sexual experiment

Daisy Porter really enjoyed her life as a fashion model in London, but now she is more interested in having a go at the more erotic side of modeling. Only 18 years old, tall, with long blonde hair and blue eyes and blessed with a beautiful face and a gorgeous figure, she easily meets the physical requirements for a successful career. Far more important, she exudes a certain sensuousness that is sure to repeatedly bring men back to feast their eyes on her face and body while they fantasize about how, given the opportunity, they would love to do much more than just gaze upon her beauty.

And, she has an inside track to achieve that status, after signing up with Girls Represented, a production firm that can and will see to it that the sexy girls working for them have plenty of exposure in every sense of the word. That is just what Daisy wants now, but it hasn’t always been that way. Until recently, she was worried about whether or not she was enough of a woman to be able to do what would be expected of her. She is fully aware of her beauty, especially when nude. Her mirror tells her that, as do the eyes of men as they avidly follow her down the street, and the eyes of most men have been doing that since Daisy was in her mid-teens.

That was the situation even while she was still living in a small village in the Yorkshire Dales where, as in most small municipalities of rural England, every resident knows everybody else. Back then, Daisy expected to marry one of the local lads shortly after she became old enough and settle down with him so they could raise their children to be much like they were. That was the kind of life her mother and father led, as did most of the villagers, and they all thought of it as their destiny.

However, Daisy has something none of the other village girls or women have, and that is her striking beauty. This fact about her came to the attention of a large modeling agency, and they sent emissaries to her home to try to persuade the young beauty to come to work for them. They told how she could so easily achieve fame and fortune and avoid the dull life of a village matron, although they were much too tactful to use those exact words, because her parents were always involved in the discussions. The representatives of the agency were good at what they did, and they persuaded Daisy, who was only 16 years old then, to return with them to London, where she would begin her new career as a fashion model.

She was an immediate success on the stage and on the catwalk and, shortly after she reached her 18th birthday, the agency suggested she get involved in the more erotic side of modeling. They expected to make more money from her efforts, but she would also benefit greatly from the more lucrative contracts that would be hers. However, Daisy had some misgivings about living up to the very high expectations being placed on her. What caused those doubts was her fear that she did not have enough of the sexuality she believed would be necessary for her to achieve the very highest level of success. In fact, she actually feared she might be frigid.

Daisy liked the modeling she did, especially parading in front of hundreds of pairs of eyes wearing the tiniest bikinis or the skimpiest micro-mini skirts and halter tops, so the nudity required was not expected to be a problem. And, she always had a good time during sex with her young men. Daisy had gladly given up her virginity in Yorkshire shortly after reaching her 16th birthday, the age of consent in the United Kingdom, and had enjoyed regular sexual activities ever since. She achieved an orgasm the first time, or so she thought, and every time since. It was fun for her, but nothing even close to being as fabulous as she had been led to expect, and that was her concern.

Could she possibly be frigid, which was how she had heard of some women being described. To her, sex was a pleasant enough experience, but not all that much better than watching a good show on the telly or at the cinema or even reading a good book.

That changed one night in London shortly after Girls Represented made their proposal to the woman who had just turned eighteen years old. While Daisy was discussing her future with Molly Carpenter, the managing director, she spoke of her misgivings. Molly had seen hundreds of stills and videotapes and knew full well how Daisy came across to viewers, and she did her best to have her sexy protégé put aside those doubts, but the young woman was having none of it.

“I just don’t feel all that much into sex,” she told Molly, “and I’m afraid that will be plain for anybody to see.”

The managing director firmly believed those fears to be without any foundation, but she knew better than to try to talk the young woman into doing something when she was not confident of her ability to do it. Instead, Molly decided to let Daisy persuade herself.

“You say sex is fun but nothing special. Did it ever occur to you that it might be the fault of your partners that you find sex to be something of a yawner? I’ve heard there is no such thing as a frigid woman, only clumsy men. Do you think that could be the problem?”

“I don’t think so. Whatever boy or man I’ve been with, the result has been the same. We’re making love, and I come, and it feels nice, and then he comes, and that’s it. I wish there could be some more to it, because it feels really good up to that point. An anticlimax, I guess you could call it. My climaxes are always anticlimaxes.”

“It shouldn’t be that way. If I fix you up with a man I know, and he makes you feel like you’ve been told you should feel, would you reconsider? I still think you’ve been having sex with the wrong men, because the results, especially your orgasms, really should be what romance novelists write about.”

Daisy thought about that for a minute. All her sex partners up till then had been young men she really liked. The idea of going to bed with some stranger, probably an older man, was not something she liked to contemplate. Even the thought made her feel rather slutty, since she had always heard and had come to believe the best sex is between people who have the right chemistry for each other. Still, she really liked the idea of being able to get into the more lucrative erotic side of modeling and, if that was the way she had to do it, then that was be the way she would do it.

“Alright, I’ll try it. But, if I change my mind after you get me together with this bloke you have in mind, I won’t have to do anything. If I decide to just walk out the door, that’ll be my choice.”

“Fair enough. You know you never have to do anything for this agency that you don’t want to do.”

The following evening, Daisy was introduced to Oliver in the sitting room of a posh hotel suite the agency keeps, usually for the use of visiting VIPs. He was a handsome man in his mid-thirties, with a well-trimmed mustache, long, dark hair and a muscular physique, and he worked as a free-lance photographer, sometimes doing work for Girls Represented. Being part of the industry, there had been no trouble persuading him to be the man to try to convince Daisy that she was, indeed, all woman. He had seen enough images of her scantily clad body that he was almost drooling at the opportunity.

Daisy decided to take a chance also, to see if she was really sensuous or just a pretty ice maiden. Even up until the last minute, she reserved the right to back out of the deal but, after a few minutes of small talk, she decided she rather liked the man. At least she liked him enough to use him to test herself, and she told Molly of her decision.

“I’m glad to hear that, Daisy, and you too, Oliver. I’ll be back in a few hours, and I hope you decide to do what I believe is best for all concerned.” She left then, leaving the couple to determine the future of the lovely woman, and confident of the result.

Oliver didn’t really know how to start, because he was not any kind of gigolo or kept man of any kind. He was a man who really enjoyed sex with women and was certain it was at its best for either participant when they both received the maximum pleasure from it. He hoped he would be able to live up to Molly’s expectations and give Daisy the kind of carnal experience such a beautiful and sexy young woman deserved. He began by placing his hand on her back to guide her to the open door to the other room and the waiting bed where the covers had already been turned down.

“Well, here we are, and there’s the bed, he pointed out the obvious by saying, while still pressing gently against her back.

“Yes.” She felt slightly awkward too, but Daisy was determined to go through with it. Not only had she made a commitment, she knew her future as a model depended on her responses to what she and the man with her would be doing in the king-sized wooden bed.

Daisy started walking in the direction indicated and they stopped beside the edge of the mattress, where they embraced. Oliver kissed her lips, but only with affection at first, then more aggressively, sliding his tongue deeply into her mouth. Daisy liked the sensation, as she always had with her boyfriends, and responded by opening her mouth and letting their tongues mingle.

“I think we should lie down,” he suggested after he broke off one particularly passionate kiss.

“You’re right.” She could already feel herself becoming aroused, which was a good start. Still fully dressed except for her shoes, which she had left in the other room, Daisy climbed onto the very comfortable bed and lay on her back with a pillow nestling her head. Also barefoot, having left his shoes and socks in the sitting room too, Oliver followed and lay on his side next to her. He leaned over and resumed gently kissing Kate’s lovely face, starting with her eyes and continuing with her lips. She has a highly kissable face, and he was already having a great time.

Daisy was enjoying it too. “Mmmmm,” she murmured. “That feels good.”

It felt just as good to Oliver, but he knew it could feel much better. He was lying on his right side, so he reached over with his left hand and started to unbutton Daisy’s blouse. She saw what he was doing and took over that highly necessary task until the silky blue garment was lying open.

“Let me take this off,” she suggested, sitting up and pushing the sleeve down one arm.

Oliver finished removing her blouse, took off his own shirt, and reached over to place them on a corner of the bed and out of their way. As he did so, Daisy reached up behind her back to unhook her bra and, when he was facing her again, the sexy wench was still sitting up and grinning at him while her hands held her cups in place. When she had his full attention, Daisy flung her arms wide, with the bra clutched in one hand. Oliver stared at one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen, and one which had been easily worth that special presentation.

Daisy is proud of her breasts, and rightly so. The succulent twins are big, but not so big as to be out of proportion to the rest of her body, and are topped by large, dark pink nipples. They are perfectly shaped and, from the way they jiggled and bounced with her every movement, it was obvious her breasts are completely natural. Oliver was speechless in his admiration, but his next actions said far more than mere words ever could have. He reached out, cupped a hand under either of the gorgeous mounds, and leaned forward to begin licking one of the nipples. After a few strokes, his mouth switched over to start pleasuring the other precious nubbin.

His reaction was something of a surprise to Daisy. She was quite accustomed to having her sex partners fondle her breasts, but usually they just squeezed, sometimes quite roughly. Oliver’s hands were gently cupping and holding them in place while his tongue stroked her nipples, and his caresses felt much better than the attentions her breasts usually received. She lay on her back again, her head once more luxuriating in the pillow, while his hands and face stayed with her and his tongue continued its gentle fondling.

He continued licking her adorable pink nubbins, and Daisy’s body started to squirm in pleasure under Oliver’s mouth. He was having a terrific time too; she was far more beautiful lying on the bed beside him than she had been in the photos and videotapes he had seen. Right then, her facial beauty was less important, though, because her nipples had become so erect, he could feel the tiny ridges and the pebbly texture of her areolas as he licked.

“How on Earth,” he wondered to himself, “could this hot, sensuous bird think she might be frigid? She’s about as far from that as anybody I’ve ever seen or even heard of.”

Oliver’s oral ministrations continued; he opened his mouth as far as he could and drew in one of the luscious globes. With his lips forming a seal on the soft, smooth flesh, he started sucking and, while his mouth was working like a bellows, his tongue continued fondling Daisy’s nipples. As when he had been licking her there earlier, he alternated between the delectable twins, and the highly aroused young woman’s body writhed on the bed, thrusting her breasts up into the avid mouth that was giving her so much pleasure.

It was like nothing Daisy had ever felt before. She was already in a higher state of sexual excitement than she had ever been in, even when she was actually fucking, and she seemed to feel a three sided current of delight coursing between her nipples and her clit. Abruptly, she felt a joyful surge, and a burst of juices gushed from her pussy.

“I just came,” she told the man who was still sucking her breasts.

“What? You couldn’t have come yet. You will, but not yet and not for quite a while.”

“But I can feel my fluid in my vagina. And I can smell it. Can’t you?”

“That I can, and it’s delightful. I’m sure it’ll be delicious too. But you’re just lubricating down there; you haven’t come yet. When you do, you’ll have no doubts about it.” Having offered that assurance, his mouth resumed sucking her breasts and licking the lovely young woman’s nipples, which was infinitely more fun to him than talking.

Daisy was quite surprised to hear that. She had always thought the rush of pleasure when her pussy produced the fluid, which Oliver described as being for lubrication, was her orgasm. It had always happened while a man was plunging his cock in and out of her, and it always felt good, if not as fabulous as she thought an orgasm should have. Besides that, when the man with her climaxed, whether in her hand or her pussy or once in her mouth, he always produced a gush of viscous fluid, so it had seemed reasonable and logical that her climax would be much the same as his.

If Oliver was right, it meant she still had a great deal of extremely pleasurable sex to look forward too, that night and in the future. Daisy smiled at that happy thought, luxuriated her head in the pillow and waited, hoping the handsome, dark-haired man would be proven to be right.

Although the juices did not mean she had climaxed, they did represent a kind of milestone that had been reached, and told Oliver it was time for his mouth to go farther down on Daisy’s delectable form. He kissed either of her nipples a fond adieu and started to lick and kiss and nuzzle his way toward her pussy. She saw the top of his head moving down her body and felt disappointment that his mouth had stopped caressing her breasts, but decided he knew what he was going. As she watched, Oliver stopped at the waistline of her skirt and reached down to unbutton it on the side.

He got off the bed but got right back on at the foot and started moving toward her on his hands and knees. Daisy believed she knew what would be happening next, until she realized he was still wearing his jeans. “How can we do it if he’s still got his trousers on?” she mused to herself.

She did not receive an answer, but Oliver stopped and reached out to unzip the side of her mini. Daisy knew what she needed to do next, and she raised her arse from the bed so he could pull the skirt down her legs and all the way off. When he hooked his fingertips in her panties, she lifted herself again, and he pulled them down too, leaving her naked and him still wearing his pants. She knew, or thought she knew what he would do next, and raised and spread her legs so she could wrap them around him after he took off the rest of his clothes and lay atop her.

Once again, she was surprised. Instead of sliding his body between her legs that were spread for him, he ducked under them and wrapped his arms loosely around her thighs. “What are you doing?” she asked, not angry but puzzled.

“Hasn’t anybody ever done this with you before?”

“I don’t know. I don’t even know what you’re doing. Or going to do.”

“If none of your men has ever done this to a girl as gorgeous as you before this, you’ve been dating the wrong guys.”

That was almost the same thing as Molly had told her, and Daisy realized she might have been missing out on something truly wonderful for as long as she had been going to bed with her young boy friends. She could feel her sexual arousal mounting; it had already been at the highest level in her life, and was still rising. As she watched, Oliver moved his face closer. She expressed her acute delight at feeling his fingers delicately touching her in a way nobody ever had before and, seconds later, a gush of new pleasure swept through her body.

To Oliver, everything about Daisy’s beauty would be described in superlatives. Not only were her face and figure among the most alluring he had ever seen, the pussy he was gazing at was probably the most enticing. Her skin is creamy white and, her sparse blonde pubic hair did nothing to hide the dark pink lips that were blossoming through her slit. His hands were resting on her Mount of Venus, so he moved his fingers slightly lower and gently spread the edges of that aperture and peered inside. A cloud of fragrance arose, and he breathed it in deeply while contemplating the beautiful pink lining, which was shiny-wet with her juices. As he did, Oliver heard Daisy utter a gasp of pleasure and he smiled, elated that she was enjoying the carnal adventure too, maybe even as much as he was.

As he had told her before, the aroma came from the juices that were trickling from her pussy, and some of them had spattered on her inner thighs. Oliver bent lower and licked up the few drops. They were ambrosia! He devoured every bit he saw and started licking upward on her crotch, catching the fresh nectar as it flowed from the lovely pink hole that had produced it. Once again, Daisy told him of her joy with what he was doing, both by her body starting to writhe and the moans of bliss she had begun uttering.

After his tongue had cleaned off every bit of the delectable juices Daisy’s pussy had produced up until then, Oliver started licking one of her outer lips. Her thighs had been soft and smooth; her crotch less so, but the fresh nectar there had more than made up for it, and the outer lip was the most marvelous place of all, at least until then, for his tongue to meander. Daisy’s skin, besides being a pure creamy white and unblemished, felt like a satin pillow that has been warmed in the sun, but vibrant and alive. Her blonde pubic hair was so soft and fine it added to the pleasure he was experiencing, and the way her pussy was moving under his face made oral sex with her as close to perfect as any he had ever before experienced. The soft, happy sounds she was uttering added to his fun too, for he really wanted everything about their coupling that night to be the best possible for both of them.

The sex so far was fabulous for Daisy too, although new and totally different to her, and she completely devoted herself to deriving as much pleasure as she could from it. Oliver was doing something to her body that nobody had ever done before, or even told her about, and she was reveling in all the new and incredible sensations she was feeling. She looked down the length of her body and smiled at the sight of his dark head moving below her mons and slowly drawing closer. Wave after wave of extreme delight were sweeping over her body as the top of his head slowly advanced, and she could feel more of her juices gushing from her pussy.

“Oh my god, that feels good. Don’t stop, whatever it is you’re doing,” she urged the man whose face appeared above the junction of her thighs.

He smiled and disappeared between her legs again and, seconds later, she felt his tongue stroking all around her pussy, probably licking off the juices he had told her would be delicious. From there, the incredible sensations began on the other side of her slit and slowly advanced upward. Not only were the massive waves of highly intense pleasure sweeping over her entire body, she could feel her involuntary movements as she responded to what was happening.

Oliver could feel them too, and he silently exulted. Not only was Daisy the most gorgeous woman whose pussy he had ever eaten, she was probably the most sensuous too. From the uninhibited movements of her sexy body as his tongue meandered up her outer lip, as well as her loud and repeated noises of joyful lust, he could tell she was well on her way to reaching a tremendous orgasm. Judging from what she had said earlier, it would probably be the first of her life, and he marveled again at how she could think of herself as possibly being frigid. As his mind pondered that, a more happy thought occurred to him.

“We’ve got all night, but I could bring her to an orgasm in a couple of minutes. How great would it be if I did that and kept eating her pussy until she climaxed again?” He decided it would be great indeed, and that was what he would do, for the mutual pleasure of himself and his beautiful partner.

Daisy couldn’t read his mind, so she didn’t know what Oliver was thinking of doing, but she would have been 100% in favor if she had known. What she did know was that what was happening to her on the bed in the VIP suite was like nothing she had ever known before. Inside her body she could feel something building, and it felt like a massive flood of ecstasy accumulating like water behind an old dam. That old structure would eventually give way and allow her body to be inundated by the ensuing flood. Her pussy had lubricated many times already that evening, what she used to think was an orgasm, but she now knew that previous feeling would be nothing compared to the genuine thing when it finally happened.

As his tongue slowly moved upward, she saw Oliver’s face again, and she felt him kiss her belly, followed by his face disappearing between her thighs. Seconds later, she heard and felt his tongue lapping up the most recent gushes of her lubrication, and this was followed by the most exquisite pleasure she had felt that night, maybe ever. His tongue was starting to caress her in a different place, where nothing and nobody had ever touched her before, and her gathering flood increased to the point where the dam was closer than ever to giving way.

While his tongue traveled between the inner and outer lips, Oliver smiled inwardly at feeling Daisy’s movements and sounds beginning to become more uninhibited. She had started to fuck up against his face, one of his favorite responses while he was eating a pussy, and he could hear her moaning and whimpering in bliss. When he reached the place where the lips are closer together, he tilted his head slightly so he could slide his tongue into the seam and lick them both at once. He reveled in the contrast between the slick outer lip and the spongy texture of the inner one, which was swollen with her lust.

He could tell how much she was relishing what was happening too. Daisy’s hips started swiveling under his face, thrusting her legs out and back past the sides of his head, like a beautiful pair of white pistons, besides swinging back and forth and thumping against him. Before taking hold of her thighs, Oliver had seen how active her body was already, and had made sure his grip was loose enough to allow her legs to move freely as her sexual excitement mounted.

And it was truly mounting. When his mouth reached the end of her inner lip, Oliver took a quick look to see how her movements had increased. What he saw was her head pitching from side to side on her pillow while Daisy’s whole body thrashed on the bed. When he looked lower, he saw how her clit was so swollen it had entirely pushed its way out from under its protective hood and resembled a lovely lustrous pink pearl. Her thigh muscles had reacted to her high level of arousal too, rotating slightly outward so her pussy was totally presented to his mouth.

She was ready to come, as ready as she would ever be. He moved his mouth slightly and engulfed her engorged clit and, with his lips forming a seal at the base, started sucking. While the rest of his mouth worked, his tongue was also busy caressing the sides and top of the precious morsel.

Daisy had felt as if she were locked in some kind of zone of ecstasy, with her body saturated in excruciating pleasure, but the sensations were suddenly multiplied. Tsunamis of joy were pouring from her pussy, not even close to anything she had ever felt before. She sobbed and whimpered from what was happening to her and, abruptly, she felt the dam inside her give way and loose the torrent.

“Oh! Oh! What’s happening! It’s…It’ wonderful!” she cried out as the first actual climax of her life began to overwhelm her.

Instinctively, her legs wrapped around the head of the man who was providing her with the incredible pleasure, as if she wanted to make sure he didn’t leave. At the same time, her hands buried themselves in his dark hair to hold him in place while her pussy was ramming up against his face. Daisy’s hips continued swiveling too, while her legs swung wildly from side to side. They were holding a very willing prisoner between them — Oliver, the man who had brought about the new and fabulous adventure that was happening to her that evening.

He had no wish to escape, because he loved the trip he was getting more than any carnival ride ever invented. Oliver kept his arms wrapped tightly around the sexy girl’s thighs and his mouth clamped securely over the clit that was filling it, and continued to suck and lick for as long as she was coming, which was almost two of the most fantastic minutes of his life.

They were very likely the most incredible minutes of Daisy’s life too, until they reached their apex as she climaxed. Her back arched, jamming her pussy up against Oliver’s face, as all her muscles clenched at once. Just as suddenly, she completely relaxed, sagging onto the bed with her arms sprawled out, like a creamy white and pink puddle of very happy young womanhood.

Her legs released their grip on Oliver’s head too, and remained draped across his shoulders. He moved back slightly but left them where they were while he buried his face in her delightful crotch to feast on all the fresh nectar he knew had just been produced. He licked the delicious treat from the insides of her thighs and from her belly and anywhere else it had spattered, even sucking the freshest of her juices from the beautiful pink hole that had produced them. When he had devoured every drop, and with no hesitation, he started to once again slowly lick upward on one of Daisy’s outer lips.

She lay on her back, saturated in the afterglow of the fantastic orgasm she had just experienced, wondering how she could ever have thought the sensation, nice and warm and pleasant though it had always been, of her juices starting to flow could be the apex of sexual ecstasy for a woman. More thrills of joy rippled through her body as she felt and heard Oliver’s tongue licking off the juice she had produced, until Daisy realized something exciting.

“He’s doing it again! He’s licking me down there again!” Smiling happily, she nestled her head in her pillow and prepared to be taken to Paradise again.

Oliver didn’t really think of himself as taking her anywhere, although he was well aware that, to the sexy young woman, reaching her climax would be the epitome of the joys he would be helping her achieve. Her second orgasm, as the first had been, would also be the best part for him, but they would both be deriving a massive amount of pleasure from the trip itself. He had just started licking one marvelous outer lip, with its covering of downy blonde pubic hair, and he was already happy about the way Daisy was squirming under the wet caresses of his tongue.

Taking even longer than he had the first time, Oliver licked his way to Daisy’s Mount of Venus again and kissed her there. He raised his head and saw she was looking at him with a happy and lewd smile on her face. She still had her eyes open and, when she saw him gazing toward her, she spoke.

“Oliver, you were right. I don’t know how I could have been satisfied from just lubricating when I should have had an orgasm like the one you just gave me. It was fabulous, like nothing that’s ever happened to me.” She smiled at the sight of her fresh juices that were clinging to his face. “Are you going to do it again?” She definitely hoped so, but felt a bit shy about asking him to bring her to a second orgasm.

“Yeah, unless you don’t want me to. You’ve got a lot of lost time to make up for.”

He didn’t wait for her to express her wish for him to continue with eating her pussy or not, because he was quite confident she wanted nothing more than for him to do so. In addition, his nostrils told him there was a wealth of fresh nectar waiting for him, and he wanted to get to it as soon as he could. One thing he knew better than almost anything else is that the fresher the juices are, the more delicious their flavor.

Carefully and gently, he used his tongue to sluice into his mouth all the fresh nectar Daisy had just produced. Oliver licked upward on her crotch to catch the freshest of the fluids as they trickled out of her pink hole and, after he had gotten it all, he started licking her other outer lip again. Her lovely pussy, as she squirmed under his face, and the heavenly aroma of the juices that were being produced inspired him to move slowly as he reveled in making oral love to what he thought of as the most delightful place his tongue and lips had ever been.

She didn’t really have any basis of comparison, but Oliver’s mouth was giving her more pleasure than anything in her sex life ever had. After her first orgasm of the evening, her pussy was still sensitive, and the waves of joy crashing all through her body from the path of his tongue were even greater than the earlier ones had been. The sensations she was feeling were stronger and more intense and thrilling than those she had felt before, because she was able to anticipate them and knew what to expect.

“Keep doing that,” she urged him. “Lick my pussy and make me come again.” Daisy had abandoned whatever reticence she may have had.

He needed no urging, because every detail about eating her adorable pussy was among the best he had ever known. Although his tongue was moving like a hummingbird, flickering in and out of his mouth as it caressed her sensuous flesh, he was moving very slowly upward on her lip. When he finally kissed her mons again, he saw the beautiful girl had given herself completely over to the pleasure of the moment. Her body was rocking from side to side and her head, with eyes closed and mouth partially open in an ecstatic grimace, was tossing back and forth on her pillow. Oliver smiled, moved his mouth back below her dripping pink hole and devoured all her delicious juices.

After that repast, he started using his tongue to probe into the lower edge of that precious hole, catching all the drops that flicked out. As the facile organ delighted this more sensitive place, Daisy’s sounds of pleasure became louder, and she let Oliver know, in every way, what wonderful things he was doing for her. Her pussy had begun fucking up into his face again and her legs were starting to piston back and forth past his head as she joyfully but slowly drew closer to her second orgasm.

Using slightly more pressure, Oliver started moving upward on the dripping pink hole, his tongue probing the edges and under the inner lips that framed it and exploring under Daisy’s inner lips. As he switched back and forth between them, from one side of the bubbling cauldron to the other, he dipped into her to sample the delectable juices being constantly secreted. Taking even longer there than he had anywhere else, Oliver finally reached the top edge, just below her swollen clit.

This time, when he raised his head, he saw the lovely young woman was again in as high a state of arousal as she could reach. She thought so too, and Daisy was begging Oliver to make her come. He heeded her pleas and enveloped her swollen clit in his mouth and sucked on the little darling in the same rhythm as she was following in fucking up against his face. Her movements became more pronounced and her blissful sobs and whimpers louder as she rapidly approached a truly momentous orgasm.

“Uh! Uh!” Daisy whimpered, in time with the movements of the agile tongue as it fondled her precious clit. “Oh my god!” she cried out joyfully, as she started coming.

Once again, her hands and thighs clutched the head of the man who had brought her to that fabulous condition, while the rest of her movements were even wilder. She bounced up and down on the bed, ramming her pussy up against his mouth, and her legs swung from side to side, carrying his captive head with them. Oliver held tightly to her thighs, keeping his mouth clamped firmly around her clit so he could keep sucking and licking, and enjoying the same ride that had been such a delight earlier and seemed even better this time.

“Ah!” Daisy cried out ecstatically as she climaxed, every muscle in her body clenching and her pussy seeming to try to wrap itself around Oliver’s face.

After that thunderous orgasm, the second that night and only the second time in her life she had truly climaxed, Daisy lay totally relaxed on her back, with her eyes closed and a smile of joy on her face. Oliver was smiling too, as he backed away from her slightly and moved forward again. Her legs were still resting on his shoulders, so he would have better access to the insides of her thighs, where some of her fresh nectar had spattered during her gyrations on the bed.

He carefully licked everything off there and from her belly and pussy lips and wherever else he saw it, but he left the juices still in the pink hole from where they were still trickling. His cock was as hard as the bed frame, and clamoring for its turn with the lovely pussy that had been so fantastic to his mouth, and those juices would be needed to fulfill their natural function of lubrication. When he had devoured all he would allow himself, he backed away, letting Daisy’s legs drop onto the mattress, still spread widely apart, and climbed off the bed.

Not wanting any complications from the sexual experiment she had arranged for her protégé, Molly had left condoms on the dresser, and he selected one, stripped off the rest of his clothing and rolled the latex disk onto his cock. Before doing anything else, he used his hands to wipe all of Daisy’s pussy juices from his face, licked it off them, and wiped his hands on his castoff trousers. Her nectar was so delicious he didn’t want to waste any.

He was as naked as Daisy, except for that latex cover, when he mounted the bed again and walked on his knees until he was between her legs. She was still lying with her eyes closed and her mouth open in bliss but, when she felt the bed shaking from his presence, she opened her eyes and her smile became a lascivious grin.

“Mmmmm, nice,” she murmured when she saw his erect cock.

It was obvious they were going to fuck, which was more familiar activity to her, and she reached between her thighs to spread her lips. Holding his shaft with one hand to guide it, Oliver leaned forward until his other hand was splayed on the bed and supporting his weight and the tip of his cock was pressing against Daisy’s pussy. After moving the tip around in the abundant wetness, he gave a firm thrust forward, and the head wedged into her dripping hole.

Daisy drew her breath in sharply through her teeth as the burst of pleasure shot through her from the point of entry. She expected Oliver to plunge his entire cock into her with one additional strong thrust, which was her usual experience, and was pleasantly surprised when he only adjusted his position and waited for her initial joy to subside slightly, before driving forward for another stroke. Almost two inches of the hard, thick cylinder plowed into her pink hole, sending more thrills of delight reverberating through her body.

Daisy’s youthful pussy was tight, and Oliver knew his cock was deeply enough inside her that he no longer needed to guide it. He leaned forward, placed his other hand on the bed beside her and looked down on the beautiful woman he was starting to fuck. She looked up at him and smiled back, because his slow, patient movements were already making this another of the most incredible carnal experiences of her life. His tongue and lips on her pussy had given her thrills she didn’t even know existed, but she could already feel his cock as it began slowly bringing her to what might be an even more tremendous orgasm.

It was great for Oliver too, mainly because of the tightness of Daisy’s pussy and her beauty and sensuousness. A series of short thrusts imbedded his entire cock inside her dripping hole, and he slid his hands forward and lowered his body until he was lying above her with his weight supported on his knees and elbows. Although her erect nipples were digging into his chest, she had plenty of room to move under him, and he expected his partner to be as active as she had been while he was eating her pussy.

With Oliver close above her, Daisy’s next move was almost a conditioned reflex. As she likes to do during sex, she reached up, wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face close to hers so they could share a long, passionate kiss and let their tongues mingle again. With their mouths still pressed snugly together, he slowly drew his cock back until just the head was still inside her, paused, and thrust back into the warm, slick place that felt so wonderful. Daisy felt his shaft surging slowly into her pussy and spread her thighs farther apart, hooked her ankles around his legs and fucked back to meet him. They came together with a satisfying squishy sound and her plentiful juices splashed over them. Once again, they lay like that and let the waves of extreme pleasure pour through both their bodies.

Daisy ended their long kiss and withdrew her tongue from his mouth. “Oliver, this is really fabulous, what you’re doing. I think you’re going to make me come again. And I mean really come.”

“I hope so, Daisy. You’re so hot and beautiful.”

More conversation was neither needed nor wanted, because they were both too busy concentrating on the great fucking they had just started doing. Over and over, Oliver drew his cock back, paused with just the head still inside her, and plunged forward, while Daisy pulled with her hands on his arms and flexed her legs to thrust back to meet him. Once again, she could feel the dam inside her as it drew closer to giving way to the building flood of ecstasy, especially every time she produced another gush of her juices.

As they continued the long, slow strokes, Daisy started rocking from side to side while her head tossed back and forth on her pillow. Her sighing and cooing in pleasure evolved into moans, and her eyes were closed in bliss. Oliver’s cock surging slowly in and out of her was like nothing her pussy had ever known until that night, and she was reveling in each and every thrust.

He was doing the same and Daisy’s internal muscles, although untrained and really not very experienced were giving his hard shaft one of the best carnal massages he had ever gotten. He looked at her gorgeous but distorted face and at the red blush that had spread across her chest and saw she was close to being ready to come again. Until then, he had been driving his cock straight in and out of her, with limited contact with her engorged clit, but it was time to change that. He still had a way to go before his climax, so he decided again to bring the young woman to two orgasms, either with his cock alone or by eating her pussy until she reached the second climax.

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