sensual massage

Mrs. Smith informed Ned that a senior student named Emily had scored marginal on her freshman massage evaluation. That evaluation assessment had lowered her cumulative poise score. Despite presenting a 3.8 GPA in Petroleum Geology on the placard attached to her knockout evening gown at the banquet, she had received few card requests. She requested a refresher tune-up on massage before being retested in this highly competitive senior year. They agreed other experts should handle the physical massage area and Ned would concentrate on his favorite specialty of sensual massage.

Ned waited in the massage room for this coaching assignment. Ned had come straight from the Yoga room where he had stretched his muscles and joints to relax his body. He wanted to assure that stress did not ruin his concentration on the student’s massage techniques. He was still wearing his gym shorts and tee-shirt.

The door opened and Emily entered. Ned recognized her as his sunburn safety subject from the junior facility pool deck. She was over-dressed compared to their last meeting, now wearing heels, panties and a tight tee-shirt. “We meet again, Emily. Your tan looks good. How are you feeling?”

Emily pouted as her hands cupped and elevated her generous globes. “Not very poised! Despite a great GPA in a demanding discipline and wearing a gorgeous gown that revealed more of these beauties than it concealed, I suspect I got few card requests. I need to retest and raise my poise score to eliminate that disadvantage. You obviously are an expert in sensual massage. I had to finish myself off after you left me hot and ready at the pool. Can you help me get ready for a retest?”

Ned considered this and said “Emily, your exhibition at the banquet was disproportionate to the circumstances. You lack confidence in yourself because of one bad test score. Mrs. Smith has asked me to tutor you in sensual massage. I will do my best and expect you will do your best as well. You will demonstrate your technique and if an obvious weakness comes to light, I will correct you. Otherwise, I will brief Mrs. Smith who will arrange any necessary additional instruction before a retest. Let’s start with a tour of the fixtures and furnishings.”

Ned demonstrated the switches and slides controlling dimming and color. He pointed out the low padded massage table with its wings to support the spread arms and legs. He revealed the underneath cabinet with its supply of warm, moist towels.

Ned led Emily to a side table arrayed with various lotions and oils. “Professional joint and muscle massagers use floral scented mineral oils but sensual masseuses employ fruit laced organic oils for uninhibited oral practices. Choose one. You may begin when ready.”

Emily began by helping Ned remove his clothes. Ned bent over as she stretched his tee-shirt over his head. He stood still as she lowered his tight shorts, carefully guarding his shaft and balls from any discomfort. Ned got on the table and looked at her while he lay face up with limbs spread open on the wings. Emily dimmed the lights to a soft rose hue. He watched her strip off her tee-shirt and was reintroduced to Emily’s generous breasts. He lay back and closed his eyes to avoid any further visual stimulation. . His ears heard her light breathing; his scalp felt her first touch and his nose smelled strawberries.

Emily massaged Ned’s head and neck. She rubbed his earlobes and her tongue tickled his inner ear. Her oily palms polished his upper torso. Her boobs pressed his upper arms when she leaned in to lick his nipples and bellybutton. She moved to his feet and kneaded his toes and soles. Emily climbed onto the table between his legs. Her hands rubbed and finger-walked her way up his inner thighs. She crawled forward and sat astride his thighs. She fondled the area beneath his balls. She cradled his balls in her fingers, fluttering them with her fingertips much as he had fluttered the sides of her boobs at the pool.

Leaning forward, Emily cuddled Ned’s shaft in her oiled cleavage. She stroked fore and aft watching his knob disappear and reemerge with each stroke. Ned breathed deeper. Emily took note and kissed the tip of his knob. Her head descended and, in one long stroke, took his full length inside her mouth. Ned moaned and Emily paused to allow Ned to regress to his normal senses. She began a slow pace swirling her tongue around the knob when accessible. Ned’s breathing deepened, his back arched and he cried out. Just as she sensed his fluid being propelled up his tube, she raised her mouth off and massaged his cock with gentle rubs. Cum ropes geysered onto Ned’s abdomen. When the eruption had died down, Emily held his softening rod in her hands, protecting it from hasty cooling. When Ned finally opened his eyes, she shushed him with a finger to her lips.

Climbing down, Emily retrieved warm towels and cleaned Ned’s torso and abdomen. Concerned about Ned suffering a hasty cooldown, she placed another warm towel over his legs, groin and abdomen. She leaned over his side, pressed her breasts into his arm and planted a protracted open mouth kiss on Ned’s trembling lips. Her lips pecked his earlobe and her strawberry scented breath whispered “Thank you”. Ned appreciated the view as she picked up her tee-shirt and walked to the door. Emily turned a longing look at his towel sheltered coaching tool and jiggled into the hallway.

Ned closed his eyes. He contemplated what he would report to Mrs. Smith. If anyone rated that a marginal performance, then there was a problem with the rating system. Ned needed to help Mrs. Smith discover the reason for these erratic scores.

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