Sven couldn’t move. It was how Mimi preferred it. He looked so beautiful when he was helpless. Just Waiting. Expectant in the half light.

“Now,” she purred, crossing her arms over her chest and looking over at her boyfriend whose arms were pulled up over his head, tied to a metal hook screwed into the ceiling. “Are you going to be a good boy for me?”

Sven nodded and twisted awkwardly on his knees. He couldn’t speak. Mimi had seen to that, stripping him and gagging him as soon as they had locked the door behind them. She smiled and rubbed his leaking dick gently.

“Good.” She smiled. “Because you don’t have much choice, do you?”

Sven shook his head and mumbled against Mimi’s underwear that were lodged firmly into his mouth, the hot tang of her gash stuck in his throat, straining at his dick.

Mimi twisted his nipple and he winced under her touch, his cock flailing wildly. She did it for a second time and he dripped onto the floor. She laughed and rubbed his cheek gently, watching him shut his eyes and nuzzle her hand, blushing.

“So pretty..” she smiled, “So perfect.”

She walked back over to the table by the window and picked up a thin riding crop. “Stand up.” She commanded, flicking the whip in his direction. He stood up awkwardly and watched as she rubbed the crop against her palm, smiling, her hair falling over her shoulders, desire in her eyes.

“I’ve just realised,” she purred, walking over to him, kissing him gently on the mouth, “That I’ve never used a crop on you before.” She raised an eyebrow and let the end of the whip trail against his chest. He whined and she smiled as the desire burned in his eyes. Mimi angled herself forward and rubbed her slit against his cock. “Now, wouldn’t you like that.” She whispered, her breath hot against his chest, “Wouldn’t you like that a whole lot?” she kissed his neck and he groaned under her, stumbling slightly. Mimi rubbed his bottom gently and kissed him, hard and deep, before striding behind him and flexing her shoulders, catlike.

She said nothing. She didn’t need to. Sven heard the whip come swishing through the air and land with a neat thwack against the muscular curve of his ass. He flinched and whimpered and Mimi rubbed his buttock gently, like soothing a scared animal.

“There, there,” she whispered comfortingly, ” Wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Sven shook his head and twisted against the ropes, whining again as he leaked more of himself over the pale carpet.

“Ohhh, messy boy.” chided Mimi, “What a big mess you’re making.”

Sven whined and Mimi whipped him again, his bottom burning, his balls aching. He tried to move but nothing happened. He looked down and wailed loudly as she rubbed his cock, a delicious smirk pained on her face.

“You like that?” she smiled, “You like it when I rub your cock?”

Sven nodded and ground against her hand. She laughed again and stepped backwards whipping him in short, sharp strokes.

“I like it – no!” she gasped with delight, “I love it when you struggle like this.” she jabbed him hard again and he let out another grunt.

This continued for what felt like forever to Sven, but was probably only about five minutes. Regardless, he felt like he would die, if he couldn’t come soon.

Mimi walked over to the wall and pulled the rope free, sending Sven moving to his hands and knees, sweating, aching on the carpet. She stood over him and pulled her underwear out of his mouth. He coughed and lay gasping on the floor, looking up at her and her tender red mouth.

“Oh, fuck.” He sighed, “Oh, good God. Mimi, I can’t, I-”

“Sssh, sweetie,” she purred, running her toe over his lips, “I’m not done with you yet. Get up.”

Sven stood up, shaking – whether from exertion or desire he didn’t know – and looked down at Mimi desperately. She stepped forward and hugged him, kissing his chest. He let out a low whimper and hugged her back, his chest rising and falling as he panted against her.

“Such a good boy.” she said, cooing softly, “You’re almost too well behaved.” she pinched him hard, her fingers pushing down on the reddening skin. “Maybe it’s time for something a little different, hm?”

“Oh God,” he sighed, “Fucking hell…”

He made a low mewling sound, his fingers curling into her hair, his mouth hot against her temple.

“Come on, sweetie.” Mimi laughed and pushed him back onto the bed. “Make love to me baby.” She purred, moving him into the sheets and straddling him, “Make it soft and hot and perfect…” she kissed his neck and groaned against him, her nails sinking into his sides. “Show me, how dedicated you are.” she breathed, her fingers skating over his tingling skin again, making him shiver beneath her.

“Yes.” he smiled, rolling her over, desperation painted over his features, “Oh, I’ll show you.” he grinned, “You’ll see.”

Mimi moaned under him and smiled, wrapping her legs around his waist and then, thrusting against him. He pushed into her, gasping.

“Please let me show you.” he sighed, “I’ll show you. I’ll work hard.” It didn’t take long before he was shaking desperately over her, bursting lilly white into her dark and pushing his hands over her pale flesh.

“Oh,” she whined, “Oh Sven, keep going. Right into me, push it…” She threw her head against the pillows, her hair falling over her face as he slammed into her, the head of his cock sliding against her G-spot, making her shudder and moan happily, her mouth finding his neck in the half light. She came, hot and quiet against him, all slow burn and whispered obscenities until she fell silent and he watched her eyes flicker under her lids, biting her lip as they lay sweating and silent together.

He pulled her into him and kissed her hair. “Love you.” He smiled, “Love everything.” He sighed heavily, luxuriating in the feel of his burning body against the cold sheets as Mimi’s hands wandered over him, resting on his hip as she cuddled into him.

This, mused Mimi, could quite easily become a very bad habit. But it was worth it. She thought. For Sven, and the thrill and all those shining lights, as the world caved in.

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