She could be anyone really, but in the dark parts of my imagination I know who she is supposed to be.

Emma woke up early; she had been looking forward to this day without commitments for some time. AND she had a plan. Over the past weeks she had been developing an interest in bondage, particularly self-bondage, and now she had the opportunity to try it out on herself. She had been collecting the equipment she thought she might need surreptitiously for about a month; various lengths of rope, handcuffs and ankle shackles, one or two gags, a leather blindfold and, her pride and joy, a fucking machine she could cuff herself to.

With a smile on her face Emma slid out of bed and went over to the wardrobe where she’d secreted all her new toys. She pulled a large box out and began to lay the equipment out on the bed. “I’ll start out with something simple,” she said to herself, “just to see what it’s like and get the hang of it.” Another thought struck her. ” I’ll make it like a scene from a film.” A smirk crossed her face. “Though it won’t be a film I’m likely to do.” She stood up and went to her lingerie drawer. “Now then, what shall I wear for the part of, of….” She couldn’t think for a moment and then an idea struck her. “A strict teacher tied up by unruly pupils!” Emma was pleased with that concept. She began to pick out what her schoolteacher would wear. The first thing was a pair of opaque black stockings held up by a garter belt, maybe not typical teacher-wear but they suited the look she had in her head. The underwear set she picked out and put on next was in the same vein, a pair of silky black panties with matching bra. She went to her wardrobe and picked out a simple white blouse and a tight knee-length black skirt to finish off the ensemble. Emma looked at herself in the mirror. That was the sort of look she was trying to achieve! She just needed the right pair of shoes and she knew which ones; an old pair of low-heeled black slip-ons that she rarely wore.

Emma sat on the bed and put on the shoes, beginning to work out how she was going to bind herself and how she was going to get free. The getting free part should be easy; she’d use the handcuffs and leave the key where she could get at it. She had practised unlocking the cuffs a few times and was confidant that it wouldn’t be a problem. “I’ll start with some ropes.” She thought, and picked up three of the shorter pieces. She looped the first around her legs above the knee, cinching it tight and then winding it around her legs before tying it off. It felt…. sort of comfortable. Emma took the second rope and repeated her actions, only this time below her knees. The third rope went around her ankles. Emma pulled this one a little tighter than the others and left a tail of rope; she’d had an idea about doing a hog-tie. After checking her knots Emma stood up with her legs tightly bound. She looked at herself in the mirror once more, noting with satisfaction the way the white rope stood out against the black of her stockings. It looked like she had hoped. She picked up a fourth rope and tied it around her waist; this was to be the anchor for the hog-tie. Next she looked down at the ball-gag she’d selected, and the blindfold. Sighing that the blindfold might make things difficult this first time, Emma reluctantly left it and picked up the gag. She placed it in her mouth, behind her teeth and then buckled up it tightly. Now she picked up the last rope, the longer one. She had wanted to tie her upper arms to her body, but she couldn’t work out a way of doing this at the moment. Instead she was just going to tie a rope harness around her breasts. This didn’t take too long and as Emma tied off the rope that framed her tits she was amused to see how hard her nipples had become, poking through the two sets of material.

Checking that she had left the handcuff key where she could reach it, Emma lay on the floor on her stomach, bending her legs until she could reach the tails of rope from her ankles. With a bit of effort she managed to tie them off to the stomach rope and effected the hog-tie. It wasn’t as stringent as Emma had hoped but she could improve as time went on. Now came the final stage; the handcuffs. Emma felt a strange thrill as she clicked the first cuff around her left wrist, the encircling metal cool against her skin. She carefully manoeuvred her hands behind her back, passing the cuffs beneath the rope from ankle to waist, before snapping the second cuff around her right wrist. That was it; she was done!

Emma wriggled around a little, testing her handiwork, until, satisfied with her workmanship, she settled down and began to think through the scenario she’d given herself. Her strong youthful captors would no doubt run their hands over her helpless body as she tried to escape, she thought. Emma ran her cuffed hands over her buttocks to simulate this. It was an interesting feeling; the smooth material stretched tightly across her bum-cheeks; the outline of her skimpy knickers clearly defined; but it didn’t feel particularly realistic. Emma did realise however just exactly how horny she’d made herself, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She had no way of getting her hands to her rapidly dampening pussy; if only she’d thought of slipping her vibrator in before she’d started! All she could do at the moment was rub her hardened nipples against the floor, but that only made her hornier than ever. Frustrated, Emma decided to see if she could free herself without resorting to using the key. It would be the sort of thing her imagined heroine would do. After ten minutes of struggling and writhing about Emma realised she couldn’t free herself that way: She had done too good a job. She couldn’t reach any of the knots, not even the one creating the hog-tie. By now Emma was sweating profusely and drooling quite badly around the ball gag. Deciding that she’d gained some hints for the future and that she needed release from her growing arousal Emma rolled onto her side to grope for the handcuff key. It took a few moments scrabbling until she found it and a seemingly endless couple of minutes of digital dexterity before she managed to unlock one of the cuffs, but once that was done it wasn’t that long before Emma had loosened all the ropes.

As soon as they were off, Emma’s hand dropped between her legs, her fingers brushing the thin material covering her crotch. She came quickly and rather unsatisfactorily. “I need something inside me.” She thought, her eyes coming to rest on the unused fucking machine. She immediately decided to bring forward the plan she had to use it. Getting up, she quickly removed her ‘teacher’ outfit, casting it into the laundry basket, and headed for the shower. The water was refreshing and as Emma dried herself off she realised how aroused she still was. “Better get on with it then.” She thought. Again Emma went to her lingerie drawer. She pulled out a sheer black nylon teddy trimmed with pink trimmings and bows with four suspender straps. She slipped it on, luxuriating in the feel of the material on her sensitised body, and then pulled on a pair of black stockings. She spotted a pair of ridiculously high-heeled shoes she’d never worn and put them on as well.

Emma placed the machine in the centre of the room and placed a small footstool in front of it. She gathered up all the things she wanted and placed them within easy reach. She checked the machine over, running through the cycle a couple of times, before leaving the thrusting arm at it’s maximum extension. Now she was ready for her second adventure. She snapped the shackles with the longest chain closed around her ankles and then looped the chain around the rear of the machine, holding it in place with a small padlock. She knelt down over the fully extended dildo arm, rubbing her pussy lips along the fake prick for a moment, and then she moved her hips forward so that she could ease herself back onto the mechanical phallus. It slid into her eager wet pussy smoothly until she had impaled herself completely on it. She wriggled about a little, settling into a comfortable position, and then set about finishing off her self-bondage.

Picking up a piece of rope Emma tied her left thigh to the footstool. She did the same to her right thigh and then looped a third longer rope over her back before tying it beneath the stool. That only left the gag, the blindfold and the wrist shackles. Well, there were the pegs and a butt plug, but she felt she wasn’t quite ready for that yet. With a little trepidation Emma started the machine at its slowest speed. At a gentle pace the dildo withdrew backwards until it was almost out of her cunt and then changed direction and thrust slowly back in. Satisfied, Emma increased the pace slightly and then reached for the ball-gag. She fitted it behind her teeth and buckled the strap tight. With a final check that the shackle key would still be in reach when she’d finished, she picked up the blindfold and covered her eyes. Her hand closed on the shackles and she clipped one of the cuffs closed around her left wrist. She fed the chain under the stool and, after making sure that the keyhole was in the right place, closed the second cuff around her right wrist. She knelt in the self-imposed darkness; unable to see or speak; tied to a foot stool; with a fucking machine working a dildo in and out of her pussy and she was in heaven! The sensation of helplessness marginally lessened by the knowledge she could get free quite easily but it was still better than she had imagined.

Emma was determined to hold off from cumming for at least fifteen minutes. The room was quiet except for her muffled moans of pleasure the steady beat of the machine. Emma thought she heard something else but dismissed it as imagination. She finally gave in to a shattering orgasm, which left her with her forehead resting on the ground; drool from around the gag covering the lower part of her face, panting hard. She thought that she should release herself now and then try something else, maybe using the clothes pegs this time. She dropped her hand to where she had left the cuff key. It wasn’t there! Worriedly Emma groped around thinking she may have moved the thing when she’d cum but to no avail.

“Looking for something Em?” A voice ahead of her asked. It was the voice of Dave, her occasional fuck buddy. She had invited him to come over that evening, partly as a fail-safe if she got stuck and partly because she knew she’d want a good fucking by then, but it wasn’t that late surely? Dave was often early, but not this early. “I was in the area and thought I’d pop in. Seems you’ve started way before me. All right if I join in with the fun?” Emma felt his hand stroking her bum but she wasn’t worried that Dave would hurt her. If anything, the thought of being under his control, only released on his whim, excited her even more than she already was. She nodded and tried to say ‘yes’. She heard him move closer to her ear and wondered what he was going to do first. “Emma, were you going to use these pegs on your tits?” He whispered. She nodded again, a little slowly as she realised her earlier thoughts were coming back to haunt her. “Shall I do it for you?” A third nod and Emma acquiesced. There was a little pressure and then a dull pain as Dave clipped a peg on each nipple over the thin material of her teddy. The feeling wasn’t entirely unpleasant, in fact, coupled with the machine still pounding her pussy, at a higher speed now she noticed, she was close to another orgasm. Dave again whispered into her ear. “Still enjoying it Em?” He asked. Emma grunted ‘yes’ and then moaned as waves of pleasure shook her as she came. Dave waited a moment as she subsided. “You’ve got one hole unplugged Em?” His finger brushed over her butt hole questioningly. Emma felt another rush of excitement. She turned her blindfolded face to where she thought he was and grunted her assent again. “Thanks Em.” Dave said, kissing her forehead.

Emma gave a little start as she felt Dave rub some lube into the crack of her ass. Then she had a thought, brought on by the feel of the dildo still relentlessly pistoning in and out of her pussy. “I’ve never been DPed before. I hope I like it.” While this was running through her head Dave was positioning himself. Emma felt him gently easing the cheeks of her ass apart. “It’s fascinating watching this machine ploughing your cunt Em.” He said. Emma didn’t really hear; all she wanted was his cock in her butt.

Emma tensed momentarily as she felt Dave’s dick nudge against her butt-hole and then she relaxed and he sank his cock slowly into her back passage. With the dildo pumping her cunt and Dave in her butt alternating strokes with the machine she felt completely stuffed. She groaned as the two pricks, one real, one fake, took her to unimagined heights of pleasure. Another orgasm was building already, but Emma held on until, with a loud but muffled grunt, she came explosively, her body jerking involuntarily. The spasm of her muscles around his cock caused Dave to follow suit and he shot his load deep into her bowels.

“Sheesh Em,” he panted, “that was fucking amazing. Your ass never gripped that tight before.” He slipped out of her and she heard him move around in front of her. “I think I should untie you now though.” She shook her head vigorously. “How about if I release you for a while and then tie you back up differently?” He asked again. This time Emma slowly nodded her assent so Dave switched off the still pounding machine and then pushed the blindfold up from her eyes; eyes that were gleaming with anticipation, enjoyment and pure lust. “Kinky little devil, ain’t ya?” Dave smiled and Emma smiled back, nodding, more than a bit surprised by the revelation herself. Dave untied the ropes holding her to the footstool and then unsnapped the padlock anchoring her leg shackles to the machine. Emma eased herself off the dildo before sinking to the floor still wearing the two sets of shackles, and with the two pegs still clipped onto her tits. She only noticed she was still sporting these when she got a sharp pain after rubbing them against the carpet as she lay down.

As she regained her breath and her composure Dave was going through her assorted bits and pieces looking for inspiration. After a while he came and knelt beside her. “I don’t think we’ll need the gag anymore; besides which you’re drooling all over the place.” He said, unbuckling it and then wiping her face for her.

“So then, how are you going to tie me next?” Emma asked.

“Well, I have this one idea…”

“Which is?”

“It’s a simple tie I read about a long time ago, but it leaves you available.”


“In a position to be fucked easily. You do want to be fucked don’t you?”

“Oh yes, yes. I certainly want to be fucked some more.”

“In that case, we won’t be needing those for what I have in mind.” He said as he began to undo the cuffs. “Or those.” He added, removing the pegs.

“Pity, I rather liked them.”

“I can put them back later clever-clogs.” He grinned. “The first thing that needs to be done is to get your hands out of the way.”

Emma promptly presented him her wrists. Deftly he looped rope around them, tying them tightly and then leaving two very long tails hanging.

“Those seem a bit long; unless they’re for something?” Emma asked.

“They’re for this.” Dave said, pulling her hands over, and then behind, her head leaving her elbows pointing up like rabbit’s ears. He took the two ends of the tails one either side of her neck, crossed them over between her breasts and then pulled them around behind her back where he tied them together. “See? Hands out of the way.” He said sitting back on his heels.

“Neat.” Emma grinned back. “Now what?”

“I’m going to lie you on your back.”

“That sounds promising.” Emma smirked.

“Don’t make me wish I’d left the gag in.” Dave said wearily.

“Sorry,” Emma giggled, “I’ll be quiet now.”

“That would be nice, thank you.”

Dave helped Emma onto her back and then took another long rope, knotting it around her left thigh just above the knee. He looked thoughtful for a moment. “Actually, I think this would be easier if you were sat up.” He went red as Emma gave him an amused look as he got her back up in a sitting position. After that he passed the rope behind her back, looping it through the one already securing her hands, and then wound it round her right thigh twice before taking it back behind her to the left and tying it off. This had the effect of pulling Emma’s upper legs tight to her body while at the same time spreading them apart.

“That looks cool Dave.” Emma said peering down.

“I haven’t finished yet.” He smirked. Gently he laid her down on her back again, her legs held apart in a harness that revealed how wet her pussy was again. Taking up some more rope, Dave tied her ankles to the tops of her thighs and then stood back in satisfaction.

“I feel like a trussed turkey.” Emma sniggered.

Dave grinned wolfishly. “Then stand by for some stuffing babe!”

He knelt in front of her and rested his knob against the lips of her eager pussy.

“Stop teasing Dave!” Emma cried out.

“All right, all right,” Dave laughed, “here we go.” He carefully sank himself into her cunt, eliciting a moan of pure pleasure from Emma. He bent down and kissed her. “You’re an even hornier bitch than usual today Em.” He smiled.

“I think it’s the feeling of helplessness, knowing that you can do anything you want with me.” She tried to explain. ” Oh, I don’t know. Just pump my pussy hard.”

“And that’s me doing what I want is it?”

“Shut up and fuck me.” Emma grinned.

“Yes ma’am.”

Dave began by taking long slow strokes, sinking all the way in before pulling back until only his knob was still in Em’s pussy and then easing back deep.

“That’s sooooo goooood!” Emma sighed. Dave merely grunted in reply and gradually increased his pace until he was steaming in and out of Emma’s cunt quite rapidly. Emma was only making little noises of enjoyment at first, but as the pace of Dave’s thrusts increased she got louder and more guttural until she came hugely, her biggest orgasm so far. Dave slowed his incessant pussy pounding. “No. Don’t stop.” Emma panted. So Dave sped up again. She came twice more before Dave shot his load, filling her pussy with his spunk.

“Jesus Em, you’re insatiable today.” Dave gasped.

Emma looked up into his sweating face.

“Are you complaining?” She grinned.

“Hell no.” He grinned back.

“Good. Now get your cock up here. I want to suck you good and stiff for another go.”

“Em, you know your mouth always makes me cum quickly.” Dave said dubiously.

“Well you’ve cum twice already; the edge should be off and it’ll take ages.” She smiled.

“You know it won’t.” Dave replied with a sigh and moved up to Emma’s head. He looked down. “I don’t think this will work Em; I can’t get close enough.” He told her.

“Stick some cushions under me.” She said. Dave gave her a quizzical look. Emma sighed. “If you raise my shoulders I can tilt my head back and swallow you whole.”

“You want to suck my dick that much?”

“Yes. I want to taste our juices mixed up on your meaty member.” She giggled.

“You don’t have to take the piss.” He got up and went to find some cushions.

Emma lay back, strangely comfortable in her restraints, and marvelled at how well her experiment had gone, knowing that she would have to repeat it sometime soon. Maybe she could turn herself over to Dave for a whole weekend and see what he could come up with; this current rope harness was certainly a good idea. And the fucking machine had been worth every penny. The sudden thought of the machine gave her an idea. Dave came back and raised her shoulders with some cushions. She looked up at him.

“Dave, can you position the machine to fuck my ass while I’m sucking you off?” She pleaded. With a sigh he rearranged the thing, lining it up but there was a problem.

As consciousness returned, I became aware of flashes of light beyond my closed eyelids. But my body was still twitching with delicious aftershocks from that massive orgasm. So I hung in my chains, eyes closed, savoring each rippling twitch, each drip from my still wet pussy, trickling down my thighs.

Gradually, those quiet flashes of light became intrusive, interrupting my post-orgasmic ecstasy. Thinking about the orgasm, and what had produced it, brought back to my mind those final moments when my cum arced into Susan’s face. I felt the hot flush wash through me as the embarrassment of drenching her in such a manner struck home. Of course, there was little I could do about it, hanging helpless in her power. In a way, it was her fault. The corners of my lips curled up in a gentle smile as I considered the fact that she brought that on herself!

But I began to feel concerned how Susan must feel about this, and so I grudgingly turned my attention back to the world around me and opened my eyes, looking for her. I did not have to look far. She was standing right in front of me, and in a few minutes, I would become aware that her clothes were still wet from my spray. What immediately caught my attention was the source of the flashes. Her camera! Susan was photographing me! While I was unconscious she must have gone upstairs and gotten her digital camera. She was taking picture after picture, from various angles.

I screamed, “No! Stop!” Still dangling from the shackles, I twisted to the side as far as I could, almost facing the wall.

But did Susan stop? No. She continued to take pictures, now having an opportunity to photograph my ass. My vivid imagination gave me a crystal clear image of what she must be seeing. A naked whore, chained with her wrists high above her head, body slick with sweat and cum, still radiating the heat and glow of her recent orgasm. Entire body on display! No way to hide anything! And she was documenting it!

“What are you doing?” I cried.

“Recording proof of what a slut you are,” she said calmly, with a gleam in her eye. “How would you like the world to see these pictures? How would you like your friends, maybe even your family, to learn that what they suspected all these years is true? That you are indeed nothing but a slutty whore.”

My heart almost stopped; my mouth went dry. It is one thing to have a secret fetish – to even delight in it. It is completely another thing to have it made public.

“You wouldn’t! You couldn’t! We are friends!” I pleaded.

“Correction,” she said. “We WERE friends. The last few minutes have changed the nature of our relationship, don’t you think? I think that you have a deep need to be submissive and helpless. To have someone dominate you; perhaps even torment you.

“And I have surprised myself at how delicious I find having such power over a beautiful woman, such as yourself. I think I will enjoy dominating you, using you to fulfill my whims. These pictures are the first step in ensuring my hold over you. You will obey me, quickly and willingly, if you wish to keep your secret. That is, to keep OUR secret,” and she smiled maddeningly. “I’ll give you time to think that over.”

She took her camera, went to the stairs and walked up out of sight. I hung there, wondering where she was going with those pictures; what she was doing with them right now. Praying that she was not disseminating them to the world. Then I realized that she was probably not doing that, but putting them somewhere safe, to be released only if I did not comply.

A fit of anger coursed through me – to be caught this way. Anger at myself, for acting in such a foolish manner. Anger at Susan, for taking advantage of my helplessness.

But the anger dissipated quickly. I could not deny how my body reacted to the situation, and I knew my body was only revealing what my heart and mind wanted. Hadn’t I dreamed about, fantasized about, being a captive? Being at the mercy of various tormentors? And here I was: a captive.

A shiver ran through me as I realized that I was going to submit to Susan, submit to her will. My body started trembling, wondering what she was going to do to me and with me as she explored this new relationship and sampled her new power.

What I did not learn until much later was that Susan herself was wondering what she was going to do with me. At that moment, she was sitting on her bed, heart pounding in her chest, going over what just happened. She could barely believe that she had threatened me in this manner. Her mind was in conflict; in all probability she would never expose my secret, no matter what she had said. She knew she had been attracted to me for quite some time; even had sneaked peeks at my body when I was changing, or sitting at the breakfast table in my robe. She had never dreamed that our relationship might become one like this.

She had heard the word “dominatrix”, but had never dreamed of becoming one. She had no inkling that she possessed such dominant energy! But having tasted the power, the control over me, she realized that she really wanted more, if possible. But not really by coercion; that seemed too foreign to her nature at this point. So she put on a brave face and descended the stairs, trying not to betray her nervousness, trying to keep her knees from shaking, as she approached me again. “So, have you thought it over?” she asked, staring me in the eyes.

My mouth went dry, but I managed to stammer in almost a whisper: “Yes, I will do what you say. Please release me”.

Susan was mentally floored at this statement, she told me later. I did not sound angry, or rebellious at all, which startled her. Quickly re-evaluating the situation, she thought a few moments before saying: “You think that is a proper way to address me?”

I gasped, wondering what she meant. I was agreeing to do her bidding, and I asked very politely to be released. I’m sure my eyes widened as realization ultimately struck. I tried again. Hoping that I was guessing correctly, I repeated: “Yes Miss, I will do what you say. Please release me, Miss”.

She smiled at that. My heart hammered in my chest as I realized that I had spoken as she wished. As a further indication of the change in our relationship I would be required to call her ‘Miss’. I could not help but wonder what she would call me.

Finally, Susan took the key and opened the shackles. I did not realize how weakened I was. As my wrists were finally released, my knees buckled and I started to fall.

Susan instinctively grabbed me and for a few brief moments my naked body was pressed against her clothed one. As I stared into her face, grateful at being saved from being injured, I saw her face change as a new emotion dawned. With a strange gleam in her eye, she slowly lowered me to the basement floor, slipping off her shoe. “Kiss my foot,” she said.

I thought that maybe I had misunderstood. I looked up quizzically.

“You heard me,” she said. “Kiss my foot and be quick about it”.

I shook with humiliation as I slowly lowered my head to her offered foot. I tentatively pursed my lips, prepared to be disgusted by this demeaning act.

But as my lips pressed against her warm foot and I inhaled her earthy scent there, something resonated deep within me. This act of submission struck a chord. It touched something I was unaware of until now; something in the core of my being. Instead of briefly pecking my lips against her foot – my original intention – I found my lips clinging.

I kissed once, I kissed twice. Once I started I could not stop. I didn’t want to stop. I found my lips worshiping her foot, something that probably surprised us both!

Susan’s voice had a catch in it as she stammered, “Enough! Stop, girl!” Even though the tone of her voice was strained, I recognize the command quality within it.

“Yes Miss,” I said. I stopped. But I remained head down, naked, kneeling at her feet, as I waited to be told what to do next. Thus, Susan and I experienced my first act of submission to her. We both knew that it would not be my last.

(continued in part 5)

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