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Nurses in the military learn the power of American cock

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A US Army sniper sat in a Humvee stopped on a routine patrol near Baghdad, watching an intersection in a quiet area while the rest of the unit checked surrounding streets. “Hey, Bob, check it out! At your 2 o’clock.” Gianetti, the sniper’s spotter, stood up through a hole in the Humvee’s roof, manning the machine gun, pointing off into the distance.

The sniper spotted a ragged woman staggering toward them from an alley. She was not wearing a veil–Blonde hair! She’s not an Arab!

He ran out to her, and she ran into his arms. “Thank you, thank you, oh god, thank you!” He looked beyond her. No one in pursuit. No ambushes. He rushed her back to the Humvee and pushed her inside.

The woman was small, maybe 5’2″, and looked about 24, maybe younger. Long yellow hair, blue eyes. Like a surfer girl, like Gidget grown up. She was scratched and dirty but didn’t look in bad health. A little thin, perhaps.

He crawled back into the driver’s seat. All other seats had been removed (the easier to pack in boxes or cargo), but the Humvee was empty, so the woman crouched in the large, open space. “Hi, I’m Sergeant Bob Miller. Who are you?”

She turned out to be Amelia Jacobsen, a Red Cross nurse kidnapped in an insurgent raid earlier in the war–before the International Red Cross pulled its operatives out of the area. The poor woman ended up sold as a slave, finally “owned”–and kept for nearly a year–by an Iraqi in a house near Baghdad. Her story was incredible:

“He took me to his house and locked me in a room. Then women–I don’t know, 10, 12–came in. They, they prepared me! Washed me. Annointed me with oil–she sighed–trimmed my nails, my toenails–trimmed my pussy-hair–and a massage! Put me down on a couch, hands all over me–rolling me over, caressing my breasts–squeezing them, playing with my nipples–God, it was awesome!” She dropped her head in embarrassment.

Miller cleared his throat. “It didn’t–wasn’t your fault.”

“I was naked–didn’t realize I was–how they got my clothes off, I don’t know–but I was naked in the middle of a dozen Arab women! In his harem!”

“Well, that’s over now, you’re safe–”

–”They dressed me in a silk gown. Finest, sheerest silk. Clung to me like smoke. Draped over my nipples. Dented into my navel.” Another sigh. “And it was transparent. Faintest gray.” She stared off into the distance. “And he came in. Took off his clothes–hairy chest–and I saw his penis…” She shivered.

The poor thing. Miller knew where this was going, and as a male he wasn’t sure what comfort he could give her–didn’t dare take her hand or put his hand on her shoulder–he figured the best thing to do was let her spill it out.

“I was horrified. Big brown thing. As a nurse, I’d seen naked men–bathing them, bandaging them, even massaging them–but he was going to rape me with that!” She had a strange look in her eyes. Not fear. “I’d never such a big cock!”


“He spoke to me. ‘I Achmed Jamgha. You whore of America. Now I am show you how the Arab mans make the earthquake.’” She reached out and grasped Miller’s arm. “I tried to look away, but I couldn’t. Damn, it was big. Like a giant mushroom!” She gulped. “He made me suck it.”

She smiled shyly. “Strange taste. Not ‘delicious’ but not unpleasant. He came in my mouth. At first I was sick, but–it was important stuff. His sperm.” She dropped her face. “I came to like it.”

By then Miller was a little uncomfortable, himself, and shifted in his seat.

“Of course I was ashamed! But–” her grasping hand slid from Miller’s arm to his thigh –”I liked it. I felt like a slut.”

No doubt about it, her squeezes on Miller’s thigh had turned him on. His cock strained painfully in his jockstrap.

She let out a tiny chuckle. “I felt his balls. Sometimes I cupped his scrotum, fondling those big balls while I sucked him. I bobbled them between my fingers.” At that second Miller felt her hand on his balls! He knew he should’ve slapped her hand away–the poor thing was in traumatic-shock–but God, it feels so fantastic!!

When Miller didn’t refuse her, she moved closer, and he felt her warm breath on the side of his face. “By then,” she breathed, “I’d learned how to deep-throat him.” One of her hands stayed groping his balls, the other moved to massage his cock.

She pulled down his zipper, and Miller’s throbbing cock, imprisoned in the white elastic mesh, thrust out like a little parachute between his legs! Still her voice went on, softly, seductively, hypnotically–”when I heard him groan and felt a buzzing in his balls”–she’d worked Miller’s cock out of the jockstrap, and it throbbed hard, sensitive, and ready!

Suddenly she let out a little scream. “Ohmigod! You’re even bigger! My hands won’t go around it!!

Her mouth dropped over Miller’s cock, but no way could she suck him–couldn’t get her mouth over it–not that she didn’t try. Miller, though, was literally at hair-trigger, and when she started sucking at him, licking over his cockhead and nibbling at the broad flare–she got to him! He went over the falls, grunting with each shot he fired off–straight up into the air–and she backed off like a trained puppy trying to catch the globs of sperm as they fell back.

Miller had a big load (hadn’t jacked off in a couple of days), and soon she was covered with it–caught one huge glob in her mouth and choked on it–the cum ran out her nose. Oh, man, first blowjob from a woman since leaving the States! Ohhhh, fuck! His eyes rolled back in his head–and splatters of cum hit his face, too.

Corporal Gianetti, the short guy from the Bronx, watching silently from the machine gun, stroked his own cock, losing it himself when he saw Miller take off. The interior of the Humvee was splattered with drops of sperm.

Amelia stayed bent over Miller, licking and sucking up his semen until finally his dick was so hypersensitive, he had to push her back. She kept massaging his balls. “God, I love this,” she murmured.

When she finally sat up again, she murmured, “I did that for Achmed Jamgha. Every night. All these months.” She looked into Miller’s eyes. “He conquered me. Men can do that, you know. He called me his slut, and all I could do was blush and smile. He knew my body was his.” She closed her eyes. “They knew I belonged to him. Toward the end, they didn’t even lock me in. Knew I couldn’t get away from that cock.” She shivered. “And I couldn’t!”

“But one day I just had to be free. I slipped out of the kitchen when no one was looking.” She lowered her voice. “And now…your cock is even thicker!”

Miller was so horny he felt himself reloading. He reached out and pulled open the buttons of her shirt. No bra. She purred as he began fondling her tits. Nice ones. Big handfuls. When he got her silky, balloon-leg Arab pants down, he saw she wore no underwear. Damn! They kept her ready!

“And you are like Achmed, you big bastard. Never saw muscles like yours.” She smiled at him. “With that curly brown hair and those dark eyes, you can make me your slut.” She gripped his cock again and drew a deep breath. “Yes! You are younger. Faster.” She leaned forward, pressing her tits against his mouth, and as he licked at her nipples, she hissed, “Treat me rough!”

Then she pulled away, faced away from him, then, looking back, she grabbed Miller’s hands and placed them on her hips. Then she bent forward, hands to the floor, and looked back at him.

On fire, Miller rose up from his seat and mounted her. With his cockhead pressed against her wet, sloppy pussy, he heard her murmur, “…my secret is out–I’m wet for you.” She turned and looked shyly. “He lifted me off the floor–my toes barely touching–Ohh, yeahhhh, just like this! Hold my hips in the air in your strong hands–and that big cockhead enters me”–

–At that second, Miller’s “big cockhead” pushed inside Amelia’s already-slimy pussy lips, and her voice became a hoarse growl. “Fuck me! MAKE ME LOVE IT!” As he started humping, she yelled, “FUCK ME LIKE A DOG, YOU BASTARD!!”

The Humvee shook, and crazy with the weirdest fuck of his life, Miller looked up into the narrow, aquiline face of Gianetti, who looked back at him like a short Al Paccino. Pupils dilated, he stood with one hand on the machine gun, the other again stroking his cock. They grinned at each other. The Italian Stallion’s enjoying the show.

He felt a little sorry for the woman, though. She was in a continuing nightmare of Arab fucking–but he wasn’t quite sorry enough to stop thrusting, and if his spotter wanted to jack off to their performance, the sniper had no problem with that.

When Miller hit his climax, and his sperm shot into her, Amelia must’ve cummed, too. She almost washed him out of her cunt with a tidal wave of pussy juice! When Miller finally released her, she slid to the floor, and he collapsed back into the driver’s seat, breathing hard.

She got up and crawled over to him. “Save me! Help me! I was his whore a year, almost! He fucked me three or four times a day!” Her voice dropped to a hiss. “And I loved it! He gave me such a terrible craving, I can’t think of him as a terrorist, an enemy–even unfriendly! My body belongs to him!” She gripped Miller’s arm again. “He knows I’ll crawl back to him! I can’t live without his fucking!! SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!!”

Finally she relaxed, exhausted, and fell back onto the Humvee’s floor. She fell asleep–passed out.

-==(^)==-”You are disgusting,” she murmured again, but she moved over to him. Not bad-looking, really. Broad forehead. Nice smile. Square jaw–very masculine. Brunette California lifeguard. At first she swore she would not touch him, but as the big, throbbing organ got closer, she felt her pussy gush another layer of wet, and taking a deep breath, she bent over, reached down, and grasped the big dong.

Amelia was right! “Ohmigod–can’t close–fingers around it!” Her voice was feeble squeaks.

Meanwhile, Miller, whose face was at the same level as hers, bent over to kiss her. The touch of his lips surprised her–He’s kissing me?–She blushed. I burst in here like a prostitute, and even now I’m holding his cock, and he kisses me! She turned her head a little, and gave him a quick peck on the lips. At the same time, Miller busily unbuttoned her uniform.

His hands groped in to fondle her tits. Ah! His hands! A man’s hands are on me! She gulped. He likes my big tits. A thrill went through her.

As he squeezed her tits, he kissed her again on the mouth, more strongly, and Nancy kissed him back–couldn’t help herself. My big tits like you, too.

Miller rather masterfully unhooked her bra and freed her big jugs, and then she felt him pinching and tweaking her nipples–already stiff and erect–and his kiss became a frame around a predatory tongue. Ahh, god! Nancy suddenly understood the power Captain Boyington had over Nurse Bateman–Miller’s hands turned Nancy’s nipples into aching candle-flames burning away her self-control, and she kissed him back with 21 years of passion burning to get out!

Miller knew how to handle women. When he sensed Nancy melting under him, he broke off the kiss, bent his head down, and his lips settled around one of her nipples.

Ah! Oh, god! A new world! Unfamiliar, intoxicating experiences! Her knees were weak, and she could hardly stand. I like you, too, you big, tall bastard. She ran her hands through his curly brown hair.

Miller was in hog heaven. My god, two horny bitches in a single day! This new, tall one was his puppet, controlled by the single string of his sizzling mouth on her nipple, and when Nancy felt him fumbling with her buckle, she could not help but reach down to unfasten the belt for him and pull open her pants.

But when his hand slipped inside her panties, she gasped an outraged command–but it came out as a moan: “Ooooh, God!”

NO! This is going too far! This is not right! I want to save it for my husband!

But in that day of terrible, crescendoing sexual stimulation, Nancy was already so hot, when his finger slid inside her on the juicy coating of her natural lube, she couldn’t stop him–and suddenly realized how silly her objections were. Ever the gallant hero, Miller’s invading finger was accompanied by another kiss, a passionate, tonguing kiss that had Nancy breathless and weak.

At just the right second, Miller broke the kiss, pulled out his finger, and pushed her back. Off-balance, she fell back across the next cot. Aching with frustration, she looked up.

Miller was stripping off his uniform, and suddenly catching on, Nancy pulled off her boots, yanked off pants, shirt, and underwear! As she saw him notice her wet and drooling pussy, she blushed. “You did that to me, you know.” Look at him! Hairy chest. Broad shoulders. Muscles everywhere! And that cock, oh, god!

Miller showed his white teeth in a broad smile. “I can do something else, Ma’am.” He dropped off his cot, squatting on the dirt floor in front of her, crossing his legs Indian-style. He grabbed her legs and dragged her off the cot and onto him, placing her feet on either side of his hips. At first she thought–Oh, no!–he was going to connect her pussy with his cock, but instead he lifted her thighs until, knees bent, her back off the ground, her pussy was about at his face level!

But her shoulders and the back of her head wallowed in the dirt, and she struggled–What am I doing? This is uncomfortable, filthy, DISGUSTING!–but when his tongue found her pussy lips, she gasped, electrified with a thrill she’d never felt before. Suddenly so horny she could do nothing but obey. Nancy writhed in pleasure, never so out of control.

Miller’s powerful hands on her legs controlled her, and she thrilled at how completely he had reduced her to–a cunt. I am only a cunt–and ohh, that tongue! Wallowing in the dirt for him was the most exciting discomfort she’d ever enjoyed.

Her tits bounced back and forth as he licked the edge of her pussy lips like a feather, like a rose petal, and she could hardly breathe: God, he’s incredible! Ah! Ahhh! He knows more about me than I do!

Miller smiled inside. The helpless woman snake-dancing under him proved again what his dad had taught him: “A woman’s all straitlaced and proper, but once you open that little slit at the bottom, out comes more passion than even a man’s got!” The smell of her pussy spread out from her crotch, intoxicating him.

Nancy was going crazy. Her whole body seemed to consist only of folds of soft, moist flesh sending lightning bolts up through her. “Ohh, god,” she moaned over and over. Her only salvation was one precious thought: At least I’m still a virgin!

Miller, his lips wet and slimy, had enjoyed such a meal before and knew when it was time to tip the waitress. He slowly released Nancy, let her relax onto the ground, then got up to sit on his cot again.

Still on fire, Nancy rolled over and looked up at him. Surely this can’t be all!

Her naked body was covered with dirt–”We’ll have to get you cleaned up, baby. But damn, you’re beautiful! Like a jungle queen.”

Nancy crawled over between his spread legs. “I’m still dirty,” she cooed, and without a second thought she took his big cock into her mouth–or tried to. God, this is what Bateman gets from Boyington–she licked and sucked over his cockhead, tasting the salty precum–God, I love to suck cock! In fact, she reached up to fondle one of her own breasts, squeezing her own nipple as she sucked him–Ohh, fuck, this is so good!

Miller placed his hand on her head. “You’re one horny little lady, aren’t you?” He bent down and kissed her ear.

“Mm-hmm!” She’d never been so aroused in her life. Amelia was so, so right! Miller is a fucking stud!

Then she heard The Words: “Wanna fuck?”

At that she backed off his cock. Wait a minute. That would mean he’ll break my–I would be–I would be fucked! A slut! A whore! Her voice was a quiet squeak. “No. No!”

But it was a rhetorical question. When she backed off his cock, Miller had bent down, and his mouth found hers. Seizing the sides of her face, he kissed her again, another high-voltage kiss that poured the amperage of his male lust across the tender flesh of her lips, electrocuting her with his irresistible demand to breed. Lightning zapped all the way from her mouth to her cunt, setting her whole body on fire.

Knowing exactly how to tame the spirited filly, Miller knew the time for gallantry and romance was over. He shoved her roughly back onto the dirt floor, then rolled her over and pushed her head and shoulders between two footlockers. He grabbed her hips and pulled them up until she knelt, ass in the air, head in the dirt, no room to move her arms to support herself.

Nancy gasped, suddenly picturing herself like that whore Bateman, waiting to get rutted by Boyington! But only her brain rebelled. The parts of her body closer to the big, hard cock were aching for it, yearning for it, wanting it to take her.

Miller smiled. It was time. To break her to the saddle, she had to learn who was the plug and who was the socket. For her first time with him, she had to be fucked like a dog. Like a trapped slave. Like a whore.

Nancy’s decency cried, I’ve never been so humiliated, but she couldn’t hear it clearly. She’d never been so hot, so aroused, so eager. And when she felt Miller nudge his big cockhead against her slit–which by then was a drooling, puffy welcome-portal–she couldn’t help but answer the nudge with a counter-lurch of her own, pushing herself back onto him. Couldn’t help herself. I’m being raped. I have an excuse. It’s not my fault.

Oh, fuck, that big cock in my poor cunt will spread me out like barn doors–maybe even injure me! But the sensation was so intense, she could do nothing but cooperate, assist him, give him anything he wanted!

It hurt when he pushed in, but–still a gentleman–he paused. “Yeah, that’s it, baby, get used to me.”

Used to him! Ohmigod, I’m getting used to being fucked! Finally, her desperately wet cunt and Miller’s big cockhead knew each other better–hers stretched over his–and Miller pushed in more.

Nancy’s last thought as an Army officer: This is fraternization! Enlisted man fucking an officer! Against regulations! The thought dissolved into a scream as Miller broke her hymen.

Actually it didn’t hurt as much as she’d heard it would. Maybe it was relaxed. Maybe she didn’t have much of a maidenhead. She didn’t care. I’m a woman!

Miller had found her real character flaw, though. Lieutenant Nancy Colman had a firecracker clit, and as his huge, tree-trunk cock sank into her–

God, Amelia was right! He’s dragging my clit in after–“ARRGH!” Nancy rocketed into a mind-numbing orgasm, the first fuck-climax of her life–and god, he’s not even in all the way yet!!


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