sexual harassment

I’ve worked so many temp jobs since I was laid off last year sometimes I am not even surprised by the requirements of some of these assignments.

My most recent assignment was at some huge multinational conglomerate’s local office in my city. I was assigned to one of the executives whose own secretary was out sick or something like that. As a temp I never really care the reason, only that this assignment is close to home and even includes lunch so I make out well for a day’s work.

When Mandy at the temp office called to offer me the assignment she was very careful to apprise me of the required dress code for this office. Female employees are required to wear skirt and blouse and stockings were a must. She told me that they expect all of their employees to be pleasing to the eye.

Well that is not hard. I am considered pretty by most who know me. My 38 D’s fill out a blouse well enough and hardly sag, especially since all of my bras are the wired lacy kind, you know the kind without any padding so that anyone who looks can see if I am perking out. My big dark points often press hard against my white silky blouses.

So I told Mandy that I would be properly dressed for work at 8am the next day.

While I have a very nice shape, big tits, small waist and a firm ass I don’t usually dress to show much skin. It’s all left to the imagination of those watching. I dressed in a while blouse buttoned down the front with little frills at the wrist of the long sleeves. I paired the blouse with a black pencil skirt, not too short mind you, and moderately high heels. I didn’t want to wear heels too high since I was not sure of how much walking or standing I would be doing.

I pulled my waist length auburn hair back into single braid down my back. I like it that way, it practical and I like how the end of the braid feel tickling the top of my ass as I walk.

So I was ready for my assignment and showed up at 8am at the front desk.

I told the girl manning the desk that I was reporting from my temp agency and was told to ask for Tom in acquisitions. She told me to take the North elevator up to the 14th floor and I would see signs pointing me tot eh acquisitions department.

So up UI went and sure enough when I got out of the elevator at the 14th floor a sign pointed the way. I went through the door and inside I would see that the reception desk was empty but ahead was a door with Tom’s name so I knocked and a voice told me to enter.

Tom was 40ish, tall, built and blond. This will be a fun day I thought, especially working for such a cutie.

He looked up from his desk and said “I have a huge project and my assistant is out sick, which is why you are here.” he said. “Make yourself comfortable at her desk and I will let you know when I need you.”

So I went back out to the empty reception desk and settled myself. Computer, phone, pens and pencils, all standard office fare.

Throughout the morning I answered a few called, received a few packages and the mail, until lunch time.

Tom called me in to let me know what he would be having and told me to call in eh lunch order for the two of us and it would be delivered to the office.

When it did he invited me into eat with him at his conference table. It was mostly covered with papers but there was plenty of room for the two of us and the drinks and sandwiches we had ordered.

We ate and hatted and when we were done and the table cleared he began to explain that he needed me for. Did I mention that he was hot and I was wearing little tini tiny black lace panties that were quickly getting wet as I listened to him explain about the collating and charts and copying that he needed me to do. At one point I stood up to come around to his side of the table so he could show me how the final report had to be assembled and leaned over the table.

So here I am leaning over the table looking at the prototype report and I know that he could see right into my blouse and my full perky boobs and my big dark hardening nipples. It’s not that I left the blouse open but I never button the top two buttons and in the position you can see right in.

I knew he could see in and I knew he could see how big and hard my nipples were getting because he kept stumbling over his works. I also glanced down and could see him growing in his soft gray wool dress pants and subtly hear his breath quicken as he tried to keep talking.

It was then that I shifted slightly and I showed a bit more leg at the slit in my skirt opened slightly showing the tops of my black stockings. It was then that I felt his hand softly caress my ass. Very gently and then pull it away, causing a tiny moan escape my lips. I thought to myself “I need to get back to work.” I need this assignment and I was not sure how this was going to end.

So I stood and taking the prototype I went back to my desk to begin my part of the project.

I settled myself at the desk and began the work in between phones calls. I am not sure how much time passed before Tom came out with another section of the report for me and came close setting it down but standing above me. He leaned over me to turn a page to show me some detail (which means he could look down my blouse again) and as he reach to turn the next page his had brushed my breast. My nipple sprang to life under his touch and again he jerked away and went back to his office.

An hour passed and he called me in to go over the next section. He was standing at a white board and went through the progression of the project for me. Again I felt his hand in my bottom and his finger reaching between my cheeks.

Hmmmm thought to myself. If I give in to what he seems to want will I be in trouble? Is this harassment? Is he trying to get something out of me improper, yes, sex at the office is improper but that’s not what I mean.

So I decided to be bold and I turned to him so that my breast boldly rubbed against him and reached out to caress his (very firm) bottom in my hand. He did not pull away so I left my hand there and with the other pulled him toward me so that we were facing each other and I kissed him. I had to stand on tippy toe but he bent down to meet me.

“Is that this is part of the assignment” He asked as we separated.

“I have provided all kinds of services as a temp”. And he kissed me again this time he hand reach between my legs to feel my soaked panties.

“I think we need to get back to work”. Tom said breaking away again. He looked a little embarrassed.

At his point I was boiling hot and disappointed but he was the boss so I took the new part of the project and we back to my desk.

Five o’clock came and he sent me home for the day.

When I got home I stripped and spent the evening with my favorite vibrator. Tom had left me hot and tingling all over and I had to relieve what had been started.

The next morning I was very careful getting ready for work. I picked a slightly tighter almost see through blouse w with a nude color lace bra, so it gave the illusion that I was not wearing one at all. I wore a slight shorter black pencil skirt with stocking but no panties this time. I picked a pair of higher heels to accentuate my very firm round ass. I knew exactly the image I would be presenting to him, and I also knew that when I sat he would have a very nice view of my neatly trimmed pussy.

I had fun going to work since I took the bus and I liked the seats that face into the center of the bus. I know the business guy sitting across from me got and eyeful during the short ride from my place to the stop at the big office building. I was getting wet just thinking about Tom’s reaction to my outfit. I was sure that I was dressed appropriately but I knew that close inspection would reveal the special effort I made when selecting my outfit.

As I had yesterday I sat at the empty assistant desk and picked up where I left off in the project yesterday.

After not too long Tom called me into his office. I picked up the papers I was working on and with those and a pen I went into Tom’s office. As I put the stack of papers on the conference table I “accidentally” dropped the pen I was carrying so that I had to bend down right in front of Tom. I knew he could see right down my blouse and as I stood I managed to make sure that my breast rubbed against his crotch causing a moan from him and his prick to sproing into action.

I ignored him and sat down so that he could discuss the progress of the project. As I sat I crossed my legs to me sure that he could see my lack of panties. Oh and he looked alright. When he saw hoe “dressed” I was he pull my chair (the office kind on wheels) toward him and kissed me full on the lips. As he did I felt his finger in my pussy. I moaned. I was so wet and on a tingly high from yesterday, I was ready now!

He stood me up and we went over to the couch that was in the back of his office, sort of behind the big conference table. He sat down on the couch and I stood facing him. He reached up to cup a breast in each hand. Gently he caressed and massaged them until he stopped to unbutton my blouse and sort of stared at them in that nude lace bra. He removed the blouse and it fell to the floor.

I lifted a leg up to rest my foot on his knee and gave him a full view of my sopping pussy. He put his hand on me and rad his finger back and forth the length of my wet crack. I moaned in happiness. He unzipped my skirt and it left me in nude lace bra and black stockings and heel.

He unzipped his pants to reveal a very nice very hard prick standing at attention.

Once released he put his hands on my hips and guided me to sit on his standing member.

I was so wet that he slid in easily, filling me fully as I slid up and down on the length of him. I was flying high, bouncing on him, taking his full length in me again and again banging as hard as I could. At one point he flipped me so that now I was leaning over the arm of the couch and he was banging me from behind.

I was so hot that I did not even flinch when he pushed himself into my hot back door. I am usually not into that sort of thing but he was hot and I was randy and being in that position with his hands holding my breasts it was impossible to refuse.

And then he subtly tensed and exploded in my bottom. I wilted, my ass dripping with him. We waited there for a moment until I got up and went into his private bath to clean up.

I was going to get dressed, but he stopped me. Telling me that this office is private and he works best with beautiful scenery around him. So I worked the rest of the day dressed only in my lacy bra, stockings and heels. Every down and then he slid his finger along my pussy to keep me wet.

Toward the end of the day we went another round, but 5pm came and he dismissed me for the day.

I want home, stripped, showered and fell into bed naked and fell asleep with my favorite vibrator only to be awakened by a call at 7am from Mandy.

Mandy told me that Tom was very happy with my work and that he wanted me to be dressed as I was yesterday. Ok, I thought I can certainly do that.

So again I dressed in nude lacy bra, black pencil skirt, stocking, heels and no panties. This time my blouse was a pale pink, which actually would accentuate my hard dark nipples when they pressed against the thin lace of the bra.

I arrived at 8am like the previous two days. I settled at my desk and around 10am Tom called me into his office (why did I never see him arriving?).

I went in and was startled to see another man sitting with him at the conference table.

“Good Morning”, Tom said “I’d like you to meet Harry; he will be working with us today.”

Ok I thought, what does this mean.

Harry was hot and dark. He was built with bright blue eyes and jet black hair, I could see he had huge biceps but was trim and muscled

They ushered me over to a seat between them. I was nervous, especially when Tom suggested that I assume my (un)dress of the day before, oh I thought we have trouble here.

I hesitated, but Tom became firm. “You are here on assignment, and this is the work that I have for you to do. You were told ahead of time what the dress code is here and as manager I have the authority to request adjustment to that dress code, so strip!”

I was really worried, but I needed the money, I did not want to be living on the street. I had no savings and no one to fall back on, so what choice did I have? As I hesitated I felt a hand on my pussy, and it startled me out of my inner thoughts.

“Get a move on woman.” Harry said.

I had no choice so I stepped back and unbuttoned my blouse, trembling as I did it and let it fall. I would hear Harry’s breath as I did so. I reached around to unzip my skirt and they sat transfixed as I let it fall and they could see the perfect picture I presented.

They gestured to me to sit between them, with the pretext of reviewing some papers. No sooner had we begun than again I felt a hand on my pussy. It was Harry. I continued to review the papers, but then I felt a hand on my breast and it was Tom who pulled my face toward him for a kiss. Meanwhile Harry had buried his face in my twat and was licking hotly.

I did not want to but a moan escaped my lips and Harry stood and me with him. He picked me up and carried me over to the couch and laid me down. By this time my brain is spinning. This is not what I signed on for. I was being treated like a pro….a hooker….

I did not have much time to think as Harry came on top of me and slid his hot wide member into me in one push, I was involuntarily hot and wet and moaned at the entrance. He pounded on me, getting me good and hot while Tom stood close by fondled himself. Watching my lace covered breasted bounce. I am not sure at which point he ripped off my bra. I heard the lace tear but I was beyond the ability to do anything. I felt Tom lips on my nipple.

Suddenly Harry was off me and the men rearranged me so that Harry was laying flat on the couch and I was on top. My ass exposed to anyone in attendance. Suddenly I saw what they had planned. Yesterday has just been a trial run for Tom. He needed Harry to make this happen. Harry held me firmly so that I could not get away and Harry Took his position behind me. I was so wet and my head spinning I did not even flinch when he pressed his rod into my hot hole. Now I felt them both busing into me! Again my head spun with all the competing sensations. Hands on my body, dick in pussy and ass. It was overwhelming!

I don’t mean to be a cliché, but as I arched my back to try and accommodate their ministrations, hands reached to hold my head and yet a third penis was forced into my mouth. (His name was Richard but I did not know it at that time.) I could not refuse with 3 sets of big strong hands holding on to me.

Now no mind was paid to me, all the three men cared about was pleasing their hot rods and getting their rocks off in me. And they did. Pounding me for what felt like an eternity until all three exploded their loads in me.

With their needs met, they withdrew and let me clean up and get dressed. Tom excused me for the day and I shakily made my way home.

I stripped, showered and fell into bed, immediately asleep and woke only when Mandy called me at 7:30am to tell me that my assignment was finished and she would have a new assignment for me tomorrow. I realized that I had been fucked by Tom, Dick and Harry yesterday and I was very glad not to have to do that again. I was happy to go back to sleep.

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