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Chapter 21


I got to start the game the next morning against the Parkland Rangers. They had finished in the top five last year, but weren’t quite as good this time around. They did have a sophomore who could throw the ball, but he had pitched the day before and thrown a two-hitter. My opponent today didn’t have near his velocity, relying mostly on a sneaky curve that fooled most batter the first couple times around the order.

I gave up two singles in the first, but got out of the inning within further damage. We got two runs in the third. Lou Clemons hit another homer and a walk, an error and a single brought the other one home.

The game remained 2- 0 into the seventh, when I doubled, and scored on a base hit to left by Patagonis. I tired a little in the eighth, and gave up two runs on a long homer by their right fielder.

Champ Banion homered for us in the ninth, and Duane finished up. We won, 4 — 2, and celebrated the fact that we were headed for the state tournament with a decent seeding.

I had a boner for the duration of the bus ride home, thinking about Leah and L. O. and what we’d be doing that evening.

Several of the guys noticed it and began a chant that went: “Bree’s gonna get some, smell it?” and when I grinned back at them, they went crazy slapping each other on the back and high-fiving one another.

“Life is good,” I said, and the uproar continued until Coach made us stop.


On getting home, my Mom had me do a few jobs like mowing the yard and carting some stuff from the attic to the street for a pickup scheduled for the following morning. So I was a little late for my “date” with L. O. and Leah.


L. O. was right on the button, however, and smiled broadly at Leah, when she opened her front door and said, “Come on in.”

Leah told L. O. that her parents were out of town for the evening, but would return early the next day, as she led the way upstairs. The girls had not touched on meeting, and both were slightly nervous at what was to happen later.

Leah led the way into her parent’s bedroom, surprising L. O., who said, “Won’t they know something’s gone on here?”

“It’s possible, but I don’t care.”

“You don’t care? Won’t they punish you?”

“I doubt it. I know they’re both cheating on the other, but they don’t seem to know the other’s cheating.”

It was a large room, with a big king-sized bed with its head against the back wall. On my side of the bed was a chest of drawers, probably full of her mother’s things. On the far side, beneath the window, was a dressing table. To the right, facing the foot of the bed was a fitted double wardrobe with mirrored sliding doors.

Leah turned to face L. O., and smiling lewdly, held out her arms, “How about a big hug?”

L. O.’s nervousness evaporated. She went into Leah’s arms, and they kissed sensuously.

She made a brief comparison of Leah’s mouth with that of Duane’s. Her lips were full, and soft, quite different from Duane’s. And when Leah’s tongue found its way into her mouth, L. O.’s head began to swim.

Leah’s hands went to L. O.’s shoulders, and pushed her gently away. Still smiling, she began to undo the buttons on her blouse. L. O. reached behind her neck and pulled the light sweater over her head. When L. O. could see her again, Leah tossed her blouse onto the low stool in front of the dressing table. L. O. carefully folded and placed the sweater onto the chest of drawers.

They looked at each other, Leah, in her little girl-like ivory bra. L. O. almost the same, in her white frilly bra. Both had young, taut shoulders, coupled with flat stomachs. L. O.’s breasts bulged over the cups of her Victoria Secrets bra.

Leah’s smallish, still under-developed boobs failing to fill her smallish cups.

Leah kicked off her shoes, and undid the zip at the side of her skirt. L. O. did the same. They stepped out of their skirts, and placed them on the stool and chest respectively.

Leah smiled again, demonstrating her confidence; reached behind her to undo her bra. L. O.’s opened at the front. The panties quickly followed the bras to the floor.

Both girls then paused to look at the other; paying particular attention to the triangle between the others legs.

Leah held out her arms and L. O. went into them. As they cuddled, L. O. could feel Leah’s taut nipples pressing into her breasts — so warm, so soft, so unlike a man’s chest. She felt Leah’s long legs against her own, smooth and firm.

“Oh, you’re so soft, and smooth,” L. O. purred.

“And I love the feel of your breasts pressing into mine,” answered Leah.

Their mouths came together in another long kiss that ended with L. O. sliding around to Leah’s ear and nibbling gently at the lobe — something she loved having done to her.

Leah let out a long moan, “Ooooh, I love that.” It seemed that a woman does know what a woman likes, even in this small way.

L. O.’s hands ran down to Leah’s bottom, and squeezed her globes, while nuzzling her neck.

Leah’s head went back, giving her free access to that delightful area under the chin and beneath the ear. L. O.’s senses were already swimming — and from the delighted sounds Leah was making, so were hers.

After a while, Leah stood back from L. O. and said, “Let’s get on the bed.”

“Shouldn’t we wait for Aubrey?” the other asked.

“No. Let’s start without him.”

L. O. said, “Really?” amazed that Leah would begin without her professed lover. Further, she offered no further sign of resistance to Leah; and they began to kiss and stroke one another until Leah demanded more, slipping her leg between hers, immediately applying pressure from her thigh to L. O.’s pussy.

They were moaning when Leah started a slow journey down L. O.’s body, then stopping at her breasts, drawing each one into her mouth; sucking and nibbling at the areole of each, while

L. O.’s hand calmly stroked her back.

And when Leah used her teeth on L. O.’s nipples, a spark seemed to jump from them, down to her pussy.

“Can … can I cum from just this?” she inquired of Leah.

“Yeah … but I won’t let you.”

“You won’t?”

“I have other plans for that,” Leah said as her hands weaved their way through L. O.’s hair, her back and finally the cleft of her ass.

“You’ve thought this out?” L. O. asked, obviously impressed.

“Um, yeah, took me maybe two seconds.”

They laughed at that; but when Leah deserted her breasts and moved to her stomach, L. O. began to quiver with excitement, exulting in the silky smoothness of Leah’s touch and body parts every time they made contact with her burning flesh. Her legs opened for Leah, her clit already swollen, her cunt weeping for her tongue.

L. O. bit her lip, glanced down at the top of Leah’s head; saw that she was squeezing her own breasts with both hands.

Leah’s hands parted L. O.’s outer lips. L. O. knew her clit was engorged, for she was already quite wet. She could smell her arousal, but for a moment was confused by what should have been a familiar odor, until she realized that she was also smelling Leah’s arousal as well as her own.

In the next few seconds, two things happened,

only one of which the girls were aware of. First, Leah’s tongue darted out and flickered over L. O.’s clit. Second, I picked that moment to enter the bedroom, and stopped in my tracks, watching as Leah drank L. O. in.

I saw L. O. start to convulse, and thought she was going to pass out. But she merely moaned, “AAAHHHHH!” and pressed her hips up to meet Leah’s mouth. Leah flicked her tongue across her clit again, and again, and again.

And with L. O. moaning and squirming, she took one hand away from her pussy, and sent one and then two fingers into her tunnel. Leah was unbelievably gentle in this, not wanting to hurt her new lover.

L. O.’s legs opened wider. Her hips shot up repeatedly, virtually humping Leah’s face without even thinking about what she was doing.

I stood there, unnoticed by either girl, and began to disrobe. When I was naked, I moved to them, and stood next to them at the side of the bed.

L. O. was soon completely out of control; savoring the sensation of being eaten out for the first time; still tightly gripping her own breasts, and moaning continuously, while her head and shoulders rocked from side to side.

I was enthralled by the sight of them. I wondered if I should join in, or allow them to finish. I decided to let them continue, and would have, but L. O. opened her eyes, saw my erection and reached out to it.

Leah felt my presence, and welcomed me while still eating L. O.’s pussy. It was garbled, but I understood her all the same. Meanwhile L. O. had already spit on the head of my dick and was using her thumb to thoroughly lubricate the tip.

“You’ve been practicing, I see,” I told her, smiling down at her.

“You’re late,” she said, looking up at me, then taking me into her mouth and swirling her tongue around me. I was in heaven.

My eyes roved from L. O.’s mouth and eyes, to Leah’s face and fingers, which were now vigorously pumping in and out of L. O.’s cunt.

About thirty seconds later, L. O. seemed to lose control of her body. My dick dropped from her mouth, and her hips lunged into Leah’s face. A moment later, she was wailing in the throes of a huge climax.

Leah had one arm wrapped around her thigh, maintaining her position with respect to L. O.’s pussy. Leah slowed her pace, but never quit working the other girl; she appeared content to lavish long slow licks to L. O.’s clit, and as I looked on, L. O. came down from one cum and then soared off on another.

Suddenly, Leah wrenched her mouth away and snarled at me, “Now fuck her good!”

I stared at Leah. She was damp with sweat, hair was all awry, and her face and mouth were covered with L. O.’s secretions.

I smiled weakly at her before I kissed her full on the mouth, and tasted L. O.’s juices. It was a lovely, sweet taste.

But I obeyed Leah’s command, and knelt down between L. O.’s spread legs, placed my dick at the entrance of her cunt, and reminding myself that she was a virgin, plowed through her hymen with the first thrust.

I was relying on the fact that she was as relaxed after those orgasms as she’d ever be. I was proven correct, for L. O. immediately began fucking me back. For a first timer, I had to admit she was quite capable.

I halted my thrusting and took a moment to kiss L. O. gently on her swollen lips. Her mouth opened and our tongues introduced themselves.

Leah, moved close, and when my mouth left L. O.’s, she replaced it with hers, then breaking the kiss; she stared at me as if challenging me to say something. I didn’t, but resumed my pumping into L. O.’s tight hole.

Leah began stroking L. O.’s hair, and lay alongside us as we continued our fucking; now I had both hands under L. O.’s ass lifting her slightly and garnering deeper penetration. Leah’s observing of my fucking L. O. caused my dick to swell even larger, and I let the fingers of my right hand slide along L. O.’s ass until they sank into the crack. Then I pulled her closer to me and began to fuck her hard.

“Wait … Aubrey, wait!” L. O. gasped.

I kept going.

“Please … slow down … oh, Jesus … Ow! You’re hurt…”

Her hands were gripping my back so hard that I found furrows etched in my skin later. Right then, I felt the pain, and envisioned the blood coursing down my back and onto my ass.

Asking myself just who was hurting who, I redoubled the intensity of my thrusting. Off in the background, I heard Leah screaming, “Are you crazy? Stop it!”

I ignored her. I was too close to coming and knew that L. O. might cum before me.

One sensation I recall, was that of my balls slapping against her ass; and, as I recollect, L. O. was now yelling for me to fuck her harder.

“Bree…” Leah screamed in my ear, “Stop it, Jesus, you’re going to damage her!”

“Does it hurt?” I asked L. O.

“Fuck yeah … it hurts!”

“Want me to stop?”

“Fuck no!” And she continued to meet each of my thrusts with one of her own. I fell on top of her and with my finger worming its way into her ass, kissed her passionately on the mouth, almost choking her with my tongue.

L. O. started to cum. As I kissed her I felt a series of explosive orgasms shooting through her.

I growled into her mouth, and terminated the kiss. I renewed my fucking, slamming into her at a greater intensity than before. Her cunt spasmed around my cock, and I came with a burst of semen, covering the walls of her cunt while she howled with pleasure as her cunt convulsed around my shaft.

I rammed my hips into her groin, trying to add to the bursts of pleasure we were both enjoying. Belatedly, I realized that my dick hurt like hell. I later saw that I was badly chaffed and both girls treated it with loving care and affection, trying to restore it in order to fuck them again. But it was not to be.

L. O. moaned happily and continued to grind her twat against my thigh long after I had extracted my dick from her lovely sexpot. It occurred to me that she was still coming.

I kissed her again, more tenderly this time and we lingered, lost in the tranquility of our respective climaxes.

When we finally separated, L. O. and Leah began laughing as they watched her squeeze some cum out of her.

Leah found my dick, took it into her mouth and cleansed me. Then turned to L. O. and kissed her feveredly for a long time. I took the opportunity to examine my dick to see why it hurt and discovered the chaffing.

After the girls finished their kissing, Leah smiled at us and asked L. O. “What’d you think

“Now I know why that’s all anybody talks about,” L. O. answered promptly.

I realized before Leah that she might have meant either getting eaten out, as well as having had her first fuck.

Leah sat up and took L. O. by the hand. “Come on, we need to get you cleaned up.” Both girls hopped off the bed, but before following Leah to the shower off the bedroom, L. O. stood on tiptoes, and kissed the tip of my penis, then licked the upper part of the shaft until my hands went to the back of her head.

Then she backed away, and with a wide smile, said, “Maybe we’ll do that later. After we shower, why don’t you give it to Leah? She needs a good cum.”

From the shower, already running, Leah hollered out to us, “Has she told you that she loves sucking your smooth, hard cock?”


After they came out of the shower, we lay on the bed cuddling and kissing quietly in that warmth that follows really good sex. Then, eventually, I sat up, looked at Leah and asked, “What would you like me to do for you?”

At first, Leah didn’t know what to say. Then she smiled at me and said, “Bree, honey, you can do anything you like to me. I’m yours.”

I smiled at her, mischief in my eyes. “Well, my dick is sore, but I think I can handle a blowjob if you go easy on me.”

“Okay, I promise not to hurt your little sweetie-pie,” she giggled.

“I think we should use that lovely mirrored wardrobe door,” I said.

Leah looked at me, puzzled.

“Turn around,” I told her. “Lie on your back with your head over the end of the bed. Then you’ll be able to see what I’m doing to you. And you’ll also be able to see your face — that is, if you can keep your eyes open.”

Leah turned towards the foot of the bed, and lay down as I had told her, her head over the end of the bed so she was looking into the mirror. L. O. still naked and showing no evidence of shyness about it, took a seat in the cane-backed chair by the dressing table, turning it so that she could watch us.

I crawled alo

ng Leah’s body, and started kissing and licking her exposed neck. Almost immediately her eyes started to close. I lightly slapped the side of her bottom. It left a red mark.


“Keep your eyes open, Leah. I want you to see.”

I could see in the mirror that Leah smiled, and kept her eyes open as I continued to kiss her lovely neck.

My hands went to Leah’s breasts. I cupped them from their sides, squeezed them a few times before stroking her nipples with my thumbs. Her mouth opened, and she began to breathe quickly. After a time, I dipped my mouth to her lengthy nipples and licked them. They were hard in my mouth, and moving from one to the other, I bit each of them hard. Leah was squirming under me, moaning and reaching for my dick, evidently, wanting to place it at her entrance.

I bit harder.

“AAAHHHHH,” she moaned loudly. I took a quick look over at L. O. Her hand was between her legs, several fingers were frantically plying her cunt, but her eyes were riveted on us.

Leah’s eyes began to close again. I slapped her rump and her eyes snapped open.

“Keep looking, Leah,” I warned.

“Put it in!”

“I will … just not yet.”

“Oh … you bastard!”

I slid down to her tummy, and stuck my tongue into her navel, and seeing me do this in the mirror, she moaned again.

Gradually I traced my tongue down the lower part of her belly, leaving a slug-like trail in my wake. I kissed my way through her pubic hair and paused for several seconds at the entrance to her sex.

Watching in the mirror, her hips began to rise up in anticipation.

“Eat her good!” L. O.’s voice called out to us across the room.

Gently, I used my fingers to spread her labia; I could see her little clit poking out from its hood.

“See it?”

“No, I can’t,” she replied.

“Feel this?” I asked, and then blew gently on it.

“Yes!” she hissed, and grabbed for my head; managed to capture an ear, and pulled my face against her pussy.

“What would you like me to do to you now, Leah,” I asked.

“Oh … please,” she murmured weakly.

“Eat her! Eat her now, or I will!” L. O. said threateningly.

I believed her, and so I asked Leah if she wanted me to lick her there.

“Oh … please,” she replied.

I blew gently on her clit again.

“Oh, God!” she moaned. “Lick me there!”

I dipped towards her clit and sucked it into my mouth, flicking my tongue over the tip of it. Her whole pussy was very wet and soon my lips and cheeks were soaked with her juices. Leah had pulled her knees up, and placed her feet as far apart as they would go. She was completely open to me. She looked so lewd and exciting; I had to refrain from putting my dick to her in another frantic fuck.

I glanced up along her body into the mirror: her eyes were closed again, her mouth open, and a delighted look on her face. I saw L. O. had joined us, standing next to Leah’s head, blocking her view of the mirror.

“Keep looking, Leah,” I told her, “L. O. you’re in the way. Let her see what’s happening.”

“Oh … I’m sorry, L. O. said contritely, meaning it.

I slipped one, then two, and then three fingers into Leah’s tunnel, sliding them in and out, in and out, in and out, while I hungrily sucked on her clit and flicked my tongue repeatedly over its tip.

I felt a familiar tremor surge through her, and knew her climax was approaching.

Leah’s legs went even wider apart and her fingers pulled on her nipples, stretching them out to an incredible length.

She called my name, “Oh, Bree, Bree, Bree … that’s lovely. Ooohhhh!”

Her hips were now up off of the bed, thrusting towards my mouth, and she was so open and wet that I could pull my fingers almost out and then push them deeply into her, over and over again. I felt that feeling of power a man feels when he brings a woman to a feeling of total abandonment.

Leah was completely out of control. Her body arched up to my mouth; her legs were wide apart, and her hand squeezed her nipples so hard I worried that she might damage them. Her mouth was open, and her eyes watched what I was doing to her, until there was one long sound, almost a scream, as she exploded and came.

I stopped fucking her with my fingers, but kept my mouth on her. For a while she remained arched up towards me; then she gradually subsided back onto the bed, exhausted. I licked gently along the length of her slit, bringing her down slowly.

Eventually, she lifted her head and looked at me along her body, between her breasts, and smiled, a little abashed. I crawled up towards her face, looked into her eyes a moment, and then kissed her deeply and long.

When I withdrew, Leah wriggled a bit further onto the bed, so her head was on the mattress and looked up at me.

“You’re cruel,” she said, “making me ask for it.”

I smiled down at her. “But you did ask for it, didn’t you?” I asked.

“Because … because I was desperate.”

Still playing the game, I asked, “Desperate for what?”

Her arms went around me. She knew what I was doing. “I was desperate for your fingers inside me,” she said. “I was desperate for your tongue on my clit. Desperate for you to make me come;” and she kissed me again, and then I felt L. O.’s t mouth worming its way onto ours. A three-way kiss … a first for me … and the others for sure.

I took L. O. again a few minutes later. We tried the doggy-style position, and Leah eventually worked her pussy up to L. O.’s mouth. The girl needed no further prompting, and began eating her pussy with wild abandon.

My dick felt fine. It took me longer than usual before I was ready to cum, and I decided to try something a bit different. What I did was to try to lift L. O. with my dick. Okay, I know you can’t actually do it. But I had wondered about the effect trying it would have on me and my partner. At first, all I did was strain myself. But just before I gave up, I felt a shudder from L. O.

She tore her mouth away from Leah’s cunt and dazedly moaned, “Huh?”

I tried lifting her again.

“Jesus!” she gasped.

Then sputtered, “What … the fuck?”

And a split second later… “Keep doing that! My God, don’t…”

I did it again, and she started to cum. Not just cum, but she was squirting!

Alarmed at what was happening, I took my dick out, and it looked like she was pissing on me. Well, not me exactly, but whatever happened to be directly in front of her.

All in all, L. O. had a magnificent orgasm. Leah’s mouth hung open in astonishment as she joined me in watching L. O. squirt for what seemed an extraordinary length of time. When she stopped, she collapsed, laughing and crying, saying, “Unbelievable!” over and over again.

“What the fuck did you do to her?” Leah yelled, thinking I may have harmed L. O.

I told her. And L. O. waved weakly, telling her that what I had done was wonderful, and that she had not been harmed.

In my mind I grasped the first inkling that all was not well with Leah and me. But the idea had to ferment for a time before it crystallized in a clearer understanding of our relationship.

“He…” Leah said, thinking as she spoke “must have been stimulating your G-spot somehow.”

“Well,” I offered, “I was trying something different. What I did was try to lift her with my dick. I thought at first nothing happened. But then, she … she told me to do it again, and … well, you saw the result.”

“It was magnificent!” L. O. said in a whisper. “I … I never did that before.”

“Did you cum?” Leah asked, finally showing me some consideration.

“No,” I answered.

“Let’s do him together, baby,” Leah said to L. O.

Leah picked up my cock and held it in the palm of her hand, as it weighing it.

L. O. just sat there, staring at my cock in a daze of lust. Finally Leah began licking it, slowly slithering her tongue all the way up its length, over and over again. Then she planted adoring little kisses all over it, up and down the shaft, as though it were the most beautiful thing on earth.

L. O.’s eyes widened and she licked her lips.

“It’s so hot. It’s pulsing in my hand. Come feel it,” Leah said.”

L. O. still didn’t move. She just squirmed uncomfortably on the bed.

“Don’t you just love how sexy his cock is?” Leah added. “It makes me nuts just seeing it twitch, never mind how it jumps when I get him going.”

Then she went back to sucking my cock, and I saw L. O. get up and crawl over to us.

“Grab it. Stroke it like this. He likes that,” Leah said, in between sucks.

L. O. obliged. Her hands were clammier than Leah’s, but they still felt nice. I found myself sitting there for the second time in three days with these two women attending to my cock.

L. O.’s days of needing lessons were clearly over. Leah, of course, needed no further instructions. She was a born cocksucker.

“Come on, L. O., lick it with me.”

Leah leaned in and began licking it again, and L. O. joined her. And I had two warm, slippery tongues pleasuring my happy cock as Leah looked up at me with shining eyes as if to say, ‘See how good I take care of you? Look at the situation you’re in here.’

“Lick his balls, L. O.,” she said, and she did. Leah went up my shaft, and took me in her mouth. My entire cock was bathed in warm liquid.

I looked down at the two pretty little heads, one dark blonde and one light blonde, and all I could do was smile. All of the sudden Leah took me all the way down to the root, and her cheek pressed into L. O.’s forehead. L. O. backed away in awe.

“Holy shit!” she said.

“Mmmmmm,” Leah replied, her mouth full of my cock. Then she pulled right off of it, bent it downward, and offered it to L. O.

L. O. took me in her mouth, and trying to emulate Leah, began slurping and bobbing on me. I saw Leah’s eyes widen, and then glaze over with lust. She took me in hand and jerked me off with one hand, while guiding L. O.’s head with the other.

L. O. took me from between her lips, and asked Leah: “Show me how you take him all in.”

“Relax your throat, like you’re yawning,” Leah offered. “Just let it slide on down. Go nice and easy.”

But it isn’t easy relaxing one’s gag reflex. L. O. began to choke, and removed me from her mouth, handing me back to Leah, who sucked me into her mouth without saying a word, or making eye contact with her friend.

When she thought that L. O. had recovered, she gave me back to her, saying, “Here, have another try.”

L. O. took her time and eventually got most of my shaft down her throat. So she was assured that she had conquered her gag reflex.

“Yeah, that’s it!” Leah said encouragingly.

I decided to add some praise of my own and said, “Not too many girls have achieved what you have, L. O. good work.”

Her eyes beamed at me and she began sucking furiously, intent on getting me off.

“I’m gonna cum!” I warned her.

The two girls started sharing me. The sounds of their moaning and cooing were driving the three of us wild.

Leah, knowing what was about to happen, took control of the situation, and began jerking me off with both hands, while telling L. O. to keep her mouth open and her eyes shut.

But L. O. was intent on see my ejaculation first hand, and kept her eyes open.

Seeing the look of lust on L. O.’s face did it for me. My come erupted in an explosion of great stringy globs that spewed out first hitting the unprepared L. O. in the right eye, and then her nostril and cheek. Leah directed my dick to her mouth and garnered two jets right on target — her tongue.

I let out a mighty groan as the climax rocked through me. My body churned out the semen with all its might, as though it knew there were two girls receiving it and it would have to give double effort.

After I had relaxed for a few minutes, I asked L. O. is she had ever gushed like that before.

She thought about it before answering. “No … at least I don’t think so.”

“Why do you say it like that?” Leah asked.

“Um, because … um, once or twice when I … masturbate … I um, got kinda wet.”

“And?” Leah probed.

“And … um, it was more than usual. You know … a lot more than usual. I mean, I always get wet down there…”

“We all get wet when we’re aroused,” Leah said, nodding as if she were on to something.

“How ’bout we try something?” I said.

Both girls looked at me in expectation, then at my flaccid dick, and smiled. “You don’t appear to be up for it, Bree.” That was Leah speaking, but L. O. had to thinking it too.

“C’mere, LO,” I said, tugging her so that she was half sitting, half-laying beside me. “I’ll play with your pussy. Leah, play with her tits and kiss her. My idea is to get Lo here heated up and see if we can get her to squirt again.

“Sounds like a plan,” Leah said.

“Going to make me cum again, Bree?”

“Gonna try.”

“Go for it, man,” Leah said and laughed, then pulled L. O. into a long, soul kiss.

I leaned in and began licking L. O.’s pussy, paying attention to her clit. Several minutes later, she was humping my face and moaning into Leah’s mouth. I began to finger her, adding a finger when I thought she could take one; and always paying a lot of attention to her clit.

Minutes drifted by. The only sounds in the room were the squish of my fingers as they plunged in and out of her cunt and the occasional moan from one or both of the girls.

“Gonna go for it now,” I said aloud. I felt L. O. tense up.

Taking my fingers from her sopping wet hole, I carefully sent my index and trigger fingers into her again. And after two thrusts, began pumping them into her at a furious pace, much the same as if jerking myself off as I neared a climax.

L. O. emitted a loud, “Ugh!”

Leah began pinching her nipples, and L. O. grunted again.

The squishing sound changed to that of a plunger unstopping a toilet, and loud, sucking noises and grunts filled the room.

My arm was tiring, but I continued the assault on her twat. She was more than loose by this point. I could have tried fisting her, but didn’t as that wasn’t the objective.

And then, with a faint laugh, L. O. began to squirt again. I took some in my mouth and found myself being pushed away by Leah, who consumed almost everything else. Would have too, I expect, but she felt a need to share the juice with L. O. and did, kissing her and spitting a mouth full into the other’s eager mouth.

Ten minutes later, it was Leah pumping her fingers into L. O.’s cunt and getting a reasonable squirt, although not anywhere close to the other two.

After checking the time, I decided I had better leave. I spent the next fifteen minutes kissing the girls goodnight. Well, I’d kiss one while the other sucked my dick. When I finally came, and I hardly came at all, I tucked my dick away, kissed them both one last time and left.

L. O. was suggesting that she try the fingers on Leah to see if she could squirt too, as I closed the bedroom door and let myself out the front door.


Finals & Back to Gerry

All right, I’d better fill you in. I’ve let three months go by. At first I thought I’d just skip this part and pick up with my Aunt Nicole’s wedding. But I realized that would raise too many questions — too many issues, and so here it is — in condensed form.

I never got another shot at either Leah or L. O. What happened was … they fell in love with one another and decided that while they loved it when I was with them they didn’t feel right about it afterward. And so, I became the odd man out.

My reputation as a ladies’ man at school took a hit. Well, for a week or two, until it got around that the two girls were lezzies. Um, I had nothing to do with it, as I kept my mouth shut as was, and still is, my rule. Leah made it known that they were an item to keep the other guys from hitting on them. It didn’t take long for the rest of the girls to do a 180 and come after me.

But I had first turned back to Gerry and her husband, Hank for sexual relief. You may remember them as a married couple who were active swingers. And in between was the baseball teams run in the state baseball tournament. I should talk about that as it had a lot to do with me getting a lot of attention from both professional scouts as well as many colleges.

We lost to Woodrow Wilson in the first game of the tourney. But it was quite a game all the same.

It was played under ideal weather, and in front of an overflow crowd. Oh, did I mention that it went 22 innings?

It was the longest game in the state’s history, and the fact that it was in the state tournament added to its stature. My opponent on the mound was a guy named Joe Rafferty, a lanky right-hander who would go on to play in the major leagues for some 14 years, and star in several World Series.

We hooked up in a pitching duel that saw me pitch 17 innings of one-hit ball, while Rafferty gave up three hits in the same number of innings. The local TV station had nothing special on the air that afternoon and the news crew, there for a segment on the nightly news, found themselves being instructed to go live with what was happening. So, from the 12th inning on, we were on the air.

I was helped by some dazzling fielding. Well, Rafferty was too. And while I also walked two batters, he didn’t walk any. But His team did make three inconsequential errors behind him.

Ah, but it was the strikeouts that caught people’s attention. I had 25, he had 21.

We did threaten Wilson in the 15th, when with one out Billy Jennings walked, and Spears singled, sending Jennings to third. The Wilson coach then displayed extraordinary confidence in Rafferty by ordering Tiedemann walked, loading the bases. With the infield drawn in to double-play depth, Rafferty again responded by fanning both myself and Lou Clemons.

It may sound as if I had the better of it. Perhaps, if one just compares me with Rafferty, but we were each dominating the opposition until both coaches thought we had done enough for one day and took us out of the game after pitching 17 scoreless innings.

Casmir Olsewski took over the pitching for us in the bottom of the 18th. He handled Woodrow Wilson as easily as I had. Rafferty’s replacement, a short kid that threw hard handled us just as easily. Until the 19th, when with one out, Tiedemann singled sharply to left, and stole second two pitches later. He moved to third on an infield out, and scored when the Wilson pitcher was late covering on a ground ball to first.

Wilson roared back in the bottom of the inning. Their cleanup hitter led off with a triple to center, and came home one out later on a base hit up the middle. Casmir retired the side after that and the game went on, tied at 1 — 1.

In the 20th each team got a runner to second with two outs, but Woods lined out to first, and their best hitter fouled out to third baseman Temple.

The next inning Ed Saniki, usually an outfielder, took over the pitching chores in place of Olsewski.

The Wilson kid remained in the game. It seemed that every batter after that grounded out to either short or second. That is, until the bottom of the 22nd, when, after the lead-off hitter struck out, their shortstop singled past the outstretched glove of Will Patagonis, our shortstop. The next batter struck out on a three-two count and the runner stole second.

So we had two out and a runner on second with their centerfielder at the plate. Saniki put the first two pitches over the plate and had him at 0 — 2, a major disadvantage. Watching from the dugout, I saw Westrum, the catcher since the 16th inning call for a pitch on the outside. I think it was a fastball, maybe a slider, I was never sure. He missed his target and put it right down the middle of the plate and the batter took him deep to right, clearing the fence by an easy 20 feet. It was over that quickly, 3 — 1, Wilson. We were out of the tournament.

But the press (AP picked the game up and sent it out nationwide), and the TV coverage was broadcast on NBC the following Saturday when the Yankee — Red Sox game was rained out. Rafferty was deluged with offers to turn pro, and did so at the earliest opportunity.

The pros couldn’t talk to me as I was only a junior, but at least ten colleges could, and did. Arizona State made it clear that I would have a full scholarship, and hinted at the many girls that would love to see me go there. That cut no ice with me as I had all the pussy a guy could want, even though I’d just been dumped by Leah and L. O.

But it gave me something to shoot for in my senior year, and while I may be jumping the gun here, a week later I made Faces in the Crowd in Sports Illustrated, along with other high school athletes showing promise in various sports. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t select Rafferty.

School ended, and I played some summer ball, with high school and college guys, but hurt my ankle and dropped off the team four games into their season. I had pitched once, winning 12 — 4. I wasn’t sharp at all, walking six batters and giving up four extra base hits. But the batters were on that day and made it easy for me, scoring 8 runs in the first and 4 more in the second.


I also dropped by Mrs. Gerry Whitestone’s, and was welcomed with open arms and other parts.

Sometimes her husband, Hank would be around, and we’d have the obligatory three-some. But for the most part, it was just Gerry and me.

She arranged it so that on several occasions — perhaps at his request — that we were just finishing up on the living room couch when he came in from work. I never could quite get used to the sight of this formally clad business exec just whipping it out, and jerking off all over his nice three-piece suit.

One particular day, I dropped by and we started were going at it, and as I slipped my hand up her leg to caress her bare and bloated pussy, she moaned much louder than usual, “Oh, Bree, don’t stop!”

I drove two fingers into her wet cunt and smiled as she humped my hand, releasing little satisfied peals of joy as she started to cum.

After she’d finished coming, I kissed her and pulled her to a sitting position so I could readily unzip her dress. After she’d helped me do it, I stripped and had her lay back on the semen-stained couch she and Hank were so proud of.

This particular day, Gerry wore only a garter belt and stockings. I studied her, while stroking my major league erection. She had a small pooch of a stomach, a recently shaven cunt, and a pair of tits to die for.

“Will Hank be dropping in on us today?” I asked.

“No, he’s out of town. He’ll be back after seven tonight.”

That said, watching me with those big, sexy eyes of hers, Gerry made a grab for my dick and jammed it in her mouth, and sucked like crazy. About a minute later, she popped me out, licked her lips lasciviously and said, “I love fucking you, my handsome boy.”

“I like fucking you too, Gerry.”

A moment later, with my dick back in her mouth, I got this feeling we were being watched. At first I thought Hank might have set up a camera or two in hope of videoing us. But then I noticed the door to the bedroom was open slightly. I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, being occupied with Gerry and all, but I saw a fleeting glimpse of movement behind the door.



“Take it out a sec.”

“Whuh?” she asked with my dick hanging from her lower lip.

“Is Hank in the bedroom watching?”

“Um, no.”

“Someone’s in there. Who is it?”

Holding my dick at arm’s length as if appraising it’s value, she said, “It’s probably Gretchen, Hank’s sister.”

“Should we invite her to join us?”

“Um, no. That’s up to Hank.”

“He isn’t here.”

A moment later Gerry let my dick go, leaving it pointing at the ceiling, and rose up and murmured, “Um let me see…”

“Hi Gerry,” I heard a female voice chirp as Gerry opened the bedroom door.

“Gretchen … I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Oh, I got here just before you did.”

“Why didn’t you let me know?”

“I was trying to put this damn thing together. I wanted to surprise you.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a sex machine.”


About that time, I wandered into the bedroom and saw a gorgeous blonde, wearing a lime green mini dress. I knew who she was even before the introduction.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi yourself,” she replied.

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