sex genie

Dear readers, my deepest thanks for sticking with it this long, I know this chapter has been a bit slow in the offing, now due to the sheer size of the chapter I thought it was best if I carve it up a little hence there are two parts to chapter 9, if all goes according to plan these should be uploaded around the same time. However both are still long and part 2 has no sex in it at all, so it may end up in the non-sexual stories section.

After this chapter there will be an epilogue however this is not the end of this series just the end of the first run.

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John was shocked by what he saw in front of him, his beautiful, perfect Rose had been utterly ravaged, there wasn’t a square millimetre of skin without jizz on it, she looked satisfied enough, but she was also looking like she needed some love, for the second morning in a row he had no sexual intentions right now, concern for Rose was all that filled his thoughts.

Rose answered him, “I need to take a shower….”, pointing her thumb over her shoulder at the shower cubicle, she didn’t really know how else to respond.

John walked up to her, they were both completely naked but there was no intent on anything of that sort, at least not now. He hugged her into his arms, feeling the dry stickiness of the caked on cum, he loved her and he just felt the need to hold her, even knowing deep down that as a djinn she was pretty robust sexually, from her appearance he couldn’t help but feel compelled to hold her in his arms, rubbing her back and cuddling her closely.

She cuddled him back, she hadn’t realized it until now but that was exactly what she needed, he loosened the hug and they held each other’s sides, their foreheads leaning against one another, sharing a series of pecks on the lips.

The kisses weren’t erotic, they were an affirmation of their love for each other and a reconnecting of two people who needed each other on a level un-knowable by the majority of other creatures in the universe.

The kisses became deeper at points, lips mashed together and tongues clashed but this was still part of the process of reaffirming a link that had never actually been broken, but both of them felt the need to remind the other of just how important their partner was to them.

Even though they’d been parted for a single night, less than seven hours in truth, considering the lateness of their going to bed due to the unexpected conversation with Sara, Rose felt on some level as if she had slipped from her master’s world, like she’d been carried a world away in that single night. The aggression of Sara, the pleasure, the incredible orgasmic sensations she’d enjoyed last night paled in comparison to what her master could give her, she was designed for him but by default that meant he was designed for her and she realized how their depth of love effected their sex, no matter how raunchy, kinky, rough, unreal their sex became, it was the sex of master and djinn, it was the sex of lovers and it was sex she could never experience with anyone other than John or Hazel.

John eventually broke the silence, “so do you want to tell me what happened?”

“I think we should include Hazel in this, she may be able to tell us something, she was the first of us to have sex with Sara and that experience may be related to what happened last night.”

“Can you wake her?”

Rose simply smiled, John assumed some sort of psychic message had been sent because a fairly well rested Hazel entered the bathroom a few moments later.

After Hazel went through a similar series of hugs, kisses and queries to the one John had just gone through with her, Rose said that she needed a shower, that they could talk but she wanted to get clean and she wanted to feel the water washing over her. As new beings to this world Rose and Hazel still loved the novelty of the feeling of water washing their troubles away, not that they were meant to have any troubles as sex genies but the past few days had thrown up some surprises.

The three of them climbed into the shower together and started to clean each other off, as they scrubbed each other down they enjoyed getting a little giggly, cleaning private areas, taking longer than necessary to work shower gel onto boobs, run cleansing hands over testicles or making sure a person’s butt cheeks were thoroughly cleaned.

But this was just fun-time, as they cleaned each other they got to talking and Rose started to describe the events of her night with Sara, giving details of the Sara doubles, the rough pounding, the cum bath.

“It wasn’t what I’d expected, which for a genie is a little unnerving” Rose stated, massaging strawberry shampoo into her hair, cooing at the smell.

“I thought you were able to read her feelings?” John inquired.

“Normally yes, but like I said last night she was cloudy, unclear, she seemed polite, kind, subdued, she seemed focussed on Harry, she certainly didn’t appear to have the energy for anything so angry.”

“What was she like when she was with you?” He turned, his eyes directing the question at Hazel who was scrubbing her arms.

“I’m not sure exactly what qualifies for normal in situations like this but nothing too out of the ordinary, slightly more domineering than I expected but nothing abusive, she definitely enjoyed having control though.”

“Is this her normal way of being? Sexually or otherwise?”

Hazel answered this, “from what we gathered when she first came to us she was a nice, loving, quiet individual, of course she’s experienced a lot but she’s had a djinn for 500 years, she wasn’t going to be a novice was she? But certainly what Rose is describing is a new thing for her recently, she may have tried it a few times over the centuries but she didn’t feel like the kind of person who enjoyed that level of carnal abuse on a regular basis.”

Rose sighed, feeling relieved as the dried cum sloughed off her body and drained away, “it felt like an attempt to completely sexually destroy me.”

“So would you call it rape?” John was suddenly twice as concerned as he had been at the start of the shower.

“In the strictest of senses it doesn’t classify as that,” Rose clarified, “I was consenting, I enjoyed it, she enjoyed it, it was certainly more about power than sex though, djinn can’t really be violated sexually, but to a human it would probably have felt like that. It felt like a grudge, like vengeance, in all likelihood it was a release of her frustration, her anger at having lost Harry.”

“It sounds like more aggression than she showed me in the bathroom,” Hazel interjected.

“Maybe as she started to release those feelings on you they became more intense and she just boiled over with Rose” John suggested.

“That’s plausible, certainly it would explain the escalation and the violence of the way she took me.”

“But then why wasn’t she like that with Hazel? Surely if she’d started with Hazel she would have just continued, she would have done to Hazel what she did to you.”

“That is a concern….” Rose started, but before she could get any further John interrupted with another question.

“And what about the control she had when she came into the dining room after the shower? She didn’t seem like she was boiling over then.”

Rose managed to get a full answer out this time, “she may have exerted some self-control, it may well be that she was working very hard to keep her anger in check between the bathroom and the bedroom.”

John had read enough books on human behaviour to know that didn’t sound terribly plausible.

“Someone in mourning, however they express it, usually struggles to contain it once they’ve taken the lid off, I somehow doubt she was aggressive with Hazel and then miraculously held it together for long enough to get Rose into the bedroom.”

“People in mourning aren’t always predictable and especially if they’re a former djinn mistress, we have no idea how she will act” Hazel explained.

Rose added “perhaps she felt the need to dominate someone, she’s lost power recently she may be grasping at whatever power she thinks she has.”

“That seems clear,” John said confidently, he completely understood that part from half way through Rose’s retelling of the night’s events, “but why would she not do that with Hazel, it still doesn’t make sense.”

Hazel answered, “well maybe it wasn’t about her power but also who she was dominating, although both of us can be anything you desire, I’m slightly more naturally submissive, from our understanding of how we fit your fantasies Rose is meant to be feistier, I’m supposed to be slightly more submissive, by dominating Rose, Sara was exerting power of someone who’s personality is less submissive, it makes her feel more powerful than fucking me.”

“Hmmm…” John was thinking, although the logic of everything he was hearing sounded decent there was still something, his gut was telling him that was not the whole story, over the years he’d learned to trust his gut, he was very good at the art of knowing something without knowing something, the little feeling that tells you a situation is wrong, or something doesn’t add up, like there’s a missing piece of the puzzle, you just can’t find it or the hole where it’s meant to be placed but you know looking at the bigger picture that the piece is still missing.

He left the matter alone for the moment, he wasn’t content with the answers he’d received and the genies seemed to pick up on this, but there was nothing more they could offer until Sara’s thoughts became clearer and they were able to garner more information, right now they had feelings, very general ideas of what was motivating Sara but all three occupants of the shower cubicle knew there was something as yet unknown going on with their guest.


The route from the hotel to Windsor was littered with police cars, every so often one of them had pulled him over for speeding but their questions hadn’t lasted long.

The demon was being very brazen in his killing, to pull over instantly would prevent the police from calling in extra cars and aerial support, so each time one got out of their car to talk to him he’d simply killed them by the side of the road, not publicly but when they asked him to take a seat in the back of the police car he’d sit there and simply cut their throat, after draining them of life and memories he’d leave them in the car for someone else to find, it would take a while, he’d offered so little resistance whenever they engaged him that they didn’t see the need to radio in the stop.

He continued on his way, powering towards the small town, the apparent place of residence of his main prey. He heard on the radio that a bloodbath had been reported at a hotel just off the M25, maybe when he was finished with his current hunt he would actually indulge himself in a bloodbath, surely he could find somewhere with a big enough bath and enough victims to drain them and fill it, he smiled at that thought.


Sara awoke in the middle of the bed, she was feeling bleary eyed and was definitely the worse for ware from last night’s exertions. She realized she couldn’t feel the giant cock between her legs and remembered she’d wished it away when she was going to sleep, looking beside her there was an empty spot where Rose had been.

It took her a few moments to wake up, then it hit her just how odd it was that Rose left her, hadn’t John told Rose to stay with her for the night, by anyone’s reckoning that should have meant until she woke.

It just struck Sara as a little odd, after 500 years she thought she knew what to expect from sex genies, at least in terms of every day interactions.


To John it felt strange, here he was taking a shower, he had two very hot women with him who would do anything he wanted and yet right now they weren’t having sex. He also felt that he should give Rose the chance to recover from the previous night.

As they finished off washing he made a decision, “I think we shouldn’t make anything too obvious to Sara, I know it seems a little dishonest but if she’s going through problems due to mourning or trying to find closure I don’t think we should put her under more pressure by making her suspicious.”

“That’s a very logical position,” Hazel stated, he enjoyed the way they always answered in a very technical way, his genies often answered his question in a full, understanding and specific way, a way of talking he’d found incredibly rare in the world of people and it was an excellent quality to find in Hazel and Rose, indeed yet another way in which they were perfectly suited to him, they would answer him properly as opposed to the half answers or avoidances deployed by both friends and girlfriends in his life up until now.

“So how do you wish to go about handling Sara?” Rose inquired, she could tell he was thinking something but he clearly wanted to communicate like this so she decided not to take the liberty of reading his mind.

“Is it OK if you two alternate nights with her?”

“That’s fine,” Hazel answered.

“I told Rose last night that I wanted no fantasy lands and I maintain that, while she’s going through whatever she’s going through I want to keep things in the real world, even if she warps it slightly, you can provide sexual wishes for her up to a point but I’d like you both to consider your own comfort first, I love you and I feel I should protect you from someone who wants to hurt you sexually, so anything that you think you wouldn’t be comfortable doing, I’d like for you to refuse to do it.”

Both genies simply nodded, they were by now out of the shower and towelling each other off, Rose and Hazel were beaming with love and affection at the level of genuine care and devotion their master had towards them, and the slightest hint of amusement that HE was protecting THEM, they were his genies it was meant to be the other way around.

“May I ask why you’re not planning to have any sex with her?” Rose politely put in, she’d clearly skimmed John’s mind for some of his feelings and had worked out that he had no current sexual designs on Sara.

“Well firstly… I have you two, and I’m enjoying exploring both of you…” they smiled sweetly at him, “…secondly I want to retain some control in this situation, it just feels like if I were to fuck her it would be a bit like letting her complete the set, I just get the feeling it would be bad if she were to have all three of us, almost as if she’s trying to have all of us but I get the feeling it’d be bad.”

“Well that’s the thing, you may not have a choice, she’s been having sex with her djinn and using his powers for 500 years, her primary method of communicating feelings, desires and thoughts is sexual, she thinks almost exclusively in sexual terms now,” Hazel informed him, “and I can read your thoughts and don’t worry, that’s just an example of someone who’s let having a djinn take over her life, it can happen but with a master as benevolent as you and as wise as you this is a lot less likely, she just didn’t know how to handle what she had.”

Rose interjected, “would you like us to tell you each morning about what Sara wants to do when one of us is sleeping in the same room?”

“It seems like an invasion of privacy and I don’t want to make my house a police state, for the moment just give me general feelings, I don’t want to know specifics but to know which way the wind’s blowing would be handy right now,” he thought for a moment, “does this come under your powers at all?”

“Actually it doesn’t require any powers,” Hazel explained, by now they’d basically dried off and were simply stood in towels in the bathroom having the conversation, “since we’re not reading her mind we require no permission and as our master you are absolutely entitled to know anything that’s happened to us, as it stands one of us reporting back on what happened with Sara during a night is simply a genie chatting to her master, it requires no powers.”

“Also,” Rose added, “knowledge of what’s going on with Sara is very relevant to what’s happening with the demon, it’s effects on people and djinn, and if she is becoming unstable that in itself could become a threat and we would therefore be doing our duty by reporting anything problematic or worrying that went on.”

“Great, glad we’ve got that sorted, so you enjoyed last night?” He asked Rose, intrigued by what Sara had apparently done.

“It was fun, I mean it was rough, when we formed it was clear that on occasion you like to be very rough and that went into our creation so we’re designed to enjoy that sort of thing, although I would have enjoyed it more had it been your cock,” she said eyeing his crotch with a glimmer of unspoken desire in her look.

“Indeed,” he responded, “and why exactly would that be?” the playfulness in his tone combined with some tiny signifier of his growing arousal.

The genies hadn’t yet wrapped themselves in a towel in the way women normally did, he’d expected them to wrap it around their chest but they always seemed to tie it at the waist and leave their entire upper body on show. Not that he was complaining, it gave him a magnificent view of four heavenly breasts, each huge and glorious to touch, as well as their sexy midriffs, Hazel’s with it’s toned and flexible look, Rose’s with sightly more meat on it but just enough that it looked right with her slightly larger tits. This view also gave their hair space to tumble across their shoulders and frame their perfect features ever so brilliantly. The problem he had with this was that he had a hard time getting anything done, why would he even want to leave this bathroom when he could just stare at these huge boobs all day?

For example now, just as he was talking to Rose he reached over and grabbed the knot that she’d tied where to hold the towel up, using that he pulled her into him and as she came in closer he moved his hands to cup her breasts, hefting them slightly, lightly rubbing his thumbs across the erect nipples, (apparently they were never not erect).

Rose gasped, inhaling sharply, her arousal suddenly spiking at the gentle, subtle, but expert touch of her master’s hands. Rose’s hand slipped under John’s towel and gripped the base of his cock, it was very hard right now, despite having the capacity to control his erections John still got hard naturally when in proximity to these luscious beings.

Rose responded to his question, a little breathy and definitely getting turned on, “because you’re our master, one of the few wishes you can’t make is that we find someone else’s cock more pleasurable, whatever anyone else does to us, you can do the same thing and we’ll find it a bigger turn-on simply because of the djinn-master bond, we’re attached to you through love, sex and pleasure and that’s a bond that can’t be broken while both genie and master are alive.”

As his hands began to kneed more firmly and Rose’s began to move on his cock the phone downstairs started to ring, John sighed, he could have just wished it away had he wanted to but he knew he had to keep in touch with the outside world.

“We’ll finish this later,” he said still fondling Rose’s boobs and struggling to work out exactly why he was going to answer the phone when he had such a magnificent bosom in his hands, “why don’t you two get dressed and we can have some breakfast.”

They both looked at him disappointedly, especially Rose considering it was her ultra-sensitive tits he was currently fondling, but both acquiesced without protest because they knew he had to keep up his contact with the outside world lest there be anyone compelled to come looking for him should he not maintain his normal routine of work, contacts and commitments.

He left the room to go and answer the phone, still wrapped in just a towel, Hazel and Rose went to their room and got dressed. Upon answering the phone it was his contact at the publishers, Jane, they’d met only a couple of times, she was a lovely girl, cheery and smiling, very professional and knew how to hold her own, she’d had several pictures on her desk including one with her on a horse, she was supple bodied and there had been some brief mention of having been a gymnast in the not too distant past, she was 22 with a dirty-blonde hair colour, nice tits a small d-cup if his guess was accurate and he imagined her to be extremely flexible, moreover he also expected that she’d have good thighs, it seemed to be a feature on horse riders.

From the way she’d been the few times they’d met he got the feeling she’d taken a shine to him although truth-be-told, it probably wasn’t much, but she’d called him sweet and she apparently enjoyed his writing, for his part he’d be lying if he said he’d never fantasized about her but thus far they’d only ever met in a professional capacity.

At her young age she’d been extremely lucky to get the position she currently held at the company. What he’d been told is that she’d actually been the third to be offered the position, as it turned out the first person to get the job was related to the boss but after a week had been found to be atrocious at the job he’d been asked to do, the second had fucked her way in but again just because she could fuck for a position hadn’t made her any good when she got it, Jane had been offered the position and had proven herself through damn hard work and due diligence.

“Hi John it’s Jane,” she said as he picked up the phone, “just a call to ask on the progress of the next book, you mentioned you’d have at least half of it ready for tomorrow, can I assume you’re on course for that?”

This brought John back to reality, the genies were fun and a lot had happened in the past few days but he had been falling short in his writing and needed to get back on track to keep the rest of the world happy.

“Yeah,” he was lying, he wasn’t anywhere near where he wanted to be with the book, “I can have it ready for tomorrow.”

After general pleasantries had been exchanged and they’d chatted for a couple of minutes he hung up the phone and sighed a heavy sigh. Looking at himself he decided to get dressed firsts and headed upstairs.

As he entered the bedroom he found Rose and Hazel fully dressed and sitting at the end of the bed. Hazel in dark blue jeans and a Rhapsody t-shirt that had been torn to convert it to a tank-top, Rose was wearing a black and white striped button up top, it looked like some cross between a waistcoat and a boxing referee’s shirt, but with no sleeves and it was tight across the chest, pushing her tits together to create a very deep cleavage, she also wore black combats that disappeared into dark red high-heeled boots that matched her hair colour.

He moved to the cupboard to start getting dressed, it was annoying that he had to work because the way the women were dressed right now made them almost impossible to resist but he had to for the moment.

“You know as beautiful as you both look right now, I’m afraid I need to get some work done, it may take a couple of hours, are you two able to do anything in that time?”

Both genies looked a little disappointed, considering how much sex they’d had since they came to their master it seemed like a form of torture to have them all awake and available for sex and then not be having it. However they understood the need to maintain appearances to the outside world and thus needed to find something to do.

“Well we don’t really have anything to do,” Rose said, “we’re created for sex, our skills and interests are created around that, beyond that we have nothing really we can be doing in that time.”

John thought for a moment as he put on a t-shirt, he was determined to give them as much in the way of lives as possible and it was now that he was realizing the enormity of that task, he decided the first thing they should do that day was have breakfast, his hunger had caught up to him, then he also remembered the blonde sleeping in the room across from his.

“Right can one of you wake Sara, I’ll start making some breakfast but I may have to leave you and her to it so I can get some work done.”

Hazel went to wake Sara while Rose followed John downstairs. Hazel was surprised to find that Sara was awake, she wondered how long she’d been up but decided to keep that to herself, there was a look in Sara’s eyes that suggested she knew something but Hazel felt it best not to start digging until there was something more concrete for which she could dig.

“Hey, great you’re up,” Hazel said upon entering the room, “listen John’s got some work to do, he’s making us all breakfast and he wondered if you’d like to join us.”

Sara smiled, “certainly, but first I have a few wishes I’d like to make,” she said this sweetly and politely but Hazel detected the traces of something wicked under the pleasant veneer.

“Indeed, and what might they be?” Hazel asked, she needed no mind reading tricks to sense where this was going and added a little kinky intrigue to her voice.

“Can I have that huge cock back?”

Hazel flashed a devilish smile as a huge cock grew from Sara’s crotch, Sara said nothing but simply looked at Hazel and curled her finger in a come-hither manner.

As Hazel approached Sara grabbed the top of her head and pushed her to her knees, taking the ebony beauty a little by surprise as she shoved her new and huge cock deep into Hazel’s tight and receptive throat.

Hazel initially put her hands on the blonde bombshell’s thighs to brace herself but slowly relented as she felt Sara’s hips slowly and gently humping into her mouth again, she remembered this from the bathroom the previous evening, she was still waiting for her master’s cock to fuck her throat as she enjoyed it primarily because she knew he wanted her to enjoy him doing it.

But this was enough for now as Sara held a fistful of black hair and started seriously jamming her cock deep into Hazel’s face. The feeling of the bulbous head, oozing pre-cum and sliding into her gullet made Hazel’s cunt moisten.

Then Sara’s sultry Californian accent piped up again, “so we don’t keep the others waiting can you give me complete control over my orgasms?”

Hazel merely gave an “Mm-hmm, mmmmm” as she assented to Sara’s wishes and moaned her approval as the huge appendage extending from Sara’s crotch continued to slide back and forth, across her tongue and deep into her throat.

Sara smiled a satisfied smile as she felt her orgasm build and deliberately pushed herself closer to orgasm, she needed to get off, one of the things about having a sex-genie is that you become a bit of a sex addict, so she needed to get off but she didn’t want to keep things waiting downstairs too long so she urgently thrust her hips forwards and felt her cock head slip in and out of Hazel’s convulsing throat, trying to get herself off quicker, but she wanted to enjoy the sensations just a bit longer.

Hazel’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter, due to John’s love of throat fucking (which she’d yet to experience) both Rose and herself had nerve clusters in their mouths and throats that connected directly with their pleasure centres, they got off on blow-jobs and throat fucking.

But she was very disappointed when she felt Sara’s meat swell and tasted the huge wads of cum that blasted her throat and filled her stomach, she’d been brought very close, she gulped and gulped and slurped and greedily drank down the cum but Sara’s orgasm wasn’t going to last long enough for Hazel to get off.

Sara pulled her cock out of Hazel’s mouth and moved to start getting dressed as Hazel knelt there for a few moments, jizz dribbling from the corner of her mouth as she sat there feeling frustrated, she’d been brought close, very close, but she’d been denied her orgasm, she watched Sara very closely but didn’t air her concerns.


Downstairs John had got breakfast ready, he’d just put plenty of toast out and a selection of jams, marmalades, chocolate spread, along with a pot of tea and some fruit juices and he’d told Rose to take her pick and have what she wanted, and also to tell the other two that they could do the same, he’d wanted to stick around to chat with the three women and especially Sara but he had to put in some time on his work.

Rose had been slightly disappointed at not getting any sex from her master that morning but she understood his prior commitments, also the unfortunate side of his work was that it wasn’t straightforward, unlike a regular nine-to-five or even a working from home role that had a regularity to it, John was a writer and his work developed as it went along, she couldn’t put the entire story down on the screen for him because he didn’t know how the story was going to go, at least not the exactitudes of it. She’d understood his final comments though, he’d asked that she and Hazel keep Sara occupied, preferably with conversation to begin with and report back to him anything else they could pick up, any detail could give an insight into this demon’s way of hunting, why it’s doing what it’s doing and how they can avoid or combat it.

So Rose was sat at the breakfast bar when Hazel and Sara entered, they sat down and helped themselves and they managed to spend the next hour or so chatting, Sara’s mind was still hazy, both genies found this odd and communicated as much with each other psychically but gave nothing away to Sara as they chatted about Sara’s life.

Meanwhile for the next hour John worked away at his computer and managed to get his writing back to where it was meant to be, in truth he managed to get an extra page done so he was ahead of the halfway point and would be able to present something worthwhile to Jane, he also concluded that at some stage he’d have to get her to his house, also he felt like inviting Heather, she seemed interested in getting another crack at Rose and getting to know Hazel so that could be a fun combination.

Just as he was reclining in his office chair thinking of Hazel she walked into the room, she and Rose had occupied Sara for an hour but she had an itch only her master could scratch, it was down her throat and needed the application of a long hard meaty cock, buried to the hilt as she salivated all over it and slurped her tongue up and down the shaft.

To the left of his laptop was a clear section of desk, having only just moved in his desk actually only had a laptop and a few bits and pieces on it, she leaned over that and crawled across the desk on her hands and knees, without a word she reached for his belt and pulled him to his feet, he wasn’t objecting, and her hands started to undo his belt buckle.

He quickly got rid of his jeans and she turned over on the desk, her head dangling off the edge as she pulled his cock to her lips. Reaching around she pulled him by his buttocks, pushing his cock deeper in her throat, she then slid it out and simply requested, “please fuck my throat master.”

Again she’d timed the deployment of the word ‘master’ just right and he swiftly buried his dick in her face, his cock was longer and thicker than the one she’d given Sara and as he started sliding it in and out she knew he wouldn’t leave her high and dry the way Sara had.

“My pleasure,” he laughed.

“Mine too,” she answered with a mouthful of cock.

She quickly coughed up some spittle and he could hear the glugging sound of his head hitting her deep in the throat, but as he slowed she pulled him in harder and encouraged him to thrust harder, he was only too happy to oblige.

He liked it sloppy and Hazel was delivering beautifully, she was taking his cock deep into her throat and due to her expert muscles he was starting to doubt his capacity to keep from cumming, plus the earlier shower with both genies there and him not fucking either of them and having talked to Jane on the phone, this morning he was as frustrated as Hazel was at being throat fucked and not getting to cum.

Hazel’s hands weren’t doing much so she quickly shoved one into her jeans and started fingering her own cunt, she would’ve played with a nipple too but John’s hands were on her tits, holding onto the mountains of sensitive flesh as he pistoned his hips back and forth into her face, his fingers were far from idle, gently squeezing and twisting her nipples through her top.

Hazel’s orgasm was already halfway there, she was getting worked up in no time as John was giving her what Sara couldn’t, or possibly just wouldn’t, Hazel couldn’t work out if Sara had thought at all of her pleasure this morning. Right now that didn’t matter, Hazel was halfway to heaven with her pleasure centres being attacked in all the right places to make her arch her back off the desk as she felt her orgasm impending.

John was a little surprised at the speed with which Hazel had started cumming, but he wasn’t complaining the moans and shudders transferred to his shaft and made staving off his orgasm even more difficult.

She didn’t make much noise, just “Mmmmhhmmmmm, hhhmmmffffff, gggglllluurrr-hmmmmmm” as her eyes rolled back in her head and she soaked her fingers and jeans, juices spewing uncontrollably onto her hand and into the denim, John saw this but wasn’t concerned, he wasn’t going to let those jeans stay where they were for much longer anyway.

As she came down from her high he withdrew from her mouth and she breathed heavily, her chest heaving and her gulps of air ragged, she looked at him with eyes full of love, lust and gratitude, but he didn’t linger too long to enjoy the eye contact, telling and amazing though it was.

He spun her around on the desk, her head now away from him and he quickly had her jeans undone. He didn’t need to take them off he just pulled them down as far as her knees and pulled her legs up to rest against his shoulder, lining his cock up with her tight back door in the progress.

Realizing his intent she used her hands to hold her butt-cheeks apart as his tip nestled against her puckered sphincter.

She moaned and gasped and squealed all in the same breath as his huge rod penetrated her arse, spreading her wide, the feeling of being full almost too much for her to handle, almost pushing her over the edge once again.

Feeling the tightness around his penis he was aware of how little time he was going to last, but he didn’t feel too bad about it because she’d already cum, so he pulled back and thrust deep once more.

His thrusts started slowly, steadily, scraping along her inner walls, he quickly built up a decent pace and closed his eyes to enjoy what was happening even more, to focus on the way her arse muscles were squeezing his thick meat.

She had her eyes closed too and was busy moaning like a whore, she liked the word whore, she liked how it described her, and Rose for that matter, she enjoyed the feeling of being her master’s fuck toy, his slut, upon their formation Hazel and Rose had both seen one particular item in John’s memories, something that described the kind of woman he liked, he loved it if they could act like a lady and fuck like a whore, that was exactly what she was doing right now.

John pumped his cock in and out harder and faster, harder and faster, really pressing his hips into her arse to push himself deeper and pulling out until only the tip remained entrenched in her butt-hole, he then remembered she was a genie.

“Can you make my cock an inch longer and slightly thicker?” He asked.

She simply nodded and the next time he pulled out it was slower going, he felt thicker and she felt tighter as a result, he was also pulling out for longer, the pleasure here was unreal, he could feel his orgasm building fast as suddenly he had extra cock flesh to be stimulated.

For Hazel’s part she’d simply shuddered and arched her back as the thick cock grew within her and filled her even more, she needed his cock this huge, she loved his cock, she and Rose practically worshipped this cock now and the feeling of it sliding in and out of her tight, warm and welcoming back passage was something she couldn’t describe.

With her ebony back door stretched wide Hazel’s noises became even more exotic, moans of unreal ecstasy, gasps for air that made her heavenly chest push outwards and stretch her custom tank-top even more.

“Ahh, hhaaaa….oooooooooo, uuurrrrhhhhh” she shuddered.

“Uh, huh huh huh,” was all John could manage in response.

They both had their eyes closed as John’s thrusts pushed them both higher, Hazel started to work the muscles in her arse and squeeze and massage his large, invading member.

Hazel felt her second orgasm rising and it spiked so sharply and suddenly that it surprised her, her body convulsed before she knew what was happening, her pleasure centres were erupting with sensation and her pussy was exploding with juices before her brain had registered what was going on. Her arse clamped down, nearly crushing John’s huge cock and slowing his movements to a very gentle rocking motion, thrusting what he could in and out while her back door kept him locked deep inside.

Her body convulsing on his cock was bringing him very close to cumming and he knew within the next few minutes he’d be firing off yet again, but he held out just a little while longer, he wanted to cum down her throat, he wanted to jizz on her face and in her mouth so he kept going with the slight movements that her convulsions and tight arse would allow, pushing himself closer to orgasm but just holding off as long as possible.

Hazel’s back was still arched off the desk and her butt-cheeks were pressing into John’s hips, the luscious buttocks toned and gorgeous, pushing urgently against him. He tensed the muscles around his cock, desperately hanging onto his load with every intention of firing it down her throat, he was struggling to keep from coming as his cock expanded slightly inside her arse.

Just when he thought he couldn’t hang on any longer he felt her sphincter relent and his cock slid slowly from her back passage, her breathing was heavy and ragged and there was a wet patch on the desk where she’d exploded but he didn’t give her a chance to catch a breath, he simply moved around to her head and pushed his cock down her throat, just as she was opening her mouth to thank him for the butt-sex.

“Than..hhmmkkkkfffff, ulgh-ulgh-ulgh, Kkkkkllllll-ggggghmpk,” was the sound she made as his cock buried itself to the hilt in her face and erupted massively, huge wads of tasty jizz bursting from the end as his head tilted back and his back arched, plunging his cock deep and holding it there while his orgasm ripped through his body and spewed wad after wad after wad into her gullet and waiting stomach, he pulled back slightly to unload some into her mouth, she mumbled a moan of approval as she tasted his jizz, hitting her tongue and inflaming her taste buds.

Hazel reached up, using one hand to massage his balls and the other to stroke whatever amount of cock wasn’t in her mouth, trying to milk every last drop as she lovingly drank his cum. Eventually it got too much for her and she could feel her throat and mouth filling faster than she could swallow, and she knew her master liked to see a woman struggle to take his full load so she let some drizzle out of her mouth.

With her head hanging over the edge of the desk the large streams of his cum that were escaping were running across her cheeks and forehead and mixing into her hair, this image made him thrust a bit harder a few more times as she had slowly took on the cum-drenched slut look.

As his cum continued to fire off he realized just how sexually frustrated he’d become, it felt odd to think that because only a few hours earlier he’d been in bed lovingly and sensually embedding his cock in Hazel’s cunt but the early wake-up and the availability of sex without him having actually had any had combined to make him hornier than he thought he was, and apparently his cum-load had built up quite substantially in that time too.

For Hazel’s part she wasn’t complaining of frustration any more, she planned on telling John what had prompted this but for now she was content to accept his spunk, drinking as much as possible as well as spilling some of it down her face and into her hair. She realized she must be looking utterly dishevelled and felt like such a cum-bucket, but for John that’s exactly what she was willing to be, she loved him and absolutely could not imagine life being better without daily loads of his cum in as many of her holes as possible.

Her legs were dangling down the other side of the desk, still kept together by the jeans being round her knees, her other end was being pumped full of jizz as his orgasm finally subsided and the last few dribbles of cum drizzled from the end of his cock.

He finally breathed, his legs feeling weak from his stopping breathing, he hadn’t noticed, he’d just been entirely ensnared by the fantastic and amazing feeling of pumping a pint of cum into Hazel’s tight and manipulating mouth and throat.

He looked down at Hazel as she blinked back at him, it was a slow, loving blink of her big green eyes, her face was covered in spunk, her hair was a mess with large patches of cum creating clumps of black, entangled locks, her breathing was heavy and a little ragged, but to his eyes, she had never looked happier.


Zarakynal had made it to Windsor around 5am, he now just had to track these djinn and their master, he was out of his car and moving around the streets carefully, he would have to kill again to get local knowledge and at this time of day it appeared there was no way he could legitimately gain entry to anywhere that had any people. He would have to start the old fashioned way, walk around the streets and get to know the town himself, maybe he would get lucky and catch someone or possibly pick up the trail of his prey by accident as he had in Paris.

These djinn were harder to track, happy djinn did not give off much of a trail, the last djinn he’d taken, the creature that gave off pathetic resistance at the airport, had not been entirely happy for a while, apparently his mistress wasn’t the kindest of djinn-masters.


Arnvir had suggested they move closer to the town, it was a little risky but they could find places closer in that they could remain relatively unknown and be better positioned to react when the time came.

Also they could feel the evil closing in, they could feel it closer than ever before and that suggested that the creature was within a very short distance of their current position.

The more powerful it became the harder it was to track and the more vague their sense of it’s position would become, but when it was as close as this they could all feel just how horrendously oppressive and evil it was, the intensity of those feelings at the moment was a clue in itself.


Rose had a few concerns to share with John but wasn’t too sure about how to do so without drawing too much attention from Sara.

The problem had occurred when Hazel had left the room to “check on John” as she’d put it, of course Rose knew exactly what that meant but within a few moments of Hazel’s exit Sara made a similar move on Rose as she had on Hazel earlier this morning and left Rose similarly frustrated.

A pattern was developing and Rose needed to confer with Hazel and John, Sara’s actions were increasingly a cause for concern.

“Sara just did to me what she did to Hazel this morning, just thought you should know,” she sent the telepathic message, “Hazel will explain what happened this morning but it’s indicative of a pattern.”

Hazel and John were just recovering their breath after their fuck-session when they got this information, John quickly took a mental image of Hazel’s face and hair drenched in jizz and then wished for them both to be clean and tidy again.

“So what did Rose mean about this morning? And what did she mean about a pattern developing?”

As John sat back in the office chair behind his desk, Hazel leaned against the desk and retold the entire story of this morning plus what had happened to Rose in the kitchen just now and further explained how this was starting to look like some sort of pattern.

“So it would seem Sara’s very much intent upon selfishness and she’s increasingly focussing on her own pleasure, that’s not automatically a problem, djinn could expect something like that in any master or mistress but obviously you try to satisfy us and you focus on our pleasure as well as your own, to us it seems like Sara is just using us for pleasure and it would seem likely that’s all she used Harry for, you love us, we know that, we feel very privileged to have a master who not only enjoys using us for sex but loves us and cares about our feelings and wants us to enjoy the sex us much as he does.”

This made John smile, Hazel liked that smile, it was warm and loving and indicated John’s slight embarrassment at being complimented in such a way, it was why she and Rose not only felt duty bound to obey him but felt a love for him that went deeper still than the djinn-master bond. How a person treats their djinn has nothing to do with the djinn but the kind of person they were prior to ever having the djinn or even the vessel in their life, John had been humble, loving, kind, loyal, intelligent, benevolent and deep and all those qualities transferred to his role as her and Rose’s master. On the other hand from what they could gather, Sara had had an undeserved sense of entitlement, she was manipulative and vindictive, she commonly blamed everyone but herself for her mistakes, and this was coming out now, expressed in a very sexual way as would be expected after 500 years with a djinn and now she was using Rose and Hazel in a similar way.

“So would any of this contribute to why you can’t read her mind properly?”

“It’s certainly a possibility,” Hazel mused, “although why her personality would give her this hazing that Rose and I find whenever we try to probe her is something that we’re not too sure about.”


Indeed there weren’t many who would know about such things, the djinn that were trying to reach them to protect them from the demon knew what this meant.

The great djinn were trying desperately to contact the twin djinn and their master but something was preventing their contact, something else, close to the demon, but far away, something more powerful and less obvious, but to their great concern they could not establish what.

It was lucky then they had other means, agents as it were on Earth, the watchers.

The watchers were humans, offered immortality but given strict instructions, they were not to engage with major human events and their singular duty was to collect knowledge, to watch and learn, to keep artefacts, libraries, repositories of knowledge and anything that represented aspects of humans past from ancient cave paintings to modern 3D art, from broaches worn by Pharaohs to antiques of a more recent eras.

Through one of these they would try to convey their concerns, their warnings and all they could to this human and his two djinn who were responsible for the creation of a new djinn.


People had often asked Heather why she had two phones, she always said it was one personal and one professional. Of course she never mentioned just what the personal involved, she was open about her lesbianism but none of her colleagues, either when she’d been working on her PhD or at the antiques dealer where she worked or at the auction house which frequently sold items that her firm handled, had ever seen a permanent woman on the scene and she never mentioned anyone. Of course she couldn’t tell them the truth, for starters no-one would believe her if she said the second was actually a clandestine way for her to be contacted by a race of super-powerful beings.

She headed out of her office now and made her way with absolute purpose towards the nearest tube station, hoping to get to these djinn and their master in time to warn them of exactly what was going on.

She’d been provided with all the information and she knew there was a chance she’d arrive too late but there was one thing working in her favour, this demon was hunting recklessly, he was fumbling and bumbling around hoping to pick up the scent of that which he sought, she knew exactly where to go, she could go there directly without having to stop for directions, information, the very thing that had been her entire purpose in this long life was the key to saving lives here and defeating evil.


John decided to start of being diplomatic, he had a back-up plan if that didn’t work but he’d always tried to be a reasonable guy so his first recourse was to use words and have a plain and simple discussion.

He walked into the kitchen just as Rose was walking out, she looked like something had just gone on between her and Sara but no where near as bad as she looked this morning, although they’d had nowhere near as much time so that was to be expected. It wasn’t obvious, just a look in the eyes, clearly Sara had wished for a clean up.

Very clearly, he thought as his eyes settled on the very well kept blonde sitting at the breakfast bar, he eyed her suspiciously as he approached, he had no idea why, his physical stature and the power of Hazel and Rose meant there was nothing she could do to him that he couldn’t withstand.

He sat down next to her and looked her in the eyes as he started talking.

“Hi, I’ve been hearing things, hearing about the things that you’ve been doing to my two favourite ladies, just wondering if you’ve got an explanation?”

He let that question linger, watching her eyes as her mind was clearly putting an answer in order, it gave him the sense that whatever she said next would be a very well worded version of the truth, the intention apparently to avoid being caught out in a lie while misleading him or diverting his attentions.

Her eyes flitted between him and the counter top and for a full 30 seconds they sat in silence, it told John everything he needed to know about the answer she was about to give, it told him not to trust her, that she had reasons for being the way she was, motives for her actions, and also needs that no matter how hard she’d tried with Rose and Hazel just couldn’t be met.

“When you took me in and told them to stay with me I just assumed that meant I could make my own wishes and do what I wanted with them.”

John gave a slightly half-cocked smile, “that’s true but it doesn’t explain why you felt the need to be so rough with them, and so selfish this morning.”

“Well for the rough side of things it wouldn’t surprise me that they both enjoyed every second of that, I mean Rose last night was moaning like a whore when I was fucking her, she was more than happy to take what I gave her.”

“Indeed, I’m sure she did but again you’ve avoided answering the question, I know you’ve just lost Harry and after the length of time you’ve been together I can imagine there’d be some desire to lash out at the world but had Rose been a real woman do you honestly think she’d have survived what you did? Do you think that just because you needed it and Rose enjoyed it that makes it right?”

“Why should I give a damn?” Sara exploded, sick of the questions and coming out with the honest truth of her personality, “Why do you care? They’re your slaves, they’re your puppets, you ask them to dance they dance, you ask them to jump they say ‘how high?’ Why not just use them for what they are, they can never be anything more than sex-slaves, that’s their place, that’s their role, and that is exactly how they should stay.”

John was taken aback by both the openness and the ugliness of the personality that it revealed, he was thinking, he was a desperately reasonable man and due to his vast interests was usually able to come up with a logical response, right now he was beginning to realize she was born in a time when the class system was very rigid and there was almost zero movement, but surely she must have seen the change in things, the way people had developed and society had developed. He couldn’t understand this way of being, it was entirely alien to him, he was a great champion of social movement and people being allowed to be what they’re capable of being rather than just being stuck in a single role.

More importantly at the moment though, she was saying these things about HIS djinn…. no, he thought, not just djinn, not just genies whose master he was, he loved them, his women and he was their man, he was trying to be as much theirs as they were his, he was giving them as much as he could as a reflection of his gratitude for what they’d given him.

“I just can’t understand that mindset, how can you be so ungrateful? How the hell can you sit there and after 500 years say that djinn are nothing more than slaves? They can be more, you and I both know that, they can be lovers, they can be everything you want how dare you talk like they’re beneath you, you’ve got 500 years because of one.”

“Ha, I wouldn’t expect you to understand, I loved Harry and it hits me deeply that he’s gone but neither I nor he ever forgot his place, he was there to please me, he never ever forgot that…” she was getting more agitated and gave him a cold look of despise when he interrupted her.

“Of course he didn’t forget,” John exclaimed heatedly, he was getting more and more passionate about this subject and by hook or by crook he was going to defend Rose and Hazel, and not just them, as he felt himself warming to his theme he realized he was arguing for djinn everywhere, “it’s in their nature, they’re never going to forget, it’s part of who they are but that’s not a reason to be treating them like they don’t matter.”

“They are there to be fucked and to fuck other people, they cum on command, they have no free will of their own…”

“That’s because stuck up, selfish bitches like you don’t even try to give them what they’re due, they’re companions for life, as soon as Rose and Hazel came out of that vessel as far as I’m concerned they became people and by that they should have the same rights and privileges as other members of society and as much choice in their lives as is possible.”

John wasn’t just being defensive now, he was positively irate, he was saying this with a level of calm but he was struggling to keep his cool.

For Sara’s part she was annoyed but strangely horny, this was the first time in 500 years a guy had stood up to her, or anyone had stood up to her for that matter and the display of mental power on the part of John coupled with his physical appearance made him seem like an extraordinarily potent force.

“But…” she was planning to go on but was trying hard to find a response that wouldn’t incriminate her more, she looked at him with a glower, she was sure he was wrong but it was also a look of envy because he seemed to be capable of countering every argument she had, “…they can never be truly free, they’re always at your command, they’re at your beck and call 24/7, what’s the point in giving them lives when they can’t ever grow beyond being your personal sex slaves?”

“Because…” he said with a sigh and a smile, “…I love them, and by that reasoning I do all that I can, I will give them as much choice as I can, every major decision is made with all three of us present, each of them gets to give their own ideas and opinions.”

Sara was astounded, he was giving quite a caring and impressive argument, he managed to be revealing and sensitive while remaining solid, strong and resolute. He was unlike any man she’d come across when she was his age, back then a man wasn’t allowed to be open like John was being, they had to be stalwart and never give way to any perceived weaknesses. John took weaknesses and turned them into strengths, his position seemed apparently unassailable, any argument she made would be swatted away with absolute ease.

Sara was irritated, not so much with John any more though he was still the target of her irritation, she was irritated with herself for not being able to come up with a better argument despite being older than him by far, she was irritated that he was actually getting to her and she was actually considering his argument, but most of all she was irritated because the more he argued back the more turned on she got, he was proving to be both dominant and democratic at once, he was exerting power while remaining cool and calm, he was a kind of man she’d never come across, not even in 500 years and that showed her how little she still knew of the world despite that length of time, she wasn’t sure how to proceed.

“But ultimately even you can’t deny their nature, what they are, what they’re for,” she argued, “so why not just use them, use what they have, they’ll do the same for you whether you love them or not, whether you reward them or not.”

John felt the conversation starting to repeat itself, this got to him because he didn’t enjoy having to make the same point twice, “I believe I’ve already explained why, as far as my ideals are concerned it is the responsibility of all humans to try to be better than they are, to treat others as they would want to be treated in the same situation, were I a djinn, and they have explained this to me themselves, I would prefer a master who offered me equality, who made me their lover rather than just a slave.”

Sara had found the weak spot in his demeanour, he hid it well but having to go through things multiple times agitated him, she needed to see his power, to draw him to physical action, she had to work and manipulate him to get violent, in all probability, given the importance of the sexual component in both their lives his violence would be expressed sexually, she was wondering what it would be like to be taken by John, not gently but roughly, to be picked up and slammed into the wall while his cock penetrated her, it made her shudder just to imagine what he could be like if his sexual power were unleashed upon her.

She shifted ever so slightly in her seat as she felt herself getting slightly moist, it was a tiny shift, almost unnoticeable, but only almost, John clocked the movement, he knew now that there was something turning her on here, some part of this interaction that was having an arousing effect on her.

He was intrigued, he was still pissed off with her but he could tell she was getting turned on by the way he was arguing her down and he began to wonder where he could take this, what it might take to make her more than just someone he’d taken in and bring her into the group fully. He tested it out by making his cock rise slightly, so it was still soft enough to sit along his leg but thick and bloated to the necessary extent that a bulge showed through his jeans.

Sara spotted this and was wondering if he was naturally turned on by her or whether she’d been made and he knew what was going on inside her head. She decided to push on, if she could provoke him maybe she could avoid the rest of this debate and he wouldn’t make her think about what she was doing any more.

“The basic point is they’re beneath us, they’re our subordinates… and they should be kept in their place.”

This irritated John, he’d come from a working class background but through imagination, through writing and ideas he’d moved up the system, he’d improved on what he was and he was a great believer in social mobility, especially when it came to the class system, this rigid and old-world approach was so outdated that he couldn’t help but feel his choler rising, he was resisting the temptation to just take this bitch, to pick her up and fuck her to make his point.

However he was always a reasonable man and was used to making every effort to avoid extreme actions, so he tried once more.

“They will stand with you through thick and thin, they will stick by you even if you commit the most vile and terrible acts, they will be there for you no matter how desperately hopeless your life becomes. You can lose everything and still they’re with you, you can be naked, lost, cold, tired, hungry and poor all at once entirely through your own bad decisions and they will still think you are the most important person in the world, that is a form of love that every single person in the world wishes they could find and no matter what the reason for that love it is still love and for that I love them back, and it pains me, genuinely pains me, it makes me want to cry out in agony, it makes me want to weep to hear you talk about them in that way after half a millennium,” she could see his face contort as he said so, the slightest makings of tears at the corners of his eyes held his statement up as truth, he was genuinely passionate about this and he felt that any attack on his Hazel and Rose was a personal attack on him, he would defend them to his last breath.


Rose and Hazel were in the living room, they were round the corner but the doors were left wide open and they could hear everything, the entire exchange, it definitely had an effect on them and although they could sense his tears they both knew that he wanted to do this alone, but right now they were both waiting with an absolutely massive hug and kiss for him when he’d finished.

The irony of this situation wasn’t lost on either of them, they were meant to protect him, but here they were only a few days after he’d claimed them and he was defending them.


“They do all that because they’re made to do all that, they don’t do it out of choice, they’re always going to be slaves so you might as well just give up now because eventually in your misguided quest to make them more human you are going to disappoint them.”

“Do you honestly believe that? They know their limitations and they will inevitably tell me when I’m try to do things for them that can’t be done but that’s still no excuse for me not to do everything I CAN do for them, to give them their own clothes, let them choose foods and music and perfume, to introduce them to hobbies and give them the same sort of life any human can enjoy.”

John was getting annoyed with this conversation, he decided to just make things simple, he got up to leave and as he did so he tried to make his final comment, he tried to put his foot down, “look I’ve made my point, you know how I feel, just treat my ladies with a bit of respect from now on OK? I don’t want you taking out any more of your issues on them.”

As he was walking through the door to the dining room she said “they don’t really love you, it’s just a slave bond, they will never truly love you.”

He stopped, she’d crossed a line, he knew in his heart of hearts that despite the bond they did actually love him, it wasn’t just a sex genie thing it was a definite and deep loving commitment.

But he had to make his point a bit more emphatically than he could by simply stating it. He turned to look at her with a face of thunder, saying nothing he simply walked towards her, grabbing a handful of bleached blonde hair and pulled her through to the dining room, throwing her face first onto the middle to the dining room table.

She squealed and struggled a little but it was half-hearted, she’d been trying to provoke this reaction and his display of power and strength was turning her on even more, she felt her panties getting wet as she as thrown unceremoniously onto the table her large, tanned breasts mashing into the smooth, solid wood surface. Her nipples were poking through her top and grazed across the table-top as she landed, the sensation agonizing and invigorating at the same time.

It was interesting after all her talk of people staying in their place, the way in which he was putting her in hers was a massive turn-on for her.

He roughly grabbed the waistband of her trousers and pulled them down to her knees, her panties followed as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock, stroking it a few times as the tip oozed precum, he let it slide along the cleft her butt-cheeks a few times and listened to her shudder beneath his touch, he realized that she wasn’t protesting this and that all the noises she made indicated she actually enjoyed having someone in dominate her.

He lined the tip up as she gasped into the table top and kept her hands braced against the wood surface. He thrust deep into her, he got it all in first time, it just slipped straight in, no resistance, no extra lubrication or adjustment needed she was tight enough that he felt her settle around him like a glove for his cock but she was soaked and ready for him when he slid his big, hard cock home.

She gave the game away completely by gasping and shuddering into the wood, pushing herself back into him as much as possible and groaning as the sensations shot through her pussy.

She wasn’t given the chance to get used to his cock properly as he pulled out and slammed back into her, his thrusts were powerful, brutal even, slamming his hips into hers as his hands sought out her top and in one swift movement her bra-clad breasts were on show as the top became rags.

The display of power, the rough, dominant fucking and the way he was putting her in her place made her eyes flutter and her breath shudder, her breathing swiftly became ragged and heaving as he put a hand on her back to keep her pressed into the table, she was struggling to breath against the pressure being placed on her back.

John was enjoying this as well but he was also enjoying getting his anger out, grudge-fucking Sara, pummelling her cunt into submission, although she seemed to be very naturally submissive anyway so he didn’t have to work hard at that one. His cock grazing repeatedly along her innards was awesome and he felt the ripple of sensation spread from the skin of his penis to the rest of the general area and then spread out to the rest of his body.

Sara braced her hands against the table and pushed herself back to meet his thrusts as much as she possibly could, but for the most part she was happy to just stay there bent over the table and take the fucking.

John relinquished his hold on her back, instead he grabbed a fistful of hair again and pulled body up, continually pounding away, fucking his huge cock in and out of her hot wet cunt. Meanwhile he reached around with his spare hand and roughly pulled her bra-cups down, allowing her huge, tanned breasts to spring free and into his waiting grasp, he proceeded to viciously grab and twist a nipple forcing her to yelp in pain and shudder in pleasure all at once as the two sensations shot through her convulsing body together and triggered her orgasm.

He continued to fuck her relentlessly and maul her tits as her body shook and thrashed around between him and the table as much as it possibly could with his hand still gripping her hair, his plan had been to fuck her hard, cum and then leave her without an orgasm but apparently his assertion of power had had a greater effect on her than he’d anticipated.

But he wasn’t going to let that slow him down, he pulled out of her and flipped her over, not giving her the chance to recover her senses before his cock ploughed into her once again, this time he could bend down and take on of her nipples between his teeth as his fingers aggressively manipulated the other.

Sara wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to keep pulling him into her further but he wasn’t going to let her control this fuck session, he picked her up and slammed her back against the dining room wall using his body pressed into hers to keep her there while his hips continued to piston into her, he reached behind her and grabbed her hair once more yanking it sharply and eliciting a yelp of surprise and pain from the surrendering Sara.

Sara’s hands went to his t-shirt and within a few seconds it was off, she loved the feeling of his hard chest mashing into her large tits. Her fingers went to his belt and began to undo the buckle, she wanted him as naked as she was and he wasn’t arguing with that at all.

She continued to gasp as her head was held back against the wall by his hand gripping her hair, his teeth gripped her nipple almost painfully, his other hand twisted the other nipple to an agonizing extent but the pain fired through her like a rocket and exploded deep inside her cunt, triggering her second orgasm in minutes, she hadn’t expected that from a human, it had been a long time since anyone but Harry or some genie-created fantasy could elicit this level of pleasure from her so swiftly.

As Sara’s pussy clamped down for the second time John’s cock twitched and he felt his orgasm was close, he turned around and dropped her on her back on the table. He pulled out, turned her around so her head was dangling off the edge of the table and plugged her throat as his member started erupting, forcing his cum down her throat and holding her head there as he close his eyes and revelled in the feeling of ejecting huge quantities of cum into this busty blonde bitch.

Sara’s hands came up and started to push on his hips, she was gagging and choking on his cock and was failing to swallow the quantity of jizz he was unloading. After another minute, a full minute feeling equivalent to a lifetime for Sara in her current position, he relented and pulled out, his cock was still spraying cum and liberally doused her face, her chest, her hair, her neck, some of it flew over her breasts and landed on her stomach, after she’d swallowed the huge quantity that was left in her mouth and then taken a few huge gulps of air, he put his cock to her plump lips and slowly thrust into her mouth once more, this time his dick disappeared little by little, back down her throat to eject the final few drizzles deep in her gullet.

Holding it there for a while as his cock slowly softened he let her just lie there with his cock in her mouth, she wasn’t making any big movements, her chest looked heavenly as it took in huge gulps of air as her breathing returned to normal and her body started to recover from the brutal throat fucking it’d just endured.

But she looked at him differently now, there was certainly respect which hadn’t been present before, submission also, acknowledgement of his rule, his dominance, that he could do what he wanted, that he was utterly in charge. He found this odd, all it took was one very rough fuck from him and she was putty in his hands, did she feel more comfortable when she was the submissive? Was she not naturally born to dominate but to be dominated? He would have to ask the genies if they could offer any clarification.

That brought him back to reality a bit, he chuckled at how the thought that he had genies brought him back to reality, it felt like a strange irony to him.

“I imagine you’re both aware of what’s happened in here?”

“We are both very aware,” responded Rose, unbeknownst to John she’d not long removed her tongue from Hazel’s arse. When they became aware of the commotion they’d both moved to the living room door, the door to the living room was directly opposite the dining room door and by peaking one eye around the door frame they could both see everything that transpired. Hazel was stood with her hands grasping the doorpost and Rose had been stood behind her, shortly after they started watching Rose had seen Hazel’s hand creep into her jeans and decided to help out. Rose had knelt behind Hazel, peeled her jeans down her thighs and started tonguing and fingering both Hazel’s arse and pussy, Hazel had managed to stifle the gasps of pleasure and had muffled her climactic scream against the wall at the exact point John had shoved his cock down Sara’s throat.

John was aware of the “very”, “I’m tempted to ask what the “very” is about, can you store the footage for later and maybe I can watch exactly what happened?”

“Certainly,” Hazel chuckled, both genies made a mental video in their mind, a complete re-run of everything that had happened in the living room to be viewed at their masters pleasure.

“Can you clean me up so I can get dressed, don’t worry about Sara I’ve got more in store for her yet so she doesn’t need cleaning up just yet.”

“Done” said Rose with a hint of intrigue, John instantly felt fresh, the sweat he’d worked up fucking Sara was gone.

Sara for her part was still panting and slowly coming down from her cum-drowned high, she was looking at him with a mixture of lust, new-found respect and a level of fear because she suddenly realized he had the power in this house and in all likelihood could have her any time he wanted, she was still wondering if that was such a bad thing.

John had got dressed and walked towards the living room as Sara’s eyes followed him, she was busy scooping up cum with her finger and feeding it to herself.

Hazel and Rose came out into the hall to meet John and both threw their arms around him and cuddled him so tight he was surprised his ribs were still intact, as he looked at their faces Hazel pounced and kissed him hard, forcefully and lovingly, letting him know that she loved him so deeply, and also not matter what he did at that point he wasn’t going to stop her and (presumably) Rose from kissing him like that, his assumption was confirmed as Hazel broke the kiss and Rose followed suit.

“So what did you have in mind when you said you have more in store for Sara?” Hazel inquired.

“Tell you what, you two go upstairs and wait in her bedroom, I’ll let you know soon.”

Both genies smiled at him, mentally sharing their suspicions about what he had planned, then they moved towards the stairs. John turned around and walked back into the dining room and told Sara to get up, he then unceremoniously picked her up and carried her over his shoulder, she yelped and squealed in surprise and protested at being treated like a sack of potatoes.

John carried her upstairs and into her bedroom where Rose and Hazel were waiting, he dropped her onto her back on the middle of the bed and looked at the genies.

“She didn’t treat you with the respect I would wish she had, therefore she deserves a punishment, you have one hour, do to her anything you feel appropriate.”

Both genies smiled, “Where are you going?” Rose asked.

“Annoyingly life still requires me to do certain things, but this slut needs to be put in her place and I think a good fucking from the two of you will show her who’s who round here.”

He walked out of the room and smiled to himself as the door closed and he heard a slight squeal from Sara, he still had real-world concerns to engage with and he felt this was something he should leave in the care of the genies anyway, they deserved a little personal payback, he wasn’t normally a vengeful person but when someone hurt or abused those he loved he was willing to bend that rule.

He headed downstairs, he had a few phone calls to make, work to be done and he wanted time alone with his thoughts to think about Sara and the situation in which he found himself. He was in a house with two sex genies, something killed a djinn and that djinn used the last of it’s power to send Sara here…. that made him think, from what he’d gathered the djinn’s teleport power was random, it was far too coincidental that Sara would be transported to someone who happened to also have djinn, someone or something wanted Sara here, but why?


Heather was on her way to answer some of the questions John was having, but she also brought a warning and she just hoped she would be in time. She was sat at Paddington station waiting for her train, he travel across London had been smooth, that was a bit of luck, she considered how she would break this news and exactly what would happen after she’d delivered the message.


Zarakynal was getting somewhat frustrated, this method of wandering around hoping to bump into his prey or come across a scent wasn’t working, he had to try thinking smart.

He decided to head to the station, it was a commonly frequented place and a likely place to pick up the scent. These djinn were happier and younger, they were harder to track, this would make things harder but not to much.

He’d heard the footfall of horses several times, they were confident and wise hooves and he had a feeling they were probably hunting him, this was a complication he didn’t need until he regained his full strength so for now he’d avoided the issue, hiding wherever he could.


Arnvir awaited the return of her scouts, she’d sent Frieda and Gabrielle into the town to see if they could gather any more information. They’d been gifted certain abilities for this task including the limited capacity to appear different, if they moved about at leisurely pace they should look like normal riders out for the day. Arnvir had elected not to use this power earlier as their sheer speed would have undone any illusions, the point of the illusion was to prevent too much attention being drawn but a column of powerful horses thundering through several towns and cities would have rendered that illusion rather meaningless.


John had been moving about making phone calls and doing general house stuff for about 45 minutes, every so often the screams and squeals and moans from the bedroom would escape and he’d smile knowing that Sara was getting what she deserved. He’d just finished a phone call in his office and was on his way to check in on the girls and maybe get in on the action when there was a knock at the door, he opened it in a fairly relaxed manner which promptly evaporated into a more serious and curious expression when his eyes fell on the woman from the train, the one who’d fucked Rose in the train toilet.

“There’s been enough weird shit happen to me in the past week that I’m guessing your being here isn’t random.”

Heather simply smiled at that.

“Come in.”

“Thanks,” Heather smiled and stepped into the house, looking about herself as John closed the door, she couldn’t help noticing the noises coming from upstairs, “I hear your djinn are having fun, any reason you’re not with them?”

This should have caught John off guard but considering everything else that was going on he wasn’t shocked that a random stranger who had no way of knowing his address somehow knew he had djinn, indeed she used the word “are”, she knew that both the women she’d seen him with on the train were both djinn.

“So what are you and why are you here?” John asked, getting straight to the point, forgetting pleasantries and cutting straight to the heart of the matter.

“Hello to you too,” she sighed, but she understood his urgency, “I’m a watcher, we’re immortals who’s primary purpose is to keep records and stay out of the way of history, to watch, write and remember, to maintain a permanent record, something we were tasked with by the collective orders of genies including djinn when they first came into being.”

“OK,” he said, a little stunned as he let that information sink in, “drink?” he gestured to the kitchen.

“I’m not sure we have the time for that,” she responded, he didn’t like the sound of that.

“That’s a bit ominous.”

“Not as ominous as what else is out there looking for you.”

“Can’t a guy just get a couple of ultra sexy, super powerful sex genies without all this hastle?”

“Normally they manage,” she said with an exasperated smile, “you seem to have a special talent for doing things that aren’t meant to happen.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that you gave one of your djinn a universal orgasm, which was considered extremely difficult, to the point of near impossibility, and then drew the attention of a demon, the kind of attention that djinn are meant to protect against, shall I go on?” She finished her sentence with a voice of condescension and annoyance but underlined with an air of genuine care and duty.

“There’s more?” He gulped feeling very unsteady about all this but with everything that was going on he was more than willing to believe what he was being told.

“Well there’s the small fact that you were responsible for the release of aforementioned demon from a supposedly unbreakable prison designed and built by Norse Gods and the subsequent bloodbath.”

“Oh dear God no, tell me that’s not all because of me.”

“Well luckily I was saying that to get your head in the game I don’t actually believe it myself but it is one perspective.”

“What do you believe?”

“From what I understand of you and the situation, you’re a good person with good intentions who did something amazing for a being who’s meant to do the amazing things for you and you accidentally released a great amount of power, this power allowed the release of a brutish being that was locked away for good reason. However the demon still has a mind of it’s own and you can’t possibly be held responsible for it’s actions, not even by yourself, despite any recriminations and self-doubt you may have you know deep down that any sentient being, human or demon has the power and choice to be good or bad and it wasn’t your fault that this creature has done bad things.”

That didn’t really make him feel any better right now.

“So why are you coming here to tell me about this?”

“Because that creature is on it’s way, it’s hunting you and your djinn, if it kills all of you it will become very powerful, it gains power, life force and energy from the destruction of life, the happier the life the more powerful it becomes from destroying it, you and your djinn are happy beyond compare, the destruction of all three of you would make the demon far more powerful than any mortal being has the power to stop and indeed it’s power is beyond that even of some immortal beings.”

John didn’t know how to take that, what was he meant to do, what could he do against a being of such power, how was he meant to respond?

He needed to sit down so he gestured towards the living room, Heather walked in and sat on one end of the sofa, John sat at the other end, “so what can I do? What can we do? How do I combat this demon?”

“You probably can’t, he’s beyond the power of a human and even beyond the power of djinn.”

“But my djinn are meant to protect me so why can’t they create something to do that, can’t I just call in the SAS or something?”

“It’s not quite that simple, firstly you can’t call for human forces to protect you it would raise too many questions and frankly regular humans getting to know about the supernatural and paranormal (or at least that’s how they’d describe it) would be bad, humans have a history of lumping everything together, crusades and prejudices follow and everything will be hunted including forces for good like the watchers and the djinn. Secondly djinn are meant to protect you not wage wars, they’re capable of doing a lot to hide you but they’re supposed to do it by avoidance, the vast majority of forces in the universe that may be interested in harming you won’t be able to hunt you that well so djinn can just move location, change places and that will promptly shake any pursuers.”

“That seems like a bit of a flaw in their creation don’t you think?”

John couldn’t believe he’d just said that, up until now he’d thought of them as perfect, in truth they still were perfect as partners but it was just another example of their limits, he had to keep reminding himself that as powerful and amazing as djinn are they have limits, but he still loved them, and right now he didn’t care about their limitations, he just had to find another way to solve this problem, hopefully working with their power rather than being held back by their limitations.

“So what am I meant to do now? What can I do to get away or fight this demon? I mean if it’s already hunting how am I even meant to know which way to run without running directly into it?”

“Well firstly there are forces in play to fight the demon, you would not be expected to fight him yourself, secondly the demon has some locator powers, they’re vague until he reaches full strength at which point he can locate any living creature no matter how tiny and now matter where they hide, right now it’s probably that he’s in the area so to leave Windsor at the very least would be an advisable course of action.”

At this point he heard the bedroom door upstairs open, the ladies came downstairs and entered the room, they looked fresh, satisfied like they’d just been enjoying some hard fucking, (which they had) but also they looked cleaned up like they had before he left them in the room with Sara.

Rose smirked slightly at Heather and Hazel just nodded, it seemed they both knew what was going on, John suspected that was why they’d come downstairs.

“OK I’m skipping a few niceties here but I’m guessing you know who this is?”

“Well yeah she’s a watcher,” Hazel answered.

“Did you know on the train?”



“We know now because she’s let down her guard,” Rose explained.


“I can choose whether to be known or not, no-one I meet on a regular basis would be able to read me, most of the time I’m invisible but right now I’m letting my guard down to speed things along…” she paused, “and you’re actually an intelligent master which I’m glad about because you’re helping the process no end.”

“Well the majority of them just go for sex and cash and forget themselves entirely, somehow you’ve not done that yet.”

“Well give me some time, I’ve only had them a few days,” John looked at Rose and Hazel as they sat down on the chairs opposite the sofa, “and honestly I haven’t had as much sex with them as I’d like.”

The genies giggled at this and Heather simply smiled at this predictable comment.

“So does that make me better than other masters?”

“No you just seem to have a natural born talent for getting into abnormal scrapes even for a djinn master.”

John sighed, “Right so what am I meant to do right now? Just to recap I’ve got two djinn, a demon chasing me, that demon killed the djinn of the woman currently upstairs who then took here anger out on Rose and Hazel here and you’re here to warn me about something without yourself knowing exactly which way to run, is that about the long and the short of it?”

“Glad to see you’re keeping up but I can inform you of which way to go, there’s a group of warriors, sent t specifically to kill this demon, I think if we were to head in their direction you would stand a better chance of survival.”

“What do you want to do with Sara?” Rose piped up, thus far the genies had been silent in this conversation but they had that knowing glint in their eyes that said they were very aware of what was going on, probably more aware than had been said already as parts of what Heather was divulging were bringing their own knowledge on the subject to the forefront of their minds.


Right now Sara was lying on her back, not really moving very far and basking in the feeling of being well fucked, she’d had cocks and pussies shoved in her face, she’d swallowed both forms of juice, she’d been forced to lick both arses, she’d been double fucked, spit-roasted, tit-fucked, she’d had two cocks in her pussy at the same time. Here she was drenched in slowly drying cum, the same way she’d left Rose the night before, and she loved it. She’d found her place in the world, she was starting to admit to herself that she was a natural submissive, despite being mistress of a djinn for 500 years she felt she’d never quite got on with that role, indeed on numerous occasions she’d wished for situations that made her feel out of control, now she genuinely was and she felt truly comfortable for the first time in half a millennium.

But the bedroom door had been left open and she heard voices downstairs, she decided to clean herself up, then head down to join John, Rose and Hazel and see about talking to them about her new revelation, maybe they could help her.


“Well if she’s learned her lesson, then she can either go on her way or join us as she chooses,” John explained, “I wanted to punish her for the way she treated the two of you but I believe that once a punishment has been served the slate is clean, so I’m willing to give her a second chance if she’s willing to accept the status quo, so to speak.”

It warmed the hearts of both genies to hear their master talk in such a way, Heather also saw his benevolence shining through, she was impressed, a little flushed even from being in the presence of such a kind man.

“So where exactly are these warriors now?” John inquired bringing them all back on topic.

“They’re a short distance North of here, they’re maintaining a distance from this town and sticking to the countryside, trying to keep hidden in woods and farmland.”

“And they’re here because…?” John let that one trail off.

“If I understand the nature of the demon correctly it can see where we are, it has a certain level of psychic ability to locate djinn,” Hazel interjected, “so logically the warriors sent to protect us will be close to our location as that’s where the demon is headed.”

“And how is it that neither of you saw the demon coming?” He addressed Hazel and Rose.

“This is a very powerful being, it specialises in hunting djinn and their masters, it therefore maintains the ability to prevent itself being seen by djinn,” Rose explained, “…it’s sort of like evolution, if something is around long enough another creature will evolve to hunt it, djinn exist but by doing so they effect their entire environment in ways they can’t foresee.”

“So it’s sort of like chaos theory?” John asked suddenly finding a way in, he loved chaos theory, he loved confusingly complicated stuff and what was being described gave him an idea of the larger system of which he and Hazel and Rose and Heather were all a small part.

“In a sense” Heather confirmed, “djinn for the most part don’t have much of an impact on the world, however their capacity to maintain anonymity for both themselves and their masters means that they have a weak spot if someone knows for what to look.”

John worked it out quicker than the ladies were expecting, “chaos theory is based upon ripples and causality, so in a sense their way of hiding us from the world creates a blank spot, things SHOULD be effected that aren’t, almost like the water of a pond being too still, so this demon can hunt us by seeing where things should have been effected but weren’t.”

Heather was impressed and the genies both looked at him with renewed awe as well, for most of her life Heather had stuck to women, she enjoyed being a lesbian but she felt herself warming to John, it was unusual for her to feel an attraction to a guy but here was one who just got things, he wasn’t a time waster, he knew enough to work out things he didn’t know, she liked this.

“OK so I’ve got the demon, I’ve got the way it hunts, so should we just leave now? Do you know where we’re going?”

“Basically,” Heather confirmed “although if I simply take you out of the area entirely and leave those capable of combating the demon between us and it, things will be simpler.”

“Do we have time to grab a few bits and pieces?”

“Of course, so far it seems the demon is in the area but has made no significant movements since arriving so clearly it’s yet to find out your exact location, the longer we leave it the more likely it is that he’ll pick up the trail, I advise you don’t dawdle.”

John looked at Rose and Hazel, “I’ll go get Sara, I’ll get a few things together and then we’ll get going, is that OK?”

Both of them simply smiled at him, they got up, walked over and as he stood up the three of them cuddled, a warm, loving, supportive cuddle, he kissed both of them and then he moved towards the stairs.

It was as he was walking up the stairs he thought to himself how quickly events had moved, it was only two days ago he’d opened the vessel and now he was in danger from a demon, 3 days ago he was a very sceptical believer in God, verging on the agnostic, now he was faced with genies, demons and whatever else was out there, AND he still had to deliver novels and look like a normal human, somehow the phrase “what the fuck?” didn’t quite cut it.

As he reached the top of the stairs Sara was just coming out of the bathroom, she’d only had a quick shower, she needed to be clean but didn’t want to take liberties. After her punishment at the hands of John and then the extension of that punishment with by Rose and Hazel she had thought long and hard about what she was doing here, where she fitted in to their world, if they would allow her to be a part of it, she realized that she had to swallow her pride, although most of it was swallowed when she was getting her throat pumped full of cum. She had to be willing to completely submit to John initially and if he took her up on that she would then see what she could do, what, if any, were the limitations John would put on her.

John looked at her in wrapped in a bath towel, he gave a slight smirk, she looked satisfied, well fucked and from the look in her eyes he though he caught a hint of submission.

“Hi,” she started, not quite sure how to go on, where did she begin when talking to him?

“I’m guessing the punishment wasn’t all that hard to take,” he smiled as he put slight emphasis on the word “hard”.

She smiled back, showing some teeth, he was making jokes with her that had to be a good sign.

“Oh it was hard enough,” she tried picking up his theme of word play, but she was quick to lose it, she felt she needed to tell him how she felt.

“Look I need to talk to you about something,” she started.

“OK…” he wasn’t sure where this was going but he didn’t want to waste time with Heather’s warning still fresh in his mind, “…so talk as we go.”

“I was wondering…. well I’ve been thinking, erm…” she started as he turned and walked into his room, he started pulling a small backpack from the top of the wardrobe, she walked after him, still wrapped in a towel and trying to dry her hair at the same time.

“I was hoping you’d forgive me for the way I’ve acted since I’ve been here.”

“That punishment worked better than I expected.”

“Well actually the punishment got me thinking…”

“Yeah, thinking about what?” He interrupted, he had bigger fish to fry and he wasn’t willing to waste time beating about the bush.

“Well I kind of….” she wasn’t sure how comfortable she was saying what came next, “…realized that maybe I was wrong.”

“You mean I was right.”

“Well I’m not too sure on that one but I think I’ve been wrong for 500 years.”

That made him pause, “somehow it sounds like you’re apologizing for the way you’ve been for the 500 years before we met and less for the way you’ve acted for the 18 hours you’ve been in this house.

“Well the way I acted was the old me, the me that was convinced she was right purely because she’d been giving orders for half a millennium.”

“That’s still not an apology.”

“I’m informing you of a fairly significant revelation in my life I’m leaving the apology until the end.”

“Then get on with it, I would have started with an apology, explained in the middle, apologized again, explained some more and apologized at the end, by my reckoning I’m owed more than just the one apology, and when you’re done apologizing to me you can apologize to Rose and Hazel.”

“Actually I did that half an hour ago.”

“Is what Sara just said true?”

“As true as it can be when it’s mumbled into my cunt,” Hazel answered.

“Yeah that’s good enough me,” John replied.

Coming back to Sara, “continue with your revelation,” he said, with a tone of absent minded exasperation.

“Well I kind of found that I’m better as a submissive than as the one giving the orders.”

“OK and how does that effect me?”

“Well without Harry I don’t have anyone really, I need to find a place in this world and I was hoping I could stay with you and Hazel and Rose, if you’ll have me, I’m happy to basically be at your beck and call 24/7, I mean I don’t have a job or any real commitments so now I need somewhere to be and some reason to be there, I figured why not stay with you?”

“That could work,” John’s interest was suddenly engaged, he thought for a moment whether he was being greedy, he had a pair of super hot sex genies who could create and/or be anything he wanted to fuck, did he really need a bronze skinned busty blonde concubine? The answer to that was yes.

“Still not an apology,” he reminded her.

“OK, I’m sorry for the way I treated your genies, I shouldn’t have taken so many liberties.”

“OK, and I’m OK with you sticking around, I’ll go over a few ground rules when living with us, but I’m sure you’ll fit in eventually.”

“Really?” She sounded unsure, the last conversation they’d had he’d ended up grudge fucking her and then left her to be worked over sexually by Hazel and Rose. She’d thought his forgiving nature may have been forgotten then and there, she’d expected him to make her work a bit more for his forgiveness or possibly just decline her offer outright, he was an enigma to her, she wasn’t sure what to expect now and she was ready to throw herself at his feet for his forgiveness.

“Yeah, you seem sincere, I’m not in the habit of holding grudges, I’m sure I can use you and you don’t have anywhere to go, I was mad at you for the way you treated the women I love, but I’m not going to leave you out on your own for that.”

“Thank you,” she cried a little and threw her arms around him, he’d paused in his packing during the conversation and when she hugged him he hugged her back, her tits wrapped in the towel pressed against his chest, and the dampness of her skin from the shower pressed through his clothes, he could feel the combined warmth of her body and the hot water from the shower, it was comfortable and he felt all his ill feelings towards her melt away in that instant.

For her part she felt secure again, in truth it had been only a very short time since Harry had been taken but in that time she’d felt so vulnerable, she’d had ultimate safety against all that could harm her for 500 years and suddenly she was mortal again, now she was wrapped in the muscular arms of the man who’d taken her into his house, and now he’d forgiven her for her transgressions in that house. She felt secure, she felt like she was being welcomed into something new, some sort of family and she couldn’t thank him enough.

Of course she could feel a very good place to start was rising to attention against her, a bulge was forming in his jeans and pressing into her stomach. She moved one hand from behind his neck and slipped it down his body, moving beneath his waistline and grasping firmly in her hand, his hard, thick cock.

Disengaging entirely she dropped to her knees before him and unzipped him, pulling his cock from down the leg of his jeans and eyeing it up, holding it in both hands and lining up the tip of the thick, fat, long monster with her face.

John was about to protest, considering Heather’s warning about being quick he knew they didn’t have time for this, but he didn’t get very far.

“Look I’m not sure we really have ti-hiiiii-huhuhuhhuhuhhu-mmmmeee……” was all he got as Sara pursed her lips and slowly slipped the head and then what she could of the shaft between those luscious plump lips, swirling her tongue around the sensitive tip and covering every millimetre in saliva, then pulling back with painstaking sloth, her tongue dancing the same off-beat, unpredictable rhythm as before all the way along the smooth, pulsating flesh of his member.

She then pushed forwards again, similar movements only quicker, pushing the head all the way to the back of her throat, letting the muscles deep within her neck contract and relax around the bulbous tip, keeping her tongue swirling around the shaft as she held him there, lodged in her throat for a full 30 seconds, letting her skilled throat massage his head exquisitely.

Pulling back once more she closed her lips around the shaft as she dragged it from her mouth, strings of spittle hanging between her lips and the saliva-drenched end of his cock, wanking the length of it, using the saliva as lubrication, she lifted it up slightly. Continuing to stroke up and down she leaned in and wrapped her lips around his scrotum, sucking gently on first one testicle then the other, alternating between the two and curling her expert tongue around both of them, using the tip of her tongue to stroke the skin that connected the two balls.

John rested both hands lightly on the crown of her head, just lightly giving his approval, not really encouraging her but then she didn’t need any encouragement. He remembered how he’d wished for the capacity to control his erections, and he’d wished to cum lots but he hadn’t wished for sticking power and right now he was seriously struggling. It did cross his mind that maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing considering they weren’t meant to be dawdling but dear God she was good at this. He wouldn’t last much longer, he could tell that, but he wasn’t about to interrupt this with any distractions, not even that of asking a genie for more stamina.

John led the way up the stairs to the bathroom and as he got to the door he started stripping off his clothes, he turned around when he was naked to see the two women entering the bathroom both still topless.

He realized he may not come out of this shower feeling very clean if he was in there with both sex genies, but as Rose stripped off and stepped into the larger than average shower cubicle he wasn’t sure he cared, Hazel followed Rose into the cubicle and he just stood there for a moment reminding himself that this was real.

Stepping into the shower with two naked ladies who were already wet and glistening from the water was a new experience for him but he took it in his stride and after closing the door he pulled Hazel against him and started kissing her deeply, Rose dropped to her knees and started sucking his fast recovering cock.

Breaking the kiss for a moment he thought about a wish.

“Can you give me complete control over my erections so I can get it up whenever I want to and make me cum more as well.”

“Done” said Hazel, Rose’s mouth was too busy wrapped around his hard cock, bobbing up and down, sucking him like a champion and taking his head deep into her throat.

The shower cubicle was 4 foot by 4 foot with walls on two sides and perspex on the other two, on one side was the door, the other was next to the bath tub, he never took baths so he made a note for a later wish to adapt the shower to be more useful during sex but right now he didn’t want to break from this for anything else.

He turned Hazel around and pushed her into the perspex, her tits pressing into the clear material as he pulled his cock from Rose’s mouth, he pressed his full body into her from behind and started stroking his shaft up and down the crack of Hazel’s ass.

“Do you enjoy being butt-fucked, do like having your back door fucked hard by a huge cock?”

“Oh yes, please fuck me in the ass, my ass is yours to be taken.”

John liked that, lining his cock up with Hazel’s tight back door, he pressed the tip against the tight hole, the head pushing in until it slid past her sphincter and he thrust his full shaft deep into her bowels. He realized that technically she was probably an ass virgin but being a sex genie was probably capable both of taking this and enjoying it, plus if they’d both been created from his thoughts and desires then both would have been created to enjoy being butt-fucked.

Hazel braced her hands against the perspex shower wall and shuddered with pleasure, gasping as the large thick cock penetrated her rear end and plunged deep into her ass. She held herself firmly, pressing back into John’s body and closed her eyes in a mix of pleasure from being penetrated so deeply in such a tight hole and anticipation of the butt-fucking she was about to receive.

John pulled back and thrust once more into Hazel’s round beautiful backside. He pulled out so the tip was just inside and then thrust in once again, Hazel moaned and gasped, pushing herself back to meet his thrusts but she quickly gave up on that and gave herself over to the waves of pleasure sweeping through her from her ass, rippling out and invading everything else, she was in heaven with a cock in her ass.

His thrusts became easier and more frequent, the shower water lubricating things nicely, after a few minutes he was thrusting deep into her ass, pounding her back door, sliding his cock in and out, pressing her tits into the perspex and reaching around to toy with her clit.

Rose came in from the side and started kissing Hazel deeply, Hazel pushed off from the shower wall and Rose came between her and it, with John thrusting into her ass Hazel was pushed into Rose’s body, their huge wet tits mashing together and their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths as Hazel’s moans became more urgent as the butt-fucking continued.

Rose’s hand’s went instinctively to Hazel’s luscious tits and she squeezed them and twisted the nipples before Hazel’s head dipped and her mouth found Rose’s right nipple.

The redhead gasped at the sensation as Hazel’s tongue assaulted her sensitive nipple, her teeth clamping down on it, sending jolts of pain that turned her on more coursing through her body, her body was soaked from the shower and the cubicle was becoming steamy but her pussy was drenched from her own juices flowing freely and dripping down her leg to be washed away down the plug hole.

Speaking of plugs and holes John was holding onto Hazel tightly as his head tilted back and he closed his eyes, feeling her arse welcoming him back with every thrust and loving the tightness of it, knowing that she could be this tight forever, knowing that he could wish her to do things with her arse muscles that would send him mad, if he wasn’t already mad for these two gorgeous beings.

Hazel’s body was being assaulted with pleasurable sensations from all sides, John’s cock was plunging her arse, his finger was stroking her clit and Rose was in front of her twisting and torturing her nipples, squeezing and caressing her ultra-sensitive tits. This combined to give her an orgasm of epic proportions, she half screamed half moaned into Rose’s nipple and threw her head back as her body shook, her arse clamped around John’s cock and he reduced his movement, he could barely move at all as this luscious butt close around his cock like a warm, sensational vice and held him there while her body was racked with the effects of her orgasm.

Squealing, shouting, moaning, screaming Hazel’s mouth was giving off the most erotic noises as she held onto Rose to stop herself from falling over. The sensation of Hazel’s ass clamping so tight around his cock pushed John over the edge, he held her in place and pumped his now huge load deep into her ass, he groaned and kept cumming, pumping his cock as much as he could in her ass with her gripping him so tightly.

Hazel’s ass slowly relaxed and John pulled his cock slowly out of the warm hole, Hazel turned and slumped slowly back against the shower wall to recover.

John was stood there with his cock still hard, he looked at Hazel leaning against the shower wall and then looked back at Rose, moving suddenly he caught her off guard, moved into her held her by the arse and picked her up, kissing her deeply he lined his cock up with her pussy and thrust into her deeply, impaling her and pinning her to the perspex wall with his cock.

Her initial shock quickly dissipated as she settled into the kiss, tongues duelling as she enjoyed the feeling of his cock thrusting up into her cunt. Holding tight to his shoulders and closing her eyes, wrapping her legs around him and massaging his cock with her talented vagina, the thrusting started slowly and the kiss continued, this time it wasn’t just the carnal, lust fuelled sex of the previous few hours, this was more loving. The passion and deep love that John felt for these women and that they were starting to feel for him was pouring into this moment and the sex they were having now was made that much more intense due to that.

John started to slowly stroke in and out of Rose’s cunt, keeping her pinned against the shower cubicle wall and thrusting up into her. The thrusts gave Rose time to register every movement of his cock against her walls, it gave John the time to appreciate every little movement Rose would make with her muscles to increase the pleasure, between them they weren’t going to last long, although slower, this pace put more sensations through more of their parts and the electricity bouncing between the two of them was palpable.

John loved the feeling of her huge tits pressing into his chest and started thrusting a little faster. Rose opened her eyes and looked deep into his enraptured by the lust and love that filled them and knew that she and Hazel were under the control of a kind and loving man. She opened her mouth in a series of barely audible gasps as her pleasure moved higher and higher and John’s cock kept thrusting into her as far as it could possibly go, she could feel his need to hang on a little longer but also knew it was a battle he was losing, she worked her pussy muscles all the more to get her master off quicker.

Hazel, having realized John’s intentions started getting clean, having read his mind she knew that he wanted to get out and show them the world and also had a few naughty ideas for when they went out so she started soaping herself off, but it was difficult with her twin genie and her master fucking intensely in the same shower cubicle and she couldn’t help reaching between Jack’s legs and massaging his balls.

This pushed John onwards to his second orgasm since stepping into the shower, his cock expanded inside Rose’s tight pussy and she closed her eyes, gasping in ecstasy as she felt John’s orgasm approaching, this pushed her towards her own orgasm.

“Oh yes, oh fuck yes” John gasped as his cock exploded and he shot his load deep into Rose’s hot womb, thrusting into the curvy redheads hot, wet box and pinning her to the wall and loving the feeling of her huge melons pressing into his chest.

Rose loved the feeling of her master cumming into her, she felt awesome as a woman and it told her that as a genie she was satisfying her master, between the two it made her orgasm all the more intense and emotional. But it was a lot less noisy, instead she wrapped her arms around his head and nearly suffocated him with the power of the kiss she planted on his mouth, her whole body was shaking and her cunt tightened like nothing John had ever experienced around his cock, she made squeals, whimpers, moans and low guttural growls of lust as her master pumped his cock in and out of her and her whole body convulsed in response to the stimulation.

Their embrace seemed to go on forever and Hazel had stopped massaging John’s balls when the two of them climaxed, but eventually they started to return to earth, their combined orgasmic state slowly oozing away and they came back to the shower cubicle to find themselves staring into each other’s eyes. John slowly let Rose down but held onto her for a few moments after her feet touched the floor.

John let her go altogether and the three of them returned to showering, the two genies kept making excited noises about the soap and smell and the sensations of the water and the shampoo, John decided that the following day he was going to take them shopping, his plan was to take them into London and show them the vibrancy and bohemian feel of Camden along with a few of his favourite spots, try giving them the chance to explore the world and their personalities such as they were considering they’d only existed for a few hours.

John was always quick in the shower so he finished first and he stepped out of the cubicle and moved over to the basin to start a quick shave, smirking occasionally at the continuing “oooo” and “wow” and “hehehe” noises coming from the shower cubicle.

As he finished up his shave he dabbed some old spice aftershave on his newly smooth face and turned around as the shower cubicle opened and Hazel stepped out, Rose was taking a little longer as she’d been fucking John while Hazel was just starting to get cleaned.

As Hazel stepped out John turn around and put a towel around her, pulling the edges of the towel to pull Hazel into him and kiss her deeply and passionately, pulling her into a loving tight embrace and running his hands over her back and her ass, he squeezed and caressed her and just enjoyed the closeness to this woman as the kiss continued. Eventually they broke the kiss and stared into each other’s eyes for a few moments and he knew he had the same connection with her as he did with Rose.

He’d always thought you could only love one woman but now he had two and they were both perfect in their own ways, his heart belonged completely to both of them and even though he’d only been introduced to them today he now couldn’t imagine life with out them.

Hazel was inhaling deeply and he realized that she was smelling his aftershave and was getting a little turned on by this. He smirked to himself and moved away into his bedroom that still wasn’t organized.

Hazel was following him and drying herself off with the towel enjoying the new sensation of a soft towel against her beautiful chocolate coloured skin.

“So where are you taking us?”

“I thought I’d take you for a quick drive around Windsor, it’s a little late for sight seeing but I can still show you the landscape, there are some beautiful buildings, a castle and some beautiful hills.”

“Wow, I can’t wait” piped up Rose as she walked in the room with a towel around her waist.

With her tits on display like that there was a temptation to just stay here and fuck but he had a few ideas for some kinky stuff to do while they were out and he was looking forwards to showing them the world and fucking them in it. Not to mention playing out a few fantasies.

“After that I figured I’d take you both to the movies, I’m not sure what’s on but I’m sure there’s something decent and while we’re out I’m thinking I may have to fuck both of you again.”

He smiled and both girls giggled.

He asked the ladies to get dressed and he put on some new clothes. He wore his normal combats and black t-shirt combo.

Hazel this time had magicked on a pair of dark purple, knee high, high heeled leather boots, a burgundy velvet skirt, Motorhead t-shirt a size too small for her huge tits and a black leather jacket, along with fishnets and some slightly larger earrings that had emeralds in them that matched the colour of her eyes.

Rose was wearing a tight leather skirt that showed off her nice round, curvy butt, black riding boots, a Black Sabbath long sleeved t-shirt and a denim jacket with sleeves cut off over it. Her hair was falling around her face and her earrings looked a darker colour, like a mixture of punk and goth.

This image before him was stunning and beautiful but looking at the way they were dressed and the bands on their t-shirts he realized he needed to make a change of plans tonight. Instead of taking them for a drive around town he decided to make a b-line for a heavy metal club night that was happening nearby, if they were wearing the t-shirts and dressing like this it might be a good idea to introduce them to heavy metal, let them experience the music that normally inspired the image they were projecting.

“You mentioned a psychic link some time ago, can we set that up, I’ve made a quick change of plans and where we’re going we may not be able to hear each other if we’re talking normally.”


He had to blink for a moment, he’d heard both voices together, like when they first introduced themselves but this time with distinct elements of both their voices, Hazel’s sultry, sexy deeper tones and Rose’s cuter higher naughtier tones, it was an interesting blend. It took him another second to realize he’d heard them without their lips moving.

“Wait so the link is established just like that?”

He was thinking this and Hazel’s voice answered, “yes, it’s as simple as that.”

He realized that again her lips hadn’t moved, although both girls were smiling mischievously.

“I was expecting something a little more hands on, like a Vulcan mind-meld from Star Trek.”

He said this in his head to test the link.

“We can get hands on if you’re disappointed master” said Rose out loud in a naughty submissive voice as she walked towards him, swaying her hips and sliding her left hand over the obvious bulge in his trousers.

“Oh I know you can” he responded, thinking about reconsidering the evening and having another session of hot, sweaty, fantastic sex with these two beautiful sex genies.

His will was strong though and he decided that some of the ideas he had for getting kinky when they were out were a good enough reason to hold off for a bit longer.

“I suppose Star Trek is another thing you’ll need introducing to?”

“We know enough about it from your thoughts to create fantasies based around it but we haven’t actually seen it for ourselves” Rose said still with an arm around him but her stroking of his cock had stopped for the moment, although he knew one or both of them would be teasing him again before long. This relationship was going to be fun and amazing but he imagined with two eternally horny sex genies about the house he may also find it difficult to get work done from now on.

“Are you two always this insatiable?”

“We are djinn” they said smirking and he knew they were mocking him, apparently he was living with two cheeky djinn, but again that amazed him, he’d always liked it when a girl could be a little cheeky and quick witted at times and again they’d got it just right.

“Come on, let’s get going before I end up fucking you both right here” he said with a slight sigh but inside he was smiling to himself, he knew that had he wanted to he could have and they would have been fine with that.

As they headed out to the car and the girls went slower to take in the sights and sounds of the world outside John couldn’t help looking back and thinking just how lucky he was.

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