sex in a limo

I’ve been fucking my best friend’s wife, Sarah, off and on now for three years. She’s Aaron’s wife-of over one year now-and she’s near-family. But Sarah, god bless her, knows my buttons, and she’s become her own vice. I mean, with other girls I’ve had some of the best sex any guy could ever have; and I’m trying to speak honestly and candidly here. But I swear to god, Sarah and I are on another planet.

My sweet, dark-haired Sarah. She’s 24, shapely, tanned and exotic with dark, beautiful hazel eyes, shoulder length dark brown hair and bangs that hang over her eyes ever so nicely. And when she wears her hair up, like on her wedding day, the slope of her neck drives me nuts. That coconut skin and those magnificent 36GG breasts. But mainly, and thank god for it, it’s that pinched waist and smooth stomach, and how it balloons out at her hips, framing that perfect bubble, that thick, perfectly fuck-able tan ass. It almost makes me cum just thinking about it. And as the Best Man during their wedding, I couldn’t help myself.

At the reception, after dinner and dancing, just after sunset, Aaron went out on the hotel patio to smoke cigars with other high school buddies. Sarah and I stayed at the main table, smiling and shaking hands with the guests, putting on our most civil faces.

The whole time, while we were sitting, she massaged my cock, right in front of the friends and families. She then turned and smiled devilishly at me. I could’ve fucked her right there, right in that evil, beautiful mouth of hers-just fill it with my cock until I came all over her flawless skin. Quickly, she excused herself, and I soon followed. We met outside, in the front parking lot. I quickly paid the limo driver $50 to take a walk. Then Sarah reiterated, “Better make it a long walk.”

Five minutes later I had Sarah, my friend’s newly-wed half Italian wife on her knees in the backseat, fucking her up the ass in her wedding dress in her Honeymoon limo. Her dress bunched around her waist. Her beautiful eyes gazing at me over her shoulder with that veil on, my hands kneading her juicy fat ass cheeks. And just before I could cum in that gorgeous tan ass of hers, she told me, “Stop! Stop! Stop you big-dicked bastard. Don’t cum in me yet.” With that she pulled her ass off of me, her eyes rolling back into her head-”Ohhh . . .”-and left my dick springing in the air, glistening with her ass juice.

“What the fuck Sarah? Get that ass back here. I wanna fucking fill your tight, cheating ass with my sperm.”

“No, no, no you won’t bad boy,” she said as she turned around, kneeling between my legs, my tuxedo pants bunched around my foot. “At least not yet. You can fuck my ass later. Right now, I wanna make sure I’m going to taste you all night.” With that she reached over to the limo bar, and daintily picked out a crystal champagne flute. The devious look in her eyes made me shudder.

“And what are we going to do with that?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” she said, and lowered her mouth down on the dick that had just so recently been buried to the hilt in her heavenly ass. She could only make halfway down the shaft, before my bulging cock head bumped the back of her throat.

“Jesus Christ Sarah, suck my fucking cock. Suck your angel ass off my cock you gorgeous fucking slut.”

“God, you’ve got a big cock. It can barely fit in my little mouth. Such . . . a . . .big . . .fucking, beautiful cock.”

“Worship it Sarah. Fucking worship that cock.”

“I love it.” She ran her left hand over the shaft, easing her head off my dick until only the tip was in her mouth. She looked up at me, her brand new wedding ring glinting in the light coming in through the tinted windows. She half smiled, with my dickhead in her mouth, before licking the tip and easing off.

“You’re teasing me,” I said. “Teasing slut. You know you want it.”

“You love my teasing.”

“I do-you’ve teased me all day. Just seeing you up there-oh God, so fucking hot-in that dress, all glammed up. All pure looking. Just watching that ass shift as you walked down the aisle. I just wanted to knock Aaron to the side, grab your hair, force you over the alter and cum up your pussy. Fucking make you my bitch in that church. Bitch, I want to fuck my baby into you. Impregnate you and make you mine. Would you like that? For me to fill your body up with my cum? Put my baby in you?”

“God baby, yes.” She moaned in devilish delight. “You have sucha better dick than Aaron. So much thicker, longer. God. It’s so thick.” “I make more money,” I said, winking. “I’m better-looking.”

“You are, you’re so hot. Ah god,” she moaned. “I want your cum. I want your seed. Will you do that? We have to get back, but I want you to cum in this glass, this glass of champagne, so that when you toast Aaron and I later, it’s your sperm I’m drinking. I want to drink your seed.”

I threw my head back. “Oh God, you’re so fucking hot.”

She pouted her lush lips, playfully, “Will you fill it up for me? Will you fill it with your sperm?” I began jerking my dick.

“Say fuck Aaron Sarah. Say fuck my husband.”

“Ah,” she moved her hand between her legs, rolling her fingers over her pussy. “Fuck my husband. I love you and your thick cock. Fuck Aaron.”

“You’re an evil beautiful woman Sarah. God baby.”

Pausing, I slapped her fat, heavily tan-lined tits with my cock. She looked down, then up at me, and suddenly she opened her mouth and drooled on her breasts.

“God Sarah, you hot bitch. You’re making a mess on your pretty tits. Fuck you.” I slapped her tits, sending her spit flying with each cock slap. She then looked back up at me, her eyes fuck-fused on mine, saying, “Feed me what’s in those balls. I want a lot from the Best Man at my wedding. I want all the cum from the Best Dick.”

I reared forward, grabbing her hair, yanking her head. “You want my cum?” I spit on her face. She opened her mouth and lapped eagerly at my spit, rubbing it with her fingers over her lips. I held her mouth open, and spit again. She closed her mouth over it and let the clear froth dribble out over her chin. With her hair still in my fist I spit my words, “You beautiful slut, you want to drink my fucking cum while you walk around and make your little pleasant face? Your face covered with my spit? My love spit? The face begging me for my cum right now? You hot sexy bitch bride?”

“Yes baby! Please. I’ll drink it all for you, you taste so good.”

“When I make my toast Sarah, are you gonna drink my fucking sperm and then kiss Aaron, with that cheating married mouth?”

“Yes Mike, yes. I’ll do anything for it. Just fill it with your fucking cum.”

“Well, you’re gonna have to work for it bitch.” I leaned back, sticking my dick as far in the air as possible. “Lemme see those tits. I want to watch those gorgeous tits some more. Before I fuck them later. Show them to me.”

With that she arched her back, presenting her beautiful huge tits to me, like trophies.

“Now Sarah, listen carefully,” I said, slowly jerking my cock. “I want you to slowly put that champagne flute between your tits, and I want you to squeeze your tits around it, holding it there to collect my cum.”

Her eyes twinkled. “Yes, my sweet and sexy, big-cocked Best Man.” She moved sensually, slowly, using her left hand to hold the glass there.

“God, you’re sucha good whore.”

Then, she pushed her right breast up and in, and squeezed her other elbow.


The glass held perfectly still, almost vanishing between her perfect cleavage. The sight was gorgeous: My brother’s gorgeous dark-haired beauty, on her knees in their honeymoon limo, her wedding dress pulled down around her fat tits with a champagne flute pinned between them. Her veil and wedding ring. I jerked my dick faster.

“Talk to me my beautiful slut. Tell me how much you want my cum. You going to drink it all or just take sips?”

She closed her eyes, massaging her tits-the flute bobbling with her squirming. “I’m going to drink it all. I promise. Please. I need it.”

“No! You’re gonna take sips remember? So you drink it all night.”

“Yes of course. I want to taste you all night. I’m yours.”

“You are Sarah, tell me again and make me believe it. You with that fake slut bride outfit. I should be marrying you. Marrying you while you stand up there, with a butt plug in your ass and my cum in your hair.”

“I’m yours Mike. I’m your Sarah baby, your cum slut. Fuck Aaron. Please give me your cum so I can eat it.” “I’m fucking close baby. Tell me you want it. Tell me you love it.”

“I love your cum Mike, I need it. Cum for me.”

“Love it more then your husband? More then Aaron?”

“God yes! I love your cum more then my husband. More then anything! I need it.”

“You’re so sexy Sarah-I can’t take it!”

And just before I could shoot I decided against it-instead, to do something else entirely. “Fuck that,” I said. “I can’t stand it!” And with that I grabbed her by her slutty veil and forced her over, so her hands were on the backseat, her ass up in the air. The champagne glass went crashing as I grabbed her by the hips and forced my dick, in one brutal quick stroke, right up her clean beautiful Italian butt cheeks. She screamed. And I shook the car with my thrusts.

“Oh fuck!” she pleaded. “Fuck yes! No! NO! Don’t cum in me! No, not in my butt again! I want to drink it!”

“Oh you’ll drink it alright!” I screamed, pumping into her viciously from behind. “God I love your fucking ass-I’m fucking cumming, right up your gorgeous ass.”

“Oh god Mike, I love you! It’s so big! Sodomize me! I’m your slut!”

“Say it!”

“Sodomize me baby! Fuck your cum up my butt-it’s for you! I’m begging you!”

“I’m filling your ass! Tell me you want it! Beg for my sperm!”

“Yes Mike, I want my ass filled with your sperm! Please! Please! Fuck your sperm up my ass-”

“Fuck you slut! I’m cumming! Take it! Take it up your ass!”

“Dump that load in me! I’m your slut! Yours baby! Ah, God! Cum DEEP!”

And with a final, pulverizing thrust I sent her face first into the leather cushions, and I came like a monster, a demon possessed, a drunken madman. The first rope screamed out of me, warming her ass. I kept pumping, out of control. She whimpered on the end of my dick.

“Oh God! Oh God Mike! Cum baby I don’t care. I want it. I’ll eat it! I promise.”

“Uh! Whose ass is this? Whose ass am I CUMMING in?”

“Yours! This is your ass Mike! Shoot your sperm up it. Fill it! I can feel it, your babies in my asshole-ohhh GOD! They feel so good!”

And I kept cumming, right up her ass, holding her there, still, while I pump the final jets into her, dumping an evenings worth of my cum into my dark-skinned cheating beauty and the object of so many men’s fantasies, her wedding dress wrinkled and bunched around her waist, her veil crooked on her head.

“Oh GOD.”

After I came, I just kept slowly pumping in and out. In and out. My dick was so slick with all the cum in her ass. I just kept fucking it slowly.

“Oh god Mike,” she panted. “Thank you baby. Thank you so much.”

“Tell me Sarah,” I said. “Tell me how much you love my cock.”

She looked back over her shoulder. “I love your cock baby.”

I smacked her ass, and leaned over her, fucking my cum deeper into her butt. “Tell me you love my cock more then your husband.”

She moaned at the evil words, closing her eyes. “Oh God baby I do,” she said. She looked back at me. “I love your cock more then my husband, yes-god I do.”

“Maybe we should name my cock Aaron.”

“Yes baby. That’s so hot.”

“Thank god for my cock Sarah.”

“Thank fucking god for your cock Mike. Sarah thanks god for your sperm. It’s so warm.”

“Does it feel good in your butt baby. I want it to feel good.”

“Your sperm is so warm, there’s so much of it. I love it. It feels so good. I want it. I want to taste it Mike.”

“Is that what you want? You want my sperm?” And with that I pulled out of her, easing out my fat, semi-hard dick, glistening with cum and glorious ass juices.

“I do baby. I have to get it out my ass.”

“Well, you’ll have to clean up before you get back to the reception.”

“I do. I’m all dirty. A dirty bride with a butt full of cum.”

With her ass still up in the air, holding my sperm up her butt, with her back arched, she reached over and grabbed another one of the champagne glasses from the bar.

“I can’t let those babies of yours go to waste. I told you I’d eat it and I will, I want to eat it. The Best Man’s hot, sticky sperm from out of my ass. God-”

“God Sarah baby, you don’t quit do you?” She handed me the glass and I held it under her delicious, pink, cum lathered asshole, and she reached back with both hands.

“Don’t miss any ok?” she pouted. “I don’t want to have to lick it off the floor.”

“I won’t love.”


I looked at her from between her legs and smile. “Promise.”

She squeezed, and I watched her asshole flex beautifully, with a wonderful control. “Ohhh,” she moaned. “I can feel it sliding out. I can feel it. It’s so warm.” The cum oozed out at first, and I let it trickle down her pussy before dropping into the glass. Then the second onslaught came-”Ohhh,” she cooed, and a torrent bubbled out, dripping quickly into the glass. “Get it all. Please.”

I used my fingers to fuck the remaining cum droplets into her ass, then some into her pussy. “There, all done,” I said.

She turned around, snatching the champagne bottle. I handed her the glass.

“Ah,” she moans. “It’s so milky. Like pearls. Perfect little babies of yours.”

She eyed it lovingly, inspected it closely. And without saying another word she poured the champagne into the glass, filling it to the brim. The cum swirled and nearly disappeared-leaving a scanty trace of fog.

“The perfect drink. Mike and champagne.”

“You’re so fucking hot right now,” I said. My cock bulging to attention. Using the glass, she moved it up to my semi-erect, cum and ass-glistening cock. She dipped it gently in the champagne glass, soaking it thoroughly. I shuddered and couldn’t help but smile.

She then took my cock in her mouth and sucked deeply, inhaling it in all the way down to the balls. I grabbed the back of her head, holding her there.

“Oh god baby, don’t. Yes!”

I let her go and my cock popped out of her mouth, leaving cum and champagne residue on her lips. She then ran her tongue over them, smacking them together, sticky and shining.

“Your cock tastes so good baby,” she said.

“Give me that champagne glass,” I said. She hands it over and I spit a long, drooping wad of saliva into it. “There you go bitch. I want you to eat that all night. Drink it. And finish it when I finish my toast.”

“You know I will,” she said. With her eyes still on me, she tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Sensually, she took a long, graceful drink from the glass.

“Let me see it in your mouth.”

Tilting her head back, she opened her mouth. The frothy champagne bubbling in her hot mouth like necter.

“Eat it baby. Swallow me.”

Looking at me the whole time, she closed her mouth, swallowing.

“How does it taste gorgeous?”

“Mmmm, so good. Salty and thick. Like the Best Man should. I can feel it in my throat.” Adjusting the veil on her head, the champagne glass in her hand, she looked up at me with the most innocent of eyes and said: “Do I still look pure?”

“With that ass and belly full of my cum, you’re perfectly picturesque.”

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