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Frequently in life you find yourself willing to try something new which adds a sense of eroticism to your relationship. Usual you find yourself caught up in conversations about fantasies you never expect to happen and in many cases, you don’t expect to even attempt. But this night was different. You had been horny for weeks thinking about the time we would have together without the cares of the world bothering us. It was a simple date night with the smell of lust in the air.

We went to a late dinner and enjoyed several glasses of wine while we discussed sexual situations we often fantasized about. Most of the evenings conversation surrounded your interest in other women. I suggested that we should go to the local strip club which offered full nudity to the patrons. My goal was to let you see a multitude of other women fully nude to arouse your sexual interest and probably head home to end the night in our own passions. Instead we lived out some desires long held within our minds.

We showed up around 10pm and the place was quite busy. There were two main stages with chairs surrounding the stage. There were other chairs along the back walls, which was covered in mirrors. Like most clubs of these type, it was dark and stage lights focused upon the lady on the stage. Throughout the seating area, the ladies were walking around with minimal clothing and their goal was to get you into the private dance area.

The majority of the women were quite beautiful in all categories and they were also quite athletic. While watching the ladies on the stage, I was doing my best to get the women to focus on you and it proved quite difficult. Later in the evening, we had quite a few of the ladies standing near us and two of them were quite playful with each other. As we discussed this, we both agreed that if a women were to give you a lap dance, they would have to have a sensuality towards other women.

As the women broke their group, one of the ladies which were playful came over to us to talk. I could tell by watching you that you were highly interested in her beauty as well as the way she was touching you. You turned to me and asked if you could go have a lap dance with her. I handed you the money and she stood up and grabbed your hand to lead you back to the lap dance area. Soon after you got back there, one of the other ladies said that I could go watch if I wanted to. I thought about not going, but I figured why not.

When I entered the area, I saw you sitting on the couch with your hands by your sides with her straddling you. Per our previous conversations, I could tell that it definitely benefited to have a woman giving a dance which genuinely took an interest in other women. She was blonde and petite. She was wearing an orange bikini, which exposed most of her skin. She was a fairly good dancer and spent most of her time grinding her crotch hard against yours. As the second song came on, I could tell you were becoming very aroused by what she was doing. A few minutes later, the look on your face told me you were about ready to cum.

As I slipped another 2 songs of money into her hand, you closed your eyes and leaned back into the couch to fully enjoy the feelings going through your body. The dancer was clearly arousing your clit as she ground her pelvic bone harder and harder into it. As sweat began to form on your chest, you took a deep breath, turned your head slightly and released an orgasm that shook most of your body. You opened your eyes in realization that this woman just made you cum!

After a quick gaze towards you, I got up and left to go to the bar. After I ordered a drink for each of us and sat down, you came from the room with a very happy look on your face. You sat down with me, grabbed your drink and began to tell me about the feelings going through your body. You told me that her skin was incredibly soft to the touch and the warmth of her body aroused your passion as she danced in your lap. You also stated that she kept a constant contact between her pelvic bone and your clit, which was what made you cum so easily.

We then finished our drinks and left to go to the car. During our drive home, your cell phone rang with a number displayed on the screen which I was not familiar with. As I listened to the conversation, you began to explain to the person where you lived and I naturally assumed it was someone you were friends with for some time. As you ended your call, you looked at me with a smile on your face and said, “She is coming over in an hour.”

“What?” I said.

“The dancer from the strip club is bi-sexual and wants to come over tonight for some more dancing.”

With a questioning look on my face, I asked her what she meant by dancing.

She said that she really did not know what that meant, but she was very comfortable with asking her over. I soon learned that while I was at the bar getting our drinks, the two of them talked for a few minutes and expressed sexual interest in each other. As you left, you handed her a piece of paper with your number on it and stated that she should call if she was interested in more. Obviously it did not take long to realize she wanted more and she agreed to come over after her shift ended.

We discussed how we felt about this during the remainder of our drive to your house. We discussed the risks of having a complete stranger coming to your home. Your response was that you felt that another woman would generally minimize the risk. We also talked about what my role would be during the situation. You responded by stating your were comfortable with whatever I chose to do.

We soon got to your house and opened some wine for the group to share. You left to put on something more comfortable, which ended up being a black lace baby doll, with a black silk v-string panty and a matching bra. As you came into the room, my eyes explored you head to toe and my response was to bring you closer to me. As I embraced your warm body and kissed you your lips, I ran my hands over your smooth ass cheeks. As soon as my mouth began to tease your neck with nibbles, the doorbell rang!

You pushed me away with a sparkle in your eye and rushed to the door. You peeked through the peep hole and stated: “She’s here.”

My heart began to beat quicker as I approached the door to meet our guest. As I opened the door, I was greeted by this beautiful blonde in a black pencil skirt and matching black blazer. The blazer had a black lace back and was quite sexy, but yet had a look of a professional business woman. What a surprise from what you would think a stripper would wear too and from work.

We welcomed her into the house and she introduced herself as Adriana. We introduced ourselves using fake names and the two ladies sat on the couch while I took a seat in a comfortable chair nearby. As the ladies talked and drank their wine, I watched their beauty as the began to touch each other more frequently. I watched as her hand moved slowly from your hand, up your forearm and towards your shoulder. Her hand then moved to your cheek and she leaned in to kiss your lips. You froze for a moment and then began to kiss her back as you sat your glass of wine down.

She stopped kissing you and stood in front of you to remove her blazer. As I watched her slip it off, she revealed that she had no bra on under the lace backed blazer. You leaned forward to run your hands up Adriana’s well sculptured stomach and towards her natural breasts. You ran your hands slowly around her breasts and gently touched her nipples. Your hands began to run back down her body and they stopped around Adriana’s waist. Your hand began to unzip the side of the skirt while your other hand pulled the skirt off of her body. The removal of her skirt exposed a pair of low rise panties which were black with white polka dots and exposed the curves of her ass.

When her skirt hit the floor, she pushed you back onto the couch and straddled you just like at the club. Fortunately, this time allowed for more touch and less looking, except from my angle! Adriana ran her hands up both of your arms and leaned forward to kiss your neck. She pressed her lips hard against your neck and slightly nibbled at your neck while moving towards your ear. As she got to your ear, she used her teeth to bite at the earlobe. Adriana’s tongue then began to encircle the outside edges of your ear and then the point of her tongue began to probe the inside of your ear. Her hot breath and warmth of her tongue sent a tingle down through your body and toward your pussy which was increasing in wetness due to seduction of you.

From my angle, I was watching two beautiful women showing a passion for one another in a way I have never seen before. The two of them obviously had sexual feeling for each other which needed to be explored further. I was watching the beautiful curves of Adriana’s ass which was exposed under her panties when I watch my lover’s hands begin to run across her cheeks. The fingers of your hand went under the fabric of the panties and I heard a slight moan from both of you. I watched as one of your hands moved around slightly and brushed against her crotch on the outside of her panties. She said, “Not yet.”

She pushed your hands away and began to untie your babydoll. The fabric fell away and exposed the black bra covering your natural breasts. Adriana unfastening your bra and released your taut nipples which were begging to be release. Her mouth began to explore your nipples as her hands caressed your body. Her teeth brushed against the nipple and then became a bite as she bit down slightly. The sensations of this woman’s passion was obvious to both of us.

She slowly slid down your body and onto her knees in front of you. Her hands grabbed the sides of your v-string panties and pulled them off of your legs and exposed your naked pussy which was void of hair. You breathed deeply as she pulled you slightly off the couch and leaned in towards your pussy. With her right hand hand on your abdomen, her thumb began to stroke your clit as her tongue began to explore your soft, pink lips which were glistening with moisture. A shockwave of sensations were obviously going through your body as I watched you slowly close your eyes and lean back in your seat.

Adriana’s mouth and tongue continued to explore your pussy as I watched. Her tongue was beginning to trace small figure eights around your clit. This type of arousal was bringing you close to your first orgasm. Suddenly your body began to shake slightly and then you took your two hands and grabbed her head to push it violently into your pussy. As you came on her tongue, small beads of sweat began to form on your skin from the passion you were feeling.

I was also becoming quite aroused and decided I needed to remove some of my clothes. I continued to watch as I removed my shirt and trousers, but left my boxers covering my steadily stiffening shaft. Adriana rose in front of you and slowly removed her panties as she turned around. She then sat down on you naked and began her seductive little dance on your crotch like earlier in the evening. Adriana turned her head slightly and whispered something in your ear. You responded to her comments and then Adriana looked at me while using her finger to motion me over.

When I stood in front of them, your hands began to explore her breasts from behind. Adriana used her hands to remove my boxers as your began to roll her nipples between your index finger and thumb. She leaned forward and took my cock slowly into her mouth. While her mouth was around my cock, I could feel her tongue move around the head of my cock. I was used to one or the other, but the sensation of both at once was incredible. She used one of her hands to steady herself and the other hand to encircle my cock while she sucked my cock further into her mouth. When she got all she could handle in her mouth, she used her thumb and index finger to make a ring shape around the lower part of my shaft. She tightened the grip slightly and continued to stroke my cock.

“Hey, what about me?” you said.

With that comment, Adriana got up and moved to the other side of the couch. She leaned back and spread her legs and then motioned you to come over. She move one leg to the coffee table and spread her legs wide for you. As you approached, you started kissing her right ankle but slowly moved up towards her pussy. With each kiss closer to her wet pussy, your heart beat faster and your breathing increased in tempo. You finally got to her pussy as I watched from behind. Your ass was pointed directly in front of me and I could see your pussy dripping with wetness.

Adriana said, “I want you to eat my pussy like I did yours.”

You smiled at her slightly and then moved towards her pussy. You inserted a couple of fingers into her pussy and could feel the warm wetness inside. You leaned forward and used your tongue around the top of her opening. The lips were smooth to the touch and you seemed to enjoy the taste of another woman’s pussy. Just like she did, you used your tongue in a figure eight motion around her clit.

Adriana breathing became heavy and I could not stand it anymore. From behind, I straddled you and shoved my cock into your pussy by surprise. You let out a gasp as you continued to lick her clit. My hands grabbed your hips as I thrust my shaft in and out as quickly as I could until I felt your pussy tighten around it. When that happened, you tensed up and then released an orgasm onto my cock. You were so tense that your pussy actually felt very tight around me. I continued to move in and out of you until I could handle it no more.

While you continued to lick Adriana’s pussy, I felt pressure within that wanted to be released. I gripped your waist tighter and thrust as deep as I could into your pussy. With this move, I released and orgasm deep into you. You felt my cock throb inside you as Adriana began to cum too.

Both of us rolled slightly as we collapsed on the couch together. A pile of naked and passionate bodies exhausted from the energy which was just expended. We laid there for some time before the 3 of us slowly dozed off. As I fell asleep, the visions of the night began to arouse me more and I wondered what may happen in the morning.

We arrive at my place after a long drive and retire to our usual spot, the sofa. After some time of just relaxing and chatting I tell you that I’m going to jump in the shower. This gets you excited because you know what comes next and you like how my body wash makes me smell like sweet vanilla.

After several minutes you hear the bathroom door open and close and then you hear my soft footsteps across the floor. A few moments later I walk into your line of vision and you can see that I’m wearing a silky little black nightie and black high heels…I wanted to look sexy for you tonight…and I smile as I see your eyes run a trail up my body. Eventually your gaze locks onto mine and I climb onto your lap straddling you and take a moment to just stare into your eyes, the color of warm mocha, now deep and intense with growing passion. I hold your face in my hands and kiss you gently on the forehead, Then I begin to trail kisses all over your face…your eyes…your nose…your cheeks…and finally one loooong deep kiss on your lips. Once our lips meet you can no longer stay still and you grab my hips pulling me to you. I wrap my arms around your strong shoulders as we kiss more fervently now…our tongues teasing and flicking against each other. You slide your hands under my nightie and run your hands across my butt, feeling my soft smooth skin….you continue to slide your hands up toward my hips and you feel the delicate lace of my thong. I feel you grow hard against me and I reach down to caress your shaft…still keeping my mouth on yours and my body pressed against you.

I pull away from you now and kneel down in front of you…I loosen the tie on your pants and slowly slide my hand inside…you lean back, tilting your hips up so that I can grasp your cock and pull it out. I love the sight of you…so long and hard…and I can’t wait any longer to get a taste of that chocolate. I start at the bottom of your shaft and lick slowly up to the tip savoring every inch of you. I flick my tongue and press gently on the ridge where your shaft meets your tip and I smile devilishly as I hear you moan with pleasure. I swirl my tongue now all around your tip and I feel your muscles tighten quickly in response. Then I part my lips and you feel a sudden rush of sensation as I take you into my mouth, as deep as I can. I squeeze your thighs with my hands as I continue to move up and down taking you in again and again.

You stop me after a bit when the pleasure becomes almost too much. You place your hands gently on my face and lift me back up to face you. I straddle you again and raise my arms as you lift my nightie off. In turn I pull your shirt over your head and then we embrace…I can’t help but to sigh as I feel your hot, smooth skin pressed against mine and the strength of your embrace as you wrap your arms around me and hold me so tight. I lean back a bit now as you lift your hands to my breasts, cupping them in your palms. You begin to caress the sensitive skin as you lower your mouth to one breast and tease my nipple with your tongue. I tilt my head back and moan softly as I grasp your shoulders and just enjoy this moment of pleasure. After a few moments of teasing me this way, you pull my body back to yours and kiss me deeply.

The kisses grow more and more passionate and you suddenly lift up, laying me back on the sofa, and you climb on top of me. You can feel how moist I am already as your hard erection rubs against the thin lace of my thong. I reach down and pull my panties to the side and you press down, knowing what I want and wanting it too. I moan deeply as I feel you push into me…I love that feeling the first time you enter me…the sensations as you slide slowly in filling me up. I trail my nails down your back and finally rest on that ass, squeezing firmly as I feel you thrusting into me again and again. I wrap my legs around your waist, still wearing the heels, and thrust up toward you taking all of you in. I move my hips in a seductive circle and I can feel you stroking every inch of me inside. It feels so good I find myself moaning your name breathlessly…drawing out every syllable. I feel your body tense and your breathing becoming ragged…I can tell that you are getting close now. So, I lean against you and whisper into your ear “I want to ride you.”

You rise up off me now and lay down at the other end of the sofa, resting your head against the arm of the sofa. I straddle you once again, holding your body between my thighs, and I grasp your dick guiding you into me. I lower down slowly taking you all the way inside and I watch your face intently wanting to see the passion and bliss in your expression. I put my hands just above your shoulders so that my breasts are hanging teasingly above your face and I begin to move my hips up and down faster now. You begin to say my name over and over and I can swear that there is no sweeter sound on this planet. Then I feel your whole body tense as you explode inside me. I stay still for a moment, letting you take in all of the pleasure and sensation, then slowly I rise up as you slide out of me.

Brandy went online, her heart quickening as she finally got to her email account, it was there a note from him. But, it read simply “Meet me at Fassnight Park at 8PM.” She had never seen his face or met him before in person, though they had spent many hours Instant Messaging, texting teasing and tempting each other with playful words and quasi-sexual witty banter. She felt she knew him and how it would be to be with him. He excited her and she had dreamed of meeting him but now the time had come a face-to-face introduction…

She began to plan for the date she had longed to have with this, her virtual boyfriend. What should I wear? I need something sexy and tempting, she thought, but it should be discreet as they were meeting in a public place. She stood in front of the mirror and took an assessment of her looks. Her copper colored hair was and full, her eyes were bright and glistened, her full lips ruby red, her white teeth gleamed when she smiled. Her hips and thighs were wider than some though her legs were long and straight. The bust line was pleasing and full some would call her a buxom beauty. She thought of herself as curvy and was secure in who she was. She carried with her an air of confidence and felt sexy. She was an arm full and with the right encouragement from the right man a hand full in bed.

Brandy scurried around and found a bright pink silk blouse that hung just off her creamy white shoulders. She found her pink miniskirt that revealed her curves and had a slit up the right leg showing some thigh. She found her sheerest lingerie and laid all of it out as if it were her first day of classes. Then to the bathroom she ran to get ready. Water streaming out so clear and sparkly as she added her bath beads to make her skin as soft as the blouse she would be wearing.

Sliding into the water she closed her eyes and laid back, She felt the silkiness of the bath beads between her fingers and the dripping warm water as she laid back against the tub. Finding the wash cloth, she rang it in her long fingers and began to apply it to her face cleaning it and feeling the coolness of the night air as it moved off each area. Next she washed her neck moving slowly and goose bumps coming onto her skin as the trickles of water travel down each curve and valley ending up between her legs where she wanted him to be, moving to her full breasts spending extra time around the aureola thinking his lips may dwell, there and she may see his eyes gazing up into hers. Her nipples hardened at the thought of it and the coolness in the room.

Moving down rubbing her tummy and then finding the wetness that was caused by her simply thinking of him and how he may be with her. She began to touch herself ,first the full lips of her pussy and the clitoris which is was swollen now as she thought again of him and all the possibilities. The feelings and thoughts and words they shared were running through her head as she began to cum, all the talks of what they enjoyed and wanted to explore together. She wanted to cum hard as she didn’t want to be too eager when they first met, she didn’t know how fast he would take her. She moaned louder and louder and then finally exploding into a state of bliss. She moved quickly from the tub to her towel and dried off with speed and grace,

Moving next to carefully apply her make-up and fix her hair pulling back a few strands from each side and pinning them back. Rushing more and more she moved to her room sitting on the edge of the bed as she pulled on her first stocking keeping the line straight up the back of her leg and fastening each of them at the top to her garters that ran down her thighs. Her excitement growing as she moved through her ritual of getting ready for a date. Slipping the lingerie on then the blouse and finally the skirt. One more look in the mirror told her the transformation was almost complete. She put her bright red lipstick on and got her keys and headed out the door.

The park wasn’t very far away but it was not a small park, it had three parking areas and she didn’t know what he looked like or what he would be driving. How would they find each other? She parked and sat and wondered how they would come together. Then a text came, “Meet me behind the building on the bridge nearest the street.” So in her heels and stockings she walked slowly around the building and to the bridge and there she saw him…He was tall and younger than she had thought he would be but her attraction for him compelled her to move toward him. She smiled at him as she walked up to him. He whispered, “You are BEAUTIFUL! There are way too many people here, care to join me for a ride?’ She thought for a moment, should I go or should I stay? Did he really want her all to himself? Then remembering the conversations and all she knew about him she said let’s go I would love to take a ride!

His car was right there and he opened her car door for her. He said, ” I know a spot where we can be alone and no one will bother us.” “That sounds great,” she replied. As she rode with him she noticed how very handsome he was. He had dark hair and green eyes and his smile could put anyone at ease. He looked as though he had visited a gym often or perhaps he was a trainer. She looked further down not meaning to, but finding a bulge and knowing he had a package she would enjoy unwrapping, if given the chance… She was not a slut but she had admired him for a long time now wanting to be his if only for a short time. Now here she was in a car on a ride with him.

He pulled into a drive way and drove behind an abandoned factory. It had a concrete loading dock that he parked in front of. He opened her door and asked her, “Don’t say a word, I want to make this ride the most special ride of your life.” She stood there and waited not understanding, she thought the ride part was over wasn’t this the destination? He pulled her tight into his arms and leaned her back against the car as he pressed against her. That bulge was getting bigger inside his pants and she was beginning to feel more excited than ever with this man. He kissed her passionately.

His hands began to move to free her ample bosom from her garments and put them in his mouth one after the other sucking licking kissing and caressing them as he looked in her eyes. He slid his hands down her body inside her g-string to find she was wet very wet. He stopped to look in her eyes to see her passions and yes they were aroused as he was. He began to move his fingers on her clit slowly and then a little faster and faster. She moaned very quietly at first. Her hands moved down to unfasten his pants and free him to be wild with her as he wanted to be. He lifted her onto the hood of the car and laid her back and said he was hungry for her. He put her legs over his shoulders and found she had on the garters and stockings that he told her he loved to see on a woman and moving the g-string out of the way and finally removing it as he began to excite her with his tongue, licking her clit and flicking his tongue all around her pussy, pushing his fingers in and out, as she moaned louder and louder.

Then he took out his hard cock and began to shove it deep inside her. She gasped it was a wonderful sound to his ears that she liked what she was about to receive. He began pulling her hips to him on the hood of that car as he pushed deeper and deeper inside her and the moaning got louder but now he was moaning too. They moved faster and faster and got louder and louder and then the big explosion. He kissed her and held her tight for a few minutes before coming down form the heaven of having a deep orgasm..

Gently helping her down from the car hood he pulled her hand and sat her down on the car seat in front of him and said, “I know you are hungry too, would you like to take this?” She took his cock and slowly licked and kissed down the shaft to the tip of it as it began to recover from the first encounter. She began to take it into her lips tightening her lips as it pulled away from her tighter and tighter each time. And getting deeper until he was sure it was as deep as it could get. She began to feel him pumping her mouth with every thrust and knew he was getting into it. His hands in her red locks of hair as he pushed her down on him. Then stopping her as he felt an urge to cum. Whispering, “We are not done with our ride yet.”

Pulling her hands again to the front of the car telling her to reach for the windshield he came behind her and threw her skirt up over her hips so curved and the buttocks were exposed with the garters and stockings even more on display. He held her hips as he pushed inside her once again she made the noise of him entering her wetness and he smiled. He pulled her hips to him getting deeper and deeper, then reaching around and fondling her breasts as they dangle for his attention. He pushed and pushed and the moaning was louder than before. He reached up for her long locks of hair and pulled her hair and she became more excited though she didn’t know why. He was an incredible lover and she was on the ride of her life. Harder and harder he pushed and she pushed back against him and then he felt her muscles wrapped tighter around his cock and all at once they came together and the explosion of it caused her to squirt and there she was with cum running down her legs and a huge smile on both their faces. He took out a blanket and laid it on the concrete and asked her to join him there. Lying back in his arms as looked in her eyes she was so happy. He said, “This is the beginning of our journey only the first ride of many more to come and you are the traveling partner I want along on the journey/” He kissed her deeply and passionately…..Let the journey begin!

****Hey all! This is my first piece ever so I am still keen to learn! Comments, feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.

This is also only the first chapter, a taste/build up, if you will. So please let me know if you’d like more!

For those of you who are interested, this is story is based on truth ;)


I stood there, captivated by the tingling energy I had felt when we made eye contact. I began dropping my gaze from her lips and noticed that she was breathing huskily too… Her shoulders were rising and falling and the constant smooth expanding and contracting of her chest was making her nipples push up against the sheer blue satin shirt she was wearing. I moaned quietly, biting my lip and closing my eyes; fighting the magnetism between us and denying my every instinct to walk to her and run my hands along the sides of her body.

Rooted to the spot, I kept my eyes closed for a few moments, trying to contain my rasping breath and will away the throbbing in my ears. When I opened my eyes again, she was standing in front of me. She slowly reached out and took my hand, and at the moment I felt the contact between our skin it was like my entire body imploded into this tugging of lust. She looked at me shyly and ran her hand up my arm until it settled down on the nape of my neck.

I can’t even remember how long I’d been fantasizing about this experience, my first time with a woman. I’ve always been straight, I know that much. But there is something about the sensitivity and sensation that can only exist between two women that had always been my secret that I had been longing to try. I met her, this goddess that was standing in front of me three weeks ago. I didn’t even remember how we ended up organising that but I no longer cared. All I wanted was her.

“Hi,” she whispered. I didn’t trust myself to look at her. I was yearning, trying desperately to maintain my grasp on all my logical thoughts which were turning to liquid and pooling into a place deep inside of me with every second that passed.

“Just tell me to stop if you need to” her voice was sultry, flirtatious and somehow every word that passed through her lips turned me on even more. Then, she began to inch her lips closer to mine in a cruelly slow manner that almost had me begging, her lips stopped so close to mine that with every breath we took, our lips would rub against one another’s.

“Please…” the word escaped my lips sounding like a whimper, it seemed that was all the motivation she needed and she ran her hands shockingly quickly up my sides and resting on my breasts, stopping sharply with her fingers lightly pinching my nipples.

A smile spread across her face, and there was a glint in her eye that I couldn’t quite understand.

“Please what?” she asked, suddenly commanding and in control. Her change in stance into the clear dominant role made me wet, I could feel my clit throbbing and aching, badly wanting her touch; her fingers, lips and tongue. I shivered, pangs of desire running through me burning hot and primal. All the answers to that question began running through my mind and I descended into a whirlpool of fantasies, leaving the words stuck in my throat.

“Come with me” she said, once again disorienting all my thoughts, taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom. My excitement was mounting and my desire reaching heights I never knew existed, but rather than throwing me down onto the bed, she stopped and turned, gesturing that I sit down on the edge of the bed as she turned away from me. When she turned to face me again, she was holding two glasses of chilled champagne that glinted and sparkled in the subtle ambient light filling the room. She handed me my glass and process to take a sip from hers. Watching her lips part and then close on the glass dripping with condensation made my burn up inside.

“Try it,” she purred, “it’s quite the sensation.”

And so I averted my gaze and slowly took a sip, the cool liquid lubricating the inside of my mouth and the alcohol making my head spin a little. It was as if I had been electrocuted when her lips, all cold and soft from the chilled glass, found their way onto the side of my neck. A gentle moan escaped my lips and my back arched slightly as I lost myself in the feeling of her lips trailing down my neck and onto my chest. I felt her gracefully take the champagne out my hand whilst easing me to lie on my back on the bed.

She straddled me and kissed me deeply and it’s as if a switched had been flicked as the passion shot through us both. Our kisses became rough and she had her hands entangled in my long hair and my nails were digging slightly into the arch other back as our hips ground subtly against one another. She started moving down along my body and I felt her fingers hooking into the top of my cut off denim shorts. She glanced up at me quickly, as if seeking my approval and upon seeing the expression on my face, hastily unbuttons my shorts and slipped them off, along with my underwear; leaving me spread eagled and exposed on the bed.

She kneeled between my legs, admiring my wet, shaven pussy. The anticipation was killing me, I just wanted her to reach out and touch me. My hips were grinding slightly at just the thought.

“Fuck. That is so fucking hot” she panted, and slowly reached out her hand. She tentatively ran one finger over my clit, and the contact made me hips buck up to her hand and had me moaning and dripping onto the bed. She caringly hushed me, and looked at me as she slid two fingers deep inside me.

I was so wet, and already so tight that the pressure of her fingers pushing up against me from inside almost sent me immediately over the edge. With that, I collapsed and gave into the sensations, sinking into a wonderful place knowing that this was going to be one of the best experiences of my life.

“But it’s really small,” an expression that she knew would get him going. She looked slyly at him, she saw his wince, knew it got to him. “I’m not complaining or anything… but I do not know that it will be big enough for me.”

Wow, that one almost stung he thought, “No worries,” he snapped, “if you don’t like it there is always a parachute.”

Huh, she thought, wicked man, I’ll torture your ass later. “Is there really a chute?”

Glancing back he replied “naw, no room, it’s way too small.”

Now he was showing an easy smile, confident as they strolled across the tarmac to the small plane. It was a single engine Lake aircraft, designed for land and water landings, he had offered her a romantic picnic and asked her if she liked flying, she had said “no.” So he told her he had a really cool flying boat. Who knew it was a frigg’n plane, she really thought it was a boat.

As far as a tin can boat like thing it was pretty, snow white with a gold and navy blue stripe running from the nose to the tail, the sun picking up the angles and curves of the wings and tail. The design seemed like it couldn’t fly, the engine mounted high above the wings, cockpit forward of it all of it strapped and welded to some sort of boat hull.

The weather was cool, a perfect September day, light breeze, fluffy clouds slowly crawling across the blue sky.

Heat radiated from the black tarmac as they made their way across. 9:00am seemed really early but he did promise an exciting day on the water, exciting seemed like a loaded word now as she wondered if he built this thing himself.

On the promise of a romantic picnic she work a tight white tank top and carried a navy sweat shirt. On his recommendation she wore jeans and hiking shoes sensible shoes. He said nothing about panties, so she opted to go without.

He carried a backpack and a small stainless steel cooler. He wore tan cargo pants, hiking shoes and a loose fitting light blue long sleeve shirt with a white t-shirt underneath. A leather necklace hung around his neck, a dark blue ball cap with a dog surfing on it, and sunglasses finished the look. He looked cool she thought, and a beautiful aviators watch suggested that at least his wrist knew how to fly.

On arrival at the plane he unlocked and lifted the canopy. Looking in she quickly remarked that it seemed to be way bigger than expected with a wry smile.

His attempt to ignore the remark failed when she tossed her hair exposing her neck. That got him coming closer to her, moving in face to face, pushing against her, hands on her sides as he nibbled the side of her neck. She shivered felling it all the way down her back. Wow she thought, he was getting hard and she was getting moist. The attraction and lust were strong, this was going to be fun.

“Why don’t you just fuck me in the plane right now?” she asked in a whisper.

“Not yet,” were the only words he uttered before he returned to her neck and ear. taking half a step back he turned her away from him and lifted her up on to the sill of the cockpit, then stepped in between her legs. With that he pushed his tongue into her mouth kissing hard, two can play at this game she thought as her hand immediately went to the bulge pushing against her. His breath changed, pulse quickened, she’d won this time. He broke the kiss, stepped back, made a show of adjusting and said “slide in.”

She eased into the plane, he walked around to his side, having already done the preflight before her arrival he lifted his canopy, secured the pack and cooler under a cargo net in the back seats then threw a leg over and climbed in. It was pretty obvious that he was still excited, the bulge in his cargos giving him away. Very cool, now she knew how to pass the time in the air.

The plane smelled a little musty, he wasn’t hurt but a little defensive when she told him, “you would smell musty to if you were over 34 years old.”

Holy shit she thought, this thing is really old for a plane, if I die my husband is going to kill me…

leaning over he showed her how to put the four point seat belt on and described what to do if “bad things” happened. She was scared, no nervous, no fucking scared! A bead of sweat rolled down her back, funny it didn’t feel that hot in the plane.

Once he secured his belt he glanced around the outside of the plane before asking “Good to go?”

shit what did he say?

“Huh?” she was flushed, shit he’s winning, he’s got me completely distracted.

“You good to go blue eyes?” once again that confident smile, not sure it made her feel more at ease, but he did have a nice smile.

Returning the smile albeit a little weaker, “sure thing captain!”

Without another word he reached across and slipped the lock on the canopy he lowered it and secured her side. His elbow glancing off her chest as he pulled his arm back.

That was weird she thought, I’m scared and yet that touch set another shot through her body.

He turned a couple dials, pulled and pushed some plunger thing in and extended his legs to some pedals on the floor. “Just try not to push on these ok?”

Fuck, now there were things she couldn’t touch?

“Oh yeah, maybe keep your hands off this as well,” he said as he pulled and turned the wheel thingy.

I’m going to die horny… damn it, why didn’t I just fuck that store clerk? Her thoughts amusing enough to almost distract her when the engine started.

“Holy shit that’s loud,” she belted out.

He laughed and then closed his canopy not before the smell of plane exhaust and fuel hit her.

Reaching over he handed her a headset. “My hair,” she joked.

“Looks great and smells awesome” he responded while moving a lever on the ceiling causing the whole plane to shake as the motor got louder.

“You good?” his voice sounding tinny and distant.

“Peachy” she responded.

With the windows closed, she could now smell his soap, shampoo, aftershave, crap, the plane smelled great now!

“Here we go” and then his voice even more distant on the ear phones, talking to someone else as the plane started to move across the apron. They followed a dotted line, almost like a road, pedals moving, every bump felt, I wonder if this thing will fall apart were the words screaming in her head.

Looking up she could see the sun in the blue sky as it warmed the cockpit through the glass, looking inside multiple dials, glowing numbers and a little gps screen looking back at her.

The wheel thing in his left hand, his right arm on the lever up high, she could tell he was in the zone.

Where should I put my hands she thought? Do I look scared, am I blowing this? I don’t want him to think he’s freaking me out, he will feel bad. Almost by instinct she placed her left hand on his shoulder and turned and looked at him. He glanced quickly, that fucking smile, why wasn’t this scaring him?

“Tell you what” he said, “put your left hand on top of mine and just follow me through the throttle.” “You’ll enjoy it more, just feel what I do.”

She placed her hand on his, warm, calm, a slight shake from the vibrations, she barely noticed the plane had turned and lined up on the runway.

“This is the best part” his eyes smiling, wrinkles on the sides of his face. She could feel the strength in his arm as he pushed forward causing the plane to pick up speed, moving a little side to side in the lane, his arm now pushed fully forward, engine howling. If she wasn’t so scared this would almost be cool. Then, when the movements and speed were almost violent the plane lifted from the earth, the ground falling away, his right arm easing back the sound quieting a bit.

“Gotta move my hand for a minute,” she was startled by his voice, holy shit she was flying, feeling the throttle, the lift, no more shaking in the plane, just calm, more sky, the earth rounding slightly, fall colours contrasting against plowed fields and the dark blue waters of lakes and rivers.

Shoulders touching, feeling warm, calm, that easy smile. He flipped a switch sending a loud mechanical noise through the plane. She tensed and looked out her window to see the gear disappear into the wing. The plane banked right, still climbing, her ears popping, roads like this veins with tiny cars moving below.

“We will level off at 2700 feet and head north west to Georgian Bay, nice little spot up there on the water.”

She smiled and nodded, shit, he thought, I scared the crap out of her.

A few minutes later and the plane was leveled and trimmed heading north west at 130 miles per hour. It seemed like the plane sat still in the sky as the earth rolled past underneath. All those colours, way down a gull drifted, she saw it! How cool was that. This could be the best date ever… if he doesn’t kill us by flying into the ground like a lawn dart.

His right hand had fallen to her left leg. She didn’t even notice till he moved it. Just casual up an down her thigh. There was motive behind the movements, his hand edging over, now on her inner thigh, shit he’s horny she thought. “How much does it take to fly the plane?” she asked innocently.

“No auto pilot if that’s what you mean” he responded eyes scanning the horizon then back in over the dials and gages before moving outside again.

“Too bad” she said, “how long before we land?”

“About thirty or so” was his response.

“Do you think you could keep us from crashing if I took your cock out?” a question which stumped him.

His response came with tension in his voice “I would think I probably could.”

“What if I slid my plants down and touched myself?” now she really started to push him.

“You’re making it tougher by the minute” that damn smile again. But something else as well, a serious bulge.

“Well it is hot in here” she said, and with that, she lifted her hips undid her jeans and slid them down kicking off one shoe and lifting her leg trying not to hit anything that may kill the engine.

Her jeans now gathered around her right leg, her left leg lifted slightly. The air feeling amazing, invigorating on her skin, this was seriously turning her on. She carefully placed her leg across his lap, her pussy gently spreading. His right hand finding her left leg again, gently caressing, moving inside her thigh climbing slowly. It came to rest on the edge of her bikini line, his left hand on the yoke (wheel thingy) steering the plane.

Why wasn’t he touching her? This was killing her, so close, the warmth, but not moving. He was making her wet with indifference, she needed his hand on her now. She slid her hips to the left, maybe he just couldn’t reach over any further.

Damn it, still no movement. Had he had a stroke? She arched again, moving against him, still no movement. This was getting frustrating.

Then, as abruptly as he stopped, he began moving again. His hand covering her entire pussy, the heat was amazing. She pushed out, lifting up, willing him. A finger pushed in easily, she was really wet, he slid up stopping on her clit hood. One finger then back down inside. This was insane, she was literally soaring into mile high club. He slid a second finger in, while his palm pushed hard on her clit.

“I want you to cum for me” his words breaking her trance for a moment.

That will be really easy she thought as he continued to finger her. His hand forceful, a light sweat forming on her thighs, her legs, her neck. She raised up more pushing with her right leg, her left still across the plane on his lap. Focus was getting tougher as she looked outside the earth traveling by as a slow blur.

A new smell in the plane, light sweat, sex, she was going to cum. He pushed deeper, harder, lifting, his fingers curled. Palm pressed hard.

She was cumming, muscles tense, legs hard, toes pointed, air sucking, hips bucking, cumming.

“That was crazy” she said as he slid his fingers out resting his hand on her inner thigh. He just smiled. “Wanna taste?” she said wickedly as she took a finger dragged it through her pussy and reached across slipping it into his mouth.

She eased her left leg back, dragging it deliberately over his bulge. “Your turn now,” reaching across his body with her left hand she loosened his belt and unbuttoned his pants.

“Ok, so lets be a little careful here cause well, we could crash.”

He said this as he lifted his hips so she could pull his pants down. She teased him through underwear which were not doing much now from a retention perspective. Her fingers slipped under the waistband and found his smooth hard cock.

“Take it out” he said his voice less controlled.

She obliged, pulling it out. He pushed up slightly, the plane rocking side to side with the pressure on the pedals.

It felt amazing, her hand around him, easing up and down. The warmth of her skin, her fingers so soft and gentle. But really what a crazy flight he thought, he was getting a hand job while flying, coupled with the fact that she was naked from the waist down AND he had just made her cum (something that he really hadn’t forgotten). All the while the shores of Georgian Bay rolled into view on the horizon making them only 15 minutes from their destination and landing.

She used mostly her fingers, she didn’t want him to cum too fast nor did she want them to fall from the sky just because she jerked him into a frenzy. Her eyes moved from him to the world outside then back to his cock. She loved playing with him as she slid a finger over the tip collecting precum then down the underside of the shaft to the base before cupping his balls. She would then start all over and slide two fingers back up occasionally teasing his swollen head by letting a couple fingers trace around the edges where she knew he would be most sensitive.

Mean while her right hand had ended up between her own legs covering his as he gently rubbed her pussy. She couldn’t believe that she would cum again but this flying and sex was really hot.

He had her clit exposed between two of his fingers and she was rubbing it with her own.

“Wanna taste?” she asked, as she took her hand off his cock and slipped a finger into her pussy then back out holding it up to his mouth.

Without hesitation he leaned forward opened his mouth and gently sucked her finger. She tasted really good he thought causing his cock to twitch as the sensation moved through his body.

Outside it was land to the right and blue waters the left. Inside it was two people naked from the waist down, the heavy smell of sex in the air, a hard cock that seemed to have an unlimited supply of precum and soft pussy that was wetter than she could remember and not that far from a second orgasm.

“If you cum you are likely going to make a mess, can I take my belt off?” she said hoping that she could get her mouth around his cock. Her strategy on his cock had changed to holding it completely in her hand and just moving her fingers like she was playing a piano occasionally touching the head. The sensation for him was killer.

“Better not we will be landing in five,” he said trying to concentrate on the flying, her pussy, his cock and flying.

His hand lifted off her pussy sending a light chill through her body, it had been so warm and nice! He reached up and eased back the throttle lever the engine getting a little quieter as he pushed slightly forward on the yoke and adjusted his feet a bit.

“You see those two small islands up ahead, we will be landing on the water in between them and pulling ashore on the one on the right.”

Her hands stopped moving, her mind clued into the fact once again that she was in a small plane and was about to land on water.

“No big deal he said as he placed his right hand back on her inner thigh, if it makes a difference to you I have landed on that very spot at least twice.”

Her response was decisive as she squeezed his hard cock ” well given my cargo you better make it good.”

She could see him smiling under his glasses as the altitude dropped and the horizon moved higher. A wave of pleasure washing through her as he slipped a finger back inside her and was now pushing deep.

“Lets make you cum one more time before we land” were his next words.

Her response to his words was simple as she began rubbing her clit with the index finger of her right hand while he fingered her.

He envied his fingers as he wished his mouth could be down there, easing back on the yoke he leveled the plane at 500ft surveying the wind and the area her left hand holding his cock tight.

She was lost in the moment, hair messed, biting her lip, his finger pushing deep and fast while she rubbed herself her whole body on fire, stomach tight, sweat on her skin, face flushed, toes pointed then curled, the very fabric of her shirt on her skin, on her nipples turning her on as she came this time moaning loudly into the mic.

“Ok well how bout we put this plane on the water now” his hand barely having finished the job left her body and moved to the throttle again, as he banked the plane hard left the horizon changing quickly. The another turn and he was distant on the radio again, telling area traffic they were going to land as the islands that they had seen were now passing by his side of the glass plane returning to earth quickly now.

Instinctively she pulled her pants back up although she left his down, his cock softening given his focus on other things.

Two more left turns as the plane continued it’s decent, his right hand moving off the throttle momentarily to the flaps then after an adjustment back to the lever on the ceiling.

She was tensing up, her sweat from the sex turning cold, the waves on the water completely visible as the lake seemed to charge up at them, only a few feet off the surface he moved the yoke in what she would think was chaos but hoped it was controlled, then the sound, water on the hull, was that normal?

Are we going to die now? His pants down? Hell she didn’t even give him a final orgasm! Their speed slowed and water flared high above the canopy and as quickly as it all happened the plane settled now a cruising boat.

He undid his seat belt and popped the latch on hers then reached up and opened his side of the canopy letting fresh air in. He pointed to the shore and said they would pull in over there.

The air woke her, slapped her into remembering that she had not completed a task, her eyes moved to his cock, mostly soft now, she leaned over and grabbed his cock in her left hand and moved to a kneeling position so that she could take his cock in her mouth.

She wanted to show him how happy she was that he hadn’t crashed the plane and killed them so she began sucking hard, her hands moving over his balls and shaft. This was going to be fast and powerful she thought as she attacked him. His smelled sweaty fueling her on, the taste of salt, his cock literally growing in her mouth as she rubbed and jerked his shaft, her tongue swirling and licking as she sucked at the precum.

He lifted his hips and spread his legs, he was so horny, it had been so long since a woman did anything like this to him. His right hand sliding into her jeans which she hadn’t had time to button and grabbing her naked ass cheeks. Fuck, he thought don’t run aground. His last thought before his cock pulsed, his whole body tensed and cum shot into her mouth pulse after pulse. His left hand fought to not jerk the yoke out of the console as his whole body tensed.

She swallowed and kept up continuing to work him but slowing her pace feeling for the first time his hand in her pants fingers in her crack. Then his hand was out, throttle pushed to neutral and and the plane went silent as he shut the engine off leaving the sound of waves on the hull momentarily before it slowed to a stop on the sandy shore.

He reached down and look off her head set, carefully untangling her hair, her mouth lifting off his cock, as he then took he his head set off as smiling.

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