shared wife

Story of compulsion, submission, completion, and wife shared.

Stefan is very dynamic and has that animal compulsion that attracts women and interests men. Large, muscled, lots of hair, mustache and beard. He has a charisma that makes you want to go along with him and do what he wants.

Megan had invited him to dinner and just informed me that Friday afternoon. Well, we often have guests, so no real surprise there, but a little regarding Stefan. We had a good, light meal, with lots of wine. Megan didn’t seem to notice as Stefan, sitting next to her, kept her glass full, and she was getting pretty well loosened up by the time we finished.

We moved to the living room and decided to sample some Brendan’s Irish Cream, which also goes down very easily. Stefan sat next to Megan on the couch, and he was close and closer as time went by, going so far as to hold the glass to her lips to keep her drinking.

His left arm reached around her left shoulder as she sat to his left, while the right hand guided her glass. They were thigh to thigh, and her summer dress had slipped up quite a bit. I could see her white panties, as I sat across from them. To my amazement, her crotch was wet, clinging to her labia. He was turning her on big time, it appeared. His arm casually drooped down and his hand was now touching the top of her breast, which she either didn’t notice or didn’t mind. On the other hand, I knew that she got horny when she was drinking, so it shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise.

He was busy flattering her, admiring her dress, and looking down at her dress, realizing how far up it had slid. He gave her the glass and put his hand on her near thigh, bluntly asking her if she was showing off just for him. She looked down as his hand slid up her thigh and pushed the dress all the way to her hip, showing her panties and the big wet spot.

To my utter amazement, and, I hope, to the surprise of Stefan, she replied “Yes.” Then she turned to him and started kissing him. Stefan wasted no time, took her glass and put it on the table, and moving his hands to her shoulders, pushed her down on the couch as he lay down atop her, kissing her deeply. He shifted position to move her legs apart and lay between them, then moved his right hand to her breast and started fondling and tweaking it. She moaned and wrapped her left leg up over his hip, thrusting up against him.

I was so shocked I couldn’t move or say anything, as Stefan looked like he was taking my wife right in front of me. She was moaning and pulling him against her body, looking for all the world like his dick was in her, fucking her. After a minute or two, it was pretty obvious that if this was going to stop, it was up to me, because neither of them showed the least sign of halting their foreplay.

But Stefan beat me to the punch. He broke free of her kiss, looked at me, and ordered me, “Show me the bedroom.” With that, he pulled free, stood up, and picked up my wife in his arms, her dress now pushed up to her waist. He turned to me and looked at me, defying me to defy him.

I quickly stood up, in shock and even in awe, and turned towards the hallway and led down to the master bedroom. Stefan was right behind me, and as we entered, he told me to pull the covers off the bed. I did, and he put my wife down into a sitting position, then simply took the bottom of her dress at her waist and pulled it up and off. My wife had a light bra on, showing very erect nipples, and her panties and slip-on shoes. It took Stefan but a moment to pull her bra up and off, as she raised her arms again to aid him. She kicked off her shoes as he pulled up to a standing position, then slid her soaked panties down and off, then tossed them to me with a big, malevolent grin, knowing that if it had gone this far, nothing and nobody, especially my wife, was going to stop him.

But as if that wasn’t enough, he ordered me further. “Sniff those panties. You know she wants it. Now STRIP!” I quickly obeyed orders, knowing my wife’s odor of lust as it filled my nose from her panties, as well as now in the room. She lay back on the bed, spreading her legs, showing her shaved mound, all wet with her secretions. I removed my clothes as Stefan did the same. We both watched Stefan as he pulled down first his pants, showing his boxers sporting a large bulge, then the boxers, revealing what he planned to plug into my wife, a large erection, thick and hard.

But Stefan was in charge. He ordered me over to between her legs and told me to taste her and feel her so that I had no doubts she wanted him. I moved in and tasted her vaginal secretions, that combination of musk and honey. She moaned with pleasure as I ran my tongue up over her clitoris, then down to her vagina, and a quick spasm pushed more fluid onto my tongue.

“Enough. Get on the bed and watch.” I obeyed. Stefan climbed onto the bed, pushing my wife back to give him more room, then lifted her hips and dragged her up to his penis as he knelt in front of her. Moving his hips, he pushed the head against her perineum, then slowly slipped it up and across her vagina and spread her labia, wetting himself with her pussy juices.

He did this several times, and then he slowly pushed into her opening, her vagina spreading to accommodate his girth, and he slowly, slowly, in one long thrust, entered her completely. She accompanied this action with a series of moans, ohs, and yeses. As he bottomed out, she give a slight squeal and perhaps had another mini-orgasm. He then pulled out just as slowly, her labia clinging and stretching as if reluctant to let him go. Megan was going a bit nuts, thrusting her hips, trying to keep him inside her, but his hand on her ass kept her under control, as he moved once more to enter her fully.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me!” This was my wife, my lover, telling another man to screw her, regardless of the fact that I was right there and had nothing to say about it.

“She wants it bad, doesn’t she? You suck her tits while I fuck her.”

I moved to obey, keeping my eyes on her mound as Stefan slowly sawed into and out of her pussy, his cock shiny with juices, as she looked as wet or wetter than she’d ever been. He was slowly speeding up his rate, to her approval. Then she grabbed my head and pulled my face to hers and starting kissing me deeply, violently, lustily, wanting as much stimulation as she could get. I was now really getting into this, my own penis as hard as it had ever been. I used my free hand to play with her breast, pulling her nipple, pinching it, and squeezing her breast and rubbing it, then moving to the other and doing the same. My other hand kept me supported as the movements of her body became more animated. I realized that Stefan was now pounding her fast and deep, and she was moaning and gasping as we kissed. I doubt either of us had ever been that turned on, and that was due to another man taking control and fucking the hell out of my wife as I kissed and fondled her.

Then Stefan came, and there was no mistake about it. He slammed deep into her, stopped and gave a huge yell as he dumped his semen deep inside her. I could feel Megan gasp as each spurt pumped into her, knowing she was stuffed so full of him that every move was clearly felt by her. She burst into her own orgasm at that point, pushing me back as she shook her head back and forth, gasping out her own feelings and squirming up against Stefan. Stefan took that as a sign to resume fucking her, and volume of wetness, both hers and his now made it a very wet, sloppy sound, his balls slapping wetly against her.

I don’t know if Megan passed out or just got beyond the ability to moan and move any more. She came to a rest, exhausted, I guess. Stefan pulled back from her, just dropping her hips to the bed, done with her.

Now came the totally unexpected and scary part. “Now it’s your turn. Face your wife and get your ass over here.”

I turn beside my wife, watching her face, eyes closed, glowing, smiling, silent. Next thing I knew, Stefan wiped his hand over her pussy and stuck his hand in my crack, wetting my asshole as I looked back over to see what he was doing. My God, what was he planning? Unfortunately, it was only too easy to guess. He scooped up another three fingers of semen dripping from her pussy and again applied it to my ass. Then he started to push his finger in, wetting and opening my ass, rubbing in and out. One move application and insertion, and Stefan was ready for the next step.

“Get into 69 position over your wife.”

Still operating as a near automaton, I did as he said, deep inside horrified knowing that he was planning to fuck my ass. Sure enough, he walked around the bed and got onto it behind me. Looking down between my legs, I saw him fondle Megan’s face, stirring her to open her eyes. “Watch this, darling. Maybe you want to play, too.”

Then he used his legs to spread mine wider as he moved between them, straddling Megan’s head and pushing the head of his (still?!) hard cock against my ass. I more or less lost my balance at this, my head going down between my wife’s legs, face to face with her dripping, reddened, engorged, and gaping pussy. But I had no time to admire it as the head of his cock started slipping into my asshole. I automatically tightened against this intrusion, but a sharp slap on my ass got my attention, and suddenly felt the head pop in. He was not as gentle with me, as it took him only two or three strokes to enter me. My God, again. I had never felt anything like that before. I was full beyond belief, feeling like I needed to take the biggest dump ever.

“Lick that pussy!” I felt his hands pull me back, and my face was literally in her pussy, between the lips and wet. Just then he pulled back and slowly thrust in again. I felt my nose go down and push into her vagina. I quickly realized I’d better move and get in control, or I drown in their cum. I pulled up a little and put my mouth over her vagina, tasting her fluid and his semen mixed. I got a huge emotional jolt from the thought of tasting another man’s cum inside my wife. I also got a big jolt in my ass as he thrust in harder.

Then I felt my wife’s hands pushing her breasts up against my cock as it pointed down between them. She trapped it between them, and Stefan’s thrusts made a massaging movement as I fucked her breasts as he fucked me. Something flipped in my brain, and suddenly I couldn’t get enough of this, just like Megan couldn’t get enough of him fucking her. I greedily lapped at her pussy as she squirmed and squeezed in response, causing more semen to flow from her and into my mouth. My cock was being massaged in the most wonderful way, and I know I was leaking like mad. And my ass was so full and getting stimulated, to my horror and to my delight.

Things moved faster and faster, my wife had another orgasm, and I shot off between her breasts. Stefan kept going, and I don’t how long it took. I kept slipping my cock between her soaked breasts, now almost indistinguishable from being inside a pussy, and enjoyed her refreshed scent from her last orgasm, tasting mostly her now. Then Stefan repeated his performance of coming. He grabbed my hips, pushing me as hard as he could with his thrust, and yelled again. I could feel every spurt at the ring of my asshole as semen pumped thru his cock past the opening of my ass and deep inside me. He must have cum another gallon, from my reckoning, feeling his cock pulsing inside my ass. The pounding and feel on my prostate kicked me off again, and I again squirted out my own semen onto my wife’s chest. I couldn’t believe that there was more in there, but there was.

Finally Stefan pulled out of me, leaving me feeling both as if I just taken a big shit and feeling like I really needed to take another one. I gasped, and I slid forward, down off the bed and dashed into the bathroom and onto the toilet. Just in time. I gushed out his semen into the bowl. I had never felt like this in my life, totally turned on, totally disgusted that I’d been fucked and was dumping from it, still horny, and embarrassed over my wife’s reaction to Stefan and yet thrilled that it had happened.

By the time I’d cleaned up and reentered the bedroom, Stefan had dressed and gone. Megan was still naked on the bed, legs spread, pussy still wet and enticing, and her chest smeared all over with my semen. She smiled languidly at me and just said, “Wow. I wish we’d made a tape of that.”

She motioned me over and onto the bed. “Clean me up with your mouth, and maybe we can fuck again.”

I write this at the request of my best friends Jay and Carol. It’s a thank you and a constant reminder of the loving ways they have shared themselves with me.

Jay is my best friend, the kind of friend that you only meet once in a lifetime. We met at a social event, a bar, and just connected. It was during a rough time in my life and it was pleasant having a real friend to talk to. I think he was searching too for something more in his life as well, so we just hit it off. We had been friends for a couple of years and there wasn’t anything he didn’t know about me as I did him. Both married with wonderful wives, he was just a few years older than me. We began to work together on some projects and the need to escape to bars drifted away. We knew each other’s kids and their successes and their problems. It was just a great relationship that had grown between two men.

I was having some real problems at home with my wife and always used Jay as my sounding board. He was a very good listener. I suspected my wife, Vicky, was having an affair since she showed no desirers for me intimately. I hadn’t any proof, but couldn’t understand her lack of interest in me. After months of agony with this, Jay encouraged me to discuss it with Vicky. I did, the wrong way of course, but no real answers were forthcoming. Several months passed by, I now slept on the couch full time. I had no desire to be next to a woman in bed that didn’t desire me intimately.

Jay advised me that either a divorce was coming or I had to accept the ways things were. I tried talking with Vicky again, this time not from a “your fault” attitude. I had decided I would release her to have her affair as long as we continued our life together. I wanted her to enjoy an intimate relationship, something I hadn’t known in months. She insisted she had never nor would she ever have an affair. I was blown away with that, why did she not wish to be intimate with me? What had changed that she didn’t desire me? I would be willing to do anything to regain that desire from her.

And then finally, she told me it was her. Sex really hurt her, the pain was increasingly progressive each time and she had lost any desire for sex. As I began to get into the specifics with her, she said any penetration was painful; my size had nothing to do with it. She could still handle the oral stimulation and it’s orgasm, but anything inside of her brought immediate pain.

Months passed by, trips to doctors offered little help. She had a nerve disorder and the only treatment was a numbing gel application. Unfortunately the numbing gel numbed more than just her vagina, it numbed me. Even if I wore a condom, what was the point? It was just me getting off; she received no pleasure or feeling from my actions. And then there was always the time when the cream wore of and she could feel the pain from being stretched earlier. It was definitely back to square one.

I moved into the guest room so I could try and put separation between us at night and remove the possibilities of intimacy. Months went by and I realized I had to accept Vicky for what she brought to the marriage and somehow had to make sure she didn’t feel the guilt of removing intimacy between us. Jay encouraged me and provided a good support for me. Carol knew of our struggles as well, we were that close. She assumed Vicky would offer me oral stimulation or even anal intercourse, but Vicky was not into either. Vicky would have been devastated if she knew the Jay and Carol knew about our sex lives. Carol suggested that she talk with Vicky about offering herself to me in those ways so as to give me some intimacy with her, I declined knowing Vicky’s distaste for either.

As months turned into years, I was torn between having secret affairs or remain without. I chose affairs, yet found them totally lacking. The sex might be great, but the other needs an ongoing relationship required were beyond my control. After several failed attempts, trying to find an ongoing affair appeared out of reason. I just could not offer anything other a “booty call” approach and that wasn’t going to work for any women I met. I didn’t want to continue the search anymore or the efforts involved in pursuit of a lover. There were months on end that it was my priority in life to find that women, so much time wasted.

Through out these years, Jay had remained my friend and regardless of my good or poor decisions, he was there for me. He understood my reluctance to search for lovers. We even visited a few massage parlors together to enjoy “womanly pleasures”, but that was not at all desirable. Jay didn’t understand at first why a pretty, young whore couldn’t satisfy my needs. It was hard to relate to him it was about mutual desire. Although these young ladies were quite capable of providing any and all requests, it was still just a one-sided thing. I’m not sure he understood, but Carol did. Back to square one again for the third time.

Several months passed by and Jay knew I was sinking into a self pity thing. We tried some hobbies together, but at every turn there was this sexual urge building in me and he knew it. I tried desperately to stay busy and not put myself in situations where I found a lady with possibilities. It was a very difficult year.

One Saturday afternoon, I was having lunch with Jay and he proposed a very awkward offer to me. He said that he had been talking with Carol for several months about me and his desire that she offer herself to me sexually. Although Carol understood her husband’s request, she just couldn’t do that. I knew Carol had never been with another man before she met Jay, or at least that was his understanding of this. Over time and I’m sure lots of prodding from Jay, Carol agreed to try it if I would be interested. Jay and Carol were older than me. I was 52, Jay was 62, and Carol was 61.

I thought at first Jay was just having one of those kinky ideas, so I said of course not. Thanks but not thanks. He seemed hurt and asked if Carol was just tool old are just not appealing to me. I then realized he was serious and told him Carol was my friend, she was very desirable, but she was also my best friend’s wife. He said nothing for a few minutes and then just looked at me and said then “enjoy her as I do then”. Tears came to my eyes and I just sunk into my seat. We didn’t say anything for several minutes and the he sat straight up and said think about it my friend and let him know.

We had a twenty minute drive back to his house to get my car and we didn’t say a word to each other. We pulled into his drive and turned to me and said thanks for a good lunch. As he began to get out of the car I asked him to sit back down and let’s talk. I told him his offer was unbelievable, if both of them were ok with it, I definitely was. Jay smiled at me and said he wanted me to thank Carol myself if I would. She was inside and knew Jay was going to offer her to me. I went inside, Carol greeted me with a tremendous hug and I was crying in her arms. It was an incredible day in my life. I had never felt more loved by two people. And then I left.

The next week, Jay and I hadn’t said anything more of the proposal. Part of me wanted it so bad, but part of me said this might really put their marriage at risk. Why should I do that? Finally, by Friday Jay asked me when I wanted to be with Carol. I immediately asked him if he was sure about this. He said anything he had is mine; he only had to wait for Carol to agree. I was overcome again with pride for my friend and his offer. It’s ironic, he has this feminine persona and I’m more the alpha male, but I felt truly humble by all of this. I asked him if it would be ok if I met with Carol and just talked with her about what was to come. He said fine, but she was ready when I needed her. I met her the next day since she was off work and we had lunch together. Carol was school teacher and this was going to be her last year of teaching before she retired.

Carol and I met Saturday for lunch, bad idea since football season was in full blast, the restaurant was a very busy and loud place. We ate and then met up at the park nearby to talk uninterrupted. It was nice fall day; the weather was perfect for sitting and talking. I had several things to talk with her about; of course the main thing was she ready for this. She assured me she was, it was just something she thought she could provide for me and she was positive Jay wanted this.

As I felt more comfortable with Carol’s acceptance, I began to ask her some more personal questions. I wanted to know how she enjoyed be made love to, did she enjoy oral sex, did she have any limits for me? My questions must have caught her off guard; she blushed and said she was not sure how she wanted to be made love to. She said she would do what I wanted to do. I picked up on her being more submissive than I had expected. So, I didn’t push anymore. I assured her I would never do anything to her to disrespect her or Jay.

I asked her where she’d like to meet with me for our “date”. She said she assumed it would be at her house, she really didn’t want to meet me at a motel or something like that. I asked her when she had a few hours to be with me to let me know. She was a little nervous and said a few hours? She had thought I’d come by for a few minutes and then leave. I told her I wanted some extra time our first time together so we could go slowly and feel at ease. She understood and said she thought she could the next weekend if I liked. She would call me next week and we’d go from there.

Monday, I delivered some things to Jay and he told me Carol was going to meet me that Saturday, he just wasn’t sure when. Jay said Carol seemed giddy all weekend; he wasn’t sure what we talked about at lunch. I told him I was just trying to make sure she was ok with everything and I did ask her if she had any sexual preferences. Jay just laughed and said just do her, she’ll be fine.

I knew he didn’t need any specifics or desire to know what I planned to do with Carol. It also gave me the first hint to how their sex lives was. I was glad to know he didn’t feel insecure at all with me. As the week slowly went by, Carol called me on Friday and said we would have to wait since her grandchild was sick and they had her most weekends. I was disappointed for sure but didn’t want to put any pressure on her. We tentatively planned for the next Saturday afternoon and Jay would take her to a movie and a meal and we’d have the few hours I wanted. I felt good that she had thought that far ahead and didn’t regret her decision to be with me.

Finally, the Saturday came, I was so nervous all morning. I had groomed myself early since I wanted to be at my best for Carol. I worked a while, never did eat lunch and pulled into their driveway about 1:00. Jay was still there with their grandchild, they were just fixing to leave for a matinee and dinner a Mickey D’s. He gave me a hug and they left. Carol was in the kitchen so I went in to visit with her. She looked very nice. I was surprised that she had herself all made up for me. I took her hand and asked her to sit with me for a while. I could tell she was nervous, so I tried my best to be in control.

As we sat down, I put my arm around her and hugged her and assured her everything would be fine. I kissed her on the lips and again hugged her again. I asked her to go get herself more comfortable for me and return for me when she was ready. I stood with her, kissed her again and sat back down. It seemed like an eternity before she returned to take my hand. She had on a nice silk gown with a robe and her house shoes. I immediately stood as she entered the room and told her how nice she looked again and hugged her again. I had always wondered how sensual Carol would be and she was stirring me all the way to my toes. She felt wonderful with only silk against her body. She took my hand and guided me to the guest room; she had the bed turned down for us. She told me this would be our room from now own if I wanted to continue meeting her. Again, I appreciated her foresight and planning. I shut the door and locked it so we would be secure there.

She stood be the bed and waited for me. I went to her hugged her again and kissed her deeply this time. Carol is maybe 5’2″ and I’m 6’1″, so I needed to know how to best kiss her as I held her tight and adjust for our difference in height. After a few minutes of kissing and some light groping and felt comfortable she was ready to move forward. I had already decided this was going to be all about her and me finding what she enjoyed best. I began to remove her robe and place it neatly on the floor. I slipped the gown off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor under her.

I could tell she was nervous about her body, so I immediately hugged her again and kissed her bare neck and told her wonderful she looked. She still had her bra on and panties, so I knew she was nervous about being exposed totally naked, so I stopped there and asked her to sit on the bed as I undressed. She watched as I removed my pull on shirt and then I undid my belt as she watched and let my pants drop to the floor. I sat down removed my shoes and socks and pushed everything to the wall. I stood back up and removed my boxers and she smiled as I wiggled my butt as I stood in front of her.

Finally Carol spoke, she asked how I wanted her and what I wanted her to do? I told her I wanted to make love to her I sat down beside her and we kissed as we lay back onto the bed. I pulled her to the center of the bed and I stayed to her left (right handed). I continued kissing her and my right hand roamed and massaged her body. I would stop every now and then and kiss her neck and behind her ear as my hand explored her body.

I felt her more at ease and I think very curious about what was happening. I held her up so I could remove her bra and through it in the heap with my clothes. As I moved down her I kissed her tummy and returned to her breasts and then back to her mouth for a long deep kiss. I asked her what made her cum best and what she enjoyed most. She hesitated longer than I had expected so I asked if everything was alright. She softly said she thought this was about me getting off with her and she hadn’t thought about her cumming. I was puzzled so I pushed further as I laid on my side and pulled her on her side so we could talk some more.

I told Carol I wanted to make love to her and what really “got me off” would be her enjoying herself. She leaned over and kissed me and explained that it really wasn’t normal for her to have a climax when she and Jay had sex. She enjoyed Jay very much, but she had little experience having orgasms other than manual ones she provided. I didn’t push any further so I was determined to take her slowly, yet deliberately. I asked her if she was fine with me performing oral on her, she said she that sounded nice.

I laid her back down on the bed and began kissing her again, alternating kisses around her neck and ears while my hand caressed her breasts. After a few minutes, Carol began to moan and relax as my hands and kisses were relaxing her. I began moving down her tummy again with kisses as my hand moved to rubbing between her legs. I rubbed my hand against her panty as I nibbled on her nipples. Carol opened her legs even more so I could slide my hand under more and the insides of her thighs. I was using very soft caresses and I could feel goose bumps on the top of her thighs. As my hand slide under her butt and I moved it back across her pussy I applied pressure against her opening so she knew I would apply force when needed.

As I applied pressure she would raise herself against my hand, so I knew she was responding. I still hadn’t felt any wetness through her panties yet, so I was prepared to do what I needed to get her juices flowing. I moved my body on top of her with my knees between her legs and gave her another long deep kiss. I let her feel the weight of my body on top of her as my cock rested back on her thigh. I raised her arms above her head and placed them behind her on the pillow and began my move down her body.

I kissed my way all the way down her body till I was at her tummy and then began removing her panty as she lifted to assist me. I through them of my pile and returned to her body. I immediately kissed her right below her naval as each hand was now rubbing her inner thighs. She had a nice pussy, large lips that I knew I would enjoy and as I raised a gentle fold to expose her hood I saw her clit. I kissed it and settled back on my knees so I could get myself in a comfortable place.

She was starting to moan and I could feel her legs shaking a little so I knew I was in the right spot. I spent several minutes using all of my oral skills till I felt her moaning moving toward an orgasm. I dug in deeper so I could taste her juices as she peaked and her hips rose to meet my thrusts as she had her first orgasm. She shook for what seemed like minutes, but I knew it was just a few seconds as I just kissed her pussy and clit till she stopped. Her hands were on my head and I felt her legs gripping tighter around my head.

As she relaxed I moved up to her face and kissed her deeply. Her face was flush and I whispered in her ear how wonderful she tasted. She hugged me hard and finally spoke. She said that was incredible and thanked me. I moved back to her side and continued kissing her as my hands were massaging her breasts. Her nipples were very sensitive now, so I didn’t caresse them I just held them tight. I let my hand move down between her legs to see if she was as wet inside her pussy as she was on the outside. As my fingers probed inside her, I didn’t feel the wetness I had hoped for so I decided I would put some lube on my cock before I entered her.

I got up from the bed to get lube out of my pants pocket and asked Carol if we needed to pull the covers of the bed completely off to protect the spread. She got up and did that as I returned to her side. I held her close and kissed her deeply so she could feel my hard cock against her. She had not even touched it at this point, so I took her hand and placed it on it. She took it in her palm and gripped it tightly as we kissed. I whispered in her ear I couldn’t wait to be inside of her. We lay back down and I gave her the lube and asked to apply some to my cock.

I’m not sure if she was familiar with lube before, as she asked me how much to use. I told her she would know if she used both hands as she applied it and make sure the head was given plenty. I asked her to touch herself now with the rest of the lube still in her hands to assist us. She said it was so slippery now and finally she pushed her finger inside herself. I moved on top of her and moved my kisses back down her body again. I licked her clit again for a few minutes, this time she exploded very quickly and as her hips settled back down I moved up to place my cock into her for the very first time.

I guided my cock around her lips and pushed gently at first till I was inside her a couple of inches and looked at face. Carol’s eyes were closed and her bottom lip was inside her mouth as if she was biting it. I slowly pushed forward now till I was halfway in her and stayed there a few seconds. I removed almost out of her and pushed right back into her even further, repeating this several times till I was completely inside of her. I stayed deep inside of her for a while as she got used to me as I leaned forward and kissed her deeply, she opened her eyes and I whispered in her ear how good she felt. She felt like velvet wrapped around my cock.

I began slow thrusting almost out of her and then pushing deep inside of her and then picked up the intensity as I felt her orgasm approaching. She was beginning to really moan and I ask her to please cum for me. She grabbed my arms as she raised her hips to meet my thrusts so I really increased the intensity and pushed deeper each thrust. As she was riding a really long orgasm I continued fucking her at a slower pace as her grip lessened and her hips fell back down to the bed.

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