This all happened with me when I was in 12th standard of my school. I am from India and here we have standard system unlike the grade system of America. Here 12th standard is equivalent to senior year of American high school.

My incident is about my 1st encounter with sex in my life. I am a shy boy and here in India I belong to a small city where we are not much exposed to American culture of boyfriends and girlfriends. Hence you all can conclude that I was single by that time.

Now the 1st encounter is very taboo here because it was with non-other than my cousin. I still could not believe that the 1st sex of my life, the girl to whom I broke my virginity was my cousin. That was the best sex of my life as still I am single and didn’t have sex after that time.

Now let me introduce to the whole incident. My cousin is 6 years elder to me. I was 18 at that time hence she was 24 at that time. She was studying in a metro city of other state which is very big and modern compared to my city. Hence she was very forward after staying there. Now I won’t say I had a great tuning with my cousin but we were pretty good with each other.

After my 12th standard final exam I went to her city with my family for a small vacation as many of my relatives stay there. Then one fine day we all went to her college to see her campus. Now her college campus is very big so after some roaming my family member got tired and they insisted in returning back. I was enthusiastic about the college because after the result I too was going to get in some fine college and was considering her college as one option, plus the beauties out there in the campus attracted me more. I have not seen such beautiful girls in my entire life so I insisted in seeing the college campus more. Therefore my family members returned home and I went with my cousin for more campus sightseeing.

Now I was roaming with my cousin in the campus when we came across a garden. Love birds were all over the garden behind the trees making out. I was feeling shy with my cousin around me as I was really excited in checking them but could not look at them because of her with me. Suddenly out of the blue she asked me whether I have any girlfriend or not? I answered No and ask her instead did she have any boyfriend? She blushed at first and then said Yes. I asked her to make me meet him on which she replied that he has gone to his hometown for some function. As we were walking I didn’t knew that there was a stone in the path ahead. I collided with it and fell down. But when I felled my cousin in a try to catch me also fell on top of me.

Now I may not be the most handsome type of guy but was of average built with 6 feet height which gave me a decent personality. On the counter part my cousin was one of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. She was short compared to me of around 5’1/5’2 height with slim body type. This is the reason why she was not able to help me from falling and instead fell upon me. On the flash of seconds when she fell upon me I didn’t release how but in an attempt to catch her to save myself from felling my left hand accidentally was on her right breast.

She didn’t realize this but I don’t know what happened to me but due to the sudden falling I accidentally pressed her breast. She was shocked and I knew I was going to be in a serious trouble. She looked at her breast and then towards me as I was holding her breast with a somewhat spark in her eyes after her initial state of shock.

Even though I knew she was looking at me holding her breast I didn’t release my hold. She wore a silky top a tight one though which gave me a pleasure feeling of her boobs. I realized that excessive holding has been done hence I immediately pulled back my hand and with a true guilt in my eyes and voice said sorry to her. She smiled at me and said its ok it was not my mistake though and told me to forget this.

I was now truly very embarrassed with my action and was not able to see at my cousin with direct eye contact. She took me to the canteen for some refreshments and asked me if I have some spare time as she need to complete some of her pending work at her house after which she would drop me back to our relative’s house. She was staying as a paying guest near the college so we went there. She was living with her 3 other friends who were all out at that time.

We went there and first she then I got freshened up a bit. She went to her room to complete her pending work and I was sitting in her living room watching TV. After some time she called me in her room. I went there and she was sitting on her study table and asked me to sit on her bed and we started some random chat. After some time she got up and sat beside me. She didn’t change her dress and was wearing the same outfit she wore in the college – The tight pink silk top with tight light blue jeans. Suddenly she asked me how the feeling was. I didn’t understand what she was talking about. She said about me holding her breast. I blushed and ignored to answer that but she insisted. I told her it was fantastic on which she blushed.

Then out of the blue she asked me whether I would like to feel them again. Now this time it was my turn to shock. I asked her in total disbelief that did she know what she was talking about. She said yes and confessed that this thing would remain between only us both. On this I said yes. She then asked me to hold them with both of my hands. I was still in the shock of disbelief so my hands didn’t work. So she took both my hands and placed them on her breast. The feeling cannot be described in words. I didn’t knew the size of her breast (until I checked her bra after our sex session when she was in bathroom to clean herself; it was 34C). She then ordered to unbutton her top. I did it. She wore a white bra with the cups covering her entire breast like a typical olden day bras.

Then she told me to squeeze them. I did that too. I did not believe my luck. I got a hard on which I didn’t get till that day. I thought I would just come with only squeezing her breast. Then she unclamped her bra from behind and removed my hand with her bra from her breast. I devour the best site of my life, the two peeks, the best boobs I saw in my life. As I said they were just beautiful with its size I can barely held in my palm. The aerola was light brown with the nipples stiff and protruding out of her breast. She asked me to play with them. I hold them and played with them. I pinched her aerola and nipples. Then she placed her hands around my head and drew me towards her right boob and placed my mouth on her nipple. I immediately got what she wanted and started sucking her breast. She started to moan slowly with me sucking on her breast. I licked, kissed; even bite her breast along with her nipples.

She then pushed my head back and asked me to stand up. I followed as she told me. She then pulled my T-shirt from my body and unbuttoned my jeans and also removed them from my body. She then knelled in front of me and pulled down my underwear. My penis sprung from the release. She took it in her hand and slowly stroked it. Then looking at me she put it in her mouth. Oh what a wonderful feeling was that. Her mouth felt like a warm cushion all wet. She sucked my penis even biting lightly at my penis head. Then she started playing with my balls with her free hands. I thought I was in heaven. She was blowing me so good that I came immediately as this was the first blowjob of my life. She licked me clean and swallowed all my cum. Then smiling at me she got up. She then asked me it was my turn now to return the pleasure.

I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. She wore a white panty with floral print on it. I told her to turn around. Now I saw this move in one of the porn and tried to apply on her. I removed her panty. There was the site I loved the most and on which I still masturbate. Her Ass. Now I am an ass man and I love girls with beautiful ass. She had the best ass in the world. The cheeks were like inverted heart in shape. The fat was of fair quantity making them more desirable. I placed my hand on her ass cheeks and started licking them. Then I started to bite as if I am going to eat them. Cousin writhed in pain due to my biting at first but then stared to moan.

After finishing to worship her ass for quite a few time now it was the time to see here jewel. I turned her around and I saw a naked vagina live for the first time in my life. She had trimmed her hairs hence that portion felt smooth. I told her to sit on the bed edge, lie her upper body down and spread her leg. She did as I asked. Then I sat near her legs. Starting from her toes I started licking and kissing her legs from down towards the thigh. I stopped at her thighs and started to bite them too as if I want to eat them too. She was moaning heavily now as I moved towards her inner thigh near the vagina.

I first kissed the pubic region of her vagina. Then gradually I moved towards her vagina. First the outer lips then the inner. I sucked them for quite a few time. She was dripping wet at that time and I also drank her juice. It was sweet as nectar. I then moved towards her clitoris. No sooner did I sucked it and gently bite, she screamed and came like a wild river. Her whole body was shaking vigorously. Vaginal juices running through her vagina into my mouth and eventually on her legs.

She stood up and for the first time we kissed. It was a wonderful pleasure kissing her. We kissed and kissed playing with our tongues for a very long time. Then she moved upward in the bed and told me to lie on top of her. We again kissed and after sometime she pushed my head towards the breast. I sucked them as much as I can. She then looked at my eyes as if she was not satisfied and wanted more. She looked down and saw I was rock hard again. She then took my penis and guided it towards her vagina. She placed my penis head on her vaginal lips. I saw in her eyes and getting the idea what we were up to pushed my penis forward. With one stroke my penis was fully inside her. Her vagina was very tight and I felt like I had entered in a wall full of soft cotton. She gasped with the sudden entering. I leaned to kiss her. Then with slow strokes I started fucking her. My penis moved in and out of her in a steady rhythm. We never took our eye contact from each other during the whole process.

Suddenly she hold me tightly to her body and turned. Now I was below her and she on top. She then placed both my hands on her breast and started moving up and down on my penis. She increased the pace and in a sudden drift threw her head back and screamed as another orgasm hit her. I too was unable to hold myself anymore as her orgasm started to clench my penis more inside her vagina in contraction and expansion. I too came inside her. She fell on top of me and I hold her tightly. We laid there as it is for a long time. She then stood and went to the bathroom to clean herself that’s when I checked her bra size. When she returned, she had a smile on her face which stated she had the greatest satisfaction in her life.

Without saying anything she came near to her study table and bend on her table with ass towards me. She looked back at me mischievously. I got the hint and went towards her. I stood behind her and knelled there sucking and licking her ass. She then said that she wants to try anal with me. I got socked on her demand. I told her that as per my knowledge (thanks to the porn videos and internet) that asshole is tightest and it gives immense pain to the receiver when done anal sex. She said she is ready for the pain and asked me to properly lube it before entering.

For this I first licked her asshole and then spitted on it to lube it. Then she asked me to use her vaginal juice for more lubrication. I did that too by sucking her juice from the vagina then spitting it in her ass hole. I then let my index finger to enter her asshole. She cried out of pain at this. I asked her whether I should stop on which she said no. I then inserted my second finger and at last third. She started to moan on this. Then I stood and spitted on her ass hole and on my penis. Then I entered her vagina to use her juice to lube my penis more. Then I put my penis head on her asshole and with a strong thrust pushed it inside. She cried on this sudden attack. I then started to fuck her slowly in long shots so that she can get accustomed to my penis in her vagina.

Then she asked me to stand still and she started to thrust her body backward. After sometime she stopped and asked me to thrust as fast as I could. I obliged. I fucked her ass as fast as I could and in no time came rushing in her ass. She was playing with her clitoris and my Cumming triggered her orgasm. I laid on her with my penis still in her ass. I then hold her up and lay with her on my side in the bed for quite a long time. Only a ring on my cousin’s phone brought us back to our senses.

It was my relative’s phone asking when we are coming. She said within an hour and got up. I too got up and went with her to the bathroom. We both took the shower together cleaned each other up all while also kissing in between. We then dried ourselves, put our clothes back and headed off to our relative’s house. She asked me to keep this secret and never ever to talk about this to anyone. I promised her but also asked her if we can continue this anytime in future. On which she replied that all this lies on the circumstances and they would not try this to be intentionally. When we reached to our relative’s house we kissed each other for one final time. It was the last kiss we shared as we didn’t get any chance to do this again. She is now 29 and going to get married in few months with her college boyfriend. We didn’t talked about this anytime even when we were alone and tried to forget it as one event that happened accidentally…

You in stockings getting me off nice and hard sucking me till I am dry twice.

* * * * *

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We awoke too early next morning. How did we know? Our heads told us! I woke up first, or thought I’d woken up first, with my usual morning stand, a hand softly stroking it. What a wonderful way to wake up. The hand belonged to Sue, and when I turned to face her, her brilliant blue eyes were staring at me, a broad smile on her lovely face.

“Did you enjoy our little surprise last night, Ritchie? I thought my darling deserved it.”

Tears flowed from my eyes. “What did I ever do to deserve you? That was so unbelievably big-hearted of you, Sue. Sometime, somewhere, my sweetheart, I’ll find a way to repay your incredible generosity, I promise you that. In the meantime, this will be a downpayment.”

I kissed her deeply, then climbed down her little body and took up my position between her widely spread legs. Her cunt gaped, swollen lips spread wide, protruding inner lips wet and waiting for my mouth and tongue The minx had been waiting for this for a while!

I extended my tongue, traced her swollen lips, up one side, down the other, plunged it into her waiting sheath, sucked her soft folds into my mouth, caressed them with my lips, found her clitoris, extending from under its protective hood and licked it, faster and faster, until her orgasm crashed over her and she sprayed my face with her cum.

Her climax was accompanied by a loud scream, the culmination of an ever-increasing, ever-louder series of moans and whimpers. As she sobbed and trembled, I took her in my arms, and held her, comforted her.

On the other side of the bed, Jenny was watching, a fascinated expression on her face. “So when do I get my turn?” she asked, a big grin on her face.

I looked at Sue. She nodded her head. “Jenny.” I panted, “it’s going to have to be self-service this morning, I’m afraid. I’m fucked!”

Jenny also looked at Sue, who gave her assent, then descended to straddle my head, lowering her smoothly shaven, fragrant, wet folds onto my face for me to suck them into my ready mouth, while she inhaled my rigid cock into her mouth and caressed the purple head with her tongue, sucking it deep into her throat.

Both of us were excited after her watching, and my taking part in. my exertions with Sue, and didn’t last long. She filled my face with a spray of her cum, I filled her throat with streams of my seed.

So, all three of us had begun the day in the best possible way, and soon fell asleep until the door opened and in came the maid to clean the room. She was horrified, dashed out and slammed the door, leaving the three of us bouncing round on the bed, laughing our heads off.

Our time in New York was quite wonderful. We did all the touristy things, which Sue knew very well, and at the end of a week had covered all the things that we really wanted to see. Jenny took the week off work and was our constant companion during our sightseeing. While I was initially a bit miffed at this, my dissatisfaction ceased almost immediately as Jenny was a wonderful companion, I was included as a loved part of the group from the get-go, and a whole week of threesomes was beyond my wildest imaginings.

It was during this week that I discovered that Sue and Jenny must have been lovers at some time. Sue asked me, very shyly, if I minded if they made love, and after the gift she had given me, how could I possibly refuse. Truth be told, the sight of them making love together, 69-ing together, was an immense turn-on. We were always together and lying on the bed next to them, watching them loving, so gentle, so tender so beautiful, hand caressing breasts, faces buried in wetness and softness, as I stroked a cock that was always on the verge of exploding, as I waited for them to finish, so that I could spill my seed inside one of them, was difficult but wonderful

They even gave me a special treat, taking me to a very special lingerie store in Soho. To explain, I love lingerie. No, not to wear, but to look at, and to have my very own, beautiful models was exciting in the extreme. The girls circulated around the store, laughing, giggling, and when they made their selections, they made their way to the changing rooms at the back of the store and vanished inside one of the larger rooms. I sat on a chair, just outside, until the door opened and I was invited in to view. Oh my, what a sight awaited me. Both girls had gone for the sheer look. As I think I mentioned earlier, Jenny was completely shaved and her mound and a prominent camel toe were very visible in her sheer panties. The trimmed black hair of my sweet Sue, my love, was just as visible in the sheer panties that she was wearing. She stripped off her panties, turned, bent down to support herself on the seat at the back of her room, presenting her beautiful, open cunt to me, an offer I couldn’t refuse. My already hard cock was out of my pants in a flash and with one thrust I was deep inside her, thrusting into her for all I was worth, to relieve the ache that had already developed in my balls. It didn’t take long before my cock was pumping streams of my seed into my love, who I could tell was fighting hard not to make any noise. Jenny, meanwhile, had taken her panties off and was fingering her clit, coming to orgasm just after I filled Sue with my cum.

“Well,” gasped Sue, grinning, “I guess we don’t try any more panties on today, or we’ll have to buy them all!”

I tucked my still dripping cock back into my pants and quietly left the changing room and left the store as the girls dressed, made their purchases, and followed me out.

“Ritchie,” said Sue, “this is our last day in New York, so it’s going to be your day. What would you like to do? Anything you like, honey.”

“Anything?” I hammed. “Absolutely anything at all?”

“Absolutely anything at all.” replied Sue with an evil grin. “What can we do to make your last day memorable?”

“I cupped her face and gasped, “You make every day memorable, my darling. I love you so much.”

“What did I tell you, Jenny.” she sobbed. “Isn’t he wonderful?”

“He’s definitely a keeper, Sue, you’re so lucky.” replied Jenny.

“That settles it.” I decided. “Can we go back to the room and just have a quiet afternoon, just relax and kick back? We can go out later and have a terrific supper, maybe at that Brazilian restaurant again. We’ve been pretty busy this last week, what with one thing and the other, and it’ll be nice to just relax. Will that be alright?”

“It would suit me perfectly!” exclaimed Sue. “The last week has been kinda frantic. How about you, Jenny.”

“I think I’m going to catch up on some things I’ve let slide during the week, but I will meet you for supper. Shall we say six o’clock at the restaurant? I’ll make the reservations.”

We said our goodbyes, hailed a taxi, and within minutes were back in our room, where we undressed immediately. Sue went into the bathroom to clean herself off, and I stretched out on the bed, looking forward to a quiet afternoon.

Sue threw herself into my arms, kissed me deeply, and looked at me very seriously. “Ritchie, it’s so nice to have you to myself again. I should have told you before, and I know that you’ve figured it out already, but Jenny and I used to be lovers. Does it bother you, my darling? Please say no.”

“For a fleeting moment, at first, it did bother me, sweetheart, but only for a moment. When I stopped and thought about it, it’s just something more I’ve learned about you, something more to love about you, and if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I love you completely and absolutely.”

Sue pulled me more tightly to her and sobbed, “Where did you come from, Ritchie? You’re the kindest, must understanding man I’ve ever met. I don’t think you’ve got an evil bone in you.”

“Oh I’ve got an evil bone, sweet Sue, can’t you feel it?” I giggled, and wiggled my hips, so that she could feel my hard cock against her.

“You’re terrible, Ritchie-rich! That isn’t a bone, even though it feels like one, and it certainly isn’t evil. All it knows how to do is give pleasure, and it gives me pleasure all the time, wherever it is in my body, or even if I’m just touching it. Like this.”

She reached down and grasped my cock, just holding it gently, stroking it with soft fingers, squeezing.

“I thought we were going to have a quiet afternoon!” I gasped.

“Oh we are,” whispered Sue an enormous smile on her face, ” we’re both lying here very quietly, barely moving. Isn’t that what you had in mind?”

I knew when I was beaten, so began to stroke one of her delicious breasts, which had not received nearly enough attention during the last week, something I regretted greatly. As I stroked, I watched her puffy areola pucker, pebble, as her beautiful pink nipple thrust forward into my fingertips, so hard, so very hard.

As I looked into her blue, blue eyes, her breathing changed, became shallower, as her passion arose. “What would you like me to do, my darling? What can I do to please you? Whatever it is, it’s yours.”

“Will you do me from the back, my love? Slip it into my tight little hole? We haven’t done that since Swanton, and I did enjoy it so much.”

I kissed her, helped her to turn onto over onto her knees, her head and shoulders on the bed. Her behind was lovely, her white cheeks a picture, her little rosebud peeking out from the crack between them, her weeping cuntlips hanging below her hole, between her thighs, swollen, open, wet, ready.

I pulled her cheeks apart, dived between them, found her puckered, pink hole and dug the tip of my tongue into it. Dropping lower, I filled my mouth with the liquid from her cunt, returned to her rosebud hole and squirted it in, lubricating it for the cock, that was to follow it.

I moved behind her, between her parted legs, placed the the purple tip of my cock against her very wet hole. This was only the second time that anyone had done this to my Sue, so I was very, very careful, leaned forward until the purple head of my cock plopped through the muscle of the pink hole and stopped, waiting for her to acclimatize.

“Alright, darling?” I asked her.

“Alright, Ritchie. So far.” she gasped.

I leaned further forward, my cock vanished, inch by inch, into her, until my hair was rubbing on her cheeks and my dangling balls were rubbing on her cheeks. I began to move, slowly at first, my cock slipping in and out of my lover, in and out, then faster and faster, until her groans changed to whimpers, her whimpers to moans, and finally, her her moans to shrieks, as my balls bounced against her cheeks, my cock pistoned in and out of her hole, and we reached our screaming climaxes, and I released a gush of my seed into her.

I collapsed over her back, we both collapsed, sideways, onto the bed, panting, panting, panting, until we were nearly breathing normally.

“A towel, Ritchie!” Sue gasped. “Quickly!” I pulled my cock from her and fetched a towel to catch our outflow, mine and hers, just in time, as she was already beginning to leak.

She fell into my arms. “Oh Ritchie, that was so good. Your evil bone did wonderful things to me, but, my darling, it always does.”

The rest of the afternoon was quiet, relaxed, simply couldn’t be anything else. We packed, we were leaving in the morning, after all, showered, dressed, and arrived at the restaurant at six. Jenny already had a table, so we joined her, had a magnificent meal, together with not one, but two bottles of wine, so that by the time we finished we were feeling no pain at all. Again, Jenny spent the night with us, but it was a very loving night. We cuddled, hugged, kissed, but there was no sex. We were just too exhausted after the week we’d spent together.

Did I say no sex? Well that isn’t completely true. We had to give Jenny a going away present, so we repeated our activities of our first night, Jenny swallowed my cock in her cunt, Sue sat on my face. This time, we must have lasted about half an hour until both girls had screamed their climaxes and I filled Jenny’s cunt with the relatively small amount of seed that I could generate, this being my third fuck of the day. Young and fit I might have been, miracle worker I was not! But I think it was enough.

The following morning, we all kissed goodbye in showers of tears, checked out, reclaimed our car for a king’s ransom, and headed south, making for Key West, Florida, where I was to learn something about myself that I would never have believed. But that’s for another day.

For a female Proboscis Monkey, a male with a big nose is a male with a big sex appeal. A male cockroach will only mate with a female if she smells just right. And only a male Hanging Fly could make an insect corpse look appetizing to a female. Humans, like their less-developed animal counterparts, have criteria for a good mate as well. There are many areas of psychology that explain why sex is very important to both men and women, such as Freud’s psychoanalytical theories of personality, evolutionary approaches to mate selection, and areas of biological health psychology.

Freud had many theories regarding development of personality, and many of his theories revolved around sex and sexual development. He believed people have three parts of their consciousness: the Id, Ego and Superego. The Id is present at birth and is responsible for desires. The Ego satisfies the Id by keeping reality in mind and the Superego is a person’s moral compass. Freud theorized that we are driven by two forces, the Death instinct and the Life instinct, known commonly today as the Libido. The combination of the Libido and Id is what creates sexual desires.

In addition to the Id and Libido, Freud believed people go through stages during which the Id’s energy focuses on different parts of the body. These bodily regions are called erogenous zones, which are oral, anal, phallic and genital. If a person has an unresolved conflict while in one of the stages, it will manifest into a fixation later in life. To feel resolution, people indulge these fixations. For instance, if a teenage girl’s mother constantly yells at her because of her boyfriends, she will develop a genital fixation. To resolve her genital fixation, she may choose to participate in casual sex with many partners, just to satisfy her Id’s fixated demands.

According to evolutionary and biological psychology, other areas make sexual demands. When it comes to choosing a mate, men and women have different criteria. Women look for men who are symmetrical with big, square jaws. There are more than just physical characteristics that women look for in a man. Females tend to prefer older men with a secure financial status and high social standing. Robert Trivers’s theory of Parental Investment. Women must invest at least nine months in order to create a child. Once the child is born, mothers spend years raising the child. Thus, a woman’s reproductive success is maximized by finding a partner who will invest his time and resources in raising her offspring. Men, however, are required to do nothing after the act of copulation. Young men with few resources cannot contribute the long-term financial stability that an older, more established man can.

There is another side to Trivers’s Parental Investment Theory. A man looks for women who can easily bear his children. His reproductive success is maximized by having sex with many young, healthy women. Signs of health that men look for are a high forehead, full lips, short jaws, small chins and a favorable waist-hip ratio. A small waist and large hips are favorable for childbearing and suggest reproductive health. Men’s criteria for a favorable reproductive partner tend to be more physical than women’s.

While evolutionary psychology gives answers for the question who, biological health psychology gives answers for the what, why and how of sex. What happens during sex? Even though men and women vary in many ways, the physiology of sexual intercourse is very similar. Males and females experience the same phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. During the excitement phase, vasocongestion, the enlarging of blood vessels, occurs. Vasocongestion is accompanied by substantial increases in blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and respiration rate. The plateau phase is characterized by continuing arousal, but at a slower rate. Ideally, orgasm follows the plateau phase. Orgasm is the pinnacle of sexual arousal, which produces muscle contractions throughout the pelvic region, increased heart and respiration rate and blood pressure. Resolution quickly follows orgasm. During resolution, there is a decrease in blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and respiration rate.

Why do people have sex? Physiologically, sex is much like a good aerobic work-out, providing much of the same benefits. Endorphins are released, attitude is improved, stress is reduced, and self-concept is heighten. Of course, there is the obvious reason: to procreate.

How can biology and psychology explain sexual dysfunction? For a long time, sexual dysfunction was thought to be purely biological. Today, research is finding that there are increasing psychological factors. Some factors include, but are not limited to, psychosocial pressures, such as religious guilt, pressure to perform and obedience (or disobedience) of what are frequently culture-specific sexual taboos.

Female crocodiles find a mate attractive if he blows bubbles in the water under her belly. Male and female humans have different criteria for mate selection. The criteria is not only different from the rest of the animal kingdom, it is different from gender to gender. The reasons for sex are also different from many animals in the world. Humans are one of only a few species that engage in sexual intercourse for the fun of it. Psychology, a science unique to humans, can explain the differences. Many areas of psychology give reasons to explain the importance of sex to both men and women. Some of these areas include Freud’s psychoanalytical personality theories, evolutionary ideas about mate selection sexual motivation, and parts of biological health psychology.


Harriett’s travels around the world through her work meant that she knew hardly at all how life was at home at the flat. The long and detailed letters she received from Emma and less often from Charlotte were always several weeks late and usually forwarded from the last location she’d worked at. For instance, she might send a postcard home from her current location which could be Kabul or Phnom Penh, and then receive a letter from Emma which might have been posted to her last or her last but one location (which might be Banjul or San Salvador). Neither Emma’s nor Charlotte’s letters were particularly detailed on the subject of their love-lives. Indeed this seemed to be the one area about which they were both most reticent in their correspondence, but this didn’t trouble Harriett. Nor did it in any way dissuade her from filling most of her letters with detailed accounts of the sex she’d had with men and women in the course of her travels.

She had developed a strong relationship, including frequent sex, with the director of the Sex Abroad series she was working on. Isabel had started her career as a sex actress and as a result had once opted to have her breasts surgically enhanced. Apparently they had been of good dimensions before, but her chest now consisted of nearly fifty inches of very firm breast on a body otherwise of quite slender proportions. Other parts of her body had also been surgically enhanced, but so expert were the surgeons that for all Harriett’s exploration of Isabel’s body she couldn’t be sure which parts they might have been. She had not really made her fortune as a sex actress, as apparently she was not a natural when it came to frequent and indiscriminate fucking; but she had kept her career within the world of sex entertainment and was now a director of many television productions. She was in her mid-thirties, but certainly didn’t look particularly old nor were her breasts showing any sign of sagging. However, they were sufficiently large to oblige her to keep them uncovered most of the time, while directing the set or in her leisure time, because of the discomfort that most clothes caused to them. She was not a naturist though unlike several of the others involved in the production of the series. She almost always wore a skirt, shorts or trousers; and frequently sun-glasses and a straw hat when it was particularly warm.

The Sex Abroad series was one of a number of productions Isabel and Harriett worked on together as they travelled with the production crew from country to country. Both enjoyed working together, just as they enjoyed making love together (although both would deny any claim to being lovers or of being lesbian). They enjoyed staying at expensive hotels, usually in the same suite, and planning the logistics of each production. This almost always involved Harriett making love to a native from whichever country they were in . This was sometimes a famous personality, but more often just a sexually fit representative of the population. Usually this consisted of no more than heterosexual coupling, but in some locations it was necessary to show more explicitly the peculiar customs of that particular country. In Korea where there was a cult of boys being surgically altered to take on the physical appearance of women, it was necessary for Harriett to make love to a few of these transsexuals. She most enjoyed those whose penises were still fully functioning. In Tajikstan, it was necessary to have group sex with several women.

When Harriett and Isabel were not working on the actual filming of these various sex acts, the two of them would plan together what was required for the programmes. Often, Harriett would have sex with the designated partners to determine the best angle for the performance. Isabel would watch, making suggestions and very occasionally participating, particularly where the sex star was a well-endowed man. Sometimes the two of them would practice together, with Isabel playing the role of the other partner to establish the optimum erotic presentation of the scene. Harriett also kept herself fit by regular work-outs at the gym in the various hotels they stayed at, or by jogging around the city. In some places naturism was obligatory, (such as El Jedida in Morocco, Nerja in Spain or Darwin in South Africa), which made her jogs more comfortable, but meant that Isabel couldn’t participate as her breasts bounced around too much. Harriett kept her body as slim and trim as she could: something Isabel mostly achieved by drugs or surgery.

Sometimes while shooting a scene, Isabel felt obliged, as the director, to intervene to enhance Harriett’s performance. She would wade into the mass of bodies in the physically demanding positions that were required and add lubricant to Harriett’s anus or position her clitoris into a better view for the camera. This was not a role that a director was ever really required to do (there were members of staff whose role was specifically to help in stimulating the sexual performance of the film stars) but she felt that the closeness of her relationship with Harriett made this intervention more natural and sensible.

It was no secret to other members of the film crew that Harriett and Isabel had a close and loving relationship and the two women made no effort to obscure it from them. Isabel frequently grabbed Harriett by the vagina while on the set to feel how sexually active she was feeling. On occasion the two women would hold each other close to each other with Isabel’s large naked breasts wholly obscuring Harriett’s much smaller, trim ones, and indulge in kissing for several minutes at a time. Sometimes on set, Isabel chose to join in the action and have herself fucked by the man who was fucking Harriett. Occasionally, this was discreetly incorporated into the final cut. On the whole however, the two kept their relationship on a professional level on the set, and didn’t indulge (as some directors and their principal stars are known to do) in a series of programmes featuring the two of them, and their various guests, indulging in on-screen sex.

Some of the film-crew envied Harriett’s closeness to Isabel. It was undoubtedly a boost to her career, and one which could lead to her becoming a director herself. No one could deny that Harriett worked hard on her performance, and Harriett’s own professed ambition was to produce her own Sexual Fitness videos which would pass on techniques and practice sessions that she’d used to keep herself at the peak of her sexual performance. The thought had occurred to some that she could become a professional in sex sport events, but even Harriett didn’t want to become that closely tied to competitive sex.

Harriett made great efforts with the film crew to dispel their feelings that she was somehow too distant for the likes of them. She made a point of having sex with all the men and women on the set; sometimes with Isabel, despite her director’s disparagement of such close ties. “It doesn’t do to have sex too often with amateurs!” Isabel said, characterising herself as a professional. Harriett understood what Isabel meant: most of the cast were simply incapable of bringing her to a satisfactory orgasm and often incapable of restraining their own sexual relief however well Harriett used her skills to control them. However, Harriett soon became aware that the film crew were generally happier not to have to concern themselves with comparing themselves with a professional and preferred the less skilful sex they had with each other.

Harriett and Isabel enjoyed behaving as tourists in the exotic places they stayed, happy in the knowledge that nobody would recognise them as they might at home. In some cities of stricter sexual ethics, such as St Petersburg, Perth or Salt Lake City, their appearance, and particularly that of Isabel’s large naked breasts would attract stares and occasionally even comment. In other places of freer sexual ethics such as Goa, Bali or Florida, they almost felt conservative in bothering to wear clothes at all. Or in not having sex in the street like so many other tourists. But Isabel felt that it was necessary as ambassadors of Semen South West to retain some respect for the natives of the country they were visiting.

“Why didn’t you want to have sex with me this afternoon?” It was ever so rare that any of the men I had been with had ever turned down a chance to have sex. In fact, I had never been with a guy who had ever turned down a chance to have sex with me. It’s not that I’m particularly beautiful, I’m rather average but I believe men can’t resist an opportunity for sex, it’s just something they have to do. But then I met, Brad and he destroyed my theory.

“I just wasn’t in the mood.” He answered without taking his eyes off the road.

I thought it was the girl who’s job it was to not be in the mood but it seems half the time he’s never in the mood. When I first met, him I should’ve known what I was getting into. Our first night together we spent naked, I expected him to take me. It wasn’t until a few nights later when after a few drinks he lost his in inhibitions. I didn’t notice it at first. But then there were nights when I’d want to have sex and he would just push me off of him. I was hurt, I had never been rejected like this before. I had doubts that he really didn’t like me even though he spent every hour when weren’t in class together, or that he didn’t find me sexy but he always told me how sexy he thought I was. Then I wondered if he had some kind of weird sex drive. I’ve always had a high sex drive since I lost my virginity but most of the guys, I was with always had a greater drive or quickly caught up to mine.

This afternoon, my alarm woke me up from my nap but he slept right through it like he usually does. I decided to wake him up with a little hand job. And while I’ve learned that guys would rather skip the hand job and move on to more interesting subjects, I think it’s a great way to wake a guy up. However, Brad rolled away from my hand and mumbled “Let me sleep.”

I let him sleep and got up and started getting ready for the day. He was driving me home from school, two hours out of his way. I finished what I had left to pack before I decided to bother him again. He was sleeping on his back and I climbed up on him. I grinded myself into him. He did wake up and kiss me but that was it.

We took separate showers, then he foiled our last chance before we left. My roommates had already gone home. I asked him to fuck me there.

But he denied me. I threw my stuff in the car and went to sleep.

When I woke I said. “You do understand, we won’t be able to have sex again until January.” The winter break was going to be the longest time we had been apart since we stated dating three months ago. And even though he often didn’t want sex we fucked just as often. We planned a weekend or two together and maybe even New Years but nothing was for sure since he lived almost four hours away.

I couldn’t hold myself back, I let my left hand slide to the crotch of his jeans. He didn’t resist me but he didn’t stop looking forward. He didn’t show an emotion on his face but he did grow hard.

I unzipped his jeans and touched his warm dick. I let it peek out of opening. He finally smiled a little.

I undid my seat belt, I figured a seatbelt ticket would be the least of our worries if we got pulled over. I leaned over to his side the car. I let his dick part my lips. I tasted his cum. Then slowly put all of him into my mouth.

“I didn’t expect this.” He said. I rarely went down on him. This was only the fourth time I had.

His dick slid in and out of my mouth. My head bobbed up and down on him. He grew harder in my mouth. I could feel him lightly thrusting into my mouth.

I took a short break only to say “After this I want you to fuck me.”

“Okay.” Was all he said.

I went back down on him. Going up and down on him, face fucking him

“If you don’t stop soon, I’m going to cum.” He said.

I didn’t answer. I wanted him to cum. I had never tasted his cum before.

“Here it comes.”

He exploded into my mouth. I tasted his hot juice.

But we weren’t done. We were almost to my house and needed to find someplace to pull off to finish. It was my old area but we were nowhere near any of the make-out places I remembered from high school. I directed him off the main road and on to a side street. We took lefts and rights trying to find someplace private.

We end up behind a restaurant that had been recently closed down. He didn’t waste anytime, we didn’t want to see if anyone else was going to stop by. He turned off the lights but kept the car on.

I remembered all the times, I had sex in the back seats. None of those times were comfortable. Usually my head found its way into a corner and something would dig into my back. But, I didn’t want to miss my chance. But he stopped me.

“Where are you going.” He pushed my seat back and the back of the seat down. I pulled my jeans and panties down. He climbed over to my side and unbuttoned his pants. The zipper was already down. He pushed his jeans down enough to show that his dick was already hard again.

He didn’t take his time. He fucked me like an animal. He had never fucked like this before. He slammed into me.

I came and so did he.

I wanted more but cars kept going by the front of the restaurant. I now knew I wouldn’t be able to go the whole month long break without him.

(Author’s Note: This scenario is entirely a work of fiction. The main character, Nikki, already has one chronicled adventure, a true story called Three Times Thankful. Although this story is a work of fiction, I think anyone that knows an attorney will agree that this could really have happened. Remember this story the next time you pass that cute, quiet girl who works in the mailroom.)


It had been a long day at the office. I was working on a legal brief for Jeff Albers, one of the partners in the law firm Albers, Stephens & Brenston. I’ve been a paralegal for them for the last couple of months, and had stayed late to work on this brief, hoping to make a good impression. Finally, I just couldn’t type anything else; the screen was too blurred. I started to adjust my monitor, stopping immediately after I realized that it was my eyesight that was getting fuzzy, and not the screen. I looked up and saw that it was almost 8:30. Another day wasted in the office, I thought dejectedly. I grabbed my purse and jacket, dragged myself out of my chair and shuffled to the elevator.

As I was leaving, Shawna glanced up from the copier. It was strange; I don’t remember her working late since I’ve been here. And why would she stay late? She just handles the mailroom duties, and is usually never here a minute past six o’clock. She’s 19, very attractive, and single, so I’m sure she goes out nearly every night. At least, that’s what I would do if I had her looks and was her age. Not that I’m old or anything, but at 24, you have to think about your career, and not the constant partying that goes on every night around this town.

“Have a good night, Nikki!” she said. “At least you get to go home now. Some of us actually have to work late!”

“Yeah, guess I just don’t feel like burning the midnight oil tonight. See you tomorrow.” I muttered, continuing my trudge to the elevator. As the doors to the elevator slid shut I noticed Alex Jeffers, one of the junior partners in the firm, walk out of his office and lay his hand on Shawna’s shoulder. At that moment, the door slid shut with a silent thud. The momentary strangeness forgotten, I walked out the door to the parking lot.

I had made it all the way out to my car when a vivid picture popped into my head. I had forgotten to save the brief I was working on! It was still up on my computer, so I could just walk back upstairs and save it, and then continue home. I thought about it for a minute, and actually decided not to worry about it when my paranoia finally got the better of me. What if someone turned my computer off before tomorrow morning? I lifted myself from the driver’s seat with a sigh and proceeded to resume the slow march back upstairs to my desk, and what I hoped was a sense of sanity.

As the elevator doors slid open, I stepped out into the reception area, and walked over to the door leading to the copy room. I didn’t want to startle Shawna, so I just walked around the hallway past the door leading to the copy room. I planned to walk past the conference room and around the main area so as not to disturb her. As I rounded the corner, I saw Alex sitting in a chair in the conference room. He had his back to the glass. He looked like he was talking to someone, and as I drew closer, I saw it was Shawna.

Something was strange about her, though. She was standing in front of Alex, kind of shifting her stance back and forth, and looking really shy. She’s been here long enough that she shouldn’t be shy around anyone here, I thought to myself. I started to walk past the conference room to my computer when something shocking happened! Shawna dropped to her knees in front of Alex, and appeared to be unzipping his pants!

I quickly stepped back, so I was not in her line of sight. I thought about just walking back to the elevator slowly and leaving, but my eyes kept slipping back to the scene in the conference room. Why not have a seat and enjoy the show, I thought? They can’t see me the way they are sitting and there’s a chair at this desk, so I’ll just watch for a bit and see what happens.

Shawna had pulled his semi-erect cock from his pants, and was massaging it gently between her palms, all the while staring into Alex’s eyes. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, and my blouse suddenly felt a little too tight around my chest. As she stroked his cock, I saw it grow in her hands, until the head started to poke out from between her palms. Alex leaned back and propped his head in his hands, and Shawna turned and spit into her hand. She then began slowly pumping his cock with one hand, and teasing the head of his cock with the other. He looked to be about five or six inches and nicely shaped, at least from the view I had. I noticed I was rubbing my breast through my blouse, and my nipple was nearly poking through the fabric. I decided to take a small chance of my own; after all, they appeared to just be getting started so I had some time to relax and enjoy myself.

I unbuttoned the top three buttons of my blouse and unsnapped the clasp of my bra, silently thanked the woman who invented the front clasp, and pulled the bra aside to expose my right breast. My nipple had grown quite hard from the stroking I had already given it, but I tugged and tweaked it even more, making it even more erect. I stroked and twirled my fingertips softly around the light pink circle of my nipple, and caressed the tip with my fingernail. I was getting really hot, and needed to do more to myself. Could I dare?

In the conference room, Shawna began to tease the tip of Alex’s cock with her tongue, lashing it back and forth, and occasionally licking the head like it was an ice cream cone. Alex just sat there, hands behind his head, relaxing and enjoying Shawna’s ministrations. I couldn’t take it anymore – I had to get off, or I was going to scream!

Luckily, it was spring so I had worn a skirt to work that day. I reached under my skirt with my left hand and slid my thong to the side, noticing that it was already soaked through with my juices. I slid my finger slowly over my slit, pressing slightly harder near my clit, but not penetrating myself yet. I knew if I started to actually stroke my clit directly, I would come in a matter of seconds. I wanted to see more of the show. I just kept teasing my clit with my left hand and both of my nipples with my right, my hand dancing back and forth under my open blouse.

Shawna was starting to work into a faster rhythm on Alex, bobbing up and down. She wasn’t getting very deep, but it was obvious that she was doing something right as Alex was starting to twist and squirm in his seat. He couldn’t hold on much longer, I figured, and neither could I for that matter. It was time to finish this and escape unnoticed.

I looked around on the desk I was sitting at until I found what I was looking for; one of those rubber finger-pads that secretaries use to avoid paper cuts when sorting mail. I slipped it onto my finger and began stroking my swollen clit very rapidly. I could barely breathe, I was shaking so hard! I was about to come when I took one last glance into the conference room.

Alex had his eyes closed, and I could see Shawna stroking his cock with one hand while sucking the head. She was slipping her hand up and down so fast that it was almost a blur, and I could see his face clench in impending orgasm. I thought she would just suck him dry, but then she surprised me again. She quickly reached up and puller her shirt over her head, exposing her bare breasts! She resumed stroking his cock, rubbing the tip all over her breasts. She was talking to him but I couldn’t hear what they were saying – and it really didn’t matter that much to me at that moment. Just as he started pumping stream after stream of hot cum onto her chest, my pussy clenched in one of the biggest orgasms I had ever had in my life. I trembled and had to bite my lip to keep from crying out, it was so strong!

I quickly composed myself and tossed the finger pad into the pocket of my blouse, thinking that it would come in handy again some other time. As I buttoned my blouse and straightened my skirt, I watched Shawna take the silk handkerchief Alex had handed her and gently wipe the cum off of her perky breasts and soft hands. I slipped back through the copy area to my desk and saved my brief, and then walked nonchalantly to the elevator. As the door was closing, I saw Shawna walk around the corner and wave at me, with a big smile on her face! Suddenly, I realized that while Alex couldn’t see me, Shawna could see me the whole time! I had no idea what to think, and worried about it the whole night. Would she tell Alex, or even worse, my boss Jeff? When I sat down at my computer the next morning, my fears were quickly put to rest by an e-mail message waiting on my computer.

You know, Nikki, it’s not fair that you got to watch my little show, and I couldn’t watch yours…you and I will have to see what we can do about that, now won’t we? :) Let’s do lunch this week, k? Oh, and I ordered Pam another finger pad – seems she lost hers somehow. Any idea what happened to it? I’d love to know… :P Love, Shawna

But that’s a story for another day.

Dear Larissa, My Hummingbird,

I am listening to B.B. King’s song “Hummingbird” as I write this, and its easy to let the music carry me away into imagining us some day, finally, after months of correspondence, performing beautiful acts of incarnation, making our words flesh, over and over again.

Do you want to be sexed up some more? Read on…or save these words for when you miss me the most, when you need a cat-out-of-the-rain moment….when you need the feel of the sun’s rays soaking into your body, as if each ray was a lick of my tongue, a stroke of my finger… when you need to purr.

The letters you have written me have aroused me every which way, heart and soul and body. Let me meditate more on this beautiful reciprocity we have created between logos and eros, seduction and persuasion.

Desire–even primal sexual desire–can be shaped by words; this is what distinguishes us from the animals; this is what makes possible the erotic. Animals are driven by a scent; their coupling is chemical. Fortunately, humans are not so constrained: our fantasies can inflame desire; our words can seduce us. The longings of love, the licking flames of a fire, the pulpy flesh of a mango, the red curvature of a tulip bulb, a butterfly contentedly opening and closing its wings as it dips into the many-layered infoldings of the rose flower, the bold manliness of the yucca plant in bloom–all of this can whet desire in a woman or a man. My desires have been whetted by the intriguing prospect that some words in cyberspace have initiated a correspondence and connection with a woman from whom I can learn more–and be beautifully inspired—to pursue and enjoy happiness and the erotic and all the delights of the life of the mind and imagination. For the mind, after all, is our most important erogenous zone.

The sex that has always interested me the most is the sex that combines the erotic and the playful–the sex that makes us feel alive and so thankful that we are not just creatures of biology, driven by scent to reproduce, or just creatures of lust, driven by impulse to fuck fast with no feeling, but creatures of play and curiosity, inspired by the erotic, The sex I desire is the sex that creates an oasis of pleasure amidst the dryness of routines–a sex that teases the mind as it tests the body–a sex that leaves us topsy-turvy, criss -crossed, head over heels, forgetful of time, mixed up about who did what to whom, lingerie and pillows scattered who knows where, the woman purring in contentment, the pleasure of sex suffusing her body with a radiant joy, and the man worn out, with no spring left in him and with his brains so fucked out, he can only lie there in wordless amazement at the remarkable forces of nature that conspired to give women the blissful capacity for multiple orgasms.

Erotic sex can be like a great jazz combo improvising together, performing a music that transcends the limits of a solo or duet: it can be a man and a woman playing together, taking turns, combining, making music that lasts far beyond midnight as we strum every string of the bass, as we riff up and down our bodies with our tongues, as we finger every key of a woman’s body as if it were a saxophone, making her wail and bleat in the orgasmic crescendos of a Charlie Parker hitting over and over again the highest and most soulful notes on his sax.

The moment I long for in the bedroom is the moment when our naked bodies become nude, when fantasy on the verge of realization becomes the most powerful aphrodisiac, when a man begins to kindle all the little fireplaces on a woman’s body, getting her so hot that she’s more impossible to cool down than a Texas town in August.

My pen has been inflamed by your words that seeded in me from the first a beautiful vision: You are stretched out like a cat in the sunlight before me on a bed, and I approach you like a garden of flowers petal-open for the birds and bees to collect all the nectar, ready for my tongue to taste all the fruit, ready for the unfolding of fantasy into reality.

My hummingbird: I don’t think you are ready to fly away. Do you want more specifics? More details? Are you a cat stretched out in the sun yet? Read on to purr more contentedly.

Somewhere, somehow, sometime I will join you on a bed: My hands will begin to rove, lightly at first, with gliding fingertips, in circles and swirls, above, below, around, between. Then my hands will become firmer, providing a light massage, a fondling, a little pull there, a little petting there, teasing a nipple around and around and around, gently squeezing your bosoms as if testing fruit for ripeness, beginning the caresses that will moisten and swell and part open your sex.

Eagerly, my tongue will join my fingers, seeking out your nipples, turning them into sparklers of pleasure–little points of fire. Passionately, I will ignite the womanly fuse that runs like a hot wire from nipple to clit, so that my tongue, flicking on the tip of each nipple, will send little charges of pleasure rippling into your sex, reverberating deep within its walls. Teasingly, before my tongue or tip of a finger touches you down there, your sex will feel as if it has already been licked up and down repeatedly; the clit will be humming; and the most erogenous zone of all–the mind–will be fully engaged in the fulfillment of fantasy.

Let your own desires take charge: Do with me what you will. Let my body become your secret, favorite playground. Make me love you better than I’ve ever loved any woman.

Whatever I do and however I do it, I will kindle you up, getting you very hot….and soaking wet–bubbling, boiling, swelling, panting, opening, quivering, shuddering, and then surrendering to the most wonderful orgasms of all: like popcorn popping all over inside of you; like a bursting sunrise spreading out its rays over a garden of flowers; like a thousand little wings fluttering inside of you; like a summer thunderstorm with a mix of jagged lightning and thunder claps dispersing the humidity, refreshing the earth, and then clearing into sunshine as beams of light break into rainbows; like a pinball machine getting lit up by two balls in play at once, ringing all the bells, your body clanging and jangling in orgasmic shudders and spasms of pleasure, my tongue and fingers acting like magical flippers, keeping each ball in play, flicking simultaneously your nipples and clit and every erogenous zone within reach, your body shaking uncontrollably in squivers of pleasure, like waves at high tide crashing along a jetty, one after the other, until, finally, your body tilts.

Maybe, then, after lying alongside for a while, regaining our breath, I will wet my fingers between your lips and then ring your nipples, around and around, as if each bosom was a fine crystal goblet that could be set singing by the circling of moist fingers, making you vibrate down into your stem. Then you would take me cowgirl, riding, riding, riding yourself into the sunset of sexual satisfaction, surfing the curl of your orgasm for as long as you can ride the pipeline, then cascading down, like high waves pounding themselves against the jetty, one after the other, until, finally, you roll up on the beach, exhausted with ecstasy.

So don’t fly away, hummingbird. Fly to California. Come visit me here, in Los Angeles, or I’ll fly to you.

Take care,


All right, you’ve read a bunch of porno stories and now you’re trying your hand at some of your own. However, when you start to write you find your work looking like a bad 80s porno except your characters aren’t as believable. Don’t worry, imagination deficiency is a common problem (even more common in “pron” for reasons ill get into below), and easily solved with a little work.

Imagination, bringing in a truly original work, is hard in the porno world because in the end every work breaks down into some sort of sexual scene. You can play with method and order of the sex, you can tweak with the stereotypes, and you can even tweak with the reality and universe of the sex, but it still centers on the acts. This admission DOES NOT MEAN YOU WRITE ONLY ABOUT THE SEX! A story that has nothing but hot sweaty lovin’ with no character expansion will be utterly boring to your readers. Yes, they come to be aroused and to eventually cum, but that doesn’t mean you should show them a slideshow of sexual positions. Let them fall in love with your characters, slip into your world briefly and then give them the hot action. This can be done in as little as 400-500 words, but don’t limit your self there. If you feel yourself explaining for a while and delaying the sexual bits, you tantalize your readers, get them in the mind of your characters, and make the characters more real for them when the plot turns steamy. Remember, REAL CHARACTERS EQUALS SEXUALLY SATISFIED READERS.

So, how does one make a real character, you might ask? How does one create a character that the reader can like, fall in love with, or empathize with? Well, the first trick is personality. Most porno writers feel the need to make every character a bland porno movie stereotype with little depth. While this may work in the sticky movies (debatable), it does not work so well in print. So first step is to add depth to the body. The easiest way and often the best way is to add some human quirk to the person that makes them different and unique from the other characters. Perhaps the brunette is a bit shy and naïve and has had bad experiences with anal sex in the past. Here you have the workings of a story. Perhaps, a character will take her in deference to this past or perhaps a character will woo her out of these feelings and bring her to love the butt sex or maybe the characters will respect this fear and turn her on to all the other pleasures of the body. Here two qualities and a single flashback have opened multiple story ideas, plus intriguing character interactions. The depth has done nothing to harm the sexual nature and in fact broadens the sexual nature by broadening its meaning. After you have the basic depths, push them through in the actions of the character. If she’s shy, she’ll be harder to pursue, require a bit more foreplay or maybe require a special personality to bring her out of her shell. If she’s naïve, she lacks experience. She’s tight, maybe gullible, and she’ll be a little more hesitant to try new things. She’ll still do it if you want her to, but she’ll be hesitant. Finally, we talked about the experience above and all the stories it opens up. Hell, one could write a believable and decent anal story with just this character and this premise as a plot. That’s why characters need depth.

Depth is key, but one can expand on that depth and bring more humanity into the story in other ways. For instance, most new writers have a tendency to write characters that are overly endowed in either the tits or cock department and have a superman libido. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have any characters like that, but you should at least consider the draw of more human characters. A smaller dick or at least an average sized dick will resonate with more of the readers and will allow the males to imagine themselves in the character’s place more easily. Plus, it can be more believable. A 12-inch cock has a hard time getting into places, cannot be deep-throated easily and is extremely hard to get into a tight pussy or ass without heavy, heavy foreplay and help. On the flip-side women with size F knockers may sound like a dream come true, but it’ll carry problems for your characters. Such characters cannot do as much acrobatic work with the dick, are prone to back pain, and also will not stand pertly out like a super-heroine. Real size F boobs will sag a bit, hurt if they swing too wildly and are very rare in the world. A size A boob, though tiny has perks. It is small enough to be swallowed, cup in your hand and fits more easily, naturally, and commonly on the thin tight bodies that have such cock-squeezing pussies and asses. I realize these examples only cover the heterosexual reasons for believability, but it works for gays and lesbians as well. Plus, a believable body can fit in nicely with a deeper personality. She’s inexperienced because her small boobs are overlooked. He hasn’t gotten laid much because he’s insecure about the size of his dick. Remember as I said before REAL CHARACTERS EQUAL SATISFIED READERS!

Having two or more believable characters with their quirks and fears and bodies is much of the battle with porno stories, but it is not everything. If you have decent characters, but abandon their personalities once the sex starts, then you have ruined your characters. Keep their personalities during the sex. Have their personalities shape the sex. You’ll have a more exciting and meaningful sex scene because of it. Also, have more of a reason then two or more horny people fuck as the plot of your story. Bring in the reasons. Exploit the ideas of your characters. If you have a horny geek or geekette who can’t get any, how do you have them try? Do they find someone over the internet, learn hypnotism, juggle for a friend, pay a frat boy or a sorority girl $50 for the key to their friend’s room after a kegger? A reason for the sex brings meaning to the sex and meaning makes the story believable and enjoyable.

The final bit of imagination is the hardest to get. While believable characters and a plot that doesn’t fully resemble a bad 80s porno flick can get you a decent enough stories, the ability to make a story truly stand out from the rest as something original is extremely hard. To come up with these amazing twists on the genre that create an intriguing world, I recommend you mix your reading of pron with some good non-erotic fiction stories. A bit of Bradbury, Douglas Adams, H.P. Lovecraft, Kurt Vonnegut, Isaac Asimov, Anne McCaffrey, Virginia Woolf, etc. can help you see the world a little differently and help you create those twists that make really memorable fiction. Plus, the grammar of these kings of the fiction world will do more to help you clean up the style of your work than any English class or editor will. Anyway, good luck, good imaging AND NO 80S PORNO SCRIPTS!

Ok, so men are not always totally sexual beasts. In a relationship, they often need love making as much as us women. Or at least, some very loving words during sex. Personally, I am not a fan of love-making, I like it rough and hard and very dirty. But I like to cuddle afterwards. I know this is not true for all women, but I have noticed that there are a lot more guys complaining about the lack of intimacy in bed than I would have ever thought possible.

I’m friends with a married couple. The woman professes herself to be a “non-sexual” type of person, and mostly she just wants quickies to get it over with. The man wishes that she would be more adventurous in bed and that they could make love more often, take their time about it. They’ve been married less than two years and are already seeing a marriage counselor. Personally, I think he needed to read “Getting Her Into Bed” and I think she needed to read this.

No one is ever going to get everything they want in bed, but there are some key things that you can do to make things more enjoyable for both of you on a regular basis.

One is be spontaneous. One of the best inventions I’ve ever found is those stupid little coupon booklets that you can get in almost any book store. You know the ones I’m talking about “Naughty or Nice”, “Romantic Coupons”, “Steamy Coupons”… or go make your own. I’m talking about those coupons that say “With this coupon I’ll do all your favorite things until you can’t take it anymore”. THOSE kind of coupons. They are FANTASTIC. Give them to him for his birthday or Valentine’s day. MAKE YOUR OWN. Because then you can include those things that you almost never do for him, that you’d maybe rather not do for him… and he’ll see this ultimate profession of love that you would willingly give this to him. Choose some of his fantasies… although the coupon books you can buy provide for that too.

Keep things spontaneous. Surprise him everyone once in awhile by jumping HIM. He’ll LOVE it, I can guarantee. Spend the day getting yourself revved up, thinking sexual thoughts, reading some stories (hey, maybe read a story with him?) And then jump his bones! You’ll be surprised at how more often he’s suddenly wanting you soooooo bad.

It’s like creating a monster. First, you give him the great passionate sex that he’s been wanting so bad. And all of the sudden you find that he wants it all the time… and so do you. Because it’s spontaneous and fun, hot sex. Try to mix things up, do it a little differently for fun. Christen every room in your house! The other side benefit to this is that he’s going to be a lot happier and so are you, because he’s going to be treating you like the goddess that you are.

Men feel loved when they have sex. Women want to have sex BECAUSE they feel loved. So the logical place to start is with sex, and then the men will start showing the love.

Now the thing that I do have to stress is that please, PLEASE do not use sex as a bargaining tool. Unless it’s a SEXY bargaining tool. “I’ll give you a blowjob if you eat me out” is a little different than, “I’ll have sex with you this weekend if you paint the house”. That does NOT make a man feel cared about. That makes him feel like you WOULDN’T have sex with him UNLESS he does what you want. And that in turn makes him resentful, feel unloved, unattractive and not so thrilled with you. Obviously, this is not going to get you the lover that you want.

However, you CAN use sex as a bargaining tool (and successfully!) For such things as: a back massage, a full body massage, a night of pussy licking, the fulfillment of one of your sexual fantasies, and anything else sexual and/or sensual. Other things you can do is silly things like, “If you cook dinner, I’ll play with myself while you’re doing it.” Ok, so dinner might be burned, but in the meantime you’ll probably be having a great time. And it’ll surprise him. TRY to surprise him, he WANTS to be surprised.

Men want to feel like sex gods just like women want to feel like sex goddesses. Do the unexpected.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

1. Find an erotic story that YOU like and read it to him

2. Play a game of hide-and-seek with him – every time you find each other the person who was hiding has to take off a piece of clothing… after that you can use forfeits

3. Surprise him with a toy that’s JUST for him – good ones are cock rings (they even make them with vibrators!), GoodHead (if he’s into oral), or something that you think he’d enjoy using on you.

4. Ask him to come home for his lunch break and surprise him totally naked at the door! Or, in some very skimpy lingerie.

5. Get some of those great dice that have different body parts and what to do with them. The favorite pack I ever found actually had 3 dice: body parts, what to do, and WHERE to do it!

6. Suggest a game of poker – strip poker. Mix it up a little by each of you writing down some things to do as forfeits so that the game goes on long after you’re both out clothes. Forfeits could include, “play with my breasts”, “give me a lap dance”, “lick my pussy” (usually you need to put a time limit on the forfeits until you get to the last one ;) .

All in all, what I’m saying is surprise him. And the reason to do this, especially with fun sexual stuff, is that then he’s going to feel like a sex god. You want him, you need him, oh baby oh baby! And he’s going to want you just as bad, and he’ll respond to feeling this good about himself by wanting you to feel better about yourself too! Let him know just what a sexy stud he is, how bad you want him! Catch him when he’s doing something he would’ve never expected to be a turn on – just back from the gym, out mowing the backyard, doing the dishes, recognize the sweet things that he does. Ok, so it’s a little distracting when you’re grinding your hips against him from behind while he’s mopping the floor – who cares? I can bet that he doesn’t!

Now, don’t forget the emotional stuff either. Talk to him, let him know you’re interested in what went on during his day, don’t forget to keep the lines of communication open! But in the meantime, the little times, try to do surprises.

Slip some panties into his briefcase before he leaves for work, make him lunch for the next day and leave a sweet or sexy note in it, give him a call at some point and just whisper “I’m not wearing any panties” (or something like that) and hang up. First of all he’ll have a smile on all day, and second of all he will be so excited to get home to his wonderful woman!

Third and final chapter’s next… I think I’ll make it about once you’re in the bedroom ;)


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