and they covered him in oil, too. Then he took my hand and made me sit in his lap, and he positioned his cock at my entrance and pushed slowly inside. After the continuous fucking of the last few hours it felt very sweet and loving, and he fucked me slowly with his mouth on mine. His hands were wandering all over my body, stroking my oily breasts and fondling my slippery buns, and I put my arms around him and rubbed his chest with my tits. The oil made it feel very sexy! It was good to use my hands at last. I squeezed his behind and when I was almost there I put a finger up his ass. Man, did he come!

Following a comment about my first story I have written a sequel – the evening after my day at the nudist beach. It’s a story on its own, but you may like to read ‘At the Nudist Beach’ first.


We were both rather later than planned returning to the hotel. There was just time for quick shower and change of clothes before we went down to the hotel restaurant for dinner. Sally was in a distinctly upbeat mood – the shopping trip had really given her some sparkle. She even decided to wear a dress she’d bought to dinner and I had to admit she looked really good in it. To compliment and enhance the low neckline of the dress she’d also chosen an uplifting bra. No, she didn’t just look good, she looked damn well sexy. Even with the short time available Sally had managed to jazz up her lovely auburn hair. She looked good enough to eat. And hopefully that would come later.

With us both in high spirits we selected a Spanish rose wine with our meal. The wine waiter was very helpful as we are much more used to French wines. His choice was good. Just part way into our main course and almost half the bottle was gone. Sally’s mood was improving by the minute – even to the point of teasing me about the ladies I’d seen at the beach.

By the time the sweet course had been eaten I had admitted to taking a stroll further down the beach. After the liqueur coffees Sally just knew I’d stayed a while at the nudist zone. It was no secret at all I that I loved any bit of eye-candy that came my way. She was well aware of my liking for any accidental arousal that I might stumble on. And she knew of course my passion for a certain part of a lady’s anatomy that had been carefully shaved smooth as silk. She often teased me about Sophie our daughter who, despite being 23 now, was still at home and it still didn’t seem to matter much to her how little she walked around the house in – sometimes just bra and panties, sometimes (despite her mother’s protests) no bra at all. But the teasing had all but stopped. Too many coffee mornings and ladies circle meetings had subdued Sally’s liking for a bit of fun.

We met up with Sally’s shopping companion, Helen, and her husband Mike in the piano bar. The pair had really enjoyed themselves which accounted for the total change in Sally’s mood. Each had helped the other, trying on and comparing dresses, shoes and lingerie. Helen was rather more adventurous in her choice of clothes, something which hadn’t gone unnoticed and which had undoubtedly had been the reason for Sally’s lower neckline. Much chit chat and several drinks later we retired to our room.

Sat on the edge of the bed, alcohol-enhanced Sally was pensive for a few moments before she said

“Darling. It’s been a few weeks since you last shaved me and it would be nice to feel more comfortable in my bikini. In fact I might just give the beach a try tomorrow.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. “Well you make yourself comfortable and I’ll get my razor.”

Two minutes later I returned with razor, cup of hot water, towel and soap. Meanwhile Sally had removed her new dress and she lay on the bed just in bra and panties. My cock was already standing to attention in anticipation of what was to come.

As she lifted herself up I placed the towel under her and pulled her panties down. Mmmm …. those panties, having been next to Sally’s treasure chest all day long, smelled divine.

As I mentioned in my previous story, these days the shaving sessions were few and far between. Sally was indeed overdue for a trim. It had been noticeable when she wore her bikini but her pubic hair had to get real bad these days before she would admit to needing me to trim it. Using some nail scissors from Sally’s makeup bag I quickly removed the longer hair. Even though Sally had showered only a short while ago her special female scent worked its way into my nostrils, a very pleasant mixture of light sweat and musky odours purely designed to arouse the opposite sex.

A light coating of soap and water was followed by gentle strokes of my Gillette. Many gentle strokes in fact – I knew that the light tickling effect of the blades was something that Sally loved. Little by little the offending pubic hair was removed leaving the bottom half of Sally as naked as the day she was born.

“That feels much better,” said Sally. Then a pause. “Remember when you used to trim Sophie?”

Remember? How could I forget? Sophie is our only daughter. For years she had a problem with lush, thick, fast growing pubic hair, even suffering teasing and occasional bullying by her peers. Then 18 years old and anxious to take a rather slimline and sexy bikini with her on holiday with some college friends, she had confided in her mother. After some discussion and persuasion by Sally I had agreed to at least take a look. Maybe I’ll tell you about that another time.

Unlike Heidi at the nudist beach, Sally didn’t quite have the sexy curves that I love so much, nor the deep valley of pleasure. But, hey, life never is perfect and Sally is still a good fuck even after many years of marriage. Sadly not as regular a fuck as before but abstinence isn’t always a bad thing. When it did happen it was good …. very good.

My handiwork was complete, but rather than stand back and admire it I gave Sally’s bare puss a kiss … or two …. or three, and ran my tongue along the groove.

“Brian! No!” Sally’s prompt but mild protest fell on deaf ears. The ‘new’ Sally considered tongue on genitals ‘improper’.”

“Brian ….. Don’t! …. Brian …. ” I sensed an involuntary shiver, followed by “mmmmmm…….” I continued taking no notice whatsoever. Without the slightest prompt I could sense her relaxing. I ran my tongue a little lower down her groove, down to the lips that marked the entrance to her den of endless pleasure. Again Sally protested just a little.

“Brian …. no not there. You know I …… Brian!” Her protests trailed off. Just a little lower and my tongue caught the tip of her clit.

“BRIAN! …… Oh! Brian! ….. Oh! ….. Ooooohhhh! ….. Mmmmmmm!”

Her legs were slowly opening almost of their own accord allowing me to probe my tongue further and further. Her clit enlarged noticeably, became ultra sensitive, her breathing quickened, her pussy juice became a flow. In my mind and in the mind of many other guys I know the scents and the tastes are a potent aphrodisiac. My cock was already engorged, swollen, painfully pressing within my trousers. Releasing it was easy. Delaying the desire to push it in hard, ram it in Sally’s cunt as hard as it would go wasn’t quite so easy. It had been weeks, no, months since it last entered Sally’s pleasure den and even then it had been more out of Sally’s duty. My birthday, her birthday, our wedding anniversary. A duty, a kept promise.

Now though we were on holiday. Another routine fuck? No! Today had been different. Our moods, our senses, for different reasons had been enhanced, heightened, increased. I had to resist the urge to fuck her hard, take her like an animal would take its mate. I had to resist for at least a short while.

My mind went back to tonguing Sally, teasing Sally, arousing Sally, pleasing Sally. My tounge wanted her to come, to come hard, to make her orgasm from nose to toes, to make her shiver with overwhelming pleasure. I had betrayed her trust that very afternoon, being selfish, allowing myself to take in what was offered with no concern for Sally at all. I owed her this. My tongue quickened, darting here and there, tasting her nectar, flicking her clit time and time and time again until she gave her ultimate submission.

“Brian, mmmmm, oh! Brian, no, not there. Yes, Brian, mmmmm.”

I slowed right down. Tongue hardly touching, flicking Sally’s swollen clit. Then a break for a few seconds.

“Oh! Brian! No not there. You know I don’t ….. Brian, please …. Oh no, don’t stop. Please Brian. Yes, there. Oh Brian. No, don’t stop. BRIAN! Just there, yes. More, no don’t stop. BRIAN PLEASE!!!

This was more a plea. Again my tongue attacked her swollen, ultra sensitive, electric, aroused clit. Flick and lick, lick and flick, faster and faster.

“BRIAN, YES, YES …. OH MY GOD …. OH MY …. OH!!!!! Mmmmmm ……”

Sally’s body convulsed, quivered, shook from tip to toe. I couldn’t remember when she’d orgasmed with such force, ever.


Just a few moments for her to recover her senses and I was on the bed. I would never brag about the size of my cock nor my abilities in bed. However my cock was bulging, bursting, restless to bury itself deep within Sally’s pleasure zone. Now I gave all I had, pushing fast and hard within her. A short moan of pain and pleasure left Sally’s lips. Perhaps she hadn’t expected me being so urgent, almost brutal with her. She was wet, so wet inside, wetter and slicker than I’d known for a long long time.

After a few urgent, fast pushes my tension eased. I slowed down, complete thrusts deep within her then almost out, using the full length and the full capacity of my highly aroused cock to please her. Sally responded and I could feel her vaginal muscles contracting, something which she hadn’t done in ages. I wanted to please Sally and she, it seemed, wanted to please me. I picked up the rhythm again, then slowed. Short, gutteral moans of delight escaped her lips, time and time again.

Quite often, having had no recent matrimonial comfort from Sally, only my own self induced pleasures (vivid memories of Sophies’ shaving included) I would come fairly quickly. On this occasion things were different. I’d come once, at the beach, and the effect of that meant I would be much slower to orgasm. It was an advantage, a distinct advantage in that I could give Sally pleasure, much more pleasure and for a longer period of time than before. Perhaps, I thought, I’d been in too much haste each time we had made love. Angered perhaps by Sally’s lack of desire to make love more often, a vicious circle …..a circle I wanted to break.

For now, my actions reverted to what is considered normal. No animal instinct, no urgency, no brutal force. I satisfied myself with a regular rhythm, thrusting in and out – sometimes more deeply, sometimes just a shallow push allowing the sensitive tip of my cock to receive pleasure.

Sally had her eyes shut, savouring the sensations of me within her. We were bonded together in the most basic way that male and female bodies were meant to be. I was enjoying the prolonged feelings my cock was bringing me. Sally was likewise enjoying our coupling, every stroke in and out bringing its own tingles of delight.

Bit by bit I could feel my own orgasm building until it reached the point of no return, my balls and prostate pumping out their own seminal mixture, each wave pushing out more and more into Sally’s palace of wonders.

Sally came again shortly after my own orgasm began, as if waiting for me to take the lead. The look of pure delight on her face made all my physical effort worthwhile. A short break to recover then we were both in bed together, naked for once, spooned as if we were still young lovers.

The following morning we went down to breakfast hand in hand like two people who had found love once more. A full English nicely digested we set off on our way down to the beach, still hand in hand. And, for once, heads in the clouds, lost in our own world.

The second of five stories written for Phoenix, the great love of my life. Drawn from our own experiences, and her complex, beautiful, wicked imagination.


Villa in Bali, deep in the jungle. In the sun room: surrounded by

lustrous brown teak, the sunlight slanting through the leaves


We are here. Naked as Eve, in what may as well be the garden of Eden, for our ceremony.

A ritual, not for the benefit of society, but ours alone.

Slowly, delicately, with infinite patience, I apply the henna to your skin. Your miraculous skin, the customary rose-tipped cream coloration now tinted with a hint of cinnamon from the tropical sun, and lightly sheened with sweet sweat…

Delicate patterns take shape under my hand…. vines spiral up your arms, bloom on the backs of your hands, trace your long, tapering fingers. They twine up your elegant throat and burst into flower on your face, trace the dramatic sweep of your high cheekbones…. and as the hours go by, caress the curves of your back and your incomparable ass.

You quiver with pleasure at the delicate, deliberate, careful probing of my brush, but dare not move for fear of smearing our creation…. I, too must concentrate solely on my sacred task, in spite of my obvious arousal…. The vines continue, augmenting the breathtaking length of your magnificent, flawless legs, delicately garlanding your ankles, and each of your toes.

Then up, in from your hipbones, and rising: a rampant dragon clawing at the sky in ecstasy, as her fiery breath scorches the air. Lastly I adorn your shoulder blades and back with her great bejeweled wings….

Now the work is complete, and it’s your turn… but there is something you must do, first.

You begin to shave me…. carefully, with tremendous concentration, and for good reason, for the implement you are using is no common safety razor…but a great ceremonial kris, with an ornate handle decorated with beautiful patterns of shell, and a blade of obsidian, sharpened to a nearly translucent edge for this very purpose… You scrape the oil from my glistening body, and the hair comes away, easily, leaving smooth skin behind, a blank canvas awaiting your own art.

My chest, shoulders, arms, back, nipples…. then down to my buttocks, legs…. and back up to the junction of my legs and pubis. I could not be more vulnerable and exposed, but in spite of this I am almost painfully aroused. You oil my balls, my aching sex, grasping it with both hands, squeezing and twisting, and a single crystalline drop appears at the tip. You flick it away with your tongue, without touching me, and proceed to shave everything, the underside of the pulsing organ, the full to bursting orbs, the smooth frenum, the valley below. For the first time in my adult life I am truly as naked as the day I was born.

Then you take me outside in the sun, by the jungle pool and its

purling waterfall, and lave me with a sponge, washing me clean. And your real work begins… you take up the brush, and I watch in wonder as: a spiraling, tapering shaft is drawn from my bellybutton to my sternum… and a form: a unicorn, rising from my pubis.

Lastly, you crown my shoulders with his sweeping angel wings.

Then, taking up a small baton, you strike the first of the the chakra chimes at your side, and begin a chant. Ever so carefully, as not to disturb the patterns still drying on our skins, you crouch over my sitting form and lower yourself onto my sex, slowly, deliciously, sliding down, but stopping short of the base with exquisite control.

You strike the second chime, and your song climbs higher, ancient words I know not the meaning of, but for the images and feelings that start to swirl in my head. Another chime, and another. Your voice rises higher and higher.

And now my head itself rings like a beaten gong with the heat, and your song, and the sensation, and time lose all meaning. We seem to rise above our bodies, high above the earth, one with the sun, becoming only expanding awareness, encompassing all creation…

As your song descends, so does the sun, finally coming to rest in my groin… I come back to my body and open my eyes, meeting your level, kind, compassionate gaze. Your eyes glow, and are seemingly twice their normal size – hypnotic… An enormous, black and brilliant blue butterfly has landed on your shoulder, and rests, wings slowly beating. The patterns on its wings mirror your eyes.

You rise, smoothly disengaging from me with a long drawn-out sigh, and turn to the sparkling green pool. After a moment of contemplating your reflection, you plunge in… then surface, the water streaming from your lean, streamlined, hydrodynamic body as you turn to look at me over your shoulder… smiling coyly. Clearly, inviting me in.

In spite of my prolonged immobility I am energized. Hearing your laughter, I plunge in after you. Catching hold of you, I pull you down for an underwater kiss… that seems to go on forever… then we break the surface, gasping for air. You lead me under the waterfall, and we tenderly rinse the henna from each other’s bodies.

You turn your face up to the cascading water, your back to me as my hands freely roam your body…. my cock rises between your legs as I reach under the water and find you already wet. I delicately massage your clitoris as I slip into you…. your lovely neck arches back as you turn to kiss me. The water drenches both of us, splashing and streaming off of our faces, spilling into our mouths and over our entwined bodies…. The sound of your breathing, the splashing of the water, your cries mingling with those of the birds and echoing off the rock faces around us, as you reach your climax…. it all sets me off, finally, and I drench the walls of your own grotto with spurt after spurt of my hot life.

The sacrifice made, you fall back into the water and float, cradled in my arms, as the sun goes down.

Aeons later, It is night. In the house, we realize we are hungry, and sit down to eat. After, we light candles and sandalwood, and,

sprawling across sumptuous cushions, feed each other dessert.

Mango. Fresh coconut. We separate the pieces with a blade, and our fingers, and pass them from mouth to mouth. Tasting one, then the other, the textures mingling. The juices spill and we follow them, down. Then, further. Our mouths tracing the elaborate patterns etched on each others bodies.

I kiss my way down your taut belly to the planes of your hipbones, the slope of them leading me inexorably to your mons…. I inhale, first, savoring the delicate fragrance, then exhale, stirring the fine down above it. You stretch, yearn, wriggle, the small, sweet lips opening slightly to me. I can resist no longer.

I descend, first exploring the contours around the mound with my nose, then taking it whole in my mouth…. parting your lips with mine, and tracing the slit with my tongue. I feel the sweet, slippery, buttery texture of it, and know you are ready for what comes next.

I pull you over my face… now you are above me, and I prop my head up with a pillow… this is going to take a while. I begin to explore you in earnest…. first, penetrating your delicious canal to the limit of the reach of my tongue, then above, to the rim of your tight, sweet, clean anus, lubricating it with my saliva and your own juices. I feel you engulfing me in your mouth… and inserting… something…. into my own anus….

a point, at first, widening to a ring, stretching me,

becoming almost unbearable… with an effort of will, I relax,

accepting, loving, trusting you…. at the height of the pain it

overcomes the tight, resisting flesh and pops in…. I sigh with

pleasure and relief, but none is in sight…. the stretching begins

anew, bigger this time, and when I can no longer bear it, is relieved again.

The cycle continues, each ring unpredictably bigger and smaller, until I am full. And you begin to slowly work my cock in and out of your beautiful throat, no mean feat – as it is nearing the limit of its uncommonly large size.

I produce a string of ebon beads, the dark wood catching glints from the candlelight, and work it one bead at a time into your taut anal opening. I begin sucking you fervently now, pulling your labia into my mouth and working them in and out, all the while delicately flicking my tongue back and forth across your clitoris…

I hear you crest and moan, the deep vibration of your larynx swelling my convulsing cock to yet greater size, drawing the eruption from deep with in me like molten lava… I pull the cord out of you as you come, the beads popping out one by one, the cries ripped out of you by your own orgasm, choked and muffled by my thick, surging column as I burst directly down your throat, into your belly…

Then I flip you over and regard you, flushed, panting, gasping,

beautiful, magnificent, still coming… I take your head in my hands and kiss you, passionately, tasting me on you, my cock still hard, feeling the object, too, hard within me. I plunge into you and feel your endless legs close on me, surging, urging, riding…. you reach around and work the toy in and out of me, and we are one, it is impossible to tell who is man, woman, who is penetrating who, we are one creature…

I am dimly aware of the gleam of curious animal eyes

in the darkness, drawn by the sound and smell of our lovemaking, mute witnesses to the dawn of the creation of consciousness itself. You pull it out of me and I too withdraw, coming again, this time covering the capering form I drew on your belly with my issue, consecrating it, blessing it, bringing it to life…

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