sensual caressing

Per my request, you enter the room nude. I’ve seen you in your prettiest, your frilliest. Garments designed to accentuate your sexuality, direct and misdirect. But tonight, no tonight is raw, tonight is pure.

I direct you to the bed, asking you to lie on your stomach. You playfully make your way to your destination, sliding coyly across the sheets with your butt and legs presented before me.

I stand over you for a moment, enjoying every scent, surveying every curve. I kneel before the edge of the bed and begin to caress your feet. I massage your arches, playfully tickle your toes. I kiss your ankles, left then right. I stand, hands around your ankles. With a sudden yet measured movement, I slide my hands up the length of your legs until I reach your buttocks. I rest my chest on your backside, lay my head on your back. My brain ignites with exhilaration as it tries to process every smell, every inch of your warm soft skin that is touching mine.

I shift my weight such that my legs are between yours, I sit upright, caressing your thighs, your ass, the small of your back. I lean forward, you feel my breath near your asshole as my mouth settles between your cheeks. A firm kiss. An inch higher. Kiss. A breath, then a kiss, repeated as I journey up your spine. Your belly feels warm. Your inner thighs begin to moisten as I settle on your neck.

I brush your hair aside, nuzzling the left side of your neck, your body pinned beneath my weight. A butterfly kiss. Then another. My mouth opens slightly with each press of my lips. You begin to feel my teeth as I kiss you slightly harder. Kisses become nibbles. Your neck, your shoulder, your ear, from top to lobe. I slide my hand between us, pressing against your vulva. I can feel the intense warmth coming from beneath your pelvis. I locate your clit with my middle finger, first firmly pressing against it, then softly rubbing it in a circular motion. I expand this motion such that I am now rubbing the entrance to your vagina. A soft low purr escapes your lips as I tease your entrance with firm circles. I mean to only tease your hole with slight pressure as my arch my finger toward your vagina, but you are so wet my finger enters you completely.

I recover enough to establish a slow, rhythmic pace as I gently work my finger in and out of your womanhood. Instinctively your legs part slightly, inviting me to do with you as I will. I gently move my finger out of you, sliding my chest across your back, down your butt. I again sit between your legs. I stand, grabbing your ankles and gently leading you to lie on your back. It is then I am greeted with the sight of a woman, wanton and feral. Your eyes wide, your breath shallow, your breasts heaving, your nipples fully erect. I shift forward, my hands on your hips. I lean to kiss you but pause just short. You arch your back and kiss me so passionately I lose my wind for a moment. I move my hand under your spine and embrace you as our lips and tongues kiss, nibble, and nearly consume each other. I raise up, pull you as tight to my chest as I can. I lean to your right ear, brush my lower lip against your earlobe and whisper “I love you”.

From your ear I move down your neck, past your clavicle, between your breasts. I caress my right cheek against your left breast, letting all sensations associated with this experience create a charge at the base of my skull that shoots directly down my spine. I hold my mouth above your nipple, nearly gasping above it as my heart begins to pound in my chest. My lips purse as I take your nipple in my mouth, kneading it, sliding my tongue underneath it as I begin to suck on your tit. You spread your fingers across the base of my skull, sliding up through my hair as you arch slightly and let out a deep, involuntary moan. As I continue to work your left nipple in my mouth, my left hand gently cups your right breast, massaging it softly.

My hand slides down your ribcage to your hipbone. My lips move to the underside of your breast, kissing down your left side. My tongue slides out of my mouth as I taste your belly. Long, lapping motions are shortly replaced by more precise movements across your stomach, belly button and pubic bone.

I sit up, looking into your eyes. I’m looking at the most beautiful disaster I have ever seen and I crack a wry smile as I think of my role in its creation. I ask you softly, “Would you like me to go down on you now?”

You can manage only a meek whimper as you gaze at me longingly while stroking my arm.

I lay on my stomach between your legs. I press the bridge of my nose against your hood and slide upward, inhaling as I move. Fragrances representing your passions and desires fill my lungs as my cock begins to pulse beneath me. I purse my lips around your shaft and slowly begin to suck. Startled by the directness of my approach your spine jerks as you let out a terse yelp.

In response, I relax my mouth and allow my tongue to ease between your lips. My own lips convene around my tongue as I caress and suckle your labia. I rest my nose on your mound as my tongue glides across your perineum to your asshole. Entranced, I begin to intently tongue the orifice, enjoying the distinct sensations of its forbidden fruit.

Satisfied, I slide my mouth back to your vulva, tracing with my tongue paths I had recently trekked with my finger. I feel your opening widen as I start to penetrate you with my tongue. You can feel it inside you, probing, longing. I expertly replace it with my finger. I rigidly begin to massage your g-spot as my tongue begins to circle around your hood once more.

What follows is a constantly fluctuating mix of sensations. I purposely change the rhythm, pace, and motion of my finger as it works your vagina just as I do with my tongue across your clitoris. The combinations of stimuli this creates in your pussy begin to overwhelm you. You feel the familiar pressure in your belly letting you know that nirvana is not far behind. However, this is different. Your toes, knees, palms, nostrils….every inch of your body tenses as I take you to the absolute brink. Sensing your impending release, I forsake my random approach for one steady, throbbing beat. Tongue and finger move in concert. Seizing the moment, your back arches, your toes curl, and your vocal chords erupt in a symphony of ecstasy. A rambling, repeating “Oh my God” is all your brain can muster as nearly every muscle in your body goes limp.

My finger effortlessly glides out of you as I give you one last, very soft kiss on your love button. I slither up your torso and kiss you intently. You mindlessly assault me with your tongue as you are simply overwhelmed by the entire experience and can now only rely on instinct to guide your actions.

Eventually your breath begins to slow. As your senses recover, you roll me on my back and lay on my chest. You caress me, wordlessly thanking me for one of the most incredible sexual experiences of your life. You are the rarest of beings. Woman, satiated.

June 2018
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