We live in a society where women have entered the workforce and been forced to adopt personas contrary to their true, submissive nature. Most women like to be sexually dominated and will derive pleasure from being treated like a cheap, worthless whore. A woman’s natural position in life, economics aside, is as allowing themselves to become the property of men. I consider myself to be somewhat of a female deprogrammer. I unbrainwash women so that they can discover what it is to be who they really are deep inside. I do this by training them as you would a dog. You use that training to remove their dignity and sense of individuality. And once you do that, women find they derive immense pleasure from that. It’s the pleasure of letting go of what society tells little girls: that they don’t need a man, that women are equal to men, that women can do anything a man can do if not better.

I, personally, have a 20-year-old girlfriend. I have rules set for her. For instance, she must make the bed every day, she must brush her teeth twice a day, she must take her birth control pill every day, she must do her chores which include cleaning the bathroom and serving me food. Treat her like a child, essentially. And of course you have to punish her if she fails to follow the simple rules you’ve set out for her. Don’t take the route of, say, spanking her, because she will most likely enjoy that. Instead, take something she truely enjoys and take it away from her (I’m particularly good at oral sex, so taking that away from a woman tends to be a big motivator), or let her cum AND THEN punish her so that she gets no sexual pleasure from it.

Second, you must make her perform in degrading and rough sexual acts whether she’s into that or not. Most women will learn to enjoy an activity because you will enjoy it, but even more women will find that they, to their surprise, actually enjoy being roughed up and humiliated. And there of course is no shortage of women who, even if they’re strong career women who spend their days dominating men, know that they enjoy being degraded and dominated by men behind closed doors.

A small number of women enjoy dominating men as more than a novelty. These women are almost certainly lesbians. They tend to act like men to begin with, wearing strap-ons, telling men that they’re “whores” and other role-reversals. The men who enjoy that sort of thing are almost always men with self-esteem issues who are struggling with their sexuality. All straight women will enjoy being dominated if you give them the chance and the proper setting.

I have observed by working at a stable that even female horses are into rough sex. The male horses bite them and the female horse just takes it as a symbol of her submission to the stud. This is essentially what a man must do to his woman. He must bite at her in a number of increasingly difficult and humiliating ways and she must accept it as a sign of her submission.

The easiest place to start is with oral sex. It is expected of women these days that they perform oral sex on their partners. So-called sex-positivism is a reflection that although women are now capable of working alongside men (the skills of a modern worker being different from more primitive economies) a woman’s natural purpose is to be fuckmeat to her dominant spouse. Sex-positive feminism is nothing more than a nice way of saying slutty, working women.

Anyway, with oral sex, all you really have to do is start banging her mouth harder and harder. At some point you’ll have her gagging on your cock, drooling like a retard. After you’ve already got her nearly throwing up on your dick, try the porn-favorite position of her laying on her back with her head tilted back while you fuck her face like it a vagina. Don’t always reciprocate oral sex either. Explain to her that she’s little more than three holes to fuck and if she can’t derive sufficient pleasure from fulfilling her role as three holes, then she doesn’t deserve to cum.

Don’t forget the role of slapping, either. You can’t really hit a woman anymore, but for some reason you can get away with it if your cock is currently inside of her. Slap her and then spit in her face every time she tries to resist her throat-pounding. Explain to her that she needs negative and positive reinforcement to learn to be good at sex and pain and humiliation are just a necessary part of that process. There has to be negative consequences for gagging on a cock otherwise her body will continue to gag on it. If she complains about having to learn to deepthroat (and really the gagging is just as hot anyway so it doesn’t really matter if she ever learns), call her a prude who, just like every other woman, doesn’t like sex.

Next, once she’s used to suffering for your sexual enjoyment, you can begin fucking her in the ass. Start small, of course. You don’t want to scare the girl away. But gradually increase the size of the toys you’re putting in her butt. Then, through simple practice and reduction of lube, start using just spit to fuck her in the ass. Then, slowly reduce the amount of time you spend actually fucking her pussy and, viola, her sexual pleasure doesn’t matter, she’s only fuckmeat and you’ll fuck the holes you want to fuck.

When you start fucking her in the ass, that’s when you should start making her wear a dog collar. Just the collar at first and then when you think she’s ready you can add a leash to it. Mostly you just pull on the leash while you’re fucking her and you lead her around. Then you can make her crawl and finally, you should have her eating out of a dog dish.

Now that’s she’s okay with being dominated sexually, you can start demanding that you control her orgasms. That is, make her ask permission to cum and deny it often enough that she only cums once or twice a week. By doing this, you’re gaining control of her when she’s, by definition, not having sex. You’re also making her horny, which is the key to controlling a woman. Next, start taking over the rest of her life by making her wear sexy lingerie under her clothes at work or telling her to wear a butt plug when you go out to dinner next week. I would say introduce ass-to-mouth at this point as it’s very difficult to introduce to a woman, but for whatever reason, the point where you start controlling her everyday life seems to make it easier.

Anyway, start telling her what to wear period. And then start ordering for her at dinner, ask her more and more favors until she’s waiting on you hand and foot. When fucking her, make it increasingly degrading. Write “fuck-pig” or “anal whore” on her with lipstick or magic marker.

Start telling her when she can and cannot use the bathroom. One day, tell her she can’t pee until she pisses herself. Then lead her into a mirror and tell her how fucking disgusting she is and how you can’t believe she would go so low as to let you do this to her. Make her stare in the mirror at herself and make her say “I am a stupid fucking whore and I like sitting in my own piss.”

At this point you could probably start peeing on her for bad behavior and whoring her out to your friends. And believe me, she’ll enjoy every minute of it if you’re patient, smart and emotionally attentive.

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