sex slavery

Rain came the next day to the compound, an infrequent event. Philip sat in an alcove and watched the downpour; he had successfully avoided being assigned to household tasks, and for the time being his special talents were not required. The rain recalled his previous life in his mountain village, which had been ravaged by a contagious fever. Philip’s parents, along with most of the village’s inhabitants, had died in the epidemic; and his uncle, a grasping, hard-hearted fellow, had promptly sold Philip to a passing slave trader, who was happy to pay the wretched uncle a handful of gold and silver coins in exchange for the young man, whose handsome, albeit girlish, looks were most striking.

The slave trader’s tastes must not have been inclined to his own sex, since he did not use Philip at all on the weeks’ journey to the principal city of the land. He did however employ the mouths and sometimes the behinds of each of the young women he had purchased. Philip did have to suffer an occasional blow from a cane or whip when dilatory, of course. Once arrived in the city, the slaves were displayed for sale in the central marketplace. Philip still recalled with embarrassment being compelled to stand naked with hands bound on the slave platform, while prospective buyers thrust their intrusive fingers into his mouth to check his teeth, cupped his genitals, or probed his rear end to ascertain its narrowness. At least I sold for a considerable sum, he thought.

Purchased by a desert noble, he had been conveyed to the compound where he had spent the last several years. That first evening, he was brought before the steward, looked over, and sent to spend the night in one of the slave quarters; a slim, willowy, well proportioned young man, with a sweet and pretty face and soft hair. He was told to bathe and rest; his work would be assigned on the next day. The heavy wooden door was closed and a bar placed on the outside. Philip was surprised to see steam emanating from the adjoining closet; looking in he saw a well appointed bathroom, with stone floors and heated water. A far cry from the cold clear streams of his mountain home; though his tribe had traditionally always washed regularly.

A tall figure wearing only a rough towel emerged from the wreaths of steam. This man, broad shouldered, black haired, with the muscles and scars of a soldier and regular features, smiled briefly at Philip and beckoned him towards the bathroom. Philip apprehensively entered; but soon discovered the pleasure of warm water and soft soap. Thoroughly cleansed, glowing from the bath, he found another towel and went back into the main room. The soldier – evidently also a slave – was seated on the one large sleeping platform that filled the center of the room; he remained clad only in his towel. Philip stopped nervously, hesitant to join the big man on the sleeping platform, but afraid of giving offense. His apprehension was solved quickly; the soldier reached out a long arm and gathered the younger slave towards him; whisking away the towel, he sat Philip sideways on his lap, and looked him over, clearly pleased by his new companion. Philip’s naked bottom rested on the other’s rough thighs; in embarrassment he tried to cover his slender, well shaped phallus and testes, but the other brusquely smacked his hands away, easily holding both of Philip’s wrists with just a few of his powerful fingers. Smiling in a friendly manner, he used his other hand to grasp Philip’s penis, which he began to fondle gently and steadily, so that it sprang to life in his hand.

Philip’s sexual experience thus far had been limited in the extreme; his had been a very strict society. Despite his uneasiness and feelings of helplessness, he could not help but enjoy the delightful sensations conveyed by the other’s slow manipulation. After a few minutes of this new pleasure, the other then spoke, in a dialect that was close enough to comprehend:

“Kneel, young one.”

When Philip was slow to obey, the other promptly lifted him off his lap and pressed him into position, so that his face was directly on the level of the other’s groin; the latter’s growing tumescence announced that he too was excited. He took Philip’s small hand and placed the fingers around his cock, indicating that Philip should caress him as he had been caressed. The young man complied, enjoying the heated sensation of the smooth, thick flesh that he grasped, feeling it stiffen into its full, considerable length.

“Kiss it and lick it.”

Philip complied, bestowing an innocent but open mouthed kiss on the head, where a clear liquid had begun to collect. Then he stuck out his pink tongue and licked; somehow sensing the sensitivity of the area just below the head.

“Now put it in your mouth.”

Philip opened his soft mouth and took the phallus into it. Licking and sucking, albeit somewhat inexpertly, he continued to fondle the length while taking more of the rigid member in. When he inadvertently scraped the shaft with his sharp little white teeth, he received a mock-serious cuff from the massive hand of his partner; admonished, he endeavored to deliver only the softest of oral caresses. His partner began to move with Philip’s sucking; both began to breathe faster. Suddenly, without warning, a jet of fluid shot out of the cock in the young slave’s mouth, to hit the back of his throat. Taken by surprise, he jerked his head back, and the fountain of come splashed on his face. The quantity was large, and his skin dripped; he hid his face in embarrassment and fear of having offended his formidable lover. But the other – evidently good natured – simply patted Philip’s face in a friendly fashion, then collected the come with his fingers and pressed it into Philip’s mouth, making sure that he swallowed all of it.

Both slaves lay down on the bed after their labors. But only a few minutes passed before the older man guided the younger’s head back to his semi-hard shaft. The younger turned to face his lover’s feet, and began obediently kissing, licking and sucking him; it was not long at all before he restored him to full firmness. Meanwhile, Philip’s sweet bottom faced up, and the soldier squeezed and fondled his buttocks, sliding his fingers along the crack and exploring the pink bud of the entrance. Dipping his hand into a clay jar of soft soap, he began to massage the younger’s narrow anal entrance, sliding in first one finger, then a second. Philip gasped, his mouth filled, but did not pull away; the intrusion became deeper, and his throat began to relax to take in more of the cock’s length. After a few more minute of this delightful intercourse, the soldier sat up; he easily lifted Philip to place him straddling his groin, facing away. Philip leaned forward; the other slid two fingers back into his ass, and positioned Philip’s delicate bud over his erect cock. Grasping the other’s shoulder with one hand, he removed his fingers from Philip’s anus and substituted the head of his cock at the entrance, which did not immediately close. A gentle push, a gasp from the young slave, and the cock was in his rear, gripped by the smooth sphincter.

Philip crouched motionless, his knees on either side of the other’s thighs. His entrance was impaled and there was a silent O on his face. The soldier gently encouraged him to move back, so his cock would penetrate deeper; Philip obliged, but gasped in sudden pain as his narrow rectum protested this rapid invasion. The other began a series of small movements, an inch in, an inch back; gradually Philip’s anus relaxed and he was able to lower himself back further onto the upright rod. The soldier grasped Philip’s own rigid cock from behind, and played with it; stimulated thus, Philip’s bottom commenced a similar sequence of movements, each one bringing a little more cock inside himself. He leaned his head back and offered his soft mouth to his lover; they kissed deeply and caressed tongues. Philip commenced to move his ass carefully up and down; waves of pleasure were spreading through his body, front and back. Suddenly a sensation more intense than any he had experienced flooded him; his cock and balls seemed electrified, and he was in the throes of the most astounding orgasm of his life. Simultaneously the other reached his climax in the younger man’s ass; they were frozen in motionless ecstasy for what seemed an age, before collapsing onto each other. The soldier stretched out, and drew Philip close toward him; Philip’s head fell on to his chest, while his hand cupped Philip’s newly ravaged buttocks. Together they fell quickly asleep.

When Philip awakened in the cool light of dawn, he knew to burrow beneath the sheet to his companion’s groin, and to begin licking and teasing him with his newly educated lips and tongue. This time, he thought as he gently flicked the frenulum with the tip of his tongue, I’ll swallow every drop.

The sky over the compound had turned a deep indigo, lit by bright stars and silhouetting the lush palms that shaded the compound buildings. A young female slave had been purchased that day; the Master had important guests with him, and so it was determined that the evening’s entertainment for the visitors would be focused around the introduction of the new slave to the ways of the household and her duties there. Since the new slave was petite, fair of face and complexion, with pale delicate skin and an admirable, albeit slight, figure, her initiation was anticipated to be most diverting to the Master’s friends; less entertaining, alas, for the young woman.

In one of the rooms used for this kind of diversion, several older men sat on couches surrounding a small wooden platform on the stone flagged floor. They were tended to by the younger slaves, male as well as female; the most comely of the household. The new slave, Naivia, was brought by two guards onto the stage. She looked fearfully around at the strange faces; one of the guards instructed her to remove her gown, a simple, short, cotton shift-like garment worn by most of the female slaves. Blushing, she demurred; a sharp, painful tug on her silky hair pressed the point, which brought a tear to her large, beautiful eyes. She shyly took off her shift and placed it neatly on the ground. Her breasts were small, perfectly shaped, and tipped with pink; her skin fair and glowing. A plump set of labia were clearly visible through a wisp of soft light hair. Overcome by the attention of all those in the room, she cowered, bent over and attempted to conceal her charming breasts and genitals, then her perfectly rounded, small bottom, with her hands. Her whole body appeared to blush with shame at her nakedness; it created a delightful picture as she clearly yearned to disappear from the appreciative gaze of the audience.

One of the guards grasped her small wrists and held them behind her back; the other bound them together with a strip of supple leather. Locking his fingers in her hair and compelling her to stand upright, her perfect body in full view, he made her turn and expose her bottom to the view of the audience, ignoring her feeble protests. She hung her head and great tears rolled down her cheeks as all her charms were demonstrated to the audience; even her buttocks blushed pink, to the amusement of the Master’s guests.

A door in the back room opened to admit two striking young women. Each was of similar height and build, although one was dark and the other light haired; each tanned, dressed in nothing more than a brief dark thong, exposing full firm buttocks. Their bare breasts were full and pierced with rings. One bore a short whip, the other a lithe cane. They stepped to the front of the stage and embraced, each pressing against the other and locking lips; their tongues protruded, licking and dripping wetness, in a remarkable exchange. Each fondled the other girl’s bottom, probing without reserve and clearly slipping a digit in their private parts, both front and rear. The audience’s attention and excitement increased rapidly; all their attention was on the two new arrivals, whose breasts were heaving at their erotic contact. Now they stepped away, remembering their work.. Together they fixed their gaze on the cowering Naivia, who saw only too clearly that this arrival boded little good for her.

Sure enough, her fears were quickly confirmed. The two new arrivals took hold of the sweet young slave, one gripping her hair tightly and the other driving her forefinger into the unfortunate girl’s anus. Naivia squirmed and rose up violently to remove herself from the appalling intrusion; her assailant simply hooked her finger in its entirety inside the young slave, who was compelled to move on tiptoe, still impaled in her rectum, toward the center of the stage. Naivia’s expression was something to see, compounded as it was of horror, indignation, shame, yet with a new element of submission and servitude.

The young Amazons conferred briefly, and Naivia’s bound hands were quickly fastened to a rope that hung from the ceiling. The rope was drawn up, so that Naivia was bent forward, her arms behind her and her torso obliged to bend over, while her sweet round behind protruded in a most provocative manner. Quickly her ankles were tied, stretched a fair distance apart, to rings in the platform. She was quite helpless; her tender parts were completely exposed, her entrances clearly visible and drawn slightly open by her bonds. She glanced fearfully over her shoulder to observe her two principal captors, who conferred in low voices, interspersed with piercing looks at their helpless victim. Decision was arrived at, and the light haired one stepped forward, paused briefly, and with a swish and a loud crack laid a very hard stroke of her whip at the exact point where Naivia’s soft behind joined her shapely thighs.

Naivia felt a pain like a hot iron had touched her tender flesh; and the pain intensified even more as seconds passed. She drew air into her lungs to scream, but another fiery agony struck; the darker Amazon had taken aim with her cane, laughing as she did so, and cut across Naivia’s buttocks, causing a pink weal to spring up immediately. Naivia’s scream echoed in the room; she attempted to soothe her tormented flesh but her hands were confined, and her attempts to move her bottom out of the range of the implements accomplished very little. Each Amazon delivered another stroke, which – if it were possible – stung even more fiercely, and Naivia’s screams choked as the new pain interrupted her cries. Then, mercifully, the two chastisers stepped back and resumed their quiet conference, interspersed with glances at their helpless victim, whose buttocks were bright pink where they did not bear a raised weal, and whose screams gradually subsided to desperate weeping. The two mistresses embraced each other again, mingling tongues and pressing against each other; their nipples were fully erect and they caressed the other’s most sensitive areas in full view of the room.

Their discussion evidently concerned which area of their victim might be most sensitive to their ministrations. While the darker girl commenced to stripe the insides of poor Naivia’s thighs with her cane, the other struck horizontally across the bound slave’s soft globes, creating a lattice effect of pink and red lines and causing the bound one to writhe and howl. Fortunately, the Amazons were inclined to make this treatment brief; as Naivia’s sobs gradually subsided, the two laid down their instruments. Approaching the slave, they began to caress her wounded flesh; while one slipped a finger into the helpless one’s soft little anus, the other began a skillful stroking of Naivia’s clitoris. Stimulated beyond bearing, the slave began a steady moaning and an undulation of her hips; she quickly reached first one, then another shattering climax. Thrusting a tongue into her pink ear, the blonde whispered:

“Now we will take you to enjoy in private. You are going to kiss every part of us, and swallow everything we give you, but you’re also going to come quite a lot more, my sweet one.”

The two young slaves had retired for the night; the door to their quarters was barred from without, and silence fell on the compound. Both slaves had bathed in preparation for their rest; cleanliness was a requirement, and ample water, soaps and rough towels were always on hand. Philip sat on the single bed, drying himself; slaves generally slept naked, except on the very occasional chilly nights, when they donned simple, short cotton shirts. He watched the other, younger than he, emerge from the bath area; the younger slave was small in stature but very gracefully shaped, with well proportioned (though not muscular) slender limbs, large grey eyes, a flat stomach and a sweet face with long, mid brown, silky hair. He smiled shyly at Philip; the two had only met that day, when the other had been brought from the traders in the nearby city. As the latter turned to fold his clothing, Philip observed his perfectly shaped, peach like bottom, and a long slender back; he made room in the bed where they both would sleep. The lamp was extinguished, and the new slave sighed and curled into a restful position beneath the sheet. Despite this, Philip sensed that his companion was still alert.

Cautiously Philip moved his body a little closer to the other, who lay facing away from him, and did not move away when Philip approached. Encouraged, Philip gently pressed a little closer against his bedmate’s back; to his surprise and delight, the response by his partner was to immediately push his behind against Philip’s groin and press against him, moving his buttocks slightly in a highly stimulating fashion. Philip’s cock grew hard at the touch of the soft smooth flesh, and stood up along the parting in the slave’s bottom; reaching around the other, he grasped his cock, which was small but already standing rigid. An open mouth met Philip’s, and the two kissed deeply, each enjoying the other’s fresh sweet taste. Their tongues caressed each other and Philip began a slow fondling of his lover’s cock; the latter moaned with pleasure and pressed his behind harder against the other’s groin, then turned and gripped Philip’s cock with a small hand. Breaking off the kiss, he moved down and put his wet warm mouth around Philip and began to suck him in an intensely stimulating manner. Without withdrawing his cock, Philip turned and took the other in his mouth; they began an intoxicating, rhythmic 69, joined into one in their intense pleasure.

Philip licked and sucked the slender shaft in his mouth, cupping the other’s testicles and caressing the area behind them. Approaching the soft bud of the other’s anus, he slipped in his finger, creating a convulsion of excitement in response. His lover began to deepen his oral caresses, taking more of Philip’s cock into his mouth, caressing it alternately with lips and tongue. Philip reciprocated, awed by the incredible smoothness of the skin beneath his own lips; he gently inserted his finger deeper in the other’s ass, and felt his partner arch his back in ecstasy. Their sap began to rise as one; simultaneously they increased their tempo, until first one and almost immediately after, the other, spurted out their essence, which was enthusiastically swallowed by each recipient. Their heads fell back onto the pillows and they relaxed completely, holding each other affectionately, in deep, languid satisfaction.

“You went inside me.” whispered the younger.

Philip could not deny this. “Didn’t your old Master like to put it there?”

“No; he liked to be sucked, and he was old and only wanted me once in a while. It was because he died that I was sold.”

“Here, you’ll be taken up the back way often! Most of the Master’s guests – whom we serve – prefer to use us like that. After we’ve sucked them for a while, usually. And sometimes they want to be brought off after they’ve been in there.”

“I liked it when you did that to me. It was really exciting, to have you there and in my mouth at the same time. And I need to learn how to do it and please, from what you tell me. When I didn’t please my old Master, no matter how hard I worked, he would whip me. It hurt! It wasn’t my fault either, he was just old. But I love sucking your cock, and I’ll do anything you want; anything at all. Are you too tired now? Could you try doing that to me with your cock, not just your finger?’

The new slave nestled closer to Philip and brushed his fingertips across Philip’s phallus; which began to stiffen. Sensing an absence of rejection, he slid down and took Philip in his mouth once more. Whatever the limitations of his experience, he had absolutely mastered one skill at least.

“It may be a little painful the first time. It takes getting used to; you have to learn to relax completely. But when you do, it can feel wonderful. And the guests like you to be relaxed, it feels good to them; unless it’s one of those who gets excited by hurting us. Luckily there are not many like that; though one in particular….”

Philip began to breathe faster as the younger slave suckled him.

“All right, you had better stop that for a moment. Lie on your stomach with this pillow under your cock. We’ll get you ready to try.”

The other complied, relaxing his body on the bed. Philip began to caress his smooth back, rubbing it with a pleasantly scented unguent made available to the slaves. He made long

strokes with his fingers, each pass ending a little closer to the base of the spine.

“That feels wonderful. You are nice to me! And you have a beautiful cock. I would love for you to be my first lover back there. I can almost feel you inside me already. Do you want me to warm you up a little more? I know it’s late…”

Philip demurred. He was already very excited by the feel of the other’s smooth soft skin as well as his evident arousal, which increased with each caress, so that the younger slave seemed to purr like a cat. Philip moved his touch to the other’s buttocks, stroking them, kneading them, even smacking them sharply. The other moaned and raised his behind to the touch; Philip’s fingers began to circle his little asshole, which resembled a rosebud that was starting to open. Caressing the entrance, he lubricated it with the unguent; spreading the firm smooth cheeks apart, he bent and lapped at the opening, which seemed to flower beneath his tongue. Then he stepped around and presented his cock to the other slave’s mouth, who immediately licked and sucked it to wet it thoroughly. That accomplished, Philip lay down on top of the submissive one, who seemed relaxed in every muscle. The divide between his buttocks was wet and slippery; his asshole offered itself to Philip’s cock. The latter steered the head to the entrance; it slipped in an inch or two quite easily, bringing a gasp from both the lovers. Considerately Philip paused, holding his cock still, though now well inside the close fitting passage; he felt the muscles of the sphincter squeezing his shaft, then the other gave a convulsive push of his rear, and Philip’s cock sank to the hilt in his ass, provoking a muffled cry of pleasure mixed with pain. Philip remained still, waiting for the other to relax again; then began making small movements in and out. All tension seemed gone from his partner’s body; the small strokes became larger and lengthier, soon Philip’s cock was being drawn almost all the way out, and then driven back in, stimulating low cries of ecstasy from both of the lovers. Philip reached between the pillow and his companion’s body to squeeze and fondle his cock, which was intensely swollen. The other turned his head to exchange deep kisses; tongues entwined, they once again reached their peaks simultaneously, the younger one’s cock spurting hot come violently over Philip’s hand, whose cock exploded deep in his rectum.

The slave walked barefoot down the quiet, shadowy corridor in the evening cool, on his way to call – and service – on a guest of the house. He was sent frequently on such errands, for not only was he finely featured, with soft curls, girlish skin, and large grey eyes, but he was skilled in his work; which was to provide maximum pleasure and satisfaction, through all available means, to his master’s guests. Along with other attractive members of the household, male and female, he served regularly at table; observing interest in one or other of the servants, who wore only the scantiest of clothing, the steward would direct them to attend that guest’s sleeping chamber. There was seldom any question whether the slave would strive to the utmost to please the guest.

Philip was already an adept fellationist; he would knock on the door, naked, stand obediently for inspection, front and back, then unbidden slip into the guest’s bed, go beneath the covers and take his stiffening member into his mouth. Licking the shaft from bottom to top, flicking the underside of the head with his tongue, sliding his mouth down it to take the full length into his mouth and throat, then slowly moving up its length, he quickly found his partner to be hard as rock. The latter might lay back and allow Phillip to service him to completion; or he might take a more active role and fuck Philip’s mouth hard and deep, excited by the slave’s silky hair and large beautiful eyes gazing up as he strove to stretch his lips around the rigid shaft and take every inch of the cock in. Sometimes the guest might choose to come in Philip’s mouth; at other times he would motion the slave to turn onto his elbows and knees and receive him in the rear.

Yet despite his lovemaking skills, Philip was uneasy as he recalled a previous encounter. The guest – a tall, darker man from the southern provinces – had received Philip’s most skilled oral attentions without becoming more than semi-hard. Despite the use of all his experience and skill, including taking each of the man’s testicles into his mouth to suck gently, and licking the man’s anus, the guest’s cock failed to stiffen fully. After some time the guest motioned to Philip to stand. He took a long strip of supple leather from a drawer and bound Philip’s wrists together tightly, looping the end around his neck so that his hands were restrained halfway up his back. From the same drawer he took a leather ball gag which he pressed into Philip’s suddenly quivering mouth and fastened at the nape of his neck. Knotting his fingers in the slave’s silky hair, he gripped the lad between his long strong legs and bent him over his lap.

Philip’s bound hands could not reach down, while his small soft buttocks were upturned making a a most enticing presentation. the fingers in his hair kept Philip firmly bent over, and the guest’s powerful legs immobilized him as if in a vise; but left one of the guest’s hands free. This he used to take a flat, oval wooden paddle pierced with holes from the same drawer. He gently caressed the slave’s cringing buttocks with the flat; then raised it high and brought it down with a whistle on the soft flesh below, where it cracked loudly and left a bright pink mark. Philip’s breath rushed out past the gag in a gasp of pain. The first stroke was immediately followed by another, and another. Philip howled through the gag. The sensation was agonizing at first and built to ever increasing heights. He felt as though he was being branded on his cheeks, and then branded on the site of the first burn. He bucked and squirmed, inarticulately begging for just a moment’s respite; but the remorseless punishment continued , covering every inch of his buttocks, moving to his smooth thighs, then returning to the already blazing parts. He was held helpless by the strong fingers knotted in his hair, and the crushing pressure of the legs holding him. Again and again the strokes fell; he had not believed such pain could exist.. There was nothing he could do to protect his vulnerable soft parts, which burned with a fury. The pain was unbearable and unending; he pleaded and sobbed through the gag, throwing himself from side to side but unable to free himself or protect the exposed skin. His muffled screams rose to hysteria; the remorseless strokes continued, and he finally came to a subdued, steady sobbing, broken in will even of the urge to struggle.

Though the strokes continued, cracking painfully on the inflamed surface, Philip had lost all resistance. Finally he was released and the gag was removed; he fell to his knees in front of his tormentor and offered to take him into his trembling mouth, observing incidentally that the phallus before him was now indeed hard as rock. Instead Philip was directed onto his hands and knees; he reached obediently behind to spread his cheeks, which burned where he touched them. His tormentor guided his shaft to the soft entrance; then forcefully thrust his entire length into the slave’s ass, which relaxed and resisted this rape not at all. Philip’s tears continued to flow and he added small gasps and moans as his master began to fuck him deeply. The man looked with pleasure at the tight ring formed by the sphincter around his cock; then thrust deeper still. Philip convulsed, and flexed his asshole to aqueeze pleasurably the invading member. He would do anything to prevent a resumption of the beating. His captor paused in his thrusts; then slid out of the slave’s ass. Grasping his hair again, he pulled Philip’s face in front of his pulsing, wettened cock. Philip immediately took it in his mouth and licked it clean, humbly swallowing the lubrication that coated it without hesitation. Then he was repositioned on all fours and the ram replaced in his behind, to be fucked long and hard until – after what seemed an eternity – the flood gates finally opened and a scalding fountain bathed his quivering depths.

These disturbing memories passed through his mind as he padded silently to the closed, inlaid door. Knocking softly, he entered – and saw a wooden horse with several objects laying on it: a short whip, a wooden ball gag, and some leather strips. A voice from behind startled him.

“Ah, my friend from before. I remember you well; and what was required to prepare you properly for me. Now go to the horse, and take position. This time my host has provided some excellent equipment for our hours together.”

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