I was never one to go nuts fucking everything that moved when I was in college like some people. The opportunities were there at times, but I generally didn’t engage in that type of behavior. I generally reserved my fucking for people I dated, and knew fairly well.

However there was one notable occasion when the conventional wisdom was brushed aside. I dated this girl Jenny for a while. I liked her fine, she was reasonably good looking, and the sex was pretty good if a little bit infrequent as of late. But things didn’t seem to be going anywhere; we didn’t have anything in common, and she tended to have a cynical unpleasant demeanor, and could even be outright rude at times. Meanwhile, her roommate, Amber, was a fucking smoke show.

And she would flirt with me, all the time. Now, I don’t really think she was my type, so I don’t think I ever really had any interest in dating her. But what I DID do was imagine what it would be like to take a roll in the hay with her.

Amber became my biggest jerk off fantasy while I was dating Jenny, and sometimes when I was fucking Jenny in their dorm room, I imagined that I was on the bed across the room fucking Amber instead.

But as I said, I was usually pretty straight laced with this stuff, so having sex with Amber was never really part of any plan, flirtatious as she was, even after she and her boyfriend had a huge falling out and she was suddenly available.

As I made the 20 minute walk across campus to Jenny and Amber’s room, I again let my mind wander a little. Amber was fresh in my mind as Jenny had just informed me the other day that she and her boyfriend had broken up. I thought about undressing her long lean body (she was tall, 5’11”; nearly as tall as I was), running my hands through her long dirty blonde hair, and all over her smooth tanned body.

This was a nice thought. But even though things were winding down with Jenny, I had no plans of pursuing Amber. From what I could tell, she could be very entitled, self-centered, vain, and obnoxious, and there was nothing I disliked more than dating high maintenance girls.

I was young, and didn’t need that shit. She also wasn’t very bright; I often felt like she was playing with a few cards short of a full deck. The same could actually be said about Jenny. Being an engineering major, I didn’t want to end up with a moron.

Just as I was approaching the door, my phone buzzed and I had a text from Jenny. She was caught up late with her study group and wouldn’t be back for at least an hour. Well, crap. There was no way I was walking the 20 minutes back to my apartment just to have to turn around again soon after.

And there was really no way to kill time around this side of campus. I figured I’d see if Amber was there. I’d just hang out and watch TV or something. Fuck, why didn’t she let me know sooner? Stupid bitch. I had already been thinking that tonight would be a good night to have a chat with her about our future, but now I was annoyed, which made that chat even more likely to take place.

I heard a hairdryer inside. I knocked loudly so as to be heard over the hairdryer. I heard the hairdryer shut off, and footsteps shuffled towards the door. I heard the lock trip; the door opened a crack and Amber’s head appeared.

She saw me, then opened it farther, “Oh, hey. You looking for Jenny? She’s not gonna be back for an hour, she called me ½ hour ago.”

I seethed momentarily. She had called Amber ½ hour ago, but only texted me a minute ago? Inconsiderate fuck. “Yeah, I know; she just texted me. But I’m not walking back all the way across campus now… can I wait here?”

She paused, “Uh, sure, yeah.” She stepped aside to let me in. As soon as I saw her whole body my cock stirred. She was wearing only a bra and panties. “Don’t mind me; I just got out of the shower. Let me finish drying my hair.”

I nodded, trying to tear my eyes away from her. She noticed my struggle and smirked, and fired the hair dryer back up. She surely wasn’t modest. I was surprised she was so nonchalant about me seeing her in her underwear, but I guess I shouldn’t have been.

She definitely had the “let it all hang out” type of personality. Which actually annoyed me; she was one of those girls who was hot, knew she was hot, and took advantage of that fact in every way possible.

But boy was she magnificent. Long and lean, all 5’11″ of her. Her legs went on for miles. Not huge tits, but probably into the lower end C range, and perky. Basically the perfect 19 year old body (if you liked tall chicks).

I sat on Jenny’s bed and turned on the television and pretended to flip through channels, stealing every glance I could get at Amber’s lithe form. I fidgeted, trying to keep my growing hard-on restrained. After another minute or two she was finished, and switched off the hair dryer.

Much to my chagrin (or delight, depending on which part of my brain we are discussing), her next move was NOT to get dressed. She instead pulled out her makeup kit and turned toward her mirror and began applying light makeup.

“So,” she said, “You hear about Frank and I?” I nodded. I opened my mouth to offer token condolences, but she spoke before I could, “Yeah, that shithead was fucking his Bio lab partner. How dare he do that to me?”

“Yeah, sucks, what an ass,” I said. I thought to myself, ‘You probably deserved it somehow; I’ve seen you bitching at him left and right treating him like dirt bag; there’s no way that relationship was gonna last.’

“So yeah, that asshole,” she continued, “I beat the shit out of his Xbox with a baseball bat.” I chuckled; ‘Crazy bitch,’ I thought. This is why I didn’t date stupid high and mighty ultra-drama queen emotional basket cases. Now she smiled as well, “So what’re you two doing tonight?”

“Oh… uh. I don’t know. I don’t know..” I looked down into my lap and frowned.

She said, “What’s the matter?”

What the hell; I figured it couldn’t hurt to tell her, since I no longer cared about my relationship with Jenny continuing. “Actually I think I’m breaking up with Jenny tonight. Things aren’t going anywhere. Not her fault I guess, but whatever.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Amber said.

“Don’t say anything to her when she gets here or anything, I just want to talk it out with her, let her down easy, whatever,” I shrugged. Amber was now rifling through her drawers looking for clothes. She bent down to the lowest drawer, and I could see her perfectly lean but round ass in all its glory.

She draped a t-shirt and a pair of jeans over her chair, then walked over (still clad only in bra and panties). She had a bit of a seductive grin on her face. I was frozen in place as she got onto my lap and straddled me. She flicked her head to toss her long hair aside, then leaned in and said, “You know, I’ve always thought you were hot.” I gulped. That was all it took to get my cock to full attention. It now strained inside my jeans and poked against her lower abdomen.

She continued, “And I know you think I’m hot too. How would you like to fuck me right now? I need it, and I figure it’s all the same to you since you’re breaking it off with Jenny. We have an hour until she gets back.” I hesitated. She responded by rubbing my dick through my pants, “I need a good fuck right now, and you probably could use one too.”

I stammered, “Huh, uh, I don’t know, I mean…” What the hell was I trying to say? I had no idea. The only thing I knew was that my cock was suddenly out, and was passing between Amber’s hot lips.

Well, I guess I was gonna fuck my girlfriend’s roommate. I doubt this is something I would normally do, but Amber is really hot. And I was gonna end it with Jenny anyway. She pulled my shoes and pants off as she continued to go down on me.

She was talented. She was quickly able to get my entire thick seven incher down her throat and simultaneously lick my balls. Wow, Jenny had NEVER done anything like this. I figured what the hell, might as well make the most out of this. At this point I stood up, my rod still buried to the hilt in her face. I grabbed the back of her head, and started face fucking her.

This is also something Jenny would never do. But Amber could handle it. She gagged a little bit, but I could tell she was enjoying it as she reached down and began to finger herself. Before I knew it I was sending streams of hot semen down the back of her throat.

She swallowed every last drop (another thing Jenny refused to do), and licked me clean. “Done already?” she said. “Disappointing.” She stood up, and smiled, leaning in for a deep kiss. I could taste a hint of my own cum on her tongue.

She grabbed me by the arm, and with surprising strength, she pulled me away from Jenny’s bed, and shoved me onto her bed. She tore my shirt off. Somewhere in that sequence she had removed her own panties and kicked them off.

I was left wearing nothing but my watch, and she nothing but her bra top. I moved to unclasp her bra, and she slapped my hand away. “You want to see these? Not yet.”

She pushed me flat on my back on the bed. She straddled me, and I caught my first good look at her pussy. And what a pussy it was. It was shaved completely smooth, just the way I liked it. Back before I had convinced Jenny to start doing a better job shaving down there, at times it felt like I needed a machete to hack through and gain entry, and she still maintained it begrudgingly, only for my sake.

That clearly would not be a problem with Amber. Her pussy lips were slightly pink and swollen, partly from her arousal, and partly from fingering herself while sucking me off.

She grinded her wet pussy against my dick until it had regained full hardness. I longed to get my meat inside of her, and was sure that was what was going to happen next, but instead she moved up and positioned her snatch directly over my face. “Eat my pussy,” she ordered.

Before I could reply, she lowered her warm, slick, wet mound onto my face. I immediately went to work with my tongue and lips. If I wanted to ultimately bury my cock in her pussy, I would need to earn it.

Before long I had worked her up into a frenzy. I had a hold of her firm ass with both hands, as she rocked, grinding her pussy into my face as hard as she could. Good thing she apparently had JUST shaved just now in the shower, and I had done the same before coming over here. Otherwise stubble and friction definitely would have been an issue the way she was grinding.

She was moaning quietly, edging close to an orgasm. “Oh yes, you love eating my hot pussy!” she said through clenched teeth. After some time, her loins started spasming in the telltale sign of orgasmic bliss. Her juices flowed all over my face and I struggled to lap it all up as she continued grinding on my face.

I didn’t stop; she was gonna get her money’s worth. My raging hard on could wait a few more minutes. Dousing my ring finger with her pussy juice, I reached around to her anal bud and rubbed with my finger.

As she rocked against my face harder, I slipped my finger past her sphincter and into her asshole. There was very little resistance, and as it slid in up to the second knuckle she let out a much louder moan, and a second orgasm began almost right away.

As she ground my face with her pelvis, I was now full on finger blasting her asshole, and she was going wild. “Oh yes, finger fuck my dirty ass, ohhhh fuck!” Another torrent of pussy juices doused my face at the height of her second orgasm.

“Ohh, fuck,” she said, “I want that thick cock inside me.” I withdrew my finger from her asshole, and she backed off. I sat up, embracing her, and planted a fierce kiss on her. Still straddling me, she wrapped those long amazing legs around me and squeezed tight as we continued to make out.

I finally unclasped her bra, and unleashed her breasts. I grabbed them with both hands, squeezing. Very firm and perky if not overly huge. I moved my mouth to her tits and played my tongue over one of her nipples, then gave it a little bite. She shrieked, “Oh fuck! Come on, fuck me already, will you?”

As I pushed her down onto her back, and readied my rock hard rod at the entrance to her love hole, I wondered briefly what had brought this on. Had she been planning to seduce me all along? She certainly was half naked when I showed up and never made any effort to remedy that. However, she hadn’t known I was planning on ending it with Jenny.

I decided that none of this mattered, and with that, I pushed the tip of my cock into her warm, tight cunt. She gasped, “Ohh yes, do it. Deeper.” I fed the rest in until I was buried balls deep. I paused there for a moment as her pussy stretched to accommodate my rod.

I grabbed her tits again, and regarded the rest of her body. Nice flat stomach, smooth toned legs (which she was now again wrapping around me), and a deep tan all over. She squeezed me with those long legs, forcing my dick into her wet snatch as deep as possible. I leaned down and gave her another passionate kiss.

Her legs loosened their death grip slightly, and I was able to start working my cock in and out of her hot cunt. She was so fucking sexy. She was already moaning again. I always loved tall girls, but usually ended up dating short ones like Jenny for whatever reason.

Before I knew it I was slamming the entire length of my rod in and out of the warm sheath of her vagina, making a loud slapping sound as our pelvises met. I continued to pump her steamy cunt, as we both worked up a thin sheen of sweat. Her beautiful tits glistened in the bright lighting. I needed to slow down. I didn’t want to shoot my load too soon. Right on cue, “I wanna be on top,” she said.

I wasn’t going to argue. This would give me a second to settle down. I wanted this to last. She had been a bit bossy throughout this entire episode which pretty much fit her personality (and reminded me why I did NOT plan on ever dating her). But right now I didn’t mind.

I pulled out of her reluctantly, and lay down on my back. She crouched on the bed over me, and still crouching, guided the tip of my dick once again into her slick vagina. She lowered herself down until she was sitting on my pelvis. She then started bouncing up and down, maximizing the length of the movements.

I watched mesmerized as I saw the lower 90% of my pole (everything but the helmet head which remained concealed inside Amber) disappear and reappear over and over and over again. The bed was shaking, and the metal bed frame was slamming into the wall with each thrust.

She was cumming again and she cried out as she continued to violently thrust up and down. I saw a new torrent of her juices flowing down my rod. I held onto her smooth knees to help steady her as she appeared close to losing her balance a couple times. I watched in awe as her wonderful tits bounced up and down.

Her orgasm slowly subsided, and she slowed down, and stopped. “Mmm that was so fucking good,” she said breathlessly. I sat up and kissed her again. Without retracting my rod from her, I pushed her down onto her back essentially switching our positions.

Now I pulled out of her slowly, then rubbed her clit with the head of my dick. I grabbed her long legs and held them up and apart. I maintained my hold on one of them, and threw the other one over my shoulder, then used my free hand to guide my sopping wet dick back to the entrance of her pussy.

But this time it wasn’t to put it in; it was just to collect some more pussy juice for lubrication. Then suddenly, without asking permission, I plunged the tip of my dick into her tight puckered asshole. I was taking charge of this; no more following orders. She yelped in surprise, “Ah fuck, take it out, that hurts.” She squirmed, again showing surprising strength; she had been a swimmer in high school; but with great effort I was able to hold her in place.

I forced another couple inches inside. There was enough lubrication, but her asshole was so fucking tight. “Shh,” I said. “I’m gonna fuck you in your ass, bitch. Just fucking relax; you’re gonna like it.”

She frowned, then looked up at me, eyes wide, “Stop, it still hurts a little,” she said, grimacing. I pushed another couple inches in. She closed her eyes and moaned. “I’ve never done this before,” she said. I was genuinely slightly surprised by that. I smiled. I was taking this incredibly hot goddess’s anal cherry.

“It’s okay,” I said, “just relax and enjoy it.” Slowly, I could feel her anus relaxing, its vise grip loosening just slightly. I pushed the rest inside of my dick, until it was completely buried.

“Oh my God,” she said, “I’ve never felt so full before… Oh man… Okay, I think I’m ready, fuck me in my ass with that big cock.”

I didn’t waste any time. “Glad you’re on board, because you had no choice in the matter anyway.” I pulled it most of the way back out, and then plunged it in again. And again. And again. I picked up speed with each thrust. Before long I was slamming her just as hard as I had been slamming her pussy minutes before.

Not that her pussy was loose, but her sweet ass was so much tighter, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Her legs still slung over my shoulders, I reached down and shoved three fingers into her pussy, and started pumping her pussy with my hand while pumping her anus with my penis.

This was too much for her, and she starting cumming again. She grasped at her hair and the back of her head as she cried out again in ecstasy, and at that moment I felt my balls tighten, and I was soon shooting a massive load of cum deep into her bowels as I continued to viciously pump in and out of her asshole.

Just as I was finishing up, the door swung open and Jenny walked in. She got a full view of Amber and I, naked on Amber’s bed, my cock entirely concealed inside Amber’s ass. There was no time to scramble and collect ourselves, so we just froze. So much for letting her down easy.

“What the FUCK is going on in here,” Jenny roared. “Get out!” she wailed.

“Hey, Jenny,” I said, as I regretfully pulled my slowly softening penis out of Amber’s asshole a little bit sooner than I would have liked, and picked up my pants from the floor. “Look, I was gonna tell you tonight, it wasn’t working out…” I stole a glance at my watch and realized that amazingly, I HAD been there for almost an hour; I had lost track of time, focusing 100% on the mind blowing sex I had been having with her gorgeous roommate.

“Oh, so you go and fuck my roommate?? How long has this been going on? Or is this the first time? Actually I don’t care, I want you out of here. We’re done. Get out,” she commanded.

“Okay, Jenny, this is the only time, I swear,” as I pulled my clothes on haphazardly. Amber was doing the same, clenching her asshole so that the huge dollop of sperm inside would not gush out onto the bed.

“Whatever,” she replied, “I don’t care, get the hell out of here and I never want to see you again!”

“Okay, I’m sorry…” I managed.

“Save it,” she said, face red, and furious. “You’re an asshole.”

“I know. I’m leaving.” I looked back as I walked through the door. Amber was smiling at me behind Jenny’s back. She put her hand up to her ear miming talking on a phone, ‘Call me’, she mouthed silently.

After the door closed behind me, I couldn’t help but chuckle. I did have her phone number. I could now hear Jenny begin screaming at Amber faintly through the thick wooden door. That was the best sex I’d ever had to that point. Through my jeans, I briefly rubbed my slightly aching but fully satisfied cock. I thought to myself, against my better judgment, maybe I WOULD call her.

Damn it.

Very unhappy I missed that.

Were there any pictures? How many guys ended up showing up? (sidenote: sometime after I’ve done alot of Ri#al^n, I’d come over and have you tie me up and let other men use me,yes #1D, no #2D,,,,, #1Drugs, #2Diseases.

What all did the other guys and you get to do to him, and is he really just 18? I’d love to hear/read (or see pics) about that. What kind of things is this boy into (or what could we do to him)?

Was he there specifically to be used by the other men or was he just participating in the fun(I hope he likes being used?) Does he live near here and do you have frequent contact with him, would you be able to see him again soon?

Would he be interested in another meeting with maybe just you and I? Depending on his level of adventure, maybe you wouldn’t even tell him I’m coming. Just find out if he’d do a threesome when you talk to him and when the night happens I just show up a little later.

You could plan to have him naked, blindfolded, ready, and hungry for cock in your bedroom at a specific time”7:30″, “9:00″, or “whenever works best”, and I would know in advance to show up at that specific time) You could tell him not to move and that you’d “be right back”, only when you come back, you are holding my naked body and the real fun could begin.

I would be very interested in coming over sometime when he is there. Would he let you tie him up bent over a chair or on his back on your bed with his arms to the bedposts and his legs to the bottom of the bed (make sure it’s easy to untie his legs, so we can put them on his shoulders while I facefuck him while you pound his ass..)

Mmm, thinking about him gagging on my cock while he has a cock buried deep inside of him feels so good, or at least blindfold him and tie his hands behind his back and put him in your bathroom with the lights off to wait to be used by us? Then I could show up right after and first you could get me naked, then lead me to the boy and have me do all sorts of dirty things to him. Do you still have that big dildo?

Also, would he shave his pubes and cock? Or maybe you could do it for him, and shave his asshole too? I can’t even believe how hot it would be to come into your place and have you strip me at your front door, put the collar on me and lead me to your bedroom where this boy is tied and blindfolded.

You could put him on his knees and have him suck me, have me suck him. Have me on my knees sucking you both. I’d love to press my throat so deep on his cock that my face hits his stomach. I’ve never fucked someone with a dildo before, Id really love to do that to this boy with everything shaved and his hands tied behind his back.

I’m getting such a hardon thinking about face fucking this slender, shaved 18 year old on his knees with his hands tied behind his back while reaching over him and fucking his ass with your big dildo. While I’m doing all this you can watch, or fuck my mouth so I drool all over this boy we both get to use. I’ve also really wanted to be fucked while sucking on another cock, you could have him lie on his back on your bed, and place me in between his legs and have me start sucking him while you loosen my ass with lube and your fingers, then slowly pushing all the way into me. It would have to start off slow so I could become used to the feeling of you filling me up.

I’d love to have you watch me do all this and anything else you’d want me to do. We could probably find some sort of mask/hat/whatever to keep it kind of anonymous. I’m going to go get off thinking about this, I hope you can write me an answer to all these questions as soon as you can, I’ve got your phone # and I know where you live. If you set up the situation, I will make sure to be available whenever as long as it’s dark outside and the lights are all off. that’s about it, I probably wont talk, but a few simple vebal cues should suffice, that and forceful physical guidance.

Anyways, let me know. p.s. This kid NEEDS everything shaved, or at least trimmed reeeeeeaaallly short, like buzz cut short.


When I woke the next day I looked over the large bed Sophie and I were sharing to see her resting peacefully. The sheets had pretty much come off and left her top half exposed as she slept naked. What a way to wake up.

Then I started thinking back over yesterday. After traveling for almost a whole day to get here we had gone out to end with a series of memories that would stay with me forever. She held my hand for the first time, I saw her strip naked in public, I touched her up on stage, she gave me my first blow job (And underwater!) before walking off naked into the dark making me follow wet footprints to our room where we had wild sex for several hours. This was incredible and it wasn’t even the first full day of the holiday. What would today bring?

As I moved Sophie seemed to stir, she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“Morning you….

Last night was incredible I’ve never never done anything so intense, it was amazing.”

“I… I don’t know what to say…it…” I stammered.

“Then don’t say anything, it was perfect for both of us.” She gently suggested.

Sophie then looked down, thoughts of last night and the rest sleep provided me, combined with seeing her naked next to me had my cock rock hard again. Sophie saw and moved over to me on all fours losing what was left of the bed sheet in the process, she then sat on me with her hips directly on mine, our sex’s denied touching by the thin piece of fabric of the bed sheet covering my lower half. She rocked ever so gently and my eyes rolled as I groaned with approval.

“Looks like you could do with some help this morning.” Sophie gestured as she began to rock more and more on top of me, I looked into her eyes and was then drawn down to her breasts, her perfect stomach and her smooth shaved pussy that was pressed against the material around my cock.

I went to move the bed sheet from underneath but Sophie seemed to refuse to let me as she kept rocking, her body weight was on her knees holding the sheet close to me and without picking her up I wouldn’t be able to lose the sheet. The sensation was good but no where near as soft or wet as touching her directly and I longed for that again.

“Today we need to go to the beach.” Sophie ordered whilst continuing to rock back and forth on me. She paused before speaking again.

“I’ve never even gone topless on a beach before, I wonder if I can here..Or a nude beach! Do you think they have a nude beach?!” Sophie’s eyes widened and her movements grew faster and faster as what she said excited herself and me also. “You haven’t seen all my swimming costumes have you?” She asked.

“No, you didn’t have time to show me and said it would be a nice surprise.”

“Yep! ” – She giggled “Though maybe I won’t show you them at all, maybe I wont need them!” She continued, still moving her hips faster and faster.

Then changing the subject slightly she continued. “I can’t believe I stripped naked onstage last night. With you in front of me and hundreds watching, all those eyes on me, all those cameras. Then when you touched me it was like a wave of pure pleasure washed over me knocking me off my feet, but you where there to catch me.”

In all these thoughts she was now really moving and we both seemed closer and closer to orgasm.

“Tonight I wanna do that again!… I want to be on stage with hundreds of lusting eyes on me. I want to cum with everyone watching, will you make me cum Ben?”

“Im the boss!” I again growled, semi mocking my actions of last night, with this I again felt a strong primeval wave hit me and now in control jerked her upward with my hips, she took her weight on her legs and hovered above me just long enough for me to lose the bed sheet separating us. She came back down and our naked bodies touched but before I could even penetrate her she began to slide wonderfully along the length of my shaft, she opened her mouth gesturing at being near orgasm and this drove me into a similar frenzy and we again came almost in unison. She collapsed into a heap on my body wrapping her arms around my head and kissing me. We lay for a few minutes before separating.

Afterward we both wanted to shower before we went anywhere. This time I agreed to share a shower with her. We rubbed each other down with wet soapy water and enjoyed the closeness. We kissed and touched before drying off and deciding to get dressed.

Only yesterday evening we where scared to get changed with our backs turned now we both stood completely nude in front of one another and we just shared a shower after sex. Both of us were enjoying the views of the other as we went about the apartment. It felt so free, so primitive, as though its the way we should always be.

Sophie reached into her suitcase to grab what she was going to wear today, after what she said last night about her short back and frontless dress being one of the less revealing of the clothes she brought I had to wonder what she would wear. Sophie pulled out her bag a white mini skirt that was all ruffles, it looked incredibly short and had a big black belt around the waist which seemed to be half the skirt itself. As she pulled the skirt up and over her hips she turned around, the back of the skirt rode high and would from a lower angle expose half her ass, but from eye level just looked very very short. It was a huge tease for the eye and the further back you were the more you could see, but with the more you see the more wanted to be closer which would in turn narrow the view.

She then reached and pulled out a black top, as she put it on it looked like a regular T-shirt with very short sleeves that sat on the edges of her shoulder, but the T-shirt was very short and stopped just down from her breasts leaving her mid riff totally exposed, from behind the T-shirt wasn’t all there either, the back had been almost completely cut off and a big X of the same material was in its place, it was provocative and sexy without being slutty.

“What do you think?” Sophie asked teasingly.

“It’s hot! What about the beach though?” I asked.

“Well we need to go to the shop to get some food for snacks and any time we are around here and want something to drink and stuff, we didn’t bring much, after that we will hit the beach.” Sophie explained.

Following this she again took my hand as we walked through the complex toward the small town centre nearby. We found a supermarket and started picking out things, I still couldn’t get over this beauty who was with me so brazenly walking around in public in so little attire. Admittedly the weather was already scorching and many people were walking round in shorts and small tops but Sophie’s outfit was just as sexy as it was practical for keeping cool.

On the way out we saw a sign for a bikini contest at the end of the week on the beach outside the bar from last night, it was shown as their main event with a 500 euro prize, entrance subject to acceptance of entrant whatever that meant. Sophie said she wanted to do it and had just the bikini, from what I was hearing and seeing I could bet she did and we both excitedly agreed she would enter.

We then passed some market stalls selling various things, one was making crochet patterns, some as dinner table matts and other things to hang and some of it was made into clothing, the lady looked at us and could see we were English before saying she would make just the thing for 10 Euros, we decided we would let her and she started to craft this white pattern into a more and more complex piece. Eventually she held it up for us and Sophie took it, she held it up and declared her love for it. It was similar to a bikini top but there was a little more to it, it had two cups each with large crochet pattern holes that got smaller and smaller as it got closer to the nipple area which was completely solid and around and inch in diameter. Then these cups tied around the back of the neck. Coming down from the cups was a small band of material made up of huge holes and this band sat above the naval, then the bottom of the band of material had a string which would tie at the back much lower down than a regular bikini top, this meant much of the side of Sophie’s breasts would be exposed as well as a huge amount of the rest of her.

We got back to the apartment and she went to immediately try the top on, it was incredibly sexy leaving almost nothing to the imagination. Her breasts crept out the sides and the holes caused by the gaps in the material left a lot of breast on show, though less and less getting closer to the nipple. Plus the way it tied just meant it showed a bit more skin than a regular top and wasn’t as secure as a bikini top. She said she might wear it to go out in later and again removed it along with her tiny skirt once again leaving her completely naked in the apartment.

“Ok I’ve got 3 swimming costumes just here, I need to pick which one I’ll wear today, there’s another two but I’m saving them.”

She pulled out the 3 and held them up to me, I suggested rather than do that she change in the bedroom and come out wearing each one at a time. Sophie agreed and did so.

First she came out in her small white mesh bikini, it was the one she wore around the pool a few days ago and you could see through it in the right light, she turned around and showed the tiny piece of string hiding between her ass cheeks. I liked that her nipples were pretty clear to see, I could bet that it would be a real head turner.

Second she came out in another bikini, this was tiny and she said it was one of her favorites bought online, it again had a thong back and the tiniest front, if she hadn’t been so eager with the waxing I’m sure pubic hair would have been on show down below as it barely covered her pussy lips. The top was just as revealing, two tiny pieces of material desperately struggled to cover as much breast as they could failing miserably leaving little more than her nipples covered.

Third she came out and I was stunned, at first when she walked in from the side I thought she was nude before I realized this was a slingshot bikini. As she faced me the narrow revealing nature of the thing presented itself fully. It sat wide on her shoulders and just formed a huge V down to her pussy leaving her sides completely exposed with a clear view of her belly button and cleavage, breast was on show both sides of the narrow material. She then turned her back and this piece of floss came out the top of her bare ass and then went up to her neck where it split back to the shoulders, the material at the back hung tightly away from her skin not touching her at all.

“So which should I wear?” She quizzed.

“Erm, wow, ok… They are hot! Are you really going to be wearing one of them down to the beach?” I questioned.

“Yep, I told you I want heads to turn. I do have a sarong to tie around my waist though to give a little extra cover.”

“I think the slingshot is a must, but not the first day. And I know you have that even more revealing slingshot I can’t wait to see. Why don’t you go with the mesh one?” I suggested.

“Ok see through it is!” She declared.

Sophie went and put the mesh costume back on as I got some bits together for the beach, when she returned she said not to bother with most of it because she wanted to explore the beach rather than lay in the sun, so we covered each other in sun block and set off, me in just swimming shorts and sunglasses with some money and the room key in my pocket, Sophie wearing her transparent white bikini and a small pale blue sarong tied around her hips.

On the walk through the complex we could now really see what It was like, people were walking around and some lounging by the pool. Sophie’s bikini got some double takes but no one seemed to mind. We kept walking and got to the seafront just a few minutes from the hotel. This was where everything was happening and lots of people were already here, we decided to walk up along the water and see how far it went and what was further up. Sophie very quickly noticed a number of topless women and she seemed to be happier about her attire with this. Lots of young women where actually wearing less than her, this was a first for the holiday!

There were lots of water sports happening in the sea, boats had water-skiers further out while windsurfing was also happening in the distance. Nearer the water there were pedalos with slides on the back, you took them out to were you wanted and then had your own water slide into the ocean. We decided it would be fun to do this and went over to the edge where the guy was renting out the pedalos. He had a good look at Sophie before telling us we had an hour and sending us on our way. Sophie and I liked the look of a nearby island that stuck out the water with rocks and things on the side, it looked like not many people went over that way and it could be a fun secluded area for us. After what seemed like a lifetime of peddling we got a good point and we agreed to stop and enjoy the water. It was much deeper here and would be much cooler than the water next to the sand. Sophie untied her sarong and left it on the chair of the boat where I left my sunglasses and money, we both jumped in and started splashing around. After a little bit of swimming and splashing water at each other Sophie said it would be much more fun skinny dipping and immediately removed her top.

“Shall I go down the slide naked?” She teased.

“Go for it!” I replied and she swam toward the boat climbing the ladder up the slide. As she stood there she untied her bikini bottoms and put them on the edge of the steps with her top. She climbed the rest of the ladder and stood at the top of the slide pretending to survey the water around her. People further away wouldn’t probably be able to tell she was nude and if they could we were so far away no one could care very much.

Sophie then slid down and into the water and I saw the boat rock causing her bikini to fall into the water, when she re surfaced Sophie giggled and started to swim my way. I said to look behind as her bikini had fallen in and she turned around to see it wasn’t on the edge of the boat anymore, we both swam nearer the boat hoping to see it floating on the surface but it was no where to be seen.

“It can’t have just vanished?!” Sophie panicked “Has it sunk?”

“I don’t know, but its not here is it?’ I replied more calmly.

“Its alright for you, I might not have anything to wear!”

“It should be floating around I’m sure we will see it soon. And earlier you loved the idea of being nude at the beach.” I stated.

Sophie wasn’t too happy but soon started to lighten up a bit. We started swimming again and going up and down the slide, we had a little look around the island but there didn’t seem any place to climb up, we kept looking for the bikini but eventually our hour was almost up and we would need to leave without Sophie’s bikini.

“It will be ok Sophie just put your sarong around you, lots of people are topless it won’t seem that different” I suggested.

“Yeah I know and thats not so bad here but what about back at the apartments!”

“I’ll go get you a towel or some clothes if you like?” I offered.

“No no you aren’t leaving me here for a second wearing only this” Sophie instructed as she tied her sarong around her waist. It was quite short and rode up one side, it sat low on her hips and if you looked closely it was clear there was nothing underneath, the material was light and quite transparent.

As we approached the shore Sophie began to get a little nervous, the idea of being topless in public turned her on, so did the reality but it was still a scary prospect and one she couldn’t even avoid if she had wanted too now.

As we got off the boat the man who took our money looked very happy to see us, Sophie in particular. As we got off the boat she had to step over the edge of the boat and her sarong lifted up giving a clear view of her shaved self. She pulled her sarong back into place and winked at the boatman as we wandered back to the beach.

I took hold of her hand as we playfully wandered along the beach and back toward the apartment complex, we had been at the beach a few hours in total and fancied trying the pool.

As we left the beach Sophie was nervous about walking back through the complex, but realizing she had no choice so she put a brave face on it. If it wasn’t a big deal to her then it was going to draw less attention than if she was nervous or paranoid. On the beach no one seemed to mind or pay much attention to Sophie being topless and so she didn’t mind at all, we hoped this would all continue as we headed inside the apartment complex.

As we got to the central area there were a lot of people by the pool, a lot of faces turned as they saw us seeing Sophie was completely topless, we heard comments about her being brave and a few young men saying things like “Oh shit! -look at her!” Even a little boy shouted to his Mum broadcasting to anyone who hadn’t noticed. “Look Mummy that woman’s showing her boobies!” Meaning all heads turned to her. Sophie acknowledged the attention and just smiled at the people around the pool.

“Hey, you want to join us in some pool volleyball?” A voice called out. A group of young men and women roughly our age where playing volleyball at one end of the pool.

“Let me just put something more appropriate on and we will come back to you” Sophie replied.

“What’s more appropriate than what you have on now? It’s all the same you’re gonna be in the pool anyway.” The voice responded. I kind of liked his thinking though was a little angry at his blatant attempt to see Sophie nude. “What are your names? Where are you staying?” He added.

“I’m Ben and this is Sophie, nice to meet you.”

“Oh its a real pleasure to meet you both.” He said as he looked only at Sophie and her breasts. “So you going to join us?”

“Sure ok, it’ll be fun.” Sophie replied as she walked nearer the edge. As she walked down the steps into the water she turned to me, “This sarong isn’t going to stay on in the water, I need to get changed!”

“Well just get deep enough and take it off, no one will know” I suggested.

“But I’ll be naked in front of all these people!” – Sophie replied

“Yeah but with the water around you it will be less obvious than now, just like the jacuzzi at the party you will love being naked in front of lots of people without them knowing.”

“Yeah true” Sophie whispered, “But it feels really funny.”

As we waded in Sophie untied her sarong and left it on the edge where I put our money and room key. We were going to be on the same team with Mark the guy who initially called out and his friend Liz, we would be up against Jason, Luke and Eleanor. It was uneven but as we hadn’t yet played they wanted to break us in gently.

“Hey Sophie come stand here near me.” Mark called out, I could see what he was up to and didn’t like it, but knowing however much he might try it would lead nowhere and that made me very happy inside. He could do and say all he wanted but at the end of it all she was going to be sleeping with me.

“So, thats a nice bikini Sophie where’d you get it?” Mark asked

“Thanks do you like it? I’ve had it all my life it fits very well.” Sophie joked.

“No really, do you always walk around topless?” He probed further, everyone listening in, Luke bashing the ball around his hands partly eager to start but partly eager to know the answer.

“No, Ben and I were out on the pedalos in the sea and I took it off, it fell in the ocean then no matter where we looked we couldn’t find it. I liked that bikini too!” Sophie explained.

“Wait you lost the whole Bikini? Are you?….Shit your naked under there aren’t you? Damn girl you are hot!!” Mark boomed. “Let me look at you.” he continued. She turned so he could see her up front, a great view of her breasts but he struggled to see underwater, it wasn’t clear it was just skin under there. “Man I wish I had some goggles! – Hey Sophie….would you mind just going over to my towel over there and passing me my sunglasses?…” He jokingly asked, hoping she actually would.

“No no you can get them yourself, now are we playing or what?” Sophie responded.

We started to play and it wasn’t easy moving around in the water but we could jump a lot more than playing on land as the water would hold us high longer, the ball bounced around a lot and Sophie was at the net with Mark, with myself and Liz at the back. The ball would often go high and Mark kept telling Sophie to jump higher, it was clear what they where now trying to do… Two things really. Get her breasts bouncing as much as possible and to get her to jump so high she exposed what she was hiding under the water. She wasn’t falling for this. We played quite well but after losing the first game Sophie and I wanted to stop. Mark and the others were keen for us to stick around the pool with them but Sophie was keen to put some clothes on if no one else was going to take anything off.

“Now thats and idea!” Luke approvingly said, “Liz, Eleanor take off your tops!”

Both girls where very pretty, young and fit, they had good bodies and I don’t think any of us guys would have minded seeing more of them.

“No way, we aren’t as brave as Sophie we would need to be very drunk to do that!” Eleanor replied.

“Ok where’s the bar?!” Mark shouted keen to now get the girls drunk!

“I tell you what, lets all meet at the complex bar tonight at 8 and get some drinks then see where the evening takes us?” Luke suggested. It turned out Liz and Eleanor only met these boys this morning and they both shared an apartment. Mark, Jason and Luke had one in another area. Sophie and I started to go to the edge of the pool and she grabbed her sarong and started to tie it back up whilst underwater.

“Oh come on!” Jason screamed. “After all that at least let us see!”

“Boys you got to see quite enough for now, plus look at this wet see through thing clinging to me like a second skin, there isn’t much left..” Sophie responded as we stepped out the pool, she then turned back around and lifted the bottom of her sarong to show her ass. “Theres a little extra!”

“But we want to know if the carpet matches the drapes!” Jason called back! “PLEASE!”

“Theres no carpet boys its a laminate floor!” Sophie retorted,

causing faces of shock and wonder in the boys followed by high fives all around. I shook my head and smiled before I took hold of Sophie’s hand as we walked back to our apartment.

It was only mid afternoon but after the day of traveling and other bits we both felt quite tired so decided to go to sleep. Sophie walked into the apartment straight to the bedroom and just fell on the bed before untying her sarong and turning over. I followed and just lay next to her, both falling asleep almost instantly.

When we awoke it was nearly 6 and we needed to get ready for the evening, pick out what to wear and go get some food before we met the others in the complex bar.

Sophie was clearly eager to continue the tease and seemed to enjoy the idea of winding up 3 boys who unlike me weren’t ever going to get any.

“Ok Ben I’ve two ideas of what to wear tonight, one is this black skirt/top combo and the other is this dress.”

The skirt combo was actually really amazing, it looked like it covered more than it actually did. The skirt was around 6 inches long so it was very short and was a straight fabric that would fit snug up against the legs, but it had a slit that was probably 5.8 inches long leaving the thinest strip of material around the waistband holding it up. It was very short and as she walked Sophie’s whole left leg was exposed, from behind you could see the line of her ass cheeks but everything important remained covered.

Then the top had a similar band of material that went all the way around the top of her breasts, at the front it had some material fall down from it which created a kind of loop. It plunged leaving a gap between her breast that went almost all the way down to the skirt showing her stomach too. This was very flimsy and simply lifting the material would expose her breasts, it had nothing on the side and back other than the thing strip going all around. it was stunning!

The dress was very sexy, it was a bright pink plastic like material thats stretched very tightly across the skin, the bottom half had a pretty short skirt element and then these ties came up from the skirt that looped around Sophie’s body a couple of times before tying behind her head. Over her breasts it had some material to cover up and though a lot of cleavage and stomach was exposed it looked like it held her in much better, I thought this might be the better option but Sophie was feeling the combo more so went with that.

We went and found another place to eat and after a nice dinner headed over to the complex bar where everyone else had already found some seats, the group called out to us and we went over and joined.

“Damn Sophie even with clothes on you look hot!” Mark blurted out.

“Hi Ben you look nice too.” Eleanor kindly said, realizing a lot of the reason I was there was simply the boys desire to see more of Sophie. In her getting so much attention maybe they felt left out and would wind the boys up by giving me attention too.

We got some drinks and sat down and started to chat, we talked of where we came from and what we did or at least hoped to do, how long we’d been on the resort and when we were leaving etc. The boys had been here a week and the girls a couple of days, we had only arrived last night of course and would leave after the others.

“Well it’s our last night tomorrow so if you have anything to share we’d best all share it while we can!” Luke announced. We all raised our glasses and agreed.

“Can we go back to that bar Ben or at least find one similar?” Sophie asked me in front of the others. “They will love it and I know we will have more fun!”

“What bar is this?” Liz asked.

“It’s down there I didn’t even see the name it just had more people in than any of the others and had a wet T shirt contest when we arrived.” Sophie answered.

“Did you enter?!” Jason excitedly asked.

“No we didn’t but we played the game afterward, that was fun.” Sophie giggled. “It was musical chairs, but strip musical chairs, when you didn’t get to a chair you had to lose a layer of clothing.”

“Wow that sounds great how did we miss that!” Mark shouted. “So what happened?”

Eleanor cut in. “We were there last night, we couldn’t see much at the back but the crowd went nuts at that game, there was a girl who managed to keep her dress on longer than anyone else so they sort of made her lose and when she went to take her dress off it turned out she wasn’t wearing anything underneath!”

“Yeah and her boyfriend then fingered her on stage before they ran off!” Liz added.

“Did you see all this?” Luke asked us.

“Er yeah you could say that.” I replied.

“NO WAY! IT WAS YOU TWO!!” Eleanor shrieked! “It was! It was you two!!”

Sophie and I both blushed and laughed.

On that note we all stood and decided to go to that bar again and see what was happening.

When we arrived there weren’t as many people as the night before and nothing was happening on stage, we got some drinks and stood chatting a while before the guy with mic got up on stage and said that in 15 minutes they would be starting the nightly wet T shirt contest and any entrants should make there way forward. The boys instantly shouted for all the girls to enter, none of which seemed too happy at the idea, including Sophie. They started to ask each other and Sophie was now the driving force, “Look I’ll do it but you girls need to come on with me, it’ll be fun! Wear as much or as little as you like its ok!” After a lot of arm twisting from the boys and Sophie, Eleanor and Liz agreed all 3 would enter. There was 150 Euro cash prize for whoever won, 100 Euro bar tab for second place and 50 Euro bar tab for third, the boys shouted the girls would get all 3 between them. And having seen yesterdays contestants they may well do that!

The girls went off to get ready and I was left making awkward conversation with the boys who’d just as soon not have me around. They wanted to know what Sophie was like in bed and what other exciting stuff we’d done. I was reluctant to say anything and just laughed along at there suggestions.

Suddenly the lights on stage came on and a big spotlight appeared for the man with the Mic, just like last night he spoke in French then again in English, not seeming to realize very few people in the crowd actually spoke French, but being in France we of course allowed this.

“Good evening welcome to Michaels, I am Michael (I laughed realizing the mic guy was actually called Mike!) and we will now have our nightly wet T shirt contest followed by some other games! Make sure you get your drinks you don’t want to miss this! Tonight we have some lovely ladies who can’t wait to get wet!”

His French accent irritated me but he had the crowd in a frenzy before they had even seen any of the girls. It interested me how, though it was mainly men doing all the shouting there where a lot of women in the crowd all equally interested.

“Ok this is how it works, each girl will come out by themselves for 30 seconds and get wet before going off stage again, then after every girl has been out using your cheering as a gauge will we eliminate 2 girls each round, there will be 3 rounds and on the final round…ANYTHING GOES!”

The crowd roared with approval and the atmosphere was electric as everyone waited for the first girl.

“Each of the 8 young women has been handed a T-shirt that they must wear over their naked breasts. What else they wear and how they wrap the T-shirt is entirely up to them. They can remove as little or as much as they would like to in each round and we will see what happens!” Michael explained.

The boys and I had quite a good view but we tried to push our way nearer to the stage, we had got quite close when the girls left us so we had a decent view but it was packed and we were being pushed around like cattle.

Suddenly the crowd erupted in noise as the first girl came to the stage, she was wearing the t shirt quite baggy and had only her panties underneath. When the water started pouring the T-shirt clung to her body and you could immediately see her nipples, she was quite attractive and danced around a bit before the next girl came out.

After a couple of really drunk, not very nice looking girls danced around finally it was showtime and Liz came out to a big pop, especially from Mark, Jason and Luke. She had kept her skirt on but had torn the t shirt and tied it so it was smaller on her frame, leaving her belly exposed and the sides of the T-shirt had now gone, the water poured and she squealed at the cold water exposing her hard nipples to the applauding crowd! Next out was Eleanor who was just in her Bikini Bottoms, she too had torn the Shirt in various ways clearly removing half the shirt from the waist as it now only covered her breasts. When the cold water hit this looked good and she danced around to a jubilant crowd.

Next up where a couple more girls who like Eleanor had ripped the shirt at the waistline, but then turned the bottom half of the T-shirt into a kind of skirt or sarong over their panties. These girls were both better looking than the first 3 and all the girls tonight where better looking than the final 4 we saw last night.

There had now been 7 of 8 people so it had to be Sophie next and my heart was beating out my chest once again at the thought of what she might be wearing and what she will do! She couldn’t wear the skirt or top under her T shirt and she had nothing else!

“This girl was here last night and brought the house down playing strip musical chairs, she disappeared and we hoped to see her again and here she is!! – Sexy Sophie!!” Michael announced to the crowd.

Sophie came out to the biggest applause yet wearing a makeshift skirt tied at both sides leaving a small loop of material to hang down from her hips over her shaved pussy. When she took a step you could pretty much see straight up it, it was the shortest thing she had ever worn. Her makeshift top was the rest of the t-shirt but tied between her breasts. She started to dance to the music as the water poured and the crowd went wild.

Following Sophie’s show the other girls came back to the stage and Michael would stand next to each girl in turn calling their name, as the crowd cheered for each it was clear who needed to go and the 2nd and 3rd girls left the stage a little embarrassed.

In the next round each girl came out and did much the same, however some of the girls in the middle removed their t-shirt skirts and teased at pulling their T-shirts off, but never actually did. Eleanor and Liz got big pops but I thought they might struggle as they just weren’t teasing enough, it didn’t seem likely they would remove any clothing but when Liz decided to remove her skirt the crowd went wild and she clearly liked it, it was difficult to say what would happen.

Sophie came out a second time and started teasing with her top, she untied it and held it in place over her boobs with her hands continually threatening to pull it wide but never quite doing it. She would take big steps letting people get good glimpses of what lay downstairs so the fans knew she was nude underneath, she never left it long enough for anyone to really get a good view though and this tease had to guarantee her a spot in the last 4.

The voting again cleared the way and two of the unknown girls left the stage to a good cheer, the loudest cheer by far was going to Sophie and it looked likely she would win.

For the final round all four girls would be on stage together for around 2 minutes, the music started and almost immediately the girl I didn’t know the name of ripped off her top to a huge cheer.

The crowd much like last night was shouting “OFF, OFF, OFF, OFF!” and Liz and Eleanor danced together pulling at each others tops, they leaned in and gave each other a kiss, not to be outdone the other girl jumped forward and bounced around like a lunatic pulling at her panties gesturing to take them off. The crowd loved this but behind her Sophie was standing and as she had turned her back she lifted her arm in the air and stood delicately on one foot lifting her other leg straight out in front, bending it at the knee in what I think is known as the Crane position. As she stood with her arms raised all could see she had taken her T-shirt off and was standing topless – this then prompted Liz and Eleanor to pull harder and harder ripping each others tops, but both were embarrassed and covered their breasts with their hands. The other girl started pulling her panties down. She had quite a bush down there and it didn’t appeal to me at all, but a lot of the guys nearby seemed to approve and the crowd loved it until Sophie turned around still in her karate kid position. As she turned she lowered her arms slowly down to her side and looked at her makeshift skirt then looking up again, she yanked on it and the crowd went ballistic still screaming “OFF, OFF, OFF, OFF, OFF!”

She then took a few steps forward and started to untie the knot holding her skirt in place. Her eyes scanned the crowd and her eyes eventually found mine, she looked me in the eye and licked her lips slowly and then violently raised her hands taking the remaining T-shirt with them and then throwing it towards me, I reached out but someone else grabbed it as she began to pose like a model, nude on stage with camera after camera taking pictures of her beautiful naked body. Eleanor and Liz had resigned to watching and the other girl soon realized she wasn’t going to win, but clearly wanted second place!

Eventually the music stopped and Michael on the microphone came back onto the stage to find the winner, Liz and Eleanor both stood in their panties holding their breasts as water dripped from their blonde and brown hair. Sophie and the other girl stood naked, Sophie holding a pose with her weight on one leg and hand on hip giving it a real catwalk attitude. The other girl couldn’t seem to stop just jumping up and down waving her arms trying to incite any reaction from the crowd. What could have been sexy just became quite desperate. Michael didn’t even wait for the crowd and announced results as he saw fit.

“In third place, a joint position, Liz and her good friend Eleanor!! Well done here is your 50 euro bar tab.”

The boys went nuts thinking they could make the most of this but soon realized 50 Euros between 7 of us would only get a couple of drinks each.

“In second place, she wanted it so bad, winning a 100 bar tab its Christie!” Michael announced and the crowd cheered well in response.

“Meaning our winner, naked for a second evening in a row is of course SEXY SOPHIE!!”

The crowd went wild as the girls left the stage, Sophie went to leave but Michael stopped her.

“Sophie you win 150 Euros well done. But last night you had a Mr boyfriend where is he? You came right here on stage and we think you should cum again!

The crowd went ballistic and hands started pushing me really quite violently, suddenly Mark, Luke and Jason had picked me up and lifted me onto the stage.

Sophie looked at me and smiled, she mouthed at me “DO IT.” And those watching saw this and cheered, I walked up to her and she turned and hugged me, talking into my ear over the noise.

“I want you to finger me here and now in front of all these people, I want strangers to masturbate over this thought for years to come and I want photos and videos of me to circle the internet somewhere so others can see you make me cum like I’ve never cum before!”

I looked her in the eye and thought about saying it, but I didn’t need to say it I just gave an intense gaze and narrowed my eyes slightly letting her know I was the boss. With this I grabbed her hard by the shoulders and turned her around to face the crowd, I held her tightly from behind with one arm around her face and neck the other moving further and further south until I could feel the soft skin where her pubic hair had once been. She opened her legs slightly as flashes of light blinded us both, the noise was deafening. Sophie leaned back into me resting her ass on my cock , she raised one hand up and grabbed my head pulling it close to her shoulder, I now looked down and could see her breasts and body in the foreground with hundreds of faces looking up at us intently in the background. I put my fingers near her mouth and she moved her face to start sucking them, my other hand moved to her pussy lips and started finding there way in, making small circles causing her whole body to wriggle and move in an effort to make it even more pleasurable. She held one arm out to the crowd while her other continued to hold my head close to her, I then whispered in her ear.

“Can you see all these eyes looking at you? You’re naked on stage and they love it, my fingers penetrate and stimulate you with them all watching and they are filming it, they want to see you cum and it will make them cum. They’re all watching you wriggle, suck and moan, groan for them! Groan for me!!”

Sophie made loud approving noises, she continued to move and wriggle desperately trying to cum, her orgasm was close, her free hand became tense and would open and close into a fist gesturing how close she was.

“They’re all looking at you, your smooth naked body. Mark and Luke and Jason want you to cum.. They’re watching you, they’re all watching you cum.

Scream here and now in front of all these people! Wriggle that naked body and scream to all these people!”

“GGGMhmh….OH!..OH!!….OOHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Sophie screamed and groaned so loud. Everyone went silent for a moment as she lost balance and she fell into me before the noise started up again. We took a step back and exited the stage much like before to the back area. The other girls had since left and I could see her skirt and top hanging in the corner. I went to get it but she looked up at me and still catching her breath and whispered to leave it.

Travelling round France visiting local museums, I had stopped for a couple of nights in the old walled town of Langres, at the northern end of Burgundy. The night I arrived, I saw a poster for a concert in one of the churches, which seemed like as good a way as any of spending a solitary evening.

I first saw her outside the church, picnicking and talking in a group of people beneath a statue of Joan of Arc: short-cropped vivid carrot-red hair, a large face with strong, high cheekbones and a tip-tilted nose, wearing jeans and a loose shirt.

The group turned out to be the choir which was giving the concert, and she was the lead alto, her sonorous, clear deep voice somehow matching her looks, and matching, too, the austere black garb she was wearing for the performance itself, which gave her a slightly androgynous look.

I took her image to bed with me that night, assuming that it would soon fade like all the other images of faces seen on my travels. But, the next afternoon, there she was, in the sun by the local lake, with another woman and a man, and wearing a black single-piece bathing costume, tight but discreet above, but when she rolled onto her stomach I could see how high-cut it was on her hips.

When she stood up I could at last sense her form, so completely sheathed at the concert; she was not tall, but with a strong figure, broad shoulders, a slightly fleshy stomach, tiny breasts that were just shallow swellings beneath her tight costume, but with a magnificent full bottom — wide hips, deep and rounded, with richly fleshy bum cheeks that were virtually bare as she walked down to the water across the little beach. She swam strongly, far out into the lake, and, when she came out of the water, she showed something else: huge, hard nipples, swollen in the cool water and stretching the material that was pulled tautly across her chest.

Of course I watched her and her friends, wondering who was with whom; the other girl, slight and dark-haired, and sunbathing topless, seemed very relaxed and at ease with the redhead, as did the man. They lay chatting for half an hour; then the other two stood up, and I heard the redhead say she’d stay a little longer.

I had never picked anyone up on a beach, let alone speaking my halting French; but last night’s concert was a possible pick-up line, and, of course, looking as she did, she would expect to be recognised; but I realised I could not have approached her if she, too, had been sunbathing topless. My first moves were trite: nice concert and so on; at least she didn’t tell me to fuck off, and I sat down near her; Helène — that was her name — sat up, her knees up and her arms round them. With a wry smile, she talked about the vocal group, and how difficult it was to find suitable voices in a small town like Langres. After a few minutes, I made my next step.

“Would you like to have a drink?” I said, pointing at the café at the top of the beach.

“Yes, but not here; I am going back to Langres and there is somewhere nicer there; follow me as I drive.”

As we went, I imagined the worst, a group of her friends, much French chat, and me soon making my excuses. But, when we arrived, she didn’t seem to know anyone there. We talked over a bottle of wine, about Langres, where she had been for less than a year, and about my work, studying French art, which seemed to interest her. I didn’t like to mention dinner, in case she suddenly said she had to leave; but then she asked me if I had seen the town’s ramparts, and asked me if I’d like her to show me them.

Down on the beach, she had slipped on a loose skirt and a sleeveless black vest-like teeshirt with deep-cut armholes, over her bathing costume. When we had ordered our drinks she excused herself for a moment and went to the toilet with her bag; it was several minutes after she returned before I realised that she had slipped off the bathing costume and was wearing nothing beneath the vest, but, seated as we were face to face, I could see little more.

It was now after seven o’clock, the sun was lower — it was mid-May. As we walked along the ramparts, Helène began by talking a lot, but soon seemed to realise that not much needed to be said, and we walked quietly together, relishing the evening light and the panoramic views. I kept glancing at her, and, when she was a half step ahead, I could glimpse her skin around the armhole in her teeshirt, which hung loosely, free of the shallow swelling of her breast; in the shadows, I glimpsed the vivid deep red of her nipple — again, it seemed so huge in relation to the flatness of her chest, and its colour was so intense.

At a look-out point on the ramparts, we paused to look at the chart of the surrounding sights, and she did not flinch as our bare arms brushed; further on, we reached the large bastion which, I knew, was virtually the end of the circuit. Here again we paused, and I realised I had nothing to lose; I took her arm in my hand, and swung round to face her. For a disarming moment she looked quizzically up at me, and then dissolved into my arms, her mouth feeling up for my lips, her arms responding as I held her to me. With one hand I explored the firmness of her back, and then slipped my hand down to her flanks, feeling the beginning of the swelling and the softness of that marvellous bum that had amazed me on the beach. After a couple of minutes she came up for air and half pulled away from me.

“I’m sure you’re hungry — I’ve got some pizza if you’d like to come back to my flat — it’s very nearby.”

I didn’t know if this was a quiet indication that we had to call a halt, but of course I said yes, and we went to a studio apartment on the second floor of a house just around the corner, with the same extraordinary view over the surrounding countryside that we had seen from the ramparts. Would she rush to turn on the oven, or get out the coffee pot? Instead, she measuredly poured a couple of glasses of white wine, and took them over to the table by the window, where she stood waiting for me; and then we kissed — wholly in earnest, this time, as we both knew.

She pressed her breasts and groin up against me and I pulled her towards me, my left hand behind her shoulder and my right feeling further down, grasping deep into the flesh of her bum and amazed by its combination of softness and firmness — this flesh seemed so close to my hand, as I felt her cheeks through her soft cotton skirt; she wriggled between the twin pressure of my hand and my groin, rubbing herself against my rapidly swelling erection.

Next time we came up for breath I slipped my left hand round in front of her, brushed my fingers across her teeshirt and slipped them into the armhole, sensing the slight swell of her right breast and then meeting the harsh roughness of her nipple — hard, protruding from her soft flesh. As I brushed it for the first time with my fingertips, a deep shudder went through her and her knees seemed to sag for a moment; I brushed it again and then gently rolled it between my fingers, and she pushed herself harder against my groin, moving in rhythm with my fingertips, till she let out a huge shudder — and I suddenly had to take her weight as she slumped in my arms.

A short pause, and she looked up at me with a half smile, and reached down for my prick: unzipped me quickly and extracted it readily from my boxers, ran her fingers, a little sharply, up and down its length. Now I felt round her, running my hand deep under the cheeks of her bottom, into the soft flesh at the top of her thighs; with the other hand I tentatively felt down her front to her groin; she pushed against my hand and I felt the roundness of her pubis so vividly: where were her panties? and how could I feel the shape of her pubis so very clearly through the cotton skirt? I even pressed where I thought her clitoris should be and found it at once, as she writhed against my finger. Clearly there was just the one thin layer of cotton there. Quickly she gestured me over to the sofa that doubled as her bed — wide, with a barrage of cushions along the back.

“Take your clothes off!” she said.

She quickly slipped off her vest, lying back on the cushions, wearing just her skirt, and for the first time showing me those extraordinary, huge red nipples. I took off all my clothes and lay beside her, reaching over to take her left nipple between my lips; she shivered again, and pulled me on top of her, spreading her legs beneath her skirt so that I was lying between her knees, and she could thrust her groin against my chest as I sucked at her nipples. She writhed around under me and soon came again, as I gently rasped my teeth along the roughness of the nipples — their surrounds were quite narrow, though puckered as my teeth brushed across them, but the nipples themselves were wide and hard and protuberant.

After a moment she gently hitched up her skirt beneath me, reaching down for my prick and guiding me up her body, until my tip was brushing against an extraordinary softness and wetness as she rubbed it up and down between her labia; this was the first time that I had touched the flesh between her legs. Then she gently guided me towards her entry, and I eased myself, so smoothly, deep inside her body. She was very wet, but her cunt held me firmly far inside her as we felt for a mutual rhythm. I reached for her nipples again, but she gestured to me not to, focusing on the movement of my cock, with her arms tight around my back, pulling me into her, and pressing her pubis up against me each time I thrust deep inside her. To my relief, she seemed to come again soon, without dragging from me the sperm that was threatening to erupt.

I wanted now to touch and kiss her down there — her cunt and her bum; so I slid out of her, still erect, and as we lay side by side she slipped off her skirt and snuggled up close to me, her leg wrapped over mine, and took my prick in her hands to rub it along her labia. She felt astonishingly soft there, and I reached down between us with my hand to touch her with my fingers for the first time. I quickly understood why she felt like that: she was completely shaven, or presumably waxed, since her bare pubis was so soft.

“Do you like that?”

My only answer was a broad smile, and she explained, perhaps a little apologetically, that she had needed to have her hair trimmed in order to wear the high-cut bathing costume that I had seen, and had suddenly decided to have it all off; she thought she liked the feeling. My immediate response was to plunge my head down, to lick across this smooth, firm mound, and to slip the tip of my tongue into the top of the tight crack that hid her clitoris.

I could now look at her fully naked, and see, below the tight top of her slit, that two plump, fleshy pink inner lips were pushing her outer labia apart — lips between which my penis had been lodged a few moments before, soaked with her juices and my pre-cum. I sucked gently on these lips, to pull indirectly on her clit, and then flicked my tongue up again into the narrow top of her slit, tickling the clitoris itself with my tongue tip.

She was lying on her back, and now finally I slipped my hands under her, to grasp the great fleshy cheeks of her bum, lifting her towards me as my tongue toyed with her clit, then quickly flicking my tongue down to tickle her on the little hard zone between her vagina and her anus and to moisten her there, and then back to her clit. I replaced my tongue with my finger, between her butt cheeks, and brushed a little moisture down onto her anus, softly flicking my finger-tip across the crinkles of skin that surrounded it, and at the same time pulling her towards my mouth as I licked her. A sudden shudder again, as she came; I felt her muscles pulsing against my tongue and against the finger that was lodged at the opening of her anus.

After a moment I asked her to turn over, and she lay exposed to me, her legs slightly open and the lips of her bald cunt just showing beneath the cheeks of her bum. At the start, it was all too much, seeing the spectacular cheeks of her arse laid out before me, and I grabbed handfulls of her flesh, and wedged my face as deeply as I could into her bum crack, relishing being surrounded by all this soft warmth. But gradually I started to knead her cheeks in rhythm, with each movement pulling them apart enough for me to touch down with my tongue onto her anus. As I pulled her cheeks further apart, I kept my tongue there, licking across and into her arsehole as she pushed her bum up into my face.

After a few minutes I pulled my head back and inserted my finger where my tongue had been, initially just nudging the fingertip inside her, and then setting up a rhythm so that it slipped in and out of her anus as she bucked up at me, and finally slipping it in so deeply that it stayed held by her sphincter as she moved on it. A sudden shudder and another climax — and she quietly said she had never come that way before.

Now I moved up her until my belly was pressed against her arse, relishing its fullness and softness, and my prick was sliding down between her cheeks, nudging against her anus that I had wetted and softened as I kissed and touched her. She softly pushed up onto my erect tip, and then a little further, and I slipped just past the tightness at her entry; she gasped in half-pain’

“Stop there — no further”

We lay for a little like that, as I felt the amazing combination of the tightness of her sphincter and the warm soft flesh all around; then her muscles twitched and I slipped out; sliding my cock a little further down, I plunged it into her cunt and she milked me, humping her arse up and down as I thrust deep into her. The movement and the sight of her fleshy cheeks heaving beneath me quickly brought me off, in deep, pulsing jets inside her, and she seemed to come too. We then just lay there, drawing breath, as my cock shrank inside her and slipped out, leaving a trail of her juices and my sperm across her thigh. For a moment of two I lost track of time, and then she said:

“I need to pee — do you want to, too?”

I smiled and followed her to the bathroom — how could she have known how it excited me to watch a woman pee? She sat on the toilet with a broad smile and I heard the splash in the water, and then, as I watched, she opened her knees wide, inviting me to gaze at her while her fleshy inner lips were opened by the intense jet of pee. As she finished and wiped herself, she smiled:

“Your turn now,” she said.

She watched as I tried to relax enough to pee with her eyes fixed on my dick; finally I managed it, and as I finished she reached over and gave my penis a brief ceremonial shake. When we had finished in the bathroom, she said:

“There really is some pizza, if you would like some!”

She stood up and walking across the room, still naked. So she put the pizza in the oven and brought us some more wine, seemingly relishing my gaze as I watched the rolling movement of her bum, and then her peeping slit and lips as she walked back towards me. When we sat to eat, she had one knee up, baring her sodden lips in their fullness — now flushed a deep red; and I sat naked, too, my cock soft, but my knees open for her.

It was getting late now, but we moved together again, for a quite gentle straightforward fuck while we ran our hands over each other — me over those extraordinary nipples, and she over mine — she sensed how I liked that, too. This wasn’t the extravagant exploratory sex of the first time, but she came again, and so did I.

“I’m not going to ask you to stay the night,” she said, “I have to go to work early in the morning.”

I knew that I had to leave early next morning, too, so, with a soft kiss, I slipped off, leaving her wearing just a loose dressing gown, wide open all down the front and showing the whole central swathe of her body. We did not swap addresses, though I did note hers as I left. But, when I got up to leave Langres the next morning, the hotelier handed me a slip of paper, with, on it, her name, address and phone number, which she had left half an hour before. Perhaps after all we would meet again…

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