I thought I would write this almost like a diary about the sexpolits of my wife, Sarah, both while we have been together and some things she got up to before we met. A little different to many posted here, but I hope you enjoy!

I met Sarah when she was 23, she was 5ft6 with long black hair, brown eyes and slim, UK size 10 – 12 with 36C tits. On our first date she came across as quite shy and a little prissy, we had kissed a little in the night club but I wasn’t expecting much more. I walked her home after and kissed her goodnight on her doorstep. She thanked me for walking her home and leant in close to whisper in my ear. She asked if I wanted her to suck me off to say thank you. I was shocked and almost speechless! Fortunately she didn’t wait for a reply and had started pulling my zip down and pulling my rapidly hardening cock from my trousers. She got down on her knees and started sucking me, she was superb at it too, expertly wanking and sucking me until I couldn’t hold back any more. I warned her I was getting close and she pulled my cock from her mouth and looked up on me and asked “Should I stop then?” Thankfully it was a rhetoric question and she continued sucking me until I had finished filling her mouth with my cum. She stood up pulling a bit of a face, then laughed, she said she didn’t really like the taste but she had to swallow so her parents didn’t find a mess on their doorstep! Needless to say I didn’t complain! We exchanged phone numbers and I left.

We organised to meet again for a night out a couple of days later, went for a meal, and to a few bars. As the night wore on I decided to push my luck and ask her back to mine. I was happy she accepted and still wondered whether she really did think it was just for a drink. I showed her to the living room and went to get some drinks from the kitchen. When I came back I found her in just her matching black Bra and thong, finishing folding her clothes on the back of the chair. I was shocked again! She just said “Oh come on, I know why you really invited me back, no point in beating around the bush, I have to be up for work in the morning!” She asked whether we were staying in the living room or going to bed. I pointed out the way to the bedroom and she walked straight through.

She stood in front of the bed asking if she should leave her underwear on. I was busy stripping off and said it was up to her. She casually removed her bra and slid her tiny panties down to reveal the tiniest landing strip of pussy hair, so short it was barely there. Her pussy was by far the prettiest I have ever seen, and incredibly tight as evidenced when she stopped me from trying to penetrate her so she could spit on my cock to lube it up.

She climbed on top of me and lowered herself onto my throbbing dick, I couldn’t believe how snug she was, it took a few attempts to get my 8″ fully into her. After a few moments adjustment and getting used to the size, she brought her feet up so she was kind of standing and sitting down onto my cock rather than thrusting back and forth. Moving directly up and down with so little contact between us excepting her pussy around my cock. The feeling was delicious and of course I told her! She replied that it was her bedroom party trick and asked how nice it was. I could barely reply, but stammered that she would have to stop soon if she wanted me to last. She replied that she didn’t care and just wanted me to enjoy and carried on bouncing on my dick. It wasn’t long before I was past the point of no return and was pumping my semen deep into her tight little hole. She carried on before telling me to let her know when to stop. When she stopped she just sat there on my dick for a few moments, I apologised for not getting her off before I came. She said not to worry she could do that herself, I was a little taken a back and asked if she meant now? She said only if I didn’t mind. I of course said I didn’t mind at all, and she rolled off my cock, laying next to me and began rubbing her clitty while my spunk dripped from her pussy. She apologised a few times for taking a while to bring herself off before announcing that she was about to cum and convulsing while her fingers frantically flicked her clit. The sight was quite frankly incredible!

The next few sessions were as you would expect pretty straight forward sex, with the added spice of watching her masturbate , before, during or after sex. As things progressed we began masturbating in front of each other while talking dirty. I liked asking her about her sexual experiences and having her tell me in detail, a few of which of course I will share, in no particular order and continued over a few stories I will post, if people enjoy them!

When she was with her Ex boyfriend, she went out clubbing one night with him and one of his friends. Her bf got pretty drunk and passed out into a deep sleep as soon as they got home. She was really annoyed with her bf for getting so drunk and making a fool of himself, but incredibly horny from the drinking and dancing. She couldn’t help but flirt with her bfs mate. He didn’t seem to be taking the subtle hints, so she used the fact that it was raining lightly on their way home to claim her dress was wet and took it off leaving her in just her bra and thong. She said she hoped he didn’t mind, of course he didn’t. She was pleased at him struggling to take his eyes off her. She deliberately paraded around, fixing drinks etc, watching him follow her every move with his eyes. She eventually sat opposite him and deliberately adjusted the front of her knickers to ensure she was covered. She exclaimed how they didn’t leave much to the imagination and apologised for the view. She offered to go and put something more conservative on if he wanted, he said he didn’t mind! She told him not to blame her if he got an eyeful, he said he wouldn’t mind at all! The flirting was getting really highly charged by now and she could sense his excitement.

She pushed on asking him in mock surprise what exactly he wanted an eyeful of? He pointed out her bf was in the next room, she just replied that he would be out cold till morning, she asked again what he wanted to see. He said anything, then corrected himself by saying everything. She asked if he could keep it to himself, he nodded of course, she undid her bra while she was still sitting in the chair opposite and threw it aside he stared at her pert tits before she stood up and walked over in front of him. She eased the sides of her thong down slowly, before shaking her hips to cause them to slide down to her feet, revealing her heavily trimmed pussy. He couldn’t take his eyes from her tight snatch, she picked up her panties and draped them over his face asking how she smelled. She apologised straight away saying she was feeling a little bit too dirty due to the alcohol. He didn’t seem to care and took the opportunity to have a sniff of her panties. She asked what now? He shrugged his shoulders, so she suggested that he returned the favour and stripped off, which he did in record time.

He was standing in front of her with a raging hard on, she walked over and whispered in his ear while she let her hand drift down and over his cock telling him he was a naughty boy for what he was thinking of doing to her. She asked if he wanted her to suck his cock, he nodded. She said you have to ask for it, and told him he had to say he wanted his mates girlfriend to suck his cock. He did as she asked and she bent at the waist taking his cock in her mouth and sucking it hard. She knew instinctively not to do that for too long if she wanted some more enjoyment out of him.

She stood close to him and guided his hand between her legs letting him rub her pussy before pushing a finger into her tight wet hole. She asked him if he wanted to put something else in there, but he had other ideas and pushed her back onto the sofa. He knelt between her legs and started licking her almost bald pussy, she wasn’t going to turn that kind of attention down and spread her legs wide for him. Unfortunately he didn’t really have the technique and lapped enthusiastically at her hole, whilst it was turning her on and felt lovely, it wasn’t going to get her off, so she had to give him a little help by spitting on her fingers and flicking her clit while he licked her out.

She was getting close to orgasm when she heard her bf get out of bed. She cursed and jumped up, throwing her dress back on she went to intercept him. It took her a few moments to get her paraletic bf back to bed and off to sleep. She returned back to his friend and quickly stripped again. She sat back on the sofa and told him tongue in cheek that he hadn’t finished the job. He quickly started where he had left off except this time he pushed her hand away and copied what she had been doing to her clit. It only took a couple of minutes to bring her back to the boil and have her panting, telling him not to stop, before he had her quivering and cumming. Once she had recovered for a moment she sat up and asked him if he wanted to fuck her or if he just wanted sucking off. He didn’t take any persuading and said he wanted to fuck her, she pushed him back onto the sofa, leaned down and spat on his dick before rubbing it all over his shaft, she then sat over him, easing herself down onto his twitching cock. She could see he wouldn’t last too long from the look on his face, she told him not to hold back, just to enjoy it. Within minutes he was pumping his sperm up her. He apologised for it being so quick, she just said she had really enjoyed it and might let him do it again.

She thought she could put it down to the alcohol, but the next morning her hung over bf was in the bath, her bfs mate walked over to her and told he really enjoyed the night before and wanted another go. She told him her bf wouldn’t be long, but he begged for a quicky, standing behind her and groping her. He had his hands up her short nightdress and touching her pussy from behind, she was already wet at the thought. He had pulled his hard cock out and was easing her forward, trying to feed his length into her. She spat on her fingers and reaching between her legs lubed his cock up before guiding it to her welcoming hole, telling him he would have to be very quick. He pushed into her up to the hilt and started vigorously fucking her from behind, reaching forward to grope her bouncing tits inadequately contained within her nightdress. He was clearly getting even more turned on by quietly talking dirty, telling her she was a good girl and such a good fuck. It wasn’t long before he was spunking his load up her once more, and only just in time as they heard the bathroom door go.

They just about got tidied up before her Bf walked in. His mate made his excuses and left leaving her with his sperm dripping down her leg. Her bf told her was feeling all horned up due to the hangover and wanted a fuck, she had to say she needed the bathroom first (to clean some of his mates cum up so as to not be caught). She went back and he exclaimed how wet she was when he pushed his fingers up her, his mates spunk obviously still lubricating her pussy. She said she felt so dirty with her bf fucking her just minutes after his friend and even had a rare orgasm through penetration alone!

Have you ever thought, “What is the capacity of the human colon?” Its volume? The quantity it can contain? How much it can hold?

I have. Many times. All my reading suggested 2 quarts; that’s 4 pints; or almost 2.5 litres; about 3 wine-bottles; maybe 12 cupfuls. Then I’d read about people who had taken 4-quart enemas; a whole gallon. So maybe a human colon can hold more than we normally realise.

Well; that evening I was going to find out but she wasn’t ready yet and I wasn’t going to rush things. Partly because I didn’t want her backing away with alarm but also because I was going to enjoy the run-up, the warm-up, the groundwork, the foundations, the preparations for what I had in mind.

For most of the afternoon, and now it was 6 pm, I’d laced her into her second oldest corset. And she was getting towards the huffing and puffing stage, as her waist looked small enough to grasp in my fingers and thumbs. Still, there was an inch or two to finish her off to my satisfaction. She had been and was still in her most compliant mood. In my arms, after a slow orgasm from my hand and her favourite vibrator, she thought she was ready for all my usual requirements.

“Can I make you very tight, please,” I’d pretend-pleaded with her that morning.

“Yes but you have to show me something new to excite me. Yes?” she’d responded.

“Agreed,” I said, “but tell me what I’m allowed to do.”

“Do as you wish – but surprise me.”

“I promise a surprise from what I have planned. Just don’t ask until it’s happened. OK?” I had insisted.

“OK,” she’d agreed.

During the afternoon, between the tight lacing and the occasional glass of white wine, she had another mountainous orgasm followed within a few seconds by a second lesser one. She adored multiple orgasms and had collapsed into my arms again.

“Do anything,” she had repeated; so I was going to do just that. It was an outrageous Plan I’d had for years; something so disgraceful that I hadn’t described even it to myself. But I knew what I was going to do – and what she would give to my pleasure from her own ordeal. I was torn between dashing on to the final experience or alternatively letting my anticipation build until it became irresistible and inevitable. For her as well as me.

She was enclosed in the second oldest corset just in case my plans went askew and something messy happened. And now she was getting close to the closure of the laces as my erection was becoming uncomfortable with the tension and the explosive pressure inside me. She turned round after the lacing and held my erect “little man,” as she called it.

“You’re ready now, aren’t you?”

“Almost. You go and pee now. Be comfy for the evening,” I guided her towards the bathroom. Little did she realise that my Plan required her bladder to be empty. An hour earlier, I’d peed already. All part of The Plan.

While she emptied herself, I prepared my collection of “gear” near the bed and covered it with a big towel. Even handling my “gear” increased my excitement. And I took off my shirt, and was naked.

She came out and stood waiting for me to make the next move. Such compliance! She hadn’t always been like this, but today she seemed to want whatever I wanted, even when she didn’t know what it might involve. I move her towards the bed and laid her face down. She knew this could be the final lacing, so I kneeled over her thighs and took the laces in my hands. The top and bottom edges were already closed. Exerting my muscles, I crossed over the laces and used them in leverage to almost close her waist. She was 21 inches around her waist, maybe a little more, and I held her there with my fingers almost meeting round the front, under her torso as she lay there breathing carefully with her shoulders heaving slightly. Her eyes were wide open as was her mouth, as she came to realise and remembered the ferocity of a boned-and-laced corset.

I reached over to the low table and brought my little pump-bottle of lubrication. I let a long drop of lube fall down on her anal crack; and she knew what was coming. Usually, she enjoyed a bit of anal but now she twisted her head to one side.

“But I’m not clean. I only peed,” she gasped, “remember?”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going into you but I’ll put something in there. It’s part of my Plan for our evening.”

She was quiet and I reached over for my pack of bisocodyl suppositories. I had four ready unwrapped from their foil packets. Normally one will clear a rectum. Four will empty a complete colon as far as the cecum: the whole of the large intestine. Her colon. You can see how important it was to know the anatomical limit of a human colon.

I put a latex glove on my right hand. Slowly, so as not to alarm her, I introduced each of the suppositories one at a time and pressed them to four different positions inside her rectum; behind the second sphincter. North, South, East and West so to speak.

I knew that sphincter well. That was where I had often pushed “little man” slowly to get full penetration into her empty bowel. But today she was not empty. I could tell that her rectum was bulging with waste; with faeces, with dung; with crap; with shit; with ordure to give it its literary name. Jonathan Swift of “Gulliver’s Travels” fame had written a monogram on “Human ordure botanically considered” in 1733. So I felt to be in good educated company to think of it as ordure. My Plan was going well. I was going to turn her colon-full of ordure into a soft creamy slippery, sludgy, porridge-like torrent; all for my pleasure and what I had in mind to do with it. The more she had in her at the start, the more pleasure I was going to have with her.

I cleaned her anus carefully with a baby-wipe; also there at the side of the bed, among my gear. But then also I placed another blob of lube on my gloved middle finger and smeared it around the rectal opening, without penetrating her. She wriggled a little, as if wondering why I was doing that. I was silent and removed the glove.

Then I turned her over and we began making out. The kissing and the handling, and the little bites. On her breasts, across her throat, in her ears. And she playing with “little man” and pushing my skin back. And tugging at handfuls of hair on my chest, especially when I did something pleasurable for her. A finger into her labia; a little pressure on her clitoris; playing around her vagina. But always careful not to go close to her anus. She took one orgasm from my fingers while I was also sucking her right nipple at the same time. She always likes that.

And so we passed a very pleasurable 30 minutes, until she spoke softly.

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

I knew what that meant and dissuaded her, “Not yet. Wait longer and I’ll show something new. Hold on for a minute or more. Yes?”

“Mmm. I’ll try,” she murmured, so I decided to take the next important move.

“Just for a minute, come on top of me. Take me in before you need to go.”

A rolled myself over and reached over to my gear, to select a butt plug for myself. She saw and smiled because it was one of my little extra pleasures sometimes. She didn’t inspect the butt plug, or else she’d have noticed it was unusual. Sticking out from the 3-inch pierced globe was a semi-flexible clear plastic tube, one-inch in diameter and about 15 inches long, with a smaller globe on the other end; with the tube passing through it. Maybe 2-inches diameter at that end. As she lay there, waiting for her next movements, I slowly pressed the globe into my anus and then fed it up behind my own sphincter. I had practiced this for weeks, so that my muscles were able to slide open to take the big plug. And then it settled into place in my rectum with about 12 inches of the plastic tube resting between my legs.

I pulled her onto me; straddling me, with my erection pointing to the ceiling. Slowly, she raised herself against the added restriction of the tightened corset, and slid down onto me. Then she leaned forward to lie on my chest; another of our favourite positions, so that I can feel her body and play with her waist. This time, I held her tightened waist in my two hands and pulled her down onto me as I pumped back and forth into her juicy vagina.

“I must go now,” she said and tried to raise herself but I held onto her waist and prevented her moving away. The corset was my ally, anyway, since it stopped her from moving very much, and certainly prevented her from raising herself. It had been almost 40 minutes for the suppositories to do their work in her.

“Wait,” I said, “let me show you this. Just relax down on me.”

As she did, I reached down to the tube between my legs and brought the globe end of it close to her bottom. But not so close that it touched. That would have alarmed her.

I spoke softly. “I’m going to put something in you. It’ll make you feel good. Just relax and do as I tell you. OK?”

“Mmm. OK,” she replied, uncertainly.

With a swift movement but not roughly, I brought the smoothed and rounded globe of the tube up against her anal muscles. Then with a quick twist and a thrust, it pushed easily into her. Two-inches diameter was more than my erection but a little less than some of the toys we had put in her rectum. It slid into her and I held it there.

Then three things all happened at once.

First, she squealed a little and flinched with the suddenness of the penetration, but not from pain or discomfort. Almost immediately, she slumped back down onto my chest to relax once she’d worked out what had happened.

Then the contents of her bowels began to flow down the tube. I could feel the extra weight as I held it into her. And the warmth coming through the plastic wall. She was emptying into the tube and had no control over the flow. It was simply pumping itself out of her.

Finally, it began to fill me and I could feel the pressure building in my groin and up towards my ribs. Within 10 seconds, she had completely filled my rectum, and her ordure was pressing its way through the sigmoid bend of my own colon and up into my descending colon. Only now it was an ascending column of smooth, pulpy, hot, silky and slimy shit beginning to fill my body. Sorry; I mean ordure.

For a minute, her intestines continued to pump their contents into me, and then they slowed. I wanted everything she had. I was bloating and felt a serious urge to empty myself by this time. I could feel my intestine swelling and pressing up against her corset. I could feel the hardness of the busk-pins against my stretching skin. She must have been very, very full. Full of shit. But she wasn’t now; she was practically empty. And now it was me who was full of shit.

“Push. Try to get more out. Give me all you have. Squeeze. Squeeze,” and I squeezed her waist inside the corset.

“Stay very still now,” I instructed her, as I moved to perform a risky little manoeuvre.

Letting go of the plastic tube, I reached round for the corset laces, undid the bow, and began to pull them across in further leverage. As best I could in that lying position, I closed the corset on her. She was tiny. And the last squirt of her dung suddenly forced its way into me.

Quickly I took hold of the tube-globe and pressed it further into her rectum, just to be certain that the corset’s pressure didn’t push it out of her body. And so we lay there for a time, maybe 5 minutes, with me revelling in the knowledge and the sensations or being filled with her waste; her faeces, her dung; her crap; her shit; her ordure. It also added to mine, since my own bowel had not been emptied for some hours, anyway. My entire lower abdomen was churning and pulsing.

I began to fuck into her again, holding her down with one arm and the tube in place with the other hand. She lay quietly and compliant again, as I worked my way up to my own climax. I knew what was coming more than she realised. Before I got too close, I let go of her body with that arm and released the bow on her corset, which expanded immediately. She took a deep breath and the corset opened further.

My own orgasm was coming. Coming soon. Almost there. And then it came – from the depths of my groin and my spine. I shot my seminal load high into her and then made another effort as well. I pushed within in my intestines, to expel her waste; her faeces, her dung; her crap; her shit; her ordure. Where to? Back into her.

She flinched, “What you doing?” sounding panicky.

“I’m going to give you back what you gave me. Just relax and set’s see if it works,” I spoke softly.

Little did she realise that I had my own load and I also had liquidised my load because of the four bisocodyls inside her. Her shit was liquidising mine and causing my own bowel to experience strong peristalsis. I began pushing in earnest and squeezing all of her dung back into her. At that stage, with the first shock of the pressure from me, and the volume that came out from me, it must have felt like a solid rod thrusting into her entrails. And so it spread inside her and began to fill her rectum and so onto her sigmoid and up into her colon.

She started to squirm and would have raised herself if I’d let her. I wrapped an arm around her again and pulled her back down onto my chest.

“No. Stay still or else we’ll spill it all,” this time not so softly. More of an instruction and she knew my tone was different; to be obeyed.

For a full 5 minutes, I pushed my contents into her and I could feel her swelling as I got emptier. She was making little grunting noises all the time. And then…

“Stop now. I’m full. You’ll burst me open. Please stop now. Oh. Oh. OH……OH…OOOOOOH I’m bursting,” she was wailing.

“You’ll not burst. The corset will save you. Now let’s get it all back into me. Are you ready to push?” I was speaking softly again.

“I don’t know if a can push. I’m so full. Like I’m bursting. Stop now.”

“Let’s get it back into me. Let me lace your corset a little. That’ll help you push. OK?”

“Hmm. Oooooh, I’m so full,” she wailed again.

Of course she felt full. I reckoned she must have 5 or 6 pints of our combines dung in her bowel. So I reached round and began to re-tighten the corset as best I could. In fact, I got the waist tight quickly and her bowel-contents began to flow back into me. I could feel the flow and the fullness in my own bottom.

Slowly, she emptied and I got filled, until there was no further transfer and then the really serious question came unspoken to my mind, “How do we take out this tube without splashing or squirting liquid manure – sorry, ordure – all over the bedroom?”

In fact, I’d thought about it before and had a rubber bung among my “gear” on the little table. And also a black towel that I used whenever I went swimming. So I reached over for them and told her what needed to be done to disentangle ourselves.

“Stay still, I’ll leave your corset tight so you don’t take any more back in. OK?”

“Mmm,” she grunted as usual.

Slowly, very slowly, I reached round and began to withdraw her tube and globe. I was hoping that her bowel would not push out any more manure as the globe left her. As it left her, I quickly pushed the bung into her end of the tube. But I was not totally successful in the manoeuvre and a little quantity squeezed out from her anus. I pressed the black towel into her crack and caught everything that made its appearance, and provided her with something to sit on as she shifted sideways off me. By now “little man” was even littler than usual!

And so we finished the session. She sat there on the edge of the bed, on her towel, tightly laced still, while I made my way to the bathroom and pulled out my own anal globe. I can’t describe to you the volume and the nature of the slippery, slushy, creamy-brown torrent that jetted out of my bowels. For almost 15 minutes, I sat there and emptied: in a flood at first and then in a trickle. The bowl of the lavatory was half-filled. I guessed almost a gallon; eight pints; four quarts; almost 5 litres.

As I ended my bathroom session, she came to the door and I turned her around to undo the corset. She had her own session sitting to empty. Then we both showered and went to bed for a rest. Later, we spoke about the experience and she blushed. Whether with shame or excitement, I couldn’t tell. And then we made love again.

This woman is amazing. He ability and willingness to try new things; her ability to lace to her anatomical limit in the tightest corset; her openness to orgasms. She is amazing. I love an desire her more than I can tell you.

Good old Jonathan Swift. So much a better word for what we had between us. I mean what we shared. What we exchanged. If it had been an ordure ordeal for her, she never said so but the blush must have meant something.

My husband Bill is a sexual adventurist and is always asking me to go out riding around without underwear and exposing myself to him so that he can take pictures! We have done this many times and I always insist that he delete them afterward. I must admit that I find it extremely exciting as well and he is aware by how wet I get at these times. Of course I take it for granted that he does get rid of them but you never know. He always says he wants to print one for his wallet which makes me very anxious. I wouldn’t want him showing his pals or losing his wallet for a stranger to find!

We also use many toys in our lovemaking like vibrators & dildos. I love the feeling of being stretched and penetrated deeply and I know he enjoys seeing me being opened up and on display. He teases me that people are watching or participating in my defilement which adds to our mutual excitement. The thought that he would consider to allow others to partake in these activities both scares and excites me while in the moment. For his part, he says he would like to see some man (or men) use me for their sexual pleasure. We role-play that I’m being screwed from both ends while he watches or joins in. Once I

have my orgasm he jumps right on and adds his seed to the imaginary load(s) already inside my pussy. We really get off on this type of fantasy and use it regularly to heighten our sex life.

Knowing how much he gets turned on by this type of activity, I decided to give him several “Gift Certificates” that promised him unlimited access to my body for whatever activity he wanted. The certificates forbade me to say no to any request from the bearer / redeemer. It was decorated with a summer pic of me in a revealing bathing suit that had been taken from behind, slightly bent over, smiling over my shoulder back at the camera. This is a very risqué pose and pic from my point of view and hopefully very suggestive for my husband.

I presented him with the certificates on his birthday, thinking he would want a private photo session very soon. I teased and taunted him to use his imagination for whatever would turn him on and stressed I would do as requested. I pleaded with him in a mock gesture not to use it to expose me to his friends or even to let them have me as their slave. As I was honor bound to do as instructed I would have no choice if he wanted me to blow them or allow them to fuck me. I asked him if he would “let them fill my pussy with their cum or spray all over my face and body”. He joked that if it suited him he would certainly encourage It!!…… and take a few snap shots as well.

Bill and I had great sex that night speculating as to what he might have me do. He did not redeem a certificate however and nothing more was said for a few days. Every now or then, I would ask him when he was going to use one but he always put me off. Just talking about them though would open the door to another fun night of sexual activity.

Eventually the excitement died down and they were all but forgotten for a while.

Then one day I got a call from one of Bill’s friends. It seems that Bill had lost his wallet

while out fishing one weekend and Jim found it in his car. That was a relief as we were about to cancel his credit cards. Jim said he would like to drop it by in the evening so I

thanked him profusely and shouted to Bill the good news. Then he surprised me by saying that he would like to redeem one of the certificates he found in the wallet! Bill had stashed them there for safekeeping and forgot all about them. I can’t tell you how embarrassed I was as he kept joking about all the fun he was going to have collecting!

I took it as a joke and told Bill what happened and he had a slightly concerned expression on his face. When I asked him what was wrong, he confessed to having a compromising picture or two of me in his wallet. So, not only did Jim have pictures of me in revealing poses, he could also make sport of us about the certificates.

We decided to handle it as a joke and sheepishly took the wallet and ribbing from Jim. He didn’t let up while he was there suggesting some exciting ideas to Bill about the sexual favors I could perform. Not knowing what else to say or do Bill went right along with it to

try to scare me. Later that night Bill and I talked about the whole incident and I asked him the particulars on the pics from his wallet. He told me one was of me sitting with my legs spread, sans underpants, and the other was a picture of my ass from behind with cheeks open wide. I was mortified (also a little excited) but more concerned when I learned that Jim didn’t return the pics or one of the certificates. What I learned next was more worrisome.

Jim told Bill that he really wanted to use one of the certificates in return for the pics from the wallet. Bill wasn’t sure how to handle this new problem but didn’t want Jim showing everyone those pictures. So he asked Jim to hold off doing anything with the pictures and said he would speak to me about collecting on the certificate. Although confused and upset about the situation I was also excited about the prospect of following through. I was honor bound to Bill regardless should he want to follow through and the certificate did state the “Bearer”, in this case Jim, could also redeem one. It looks like I was going to have little choice so I resolved to accept my fate. I told Bill that I would honor the certificate under his direction if that’s what he wanted and we could get the pictures back. To my surprise, Bill was not upset but rather enthusiastic about the prospects.

I left it to Bill to make the arrangements with Jim. They settled on the next Saturday night after 7:00 PM. I overheard several calls between them and I was aware that Bill was very excited about what was to take place. I began to think he was in on it with Jim from the start but what did it matter. A deal’s a deal and I couldn’t say no. And I didn’t want to. I was becoming extremely aroused at what may happen and had resolved to

enjoy it as much as I could. When Saturday arrived I was primed for action.

Bill had me shower to get ready and picked out what clothes I was to wear. He bought a black corset I was to put on under a white blouse. There was to be no bra or undies, just some black stockings attached to the corsets garters and a knee length pleated skirt. He got out our collection of toys and spread them out on one side of the bed. He explained all would be used until they were ready for some fucking & sucking. Any and all my holes could be used however they wanted and would take several loads of cum. That was just for starters. The game plan could change as the night progressed.

Bill had me kneeling at the end of the bed when 7:00 rolled around and waited downstairs for Jim to arrive. I jumped when I heard the doorbell, suddenly afraid of what was to happen. My husband of 25 years was about to give my body to a friend for his sexual enjoyment. I listened as the footsteps sounded on the stairway and the bedroom door opened. Bill announced “Here she is” and calmly walked up to me and lifted my skirt. My ass and pussy were on display. Next he invited Jim over and spread my ass cheeks, imploring him to examine me closely and start in with the toys. Jim went for my clit and found I was very wet. Next he picked up a thin dildo and pushed it gently up my pussy. I was aroused beyond belief as my husband and Jim watched it going in. Then a thin butt plug was gently pushed up my ass. I was feeling full and really horny. I wondered what Bill was thinking watching his wife displayed in this manner?

Then Jim announced that bigger objects needed to be inserted to “Open Her Up”. The slim dildo was replaced with a realistic looking black plastic cock that was smeared in some type of lube. Jim rammed it in slowly allowing me to adjust to its length and girth. Bill commented as my pussy lips stretched to accommodate it. Then I heard a camera clicking and saw a flash as Bill started taking some pics. I wasn’t expecting him to take pictures but hoped he would get rid of them after this was over. It wasn’t long before some other devices were used but the boys quickly tired of them. Jim said he needed release and it was time to fuck me good. The last dildo was removed and I felt his cock at my pussy entrance. Bill held me open as Jim thrust himself inside. He told me later how fascinated he was when Jim entered me bareback and began thrusting quickly. After a few minutes Jim erupted and sent a load of cum up my womb. It was very hot and I felt his cock pumping for a while. Bill watched as he withdrew and saw his cum leaking from my pussy. He grabbed the camera and got a few shots of it and then entered me himself. Meanwhile Jim moved around to my face and asked me to taste him and lick him clean. I took him into my mouth and had my first taste of another man’s sperm.

Bill fucked my hot pussy using Jims cum as a lubricant. He commented how hot and wet I was and didn’t last long before adding his sperm to Jims. Then he left the room and let me work my mouth on Jim’s cock. I had cleaned up most of his cum when my husband returned. He wasn’t alone however. With him were two other friends of his and Jim’s and they were immediately invited to join in. I heard them shuck their clothes and one moved around behind me while the other took Jim’s place in my mouth. My husband was using me for a gangbang. I sucked on the new cock for about five minutes while the other “Pal” was busy in my pussy. I could barely feel him I was so stretched but the erotic nature of what was happening had me losing my mind with lust. Bill was rubbing himself off and taking pics of the newcomers at each end. When the guy in my mouth erupted, Bill got a pic of his load in my mouth and on my face. When the guy in my pussy went off Bill got some shots of the creampie. All this time the butt plug was still up my ass giving me additional thrills. Once everyone got off, they removed the plug and allowed me to lay down exhausted.

Bill then asked the boys to get dressed and ushered them out the door. Then he returned to me and began rubbing me down ever so gently. He told me how magnificent I had been and we cuddled for a while. He said they would be back soon when he was going to redeem the other certificates!

He kissed me gently and I told him I really didn’t have the massive orgasm I was expecting. Then I asked him for a special favor. I needed release and asked him to give me a good licking. I wasn’t sure he would because I was so full of other men’s sperm but he lowered himself and began licking my clit. I was so turned on I ground myself onto his mouth so that his tongue could go right up inside. I know the sperm inside was draining into his mouth but he stayed with it. He was tasting all of our combined fluids and it drove me over the edge. I was in convulsions and my legs were like a vise around his head. Bill lapped & sucked till I calmed down and was too sensitive to be touched any longer. We cuddled some more and fell asleep in each others arms.

Pandora’s Box had been opened and couldn’t be closed. I wasn’t sure I wanted to close it. My husband had started sharing me with other men and I loved it. They say the more you have sex the more you want sex I know it was true in my case. I couldn’t get enough.

It took me a week to recover from the little group session that had occurred in our basement with my husband’s colleagues. The intense multiple orgasms I had experienced had left my lower belly sore. My poor throttled pussy was still a tad tender but now ached for some action.

Fresh from my morning shower I sat naked on a towel in front of my dressing table blow-drying my long black hair. My head was cocked at a right angle as I maneuvered my whining hair-dryer back and forth across my hair while simultaneously running a comb through it. My hands worked with practiced routine leaving my mind free to reminisce about my group experience.

My pussy dampened with excitement at the recollection of the event. My nipples hardened despite the hot air blowing on my head. I sat my comb down on the table and tweaked a nipple. My moan was masked by the high-pitched whine of the dryer. I decided my hair was dry enough and turned off the dryer and sat it down next to my comb. I squeezed both breasts and twirled my nipples between my forefingers and thumbs like they were combination locks. I cooed with contentment.

“Stella, you’ve become such a slut,” chuckled my husband from behind me. He was leaning against the door jab of the bathroom watching me stimulate myself.

I smiled and nodded at his reflection in the mirror, “Isn’t that what you wanted?”

He crossed the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. Steam from the bathroom chased after him. He stopped behind me and I handed him my hairbrush. He lovingly brushed my hair. He looked deep into my eyes by way of the mirror’s reflection while making long strokes with the brush.

“I love you Stella. It’s like you’ve just discovered how much you enjoy sex. So, yeah, I like you being a slut but I love that you are my wife.”

Closing my eyes I basked in the comforting caresses of the brush gliding through my hair. I felt the warmth of Bill’s bare torso on my back. I could feel the love my husband had for me with each stroke of the brush.

“It’s been a while since you’ve seen Victor. He sent you some very nice flowers after your tryst with him.”

I opened my eyes and gazed into the mirror until our eyes locked, “I needed to recover from the gangbang you arranged”

Bill’s cock hardened against my back as he remembered the group event. “Yeah, what a night, I thought you’d be sore from all that attention.”

I smiled, “It’s not just the physical soreness. There’s some emotional issues that need to be worked out too. Vic is different from the others. It’s more than just sex with Victor. I care for him.”

“He called me to apologize for taking advantage of my wife,” Bill chuckled. “He’s such an honorable guy. He just doesn’t get this, whole friends with benefits thing.”

“I’m not sure I do either. You didn’t want to hear any details about my night with Victor. Yet, you insisted on watching me have sex with a group of guys I barely know.”

“You are right, Vic is different than the others. I do like watching the guys fuck you. It turns me on but I can’t watch you and Vic fuck,its way too emotional. I’d feel like an intruder.”

“What do want me to do?” I asked my husband watching in the mirror.

He smiled at me, “I want you to see Victor tonight and serve him supper in a sexy French Maid outfit.”

Somewhat startled I said, “I thought we just agreed sex is too emotional with Victor.”

“We agreed that there is an emotional component to your sex with Vic and not emotional one with the others.”

I sighed frustrated, “I don’t have a French Maid outfit.”

My husband strode to the closet door and opened it. A black and white French Maid costume hung from the door. “You do now. I picked it up yesterday after I talked to Vic.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to see Victor.”

“Victor needs you. And the truth of the matter is you need him. Isn’t that what really scares you?”

“Aren’t you scared?” I stammered.

“Not in the least. I’m choosing to share my wife with my best friend. Friendship requires certain emotional bonds. He is after all a friend with benefits after all.”

“What about us?”

My husband’s confident grin was reassuring, “I don’t think we have ever been closer. I love how much you enjoy sex with my friends, with men I have picked for you. Your sexiness keeps me in almost constant state of arousal.”

He ripped the towel from his waist and stomped towards me. His hard cock swayed and smacked his thighs with each step. His eyes reflected lust and wanton hunger.

Rising to my feet I turn to embrace my advancing lover. He stopped me and swung me back around. Once again he stood behind the bench of the dressing table. He imbibed my nakedness and I felt like a work of art under his intense scrutiny. He cupped a breast and squeezed it pulling me towards him until my back was resting against his chest. He kissed my neck and whispered hot and sexy in my ear, “Put your knees on the seat.”

I figured out what Bill wanted and took his hand for balance. I scooted my knees onto the seat until I was centered on it. I watched my husband’s reaction in the mirror as I presented my up-turned posterior to him. My pussy lips were puffy and glistened with my excitement. I whimpered as he tugged at my nipples. My breasts were warm and engorged with lust. I extended my hands and leaned forward to catch the corners of the dressing table with my knees shoulder-width apart. I knew this was the position my husband wanted.

Bill caressed my back from my shoulders to my buttocks lightly running his fingertips across my skin. Goose bumps trailed his tender touch and I sighed blissfully. My husband dropped to his knees behind me and kissed each cheek of my upturned butt. He spread my cheeks revealing my pucker and pussy. His tongue tantalized my slit teasing my clit from its hiding place. Once it was exposed his tongue darted quickly over it causing my whole body to writhe with glee.

He trailed his tongue through my saturated snatch twirled it thrillingly across my taint finally amusing my anus with speedy stabs of the tip. Transitory moans emitted from me with each jolting jab of his tongue. Once he was satisfied that my butthole hole was ready Bill stood up. He grinned at me in the mirror as my face grimaced while his blunt cock helmet battered its way into my backside.

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as Bill’s extremely hard cock continued to creep inch by inch up my ass. My knuckles turned white as I grasped the corner of my dressing table. I exhaled my breath with a hiss when he stopped his penetration and allowed me adjust to the violation. I sucked in air with a rasp and held it when he continued his encroachment. Once Bill was fully seated in my butt he waited for me to catch my breath. I was dizzy with delight.

“Stella I love you so much. Your ass is so tight.”

I blinked my eyes open then blinked a couple of more times as the pain subsided. I smiled weakly at my husband. My butt was so full of his cock I swear I could feel the blood pulsing through the big vein on top of his shaft. I felt his cock twitch demanding recompense.

Bill grabbed my hair in his fist and yanked, pulling my head towards him. This forced my back to arch and another inch of Bill’s cock invaded my insides. A tear trickled down my cheek as I panted through the pain.

After kissing my ear Bill growled, “I love your ass Stella. It belongs to me. Nobody gets your ass but me. Not Vic, not the guys just me. Do you understand me Stella?”

I hissed as he pulled my hair again, “I understand.”

With a mischievous grin Bill began to withdraw his dick. Slowly his cock retreated until my sphincter threatened to expel it from my body with a couple of involuntary contractions. Bill moaned as my pain gave him pleasure.

At a snail’s pace Bill reversed course reinstalling his cock back into me until he was once again balls deep inside me. He repeated the process over and over again with disciplined precession. The angle of his cock was such that it tapped the underside of my G-spot through my innards. As Bill increased the tempo of his thrusts the taps on my G-spot transformed the pain to pleasure.

“Fuck my ass Bill, fuck it hard,” I growled like an animal.

I moved my hips counter to Bill’s thrusts enhancing his enjoyment and mine. Wet flesh on flesh smacks reverberated off the bedroom walls. His groans and my grunts only added to the crescendo of raunchy racket.

Bill’s cock expanded and throbbed. He rammed it deep into me shooting blast after blast of cum into me like a shotgun. His bellow of release sounded like a moose mating call. Once he was spent he stayed fully embedded in my ass and reached around me and pressed his palm against my exposed clit.

My eyes rolled over white as Bill increased the pressure on my clit while simultaneously tapping my G-spot with his cock. Red light burned white hot behind my eyelids. I howled at the ceiling as an intense orgasm erupted from my cunt and raced to the pleasure centers of my brain.

I hissed and hung my head as Bill pulled his quickly deflating cock from my backside. I took his hand as he helped me off the seat. My knees were red and sore from the friction of our coupling. I embraced my husband kissing his cheek enjoying the smooth warmth of his naked body.

“I love you, Bill.”

“I love you too, Stella. I need to get dressed. I’ll be home early to help you get ready for Vic. Cook something that we can take to his place in covered dishes. He’ll enjoy a home cooked meal.”

He slapped my ass with a loving smack before hurrying to dress. Soon he was out the door and on his way to work with a gratified grin on his face.

Later that day, I made an almond chicken and rice dish, with asparagus with hollandaise sauce on the side. I put it all into plastic storage containers to take to Victor’s condo to be warmed up later. White Zinfandel wine goes best with chicken so I put a bottle in the fridge to chill. I spent the rest of the day sunning on the back deck.

Bill got home about three that afternoon and roused me from the deck to get me ready for Victor. He already had the bathtub full of sudsy water. He lit vanilla aroma therapy candles while I shucked my bikini and slipped into the tub. He kissed me and began scrubbing my body with a soapy wash rag.

He grinned, “The smell of vanilla is supposed to enhance a women’s desire for sex.”

“You must really want me randy with all the candles you lit. How was your day?”

“Not bad but I had trouble concentrating this afternoon I couldn’t wait to get home and get you ready. I arranged to meet the guys at The Locker Room for supper and to watch the game afterwards. I plan on picking you up at Vic’s around ten. I don’t want you spending the night.”

“I didn’t think you were worried about the emotional bond between Vic and me.”

Bill smiled with confidence, “I’m not worried about it. I’m just setting some boundaries that’s all. I’m sharing you with Vic not giving you away. He’ll be home by six, I think four hours of fucking you should be adequate.”

“Four hours of fucking, huh? We better stop and get some oysters on the way to Vic’s. He’s going to need the boner boost.”

“What else did you fix for his supper?”

“Almond chicken and asparagus.”

“Mmmm,” Bill chuckled, “A veritable smorgasbord of aphrodisiac delights.”

I kissed him moaning as his tongue wrestled with mine. I squealed with glee as he lightly tugged my hard soapy nipples. I could tell by the smirk on my husband’s face that he was teasing me to heighten my arousal. I knew he had no intention of pleasing me. I raised my arms after he rinsed my breasts so he could shave my armpits.

After that task was completed he had me sit on the edge of the tub. Bill soaped my legs and gently ran my razor up each leg from ankle to my thigh. He traced his hand over my legs to ensure not an errant hair remained. Satisfied he lathered my cunt which was sodden from all his loving attention. His forehead wrinkled with concentration as he glided the blade across my vulnerable vulva.

I giggled and rubbed his cheek with my hand and said, “Relax Honey, you’re just shaving the stubble from my snatch not performing brain surgery.”

He smiled at me and gave me a quick kiss, “I know Baby, I just want it to be perfect.”

Once he was assured that my vagina was fuzz free he helped me out of the tub. He patted me off with a fluffy bath towel while the bath water gurgled down the drain. After I was dry he took coconut oil and liberally applied it to my freshly sheared snapper. Bill slipped a well-oiled digit into my cunt and fingered me to the brink of orgasm.

I stood on my tiptoes with my warm buttocks pressed into the cold ceramic sink. Goose bumps rose all over my body. I grew dizzy from the contradiction. I hissed at Bill as his thumb pressed on one side of my clit and then the other without touching it all.


He laughed, “Nope. I want you horny for Vic.”

As Bill kissed me I surrendered to his will, my tongue tussled with his until he tenderly twisted my nipple. A deep moan began in my core and rumbled forth as blissful warmth spread throughout my body. Sensing I was close to orgasm Bill pulled his finger from me and I groaned in protest.

Bill took my hand and led me into the bedroom to my dressing table. Daintily I sat down and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes were glassy with lust as Bill took a brush and began running it through my long black hair. I giggled at him as he pulled a computer print-out of his pocket and sat it on the table.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

He smiled, “I think the look of your French Maid Outfit would be enhanced with your hair in a Dangling French Rope Bun.”

“And…how do you know about a Dangling French Rope Bun?”

“Through the miracle of the Internet, Darling,” he laughed.

He took my hair and wrapped it into a simple rope braid and twirled and wrapped it. He frowned at his completed creation, “Damn it, that’s not right.”

After two more attempts Bill was satisfied that he had arranged my hair into the style laid out in his step-by-step guide. I took a hand mirror and inspected his handiwork by holding it behind my head, “Very good, Darling. I’m impressed and I’m sure Vic will be too.”

My compliment seemed to fuel Bill’s confidence. He reached for my make-up and began applying foundation to my face. With a workman like approach he added blush, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara and eye liner to my face. I was only his assistant and he asked for this or that like a surgeon asking for instruments in the operating room. I realized I was Bill’s tour de force, that much of the pleasure he got from sharing me sexually with his friends came from preparing me for the encounter.

“What do you think, Stella?”

I looked at my reflection in the mirror, “You’re a true artist, Honey. I couldn’t do a better job myself.”

“Thanks, Darling, one last touch.”

Bill took my hand and helped me to stand before he picked my perfume which I kept in a vintage clear crystal bottle. He unscrewed the lid and produced the inner wand dauber and carefully touched me behind each ear with it. Then he gently dragged the dauber between my breasts down my trembling tummy leaving a wet trail of soft oriental fragrance until he reached the cleft of my cunt. With a wicked grin pushed the dauber against my clit.

I clutched his arm as my eyes widened with exhilaration. My clit practically jumped from its hood looking for more stimulation, “Oooh.”

“Let’s get you dressed,” chuckled Bill as he put the dauber back in its crystal container.

He guided me towards the closet. He stopped in front of my chester-drawers and pulled out a pair of fishnet stockings. He slipped them on me one leg at time. His fingers lightly brushed the folds of my cunt as he popped the bands of the stocking into place high on my thigh.

“Uh-huh, uh-huh,” I moaned as Bill snuck a finger into my saturated snatch.

He abruptly pulled it out with a wicked grin, “That’s enough of that my slutty Stella.”

I stuck my tongue out at him as he wrapped the black corset around my middle. I put a breast in each half-cup bra as he fastened the back. My nipples weren’t covered and my breasts looked like they were being offered on a tray. I tweaked each exposed nipple in turn basking in the warmth that was starting to grow in my core.

Bill smiled at my naughtiness and clipped my fishnet stockings to the garter straps dangling from my corset. He placed each foot into a pair of black stilettos as I held on to the closet door jab for balance. He stretched open the waist band of a pair of white lace G-string panties so I could step into them. He pulled them up over my stockings and garter straps until he reached my hips. He adjusted the thin strip of material into the crack of my ass. He smiled pleased with the camel-toe the panties created. He looked me in the eye and ran his finger across the lacey material into the slit of my cunt, “Is that where you want Victor to put his big cock, Baby?”

I was so turned-on that lace was immediately saturated with my excitement. I whined, “Yes… yes. I want…Victor’s… big cock.”

Bill smiled at me with a self-satisfied smirk as my inner-slut began to emerge. He wrapped the black maid’s mini-skirt with an attached white apron around my waist and snapped it into place. He handed me a pair of white lace gloves which I slipped on while he fastened a white lace chocker around my neck. He topped the outfit off by placing the white lace maid’s headpiece on my head. Then he handed me a feather duster to complete my ensemble.

“You look so sexy, Stella. I love you.” He kissed my forehead and playfully pinched my nipple, “Let’s go.”

We packed supper into a picnic basket giggling like excited kids on the way to the playground. We pulled out of the garage and headed across town to Victor’s condo. We pulled into the parking lot of a grocery market after I reminded Bill to stop and pick-up some raw oysters.

I fidgeted with the feather duster as I waited in the car. I recalled Vic’s hard dick and I licked my lips with anticipation. I grew wetter as I remembered how it bobbed and throbbed, drooling with his passion for me. I didn’t think it was possible but my nipples grew even harder, to the point of pain. I giggled as a gawking man walked into parked car. I should have felt embarrassed by my slutty appearance but I felt a sexy empowerment instead.

The man rubbed his knee as I smiled and waved at him. When I took the handle of the feather duster into my mouth and sucked it like it was a cock the man forgot all about his knee. He approached our car for a closer look. He stood just outside my window.

I rewarded his curiosity by pinching my exposed nipple while sucking on the end of the duster. Moving my hand down from my breast to my lap I pulled my skirt up revealing my soaked black lace panties. The camel toe had become a well entrenched moose knuckle.

Another man stood next to my onlooker. I caught movement on the driver’s side and noticed a woman standing on that side of the car. I scooted down in the seat pulled my G-string to the side and exposed my cunt.

The warm air on my sopping sex further ignited my excitement. I grew wetter. I was panting like a greyhound that had just chased an electric rabbit around a track. I pulled the end of the feather duster from my mouth a long string of slobber dangled from its tip. I slowly slid the wet hard plastic end of the feather duster between my puffy pussy lips.

I closed my eyes ignoring the small crowd that had now gathered around the car. Slowly, leisurely I glided the handle of the duster in and out of my gushing gash enjoying the gratification of the penetration. I pressed my palm against my clit while trying to hold my panties out of the way.

“Aah! That’s amazing!” I exclaimed with bated breath.

As my body took pleasure from masturbation,I heard Bill shout then he opened the car door. I felt the car shift as his weight hit the driver’s seat followed by the angry slam of his door.

“Stella, what’s gotten into you?” he hissed releasing his anger.

“The…feather…duster,” I huffed too far gone to care.

Bill laughed which relieved his irritation. He kissed me as I manipulated the feather duster in and out of my cunt with an increased tempo. He could tell by my frantic actions and guttural groans that I was close to orgasm. He took each of my nipples between his forefingers and thumbs and slowly increased the pressure on them until he pinched them like they were in a vice.

The pain plunged me over the abyss into pleasure. I blinked as rockets trailing red and white light exploded in my mind’s eye. It seemed as if my entire pelvis contracted around the hard plastic handle of the feather duster. I screamed with blissful release, “Aya! Ayo!”

The crowd of onlookers clapped their approval of my performance. I turned red-faced as Bill started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. We continued our journey to Vic’s.

He asked me without betraying any emotion, “What was that about?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know…I was so horny…I don’t know. I needed relief.”

“And, the crowd?”

Embarrassed to look directly at Bill, I watched the passing traffic out the passenger side window. I tried to explain the motivation of my public masturbation. “I don’t know there was this one guy. He was gawking at my maid’s get-up and walked right into a parked car. It… I don’t know…made me feel sexy… that I could have that effect on him. Then one thing led to another… by the time I noticed the crowd… I didn’t care. Are you mad at me? Do you want to just go home?”

Bill patted my knee and lovingly squeezed my thigh, “I’m not angry and I’m not taking you home. I was just surprised that’s all. I wasn’t expecting a crowd around the car. I’ve pushed you to be more be more slutty, so how can I be upset with you when you act like a slut?”

I took Bill’s hand in my hand and held it like lovers do. “Why do you like me to be slutty?”

“Stella, I love you. You are such a sexual person. You look the most beautiful when you cum.”

“Why do you want to share me with Vic and the others?”

“The reason I share you with Vic is simple. He’s our friend and he needs a woman since Jane died. Because he’s a friend you have an emotional bond with him so its more than just sex with him. But, with the my work colleagues its purely sex and I know you enjoy both arrangements.”

I looked over at my husband and tried to read his face, “And you? What do you get out of both arrangements?”

He looked over at me, his forehead crinkled, “I’m not sure I can explain it. I’m gratified by the fact that you are getting pleasured. I get a rush from the attention you draw and knowing that I created it.”


Bill sighed, “Okay, you said some guy noticed you in the parking lot and one thing led to another. That’s thrilling to me. Those men around the car wanted to be with you and the women wanted to be you. I created that moment. I got you dressed up and sexed up to the point where you unashamedly masturbated in public. I feel so powerful because you are my sexual creation.”

“You make it sound like you are Dr. Frankenstein and I’m the Monster.”

Bill laughed and then in a more serious tone, “Stella, you’re no monster. Let me ask this, would you have bought all that sexy lingerie to have sex with Victor on your own?”

“No of course not. I have never been unfaithful to you.”

Bill nodded then continued, “Would you have pulled a train with my buddies on your own?”

“Goodness, no.”

“See I arranged all that. I created those situations. Now, did you enjoy having sex with Victor?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

“And the gangbang?”

“Yes. I had never dreamed I could have so many orgasms or that they could be so intense.”

“So you see Stella, I created a slut. The exhilaration I feel from creating and controlling the sexual situation is mind numbing. Quite simply it’s a power trip. I can’t explain it any better.”

After we pulled into Vic’s driveway and parked I insisted that Bill get the door opened so I could swoop in without making another spectacle of myself. It took him a couple of minutes to find the hidden house key. Vic had told us the hiding place a while back.

Once he had the door opened I hustled through it carrying the containers with evening meal in them and headed to the kitchen. I began heating up the main course in the microwave. While the meal was being nuked I searched the drawers for a tablecloth and place settings. I found what I needed and set them aside. I shucked the oysters and arranged them on the half shell while Bill made a couple of his famous martinis.

“There you go, my Dear, shaken not stirred,” joked my husband, trying to do an impression of Sean Connery.

The microwave buzzer went off. I shook my head and handed him the tablecloth pushing him towards the kitchen table, “Set the table, Double-O-Seven.”

The tablecloth popped as Bill snapped it open. It billowed down to cover the table. Soon he had everything set for two people to dine including candles and a single rose in a vase as the centerpiece.

He paused and admired his handiwork. Then he studied my appearnce and adjusted the head piece on my head. He stepped back and again admired me, his other handiwork, “I better take off. Let me have your panties.”


“I want your panties.”

“Are you going to pass them around to the guys again?” I asked as I hiked my skirt up, hooked my thumbs in the waist band and slide my G-string off.

Bill smiled brought the panties to his face and inhaled deeply, “You know the boys will love these, you’re very excited. I think I might have the guys throw darts for them at the sports bar, winner gets to fuck you first the next time we get together.”

He pulled me into an embrace his hand squeezed my bare butt and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He kissed me, hard, penetrating my mouth with his tongue. It took my breath away. Before I could catch it, Bill sucked a nipple into his mouth and lightly bit it and pulled it between his teeth.

His hand moved lower on my buttocks and disappeared between my cheeks forcing me to open my stance. He snaked his finger in and out of my snatch. All the while, he scrutinized my face, watching my eyes turn glassy with lust. He grinned wickedly at my grunted protest when he jammed his thumb into my butthole. He cocked an eyebrow as I clutched his collar and groaned when he brought his finger and thumb together inside of me.

Satisfied I was on the brink of climax he pulled away from me, “Vic will be here soon.”

I whined frustrated at the sudden emptiness. It took a moment but I composed myself and whispered “I love you, Bill.”

“Stella, I love you too. Enjoy yourself. I’ll be back at ten.”

Bill hadn’t been gone five minutes when I heard Victor’s car pull into the driveway. I hurried into the living room with my feather duster in hand. When I heard his key rattle in the lock I pointed my backside at the front door and bent over dusting the leg of an end table. My pussy and ass were on full display to Vic as he opened the door.

“What the….who are….”

I stood upright and turned around and smiled broadly, “Good evening, Victor, how was your day?”

“Stella? What’s going on? Why are you dressed like that?”

Still smiling I strutted towards Vic swinging my hips in the most seductive way. “Oh, this…I needed something to wear when I serve you supper or would you prefer I was naked?”

Victor stood dumbfounded and silent as I stood on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek. After closing the door I took his briefcase and led him into his home. “Sit down and relax, Vic,”

I pushed him into an overstuffed chair, “Supper’s almost ready. I’ll get you a cocktail.”

Glancing over my shoulder I smiled at Vic as he watched the swaying of my ass beneath the skirt of my maid outfit. I put the plate of oysters on a tray next to the stemmed martini glasses, an olive floated freely in each on toothpicks.

“What’s going on Stella?” asked Vic. His eyes gazed at my exposed nipples as I approached him. He licked his lips as if they were being offered to him on a tray.

My nipples were hard and hinted an invitation, asking for his attention. I bent over him as I placed the tray on the end table. I kissed his cheek and said with a sultry murmur, “Bill and I thought you could use a home cooked meal.”

“Is Bill here?’ Vic sipped his cocktail. “This is his martini recipe.”

I smiled down at Victor and stroked his face. The bristles of his five o’clock shadow snagged the lace of my glove. “Bill made those before he left. He’s having supper with work colleagues and then watching the game with them. We have until ten.”

“Stella, I don’t understand you and Bill, especially, Bill. How can he share his wife with me? How can you allow yourself to be shared?”

“You’re our friend Victor. Just consider yourself a friend with benefits.” I picked up an oyster shell and handed it to Vic, “Eat these oysters. You’re going to need them.”

I dropped to my knees and parted his. I scooted between them and undid his belt buckle before opening his trousers. I fished his hard cock out of his boxers. I studied it for a moment then peaked up at Vic pleased with the look of longing he was giving me.

“This looks like it belongs on a Shetland pony. I’m defiantly going to be walking bow-legged after riding on this monster.”

He chuckled, “Glad you like it.”

“I love it. Especially, when it is so nice and hard.” I sucked the helmet of his cock into my warm wet mouth.

Victor’s cock was so big it was like sucking on the end of a Louisville Slugger. His sudden intake of breath and the pre-cum drooling from his cock reinforced my notion that Vic was enjoying the ministrations of my mouth.

He moaned as I spit his cock out and licked the underside of his shaft. His cocked bobbed in my hand and I could feel the blood pounding throughout it. He squeezed my breast and lightly pinched its nipple eliciting a moan of pleasure from me. He pleaded, “Your teasing me to death, Stella. Just suck it, please, suck my cock.”

Smiling I drew the long hard shaft back into my mouth. I couldn’t accommodate it all so I stroked the shank that remained between my lips and his balls. I teased Vic by darting my tongue into his piss slit he groaned and squirmed in his seat. Soon I was sucking and stroking Victor’s monster member for all I was worth.

His cock began to twitch and swelled even more before his testicles contracted and spewed forth his cum. Vic’s shout of ecstasy reverberated throughout the room, “Cumming, Stella, cumming.”

My mouth filled with Vic’s cum. I swallowed as fast and as much as I could but a bit leaked from the corner of my mouth. I twirled my tongue around his bloated cock headed cleaning cum from it. I released Vic’s cock from my mouth as he relaxed in the chair fully spent. I took my finger and pushed the remnants of Vic’s cum into my mouth.

Noticing that a dap of cum had splattered onto my breast I wiped it up with my forefinger and stuck it my mouth sucking it clean. I smiled at Vic’s astonished gaze and whispered huskily, “Finger-licking good.”

I pushed off Victor’s knees and stood up. I looked down at him and smiled, “Finish the other martini while I dish up supper.”

Victor joined me in the kitchen in just a few minutes. He brought the tray with the empty glasses and the bare half shells. He placed the glasses in the sink before dumping the shells into the trash. “Need any help?”

“Light the candles and then sit down, it’s ready.”

I sat down a plate with chicken and asparagus in front Victor then sat down with my own plate. I cleansed my palate with a sip of white wine before forking a bite of chicken into my mouth. We ate silently for a while just looking at each other and enjoying the company of the other.

“This is really good, Stella,” said Vic his mouth half-full. “I never did learn to cook, if it weren’t for the microwave I’d starve. I usually pick-up some take-out. I hate eating by myself in a restaurant.”

I smiled, “If you think the food is good wait until you see what’s for dessert.”

Vic grinned ear to ear. He raised his wine glass in a toast, “To good food and good friends.”

After we finished eating I cleared the table of dirty dishes. I took a jar of honey from the cabinet and unscrewed the lid. I unsnapped my skirt and let drop to my ankles. I stepped out of it and picked up the jar of honey.

Vic had scooted back from the table and was watching me intently. He ooohed when my skirt hit the floor exposing my bare bottom. “Stella, you are so sexy.”

I turned toward the table and watched his eyes traverse down my body from my tits to my twat. I giggled feeling the wanting in him reaching out to me. I swung my butt up on the tablecloth covered table. I spread my legs wide splaying my snatch open for Vic. I poured honey from the jar onto my pussy.

“Dessert is served.”

Victor needed no further instruction. He lapped at my honey covered cunt like a hungry cat laps milk from a saucer. He noisily sucked the honey from my bald labia then dragging his tongue through it. He teased my clit from its hiding place. He fingered my cunt mixing my nectar with the honey. He moaned with his mouth full of my pussy.

Intrigued with Vic’s oral aptitude I watched his tongue dart skillfully around my snatch. I ran my fingers through his hair all the while watching him munch on my muff. My groans of gratification let Vic know he was doing it right. I lightly bit my lip as his tongue continued to torment my clit. I grasped the edge of the table to keep from hopping off of it. I was literally ready to levitate.

Vic stuck his fingers into the honey jar dripping it across the tablecloth as he daubed it on my butthole. His tongue assaulted my anus darting it in and out and swirling it around as I hissed and hooted. Satisfied that I was on the verge of orgasm he trailed his tongue through my labia lightly bit my clit and shoved his honey covered fingers up my ass.

White light exploded before my eyes as my climax ripped through my body. The table quivered beneath me as my body quaked on top of it. With dizzy delight I cried, “Yeesh, Yessh.”

I lay back on the table and caught my breath. I heard Vic’s chair scrape the floor as he stood up. I opened my eyes and watched as he hurriedly stripped, throwing his clothes into a pile next to the refrigerator. I urged him on, “Hurry, Vic, hurry. I want your cock, Baby. I need your cock.”

Vic stepped between my still spread legs grasped his stiff staff and slid it up down between my puffing pouting pussy lips. He bent and kissed me fully on the mouth it tasted of honey and my own pussy nectar. He squeezed my breast, broke our kiss and sucked my stone hard nipple into his mouth. He sucked and squeezed until I hissed and hit the table with my fist. He stood back up and watched my eyes as he slid his cock into my cunt clear to the hilt.

I gasped at Vic’s penetration, “Umm…feels so good… love your big… donkey dick.”

His cock filled my cunt completely. It was so big I could feel the blood pulsing through it causing it to bob inside me. He grabbed my hips like they were handles and began to nail my pussy to the table. He propelled his cock in and out me with rapid rocket-like thrusts. Wet flesh on flesh smacks played in rhythm to the cricking table creating a crescendo of copulation.

“Love your…pussy….Stella…love you.”

I stopped diddling my clit, “What?”

Vic continued to thump my twat but managed to pant, “I…love…you.”

I couldn’t completely process what Vic had said as he continued to pulverize my pussy to a pleasurable pulp. My fingers frantically flayed my clit sending me over the precipice of pleasure. I felt my flesh flush red with heated hopefulness. My blissful moans transformed into a full-fledged scream of orgasmic release, “Aaah, aaah, aaah.”

My cunt constricted around Vic’s copious cock as he buried it into me balls deep. I reached for his ass and pulled him into me even deeper. I felt the delightful dance of his dick as it discharged jets of jizz deep into me.

I cried, “Fill my pussy, fill my pussy.”

Vic threw his head back and bellowed, “Bah-hoo!”

Spent he lay across me resting on his elbows to avoid crushing me. He kissed my neck and warmly whispered sweet nothings into my ear as I caressed his back. After his cock soften it slipped out of me leaving a wet trail of cum and honey on the tablecloth. He helped me up and off the table.

“I need a shower, Lover.”

Victor led the way to the bathroom and started the shower. Steam soon danced a salsa to the tune of the swooshing water. Vic unhooked my corset while I unsnapped the garter straps from my fishnet stockings. He pulled off my stilettos followed by my stocking as I leaned back against the sink. He unsnapped the lace collar around my neck and I pulled the lace gloves off. Vic pushed the shower curtain aside and I stepped beneath the gushing geyser of water.

I took the bar of soap and worked up a handful of lather before handing it to Vic. I washed his cock and balls which were coated with cum and honey. The hot water was relaxed me and added to my contentment as Vic affectionately washed me. The scent of honey and jasmine bath soap produced an aphrodisiac aroma in the steamy air of the shower. I smiled, Vic’s cock was so hard it held up the wet washrag I placed on it.

He laughed pleased at my playfulness, “Stella, look what you do to me.”

“Vic, I swear that cock of yours is hard enough to cut glass,” I tugged his torrid cock in my soapy hand, “If it wouldn’t cut glass its big enough to bust right through it.”

He laughed with me rinsing my susceptible sudsy skin under the showerhead. His smile faded and he looked with yearning deep into my eyes, “Stella, I know I shouldn’t but I love you. I love you.”

I returned Vic’s gaze and stroked his face, “I know Vic. I love you too but I can’t love you the way you want me too. I’m Bill’s wife.”

He nodded and choked, “Damn it, Stella. I know you’re my best friend’s wife and I feel guilty about how much I enjoy sex with you.”

I stood on my tip toes and kissed Vic. My tongue darted quickly in and out his mouth then said, “Victor, you’re Bill’s best friend. Both he and I want you to be a friend with benefits. There’s no need to feel guilty about fucking me. In fact I want you to fuck me again, right now.”

Reaching above my head I grabbed the shower nozzle while Victor lifted me up by my buttocks, a cheek in each hand. I spread my legs and wrapped them around his waist as Vic impaled me on his erect steel shaft. Between the soap and my own wetness I slid all the way down his shaft. My puffy pussy lips were tickled by his wirey pubic hair.

Victor hammered his hard cock in and out of my pussy rapping my G-spot with pleasurable precision. His eyes glazed with lust as he huffed, “Your pussy feels so good, so hot, so wet. I love you Stella. I love you.”

I ignored Vic’s amorous assertions and basked in the enjoyable exploits of his cock in my cunt. I stammered, “Fuck me. Pound my pussy. Fuck me.”

Encouraged by my expression of licentious lust Vic picked up the pace. Again and again his cock machine-gunned my cunt with rapid-fire repetition. He grunted and I growled as we both surrendered to our primal passion. With one last lunge his cock tagged my cervix and blew like a whale breeching in a bay. He rolled his eyes and swayed as his balls contracted and shot spurt after spurt of cum into my warm wet womb.

“Are you ready pet? It is almost game time!” bellows Papi from the living room.

His pet is in the kitchen finishing up last minute details. She has all the appetizers ready. There are wings, hot and mild, hot links, chips with her homemade cheese dip, and a few sweets to choose from, all in football shaped trays. She grins and shakes her head. She knows she made too much food. Papi knew it too. He scolded her but with a smile on His face. He knew she would do this when He told her He was having a Superbowl party and she was to prepare everything. His domestic goddess slave!

The preparations had kept her busy. Kept her mind off what Papi had told her earlier in the week.

“My pet, we are having a superbowl party this weekend and I am expecting only a few friends, 3-4 of my closests boys. You, my pet, are to fix the snacks. Please make sure there is enough beer, water and sodas to choose from. Make sure you prepare yourself thoroughly and I will pick out something cute for you to wear. Pet, are you Mine?”

At the time, she quickly answered, “Of course Papi, no others.”

That was her answer for that question, but He generally didn’t ask it without a reason or follow-up question.

That question had kept her guessing all week. He never brought it up again. Only asking if He had given her enough money to shop and was she able to complete the shopping. “Yes Papi I am ready!” she yelled back starting to stick her finger in an empty bowl she placed in the sink, went to turn around to go to Him, and bumped right into His massive chest. She giggled, she was so focused she hadn’t heard her Master walk in the kitchen. He laughed because He had seen how focused she had been. However, he also knew she was a little distracted and decided it was the perfect time to put her out of her misery. Grabbing her finger, He sucked the dip off and proclaimed it delicious.

He pulled out a dining room chair and sat down, pulling her down with Him onto her favorite seat in the house, His lap. Her Papi is 6’6″ tall and He has lap for days! She instinctively buried her face in His chest and was stopped by His long fingers lifting her chin to His face.

“My chikara, we must talk. The guys will be here in about 20 minutes and you need to prepare.”

She looked toward the food with questioning eyes. “Yes baby, all the food looks great! You have again outdone yourself and made Me very proud!”

He knew this would get one of His favorite results, a big blush. “I have laid out your outfit on our bed. Please quickly get dressed and put your hair up like I like please.” As she started to rise from His lap to follow instructions, He held her tight. His left hand found its way between her thighs and instinctively she opened her legs to allow Him ultimate access to what was His.

“Baby, remember our discussions on what you are willing to do for Me?”

Slowly, He stroked the stubble of pubic hairs above His ultimate destination.

She nodded distractedly in the affirmative and He continued, “Now is time to test your commitment and My control.”

She tilted her head in that confused little puppy look, but knew not to interrupt Him.

Moving His fingers lower and slowly entering her with two long digits, He continued, “I love you. I cherish you. I have your safety foremost in mind always. Do you believe this? Please speak.”

She did more than speak it. She threw her arms around His neck.

“Oh yes Papi I believe it 200%. Thank you Papi!”

Her movement allowed His fingers to delve deeper and she moaned into His ear. He stroked a few times but only intended to tease His pet. He swatted her butt and instructed her to go get dressed, licking His fingers with a wicked smile on His face.

When she rushed into the bedroom, she stopped short when she looked to the bed and looked back at the door to turn and ask her Master questions. However, she stopped herself and examined her outfit. It was more of a costume. A sexy quarterback costume for a woman! They had seen something like it online months ago and laughed about how funny it would be if she wore it to a superbowl party. Now, here is the superbowl. And it’s not just any party, it’s their party! The outfit consisted of short black boy shorts, a v-neck little pink and black shirt with the words “tackle me” and the number 10 on the front. The shirt had shoulder pads like a football uniform should. Black gloves and pink and black knee-highs and elbow pads completed the outfit. Papi had even included a pink ribbon for her hair.

Shaking her head, she thought aloud, “Ok Papi!” and nervously proceeded to get dressed. Everything fit perfectly, anything Papi brought her always did. Although her ample ass cheeks were peeking out of the shorts.

“Chikara! Are you dressed?” floated up from downstairs.

“Ten minutes please Papi!” she yelled back.

“Five!” was His reply.

Five was enough if she rushed. Fully dressed, she stood back and looked at herself in the mirror. Amazed at what she saw. Amazed that a few short years ago she never would have had the nerve to wear this outfit. Amazed at how much she had grown and how far she had come. Amazed at how good she looked.

Shaking her head again she whispered, “Oh Papi.”

Then she had a brilliant idea and looked into her makeup case. She rarely wore the stuff, because Papi said it wasn’t necessary, she had natural beauty. Digging through the case she found what she needed, a black eyebrow pencil. Using the pencil, she drew a black rectangle under her right eye like the football players wore and shrugged. Who knew why they did it? Papi would know, she would ask later.

Her foot hit the bottom step when she heard His voice begin to call out to her. She smiled and went to where He sat in the living room in His favorite chair. She stood in front of Him and began to lower herself onto her knees when His hand stopped her. He looked up at His chikara with pride and lust. And chuckled when He saw the patch she had drawn under her eye.

“My baby, you never cease to amaze Me. Turn please. Are you ready? The guys should be here any minute?”

As soon as He finished His sentence and she finished her turn, the doorbell rang. With a swat on the ass, He sent her off to get the door.

Off she went, with butterflies in her stomach. It was finally starting to dawn on her. Papi would be putting His girl on display tonight! Maybe even more!? Grabbing the doorknob before the bell could ring again, she plastered a smile on her face and opened the door to a black woman’s dream–three tall, dark and handsome black men. Not as handsome as her Papi, but immediately she started to think of her single girlfriends who needed a good man.

“Hello gentlemen I am Simona! Welcome to our super Superbowl Party. Papi is in the living room, go right in!”

Holding the door until each guy was inside, she controlled her smile as they each eyed her from head to toe and entered the house. This was their first time meeting Papi’s chikara that He constantly spoke about. And so far, they were very impressed. She could tell as the fellas gave Papi hellos, high fives and pounds when she entered the room. She returned to Papi’s side and asked if He would help her lift the heavy bucket with the ice and drinks.

When they entered the kitchen Papi swooped her up in His arms and planted a deep, wet kiss on her lips. She giggled and pretended to struggle.

“Papi! We have company! Let me down big Daddy!”

One of the guys yelled from the living room, “Need help in there?”

Papi bellowed back, “HELL NO!” and slowly lowered His pet down with a deep tongue kiss and sharp pinch on her ass.

Grabbing the bucket of drinks, He walked off mumbling something that sounded like “Showtime!” The butterflies fluttered.

She quickly followed her Papi knowing He was expecting her to follow with the first trays of food. She placed the first trays on the coffee table and hurried back for the rest, trying hard too concentrate and ignore the ogles and mumbles of “cute quarterback” she was receiving from the fellas on the couch. Papi had conveniently moved the coffee table back so she had to bend over to place the food down without splattering. When the last tray was delivered, she quietly went to Papi’s right side as He patted His right leg, her cue to find her spot. Her pink pillow was right beside His favorite chair. He absentmindedly patted her head and continued to watch the game. Getting comfortable on her “throne”, her butterflies began to settle and she started to watch the game as well.

After the first quarter, Papi asked if anyone needed anything and they all said they were good.

“Well I’m not. Chikara, please,” Papi said patting His inner thigh.

Her eyebrows shot up as she looked at Papi.

Wordlessly she questioned Him, “Papi, inner thigh means….” and His look in response said, “Yes baby, inner thigh does mean worship. Now! Trust me?”

To the untrained eye, only a glance passed between them, not a whole conversation. Quickly and effortlessly, she moved between His legs as the guys held one eye on the flat screen and one on their interactions. Besides the noise from the television, you could hear a pin drop in the room. As she had done dozens of times, she slowly unzipped Papi’s pants looking Him dead in the eye as she was always to do. He sweetly smiled down on his sub, not saying a word. Opening His boxers, she pulled out her prize, undoubtedly one of the prettiest penises ever made. She planted a small kiss on the head that was unsurprisingly glowing with pre-cum. Looking up at her Master she awaited His nod to proceed. He slowly nodded and got more comfortable in His chair like it was only she and Him in the room.

Closing her eyes, she opened her mouth wide and began to take all of her Papi that she could into her. A small clearing of His throat made her open her eyes and focus on Him again. She licked her lips and began to slowly descend her ultimate prize. He loved the first stages where she endeavored to get Him wet and keep her lips wet too. She licked the vein on the underside that she knew always tickled Him. She quickly dipped to pay homage to His scrotum as well before returning to the matter at hand. Licking her lips with a smile, she opened wide and took her Papi all the way to the back of her throat. She knew what came next. He would show off! She felt His right hand rub the back of her head and she took a deep breath and braced herself. As on cue, Papi pushed her head down quickly on His dick, making her gag. She loved to gag for Papi and He loved to make her do it. Eyes watering but still looking at Him she opened her throat and felt Papi go down deeper.

“Fellas, who’s next?” Papi growled through clenched teeth.

The game suddenly forgotten, no one said a word. She quickened her stroke with no hands and began to really show off for her Master. His deep grumble proved that she was indeed impressing Him and the sound of moans from around the room proved that His friends were equally impressed with her work.

“You. Do. Not. Know. What. You. Are. Missing!” staggered out of Papi’s lips.

Calling His best friend over, Papi said “Ty, my man, what’s Mine is yours.”

Not to be punked, Tyrone slowly rose from the couch and kneeled down behind Master’s pet.

“Man, your girl has the prettiest ass!” Tyrone said, slowly rubbing her apple bottom.

Moaning from his touch, pet wiggled her ass suggestively but continued her job.

“Yes it is man, but do this, smack it as hard as you can and watch what happens,” Papi advised his bff.

SMACK! His pet did not jump, as she was anticipating Ty’s slap. Instead, she moaned loudly without taking Papi’s dick from her lips and bounced her ass, pushing it up further.

“Men,” Papi began, “My pet is my most treasured possession. She has earned this reward. She needs your help. My pet wishes to have every hole filled with cum. So fellas, can you help her out?”

No answer was heard but things began to happen quickly. Not stopping her blowjob, she heard a lot of movement behind her while Ty continued to rub her ass and now inserted a finger in her asshole. The coffee table was being moved to the side of the room and her shorts were being lowered to her knees.

“Chikara, stand for Me baby.”

As she stood, she looked in her Papi’s eyes. His eyes asked if she were ok and her eyes answered with a resounding YES. She smiled sweetly at the Man who in His restraint had set her free. Nervous, yet excited she stepped completely out of her shorts. “Take off your shirt little one.” Slowly, while still remaining eye contact with her Master, she removed her shirt. Naked now except for the elbow pads and knee-highs she presented herself to her Master.

“Man, I have gotta get some of this ass!” Tyrone said.

“Chikara, Ty wishes to be in your ass. What do you say little one?”

“Thank you Ty, please help yourself to Papi’s ass.” she said as she got down on all fours facing Papi and his favorite chair.

Papi bent down to kiss His pet and whisper in her ear, “Eyes on me chikara.”

She felt Tyrone slowly finger her pussy and remark just how wet she was.

One of the other guys, Chris came in front of her and asked, “Shel, man, can I feel those lips?”

“Help yourself.” was Papi’s reply as He moved His chair so He could remain eye contact with His girl.

She was glowing! His girl was enjoying the attention and the watchful eye of her Master. Licking her lips, she opened wide and took Chris’s slender penis into her mouth. Thinking to herself that no one is like her Papi, she went to work with her tongue and lips. An appreciative moan from Chris let her know she was on track. And a deep moan from her let Tyrone know his work was being appreciated too. Tyrone had slowly entered her ass and began to stroke deeply.

“Ohhh shit!” exclaimed Tyrone from behind her.

“Bruh, I suggest you take it slow or it can overtake you!” Papi said with a chuckle of knowing.

“Thanks for the warning Man!” was all Ty could mumble.

Not to be left out, the third man, Joe, stood off to the side of the trio stroking his massive cock. She had snuck a peek and was amazed. He was bigger than her Master, and that was difficult to do. Her Master caught her peeking and laughed.

“Joe, man, I think you are needed in the front door. You’ve got my girls mouth watering. Literally!”

Chris stepped back and to the side so that Joe could slide under pet and Ty slowed his strokes while Joe entered a ready and willing, sopping wet pussy.

“Owww!” Chikara growled as both her holes were stretched.

Concerned, her Master questioned, “Pet are you ok?”

The fellas slowed to a stop but Chikara just looked at Papi and whispered, “Sweet pain.”

Papi grinned and told the guys to continue their work, she was ok and He would definitely let them know if she wasn’t.

Chikara turned her head to the side and opened her mouth wide so that Chris could step up and get taken care of. When Chris re-entered her mouth, Chikara let out a loud sigh and blinked at her Master. Her eyes said thank You Sir and His kiss blown back said you are welcome baby. All of her holes were filled! She quickly got into a rhythm with Joe and Tyrone and Chris keeps up in her mouth. She glances to Papi’s favorite chair and He is gone. Just when she starts to panic, she hears His footsteps on the stairs and not more than ten minutes later, He has returned. He doesn’t acknowledge His absence, so therefore she can’t either. As He sits, He removes His dick from His pants and strokes it slowly. He studies the scene in front of Him and His eyes shine with pride. His pet is about to make four men cum simultaneously! He tries to hold off on His own release as He watches everyone approach theirs.

“Chikara, you may cum whenever you like pet,” He whispers in His best Daddy voice.

She looks at Him with all the gratitude a slave in her position can muster. The fellas are grunting louder and louder so she wiggles her hips more and relaxes her throat. His pet is bring this on home! A bellow from Ty and a growl from Joe signals their release. Chris follows shortly when pet sucks even harder. As she feels each hole fill up with cum, and watches her Papi stroke Himself and eyeing her so lovingly, Chikara throws her head back and howls her release like a wolf. Immediately this makes her Master cum. As the guys all fall onto their own little sections of carpet, His pet quickly crawls to her Master and begins her clean up job. She looks her Master in His eyes as she licks and sucks the cum off His fingers and hand and then bathes His penis with her cleansing tongue.

When she had licked her last drop, she felt Papi’s strong arms swoop her up and begin to take her up the steps.

“Fellas, there are washcloths and towels in the bathroom under the steps.” He said as He climbed the stairs with a limp slave in His arms.

She wasn’t sure where they were going and didn’t really care as she was always safe in His arms. Papi led them through the dark hallway and into their bedroom and straight to their master bath. Now she knew where He had disappeared to earlier. The bathroom was bathed in candle light and smelled delicious. Her Papi had drawn a bath when He disappeared, and filled the tub with her favorite vanilla scented bubble bath. Slowly His strong arms dipped her in the hot, soapy water and knelt close to her ear.

“Chikara, your Papi is so so proud of His little one. I knew you could do it and I am thoroughly impressed. Take your time and relax. I will come up to check on you in a few.”

He kissed her softly on the forehead and closed the door on His way out, knowing she might fall asleep.

After about twenty minutes, the water starts to cool and wakes His pet out of her relaxation. She quickly bathes as she remembers that she does have guests. The hostess can’t just lounge in the tub. As she rises and reaches for the towel Papi has left her, she hears cheers and jeers from below. The game must be getting good. On their bed, Papi has left out for her His favorite football jersey. Its her favorite too because it is long enough to be a dress on her. She smiles and slips it over her head. Lotions her body with His favorite scents and slips into her favorite furry slippers. Quickly she heads down the stairs.

When she reaches the living room she is greeted by a standing ovation that causes her to blush.

Tyrone says, “That standing o is for the delicious spread Simona!”

Chris chimes in, “Yes and are there anymore wings? Joe and Shel ate all the hot ones!”


She smiles and rushes into hostess mode, grabbing up the empty platters and heading for the kitchen, giving her Master a wink. Pet had prepared enough food for a party of seven or eight.

“But,” she chuckled to herself, “they all worked up quite an appetite.”

Bringing more food and drinks back into the living room, she saw that the coffee table was back in place and everyone was into the game. Going to her special spot beside her Masters chair, He grabbed her arm before she could sit on the floor.

“My girl, you have earned your favorite seat.” Her Papi said while plopping her in His lap.

His pet snuggled into His chest and fed Him a wing while watching the remaining quarter of the best superbowl ever, thinking how great it was to be the quarterback.

-The END

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