sex games

I’ve know Dan and Linda for almost fifteen years. Dan moved to my hometown right out of college going to work for a local textile firm when things were still profitable for that industry. Dan was in sales and his gorgeous wife Linda worked as a legal secretary for a fairly large legal firm. I had just married Karen, a girl I started dating in college, when I met the two.

Dan and I met through mutual friends attending a Falcons football game and really hit it off. It wasn’t long before the four of us were seeing quite a bit of each other. The women would plan weekends at a restaurant or a night out when we were not treated to dinners at each others homes.

We often vacationed with each other and Karen and Linda were perhaps closer than Dan and I. Both of our wives were striking blondes and were similar in build although Karen by far had the bigger chest (36D). Linda was 26 when we all met. She was a year younger than my wife Karen, who was three years my junior. I never considered my wife Karen shy, or the least bit introverted, but certainly Linda was the more social of the two.

One night we were all playing trivial pursuit when Linda seemed bored with the game. She spent more time flipping thru our CD collection and dancing to selected songs as she belted out responses to our trivia questions. I had quiet a few drinks when I went to the bathroom and walking back past our closet I pulled out a drinking game I had in college.

It was one of those drink and strip games that sometimes had simple commands like kissing either your partner or the person of the opposite sex playing with you. The commands even went so far as touching privates and kissing intimate parts.

Karen was not at all amused in me breaking out that game but Linda was intrigued and Dan seemed more than okay with the notion of perhaps seeing both women naked. Soon we were throwing dice, stripping, and getting the first looks at each other’s naked bodies.

The real ice breaker was when Linda landed on a spot which required us to kiss. I was blown away with how soft her lips were and soon we were all buck naked groping feels, kissing, and having the time of our lives.

Even though Karen seemed reluctant at first, she was more than excited with having Dan sucking one of her large tits and me on the other. Before the evening was over both women had given me head at the same time and Dan had Karen suck him while I ate her gorgeous pussy.

We played that game several times over the next few years and as a Christmas present, Dan and Linda gave us an even more risqué game, although the shame is we never got around to playing it as couples.

I always wanted to see Karen and Linda “lez” out but it never really happened. On a couple of occasions Linda kissed Karen but it always seemed to be Linda that instigated it and Karen who quickly broke it off. The girls knew how much Dan and I wanted to see a show but all we got was a few strip sessions and one evening where Linda bent down and licked Karen’s big breasts causing my wife to giggle and then cover up.

Several times when we traveled together on trips to the beach and mountains, we would room together. Quite frequently, once the lights went out, you could hear Linda and Dan in the other bed having passionate sex. The sounds were unmistakable and it turned me on so much but Karen seemed determined not to join in leaving me horny and frustrated.

It wasn’t that Karen didn’t enjoy sex. Actually our sex lives was the best thing in our relationship. But she seemed to be intimidated by Linda and the more we were together – the less she seemed to enjoy our sexual games. While I tried very much to persuade otherwise, that I really preferred sex with her, I think she became more and more jealous of her best friend.

We were very disappointed when Linda informed us both Dan had taken a new position with the company and they would be moving. While the move kept them in the state, the distance certainly impacted our close relationship. We still took a few vacations together but it was never really the same.

It was perhaps two years later that Karen and I split up. Things had been rough for a while. We seemed to argue at just about everything – money, having kids, and the disagreements seemed endless.

Karen never seemed to want to have sex anymore and it was almost like we were roommates with little in common by the time she said she wanted to call it quits. Even though I agreed, the finality of it all had me depressed and it was some time before I started dating again.

I went out with a few girls when I heard through mutual friends that Karen was engaged and was getting remarried. We had spoken very little since the divorce and most of what I knew came from Linda who still kept in touch with both of us.

I was excited when I got a call from Dan one night as he informed me he and Linda were moving back. The company he had worked for was downsizing and he took a nice severance package and had taken a position in the administration of a large southeastern department store chain. Linda was going back to work for the same firm she had worked for previously.

Things sort of picked up where they left off except I was now a single guy. Occasionally when invited to dinner, I would bring a date but I was just as comfortable going over to their place to watch a ballgame with Dan or just chill out watching a DVD after grilling out.

It was on one of these occasions that I had an experience that changed my life. Linda had made us a delicious Lasagna dinner that the three of us enjoyed over a couple of bottles of wine. We started out watching a movie that I had brought over from Blockbusters but it was a real dud and soon Linda had dismissed it and was changing CD’s on the stereo while Dan and I sat back watching her sashay around the room dancing with herself. She had slipped off her shoes and was twirling on her toes, painted a dark burgundy like her fingers.

Dan had made us all vodka drinks with cranberry as we watched Linda get more and more provocative in her dance moves. Soon we were encouraging her to take it off as she did a slow strip tease, running her hands up and down her sexy body, in a sultry, sexy manner that would be the envy of any stripper.

Linda turned and faced away from us as she removed her bra leaving her only in a pair of black thong panties. Her beautiful tanned ass swayed back and forth to the music and my eyes were glued to her gorgeous cheeks and pretty legs.

I could tell she was rubbing her tits but with her back to us we had still not taken in those lovely breasts that I recalled so fondly. It was Dan who yelled for her to “Show it baby,” and when she turned, she playfully hid her breasts beneath her hands.

Her eyes seemed locked on mine as she finally slid them away exposing those hard pink nipples that I had sucked on years earlier. She continued to move to the music, twisting, turning, and on occasion bending over with her shapely ass pointing to us as she placed her hands on her cheeks, almost daring us to drop our pants and take her on the spot.

It was Linda though that slid to her knees and crawled over to Dan and I on the couch, rubbing our hardons through our jeans and then one by one unsnapping our flies, and pulling out our stiff members. Not to be denied, she pulled off both of our jeans and then Dan’s socks and underwear. I wasn’t wearing either socks or underwear, normally going camo when it comes to jeans.

Soon Linda was stroking my cock as she sucked up and down on Dan’s pole. I watched as her soft luscious lips took in his member. While not completely deep throating him, she took in most of his cock, until her lips reached the pubic hairs which touched her nose.

After a few minutes, she turned her attention to my aching cock. One of the girls I had dated had encouraged me to shave my cock and balls and I had continued the practice which seemed to please Linda. She later had Dan do the same!!! But that was a few months later.

Linda’s lips were just as soft as I remembered and I enjoyed some of the best head I had received in years.

“You like that Mike? You miss my blowjobs?” she purred looking up at me. Linda has piercing brown eyes and they looked big and sultry as she stared up at me, swiping her soft tongue around the crown of my cock as she continued to stroke her husband’s hard shaft.

“Tell me baby… any of the girlfriends you been seeing suck your cock like I can?,” she teased.

I looked over at Dan who seemed to be getting off watching his lovely wife blow his buddy. His own cock straining as she jacked it with her fingers wrapped tightly around the shaft.

“No, you’re the best. You give better blowjobs than Karen did; I think that always upset her. Your lips are so fucking soft,” I moaned.

Linda smiled as she continued to lick my cock and balls, enjoying how smooth they were without any hair. She slurped all over my dick, her saliva trailing down forming a wet spot on the couch as she jacked my cock with her right hand and her husband’s with her left.

I reached down and pulled on her erect nipples which caused her to moan on my cock, driving it deeper into her warm mouth.

I was as turned on as I had ever been when I felt her take my right hand in hers and then directed it down on Dan’s hard member. I started to jerk my hand away when she pleaded, “No baby. Feel him Mike. It would turn me on so much. Please jack his cock for me.”

I was still tugging at my hand which she held firm but I didn’t pull as aggressively as I could. I sort of let my hand and arm go limp as she held my fist in hers as she softly rubbed Dan’s cock.

“That’s so fucking hot. Jack him Mike. Jerk his cock for me,” Linda directed.

She saw the look of concern in my eyes. The look that said, “I just can’t do this – I’m not gay.” I didn’t even say the words when she reminded me it was just us three.

“Don’t be afraid Mike. We’re all just friends enjoying each other. Just us… relax, trust me. We’re gonna’ have some fun. More fun than we’ve ever had,” Linda purred. “Remember when you wanted us to play with you? The first time you broke out one of your party games?” she inquired. “Now it’s my turn. Trust me Mike… just play along. This is going to be great.”

I looked over at Dan who just let his head drop back on the couch. He seemed to be fine with me stroking his cock and I began to relax as Linda guided my hand up and down the shaft slick with her saliva. I had never touched another man’s penis before and marveled how soft it seemed to be. While mine was a bit longer, his was no doubt thicker.

Soon my hand was moving freely up and down on its own, pumping the rigid member as I felt Linda’s hand relax and eventually pull away as she tilted her head, watching me jack her husband as she continued to work her soft pink lips up and down my stiff cock. “That’s it Michael, stroke him. That’s so fucking hot. That’s so sexy,” she moaned as she tongued my member.

After she felt me adjusting to the scene she was creating, she decided to up the game. “Mike, I want you to do something for me. I’ve always fantasized about it. It would turn me on so much,” she chanted as she stared up at me with her big pouty brown eyes.

I think I half knew where she was going when it rolled off her lips. “I want you to suck him baby. Suck my husband. I want to see you take his hard cock in your mouth,” Linda said as she teased my own dick with her hand and lips.

There was a part of me that was in disbelief she was even asking me to do something like that. I was completely straight and had never even thought about doing something with another guy. But another part of me was enjoying what she was doing. Linda was the sexiest woman I had ever been with. Regardless of the fact she was my buddy’s wife. I think I would have done anything she asked but at that moment in time I was simply frozen. I couldn’t comply but I also couldn’t pull away.

I think Linda sensed this too as she looked up at Dan and instructed him to help me. “He wants to baby, he’s just scared. Give it to him. Let him suck that hard cock of yours. I want to see it. I want to see you boys together.”

Dan didn’t even look at me. It was almost as if he too were in a trance as he knelt on the couch and his hard shaft swung back and forth just inches from my lips.

“Kiss it Mike. Kiss his cock; show me how sexy you can be. Do it for me,” Linda encouraged.

I’m not sure if I moved to Dan or he to me but in just a moment my lips came in contact with his erect cock. Even now I can recall how hot and soft it was against my lips that first time. It was wet with her saliva and with just a hint of precum at the tip. I remember the slightly salty taste as it touched my lips and slowly, little by little, my lips parted and I took his cock in my mouth.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot, that’s so fucking sexy,” Linda said as Dan put his hands on his hips and rocked back and forth. “Suck that cock Mike. Take his dick. Damn you don’t know how long I’ve thought about this. So many times I came thinking of you two sucking cock for me. Oooom that’s so good, lick it Mike, lick his dick, suck those balls too,” she demanded.

I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed it. I thought I would be disgusted at the thought but I had to admit I was enjoying it. Still afraid they might see how much. I tried to act tentative but I think Linda saw through it as she encouraged me to take him deeper and instructed me on how to suck cock.

“You like that cock don’t you Mike? Look at you. Sucking that dick like a pro. I know a few girls that would love to be able to suck a cock like that. You’re a natural,” she added. “Does that feel good baby?” she asked Dan. “You like having your best friend sucking your dick?”

“Yea,” Dan moaned as he guided his shaft between my wet lips. If I had shown any hesitation before, I abandoned it now as I worked his cock with my right hand as I licked the shaft and balls. My left hand trailed up and down his hairy leg. It was such a different feeling than the bare thighs of my former wife and girlfriends. Even so, I found myself enjoying the flesh driving past my lips, sliding along my tongue filling my mouth.

“Work that cock Mike. Suck it baby. You like that cock don’t you? You like sucking my husband’s cock. His hard cock in your sweet mouth. I think you like being his cock sucker. I think you like Dan fucking that virgin mouth of yours,” Linda purred as she jacked my own dick watching and directing us.

“Fuck, oh fuck,” Dan moaned as he worked the stiff prick between my greedy lips. He withdrew his cock and I bathed his balls with my wet tongue as he rubbed his prick across my face, wet with my own drool. I felt so dirty having him do something I had done so often myself. I loved the feeling of taking my cock out of a woman’s mouth as she allowed me to wipe it across her lips. Now here I was searching out his cock with my mouth. Wanting it back, seeking his cock out, to take it back in my mouth.

“Damn Mike that feels good,” Dan moaned as I sucked his member back between my lips. Hearing Linda call me a cock sucker had me worked up. I was. I was a cock sucker. I could have never pictured me doing what I was doing now but here I was and I loved it. I loved the feeling of his hard cock sliding between my lips. Feeling him push harder, faster. I knew what was coming and wanted it. Even as Linda now sat on the floor rubbing her pussy as she watched what was playing out before her. The scenes she had directed, what she had always wanted to see.

“I’m gonna’ cum,” Dan warned as he grabbed my head which worked his cock. “Fuck, I’m gonna’ cum,” he repeated as I made no effort to pull off the cock which pulsated in my mouth.

“That’s right Mike. Take his load. Cum in his mouth baby,” Linda directed her husband. I had my eyes closed but I could feel Linda’s gaze on me as Dan fucked my face.

At that point I wanted it. I wanted to taste my first load. I wanted my buddy to cum in my mouth as his hot wife looked on. As I rubbed Dan’s thighs, I felt his legs stiffen and then with a heave the first of his salty, thick semen filled my mouth. It startled me at first but I swallowed as fast as I could, letting the slick juice run down my throat.

Even as Dan slowed I continued to suck his cock which filled my mouth until ever so gently he removed it leaving a trail of saliva and sperm dribbling down my chin.

Linda sat up and kissed me on my lips. Her softy, pouty lips closed over mine as her tongue invaded my mouth, searching for any last trace of her husband’s sperm that we both shared.

As she pulled back, our eyes met and I knew how much I had pleased her. “That was so fucking erotic Michael. I can’t tell you how much you turned me on. She pulled me down on the floor on top of her as I continued to kiss her as Dan sat back on the couch watching us make out. Our tongues met as she kissed me long and hard.

Eventually my mouth found her heaving breasts as I sucked on her hard nipple, one then the other. Her nipples were so long as I sucked them, gently biting on the tip.

I moved down her belly, planting gentle kisses until I reached her satin thong. I pulled it down and then off as I gazed at her hairless pussy before diving between her thighs. She smelled sweet and heady as I licked between her folds which were already wet with her juices. I savored the pussy that I had tasted before, so long ago.

Linda wrapped her toned legs around my head as I worked my tongue as far as I could up her pussy, then taking long licks as I zeroed in on her clit.

“Baby, that was great but I want one more thing. You know what that is? You know what I want to see?” she queried.

I think I knew what she wanted but I wanted her to tell me, to ask me. “I want Dan to fuck you. I want to see Dan fucking that sweet ass of yours.”

“No, no fucking way,” I feigned. But part of me wanted it. Part of me wanted to have Dan fucking my ass. “Besides, there’s no way I could take his cock It’s too big.”

“That’s not really true is it Mike,” Linda countered. Karen told me ya’ll used to play around a little with anal. She told me how much you enjoyed her playing with your ass,” she smiled.

“She told you that?” I shot back a little surprised.

“She told me lots of things,” Linda answered. “I know a lot about what you like. I knew you’d like sucking cock and you did, didn’t you? You see, I think I know you better than you know yourself,” Linda retorted.

“Karen told me you both enjoyed her vibrators and I don’t think Dan’s cock is any bigger,” she stated.

I was still somewhat bewildered my ex-wife had confided things like that to her but I guess it shouldn’t have come as too big a surprise given Dan and I had often compared notes to each other about Karen and Linda.

“Come on baby. Do it for me. Do it and I’ll give you something you always wanted. I know how bad you always wanted to fuck me. You always wanted to fuck that pussy you’re licking. Haven’t you?” Linda teased.

She knew I had. That was perhaps the thing Karen knew too. What I tried to deny but both women knew. From the first time I had seen Linda naked years ago, I wanted to plant my cock in her tight little box. I had thought about it often. Now here she was offering it to me with the full acknowledgement and approval of her husband. The only catch – he’d get to fuck me in my ass.

“So do you want this pussy? You wanna’ fuck my pussy baby?” Linda teased as she spread her lips letting me lick between her juicy folds.

“Yea,” I groaned as I pushed my face harder, deeper into her juicy twat. “I do, I’ve always wanted to!”

There was a non-verbal nod to Dan who rose from the couch and walked out of the room as she pulled me up from my position between her legs and reached down and took my throbbing cock in her hand and guided it to her sweet hole. My cock slid in easily as she pushed up and allowed it to sink into her depths. I thought I was in heaven.

May 13

My brother is coming in eight days, and I am going to fuck him. In the meantime, life goes on.

I didn’t see my friend Aliyah at school yesterday. I thought maybe she was too heartsick after I told her about David’s phone call to me. I debated with myself whether to tell her or not, but, to me, what he did was the ultimate betrayal. If it was me, I surely would want to know.

Well, when I saw her today, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Her hijab was gone, and so was her long baggy dress. She wore a white peasant dress, cut several inches above her knees, with a scoop neck that showed a modest cleavage.

Her waist-length black hair was combed out and hung loose down her back. She wore a beautiful pair of gold hoop earrings, and some pretty pink lip-gloss. White is definitely a great color for her, because it shows off her olive skin and flawless complexion.

“Aliyah, what happened? Did your father relent and let you wear western clothes?”

“My father and brothers went back to Iraq. My mother wouldn’t go with him, so it’s me and Mom and my sisters here. They’re going to get divorced.”

“Won’t he miss her? And your sisters?”

“Women are treated like shit there. We’re considered possessions, just like cattle. He’ll just get a new wife, maybe more than one.”

“I missed you yesterday. What were you doing?”

“Shopping!” she said with a huge grin, then twirled around in her new dress, her skirt flying up, revealing her lovely thighs. She bent over and showed me her new half-bra, a totally sexy light lavender lace. “And I got a thong to match.”

“How’s your Mom holding up?”

“She deliriously happy. She got married when she was thirteen, had my older brother when she was fourteen. She never had a choice, her father arranged the marriage.”

“Is she going to adopt western ways too?”

“Well, today she’s wearing designer jeans and a halter top. She’s 36 and she really looks hot. I’d never seen her body before, she was always covered up.”

“So now that you’re liberated, what are you going to do?”

“The first thing I’m going to do is lose my virginity. Um, do you think Nathan would fuck me?”

“We can ask him when you come over tomorrow. I’m so excited for you!” I gave her a huge hug.

Carrie Nelson and Debbie Sanders had invited me to a slumber party at Carrie’s house tonight. All the popular girls were going to be there, and I was flattered to be with that group. I think.

I didn’t know what kind of sleepwear would be appropriate, because I had never been to a slumber party before. I usually sleep in the nude, but I have some baby dolls. They were see-through lace, and pretty risqué, but I thought what the hell and brought them anyway.

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself, because it was only a month or so ago that I slept in a full length flannel night gown, never had sex, I didn’t even know what masturbation is, and I’d never had an orgasm. Now look at me—a teen-age sex maniac. I think about it all the time. Is that normal?

I had no idea what to expect when I got to Carrie’s house, and I didn’t know most of the girls who would be there. I’ve always been kind of shy, and with the upbringing I had, I didn’t have a lot in common with them. Not too many of them had been raised in a Christian colony like me.

They all seemed to be pretty nice, but I had the feeling I was being checked out pretty good. Carrie’s father was barbequing hamburgers in the backyard, and they were serving cokes and other soft drinks.

She whispered to me, “the parental units are going to leave after dinner, so we won’t have them around to chaperone.” I wondered why we needed chaperones anyway, because we were all over eighteen, and of legal age.

As soon as they were out of the driveway, Debbie shouted, “It’s par-tay time,” and two other girls came out carrying a case of beer. I knew I liked wine, but I had never tasted beer before. We were all sitting around the picnic table next to the swimming pool.

Someone twisted the top off a longneck bottle and passed it to me, and I took a big sip. It was kind of bitter compared to soda, but I decided I liked it. I was thirsty, so I took a really big swallow, the bubbles raced up from my stomach, and I burped. Kind of loudly.

“Oh, excuse me,” I said, and looked really embarrassed. One of the girls laughed, took a really big gulp, and burped even louder that I had.

Then it became a contest. “UURP!” came from one side of the table, “BEELCH!” from another. We all laughed so hard there were tears streaking down our faces. It was hardly lady-like. Then we drank some more beer.

Janie pulled a bag of green stuff out of her purse, put some carefully on a small piece of paper, and rolled it up. She lit it up, inhaled a big mouthful, held her breath, then passed it to Heather, who did the same.

It looked too small to be a cigarette and the smoke smelled sweeter. When it was passed to me, I did the same thing they did. But I couldn’t hold it in. My throat burned and my eyes watered and I couldn’t stop coughing.

“Aha, a pot virgin,” Tiffany giggled. “Don’t feel bad, everybody does that the first time. Take in a little bit of smoke and a lot of air,” she said, and demonstrated. I tried it that way and I didn’t cough or choke at all.

Then, all of sudden, the thought hit me. Pot? That’s marijuana isn’t it? Oh my God! The devil weed! They showed us the movie “Reefer Madness” at church camp. Was I going to go insane? Become an ax murderer?

I looked around the table, and everyone really calm and smiling. And eating chocolate chip cookies. Lots of them. God, they were good! Best cookies I ever tasted. Ever.

Then somebody passed another doobie around. I was a pro by then. Sucked that mother right down. I scored a bag to take home for Colleen and Nathan. Now I can turn them onto something. Gee, listen to me; I sound like a real doper.

The music was the best I ever heard. It was Eric Clapton. Now, I’ve him before, and even the same CD, but never like this. It’s like you could pull the notes right out of the air. “I Shot the Sheriff.” Wow, I can sing that. So I did.

“Let’s go swimming,” Carrie shouted.

“Um, I didn’t bring a bathing suit.” Truth is, I don’t even own one.

“We didn’t either; we’re going skinny dipping.”

“You all can skinny-dip. Myself, I chunky-dunk,” Marla said. She was kind of, uh, well, fat. She also has gigundous boobs.

I love skinny-dipping. I love being naked, especially in front of other people, guys or girls. I guess I’ve turned into an exhibitionist.

Being the new girl in the group, I know they’re going to check me out. But that’s okay, I’ve got a beautiful body. I’m going to check them out too. Women’s bodies really turn me on. Men’s too. I think maybe I’m bi.

We all stripped off our clothes. Most of the girls either shaved their pussies, or had a landing strip, except Marla, who had a huge black bush. “I can’t see it past my stomach to shave it,” she laughed. At least she was comfortable with who she was.

Most of the girls were pretty well endowed in the boob department, but they were all different. Carrie had pretty big ones, probably a D cup that only sagged a little bit. Debbie’s were kind of elongated, with really big nipples.

Janie and Heather had really small breasts, barely a handful. “We belong to the IBT club.”

“What’s the IBT club?”

“Itty Bitty Titties.” We all laughed at that one.

Carly got a boob job for her eighteenth birthday. She’s really thin and has these enormous hooters. She says the guys really go for them. I think they look ridiculous.

Of all the girls there, I think mine were the nicest. I’m probably prejudiced, but mine are round and full, sit high on my chest, have a nice uplift, and have quarter-sized areolas with pretty pink nipples.

Karen had a little digital camera and went around taking pictures of us. I posed for mine, pulling my waist-length natural blonde hair over the front of me, so my breasts peeked through. I was kind of turned on, so my clit and some of my inner labia stuck out through my slit.

We all went swimming then. Marla stood on the diving board, bounced a couple of times, and did a huge cannonball. We noticed she spread her cheeks apart before she hit the water. “Power douche,” she said, grinning. We were lucky there was still some water left in the pool.

All of a sudden, I looked up at one of the second story windows and saw two faces peeking out from behind a curtain.

“Carrie, there’s somebody watching us from up there,” I said.

“That’s just my little brother and one of his buddies getting cheap thrills. This’ll give those little dickheads some jack-off material for the next month,” she laughed.

“Come on, let’s get dressed and go in before the guys get here.”


“What’s a slumber party, if a bunch of guys don’t raid it?”

They had a finished rec room in their basement, and there were wall-to-wall mattresses on the floor for us to sleep on. And to do other stuff on, as I later found out.

Before long five guys came clomping in, carrying two cases of beer. There were eight girls, so we were a little mis-matched. “I’ll get my brother Tom,” Carrie said.

Well, Tom turned out to be a super-hunk. He stood 6’2″, had really broad shoulders, dark hair and green eyes, and a face that looked like Brad Pitt. He’s twenty-two. Our eyes locked on each other. He licked his lips, and I licked mine. Instant chemistry. Yum.

Let’s see, there was Tom, Brad, Tony, Jim, Art, and a guy they introduced as “Meat.” All the guys were on the football team, so they were pretty buff.

“Why do they call him Meat?” I asked Debbie.

“Wait awhile; you’ll find out.”

All the guys were checking me out pretty thoroughly. Fresh meat, you know. I heard somebody whisper, “what a fox,” and that made me feel really good.

Beer flowed freely, and there were about a dozen pre-rolled joints on the coffee table. Before long everyone was all mellowed out. “Let’s start the games,” Carrie announced.

“What kind of games?” I thought about Monopoly or Clue, or something like that.

“Sex games.”

“Wow, you play sex games with your brother?”

“Sure, we’re fuck-buddies. He copped my cherry when I was fourteen. I seduced him.”

Wow, I thought. Maybe my brother and I can be fuck-buddies. That would be really cool.

Turns out we were going to play poker. Strip poker. Because there were so many people, if we did it one at a time, it would take all night, so we divided into teams, guys vs. girls.

If a girl got the best hand, all the girls would remove an article of clothing from all the guys. So you wouldn’t get the same guy all the time, the girl with the highest hand would undress the guy with the lowest one. And vice versa.

Confused? Yeah, so was I, but it became more clear as we played.

Oh yeah, one other thing; the couple involved would make-out for two minutes, once the garment was removed. While you were kissing, you could fondle each other, but only in the areas where your clothes had been removed. Like a guy could play with my tits, but only when my bra was off.

When both people were totally naked, you could fuck. I was really excited.

Each person wore only four items; girls wore a blouse, pants or skirt, bra, and panties. Guys wore a shirt, T-shirt, pants, and undershorts.

The girls won the first hand, so we all took a guy’s shirt off. I got Tony. He was just an okay kisser, and didn’t ring any bells. Besides, his breath smelled like garlic.

Because there wasn’t an equal number of people, two of the girls had to pair off with each other. Tiffany and Carly were the first two, and the guys really got off on watching two girls make out. They’d really go nutso when the game went further.

The guys won the next one, and I was paired off with Tom! I was quivering with excitement when he pulled the crop-top over my head. He stepped back and looked at my breasts spilling out of my pretty lacy half-bra.

“You are really beautiful,” he whispered in my ear, before he pressed his lips to mine. While we kissed, he ran his fingers through my hair and massaged my back. He was a most excellent kisser. His mouth moved from mine to the tops of my breasts, and I flooded my panties.

Girls won the next one, and I took off Jim’s T-shirt. He had a really muscular chest and taut abs, and he was a pretty good kisser. Tom was kissing Heather and our eyes were locked on each other’s the whole time. It was electric.

Art took down my cut-offs, and I was down to my lacy bra and matching thong. He massaged my ass cheeks, while he kissed me. He had an erection that he ground into the front of me. I don’t even remember if he was any good at making out, because all I could taste was Tom’s sweet mouth.

I found out why he was called Meat, when I slid his Levi’s down. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, because there wasn’t a pair of Jockey shorts that could hold that thing; he ran it down his pants leg.

“Jesus Christ on whole-wheat toast!” I said when I finally freed that monster. King Kong schlong, and it wasn’t even hard yet. He had balls that belonged on a pool table. Everyone in the room was cracking up. These kids had known each other from grammar school and everyone has seen it before.

Because he was short one item of clothing, according to the rules of the game, I got a reprieve from doing anything with it. It would have taken two hands just to jerk him off.

When the girls lost, I was so glad that it was Tom who got to take my bra off. His eyes lit up when he saw my bare breasts, and his hand were so gentle when he caressed them. When he tweaked my nipples, I couldn’t hold back, and I came right there.

I must have moaned rather loudly, because a couple girls look really envious. “I want you,” he whispered in my ear.

“Oh, I want you too.”

It must have been kismet or something, because I got to be the one to take Tom’s briefs off. When I slipped them down his legs, my face was right in front of his throbbing erection.

His cock was beautiful. Pretty big. (Carrie told me it was 7 1/2 inches; she measured her brother’s cock. I wonder how big my brother’s cock is?)

I licked it all the way from bottom to top, and then I kissed the head. He oozed a bit of clear liquid, and I sucked it up. When we kissed again, my lips were all slippery. While we did our two-minute make-out, I stroked it with my hand. He was moaning the whole time.

Looking around the room was really trippy. All the girls were topless and the guys were naked. All of them had a hard-on, and it was neat to see all the different kinds and sizes of cocks. I saw my first uncircumcised penis too. It had skin all the way over the head, with just a little bit of the tip sticking out.

A lot of guys didn’t last the whole two minutes. They shot their loads right away, and their partners seemed really disappointed.

When we got down to the final hand of poker, I cheated. I slipped Tom two aces, and he gave me a three and a six. He won and I lost, so he got to fuck me. I was in heaven!

Janie and Heather were the two odd girls out, so they had to do each other. All the guys stopped to watch as they kissed, played with each other’s breasts, and finally settled into the 69 position. I had done it with another girl, both Colleen and Aliyah, but I’d never watched two others do it. I think I was as turned on as the guys. It was really hot.

Meat and Marla sat out the final round, because she was the only one who could take on that monster cock. Her cunt must be as wide as her body. They did it doggy-style and we watched as he slipped it in her pussy. He kept slowly going, pushing it in. I don’t know how, but he got it all in. It must have touched her heart. Literally.

Most of the guys just hopped on their partner and started humping away. Tony came so fast that Tiffany didn’t even get off. We could see her frigging her clit with her fingers after he was through. His jizz was pouring out of her vagina. Wham, bam, thank you ma’m.

But not Tom. He really knew how to make love to a woman. He kissed and licked me all over my body. His tongue laved my nipples and they got so hard, I thought they would burst.

He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked, then moved across to the other one. My body was on fire. I writhed under him and came so hard I must have leaked a quart of juice.

His mouth moved down to my pussy and he sucked up as much as he could get in his mouth. “I love your scent,” he said.

He spread my lips apart and looked at me. “Your pussy is so beautiful.” I like looking at in the mirror too. My lips look like pink rose petals.

He went to work on me with his tongue, flicking it across my hood until my clit peeked out. He ran circles around its swollen head, then sucked it into his mouth and worked it with his lips.

My hips started to buck, my whole body shuddered. “Oh yes, yes…OH GOD YES,” I screamed, as my orgasm flooded his face. The girls were looking at me with envy, cause, except for Carrie, none of their partners had gone down on them.

“I’m ready, Tom, please let me feel your cock inside me.” He hovered over me and rubbed the head of his cock all over my clit, then he slipped it into me. Slowly, slowly, until he bottomed out, touching my cervix.

My hips rose up to meet him as he thrust into me. After awhile, we switched positions and I got on top of him. My hair made kind of a tent around him, and our eyes we focused right on each other. I loved to watch his face as we made love.

His hands were all over me, fondling my breasts, playing with my nipples, then rubbing my clit with his thumb. I lost count of how many times I came. I was in heaven.

Everyone in the room was watching us, which just added to the thrill for me. Here i was, the star of my own sex show.

I sat all the way down on his cock, and started squeezing him with my vaginal muscles. So tight. So slippery. As I milked him, he started to moan, louder, and louder.

Then he rose up. His whole body shook, and I could feel his warm semen flood me, as he emptied his balls in the neck of my womb. That triggered a monster orgasm for me too, and we collapsed in a heap.

As we cuddled and stroked each other’s body, he whispered, “Stay with me tonight.”

“Oh yes, yes.”

He led me upstairs to his bedroom. I was thrilled; it was the first time I ever spent a night with a guy.

We made love three more times in his bed. Then we cuddled, spooned actually, and fell asleep together. In the middle of the night, I felt him rubbing my pussy enough to get me wet. Then he lifted my leg and slipped his cock into me. We fell right back to sleep, and he was still inside me in the morning.

I’m in love.

May 14

My brother is coming in a week!

I met Carrie at school today. “So, how did you like Tom?” she asked.

“He was wonderful. I think I’m in love.”

“You don’t want to be in love with him. Trust me. He treats girls like Kleenex; use it once and throw it away. He’s my brother, I know him.”

“But-but, maybe this is different. He told me I was beautiful, and a wonderful lover.”

“Honey, he says that to all the girls. He’s fucked everyone that was there last night. Except Marla.”

“But he said he’d call me.”

“Don’t hold your breath; you’re just the latest flavor-of-the-month to him.”

“But he’s just such a wonderful lover, he really knows how to get a woman off, and he cares about how she feels.”

“I know, I’ve been fucking him for four years. We get it on when one of us is horny and doesn’t have a date. He did say one thing, though. He said you did some incredible stuff with your cunt muscles. Can you teach me how to do that?”

“Sure. Come over some time, and you can borrow my cousin Colleen’s Kegle-Master.”

“So, I hear your brother is coming to stay with you. Do you fuck him?”

“Not yet. He’s nineteen and he’s still a virgin.”

I had work to do. I wasn’t here for my own pleasure, but for his. My Master left me clear instructions which I had to obey or fear the consequences, though my inner lusts wished for me to disobey him.

Bent over one of our love cushions, I ‘prepared’ my pussy by plunging a vibrator deep inside, as Master commanded. I had specific instructions to keep myself horny and wet for Master’s arrival. Master left me a list of ways to do so. The one that I chose to follow today was number 12: ‘Bend over like a little whore and insert a vibrator inside your tight pussy while playing with your clit’, with a side note, ‘watching porn is optional’.

There were other ways to ‘prepare’ for Master’s arrival home. One of my favourites was reading erotic stories while sucking on one of my silken dildo toys. Occasionally I would smear chocolate syrup on it, as though it were Master’s cum, and then spread it all over my face and breasts. I admired my breasts for a short while, convincing myself that I did have a good body at 24.

Today Master would be home late, but that was no excuse for me. I still had to keep my pussy wet until his return. I made sure that I was watching porn. The ‘optional’ extras on Master’s list were more like suggestions that I should follow if I wished to be rewarded. For a brief moment I stopped pounding my pussy with the vibrator to put on some lesbian porn.

Closing my eyes, I began thinking about being licked by another girl. I bit down on my quivering lower lip and felt myself nearing an orgasm, but stopped immediately. I knew that Master would not approve of me giving myself pleasure. He wanted me to tease and tease and tease myself so that when he returned home, I would be begging for his giant cock to relieve me. I couldn’t stand the wait, I needed him now!

I watched as the girls played with each other. Their moaning turned me on so much that I so desperately wanted to disobey Master’s orders and make myself cum. Turning the vibrator on to its maximum speed, I rubbed my clit and watched as the girls did the same. I imagined being there with them, screaming at one of the girls ‘moan for me, bitch!’ as I dived into her pussy, licking every inch of it. Sometimes I wished that Master would let me play with other girls. I don’t think he knows just how much girl-on-girl turns me on.

‘Master should be home soon’, I thought to myself. I pulled the vibrator out of my soaking pussy, and then plunged it even deeper inside, just for one last time. I gasped as I pushed the toy in as deep as it could go, and then pulled it out slowly. Master always told me to keep my toys clean so I obeyed, like always, and licked the vibrator clean before putting it away. I casually walked to my wardrobe and selected my Master’s favourite piece of lingerie, a satin corset with fishnet stockings and high heels, all black.

When I finished changing, I noticed an envelope sitting on the bed side table with the words ‘to my sex slave’ written on it. Panicked, I picked up the envelope and opened it. There was a list of instructions inside. I began feeling nervous. Master has never left anything like this for me before.

Anxiously I started reading the instructions.

‘Sex slave,

Your Master will be arriving home at 9 o’clock this evening, but he will not be alone. He has invited some friends over, so you will have to perform some basic tasks to pleasure them. If you do not satisfy them to your Master’s standards, he will hand down severe punishments.

Master trusts that you have been preparing your tight pussy, though not for such an event as this. Fear not for you will not be working alone. Your Master will be bringing along a playmate for you.

Get into your most slutty outfit, the black one. Master expects to find you lying on the bed rubbing your clit and moaning loudly for the guests to hear.’

Shivers ran up and down my spine as I finished reading the note Master left me. I looked at the time and realised that it was close to 9 o’clock already. Thoughts surged through my mind, ‘I have never done anything like this!’ I felt betrayed that my Master would offer me to his friends. My mind raced, and then I remembered my Master’s instructions, I should be in bed now. ‘Just relax, maybe it will be fun.’

My pussy was still wet though I couldn’t understand why. I crawled onto the bed and began playing with my clit, closing my eyes and drifting to another place. In the distance I heard cars pulling into the driveway and I began feeling even more tense. I tried to block it out and started moaning loudly as instructed by my Master. My moans turned me on and I rubbed my clit fervently, wishing to cum.

My Master entered the bedroom, “Nice work my dirty little whore. Our guests have been enjoying your moans. They wish to see you,” he paused, “oh and incidentally, your playmate has arrived. Please make her feel welcome.”

Slowly, I lifted myself from the bed and walked into the lounge room where the guests were seated. I was greeted by some whistling and ambiguous comments. I smiled to myself, feeling confident about my body. The guests all seemed roughly the same age as my Master, 30 odd years old. Teasingly, I ran my fingers through my hair, showing it off to the guests. Men enjoyed being able to grab onto something during sex. I started dancing one of my fingers along my bottom lip, biting and licking it, until my eyes were caught by my ‘playmate’.

She was a brunette like me, though she was a little slimmer which made me feel self-conscious once more. She wore the exact same outfit as me, only hers was red. She seemed older than me, 26 maybe. My entrancement with her was broken as I heard my Master walk into the room.

“A little treat for you all. We have two sex slaves tonight,” my Master announced with a wide grin. He was met with applause from the men, “But that is only part of the fun,” Master looked at me, still smiling. “What these sex slaves don’t know, and what you don’t know is that we’re going to play a game tonight. We’re all aware of the game Roulette, are we not? Well, this is a little simpler. Our two lovely sex slaves are dressed in the roulette colours, red and black. The numbers on the roulette wheel are assigned to various sex acts that the slaves must perform. I trust that you have all brought your wallets as instructed?”

The men nodded to my Master. “You will each place a bet,” my Master continued “on a number of your choosing. There are few rules involved in this particular roulette. If you so wish, you can ‘team up’ with another guest and increase your chances of winning, which will allow you to ‘team up’,” he added, winking “on one of the sex slaves.”

The men were excited and started cheering about the game, and I felt cold and alone.

“About the numbers,” my Master continued “one through to nine is oral; so a blowjob or cunnilingus, if you desire. Ten through to eighteen is a tight pussy for fucking. Nineteen through to twenty-seven is anal and twenty-eight through to thirty-six is anything you want!”

My Master talked some more about the rules, but I drifted away and looked over at the other sex slave. She caught me looking at her and approached me. She seemed just as nervous. I was about to speak to her when my Master caught us. He walked over. “You two will be known as ‘Miss Black’ and ‘Miss Red’ tonight. While we’re setting up the game why don’t the two of you entertain us? I’m sure my dirty little whore would love a sample taste of your pussy, Miss Red.”

Before I could protest, my Master pulled down Miss Red’s underwear and pushed her onto the nearest lounge then, grabbing me by my hair, my Master pressed my face into her wet pussy. I pulled away momentarily to try and stop this nonsense, but Master pressed my face into her pussy, and as I started licking her, I found the taste of Miss Red’s pussy was too alluring to stop. My own pussy began quivering as I got to my knees and stuck my tongue inside her. Her scent was delectable.

Miss Red started moaning in pleasure and slid her fingers through my hair before reaching to my breasts and pinching my nipples. The men took notice of us and started clapping and laughing, trying to encourage us further. I licked and licked and licked her little clit and it got me so horny. As my tongue worked faster and faster, I suddenly noticed that I had been rubbing my clit.

“Now, if you’re looking to find two dirty girls sucking your cock, you will need to play odds and evens. Miss Black shall be the evens and Miss Red shall be the odds.” I heard, as my Master continued. “Seem difficult? You’ll get the hang of it.” I drifted in and out of Master’s ‘rules’ and persisted in licking Miss Red’s pussy. My Master took notice and stopped me as I was having ‘too much fun’. Miss Red and I got up, feeling a little embarrassed.

My Master finished explaining the rules to the men, and it just hit me; the reality of the situation, ‘I was going to be used as a sex toy by these men that I don’t know!’ I tried to remain calm but it was evident to everyone how panicked I was. I was just so confused. I didn’t know what I wanted. Part of me wanted to run and the other part wanted to know what it was like to be wanted by someone other than my Master.

“Miss Red!” my Master yelled. “Hand-cuff Miss Black to that chair, it looks as though she might do a runner.” Miss Red obeyed and I did little to resist. I felt so naked as the men surrounded me and stared at my body, I was just an object to them. My mind went back and forth, conflicted.

“Miss Red, eat Miss Black’s pussy. I want her warmed up for tonight’s performance,” my Master instructed, with a smirk. I wondered whether Miss Red was being paid or if she was here against her will also, as she again obeyed orders and got to her knees in front of me. I eagerly awaited her to taste me. Miss Red took down my panties, slowly, then immediately went for my clit. I arched my back against the chair, thrusting my breasts out for the men to gawk at. My legs spread wide in response to her tongue.

Closing my eyes, I began moaning and clenching my teeth in utter pleasure. Oh God! I want it so bad! “Eat me! Eat me!” I yelled to her.

I opened my eyes and watched as some of the men were rubbing their cocks. One of them surprised me by coming right to my face and started pumping his cock, rubbing it against my cheek. “Suck it, bitch!” he yelled to me. I was so turned on by Miss Red’s licking that I couldn’t say no to him.

Taking the head of his cock in my mouth, I licked and sucked as best as I could, but he was not satisfied and grabbed my head roughly and started fucking my mouth. He was fucking my mouth so fast and deep that I thought I would die from gagging.

The men cheered him on and he responded by fucking my mouth faster. Eventually he slowed down and brought my mouth to the hilt of his cock and kept me there. I tried to resist but he wouldn’t let up. The man looked down at Miss Red and noticed that she had stopped her duties. “Lick her clit, you filthy whore!” he yelled to her, and she resumed eating me. I again closed my eyes in pleasure but I felt the pain of this giant cock in my mouth, gagging me.

The man was watching Miss Red and was encouraging her to make me cum. He then took his cock out of my mouth and pumped it, fast and hard. “Listen up! I’m gonna cum all over you dirty sluts and you will lick each other clean, got it?” I looked to my Master for aid but all I received was a hard slap across my cheek from the man, “Got it, bitch?” he repeated to me.

“Yes” I said.

“‘Yes’ what?” he demanded.

“Yes sir”, I cried.

The man then grabbed Miss Red by the hair, from my pussy and asked, “You got it too, slut?”

“Yes sir” she replied, cum dripping from her lips.

“Good,” he responded, smiling “continue eating her then.” Miss Red again obeyed. My pussy became saturated and I was feeling incredibly horny. The man proceeded with rubbing his cock, bringing it to my face, smearing pre-cum onto my cheek, tormenting me. I wanted to block it out and concentrate on Miss Red.

Her tongue was amazing; it was so insatiable, licking up all my juices, attacking my clit. I closed my eyes as I felt myself on the verge of an orgasm. I moaned and screamed, “Lick my clit! Lick it! Lick it! Lick it!”

The man, knowing that I was about to cum, slapped me again then pumped his cock faster, “You will cum when I tell you to, slut!” With that he forced his cock into my mouth and fucked it. “As punishment I will cum into your mouth, you dirty whore.”

The other men cheered and chanted, “Cum! Cum! Cum!”

He was so rough that I felt a tear fall against my cheek. The man grabbed Miss Red and made her suck his balls. “Oh yeah!” I heard him moan. “Take it, you dirty whores! Take me in your mouth! Fuck yeah, I’m gonna cum in this slut”

The men chanted faster, “Cum! Cum! Cum!” He sped up and fucked my mouth deeper until he paused and held my head in place, trembling as he came.

I could barely breathe as his cum coated the back of my throat and made me gag. “Swallow it, whore!” he yelled to me. I cried and gasped for air, but the man held me. “Swallow my cum, you fucking slut!” I gave in and swallowed his load. It was hot and sticky and tasted horrible. He let me go and I was able to breathe again.

The men all cheered and taunted me, calling me a whore. My Master silenced them and said that it was my turn to cum now. The men responded with disappointment as they wanted to take turns fucking both Miss Red and I. “The point was to get Miss Black all hot for the action later on, and I don’t think that’s what you did. “Miss Red, uncuff Miss Black from the chair, you two will 69 for us.”

This idea excited the men.

Miss Red took my restraints off and we both walked to the ‘centre stage’ assuming the position. The men ordered Miss Red on top. She climbed over me and positioned her pussy just above my face. I took hold of her legs and spread mine apart, bringing my knees up. I brought my tongue to her clit, it tasted sweet, then Miss Red’s tongue was on my clit and I felt a small quiver of pleasure.

I began moaning and this turned on Miss Red. She moaned too, and I felt the vibrations from her moans on my clit. Getting so horny, I dived into her pussy and moaned some more. The men were also getting horny. I watched them taking their cocks out of their pants. They were hard and big, and I started craving their cocks. I closed my eyes and fantasised about being fucked by one of their huge cocks and being licked by Miss Red at the same time, perhaps being fucked in the mouth by my Master also.

His cock is so fucking amazing. I wanted it so bad. Opening my eyes, I felt myself on the verge of an orgasm. I tried to yell to Miss Red for her to lick faster, but I was muffled by her delicious pussy.

I worked my tongue faster and faster, thoughts surging through me of being used like a toy by the men. My body was trembling as I started cumming all over Miss Red’s face. My orgasm must have pushed Miss Red over the edge as she came all over my face too. The juices poured onto my lips and I licked it all up, fervently.

Miss Red moved off me to lie on the floor and relax, but my Master stopped her. “You’re not done. Clean your cum off Miss Black’s face, you dirty whore!” Miss Red crawled on her knees towards where I lay and started licking my face and lips. I responded by kissing and licking her. The men all cheered again, yelling out “sluts!”

Master came to the ‘centre stage’ to address the men, ignoring Miss Red and I. “I think it’s time for the main event, don’t you?” The men stuck their throbbing cocks back into their pants and walked towards the roulette table, set up in the lounge room. Miss Red and I took this as an opportunity to clean ourselves up and rest, but Master had other plans.

“What are you two whores up to?” he demanded, startling us. “I am sick of your insolence! I have given you orders to be filthy sluts for us this evening, and you want to rest?” Master gestured to two of his friends and they grabbed both Miss Red and I roughly, pinning us to a wall, their hands over our necks, licking and biting us. I whimpered in protest but was stopped when a tongue was forced into my mouth.

A short time after, he removed his tongue from my mouth to suckle my breasts and then I cried out, surprised, when I felt a hand run over my wet, dripping cunt. “This is one horny slut!” I heard the man shout to the others. “She’s so fucking wet!” he announced as he stuck two of his fat fingers into my pussy. I moaned in both pleasure and shock from the sudden finger-fucking I was enduring. He got to his knees and looked up at me, feeding off my enjoyment. I bit my lip and moaned suddenly as he stuck his thumb right onto my clit, rubbing it.

I turned to find Miss Red, on all fours, having her arse licked out by another man. She was enjoying it, I could tell, but I knew that she didn’t want to enjoy it. The man pinched her breasts suddenly and she cried out. He continued licking around her rim until he abruptly stuck his tongue inside her arse. Miss Red cried out, even louder this time.

“These fucking whores are being so loud” I heard a man roar. With that he undid his pants and his cock burst out, big and hard. He got to his knees in front of Miss Red, grabbed her hair aggressively, pulling her towards him before forcing his giant cock into her tiny mouth. I heard her gag as she did not expect his cock to fill her mouth. She was being pounded in her mouth and pounded in her arse. I couldn’t help but feel aroused watching. The man that was fucking her mouth leaned over to her ears and said, “Try and scream now, you fucking slut!”

Two fingers became three, stretching my cunt, and I silently screamed, closing my eyes tightly. “Open your eyes, bitch!” the man yelled, startling me. “Watch me as I finger-fuck your tight little pussy!” I stared down at him but wanted to close my eyes in the moment.

Unexpectedly he took his fingers out roughly and spread my legs apart; I felt my juices as they slid down my thighs. He smiled as he noticed how wet I had become, “You want this, don’t you?” I felt embarrassed at how my body had betrayed me, though at the same time I really did want him to make me cum. I closed my eyes and drifted again into my fantasies, but opened my eyes again as I felt a sharp pain, my pussy had been struck hard, by him. I cried out.

“I asked you a question, whore. Now tell me that you want this.”

A soft “Yes” escaped from my lips, the blow to my clit was so hard I couldn’t speak any louder.

From a distance I heard my Master holler to me, “He asked you a question, slave, now answer him or you will be punished severely.” The men muttered something vague in the background. I could distinguish one of them saying that they wanted us to disobey the men. Another said that he thought it was ‘his turn’ to play with the ‘dolls’.

I swallowed then moaned to the man, “Yes, I want this.”

“You want me to eat your pussy, don’t you?” he said, smirking at my submission.

“Yes, please eat my pussy out,” I said in a sensual voice. The man grinned then wasted no time in lapping up my juices, probing my cunt and running his hand over my shaved mound.

“Tastes so sweet” he said, slightly muffled.

His hands ran over my thighs and hips, and then he took hold of my arse. He squeezed it, pulling me closer to him, pushing his face in deeper to my pussy. I closed my eyes as I felt his tongue over my clit, nearing me to climax. As a reflex I grabbed his head and forced him in closer to my quivering cunt.

I opened my eyes momentarily to see how Miss Red was coping. I was shocked to find her in a different position without me even noticing. She was on her back, legs spread wide, taking a huge cock in her tight cunt, while the other man stood over her, pumping his cock, trying to cum all over her body. The men changed positions in unison, as though they knew what the other was thinking. The first man got down to his knees and continued fucking Miss Red, while the other man also got to his knees, behind her head and slapped her face with his throbbing cock, laughing as he teased her. “Taste good?” I heard him ask her smugly.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Your heavy hammer sent a shower of sparks onto the dirt floor. Again and again you work at the stubborn metal hinge, sweat beading up on your darkened brow before falling like a forlorn tear to be lost underfoot. The gate hinge had needed repair for nearly a month but you had been too busy to bother. The astounding amount of horse traffic through the region was proving to be almost more than you could keep up with. But, not having anything better to do, you pressed on. Your work as a smithy had proven its worth in the past but now you were golden. People were talking too — and you listened. Many had already spoken of a darkness that was devouring the land behind them, coming nearly as fast as they could run away. Many had already been killed and those who survived the onrush of malevolence only wished for death. Your ears burned as some of the stories involved detail that deep in your mind were delicious beyond telling. Stories of rape and forced incest; stories of perverted games and the prizes that were given to the winners: human bodies… especially strong, hairy men. The underlying part of each of the stories told and those retold again were that women were violently abused, even to death but the men in each conquered region were taken to be the prizes for the fights that were held almost daily. Listening to these stories took you to a place in your own mind that caused your large cock to rise under your leather apron. These stories caused you to wish for conquest of your own; that you could take another man and force him to have sex with you. These thoughts had been coming more and more as your wife grew more and more distant. Sex with her had become extinct. For years your only pleasure was the hall prostitutes who would service you for a few coins.

Your darkened skin, hardened by more than 40 years with a hammer, anvil and fire, yearned for the touch of another. Someone who would touch you back and give pleasure because they desired the same. Halfheartedly you wished the barbarians were headed this way. Hoping they would storm into the area and burn every miserable scrap of shit in the village. Hoping that you could join with them and become part of the conqueror and not the conquered.

The sun lowered over the grass-covered hills surrounding the village giving an eerie light to the small, ramshackle houses along the path. You had walked this path a million times but tonight seemed different. Tonight there seemed to be something unusual in the crisp air of fall. Skin prickling up you sense that something is terribly wrong and you break into a run towards your house. Several hundred steps into your lumbering run your lungs are about to explode within you — you haven’t ran anywhere, for anything, for many years. Turning the last corner before your small place near the giant oaks you see many horses tied to the post in front of your house. There seems to be a fight going on within the walls that you built with your own hands and you ready yourself for a fight. In your haste you fail to notice several wagons and many other riders just a stone’s throw away. Racing for the door you hit it full force and break it off the iron hinges. Immediately you are hit over the head with a piece of flat iron you kept by the door for a weapon and the lights go out.

“I say we should do what we always do,” one burly man said to his companion. The man’s curly mustache and dark beard were fairly kept and unlike the others in the room, he was stripped to the waist. His huge chest fairly bulged from his body, covered with dark, curly hair and his nipples were pierced with some kind of bright metal rings. Not only was his chest like a mountain of muscle but his belly was like carved stone. Deep abdominal lines led into his pants where a mountain also could be seen.

“In time perhaps,” said the other, lessor man. “This one will be very useful — he is a smith! How long have we needed someone with his skills?” The smaller man was still all man, muscles bulging from strong arms, perfectly cut body pattern with no fat to be seen and very handsome. They both wore a light colored, lightweight material that seemed to have pockets or slits in many places. Their speech was understandable and they seemed only like men.

You continued to pretend to be unconscious and in the darkened room are able to open your eyes only slightly. The burly man, whose name is Urnas, has lowered his pants exposing a large, pulsing cock whose head is half as big as a fist! The other man, named Sasbi, immediately lowers himself onto the waiting rod of Urnas. Your cock begins to grow instantly and now you realize that your clothing has been taken from you. You are completely naked. The sucking sounds are driving you crazy and you cannot help but try and move to get your cock some relief but that was your undoing. From behind you another voice cried, “He’s awake!” Hands grip you and drag you to your feet roughly. Your cock bounces and swings with the motion but all during this commotion, Sasbi does not stop sucking Urnas. Faster and faster his head bobs on the amazingly large dick of his companion until Urnas gives way to a large load of hot, sticky stuff into Sasbi’s mouth.

Urnas stands to his feet and you are forced to kneel before him. “What is your name smithy?”

“My name is Alba,” you answer, uncertainty filling your voice. “What have you done with my wife?”

“Ah yes,” Urnas chuckles as he touches your face. “You wife is being prepared.”

“Prepared for what?”

“In a few hours you will see. In a few hours your world will change and you will not have anything or anyone. In a few hours you will either beg to die, or comply and live.” As he finished his speech his cock began to grow right in front of your face. It was unnaturally large and something inside you wanted to touch it; wanted to put it in your mouth; wanted it inside you. Your first thoughts were that it would impale you but then you didn’t care. Something was taking over in your thoughts… you wanted this man!

Sasbi reached in front of your face and began to stroke the monstrous cock. Each time the bulbous head came out of his fist you wanted to lick it. “Lick it!” Sasbi ordered as if reading your filthy mind. Without hesitation as the flesh came forward your tongue licked and as if that was the cue, Urnas moved forward and shoved his cock into your mouth. He didn’t wait for you to get used to its size but drove it as far into your throat as was possible. You tried to pull away but his strong, well-muscled arms held your head to his groin. What seemed like hours passed and your gag reflexes relaxed leaving you to choke his manhood down your throat. Your continuous swallowing was giving him immense pleasure and you could tell his grip was loosing though you didn’t dare move. Somewhere deep in his belly you could feel the sticky juice coming. When he let loose there was no taste as his cock head was part way down your gullet. As he pulled his spent rod out of your mouth the taste of him made you yearn for more.

“Alba, how long have you been living here and doing what you do?” asked Sasbi.

“I was born here and have been a smith in this village for the past 40 seasons or more. My father was also a smithy as was his father.”

“Your wife has some really big tits, Alba. I’m sure you suck on them all the time, yes?”

“My wife is only my cook!” you spit, your words dripping with venom. “I have not had those in my mouth for years — nor have I fucked her in as many years. She does not want sex!”

“Our clan has had women who, like her, have refused to give pleasure. We have dealt with them and turned to pleasing ourselves. Did you like sucking Urnas’ big dick?”

You realize that something happened in you and that the only answer you could possibly give was, “Yes”.

“Bring him!” another of the strange men ordered. He, as with many of the others, was dressed in tight black cow skins. Every move they made revealed part of their anatomy and their manhood was especially visible. The design of the pants made the cock and balls protrude unnaturally.

Dragged out into the stable you are bound and gagged, your dick swinging freely as your are forced along. Upon entering the stable area you see your wife and several other town women tied facedown to a large bail wagon. The sides had been taken off the wagon and four women, two on each side of the large wheel, were tied to the wagon. They laid waiting, breasts pressed against the splintering wood of the wagon bottom. Their ankles were also tied to something you cannot see under the wagon so that their bare asses were exposed. About 25 muscled warriors gathered around and Urnas and Sasbi entered the area. Each warrior grabbed his crotch and bowed to Urnas, their obvious leader. Just thinking about his huge cock caused your dick to start to harden again.

“See!” Sasbi motioned to your hardening manhood. “He is showing the proper sign.”

“We will see… we will see.”

Four women… at least twenty-eight men. Four line up behind the tied women and undo a small catch in the pant front. Their cock and balls spring out like a wild beast and without any emotion or announcement they begin to fuck the women from behind. The noise of balls slapping ass and the visual before you is almost too much to bear; You are harder than you have ever been before and it is not unnoticed.

Sasbi comes and grabs you by the arm, leading you within a foot of the rape in progress. He unties you and you get the idea… he wants you to join in… he wants you to fuck your woman in front of everyone. That, however, was not the plan. The four studs blow their loads into the women and move away, each one kneeling before the other, cleaning each other with their tongues and mouth. Your woman is looking at you through teary eyes as Sasbi says, “Fuck the redhead!” You can’t believe you ears. The redhead has been a neighbor for the past 20 years. Her husband died several years ago and she has not had a man since. Her big tits have taunted you every day for all those years and her tight ass wiggled just a certain way. Your cock always grew to attention when she would walk by and she knew the effect she was having. Now, here you stood naked behind the object of many a fantasy and were being told to fuck her. Your woman just lay there watching what you would do and without too much hesitation you positioned yourself behind Ali, the redhead, and plunged your cock balls deep. She groaned with unrestrained pleasure as you reached around and grabbed a handful of fleshy tits. Fucking without reserve you notice that Sasbi was beside you now, his 9″ dick buried in your woman. Not only was his cock long but it was nearly 2″ wide. She moaned loudly as he pumped her violently. Two others joined in on the two other village girls and your hot load exploded inside Ali. Sasbi wasn’t far behind in his deposit into Barossa, your woman. Sticky fluid leaked from each woman in abundance as two more took your places behind the raped women.

“We keep the women and everyone rapes them at least once per month,” Sasbi informed me casually. “This way we are ensured of more girls to do the work and to keep the boys coming. Our society relies on having more and more young boys and men to raise into our way of life”.

Every man of their troop fucked the women and they were left tied to the wagon until morning, semen dripping down their legs. The men gathered in the large meeting hall of the village and each one who did not swear allegiance to Urnas was taken out and killed immediately. After the first few everyone knew they were totally serious about allegiance. Once everyone had pledged Sasbi announced that there was to be a wrestling match for the entertainment of Urnas and his pledges. A wrestling match sounded interesting, you thought to yourself, and then you noticed that two of the servants in the leather pants had emerged with the oil vats from the cook area. This animal oil was used in all manner of cooking and now here they stood with two enormous jars of the stuff. Urnas clapped his hands and two of the local men that had been taken, Ramssa and Uyla, were selected to wrestle two of the leather-clad musclemen. The two muscular men peeled off their clothes and motioned for the two locals to do the same. There was hesitation until Sasbi nodded and the two were stripped forcibly by four other servants standing near.

“Lay down on the ground!” commanded Sasbi to the four naked wrestlers. They complied and the two servants who had brought the oil began to pour it over the four naked bodies. Satisfied enough oil was applied the wrestling match was to begin. The stone floor glistened with oil and made standing nearly impossible as the four men size each other up. The positioning began and once one lunged the other tried to move only to fall and be set upon by his opponent. The naked bodies writhed about the floor paving, rubbing everywhere. Not by accident the servants of Urnas began grabbing the cock and balls of the two locals. This had an immediate effect as the manflesh of each began to rise to fullness. Now four men with throbbing cocks were all over each other, cocks rubbing up against ass; then they turned to have their mouth forced to almost suck the dangling member placed before them. We all watched and called out to our favorites and then it happened: one of the muscled servants of Urnas flipped the local over and with lightning speed plunged his dick inside his opponent. Uyla screamed with pain, his virgin hole ripped open with such force and speed. The muscleman was not finished though as he pinned Uyla to the floor through superior strength and fucked his ass in front of everyone. So astonished was Ramssa, the other local in the fight, that he lost his balance and the servant skillfully flipped his man and within a second of the position change had his cock up the ass of his opponent. The two local men were being held powerfully to the floor and both having another man’s dick rammed up them. Every one of my neighbors that were not lying dead in the field wondered if they should be now. The fate of every one of us was being played out on the oily floor not ten feet in front of our eyes. After the two warriors ejaculated inside the beaten men they withdrew their spent rods and retreated, victorious.

Man after man succumbed to the superior skill and strength of the marauding band and then it was your turn. Summoned to the makeshift wrestling ring you were forced to your knees and then oil was poured over you in no small measure. Who would emerge from the throng to be your opponent was the only question. Then to your amazement Sasbi steps into the ring, strips off his clothing, and kneels to have the oil poured upon him too. His cock, already rock hard, drips with the slimy oil as he smiles at you with a look of pre-ordained conquest. What he didn’t know is that you had been wrestling all your life and that you were stronger than any two men were. You thought to use this to your advantage as the match was signaled to a start. Sasbi circled around you and then with the speed of a cat lunged. You avoided the attack and grabbed him around the waist, gripping his slippery chest with powerful arms. This caused your cock to slide between his legs. He immediately clamped his legs together in a pinch-like motion, squeezing you cock with amazing power. Loosing your grip due to the violent grip on your manhood you try and pivot out of his grasp only to find him circling you and now his long, hard dick shoved between your legs just missing the mark he was aiming for. He bucked his hips trying to find your hole but time and again you avoid the loss by moving aside. This body contact is tremendously arousing you and it is obvious to all as your cock and balls are hard as a rock. Seeing an opportunity you grab him by both legs and pull as hard as you can upwards. He loses his grip and comes shooting out between your legs, banging his head on the oil-soaked floor tiles. He lay unconscious, a small trickle of blood coming from his head wound. You raise your hands in victory to the shouts of your clansmen but non of the warriors seem to be acknowledging your win. You look to their leader and again find nothing. He is watching you and the realization steals over you that you are going to have to fuck your man in order to win. You decide then and there that you will not do this deed. Sasbi is regaining consciousness and raises to one knee, looking keenly at you from his lower station.

“Will you not finish this match?” Urnas challenged you.

“No,” came your simple and yet-to-be-regretted answer.

“Take him!” came the loud command of their war leader.

Two very large men with long hair and strange tattoos came forward and grabbed you by still-slippery arms. Their arms bulged muscles as they dragged you to the hastily cleared eating table now pulled to the center of the room. You are immediately tied to the table and made to bend over at the waist, exposing your ass for all to see.

“Bring the oil,” the next command was issued.

Oil is poured over your lower parts as Sasbi comes close and whispers, “You should have finished the match. Now you will have to pay the ultimate price for your unwise decision.

“How bad could this be?” you thought to yourself, preparing for what could happen. You knew you were about to be fucked but by who?

“Clansmen of this man hear me now.” The voice was that of Sasbi. “You will each one penetrate this man until you are satisfied and weakened. If you do not, you will die. It is a simple choice. Who is to be first?”

You cannot believe your ears at this proclamation. Someone is in front of you with a small, green apple. They shove it into your mouth and tie it in place with a leather string. The first of many hands grip your slippery waist and the head of the first cock drives into your ass. You scream through the gag but the punishment has only begun. This brutal lesson will teach you the ways of this new, strange clan. A lesson you will never forget.

By the time the last of your clansmen had finished reaming you out you relaxed thinking that you were finished. This would be the harshest reality yet, the other clan were lining up for their turn! These strangers seemed better endowed than any of the local men and within a moment you knew you were in for a rough time. Sasbi would be first and his large, long cock was now at your entrance. As he slid inside you he reached under the table and found your straining member. His strong right hand grabbed your manhood violently and began to stroke you with purposed intensity. Each of his deep strokes with his own rod brought an equally hard stroke with his hand. A rhythm developed and before long you found yourself totally engaged in this brutal lovemaking. Sasbi could tell you were about to cum and released your throbbing cock. He continued to bury his dick in you up to his ball sack with each stroke. With several long and deep strokes he let his load loose inside your bowels. He stayed there for several minutes and then pulled his still hard cock from you.

“Release him,” Sasbi said, panting a bit from the exertion and excitement of the moment. “You will now service me or the rest of my clan will take you!”

Understanding the gift offered to you, it was becoming an easy decision to make. Sasbi turned and lowered himself over the table. Oil was poured over him and you took your position. Your cock was about to explode as he had brought you to the place of release several times and then stopped. Past the point of no return you place the head of your throbbing cock at his hole and with very little resistance push into him. Your cock slides easily and completely inside Sasbi. He groans with apparent pleasure and reaches under the table to jack his own still-hard cock. You pull nearly out and then shove your pulsing dick as deep as you can go. You know you are not going to last much longer but that was his plan all along. Another pull out and you know this is going to be the one. With that knowledge you begin fucking him as hard as possible as you release the biggest load you have ever shot. Remaining inside him, eyes closed, you can still feel him stroking his own long dick under the table. A minute later you pull out, exhausted, and he spins around and forces his cock into your mouth. You do not resist. Your will to resist these men has been stolen; your will has been so easily broken. Sasbi explodes in a giant orgasm into your mouth. Strangely he tastes good… really good.

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