Tom and Madison are relaxing together in the Jacuzzi after what seemed like an endless flight where they were travelling for a long time. Sipping on some Champagne, the lights are dim and there are a few rose petals in the Jacuzzi, the two are taking a good time off the long and hard life of work and getting bossed around by a boss. “You know Tom this is really romantic and thoughtful of you.” Madison says as she turns her head to face Tom.

Tom turns to look at her, “You are welcome dear. And I am glad you like it, yes you and I needed time away from all the stress back at home, and we needed a good time, just you and me honey.”

“Yes babe I totally agree.” Madison says with a smile that filled her face. Tom holds his glass of champagne over Madison’s left boob and begins to slowly pour it on her chest, he pours it in such a away the champagne comes out in one long string, Madison takes a sudden inhale of breath as she watches the champagne stream down to her nipple and then travels under her breast. Madison then looks into Tom’s piercing dark brown eyes; she grabs him by his neatly trimmed afro and pulls him down to her nipple where the champagne was poured. “Please suck me Tom, please suck my nipple.” Madison says in a desperate whisper. Tom begins by planting baby kisses on the breast and then proceeds to suck on the nipple. He takes it into his mouth as he gently squeezes her right breast. His tongue forms rings around Madison’s left nipple and gently brushes it with the tip every now and then as he plays with her right breast. Madison is breathing deeply and her head is tilted back, Madison then takes Tom’s hand and directs it under the bubbling Jacuzzi water to her soft pussy.

Tom instinctively knows what to do and inserts three fingers in there; this causes Madison to let out a sigh and whispers to herself, “Oh gosh Tom, oh my goodness that feels so fucking good.” Tom still sucking on Madison’s boob lets out a soft moan that vibrates Madison’s left nipple. The room is steamy, the mirrors are completely covered in mist and Tom now pushes his three fingers even deeper into Madison’s warm pussy, Tom now begins sucking harder on Madison’s left breast while he squeezes the other one more firmly in his hand. Madison’s left hand begins stroking Tom’s masculine chest and six pack while her right hand holds onto Tom’s wrist while firmly pushing it to get his hand deeper into her. Madison moves her hand further down to find Tom’s rock hard 7 inch cock, she takes it firmly in her hand and begins masturbating it with slow but steady strokes while she is doing this Tom stops licking her left nipple and begins sliding his tongue up her breast making sure that he licks off all the champagne.

His tongue reaches her shoulder and he playfully bites it, eventually his mouth finds her and two engage in a slow and long kiss, Madison now increases the speed of the masturbation she is giving Tom and Tom grips her right nipple even more firmly causing her to moan. Madison bites his lower lip as he gently sucks on her upper lip; their tongues find each and swirl along one another. After some time they stop kissing and Tom orders Madison to get up and sit on his cock. Tom shifts forward in the Jacuzzi to give Madison the space she needs to ride his lap. Madison balances on her right knee; she then puts her other knee on the other side of Tom’s legs. She sits down on Tom’s lap with her bent legs now on either side of Tom’s legs. She takes Tom’s cock and puts the head by the entrance of her pussy which is submerged in the bubbling hot Jacuzzi water. She then puts her hands on Tom’s shoulders and starts to push forward, the head pops through, she pushes her body closer and closer to Tom’s taking in more and more of his 7 inches, the sensation is warming and comfortable, Madison manages to take in the full cock, her breasts press tightly against Tom’s masculine chest as she tightens the hug of her arms around him.

Toms grabs her ass his hands firmly gripping both her buttocks. He lifts her up slightly, making sure he goes even deeper into her, and then he pushes her firmly against him, and then pulls her back, he first started off humping her pulling in and then out rhythmically as she hugged him into her tightly. The room is still hot steaming Tom’s humping is making Madison moan a lot into his ear. Madison’s hot pussy feels really good for Tom, her buttocks are soft, smooth and bubbly in his hands, Madison is rhythmically squeezing his cock with her pussy as she humps, Madison then starts biting on Tom’s neck, she licks it and bites it constantly, the softness and wet feeling of her tongue is a slight ticklish feeling on Tom’s skin but very erotic for him and causes him to pick up speed and pull Meagan back and forth with more thrust and energy. As Tom thrusts her in and out she digs her nails into his back and breaths more deeply as she bites and sucks on Tom’s neck. Tom is in such ecstasy he does not feel the pain, the boobs feel warm on his chest. The water shakes violently as Tom jack hammer’s Madison and she starts moaning very loudly and the echo in the bathroom makes it even worst.

“Oh Gosh, oh Tom, oh my fucking gosh I am cuming, hooooffuck me Tom!!” Madison squeals as she comes on the 7 inch monster. After 15 seconds of violent shaking and squirting on Tom’s hard on under water she attempts to catch her breath by breathing very deeply and she rests her head on his shoulder. After some time Tom prompts her to get up and stand in front of him, while still in the Jacuzzi. Madison gets up and faces the other direction instinctively. Tom then stands behind her; he takes a bar of soap in his hand and orders Madison to stretch her butt cheeks. He then takes the bar of soap and begins sliding it along the crack; he applies some soap to his hands and puts it in her crack and a bit on the surface of her butt cheeks. He then smears some more soap on his hands and then gently masturbates his fully hard cock making sure he rubs all of the soap on it. He stands up behind her puts his cock in the crack of Madison’s ass as Madison lets go of both cheeks, now his cock is engulfed in between her butt cheeks, in her ass crack facing up. Tom puts his arms around her, his left arm around her waist and stomach and the other arm around her upper body grabbing the left breast in his hand. He then begins humping her crack and as he does this she squeezes his cock, as for the soap it is a perfect lubricant for this act.

Moaning in her ear, Tom starts to gently bite on Madison’s neck making sure he keeps up the speed of his humping, Madison is grinding her ass on his cock as he humps it, the heat is intense and beautiful for the both of them, and Madison’s hair is now damp from all the sweating and steam in the bathroom. The speed increases and the friction becomes higher, Madison grinds on his dick much faster and Tom tightens his grip around Madison and slides his cock in her soapy ass crack at a much faster rate, their tongues fins each other and the kiss is hot and wild, Madison inserts two fingers into her wet pussy while her other arm fondles her other breast.

Madison then all of a sudden starts to shake violently, she lets out what seems like a mixture of a squeal and scream, she is having her second orgasm, she tightened the grip of her buttocks around Tom’s cock so hard, she squirted a couple of times and it landed on the steamy mirror, this ecstasy lasted for 15 seconds and then she let her arms fall to her side while she loosened the grip around Tom’s cock. “Damn girl that was hot.” Tom whispers into her ear.

Madison with giggles replies, “And at that time this is far from over baby.”

Madison and Tom wash themselves in the water and then dry up; they put on their robes and go into the bedroom which is a suite by the way. Tom orders Madison to lie down on the bed completely naked; she removes the robe and lies down on the bed facing up. Tom takes out a bottle of brand new honey. Madison closes her eyes and Tom opens the bottle of new honey, Madison a few moments later then sees Tom standing by her side and then she feels a cold thick substance on her skin, Tom is pouring honey on her stomach in a circular motion, he then takes the stream up to her left nipple and lets it pour on there for a while, Madison then feels the cold thick stream moving to her right nipple. Tom stops pouring honey and sits beside her on the bed, he puts a blind fold on Madison and slowly begins sucking and licking the honey off Madison he begins with the left nipple, he sucks on her nipple making sure he takes in the honey and licks it off gently, Madison lets out a few sighs and takes random gulps of breath, he slides his tongue across her chest catching all the honey in his mouth and moves onto the second nipple, licking off the honey there he draws circles around Madison’s nipple and scoops up the honey, keeping in the honey he kisses her while holding down her arms, Madison takes the honey into her mouth and swallows it.

Tom carries on licking her, he licks the honey off he poured in a circular motion on her stomach and goes in for another kiss, Madison is now dripping wet and begs Tom to lick her, Tom goes to the other side of the bed, He pulls her so that her bum is close to the edge Tom then takes the lower part of her legs and puts them on top of his shoulders while he is crouched down on both knees. He starts off at the top of her pussy and slides his tongue slowly down the path to the hole, he then slides his tongue back up the centre of her pussy, and he does this rhythmically while squeezing her boobs firmly, Madison is holding his head in place making sure he does not stop what he is doing. After some time Tom begins to gently suck on the clit and licks it. He draws circular shapes around it and then brushes it with his tongue. This has Madison moaning her lungs out and curling her toes, she grabs onto the sheets tightly as an aroma begins to fill up the room.

Madison tightens her legs around Tom all of a sudden and lifts her upper body up, Tom backs his head away from her pussy and she squirts on his chin a couple of times. After that orgasm she drops down on the bed again and Tom comes up to her for a kiss, she licks the come off his chin and the two engage in a hot kiss. Madison grabs Tom head and pulls it away from her and looks into his eyes and says with a desperate and seductive, “Babe it is now time for me to please you.”

She orders Tom to lie down on the bed and she then blind folds him. She leans close to his ear and Tom can feel the warmth of her breath, she then whispers, “Tom baby, I just want you to relax and enjoy what is about to come your way.” While Tom is lying on the bed completely naked and blindfolded he hears the fridge open, he then hears Madison take something from it and then the fridge closes. The lid of a can pops open andw then he hears a spraying sound accompanied by the feeling of a cold and thick substance on the bottom part of the head of his fully hard cock. She sprays a bit of whip cream as well on the tip of the head of his cock; Madison then closes the whip cream and puts it on the bedside table.

She then scoops the bit of whip cream on the tip with her tongue and swallows it, she slides her tongue down his cockw taking in all the whip cream she sprayed on and making sure she licked everything off, Tom then feels the warmth of her mouth on the head of his cock, he feels the warmth going further and further down his cock as she takes more and more of it into her mouth. She takes in 5 inches and as she begins to take it out her mouth slowly, the tip of her tongue brushes it along with the soft surface of her lips; Madison tastes pre-come on the tip of his penis and sucks it off slowly. She begins again taking in Tom’s cock into her mouth, licking and tasting the small bits of whip cream she squeezes the middle part of his cock with her lips and then begins lifting her head up again slowly, brushing it with the tip of her tongue and her soft lips, she sucks on Tom’s cock and licks the pre-come that came out every now and then.

Tom is still bling folded, she gets up and goes and takes KY Gel from the drawer by the bedside. She applies some to her hands and masturbates it onto Tom’s dick making sure he is well lubricated, she then takes some and puts it in her anus, she would apply some to her finger and then insert the finger into her anus and she does this until her anus is fully lubricated within. She then climbs onto the bed, she is now over Tom with both her knees on either side of Tom’s body Madison then begins to descend making sure that she holds Tom’s cock in place; she descends slowly onto it while maintaining balance on the lower part of her legs. She then feels the head of his fully hard cock against the tip of her anus, she lowers herself even more and it pushes through her anus, Madison eventually lowers herself completely onto Tom taking in all of his cock, it was now ball deep buried into her ass. Madison then begins grinding slowly back and forth while both her hands are placed on Tom’s masculine chest. Madison picks up her speed and this has the both of them moaning in pleasure. Tom puts his hands on Madison’s butt cheeks and pushes them back and forth firmly to further increase the speed of the humping, they are both breathing heavily now and Madison’s head is tilted back with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. Aromas are beginning to fill up the room, natural aromas of sex horniness and Madison’s anus.

Madison now removes her hands from Tom’s chest and places then on the bed just above Tom’s shoulders. Tom then grabs her ass more firmly and instead of humping back and forth he now humps her ass on his cock in an up and down motion that is rapid, there is a clapping sound due to the rapid speed of the anal sex and once again Madison is screaming at the top of her voice. Madison then feels Tom’s cock twitch and as her response to that she squeezes it rhythmically and then eventually she feels hot burning liquid hit the walls of her anus as Tom lets out a loud groan. Then Tom squirts again as she squeezes her sphincter on his cock. Madison lies down on his chest breathing heavily together with Tom; his cock shrinks eventually and pops out of her asshole. “I’m enjoying this trip baby.” Madison says through her panting breath.

Tom replies, “Me to baby and I can’t wait for what happens next.”

I knew at that moment he wanted nothing more than me. His blue eyes glittered with need and the way his hips moved as he came forward suggested what he had in mind. And who was I to deny him? He knew that as well; knew that I wouldn’t.

He was right, as usual when it came to me, that was what I liked best about him. His lean muscled body and pretty face were a bonus. I could be an open book that he always wanted to read. It was never the same story every time we touched. Sometimes we would start slowly: a few light kisses, some gentle petting. Other times we would jump right in, aggressively locking lips and one of us being held down. I wondered what it would be tonight as he finally stood right in front of me.

“Fuck my ass,” he purred, voice full of arousal. I was speechless as he took me in his arms. He grabbed one of my breasts and squeezed a bit roughly. It was always sexy when he gave me an order, but this time I couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t gay, we fucked enough to constantly prove otherwise. However, the orders I was used to were “kiss me” and “give me your tongue.”

He kissed my neck and ended it with a sharp love bite, somewhat knocking me out of shock. “What’s wrong?” he asked me teasingly. “You always say you want to.” Why did he have to be do damn sexy? He stole my lips and proceeded to put my hands on the buttons of his blue jeans.

“Yeah,” I gasped when he let me go, “but I didn’t think you were into it.”

“I’ve done it to myself a few times.” He smiled as he informed me of this new fact. “You know that green egg in my room?” I knew what he meant, he had a ceramic egg the size of a fairly large one from a chicken sitting on a dragon display on his bookshelf. I could hardly imagine him working it into himself as he lay on his bed.

“You got that in?” I still didn’t believe what he was asking of me.

He shrugged like it was no big deal. “It took some work, but yeah. Come on, fuck me.”

He pushed me onto my bed and fell on top me. I didn’t struggle as he shoved his hands up my shirt and pulled it off, nor when he removed my pants and undergarments. He let me take his shirt off before he stood again. “Where do you keep your toys?” he asked. “Don’t tell me you don’t have any, I know you do.”

I loved how he sounded almost haughty. It was something he had taken on more recently since we became ‘official’. Nevermind that we’d been sharing a bed practically since the day we met. He seemed hungrier for me now, more needy when we fucked. “Where do you think?” I huffed, not that I looked all that threatening to him at the moment -what with my legs spread and my naked body reclining on my bed. “In my naughty drawer with everything else.” He opened it, pulled out my shackles and leash set. Those fell to the floor was well as my pilfered gag and blindfold. He didn’t bother saying anything about them, he wasn’t surprised. Instead he pulled out two items, my vibrator -purple with a silicone ribbed skin all of seven inches -and a nine inch life model dildo. “You’re going to want to use my vibrator,” I told him, I tried to disarm him with a teasing smile of my own. “Unless you want to try the bigger one.”

He brought both with him as he rejoined me on my bed. “We’ll see.” He handed me my vibrator and slipped his pants off, as always he wore no boxers. His eight inch cock waved at me with it’s thick glory. “Where’d your lube go?” I gestured to my headboard which doubled as a nice shelf and reading lamp. He grabbed it and handed to to me then lay back on my pillows looking at me expectantly.

“I don’t believe you,” I whispered in awe. He laughed like it was nothing, like I should have expected something like this from him. “Fine, spread your legs,” I sighed as I poured a liberal amount of AstroGlide onto my vibrator. He did and started to stroke his hard cock to further tease me. “You put it in,” I told him.

He pouted, “Why? I thought you wanted to do it.”

“You know I’ve never done this to someone’s ass before. I don’t want to hurt you.” It was true enough, I don’t know how much he could take and I was still picturing him with the egg.

“Fine,” he replied after a few moments. He sounded a little disappointed. “But you’re still fucking me.” I watched him shove my vibrator into his ass, his face showed only slight pain but his twitching cock belied his pleasure. “Now fuck me,” he demanded.

I took control of my vibrator, twisting it gently as I moved it in and out of his tight ass. I had never seen him squirm with such excitement as this. I couldn’t believe it. His soft moans played on my ears like I’d never heard. I stopped briefly to add more lube.

“Now suck my cock!” he demanded, breathing heavily. I took him into my mouth and resumed with my vibrator. His hips bucked wildly as I went deeper on both accounts. I looked up at his face as best I could, his lusty expression burned itself into my mind. His mouth wide open and smiling, his eyes screwed shut, the little wrinkle of his nose. His hands pressed down on my head reminding me that I was supposed to concentrate on sucking his cock. I let him slip out of my mouth and looked up to spite him, then I licked all the way up the thick shaft with the very tip of my tongue. At the same moment I have him a hard thrust with my vibrator making him jump a little. A little glob of precum glistened on the head of his cock I gave that a kitten lick smiling at him. He gently lifted my chin so I could look him right in the eye. “Get on top of me.”

“But why? Aren’t you enjoying yourself?” Nonetheless, I adjusted myself to get on top of him. I was soaking wet and had to have him in me.

“I want to fuck you while you fuck me.”

“But I like it down here.”

He grabbed my long braid which had fallen over my shoulder and pulled me forward. His strong hands cradled my face as he crashed his lips into mine, his tongue forced its way into my mouth with all his demanding. “I want to be in you,” he purred, always so fucking sexy. I couldn’t resist -not that I intended to. I gave him another hard thrust with my vibrator, he kissed me again and lifted me on top of him guiding me down his cock. Even with how wet I was we still had minor difficulty getting him in, he pulled away choosing to make me grind my mound into his shaft. I tried to stay forward so I’d be rubbing my clit against him as I reached behind to make sure I was still fucking him. It was an awkward position.

“Here, you take over,” I said a bit frustrated. My clit was so swollen with need I didn’t know how much longer I could take not having him. I put his hand on the end of my vibrator then took his cock in my hand lining it up with my hole and slamming myself down onto him. This time there wasn’t any trouble getting him inside me. We both moaned loudly as we joined. My hands found his shoulders and grasped them as I rode him wildly. The walls of my pussy clamped down tightly as I came hard. His hips rose as he worked with himself and at the same time buried his cock deeper into me. He felt so big it was crazy. A light sheen of sweat covered his heaving chest. The dampness that had gathered between our legs gathered into a puddle and he slipped out of me. He hurried to get himself back inside me -his cock found its way into my ass.

This was new for me, had never been able to easily take it up my ass on top before but now it felt amazing. He thought so too. In and out, in and out. Harder, faster, harder. Make me ride you. Fuck my ass because you know I love it. I threw my head back as I sat up completely straight taking him all the way in. His left hand squeezed my hip as his right removed my vibrator from his ass. He flipped me onto my bed without removing himself from me and continued to fuck me sideways.

“What’s this for?” I asked, curious about his sudden change of tactic.

“I let you fuck my ass,” he whispered in my ear. Love bite, lick. “Now I want to fuck you with this,” he shoved his cock deeper into my ass. “And with this.” He put the unused dildo to my lips. “Now suck it.”

I looked at him in disbelief yet again. “Both at once?” He smiled and pressed the head of the dildo into my mouth, I took it in without further comment. I could tell he liked watching me blow the dildo, he looked fascinated with the movement of my lips sliding over the silicone. He kissed me not taking it from my mouth. I started to give it the same attention I had given to him. My tongue made little rings up and down the shaft of the dildo and his followed mine. I brought my tongue up to the tip one last time as he pulled it out of my mouth and rubbed it down my body. “Both at once?” I asked again. He pulled his cock mostly out of my ass then thrust the dildo into my pussy. I couldn’t contain a gasp as he did. I couldn’t decide if it hurt or I liked it. I could hear myself getting louder with each alternating thrust he made.

“Now you do it,” he commanded putting my hand on the end of the dildo. “Fuck yourself while I fuck you.” I did as I was told working out a new rhythm with him. He fucked me harder forcing me to keep up. He was going to come and he wanted me to first.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I gasped, I felt myself have another orgasm. His hand tightened its grip on my raised thigh. I could feel a deeper throbbing in my ass. He was still coming as he pulled out.

All of my weight became dead -he had never fucked me like that before. He collapsed next to me, draping his arm over my body.

“How’s that?” he asked, sated for the moment.

I shook my head and closed my eyes. “I still don’t believe you.”

I knew he was smiling as he snuggled into me. “I know.” He kissed my neck, “I’ll get you again later,” he whispered huskily.

This series is about a bisexual guy who has loved his straight best friend since early childhood. If you are looking solely for sex, this series may not be right for you because although there is sex, love is the dominating theme.

I love hearing from my fans and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Let me know if you want to read more and I will continue writing this series if there is enough interest. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my story.

This chapter is for all of my fans that supported me throughout the four years I have been writing on this site. Thank you for all of your feedback, support, and friendship; it means more to me than you will ever know.

All sexual encounters mentioned in my story involved people who are (or were) 18 years of age or older at the time.


Oh God, why does he always have to be so fucking sexy? I watched my best friend Skylar as he walked down the high school corridor towards me. This man belongs on a runway, and he didn’t even seem to realize it. He naturally walked with the grace of a feline. I turned my attention to the contents in my locker (nothing too exciting in my locker, but if I kept looking at him I would undoubtedly get a hardon).

“Hey bud,” Skylar said when he approached, the sound of his low voice giving me goosebumps. My name isn’t Bud, by the way, it is Kyle, but he sometimes called me bud, which he meant as short for ‘buddy.’

“Hey Sky, what’s up?” I said, trying to sound casual in front of the man I so utterly loved.

He gave a devilish grin. “I fucked Claire last night.”

I ignored the instantaneous twinge of jealousy, not wanting him to see it. “I fucked her last month, she was fucking tight.” I was bisexual. “Or did she loosen up?”

He grinned. “Yeah, I remember you telling me that last month, and no, she is still as tight as a fucking vise.”

I gazed at his perfect face. He had flawless fair skin, light blond hair, and midnight blue eyes that stood out from the rest of his light facial characteristics like a sore thumb. I never understood how someone with such fair skin and hair could have such deep, dark blue eyes…he must have had a lot of recessive genes passed to him or something.

He shifted uncomfortably, clearly not at ease with me staring at him like I was…shit. I hope I’m not drooling. “She also sucked my cock,” he continued. “She is pretty damned good at giving blowjobs.”

“Is she better than…you know…” I stopped because he literally winced when I said ‘you know.’

“No,” he said with a blush, knowing what I meant. “And don’t ask questions like that…it’s weird.”

It was my turn to blush. “Sorry.” We just kind of stood there awkwardly together and watched as people continued to walk by.

About four months ago, we both had gotten drunk and he ended up spending the night at my place because his parents would have killed him if he went home drunk. Well, apparently my porn stash hadn’t been hidden as well as I thought it had been so he ended up finding it. At first he just laughed…but he stopped laughing when the straight porn pile was all looked through and he found all the gay porn underneath.

He didn’t say anything at first; his face had been completely blank. Then he asked me if I was gay and I had admitted that I was bi. He then asked me if I liked cock, then I admitted that I did, but reminded him that I liked pussy too, in case that fact lightened the situation at all. Again, he didn’t say anything for a while, but he then asked me if I have ever been fucked by a guy before, which I told him the truth and said I haven’t. Then he asked me if I ever sucked a guy off and I admitted that there were two guys who were on the football team with us that I sucked off once in a while.

He asked me who the guys were and I told him that I had promised to not tell anyone, which he seemed to accept. Then to my shock, he asked if I wanted to see his cock. I told him yes. He said he wants to know if he’s got a nicer dick than the other guys.

When I saw his hard cock for the first time as he pulled it out of his pants and boxers, I knew I wanted to suck him off every day for the rest of my life. It was amazing. He was seven and a half inches long, but what made it amazing was how thick he was. He was really thick. I noticed he kept his blonde pubic hairs trimmed short and I looked further down and noticed he had massive balls. He then asked if his cock was the best. I told him I didn’t know since I haven’t sucked his cock so I don’t know it as well as some of the others. He stayed quiet and asked me if it would be weird for our friendship if he let me suck him. I assured him (persistently) that nothing would change.

He told me to suck his cock so I could tell him if he was the best (I’m pretty sure none of this would have happened if he hadn’t been drunk…). I didn’t hesitate even a moment and had reached down, grabbed his cock, and sucked his cock. I was in ecstasy as I sucked his cock but to my surprise he pulled me off after about ten seconds, and asked me if he had the best cock. I told him he definitely had the best cock and he grinned and began pulling his boxers up.

Of course I hadn’t given up on his cock without a fight. I asked him what he was doing and he said putting his dick away. I asked him why and he said he only wanted to know if his cock was the best. I told him to take it out and I would give him a blowjob. He said no way, and that he wasn’t gay, and it would be weird if I gave him a blowjob (like I said, he was drunk, so he wasn’t all there in the head…). I told him that I already sucked his cock so either way I gave him a blowjob tonight so the only difference would be if he wanted to get off or not. When he realized that I did in fact already give him a blowjob he kept repeating the word ‘shit,’ but didn’t put his cock away, too mind blown to remember that it was still out.

I decided to help him decide so I leaned down and took him all the way into my mouth and sucked him the best I could, and he came within only three minutes. He had reached down to pull my head off when he was going to cum but being more sober than he was, I shook my head violently to keep his hand away and he blew his load in my mouth before he could pull me off, and I greedily sucked his cum down my throat as he moaned out his orgasm (when he had moaned, he moaned out my nickname he had called me when I was a child, Ky, which sounded like Sky, which I called him, but he hadn’t called me that in over five years so it had taken me by surprise…).

He got sleepy after he came but told me that that was the best blowjob he had ever had and told me that he owed me and before I knew it, he pulled my pants and boxers down and started jerking my already-close-to-cumming cock and within only a minute I blew my load over his hand. He went and took a shower afterwards to clean up and…

The bell rang, bringing my back my attention to what was going on in the present. “Guess it is time to go to class,” I said awkwardly to Skylar with a smile.

“Guess so,” he said, leading the way to our classroom.


Oh hell, I can feel him staring at me. I glanced over and sure enough Kyle was looking at me, which made my heart skip a beat. His face lit up and I couldn’t help but smile back at him. He had been that way since we met when we were little kids in preschool. Simply giving him even a little attention seemed to make him so happy and I couldn’t help but feel warm inside when it happened.

I’ve always been close to Kyle, ever since I first met him in preschool. I looked at his face and noticed how handsome he has gotten as he got older. He had green eyes that seemed to change color with his moods, black hair, fair skin, a cute nose, and an adorable dimple in his cheek that only appeared when he smiled brightly, which was just about anytime he saw me. When I made eye contact with him, the dimple in his cheek appeared. Fuck, he’s cute…did I just think the word cute when referring to a guy? I’m straight…well I let him blow me once in a while but only because he is really good at it and he seems to really enjoy it so what’s the harm? Hell, I can at least be honest with myself if no one else. I’m heteroflexible.

“Skylar, pay attention!” My teacher scolded me.

“I’ll pay attention when you say something interesting.”

The whole class laughed. The teacher’s face turned red and he said, “Just because you graduate in a couple weeks does not give you the right to slack off.”

I yawned.

The teacher was pissed. Oh well.

The bell rang, which caused everyone to get out of their seats while the teacher yelled out tomorrow’s assignment, like anyone cared what it was. We all learned that if nobody did the reading he wouldn’t quiz us on it at the end of class so it worked out for everyone if nobody did the reading.

As we walked out, Kyle lightly touched my arm, which made my knees temporarily weak, so I pulled away from his contact as if his hand burned my arm. “Am I still invited to come over and hang out tonight?”

I could see that my reaction to his touch deeply hurt him and I had to fight every instinct in my entire body to not reach out and comfort him. “Yeah, why not? We will play video games.”

“Anything besides video games?”

“You know…the usual…” The usual was code for he would blow me and I might jerk him off in return.

“No, I don’t know. What do you mean?”

Now he was pissing me off. He knew what I meant but hated that I used code for him giving me a blowjob. “Yes, you do know. If you don’t want to, just say so.”

He sighed. “You know I want to but I hate it when you…”

“Then it’s settled,” I interrupted. Hell, he still looked depressed from when I abruptly pulled away from his touch. Up until he first gave me a blowjob four months ago, we have been…what’s the word I’m looking for? Touchy? I guess touchy works. Anyways we would be touchy with each other, whether it would be hugs, tickles, arm around the shoulder, shoulder rubs, etc.. The day after the first blowjob he gave me was…confusing for me, so I kept my distance from him (out of touching range)…and kind of have since then…except for, of course, when he gave me more blowjobs.

I couldn’t stand the depressed, distant look he had on his face so I reached out and briefly touched his arm and asked, “why don’t you come over now instead of after supper?”

“Really?” He looked ecstatic, and my heart did a backflip when I saw the dimple appear. I don’t know why the thought of hanging out with me a couple more hours made him so happy, I’m really not that interesting.

I couldn’t help but smile back. “Yeah. Really.”

So we walked to my house together, our arms occasionally brushing each other during the mile walk to my home.

To be continued…

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