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Note to my readers: This is the second installment of the story of Joe and his wife. If you haven’t read the first part of “You Asked For It” you will still enjoy a lot of this story, but I would urge you to read the first installment so that you can understand the characters and their relationship better.


I have always loved birthdays. The excuse to celebrate, the family gathering, the food, outings and of course, presents. On this particular year, however, Joe screwed up.

Don’t misunderstand me, he did go through the motions to celebrate with me a little, but, let’s just say, those motions were a little flawed.

My birthday was on a Saturday on this particular year and I was excited. With it being on a Saturday, we could celebrate without worrying about work the next day. It also meant that Joe would be home from the work for the day, and usually if he was home on my birthday, he would take point with the kids, leaving me to sleep in, relax and have at least a bit of time to myself.

Unfortunately though, it didn’t go this way at all. It began in the morning with Joe forgetting to get up to the kids for me and instead rolling over and continuing to sleep. When he finally did get up, he did remember to wish me Happy Birthday, but he didn’t seem to think that on today of all days, he should maybe relieve me from the childcare portion of my job, or even spend any time with me during the day. Instead he spent most of his time either watching TV or playing computer games.

I knew he had been planning to take me out to one of my favourite restaurants for dinner, but at lunch time, when I asked him what time the booking was for, he looked puzzled. Suddenly a light of recognition sparked in his eyes, followed by a drained, guilty expression. “I forgot to book it.” He said, deadpan.

“Did you even organise a babysitter?” I asked.

“Honey, I’m really sorry. You know how heavy this project has gotten. I’ve been working really long hours, I’m stressed out and I just forgot.” He let out a big sigh. I was torn. Half of me was trying to be sensible and understand that what he was saying was the truth and that he was, in fact, incredibly stressed and the other half was feeling deeply hurt, and frankly really pissed off.

I sighed and walked over to the phone. I was fortunate that the restaurant I loved so much had a cancellation, so I booked a table for 7pm. When I went to tell Joe, I found him watching TV again, unconcerned. I opened my mouth to tell him that I had managed to get a reservation, but suddenly, seeing him sitting there without a care, it was all too much. I wanted to explode. I knew he had a lot going on at work, but this was just selfishness at it’s height! I turned and walked out of the room.

My best friend Trish picked up the phone on the second ring. “I need a date for dinner tonight.” I said immediately in a tone that let her know how desperate I was.

Without question she answered, “I’ll ask Ben if he will have the kids for me tonight.” I waited as Trish consulted with her husband. With Trish’s hand obviously over the receiver, I heard muffled voices on the other end of the line. The only thing I could make out was “I don’t know… because it’s her Birthday! That’s why!”

I smiled to myself, having a sudden appreciation for having such a good friend only a phone call away. Trish knew all about Joe and his troubles with handling stress. She had lent me her ear when Joe was at his most depressed. She had listened with a quiet calm, offered small tidbits of advice when she felt I needed it, but mostly she took the role of sounding board seriously and I would forever be in her debt for that.

Even more importantly, she never seemed to hold anything against Joe. It would have been easy for my friend to take my side, to be angry with Joe when he was unreliable, or when he said and did unkind things, but she seemed to accept him as I did. Occasionally she would listen to me and a look of annoyance would come over her face, but other than the odd passing comment which told me that she wished she could protect me, she generally kept mum on the subject.

“Ben’s fine with that.” She said coming back on the line. “He and the kids will get a pizza. So where are we going?” her peppy reply picked me up immediately and I felt some of my anger and disappointment leeching away.

I made arrangements with Trish to pick her up and told her that it was my shout tonight. We had a little chat about what we were going to wear and after I hung up I felt a lot better. Rather than talking to Joe in an angry way, I could be reasonable and calm about it, but still have something nice to look forward to. I walked back to the living room and he was still reclined in his favourite chair, flicking through the channels. I sat down in a chair next to him quietly and waited for an ad break.

When the commercials began he looked up at me, still carrying a guilt ridden expression. “I am going out to dinner tonight with Trish.” I said quietly looking down at my lap. I half expected him to become angry, but instead he reached out and put his hand on my knee.

“It’s okay. I am really sorry. I had hoped to do something nice for you tonight, but I guess I have been a bit wrapped up in my own world again.” I looked up at his face and was met with such an open, heartfelt expression that it made me want to tear up. I almost reneged and called off the dinner with Trish, but I decided that I wasn’t that kind of friend. She was there for me when I needed her, and besides, a girl’s night out would probably do me good.

“Are you okay with looking after the kids?” I asked.

“Of course. You two have fun. It will be good for you to get out and have a break from us all.” He said. “In the meantime, I’ll spend a bit of time trying to sort my head out a bit.” He puffed out a big breath and then said “I owe you that much at least.”

I spent the afternoon pottering around, finishing a couple of chores, and then started to get ready. I told Joe that he could organise dinner for himself and the kids, and then I holed up in the bathroom and bedroom for a good couple of hours.

Searching my wardrobe, I found a short sky blue dress that was a particular favourite of mine. I hadn’t worn it in ages, but I loved it. Even when I was feeling frumpy, this dress would hide a multitude of sins, making my silhouette curvy but sleek. I always felt sexy and bright in this dress, so I laid it out on the bed, ready to wear while I finished getting ready.

I took extra time on my face and hair, and when I was done, I surveyed the results in the mirror. My long hair looked glossy and healthy. My face was lightly made up, with my full, plump lips neatly lined and lipsticked in a deep chocolaty mauve. I was still naked, and by now a lot more relaxed.

I found my lemon oil and began to smooth it over my freshly shaved legs. As I felt a sense of wellbeing take over, I became a little aroused at my own touch. My hands climbed higher and higher, massaging the oil into my soft naked skin. When I reached the tops of my thighs, I looked at my pussy in the mirror and decided it was time to tidy up.

Taking the razor and shaving gel, I lathered up well. My entire groin was covered in the cool, mentholated gel and it left me feeling tingly. I decided to go the whole hog and remove every last bit of hair, not that I’m particularly hairy to begin with, but I knew that the sensation of my naked silky smooth pussy rubbing against my panties would feel fantastic. I wasn’t sure what would happen with Joe when I came home from my dinner, so I decided to satisfy my own needs regardless.

When I had finished shaving and washed off the remaining gel, I grasped the bottle of lemon oil again to soothe any potential scrapes from the razor. The skin beneath my hands was incredibly responsive, and almost as though I had no control at all, I began to sigh, enjoying the rubbing and stroking.

My clitoris poked out from it’s hood, and I gave it a little flick, shivering with delight. Stroking my clit gently quickly turned to hard rubbing, and before I knew it, two fingers had plunged into my moistened slit. I rode my hand hard, watching myself in the mirror. Looking at myself turned me on in a way it never had before. My tits were firm, my nipples stood out proud and dark, my hips soft and round and dimples formed on the sides of my ass with every thrust.

Before long, I felt my climax nearing, and I welcomed it, throwing my head back in silent ecstasy. I felt the throbbing deep inside my pussy as waves of pleasure swept over me and my hand became soaked with my juices. Satiated and happy, I washed up a little in the basin, perfumed and went out into the bedroom to dress.

Continuing my theme of self-pleasure, I chose a pretty blue lace thong to wear under my dress. The lace was particularly soft, and when I slipped it on it felt as though my still sensitive labia was being stroked by gentle fingertips.


When I was ready to leave, I kissed the kids goodbye and they wished me a “Happy Birthday Mummy!” Joe had just finished ordering pizza, and was organising plates and utensils.

When I stopped to kiss him, I must admit I had come to feel guilty. I suddenly wished again that it was he that I was taking to dinner, but that wasn’t how it was going to be. I still expected him to be upset with me for just making this decision without talking it over with him, but instead he smiled at me, kissed me again deeply and said “I hope you have a good time. I Love you.” I smiled at him and felt the weight lift from my shoulders. I was going out for a lovely dinner with a wonderful friend, no children to tug at me, no depression to deal with for a whole evening.

Trish and I had a lovely time. I had driven, so I limited myself to one glass of wine, but that was okay. I didn’t feel the need to drink to enjoy myself. With an evening of delicious food, long, heartfelt talks and a lot of laughing, both Trish and I felt relaxed and happy. It was a wonderful way to spend an evening, even if it hadn’t been what I’d expected. I did miss Joe, but I was definitely in the moment, loving Trish’s uncomplicated company and enjoying just being myself.

On our third coffee, Trish looked at her watch and I finally asked her what the time was. “12.15am” she answered smiling. “I must be getting old” she said. “It’s Saturday night, I’m free of kids and I’m getting worn out at 12.15am. How sad is that?!” She laughed.

“It’s okay,” I said “I’m getting worn out too. I think it’s time I took us back home.” We stood and hugged for a moment and I said “Thank you so much for this. You wouldn’t believe how much I needed it. And by the way, we’re not old! I’m 35 thank you very much!!!”

She swatted my butt playfully “You don’t look a day over 25 Honey!”

“And I don’t feel a day over 170!” I laughed.


When I arrived home the house was dark, save for a little light coming from our bedroom window. I knew Joe must be in bed with only the lamp on. It was nice that he’d stayed up to wait for me.

I quietly made my way inside and slipped off my black stiletto sandals in the entrance hall so that I wouldn’t wake any children. I looked up and in the halflight cast by the moon through the windows I saw my own reflection in the hall mirror.

The light blue shoestring strap dress I’d chosen was looking very flattering. It had a little split up my right thigh and because it was summer, I hadn’t worn any hosiery at all. The split teased open a little whenever I sat down, and I could imagine that if I was wearing suspenders, you’d be able to see them. ‘Maybe one day… for Joe…’ I thought to myself.

Because it was a shoestring strap dress and double lined, I forwent a bra. I am fortunate that despite my D cup breasts, they tend to hold their own when I don’t wear a bra. I am not blessed with the greatest stomach in the world now that I am a mother, but where my tummy lets me down, my tits make up for it.

I smiled at myself and breathed out. I was happy. I was newly 35, and I was okay with myself. Then I considered the fact that I was about to walk into my own bedroom and in that room was Joe. I loved him and I wanted him but after my little oasis of respite, I didn’t know what I was going to find. Would the kids have been badly behaved and run him ragged? Would he have spent the evening stewing in a bad mood? Would he be happy to see me and wanting to cuddle me, kiss me and maybe make love to me?

I also suddenly realised that he hadn’t given me a birthday gift yet. I felt a bit disgruntled. Surely he hadn’t forgotten that too? I knew I was being a spoiled brat about it, but I wasn’t sure how forgiving I’d be able to be if I found that he’d prepared nothing at all. I took a deep breath and decided that if he hadn’t bought me anything, I’d go treat myself to something nice instead.

The door to our room was slightly ajar and the lamp light filtered through. I quietly pushed it open and there before me was Joe with my gift.

He was standing at the foot of our bed, which was neatly made with fresh bed linen, our most expensive, most luxurious bed linen. He was wearing black satin boxers, and nothing else, and he had his head slightly bowed. In his outstretched hands was a white box, about the size of a loaf of bread. The box was tied with a black ribbon.

“Oh… thank you.” I said in surprise. I really didn’t know what to say at all and in all honesty, I had half expected Joe to be in bed reading or almost asleep. The sight of him standing there almost naked, head bowed in deference left me flushed with excitement. I could tell he had something in mind, and I was looking forward to seeing what it was.

I took the box from his hands and as I did so, he said “For you Mistress.” My breath caught in my throat as I cottoned on to the game. I was in charge. His gift, or at least one of them, was to serve me. I beamed with pleasure, and then caught myself, quickly grasping control of my face. Looking happy was one thing, but I didn’t want to be a giggling idiot through this.

Untying the ribbon, I opened the lid. It took me a few moments to understand what I was seeing inside. The box was filled to the top with loosely coiled ribbon, black satin ribbon that was about 10 centimeters wide. There were meters upon meters of it.

‘What the hell does he want me to do with this?’ I thought to myself.

Joe looked up at my face slightly. “May I speak Mistress?” he asked in his soft, honey smooth voice. When I nodded he said “This is your first gift Mistress. With this ribbon, you may bind me in any way that serves you. This evening I will pleasure you in any way you wish.”

I felt blood rush to my cheeks, and my nipples began to harden. My breath quickened and I searched my mind for what to do next. Suddenly I had a flash of inspiration. It was perfect, the vision in my mind thrilled me. Joe was going to look incredible, and he was going to do exactly as I told him to.

“Mistress?” He enquired “What would you like me to call you this evening?”

‘Wow!’ I thought ‘He really is throwing himself into this!’

“I would like you to call me ‘My Love’” I replied.

The change in the room was so obvious that it made me giggle. Joe completely broke character for a moment. “Really?” he asked in surprise. “I never would have thought THAT would turn you on.”

“Well you started calling me that a few times a couple of years ago.” I explained, looking nervously at my painted toenails. “It’s not something I would ever have expected of you, but you called me that and it was so genuine. I felt loved.” I breathed out a sigh, expecting him to tease me or laugh.

“As you wish Mistress… My Love.” He answered. When I looked up at his face, all I could see was love and devotion. He placed himself in my hands, and was ready to submit.

He looked incredible. His bare chest sporting almost no hair, and dark red nipples that stood out with excitement for what was to come. I gazed down to his boxers and could see he was already becoming hard. I could feel an accompanying warmth growing inside my pretty little lace panties. A thousand visions of how he could ravage me flooded my head and I had to force myself to regain control.

“Okay then. First you will have your wrists wrapped.” Joe held his wrists out to me in compliance. I wrapped one of them around a couple of times at one end of the length of ribbon. Fortunately, the other end was visible inside of the box, and I grasped it and tied Joe’s other wrist in the same way. His arms were linked by one, very long black ribbon which would allow me to lead him about and direct him.

“May I speak My Love?” Joe asked.

I noticed that my breath had quickened. “You may” I replied.

“You look incredibly beautiful tonight My Love. It will be a pleasure to serve you.” He bowed his head slightly.

I lifted his chin with one finger so that he was looking at me. “You may kiss me.” I said sliding into my role.

His warm lips met mine. He gently parted them and tentatively ran his tongue around inside of my mouth. I returned his kiss a little more enthusiastically, gently nipping his full bottom lip as I drew away.

I tugged on his ribbons, signalling for him to fall to his knees. He looked up at my face, waiting for his next command. I loosened my grip on his tethers so that his hands were able to move. “Remove my panties.” I ordered.

Joes well versed hands wrapped around my ankles. He slid them up the sides of my calves slowly, barely making contact. My skin tingled and I shivered with delight. I started to wonder who was controlling whom. As he reached my knees, he changed direction slightly, running his hands up the backs of my thighs. He cupped the cheeks of my ass, gently rubbing them with his thumbs and sighing happily. His face was mere centimeters from my ever dampening pussy, separated by only the front of my dress and a thin sheath of lace.

Nimble fingers ran up behind me to my waist and in one deft movement, Joe had swept my lingerie to the floor. I stood there for a moment, feeling my own wetness trickling toward my thighs. I sat down on the side of the bed, the skirt of my dress having descended again to cover me.

Joe looked a little disappointed until I opened my mouth, I could see him eyeing my lips as though they were the bearers of delicious fruit. “You may taste me.” I said gently, smiling a slight, warm smile. His enthusiasm was instant, though, to his credit, he maintained enough self-control to be gentle with his touch.

Sliding the hem of my skirt up, Joe noticed my completely bald pussy and he raised his eyebrows in surprise, though he said nothing. I know that he loves it when I have a shaved pussy, and the mere sight of it is usually enough for him to be sporting a rock hard erection.

He began to kiss the inside of my thighs firmly, moving higher and higher. By the time he had reached the tops of my thighs he was using his tongue, licking and sucking at my flesh. I couldn’t control my own gentle panting and as I looked down, I could see that Joe had developed a beautifully raging hard on and it was poking out of the fly of his boxers.

Gently his tongue flicked my labia, caressing and moistening me with the lightest touch I could bear. A tiny moan escaped my lips and Joe plunged in, devouring my pussy with his hungry mouth. A mass of licking, sucking and nuzzling had my head swimming. Sliding forward carefully, I lay on my back, my chest heaving. Joe took his cue expertly, thrusting his tongue up inside of my slick wet slit. My hips bucked upward in pleasure as he licked and moaned.

I felt myself nearing orgasm, but I wasn’t ready yet. “Enough!” I commanded but Joe was consumed and wouldn’t stop. “Oh God!” I groaned before pulling away from his fervent mouth and yanking on the ribbons to pull him back into line.

Spending a quiet Saturday evening alone at home was nothing new for Jodi Mathews. Ever since she broke up with her girlfriend Alex three months ago, there had been many of these evenings alone. At least she had the company of her cinnamon colored cat Captain Jack Sparrow, named after Johnny Depp’s character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The full grown tabby was very affectionate, and often followed her around the house in his unhurried cat way.

The plan for the night was simple yet elegant in Jodi’s eyes. She had already eaten a fabulous candlelight dinner delivered by her favorite restaurant down the street. Her tub was filling with water and bubbles from her favorite lavender scented bubble bath. Her stereo was playing her favorite calming music. And finally, standing on the edge of the tub was her favorite water proof vibrator.

At 28 years old, Jodi had learned a long time ago how to sexually please herself. While every so often a quickie orgasm was nice, she really preferred to take her time with her pleasure, and build up to a crescendo. Setting the mood was important, and that meant shutting off her phone, playing her music, eating her favorite food, soaking in a hot bath, and then wasting away the evening in sexual bliss.

It was a perfect night to stay in anyway, since it had been raining lightly all day and had only recently picked up in intensity. The wind had also picked up and the thought of being out and about on a night like this was not at all a thrilling concept.

Jodi made her way into the steamy bathroom and closed the door behind her. The water in the tub was nearly to the point that she liked, so she flipped the switch on the heat lamps over the tub, then began to disrobe in front of the mirror. It may have sounded funny to some people, but Jodi liked to look at her nude body in the mirror. It wasn’t that she felt her body was perfect, because she would be the first to point out her perceived flaws, but she did have sexy womanly curves, and she had reached an age where she was happy with herself and comfortable in her own skin.

The water had reached a level which put the foamy bubbles at the top edge of the tub, so Jodi reached over and shut the faucet. She picked up her inflatable pillow and her pink vibrator, and stepped into the hot water. As she sank down into the ambrosial foam, she let out a relaxing sigh as she settled in and found a comfortable spot. It was hot, but soothing, and Jodi turned the dial on her vibrator until it was humming with a slow whine. She placed the buzzing phallus on her nipple and began to lightly trace her brown areola in a slow circle. Soon her nipple had swelled with blood and the buzzing was sending tingles through her body and into her pussy.

Jodi enjoyed a lot of nipple play, and could nearly have an orgasm from playing with her nipples only. She had vowed to someday see if she could make herself reach orgasm from nipple play alone. Now however, she really wanted to massage her pussy.

Just after she switched the vibrator to her other nipple, there was a loud knocking from the front door. Jodi opened her eyes and sat up, holding the still buzzing vibrator up over the suds. She sat quietly for a few seconds until the knocking began again, louder this time. “Shit!” she grumbled under her breath, then yelled out, “Go away!”. But again the knocking came, and it was insistent knocking, hard and fast and obviously not about to go away.

Sighing again, this time in frustration and anger, Jodi pulled her legs up and pulled herself up into a standing position as the knocking began once again. She twisted the end of the vibrator until it shut off, then went to set it on the side of the tub. As she set it on the edge, it rolled off the side and dropped into the water, disappearing under the foam. “Damn it!” she swore, “This better be good.”.

The knocking began again, except it was now less of knocking and more of beating on her door. She brushed some frothy foam off her breasts and down her flat belly, then stepped out of the tub, grabbing her towel and brushing more water away as the incessant knocking began anew.

“I’m coming!” she shouted in anger, then grabbed her robe from its hook and walked out of the bathroom as she wrapped the garment around her shoulders and covered her naked body. Her cat crouched for a second, staring at her with wide eyes before scurrying away as she stormed across the room. The banging on the door started again as she padded into the kitchen and snapped, “I hear you damn it!”, flipping the light switch on and walking around the island toward the door.

Throwing the bolt on the door, Jodi sucked in her breath and turned the knob, all ready to tear into whoever had the audacity to disturb her so rudely. She swung the door open wildly, the animosity clearly etched on her face, and shouted “What?!”

The instant Jodi saw who was standing on her stoop soaking wet, the annoyance disappeared and was replaced by affection. “Lexi? My God, come in,” she said to her younger sister.

As the younger Matthews sister stepped into the house, dripping wet and looking like a drowned rat, Jodi quickly noticed two things. First the purple bruise below her right eye, which had nearly nearly swelled shut, and second, the amount of clothing, or lack of clothing, that she was wearing. Lexi had on a half top with short sleeves, that upon closer examination was torn from her left shoulder down to the top of her breast, and a pair of shorts that were barely larger then a pair of panties. She was also shoeless, and Jodi noticed that she was shivering harder then she had ever seen anyone shiver before.

“Jesus Lexi what the hell happened to you?” Jodi asked in alarm, and without thinking about the fact that she was naked, took her robe off and wrapped it around the shivering girls shoulders. “Were you in an accident? Where’s George?” She led her to the couch and sat her down, then wrapped her arms around the girl in an attempt to warm her.

Lexi sat and shook her head back and forth slowly, before answering in a barely audible whisper, “I left George,” then her teeth started to chatter as the shivers took over again.

“You what? You left him? Why?” Jodi asked, pulling away slightly to see her sister’s face. Then, just after the words left her mouth, she knew the answer without hearing it. George had done this to her. He had hit her in the face and she had run from him. “Oh my God, he hit you didn’t he? Lexi, did George hit you?”

Lexi nodded, and her bottom lip, which had been trembling from cold, twisted into a grimace as the tears began to flow and she broke down in a crying fit, laying her head on her sisters chest sobbing loudly.

“I’ll kill the bastard!” Jodi growled, gnashing her teeth. “I’m calling the police,” she said, starting to get up.

“No! No don’t!” Lexi shouted grabbing her sister, “Please, don’t call the police.”

“Lexi, he assaulted you. He can’t get away with this. At least file a report.”

“No…If you call the police, I’ll leave, I swear I’ll walk out again into the rain and I’ll…” she trailed off.

“Lexi, did you walk all the way here from your house?”


“My God, that’s like almost three miles, and in this rain, and barefoot…What were you thinking? You could have died from hypothermia.”

Lexi lowered her head and nodded, still shivering. “I know,” she said, then lifted her head up and added, “Sis, you do realize that you’re naked right?”

Jodi looked down at her body and winced. “Yeah, well I was just relaxing in my bathtub when you started beating my door down.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Wait, that’s perfect…Come with me.” Jodi exclaimed, standing and helping her shaking sister to her feet.

“What’s perfect?” Lexi asked.

“Never mind, just come with me, I’ll get you warmed up in no time.”

Jodi led her sister into the bathroom where the tub sat, still full of water and bubbles. “Let’s get you out of these wet clothes,” she instructed, and began working on pulling Lexi’s top over her head.

“Why sis, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to get me naked,” Lexi quipped, as she raised her arms over her head, allowing her older sister to pull her soaking top off.

“Ha ha, very funny squirt,” Jodi retorted. When they were kids, Jodi often called her younger sister ‘squirt’, much to Lexi’s chagrin.

Lexi wasn’t wearing a bra, and Jodi admired her small but perky breasts with nipples stiff as a board from the cold. Even though it was her little sister, Jodi couldn’t help but lick her lips and picture herself latching on to those perfectly formed nipples. It had been a long time since she had made love to a woman after all. She bent down and yanked her sister’s shorts down past her hips until gravity took over and they dropped to the floor with a wet plop, then she began pulling down the skimpy undies. Being wet, they stuck to Lexi’s skin, and Jodi was forced to get down on her knees to work them down her sisters legs.

As Jodi pulled her sisters panties down her moist legs, she couldn’t stop her eyes from inspecting her trimmed bush and pussy lips as she slid the garment past. Lexi had shaved her pubic hair into a heart outline. Jodi felt shame as her mouth watered and impure thoughts raced through her head.

“That’s nice,” Jodi said, motioning to her sister’s pubic region.

“Shit, you weren’t supposed to see that,” Lexi sighed.

“It’s kind of hard to miss you know. Especially when it’s all in my face,” Jodi laughed, trying to make light of the situation and get her mind out of the gutter.

“Yeah, I did it for George. I thought he would like it.”

“Did he?”

“He said it made me look like a whore.”

“Figures… Come on, let’s get you in the tub so you’ll warm up,” Jodi instructed.

“I’m sorry I ruined your bath sis,” Lexi apologized as she stepped into the water and lowered herself down. “Oh shit, this feels so good,” she moaned, seemingly melting into the water.

“Don’t apologize, just relax and enjoy it. I’m going to leave you alone, so you can relax, and we’ll talk later.”

“Please don’t leave sis. Just sit with me for awhile,” Lexi begged, reaching for her arm.

“Okay, I’ll stay,” Jodi relented, picking up her robe and slipping it on. Tying it closed not only covered her nakedness, but also went a step toward getting her mind back on track. She knelt down beside the tub and asked, “Are you ready to talk about what happened?”

“Mm, I guess so.” Lexi pushed herself up to more of a sitting position, then her face clouded. “What’s this?” she asked, lifting the vibrator up out of the suds. Upon seeing the adult toy dripping water and foam, her eyes popped open wide and she gasped, “Oh!” then quickly set it on the edge of the tub.

“Oops, I guess you caught me,” Jodi sheepishly admitted, her face turning a few shades redder. “I was alone and bored,” she shrugged.

“And horny apparently,” Lexi added with a smirk.

“I have needs you know,” Jodi smirked right back.

“Hey, it’s cool sis.”

“Yeah… So anyway, changing the subject. What the hell happened tonight?”

So Lexi began to tell her story, and it was about what Jodi expected. George had been drinking most of the day. She did her best to stay away from him when he broke into the hard stuff, because that was when he became belligerent, and could turn violent. Walking on eggshells, Lexi avoided him, hoping that he would pass out. Instead, he began to accuse her of cheating, even though she wasn’t.

“He’s always been paranoid that I would leave him for another man,” Lexi said, “It’s gotten so bad that I can’t even talk to or look at another man without him freaking out. He just started talking about all these random guys, saying that he had seen me checking them out, and that I was probably fucking them. I kept telling him that I wasn’t doing anything, that I loved him and only him, but he got so angry. Before I even knew what happened, he punched me in the face, and threw me down onto the floor. I thought he was going to kill me Jodi, so I pretended that I was unconscious. He left the room, and I ran. I ran into the rain and I heard him screaming after me. I ran until I couldn’t run anymore.”

“Well, I’m glad you got out. Listen, I’m going to go grab something cold for your eye, and something stiff to drink, and I’ll be right back.”


“Sit tight,” Jodi said, and headed out into the kitchen. Once out of the bathroom, she took a deep breath and bit her bottom lip, wondering what had gotten into her in there. She had been staring at her own sister, the girl she used to baby-sit when she was twelve and Lexi was five. She had given her baths, read stories to her, and tucked her into bed more times than she could count. Time had been very nice to Lexi though, and now, at twenty-one, she had blossomed into a beautiful, blonde haired woman, with a stunning body. “Keep it together Jodi,” she whispered under her breath.

In the freezer, she found a bag of peas that would be perfect to help the swelling, and she also grabbed a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. She headed back down the hall, her bare feet silently padding along the wood floor, but just as she reached the bathroom door, she stopped in her tracks and listened intently. The whine of her vibrator, which had been left on the side of the tub, could clearly be heard behind the nearly closed door.

Jodi put her face up to the door and peered in through the crack. Lexi was just holding the vibrator in one hand, while adjusting the speed with the other, as if testing the device. At that moment, Lexi glanced up and saw her sister peeking in. “Oh shit, you jumped me!” she exclaimed, shutting off the toy and placing it back on the edge of the tub.

Feeling a bit sheepish for spying on her own sister and getting caught, Jodi pushed the door open and stepped into the room. “Sorry, I heard the buzzing and didn’t want to disturb you if you were…you know.”

“You think I would masturbate in your tub when I knew you were coming right back in?”

“Well…I would hope not, but I wasn’t quite sure.”

“I just wanted to see how powerful it was. I wouldn’t use it on myself anyway, it’s your toy.”

“I keep it clean enough sis. If you really wanted to try it out, you could you know,” Jodi said matter-of-factly as she handed the bag of peas over. “Put those on your face for the swelling.”

“Thanks…” She tilted her head back and laid the bag of peas over the side of her face. “So… you wouldn’t be weirded out by your own sister using your vibrator to masturbate?” she asked.

“Why should I be?”

“I don’t know, just because I’m your sister I guess.”

“Well, I don’t have a problem if you want to try it. You can take it to bed with you tonight if you want.”

There was an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds as Jodi’s dirty mind pictured Lexi’s naked body squirming around while she used a vibrator on her clitoris. It was a vivid image and was only broken up when Lexi finally spoke.

“Are you gonna pour us a glass of wine, or are you just going to hang onto the bottle?”

“Oh! Ah… yeah, of course,” Jodi stammered, glad that Lexi’s eyes were closed so she couldn’t see how red her face became. “So… have you ah, have you heard from mom and dad lately?” she asked as she set the glasses down and opened the bottle of wine.

“No, not for a few months. I don’t really care to talk to them anyway.”

“Lexi, what they did to me shouldn’t affect your relationship with them you know.” She was pouring the wine into the glasses, and glancing at the swell of Lexi’s breast rising over the diminishing foam.

“I know, but I just can’t understand how any parent can renounce their own child based on their sexual orientation.” She reached up and took the glass filled with wine before continuing. “What they did to you, kicking you out of the house at seventeen, is not right Jodi. I used to be so mad at you for leaving me, but then when I found out that they kicked you out because they found out you were gay, I just lost it.” She took a long sip from her glass and sighed.

“They are just set in their ways Lexi. They grew up in a different period, and the whole Bible thing doesn’t help either.”

“Oh don’t make excuses for them Jodi. They haven’t talked to you in how many years now?”


“Eleven fucking years is way too long to not have any contact with your own child. They treat you like you murdered someone Judi. It’s not fair.”

“I know. What I’ve never understood, is that they would be more happy if I had an unhappy and unhealthy relationship with a man, instead of a caring and loving relationship with a woman.”

“Yeah, they love George. I wonder what they’ll think when I go over with a shiner courtesy of his fist.”

“They’ll probably ask you what you did to piss him off.”

“I know,” Lexi grunted in disgust. She tipped her wine glass up and drained it, then turned and held out her glass. “More please,” she smiled brightly.

Jodi reached back and picked up the bottle to fill their glasses again. “Remember when they used to love Katie? Back before they found out that we were in a relationship that is. They used to treat her like she was one of the family when they thought that we were best friends. You know, I really thought that if I explained to dad the way I truly felt about her, that he would find it in his heart to understand.”

“Mm, no luck there,” Lexi added and took another swig.

“I remember the look on his face when I sat them down and told them that I was a lesbian and that I was in love with Katie. I thought he was going to have a heart attack right then and there. He got so red, and that vein in his head popped up. I really think that if mom hadn’t been there to calm him down, he would have hit me.”

Lexi stared solemnly into the water. Nearly all the bubbles had melted away. She lifted her hand and looked at her fingers. “I need to get out of here. I’m turning into a prune.”

Jodi got up from her knees and grabbed a big bath towel, and as her sister stood up, she draped it over her back.

“That was nice sis. Thank you for that.” She leaned in and kissed Jodi on the cheek.

“Your welcome,” Jodi said, and began to towel her sister’s body dry from the top down.

“So Jodi, I never asked, but… is it okay if I stay here tonight? I can’t go back to George.”

“Of course it’s okay for you to stay here Lexi, you don’t even have to ask. I wouldn’t let you leave anyway, not with that creep out there looking for you.”

“Good. I really didn’t want to have to call mom tonight and ask her to pick me up.”

Jodi bent over and continued to gently dry her sister’s body. “You can stay here as long as you like Lex. I’ve got a spare room and…hey, you could move in and live here.”

“Really? You’d let me do that?” Lexi asked.

“Why not? I need a roommate anyway, and you need a new home. Unless you’d rather live with mom and dad that is.”

“Are you kidding me? I think I’d rather live under a bridge.”

“Oh come on, it’s not that bad.” Jodi was finishing up drying her sister’s feet, and taking her sweet time doing it.

“Yeah it is. Dad’s gotten way too grumpy in his old age. I really can’t stand being there more than a few hours at a time. The last time I went there, I mentioned you, and dad flipped out on me. He started ranting about how he didn’t want to talk about you. He said that you were dead to him, and that I should stay away from you and all your lezzie friends.”

“I guess he’ll never come around,” Jodi said, looking up at her sister from her knees. From her perspective, Lexi looked like a gorgeous Amazon woman, and she licked her lips, feeling herself flush again.

“Like what you see?” Lexi asked, striking a model pose.

Realizing that she had been caught staring again, Jodi stood up quickly and cleared her throat. “I just can’t get over how much you’ve grown sis. The last time I gave you a bath, you were like five years old.”

Lexi took the towel and wrapped it around herself, covering all her womanly assets. “I used to love it when you gave me a bath. We used to have so much fun with bath toys.”

“Yeah, I guess the bath toys have grown up as much as we have huh,” Jodi said, gesturing to the vibrator still sitting on the edge ot the tub.

“Yeah they have,” Lexi agreed with raised eyebrows.

“So, you want to go see your room?” Jodi asked.

“Sure.” Lexi turned and headed out of the bathroom while Jodi reached over to drain the tub. As she stood back up, she picked up the vibrator and dropped it into her robe pocket, then headed out into the hallway.

As they entered the spare room, Jodi flipped on the light and Lexi flopped on the bed, letting the towel open up. “This is perfect,” she exclaimed, spreading her arms out as if she was making a snow angel, the bag of thawing peas in one hand.

“Good, I’m glad you approve.”

Lexi looked up at Jodi, then sat up on the edge of the bed. “Tell me what happened with Alex.”

A clouded look came over Jodi’s face and she sighed. Then stepped over and sat next to her sister. “What do you want to know?”

“Well, I thought you two were going to stay together forever. Then all of a sudden, she left the state.”

“There’s not much to tell actually. When she finished her internship and became a surgeon, she was offered a chance to go to Seattle and work with one of the best cardiologists in the country. She asked me to go with her, but I couldn’t just up and leave like that. Besides, when she was just an intern, we barely had any quality time together. Her becoming a surgeon only made things worse. The writing was on the wall long before she was offered the job, I just didn’t want to see it.”

“That sucks… So, what about Katie? You went to live with her and her parents after dad kicked you out. Why did you and her break up?”

“We grew apart I guess. I didn’t know it at the time, but she was still confused about her sexuality. She thought that she wanted to be with me, but as she grew, things changed for her. She wanted to try dating men. I couldn’t agree with that, so we went our separate ways. I was lucky that I had been working and saving the whole time I lived with them, so I was able to get my own apartment pretty easily.”

“Do you still miss them?”

Jodi nodded and smiled. “Yeah, especially Alex. I wanted so bad for her to stay, but I knew that she had to follow her dream. Unfortunately, I didn’t really fit too well in her plans.”

“Mm…It’s crazy but, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to, you know, be with a woman. I mean it’s not like I masturbate thinking about it or anything. I guess you could say that I’m curious,” Lexi admitted.

“Well, that’s a normal thing to wonder about if you’ve never done something like that,” assured Jodi.

“What about you, do you wonder what it’s like to be with a man?”

“I’ve thought about it. But then I see you with George, and I see other women I know in abusive relationships with men, and I’m glad that I’m gay.”

“Yeah, no shit. After being smacked around by George, I start to think that I might be better off with a woman,” Lexi agreed nodding.

“But there are abusive women too, so that’s not always the answer. And if you’re not attracted to women, it makes it really difficult.”

“What if I told you that I am kinda attracted to women?”


“Well, I should clarify. I am attracted to some women, not all though. It all depends on the body.”

“I’m- I’m speechless Lexi…I had no idea.”

“I couldn’t tell anyone because I was afraid that dad would find out and kick me out. Besides, I still like men… Maybe I’m bi-sexual.”

“Hm, maybe you are sis. So, are you going to need anything else tonight?”

“No, I think I’ll be all set. Thank you so much Jodi.” Lexi wrapped her arms around her big sister and hugged her close, planting another kiss on her cheek before pulling away.

“Your welcome. I’m glad I could help you.” Jodi stood up to leave, then felt the lump in her pocket and said, “Oh by the way, I brought this in for you.” She tossed the toy onto the bed and turned to walk out.

“Wait, I thought you wanted to use this tonight,” Lexi called after her.

“That’s my waterproof one for the bath. I have plenty other toys I can use in bed,” answered Jodi.

“More toys? Like, what kind of toys do you have?”

Jodi grinned and cocked her head to the side. “You want to come see them?” she asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Yes…If that’s okay with you,” Lexi acknowledged.

“I wouldn’t have invited you if I didn’t want you to see them. Come on.”

So Lexi jumped up from the bed in excitement, wrapping the towel around her waist, which left her breasts exposed, and followed her sister. Jodi’s bedroom was larger than the spare room and she slept on a queen size bed. Lexi hurried over to the bed and sat down, while Jodi went to her nightstand. She pulled open the single drawer, blocking her sisters view, then pulled out a toy, holding it out of Lexi’s sight.

“Okay, here’s number one,” Jodi said and held up a silver egg attached to a thin cord. The other end of the cord had the control. “This one is super nice. It has several different settings. You can use it outside or inside, if you know what I mean.” She waggled her eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

“Ooo, I think I like that.”

Jodi set it on the bed and reached for the next one. “Okay, here’s number two. It’s a Hitachi massaging wand with multiple attachments for all kinds of interesting stimulation.”

“I’ve seen them before at the drug store. Does it work good?”

“It’s awesome, and there’s no batteries to replace.” The toy went on the bed with the other one.

“Number three is a bit different,” Jodi stated as she picked up the next toy. “It’s called a rabbit vibe, and this thing always rocks my world.” She turned it on and the thing came to life. Beads inside the shaft began to rotate, the head began to twist, and two rabbit ears began to flutter at an incredibly high speed. “These lay on your clitoris and will send you into orbit in no time.”

“Oh wow!” Lexi exclaimed.

“I also have these little nipple clips,” Jodi added, showing her sister two sinister looking clips that were attached by a thin chain.

“Ouch. Do you like those things?”

“Hey, don’t knock it til’ you try it squirt.”

“Hm, maybe someday,” Lexi shrugged, “Any more?”

“Just one, but you have to close your eyes first,” Jodi instructed her sister.

“Oh man, this is crazy,” Lexi giggled as she placed the palms of her hands over her eyes.

Seeing that Lexi had her eyes closed, Jodi quickly pulled her robe open and began to fasten the large, penis shaped strap-on dildo to her waist. One long strap went around her hips and a third went between her legs. When it was all tightened up, she turned back and said, “Okay, you can look now.”

Lexi lowered her hands and looked at her sister. “Oh my God Jodi!” she squealed, and broke into uncontrollable laughter. Her hand slapped over her mouth and she pulled her legs up onto the bed, rolling on her side and laughing hysterically, pointing to the fake phallus between her sisters legs.

Seeing her sister so happy made Jodi happy, so she watched as Lexi rolled around on the bed giggling like a mad woman. “You look like a tranny!” Lexi bellowed and dissolved into laughter again.

“Oh…tranny huh? I’ll show you tranny,” Jodi hollered in mock indignation. She picked up a pillow and jumped on the bed, mounting the still hysterical girl and pummeling her with the pillow. “Call me a tranny and see where that gets you,” she taunted, then tossed the pillow aside and went in for a tickle attack.

“WWWAAAAAHHHHHHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!” Lexi screeched and twisted as her older sister attacked her exposed ribs with her slim fingers. Arms and legs flailed around trying to stop the ruthless attack. “S-S-S-S-SSTAAHHHPPPHAHAHAHAH UNCLE UNCLE!”

Jodi pulled back to let her sister catch her breath for a few seconds. “Give up yet?” she sneered, waggling her fingers in front of her face.

Huffing and puffing and gasping for air, Lexi sputtered, “Uhh -Ohh -Uhh -huh -umm -well -huh -I -ah -I’ll -never give upaaaaahhhhhhhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah!”

Once again the tickling began and once again Lexi spastically flailed and screamed. It was just like they were little again, only this time, Jodi had a fake cock strapped to her. The tickling went on for a bit longer this time, and Lexi managed to twist herself completely around until she was on her belly, realizing too late that this position was much worse for her because she couldn’t defend herself.

“Do you give up?” Jodi asked, digging her fingers into Lexi’s soft flesh under her ribs.


Jodi stopped tickling, but kept her hands on Lexi’s sides. Her smooth, soft skin felt so nice that she didn’t want to let go. “Then you have to say, ‘Jodi is the supreme ruler of the world’”

“Ah -Ah -Wh- I -can’t -breathe,” Lexi huffed, then felt the fingers start to dig in and screamed, “AUUUGGHHNNOO WAIT WAIT J-JODI IS THE SUPREME R -RULER OF -OF -OF HER PENIS AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!”

“My penis huh?” Jodi repeated, going in for the attack once more.


Once again Jodi stopped the relentless tickling. This time she leaned down close to her sisters ear and whispered, “Okay let’s try this again. Say it with me now. Jodi-” She paused to wait for Lexi to repeat.

Still gasping and giggling, Lexi repeated, “Jodi”

“-is the supreme ruler-”

“-is -the -sup huh -supreme -ruler-”

“-of the world.”

“-huh, hahaha-”

“Say it”

“Huh -of -the -hahaha of the world. Oh shit, I think I pissed myself. Hahahaha”

Without thinking about the fact that the girl underneath her was her own sister, Jodi reached behind her back and slid her hand between Lexi’s legs.

“Hey! What the hell!” Lexi snapped, twisting her head around and laughing.

“That’s not piss girl,” Jodi said, pulling her slimy hand back out and holding it up in front of her face. “You’re creaming all over the place. I think this is turning you on.”

“That’s bullshit,” Lexi yelled, but she didn’t sound very convincing. “Get your fat ass off of me.”

“Oh, so now I have a fat ass huh…Well maybe you haven’t had enough tickling yet.” Jodi slid her fingers up underneath Lexi’s armpits, but didn’t tickle just yet.

“NO NOT THERE PLEASE NO DON’T DO THAT I’LL DO ANYTHING!” Lexi begged. She hated more than anything getting tickled under her arms.

“Oh, you shouldn’t say that you’ll do anything girl, because you may not want to do what I tell you.”

“No I promise, I promise.” she was so tense and worried about more tickling that she was shivering.

“Alright, then you’re gonna have to suck my cock.”

“NO WAY!” Lexi screamed before they both dissolved in laughter at the silliness of the whole thing. Jodi rolled to the side and onto her back, the fake phallus flopped around ridiculously, while Lexi remained on her belly tears rolling from her eyes as the laughter pealed out of her. When she was finally able to speak, she said, “Oh my God… I can’t… laugh anymore…You’re crazy…” A few more giggles escaped her exhausted body. She had been tickled only for about five minutes all total and she secretly loved every minute of it.

As Jodi quieted down, she turned her head to the side to look at her sister, and their eyes met. Both sets of eyes were heavy lidded from exertion and for several seconds they stared deeply at each other. Jodi felt the overwhelming urge to kiss her sister’s lips. Licking her own lips, she rolled onto her side and leaned in, her eyes closing as her mouth closed in. She got very close, close enough to feel the heat and breath coming from Lexi, but the moment before their lips touched together, Lexi pulled away, rolled over and sat up.

A feeling of shame flooded Jodi as she realized what she nearly did, and she turned away from her sister, sitting up also. “I ah…I should be getting to bed,” she murmured.

“Yeah, it’s getting late,” Lexi agreed, standing up and turning to leave. Before she took a step, she turned back and wrapped her arms around Jodi from the back and whispered, “Thank you sis. I love you.”

“Love you to,” Jodi agreed. Then Lexi was gone from the room and she was left sitting on her bed wondering why she had thought that her own sister would be interested in kissing her on the lips. Worse than that, Jodi knew that if Lexi had allowed the kiss, she would have tried to do more. There is no telling how far she would have tried to go if Lexi hadn’t pulled away when she did. She looked down at the dildo still pointing up at her like an erect penis, and she smiled in spite of herself, the memory of Lexi’s face when she pulled her hands away and looked at the toy was still fresh in her mind and she bit her lip to keep from breaking up again.

Standing up, Jodi began to undo the strap holding the toy in place. As she pulled away the strap from between her legs, she saw how wet she had been from her earlier play. Even though she was still feeling ashamed at herself, she was also still quite horny, and now that she had the room to herself, she decided to utilize a few of the toys that she had at her disposal. Tossing her robe onto a chair, Jodi climbed back onto the bed and propped herself up on a few pillows next to her sex toys.

Lexi walked back to the spare room in a daze, and in a state of disbelief. Her mind kept going over the last ten minutes, wondering how things had progressed to the point that her own sister had tried to kiss her on the lips. It was more then that though, there was a part of her that wanted to surrender to her sister. That was what worried her more than anything.

Flipping the light on, Lexi walked into the room and her eyes immediately lit upon the vibrator still on the bed. The corners of her lips curled up as she strolled over and snatched it up. Masturbating with a vibrator was something that she had never tried before, as George wouldn’t allow her to own any sex toys. She dropped the towel onto the floor and crawled up onto the bed.

Laying on her back, Lexi slid the fingers of her right hand down over her trimmed pussy hair and into her slit. Her fingers sank into the wetness with ease and she mewled at the feeling. She couldn’t remember the last time her pussy had been this wet. When her fingers were covered with juices, she brought her hand to her face and smelled herself, closing her eyes and relishing the thick, musky odor. She wondered if her sister’s pussy smelled like hers and wished that she had the guts to go back to her room to find out.

Enjoying the smell of her juices, Lexi proceeded to slip her wet fingers into her mouth, tasting her own pussy. The taste was something that she always enjoyed privately. She would often silently finger herself while lying in bed at night next to a sleeping George, and then taste her juices.

She picked up the vibrator and glanced up at the door to her room, wishing that Jodi would walk in. Nothing happened, so she turned the dial on the toy until it was vibrating furiously and touched it onto her nipple. “Oh!” she gasped as the tingles raced through her breast, causing her nipple to swell almost instantly.

She let the toy buzz away on each nipple before sliding it down her stomach to the top of her pubic mound. Slowly, she slid it lower until the tip was buzzing the flesh just above her clitoris. She let the toy hum so close to her clitoris, and tried to focus on her own pleasure, but she couldn’t get her sister out of her mind. Making up her mind, Lexi shut the toy off and climbed off the bed. She picked up the towel from the floor, and promptly dropped it again, deciding that she didn’t need to cover up.

Lexi walked to the door and silently opened it. She peered out into the empty hallway, then made her way down the hall to her sisters door. Standing in the hall naked, Lexi listened intently, and could clearly hear her sister’s low moaning and the steady buzz from one of her toys.

Taking a deep breath, Lexi raised her balled fist and rapidly knocked on the door, then, without waiting for a reply, she turned the knob and walked in. “Hey sis?” she said.

Jodi had chosen the rabbit vibe, deciding that she couldn’t wait any longer for her release. She was plenty wet enough that she didn’t need to use any lube. She slid the toy up and down until it was covered in her juices, then she began to gently slide the toy into her pussy. When it was fully inserted, she turned the dial and felt the toy hum to life deep inside her.

“Ohhhh mmmhhhmm!” she moaned as the beads began to swirl and the rabbit ears began to buzz her clit. She felt an orgasm come rushing toward her so quickly that she couldn’t stop it, and in mere seconds she curled forward, her pussy clamped down as intense pleasure spasms overtook her. She rolled onto her belly and bit the side of her pillow to keep from shouting out as she rode the waves of her orgasm through to the end.

Finally after things calmed down a bit, she rolled over onto her back again and took several deep breaths. The toy had slid out of her clenching vagina at some point and was vibrating away on the bed. She picked it up and shut it down, then began to lick her sweet and sour juices off the toy while her body trembled in the aftermath of her orgasm.

Even though she had just gone through an intense climax, her body still craved more. She set the rabbit aside and picked up the egg instead. This time, she was going to take her sweet time and build up a long, slow, creamy orgasm. A picture of her sister filled her head as she pushed the button on the control that started the egg humming. She took the silver egg and touched it to her nipple, sliding it around her areola. When the first nipple had swelled fully, she switched to the other nipple and began working that one.

After a few minutes of buzzing her nipples, she slid the egg down between her legs, rubbing it up and down her slit. “Mmmm” she moaned as her soaking wet pussy tried to suck the toy inside. She let it slide in, then pushed it in deeper with one finger and pushed another button on the control to turn up the intensity of the vibrations. “Ohhhhh, mmmmhhhmm”

Jodi was loving the feeling of the deep vibrations, but she was far from her second orgasm, when a sudden knocking at her door startled her. Before she could even shut the egg off, the door swung open and Lexi looked in.

“Hey sis?” Lexi began, then her eyes fell upon her still nude sister, and she froze. “Oh…” she gasped, seeing the thin cord coming from between Jodi’s spread legs and the control in her hand.

Instead of turning around and leaving, Lexi took a step forward and swung the door shut behind her. “Um…I guess I interrupted you again, didn’t I.” she said.

Feeling self conscious all of a sudden, Jodi started to pull her blanket over herself. “What did you want Lex?” she inquired, clicking the egg off.

“Oh…uhm, I ah, I forgot.” She smiled and rolled her eyes. “Brain fart I guess.”

“Okay…well, I’ll ah, I’ll see you in the morning then,” Jodi said.

“Yeah. Yeah of course. I should leave you to your…toys,” Lexi grinned. She started to turn around, then stopped and turned back around. “Wait, I know what I came in here for.”


“Why did you try to kiss me earlier?” she asked, lowering her head and staring at her sister with piercing eyes.

Jodi swallowed loudly and scratched her head, feeling her already red face somehow getting redder, if that was possible. “Kiss you…oh you mean when we were like, on the bed messing around? Uhm…well, it must have been your magnetic personality.” she quipped, her lips curling up in a half hearted smile.

“Oh really? So you’re just going to make light of the situation, like it never really happened?”

“Lexi…nothing really did happen. I mean we were just playing around, like we did when we were kids.”

Sensing that Jodi was very uncomfortable, and wanting a bit of revenge for being held down and tickled (even though she secretly enjoyed that), Lexi decided to press on. “But you never tried to kiss me on the lips when we were kids Jodi. I mean, what the hell was you thinking?”

Feeling flustered and embarrassed, Jodi raised her voice a few octaves, “I don’t know Lexi…Look, I’m sorry that it happened, and I promise it won’t happen again. Now can we just forget it ever happened and get some sleep?”

Lexi stepped to the edge of the bed. “Forget it ever happened,” she repeated, trying her hardest to keep a straight face. “How am I supposed to forget that you tried to…to molest me. My own lesbian sister tried to kiss my lips while we were both naked on a bed. What the hell am I supposed to think about that? Were you planning on trying to fuck me too?”

Jodi looked like she was going to break down at that point, and Lexi actually started to feel a bit sorry for her. That was when her stern face started to crack. Being her sister, Jodi picked up on it immediately.

“You little bitch!” Jodi snapped as Lexi broke out into laughter beside the bed.

“You should have seen the look on your face,” Lexi laughed. “I was sure that you were going to start bawling.”

“That was cruel Lex.”

“Hey, it was payback for tickling me,” Lexi defended, sticking her tongue out like she used to do when she was a child.

“Okay, I’ll give you that,” Jodi agreed. “Is there anything else that you wanted?”

“No, I don’t think so,” Lexi answered, but still stood her ground.

A few seconds ticked by before Jodi smiled and said, “Well, are you going to give me some privacy, or are you going to stand there and watch me masturbate?”

“Was that an invitation?” Lexi questioned playfully.

“Only if you are going to join in.”

“Are you serious?”

Jodi shrugged, “Uhh, well, we’ve already seen each other naked, so why not watch each other masturbate?”

Lexi bit her bottom lip and smiled. “Okay…If you really want to.” She climbed onto the bed, sitting Indian style, and asked, “So now what?”

Jodi adjusted the pillows behind her, making more room, then she patted the spot beside her and said, “Come, sit here.” She could sense the nervousness in her sister and wanted to put her at ease.

When they were sitting side by side, Jodi asked, “So, how do you like to masturbate?”

“I usually just use my fingers when I get the chance. Sometimes I can rub one out in the shower if I’m in the mood, or after George has fallen asleep.”

“Show me.”

“Wh-what about you?” Lexi asked.

Jodi held up the control of the vibrating egg and pushed the button. A muffled buzzing started up causing her hips to twitch and her breath to catch for a moment. “Already taken care of,” she affirmed.

“Oh,” Lexi croaked. She slid her hands up on her stomach, but couldn’t bring herself to slide them and lower. “This is so weird,” she whispered as her fingers touched the very top edge of her pubic hair heart. “I don’t know about this sis. I’m freaking out right now.”

“It’s okay sis. There’s no one here but you and me. Close your eyes, relax, and let yourself go. You know that you want to,” Jodi encouraged.

Lexi did want to, but she was still too nervous. Jodi watched her as she closed her eyes and slid her fingers lower, but not low enough. Finally, Jodi reached her hand over and placed her hand on Lexi’s. She tensed up for a second, but then allowed her older sister to guide her hand down into her pussy.

Jodi was lying on her side staring at her older sister while she manipulated Lexi’s fingers. As she worked her sisters fingers in her pussy, she was occasionally letting her own finger slide into the moistness. Soon, both of their hands were covered in Lexi’s juices, and at some point, Lexi pulled her hand back and allowed Jodi to continue by herself.

With her eyes still closed, Lexi surrendered herself to her older sisters probing fingers. Her own hands fell to her sides and she raised her ass off the bed as Jodi worked her over. “Oh God!” she hissed, as her sisters expert fingers quickly brought her to the brink of orgasm. She was about to cum from the stimulation when the magical fingers stopped. “Unh, what…why’d you stop?” she asked, opening her eyes and looking at Jodi.

“If you want me to help you cum, I’m going to do it my way. Do you want me to help you cum sis?” Jodi asked.

“I- I think so.”

“Then you have to let me do it my way.”

“Wh-what do you- what do you mean?”

“Close your eyes, and relax sis. I’m going to give you pleasure like you’ve never had before.”

Taking a deep breath, Lexi closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip, as Jodi moved around and sat between her legs. Jodi gazed in awe at her sister’s beauty, and her mouth watered at the thought of licking her pretty pink pussy. Jodi thought that her sister had the prettiest pussy she had ever seen. Puffy pink lips and a thick clit wrapped tightly in a snug hood. “Just relax,” she said for her own sake as much as Lexi’s. She took a deep breath, let it hiss out of her pursed lips, then leaned down and without a pause, stuck out her tongue and licked up the length of Lexi’s pussy lips.

“Mmmmm,” Lexi whined as she felt the first lick on her most tender spot. She couldn’t believe that her own sister was going to be her first lesbian experience. It was so taboo, so depraved, and so exciting. As wrong as it was to commit incest, she couldn’t think of anyone she wanted to share this experience with more than Jodi.

After the first lick, Jodi was hooked on the taste of Lexi’s pussy. She had always loved the taste of pussy, from the very first time she had gone down on Katie that night in Katie’s bedroom. She had been invited to sleep over, and after the rest of the house had gone to bed, Katie had kissed her passionately. Within minutes both girls had stripped and were feeling each other up, something that they had done before only fleetingly. Katie had pulled away from the kiss and asked Jodi if she had ever tasted her juices before. When Jodi said that she hadn’t, Katie slid a finger into her pussy, and held it up in front of her face.

“Taste yourself,” Katie had said, and waited for Jodi to suck her finger into her mouth. “Do you like it?” she asked.

“Mm, I think so,” Jodi shrugged, “but I’m sure that your finger makes the taste different so it’s hard to really tell.”

Katie spread her legs open and asked, “Wanna take a taste direct from the source?”

Jodi remembered feeling very nervous and excited at the same time, the same feelings that she was feeling with Lexi. She remembered crawling down between Katie’s legs, and leaning in close so she could smell the fragrance. She remembered the first tentative licks and the flavor, a musky, tangy, pungent mixture that was wonderful. But it wasn’t just the smell and the taste, it was the feel of the soft, moist heat radiating from her like a furnace; it was the view of Katie’s body from her perspective looking up her belly, between her breasts to her flushed face; and it was the sounds, the squishy, wet sound of the licks, and Katie’s passionate moans. From that moment on, she was in love with eating pussy. Nothing at all could ever compete.

Now, Jodi felt like it was her first time all over again. She was doing something that she had done hundreds of times with a few other women, but this was different because it was with her very own sister. It was wrong in so many ways, but it certainly felt right. With all of Jodi’s experience, she quickly had her sister on the edge of orgasm again, but she didn’t want this first time to end so soon, so she decided to keep Lexi on the edge as long as she could.

“Oh my God Jodi!” Lexi squealed as the invading tongue worked it’s magic on her. “That feels so good.” She tilted her head forward and opened her eyes, looking into her sisters bright, turquois eyes. They stared at each other as Jodi latched her mouth on Lexi’s vagina and delved her tongue deeply into her. “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she whispered, then her eyes rolled up and she moaned loudly as her head dropped back onto the pillow.

Jodi was relishing her position between her sister’s thighs. She could feel the powerful muscles on either side of her head clenching and relaxing, tightening and loosening as the feelings intensified. The pussy she was eating was one of the wettest she had ever had the pleasure of dining on, and she was going to enjoy it while she could.

As the pressure built up in Lexi’s pleasure center, she lifted her ass higher off the bed toward her sisters divine sucking mouth. “Holy shhhhhit sis. I had no idea this could feel so -huh- so good…You could make a -huh- a living outta doin’ this…Oh right there…ohh fffuuucck!” she exclaimed, feeling the tantalizing tongue touching all the right spots. She lifted higher, her body seemingly moving on its own volition, and felt the tongue slip down even lower.

Smiling while she licked, Jodi felt her sister lift up higher and decided to treat her to something that she learned from Alex. She remembered vividly the very first time that Alex had rimmed her anus. They had been out drinking with friends at a popular dance club, and had gotten a taxi ride home at around one in the morning. Both of them were buzzing from the drinks and the hits from a friend’s joint, and they were both feeling very frisky on the ride home. So frisky in fact, that they began a heavy make-out session in the back seat, much to the delight of the driver, a middle aged man with a ruddy face and wide eyes who found it very difficult to concentrate on the road.

Once they made it back to their apartment, they barely made it inside the front door before they were stripping off their clothes. Alex became the aggressor, shoving Jodi roughly against the wall and driving her tongue deep into her mouth while pushing first two, then three fingers deep inside her pussy. She then pulled Jodi away from the wall and shoved her face down over the arm of a recliner, telling her that she had been a bad girl and needed to be punished.

The spanks set Jodi’s ass on fire and her pussy was leaking juices all over the arm of the chair, when Alex decided that she had been spanked enough and now needed a different punishment. Jodi didn’t know what to expect when Alex dropped to her knees behind her and spread her flaming ass cheeks. The next thing she felt was something wet and soft worming its way around her anus. She glanced back and gasped at the sight of Alex licking away at her asshole.

“Eww, what are you doing?” she gasped, but shut her mouth when Alex slapped her ass cheek again and glared at her. Jodi lowered her head back into the chair as Alex continued to lick away. After a few moments it began to feel good, then it began to feel even better. Soon her sphincter had loosened and Alex’s tongue was sliding deeply into her most private orifice, bringing her a pleasure that she had never dreamed of. That was the first time she had ever experienced a climax without touching her pussy, and it opened up a whole new world of experiences for her to enjoy.

Now, Jodi decided to give her sister the same pleasure that Alex had given her all those years ago. With a wicked smile, she moved lower, letting her tongue slide down past her vagina to the thin band of skin between the two holes. She felt Lexi tense up and heard her breath catch in her throat, as she spent a few seconds flicking her tongue around that strip of skin. Then, she dipped lower, pushing her tongue against her sisters puckered brown hole.

“W- what are you- ahh sis, that’s my…oh…don’t…mmm oh wow,” Lexi stuttered, not knowing what to think about this new development. She had seen a guy rimming a woman before on a porn movie that George had brought home, but she figured it was done more for shock factor to sell more movies than something that normal people did to each other. Now, her own sister was delving her tongue into her own butthole. “Oh God Jodi, that feels amazing,” she gushed, as the good feelings intensified.

Jodi worked her sisters asshole until it was sloppy wet with her saliva and the sphincter was loose. Then she moved back up and sucked her clit into her mouth, while sliding her thumb deeply into Lexi’s ass.

“OHHH FUCK!” Lexi yelled as her pussy spasmed and a moment later she was cumming. Her thighs came together, pinning Jodi’s head, and for the first time in her life, she squirted. Thinking it was urine, and she was peeing in her sisters face, she clamped down after the initial burst, stopping the flow and stemming her orgasm a bit. She felt the thumb slide out of her asshole and that made her pussy spasm again.

Jodi was well aware that the fluid that blasted into her mouth was not at all urine, and she swallowed it down like it was the nectar of the gods, and kept on licking away. She continued to lick until Lexi suddenly pushed her away as the sensitivity became too much. Jodi looked up and smiled at the sight of her sexy sister in post orgasmic bliss. Her face neck and chest were all flushed pink and her skin shone with a thin sheen of perspiration. “Did you like that sis?” she asked.

Lexi flashed a satisfied smile and said, “I- I can’t believe that you- that we just did that. That was just…It was incredible. I’ve never cum so hard in my life. I…did I pee on you a little bit, because when I popped off, I felt a little squirt just come out. I swear I wasn’t trying to though.”

Jodi climbed up and laid beside her glowing sister. Wrapping her arm around her shoulder and pulling her close she said, “That wasn’t pee silly, that was cum. You squirted… and I swallowed it. If you had only known how good your cum tasted, you would have let it out instead of squeezing it shut. You could have had a longer and more intense orgasm.”

“I don’t think that is possible. I don’t remember ever feeling so good.”

“It’s okay sis, the next time you’ll know, and you’ll let yourself go.”

There was a pause as Lexi thought about what Jodi had told her. “Is there going to be a next time?”

“If you want there to be Lex. I’d really love to do that again real soon, and I’d really love it if you would do it to me right now.”

Lexi pulled back so she could look her sister in the face. She was smiling, “I was hoping that you would say that,” she exclaimed in delight.

“Good, because if you don’t get your face in my pussy right now, I’m going to go crazy.”

“I really want to try, but you’re going to have to tell me what to do.”

Reaching over to grab the strap-on dildo, and holding it in place, Jodi asked, “Would it be better for you if I had a cock?”

“Only if you plan on fucking me with it,” Lexi offered with a laugh.

“Well, that may just happen before you know it, but right now, I want to feel your tongue in my pussy.”

Lexi took a deep breath, then leaned in to kiss her sister on the lips. They shared a passionate, deep kiss during which Lexi slid her hand down Jodi’s chest, across her belly and finally plunged two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. It felt strange plunging her fingers into a pussy that was not her own, but the guttural moan from her sister spurred her on.

Breaking off the kiss, Lexi slid down, taking a nipple into her mouth and sucking it like it was a tiny penis. A vision of her sucking George came to mind like a bad dream. George liked to be in control, and he demanded that she learn how to swallow his entire seven inches, along with swallowing his semen. He would hold her head and push her down, forcing his cock into her throat until she gagged. When she pulled back to get a breath, he would tell her that she was useless, and that she wasn’t a real woman until she could take him all the way down. He also let her know that if she couldn’t handle it, then he would have to find someone who could.

“Mmm, your nipples are so hard,” Lexi groaned. She latched on again, and sucked the nub deep, twirling it around with her tongue and drawing another moan from her sister. When she finally broke the suction with a pop, she gazed at the nipple and saw that it was bright red and wet with saliva. She felt that she could suck on those nipples all day, but the real prize was still waiting, so she made her way down Jodi’s taut tummy until she came to her tuft of pubic hair.

Trembling from anticipation, Jodi watched as her gorgeous sister kissed her way down her belly, then ran her fingers through her pubic hair. She was so horny that she wished she could push Lexi’s face into her pussy, but she knew that Lexi needed to take her time. Jodi ran her hand through her sisters hair as Lexi seemed to be unsure of herself. “Are you sure you’re going to able to do this?” she asked, concerned that Lexi was going to back out.

Looking back up at her sister, Lexi said, “I really want to try, but I’m really nervous. I don’t know if it’s the fact that you’re a woman, or that you’re my sister, but either way, I do want to try.”

“Just take your time sis, you’ll do fine.”

Lexi nodded, then crawled up over Jodi’s leg and settled down between her thighs, peering into her sex. The smell was intoxicating, and actually made her mouth water. She glanced up at her sister once more and in a near whisper said, “It’s beautiful.” Then, while still staring into Jodi’s eyes, she lowered her face and licked. It was warm, and soft, and wet, and the taste was not at all what she expected, but she liked it.

“What do you think?” Jodi asked. She was watching the expression on Lexi’s face as she savored the flavor.

“I think you taste delicious,” Lexi replied, then leaned back down to lick some more.

Jodi’s eyes narrowed to slits as she leaned back to enjoy the sensation, but she kept her eyes focused, watching her sister. She sensed that Lexi was enjoying herself, but she was being so soft with her licks, that Jodi almost couldn’t feel her. Feeling far too horny, and much more confident that her sister was enjoying it, she decided to push the issue a bit.

As Lexi tentatively licked, worrying that she was going to do it wrong, she didn’t even notice when her sister leaned forward, but she did notice when a hand landed on her head. She looked up in surprise, and saw the desperate need on her sister face. Feeling more courageous, and wanting nothing more than to please her sister, she started sucking and driving her tongue deep.

“Oh yeah, lick that pussy!” Jodi encouraged, “Suck my clit sis, I’m so close.”

So Lexi latched her lips onto Jodi’s clitoris and sucked deeply while her tongue flicked the tiny nub.

“Oh right there-right there-right there-don’t stop…oohhhh don’t…don’t stop…yesss,” Jodi hissed as she was very quickly brought right to the brink of orgasm. She was certain that she would start to cum any second, but just when she thought she was there, she wasn’t, and she needed something more. “Put your fingers inside me,” she gasped, feeling desperate to cum.

Lexi wanted to please her sister, so she slid two fingers deep inside while still working on her clitoris. As soon as her fingers bottomed out, she felt Jodi’s vaginal walls contract around them.

“Ah… I’m cumming!” yelled Jodi, who had gripped Lexi’s head in both hands and was holding her tightly as her orgasm cascaded over her.

For a few moments, Lexi had difficulty breathing, as Jodi’s muscles tightened up involuntarily and her thighs came together on her sister’s head. Lexi continued to flick her tantalizing tongue over Jodi’s clitoris until the sensitivity became far too much and Jodi pushed her away, breathing heavy and trembling.

“Holy shit sis, you did good for your first time,” Jodi breathed, her face flushed red and shiny from perspiration. She pulled her sister up until they were lying side by side. “You’ve got something on your face,” she giggled, seeing a creamy white blob of her cum smeared on Lexi’s chin. “Let me get that for you.” She leaned over and kissed the blob, sucking and licking it into her mouth, then moving up and kissing Lexi on the lips, driving her tongue into her mouth to share the flavor.

Mark nervously tapped his index finger on the top of his computer mouse. He could finish the legal document on his screen in another few minutes, but his mind kept wandering. Mark and his wife, Jan, were at odds again. The two weren’t communicating very well and Mark sharply felt his wife’s frustration.

He found himself spending more and more time in his home office, trying to keep up with the increasing legal workload. “I should be in the bedroom cuddling up against Jan’s supple body instead of pecking away at this stupid brief,” he thought to himself. Unfortunately, the brief couldn’t wait. Mark, with one of the senior partners, was due in court the next morning.

Mark’s fingers left his keyboard a half-hour later and he stretched his stiff arms and yawned. “I should at least check on Jan,” he mused as he rose from his ergonomically engineered desk chair. Mark stepped soundlessly down the carpeted hallway and extended his hand toward the bedroom door that stood ajar. He froze without touching the door when his eyes focused on his wife.

Jan lay naked on their king-size bed. That was not too unusual. They both slept nude. Mark took several years to convince Jan to shed her flannel pajamas. It took another year to get her to jettison the extra large T-shirt and join him in sleeping nude. No, it wasn’t her nudity that stopped him dead in his tracks; it was what she was doing.

Jan lay on her back, her legs apart and her knees bent. Her left hand fondled her breast while her right hand guided their vibrating Eroscillator up and down her prominent mound. Jan’s mouth was partly open and Mark could hear her heavy breathing as he peered through the crack in the door. It was the first time he had ever seen his wife masturbate!

Mark continued to watch in awe as his attractive brunette moved their favorite sex toy over her dark thatch, dipping it into her pink inner folds again and again. Unconsciously, he rubbed his growing member through his slacks and felt it respond to the sensual scene taking place before his eyes.

Jan pulled on the long, tan nipple that stood erect on her soft, 38C breast and accelerated the movement of vibrator, opening then closing her thighs around the buzzing device. Mark listened to his wife moan as her hips lifted off the mattress. “She’s going to climax,” he absently thought as he observed her start to spasm and frantically jerk her body. Suddenly, he recognized a familiar feeling and tried to stop the flow now surging up through his thick six-inch cock. It was too late! Before he could get a grip on the base of his dick, cum exploded into his briefs and created a sizeable wet spot on the front of his slacks.

Mark tiptoed back down the hall and into the guest bathroom. He was nervous and embarrassed by having squirted in his pants while spying on his wife. He dropped his pants and pulled off his cum-soaked underwear. “Shit, what a mess,” he mumbled. Using one of the guest wash cloths, he washed his semi-erect tool and swabbed the sticky cum off his balls. Next, Mark wadded up the briefs and put his slacks over his arm. He stopped in the kitchen and carefully buried the briefs in the trash. Then, he put his soiled slacks in the trunk of his car. “I’ll take these to the cleaners as soon as they dry out,” he decided. “That way, Jan won’t know what I did.”

It felt a little odd, sitting bare-ass in his chair completing his brief. “Jan might decide to come in here any minute,” he thought. “How will I explain my lack of pants?” Fear of discovery drove Mark to finish the brief in another twenty minutes. As he typed the last few sentences, he began to relive his recent experience. As he recalled his wife’s actions, his penis began to harden. “That’s good, I can go to the bedroom with a hard-on and tell Jan that I couldn’t wait to join her for some sexy fun.” He grinned. “She’ll probably be exhausted from her recent private session and I’ll still get credit for trying to entice her.”

Mark pressed the hot keys to save his brief and start the printer. Leaving his system to finish the job, he pulled off his shirt. He strolled, nude, back down the hallway and boldly entered the bedroom. His wife was lying on her side; naked with the top sheet pushed to the foot of their bed. Jan heard Mark enter the room and looked up at him dreamily. One dim table lamp illuminated the room. She could clearly see his erection as it bobbed in front of his six-foot frame. Mark’s seasons of collegiate wrestling produced a strong, muscular body that thrilled her. She still loved to run her fingers through his mop of light brown hair and let her fingers trace the hard ridges of his body.

“Mmm, where did that come from?” she murmured as she eyed his erection. “Have you been working on a legal thing or looking at naked women?”

Mark grinned back at her. “Maybe a little of both, and one of the gals looked just like you.”

A guilty look flashed over Jan’s face and her cheeks reddened as her husband made his innocent comment. “Whatever you did produced a very nice result,” she replied in her sexiest voice. “Climb into bed with me and let me get a better view.”

Mark was taken aback by her eagerness. “She’s still horny!” he thought as he stretched out beside his pretty wife. Normally, she was rather conservative and she usually waited for him to make the first move.

Jan reached for Mark and ran her smooth hand over his chest and down across his belly. Her fingers reached the base of his cock and she circled him lightly. “Mr. Willie, want some attention?” she asked coyly.

“What do you think?” Mark replied as he spread his legs a bit more. Jan let her fingers move lower and gently fondled his scrotum, feeling each ball in turn.

“Would Mr. Willie like a kiss?” Jan asked as she began to slide down the bed. Mark felt her warm breath, then a sublime touch as his wife put her lips to the head of his throbbing prick. He put his hand on Jan’s leg and encouraged her to move around into the 69 position. Jan put her leg over him and straddled his face while she continued to kiss and lick his thick six-inch cock.

Mark stared up into his wife’s patch of black curly hair. He noticed the unusual amount of womanly nectar glistening on her partially open inner lips. “She really got herself off,” he mused as the tip of his tongue tasted her copious nectar.

Soon, Mark had his entire face buried in his wife’s snatch while she worked his cock deep into her throat. He used his tongue inside her sticky vagina, and then licked upward over her crinkled ass while holding her cheeks wide apart. “Oh, yes, yes,” she moaned as she briefly let his cock slip from her lips. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Mark licked and sucked feverishly, recalling how his wife looked as she fucked herself with the toy. “It must feel like you’re enjoying two cocks at the same time,” he suggested as he moved his tongue in her warm tunnel.

His comment had a surprising effect on Jan. She redoubled her effort and pressed her crotch down hard on Mark’s face. “Oh, God,” she gasped as she took his cock in her hand and stroked him rapidly. “Oh, yeah, do it! Do me hard,” she added.

With one swift movement, Jan twisted her 5′ 7″ body around and skewered herself on Mark’s stiff erection. She slammed her pelvis down on him and began to rub back and forth. Her movements caused her pendulous breasts to swing free between them and Mark reached up to hold them in his hands. “Yeah, that’s it, pull on my tits and fuck me,” Jan pleaded.

Mark pulled on his wife’s erect nipples, then sucked on one while he moved his hands to grip her soft ass. “I needed help tonight, honey,” he told her. “I hope you don’t mind me inviting another man to join us?” he added to see what she might say and do.

Jan’s eyes went tightly closed. “She’s imagining there’s two of us!” Mark thought at that instant. Jan raised up until just the head of his cock remained inside, and then she slowly lowered her body down his pole.

“Oh my God,” she gasped, “it’s so long and thick. I can feel it going all the way inside.” Mark watched his wife carefully as she rode his shaft. He squeezed her ass with one hand and pulled her nipple with the other, trying to mimic the effect of two men for his sex-crazed woman. It worked!

“Oh, honey, fucking me so good,” Jan gasped as she rubbed back and forth. “It’s so nice and big…I love it.”

Flabbergasted, Mark continued with the charade, not knowing what to expect from his normally quiet wife. He decided to up the ante. “He loves your tight pussy,” he told Jan as he used his fingers to massage her clit. “You’ve got his big prick all the way inside.”

Jan’s mouth opened and closed in a soundless cry as she worked herself into a sexual fit. “I’m going to cum, baby,” she finally gasped. Mark felt his wife’s vaginal muscles begin to contract and he watched her tummy jerk as her climax washed over her. Feeling his wife’s orgasm triggered his own. For the second time in an hour, he unleashed his load, this time deep inside her. Their combined juices began to seep out around his cock, wetting his balls and the sheet beneath them.

Jan collapsed on top of her husband, mashing her tits into his chest. She opened her eyes and kissed Mark deeply, tasting her own juices on his lips and tongue. “Mmm, that was heavenly,” she whispered.

Mark smiled up at his sated bride. “Who was with you in heaven, my dear?” he inquired.

Jan looked puzzled. “You were silly,” she responded.

“Me and who else?” Mark asked. “For a while, I’d swear you were convinced that I had invited another man to share you.”

Jan grinned back coyly. “Well, when you pretended that another man was with us, I did let myself pretend it was true for a little while. Are you upset with me for that?”

Mark hesitated for a moment. “No, I guess not,” he said. “I did notice that pretending it was another man really got you hot and bothered. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so aroused.”

“Yeah, it was pretty hot,” Jan admitted. “But it was only a fantasy, right?”

Mark decided to push the envelope even farther. “Yes, it was only a fantasy…this time. Tell me, honey, who were you fantasizing about earlier this evening when you were alone with the Eroscillator?”

Jan blushed beet red at her husband’s question. “What? What do you mean?”

Mark smiled at Jan’s obvious discomfort. “You know what I mean, sweetheart. I watched you playing with yourself. Why do you think I got so horny?”

“Honey, I’m so sorry,” Jan began. “It’s not anything about you. I just needed some release, and you were all tied up with your work again. It doesn’t mean anything, really.”

Mark nodded and kissed his wife tenderly. “That’s okay, honey, I don’t mind. In fact, it was a huge turn-on for me to see you pleasuring yourself like that. You’ve never done it for me before.”

“I didn’t know I was doing it for you that time either!” Jan retorted with a giggle. “I didn’t know you were spying on me like that.”

“Promise me that you’ll let me watch next time,” Mark stated. “It was so hot to see you touching yourself like that.” Jan nodded. “Okay, I will, but not while you’re pecking away on that stupid computer!”

“Deal,” Mark concluded. “I’ll try harder to leave my work at the office. I know that I’ve been ignoring your needs lately. I’ll do better, I promise.”

Jan hugged her husband tightly. “I’d like that…a lot!” she assured him.

“Now, tell me,” Mark continued, “who were you dreaming about while you were fantasizing with our little toy?”

Jan pouted and turned her face away. “No fair,” she accused. “You don’t tell me any of your fantasies, so you shouldn’t make me tell you mine.”

“So, you admit that you have fantasies?” Mark quizzed.

Jan tried to avoid a direct answer. “Doesn’t everybody?” she replied. “Don’t you?”

“Well, sure,” Mark admitted, but we’re talking about you right now, aren’t we?”

“I don’t want to discuss this anymore,” Jan responded.

“Tell me this,” Mark insisted, “do any of your fantasies involve other people?”

“Do yours?” Jan replied with a question of her own.

“Okay, sometimes,” Mark admitted. “How about you? Were you dreaming about someone else tonight?”

“You really want to know?” she asked.

“Yeah, I do,” Mark responded. “Maybe we share some of the same fantasies. Ever think of that?”

“Do you really think so?” Jan asked in an excited manner.

Mark smiled. “The way you responded when I suggested that there were two of us tells me we very likely do share at least one fantasy.”

“Okay, I’ll admit that the suggestion turned me on a lot. There, are you satisfied?”

“Who were you thinking about while you were fucking yourself earlier?” Mark pressed.

Jan thought for a moment, trying to remember each phase. “It started out with you,” she began. “We were on a beach somewhere. We were on vacation.”

“Go on,” Mark urged. “Then what?”

“Then, it was a nude beach all of a sudden. You had finally convinced me to go naked. We were stretched out on the sand, and we were both completely nude.” Jan confessed.

“That’s one of my dreams, as you well know,” Mark inserted. “What else were you thinking about?”

Jan wrinkled her brow. “There were some other people there. They were all naked and the men were looking at me. I could feel their eyes surveying my body and you were just lying there napping. At first, I wanted to cover myself, but then I actually wanted them to see me.”

“With a body like yours, I can easily imagine the other men were gawking,” Mark commented. “Did you like to look at the men?”

Jan flushed. “There was one guy, about our age…maybe a little younger…who caught my eye. He was very good looking and, when our eyes met, I knew he wanted me.”

“Yes, and then what happened?” Mark urged his wife.

“When he walked by our lounge chairs, I smiled at him. He came over to us and I saw him close up.”

Mark caressed Jan’s thigh. “What was I doing at the time?”

“You began to chat with him and invited him to sit with us,” Jan continued. “It made me feel better, because you seemed to like him too.”

Mark smiled. “Funny thing, I’ve had the same dream many times. Go on, please.”

“Well,” Jan said, “we had some drinks and talked for a while. Then you mentioned that we’d had enough sun for the day. You asked him if he’d like to come to our room where we could be in the shade. To my surprise, he said yes, and we moved to our balcony. When we got there, we took our clothes off again and sat there naked together for a while.”

“What happened after that?” Mark asked, already knowing the answer.

“He kept telling me how great I looked and telling you how lucky you were. I noticed that you were getting an erection and so was he.”

“What was his name?” Mark asked.

“He didn’t have a name at the time. He was just a handsome fellow,” Jan replied. I got a little tipsy and when I got up to go to the bathroom; I stumbled and fell into his lap. I felt his cock go up between my legs a little before I hopped up. He tried to hold me there, but I said that I had to go pee, so he let me up. I had to promise to come back and sit on his lap again.”

“Did you do that?” Mark asked.

Jan nodded. “Yes, I returned and sat right in his lap while we all continued to talk and laugh. You seemed to like me sitting on him like that, so I stayed there. His stiff dick kept prodding me and that made me very aroused.”

Mark stroked his wife’s tummy and idly cupped her breast. “I can imagine that you were getting wet as you felt him grow beneath you. I know that my cock would have been hard also.”

“Yes, it was very arousing,” Jan admitted. “I began thinking about having two men and I got incredibly hot just anticipating it. I was praying that one of you would break the ice and suggest something.”

“I think that it would be up to me to decide how far he could go,” Mark stated rather firmly.

“Yeah, he was bold, but not too bold,” Jan agreed.

“What did I do?” Mark queried his wife.

“Finally, you said we should go inside and see if the two of you could please me. I was amazed that you would allow a strange man into our bed, but by then I was powerless to object.”

Mark shook his head. “So, I was the one who forced this handsome stranger on you, is that it?”

Jan smiled at her perplexed husband. “Well, it wouldn’t be right for me to insist, now would it? I shouldn’t be too anxious.”

“Part of your fantasy is tied to my own fantasy, right?” Mark asked.

Jan nodded. “I guess so. My fantasy is that you want me to submit to another man while you are there with us. Is that too naughty?”

“I love it!” Mark replied. “See, we do share a very sexy fantasy. Now that it’s out in the open between us, let me ask you another question. Do you think you might want to make our fantasy become a reality?”

Jan gave her husband’s question some heavy thought. “We’re very much in love with each other, right?”

“Right!” Mark quickly responded. “I know that I want to spend my life with you, and I think you feel the same about me. I think we’re very secure after this many years together.”

“I guess, under the right circumstances, it would be incredible to live out our fantasy once. Do you hate me for saying that?”

Mark shook his head. “Oh, no, not at all. I was hoping that you would feel that way. The only restriction I would place on such an experience is that I would have to be there and be a part of it.”

“Me too,” Jan assured her husband. “I wouldn’t feel right about it unless you were with me. It would be too frightening to try it all by myself.”

A lengthy silence ensued. Finally, Mark spoke up. “Once this big case is settled, I am due for a vacation. How would you like it if I got on the Internet and checked out the places in Mexico and in the islands that cater to couples only?”

Jan grinned. “You mean those places we’ve heard about that have their own nude beach and where lively adult recreation is encouraged, right?”

“Sounds like a good plan to me! Are you ready for that?” Mark asked, just to be sure.

“Will you be okay with the nudity and maybe having men ogling and even touching me?” Jan teased.

Mark nodded and his dick began to come back to life. “I think so, just as long as you don’t get upset if I glance at a naked wife or two as we stroll down the beach.”

In answer, Jan reached out to clutch Mark’s stiff rod. “Mr. Willie’s mine all mine. I’m not worried. I might even be willing to share Mr. Willie with one of the other gals, as long as you’re ready to let me play with another fellow’s stiff friend.”

Mark hugged his voluptuous wife to him and rocked her in his arms. “I’ll start looking for a great place with the right kind of beach tomorrow night. Tonight, I think we have some unfinished business!”

To be continued…

I don’t know if it’s COSMO magazine or the Internet or where she gets these ideas from but ..


We’re curled up on the couch like little bunnies watching some girly movie and she starts talking smack.

‘Hey D, hand me the popcorn – cock ornament.’

Here we go…... She’s smirking at me.

ME: ‘ What’s the magic word? hmm? – cum guzzler?’

Smack in the back of the head

Her: (loud) THE MAGIC WORD IS NOW! Don’t make me bust your ass bitch!!!’



This goes on for 10 minutes.

You know, foreplay.

She beat me by a second, I swear , I was gonna yank her over my knee and just WAIL on that ass. I really was. I was just stretching my legs, you know – getting ready.

I think I was laughing at her last retort and was in the middle of saying something smart like like ‘pfffft – who do you think you’re fucking kidding bitch? I’m like fucking BRIER RABBIT over here – you know the story? – don’t throw me in the brier patch said’


And that was it. I never saw it coming. I got cut off mid-sentence

She had snuck her fingers into my hair and looped my hair around her fist and – so fast it just stunned me – she slipped an arm across my neck in a choke hold and in one smooth motion – stepped up and off the couch from behind me (I was laying in her lap) and YANKED ME RIGHT OFF the couch and onto the floor.

She’s 5’2 and maybe a buck and a quarter soaking wet – and she took me straight to the floor faster than you can say WTF!

She had the toy stashed under the couch and it was in her hand and no joke – before you could COUNT TO THREE she had yanked my shorts down, spit where the sun don’t shine , yelled ‘ READY WHORE? HUH? CUZ HERE IT COMES! and just RAMMED IT in.

It’s her fat red jelly cock that she loved fucking herself silly with.

That’s when I realized.

Yeah. I’m thinking maybe I really pissed her off at this point.

She’s got my hair in her fist and she’s RANTING at me calling me “WHORE CUNT BITCH! FUCK YOU! HOW DO YOU LIKE IT IN YOUR FUCKING ASS!”

She’s WHACKING ME with – what? her hairbrush?

Way to improvise babe!

And so on. It was just a fucking blur.

After about 5 minutes she yanks it out and throws it across the room in the general direction of the kitchen sink, misses completely, and knocks a bottle of wine off the counter which promptly falls to the floor and just EXPLODES.

She yells “CLEAN THIS SHIT UP – FUCKING WHORE!!!” and goes and takes a shower.

Leaving me sitting on the floor. Rubbing my ass ( She REALLY hit me with her hairbrush – wtf?)

Whoooooaaaaaaa. What the fuck just happened?

She’s in the shower a really long time…

She gets out of the shower and she has that a mischievous smirk ….

She looks around and smiles. Of course, everything’s cleaned up. Shut up.

I’m wondering what’s coming next. It only takes a few minutes and she starts up with me.

She’s having a lot of fun at this point.

Oh Yeah. She was thoroughly enjoying herself. She’s (so help me)


She’s walking around the house in her little singsong voice ‘ LA-LA-La-lA – D got ASS – fucked, la-la-la-la D got ASS raped – la – la -l a- la nan-ner nan-er’.

“WHO just got Buttfucked? – D Did!”

“WHO just got ASS-RAPED? – D DID!”

I’m just sitting there shaking my head and grinning like Tom Cruise because – WELL what the fuck else am I going to do? I just got punk’d.

She got her turn an hour later.

She’s going on and on with this for an hour now.

Making up the lyrics as she goes and she’s giggling lalalala ha ha….tossing clothes in the wash.

She’s banging around making all kinds of noise SINGING REALLY FUCKING LOUD.

I’m TRYING to watch some fucking Battlestar Galactica.

So yeah, Now I’m getting annoyed. You don’t fuck with my BSG.

Out of the corner of my eye I see her reaching up for the detergent.

She’s stretching and reaching and making little noises to get my attention.

So. of course. I look over.

She’s wearing one of my beaters and she’s leaning WAY over the machine …she’s WAY up on her tippytoes and her ass is just suddenly WAY THE FUCK OUT THERE .

First thing I realize: she’s got nothing on underneath. I can see everything.

2nd thing. I’m rock hard. CLICK – Just that fast.

This girl really just knew how to push all my buttons. She just did it for me.

She knows all she has to do to get fucked like an animal is to let me see her ass like that.

She KNOWS THIS. We’ve talked about it. I’ve told her.

Keep your ass covered….because the sight of her ass wiggling around in the open air…..

I can’t guarantee your safety baby. I might just have to fuck you to death.

Wait a second. Is that what I think it is?

Oh no. Oh, holy fucking Jesus. NO WAY.

WAY. She’s got her little red rubber ponytail butt plug buried all the way in her ass.

Did she just wiggle her fucking ass at me?

CLICK my eyes meet hers. She’s looking me right in the eye with that little smile….. another wiggle wiggle wiggle.

Her lips are moving but she’s not actually speaking but I can read her from across the room….

whatcha gonna do? huh? whatcha gonna do? you ain’t gonna do shit…

I don’t remember my feet touching the ground but it’s 15 feet from the couch to the hall and the washing machine. I had to touch the ground. I’m sure of it.

She got it right there on the washing machine.

Oh yes. Yes she did. I was there. I saw me doing it to her.

I might have been a little out of my mind. I’m normally very low key and gentle until the time calls for me not to be.

And this was one of those times. I was transformed into a roaring savage.

I’m ranting at her “open your hole whore!”.

I made her reach back with both hands and hold herself wide open.

And then I spread her even wider.

She’s in midair and her feet dangling over the floor as I’m just grabbing onto her hips and holding her in midair…pounding…..

She leaned all the way forward and stuck her butt way up high in the air…

And smiled.

Saturday, 12:00 a.m.

Back at the house the girls had gotten more wasted than ever.

‘Heeeeeeey!’ Veronica greeted us wastedly at the door with one massive naked tit of hers hanging out of her cotton tank top, ‘Iss my friends! Wassin th’bag?’

‘Hey Veronica!’ Jessica said, helping her put her flopping tit away, ‘Lemme show you what we got!’

‘Jus don’ go in th’bathroom yet, because I think Amy’s puking, an I jus took a massive shit in there too,’ slurred the cute, sexy, wasted Veronica.

‘Thanks for the heads up,’ responded Melissa disgustedly amused.

Mel made sure Amy was ok, then helped her and Veronica to a guestroom where they crashed even before they hit the bed, and threw a sheet over them to keep them warm.

In the living room, Rebecca was apparently asleep on the couch. We all sat down to inspect the spoils of our trip.

‘Take your dick out Travis, I wanna help you try out ‘Sailor Moon!” suggested Melissa. So I climbed out of my pesky jeans and boxers. ‘Hand me that lighter on the mantle there, would you?’ she added, placing a joint in her mouth.

I got up and leaned over the sleeping Rebecca to reach the lighter, my horny lengthening cock dangling right in her face, when the next thing I knew, she was no longer quite asleep, but had taken my hanging cock into her mouth and begun sucking on it!

‘Oh fuck yeah, Rebecca!’ I said softly as my dick grew to full rock-hardness in the blonde’s hot wet sucking mouth. ‘Suck my cock!’

I tossed the lighter to Mel but stayed leaning over Rebecca so she could suck me off as she lay on the couch. Mel lit up her joint and took ‘Sailor Moon!’ out of its package.

After a few amazing minutes of having my cock sucked, I sat down on the couch between Mel and Reb. Mel lubed up the rubber pussy tube and slid it down over my hard cock as Reb and I made out. Mel fucked my cock with it as I undid Reb’s pants. The soft lubed up rubber toy felt amazing sliding up and down the length of my dick, not least of all because of whose hand it was holding it. It was fucking great, to put it mildly!

‘How do you like ‘Sailor Moon!’ stud?’ Mel asked me as she jerked me off with it.

‘It’s fucking amazing, baby. Don’t stop!’ I answered.

After several minutes, Reb’s pants now off completely, with the lubed up rubber pussy tube still on my hard cock, I rolled over in between Reb’s open legs and gently thrust the head of my cock up into her wet, completely shaved-smooth pussy. She let out a moan of pleasure as I slid my dick up inside of her, compressing the soft rubber pussy down to the base of my cock as most of my cock-shaft entered Reb’s cunt.

‘Fuck me!’ she said softly. And so I did, through the rubber pussy. It felt amazing, Rebecca’s pussy on the upper part of my cock-shaft and the lubed-up rubber pussy on the lower part of my cock-shaft combined, amidst a room full of gorgeous wasted young girls.

‘Mel, get your fucking dildo!’ Reb said as I fucked her through the slippery rubber toy.

‘Ok!’ Mel said enthusiastically. She came back in a moment holding the ridiculously huge double-ended hot-pink rubber dong she’d shown everyone earlier.

‘Shove it up my ass!’ Reb moaned.

‘Are you sure, Reb??’ asked Mel doubtfully.

‘Just fucking DO IT!’ Reb moaned.

I rolled Reb onto my lap as I fucked her through the lubed-up rubber sheath to give Mel better access to her asshole. Mel generously lubed up the dildo and then slowly pressed it up into Reb’s tiny asshole.

“Ooooooh yeah!!’ Reb moaned loudly as the veiny hot-pink rubber cock popped through the sphincter of her tight petite shit-box, my cock ever pistoning in and out of her pussy through the lubed-up rubber pussy below.

Mel fucked her up the ass with the dildo, DPing her with me, deeper and deeper as her hole relaxed to the massive girth: six inches, eight inches, ten inches… fifteen inches!

‘I’m gonna cum!!’ Reb wailed several minutes later with the shit-huge fake cock about fifteen inches up her slutty little arse. ‘Aaaaaaaaah!’ she wailed as she came hard and gushed all over my dick.

‘I’ve got an idea!’ it was Naomi, who’d been watching us the whole time. ‘You wanna fuck her as Jesse Jane, Travis??’ I had no idea what she meant. She then cut a little hole in the cunt of the poster of Jesse Jane with some scissors. She positioned Rebecca on the couch with her legs spread wide apart, the hot-pink dildo still hanging out of her ass, up her asshole about twelve or fifteen inches, lay the poster on top of her with Jesse’s cut-out cunt-hole lining up with Reb’s actual cunt behind it. ‘Here you go, Travis!’ Naomi announced, ‘Have at ‘er!’

I took ‘Sailor Moon!’ off of my dick and inserted my cock into the hole in the poster and into Reb’s cunt behind it.

Reb’s cunt felt amazing enough in and of itself, but the illusion created by fucking her through the poster of Jesse Jane was incredible! ‘Oh, fuck yeah, Jesse! Take my fucking cock, Jesse Jane!’ I grunted as I fucked Rebecca through Jesse Jane’s pussy. The other girls giggled and took pics with their cell phones as I fucked their friend through the poster of the gorgeous naked porn star.

I fucked ‘Jesse’ for quite a while, when I suddenly noticed that the girls had opened the ‘Alexis Texas’ Ass!’ package and were checking out the big rubber rump.

‘I have got to try that thing!’ I grunted and pulled out of Jesse and Reb. I tossed the poster away, slid the other end of the dildo which was still up Reb’s ass up her pussy so that she was being DP’d by it to keep her company, then went over and had Beth, who had joined us in the living room, lube up and hold ‘Alexis Texas’ Ass!’ in her lap for me to fuck.

I pressed my hard cock up the lubed-up rubber asshole of the huge Alexis Texas bum. ‘Fuck yeah, that’s awesome!’ I grunted as I fucked the realistic big rubber porn star’s ass. Beth, a gorgeous blonde, held the rubber bum for me as I fucked it ever faster. She leaned up and French-kissed me as I fucked the rubber ass, and it felt like I was having a threesome with Alexis and Beth.

‘Take my fucking cock, Alexis! Fuck yeah!’ I grunted as I fucked the big gorgeous ass in Beth’s lap.

I squeezed its massive soft rubber ass-cheeks as I pistoned my dick in and out of its soft rubber shit-hole, and kissed the sexy young blonde who’s lap it was in, our tongues thoroughly exploring one another’s mouths.

Presently I noticed that my dick was coming out the other side of ‘Alexis Texas’ Ass!’ at the deep end of each of my strokes and I had a revelation.

I pulled out and positioned the nearly sleeping, wasted Rebecca onto all fours on the carpet, pulling the enormous hot-pink dildo out of her asshole (making it gape impressively) but leaving its other end fairly deep up her cunt.

‘Don’t worry! She cleaned out her ass before,’ reassured Beth, now among the horny spectators.

I slid my lucky dick up her loosened asshole and fucked her petite bony little ass bareback like that for a while in sheer ecstasy, pinching her lovely little A-cup tits below, before pulling out and placing the massive rubber Alexis Texas ass on top of Reb’s much smaller petite bony little ass underneath. Then I slid my cock back up into the lubed-up rubber asshole, right through it, and up into Reb’s tight bum-hole behind it. It was fucking incredible! As I fucked the gorgeous half rubber/half flesh pile of rump, most of my cock-shaft was in the lubed-up rubber ass-tunnel of Alexis Texas, while my cock-head and some of the upper cock-shaft slid in and out of Reb’s actual hot tight little asshole. I jerked my cock in and out of this delicious setup of anal excess in sheer joy, slapping ‘Alexis” ass-cheeks now and then, making them jiggle.

I fucked the incredible ‘sandwich of ass’ for what felt like ages, making the petite wasted Reb cum another two or three times, when a bunch of girls suddenly showed up at the front door.

Saturday, 1:30 a.m.

‘Hey guys!’ It was Julia. She and Jasmine had come back from the club and had brought some other girls with them. ‘This is Heather, Tiffany and Jennifer. And these are the ‘The Amsterdam Sisters.’ Let’s see if I can remember their names: this is Pussi-Love, Apple Jell-O, Pixie, Magique, Zodia, Ladybug, Moonlight, Violla, Crème de Menthe, Peppermint-Candy, Butter-Crotch, and Broken-Heart!’

…A small crowd of FUCKING GORGEOUS girls dressed in rave outfits and makeup piled into the living room as Julia introduced them.

‘What’s going on here?’ asked Pussi-Love smiling and looking at me fucking Rebecca through the big rubber ass.

She had on thigh-high shiny hot-pink platform boots, a fluorescent yellow miniskirt which was so thin as to look more like merely a rather thick belt, a sky-blue thong visible underneath, two glittering silver star stickers over her nipples atop massive round fake tits, bleached platinum blonde hair done up in two outrageously huge pigtails on either side of her head, a pile of gorgeous slutty-looking makeup on her face and about a million multi-colored bracelets on each arm.

‘He’s just fucking Alexis Texas and Rebecca up the ass,’ replied Melissa.

‘I see. Where’s the booze at, girl??’

I pulled my cock out of both assholes to survey the crowd of beauties.

Each one of ‘The Amsterdam Sisters’ was more gorgeous than the next: Apple Jell-O was some kind of Asian babe with bright pink ass-length dreadlocks, purple thigh-high platform boots, a white fishnet miniskirt and skimpy white thong underneath, a lemon-yellow bikini top so skimpy that her nipples peeked through from behind it, and tons of lip gloss and makeup on; Pixie was covered in silver glitter, had on little fairy wings, a silky white bridal garter, and furry white knee-high platform boots, otherwise she was dressed similar to Pussi-Love and Apple Jell-O, Zodia was pure Goth-slut, a Gothic-raver-whore if ever I saw one, her skin as pale as milk, her outfit skimpy and of shiny black latex except for her thousand rainbow-colored bracelets on either arm, and she had huge fake tits and bright orange contact lenses, Ladybug had on white panties with the words ‘CUM HARD’ written across the back of her bum in bold sparkly purple letters underneath super wide-holed fencenet stockings, and sparkly antennae with pink fluffy pom-poms on the ends of them, Moonlight looked like she’d just come out of my favorite wet dream, Violla had on cute, furry sexy bunny rabbit ears, bright pink contacts, was holding a mini digital camcorder and filming everything which she looked at, and her tits were huge and fake, Crème de Menthe was wearing not more than a scrap of fabric, glitter, two sparkly stickers, a neon-green wedding garter, and some shiny latex neon-green thigh-high six-inch platform boots, Peppermint-Candy was dressing down her age, even sucking on a pacifier (which was quite the sexual innuendo) going for the ‘jailbait’ look and succeeding admirably, Broken-Heart was so smoking hot that I don’t even want to try and describe her for fear of besmirching her untouchable perfection, and Butter-Crotch was nearly making me cum up Rebecca’s ass just to see her, she was so smoking hot. They all liked to stare quite unashamedly at me and the other girls, a habit of ravers I suppose (who’s hobby is to look and be looked at) not that I’m complaining about it in the least.

It was a bit disconcerting to be starred at so unashamedly, then again, they were all so insanely hot that one couldn’t help starring right back and not even blinking! They were each like ten times hotter than most of the porn stars I’d ever seen in my life…

The ‘Amsterdam Sisters’ and all the other five girls who’d just come in went and got drinks from the kitchen.

The one called Pixie came up to me with a B52 shooter in her hands, her sexy white fairy wings bobbing to and fro behind her.

‘I don’t think they put enough Bailey’s my B52… Mmm, can you help me out?’ she said sexily. She leaned in and kissed me immediately, taking my growing cock into her hand and jerking it slowly. Somebody helped her lube up my cock and she jerked it ever faster starring directly into my eyes. Her friend Violla was nearby capturing everything on video.

‘Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes!’ she moaned to encourage me as she jerked me off until I was about to cum. She held the shot glass in front of my dick, and jerked it for the last few strokes necessary to make me cum, aimed it carefully, and I blasted my jizz into her B52, splashing some out as I did. ‘Yes!’ I grunted in ecstasy as I came and filled her shot with extra ‘Bailey’s.’

Pixie smiled and shot it all down without hesitation. ‘Thanks!’ she said to me smiling and turned on her heels towards the kitchen presumably to go get another one.

‘You must help me,’ it was the one called Crème de Menthe. She had me stand up on the coffee table with my legs about shoulder-width apart, my horny cock dangling down in between. She then proceeded to pour green Crème de Menthe liqueur down my dick and into Apple Jell-O’s open mouth below! Apple Jell-O drank about two shots’ worth, sucked my dick momentarily then another girl got down and took her place. I fed shots to Moonlight, Ladybug, Lisa, Julia, Magique, Jessica, Butter-Crotch, Jasmine, Pussi-Love, Zodia, Violla, Peppermint-Candy, Broken-Heart, Melissa, Naomi, Jennifer, Heather and Tiffany with my hard dick, most of them sucking me off a bit afterwards. Violla filmed it all up close.

Apparently we’d all become total sluts, and the party had degenerated into some kind of sex-orgy!

Saturday, 3:00 a.m.

Butter-Crotch tried out the pussy pump on her immaculately waxed-smooth cunt, and once she’d made it all puffy, pink and pumped, she let me try fucking it with my cock. Shit was it nice! It was so hot to be fucking Butter-Crotch’s pumped puffy pink pussy and having Mel (and a bunch of the other girls) only inches away snapping pics of my dick up the hotty’s tight cunt with their cell phones.

Ladybug DP’d herself with the massive lemon-yellow double-ended dildo Jessica had got at Paris XXX.

Magique put her iPhone on vibrate up her shaved pussy in a condom and had me call her on it as I fucked her up her tight lubed-up asshole from behind. And there was the ubiquitous Violla filming it all up close, not to mention all the other girls aiming their cell phones at the action and taking close-up pics non-stop.

Somehow Peppermint-Candy managed to put the contents 2 whole bottles of Malibu Coconut Liqueur up her ass using the enema bag Mel had, and was squatting on the counter and ‘shitting’ out shots into glasses over ice for everyone to enjoy.

‘You’d better have cleaned your ass out good Peppermint-Candy, ’cause I don’t want none of your shit in my drink!’ I could hear Jessica saying to her.

It must have inspired Sophie because she went and cleaned out her ass too, and then squatted on the coffee table. She then had Naomi shake up a bottle of champagne, open it and then immediately shove the opening of the bottle up her lubed-up asshole as it gushed its pressurized contents, so that the champagne shot right up her tight fart-hole and ass, filling up her bum with the sparkling wine. Then once the bottle was removed, Sophie flexed her ass-muscles and her bum became a champagne fountain as she aimed it high up, squeezing her shit-hole hard, showering the room in a fan of sexy bum-champagne. Some of the Amsterdam Sisters tried to catch the champagne in their mouths but mostly just got sprayed. The girls all laughed wastedly, and my poor dick raged ecstatically in delirious excess of female stimulation.

Baby oil came out of somewhere and the girls all began to just glisten and become more and more naked.

I fucked Jessica in the sexy cheerleader costume they’d bought earlier; I fucked Julia up the ass in the Girl Guide costume, and Jasmine in the Alice in Wonderland costume.

Zodia let me shoot her cleaned, lubed-up bum full of a can of aerosol whipped-cream we’d found which had a nice smooth nozzle on it. Then I proceeded to fuck her sexy Goth asshole with my cock, pull out and have Broken-Heart suck the sweet whipped-cream all off of my dick, and repeat. I kept on fucking them like that, alternately fucking Zodia’s pale whipped-cream filled asshole and then Broken-Heart’s gorgeous mouth, until I blasted a load of cum in Broken-Heart’s mouth, her lips wrapped tight around my cock-shaft and sucking hard, which she swallowed all down. I was nearly goin’ berserk with lust!

Jessica found some of that aerosol party string shit, sat on the couch naked with her legs spread wide open, stuck the can of party string up her cunt, and spewed the party string over everyone having it look like it was shooting out of her cunt. I stood amidst the shower of flying noodles from my friend’s sexy cunt, utterly horny and bedazzled.

Somebody found Mel and Naomi’s mom’s Sybian and brought it out into the living room where the girls took turns riding it while sucking my cock. Naomi and Moonlight put on strap-ons and Naomi would fuck the girl’s asshole who was riding the Sybian and sucking my dick while Moonlight would fuck Naomi’s own asshole.

It was really becoming an all-out sex-orgy by now…

In one of the bedrooms on a bed, Heather and Jennifer (two girls who Julia and Jasmine had met on their way to the club) lay naked and glistening in baby oil on their sides with their asses towards each other and facing me in such as way that their two asses were pressed together creating a ‘quadruple-ass-cheeked super ass’ with a tunnel betwixt their two horizontal ass-cracks, in the center of their four combined ass-cheeks, for me to fuck. I held their ample glistening rumps as I fucked the double-ass-tunnel in sheer bliss. Then I proceeded to fuck them each properly to anal orgasms individually, not before tit-fucking the incredibly huge fake-titted oiled Jennifer first.

Saturday, 5:00 a.m.

I found Lisa in the kitchen naked cooking spaghetti. She looked at me with wasted horny eyes and wordlessly began French-kissing me and groping at my fast-hardening cock. Her mouth tasted somewhat of spaghetti sauce, but her completely shaved cunt, big tits and big sexy ass were enough to get my cock hard again in seconds.

The short cutie guided my hard-dick up her smooth pussy from behind standing up so I could fuck her as she tried not to burn the spaghetti. I groped her tits and fucked her hot wet pussy like that for some time.

After a while, she even let me give it to her up the ass like that in the same position, guiding my cock-head out of her cunt and onto her tightest of fuck-holes. I kissed her mouth as my hips slammed into her soft ample ass-cheeks with my every thrust up inside her hot tight arse-hole from behind, until she came hard, her pussy gushing all over the cupboard and floor, her asshole spasming around my fuck-rod.

A few more thrusts and I filled her shit-hole full of my cum, squeezing her sweet tits tightly as I pumped my cum into her tight sexy backdoor.

Once I’d finished cumming, I kissed her mouth, pulled my spent dick out of her asshole, told her she was beautiful, and left her to her spaghetti.

I stumbled naked out of the kitchen and found Desiree who was finally starting to sober up slightly and had come downstairs out of the closet. Her eyes had dark circles around them form being up awake tripping and high all night long.

‘W-What’s going on, Trav? Who are all these naked bitches?’

‘Good to see you again, you feel alright now, Desiree?’

‘I’ve been having the WORST nightmare! I think I’m still sort of having it… maybe. I donno. I am SO fucking tired!’

I took her to a bed in one of the rooms, kissed her and lay her down. I gently ate out her sweet shaved-smooth pussy so that she came just as she fell asleep, and I put a sheet over her to keep her warm.

…I suddenly realized that this whole night had DEFINITELY been that crazy amulet! I mean I’d had a bit of luck here and there with the ladies before, but this was ridiculous!

The English teacher has been forced to submit to her student, suffered at the hands of her best friend, forced to have sex, spanked, body piercing and is now going to be taught by adults about servitude to men. Teacher begins to learn her role in life.

The Fantasy Adult Bookstore was located in a lower end shopping district that was comprised of tattoo parlors, tanning salons, lingerie shops, an adult theater and a couple of discount furniture stores. Bill Fraser had owned the building that the bookstore was located for several years and when the tenant defaulted on his rental payments, Bill stepped in and took over the operation. Bill had to make several verbal threats indicating that there could be some physical threats delivered if the owner did not move out as directed.

Bill had been in the business of adult themed shops for almost 15 years on the other side of town. This side of town was a much better location for low crime and it attracted a “higher” class customer if one could be defined. He still had the scum clients that came along with this type of business, but in this location he was able to encourage those types of clients to leave his location.

Bill Fraser was a very big man in stature measuring over 6′ 5″ tall, blond hair, scruffy two-day old beard and weighed a very trim 235 pounds. He is a former football player at the state university and had contacts through-out the state via his more legitimate real estate holdings. But, it was this industry where he found that he could do favors for higher level people that could trust him to be discrete and in turn, they put him into transactions where he could take advantage of changes in zoning, interstate access or foreclosures in the area.

Because of these real estate connections, Bill from time to time was asked to provide women to some of his friends when they were away from their wives visiting the big city. More often than not, the men liked submissive women; a woman who would do what they were told to do, when they were told to do it and without any lip. Bill surmised that the men wanted to feel powerful in the bedroom in the same way they were powerful in the board room.

Through the years, Bill had been able to identify quality women to meet his friend’s requests. With the evolution of the internet, Bill had been able to more readily identify women who were good candidates for submissive roles and more often than not, the women were almost always married, bored housewives. Bill’s stable of women varied. He currently had two recent high school graduates, working for him at his tanning salon just down the street. He had three married women who liked to dabble and have fun from time to time. Bill also had two 24/7 sluts that lived in his condo downtown who were at his beck and call. It had taken him several months to fully break both women. One woman had been married at the time he found her on line at the Wives Who Need Sex website. At the time she was looking for some fun on the side, but she was the perfect candidate to be fully submissive. Her transition to a full slut had taken only two months and her transformation into a 24/7 slave was one of his best triumphs. His other 24/7 slut was his former maid who he had hired as a house keeper who was an illegal resident. She was very easy to turn with the threat of deportation as his strongest ally. He currently was working on another woman, who was married and was a real estate agent. Lisa was going to be a challenge, but he felt like he had identified the appropriate traits of servitude even though Lisa could be down right dominating with the women that worked for her.

And now, his protégé, Todd Spillers, was hand delivering a school teacher to him who he discovered at the Wives Who Need Sex website. This teacher had already submitted to Todd’s various initial demands because of his ability to blackmail his teacher. Todd had shown Bill all of the pictures that he had taken of Summer Wayne in the various positions and situations. It had been Bill’s recommendation to take Summer to Marcos for the piercings as he owned the building and Marcos owed him lots of favors.

As Summer touched the door to the Fantasy Adult Bookstore, her skin began to crawl. “What am I doing here,” Summer said to herself as she pushed the door inwards to gain access.

Bill Fraser was standing behind the counter and noticed the beautiful, mature brunette walk through his door. She was more stunning than Todd had led on. Her tits were on display as the blouse she was wearing only had two buttons and the size 36 breasts were straining against the poor restraints of the blouse. The tight skirt was slit up to mid-thigh and her outfit was completed with the four inch black strapped heels. Sandy had called to tell Bill that all Summer had on was the blouse and skirt. Sandy had also said that she had been able to fuck Summer with her strap on dildo, but she did not allow Summer to cum.

Slowly, Summer’s eyes adjusted to the darkened space. There were red, green and white flashing lights around the inside of the bookstore reflected in the mirrored walls. Summer could see the racks of dirty movies, shelves of marital aides as they were called and a couple of racks of those dirty magazines that James brought home sometimes. Summer could also see a sign over a doorway that indicated that some type of arcade was in the adjacent room. Summer looked around until she found the counter and was surprised to see a very nice looking, big man standing behind it. Summer had always thought that it was a sleazy place and that anyone going into a place like this would also be sleazy.

Slowly, Summer approached the counter and watched as the man behind it was giving her the once over. Summer felt like the man was stripping her clothes off with the way he looked at her. Her black heels made the familiar clicking sound as she crossed the showroom floor, which brought her unwanted attention from the seven patrons she had noticed looking through the racks of dirty movies.

Bill could not contain his thoughts. He wondered to himself how an 18-yearold boy could coerce his high school English teacher into becoming his slut. Bill knew right away that Summer had the makings to be a 24/7 slut and he had wished that he had found her first. Bill, though he dealt in a scrupulous world, wanted to make sure not to trespass onto one of his best client’s son’s conquest. He would be a good boy, give her the training that Todd had requested and then force her out of his store by no later than 7:50 PM.

Bill watched Summer’s breasts bounce as she walked right up to him at the counter. He noticed that she never took her eyes off of him and that she did as she had been told which was a very good trait. Looking at Summer, Bill asked, “Are you lost lady?”

Summer just stood there not knowing what to say. She had hoped that the man would know why she was there and that she would have to have only a limited conversation with him. Summer looked at Bill and said, “Sir, I was instructed to hand you this list.”

“Who instructed you to do that ma’am,” asked Bill.

Now Summer was in a bit of a situation that she was not prepared to discuss with this stranger. So, Summer tried to answer a vaguely as possible, “My husband is out of town and thought it might be a good idea for me to buy some of these items in anticipation of his imminent return.”

Summer slowly handed the list over to the man behind the counter. Bill took his time unfolding the piece of paper and smiled to himself when he saw what was on the list. He had done this before when Todd introduced him to his slut Abby. She had been very easy to break, but she too had a bit of a dominant streak when it came to women, but Abby loved to be made to please men for sure. Todd had shared the pictures that he had received from Lisa, the real estate agent that Abby had taken in the restaurant bar. That was the first interaction between one of Todd’s stable of sluts with one of Bill’s pending sluts. Bill felt that eventually Lisa would be problematic for Todd and his relationship with Summer and he knew that eventually he would have to force Lisa to back off.

Bill looked at Summer, he saw that her chest was heaving and he bet that her palms were damp. Then he said, “What is your name lady?”

“What does it matter what my name is? I just need those items on the list. Are you going to help me or not,” Summer bravely said to Bill.

“Well first of all, you came into my store, dressed like a slut and tell me a load of crap that your husband sent you here for these items,” Bill retorted.

Bill continued, “Secondly, I think you are acting on the instructions of a dominant man who you so want to please.”

“So, I ask again, what is your name slut,” Bill demanded.

“I cannot see why that makes any difference to you. I am here to purchase those items and if you will not help me, then I will just have to go some place else,” Summer said hoping to show that she was in control of the situation.

Bill knew that he had her now. “Well slut, I do not believe you can go anywhere else. The note at the bottom of the page tells me that you must buy the items from this store.” Bill continued, “So, slut, were you instructed to come to this store and hand this list to me?”

Trapped, all Summer could say was, “Yes I was told to come here.”

Bill coolly responded, “See that was not too hard now was it slut. So, tell me your name.”

Summer then told Bill her name and then asked him to please help her with the list. Summer was getting nervous as she could see out of the corners of her eyes that the men in the store had begun to mill around closer to the counter. Summer could feel their eyes on her and one man had been so bold as to rub up against her ever so slightly as he passed by.

“Well Summer you still have not been truthful to me and have not told me who really sent you here today,” Bill said to her.

Summer was now trapped. She was being questioned by this complete stranger and the hands on the clock were clicking closer to 8:00 PM. She dare not be late getting back to the tanning salon as she did not want all of her belongings thrown out into the parking lot.

“Can you please help me with my purchase and not ask me any more questions,” Summer pleaded.

“Well Summer, this list is very specific in nature. It appears to me that the person who made out the list is someone you either are being made to please or that you are willingly pleasing him. So, which is it Summer,” Bill asked.

“I am being made to purchase those items by someone who is making me do it,” Summer confessed.

“That is a good first response Summer, but it does not give me any indication of the kind of man forcing you to come into my store and purchase a list of very erotic items. So tell me who sent you,” Bill loudly commanded.

“Please, won’t you just help me out,” Summer once again pleaded.

“Get the fuck out of my store slut,” Bill shouted.

There were seven men in the store and they were listening intently to the conversation. They were turned on by this sexy woman standing before Bill’s counter and they figured that it was just one of his sluts that he was having a little fun with today. But, the more they watched and listened, it became apparent that this was a new woman. Each gazed at the woman’s ass and tried to get glimpses of her breasts through the stretched fabric of her blouse.

“Please, please don’t make me leave. I have to purchase those items today or I will be in big trouble,” Summer once again pleaded.

Bill responded quite sternly again, “Listen slut, either tell me who sent you and why you are here, or get the fuck out of here.”

Summer was trapped and knew of no other way to get out of the situation than to be honest and tell the man behind the counter what he wanted to know. The whole situation had her on her heels. The fact that she was in that kind of place and that she was being forced to be there was having the same kind of effect she normally associated with instructions and demands from Todd. Summer felt her pussy getting moist and just could not understand why. Her pussy still ached from the sex she had had with Sandy at the tanning salon. Her nipples were pushing against the blouse and she knew that the piercings were making her nipples stand out against the fabric.

Summer gathered her courage and said, “My Master has instructed me to come into your store and purchase the items on that list.”

Bill, continuing to apply the pressure, “Well that was not so hard now was it slut. But, you have not asked me politely and you have not even asked me for my name.”

“Summer quickly replied, “I am so sorry for being rude as I am just uncomfortable with the store. I am nervous as I have never been into such a place in my life. Would you please tell me your name?”

“Well slut, my name is Bill Fraser and I own the business as well as the building. You can call me Sir, if you want my help,” Bill ordered.

“Sir, would you please assist me in my purchase of the items on the list,” Summer now pleaded.

“Do you have any idea what is on the list slut,” Bill asked.

“No sir I do not,” Summer answered.

“Go into the room there left of this counter, through the beads. The first item on the list is a blindfold. Go in, pick out three and I will be there in a few minutes to check out your selections,” Bill ordered.

Summer turned to go into the room to the left of the counter. She was very uncomfortable because the seven men that were in the bookstore had gathered around the front counter and could have heard her whole conversation with Bill. As Summer parted the multi-colored beads, she was pleased that none of the men came in right after her. She was able to go into the room and begin to scan the walls in search of the blindfolds that Bill had told her about.

Summer was aghast with the items she found in the room. On the immediate wall to her left she saw a large array of whips, paddles, leather gloves, leashes, chains, clamps and some items she had no idea what they were. On the larger wall, Summer saw a vast selection of dildo’s, vibrators, butt plugs in various sizes including very large ones, harnesses with vibrators in them and several different wireless devices like the vibrating egg she had. The back wall contained various types of costumes that one might wear to either freaky or erotic masquerade events, which were all too sleazy and revealing for Summer to even think about wearing.

On the last wall, Summer found a very extensive exhibit of blindfolds, leather masks, many different types of hand cuffs, some type of restraining bars labeled spreaders, nipple clamps, clit clamps, cock rings, electronic shocking devices, lubricants of various types, which Summer thought was out of place on that wall and a large selection of very skimpy, brightly colored short dresses in which one might see a hooker on the street.

In the center of the room Summer saw a wooden pole about the size of a rural telephone pole. It had clamps, hooks and chains variously about the full length of the pole that went from the floor to the ceiling. Summer became very concerned for her safety when she saw the pole, but she also wondered to herself what the pole was used for in this very public space.

Summer went over to the wall containing all of the blindfolds and studied them all for a little bit of time. She was not in any hurry as Bill had not come into the room and she could hear him talking with the other customers.

Summer settled on three blindfolds as Bill had directed: a black one with leopard trim, a black satin one and a deep purple blindfold that wrapped almost completely around the head with a back fastener while the other two had Velcro fasteners.

Summer stood in the middle of the room, close to but not touching the pole. She sort of raised her left leg up by rocking back on the four inch heel of her ankle strapped black pumps. Summer began to wonder how much longer she was going to be made to wait in this room because she was becoming a bit unnerved by the contents and the men who were standing just outside of the room.

Summer nervously looked at the clock on the wall and it read 6:00 PM. She knew that she had a limited amount of time and did not want to be put into a position to arrive at the salon after 8:00 PM. Summer nervously tapped her foot on the linoleum floor and she noticed a distinct disinfectant smell like that of chlorox like she used in her home for deep cleaning.

About that time, Bill walked in trailed by two of the seven men who had been in the lobby of the bookstore. “Have you been waiting patiently for me slut,” Bill asked the noticeably nervous teacher.

“Yes sir, I have been patient, but why are those men with you? I thought that this would be a private conversation,” Summer asked.

Bill quickly responded, “Well slut, these men are regular customers of mine. They spend a lot of money with me and we are investors in real estate together. So slut, their presence here gives me the opportunity to show them how some of the items in this room can be used on a willing slut. It is my good fortune that you walked into my store while they were here.”

“But Sir, please ask them to leave so that we can get the list of items purchased and I can be on my way back to the salon by 8:00 PM,” pleaded Summer.

Without responding to Summer, Bill walked over to the poor English teacher and took each of the blindfolds from her. He held them up in front of Summer’s face to give the added effect of her being blindfolded while there were other men in the room with him. Bill knew that this further unnerved the teacher, his protégé’s slut. He knew that he had some time to play with her, but Bill also knew that for the teacher to fully understand that she was a slut and slave to Todd, she would have to be taught that her body, as well as her mind, were instruments for servitude to her Master.

Bill decided on the purple blindfold that would wrap fully around the poor teacher’s head, but had a clasp fastener. Bill told Summer to put it on. When Summer hesitated, Bill simply slapped the poor teacher across her face with his powerful right hand. Summer stumbled backwards and almost fell, but the large pole in the middle of the room prevented her fall.

With trembling hands and a stinging face, Summer slowly raised the blindfold up to her eyes and she covered them snuggly. Summer then had to raise both of her arms above her head to try and fasten the purple blindfold, which caused her full breasts to strain against her blouse. Finally, Summer was able to completely fasten the blindfold in place; her world was steeped in darkness and then lowered her hands down to her sides. Summer knew that Bill and the other man were still in the room, but she wondered if the other customers that were in the store had now joined her in the room.

“Very good job slut. Now, raise your hands above your head and wrap them around the pole,” commanded Bill.

Summer hesitantly did as she was directed and tried very hard to calm her nerves. She knew that she was in a bad place and position, but something about this man made her pussy begin to flow and she could feel her nipples becoming even stiffer. As she grabbed the pole, she could feel her breasts jutting outwards and felt that the buttons of her blouse were going pop at any moment.

Summer did not have to wait too long as she felt hands on her blouse and she knew that the two buttons holding the blouse together were being unbuttoned, but by whom she did not know. Once freed of buttons, Summer’s blouse immediately spread revealing her deep cleavage, the beginnings of a deep tan from her salon sessions and it was easy to see her breasts rise and fall with each nervous breath.

Bill standing in front of the poor teacher ripped the blouse tearing the blouse from Summer’s body. Immediately, Summer lowered her hands to cover her breasts hoping to prevent anyone from seeing her nipple piercings. Her action brought an immediate reaction from Bill who slapped Summer across both of her cheeks, forced her hands back up over her head and immediately hooked the right and then the left into leather bindings attached to the pole. Next, Bill took both nipple piercings between his index fingers and thumbs. Summer gasped in pain as Bill began to pull as well as twist her nipples that were still sore from the piercings from the previous Saturday at Marcos’ tattoo/ piercing salon.

Summer let out a loud scream as the pain being inflicted by Bill was more than she could stand. Bill leaned in close to Summer’s left ear and shouted, “Who the fuck said that you could remove your hands form the pole slut?”

“I was not prepared for you to rip my blouse off,” replied the poor teacher.

“I told you to call me SIR goddamnit slut,” Bill once again shouted as he pulled Summer’s nipples further away from her body.

Summer felt like Bill was going to rip her nipples from her breasts any moment. The gold bar piercings were being twisted and pulled by her new tormentor and she could only reply, “I am sorry Sir, please forgive me.”

Bill released some pressure on Summer’s nipples, but this was one of her first lessons of the evening as his job was to reinforce her submissiveness to any dominant man that she came in contact with. Bill and Todd had devised a strategy in which Summer would be transformed from the conservative teacher to the wanton slut they both knew she could become. They had talked at length on Sunday while Summer had been subjected to the sex escapade that Bill’s future slut Lisa had forced onto her at her house with her husband Steve.

It had been Bill’s direction for Lisa to go to Summer’s house as he knew she was required to lie in the sun as Todd had directed. Bill knew that Lisa would be very forceful with Summer and that her husband Steve would be a willing accomplice. What Lisa did not realize was that Bill was beginning his work on her to convert her into a whore for his business partners. He would be able to eventually use her domination against the poor teacher to his advantage. And, Bill knew, if he pushed Lisa further onto Summer, that his protégé would eventually become enraged and help him to convert her. But that was a different day and time. Tonight, his plan was to strip Summer of her inhabitations of forced sex and to force her to learn how to suck cock.

Bill released Summer’s nipples and he heard a quiet moan of relief emanate from the teacher. Bill reached down to grab the fabric on either side of the slit of Summer’s skirt and with his powerful hands; he ripped the skirt completely from her body. Now Summer stood completely exposed to him and his customers in the room as well as the other customers straining for glances from the outer showroom. Next Bill grabbed Summer’s left hand and unhooked the leather binding from the pole. He then, spun Summer around until she faced the pole and he reattached her left hand to the pole above her head.

“So Slut, do you know the next item you are required to purchase tonight,” Bill asked.

“No sir” was Summer’s quiet reply.

“Give me that four foot spreader bar from the wall over there,” Bill instructed his helper.

Once the man brought the stainless steel bar to Bill, they each fastened one of Summer’s ankles to each end of the bar with handcuff type attachments covered in pink fur. Now Summer was tied to the pole and her feet were separated by the spreader bar. Next, Bill and his helper moved Summer’s wrist bindings from the pole down to the spreader bar and fastened each wrist to the outer leather fastener that held her ankles. Next, Bill ran a wide leather strap under Summer’s abdomen that had loops on the ends. Bill quickly attached the loops to a chain that hung from the top of the pole. This strap would help to support Summer’s weight for the next binding of the poor English teacher.

Bill ran a thin leather strap around each of Summer’s elbows, pulling it tightly against her skin; he then ran it between Summer’s elbows and attached the leather strap to a hook near the top of the pole. In this position, Summer was held firmly in place with her ass and pussy fully exposed to everyone.

Bill looked down at Summer’s ass; he placed his hand between the ass cheeks of the poor English teacher and ran his fingers down across her ass hole until he reached her pussy. He was very pleased to find that Summer had grown wet, which further confirmed his and Todd’s suspicions that she could indeed be the kind of slut that would be easily controlled as well as influenced by direction. Bill gave a slight tug on each of the rings piercing her pussy lips.

Bill then said to Summer, “Well, you now know that you are required to purchase a blindfold and a spreader bar. Your next purchase is a leather paddle for your ass to invoke punishment for your failures.”

“Oh my God no,” Summer cried.

Bill then replied, “Oh, I see you are not prepared to pick out your favorite paddle. So, I will pick one for you slut. But, first we will need to try-out several to make sure that we get just the right one for you so that your failures can be appropriately corrected.”

“No please sir, I promise to be good and always do as I am told,” Summer pleaded.

Bill, not paying any attention to the bound woman in his shop, walked over to the wall that contained all kinds of pain administering devices. He ran his hands over the lengths of leather whips, saddle crops, cat-o-nine tails and finally long flat lengths of leather straps held by various types of handles.

Summer became even more afraid as she realized that this man was going to beat her to death with those devices and no one would ever know she was there. She was thankful that there had been at least seven men who saw her come into the bookstore. Surely they would come to her rescue once they heard her screams.

Summer was not prepared for what happened next. The man who had been identified as Bill’s helper grabbed a large handful of Summer’s long brunette hair at the back of her head and suddenly yanked her head upwards. This action caused her mouth to fly open and her yelp was smothered by the man’s cock sliding into her mouth. Summer tried to push the invading cock out of her mouth, but the pain she was receiving from her hair being pulled from her head prevented her from forcing the cock out. Summer suddenly bit down on the cock and she was pleased with herself when the man grunted in agony from the bite.

But, Summer’s sense of control of the situation, at least a cock in her mouth was short lived when the man cried out, “Bill, this bitch bit my cock.”

Bill turned from the wall of pain and walked the few steps back over to Summer and asked, “Why would you bite a cock that was being fed to you to service slut?”

“I am not here to service any cocks. Now let me go and I will not tell any one about what has happened here today,” came Summer’s meek reply.

“Oh no slut. Your time here is not over as it is just beginning. You see, you must understand that in the presence of a man, your sole role and purpose in life is to submit your body and mind in bringing pleasure. Until you learn that, your life will be filled with pain and punishment,” Bill hissed.

Bill grabbed the same mat of hair as his helper had held in his hands as he had forced his cock into Summer’s mouth. Bill then asked the teacher, “Are you ready to comply with my demand slut?”

Summer only shook her head and clamped her mouth shut as tightly as she could as the helper tried to force his cock between her lips. Summer tried to move her head from side to side to not allow the man access to her mouth. She was being successful in keeping the stranger’s cock out of her mouth when suddenly Bill released her hair and she was able to force her head downwards toward the floor away from the swaying cock of her most recent tormentor.

What Summer was not expecting was the feeling of her ass exploding in pain. While she had been turning her head from side to side refusing to suck the helper’s cock, Bill had gone about his duty to select a proper punishment devise to get Summer’s complete attention. He of course did not want to scar the poor English teacher’s body, but he was going to make sure that her mind completely understood her role in life from this point forward.

Bill’s right hand, holding the long handle of the 18-inch long leather paddle, forcefully lashed through the air and as his helper watched, the full length of the leather paddle found its mark across both ass cheeks of the bound teacher.

Summer let out an ear shattering scream as the pain from the first blow was overtaken by the second more forceful blow on her ass cheeks. Summer turned her head and was about to again protest, but Bill’s right arm swung again downward as the leather paddle once again found its mark on her ass. Summer screamed again and begged him to stop.

Bill did not pay any attention to the teacher’s screams as he began a rapid fire assault on Summer’s ass. Bill concentrated in moving his assault on the poor teacher’s ass by placing his strokes up and down her ass going up to the small of her back and down below her ass cheeks to the very tops of her legs. Summer’s screams were heightened each time as the pain from one lash was overtaken by the pain of the next.

Summer thought that she had counted 10 strikes on her ass, but it felt like a thousand tiny fires were erupting all across her ass. Her pain was heightened by the feel of Bill’s rough hands rubbing across the whelps now rising from her beating. Summer remembered the pain from Todd’s paddling on Monday night, but this pain was much worse. Her feet being held in place by the stainless steel spreader, her wrist clasped in the handcuffs and her arms being held together with the leather strapped attached to the pole above her head all contributed to the pain being administered to her.

Bill leaned in and asked, “Are you going to open that fuck hole of a mouth and take this man’s cock slut?”

Summer tightened her lips and jaw and just shook her head from side to side. This was the reaction for which Bill was hopeful. Summer still had some will that he needed to break, but he knew she would fall further into the inevitable depravity of her situation very soon.

For a moment, Summer felt like she may have won in her battle refusing to suck a stranger’s cock at the direction of Bill Fraser, a man she had never met. But, Summer’s victory smirk was short lived as Bill administered ten more lashes with the wide leather paddle.

For a moment they left Summer alone and allowed her ass to scream in pain from the 20 lashes she had received, but Bill left the paddle lying across her back as a not so subtle reminder of her predicament. Bill soon returned with an iphone utilizing its face call feature. Bill pulled the purple blindfold up away from Summer’s eyes. Bill slid the phone in front of Summer’s face and she quickly saw that the face on the phone was that of Todd, her Master T.

Summer’s heart sank as it now became apparent to her that Bill was an extension of Todd’s domination over her. Summer began to cry and turned her head away from the phone. But, Todd was having none of that.

“Slut, why are you not doing as you are told by my good friend Bill Fraser,” Todd asked.

Summer was crying almost uncontrollably now understanding her situation again like it had been described to her many times since she sent that fucking picture out in an email last Thursday evening, which was only 6 nights ago. Here she was now bound in an adult book store, stripped naked and having just suffered the worst spanking of her life. But that paled in comparison to her realization that she was lost and her life would now be reduced to pleasing men as directed.

“Master T, I am sorry, but I did not know Bill Fraser until this evening. I was only trying to purchase the items that you left in the note with Sandy,” sobbed Summer.

“Slut, look at me,” commanded Todd.

Summer turned her head and fixed her eyes on the small screen that was held in Bill’s powerful hands. Her arms and back were aching and her ass was still stinging from the beating that had been administered by Bill with the leather paddle.

Todd very calmly and quietly, because he was still in Washington and did not want to be overheard, said to his teacher slut, “Do not make the mistake of not doing as you are instructed by Bill. While I am not there, he will be your Master. DO AS HE SAYS!”

The connection went blank and Bill took the phone away. He waited a couple of minutes to let the phone call settle in. He and Todd had schemed to have the call made at 6:30 PM sharp so Bill had been working hard to force Summer to resist. Now Bill knew that he would be able to break her will power further.

It was a shame really he thought. Summer Wayne was a very attractive woman, her body was in great shape, she was only 40 years old and she appeared to be a great English teacher. Bill could not, for the life of him, understand why a woman like this would be on the “Wives Who Need Sex” website when she could have any man she wanted. Now, because of her indiscretion, Todd had discovered that Summer was in fact a true submissive. She needed more training and reinforcement, but Bill could see that she would be a very good slut. Too bad her talents would be wasted on an 18-yearold high school student. He could use her in his business. He made a mental note to see if he could negotiate that with Todd at some future time.

Bill brought in a drink concoction that he had developed over time. It was like a roofie, but it did not render the person completely incapacitated. He knew from experience that the ingredients not only rendered the person free of inhibitions, but it always heightened their sexual appetite. For this evening, he had made a stronger version than he normally did because he did not want to give the teacher a chance.

In a calm voice Bill said, “Here Summer drink this. I bet your mouth and throat are parched. This will help a little.”

Bill placed the plastic cup with the straw up to Summer’s mouth and she drank thirstily. To himself, Bill said, “That is right Summer drink it all down. In a few minutes you will not even care what I do to you or make you do.”

Bill’s helper turned out to be an old friend that was down on his luck. He had been a banker for Bill, but the bank that he had worked for had been closed by regulators during the bank crisis there in Georgia. His friend, Lee, had been Bill’s personal banker and had been responsible for several of Bill’s more creative financing vehicles for the acquisition of marginal properties that initially did quite well. As Bill’s performance had gone up, so did the career of Lee. Unfortunately for Bill and Lee, the US Economy turned south and marginal real estate investments tumbled every day. Bill sometimes included Lee in these little forays into depravity of a woman. He wanted to see how Lee reacted as it was his desire to bring Lee in on his take over of Lisa, the real estate agent who had screwed Lee and Bill out of several prime deals in the past.

Bill and his accomplice Lee left Summer suspended from the pole so that the doctored drink she had just consumed could take effect. Basically, the drink was a concoction that Bill had developed over time and had been used on women to coax them into submission. Some women developed more slowly than he liked and he found that this drink plus pictures usually did the trick. But because Todd Spiller had all the necessary pictures to force Summer into the blackmail situation that she was now in, more incriminating pictures were not necessary. But, Bill did have a photo history of his conquests and this one might be a good addition to the collection. He gave his digital camera to one of the men outside the room and indicated to him to fully document the slut’s submission, but to make sure that no man’s face was shown.

Tied in this position was beginning to cause Summer’s arms and legs to begin to become numb. Her limbs were also in varying degrees of pain. Her thighs and hamstrings were taunt held in place by the spreader bar with her ankles and wrists tightly fastened, while still in the 4 inch strapped heels. With her elbows tied together and pulled upwards with the leather strap attached to the pole in the center of the room, her upper arms were causing her quite a bit of pain. Summer could not move her arms or her legs. All she could do was wiggle her hands, fingers and toes. She subconsciously continued to squeeze and flex her digits in an effort to keep the blood flowing through her limbs. But, her ass was still on fire. The leather strap had been expertly used by Bill and had inflicted a great deal of pain in a limited number of strokes.

Summer’s head began to swim just a little, but she attributed it to the position she was in as the thought of being drugged never occurred to her. Summer was able to gaze around the room and noticed all of the punishment trappings still on the wall. She tried to look on her back to see the 18 inch leather paddle lying there, but she could not crane her neck sufficiently to get a quick glimpse of the paddle. She wondered how her ass looked at that moment.

Summer began to feel a little faint and called out to Bill, “Sir, I am not feeling too good. Can you please release me as I think I am going to faint.”

“Oh, don’t worry Summer it is just the drink that I gave you. In a few minutes, your body will be telling me that you need to fuck,” replied Bill.

Summer quickly replied, “What did you give me?”

Bill then picked up the leather paddle and quickly gave Summer five quick and hard slaps across her ass. “What did you say slut?”

Summer quickly and compliantly said, “Sir, what did you give me?”

Bill then told Summer that it was a special drink for sluts to make them really need cock. Additionally, it dulled the extremities of the lips, pussy, ass and nipples. He also went on to tell the poor English teacher that she would be given 100 slaps across her ass the next time that she failed to comply with his instructions or did not refer to the men in the shop as Sir.

Bill took the handle of the paddle, placed it under Summer’s chin and then raised her head upwards as he asked her, “Do you understand slut.”

All Summer could say was, “Yes sir.”

Bill removed the paddle and Summer lowered her head. She stared at the floor tiles which were a patterned black and white checker board. As she stared, Summer’s head began to swim and she began to wobble. But, her restraints kept her upright, but the strain of the straps made her legs and arms ache that much more.

Summer then heard footsteps coming towards her in the room. She wondered how many of the men had come into the room. She knew that Bill and his accomplice Lee were already in the room. Hands lowered the blindfold back over her eyes drawing Summer back into the dark, frightening world of her tormentor. Bill took up a position behind Summer and slipped the middle finger of his right hand into the teacher’s pussy. “Ah, just as I thought, slut, your pussy is leaking pussy juice. The drugs in your drink are working,” snarled Bill.

Bill began to work his middle finger in and out of the teacher’s pussy. Summer could hear the slurping sounds each time the finger was withdrawn from her pussy. Bill then took his index finger and middle finger of the right hand and used them to saw in and out of the pussy. With each thrust of his finger, Bill felt Summer push back against them. Bill forced his fingers deep into the teacher’s pussy and did not withdraw them. Instinctively, Summer began to move back and forth against the fingers fucking herself without any assistance from Bill. Summer’s movements got the attention of the customers and her high pitched squeal that she let out each time the fingers were forced deeper into her pussy let them know that the drink was indeed doing its magic on the poor teacher.

Without so much as a warning, Bill took his pussy juice covered middle finger and slipped into Summer’s ass hole. His plan was to stretch the teacher’s ass hole for his pleasure after the seven men had had their way with her. Bill had taken a bottle of Astro Glide Jell from the shelf and dribbled the liquid down the crack of Summer’s ass. He took the black butt plug and began running the length of Summer’s ass crack making sure to coat it with the jell. Bill placed the tip of the plug against Summer’s puckered ass hole, meeting resistance at first, but with pressure Bill was able to force the one inch diameter, six inch long butt plug completely inserted in the teacher’s ass.

This was her thirtieth birthday, and she was spending it doing absolutely nothing. She turned off her cell phone and her house phone not wanting to even have anyone wish her a happy birthday. Today she did what she loved most, soaking up the sun at the beach while reading her favorite novel. Walking into her small cottage, Lilly began to peel her bathing suit off, after her swim in the salty water of the bay, she needed to get rinsed off.

Not to mention the need to cool the arousal she felt after watching the hunky lifeguard Jerri all day as he sat there, his oiled skin glistening in the sun. He was showing off his incredible body and well defined hump in the front of his shorts. While she stared at him from her spot on the sandy shore, she had all kinds of wild fantasies about him. Then, there was the beach patrol officer Adam with his dark sexy eyes and a near godlike body, he too looked like he was well endowed and would be a nice fit between her legs.

The images of her mouth and pussy being fed both his and the equally attractive beach officers cocks had her horny and needing to have sex. She stepped into the hot steamy spray and began to lather up, her soapy slippery hands caressing her own breasts making her nipples go rigid and erect. It had been way to long since a man touched her, as she pinched her own nipples harder she moaned.

Slowly, she pulled and rolled her nipples as the heat between her legs grew, and as she released one of her swollen breasts, she trailed her hand down over her firm soft flesh toward her smooth bare pussy. Slowly slipping her fingers in between the folds of flesh, Lilly parted them to expose her clit to the spray from the shower as she arched her hips forward. The feelings of the pounding water against her made her spasm, and she drove her fingers into herself needing the release of an orgasm. Pumping into herself, she remembered her large purple vibrator on the nightstand in the bedroom. She thought about going to go use it as her cunt tightened as a small quake rolled over her as she climbed towards her climax.

She pushed a finger into her other entrance and fought not to collapse as the heated tendrils rushed up her spine.

“Oh god yeah!” she moaned loudly; it had been awhile since she had masturbated, and this was feeling heavenly as her clenching core gripped onto her fingers so tightly she had a hard time moving them. Then it was shattered as a loud knock at the door brought her out of her fantasies of the Lifeguard and the officer both fucking her to an end.

“Just a minute!” she yelled out as she wrapped a bathrobe around herself and rushed to the door.

Opening the door just enough to see who it was, she felt a heated rush tingle her face, and she knew she was blushing as the hunky beach cop stood outside her door looking at her.

“Ma’am may I have a moment please?” he asked, and her knees trembled from both the deep sexy voice and the fear of why he needed to talk to her.

“Yes, why is something wrong?” she asked as she opened the door. Her heart skipped a beat, standing right behind him was the lifeguard, he had a scowl on his face, and he was staring at her.

“That’s her!” Jerri said gruffly his voice was deep and husky.

As the officer Adam stepped inside the lifeguard followed him, and she saw a small pink polka-dot bag in the officer’s hand.

“Oh my! That’s my beach bag!” she stated.

“Yes, do you know there is a five hundred dollar fine for littering on my beach!” the life guard retorted.

“What! No I didn’t litter, and I didn’t mean to leave it there!” she snapped trying to defend herself.

“It doesn’t matter if you meant to or not the fact is you did!” he said giving her a slowly appraising look.

“But…Well I …” she was flabbergasted.

“Now I need your information.” Adam, said as he set her bag down on the coffee table and she watched Jerri take a look around.

Lily told him her name and actual home address’s and then her line of work. As a local lounge singer she had a little fan following and hoped that it might help.

“I knew I recognized you.” Jerri stated, and she turned around as his voice sounded a loft, and she saw him as he headed towards her bedroom.

The bright purple dildo was sitting on the night stand and she knew there would be no way he’d miss it if he walked in there. She bolted for her room to close the door as he was about to step inside, she tripped on the loose rug and slammed into the lifeguard. Accidentally knocking him into the bedroom, he lost his balance as he grappled a hold of her to keep from falling. It didn’t help, and he was pulling her down to the floor with him.

“Oh god I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed as she moved to stand not realising her robe was caught under him and in her rush to get off him; it pulled the garment free.

The Cop chuckled behind her, and she attempted to cover herself with her arms as she saw the large bulge in Jerri’s short tent the material.

“Oh god!” she stammered and turned to flee to the washroom but smacked into the unmoving wall of Officer Adam.

“Now that’s something you don’t see every day.” he said as his hand griped around her waist and pulled her closer, his mouth took hers savagely, and she shivered.

As his hand kneaded the padding of her ass, she moaned, having had teased herself to the edge of an orgasm only minutes ago her flesh was still ripe with desire.

“You’re a hot little thing.” she heard Jerri say as his hands traced her skin and then roughly moved to fondle her breast. A heated moan fled her lips, and as she felt the officer’s finger slid up into her molten cunt she nearly came on them.

“Fuck your already nice and creamy baby.” Adam said as he slowly fingered her wanting pussy.

“Is she?”Jerri asked while his mouth caressed her ear lobe. Lily felt his hands trail down to her pussy, and she felt another set of fingers slip into her already tight body.

“Oh yeah you are hot and ready.” she heard him say as she felt his naked cock brush her ass cheeks, she tried to recall him removing his shorts but couldn’t.

“Do you want us to fuck that tight little cunt baby?” Adam asked as he thrust into her harder.

“Oh yes please!” she moaned as her pussy tightened on their fingers forging deeply into her.

“Then get down on your knees and suck on my cock first. I want to take my time fucking your cunt!” he ordered, she dropped before him and fumbled with his uniform trying to take it off him. The monster cock that brushed her bottom lips was way bigger than any cock she had ever seen and as she stared to tease the head, he yanked a fist full of her hair.

“No! Don’t tease it, I want you to suck me off now!” He demanded and as she parted her lips, he began to fuck her mouth forcing her head still as he did.

Every deep thrust of his hips drove more of him into her mouth, and she tried to suck on it but found it nearly impossible to do as he was so thick and long.

“Baby deeper, take it deeper …of yeah just like that! Suck my cock deeper, oh god that’s it baby.” he instructed her. Lilly heard a soft moan from behind her, and the low thudding sound filled her ears. It mingled with the heavy grunts and groans from Adam.

She knew Jerri was jerking off behind her and the image it gave her made her moan on the meat stuffed down her throat.

“Ah fuck yeah i hope your really thirsty baby, drink all of it ” he nearly yelled as his cum splashed against the back of her throat, and she gagged a little at the amount of cum he pumped into her mouth. Lilly tried not to gag as she swallowed his load in large gulps while he continued to pump slowly so he could let it all stay in her mouth.

“Oh that was good baby!” Adam told her as she felt Jerri’s hands on her face, turning her to look at the very large swollen cock he was pumping in his fist.

“My turn baby!” he gasped and as she opened her mouth, he held her at bay spraying thick white strands of cum into her opened mouth as he jacked himself harder.

“Drink it baby, I want you to swallow my juice!” he ordered and she did as she was told. The thought of begin told want to do had her thighs coated in her cream as she was more turned on then she had ever been.

Adam and Jerri both helped her to stand, and Adam began to undress as Jerri backed her into the bedroom.

“Lay on the bed.” Jerri instructed as Adam walked in she noticed he was completely naked, and he had two sets of handcuffs in his hands.

She stood there frozen for a moment, her fears racing through her mind, and as she began to have her doubts, she felt Jerri grip her arm and toss her down onto the bed. The two of them made short work of getting her wrists pulled up to the bedpost, and Adam cuffed her in place by both her wrist the then struggled to do the same to one of her legs.

They stood there staring at her with erections, both looking hungrily at her and Jerri’s eyes drifted to the night stand, and he smiled.

“Oh baby I think we are going to have some real fun with you!” he said as he grabbed the thick long toy and traced its tips over her lips.

Pushing the hard plastic into her mouth, he forced her to suck on the toy as Adam’s finger pinched and roughly pulled her nipples. A buzz rippled over her as Adam bit her nipple suddenly and she cried out over the plastic toy being thrust deeper into her throat.

“Baby you like that?” Jerri said as his partner thrust his hand between her legs, she felt his fingers begin to drive into her tight cunt. A moan slipped out of her throat, and over the toy as Jerri pushed it in until she took all eight inches of it and then he pulled it out allowing her time to breath before he slowly thrust it in to the hilt again and she jerked hard on the fingers inside her as she started to cum.

The fingers were pulled from her pussy as Jerri pulled the toy from her mouth and handed it to Adam before he pulled her head up to meet his cock.

“Suck it baby before I fuck you with it!” he told her sending wild fire coursing over her with his words.

Gagging on the sheer length of him as he drove into her mouth with less mercy then he had with the toy. The feeling of Adam’s mouth on her clit caused her to buck feverishly and as the hard plastic head of her dildo pressed into her tight clenching cunt she began to cum harder and her body convulsed.

When he turned the vibrator on in the dildo, her body began to shudder, and she mindlessly succumbed to his mouth sucking on her clit as he fucked her savagely with the toy.

“OH god, suck it baby really hard if you want me to fuck you!” Jerri exclaimed as he fisted his hand into her hair and was burying himself into her throat causing her to gag on him. He continued to pump deep, down her throat, each thrust causing her to gag. Her mouth was watering so badly that his cock was thickly coated in her salvia.

“Oh yeah baby, take it up the ass hard.”Adam groaned and Jerri slammed harder into her.

“Horny little slut likes getting rammed full of dick don’t you!” Jerri roared into her ear, and she felt him get stiff and Adam too and as their heat jets emptied into her body, hers went into another mind-blowing climax.

Pulling out of her both men got up and left the room after Adam stuffed a pair of her panties he had taken from her dresser into her mouth. She could hear them as they took turns showering and getting something to eat before they returned to her and as Jerri got up on the bed and pulled the gag out, the other took out a camera from the beach bag she had thought was hers.

“Come on baby time for another drink.” Jerri told her as he fed his cock into her mouth, her long slow sucking motion soon had the man trembling as he pumped deeper into her mouth.

She felt her wrist become freed, and her dildo was placed in her hand.

“Fuck yourself with it!” Adam ordered his voice deep and husky, Slowly Lilly teased her pussy with the tip of the toy sliding it between her lips and then jut into the creamy well. The mixture of Adam’s cum and her own coated the toy as she slid it into herself. She groaned on the large cock she began to take deeper into her throat. The sudden thrusting of his hips had her desperately trying to keep up, but she started to gag as he buried himself fully into her mouth and her eyes bulged at the enormous size chocking her. Then the heated stream washed into her throat as she gagged on his load as he forced her to keep him lodge in her throat as he emptied all his cum into her throat.

“That a girl now make yourself cum.” Jerri told her. He watched as she masturbated with the dildo and as her climax started to climb higher to the point it would wash over her. She felt Adam slid in behind her and push her onto her side.

“Time to fill your ass baby.” he growled as he plunged into her in one hard movement, completely burying himself, and she took the shakes.

“I’m cuming” she scream and the toy was pulled from her tight wet cunt as Jerri lifted her one unbound leg and he drilled himself into her as she again spasmed mindlessly on the cocks forcing their way in and out of her

“More oh god yes, please fuck me deeper, harder! Oh I’m cuming again!” she continued to cry out as wave after wave of her climax crashed in on her and Lilly experienced another multiply orgasm. A hot gush of her cum forced its way out of her pussy slashing both her lovers.

Gripping her hair, Adam yanked her head back as he and Jerri showed her no mercy and gave her what she was begging them for. Never had she been fucked so brutally hard in her life, it made her raw and on fire, the heated streams of cum that shot deeply both her cunt and ass again drove her to an orgasm, and she collapsed in between the two men.

As her body slowly finished climaxing, she felt the men spent and limp slip out of her.

“You’re going to make such a good little sex toy.” Adam said as his hand twisted her over and his fingers sank into both her cum soaked holes. It was too much too soon as she cried out as he tormented her flesh forcing her body to endure more orgasms while Jerri filmed them as her dildo made its way deeply into her ass she felt as if she would die from cuming to much.

“I told you I planned on taking my time fucking you baby” Adam told her as he stopped what he was doing and forced her over onto her belly and pulled her arms behind her cuffing them there.

“Jerri thinks you’ll make a great toy for us to play with Lilly, would you like us to use you as a toy?” Adam asked and as she tried to cry out her fake protest, his cock filled her cunt just after he turned the vibrator on in her ass, the cry turned to a deep moan.

“Oh yes please…I want more!” she muttered out as Adam fucked her harder and faster making her bed squeak loudly at his feverish pumping drove her to cum again.

“Are you enjoying this baby?” Adam breathed heavy into her ear.

“Oh god yes.” she breathed out now barely able to talk.

“I’m glad you like your birthday present baby!” he whispered pumping her pussy harder still until he grunted deeply, and she felt his load streaming into her.

Looking to her roommate and then to her boyfriend Lilly smiled, she was tired and sore, but both men still looked more than able to keep going. This had to be the best birthday present she had ever gotten from her boyfriend Adam. Taking their sex games to a whole new level and fulfilling one of her many fantasies, she was glad Adam was so open-minded.

This story continues on from “A Second Life – Chapter 3″.

Once again, all the characters, places and events in the story are pure fiction and straight out of my active imagination. I do not accept any responsibility for any resemblance to real people, places or events that occur anywhere.


It was still dark when Zach woke and carefully climbed out of the bed so as not to disturb Julie and Melanie while they slept soundly. He quietly grabbed some clothes and crept out of the bedroom with Sam silently following him, and dressed in the corridor just outside the bedroom doorway. Once dressed, man and dog walked out to the kitchen to begin their usual rituals for the start of the new day.

Zach tiptoed to his upstairs office with the first coffee from the pot and began to organise his desk, check his emails and contemplate how wonderful his life seemed to be going. He had just finished arranging his to-do list for the day, and headed back downstairs for a refill.

“Just in time! I’m about to pour myself a coffee. You ready for your second cup yet?” Julie’s voice called out from the kitchen.

Zach came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her middle, one hand slipping under her new silk dressing gown that only just went past her hips. He rested his hand on a breast and gave it a gentle squeeze, kissing the back of her neck at the same time. As Julie half turned towards him, her dressing gown opened and slid off one shoulder. She held her hand over his and pressed it into her breast, tilting her head up for a warm open-mouthed kiss.

“Morning babe. I was just about to make you some breakfast. What do you fancy?” she muttered when their lips finally parted.

“Just you!” Zach answered, and lowered his lips to gently suck on her exposed neck, slowly licking his way down to the nipple he was pinching between his fingers.

“Mmmm, that would be nice, but I think I need a couple of days rest after last night first!” Julie replied with a light squeeze of the muscle resting inside his trousers and pressing against her hip.

Zach, Julie and Melanie had been sleeping together for several weekends. The only few weekends they hadn’t slept together were the ones when both women had their periods. Even then, Melanie spent those weekends up at the main house instead of in the cottage at the bottom of the hill, and both women enjoyed the special attention Zach gave them with foot and back massages, hot water bottles, and non-sexual gentle cuddles. The young girl was now considered part of the family, and Julie no longer charged her any rent to stay at the cottage.

Their sexual escapades the previous night had left everyone breathless and exhausted, but very sexually satisfied. They enjoyed sex in almost every position, and in every combination possible between a man and two women. Zach had spent the first part of the session alternating between fucking Julie and Melanie from behind as they knelt side by side on the bed, both girls kissing each other passionately while Zach was thrusting away eagerly behind them. After a while Julie shifted so that she lay with her head under Melanie so as to lick and suck on her young breasts while Zach continued ploughing into the young blonde. He would occasionally slide his hard cock all the way out, slick and dripping from her juices, then slam it back into her wet and hungry vagina, drawing out grunts of pleasure from Melanie as she came ever closer to her first orgasm for the night.

Julie recognised the tell-tale signs, and shifted once again, this time further up the bed but with her legs opened wide under Melanie’s face, and handed her one of the large dildos on the bedside table. Melanie understood the older woman’s unspoken request, and commenced to simultaneously slide the latex phallus in and out of Julie’s wet cunt while sucking and licking her sensitive blood-engorged clit.

The combination of Melanie’s light gentle oral caresses on the mouth of her sensitive vagina, and the steady in and out rhythm of the dildo proved too much for Julie. With a groan, she reached down to pull the dildo out then climaxed, reaching her hands around the back of Melanie’s head to pull her face hard into her crotch. As the full force of her orgasm erupted a large squirt of her juices poured out right into the young blonde’s hungry mouth.

That was also too much for Melanie. Zach’s animal-like thrusts behind her, and the taste of the sudden flow of Julie’s juices from her drenched cunt brought on Melanie’s own powerful orgasm. She pushed hard backwards into Zach, and with a grunt she felt the inner muscles of her vagina grip hard around Zach’s hard shaft as every part of her from her stomach down to her knees began to jerk uncontrollably in sheer raw pleasure.

As Melanie slowly came down from climax, Julie got an idea and thought it might be interesting to try out. She carefully moved off the bed and whispered to Melanie to lie face up in the position she had just vacated. She motioned to Zach to continue fucking with the young blonde, but this time in the missionary position. Zach was only too happy to oblige, since he could feel that his orgasm was not too far away as well.

Julie could see Zach’s hard penis pistoning in and out of Melanie’s tight opening, the shaft clearly slick from her flowing juices. So as not to disturb his rhythm, she slowly and carefully climbed back onto the bed behind Zach, her knees level with but inside his feet. Julie slowly shuffled forward and moulded the front of her body against the back of his. With her pelvis flush against Zach’s buttocks, she could feel his eager and forceful thrusts into Melanie, whose legs were splayed out wide on either side of his hips. Julie mimicked Zach’s thrusts, helping him push even harder into Melanie. From her position above and behind Zach, she could look into Melanie’s eyes as well as see some of the expression on one side of Zach’s face.

Zach could feel Julie’s pelvis thrusting and pushing against his backside with a tempo that matched his own while he plunged his penis into Melanie. He felt like the meat in a human sandwich, and felt strangely turned on by the sensation. He could see Melanie’s nostrils starting to flare as flames of her passion again started to rise. He could also see the look of pure lust in her eyes as they darted between his own and Julie’s behind him. He could hear Julie’s deep breathing and whispered words of encouragement by his ear.

“Come on baby, fuck her good. Oh yeah, she’s loving this! We’re both fucking her!” Julie panted.

Julie eased a hand between her lower abdomen and his buttocks to gently caress his testicles. When the caress changed to a gentle squeeze, Zach felt as if all the muscles between his belly button and his knees went into one huge prolonged spasm, and he came with a force he had previously not experienced. It felt like the volume of cum that erupted from deep within him would have filled a bathtub.

As Zach’s thrusting spasms subsided, Julie leaned forward a little more, searching for Zach’s lips. Zach turned his face a little, and Melanie lifted her head a couple of inches, so that they were able to share a three-sided kiss, each exploring the others lips and tongues with their own.

Zach sat back and recovered while he watched both women engage in a long sixty-nine session that included vibrators and fingers, and ended only after they had each had brought the other to orgasm several times.

Towards the end of the night Zach lay on his back while Julie rode him, with Melanie sitting astride his face grinding her pussy on his tongue and mouth, and facing the older woman. He could hear both women kissing each other, and with his hand occasionally reaching up to fondle one or the other’s breast, he could tell that they were fondling each other there as well.

Julie’s urgent grinding told him she was close to another climax, and before long he felt the familiar shudder in her pelvis and her inner muscles start to tensing as the pressure of her orgasm transmitted through her core and against his hard penis.

Melanie’s movements on his face also told him that she wasn’t too far from her own climax as well. She had alternated between grinding her hips back and forth, to pulling his face hard into her crotch as she held the back of his head. A sudden increase in the speed of her grinding movement, together with her grunts and gasps signalled the beginning of her orgasm. As the full force of her climax hit, she leaned forward and gave Julie a long tongue-searching kiss.

All this was too much for Zach, and he felt his own crashing orgasm erupt as whatever was left of his come gushed from his upward thrusting pelvis, through his penis, to coat every nook and cranny deep inside Julie’s beautiful wet vagina.

Melanie got off the bed first, and then helped Julie climb off Zach’s semi-rigid cock. Both women disappeared briefly into the en-suite bathroom to clean up, and returned shortly with a damp towel to lovingly clean Zach, liberally coating his face and other parts of his body with kisses. Once done, it was not long before they were asleep in each other’s arms.

As they sipped on their coffees looking into each other’s eyes in the kitchen that morning, Zach was acutely aware of his growing affection for the amazing auburn haired goddess standing before him.

“You’ve got a birthday coming up on Friday. You thought I wouldn’t notice that you’ll be turning thirty-six, didn’t you?” Julie said with a playful poke into Zach’s ribs.

“No, not really. I just haven’t thought much about it. Too many other things and sexy bodies have been distracting me!” Zach responded, with a playful squeeze of Julie’s backside.

Julie flashed him one of her heart-melting smiles. “Chelsea also comes home for four weeks from this Friday. She emailed me to say that her last exam for this term is on Thursday, and she’ll drive up the next day after tidying her flat. She said she also might have some exciting news to tell us”

Julie told Zach that Chelsea was really looking forward to spending as much of her break with them as possible, as well as getting to know Melanie, before starting her last university term. The part-time job she had arranged through the university’s pharmacology department working at the hospital and pharmacy in a nearby town would give her Fridays and the weekends off, so she had lots of spare time to reacquaint herself with the two most important people in her life, and hopefully that number might grow to include Melanie as well.

Just then Melanie walked into the kitchen wearing nothing more than one of Zach’s old t-shirts that sat half off one shoulder and only just covered her shapely butt cheeks. The barefoot young blonde walked up to Zach and Julie, greeting each one a long open-mouthed kiss.

“Morning peeps. The smell of coffee woke me.” Melanie reached for an empty mug and filled it.

“I could hear you talking about Chelsea. Just so as you know, although Chelsea and I have never met face to face, we sort of already know each other quite well.” Melanie’s comment surprised both Zach and Julie.

Melanie explained that Chelsea had made contact with her after hearing from Julie that the three of them had started sleeping together on weekends. After they exchanged a few emails and got to know each other, they discovered that they had many similar interests. For the last few weeks they had been chatting with each other online in the evenings whenever Chelsea had down time from her busy study schedule and when Melanie was on her own in the cottage. Their online communication had moved to a new level a few weeks back when they watched each other masturbate via webcam. They now regularly performed for each other online.

Julie said she was hardly surprised, as she knew what kind of sex drive her step-daughter had. Zach could only smile in stunned, open-mouthed amazement.


The Friday business was very slow at Julie’s sex toy shop, so she and Melanie closed and locked up the shop and the cottage early before walking hand in hand up the sloping drive to the main house where they found Zach busy preparing the night’s dinner in the kitchen. After wrapping their arms around him for a loving hug and a kiss, Julie picked a bottle of white wine from the fridge, and poured them each a glass. The two women left Zach to his culinary tasks while they walked outside to sit on the steps by the front door to enjoy the warmth of the late autumn sunshine.

Zach was just finishing the dinner preparations when he noticed Sam lift his head from his doggy bed, his tail wagging excitedly, and walk out the front door. He sat at rigid attention by Julie and Melanie, his eyes watching the driveway with canine alertness. From inside the kitchen Zach saw Chelsea’s car come into view and pull up outside. Sam raced across the grass and sat obediently at the driver’s side door as Chelsea stepped out and immediately bent down to give her favourite canine a huge hug. Then she looked up and locked eyes on Julie. Step-mother and step-daughter raced across the lawn to embrace each other in a cascade of auburn hair and share in a loving kiss that lasted several long seconds. When Julie pulled back, she turned to wave Melanie over.

“I believe you two already know each other very well,” Julie giggled, pulling the young blonde in to share in a three way embrace while Sam raced around them like a puppy half his real age.

“We finally meet in person! You’re much taller than you appear on cam, and sexier too!” Chelsea laughed, giving a slightly embarrassed Melanie a warm open-mouthed kiss.

Chelsea squealed loudly when she looked up and saw Zach walk down the front steps and stride across the lawn towards them. She immediately raced across to him, launching herself when she was still a step away, wrapping her arms around his neck and her long slender legs around his waist. Caught off guard by her sudden leaping embrace, they both fell laughing onto the grass where Chelsea covered every square inch of his face with kisses.

“How’s my beautiful man? I’ve missed you something terrible. I hope you’ve saved some loving for me.” She hugged him tightly, and seemed reluctant to let go.

After Julie and Melanie helped the two prostrate figures from the grass, all four helped unload Chelsea’s bags from the car to bring them into the house. Zach’s chicken casserole would take another hour to cook, so they quickly decided on a relaxing soak in the spa tub with a glass of wine to make use of the time.

The three bikini-clad women and Zach in his swimming tights raced to climb into the tub, Julie and Chelsea on one side, and Zach and Melanie on the other facing them. While the tub’s bubbles gently massaged their bodies, Chelsea told them about an exciting project that was in the pipeline as a possible area of study for the next term. It was only available to the best students, and she had been especially approached apply for it because she was the top in her class. She couldn’t tell them much more for now, but would do so once it had been confirmed in the next few days.

Julie noticed that Melanie’s eyes never left her step-daughter and she smiled inwardly to herself, relieved that they seemed to like each other. When Chelsea finished her explanation, Julie stood up and calmly made an announcement:

“OK family, time to break the ice. We don’t need bikini tops in here!”

She quickly removed her top and threw it onto the floor beside the tub before sitting down in the lukewarm water again. Both Chelsea and Melanie followed her example, both casting a critical but appreciative eye on the other.

“Chels and Mellie, you two should sit together and get a bit acquainted, but not too acquainted! You’ll have time later!” she said with a chuckle.

With Zach next to her, Julie moved her hand under the surface and rested it on top of his tights to gently rub the semi-soft muscle between his thighs. Chelsea and Melanie watched the movement of her hand under the surface bubbles, and followed suit, each turning slightly towards the other and caressing the others breast as their lips joined in a deep open-mouthed kiss.

Julie leaned over to give Zach a quick kiss, then whispered in his ear, “Honey, you’ve got a big night tonight with Chelsea, and an even bigger one tomorrow night with all of us for your birthday, so I don’t want to take you too far. I’m only going to warm you up.”

Zach smiled and reached his hand over to cup her breast and pinch her nipple. He looked over and saw that Chelsea and Melanie were still kissing, but he could see that each had released the other’s breast and had moved a hand to the other’s crotch. It did not take long before they both removed their bikini bottoms and threw them on the floor alongside their tops. Their hands now sought and found each other’s vaginas, and began to busily rub the other’s outer lips, occasionally sliding their fingers inside and causing a gasp of pleasure from the other.

Julie’s hand slid under Zach’s swim shorts to take hold of his hard cock, just holding it without stroking, and careful not to exert any undue pressure that might cause him to climax. Zach kept his hold on her breast, but was now pulling and pinching her nipple harder. They both watched intently while the two younger girls pleasured each other. They could see that they were both vigorously fingering the other’s cunt, their breaths were getting deeper, their young breasts starting to heave with sexual excitement.

Chelsea was the first to come. With her free hand she grabbed hold of Melanie’s wrist at her crotch and pushed it hard into her cunt, then her whole upper body stiffened as she let out a loud gasp. Neither Zach nor Julie could tell how many of Melanie’s fingers there were inside, but they guessed it must have been more than one.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck! Oh… I needed that!”

Once Chelsea had pushed through her climax, she turned to face Melanie and knelt astride the tub’s seats with one knee between the younger girl’s open thighs. That position made it easier for her to continue to help Melanie reach her point of sexual release. Chelsea looked into Melanie’s eyes, then leaned forward to give her an deep open-mouthed kiss while her fingers thrust in and out of the young blonde’s vagina faster and faster.

Melanie began to moan, at first softly, but soon growing louder and more urgent. In a single movement, she hoisted herself out of the tub so that she was sitting on the edge, then grabbed the back of Chelsea’s head to pull it hard onto her moist core, her pelvis humping at the older girl’s face.

Melanie uttered a single gasp, then felt the full force of her orgasm erupt as a small jet of her most intimate of juices shot out from her vagina and into Chelsea’s hungry mouth.

Once she was past her orgasmic high, Melanie lowered herself back into the tub, where she and Chelsea looked glassy eyed at each other, then leaned forward for a long and loving kiss.

Julie released her hold of Zach and stood up. “OK my babies and my lover, we’d better stop here and have some dinner. Chelsea, I’ve warmed Zach up for you tonight. He’s all yours, but leave something for tomorrow night. Melanie and I will sleep in the one of the other bedrooms.”

Once dried all four returned to the house and dressed in comfortable clothing to begin their meal. Their dinner conversation was light and relaxed, and washed down with an excellent wine. They talked about everything from Zach’s current small office design project in town, to how well Julie’s sex toy business was doing, to Melanie’s interest in riding her mountain bike around some of the local trails, and even to how Chelsea caught her two female flatmates drunk in bed together one night. After dinner, with the dishes cleared, they decided to spend the evening lying on the two large couches in the lounge watching a DVD.

Being the only male, Zach was outvoted on the choice of the movie, and resigned himself to an evening of girls’ entertainment – a romantic comedy about a young immigrant couple making their way in the big city. He spent first half of the movie snuggled up to Julie with his head resting on her lap while she lovingly stroked his hair. He could see out of the corner of his eye that Chelsea and Melanie were snuggled up together as well.

About halfway into the movie Julie and Chelsea switched places, and Zach found himself on his back with Chelsea between his legs, her ponytailed head resting against his chest, her hand lightly scratching his nipple under his shirt. He could see over Chelsea’s head that Julie was spooning behind Melanie, her hand under the young blonde’s t-shirt, caressing her firm young breast. Melanie’s hand lay over the top of her t-shirt, pressing Julie’s hand into her chest. Occasionally Julie would lean her head forward, and Melanie would tilt hers back in order to share a loving kiss before returning their attention back to the television screen.

Once the movie ended Julie sat up and announced that it was time to retire, and that the three girls had an early start and a big day the following day – they would be out for most of the day to get themselves glitzed up. With a twinkle in her eye, she informed Zach that he would be taking them all out to dinner at a new Spanish restaurant and tapas bar that had opened recently on the other side of town.

Chelsea took Zach’s hand and playfully pulled him down the corridor towards the main bedroom, leaving Julie and Melanie to tidy up the lounge with Sam to keep them company. Once in the bedroom, Chelsea wrapped her arms around Zach’s neck and locked her mouth around his for a long open-mouthed kiss. She slowly manoeuvred him backwards towards the bed. When the backs of Zach’s thighs caught the edge of the mattress Chelsea gave him a gentle push so that he fell onto the middle of the bed.

“You’re mine tonight buster! I own you for the next hour or so.” Chelsea giggled as she sat astride Zach’s thighs and slowly began to unbutton his shirt. With all the buttons undone, she pulled it off him and threw it onto the floor in the corner of the room.

She quickly removed her own blouse and threw it to join Zach’s shirt on the floor. She leaned forward and began kissing his chest, paying special attention to his manly nipples, occasionally giving them a gentle bite between her teeth. Zach’s kept his hands on the back of her head, happy to let her dictate the pace of their foreplay as he whispered words of encouragement.

Chelsea slowly moved lower till she was eventually kneeling on the floor, her mouth kissing and tonguing its way towards Zach’s belly button, and eventually ending just above the belt buckle of his jeans. Her hands busied themselves undoing his belt, then his jeans. Soon both jeans and his jockeys joined his shirt on the floor.

Staying on her knees on the floor she reached for Zach’s rising penis. She wrapped her hands around the head and shaft, and slowly lowered her mouth to kiss and suck the tiny slit at the tip before beginning a slow rhythmical milking movement with her hands. She stuck out her tongue and licked off a drop of pre-cum when it appeared, relishing the musky taste as the slightly sticky fluid hit her taste buds.

“Mmmmm… love that taste!” Chelsea cooed from between Zach’s legs.

“Ohhhh, it feels so good when you do that! I’d almost forgotten how good your mouth feels.” Zach encouraged.

After a couple more licks Chelsea stood up and quickly removed her own pair of jeans and thong, and they were unceremoniously added to the growing pile of clothing in the corner. She climbed back onto the bed to sit astride Zach’s thighs once more. Zach could see from the look on her face above him that there was an urgent lust behind her eyes.

“Baby, you’re only allowed to come once tonight, but I need to come a lot more than that to make up for lost time.” Chelsea’s voice had dropped an octave as if to confirm the animal passion she felt for the man under her.

“How about you start on me and help me catch up a few.” Chelsea said huskily as she moved to the head of the bed and lay back with her legs wide open.

Zach obliged and lay between her legs with his face at her crotch, and began with his tongue lapping at her outer pussy lips, his hands underneath her butt cheeks holding her like a large fruit bowl. He could feel her squirming and her pelvis rocking and tilting to meet the movement of his tongue. He could hear her breathing deepen as he continued with his attention to her sensitive labia and inner vaginal membrane. He could hear the occasional whimpering moan as it escaped her open mouth each time his tongue found one or another of her pleasure centres.

A sudden movement and a new sound distracted Zach. Chelsea had leaned over towards the bedside table where she reached into the drawer and grabbed a vibrating egg and switched it on. She pushed the egg between his nose and her pubis, gently easing his head back so that she could press it against her clitoral hood. Zach took the hint and removed one hand from her buttock so that he could hold it in place while he continued his oral attention on her sex opening.

The bullet was quick to do its work, as Chelsea began to buck and thrust her hips harder and faster against Zach’s face. Zach moved the bullet lower towards her vaginal opening and with a sudden movement pushed it in with his thumb, at the same time he moved his mouth higher so as to suck directly on her clit.

“Oh god, that’s good!” Chelsea only just got the words out before her hips started thrashing and her hands grabbed at her breasts, pinching and tugging at her nipples, as a large orgasm completely enveloped her at her very core.

With her eyes closed and her lips pulled back showing clenched teeth, all she was aware of was the overpowering sensation of sheer raw pleasure that radiated outwards from deep inside her abdomen.

It took over a minute before she could open her eyes and lift her head to look down at the top part of the face peering at her from between her legs.

“Come here beautiful, I want to taste me and your tongue.” Chelsea’s words were less of a command, and more of a request. Nevertheless, Zach obediently complied, and crawled up the bed so that their bodies were level once more, discreetly placing the now quiet vibrating egg by the pillow.

Chelsea lovingly licked all the visible evidence of her juices off Zach’s face, then moved to his mouth where she sucked on his tongue before finishing with a prolonged passionate kiss.

“I want a couple more like that. What would you like to do to me?” she asked with a mischievous glint in her eye.

Zach thought for a few seconds, “How about you show me what you’ve been doing with Melanie online?”

“Ooooh, that sounds so naughty and voyeuristic! You go make yourself comfortable at the other end of the bed and watch.” The glint in Chelsea’s eyes became more intense.

While Zach made himself comfortable at the foot of the bed, Chelsea reached over into the drawer again and pulled out a lifelike medium sized dildo. As an afterthought she also retrieved the vibrating egg from the pillow beside her.

With her legs spread wide and her knees drawn up, Zach had a clear view of her glistening vaginal lips below her narrow landing strip of pubic hair. With the addition of a pillow under her buttocks, the small brown wrinkled opening of her anus also came into view.

Chelsea explained that when she and Melanie had cam sex they liked to describe what they were doing as part of a fantasy, and funnily enough it often involved Zach making long passionate love to them. She explained that she liked to think of him slowly fucking her mouth with his hard prick; as she said the words she picked up the dildo and sensuously moved half its length slowly in and out of her mouth. She then said that she imagined him using it to gently slap her cheeks, which she illustrated with the dildo until it left slight red marks on the beautiful skin on her face.

Zach could feel his excitement beginning to rise. His prick felt harder than ever. He could feel the steady throb in the muscle as tiny drops of pre-cum oozed out from the slit at the tip and leak down the shaft to sit in a shiny puddle in his pubic hair.

Chelsea continued with her narrative, describing how he would move down lower on her body to flick his hard prick against her breasts and sensitive nipples, making her feel even more like a slut and even hotter for him. She showed him how she liked it done with a mixture of up and down, followed by side to side flicks of the dildo against her breasts which had become shiny from a thin sheen of her perspiration.

She then described and showed him how he would finally move down to her vagina, but he wouldn’t put it straight into her hot waiting cunt. Instead he would tease her by tracing it first over the wet outer lips, then trace a line with it down the inside of each thigh a few times, repeating the process over and over until he had smeared her juices all over her inner thighs.

“You finally make your move when I beg you to fuck me, and you plunge your dick hard into my wet opening.” She looked Zach straight in the eyes as she said this, and immediately shoved the entire length of the dildo into her cunt all the way to the hilt, gasping as she felt the knob push against the mouth of her womb.

In between heaving breaths she described his merciless hard thrusting as she continuously pulled the dildo almost all the way out, then thrust it back in hard.

“I keep telling you to fuck me harder, and your thrusting cock goes deeper and deeper,” she said almost panting.

Zach could only watch mesmerised as her hands moved faster and faster, and her hips pushed upwards to match her own downward thrusts.

“You turn me over to fuck me from behind, just the way I like it!” she gasped, rolling over onto her knees, and with one hand reaching behind her still holding onto the dildo.

As she continued her thrusting in this position, Zach could see the little brown rosette of her anus pulsing in time to each push of the dildo. He wondered if she had ever used a dildo there before.

Chelsea described how good he felt inside her, pushing her ever closer to her orgasm, but she needed some extra stimulation. She reached over with her spare hand to the vibrating bullet, and after turning it on, reached between her legs to place the angry buzzing bulb directly onto her wet clit. The reaction was instantaneous – her hips began to buck wildly, she began to moan and squeal with ecstasy.

She described how he then rolled her onto her side with one leg raised in the air, another position he knew she loved. The hand between her legs now controlled the thrusting of the dildo, while her other hand reached around her back with the bullet to press the buzzing knob against the outer lips of her anus. She explained that in her fantasy he liked to tease her asshole like that, knowing that it made her even hotter.

“Oh god I’m close!” she grunted between clenched teeth.

The hand on the dildo shifted to her clit, leaving her vaginal muscles and upper thighs to keep the phallus in place. She began to vigorously tug and tweak at the little slippery knob within her little fold of flesh. The angry buzz of the bullet behind her was almost drowned out by her moans as they became louder and more persistent.

“Oh fuck… fuck… fuck!” she called out hoarsely and closed her eyes tightly. Her hips gave a brief jerk and shudder, her hand left her clit and returned to the dildo to push it in as far and as hard as she could one last time, her other hand pushed the buzzing bullet hard against the tight ring of her anus.

After laying still for a couple of minutes Chelsea finally opened her eyes and looked towards the end of the bed at Zach. When she removed her hand from the dildo he could see that it was slick from a coating of her juices.

“Well that was pretty intense,” she giggled and brought her wet hand to her mouth to lick her juices off it.

After excusing herself to quickly clean herself and the toys up in the bathroom she returned to find Zach back at head of the bed. She lay on top of him with her legs together inside his outstretched ones, her chin resting on her hands atop his chest.

“So what did you think of my little re-enactment?” She could feel his hard penis pressing against her abdomen.

“That was amazing! Are they all like that?” Zach asked as he gently stroked her long auburn hair flowing down her shoulders and back.

“Most of the time they are. But a couple of times Mel and I have described what we would like to do to each other.” Chelsea didn’t seem in any way self-conscious or embarrassed about saying that.

“So you like her?” Zach’s comment was more of a statement than a question.

“Oh very much! But it helps that we have the same interests. We both love sex, we both like women, and we both like men… one special man in particular.” As she said that, she pushed a hand down between their bodies to take hold of his still hard penis and began to gently pump it.

“And you’re not jealous that she’s become part of our little family?” Zach already thought he knew the answer, but wanted to make doubly sure.

“Definitely not! How could I be jealous? Us three gals just love you to bits, and we know you love us and care for us equally and unconditionally. And we also love each other in much the same way. So there’s no room for jealousy, is there?” Chelsea moved up a bit higher to kiss Zach gently on the lips.

“Now, how about we take care of that muscle problem between your legs,” she quipped as she rolled off him and moved down the bed until her head was level with his abdomen.

Once she got herself into a comfortable position Chelsea immediately set about licking and sucking on Zach’s penis. She took her time, starting on the large bulbous head and then moving down the sides, and eventually took his whole member deep into her mouth only after several minutes.

Zach could feel Chelsea lips move all the way down his shaft, then slowly pull it out so that just the knob was left in her mouth and her tongue swirled all around the head. He could feel her occasionally gently dragging her teeth over the skin of his shaft and just as gently nibble on the knob. The sensations were incredible, and he fought hard not to get too excited as he didn’t want to cum too soon.

Chelsea kept up her oral attentions on Zach’s swollen member, and swung her hips around on the bed so that they were level with his shoulders. With knees bent and wide open, she lay on her side and shuffled her body as close as she could to her favourite man.

She pulled her mouth away from Zach’s cock just long enough to tell him to pick any toy he liked to use on her, gesturing towards the bedside table where the two she had just used still lay, together with a few others sitting in the open drawer.

Zach reached over and picked out one he knew she liked, a sleek red vibrator that had a powerful buzz. He could see he didn’t need any extra lubrication for the toy as Chelsea’s juices were clearly visible as a large wet smear on her upper thighs. He turned it on and set it to its highest setting, then slowly rubbed the buzzing head all along the wet puffy crease of her pussy lips. Chelsea responded with low groans, her lips still tightly wrapped around his hard penis. As she got more and more stimulated, she began to slowly thrust her hips towards him in order to push back against the buzzing toy that tantalizingly remained on her outer lips and seemingly refused to enter her.

Finally she couldn’t stand it any longer, and reached down with and placed one hand over his, and with a single movement pushed the entire length of the vibrator into her wet opening up to the hilt.

“Oh god… oh yes! Fuck me hard with it!” she groaned, pulling her mouth back from Zach’s hard cock.

Zach was only too happy to oblige, and slid the buzzing toy almost all the way out before pushing it forcefully all the way back in. After several thrusts, Chelsea released her hold on his cock and sat up on her haunches facing Zach, but kept his hand still holding the vibrator nestled between her legs.

She looked down at his face, “Hold it tight and straight up for me baby, and I’ll give you another show.”

Chelsea proceeded to grind her hips downwards, humping against Zach’s hand and the vibrator that was buried deep inside her. She could feel the next orgasm not too far away, and started to pinch and pull at her nipples with one hand while she reached down with the other to rub urgently on her clit.

Zach could feel her flowing cunt juices all over his hand holding the upright vibrator. He reached across with his other hand to gently caress her thighs and abdomen. Looking at her face he could see that she was in another world, her eyes half-closed and focused on some point on the wall, her mouth slightly open, her nostrils flared.

With a couple of sudden jerks of her pelvis, Chelsea threw her head back. Every muscle around her abdomen seemed to go tight as she pressed down hard one last time.

“Fuck… fuck… oh fuck!” she shrieked at the ceiling, then it was over.

Even as Chelsea was coming down from her orgasmic high, she was already climbing off Zach’s hand and the vibrator, only to climb onto his hips so as to replace the buzzing toy with his hard muscle.

Zach’s rigid penis slid straight into Chelsea’s wet vaginal sheath, and he could immediately feel her inner muscles rhythmically gripping and pumping him as she began to grind her hips steadily down against him. He responded by pushing his hips upwards to meet her downward thrusts. He reached his hands up to cup her firm breasts, damp with her perspiration. She covered his hands with her own, urging him to pinch and pull at her nipples until they stuck out further than he had ever seen.

Pushing his hands away, Chelsea lay down on top of him so that they were now lying face to face. She kissed him hard, biting his lower lip.

“I need you to fuck me hard,” she whispered in his ear.

Zach rolled her over onto her back, and raising himself on his hands, began to thrust his hips into hers, his penis mercilessly pounding into her vagina.

“Harder. I want it harder!” she called out.

Zach rolled off her and turned her around on her knees so that he could enter her from behind. With his hard cock still slick with her juices, he tucked up behind her and slid straight back in and continued his hard and forceful thrusts deep into her wet core. He felt her left hand move between their legs and cup his testicles, pulling them to urge him inward with each thrust. He watched as she licked her right middle finger, and then reached her hand behind her to rub at the brown puckered rosette of her own sphincter. She gave it a little push and her entire finger slid up the tight orifice. He could feel her finger pressing against his penis through the thin membrane that separated them.

“Oh baby, that feels so good. You feel so hard inside me,” she squealed.

Zach gripped her hips firmly with his hands and slammed his cock as hard as he could into Chelsea’s cunt. Both of them groaned with their combined efforts. The sexual tension that had built up in Zach as he watched Chelsea’s private ‘show’ had left him feeling like he could fill a milk bottle with the cum that was ready to explode from his penis. Watching her playing with her anus, and then feeling the pressure of her finger against his cock proved to be just too much. With a final thrust he emptied himself deep within the recesses of Chelsea’s vagina just as she reached her final orgasm for the night, their juices mixing in a moist sexual cocktail.

“Chels, you are something else,” he leaned forward and gently brushed his hand against her upturned cheek. She responded by sucking his finger.

After Zach pulled his softening cock out, Chelsea lay him back on the bed and told him to stay there while she cleaned them both up. She rushed off to the bathroom to tidy herself first before she returned with a small damp towel to lovingly wipe off any traces of their lovemaking on him.

As they lay naked in bed and cuddled each other in the dark a few minutes later Chelsea noticed that the clock showed the time was just after midnight. She leaned over to give him a long tongue-searching kiss.

“It’s now your birthday, so Happy Birthday baby. I think Julie has something special planned for you after dinner, so you’d better rest up.”

Sleep came quickly for them both.


Zach’s busy week and the previous night’s lovemaking had taken their toll, and he slept well past his normal waking hour. The bed was empty next to him when he opened his eyes. The noises coming from the bathroom told him that’s where he would find Chelsea. She was stepping out of the shower just as he walked naked into the bathroom.

“You looked so peaceful I didn’t want to wake you.” She gave him a wet hug and kiss before she wrapped a towel around herself, then was gone.

By the time Zach had showered and dressed and walked into the kitchen the clock showed 7:45am. All three women had finished their breakfast and were just finishing their coffees.

Julie walked up to him with his favourite mug, and after placing it on the bench, wrapped her slender arms around him and gave him a long loving kiss.

“Happy Birthday sexy.”

She was joined by Melanie, and the three shared in a three-way hug before the young blonde also offered him birthday wishes followed by a loving kiss.

Zach felt Chelsea come up behind him to join in the hug, so that he was now surrounded on all sides.

“You got my birthday wishes last night, but you get another kiss from me too.” She leaned forward to kiss the back of his neck.

Julie explained that he would have to fend for himself for the day, as the three of them were headed into town to get ready. They were going to the Health and Beauty Spa for some pampering, after which they would be doing some special shopping. All Zach had to do was to be ready to take them out to dinner at 7pm. With that said, the three women released him, grabbed their handbags and headed out the door, laughing and giggling and leaving Zach to finish his coffee in peace.

Once he had tidied up the dishes, Zach rode his quad bike with Sam trotting behind along the lakeside track into town where he had a leisurely breakfast at Mrs T’s café. He took the opportunity to chat with Mrs T about some ideas she had for extending the café’s premises. He then made use of the mild sunny autumn weather to spend the rest of the morning mowing the lawns around both the main house and the cottage on the quad, with Sam providing an ever watchful canine supervisory role. After a quick lunch he and Sam rode out to explore one of the new trails he had discovered towards the far end of the lake.

On the way back they stopped at the familiar swimming hole where his sexual relationship with Julie had first begun several months earlier. Sam leaned his head against his master’s knee for a scratch, and Zach happily obliged.

Zach took his time returning to the house and eventually made it back just before 6pm. In the half-light of dusk he could see from the lights in the house that the women were home as he rode up the driveway. With the quad put away, Zach entered the front door and immediately noticed the folded note with his name written in big letters taped to the back of a chair facing the doorway. Opening it, he read the contents:


We gals are in the other wing getting ourselves ready for tonight. We want to keep how we look a surprise. Come and knock on the door at 7.


Zach thought it was all very mysterious, but was happy to play along since he figured they had gone to some special effort for his birthday. With a shrug of his shoulders and a quiet chuckle to himself, he headed towards his own bedroom to undress and have a long shower to wash off some of the day’s dirt and grime.

Later on, dressed in a comfortable shirt, trousers, and a sports jacket, Zach walked up to the door of the corridor that led to the spare bedrooms and knocked. The sight that greeted him when the door opened made him take several steps back into lounge. He had to check several times to see that the three figures that walked out to join him were in fact the same three women that he shared his life with.

Julie’s and Chelsea’s sleek almost waist length auburn hair had gone, as had Melanie’s straw golden blonde hair. All three had dyed their hair to a shade that resembled a rich caramel, what he guessed was termed dirty-blonde. The length of the hair was also shorter, just past the shoulders, but glossy and with the slight wavy curls at the end much more accentuated. They were all dressed similarly, with new tight fitting designer jeans that highlighted their slim hips, different coloured long sleeved tops, high heeled shoes, and different coloured three-quarter length knitted woollen cardigans to ward off the slight chill of the evening. To Zach, they looked more like movie starlets about to walk the red carpet rather than the women he loved and lived with.

“Surprise!” they all called out in unison.

“Do you like the new look?” Melanie asked with a pixie-like smile.

“I’m… I’m speechless. I mean yes I do!” Zach said after a stunned pause.

“And here’s the first part of your birthday present.” Chelsea handed him a neatly wrapped parcel about the size of a large thin book.

Zach placed his gift on the dining table and unwrapped it carefully to find a large colour photo of his three women mounted in a silver photo frame. All three were barefoot and topless, wearing only their tight jeans, with Julie casually sitting on a leather couch in the centre, and Chelsea and Melanie sitting either side leaning their backs in against her, and with each of Julie’s hands resting on and cupping the outer of their breasts. Zach read the inscription engraved at the bottom of the frame:

To the only man in our lives forever.

Julie spoke up, “We thought you might like it for your office upstairs. The photographer is one my regular lady customers at our sex toy display nights, and she is very discreet.”

“I love it, I love your hair, and I love the three of you. You are the best present I could ever want.” Zach said with a small lump in his throat as he stood the frame up in the middle of the dining table.

“Right then, dinner! We’re starved. Our booking is for 7:30 at the new Spanish restaurant.” Julie ushered them all out the door.

Zach left Sam to guard the house, and with flurry of sweet smelling, dark blonde hair he was marched to his car for the drive into town.

The restaurant, the Bella Nova, was owned and run by a young Spanish lesbian couple who had moved into town a few months ago. Julie explained that the restaurant’s name came from their first names, Bella and Nova, and together it meant beautiful and new. She also explained that they were also regular customers at her sex toy shop, which was how she heard about their restaurant.

They were greeted by Bella, an olive skinned, brown haired beauty of around thirty. After Bella kissed each of them on both cheeks she showed them to their table in a quiet booth towards the back of the restaurant to give them some privacy, and away from all the noise of the bar near the front. Before long, Nova appeared at their table to take their dinner orders. Zach noted that Nova’s beauty was equal to Bella’s, except that her hair was jet black, and sat in a long plait down one shoulder.

Not being familiar with traditional Spanish cuisine, Zach let Julie and Chelsea do all the ordering. The four of them enjoyed an appetiser of tapas, followed by mains of three different paellas, all of which they shared, and all washed down with an excellent Spanish red wine.

Towards the end of the meal, Julie said she had an announcement for them all. She and Melanie had recently been discussing the possibility of Melanie going to the local community college to study part time in order to get a business degree. She said Melanie was very keen, and they both agreed to a schedule where she would study two days a week, and would still be able to work part time in the sex toy shop. In their minds it would all benefit the business. When she finished, all eyes turned to Zach.

“I guess we’d better do something about living arrangements then.” Zach said after a pause. “Melanie, you’ll study much better if you are living up at the house where we can help look after you. We’ll all help to move you in over the next few days. And I’ll teach you how to handle the quad bike so you can ride it to classes.”

Melanie could hardly believe her ears. She got up and walked around to Zach’s side of the table to wrap her arms around him and give him a big kiss to express her thanks.

Zach felt Julie’s hand give his a squeeze, and Chelsea’s foot rub against his calf so he knew they were happy with what he said.

Chelsea then made her surprise announcement. She had received confirmation earlier that day that as a result of her outstanding study grades, she had just been invited to start a cadetship as a junior researcher at a large pharmacological laboratory in a nearby town in a few weeks. It meant that she would be finishing her final term’s study ‘in the field’ as it were. But more importantly, she would be able to move back home immediately, as she could commute the 45 minutes to work each day from home.

Zach, Julie and Melanie congratulated her, and stated their amazement that she had managed to keep it a secret for so long. Chelsea then turned to Melanie and asked her if she would like to accompany her on the long trip to the city over the next couple of weekends to pack up the rest of her things to bring back to Stanley Bay. Melanie turned to look at Julie, who gave a quick smiling nod of approval. With shining eyes, Melanie accepted Chelsea’s invitation, saying she never felt more loved or more part of a family than this.

With the meal over, Zach paid the bill, and they all headed back to the house for what Julie described as the last part of Zach’s birthday surprise. On their arrival they were greeted by an excited Sam, with much tail wagging while racing around them like a pup.

Once inside, Julie took charge and sat them all down in the lounge. She explained that they would finish the evening with a new dice game that she was about to start selling at her shop. In a few minutes each of them would have to get changed out of the clothing they were wearing, and come back wearing only four items, each of which had to be relatively easy for someone else to remove as part of the game. She said the game was called Odds and Evens, and explained the rules.

The game consisted of some dice and a three minute egg timer. Each person had a numbered dice, which they all rolled together. The highest number determined if Odds or Evens were winners for each round; so if a 2, 3, 4, and 5 were rolled, the 5 was the highest, so the Odds were winners, in other words the 3 and the 5. Once the winners were determined, another special red dice was rolled. The red dice had letters instead of numbers: LH, RH, LF, RF, M, M, which denoted left hand, right hand, left foot, right foot, mouth, mouth. Rolling the red dice indicated to the winners the only body part they could use to remove any one item of clothing from the losers for each round.

The egg timer showed how much time the winners had to do the task, and any left over time could be used at the discretion of the winners on the losers, but only with the hand or leg or mouth stated by the red dice. The winner of the game was the last person left with any clothing, and would be the sex boss for the rest of the night. To make it more interesting, each round would start with everyone downing a shot of Margarita, which Melanie had made a large pitcher of earlier in the day.

After quickly moving some of the lounge furniture back and throwing a few thick rugs and large cushions on the floor to give them enough space to play, everyone eagerly raced off to change into appropriate attire for the game. Zach opted to keep it simple, and quickly threw on some clean cotton sweat pants over his boxers, and a t-shirt with a loose fitting denim shirt on top. When he walked back out into the lounge to wait for the women to appear from the bedrooms in the other wing, even though the house was still a comfortable temperature inside from the day’s sunshine he realised a little extra background heat might be a good idea. He quickly got a fire going in the fireplace at the back of the lounge, and before long it provided ample warmth around the whole room.

He turned around when he heard female giggles behind him. The women had obviously gone for simplicity as well. Melanie was in a bikini with one of Zach’s t-shirts over the top and a see-through sarong tied in a knot around her hips. Chelsea wore only a lacy bra on top, and a loose cotton wraparound skirt over a pair of calf length tights, and he guessed a pair of panties underneath. Julie was in a baggy pair of shorts with just the tops of her black thong showing at the back, and one of his long sleeved denim shirts tied in a loose knot, under which he could clearly see a lacy black bra. The only other thing she had was her tote bag of various sex toys, and some towels, all of which she placed on one of the couches.

After a brief moment to examine and laugh at each other’s attire, they quickly settled down for the first shots of Margaritas and the first round of the game.

Zack’s loss in the first round quickly set the tone for the rest of the evening. His one, Chelsea’s two, and Julie’s and Melanie’s four meant that he was a three against one loser. Melanie rolled an M with the red dice, and the women wasted no time using their mouths and teeth to untie the draw string on his sweat pants, pull them down his legs and throw them in the corner of the room. They then made him lie flat after which Julie and Chelsea kissed and licked his inner thighs from his knees up to his crotch, and Melanie focused her attention on his face, neck and arms until their time ran out.

Sometime later in the game he got his own back when he was the sole winner after rolling a six to the women’s lower odd numbers. A roll of the red dice indicated that he had to remove an item of clothing from each of them using only his left hand.

It felt a bit awkward and unnatural to use his non-preferred hand, but he managed to untie Melanie’s bikini top without too much effort, reducing her to just the bottoms left to lose. Chelsea was already down to her last item of clothing – her pink thong – and he unceremoniously removed it despite her fake protests. Now that she was fully nude Zach was surprised to see that Chelsea’s pubic mound no longer sported her familiar thin landing strip of pubic hair, but was now completely clean shaven like Melanie.

With the timer showing he still had a little over two minutes, he turned to Julie, still in her bra, shirt and thong. Curious to see if step-mother had gone down the same route as step-daughter, he removed the thong to find that she too was clean shaven.

“Surprise! We’re now a matching set!” Julie and Chelsea called out together.

Zach spent the remaining two minutes of his time equally between the three women, first cupping and caressing Melanie’s young firm breasts with his left hand, then rubbing and exploring Chelsea’s and Julie’s smooth genital areas. He occasionally brushed a finger along the entire length of their hairless damp creases as they leaned back and moaned quietly in their sitting position on the floor.

Zach lost the last of his clothing within the next three rounds, as did Melanie. Since Julie was still wearing her bra and the only one with any clothing still to lose, she was declared the winner. Julie reminded everybody that as the winner she was sex boss for the night. She quickly reached behind and unhooked her bra, then threw it in the corner of the room on top of the pile of everybody’s discarded clothing. With everyone now totally nude, they finished off the last of the Margarita in a celebratory toast to Julie as the winner of the game.

Julie solemnly stood to address the trio seated on the floor, “As sex boss, my first command is for Chelsea and Melanie to do something together on the floor to entertain Zach and me while we watch. After all, I could see that both of you spent most of the evening eyeing each other up.”

While Julie and Zach made themselves comfortable on the couch, Melanie gently pushed Chelsea onto her back with her head resting on one of the cushions. She then lay on top of her between her wide open legs. It would have made no difference if they were alone or in a crowded room with a hundred strangers, they only had eyes for each other.

Julie and Zach sat side by side, her hand resting on his upper thigh next to, but not touching his semi-hard penis. They watched intently as the two younger women on the floor began a sexual ballet of kissing and gentle caresses. After several minutes Melanie slowly swung her body around so that she could pay some attention to Chelsea’s vagina. She opened her legs wide so that Chelsea could do the same to her. Without a single word, both women began to kiss, then lick, then suck on the other’s hot, moist cunt lips. The silence in the room was punctuated by the wet sounds of licking and the occasional moan that escaped from their mouths.

Julie’s hand inched across Zach’s pelvic crease and took hold of his hardening cock. She noticed that Chelsea and Melanie had started a subtle and slow grinding of their hips to meet the other’s tongue. Julie could feel her own vaginal juices beginning to seep out between her thighs. She reached her other hand across to take Zach’s hand and place it between her legs, opening her legs wider to give him as much access as possible. She let out a small sigh as she felt his middle finger slide past the opening of her cunt lips and settle inside her wet hole, and began to grind her own pelvis slowly in time with the younger women on the floor.

Melanie suddenly sat up and reached across to the other couch and grabbed the tote bag, emptying the contents onto the rug next to them. She picked out two vibrators, and after handing one to Chelsea, turned hers on full and returned to her sixty-nine position.

Both young women set about fucking each other with their vibrators, and at the same time continued to lick and suck at the point of contact between toy and cunt opening. Their hip gyrations slowly got more forceful and jerky as each crept ever closer to their point of climax. Melanie began to suck on Chelsea’s clitoris, and felt Chelsea do the same to her, even occasionally flicking her tongue over her clit ring.

Melanie’s orgasm arrived first as she simultaneously pulled her head back and pushed her cunt hard into Chelsea’s face. Small whimpering sounds escaped from her open mouth and her eyes closed tightly for several seconds while the full force of her climax shook her to the very core. Chelsea continued licking at her vagina, sucking at her clit ring with her lips, and sliding the vibrator in and out until her passion slowly dissipated.

Once she had recovered from her orgasm, Melanie resumed her oral attention on Chelsea’s vagina with renewed vigour. Within a minute Chelsea also felt the intense pleasure of her own climax with a sharp series of upward thrusts into Melanie’s face.

“Here… it… comes! Oh fuck, yes!” she screamed, reaching a hand down to grab a handful of Melanie’s hair to push her face hard into her crotch.

Julie could tell that Zach was very turned on by the action taking place on the floor in front of them from the steady trickle of pre-cum that had seeped out of the eye of his cock and trickled down the back of her hand. She leaned over to give him an open-mouthed kiss, then released her hold of his cock.

Zach watched while Julie brought her hand to her mouth and deliberately licked all of the sticky traces of his pre-cum off her hand, then leaned back towards him for another kiss. Although she had swallowed most it, he could still make out the vague taste of his own essence on her lips and tongue, turning him on even more.

“Do you like the show the girls are putting on for us?” Julie asked, her voice husky with her own lust and desire. Zach could only groan and nod for fear of losing control of what was happening around his loins.

Julie turned to look at the two tangled bodies still in their sixty-nine position. She could see that they had recovered from their climaxes, and their hands were gently caressing and stroking each other. That gave her an idea….

“Girls, time for a change. I want you to lie on your backs facing us with a vibrator each and masturbate yourselves. We’d like to see you make yourselves cum.”

Chelsea and Melanie obediently untangled themselves and moved closer to where Zach and Julie sat. They lay on their backs with their legs wide apart and their glistening smooth pussies pointing directly at the couch with Melanie facing Zach and Chelsea facing Julie. The younger women began to slowly masturbate themselves, first with their fingers slowly rubbing the wet outer lips and occasionally dipping into the soft pink interior, then with the vibrator, letting it buzz along the entire length of the vaginal crease before sliding it all the way in. Both lovingly looked across at each other and occasionally blew kisses and whispered quiet words of encouragement. They also looked just as lovingly up at the two sitting on the couch, watching while Julie gently squeezed and stroked Zach’s hard cock and he rubbed his fingers against the mouth of her pussy.

Zach had to concentrate hard to stop himself from getting carried away. He suspected he had a long and enjoyable night ahead, and it wouldn’t do for him to cum too early. The sight of the two young naked squirming bodies and their succulent pussies on the floor at his feet could easily push him over the top if he wasn’t careful, not to mention the beautiful woman at his side whose hand was holding and teasing the hard blood engorged muscle between his legs.

Fortunately Chelsea’s and Melanie’s show didn’t last very much longer. Both were still quite aroused from their earlier effort, so it took little time before they both placed their feet flat on the floor so as to provide better leverage when thrusting their hips upwards while they pushed the vibrators harder and deeper into their hot moist vaginas.

Chelsea was the first to climax, giving out a small shriek as she came, and shooting a small squirt of her juices onto Julie’s ankle as she pulled the vibrator out of her cunt. Melanie followed just seconds later, sighing as she raised her hips right off the floor to be left suspended for a long moment while she humped hard against her hand and the toy it held, and while her other hand pinched and pulled at the swollen nub of her clit and it’s ring.

Julie let both younger women regain their composure for a few minutes, cooing soft compliments about how hot and sexy their display was. Once they had caught their breaths she announced her next command for the evening.

“Chel baby, come and give your mom’s pussy some loving. Melanie, you take care of Zach’s cock for a while.”

Julie slid lower in the couch with her hips resting on the edge of the seat so that Chelsea could kneel on a cushion on the floor and comfortably lick at her step-mother’s wet cunt lips. Zach followed her example, and soon enjoyed the sensation of Melanie licking and sucking on his penis and testicles.

Julie grabbed a handful of her step-daughter’s hair to gently pull her face deeper into her open crotch. Chelsea responded by sticking her tongue as far as she could into her step-mother’s cunt, mimicking the movement of a penis as it dove in and out of the wet orifice in its fucking motions. With both her hands under Julie’s butt cheeks she could make small adjustments to the angle of her step-mother’s hips, giving her better control of speed and pressure as her tongue did its work.

Meanwhile Zach had half closed his eyes and was only conscious of the soft silky feel of the mouth that was sucking on his penis from the knob at the top all the way down to the base. Melanie occasionally took his cock out of her mouth and held it in one hand while she kissed and licked the sensitive crease of skin next to his testicles which she held in her other hand. She nearly brought about his undoing when she slipped his entire ball sac into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, but luckily she didn’t do it for long, preferring to shift her attention back to his hard penis.

Julie felt Chelsea shift her weight slightly as she removed one hand from under her butt cheek, then was suddenly aware of a wet finger slowly squirming towards her anus. Julie rolled her hips slightly to one side to give her step-daughter more room in her manipulations, and immediately felt her intruding digit push gently on the rim, then sighed as it slid all the way into her tight rear passage.

“Oh fuck baby, that’s good!” Julie’s voice was deep with lust as she looked down to smile at the face between buried in her crotch.

Julie could feel Chelsea’s finger squirming around, pressing on the sides of her rectal muscle. She pulled her knees up to her chest with her legs up over her head. She knew her orgasm was only moments away. Chelsea began a slow steady in and out movement with her finger, fucking her step-mother’s ass with it as she sucked even harder at her clit and vagina. She felt Julie give a series of sharp jolting thrusts before she felt her vaginal muscles clamp tight around her tongue. She knew her step-mother had climaxed.

After she removed her finger, Chelsea moved up higher so that she was face to face with Julie. Both women shared a long and loving open-mouthed kiss, during which Julie savoured the musky taste of herself on Chelsea’s lips and tongue. They both looked over to see that Melanie was still sucking on Zach’s stiff penis. Both laughed, whispering conspiratorially to each other that he would probably need some relief soon before he exploded.

“Zach honey, I think you’d better lie down on the floor.”

Zach knew it was more of an order than a suggestion from Julie, so did as he was told. Melanie helped by placing a cushion under his head and another under his hips.

“Right girls, I’m going to ride him. You two take it in turns to let him lick out your pussies.” Julie said as she straddled her man, sliding his rigid muscle deep into her vaginal canal and began to steadily rock her hips.

With her back to Julie, Melanie crouched with her hips level with Zach’s head, and slowly lowered herself so that her cunt hovered tantalisingly just above his mouth. She lowered herself the last couple of inches and felt his tongue lick along the entire length of her slit, groaning at the contact. She felt him gently nibbling and sucking on her labia, then gasped as he stuck his tongue into her cunt as far as he could to lick on the sensitive muscles just inside the opening.

Julie saw Chelsea quickly go off in the direction of the bathroom to clean herself up. Moments later she felt her step-daughter’s body tuck in behind her, and watched as a pair of hands reached around to cup her breasts and pull at her nipples. Chelsea’s face appeared just behind her right shoulder, and Julie turned her face slightly so that they could share an intimate kiss.

Chelsea then changed places with Melanie, and was soon enjoying the attentions of Zach’s velvety tongue on her own wet vaginal lips. Instead of snuggling behind Julie like Chelsea had done, Melanie knelt beside her, and leaned forward to gently caress and kiss the older woman’s breasts while she rode on Zach’s penis.

Chelsea carefully spun around so that she was facing Julie and Melanie. She felt turned on by the sight of the attention her step-mother was getting from the younger girl. She leaned forward to kiss Julie, and placing a hand under Melanie’s chin, pulled her face up level with theirs so that the three of them could share in a three-way kiss.

Julie’s grinding gradually became more insistent, as had Zach’s upward thrusts in response. She felt him drive hard upwards several times, then he shuddered beneath her as his penis pulsed several times and emptied its contents deep inside her sexual core.

“Stay there baby, we all want our dessert.” Julie said, and slid off Zach’s hips to hover just inches above his belly button. With a slight push of her vaginal muscles, she expelled most of his juices onto the flat abdominal muscle above his groin.

All three women giggled as they lapped up the heady mixture of Zach’s cum and Julie’s own juices, teasing him that it seemed to have a distinct Spanish flavour from their meal earlier in the evening.

After a short break to clean up, refresh and rehydrate themselves Julie took the reins once again.

“Chel baby, you keep our birthday boy company on the couch for a while until he’s ready to play some more. And Mellie, you can climb into the strapon and fuck me till I come. Use the double ended L-shaped one so that you can enjoy it yourself as well.”

Julie seemed to be in her element. Zach thought she reminded him of a mother hen, sultry seductress, porn film director, and sex goddess all rolled into one neat package. He watched her lay on her back on the floor with her legs wide apart while Melanie knelt down and dribbled some lube onto the sleek dildo that jutted out in front of her. She then slowly lowered herself and slid the end into Julie’s waiting vagina. He heard Julie’s sharp intake of breath followed by a deep moan of satisfaction as the younger woman lay on top of her and offered her lips for a long, sexy kiss.

Zach was momentarily distracted while Chelsea shifted her position from sitting next to him to laying on the couch with her head on his lap, where she started to massage and suck on his semi-hard penis. From her position, she looked up at him and gave him a smile and a wink. Zach stroked her soft caramel coloured hair then slid his hand lower down her body to gently pinch on her hard nipple, drawing a moan of response from her mouth that vibrated along the length of his hardening cock.

Melanie raised herself on her hands to gain better leverage while she pumped her pelvis into Julie, pushing the strapon deep into the older women’s wet vaginal tunnel, and at the same time pushing the shorter angled end into her own cunt. Both women were thrusting their hips against each other in synch, and their moans gradually became louder and filled the room. Melanie lowered herself once more, and this time wrapped her arms around Julie’s back with her fingers holding the tops of her shoulders, and began to push her hips with more purpose into her sexual mentor. Julie responded by drawing her long slender legs up higher and wrapped them around the younger woman’s waist as she pushed her pelvis back just as hard to meet Melanie’s downward thrusts.

“I’m nearly there baby…. Kiss me Mels!” Julie had just enough time to utter before she screwed her face up and pulled the young face above her down for a long kiss as both women hit their climax together.

“I want you to continue, but with me on top now,” Julie quietly murmured after she broke their kiss, and began to slowly roll Melanie onto her back without breaking the intimate connection they shared at their crotches.

She carefully tucked a large cushion beneath the younger girl’s head, and another under her hips. She then began a slow rocking motion with her own hips to drive the strapon deep into her cunt until she felt the knob at the end pushing against the mouth of her cervix, groaning at the contact. She could feel Melanie pushing her hips upwards, her young hands reaching around to grasp her butt cheeks. Julie looked past her left shoulder at Zach sitting on the couch and Chelsea’s head bobbing up and down on his erect penis. She winked and blew him a kiss.

“Zach honey, I have one last surprise for you,” Julie’s voice had become deeper and huskier.

Zach untangled himself from Chelsea’s grasp and they both knelt down on the floor beside Julie as she rocked herself back and forth above Melanie.

“I want you to get behind me. I want you in my ass. Chelsea baby, you can help by making sure we’re both lubed up, then feed him slowly into me.” Julie leaned across to give each a soft kiss on the lips.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Zach asked, not wanting to risk injuring the beautiful woman before him.

“I’ve never wanted you more in my life.” Julie looked them both in the eye to emphasise her point, then nodded to Chelsea.

Zach straddled Melanie’s knees and shuffled in behind Julie, who moved her own knees wider so as to accommodate him in that position. He could see Melanie’s glistening strapon sliding slowly in and out of her vagina, the wet lips tightly clamped around its length. Just above dildo he could see the place where his hard cock would soon be taking refuge, the tight brown puckered wrinkle of Julie’s anus.

Chelsea reached over to grab the tube of lube from the other side of Julie’s legs. She squirted some onto her hand and began to smear a liberal amount of it over the entire length of her lover’s hard cock, ensuring that every inch of it was well coated. She then smeared the rest of it all around her step-mother’s anal opening, using two fingers to push as much as she could in past the tight protective outer muscle in order to coat the inner sheath and cavity.

Once Chelsea was satisfied, she took hold of Zach’s penis and slowly guided it forward a couple of inches toward its target. Julie and Melanie slowed to a standstill to make it easier for everybody. As Melanie’s hands still had hold of Julie’s butt cheeks, she pulled them wide apart to do her bit to help Chelsea.

Zach felt the tip of his knob come into contact with the outer ring of Julie’s anal muscle. He heard her sharp intake of breath as he pushed gently and felt the head slowly push past the initial point of resistance.

“Slowly baby, not too fast,” Julie’s words were almost a hoarse whisper. She and Melanie were now still as statues.

Chelsea fed a little more of his cock in past the outer muscle. It took a few slow steady minutes of gentle pushing, then Zach was all the way in up to the hilt. He could feel the exquisite tightness of Julie’s anal muscles gripping every inch of his penis. It was unlike any other sexual sensation he had ever known.

“Oh god, I feel so totally filled up, I can’t fucking believe it!” Julie moaned, then slowly began to pump her hips up and down, back and forth, enjoying the sensations coming from her two holes.

With her job done, Chelsea shuffled forward on her knees a little so that she was just past Zach’s slow grinding hips. She draped one arm on his shoulders, then leaned forward slightly and lovingly kissed his lips, then inched down to repeat the kiss on his exposed neck, before going lower to kiss and suck on one of his nipples. While she did this, her other hand reached down and found her step-mother’s breast, partly flattened against Melanie’s own breast. She gently caressed both breasts at their point of contact, then squirmed her hand further between them until she could feel the spot where both nipples were pressed against each other. She instinctively pinched both nipples and drew out a long moan from Melanie and Julie together.

Chelsea lowered herself onto the floor with her face just inches from Melanie’s and Julie’s. She could see the glassy-eyed look of lust on their faces. All three leaned closer to share in a series of kisses that involved sucking and licking each other’s tongues that left their mouths and chins wet with their shared saliva.

“Does it feel good up your ass?” Chelsea asked her step-mother.

Julie could only close her eyes and give a groan in response as she felt another gently push from Zach send his cock deep into her anal tunnel at the same time that Melanie pushed her strapon up hard into the deepest recesses of her cunt.

Eventually Julie’s knees began to feel uncomfortable from being in the same position for so long. She lifted her head and turned it slightly to one side to address Zach.

“I love the feel of you in my ass, but let’s move back onto the couch.” She lovingly rubbed her ear against his bristly cheek and jaw.

Zach slowly eased himself out of Julie, and moved back onto the couch where she indicated while she climbed off Melanie’s strapon. Julie had him sit as close to the edge as possible, then with her back to him, she lowered herself slowly back onto his hard cock, guiding it back to the same spot it previously occupied. With it sitting snugly in her ass, she leaned back so that she could rest her face against Zach’s and whisper quiet words of encouragement into his ear.

Down at her feet Chelsea was laying alongside Melanie, and the two were engaged in sexy open-mouthed tongue duel.

“Chel baby, come and suck on my honey pot again,” Julie said, and after a brief pause she added, “… and Mels honey, you can do her ass as well.”

As Chelsea crawled back to the couch, she switched her gaze between her step-mother’s flushed face and Zach’s blood-engorged muscle sliding in and out of her ass. She leaned forward to begin licking and sucking on the familiar beautiful cunt opening in front of her face. Just as she got into a comfortable rhythm sucking and licking on Julie’s cunt, she felt the sensation of cool liquid being dribbled down her own butt crack, followed by first one, then two fingers probing and sliding in and out of her own butt hole.

Chelsea groaned with her mouth clamped around Julie’s open vagina as she felt Melanie’s strapon slide slowly all along her crack, stop briefly at her wrinkled brown rosette before being gently pushed in. She appreciated Melanie’s gentle approach, it made the sensation all the more enjoyable, and she pushed her hips back in response.

Melanie could feel own her feelings of lust going into overdrive. Here she was with the three people whom she loved more deeply than anything or anyone, and she was watching two of them engaged in the hottest anal sex. And what was even hotter was that she was fucking one of them while the man whom she loved body and soul, and shared with the two women before her was fucking the other. She hoped that she might be able to experience a hot anal scene at the hands of one of her three lovers sometime soon. She could feel her own sexual tension building up and knew that another explosive climax was only just around the corner.

Zach too, enjoyed the hot scene being played out before him. He thought it was almost poetic symmetry that step-mother and -daughter were both being fucked anally in full view of each other, and were both spurring each other on. He caught Melanie’s eye, and noted her flushed face and breasts as she pushed her hips and the protruding phallus deep into Chelsea’s tight rump. She blew him a kiss and silently mouthed the message that she wanted him to do this to her one day, pointing down at Chelsea’s backside. He blew a kiss in return, and nodded with a big smile on his face.

Zach could hear the wet sticky sounds of the strapon sliding in and out of Chelsea’s ass, mingled with the sounds of his own cock doing the same to her step-mother, as well as the sounds of sucking coming from Chelsea’s mouth as she feasted on her step-mother’s vagina. He was also aware of the slowly increasing pitch in their sounds of their squeals and moans, so he knew they were very close to coming.

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