Can I turn you on with just my fingers on this keyboard? A text to find out…

I greet you at the door

hungrily kiss you

stumble back onto the couch

kiss you until I can’t stand it anymore

then I begin to undress you

shirt 1st

then on to that damn belt

open the fly of your jeans

wiggle my fingers in to all of that hardness

pull it out

tease you with long slow strokes

sucking your nipples

tracing your tats with my tongue

lowering your pants to the floor

stripping you naked so that we can start bent over that couch

ass in the air

so that you can eat me

before filling me with your cock

hands on my hips

pulling me back into you

filling me all the way

the rhythm driving us insane

our legs get wobbly

you pull out

and pull me into my bed

my legs go over your shoulders as you begin to eat me

tongue thrusting in and out

sucking at my clit

finger inside of me

I try to pull away as I cum

but you won’t let me

you stroke me from the inside out

using that wonderful tongue and finger to drive me insane

just as I can’t stand anymore

you work your way up my body





until you reach my breasts

you hungrily pull my nipple into your mouth

you nip and suck until I am going crazy

you switch to the other

then you move on to my neck




hands in my hair

you shift your weight and enter me

we pause marveling at the sheer delight of it

then you begin to gently move and grind your hips

with each thrust

our hunger grows

until we are once again frantically

fucking with an animalistic desire

and pace

here is where you decide

if you want to cum inside me now

or stop to eat me out again

our lips meet

tongues are tangled with one another

sucking at one another’s lips

pulling them into our mouths

before you slip back down and take me in your mouth

the shudder rips through me instantly

I never thought I could cum so hard so many times

unless you are a TOTAL ass man

you throw my legs back over your shoulders so that you penetrate me fully

you work yourself into a fevered state

unable to hold back much longer

you fuck me hard

then cry out just before you fill me with cum

my legs slide off your shoulders, you collapse on me

we both look at one another with an oh fuck did that just happen look on our faces

you blush and smile

we enjoy one another’s lips

take the time to explore places

we were too fevered to try before

I caress your face

your hand returns to my hair

we break apart

explore some more

enjoy the heat of what we just did

try to decide if we have the time and energy to go for round 2

maybe this time

we will try out the shower

the water

coming down on us

as we continue to kiss and grope

you pin me up against the wall


maybe we try that chair?

so I can lower myself onto you while watching your eyes burn

you grasp both my breasts

work them

move from nipple to nipple

inhaling me

while I ride you

slowly up and down

I bring you back to my bed so that I can

mount you properly

riding you

while I grind my clit hard against your body

I sit up

your eyes widen as you watch me play with myself

I rock slowly back and forth until I cum yet again

you throw me over off your body

flip me onto my stomach

my ass goes in the air

you eat me

rim me

your tongue slides in and out of both holes

I am grinding back on your face

until we are both good and wet form my juices

you position your cock at my ass

stroking it with your hand

as you tell me what you want to do to me

you push in slowly


rest while I begin to open up to you

at last I let you know you can push in some more

gradually inch by inch you enter me

gently at first

then the tempo builds

I am arching my back and pushing into you

you thrust in and out

and grab me tight as you cum once again


September 2018
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