sexual awakening

June 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Linda and I were formally told that we are now customer liaisons for S&M.

I could not be more pleased with myself and can’t wait to start having clients assigned to me.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I now have a whole wardrobe that I am hiding from my husband as I have used my first paychecks to make myself over with the style of clothes i.e. bras, panties, garter belts, and stockings that I have always wanted to wear.

It is so enlightening and naughty to feel sexy.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Today I am officially employed at S&M as a full time customer liaison as I have completed my 30-day probationary period.

Ms. Spencer put an appointment with Mr. Von Elder on my ecalendar for today at 10:00. It will be the first time that I am meeting with him, which makes sense. Why bother if an employee doesn’t make it through their probationary period?

I took a quick trip to the bathroom to check my make up and made sure that I was presentable. I did notice that my black wool and rayon skirt showed off my suspender clasps along with my teeny panty line, but I couldn’t do anything about it.

At least I am wearing black, as a lighter color would really make them stand out.

I was told to just knock on Mr. Von Elder’s door and enter, since he would be expecting me.

I knocked and entered as instructed and was overwhelmed by the incredible masculinity of his office.

It had floor to ceiling windows with an amazing view of our cityscape, along with an oversized modern desk with a polished black marble top.

Two leather chairs flanked the front of his desk and a large black leather sofa was off to the side along the far windows. They all had a similar design utilizing polished chrome bars to frame and support the leather cushions.

My very first impression when I saw them was to think, “How kinky!”

The walls were of an art deco design with beautiful wood paneling and incredible cut glass sconces for light. It all fit perfectly with the furniture and the rug was a rich burgundy pile.

On his desk was an incredibly thin and large set of three wide screen computer monitors, a beautiful dark gray blotter with three Mont Blanc pens lined exactly parallel to each other on the side, and a dark mahogany ruler with teak and silver inlays that sat prominently on the side.

It was incredibly beautiful and fascinating to see such an intricately designed and yet, old fashioned instrument.

Otherwise his desk was completely void of photos, papers, or any typical office things.

I felt so vulnerable. It was like stepping into a lair.

Mr. Von Elder is over 6′ tall, lean but muscular, with dark brown hair, graying at the temples, and deep hazel eyes that look right through you. He was wearing a beautiful charcoal gray suit with chalk pin stripes. His shirt was light blue with dark blue-stripes, with a fabulous blood red patterned tie.

I found it quite difficult to look at him directly and continuously found myself looking at the floor.

His presence filled the large room.

Mr. Von Elder looked up at me and asked me how I thought I was doing. I replied with a lump the size of a grapefruit in my throat, “Pretty well, I guess.”

He told me that he had final approval of my full time status and mentioned my one late day.

I told him how sorry I was and that it would never happen again. He smiled using only his deep hazel eyes and said, “I will make sure of that.”

I was so uncomfortable and just wanted to leave, but he continued by asking how important was my job to me and how badly did I want to stay, etc.

In the past 30 days I had come to relish how I felt at work. I was no longer a frumpy housewife and mother, as I had evolved into a professional and sexy adult woman.

I found myself pleading with him to let me stay. At that moment I knew that I would have done anything to have him accept me as a competent member of the firm.

He told me to bend over his desk, which only emphasized my teeny panty line and suspender straps through the fabric of my skirt.

I felt his hand casually trace my panty line across my taut bottom sending unexpected sensations up and down my spine.

He then took a hold of the mahogany ruler and applied four good whacks across my bottom, causing me to arch my back in both surprise and pain.

One of my heels came off when I unintentionally jerked forward upon his desktop to avoid his punishment.

My body had reacted to his chastisement with a warm flush of perspiration evidenced by the moist handprints now clearly visible on his desktop.

I tried to wipe them off, but he smiled and took my hands away.

Mr. Von Elder appeared quite pleased with my reaction welcoming me to the S&M family as if the previous 5 minutes had never happened.

I then retrieved my heel and started to leave his office, but Mr. Von Elder stopped me.

“Now that you have completed your probationary period, I want to introduce you to your first client,” he said.

I turned and for the first time noticed a very distinguished looking Spanish-American man, with large brown eyes and jet-black hair. He stood in the corner facing me with a very pleased smile on his face that caused me to shiver in both fear and excitement.

His name was Juan Diego Valequez and he owned a chain of Mexican grocery stores throughout the Midwest.

I composed myself and walked over to him and introduced myself. He extended his hand to me and as I shook hands with him a strong vibration passed through my entire body that I couldn’t explain. He is only a couple inches taller than myself, but carries himself with great confidence.

It seemed to warn me that I should be very careful around him and yet my body tingled in anticipation of our relationship.

Mr. Valequez told me how much he looked forward to working with me with a kind of smile that had me feeling like I was standing in front of him with nothing on but a pair of panties and high heels.

Mr. Von Elder told me that Mr. Valequez was specifically assigned to me and it was my job to make sure that he was very pleased with his relationship with the bank.

Without any further words from Mr. Von Elder, I felt the “Or else” stipulation in his voice.

I then was excused from his office with a feeling of total humiliation from having been bent over the CEO’s desk and spanked like a misbehaving little girl in front of my first client.

I went to the ladies room to compose myself and found my panties soaked with my sexual excretions. I am humiliated, embarrassed, and strangely excited from the experience.

There was something very exhilarating about Mr. Von Elder’s demeanor along with his decisive way of doling out discipline as a way to encourage proper decorum.

I went back to my desk feeling so wound up from our first meeting that I masturbated simply by crossing my legs and squeezing my thighs together over and over again.

Ms. Spencer, who seems to have incredible timing, walked past my desk just as my last little pleasure spasm was subsiding. I know that she noticed my flushed cheeks and glistening forehead.

Thankfully she just smiled her wicked little smile and walked on.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today I delivered some papers to Mr. Valequez’s office for his signature.

His building was a two story tan stone structure located in the warehouse district of the city.

Attached to the rear of the building was a large warehouse where he stored his dry goods along with a huge freezer that stored the meats, fruits and vegetables.

The business offices were very well appointed in southwestern colors and decor, and Mr. Valequez’s office contained a large ornate desk with bright patterned over-stuffed chairs and a huge ornately carved leather couch.

I met his administrative assistant, who was a petite and thin young Spanish-American woman with remarkably beautiful long brown hair and eyes.

I loved how she dressed in very high heels along with a fitted white blouse and a tight beige skirt that ended a very sexy 4 inches above her knees.

She was incredibly attractive and I wished that I had the courage to dress like she did i.e. showing off every curve.

She led me into Mr. Valequez’s office where he greeted me with a big smile and an unexpected hug, placing his left hand just below my waist and exploring the lines of my garter belt and panties.

His bold touch had me tingling up and down my back and I could feel my nipples become very erect. I was glad that I was wearing a spring coat, as I know that my excitement would have been quite obvious through my fitted white cotton blouse.

Mr. Valequez insisted that I stand alongside of him and specifically show him which pages to sign.

As I stood there going over each page of the document with him, he let (I guess that I did too) his left hand casually wander up and down my stocking covered legs stopping just short of my suspender clips.

I found it very difficult to stay focused on the document as the inside of my legs became very warm and moist.

When he was finished he causally placed his left hand on my bottom and very lightly traced my panty lines along my buttocks giving me a slight squeeze on one cheek.

I don’t know why, but I just stood in place and allowed his intimate examination.

Other than I didn’t know what else to do, something about being groped by such a wealthy and powerful man was turning me on. When he was done, I acted like nothing had happened, although my body definitely indicated otherwise.

He very graciously thanked me for coming over personally and said, “I hope to see much more of you in the future,” with a smile that indicated he meant more in that little phrase then a simple meeting.

I felt myself completely flush with a combination of heat and embarrassment as I responded, “I hope so too.”

I was flushed the entire ride back to my office, and could feel my sexual moisture starting to wet my panties.

It was difficult for me to just sit still as I found myself continuously squeezing and rubbing my thighs together, however the cab driver was paying so much attention to me that I forced myself to stop.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I have been assigned to the planning committee for our annual company picnic, so I thought that I would go into the office to get the notes from our last meeting and take them home to review.

I wore a denim mini skirt, which zips up from thigh to waist on both sides along with a black cotton blouse and a matching denim jacket.

Prior to this job, I owned no mini skirts because my husband felt that they were not appropriate for a married mother.

I now own this one that I keep at the bottom of a dresser drawer where my husband can’t find it without specifically looking.

Since he is gone so much, I can pretty much wear whatever I like, and I like to feel sexy.

While I was in the office printing out the notes from our meetings, I noticed that Mr. Von Elder’s office door was ajar and decided to sneak a peek into his lair.

The first and last time I was in it, I was spanked over my skirt for not adhering to company policy.

Am I back in parochial grade school with the nuns?

No sooner had I entered his office, Ms. Spencer was standing right behind me and scolded me for having the audacity to enter Mr. Von Elder’s office uninvited.

She reminded me that I was already on thin ice due to my probationary period barely being over and told me to follow her to her office. She stated that obviously I needed a reminder of proper office etiquette.

I already knew what was about to happen, but due to my strong need and desire to keep my place with the company; I felt that I was in no position to object.

As before she closed the door behind us, although we were alone in the building.

She looked me over from head to foot and shook her head in disgust for wearing such revealing attire, and bare legs on top of it.

God, this woman is so old fashioned.

As I remembered our last encounter, I reached for the side zipper to undo my skirt in anticipation of her request. Instead she told me to bend over and touch my toes.

My mini was so short that the simple act of bending over revealed my black string bikini panties and by touching my toes my skirt slid right over the top of my bottom.

Ms. Spencer told me to repeat her words one at a time after she said them.

It pretty much sounded like this:

I, swat, OUCH, I………

Will, swat, OUCH, Will………

Never, swat, OUCH, Never………..

Enter, swat, OUCH, Enter………….etc.

With every word her hand smacked me across my bottom, and then lingered as if to feel the vibration of my gluteal flesh.

My panties offered me a thin layer of protection, however the last whack caught me directly on my very sensitive area barely protruding between my legs. I howled in pain as all of my nerve endings that are accustomed to a very different sort of stimulation lit on fire from her hit.

I instinctively stood up straight and grabbed myself in what would normally be considered a very provocative way not caring what it looked like.

Ms. Spencer had a most unpleasant look of satisfaction on her face as she watched me massage my nylon-covered kitty.

She then commanded me to lower my skirt and get out of her office.

I swear that she enjoys inflicting pain and humiliation on me.

I have now been spanked three times in my first 2 months.

I suppose that a normal person would quit, but not only do I need this job, something about these experiences have me dreading the boredom of my weekends.

I can’t wait to come back into work each Monday, although I need to stay away from Ms. Spencer’s hand for a while. Ouch!

I have noted that my tendency to masturbate has increased significantly since I started this job and my orgasms are much more intense.

It is embarrassing for me to realize that I relish the varied stimulants of my job and its responsibilities.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today I was assigned another client, Mr. Richard Mayhew, who owns a very high-end cosmetics company.

I was told that he would be in our office both the day before and the day of our company picnic, and it would be my job to provide him “the exceptional service that we are known for.”

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today I spent more time planning the company picnic. Mr. Von Elder wants everything to be perfect and Ms. Spencer is taking it to heart.

She questions me about every little detail.

Although I would swear that she does this to make me feel uncomfortable. It is virtually impossible to not remember standing in front of her either with my skirt off or well above my waist.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ms. Spencer called me into her office today to again go over the details of the company picnic. You would think that I was the only one on the planning committee.

She has this tendency to hover anytime she is around me. She likes to look over my shoulder as I explain things to her and she presses her breasts against the side of my head so that I can feel her erect nipples against my body.

She also is constantly touching me as she asks me to explain this detail or that detail. By the time our little meetings are completed, I feel almost molested.

If I didn’t know better I would swear that she is trying to seduce me.

Monday June 28, 2010

I finally found the time to call Mr. Mayhew, my new client, to introduce myself. I told him how much I was looking forward to meeting him in two weeks as well as working with him.

He was very polite and pleasant to talk to.

It seems that he and I will get along quite well.

(To be Continued)

My wife tells me that she published a story here called “Sex Ed After Marriage” and that many readers wanted a similar story from my perspective. Since we agreed to never talk with each other about our experiences we have agreed to not read each other’s stories. I will use the same made up names for us she did, Ruth and Luke. Jezebel really is her friend’s name, though.

Ruth told me I must use slang and swear words when referring to body parts and acts. Neither of us use those terms in normal conversation but since apparently most readers want it, I will do so even though it makes me cringe.

Ruth told me that she gave most of the background about Reverend Brown and our sheltered, stifling, religious upbringing so I don’t want to repeat that. However, I do want to tell you about Ruth.

I was in love with Ruth for many years before we got married. While she, and many others, don’t think her face is beautiful, she is the most bubbly, upbeat, kind person I know. Her personality was what made me fall in love with her. Although our sets of parents and Reverend Brown thought we were well matched I was never sure, up until she said “yes,” that she would ever marry me. I’m not that bad looking, short brown hair, about 5′ 11″, 170 lbs. with a pleasant face. However, I’m certainly no stud so I wasn’t sure that I really had a chance with someone with her vivaciousness. I got extra motivation never to give up from my younger cousin, Esther, though.

Esther was the closest thing to a “wild child” in our family – probably more conservative than almost any kid going to a suburban high school of a large city, but in our village extreme. She had been in gym class with Ruth. When I came home from college for the summer between my junior and senior years Esther and I were chatting at a family function when with a twinkle in her eye she said “If you marry Ruth, Luke, you’re in for a real treat.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh poor Luke, you’re even more naïve than most in our little community, aren’t you? Let me just say that her body is even better than her personality, and you know everyone loves her,” she laughed as she skipped away and I turned red.

I was even more sheltered than most and going to the Christian College I went to didn’t help me in any way. I would have liked to go to a big State school, where the instruction in my field, software development, would have been better. However, my parents and Reverend Brown insisted on the Christian College and at that time I had no means of support without my parents.

I wasn’t just a virgin when Ruth and I got married; I was a novice flunky with a borderline social disorder.

I’m not going to go into the embarrassing details of sex with Ruth the first year of our marriage, but looking back on it still makes me cringe. The words “humiliation, clumsiness, chagrin,” and “awkwardness” come to mind. I’m a book smart guy, but I couldn’t possibly come up with a way out of the situation I was in where I knew Ruth wasn’t sexually fulfilled and knew that I needed to do more. The more I thought about it the more anxious I got; the more anxious I got, the clumsier I got; the clumsier I got the more hyper I got; it was a vicious cycle.

One Saturday morning Ruth sat me down. The normally cheery look on her face was absent, replaced by a serious one. I knew what our talk was going to be about; I cringed when she said “Our sex life is horrible.” While she tempered it by saying “It’s not your fault or mine, but the way we were brought up,” as the man in the relationship I felt more responsible.

When Ruth first proposed her friend Jezebel’s solution, a long weekend for each with an experienced sex partner, my initial reaction was anger. Ruth stunned me by essentially saying it was that way or the highway, and when she left until the next evening I knew she wasn’t kidding.

The entire time Ruth was gone I knew that if I couldn’t come up with anything better I would agree because I couldn’t take the chance of losing her. Despite thinking of nothing but that the entire weekend I had no solution that I thought had the slightest chance of working, let alone that Ruth would agree to. So when Ruth returned home and gave me a big, sweet, kiss and implored me to say “yes,” I did just that.

While Ruth was at a resort on one side of our city, I would be at a resort on the opposite side. Unknown to Ruth I called Jezebel expressing my nervousness since I had a hard enough time attempting sex with the woman I loved, let alone a stranger. Again unknown to Ruth a couple of days before our excursions would start the woman I would be with called me at work, identifying herself as “Jill,” and calling me “Ryan,” both assumed names. She was very friendly, with an English-type accent I couldn’t quite place, and answered most of my questions candidly. When she told me that she was employed as a sex therapist while working on her PhD my mind was strangely put at ease. The next few days I started to be more excited about the upcoming event than scared, although I still had a real fear that Ruth might want the guy she was going away with rather than me when the weekend was over.

Ruth and I kissed about as passionately as we ever did before we left for our rendezvous points.

When I met Jill I was stunned; she was beautiful. She had a gorgeous face, was tall (probably only two inches shorter than I was), trim, tanned, with bleached blond hair and green eyes. She had on a tank top and shorts – really short shorts. Her legs were muscular and sleek, as were her arms. Her breasts were small but perky, almost visible through her tank top since she had no bra on. She was the only woman I had ever seen that to me was as breathtaking as Ruth, although they looked vastly different.

I was glad Jill was driving because otherwise when I stared at her thighs I’m sure we would have gotten into an accident if I was at the wheel. She was probably the most forthright person I had ever talked to by a light year. This is an example of our conversation (actually mostly her talking and me listening):

“Let me tell you something about myself, Ryan. First of all, I know you’re trying to place my accent but are too shy or polite to ask. I’m a Kiwi.”

“Kiwi?” (I was really sheltered).

“From New Zealand. What you have to know about Kiwi women is that as a group we are the most promiscuous in the world. According to a study completed last year, Kiwi women have an average of 20.4 sex partners in their life whereas the global average is 7.3, and New Zealand is the only country where the women have more sexual partners on average than the men, 16.8.”

All I could do was gulp!

“The average Kiwi woman loses her virginity on her 18th birthday, and I was no exception. You Yanks are way behind us in all categories.”

How do you respond to statistics like those? She kept up a rapid fire of them, relating to all sorts of sexual topics. Without me even asking her to as she overwhelmed me with statistics she explained what a number of terms she used meant, including “blowjob,” “cunnilingus,” “muff diving,” “tea bagging,” and many more.

Jill was also straight forward about her body parts and relative abilities and said she had found out some things from Jezebel about my wife’s body. Jill matter-of-factly volunteered “My boobs are too small for a proper titty fuck but I have a tight cunt and strong thighs and I can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch,” and “Jezebel told me that calling your wife’s body ‘killer’ would be the understatement of the year, and that I especially need to teach you how to appreciate and service her puffy pussy lips and conspicuous clit.”

By the time we got to the resort my head was spinning but I noticed that my cock was aroused.

As soon as we got into our room the instruction started.

“The first thing you need to do is to learn how to properly undress a woman. While what you do depends upon the situation and location, the two main techniques I call ‘seducer’ and ‘caveman.’ Since I like the clothes I’m wearing, let’s start with ‘seducer.’”

“Uh, Jill; my wife never really wears shorts, though, and always wears a bra,” I sheepishly responded.

“Good thinking, bloke. Let me fix that.”

In front of me Jill removed her top, while bare-chested fished a bra out of her suitcase and put it on, put a button-up top over the bra, and removed her shorts and thong and put on panties and a skirt. I was shocked that she had no pubic hair. Seeing my wide-eyes and the tenting of my pants she smiled and chuckled “Don’t give yourself a coronary, Ryan.”

She instructed me in the sensual way to remove each article of clothing, how to run my fingers up and down various body parts when doing so, when and on what body parts to plant kisses, etc. The first time I did horribly so she put her clothes back on and we did it three more times until she smiled and laughed “Brilliant.”

“Now that you’ve removed my clothes properly, you’ll want to do a little muff diving to get me in a great mood, right?”

“Uh, I guess.”

“No, ‘I guess.’” Jill shot back. “That is what you’ll do. Now first let’s have a proper kiss, and let me see your tongue stuck out.”

We had a long kiss while I tried not to touch her tits or ass, then she had me stick out my tongue. “Ryan, you have a nice, long pointed tongue. You should be great at cunnilingus; my vulva can’t wait, and you should be able to curl your wife’s toes.”

With that she laid on her back on the king size bed in the room and said “You’ll be more comfortable with all your clothes off, but you can leave your boxers on now if you like.” I quickly removed my clothes except for my boxers.

Jill had me scoot up to her, and as she propped herself up on an elbow she pointed out all of the parts of her vulva, and moved my finger to touch each one and explained which one was probably better stimulated with fingers, and which one tongue, although all parts could be stimulated each way. She guided one of my fingers into her pussy with hers to locate her G-spot. I could see her breathe deeply, roll her eyes, or twitch sometimes, indicating the sensitivity of the parts. She then tested me on each part, what it was called, how it should best be approached, etc. We again went over it multiple times until I had it down pat.

Showing my naivety I asked “Why don’t you have any pubic hair?” Looking back on it I’m surprised she didn’t laugh out loud – instead she merely smiled and said “I shave it off so that it will be easier for you to do what I’m going to have you do next. Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned to use. I’ll lie here and you eat me out.”

I started hesitantly at first, but her body parts looked and smelled so good, and her reactions were so rewarding, I soon was vigorously into it. Occasionally she would tell me what part of her vulva to stimulate with what part of my body, but more often than not she was moaning or writing around a little. At one point as I was energetically moving my tongue into and out of contact with her clit she started really squirming and moaning much more loudly, so I stopped. She immediately lifted up her head and said “What the hell are you doing, don’t stop, keep it up,” and pushed my head onto her crotch.

Knowing for sure now that she really liked what I was doing, I proceeded with even more alacrity using both hands and my tongue. Shortly after that she screamed, shook, essentially convulsed, and then went limp. I was stunned.

“What happened?” I asked.

She huffed and puffed for a while before answering me. “That, uh, ooh, was a, aah, really, really, un, ooh, whew, nice orgasm.” Seeing the puzzled look on my face she continued “You’ve never, aah, ooh, seen a female, whew, uh, orgasm before, have you?” evoking a tired smile.

When I shook my head “No,” she smiled more broadly, and after another minute or so propped herself up on her elbows and said “Well you’ll see many more before this weekend is over, and I hope you’ll be giving your wife hundreds of them in the future. Did you enjoy it yourself?”

“Very much,” I immediately replied.

“Then do it again!” she chuckled.

The next orgasm I gave her was one of the best experiences of my life up until that time, and one that she described as “earth shattering.” In between her pants and moans afterward she reached over to me, grabbed my cock through my boxers, and mumbled “Now you follow that with a fuck. I hope you’re as fast a learner at fucking as you are at eating, ’cause then this is going to be a fun weekend for me too.”

With that she helped me get my boxers off, lifted her ass slightly and spread her legs wide, exposing her dripping wet and beet red pussy, and holding it open with her hands. I moved my dick right in as she swore what I interpreted to be in delight, and once I was fully buried she wrapped her legs around me and started moving her hips back and forth. I moved mine too, but apparently not dynamically enough for her.

“Move your hips more quickly…ooh; that’s it; yeah…get in sync with me as I – uh, oh, — pump.” I did the best I could, but was so excited, and her movements on me felt so good, that I came very quickly – and that felt even better. I was slowing to a stop when she barked “Keep going, I haven’t cum yet,” as she kept on pumping her hips. I kept going until I saw her eyes roll back in her head.

After we both lay next to each other, drained, without speaking for a few minutes, she perked up. “Not bad for a first fuck, but you’ll learn to be much better by the end of the weekend. And if you do get much better I’ll give you a special treat; but now, I’m going to suck your cock back to life.”

“Uh, Jill, actually I’m a little self-conscious about my equipment, and I never ejaculated more than once in a day.”

“Don’t be silly,” was her only response as she sat up, pushed me on my back, grabbed my cock, and started sucking. Wow did it feel different – a very, very good kind of different. After sucking a couple of minutes my cock started to get hard again, she interrupted her work, and said:

“Ryan, let me put your mind at ease. You cock is of average thickness and about two inches longer than average, has a nice shape, especially the helmet. Also you have a nice set of balls, low hanging enough to be easily accessible but not so low as to be freaky. Your wife will learn to really enjoy them.”

With that she started sucking again while fondling my balls. As I was getting more and more aroused I suddenly realized what she meant by saying that she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. It was like a powerful vacuum had been attached to my cock and whether it was only in my mind or not I felt my balls producing more seminal fluid in response to her caresses. Soon after that I erupted into her mouth. She stared into my eyes as she continued sucking until she got every last drop of cum out of my dick. As she released it she smiled and said “Did you like that?”

I wasn’t very coherent at that point, but I think I mumbled something like “It was unbelievable,” at which point she kissed me, lay next to me, and said “We’re getting up in ten minutes to get some food.”

Over the next few days I sucked her tits at least an hour a day, she fondled my balls whenever there was a lull in action, and we rarely did anything more than work over each other’s bodies, leaving the room only for meals and for food-digesting walks after eating. We spent at least four hours going over every single part of each other’s bodies looking for what Jill called “erogenous zones.” I was surprised that I had three, which I never had any clue that I did, and Jill had almost too many to count. She told me where the most likely ones would be on Ruth.

Although sometimes it was necessary for Jill to give me a little blue pill or a lozenge to get me hard enough times to suit her, I was still shocked that I was able to have two orgasms one day and three every other day. I can’t count the number that she had; I do know that I very much enjoyed giving her orgasms whether oral or penile.

After we ate breakfast Sunday morning, the last day, when we took a walk she was especially affectionate, holding my arm, nibbling my ear, rubbing my neck. Before we went back into the resort she stood in front of me, holding my hands, looking me in the eye with a twinkle in hers, and said “You’ve been a great student, Ryan. You’re going to get a special treat as a reward,” kissed me quickly, and then grabbed my hand and dragged me through the main door of the resort. She had been dangling the thought of a “special treat” all weekend, and I admit it was starting to arouse me greatly.

When we got into our room she smiled wickedly as she announced “First you’ve got to learn the ‘caveman,’ then you get your special treat.” With that she told me to rip her clothes off, showing me where to grab and how to pull. I was reluctant but when she said “Damn it, Ryan, do it or you’re not getting your special treat.”

I ripped her clothes off – I trust that she had worn special ones that she could afford to part with for the occasion – then she pulled my clothes off, pushed me down on the bed, and started sucking my already ¾ hard cock. Once it was completely hard she muttered “Just lay there, don’t move!”

She mounted me put her hands on my hips and almost without moving the exterior of her body started kneading my cock. As far as I could tell she was simply controlling her vaginal muscles, squeezing and releasing. She changed her pace, intensity, and position, many times, each change making my cock feel better than the last, until finally I had an enormous eruption. I don’t know if I really did ejaculate twice as much cum as I ever did before, but it sure felt like it. She milked every last milliliter out of me.

Once she got off of me and I regained my composure I asked “What was that? I still can’t believe it!”

With a broad smile she replied “That is the result of pc muscle exercises every day. Be sure you tell your wife to do kegel exercises, maybe with a mechanical device to assist, and some day she may be able to do the same thing for you.”

“Would you please write that all down?” I begged.

When Jill and I parted she said about a year later she would have Jezebel send me a questionnaire for her research, and hoped I would fill it out. “I would do almost anything for you, Jill, after what you’ve done for me,” I chuckled.

When Ruth and I got home the first night we were too tired and our genitals were too worn out to do anything except cuddle. Monday at work, though, I was as horny as I ever have been in my life. Knowing what sex really could be like, and knowing what a great body Ruth had, I couldn’t wait to get home. I got home early and as soon as Ruth arrived I did a perfect “caveman” on her.

I could not believe, now that I knew to look, and what to look for, how phenomenal Ruth’s cunt was. Her pussy lips were unreal, and her clit was enormous and as sensitive as a hair trigger. That first night with Ruth after my sexual awakening I was in heaven when I ate her out, my first real fuck with her was fabulous, and when she rode me cowgirl it was paradise!

I was giddy when I learned that Ruth was doing kegel exercises, with exactly the same assist Jill had recommended (so I never had to bring up the subject with Ruth). About nine months after our excursions after I sucked Ruth’s tits and was about to tit fuck her – something I found to be awesome, and something that Jill taught me the basics of but could not perform for me – Ruth said “Let me give you a treat.” With that she did the same thing to me Jill had done as her special treat, only Ruth did it even better. It was the best my dick ever felt in my entire life!

Since our learning excursions Ruth and I have had a fantastic sex life, which I was happy to indicate when I filled out the questionnaire from Jill via Jezebel a year afterward. As far as I know Ruth has never strayed and I’m sure she believes I haven’t either. Since she will not be reading this story and since I need to get this off of my chest to assuage my guilt I will admit I did once.

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