I had driven home, a slideshow of the event in the hotel running through my mind. I really wanted to meet up with you again, I could feel myself becoming wetter as I tried not to think of the day. I failed miserably. I wanted you more than I did when we met, I imagined your piercing eyes, looking straight into my own, you told me you wanted to make me your slave. Your arms around me, pulling me close to feel your body against mine. I was nowhere near home and I was getting hornier, and hornier. I stopped myself from thinking about you, so I could safely make it home.

I got home and started thinking about you again, I wanted to repay you for an excellent day. I thought of many wonderful things to show you, but you had seen it all.

I looked at my webcam, then at myself in the mirror. So I set my webcam up…I started swaying my hips and teasing my imaginary audience by partly pulling my skirt up and giving them a glimpse of my ass. I loved it when somebody watched me. I ran my hands up my body, brushing past my boobs, through my hair. I danced around so I had my back to the cam, I bent over and pulled my skirt down, leaving my G-string on. I danced back around so I was facing the cam again and rubbed my crotch, already feeling it hot and wet. I ran my hands up my body and pulled my top over my head, then threw it to the side. I was completely naked apart from a G-string, I bent over and teased my audience, legs apart, rubbing myself and slipping my fingers inside of my underwear. I was so wet, with your cum and my own wetness. I couldn’t wait any longer, I pulled them off and lay on the bed. Legs apart, fingers rubbing my clit and another hand inside of me. I could feel the hotness spreading throughout my body, but I held back. I turned over on my front and got on my knees, to give you a better view of my pussy. I grabbed my hairbrush and rammed it inside myself, rubbing my clit, I could feel myself building up again, I held back still. I kept rubbing my clit furiously and ramming my hairbrush up me. Hitting my G-spot and driving myself wild, Without warning, without any buildup, the heat spread from my pussy to my legs, to my nipples, my back arched and my head tilted backwards. I couldn’t help but scream out. I felt my cum gush out me, then dripping down my legs.

I wanted to lie down and collapse, only that wouldn’t be erotic. So I got up, saved the movie and turned the cam off.

I walked naked to the kitchen and made myself a coffee, I needed to sober up. The coffee didn’t work, I lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

Seems like my mind is sex obsessed. I dreamt we met again. But this time I tied and blindfolded you. I kissed your lips, and went down your body, tickling you with my hair as I went. I felt you harden against my stomach, I swirled my tongue around your nipples gently, but not for too long. I carried on moving down your hairless torso, my hands gripping your lightly muscled chest. I kissed further down and got to your cock, you were only semi-hard so I wrapped my lips around your cock and sucked gently, twirling my tongue around your head. You liked it way too much. I stopped sucking and decided to lick your swollen head, tasting pre-cum on you. I sucked again, but harder and deeper, you thrust yourself down my throat, forcing me to suck you deeper and harder. You were ready to cum but I wanted some fun. I knelt over your face and told you to eat me out. You flicked my clit gently with your tongue, increasing pressure every so often, driving me wild. I couldn’t help myself, I had to untie you, so I untied your hands and told you to use your hands too. You used your finger to flick my clit, and your tongue pushed inside me, tasting me. You’re finger flicked harder on my clit, I wanted to cum, but I held back. I made you stop.

I started to drift back to reality, waking up. I sat at the computer, lit up a cigarette and started checking my email. Nothing interesting, just idiots asking if I would like to increase my penis size.

Then you logged on.

Sauve4U: Hey sexy!

Cybergurlie: Hey you, I have something for you…

Sauve4U: And what would that be? *winks*

Cybergurlie: Well….this

Cybergurlie sends Sauve4U file Justforyou

Sauve4U: Well well well. Just couldn’t hold on ’till next time?

Cybergurlie: So, when will the next time be?

Sauve4U: Thursday? Same place, same time?

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