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Christmas eve, somewhere in Scandinavia

“Front or back?” The handsome man in front of Jenny asked. A wink in his eye indicated he was talking about something else than the marzipan pig he was holding in his hand.

“Whatever,” Jenny replied. “Just give my portion to the kids.”

“They’ve had enough. But you could certainly need a little sweetening, puss. You haven’t smiled at me once,” Eric said with a wide smiled.

As her brother’s best friend, he and his mother had been invited to spend Christmas with them, much to Jenny’s frustration. His mother, Ruth, was a long-time friend of Jenny’s mother, Laila, and none of the mothers seemed to understand why Jenny disliked Ruth’s precious son.

“Would this do? Jenny gave him a forced smile.

What wouldn’t she do to keep her mother happy, she thought as she took in the rest of the party. Her brother was also here with his two children, while Eric’s father had to work during the holidays this year.

Her father spent most of his time in the kitchen, experimenting with some new recipes. The experiments usually led to edible results, but you could never know in advance. She really hoped he wasn’t experimenting too much on the Christmas dinner and making them end up with pizza instead.

“I’m still not convinced. You can do a lot better than that,” Eric the annoying interrupted her thoughts.

“Oh, come on. Just give her one half of the pig and be done with it,” Ruth interrupted her son. “She found the other half of the almond in the porridge.”

Eric handed her the backside.

“You look like a back girl,” he grinned at her.

She sneered at him, and took a large bite of the pig. He watched her carefully as he just held onto his own piece. Licking her lips she looked him straight in the eye and challenged him to irate her further. Instead she was surprised to see his eyes had locked on her mouth and a strange expression was evident on his face.

“You’re right,” Jenny couldn’t help herself as he took a bite off his own piece. “I like the backside best. It’s so much larger.”

He seemed to have swallowed wrong as she could hear him cough.

“Oh, for god sake,” her brother, Robert, said as he stepped forward and gave Eric a hard clap on his back. “Behave yourself. Both of you. There are tender ears present.”

“Yes, mine among others,” Jenny replied as she pushed the rest of her rice porridge aside.

Since they’ve already found the hidden almond in the porridge, it wasn’t necessary to eat the rest of it, she thought. Besides, she had lost her appetite when Eric got into his usual theatrics. They never seemed to get along, although her brother had always considered him his best friend.

“Daddy, aunt Jenny haven’t eaten her porridge,” her nephew Filip complained.

“Jenny,” her mother said reproachfully.

“I’m not hungry.”

“Me neither,” cried Filip’s younger sister, Linnea. “I want snack! Now!”

And with that said both children ran from the table and dug into the candy they had received from their grandparents’ just hours earlier.

“Hey, wait you two!” her brother followed them, and his wife, Sara, were close behind.

“Tsk, tsk,” Eric scolded her while Jenny sank into her chair again. “You mustn’t give the younger generation such ideas.”

“And what makes you the expert? You don’t have any kids, as far as I know.”

“Not yet. But that can surely be fixed in nine months’ time. Want to participate?”

“And be responsible for bringing your genes into the next generation? Not very likely.”

“What is it with you two?” her mother interrupted. “You’ve done nothing but argue since you came here. Maybe you both should take a long walk outside in the snow to get into the Christmas spirit.”

Eric laughed loudly.

“Jenny’s lucky Santa’s not handing out the gifts. He doesn’t give anything to those that haven’t behaved in the past year.”

“Then you wouldn’t get any either,” Jenny interrupted. “Not the way you’re plaguing me.”

“Maybe you two should find a rom and work out your differences. Preferably in a bed,” Ruth suggested with a wink.

“We don’t need a room,” Jenny felt insulted. “I don’t even want to be in the same vicinity as him, much less in the same room.”

“Pity. You would have learnt a thing or two,” Eric said teasingly.

“Maybe I’m simply not interested.”

“You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“How about a glass of mulled claret?” her mother interrupted again. It seemed she was trying hard to ease the tension between the guests, and Jenny was glad she was there. But it would have been even better if she hadn’t invited Eric in the first place.

Her mother placed two cups in front of them. The rest of the party had collected their cups and had joined the children.

“Thank you, yes,” Eric replied and grabbed himself a cup and a spoon, before filling his cup with mulled claret, raisins and blanched almonds.

“You won’t have any room for dinner after that load,” Jenny commented.

“Want to bet?” Eric clapped his large hand over his flat stomach. “It’s plenty of room here.”

“Ever considered the fact that once the belly increases into a beer belly you can’t see what’s underneath?” Jenny challenged.

Eric just stared at her with those intense looking eyes of his as if he was trying to make out an enigma but wasn’t sure if he had found the correct answer.

1-0 to me, Jenny thought as she carefully nipped the hot drink.

“That won’t happen,” Eric suddenly replied.

“Oh? You’re getting back into shape in January?” she nodded toward his fit looking body, and tried her best to make an insult out of her comment.

She could see his arm muscle tense, but she couldn’t prevent herself from trying to stick a needle into the inflated ego of his.

“Trust me. It’s all a matter of size. I’ll always see what’s underneath my stomach,” he finally replied and he looked as confident as ever.

She couldn’t help but look into his lap and the bulge there made her start to wonder if she had just started a landslide of some sort — with her gliding on top of it and aiming for disaster. Judging by the tension between them something would have to give by the end of the evening. She prayed that it wouldn’t be her.

“Wishful thinking,” she replied as she poured herself half a cup of mulled claret, before filling her cup with as much raisins and almonds as there was room for.

There was something to be said about tradition, she thought as she blew air at the warm liquid. Burning her tongue at the mulled claret was becoming a tradition.

“Presents!” she heard her nephew shout. “Daddy, I want presents.”

“Yes, we might as well start,” her mother said. “There are so many of them that we’ll have to sit up all night.”

“Start with this one,” her brother said and handed over a large present.

A choir of happy screams followed as both kids received gifts and started to open them. The rest of the party gathered around to see what they were receiving. Well, except the one man that she didn’t want to spend too much time with, Jenny thought, as she sneaked a peak at the man at the opposite side of the table.

“Did you get me anything?” he suddenly asked.

“Sorry, no. I didn’t even know you would be here.”

It was lurking at the back of her mind that she would have made other arrangements if she had known, but she wouldn’t give him any indications about how strongly she reacted to him.

“Pity. But don’t worry. You can give me mine in the flesh.”


“Well, you know,” he smiled while he winked and looked down his own body for a few seconds.

“A blowjob is completely out of the question,” Jenny scolded him. “You’re practically an older brother.”

I’m not!” he protested loudly and made the rest of the party turn in their direction. “I certainly am not, so don’t even say it,” he said, lowering his voice and looking furious.

Jenny was surprised. She had never seen him look this angry before.

“It would almost feel like incest,” Jenny lied and turned the knife around in the wound. “Besides, you’re too old for me,” she said and tried her best to keep from smiling broadly as she took in his thunderous expression.

“I’m only five years older than you!”

He looked even angrier.

“It just proves my point. I like younger men.”

She shrugged her shoulder as if too apologize for his misfortune.

“You little spitfire. Age only means that I’ve five more years of experience, while you’re still an amateur.”

“Rather an amateur than old and rheumatic,” she slung back.

“Rheumatic? Why don’t you come to my room later on and I’ll show you what a man in his prime can achieve.”

“Prime? Aren’t men supposed to be at their top at 26? You must be at least ten years older than that.”

“I’m 32, missy. Just like your brother, in case you’ve forgotten.”

“Practically retired,” Jenny smiled.

“Don’t terrorize our guest, Jenny,” her mother reprimanded her as she walked past the table.

“I am behaving,” Jenny said to her mother.

She just had to keep her distance to him, otherwise she worried he would swallow her whole. Or simply laugh at her, as he had done when they were kids. She couldn’t stand being laughed at, any more than she could tolerate him getting an edge on her. So, if that meant insulting him, she would do it, for the whole night if necessary.

“You should listen to Laila, or I’ll be tempted to steal your bed and let you sleep on the floor tonight.”

“I’ll lock the door first. By the way, where have they placed you? I thought the house was full now that Robert and Sara are here with the kids.”

“I’m in the rumpus room, since you’re so interested. It was the only one available.”

“Lucky you. Hey, Filip,” she raised her voice. “When you wake up tomorrow, you and Linnea can go to the rumpus room. The cartoons start at 7 o’clock.”

“Yes, we will, aunt Jenny,” Filip smiled happily.

“You’re evil,” Eric concluded.

“Maybe you should consider building an igloo. The weather seems to be fine if not a bit cold. Besides, a little cold has never hurt anyone.”

“I’d rather face the ice queen inside the house and show you some manners. Preferably by spanking you, so you’d better lock that door of yours,” he threatened.

Before she managed to launch a reply, he got up and joined the rest of the party with a smiling face and admired the new automated toy car Filip had just unwrapped.

Oh, he thought he was such an alpha male she just wanted to puke, Jenny thought as she sent him a hateful stare. Turning to her cup, she took a large sip of her mulled claret and winced when she burned her tongue. Using her fork, she started to dig out the almonds and raisins instead.

“I think you should at least try to be nice to him,” her mother stated as she sat down by the table, looking straight at her. “I can’t understand why you two must always quarrel. You’ve known him for a long time, and he’s a good man.”

“Is he? I’ve never noticed. He always rubs me the wrong way. Ever since he was thirteen and threatened to set fire to my hair.”

“He was just joking.”

“He wasn’t. I saw the lighter in his hand.”

“But he didn’t do it.”

“No, because I ran away.”

But she had heard him laugh as she ran, just like he did in the years to come whenever he had won their encounters. She was sick of that laughter. Only these days he chose more grown up ways to torment her.

“He’s your brother’s best friend. Do you think your brother would have stayed friends with him if he was as bad as you picture him?”

“He’s a different person among the rest of you. He actually behaves. While with me, it’s insult after insult.”

“Would you like to know what I think?”

Jenny knew it would be fruitless to decline. Her mother would always say her opinion no matter what and regardless whether Jenny wanted to hear it or not.

“Go ahead,” Jenny replied.

“I think he likes you very much. Especially the way he flirts with you.”

“That’s not flirtation. It’s pure hatred.”

“Not at all. If he really hated you he wouldn’t have come to the party, or if he had, he would have kept to the other side of the room for the entire evening. Instead, he’s watching your every move. Even now,” her mother smiled at her and glanced sideways.

“You’re joking,” Jenny managed to croak before she threw a glance as to where she had last seen Eric. Immediately, his eyes met hers, and she looked away as fast as she could. She felt that her face had turned white. “You must be joking. He’s never been interested in me.”

“He most definitely is. It’s quite evident for the rest of us,” her mother was smiling even broader now. “I honestly thought you knew or I would have told you before.”

“I’ve never thought about him that way,” Jenny lied.

“Haven’t you? Maybe you should consider very carefully what you want for Christmas this year,” Laila winked as she started to get up. “I need to check on the dinner. You father promised to start on the potatoes and mashed swedes and you never know how that will turn out.”

“Would you like some help?” Jenny managed to throw in just before her mother disappeared.

Her mother just shook her head and her eyes moved quickly to the other side of the room, telling her quite clearly to do something about Eric instead.

Jenny ignored the command. Instead she clung to her cup and tried to make her head stop spinning at what she had just learned. Damn, she thought. Just damn. Why hadn’t she understood it before? Or was her mother just playing with her? Throwing her at the only bachelor in the room and the only son of her best friend? That would be typically romantic, the way her mother saw it.

She took another sip of her mulled claret and this time it had cooled enough to prevent her from burning herself. Pity. She could really need to clear her mind right now. Suddenly, she noticed that someone had sat down at the other side of the table and was pouring liquid into a cup. She stared at her own cup, clinging to it as she hoped it wasn’t Eric that had come to talk to her again.

“Are you all right?” Robert asked her.

“What? Yes, of course.”

“Are you sure? You look a little pale.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” Jenny replied with irony. “I just burned myself, that’s all.”

“You might as well burn away all your taste-buds. I heard dad was making the mashed swedes this year.

“Don’t worry. Mum went to the kitchen to save what’s left of it.”

“It’s not easy to remove all traces of pepper,” Robert laughed heartily.

“Don’t worry. He probably ruins the dessert this year,” Jenny said ironically as she watched her brother’s reaction.

This time it was Robert’s time to look pale. After all, the cloudberry cream was his favourite.

Jenny noticed Eric was looking their way, as if he was waiting for an opportunity to join them. Quickly, she made a plan of immediate retreat.

“Oh well, dinner is hours away. I’m going for a walk,” she said quickly.

“You will have to face him some day, you know.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I’m not interested either,” Jenny said.

“Chicken,” Robert whispered as she passed him.

“Traitor,” she wheezed in return.


As Jenny walked outside, the cold felt almost like a punch in the face. The snow lay deep and made it more difficult to walk. She would have to walk along the road, since that was the only lane that was ploughed.

Suddenly she heard someone running to catch up with her. What the heck, she thought.

“This was a great idea,” Eric said as he fell in line beside her.

“You’re not invited.”

“Oh, don’t be such a spoilsport. I love going for a walk, and the weather is fantastic.”

“It’s freezing,” Jenny replied.

“Are you cold? Come here,” Eric said and laid his arm over her shoulder and pulled her closer. “I’m warm enough for the both of us.”

“Will you stop that?” Jenny grimaced and tried to move away. But he held her tight.

“Don’t worry. No one will see us. Just stay put and I’ll keep you warm.”

“And what payment will you charge for that?”

“None. Nature created women to be freezing so that the men would feel superior. Although, you do need a warmer jacket.”

“This is fashionable,” Jenny replied.

“Says who? Freezing your butt off and getting a cold is probably not what the designer intended. Besides, you should buy clothes suitable for Scandinavian temperatures, not Mediterranean.”

“What makes you the expert? The jacket is H&M, and that’s Swedish.”

“It still looks thin to me. You definitely need to change before the snowball contest.”

“Snowball contest?”

“Yep. The guys against the girls. We’ll beat you without breaking a sweat.”

“You’re cocksure. I’ll grant you that.”

“We’re also bigger and meaner.”

“Don’t be so sure about that. Uglier, I agree, but that doesn’t mean you’ll win.”

“Want to plough the snow with me, is that it?”

“I’ll give it my best shot.”

“Good. Then we’ll have to head back. We’ll start soon.”


“Yes, of course. It’s still a long time before dinner, as you said, so we might as well do something fun.”

“But, but…? What about my walk?”

“If we keep this up for much longer, I’ll throw you into the nearest bank of snow and heat your blood the best way I can think of.”

“Which is how exactly?” Jenny froze at his words.

“You don’t seem ready for that yet. Pity. But I can be patient,” he smiled.

“You’re talking in riddles. That’s what you do,” Jenny murmured as she walked on without him.

“Riddles? Would you like me to spell it out, is that it?” Eric caught her arm and pulled her toward him. Soon his arms circled her waist and she felt small in his embrace. “Maybe you should take a guess as to what’s against your stomach?” he suggested as he pulled her closer.

Immediately, she felt his hardness against her and its presence was getting more and more pronounced. She looked down to see if she could see anything with all his clothes. He grabbed her hand and placed it against his lower body. Slowly, he moved his body against her hand. He groaned deeply.

“You’re making me insane,” he rasped out. “I want to fuck you so badly I can hardly walk.”

She tightened her hand around the hard ridge, and listened to the hiss that followed.

“I have the solution for that,” she said in the best bedroom voice she could manage while she leaned toward him.

“What is it?” he croaked.

She kept on fondling him, wondering if his size was truly as intimidating as it seemed, or if the layers of clothing were making him bigger than he actually was. She reached for his hand and placed it over the hard ridge.

“A little hand job would surely solve your problem,” she said as she stepped away from him. “Or you could get yourself a fake vagina,” she smiled as she pulled her coat tighter around her body and walked away.


Jenny walked into the front garden when Eric finally caught up with her again.

“Have you cooled off?” she wondered.

“You’re an evil woman, Jenny,” Eric said.

“I’m not that easily fooled,” Jenny concluded.

“Fooled? Did it felt like I was kidding?”

“You’ve never said anything before and we’ve known each other for the last twenty years. I’m not a complete moron.”

“Yes, you are,” he wheezed. “You never see what’s beyond the tip of your nose.”

“Says he who tried to feel me up before pushing me into a bank of snow. Have you ever met anyone that liked to have sex in the snow, Einstein?”

“Well, if that’s the problem… Come with me,” he commanded as he grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the house.

“Stop it,” Jenny protested. “I was just stating an opinion. There’s no need to turn completely medieval. Now, let go of me.”

“Are you sure that’s what you really want?” Eric wondered as he crowded her against the wall just outside the entrance door. “I could make you really happy.”

“Certainly. Your room or mine?” Jenny asked ironically. “Just be aware that I normally scream the house down when I come.”

“You do?” Eric asked heatedly. “Damn, I knew you would be worth the wait.”

“What wait? What are you talking about?”

“I’m not into adultery, and you’ve practically been engaged with that other guy. Until now. I heard you broke off.”

“We did. This summer.”

“He’s an idiot. If you were mine I would never have let you go.”

“He met someone else.”

“Would you like me to kill him for you, or just rearrange his face?”

“Neither! It would never have worked anyway, so it’s just as well that we split when we did.”

“Then you’re finally ready to move on,” he smiled as he pulled her even closer and placed his lips on top of hers in a soft kiss.

She was surprised by how soft his lips felt against hers. It was almost as if butterfly wings was touching her. Her eyes closed automatically and when he withdrew she felt tempted to pull him closer and prolong their kiss. She felt spellbound and just stared at him for a little while.

“What was all that about?” Jenny asked as soon as she managed to clear her mind again.

“It’s just a small taste of what I can give you.”

Looking into her eyes, he seemed to like her response and leaned in again, but this time the kiss was deeper and hungrier, declaring that his inner cravings were stronger than she had known. She felt her legs starting to give and she clung to his arms to keep herself from sinking bonelessly to the ground. He seemed to interpret her actions as encouragement, as he circled her waist and rubbed against her lower body.

She could feel his hardening member against her stomach and she longed to touch him. Instead she raised her arms and wrapped them behind his upper back, pressing her breasts against his hard chest.

Suddenly, he seemed to regain his control and he carefully released himself from her grasp, all the time as he looked her deep in her eyes.

Jenny breathed deeply as he let her go. Wow, she thought, barely managing to keep her mouth shut so he wouldn’t find out how much he had shaken her foundations. Still, it seemed he knew exactly how she felt about it, since he came closer yet again.

But this time, they were interrupted as the front door slammed outward and right into Eric.

“Sorry about that,” Robert said. “Didn’t see you two lurking behind the door.”

“We weren’t lurking,” Eric murmured. “We were just hoping for some privacy.”

“There are better places,” Robert said and smiled broadly. Probably because of their dazed expressions, Jenny thought. “Unless you really wanted an audience,” Robert droned on.

“Robert,” was all Eric had to say, and her brother changed subject.

“Never mind. Get dressed. It’s time for making snowballs.”

The rest of the group followed close behind and both kids were making loud and ecstatic noises as they jumped into the snow.

“We’re not done yet,” Eric warned her before he walked inside to dress himself for the contest.


Half an hour later, the defence walls had been raised and the armies prepared for battle. Sara and Robert were at the opposite side of the field, which left Jenny on Eric’s team. The kids and the older generation was busy making a snowman.

“Ready?” Robert yelled.

“Give it your best shot,” Eric shouted. The first snowball slammed into their fortress. “Not even close,” Eric shouted, before throwing one in return.

“I thought this would be a gender war?” Jenny asked as she threw a snowball of her own, barely missing Robert’s backside.

“Sara insisted on taking my place,” Eric grinned at her. “Probably so that she can console Robert when they lose.”

The war went on, and Jenny threw more snowballs, but everyone missed her target. Her brother seemed to have a sixth sense for when to move.

“Damn it. I almost got him there,” she murmured as she bent down to pick up another ball.

“Look out,” Eric shouted before slamming her to the ground.

The air was forced from her lungs and she lay completely still for a while, trying to catch her breath.

“Are you all right or do you require the kiss of life?” he smirked at her as he settled his lower body against hers and leaned on his elbows on top of her.

She just shook her head.

“Still, I better make sure that you can breathe on your own,” Eric concluded as he bent down and kissed her deeply.

Her body responded immediately. She wrapped her arms around him and opened her mouth to his invasion. His larger body almost covered hers completely and she felt small and delicate in his arms. As he used his teeth to softly nip at her lips, she felt a strong need to return his kiss.

She opened her mouth in order to meet him, and he was moving his lips against her cheek, dropping soft kisses along the way. As he reached her throat, she felt a slight shiver move through her body, and she let out a gasp. Slowly, he started to push her shawl to the side and bent down and dropped kisses along her throat. She moved her head to the side, allowing him better access, while moving her hands further down his body to hold him tighter

Suddenly, he withdrew and he stared at her while gasping for breath.

“I’ll be damned,” he managed to stutter, before a large amount of snow came smashing down on top of them.

“Cool down, you love birds,” Robert laughed as he still held on to the shovel he had used to dump snow on them.

Immediately, they tried to untangle themselves and to remove the snow from their faces and necks.

“We won, Sara,” Robert shouted in triumph as he walked back behind their fortress and kissed his wife.

Jenny was so embarrassed that she jumped up and fled to the house. Behind her she could hear Robert and Sara tease Eric for the way they had lost the battle.

He had done it on purpose, Jenny was certain. The only thing that surprised her was her own reaction to his kisses. He had practically melted her bones and made her temperature rise several degrees. She had to be delusional, or the cold was getting to her. Quickly, she retreated to her room and decided to calm herself down with a long shower.


“Jenny,” Eric called as he knocked on her door. No answer. “Jenny, we need to talk.”

He knocked again, but still there was no answer.

“She’s probably in the shower,” Laila said as she walked past him in the corridor.


“Her room has an on suite bathroom, and she likes to take a hot shower whenever she’s been outside in the cold.”


He couldn’t say anything more intelligent, since pictures of her naked body was flashing on his retina.

“Would you like me to pop in and tell her to hurry up?”

“No, thanks. I can wait.” As I always did, he thought, but managed to keep it in before he spelled it out.

She seemed to grasp his meaning all the same.

“You’re a patient man, Eric, and we wish you the best. You two will be perfect for each other. Just what we’ve always thought.”


“She’ll come around in the end. Just keep on trying and she’ll see sense.”

With that said, she kept on walking.

Eric just wished she was right. He hoped he wouldn’t blow it this time, as he had done years ago when she was sixteen and tried to seduce him. He had always liked her, but decided that she was too young. Besides, she was the kid sister of his best friend. Still, that didn’t stop her from throwing herself at him one evening when she had had too much to drink.

In retrospect, he should have just taken her up on her offer and faced the consequences afterwards. After all, she had been above the minimum age, although barely. Instead, he had tried to act like an adult and turned her down before suggesting that she tried again a few years later.

She had never tried again. Instead she had kept her distance and barely spoken two words unless it contained an insult of some sort. And he loved her more for it. Yes, that was the irony of it all. As the year’s had passed, he had realised how much he really cared for her and wanted to be with her.

Not just for her tempting body but for her entire personality and the way she cared deeply about the same family values as he did. And now finally, he had a chance. At last they were both single and spending a few days in the same house.

It was a lucky break that Mrs Nielsen had invited his mother and him to join them for the holidays. Although, the way she had spoken to him, there might be a plan behind it all, as he had started to suspect.

All of a sudden he heard sounds coming from inside the room that indicated Jenny had finished her shower and had returned to her room.

“Jenny,” he said as he knocked again.

The door was opened and there she was, only covered in a towel and with water still dripping from her hair.

“Oh, it’s you. What do you want?”

“We need to talk,” he tried.

“About what?”

“Wouldn’t you rather have this conversation somewhere private?”

She seemed to ponder his suggestion for a while before she opened the door and let him inside.

“Wait here, I’ll just get dressed.”

“No need to do so for my sake. I like you just the way you are,” he said more truthfully than she would want to know.

“Okay,” she sat down on her bed. “What was it you wanted to talk about?”

“You know what.”

She just shook her head, and it irritated him that she tried to ignore all the feelings that were between them.

“The kiss,” he reminded her. “Or should I say kisses.”

“What about them?”

“We’re good together,” he tried to explain.


“So, maybe it’s time to accept that and do something about it.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Why not?”

“Because 1. I’m not as stupid as you think I am, and 2. I don’t want to be with you. Oh, and 3. You’re lying to me.”

“I think you’re doing your damnedest to lie to yourself right now.”

“How so?”

“I believe you want me just as much as I want you.”

“You’re delusional.”

“Then I’ll just have to prove it to you,” he smiled before he turned around and locked her door.

“Ha, and now you’re going to intimidate me into agreeing with you.” She crossed her arms in front of her and sat straighter. “It’s not going to work,” she huffed.

“Do you want to bet?” he said as he moved closer and laid his hands on her shoulders. A light push and she lay sprawled on the bed and before she could move, he was on top of her.

As soon as she opened her mouth to protest, he bent down and covered her lips with his. He noticed her eyes closing and he gave himself up to the kiss, angling his head slightly, before going deeper inside. After a short while, she seemed to have awakened from her trance and she started to buckle underneath him. He lifted himself slightly and met her angry stare.

“I’m still not convinced,” she complained.

“Pity,” he said while he moved his right hand further down her body, sharing the warmth on his skin as he found her thigh, and moved his hand up the inner side of her legs.

He could hear her gasp before he pushed his hand underneath her towel and found the curls hiding her most sensitive spot.

He watched her face and noticed that her eyes looked as if they were on fire. Very carefully, he moved his thumb around her clit, watching her every response as he learned how to please her. Digging his index finger into her curls, he discovered that warm liquid was already seeping from her cunt. He moved his index finger against her opening, and teased her slightly as he massaged her clit.

Her breathing hitched and he smiled in triumph at her response. She had closed her eyes, and moved her head to one side, but she was lifting her lower body closer to his fingers. He gave in and slowly pushed his index finger inside of her.

“Do you like it?” he asked quite needlessly.

“Don’t you dare stop now,” she gasped as she barely opened her eyes, before buckling underneath him.

“Beg me,” he challenged her.

“What? What did you say?”

He pushed his finger deep inside of her and pushed against her g-spot.

“Beg me to make you come,” he insisted.

“Are you insane?”

“Probably,” he murmured as he removed his fingers from her body.

“You can’t stop now,” she sounded angry.

“Can and will,” he replied as he started to get up from the bed.

She wouldn’t have it, and she grabbed a hold of him, holding her arms tight around his waist, before rubbing herself against his lower body.

“You play dirty.”

“No more than you do,” she replied as she moved her hands around to his front, and started to unzip him.

He gasped and reached for her hand to stop her.

“I don’t have any protection,” he warned.

“Don’t worry,” she smiled catlike as she pushed her hands inside of his pants and boxers and pushed them away.

His cock sprang free and he breathed in relief after the tight confinement. Immediately, she started to roam her hands up and down his entire length, squeezing slightly on his cockhead, before moving further down. He groaned in frustration as she repeated the process, still without giving him the extra edge that he needed to come.

Suddenly, he heard a soft chuckle underneath him, and he opened his eyes.

“Enjoying yourself?”

“Maybe you should do some begging yourself, big man.”

“Never,” he groaned. “I never beg.”

“Let’s see about that,” she smiled again as she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and squeezed hard.

“Damn,” he blurted out. “More.”

“Are you begging yet?

He tried to concentrate on her instead of the aching need in his cock. He moved his right hand between their bodies and pushed two fingers deep inside of her cunt.

She gasped loudly.

Moving his thumb to her clit, he started teasing the area around her clit at the same time as he fucked her with his fingers.

“Damn, you’re so tight,” he murmured before he located her lips and gave her a deep kiss.

She met his every demand, squeezing his cock so hard, he just wanted to give it a few pushes and then he would come.

Instead, she came first, and he watched her reach her climax and he tried his best to prolong it. At the same time, she squeezed her hand tightly around his cock and he rubbed his cock against her palms. Very soon she caught the idea and she moved her hands up and down his shaft while she squeezed hard.

It was impossible to hold back, and he came with a roar, clamping his mouth shut so that the other residents wouldn’t hear. He collapsed beside her, and just laid breathing. She snuggled against him, her body against his own. If he hadn’t just come, he would have gotten a hard on just by the feeling of her. He settled his relaxed cock against the apex of her thigh, as close to heaven as he could get without protection, he thought.

How stupid of him not to have brought protection, but he had never thought they would come to this during his visit. Still, he was never one to waste such an opportunity. He had dreamt that it would happen someday, but the reality was even better than the best fantasy he had concocted.

“Are you all right?” he finally asked her.

“Yes, just exhausted.”

“Me too.”

“But I didn’t beg.”

“You will the next time,” he teased lightly.

This firecracker would probably be the death of him, but at least he would die happy, he thought.

“Ha, I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you. Maybe there won’t be a next time.”

His body froze at her words.


“I’d decided on a few years of celibacy, and this won’t change anything.”

“It won’t?”

“No. I’ve made up my mind. It will be good for me to take a break from men for a while.”

“Says who?”

“Says I.”

She started to untangle herself but he held her tightly.

“What we just did can hardly be called celibacy,” he joked.

“This was more like a one-night stand so that doesn’t really count.”

He just stuttered out his next words. He couldn’t believe his own ears.

“Are you completely worn-out?” she wondered with a smile.

“A one-night stand?” he finally asked hoarsely.

“Yes. The sex was wonderful, by the way.”

He had never felt so insulted in his entire life. Wonderful, indeed.

“Do you have any condoms?” he asked.

“Sorry. I’ve ran out.”

“What about the pill, then. Are you on it?”

“No, not any more. I only use them when I’m in a relationship.”

“Start on the pills right now,” he commanded. “This is a relationship, and if I thought I could manage to withdraw in time, I would have fucked you against the wall, the bed or the chair, right now. Just take your pick or choose every one of them.”

“Are you on Viagra or something?”

“No!” Eric felt even more insulted that she could ask.

“Because, without Viagra, I don’t think that is possible.”

“Give me a package of condoms and I’ll prove it to you right now.”

Or it was more likely he would do so in 15 minutes, he thought, but right now he didn’t care about such details

“No, thanks. I’m not skipping Christmas dinner for anyone,” Jenny stated as she started to get dressed.

Eric dressed himself quickly, before reaching for the door.

“This isn’t over yet,” he warned as he escaped her presence before he nailed her to the bed and fucked her senseless.

He walked back to his room and decided on a long cold shower before dressing for dinner. After that he would hopefully be able to face his future ladylove without wondering if he should strangle her and fuck her.


The Christmas dinner was a major success and Jenny’s mother was beaming as the guests started on the third serving.

“I don’t think I can eat another piece of meat,” Robert announced as he held on to his stomach. Filip leaned back and clapped his own stomach and did a perfect imitation of his father.

“Me neither,” Filip said.

“I want another sausage,” Linnea demanded.

“Here you go, love,” her mother Sara said as she placed the sausage on her daughter’s plate.

“Sounds like a good idea. You could also need some more meat on your bones,” Eric said and placed another sausage on Jenny’s plate.

“Not a chance. I’m completely full.”

“They taste good.”

“I know, but I’ve already eaten too many salted lamb sticks, potatoes and a ton of mashed swedes.”

“Haven’t you tasted the red cabbage, yet?”

“No, I’m saving myself for what I like best.”

“Me, I’m saving some room for the dessert,” her mother shot in.

“What’s for dessert?” Eric asked.

“Cloudberry cream,” Robert replied dreamily. “It’s better than sex.”

Sara gave him a light shove.

“All right. It’s almost better than sex,” Robert rephrased.

“What is sex?” Filip quickly asked.

The rest of the party laughed as they listened to Robert trying to escape the question.

“You’ll figure it out once you grow older,” Eric explained quickly.

Filip seemed to ponder the explanation, but didn’t seem to be completely content. Just as he was opening his mouth to ask some more, Sara jumped in to rescue the situation.

“After dessert, we can start opening the rest of the presents.”

Both kids gave a squeal of delight, and they were practically jumping up and down and wondering when they would finish eating.

“Go and play for a little while we finish,” Robert interceded. They complied and off they went.

“Saved by the bell,” Eric laughed. “You’re not off the hook yet.”

“Hopefully he won’t remember the question until next year.”

“You could always try the bee-and-flower-explanation,” Eric suggested.

“Since you know so much I’ll rather send him to you and let you do the explaining.”

“Now, now. Don’t start arguing. It’s still early, boys,” Sara interceded.

“Me, I would rather get on with dessert since everyone seems to be satisfied,” Jenny’s father said.

Everyone agreed and they started to collect the plates and carrying the leftovers into the kitchen. Jenny walked over to the cupboard and collected the dessert plates and spoons.

“Let me help you,” Eric said as he bent down and lifted up the plates, before returning to the table with them.

“Nice rescue,” Jenny stated as she nodded toward Filip that was busy playing with his new automated car.

Eric just laughed.

“I love kids and their questions, especially when Robert seems so embarrassed.”

“I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Filip remembers to ask again. It will probably happen when they’re standing in a long waiting line in the supermarket, “Jenny laughed.


As they all started on the cloudberry cream, the room was momentarily silent.

“Have you picked them yourself this year?” Jenny asked her mother.

“Yes, Ruth and I have had several long walks in the mountains this year.”

“But it’s worth it,” her father commented.

“Speak for yourself, dear,” her mother said. “You could have helped us.”

“You two scare away the grouse with all that jabbering of yours,” her father teased. “I wouldn’t shoot anything if you were with me. But, maybe Eric will join me next year? I hear that you’re a great shot,” her father said and turned to Eric.

“I would love to,” Eric smiled.

Jenny just shook her head. Typical men. They were happy at the prospect of killing an innocent bird. She longed to voice her opinion about the issue as she had done countless of times before, but she held back.

This wasn’t the time or place for a heated argument. No, it was better to heat somewhere else, she thought as she looked at Eric and felt her body respond in an unusual manner. Her pulse had increased and she could feel a slight wetness between her legs.

Her throat felt dry out. She swallowed and wetted her lips. His reaction surprised her as his eyes immediately followed her tongue. His eyes seemed to look deep inside of her and she felt warmer than before. Quickly she turned back to her dessert and pretended to be completely infatuated by the food. It was much safer than the man in front of her.

“Would you like another portion, Jenny?” her mother asked as Jenny had emptied her plate.

“No, thanks. I feel as if I’m about to burst already.”

“Don’t worry, I’m taking you skiing tomorrow,” Eric said.


“That’s brutal,” Robert commented. “Doing anything on Christmas day is almost like torture. Me, I’m going to sleep all day long. I assume that you two will handle the kids?” he asked his parents.

“We’d love to,” their mother answered immediately, before their father could intervene.

But, after 40 years of marriage he had learned a trick or two so he simply smiled in agreement. Jenny had never understood how her father could have what seemed to be an endless fount of patience.

“Good,” Robert exclaimed as he gave his wife a kiss, making her blush.

No one wondered how they were going to spend their Christmas morning now that the babysitting was arranged. Jenny felt a slight sense of envy at her brother and his marriage. She wondered if she would ever have something like that, and more importantly, who was the right man to settle for?


“When can we open the presents?” Linnea asked a while later.

“Soon. Don’t you want some dessert first?” Jenny’s mother asked.

“No, I’m not hungry.”

“We have to go around the Christmas tree first,” Robert insisted.

“You mean we have to dig it out from the mountain of presents?” Eric wondered.

“I’ll just save a few of them before you start ruining anything,” Jenny said as she went to clear the way.

“We don’t need much space. We’re so many that we can reach all the way around.”

And so, the tree was liberated from some of its load and soon the tones of ‘Silent night’ filled the room, as everyone formed a chain with gathered hands and walked around the tree.

“Wow,” Filip, exclaimed. “Let’s do another one.”

“All right. Let’s do ‘Musevisa’ (‘the mouse song’). That’s my favourite,” Ruth suggested.

A few songs later, the interest was again steered on the presents and everyone sat down as the children took turns in choosing presents, and handing them out to the receiver on the note.


A few hours later, everyone had collected a load of paper waste and presents as the mountain of unopened presents gradually got smaller.

“Here you are, aunt Jenny,” Filip said as he dumped a present in Jenny’s lap.

“Careful. What’s if it’s breakable?”

“No, it’s soft and boring.”

“Even soft presents can be a lot of fun,” Jenny tried to explain, but to no avail. He was already busy checking and squeezing the next on.

Jenny read on the note: ‘To Jenny from mum’. Wonder what it was, she thought, as she removed the paper. Wrapped in silk paper, she held up the most wonderful garment. It was almost see-through and definitely sexy nightie.

“I thought it would be just perfect for you,” her mother smiled knowingly, as if she knew something that Jenny hadn’t discovered yet.

It seemed her mother was aiming for Jenny and Eric to get together, but the garment was so beautiful, Jenny thanked her as she stared at it as if she was paralysed by it.

“Can I see that?” Eric asked as she finally tried to hide it away.

“Sure,” she conceded and handed the box to him.

“Very beautiful. Maybe you should put it on right now, just to make sure that it fits,” Eric suggested.

“Give me that!” Jenny demanded as she held out her hand.

“I look forward to seeing it on,” Eric whispered quietly so that only she could hear him.

Jenny felt an unwanted blush creep into her cheeks.

“You’re not invited.”

“Pity, I always enjoy a beautiful woman undressing before me.”

“I’m sure you do. But you can always pay someone to do that,” Jenny suggested.

“That’s not as fun.”

“Eric,” Robert shouted. “Here’s one for you,” before throwing the small parcel into his buddy’s lap.

“Thanks,” Eric replied, before reading the note aloud. “‘To Eric from Robert. You’ll need these,’ it says. Hm, wonder if it’s the new spinning bait that I wanted. I lost several of them this year.”

“Just open and you’ll see,” Robert grinned broadly.

“Is it fit to be seen in public?” Eric wondered, probably alarmed by Robert’s grin.

“Depends on how shy you are.”

“I’m not shy,” Eric laughed as he unwrapped the present. “Great,” he suddenly pronounced. “Flavoured condoms. My favourite. I especially like the banana flavour. Don’t you?” he smiled as he gave Jenny a wink.

She did her best to ignore him.

“Thanks a lot Robert,” Eric sounded pleased.

“And now that you’ve started,” Robert grinned even broader, “you can open this one as well,” and handed him a much larger present.

Eric attacked the ribbon and unwrapped the present.

“More condoms?”

He sounded surprised and looked down at the package filled with different types of condoms.

“In every shape and colour I could find. You didn’t believe one package would be enough, did you?”

“Depends on the expiry date,” Eric smiled.

“Don’t worry. Just get yourself a woman or several and you’ll work your way through them.”

“Does anyone want chocolate?” Jenny’s mother suddenly interrupted is a voice that sounded a little desperate. “Or how about something to drink?”

Saved by the bell, Jenny thought, as she sent her mother a look of gratitude. She had mentally prepared herself for all the comments that Robert and Eric would lay at her feet. They would probably think it was hilarious to torment her at least a few hours. Maybe it was about time that she retreated, she thought as she swallowed a yawn.

“Time for bed, guys,” Sara said as if reading Jenny’s mind. After some protest, Sara followed the kids into the bathroom. The protests still rang high as both grandparents joined in to help preparing them for bed.

Suddenly, as if it was planned, Eric and Jenny were alone in the living room.

“Thanks for the present,” Eric said suddenly.

“What present?”

“The big one with the condoms. The note stated that it was from you.”

“It must be Robert’s idea of a joke. I didn’t get you anything since I didn’t know you would be here.”

“Still, it was nice gesture. Along with the handcuffs. I really liked those.”

“What handcuffs?”

“The one that I’ll try on you come night-time.”

“Forget it. But who did you get those from? I never saw you unpacking any handcuffs.”

“It only said that they were from Santa. I had to hide them from Filip. Otherwise we would still be answering questions.”

Jenny laughed as she could easily picture Filip asking until he was blue in the face about something that interesting. It was a fun age, but a little stressful at times.

“So, who’s the lucky fellow?” he asked.

“What lucky fellow?” Jenny wondered before she took a sip of her soft drink.

“The one that will see you in the sexy nightie.”

“There’s no one.”

“No one?”

“As I already said.”

“What’s wrong with starting a new relationship?”

“I want to be on my own for a while.”

“It has been 6 months already. Are you worried that you’ll get hurt?”

“I don’t want to discuss this with you.”

“Why not?”

“Because I just don’t.”

“Why not?” he repeated himself. “I won’t give up until I get a proper answer.”

Jenny paused while she thought it over.

“All right. Yes, of course I don’t want to be hurt and specifically I do not want a relationship with you.”

“What is wrong with you and me? We seemed to hit it off quite well in your room earlier.”

Jenny blushed just by thinking about it.

“You’re my brother’s best friend. When we break off it will be really awkward. Besides, most times I don’t even like you.”

“Why not?”

“You always tease me and generally annoy the hell out of me.”

“That’s because I notice you and I want you to see me as well,” Eric unexpectedly revealed.

Jenny quickly raised her head and tried to read his face. Was he implying what she thought he was?

“Oh, what the hell. I might as well come clean with you,” Eric blurted out. “You’ve no idea how many times I’ve regretted that I turned you down when you were sixteen. It would have been a lot easier if I’d just done what I wanted and fucked you senseless. Instead, you’ve hated my very presence ever since, just because I controlled myself and gave you time to grow up first. And now, one moment you want me, but the next moment, you don’t. What will it be?”

Jenny just stared at him, completely speechless at what he had revealed.

“What do you want me for?” Jenny finally croaked.

Eric slightly turned his head to the side indicating that they wouldn’t be alone much longer.

“Come to my room later on, and I’ll show you.”


Later that same evening, Jenny was feeling so tired she could hardly keep her eyes open. Still, the things that Eric had revealed had her thinking. What were his intentions? Most likely he was looking for another one-night-stance, and she was single and available. Or did his feelings run any deeper than just sex?

She had never seen any indication that he really cared for her. He was just teasing and tormenting her every time they met, but could that just be a cover for something else entirely? Or was this simply a cruel joke that he and Robert had concocted? No, Robert would never do something like that to her.

She couldn’t be sure what Eric would be capable of since she didn’t know him very well. The day had certainly given her a lot more insight into Eric’s personality, and so far she liked what she saw. He was likeable and could talk to just about anyone, and he came from a good family.

She especially liked the way he handled Filip and his endless chain of questions. It was a good indication of how he would treat his children once he decided to have any. Yes sure, he was probably a likeable guy, but why should she have anything to do with him? She thought about it for a little while.

Then it suddenly hit her. He could be her rebound guy. She’d heard a lot about his sexual prowess during the years, and judging by their encounter earlier that day he definitely knew what he was doing. So, why not treat herself to some really good sex? Now that would certainly be a welcome change to some of her earlier boyfriends, not to mention her latest error of judgement. And after the holiday was over, she would return to her apartment in the city and she wouldn’t have to meet him until next year — at the earliest.

Yes, that was just it. She would keep her heart out of the equation, and simply concentrate on fulfilling her bodily needs. It had been 6 months since she had last had sex with a man. It was definitely time to do something about that.


A short while later she stood outside his door, dressed in her new nightie only covered by a robe. She knocked quietly on his door.

He seemed to have been expecting her as he opened the door shortly after. He looked her over and seemed to like what he saw.

“Come in,” he invited.

She walked inside and immediately her eyes turned to the large bed in the middle of the room. Normally, it was a sleeping sofa that she had seen countless of times before, but it seemed so different in its upturned condition. She could almost picture Eric’s laying naked on the cotton sheets.

“What happened to your decision about celibacy?” Eric asked as he loosened his tie.

It seemed she had interrupted him right in the middle of his undressing.

“Momentarily forgotten. Won’t you touch me?”

“I’m dying to. Come here.”

Jenny closed the door and locked it, before coming toward him. He started unbuttoning his shirt, and she helped him. Soon, he threw away his shirt and she reached for his belt. With the belt open, she aimed for his trousers, but his hands suddenly stopped her progress.

“It’s best that we undress you first. I’ll come as soon as you touch me.”

Jenny smiled at his statement, but did as he wanted and opened her robe, revealing her new nightie.

“Wow,” he exclaimed. “Very sexy.”

He moved closer and laid his hands on her shoulders and started to move them down along her side, feeling her every curve before he placed them on her hips. He pulled her closer. Moving his hands upwards he roamed them over her stomach and aimed for her breasts. Cupping her breasts from underneath, Jenny could feel her nipples responding to his touch.

Very easily, he moved his thumbs over her protruding nipples and the contact made Jenny gasp as a lot of warmth suddenly gathered in her lower regions. She felt wetness gathering between her legs, and she rubbed her legs together to ease the sudden itch.

Blimey, the man had moves, Jenny thought as Eric bend down and kissed her nipples through her nightie. The kiss seemed to trig a lot of currents going straight to her pussy. She wrapped her arms around him and tried to hold him in place as he varied between sucking and massaging her nipples. At this moment she could finally understand how anyone could climax just by stimulation to one’s breasts, and she felt that she wasn’t far behind to experience the joy for herself. Still, her lower regions demanded more and soon.

She reached for the hem and pulled her nightie over her head. He took half a step back and roamed his eyes hungrily over her body.

“Very nice,” he murmured, before placing his hands and her hips and roaming them across her naked skin.

He pulled her toward him and their lips met in a kiss, first soft and exploring, before changing to hard and deep.

She couldn’t stop herself from moving her hands all over his warm chest, and feeling how different he was compared to her, with all his muscles and strength. He was taller than her, and she suddenly felt small and protected standing in his arms.

His lips moved from her chin and down over her throat, dropping small kisses along the way. She angled her head to the side to allow him easier access. As he followed her lead and kept on kissing and holding her, she was thrilled by the feeling of intense pleasure that spread through her body.

She had never thought that a one-night-stand could be this earth-shattering, and she barely registered that he was moving them both toward the bed. Soon she felt some furniture behind her knees, and in the next second she lay sprawling on the bed.

She looked up at him, and saw him standing in front of her, with his hands on his fly and breathing hard as if he had been doing some tough exercise.

“If you want to change your mind, now is the time to tell me,” he said hoarsely. “I won’t be able to stop later.”

“Come here,” she invited.

Immediately, he removed his trousers so fast she was worried he would ruin in. He grabbed a small package from the table and ripped open the condom. Sheathing himself, she could finally take a good look at his body, and she was in awe at what she saw. At the same time she started to worry that she might have thrown herself into much deeper water than she could possible swim in.

He was big. Much bigger, than she was used to, and she had her doubts if they would ever fit in that area. He seemed to understand her sudden fear, and as he lay down beside her on the bed, he let her look her fill, instead of just plunging inside of her.


“Ahm, yes,” she croaked. “That,” she pointed at his cock, “will never fit.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yes, most definitely. So, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all,” she wondered as she roamed her hands down his chest.

“Let’s warm you up first, and then see what happens,” he winked at her.

Pushing her over to her back, he glided down her body, before settling between her legs.

“What are you doing there?” she wondered.

“Wait and see,” he answered before he bent down and moved his tongue across her clit.

She practically jumped up from the bed, but came down again as he laid his hand on her stomach and held her in place. Then he bent down again and swirled his tongue across her clit.

“For god’s sake, don’t stop,” she groaned as he took another pause.

She could practically hear him smiling and soon after he followed her command, and pushed his tongue inside of her cunt. She moaned in pleasure, and her hands settled on his shoulders, trying to keep him in place.

Moving his tongue from side to side, he kept on sucking and she just held on as her need rose to new levels. She could feel herself closing in on the finish line and she grasped him hard as to coax him onwards. He moved his tongue back to her clit and pushed against it, while pushing a finger inside of her cunt.

The mixed stimulation was almost too much to bear and she caught herself wanting to beg him to finish her. Still, she held back. She wouldn’t go that easily, she thought, and her breath hitched when he pushed another finger inside on her cunt and started to fuck her.

“Ooooh,” she murmured.

“Good?” he asked between breaths.

“Extremely good. Please keep it up,” she blurted out.

She closed her eyes as to enjoy the intense pleasure that had gathered in her lower body. Suddenly she felt him retreating, and he started to kiss his way across her stomach and up to her breasts. She didn’t think more about it, except that she wanted to taste his lips on her own.

“Kiss me,” she pleaded, and he did, but at the same time, he spread her legs and pushed slowly inside of her.

She gasped loudly at the large intrusion and she felt her muscles tensing around him.

“Don’t tense up. Just relax,” he advised, as he kept on pushing slowly inside of her.

As soon as the pain became too tense, he stopped and retreated, before slowly pushing back inside again. Her breath left her mouth in a whoosh as she took in the intense pressure against her inner walls. He leaned down and massaged her clit at the same time, and finally he was completely lodged inside of her body.

“We fit,” he groaned almost triumphantly and she couldn’t help but agree.

Still, the tension was so pronounced that she had difficulty enjoying it as much as he did. He raised her legs and soon the tension eased somewhat.


“Much better. How did you know?”

“Your face is very expressive. Besides, you didn’t seem to be enjoying yourself as much as you should.”

“You should have a warning sign attached to your forehead,” Jenny suggested.

He laughed at that, and started to fuck her nice and slowly. Soon, she was taking part by wrapping her arms around him, and squeezing her muscles around his warm flesh. He breathed deeply, and she squeezed one more time in order to make sure that is was her causing his reaction.

“You’re so tight,” he groaned. “I won’t be able to last very long.”

He bent down and massaged her clit at the same time.

“Don’t worry. I’ll settle for some more oral,” Jenny suggested.

“You’re a demanding woman,” Eric smiled, as he pushed deep inside of her and making her gasp at the same time.

She wrapped her legs behind his bottom and lifted herself closer to him, fucking herself on his cock.

“Careful,” he warned.

“Don’t you want to come?” she wondered.

“Of course, but ladies first,” he smiled as he lifted his upper body slightly away from her, without breaking their connection.

She wondered what he was planning, and she was already missing his warm skin against her own. As he stimulated her clit, and pushed his cock deep inside her she got her answer. He kept on stimulating her, and soon she couldn’t hold back and she loaned loudly as he plunged deep inside of her, pushing her over the edge at the same time.

Her climax was so total that she couldn’t do anything but cling to him as her body convulsed in a series of contraction that pulled him along with her. He groaned deeply as he sank down on his elbows and he emptied his entire load inside of her body.

For several minutes they were just breathing and trying to collect themselves. He rolled them over to the side and got rid of the condom, before he pulled her into his arms. She snuggled against him and felt completely at ease.

“Any more concerns about size?” Eric asked her teasingly.

She gave him a slight push.

“Braggart,” she teased in return.

“You can measure me if you like,” he suggested.

“In flaccid state?”

He just laughed.

“Show-off,” she pushed him again, before laying still and just enjoying the moment and the warm body beside her.

This was a lot cosier than she had expected it to be. Maybe it was because she thought she knew him that much better after having had sex together. It felt almost like a friendship with extra benefits, she thought, as she drifted off to sleep. Or was it simply too good to be true?


“Aren’t you staying?” he asked as she suddenly got up and started to get dressed.

“No, I have to get back to my bed.”

“Why? Are you embarrassed?”

“It’s my parents’ house. I’m just being considerate.”

Besides, she had realised that if she decided to sleep beside him any longer, she might eventually want to keep him, and that was a good way of ending up with some serious heartache. He wasn’t a man that could be content with a woman like her.

“Besides,” she said as she wrapped her robe around her body, “in just a few hours, Filip will be banging on the door to watch cartoons. I prefer to sleep.”

“Coward,” Eric murmured as she left his side. “Maybe I should join you in your room instead.”

“I’d rather you didn’t,” Jenny replied with her back turned to him.

“I see.”

It was a lengthy pause as both tried to overcome the embarrassing moment.

“So, this was just another one-night-stand, is that it?” he asked matter-of-factly, as if he was asking about the weather.

He was skilled at hiding his feelings, Jenny thought and wished that she could be just as good. So, instead she kept her back to him as she answered.


With that said she walked quickly out of the room and tip toed back to hers, where she threw herself on the bed. She felt a strong need to shed a few tears, but why should she? She had gotten what she wanted and so had he. Now that her body was completely sated she should just close her eyes and get a few hours’ sleep.

Instead she laid thinking for a long while before she finally drifted into sleep.


Two stories below her, Eric had a similar problem.

Damn her, he thought. Why did she have to make everything so complicated? They had great sex, they were good together and they cared for each other. Well, at last he did, while he was a bit unsure about what she felt for him. He had a suspicion that she didn’t even knew how she felt, but her actions told more than words and he was consoling himself with that.

She had finally come to him. For the first time since she tried to seduce him when she was sixteen. That must account for something. And this time he hadn’t turned her down. It hadn’t even crossed his mind that he should. Maybe he would be better off then, but the previous years and all the waiting indicated otherwise.

No, he had made the right decision. Now he just had to lay siege to her fortress, until she succumbed to the inevitable. After all, he had loved her for so many years now that he could need a little luck. Especially if there was any justice in the world, and with that thought, he finally fell into sleep.


Christmas Day

Jenny woke up by a loud banging on her door.

“Wake up, or I’ll come inside and drag you out of bed,” Eric threatened.

“What?” she croaked and realised that he wouldn’t hear her. She cleared her throat and tried again. “What do you want?”

“Get dressed. We’re going skiing.”

“It’s too early. Go away,” she replied as she pulled her quilt up to her chin and turned around to keep on sleeping.

Suddenly, her door slammed open and Eric walked inside.

“I warned you,” he said as he came toward her with a look that clearly said that he was on a mission and couldn’t be stopped by anything.

“Go away!” Jenny repeated as she clung to her quilt.

“Since you’ve been so kindly as to arrange for Filip to wake me at 7, I might as well return the favour.”

“Ha. Just be truthful and admit that it’s just payback from yesterday.”

“What payback?”

“For not sleeping with you.”

“Oh, I remember quite clearly that you did more than just sleep with me,” he seemed smugly.

“Keep your voice down.”

“Embarrassed, are you? Well, in that case I better raise my voice even higher so that the rest of the house can listen in on all the juicy details.”

“Stop that!” she ordered him.

“On one condition.”

“And what is that?”

“Undress yourself.”

“What? No, way.”

“Okay, just remember I did ask politely,” he said enigmatically.

Jenny pondered his words for a little, but her sleep deprived brain weren’t cooperating. Instead she watched in awe as the large man came walking toward her. Her eyes ventured quickly toward his lower body in order to compare what she saw now with the image that had been plastered on her mind since yesterday.

“Be careful or I might take you up on that offer, and make it another one-night stand,” he warned.

Quickly, she diverted her eyes to his face.

“Pity,” he smiled, before he grabbed a hold of her quilt and pulled hard.

She screeched as the cold air in the room invaded her skin and she tried in vain to pull her nightdress further down so that it covered her most private parts.

“Nice view,” Eric murmured appreciatively. “Are you sure that you don’t want another fuck?”

“Go away, you maniac. I want to sleep.”

“You promised to go skiing with me.”

“Yes, but not until I’m awake.”

“You are awake now.”

“I was sleeping. Now, go play with someone else and leave me be.”

She grabbed her quilt and covered herself with it, before turning away from him.

“Oh, no you don’t,” he replied, before grabbing a hold of her ankles and turning her over on her back.

“Let go of me!”

“You leave me no choice but to join you in bed,” he smiled as he locked the door and took off his shoes.

He moved back to the bed and grabbed her ankles again, before pulling her toward the edge of the bed, her lags spread out on each side of his body.

“Now this position has some potential,” he smiled as he stared at her pussy, now revealed completely with her nightie being gathered around her waist.

“Spread wider,” he commanded as he bent closer. He pushed his hands underneath her buttocks, and lifted her pussy closer to his mouth. Sinking down on his knees before the bed, he started to lick her.

She froze in astonishment, her mouth agape as she felt him stroking his hands over her bottom, and holding her laid out as he partook in his meal.

“Breakfast is served downstairs,” she murmured.

“I’d rather have you and swallow your come,” he said as he lifted his mouth slightly away from her, before going in once more and rotating his tongue around her clit.

She was overwhelmed by the intense feeling going through her body, and her lower regions were completely on fire by the way he was playing her body. As soon as she managed to catch her breath, he changed tactics. Suddenly he pushed a large finger inside of her, before continuing to fuck her with his finger.

She could feel her entire body turning to liquid, almost melting by his smallest touch.

“You must stop this,” she groaned in a desperate move to regain her concentration.

But he ignored her and started sucking on her clit. She was soon reduced to a primitive creature only looking for her next release and reaching for that one goal that would achieve that. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back, holding him against her and hoping to prevent him from leaving her at the brink.

She could hear him chuckle at her actions, and his chuckle felt so good she just wanted to come straight away.

“Finish me,” she finally begged him. “Just do it.”

Her body thrashing and moving to his rhythm. She pushed her arms up over her head and connected to the headboard. She used that as leverage in order to push her body closer to him, to take that extra stimulation that would surely push her over the edge.

“Patience,” he murmured, as he lifted his mouth away from her curls. “Try to be patient.”

“No, just do it, Eric. Please. I can’t take any more.”

“Oh yes, you can,” he smiled as he suddenly plunged two fingers inside of her.

She felt her body straining to adjust but at the same time he moved his tongue over her clit and teased it. The pleasure was so strong that she wanted to dislodge him and ride him instead.

“Let me ride you,” she suggested quickly as soon at that idea had landed in her head.

“Later,” he murmured.

“Oh, can’t you just get on with it then?”

“Impatient, are we? Maybe it’s time to teach you that waiting can prolong the pleasure?”

“I don’t care about that. I’m bursting. Get that cock inside of me right now, or I’ll bite you!” Jenny said in desperation without minding her words one bit. She was passed caring.

Eric just stared at her. His face a look of utter surprise. He dug into his pockets and collected a condom.

“Okay, since you ask so nicely,” he smiled as he quickly undressed before sheathing himself.

Jenny stared at him in awe, wondering how she had been able to take his entire cock inside of her yesterday, but her desire was so strong that she still wanted him.

Leaning over her, he settled between legs, lifted her lower body, and plunged deep inside of her.

She wanted to scream in shock, but she managed to keep her lips sealed. He leaned down and placed his lips over hers and kissed her deep and he started to retreat and then plunged deep one more time. Jenny lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back, holding him close as she tried to remove the daze that had settled over her mind.

He was so overwhelming in bed that she felt she could barely keep up with him. Instead she wanted to be more in control, but right now that seemed impossible. Her body was responding to his every move and she clasped her inner muscles around his cock, making him moan in return. She smiled at finally having found some way of making him bow as well, and she squeezed as hard as she could.

“I can’t hold much longer,” he warned and he leaned back a little and used his right hand to stimulate her clitoris.

She gasped and tried to pull him closer to her. He plunged deep and straight at a pleasure spot inside of her. She clasped her hand over her mouth to prevent herself from screaming. He kept pushing against that exact spot, and all too soon she felt the familiar torrents move through her body as her body contracted around his cock.

Immediately, he removed his finger from her clit and made a few quick plunges inside of her while he groaned deeply. Soon after, he collapsed beside of her and held her in his arms. She laid her head on his arm and laid her left arm over his stomach. Before she fell asleep again, she


A few hours later they got up and dressed themselves for the skiing trip.

“We can stay here and try some other positions if you prefer,” Eric tempted her.

“Fresh air is good for one’s health, so let’s go,” Jenny insisted.

“All right. But I’d rather stay her where it’s warm.”

After a quick breakfast they put on their skis and headed for the nearest mountaintop. They had agreed to go to his house so that he could collect a few things.

Jenny realised that Eric was paying close attention to her technique. As they were closing in on a steep downhill, she paused and looked for the safest route. Eric simply slid right passed her and skied down the slope, making elegant turns all the way downhill.

“Come on,” he shouted to her.

“All right,” she said to herself. “How difficult can it be?”

She pushed forward and all too soon the speed was so high that she grew alarmed. She tried to make turns, but all it resulted in was a dive straight into the snow. She shrieked as cold snow invaded her face and neck, and she glided downhill on her side.

Eric seemed to be laughing his head off, and she slid to a halt in front of his skis.

“I’ve never seen that technique before,” he managed to say between bursts of laughter.

“Not all Scandinavians are born with skies on their feet.”

“I can see that,” he said while he watched her snow-clad body.

“I lack practise, that’s all. Some of us have a desk job, and very little time to go skiing. Besides, it’s not as if I’m going to participate in the Winter Olympics.”

“No, I can safely say that the sports community haven’t lost a talent in you,” he smiled at her.

She grabbed a handful of snow, formed it into a snowball and threw it at him.

“Aren’t you supposed to try and flatter me into having sex with you? Laughing at me will certainly not help your cause.”

“Oh, you can take it. There are a lot of skills that need constant practising in order to perform well.”

“For example?”

“The art of blow jobs, for instance. It’s a very useful skill.”

“Wold you like me to dunk you in the snow right now, or would you prefers to wait until we reach your house?” Jenny asked silkily.

“Definitely, the house,” Eric replied with a smile. “What do you say to some skinny-dipping in the snow?”

“Naked? I’m freezing my butt off just thinking about it,” Jenny practically shook.

“After walking up that last hill, I’m sure you’ll change your mind.”

“Sorry, I’m more into undressing in temperature above 20 degrees.”

“Good, then I’ll teach you the pleasures of sauna and snow diving.”


As they arrived at the house there was something else occupying Jenny’s mind. Her arms were hurting like never before.

I should probably stretch a little, she thought. But soon after she forgot the whole thing as Eric took her inside and prepared dinner.

A few hours later the pain was excruciating.

“Painful?” Eric asked.

“Terribly, yes. I’ve probably overestimated my arm strength today.”

“Lie down so I can give you a massage.”

She laid down on the nearest bed and let Eric rub and gently massage all her aching muscles.

“This wasn’t quite what I had in mind when I invited you here,” he laughed. “I don’t think you can go anywhere today with those arms of yours.”

“Sorry about that.”

“No need to apologize,” Eric said as he climbed on top of her back and placed his cock right against her bum cheeks. Gently pushing forward, he breathed deeply and said hoarsely. “I think I can manage very well now that you’re disabled.”

“My arms?” she reminded him.

“Huh? Are they still hurting?” he teased as he made small pushes against her ass cheeks.

Jenny felt a little distracted and tried to concentrate as to what she was going to say. She moved her arms forward, wanting to make some leverage and push back. But as soon as she put her muscles to good use, she almost felt like screaming at the intense pain.

“I’ve never had muscle aches in my arms before,” she said quietly.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you,” Eric said as he kept on massaging her aching muscles.

His cock was still pressed against her ass, and she tried to raise her lower half to meet his thrusts without using her arms at all.

“There you go,” Eric concluded as he stopped the wonderful massage.

“I wouldn’t mind if you continued doing that for the next few days.”

“I know. But you need painkillers and I’m getting them for you.”


Jenny just laid down again, but it was so painful that she turned over to her back and hoped it would feel better. It didn’t help much.

“Take these,” Eric said as he handed her two tablets and a glass of water.

She swallowed the tablets and most of the water.

“What now? How long will it take before they work?”

“Thirty minutes. So, in the meantime we will make sure that your body releases as much endorphins as possible.”


“Pleasure hormones.”

“Yes, I know that. I was just wondering how you’re going to accomplish that. By pressing some strategic points around my body? I’ve heard that there’s a specific point beside the thumb that needs to be activated.”

“Nope. I’m going for the easiest solution,” he smiled before he pushed her backwards on the bed and climbed on top of her.

“Are you trying to spend some of your Christmas presents?”

“Yes. They will come in handy, don’t you think?”

“How lucky that you remembered them,” she murmured as she reached forward and unzipped his pants.

He helped undressing her, before standing up and removing the rest of his clothing.

“You never know when a package of condoms might come in handy,” he said as he sheathed himself, and climbed on top of her, before he slowly pushed inside of her.

She spread her legs wider and held on to his thighs, trying to keep him close to her.

“Just relax, darling, and let me tend to you,” he said warmly.

Jenny just closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling as he moved his hands all over her body. He used his tongue to lick his way from her lips to her breasts, and generally making her feel treasured and loved. That thought gave her a slight pause and she tried to move her arms.

“No, no, don’t move your arms. Just relax,” he murmured as he held her arms above her head, and bent down to lick her from her chin and down to her collarbone.

She felt goose bumps starting to form on her skin and she shivered. Her nipples tightened and he seemed to notice as well, as she felt his mouth envelop her left nipple next. His hand covered her right nipple and the warmth from his felt so good. Slowly he moved his thumb over her nipple and she shivered as her entre body seemed to be on fire for him. Simultaneously, he was lodged deep inside of her cunt and once in a while, she could feel him retreating, before sinking slowly back inside again. She felt as his entire body was surrounding hers in the most fundamental way.

“You don’t have to worry about making sounds here,” he informed her.

“Your mother isn’t here?”

“She has her own house. We’re completely alone.”

“Good,” Jenny smiled. “Because I’m going to make you scream.”

“You are? Good. I look forward to it.”

“You will,” she said as she wrapped her legs behind his buttocks and dragged him closer, making his cock sink even deeper inside.

He moaned at her action.

“I told you,” she smiled again.

“You’re a danger to my stamina,” he concluded as he lifted himself slightly away from her, and placing his finger over her clit.

“No, not like that,” she complained.

“Why not?”

“I come too quickly.”

“No problem. You can have several orgasms,” he smiled. “I don’t mind.”

Jenny laughed.

“No, I can’t. I’ve never had more than one in a row.”

“Hm. Your educations is somewhat lacking,” he said as he kept stimulating her clit and plunging inside of her cunt at the same time.

“This isn’t fair,” Jenny complained as she tried to reach for him, but he had lifted his body away from her so that he almost sat up on his haunches.

“Relax, I’ll show you something. “

And he kept pushing against that inner pleasure point of hers, until she could feel her pulse increasing, and her body getting warmer. She reached for him and he plunged deep inside of her while he kissed her, before he raised himself up again and continued his slight movement against her pleasure point.

She was breathing heavier now and she watched as he placed one hand on her breasts and teasing her nipples, while the other hand moved between her legs and massaged her clit. She felt an almost desperate need to take him deeper and harder but he kept on giving her the soft touches, while watching her response.

She felt bared to his eyes and she wondered how she could cover herself when he suddenly plunged deeper than before. She gasped and widened her kegs in response.

“Do something,” she demanded.

“With pleasure,” he replied as he increased his tempo, and pushed harder against her clit.

Suddenly, he pushed against her pleasure spot and she screamed out in joy as she went into a climax. At the same time she felt him retreat and she saw him breathe deeply as if he needed to control himself. Jenny grabbed a hold of him and tried to take him with her in the pleasure, but he kept himself back.

As she finally managed to think again, she asked him about it.

“Why wouldn’t you come?”

“I wanted to show you something,” he repeated, while sweat pearls gathered on his forehead by the sheer strength of his need.

“Poor thing. Let me take care of you now.”

“No, you should rest your arms,” he said as he pushed her back on the bed again, before plunging deep inside of her again.

“It’s no use. I’m completely sated,” she said.

“Don’t be too sure about that,” he said smugly as he kept on pushing against that specific point that had given her so much pleasure already.

“What is that?” she wondered.

“What is what?”

“That point that you’re pressing against.” And as she said it she felt a slight stirring of need starting inside of her body again.

“It’s called a g-spot. If I rub against it you’ll climax a lot easier.”

“Says who?”

“You don’t believe me?” he challenged as he moved a finger to her clit and started to massage her again. All of a sudden she could feel her body heating even quicker than before and she felt her need rise higher and higher. She groaned loudly.

“Just let yourself go with it,” he encouraged, as he shifted between rubbing and pushing.

Not before long, she screamed again as another climax went through her body. This time even stronger than before.

Eric seemed smug, and he lifted himself away from her and rolled her onto her stomach. As soon as she could think again, he instructed her to raise her hips and he climbed on top of her and pushed deep inside of her.

“Raise your hips even higher,” he instructed, as he withdrew and then plunged inside again.

This time he hit straight at her g-spot and she started to moan again. He moved his right hand between her legs and spread them wide, before reaching her clit and starting to rub slightly.

At the same time, he pushed his cock against her g-spot and the combined stimulation of both her insides and outsides had her plunging right into the next climax. This time she screamed loudly, before she fell bonelessly to the bed.

Eric stayed lodged inside of her cunt and she could feel warm liquid seeping from her well-used pussy.

“How about you?” she asked between breaths.

“Won’t you have another one first?”

“I’m exhausted,” she answered.

But, still he kept pushing against her pleasure point, and she raised her hips to meet his thrusts. Just as she came into position she could feel the tension rise again, and she breathed deeply. He seemed to take that as a hint and lowered his hand toward her clit one more time.

A few more plunges and she felt her body convulse in contractions one more time. But this time she felt Eric keep on plunging deep inside of her, holding on to her hips and fucking her deeper and harder than before. She clasped her muscles around him, and lifted her hips to meet his thrusts. Soon afterwards he came with a large roar, before he collapsed on top of her.

Rolling them both to the side, his cock was still lodged inside of her and she could feel small pulses inside of her cunt. Soon after he retreated and removed the condom, before returning to lay behind her, his arms enveloped around her.

In just a few moments, they both fell asleep.


A few hours later, Jenny awoke suddenly. Her family. She had forgotten to tell her family where she was. They must be worried. She jumped out of bed and tried to locate her mobile.

“Are you feeling better?” Eric asked as he came inside the room.

“I need to call my family and tell them where I am. I completely forgot.”

“Don’t worry. I called your brother when I collected the pain killers and that was hours ago. He can pick you up tomorrow if you like, if he can get his snow scooter to work. Or we can always go skiing again,” he smiled.

“No, thanks. I’ve had enough of skiing for a while.”

She paused a little, before asking:

“You actually told them? Told them what exactly?”

“That your arms were hurting so much you could hardly move them and that I would give you some painkillers and let you sleep.”

“Hm, okay. That didn’t sound too bad.”

“No, they seemed quite happy with that solution. Your mother asked me to remind you about dinner tomorrow, and that your arms better be well enough to attend.”

“Oh yes, Boxing Day dinner. Family dinner. Yes, I don’t want to miss that,” Jenny said ironically. “Do you think I can just hide here for a couple of days? It takes three days for muscles aches to heal, doesn’t it?”

“Something like that, yes.”

“Good. That would solve everything neat and tightly, and then I’ll be off the next day,” Jenny blurted out.

“Off? Off where?”

“Back to work. I have to work for two more days this year.”

“Will you be back for New Year?”

“No, I won’t.”

“So, you’ll just fuck me for two more days and then you’ll run away?”

“No, I won’t run. I’m taking the train.”

“It’s stilling running, the way I see it.”

“Look, Eric. I have a job to attend to. I can’t just stay here even if I wanted to.”

“But, if you could, what would you do?”

“All right. This won’t work between us, Eric. Don’t you see?”

“No, I don’t. I see us functioning well together. We even talk once in a while, and when I’m inside you it feels like home. I thought you felt the same.”

“The sex is good, but that’s just it. It’s sex. Great sex, but still…,” she paused while trying to find the right word for it.

“Just say it. You like fucking me, but you don’t want to keep me.”

“Yes, something like that. I told you that I didn’t want a relationship right now.”

“So, you just fuck the nearest guy and that’s it?”

“Don’t blame this on me. It was you who came to me, remember? I didn’t force you to have sex with me,” she reminded him.

“No, you didn’t,” he said in a flat voice. “It was just my own stupidity that allowed me to reveal myself so completely.”

He took a deep breath before continuing.

“I love you, you see. I’ve loved you for as many years as I can remember, and I really thought that you felt the same for me after the last few days.”

He looked at her as if he wanted her to suddenly burst out with feelings that she didn’t have. She only felt perplexed by his admission, and her expression probably told the same story.

“I can see that you’re chocked, and that you can’t return my feelings. I won’t just be your rebound guy. You’ll have to find another idiot that will service you for the next two days. I’ll go and call Robert, so that he can collect you.”

“But, but,” Jenny started, but didn’t know exactly what she was going to say.

I didn’t matter what she said since he had already left the bedroom. Completely dazed, she tumbled out of his bed and took a look at the room where she had learned so much about pleasure. She had even fallen asleep in his arms, and now he just wanted to throw her out of his house.

It wasn’t her fault that she didn’t have these deeper emotions for him that he seemed to have. Yes, that was just it. He loved her, or so he said. So why wouldn’t he give her time to get to know him better before he threw her out.

She remembered that she used to have a teenage crush for him for all those years, until she became sixteen and decided to do something about it. When he turned her down, his expression had told her that he was completely shocked and would never think of her in any way sexually. The experience had been a disaster and her self-confidence had suffered for years.

And now he had the audacity to say that he had actually been in love with her all that time and that he stilled loved her? Well, talk about being a complete wuss and an ass as well. Why hadn’t he ever told the other main character in this drama, or at least showed it to her in a way that was actually understandable beyond the kindergarten way of teasing the one you liked.

She was feeling more and more angry the more she thought about it. The adrenaline was keeping her from freezing, but she finally noticed that her feet were cold. She looked down. Hm, she was completely naked. How convenient. She grabbed the nearest robe, and flung it over her shoulders and tied it loosely in the front. It only reached her to her knees, but that was quite enough.

Then she walked in search of the most annoying man on the planet.


She found him in the kitchen, as he put down the receiver for his mobile.

“Robert can’t get the snow scooter to start, and there’s no way to travel the road by car until the snow plough has been here. Which means it can take days.”

Jenny made a mental note to thank her brother later on.

“Okay, so I’m stuck here.”

“Seems like it,” he said flatly as he turned away from her and started to fill the dishwasher.

“Good, that leaves me plenty of time to have my say.”

“You don’t have to say anything,” Eric interrupted her. “I’ll take the guestroom. You can stay in mine. We can stay at separate parts of the house and eat our meals alone, and when your arms have healed you can go skiing down to your parents’ house.”

“Sounds like you have it all planned out,” Jenny commented silkily.

Her tone seemed to have alarmed him some sort of way, and he turned her head just as she reached for the wet kitchen towel. She wasn’t going to let that stop her and she threw the towel straight into his face.

“You’re a complete ninny. A wuss, an idiot and everything in between,” she raged. “I’ve never met a more unnerving man that brags high and low about his tender feelings, without letting the other main character know about until you deem that it’s too late.”

Ooh,” she screamed in rage. “It’s so like Hamlet, I could just scream,” she raged at him. “If you were any more theatrical you would downed the poisoned goblet and died in my arms just now. It makes me so mad!!! You man!

She was practically stomping out her last words, and his expression was one of complete shellshock. He just gaped at her.

Felling slightly better after saying some of what she wanted, she opened her belt and let the rob sink down to the floor.

“Do you like what you see,” she asked him?

He just nodded, his mouth still open.

“Then why don’t you do something useful about it instead of feeling sorry for yourself.”

“I’m not feeling sorry.”

“No? It could definitely be interpreted that way with the hero walking away with a broken heart.”

“I was just regrouping my positions for the next encounter.”

“Anyway, it’s no need to regroup or arm yourself or anything. I’m surrendering.”

“You are?”

“I’ve raised the white flag, haven’t I,” she pointed at her naked body.

“You’ve managed to raise something, I’ll tell you that,” he said as he looked down his body.

She could see the clear outline of his erection.

“I don’t want you just for your body,” Jenny said truthfully.

“I know.”

“You know?”

“Yes, otherwise you wouldn’t bother to come down and lecture me while naked. I like that. Especially the stomping.”

“How so?”

“It makes your breasts move in a very delectable way.”

She cleared her throat.

“As I say, I don’t just want your body. I like the way we can talk, and the way we can laugh together. I did have a teenage crush on you, and I had fallen hard. But your rejection hurt me so much that I didn’t go out with anyone until years later. “

“I’m sorry,” he replied. “I didn’t know you would feel so strong about it. I had a hard time controlling myself so I might have been a bit rash when I threw you out the door.”

“You seemed revolted by the idea of having sex with me.”

“That wasn’t the problem. I was revolted with myself for having such strong attraction toward a young girl. I thought it was something wrong with me and that I could only react strongly to young virgins.”

“Hm, it seems that you’ve gotten over that tendency.”

“Yes, it didn’t take long before I realised that it was you I wanted and not just any young girl.”

“You’re a moron, I’m sorry, but that’s truth of it.”


“Why didn’t you just say something sooner? Or just given me a hint or something?”

“I thought I did, countless of times.”

“Those must have been very subtle hints.”

“More like moonstruck hints. The rest of your family have known for years, I think.”

“You’re all a bunch of morons, then. All right, you’ve suffered, I’ve suffered. Now can we get down to business?”

“As in?”

“As in fucking me against the kitchen table or something. I don’t care where.”

“I thought you just said that you didn’t just want my body?” he teased lightly.

“I don’t, but this has been enough foreplay and I’m wet,” she blurted out.

“Let’s do something about it then,” he said as he came toward her.


Boxing Day

After spending the entire night trying out all the positions they could think and talking until every subject seemed to be exhausted, they both slept like the dead until late next morning. The dinner party would start soon and Eric made a phone call to say they were not coming.

“Yes, I know, Laila. She has taken several pain killers and has promised never to go skiing before she improves her arm strength,” Jenny could hear Eric saying to her mother.

“Yes, she’s sleeping right now,” Eric lied as Jenny came toward him and roamed her hands down his front.

“Yes, I promise I will tell her, and…,” his breath hitched as she unzipped his pants and dug out his cock. Bending down she took him inside of her mouth and started sucking.

“I have to go now. She’s yelling,” he suddenly finished the call and hung up.

“Coward,” she smiled at him, before taking as much cock inside of her mouth as she could.

“Do you actually believe that I can concentrate when you’re doing…that,” he murmured contently. “God, I love to see you on your knees,” he teased her.

She moved her hand to his ass and pinched him slightly.

“Ouch. Just wait until it’s your turn. I’ll have my revenge later,” he threatened.

She moved her tongue to the ridge around his cockhead and located a tender point underneath his cock. She pushed her tongue against that point and made him moaned loudly. She followed up by sucking him hard. Placing her hand around the root of his cock, she squeezed hard as she sucked on the head.

He placed his arms around her to keep her in place as he pushed slightly forward and pushing his cock deeper inside of her mouth. Retreating slightly, she took him inside again, moving her tongue along the ridge and sucking him harder.

“I can’t hold any longer,” he gasped, and she increased the tempo and sucked him hard.

Soon after she tasted his cum as he came inside of her mouth. She swallowed one load, before collecting another in her mouth. She held on to him while she felt him loosen his balance, before regaining at the last moment.

He lifted her up, and kissed her deeply, tasting himself in the process.

“God, how I love you, Jenny.”

“Good, because I love you too,” Jenny replied truthfully.

She had done a lot of soul-searching in the past few days, especially after hearing his version of the story. That had given her a clearer picture about what had really happened in the past, and allowed her to open herself up to her true feelings.

And there had been no doubt. She couldn’t live without him. For all those years she had been so afraid of getting hurt, that she had hidden away all her feelings for him. But now, when she had the chance, she wasn’t going to let him escape her ever again. Even if that meant sitting on him.

“You do?” he sounded surprised.

“Yes, I do. My feelings were just well hidden and I was so afraid to get hurt again. You had turned me away once, remember?”

“Are you sure it’s not just my body that you love?”

“I love your body too. But, if that was all, I wouldn’t want to talk to you all night long, and suck your cock when you’re talking to my mother.”

“I think you should show me one more time how much you really love me,” he suggested.

“Are you up for another round, already? I thought you didn’t use Viagra.”

He snorted.

“I don’t need any Viagra for this. Let’s go snow bathing.”

“Not a chance. I love you but I don’t want to get sick.”

“You won’t be sick. This will give you iron constitution.”

“Says he who will have to nurse me through the influenza I’m certain to get.”

“Oh, come on. No one will see except you and me, and I’ll promise to make it worth the while.”

“All right.”

They started to get undressed and Eric checked the sauna that he had heated previously. He poured some more water on it, and felt the heat increase a few more degrees.

“Ready?” he asked Jenny.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Good. Come with me,” he said and held out his hand.

She took it, and hand in hand they walked outside and dived into the snow, before rolling themselves around in it.

“This is completely insane,” Jenny concluded as she tried her best to make a naked snow angel before her bottom froze to the ground.

Eric turned to her and threw a hand of snow on her stomach.

“Ouch,” she screeched, before returning the favour.

He laughed, and crawled toward her. He pushed his hands underneath her buttocks and lifted her to his mouth and licked her. The sudden warmth made her almost come instantly. He took some snow and showed it inside of her aching cunt and she screamed at the intense coldness. Bending down he sucked her clit hard before pushing his warm tongue inside of her cunt.

She was gasping and trying to decide whether she was freezing or if she had to come. He solved the puzzle by inserting two of his fingers inside of her cunt and pushing deep. At the same time he sucked her clit so hard she had no escape except climaxing hard. She screamed out in joy as she convulsed by the mixture of warmth and cold.

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