sensual dominance

Laura had given John the keys and let him drive home. He hadn’t been drinking. It was almost 2 in the morning and Laura’s house was still a half hour away.

“Mistress?” He spoke up for the first time since the spanking.

“Yes, Johnny.” She answered. Laura had stopped being angry long ago.

“Mistress Bianca and Yvette were very affectionate with each other.” He observed.

“They have been together for a few years. They are very comfortable with each other.” Laura remarked.

“I saw others play and kiss.” He went on.

Laura sleepily looked over at him. “Were you jealous, that I didn’t pet you?”

John tried to apologize and change the subject, thinking he was upsetting her.

“No, be open with me. Let’s talk about this, I’m serious. Did you want to be petted?” she became animated and sat up in the seat.

“It felt appropriate and I felt left out, Mistress.” He admitted sheepishly.

“I brought you there to show you off, Johnny.” She looked out the side window away from him. “I guess to prove something.” She paused as if deciding, “but I should have pet you.”

John pondered what she said just now and what Bianca had said earlier, “You have gone to these things alone, Mistress?”

“A few times,” it was many, her conscience reminded her. “I guess I hoped of someone bringing an extra,” and she laughed loudly.

“Will we go next month, Mistress?” John asked.

“Would you like that, Johnny?” she threw back.

“I would, Mistress.” he confessed.

“I’ll pick you up at nine,” she joked.

They got 6 hours of sleep. She made Johnny sleep in the extra bedroom on the twin bed. Sleeping with her was a huge prize that he was nowhere near. Before he left she pinned him against the front door and kissed him long and squeezed his butt. When she finished he had to catch his breath.

“Next time, I’ll pet you and keep you right by me.” She said softly caressing his cheek.

“Thank you, my Mistress.”

John had to go home and stay dressed in front of his wife for a few days, never letting her see his welt covered butt and legs. His wife liked the lights out anyways, not that they had sex though.

Laura worked every day until Wednesday. She cleaned her living room and did some laundry and got some Chinese food. John came over as soon as the kids and wife went to the church for youth group. She kissed him and patted his cheek.

“I got bad news baby.” She started. “Aunt Flo has arrived.”

John was about to ask “whose Au…”

“Ugh, I got my period, Johnny.” She said exasperated. Laura sat on the couch with a takeout container of Pork Lo Mein. “Bianca is coming over. She should be here any minute. Treat her just as you did at the group.” Laura stated the obvious.

“Of course, Mistress.” John sat at her feet on the floor.

Laura got the door for Bianca and hugged the taller black woman.

“Come in, come in.” Laura greeted her and shut the door from the cold.

Johnny wasn’t sure whether to stand or kneel. He moved into a kneeling position.

“Good evening, Mistress Bianca,” he said. “Yvette didn’t come with you?”

“She’s at home,” Bianca began “This is more of a…professional call.”

“Bianca is a counseling psychologist,” Laura supplied. “She is going to talk to us.”

“A counseling psychologist?” John questioned.

Bianca smiled “I have a Masters, not a PhD” She explained “But I specialize in…well, us, for lack of a better term.” Bianca sat on the couch “Your Mistress didn’t tell you about this?” she looked down at John.

“No, Mistress Bianca, she did not.” John said truthfully. Bianca looked at Laura accusingly, who was still standing.

“I don’t mind though.” John put in quickly.

“Still she should have discussed it with you. I’m sorry to spring this on you, I’d rather you be comfortable.”

“I’m fine, Mistress Bianca, it’s no problem” John could see Laura was a bit embarrassed from being dressed down by Bianca.

“OK, let’s begin. Johnny…” Bianca started.

“With all due respect to you, Mistress Bianca,” John interrupted her. “Only Mistress Laura calls me Johnny.”

For a moment Laura looked as if she would kill him for speaking like that, but Bianca diffused the situation.

“No, no, calm down sweetie and come sit, you’re making the poor boy nervous.” Bianca smiled back to him, “So her calling you that is special to you?”

“No one has ever called me that, not even when I was a boy. I don’t answer to it.” John explained. “But when Mistress Laura uses it… it’s just us, as if there is no one else in the world. I see it as a term of endearment, Mistress.”

Bianca patted Laura’s knee, “See sweetie, it’s special to him.” She turned back to John. “John, Laura has kind of snatched you away from your regular life and vanilla sex and thrust you into our world. I as Laura’s personal friend would like to make sure you are OK and that she is OK. That’s all.”

“I understand, Mistress.” John nodded.

“I guess first I should ask, what are your expectations, John, what do you wish to get out of this relationship?” Mistress Bianca had pulled out a yellow notepad and now gazed over at him.

“Well,” he started slowly “when I went to that motel with her, I honestly thought it would just be sex, really hot sex.” John looked over at Laura. “And it was hot but…it was more than sex.”

“Go on. You’re doing great.” Bianca encouraged him.

“She gave me so much attention, and even though she was the Dominant one, I felt special. She makes me feel special, Mistress.” He finished simply.

“Even when she deprives you of release or has to punish you?” Bianca asked.

John laughed lightly, remembering how she coaxed him to masturbate at home. “Even then, yes. She is trying to teach me things, I think.”

Bianca nodded in understanding.

“Laura makes you feel special. You don’t get that at home?” Bianca pressed. John hung his head. He felt guilt for having to go elsewhere and he also felt anger at having to go elsewhere. “Not…” he cleared his throat, “not for a long time.” He admitted. “Jill and I, well, I think we have always been in a rut. I…I don’t think I please her and at times I don’t think she cares.”

Bianca made some notes. “If you were a free man, would you be fulltime with Laura?”

John barely thought about it, “Yes”.

“Laura,” She turned to her friend, “what is it you’re seeking? What do you want from this?”

Laura seemed uncomfortable under both their gazes. “Johnny, turn around.” She ordered. He did and faced the other way.

“Take your time, Laura” Bianca said patiently. “I need someone. I wish it was deeper than that but it’s not.” She confessed.”

“Go on Dear.” Bianca pushed.

“I don’t know that there is more. He is sweet and very cute.” She offered.

Bianca stared at her, not letting her off that easy. “What is it he does for you, what need gets fulfilled?”

Laura stared at the floor and thought, ‘He made her feel sexy and strong. His eyes looked at her in lust and desire. His tongue knew how to reach her most sensitive places. And he did all this on her terms.

“Laura?” Bianca cut through her thoughts.

“He lets me be in charge. He wants me to be in charge. OK. Maybe I’m not that deep.” Laura said defensively.

“The other night when you went looking for him, tell him.” Bianca said. “Tell him what you told me.”

Laura delayed, looking down at her hands. “I was worried about him. He was a long time in the restroom, so I went looking for him.” Laura confessed.

“You were concerned for him?” Bianca supplied.

“Yes, I was concerned. Someone might hurt my Johnny.” Laura said.

“And you care for him?” Bianca nudged.

“And I care for him.” Laura finally said.

“Was that so hard, dear?” Bianca said rather motherly.

“John, turn back around” Bianca jumped Laura’s authority but he obeyed. “Laura has just said she cares for you. How do you feel about that?”

“I thought, well, hoped she did, Mistress Bianca. It’s wonderful to hear.” John said.

“It is.” Bianca agreed. “This relationship is very new and you two are treading new ground with each other. You need to try and remember that, both of you. There is not enough talking between you two, I guarantee that.” Bianca looked directly at Laura. “Maybe you meant this to be just a fling, but it’s growing and you need to take care of it.” “Has he done the survey?” Bianca questioned Laura who sheepishly shook her head. “Have you given him any homework?” Bianca tried not to show her exasperation when Laura said No.

Bianca reached into her soft-sided briefcase and handed John 3 papers stapled together.

“This is a questionnaire, John. Learn about each thing on there. Look them up. Think about them and in a week you and Laura should talk about them.” She looked over to Laura “You should prepare your own list.” Bianca put her pad and pen away. “Keep him away from the stupid sites on the internet. Send him to the places you would like him to learn from and TALK to him, I can’t stress that enough. Finally, you both need to face the fact that he is married.” She pointed to John then wagged her finger between them. “At some point, hearts are going to get broken. Either he leaves you before his wife finds out or he leaves his wife when she finds out… and she will find out.” Bianca paused to let that sink in. “I’m not judging you and I’m not telling you what to do but be responsible and deal with it.” She finished succinctly.

Bianca stood to leave and Laura got up to take her to the door. “Baby, you know I love you, but you’ve been playin’ fun and games up to this point.” Bianca hugged her. “Take care of things like the Domme should.”

Laura finally spoke after being scolded. “You’re right” Laura admitted, “You’re always right.” Laura gave a half smile.

“Oh, I been wrong once or twice, sweetie, got the scares to prove it.” Finally at the door where John couldn’t hear, Bianca said softly, “He is sweet, protect that.” She gave one last tip.

“Yes Ma’am.” Laura gave a soft smile to her mentor.

Laura didn’t see John for the rest of the week. They chatted Saturday night on the computer. She sent him one or two links but said most of the internet was crap written by “wannabes” who had no clue.

“Bianca has been your friend for a while, Mistress?” He typed.

“I went to see her after my divorce for counseling.” She put honestly. “I was a mess. It was a bad relationship but it was still hard to end.”

“And she got you into the lifestyle?” John clicked at the keys.

“She said she saw herself in me and that maybe she could help. I said OK. So on one particular Friday she took me to Mansfield.”

John was opened mouth on his end. “You were her slave?” He couldn’t see Laura that way.

“NO!” she typed, “I was an apprentice, silly. I’m smacking you the next time you walk in the door.”

“Sorry, Mistress.” He sent. “It was an odd image.”

Laura debated telling John about her semi-pro status. They were supposed to talk and be open and she felt this was the biggest thing she had. Right now wasn’t the time or place, she decided. She wanted him face to face so if he went ape-shit she could wrestle him to the floor until he listened to reason.

“You realize you’re not my first slave, right?” She typed.

“Mistress, I don’t care and you don’t have to share that.” He sent back.

“You’re not curious, Johnny?”

“Was he better than me?” he typed quickly.

“Nowhere near.” She laughed out loud on her end. “My Johnny has an ego?”

“I am your slave, Mistress, but I’m still a man.” He answered.

On Wednesday Laura didn’t want to waste their time together on the questionnaire. She put that off for chat time. Right now she wanted him. John was surprised to see her answer the door in a black vinyl teddy and her favorite boots and that riding crop in her hand.

“Upstairs, sweet boy,” she commanded. She followed him, looking at his butt, “I have no idea why you even wore clothes.”

John stayed silent but had a big smile on his face. Once in Laura’s room, she ordered him to strip and she watched as he put each piece on her chair, lastly his socks. Laura noticed his nipples were hardening from the chill in the room. She was taking him all in.

“Come here,” she finally ordered.

John moved obediently to her and Laura raked her nails down his chest. Then bending down she sucked one of his nipples into her mouth, tonguing it and sucking on it before gently biting it.

John reacted, “Oooo, Mistress”.

She looked up at him wickedly, “You liked it, didn’t you, Johnny?” Then she swatted his ass. She stood back up and breathed in his face, “You never saw me in this, Huh? You can touch me if you want.”

John reached out and wrapped his arms around her. His hand fell naturally to her ass. Laura gently kissed his cheek. His poor cock was already rigid between them.

“How long since you last came, baby?” She asked of him.

“Last Thursday,” he admitted. John kept rubbing her round ass.

Laura nibbled at his ear and whispered. “Did you jerk off or was it that woman of yours?”

“I jerked off thinking of you, Mistress.” He knew that was the right answer.

“And what dirty things did you hope for in that mind of yours?” She asked huskily. Laura reached down and held his balls and pulled them tight to the base of his cock.

“I hoped for nothing, I just thought of your body, Mistress.” He told her.

Laura squeezed him, “Liar. Tell your Mistress the truth.”

“I dreamed of fucking you, Mistress.” John said through gritted teeth.

She smiled and released his balls to slowly stroke his cock. “A boy with ambitions.” She said softly and kissed his lips then smacked his cheek lightly. “One day, my good boy, maybe”, and she kissed him again. “Are you hungry?” She asked seductively and Johnny couldn’t help but lick his lips.

“Please, Mistress”

Laura pushed him to his knees and spread her legs, “The crotch unsnaps, good boy. Get something to eat baby.”

John had it open and was licking immediately. His head tilted back hard, he was nearly under her. Laura reached down for his hair and ground her hips in a circle. She loved him like this, he would look up so adoringly at her. John had his tongue deep in her love canal and his lips were massaging hers.

“That feels so wonderful, Johnny.” She praised him.

Laura broke from his attentions and pulled a slim vibrator from her side table and lay back on her bed. Her knees up and legs wide she beckoned him with a finger as she slid the vibrating plastic over her clit and along her lips. John, on his knees, came to her and flopped his torso on the bed, putting his face back in her crotch. The little toy buzzed his teeth as he tried to suck on her pussy.

“Swing up here, baby.” Laura told him.

John pivoted; his mouth staying at her slit, until, on hands and knees, his cock was in reach of his mistress. Laura reached between his legs and gripped him, stroking him like milking a cow.

“Keep eating, Johnny. Make me happy, baby.” She encouraged.

John used his fingers to open her lips and licked inside her folds. Laura buzzed her clit and moaned. He was doing his best to please her. He loved to make her cum. Laura stopped jerking him and wet her fingers and began to play with his tight butthole. It was John’s turn to moan. Laura rubbed around the ring of muscle and pressed at it but didn’t enter. Wetting her fingers again, she made tight circles on his little balloon knot. John was breathing hard into her pussy. He was loving her attention. Laura moved her vibrator to her other hand and brought it up to her sweet boy’s tight ass. She arched her neck to see and smiled as she pushed the tip into him. John moaned with a mouth full of pussy and Laura laughed.

“I remember when my good boy was so afraid with me at his ass. You love it now don’t you Johnny?” Laura asked.

John lifted his head. “I love all that you do to me, Mistress.”

“Get over top of me, Johnny,” she instructed him.

John straddled her. She pushed him lower so his cock was in her boobs. She fucked his ass with the vibe and began to jerk his cock slowly.

“Make me cum, Johnny and I’ll let you coat my titties,” she promised.

John couldn’t believe his ears. She was going to let him cum, let him cum on her sweet big tits. John dove into her pussy Licking it out and getting his tongue in deep. He almost smothered himself. Laura was jerking him and rubbing him between her soft pillows. John reached in and fingered her, trying to rub her to orgasm quickly. He found her spot and rubbed and sucked her hard clit. Laura clamped her legs together but his two fingers were in there and he just had to move the tips across her “G” spot. Laura’s hips were moving. He was getting to her. He would make her cum. He kissed her strong thighs, trying to get his head to force her legs back open. Laura gave a little. Her hips were circling now.

“Please cum, my Mistress.” He begged.

Laura went off like a gun as if his words were the trigger. She lifted her hips and moaned loud. Arching up, she nearly lifted him. Then her legs relaxed and she settled back down to earth. It took a moment but she kissed the back of his thigh and began to stroke him hard. He could feel it build quickly. The thought of spraying her delicious boobs filled his mind. John grabbed her legs and screamed between her thighs. His cum sprayed from his cock. It coated her vinyl covered belly and just under her tits. John dumped his usual big load. His body gave a shudder from the last of his orgasm. He clung to her with his head resting in her thighs. She gave him that moment, and then smacked his ass hard.

“I need cleaned up now, Johnny” she commanded.

John gratefully spun around and hovering over her, began to lap at her vinyl covered belly, licking up his mess from her perfect flesh and outfit. He kissed her and licked her, getting his own cum with his tongue. Laura ran fingers through his hair, caressing her sweet slave as he adored her.

“My good boy”, she lovingly called him.

John spent Friday night looking up web sites, and talking to Laura in chat about the survey. He was adamantly against pain. He didn’t like being beaten and would keep from being punished. He enjoyed her bites though and her nails raking him. Light pain excited him. He decided he would like to try hot wax and blindfolds. He trusted Mistress Laura for that.

“May I make a request, Mistress?” He typed.

“You may ask, Johnny.” She typed back.

“The next time we go to Mansfield, if Mistress would wear simpler shoes, I would attend her feet as we sit there.” He typed.

Laura laughed and smiled on her end. “I would consider it, if Johnny would consent to something.”

“Mistress?” John was curious, what would she ask for.

“I want to glam you up. Don’t worry, I’m not going to cross dress you or anything” She could picture him being shocked on the other end. “Some eye shadow, lipstick and a little powder, think of David Bowie or Prince.” She finished.

“Really, Mistress?” He was a little taken back. “You’d have to apply it. I would have no idea how.”

“Oh, I will take care of it, baby.” She responded.

John had great news. His wife was going to a seminar over that weekend, so Friday was good and Saturday too. Laura spent the next two weeks working. For an assistant store manager to have two weekend days off in a row she had to make a lot of trades and cover multiple shifts. John came over on the Wednesday before the big day to find her just getting home.

“Johnny, I’m tired, baby,” she said as she let them both in.

“I called for pizza.” He said smiling. “It will be here shortly, Mistress. I’ll run you a bath. I’ll take care of you.”

She looked askance at him, “OK.”

Laura soaked in a hot bath while John paid the pizza guy. Then he came in and helped scrub her. She liked being washed. ‘This is nice,’ she thought. She stood up and he toweled her off and under her breasts. She had to smack his hand when the toweling turned to groping.

“I’m hungry, Johnny.” She reminded him.

“My Mistress is a Goddess…” he said smiling, but he dropped the towel and got her robe.

Laura reclined on the couch in her fluffy robe, and watched “NCIS” while eating pizza and John rubbed her feet.

“Why do you need Friday off, Mistress?” John remembered she worked last time.

“We gotta be early.” She said around her second slice. “Bianca won’t be holding us a seat.”

“She’s not coming?” John seemed a bit disappointed.

“She’s doing the first presentation with Yvette.” Laura informed him. “It should be fun.”

On Friday Laura “glammed” up John a little. She applied eye shadow and liner then gave him a dark layer of lipstick. Finally she took bright red lipstick and swiped it over his nipples.

“I feel silly, Mistress.” He complained.

She looked sideways at him. “Now, yeah, but once there, you’ll notice there are others.” She walked away. “Let’s just not get pulled over.” She said over her shoulder.

They were early and had to wait a few minutes in the cold. Even with Laura’s coat, John was freezing. John knew the routine and they put the same number 63 on his forearm. He did notice one or two men with make-up. Laura led him by his leash and they found a third row seat. John put his head on her knee and Laura played with his hair and pet him.

“Better?” She looked down at him.

John smiled and nodded and looked to her adoringly.

The same fat man in a chest harness climbed the stage to open the exhibition. “Hello, hello, hello, and here we are again, another month among our kinky friends. A quick announcement about the New Years Eve party, the hotel down the street will give us a huge discount if enough of you make reservations. You know the rules people, you don’t have to go home, BUT YOU CAN”T STAY HERE!” The crowd yelled with him. “So, on with the show. Up first is the luscious Mistress Bianca and her precious petite, Yvette. They will be showing us the proper tools, form and fun of suspension.” He paused. “Well, the suspense is killing me.”

The curtains open to show an already upside down Yvette. Thick, special suspension cuffs, which looked like a basketball shoe with no bottom, encased her feet which were planted against a sturdy two by four and spread wide. Mistress Bianca sashayed from just off stage, wearing white fishnet stockings and a yellow bustier, to stand next to her petite, inverted pet.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Bianca began. “My adorable girl is wearing specially made binders formed from a pair of Nike high top sports and much added leather.”Bianca used her riding crop to point out details. “The bottoms were removed so that my Yvette could feel the wood of the two by four under her feet. I prefer the two by four as a spreader bar for suspension. I feel that added thickness ensures my little subbie will not fall on her head.” The crowd chuckled together. Bianca gave Yvette a half turn for the crowd to show her bound forearms. “Also you will notice my girl is wearing full wrist bracers to restrain her. My Yvette is very dexterous and in anything else could simply pull her arms over her head.” Bianca gave a playful smack to the white girl’s defenseless pussy. “Isn’t that right, baby?”

Yvette could only moan through the black mouth gag.

“These two items as I mentioned were specially made at Lara’s custom leather in Texas. But with good communication to the craftswoman, I am very pleased with her handy work.” Bianca paused and smacked that little pussy again. “And I think so is Yvette.” The Tall black Dominatrix ran the riding crop up and down the girl’s naked torso. “Suspension puts the sub completely in your control and fully accessible to you, as opposed to tying them to the bed or the wall or an X. You never have to choose a side.” The Tall Domme bent her head and suckled the pale girl’s little pussy while letting her hands roam Yvette’s ass and back.

“And of course with properly secured pulleys and a crank, your adorable victim is adjustable for your convenience.” Bianca fingered the slave as she slowly rose up till she could nibble Yvette’s dark nipple. “As with all play, with your submissive, trust is paramount. Yvette helped do the rigging and my girl knows I would never let her come to harm.”

“Before we close are there any questions or requests?” Bianca asked.

“Paddle that sweet ass!” came a yell from the crowd, followed by cheers.

Slowly Yvette was lowered till her short hair nearly swept the floor. “You heard them, love” Bianca said with a wide grin for all to hear and retrieved a thick wooden paddle from the stage.

John noticed that although the sound was loud, it didn’t look like the swats were hard. Yvette seemed to be writhing but possibly in pleasure.

“She is enjoying it Mistress?” He looked up to Laura.

“I think so. Bianca had her excited and bottom smacking can be pleasurable then. It helps that Yvette is a bit of a pain slut.” Laura explained. “This is not punishment, Johnny. It’s play.”

Bianca and Yvette came to the couch after their show. Instead of kneeling at her feet, Yvette was in the black woman’s lap with her face buried in her Mistress’s neck. Bianca ran her hands all over the petite white girl’s back and her red bottom, cooing to her and praising her for being such a good girl. John found it a bit odd that she was getting praised for enduring something she seemed to enjoy. But Bianca did, she cuddled her and even rocked her, in between kisses. It was sweet to see though.

John had to pee and asked for permission. Laura got up with his leash in hand to escort him. She had forgiven him from last month but was going to make sure her bunny didn’t stray.

Bianca intervened. “I’ll send Yvette with him. She’ll make sure he stays out of trouble.”

Laura debated it for a second in her head. “If you don’t mind?”

Bianca waved it off. “Maybe then they will talk. Slaves need mentors too.”

Yvette didn’t protest but John got the feeling that leaving her Mistress for anything but a drink was not something she wanted to do. The petite dark haired white girl, in just black cotton panties and electrical tape on her nipples, lead the way.

John finished up quickly and waited for Yvette on a bench in the balcony’s Lobby. She joined him shortly and sat next to him and lit up a cigarette that she pulled from somewhere in her waistband. Where she hid the lighter was a mystery.

“Don’t tell” she looked at him sharply and took a long drag.

“She will smell it on you”, John laughed.

“M…m me and Mistress h… have a deal. She d…d doesn’t ask and I don’t tell.” Yvette noticeably stuttered.

John smiled at her. “I think this is the first time you have spoken to me.” He pointed out, being tactful not to bring up the stutter.

“I g…get nervous around new p…people. That’s why I st…stay quiet.” She confessed. “It might go away w…w…when I know you.”

“Mistress Laura told me you and Mistress Bianca have been together for years.” John put out there.

Yvette held up four fingers. “F…four years next month.” Yvette seemed to smile with her whole face as she thought of her Mistress.

“You and M…Mistress Laura seem g…good together.” Yvette made small talk as she finished her smoke.

“Did she really come here alone?” John asked.

Yvette nodded with a sympathetic cringe. “Finding the right p…person is hard.” She patted his knee and gave assurance, “But worth it.”

They got up to go and Yvette smashed out the cigarette. The door to the balcony “Play room” opened up. The harsh blonde Mistress stood there and eyed the two of them like meat as they made for the stairs.

“Come here, you!” she ordered to Yvette.

“I…I c…c…can’t my…” Yvette didn’t like this person.

“Our Mistress’s are waiting for us, sorry Mistress.” John was respectful and tried move away

The harsh Mistress grabbed Yvette by a wrist. “I said here, BITCH!” and yanked the pale girl into the room.

John was shocked by this but pushed through the door to be confronted by the same bald burly Master that had held him for his punishment. John was quick where the Master was like a bear. The blonde Mistress had Yvette from behind with a knee in her back and hand on her throat. He dodged past the big man and collided with the Mistress and striped the hands from Yvette.

“RUN!” He yelled to her.

Yvette saw the big Master and knew she would never make the door. The balcony’s edge was enclosed with Plexiglas. She turned frantically looking for an escape. Fortunately the theatre was a true theatre before it was a movie house. In the middle was a solid wall with the square holes where the projection booth used to be in the middle of the balcony and the holes were still open. Yvette dashed to the opening and shoved her face in.

“MISTRESS!” she screamed to the top of her lungs with no stutter and everyone down below heard it and turned.

Bianca looked back. She knew that voice and was already getting up. Her baby was in trouble. Her high heeled shoes were left at the couch and the tall leggy black woman was sprinting up the aisle. Laura was following but wasn’t as fast as the dark Nubian queen. Bianca hit the stairs just as the group’s few bouncers were getting there and she passed them, taking steps two at a time.

She threw open the door to see her girl being held from behind by some blonde bitch with some burly fucker getting a hold of her legs. John was on the floor in a heap, looking unconscious. Bianca grabbed a paddle the size of a cricket bat from a rack and was charging the big man. They both saw her coming and dropped their captive and decided to head for the door.

The bouncers, Laura, and half the patrons were there now. There was nowhere to go. Laura pushed past to kneel by her Johnny on the floor. He had a lump on his head but she gently rolled him to his back.

“Baby? Baby, wake up!” She lightly smacked his face. “Johnny?”

Bianca had dropped the paddle and was holding her little submissive, who seemed more angry now than scared, but still was trembling. “I got you, baby. I got you now. Bianca’s here.”

The fat man in the leather harness that started the shows pushed through. It was his group, it was his theatre. “What happened here?” he asked.

The harsh Mistress spoke up. “These two wanted to play and in the middle of it didn’t,” she lied. “They could have just given the safe word instead of causing this entire ruckus.”

Yvette broke away from Bianca’s embrace, with anger on her face. “Y…y…you grabbed me and p…p…pulled me in here! I b…b…belong to her!” she pointed back to Bianca.

The stuttering just convinced the crowd of how upset the poor girl was.

“We were just playing.” The burly Master now lied.

“Then why does he have a lump on his head?!” Laura snarled at him.

The Dungeon Master had heard enough. “You two are banned forever. Get the fuck out of my place.” The fat man said harshly.

“You have no proof…” The blonde began.

“IT’S MY PLACE!” He shouted in her face and silenced her. He turned to the crowd. “Would some of you help escort these pieces of shit out of our club?”

Many Doms and a few Dommes stepped forward and a hole was made in the crowd towards the stairs.

“Fuck this place!” said the bald burly master and moved towards the stairs with the woman behind him.

“None of you know what you’re doing anyway.” She spat back.

Laura was now cradling Johnny’s head in her lap. He was coming to. His first sight was her smiling down at him with a few tears in her eyes.

“Is Yvette ok?” he asked first when his head cleared.

“Oh, baby.” she bent and kissed his forehead. “She’s fine. What happened?”

John conveyed the story of what he knew, right after Yvette yelled, something cracked him in the head and his world went black. Yvette confirmed it and told Laura how John fought to get her free and then she screamed for Bianca.

“My baby’s a hero.” Laura smiled and kissed him deeply as he still lay in her lap.

“We should go to the Emergency room to have that lump looked at.” Bianca suggested. “I’m done here tonight, anyway.”

They all went to the hospital and John was given an OK by a doctor but suggested he be observed through the night. They all traveled to Bianca and Yvette’s place. It was an apartment but had a second bedroom. Laura had him tucked into the double bed and she sat next to him, cuddling him and stroking his head.

“You should never let me go to the bathroom, Mistress.” He joked. “It only causes trouble.”

Laura giggled. “It wasn’t your fault this time, Johnny. You were a good, brave boy this time.” She kissed the top of his head. “I’m very proud of you, baby. Once that lump is gone, I’m going to give you something special.”

John smiled and snuggled closer to her thigh. He didn’t care what it would be; it would be from her, whatever it was. Gently he fell asleep.

Bianca and Yvette took a shower together. The electrical tape came off gently with soapy water and her Mistress scrubbed her back and gently down the crack of the pale white girl’s ass. Yvette leaned back into her Nubian Queen. So tall was Bianca that Yvette’s head nestled into those chocolate orbs as the water sprayed her torso. Bianca wrapped her arms around the petite white body. She leaned her head down and kissed Yvette’s head.

“Are you OK, sweet baby?” Bianca said softly.

Yvette smiled and hugged the arms that hugged her. Without a stutter she said, “I knew my Mistress would save me.”

“I’m serious, Yvette. You know what I mean.” Bianca said.

Yvette slowly turned facing her lover and wrapped her arms around the tall woman’s neck. “I know what you mean, Momma, and I’m OK. Your baby girl is OK.” She smiled and then stretched up to kiss her chocolate Amazon Goddess.

Bianca took her kiss and her big hands roamed down Yvette’s back, one hand gripping the sweet slave’s ass, then giving it a resounding “Smack”. Yvette just smiled still locked in a kiss. Her Mistress knew her and loved her. She was always safe in this embrace. Yvette cocked a leg and was rubbing against her Mistress’s thigh. She palmed a big brown tit, moving her hand against the nipple.

Bianca broke the kiss. “We have guests, baby.” She reminded.

Yvette smiled dreamily at her lover. “Then don’t make me moan so loud,” and pressed her lips back to Bianca’s.

Laura drove John home in the morning and made him sit on the couch while she looked at that bump for the hundredth time. She sat on the arm of her sofa, probing through his hair. It was smaller but still a hard lump.

“Oww, please leave it alone, Mistress.” John said irritated.

Laura tousled his hair. “You were knocked out, Johnny. I want to make sure you are OK…before I give you your present.” She said seductively.

John perked up and forgot about his soar head. “I feel fine, Mistress.” He fibbed.

“Go take a shower, my sweet boy and I’ll get things ready.” She smiled.

John rushed upstairs to the bathroom. He had no idea what they were going to do but he was sure he was going to like it. He tossed off the meager things he was wearing and quickly showered. He thought of soaping up his cock but it was already half hard from the visions going through his imagination. He didn’t want to cum here and then not be able to perform for his waiting Mistress. John toweled off as quickly as he could and then stepped naked into the hallway.

“In here, my good boy.” John heard from Laura’s bedroom.

He walked in the door and Laura stood next to the bed in just the biker vest and her thigh high boots with the tiniest black thong. His eyes were drawn to the cleavage. The leather held her breast tightly together and made a long crevice that then went right in line with the tops “V”. John swallowed, ‘My Mistress is a Goddess’ he thought in wonder of her.

She crooked a finger at him to come to her. “Come here, baby.” She said sweetly and encouragingly.

John moved to her until his cockhead touched her panties. Laura looked down at the evidence of his excitement and smiled at it. She wrapped her arms around her slave and pulled him to her. Gently she nuzzled his ear.

“Do I always excite you like that, my sweet boy?” She whispered.

John’s cock was pressed up between their bellies. “You are a Goddess,” was all he could say.

“Mmm.” She smiled and pulled back then kissed his forehead. “I am going to give you something very special, but first I want my boy to eat.” She kissed him softly. “Are you hungry, Johnny?” she said sultrily.

John nodded and without direction slowly dropped to his knees. He looked up at her adoringly and planted his face between her meaty thighs. His tongue easily ran along the thin material of the thong, pushing it out of the way and holding it with his nose. Laura looked down at her loving boy and gripped his hair for encouragement before spreading wider. In a few months he had become an expert pussy eater. Panties were no obstruction for him. John slid his hands behind her thighs and gripped his Mistress’s round ass, massaging the cheeks as he lapped her sweet juices with his outstretched tongue.

“Go inside, Johnny. Tongue my hole.” She commanded then guided him by his hair.

John loved when she moved him; put him right where she wanted him to be. He could then just concentrate on her aroma, her flavor and the sounds she made that were music to his ears. Laura bent her knees and ground into his face, making his nose mash her clit hard. Laura threw her head back and let her free hand rub across her nipple.

“Get me all wet, good boy.” She said lustfully. “Slurp your Goddess.”

And John did. He made loud noises beneath her. Sucking her lips and folds and at times covering her entire pussy. He wished he had a longer tongue to explore her more deeply. His cock raged between his legs. He wanted to just scoot over and hump her ankle. To rub on any part of his Goddess would have been wonderful as he feed at her juice filled slot. Before he could ask she pulled away from his juice smeared face. Laura was breathing hard and looked flushed.

“Lay on that bed.” She simply commanded and pointed.

John moved like a well trained dog, instantly obeying without question. Laura used John’s own necktie from his neatly folded clothes that he put in the corner Friday night. His eyes were wide but with anticipation, not fear. Laura tied one wrist and put the material through the slatted headboard and then secured the other wrist. She just smiled wide at him as their eyes meet. John’s gaze was locked on her now. Laura played with his lightly haired chest and ran her hand down his belly and then paused as she was about to grip his cock.

“Are you sure you’re up for this?” She teased. “My boy still has quite a lump.”

“Please, Mistress.” He said with urgency. He didn’t know what she was going to do, but he wanted it done.

She bent towards him and kissed him sweetly and softly. “My boy earned this.” She smiled and sat back up with a condom now in her right hand. Laura ripped open the package and scooted back to place it over his rigid cock. Slowly, gently she put it on the head and carefully and deliberately rolled it down, watching his face as she handled his dick. John’s eyes were closed, maybe in concentration.

“Don’t cum now, Johnny.” She cautioned.

John was thinking of baseball and running “rats” in Gym class, anything to calm himself. His lump on his head was throbbing and that helped. He watched as his Goddess stepped over and now straddled him, her knees on either side of his belly. His eyes went from her golden hair and slowly down to her sexy thighs and back up again. ‘Was she going to fuck him?’ John couldn’t believe it. Laura reached between her legs and grabbed his cock and sitting back rubbed its head along her wet slit.

“Johnny, are you my good boy?” She asked and rubbed it again along her lips.

John nodded desperately. “Yes, Mistress.” He almost cried.

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