sex in the morning

She awakes to the gentle music of John Legend playing on the digital alarm clock.

“Good morning, good morning, love” croons the African American singer from the small electronic device.

She rolls over to cuddle him but her hand touches only soft pillow. She stretches in bed and thinks to herself that since she can’t hear him in the bathroom he must be downstairs. She makes a move to get up but just then he pushes the bedroom door open with his butt and comes in holding a tray.

“Good morning Sleeping Beauty,” he says as he places the tray on the bed and bends over to kiss her before sitting down beside her on the edge of the bed.

She sits up smiling like a woman who has everything she ever wanted.

“Thanks Hun, you’re so sweet,” she kisses him back.

On the tray there is a bowl of diced pineapple, apple and sliced banana and cherries. There’s also a bowl of fresh yoghurt, a small jar of honey and a plate of pancakes.

“Sleep well?”

“Like a baby, last night was fantastic,” she tells him as she pops a cherry into her mouth.

“Yeah,” he watches her pop a pineapple dice into her mouth and lick her finger.

He licks his lips and bites his lower lip as he watches her.

She knows the look, he had it last night before their torrid lovemaking session, he has it every time he has a dirty thought. Without saying a word he reaches over and pulls down the covers from her, revealing her huge, soft breasts. She feels a familiar tingle in her private parts and her breath starts to come in shorter puffs as she anticipates what’s going to happen.

He licks his lips again and picks up a piece of pineapple. With the back of his left hand he brushes her nipples ever so lightly causing them to harden. Then he rubs the cube of pineapple around one nipple then the other.

She closes her eyes and savours the sensation of the cold piece of fruit on her pointy nipples.

After rubbing the fruit on both nipples he rubs it on her lips before gently pushing it into her mouth. As she chews on the fruit and licks the sweetness off her lips he shifts his attention back to her nipples bringing his mouth down on them one after the other; completely licking the sweetness of the pineapple off them. He suckles and nibbles at them for a while.

She moans and grabs his head urging him on, her chest heaving with pleasure.

When he finally pulls away from her bosom and sits up she sees his manhood slowly rising to the occasion. She moves the tray to her side and urges him down unto his back on the bed. Then she turns back to the tray and pours a little honey into the fresh yoghurt before spooning it out. Holding his dick up with one hand, she carefully pours the yoghurt and honey unto the head of his rod with her other hand.

He hardens in her hands with every slow lick and suck as she devours the yoghurt and honey off his penis. She pours another spoonful on his dick and this time also on his abdomen all the way to his belly button. She slowly licks it off his belly and focuses her tongue on his dick again. As she blows him and he moans and holds her head in his huge hands, she rubs her clitoris with her free hand making herself wet and causing her to moan along with him.

He can barely take the wonderful feelings coursing through his nerves as her skilful tongue teases him.

When she decides she’s wet enough she moves up his body and deep kisses him on the mouth before guiding his now rock solid erection into her wet, throbbing pussy. They both gasp and hiss as he slips inside her and starts to move slowly up and down his belly making his dick go in and out of her.

She carefully sits up with is dick still in her pussy and looks down at him as he reaches for her breasts and kneads them in rhythm to her rocking. She picks up the pace, arches her back and throws her head back in ecstasy. They’re both breathing hard, and moaning and rocking in time with each other.

She lifts up her knees and puts her feet on his chest so he has a clear view of their union and rocks faster, moans louder.

“Awww, I’m coming, I’m coming,” he whispers frantically. She gets off him and bends down to take him in her mouth. Holding the base of his erection with one hand and kneading his balls with the other she encases him in her mouth as he comes. Feeling the first squirt of cum she sucks on his dick and feels him release the rest of his load into her mouth.

He is overcome by the amazing experience and grunts as he lies on his back shaking from the orgasm.

She picks up the bowl of fruit and pops another one into her mouth before offering him one. She places the bowl on his chest and lies alongside him.

“That was incredible,” he says to her as he feeds her a diced apple.

“A little thank you for last night and for breakfast in bed,” she says and kisses him.

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