sex hotel

I woke from the snooze with the last of the sun peaking through the window but Jim was absent. I looked around for him and heard the sound of running water in the bathroom.

Jim poked is head around the door and said, “Fancy a bath?”

“Thank sounds great.” I replied

The bath was big with the taps in the centre of one side so two people could recline in comfort at each end. I could already see the bubbles rising in the bath as Jim turned to face me.

“Mmm.” I said at the sight of this slightly engorged cock.

He looked down, then back up and smiled.

I moved across to him and planted a loving kiss on his lips as I reach down and cupped his balls.

He retracted slight, “That tickles.” then kissed me again, I could feel his cock enlarge slightly more.

We finished our embrace and tentatively got into the bath, one toe each first and then gently lowering ourselves in. The warm water felt great as it touched my bum and pussy and I washed it over my breasts with my hands as they where submerged under the bubbly foam.

“The problem with all the bubbles,” Jim said, “is they cover up the bits I want to see.”

“Yes but it’s far more exciting to guess what I’m doing underneath them.” I said as I ran my hands over my breasts making the bubbles on top of the bath shift a little.

“I think I can guess what you are doing now!” Jim replied.

I ran my hand down my stomach and over my clit inserting two fingers into my pussy, I gasped and sighed slightly as they entered. “How about now?” I said as I twirled my fingers and groaned slightly.

“I’m not sure,” Jim said coyly, “I might need to clear the bubbles to take a look.”

He used his hand to part the bubbles on the surface of the water exposing the hand between my legs and from my point of view his now fully erect cock.

“Mmm,” I said, “I see what you mean about the bubbles getting in the way.”

“Yes they do, but I can see you are just washing.” he said jokingly, “Need any assistance?”

“Yes please.”

He bent forward as I removed my fingers with a little thrill pleasure and he took two handfuls of bubbles in his hands. “Where do you need cleaning first?”

“I don’t know.” I said, as I raised my breasts out of the water slightly so my erect nipples just breached the surface of the foam.

“I’ll start here I think!” as his bubble covered hands pressed down gently on my breasts and rubbed the bubbles around and then over my increasingly taught nipples.

“Mmm,” I groaned, “I still think they are a little dirty.”

“They might get a little dirtier again in a short while so I’ll wash them again then.”

I didn’t quite get what he meant, then remembered a previous ‘bath time’. Jim had massaged my breasts with soap, bringing me very close to orgasm just with the massage. Then told me to push by breast together to enclose his cock, he had come voluminously on my chest after just a few strokes between my well lubricated breasts. The thought made me grin, not because of the event itself but because what had happened after. We had gotten out of the bath and dried off, at least most of me as the massage had left me very wet, then retired to the bedroom. I had led like a star fish in the middle of the bed enjoying the cool air on my hot skin and the expectant throb from my pussy.

“I haven’t left you any room.” I said to Jim as he came through the door.

“There seems to be space.” he said as his eyes flicked to in between my legs and back again.

He kneeled at the end of the bed and gently kissed the sole of my foot, making me almost flinch. Then the top of my foot and slowly and every so gently up my lower leg to my knee. He stopped to reposition him self on the end of the bed and then continued to kiss my lower thigh. I could feel the ache in my pussy as I waited expectantly for that first hint of breath or touch of lip on my warm moist flesh. He was getting closer and closer, kissing my upper thigh, inside of my thigh just inches from my pussy. I raised my hips, wanting, willing him to extend his tongue to gently caress my clit and then he was kissing above my pussy and up to my stomach. I couldn’t believe the torment he was putting me through and my expectations lowered as he kissed up my torso and around my breasts, avoiding my achingly hard nipples.

“I need you.” I whispered in his ear as he kissed my neck and nibbled my ear.

“I can tell.” He whispered back.

I didn’t need to ask how he could tell as I could feel the warm juices from pussy beginning to dribble down the insides of my legs and bum cheeks.

“Raise your legs up to your chest.” Jim whispered in my ear.

I did as I was told as Jim lowered himself back down my body. I pulled my knees up to my chest keeping my legs as far apart as possible. As I did so I felt a dribble of liquid, expelled from my now drenched pussy, run down over my bum hole and between my cheeks.

Jim must have seen it as he let out a sort of sigh or groan and ran his finger from my spine up between my bum cheeks catching the dribble on his finger. He retraced the path left by my pussy juices getting closer to my bum hole, gentle passing his finger over the puckered entrance. This give me a thrill of dirty pleasure and made me involuntarily clench my bum and pussy muscles.

“Oh God.” I let out.

“You like that then?” Jim replied.

“Oh yes!”

Jim started to kiss me again, kissing the back of my thighs and down to my bum cheeks. Then across and running his tongue but between them again retracing the path of the dribble. He was getting closer and closer to my bum hole with his tongue, a thrill ran through me in expectation. This was so dirty and erotic, I clenched again expecting at any moment to feel the tip of his tongue graze the entrance to my bum.

Then in one movement he raised him self up and rammed his newly erect cock deep into my pussy in one fast powerful movement. I was temporarily confused having expect to be touched in one place with a warm soft tongue then to have it replaced with a hard cock in another. Jim began to pump my pussy furiously and the pent up expectation in my pussy caused by the early kissing flooding back in an instant. The feel of the base of his cock rubbing my clit and his balls almost caressing the entrance to my bum and pussy caused me to start spasming and clenching within a few thrusts.

“Ohhhhh!” I yelled out as he relentless pounded me feeling wave after wave of orgasm thrill through me until I could almost take no more.

The sound of Jim’s balls and pelvis slapping against my wet pussy and arse cheeks sent me over the edge again and added to the already copious amount of juices being produced with every thrust.

“Come, come in me.” I shouted.

“I want you to fill my pussy with your come!”

Jim must have been barely holding back his orgasms as he gasped and thrust deep inside me. I could feel his cock pulse and knew his juices would be adding to me already extensive wetness. I felt my pussy clench again as he withdraw his cock completely and thrust it back into me, my pussy squeezing it tight and causing another pulse of his cock. The deepness of this thrust gave me another mini orgasm which was heightened by the feeling of his come dribbling from my pussy and over my bum hole as he withdraw his cock completely again before plunging it back into my pussy for the final time.

Jim collapsed on top of me, I could still feel his cock twitching inside me, which was echoed by my pussy. I moved my legs down from around Jim’s shoulders to wrap them around his bum making sure to keep his cock inside me. We laid there for ages just gentle kissing, I could feel his cock slowing shrinking inside me and our combine juices slowly exiting my pussy to run over my still slightly expectant bum.

“What?” I said, snapping back from the memory

“Where else do you need to be cleaned?” Jim repeat

“Oh everywhere.”

“Maybe you should turn around so I can make sure I clean you properly.”

“OK.” I said as I sat up in the bath and turned around so my breasts where pressed against the cold edge of the bath and my foam covered arse was point directly at Jim.

He started to rub my lower back in a vague attempt to make it look like his was washing me. Then he proceeded to massage the slowly reducing bubbles into my bum cheeks and upper thighs. Running his hands up and over each cheek spreading them apart, I could feel my pussy lips separate and my bum hole be slight stretched. My thoughts flashed back again to previous experience, touching, kissing and what he might do this time. I let out an audible moan then felt the longing for something to fill my pussy or for my bum to be touched like it was before.

I felt Jim move and stand up in the bath. I wondered what he was doing and looked around.

“I need to wash you off now.” He said as he reached over the nearby sink and grabbed a glass.

He sat back down and filled the glass from the bath and poured it over my back washing the suds away. He then washed the soap from each cheek and finally poured a glass between my cheeks. The feel of the water running over my bum and pussy then dripping of my clit was electrifying and I clenched.

“I wondering if that happens every time I pour water down there?” Jim said.

“Maybe you should try again and see.” I said hoping he would pour the water again.

He poured the water again and my reaction was just the same. It felt so good to have the water caressing my bum, around and over my pussy.

“I wondering if anything else causes that reaction.”

“I wonder.” trying to keep the wanting out of my voice. Touch Me, Kiss Me, Lick Me my inner voice screamed in my head.

Jim ran his finger between my bum cheeks, gently grazing my bum hole and causing me to clench again.

“I see it does.” Jim said.

All I could manage was a indistinct noise of ascent as he ran his finger down again, this time slightly entering my pussy and flicking my clit. This caused me to clench twice, once as his finger ran over my bum hole and once as he finger left my clit.

Please touch me more I thought, Please, Please, Please.

“You look very clean,” Jim said. “Now turn around.”

I wasn’t sure what to do I wanted more, something, anything more, Pleeeease. Then Jim knelt up in the bath and used the glass to wash the water from his cock. I was completely distracted, he was very big and wet. Not just with water from the bath but I could see the glint of precome on the end of this cock.

“Mmm,” I said, “where do you want to put that?”

Jim said nothing but filled the glass again and poured it over my chest to clear of the remainder of the bubbles. He moved forward as I pressed my breasts together into a channel for his cock. I separated them slightly as he lowered his cock and then pushed together to grip it. He thrust forward, he was so hard and I could feel the lubrication of his precome between my tits aiding the movement. He thrust all the way forward pushing his balls against my breasts so his cock popped out from between them. Jim liked the feel of my breasts against his balls and so he held there for a while with his eyes closed savoring the feeling. His cock was right before me it looked magnificent I lowered my head and took the tip gently in my mouth. Jim groaned and withdraw his cock to put it back between my breasts. I could tell he was going to come so I pushed my tits tight around his cock as he thrust once, twice and on the third time I felt him shudder and the warm flow of come between my breasts. He thrust a few more times then pushed up hard again so his balls where cupped by my breasts again. As before his cock broke free and I couldn’t resist gently taking the tip in my mouth again and swirling my tongue around it cause it to throb slightly in my mouth and for Jim to let out a moan.

Jim stood up and I expected him to say, come to bed or something similar but in fact what he said was.

“We’d better get ready”

I was shocked as Jim is usually so attentive and I was still unbelievable horny.

We had a quick shower to get rid of the soap suds, the large amount of come between my breasts and the wetness between my legs that has begun to run down my thighs. Then donned the robes to go down to the “Induction”. The sex and then the bath had irradicated all fear and apprehension but now we where in the lift on the way down to the basement it returned in full force.

We exited the lift and went to a little desk with an “Induction” sign on it. A young lady appeared and looked at a list on her desk.

“First time here.” she said.

“Yes.” we replied nervously.

“You are the only new couple here this evening so we can start if that is alright with you.”

I wasn’t sure if being the only new couple was a good thing or not. I supposed that it would be less embarrassing on the induction but it would have been nice to not be the only newbies. “Yes that is alright.” I replied.

“It is quite quiet at the moment but more people usually turn up later.”

We entered a large room which had a raised section covered in sheets and pillows in one corner, the opposite two walls had deep seats recessed into the wall with a bar, presumably for holding on to, running around the top of the recess. There was a couple in the corner, in their robs, just chatting who looked over appraisingly as we entered.

“This is the main room”, the lady said, “there is a stage over there and seating around the side to watch or …” she trailed off not really sure what to say next. I was glad that she was a little embarrassed too.

“Then through here,” she continued, pointing at a doorway on the opposite side of the room “are the rooms.”

She walked over towards the doorway and we entered. On each side of the corridor were doors followed by windows to view into each room. There were faint noises coming from the first room on the right which where unmistakable of sex. The apprehension I had been feeling flicked like a switch to arousal, I could feel the horniness from the earlier bath return and my imagination flashed images of what they might be doing in there.

“This room as you can see,” the lady said pointing to the room on the left, “contains a sex cradle which you can lay in or be strapped into.”

“This room is currently occupied,” she said pointing to the room on the right just as a scream of “Yes harder” emanated from behind the glass. “The window in each room can be blacked out to stop people watching if you so desire.” she explained. “Also if the door is shut then you may not enter unless asked to do so.”

The lady moved down the corridor to the next set of rooms from which yelps where also emanating.

“On the right is a bondage room.” She said. There was not much need for this explanation as there was a lady, completely naked, tied to and bent over a table. The was a man with a whip gently whipping her arse checks causing the yelps. You can see her arse was pink from the whipping to match her pink pussy lips which where dripping presumably with excitement. Jim could barely take his eyes of the site and looked down nervously as things where starting to stir beneath the robe.

“On the left is a standard bedroom.” the lady continued, there where two large beds on either side currently unoccupied.

The next room on the left contained padded plastic walls with another standard bedroom on the right. I looked nervously at the padded room.

“This room is for people who like to get messy,” she said. I didn’t want to think what that meant. Then she continued “you know baby oil that sort of thing.”

“Then these doors here are for showers, toilets, etc. Then the rooms are repeated again down the hall.” She said pointing to another six doors with accompanying windows down the hall.

“Well that is it, enjoy your evening.” She said and walked off down the hall.

“What now?” I said, as the yelps from the previous room suddenly became a bit quieter.

“Want to take a look?” Jim said.

“Ok.” I said reaching down and squeezing his cock. It was as I thought, slightly hard again.

We returned to the window and saw the reason for the reduction in noise. The guy was now stood in front of the lady with his cock in her mouth. He would move his cock in then whip her arse and withdraw his cock again and whip again.

We watched the scene transfixed for a few minutes then the guy removed has cock and picked up a large vibrator. The lady moaned with expectation and then yelped as he whipped her arse again as punishment for making the noise. He pushed the vibrator between her pussy lips slipping it in easily, I wished it was my pussy being filled. The lady moaned again and was again whipped in response. He turned the vibrator on and her legs began to shake slightly as he moved back in front of her and inserted his cock in her mouth again.

Jim came around to stand behind me and slipped his hand into my robe to massage me breasts. I could feel his cock pressed against my bum and it was getting bigger by the second.

“Imagine that is your cock going into my mouth.” I said.

“I would rather it going into your pussy” Jim said as he undid the belt on my robe and slid his hand down to my pussy. “God your wet” he said as I spread my legs slightly.

“That,” I gasped as he touched my clit, “is the after effects of the bath, mmm.”

“I want to fuck you now.” Jim said

We moved quickly to the room opposite and shut the door. Jim had already dropped his robe and jumped onto the bed. I did the same and went to straddle him.

“Don’t you want to black out the window?” Jim said.

“No.” I said as I planted my pussy firmly on his cock.

“Oh, Mmm.” Jim whimpered.

I began to ride him slowly building my orgasm, it had been a while since the bath and I knew the pent up arousal would give me a great orgasm if I took my time.

Jim kissed me, massaged my breasts and sucked my nipples which I always love as I swapped from riding to squatting over him. I could feel his cock so deep inside me when I straddled him that I thought I was going to come but slowed myself down to keep my orgasm from peaking.

Then Jim grabbed me and pulled me close to stop me riding him and grabbed my arse to pull it into the air as he started to thrust into me vigorously. I released myself and began to ride him slowly again wondering why he had taken over as he loved to be ridden slow. I looked down at him and his eyes where looking past me at the window.

Then I saw the reason for Jim’s sudden thrusting as there was couple watching and he had wanted to give them a show. I felt a thrill of pleasure run through my body imagining the sight of my bare as and pussy being pounded by Jim’s cock. Any thought of embarrassment had disappeared so I squatted over Jim again and slowly raised and lowered myself so the watchers could see his cock going in and out of me slowly. I looked down and could see my juices covering Jim’s cock and balls as it exited my pussy with each movement. Then I thought they should really be able to see everything properly so I turned around and lent back exposing my cock filled pussy to the window. The women seemed to have gone and there was just the man standing there looking straight at my pussy. I felt a another rush of excitement as he starred and wanted to show of the pussy that he liked looking at so much. I pulled myself up and off Jim’s cock then took my fingers and ran them along either side of my pussy spreading my lips and rubbing my clit which increased the intensity of my growing orgasm. I had to lean forward again to gets Jim’s cock back into my pussy so I was in the Reverse Cow Girl. He started to massage my arse as I rode him and the guy in the window looked down and then stared into my eyes. I looked down to see that he was looking at and it was the women just above the line of the window obviously giving him a blow job.

This turned me on even more, the thought of him coming in her mouth as he imagined coming in my pussy. I lent back again riding faster now feeling my orgasm grow to the point of no return, I was staring at the guy as he stared at me riding Jim’s cock.

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