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Chapter 26: Athina.

“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”


On his return from Athens, Sam settled back into the smooth quite life within the walls of his property. He found Padme waiting for him, as always; anxious to accompany him to bed where she pampered him; massaged his body and finally a good fuck, the way she knew best. Sam never hesitated; he always showed his duty to her needs, as much as she had done towards him. That night they made special love. She had just cleared her period, a day earlier than normal. She was hot, too hot, waiting for him to be back, so she can take him to bed. A whole week alone was too much for her, roaming around that relaxing place, which Sam had put together since he had moved to the island.

Padme missed him or rather she missed the pleasures of the flesh. Sam was always great in bed and when he got close her body started to react. She masturbated a few times during his absence, trying to satisfy some of that hunger she usually gets into; before and after her periods.

They made wild love, which started from the moment Sam arrived home. They stopped for dinner and then spent the rest of the night fucking, before falling into a deep long sleep in the late hours of the morning. They even dreamed about making love during their restful night. Before breakfast, they attacked each other as they started making love again, which was why they woke up rather late the next day. The weather was not very friendly. Strong cold winds coming over from northern Europe, dominated the island. The rain did not seem it was going to stop, either. According to the latest weather forecasts; which the radio was blasting out of its loudspeaker; the indication was that they had to spend the day inside Sam’s luxurious villa.

After breakfast they returned to Sam’s cosy bedroom, where after they fucked again. Padme gave Sam a must needed massage, complete with a tantric massage to which Padme was the recipient. She went wild as the final touches took place. Sam had fingers roaming inside her vagina with his thumb working on her clitoris.

‘Fuck Sam; please stop…stop. Aaaaahhhhhh Sam pleassse ssttooooppp… stooppp. Stoooppp.’ Her cries to stop and the pressing of her hands against Sam’s hands trying to push them away; were more than enough evidence of what strong orgasms Padme were dominated with.

At last Sam moved his body from between her legs, nestled quickly on his knees between her wide open legs and stuck his manhood as deep as he could inside her vagina. Padme’s body became nothing less than a ball of fire. ‘Fuccckkk meee Sam fuck me; fuck me harder. Yessssss. Saamm fuck meeee.’

She continued to cry and shout, while she hugged Sam’s body against her’s. Sam made love to her slowly during which, Padme’s body was out of control. Sam controlled his body well and managed to stay calm while he enjoyed multiple orgasms before he was about to empty his load inside her well lubricated tube, but he decided to save it for later.

They both; enjoyed strong orgasms and while they continued to immerse themselves in them, Sam continued to fuck her until Padme had a huge orgasm to which Sam had contributed greatly. The final, was a combined orgasm when both Sam and Padme came together. There was a huge cry which came out as the two exploded simultaneously. They remained connected for many moments after; enjoying that incredible combined orgasm. The satisfaction of that, could last for more than a few hours.

More of those were enjoyed during the rest of the days until Christmas day. Sam and Padme started preparing themselves for the Christmas festivities. They made a list and from a few days earlier went down town to buy all that was needed. They went out shopping together, trying to get everything in one go. Even though they did not need so many things, but they had to choose something nice to give to Athina as a Christmas present.

The only visitors they invited were Prodromos and his daughter Athina. Sam never made any real friends on the island, even though he was respected by many; mostly for his generosity. Naturally he knew a lot of people but he preferred a sort of businesslike situation. After the Christmas lunch Sam and Prodromos settled on a sofa within the walls of the sitting room, while Padme took Athina on a walk round the garden.

Prodromos; immediately he found himself comfortably alone in Sam’s company, he addressed him about some issues that were hurting deep inside his heart; ‘Sam, as you already know how I feel, I must add… that my weeks on this earth are numbered.’

‘What are you saying Prodrome? Nobody knows that, except; maybe one.’ Sam answered.

‘Sam, I need a favour; a great favour I need and a promise. I know I’m going to put a huge responsibility, but I have none other than you whom I can trust to really lift such duty.’ Prodromos talked with a wounded heart.

‘Whatever it is, it would never be so hard. I take it a duty to a friend in need. I think I can handle anything you like to ask.’ Sam answered.

‘I’m very worried about the future of Athina. After I pass away into the next, my nephew will tear her to pieces. Not only that, Sam; remember, we knew each other not for a long time; but since you came to live next door, I immediately knew that I had a respectable neighbour. Please look after my Athina … when I leave. I want you to promise me, that you will take my place, and treat her as if she were your own daughter. She’s a good girl, Sam. Please promise me.’ He begged.

Prodromos started to cry. He could not hold his emotions anymore. He knew that the days he had available on this planet, were numbered.

‘I promise you that “I will”; not only that, but I will make sure she will do not be in need of anything. I guarantee that she will be part of my family. Does Athina know about your condition?’ Sam asked.

‘Probably she knows something, but not enough. She found my pills I kept hidden and she checked with somebody. We never discussed it. Probably we never wanted to hurt each other.’ Prodromos answered.

‘Best way is to take the rest of your days, weeks or months, easy. I will promise you, whenever it happens; I take care of everything, without any reservations. Athina does not need to do anything, and again, I promise that she will be as happy as if she was living with you.’ Sam assured Prodromos.

Sam was sure, that he had convinced his neighbour. Sam promised him that he was going take care of his daughter and of any problems that may arise. What Sam promised, he would sure, will honour.

By the time the ladies were back, Prodromos had fallen asleep on the sofa with a smile on his face. The assurances Sam promised, became evident, with that smile. Sam felt relaxed but he did not fall asleep, especially when he knew that Padme and Athina were going to be back soon from their garden tour.

When they arrived they went into the kitchen where they prepared some coffee while Sam stayed close to Prodromos. When they enjoyed a coffee and also took a couple of cups for Sam and Prodromos Padme and Athina left the gentlemen to enjoy their relaxation. The two ladies went to the empty bedroom where Padme started to show Athina the clothes Sam had ordered for her.

‘Are these for me?’ She whispered in astonishment. ‘These are too many Padme.’

‘Sam knew precisely what you needed and how many, so don’t hurt him. I think you better try them, as Sam made some agreement that if you want to change something, you can freely do so. Please don’t worry, if you do need to change any, I will come with you.’ Padme explained.

Athina tried some of the clothes like the jeans and the blouses, but not the underwear. Everything fitted precisely not too tight, but just right. Padme noticed that she looked so very elegant in the ones she tried.

‘Do you like the underwear?’ Padme asked, as she was watching every step Athina was doing.

‘I think I feel embarrassed; Sam bought me so many things and I did not bring anything.’ Athina said, feeling rather down with embarrassment.

‘Don’t be; Sam expects nothing back, maybe, just a simple thanks. I think that it will be more than enough.

‘Thanks for everything. What you bought is really nice, and I promise you, I will greatly treasure them. Thanks again.’ Athina put her hands around Padme’s neck and after she hugged her she gave her two kisses one on each cheek.

‘Athina, if something happens don’t bother to call. I’m always around and very rarely go away, so any problems that may arise, you know the number.’

‘Yes I have the numbers, thanks. I will sure do, especially now. I’m very worried about Dad. I know that he is not very well, and I am expecting something really bad happening, maybe sooner than later. The big problem is that he never told me anything, even when I tried to ask.’ Athina confided her problems with Padme.

‘Anything that’s happens, Sam will help. So just call.’ Padme insisted.

When the two ladies joined the males Athina not only thanked Sam for the nice clothes, but she also hugged him and gave him a kiss. Sam was pleased and he assured her that the presents were coming from their hearts.

They continued talking about local subjects, but the health condition of Athina’s father was never mentioned. Padme prepared teas and coffees which they enjoyed, but the time was passing and both Prodromos and Athina ended staying for the evening meal. After they had enjoyed the evening meal together, Sam gave them a lift back home, even though they live quit close. Prodromos looked very fragile and Athina was right that she was worried.

Sam invited Prodromos and Athina again for the New Year’s lunch. He also invited Antonis and his girl friend Adriana. Sam was very interested to get to know who Antonis young lady was. Prodromos and Athina had to leave after New Year’s Lunch as he was not feeling really well. Sam drove them back to their home and stayed with them for about an hour so he makes sure that everything was ok. Athina thanked him again for inviting them for New Year’s Lunch and for the help he was giving them.

When he returned, Antonis was about to leave as his girl friend’s auntie Irene with whom she lived, was very strict. She was scarred that they do something which could have a lot of repercussions, not to mention embarrassments. Therefore a few minutes after Sam arrived back, they left.

Padme together with Sam, they went to his bedroom where they spent some time making love. It was great, but Sam’s mind was not totally there. He was worried about Athina and mostly about her father’s health. He looked far worse than he was on Christmas day.

Lydia had called at Christmas and also at New Year. She had not yet moved in the new apartment Sam had given her, but she neither had told her mother nor her father about the apartment. She promised that she would tell her mother after the next semester starts when she intended to move.

Lydia could not resist not staying away; therefore she had visited the apartment a few times. On one occasion, she even told her mother that she was going to sleep with one of her friends. She also took some books, maybe she could do some work, but she just rolled herself on the main bed and masturbated herself, while she dreamed about her biological father and the many times they made love; especially that particular day when they did not yet knew about their family connection. For her, it was the greatest day when Sam took her cherry and she found out that he was her biological father.

Lydia spent a lot of time walking from one room into another, while trying to believe that, that luxurious apartment was actually hers’. She read the contract a few times, but just the same she could not believe she had signed it herself. Many times she wondered what her mum was going to say when she tells her. She even wondered what would; she may say when she finds out that it actually belongs to her daughter.

Days passed and the news about the apartment became known. Lydia had to tell something to her mother before she actually find out. She did not want her to know from behind her back, so she decided to be the one to break the news. She even took her on a tour of the luxurious apartment.

Her mother could not hide her amazement at the luxurious fittings and furnishings. Without telling her daughter, she wondered how many times her brother will be fucking her daughter, but she never asked. She did not even know that her brother had told his daughter, or better his niece, that the end of making love together, had arrived.

Sam’s sister called and although she was proud with what her brother had done by making such an apartment available to her daughter so she could have her own privacy; she was not so happy to loose her daughter, even though she knew that she frequently she sleeps away at one of her friends’ apartments. She thanked him for his generosity but just the same she expressed her reservations that she did not like, that her daughter will live alone, even though it was time to have more privacy. She preferred that she stayed close to her mother rather than she sleeps away. She like to hold some control on with whom she shared her bed.

The first weeks of January were hectic. Antonis was working on the Gardner’s lodge which needed some refurbishing especially after it was used to store the olives, before they were delivered for oil pressing. There was enough work round the garden which sure could be finished before Antonis will go back to his normal job.

Sam had visited Prodromos on daily basis, especially when he became bed ridden after a week from the first day of the year. Sam even tried to help Athina not only in handling her father but also with the animals which became a burden. She became worried day after day until at last he fell in a coma.

That was the last straw. She was devastated. Sam arranged a fast transfer and within a couple of hours he was in a hospital connected to a number of monitors. From that first night Sam took Athina home with him and offered her to sleep in one of the bedrooms.

That first night was the worst. Sam together with Padme spent most of the night awake, with Athina expecting to receive some positive news from the hospital. But the good news did not come. They waited and waited with Sam trying to comfort her that at last Athina became so tired that Padme had to help her to move to the designated bedroom, where she slept just for a very few hours.

The following day passed without any positive results. Sam and Athina visited her father immediately after she had fed the animals. They visited her father three times during that day. Sam had found out, that there was no hope. Prodromos heart was failing slowly and the doctor on duty informed Sam that they were expecting that in the next few days he will be gone.

Sam never told Athina, even though she had also lost all hope. After the third night and following a visit to her father after feeding the animals, Sam and Athina discussed her father’s condition.

‘Sam, sorry for all the trouble, but I don’t think I could have handled this situation by myself.’ Athina became very conscious of the help Sam had offered until then.

‘I’m here for you, so don’t try to do anything on your own. Your father was conscious of what was coming. He told me everything and I promised him, that I will take care of everything. I remember that; that day I had made him very happy.’

‘Thanks Sam; so my dad knew that he was close?’ Athina asked.

‘Yes he knew and he told me on Christmas day, that his days are numbered.’ Athina eyes blocked with tears as she started to cry like a baby. Sam put his hand on her shoulder and tried to say some comforting words to encourage her, but the outcome was going to be too hard for her, especially after all these years they lived together.

‘What do I have to do now? When mum passed away I was too young to understand.’

‘You have to do nothing. I will do everything as I promised your father.’ Sam answered.

‘So dad discussed everything with you. What about the animals, the garden and whatever?’ Athina was scarred. ‘Dad used to do everything; I mean even handing the administrative problems.’

‘Now just relax. There is one thing your dad had asked me to do.’

‘What?’ Athina asked. ‘Sorry Sam it was just the excitement, worries. I don’t know. I’m scared.’

‘Don’t be. First; I promised your father that I will help you to clear any problems that might come around, including financial. The second; it is something you have to decide yourself. I cannot do it for you. I cannot take that decision myself on your behalf. OK.’

‘What do you mean Sam? Why do I have to take such a decision by myself; and maybe not the two of us, together?’ She asked.

‘Your father, when you were here on Christmas day, he had asked me to take his place; as a subordinate father. Therefore it is a decision which you may have to decide on whether you like accept me as your father or not, including, that you will be ready to live here with us and not on your own. I’m not saying that you have to do exactly what I say. You will be free, but at least, here you won’t be on your own in a huge place like that.’ Sam tried to put lenient words to encourage her that she will be well looked after.

She looked at Sam a couple of times while thinking, or better analyzing the proposal. She took more time until at last she stood up, put her hands around Sam neck while she cried as the kisses never seemed to stop flowing.

Sam stood up and hugged her like if it was his daughter. ‘Thanks dad. I have no idea how I will ever thank you.’

‘No need of thanks sweetie. I will be proud being your dad. I hope you liked the set up here and also your bedroom.’

‘Thanks dad. My dad will never forget what you had done for him and now fore me. If I loose one I’m going to have a second.’ She hugged him and kissed him so many times, while tears never stopped trickling down her cheeks.

Before they went to visit her father they went to feed the animals. When they arrived at the hospital the situation had more than worsened. One of the attendees told Sam what they were expecting, that probably he won’t last the night. His heart was faltering slowly and probably death was slowly closing in. Whatever happened; Sam left a message to inform him, if he worsens.

When he explained the latest situation, Athina decided that she will stay close by her father until he passes into eternal life. Sam accepted her decision and stayed with her until a few minutes after midnight the last breath was taken.

They went home. Athina’s heart was broken. She cried even though she was dead tired. She tried to sleep, but she could not. When she felt dead tired she surrendered. It was as the sun was coming up. Sam stayed close until he noticed that she was asleep. He made a couple of telephone calls to arrange for the funeral and get some information of how he had to handle the situation.

It took Athina two weeks before she started to accept what had happened. Sam went to help her with the animals, both in the morning and in the evening until on the third week she asked Sam to help her sell the sheep, the couple of goats and the pigs. What was left were the chickens, the rabbits and the pigeons which they did not need much work, to keep them.

When Athina had accepted her fate, her happy face returned. The collaboration between Padme and herself became very friendly and together they looked after Sam’s place and also joined Athina, helping her around her house.

Sam, when the weather was right he went fishing with Antonis. They always managed to catch enough fish which could last a few weeks. By early March Athina became family. Her new dad was everything. He gave her all the support she needed along the way, to help her come out of the depression after the loss her father. Sam paid all the expenses and she had no idea what that funeral did cost, including the memorial tombstone on the grave. She just thanked Sam and was very proud of what he had done towards her father’s passing away.

It was Mid March when Sam went back to Athens for the normal visit, to survey what was going on within his company. It was always good to show up and check the normal things, discussions and plans for the future.

Back at the villa just a few hours after Sam had left for Athens Padme and Athina settled themselves in the dining room.

‘As you know, Sam had gone to Athens and probably he will be there for a whole week; maybe even a day or two more, depending on the work he has to attend to. As you may already know I will be gone back to my family, probably middle or late August.’ Padme was trying to explain some important things she wanted Athina to know and get used to.

‘Will that change anything; I mean from the way we are living here together?’ Athina rather shocked, asked.

‘It may and it may not. I know that Sam loves you a lot and treat you as you know, like if you was his own daughter. I have nothing to complain, because Sam gave me a new life. I was treated nearly like a queen; but Sam was always the adventurous type.’ Padme was trying to be cautious the way she wanted to express herself. She wanted to explain to Athina who Sam really was, in reality.

‘I’m not sure where this conversation is going. I know Sam had an active live with different women. Everybody knows that. I also know that frequently you go to him, too.’ Padme’s face had turned rather red as she thought that Athina did not know.

Since Athena became part of the family, Padme became very cautious when she crawled towards Sam’s bed. Most times she attended to her, and Sam’s needs. She always did that, when Athina had gone to feed the few animals that were still roaming around the garden, such as rabbits, chickens and pigeons, or she stayed and done some other work in the garden.

‘Padme, I know Sam respects me a lot and I know that he loves me as a daughter, but I have no right to interfere in his personal life or better his intimate life. His personal needs, only he knows what he likes and the same about you. My personal interest is that I am very happy that I accepted him as my dad; but I want him to be as happy and that includes you.’

‘Thanks Athina.’ Padme hugged Athina and then she continued. ‘I thought you were going to despise me after you found out what we were doing.’

‘I never do that, I promise. To tell you the truth I wondered how you were not sleeping with Sam, but one day I came early and when I was coming in, I saw you both naked on the bed, doing what supposed to happen naturally. Curiously I stayed a few minutes hiding behind a curtain. I can say I became agitated and then I went back to my place.’ Athina explained.

‘I’m sorry.’

‘Don’t be. I told you, I became you know, agitated. By the time I arrived there I became so wet I wanted to do something… you know, touch myself… something I rarely done. I put my hand between my legs without even taking any of my clothes off. Then I pressed my legs tight together until my body exploded. Remember Padme, I’m not made of stone. There is hot blood flowing in my veins.’ Athina declared.

Padme was somewhat shocked with what she had just heard. What information she may have had about Athina’s way of living was of a quite girl who had done nothing more except, that she had dedicated her life to her father.

‘Padme please, whatever you want to tell me or teach me don’t be scarred, whatever you have in mind. I like to learn and I also understand the needs of the body. Please come straight to the point and don’t beat around by the bush.’

‘….Emmm… sorry I didn’t want to hurt you, you know… seeing you around being so quite, happy… I was scarred, I was wondering from where I could start. I’m pleased that you see me in a different way from what I was wondering.’ Padme carefully tried to explain.

Athina stood up and walked towards where Padme was sitting. First she hugged her and then… ‘Give me your hand?’ Athina took her hand and put it between her legs before she closed them together. ‘Can you feel the heat and the flowing liquid which had wetted my panties?’ Athina asked as she pressed her thighs harder together with her skirt settled on Padme’s hand, exposing Athina’s beautiful shapely legs.

‘Yes you must be really hot.’ Athina continued to press her thighs harder together while she moaned. A flush of sexual energy circulated within her blood veins, like which she had never felt before. Her new life started to awake and she knew that she was going to need all the help she could get, to fill those empty gaps.

When her orgasm started to wear off, Athina opened her legs and let Padme’s hand free. It was all wet with her hot sexy fluids. Padme lifted her hand, first she smelled it, then she tasted Athina’s smelly extractions as she erotically used her tongue and collected as much as she could.

Athina just watched. She was becoming hotter and hotter. She wanted to go to her room, seal the door and do what she could say something she never did… masturbate. She had tried. She knew where she wanted to touch; but she always wondered that, that belonged to a charming prince who would come and offer her, his love.

‘Padme, whatever you want to tell me, please do so without any reservations. I want to learn and I will be pleased that after you leave I can please Sam in some ways, but there will always be some reservations. I’m not ready to loose that special item; you know what I mean, which makes a decent woman. Otherwise I’m open to anything.’

‘Athina, there are a few things which Sam had ordered and there are others which I want to tell you myself. Let me start from the worst. Please don’t take it that I want to impose anything. Please hear me and then make your own decisions. Sam is not what people think. Women sometimes despise him for reasons which they think are not right and men become jealous because they could not enjoy Sam’s life with women around him.

‘First,’ Padme continued; ‘behind your back I made an appointment with the doctor so that you will protect yourself if ever you want to enjoy sex with somebody. I also left a reservation that we may not show up. Then Sam had left me a lot of Euros to spend them on clothes. He wants you to change a little bit the way you dress.’

‘What do you mean Padme? I can’t understand?’ Don’t I dress well?’ Athina asked.

‘No sweetie, you dress very well and even Sam is very proud of you. But, I think Sam like to see you, maybe more attractive to the eye. Sam loves clothes. He dresses very elegantly. So, I think he wants you to be dressed better and look more elegant.’

‘Ohhh. I never thought he takes so much care, I mean that he notices everything.’

‘Yes he does and more than you think; he notices every detail. He wants that you will have a total new wardrobe, from your underwear to the top. So better we start this afternoon. We go down town and start evaluating what there is. We don’t need to buy anything today you know; we have a whole week.’ Padme explained.

‘What time is the doctor’s appointment? Did Sam order it?’ Padme’s face flushed.

Athina noticed Padme’s embarrassment. ‘Don’t be. I will keep the appointment as I know that you wish me well. When one gets too close to the fire…’ Athina did not continue. Padme relaxed and felt relieved. She never expected that Athina was such an understanding woman.

After they arrived in town they started to visit the different shops, starting from casual wear from where they chose a couple of pairs of jeans which fitted Athina perfectly; especially those rather longish legs while her round bums fitted tightly. She looked sexier than ever, she had ever been. They bought blouses and dresses; items which Sam had specifically mentioned to Padme and which insisted that he liked to see Athina wearing them. Padme declined to mention anything about what Sam’s desires were.

Athina was pleased with what she bought. She had taste and while Sam wanted to see her better dressed, she was not going to decline his perceptions of how he wanted her to look. Sam always had tastes and none the less when he had such a beautiful lady living within his household. He knew that he was being very discreet and more than that, he wanted to respect her sentiments and her privacy. She was special.

The visit to the doctor, who happened to be a female, went well. They chatted and a few light jokes followed while she was examining Athina, especially when extracting a few tubes of blood. She was very cautious and wished Athina the best she wanted. ‘You are very healthy my dear. Probably by Wednesday I will have all the results, but better if you come again on Thursday at about the same time. The tests are just, routine. Don’t forget a small bottle of yellowish liquid.

‘What do you mean?’ Athina asked. The doctor looked at her and immediately she realized what she wanted. They both smiled at each other and after she paid, they left.

The last visit was to the ‘Private Shop’. There; there was everything a young woman desired from the most decent underwear to the most provocative. First, they spent more than half an hour getting acquainted with what there was on display. Although Athina had always bought her own undies, she had never visited the latest shops which had popped up in the recent months.

She walked around the miscellaneous displays of all kinds of colours, sizes and some of the most erotic underwear including night dresses, the like of which she had never seen before. They went around the display at least another couple of times, acquainting themselves with what there were within the rather erotically decorated shop. Athina fascinated herself with the way the display was presented and lit. She had taste.

As Athina started to pick the first items which were the classic type, but with modern colours and styles, which like them she had never owned; tingles between her legs started to erupt. She felt sex hot liquids flowing; she became excited and started to get wetter. She wondered what was next.

Since that morning she felt feelings she never felt the like, before. She was wondering what actions she had to take. She did not even bring a pad with her, just in case, but she never wondered what was on display. She started to feel uncomfortable. The only consolation was; she was whom she was wearing a skirt, rather than a tight pair of jeans.

With Padme watching, Athina chose an array of different types and colours, sexy provocative See Through G-stings, a couple of French Knickers and even the classic briefs. While making the choices she wondered what Sam would be thinking. She knew, that he had a say in what she was choosing; but finally she decided what she did not want or if she was not ready to expose her inner feelings. She was sure that Sam was going to get some feedback; from Padme of course.

She tried the night dress. She chose shorties and full length, but also as revealing as they could. There were sexy ones too and most of all with the colours that made her body look exciting, and provocative. She wanted Sam to want her. She wanted to torment him, not because she hated him, but because a small flame had already started to burn in her heart.

Athina knew Sam’s ideas about marriage; tying himself to one single woman was never on his agenda. She knew that he was; just scarred of being tied to one woman. Her assumption was; that once he was successful in many ways, he was scarred that he may fail. The thought in her mind while picking those daring clothes made her hotter and hotter. She felt her love juice crawling along her inner thighs. She started to panic.

She walked towards the shop owner. ‘Can I use the toilet please?’

‘No problem.’ She guided her towards where the door was. Athina entered and relaxed. It was a full bathroom, rather spacious, complete with everything like if it was on show. The room itself was very clean with a sexy sort of erotic smells. The smell of the burning exotic gasses increased her hot feelings. After she settled herself to relieve her bladder, she noticed one of those, burning itself slowly on a small shelf high up.

She took her time. She relaxed again and then with the use of some toilet paper she started to clean between her legs from around her inner thighs. Before she left, she packed her pussy with loads of toilet paper. There was also a small bottle of perfume of which she used a little; at least she could change the atmosphere a little bit.

Very relaxed, Athina continued with her choices, and the worries she had she had eliminated them. She was back to her normal self, happy and looking forward. She conferred with Padme about the choices, with which she put an extra couple of short dresses, otherwise the order looked complete.

Before the bill was presented, they took another look around the shop during which they discovered a door which was slightly shut. As Athina opened the door outwards the light automatically came on. It was a rather small room with the walls covered with mirrors with a darkish coloured background. There were many items hanging on shelves and on stands. Everything seemed mixed together.

As Athina stepped inside with Padme in tow, she was shocked. At first she wondered what they were, but soon she realized that whatever there was on display, looked shocking. They were nothing more than aids to relieve sexual frustrations. Although Athina had never heard about such devises, she quickly realized that maybe they were needed by some part of the female society. There were some which probably were used by males such as penis enlarging pumps. There were porn DVD’s and literature, such as books and magazines.

They took some time evaluating what there was for sale. All types of different replicas of the male organ, some with batteries, others without. Both ladies were becoming energised. Athina adapting herself well to the modern world did not feel that embarrassed, neither with the toys nor with certain types of belts, chains and the other materials which she thought that they were used to enjoy the pleasures of pain, while their bodies were punished or beaten with the different types of whips.

They spent some more time evaluating what was there for sale. The most disturbing were the aids to initiate pain, while re the sex toys, they both realized without even saying a word, were items which maybe can help some of the community. At last the owner walked slowly towards them as politely as she could, she asked if they needed any help.

‘Well; we were just curious.’ Athina answered. ‘We had never seen anything like this, especially me. Do people use these objects, what you call them, toys?’

‘Well, most times they are ordered through the internet and we just send them discreetly. There are some who like you become curious, but most time they get them discreetly, and as discreetly they collect them after we prepare them. For some they are a relief, for others it’s the curiosity of what they can do.’ The owner explained.

Athina and Padme accepted the explanation. Then Padme asked about massage oil, to which the owner referred them to a shop close by, which was dedicated to the beauty of the female body.

The bill was quite high. Athina was shocked, but she made no comments. Padme paid the bill and when they were out in the street, she told her that there were still more Euros left, if Athina needed something else. The answer was in the negative. From there they went to the last shop they had on their list where there was an assorted collection of beauty items, not only for women but also for males. From there they bought the massage oils and a few packs of gases with different smells.

When they arrived home, even though they hired a taxi, they were exhausted. Athina went straight to the bathroom, where after she relieved herself she soaked herself in a hot bath. She laid there in the hot soapy water thinking about the clothes she bought. They were a dream come true. She tried to avoid her mind from sliding away towards all the sex toys and the other stuff which she never thought they ever existed. Athina never thought there were people who use such items to pleasure their bodies or to enhance sexual pleasure. And what about those items which causes pain on the body? For Athina they were the strangest things she ever came across.

They were both dead tired. Soon after they had dinner, they relaxed for a short time before they went to their individual bedrooms. Athina spent time thinking and seeing nothing more in her eyes, than those toys. Many times she felt itches down between her legs. She tried to abandon them, forget them, but not until she put her hand between her legs. She could not resist not opening them, just wide enough. She started to massage between those hot pussy lips where she had the itching.

She felt cheated by her own body. A few times she had to give in, more in curiosity rather than in need. That day, she felt there was the need. She became scarred. She was going to betray her principles, those principles she believed in. She thought very hard… trying to find a way out. She thought and thought, analysed whether she should pleasure her body and relieve the tension, or not.

She thought about Padme in the other room. Was she masturbating? Will she go and sleep with her? One question after another and finally all the answers were bad. She had to do something. Her right hand was jammed against her pussy and squeezed between her thighs. Every now and then she moaned. The gusset was drenched as was her hand. She continued thinking. She wanted an answer. At last there was relief.

With her closed eyes she saw Sam’s handsome face. It was flowing inside her like a dream. Above all, he was the one who protected her, gave her a place where she could be safe and never showed any desire or took advantage of her. She was flowing over the clouds as she opened her legs and pulled her hand; until her fingers, found her clitories. With the pointing finger she started to massage the little nubile. She even wished she had Padme’s lips between her legs, suckling on her cascading juices.

The smell from between her legs was intoxicating. A few times with the fingers of her left hand she collected some of the flowing love juice and slowly brought it up to her nose. Then she pushed her fingers into her mouth, enjoying the tastes of nature’s produce.

Her body started to vibrate. Her fingers kept the pace as she continued to masturbate, sometimes a finger got too close to her virgin opening, which she definitely wanted to protect, at any cost. With her left hand still sticky with the liquids she had messed it with, she was squeezing one of her nipples, sometimes as hard as she could; while between her legs the heat was multiplying faster and faster.

At last she cried, a cry like she never had ever had cried before. Her body trembled. She felt Sam pushing his manhood for the first time inside her vagina. A flush of liquid flew out of its natural source. Everywhere was wet, including the underneath bed cover. The cries and the moans continued. She was shouting. The sounds were high.

Padme thought something had happened. She got out of bed and ran towards Athina’s bedroom. She found her there in the middle of the double bed soaked, not only in sweat but also in her hot sexy juices. She wanted to ask Athina what happened; but she made one plus one and knew precisely what had happened.

Padme got next to her in bed and hugged her. As she got closer to Athina she realized how wet the area where her bums were; it was totally drenched. Padme took her in her arms and hugged her. She kissed her on the cheeks and started to comfort her, until that moment when she felt her relaxing.

‘What happened?’ Padme asked.

‘It’s embarrassing. It never happened to me.’ Athina answered.

‘Tell me?’

‘As soon as I got under the covers my body wanted something. I was exited; sexually excited… like never before. I don’t know. Was it the toys I saw; the clothes I chose, you know, for me it was artificial to touch myself while thinking about such artificial things. Then, I relaxed with my closed eyes. I was still fighting the idea of touching myself… masturbating. Then I saw Sam’s face with that smile. I was relieved. I had my hand pressed tight between my thighs, smashed against my vagina. When I moved it, I opened my legs and started touching myself. It felt so good that I thought I had been doing it every day. With my hand there, I dreamed about Sam coming to save me, but at last my body could not take any more. I exploded. Liquids drenched everywhere between my legs. I was shocked. I never felt such an orgasm with so much liquids flowing out, I think it came out of my vagina.’

Padme was as shocked. Athina tried to stand up, but Padme hugged her until she felt Athina relaxing. It was then that she finally stretched herself and started to get off the bed. She wanted to evaluate the situation after what had happened. Both women got off the bed. The nightdress she was wearing was mostly wet, her panties and a rather large area including the mattress were all wet.

Athina was devastated. She felt embarrassed. She asked herself if it was natural. What she would do if she ever marries. She had a problem. She asked questions to Padme and herself. No answer came except that she seemed that she was not the only one.

Padme comforted her. She started to clean the mattress while the rest were already in the washing machine. ‘I think you should sleep in Sam’s bed.’ Padme recommended.

‘I never dreamed I ever sleep in my master’s bed.’ Athina answered.

‘You better have a quick shower and sleep.’ Padme said. Athina did not think twice. She was tired, nearly exhausted, especially after that orgasm which rocked her entire body.

The next morning she felt elated. She opened her eyes finding a streak of light coming in through a window. She relaxed, then she rolled herself enjoying the heat of her body radiating out, from under the covers. Those morning moments she always loved, although she rarely enjoyed. Since she moved to Sam’s place she had more time to pamper herself under the covers; Sam was never out so early. She spent some time evaluating those moments, when she was empowered by such a huge orgasm.

She thought. She tried to remember if at any time it happened the few times she touched herself. She remembered that some of those times when she touched herself it was just curiosity. She wanted to find out if what young women like her do, to pleasure their bodies. She remembered once, that when she was touching herself, the orgasm she had, was outstanding, but she don’t remember that she ever wetted everything underneath her. Her final decision was that she would try it again; maybe even with Padme around.

The sun was already up when she crawled from under Sam’s bed covers. Sam’s bed felt strange when she started to get out. She felt Sam’s spirit there wondering, if Sam will ever ask her…???

By the time she had breakfast, Padme had cleaned her bedroom, the covers were already hanging to dry and the mattress was outside in the sun. There was also a healthy breakfast waiting in the dining room.

After breakfast both ladies had a talk about what happened the previous evening. Therefore, they decided to make a plan to try and find out if it was just a onetime occasion, or it will occur every time Athina will be controlled by a strong orgasm.

After lunch they started the first experiment. Athina naked as the day she was born was lying on her back in the middle of Padme’s one of the single beds, her legs wide open. Padme crawled between her legs and started to lick and suck on her clitoris. Within minutes Athina became quite hot and soon she started to enjoy her first pre-meditated orgasm. She did not try to control herself, but she let everything to go, enjoy whatever her body gave back.

Athina moaned and cried as Padme continued to eat her and roll her tongue around her clit. The more Athina moaned and cried the more she let herself go. Her body was nearly uncontrollable as she was going wild on the bed. Liquids were flowing generously but nothing like what she encountered the previous day.

At last Padme pushed a finger into Athina’s ass. It felt strange, but her body at last was taken over by the great orgasm of the same strength of the previous night. Her body was like fire on the bed. It was trembling. Padme did not stop. Her mouth stayed there while Athina tried to push her mouth away.

Another strong orgasm and Athina nearly passed out. The flood did not come although there was a heavy flow of liquids, especially with the last orgasm. Then Padme pulled her pointing finger out of Athina’s asshole and her mouth away from between her legs. She let her enjoy the aftermath of another fantastic journey to the unknown heavens.

When they were back to normality; Athina felt very happy and satisfied. There wasn’t the same mess of the previous night. She enjoyed every moment of the last encounter. The way her body reacted was something which she could not believe she had done, especially with another woman. She never thought she will ever let a woman so close to her private parts, let alone suck and lick her most private and precious part of her body.

Later on in the afternoon Padme started to teach Athina how to massage another person. Being smart as she was, she learned very quickly and managed to control her inhabitations about being naked in the company of another person, especially a woman.

She let Padme do her part which she had enjoyed while she felt her body relaxing especially following the body to body massage. After Padme played her part then Athina replaced Padme and administered the body to body massage on Padme. The results were encouraging. She was a very quick learner.

The following day they administered the tantric pussy massage and the results were the phenomenal. Athina was a very good student. The orgasms were incredible, especially the way Athina administered the clitoris/G-spot massage on Padme’s body. Although she had never touched her G-spot, she very quickly spotted the target, inside Padme’s vagina.

Athina could not believe, but how relieved she became when she sent Padme into the heavens with the Tantric massage. She was as satisfied as when Padme administered the tantric massage without enjoying the pleasures of the G-spot massage. She kept her part of the agreement as Athina wanted to be a virgin on her wedding night.

During the last hot sessions it seemed that although the flow of love juice which flowed out of Athina’s vaginal tube was far from normal, but it was nothing extraordinary. There was a good amount that flowed, but Padme had not only enjoyed the taste but licked every drop that Athina had produced.

The rest of the day passed sweetly. They decided to give a three day moratorium to find out what would happen. On the appointed day they visited the doctor. There was nothing wrong with Athina’s health. Everything was perfect including all the blood tests and the results from the yellow liquid. The doctor explained about the pill, and gave her all the information she needed to know.

They bought some more things including enough pills for three months. Nobody mentioned the pill when Sam was back, but Athina thanked Sam for the clothes he had wanted her to buy. She not only thanked him, but gave him a dozen kisses on each cheek.

The day after he returned he took Athina down town with him. He even invited Padme, but she preferred to stay home and get the place as clean as always. When they arrived, first they stopped at a driving school. Athina was rather shocked, but Sam introduced her to the owner and made sure that the instructor will call for her about eight the next morning, starting the following day. He ordered him to give her a two hour driving lesson every day which wasn’t the norm.

‘Sam please; slow down. We offer lessons of one hour each session, three times a week.’ The School Owner said.

‘I want what I asked for; nothing less. Take it or leave it.’ Business was, what it was, nobody wanted to loose any clients, so he had to do what Sam ordered. They talked and discussed about when the exam takes place. The owner told him that; that can be arranged, depending when you apply for her licence. He also explained that they can arrange something that she would pass on the first sitting. ‘You know what I mean Sam?’

Sam Jumped. ‘No monkey business. Either she knows how to drive or no licence.’

‘If you want it that way, do it that way…’ The owner cried. He usually would get part of the dirty part too.

From the driving school he took Athina to a computer shop, one of the best on the island. It also included a school, both as a group as also on individual basis. Athina had already been dreaming about buying one, but she had no idea how to use it.

They went in together and as Sam introduced Athina and himself, he explained what they were thinking of buying. The salesman or better the owner explained the system and what was needed to be complete. The owner showed them the latest equipment on the market including a flat wide screen, internet and all the Windows programs. Sam even asked for authenticity of the programs.

Athena’s ears were wide open, taking in every word that was said. When everything was agreed including arrangement of internet connection, they guaranteed that within, latest two days it will be connected. Finally they promised that they will arrange to deliver and install the whole package by mid week.

Athina was picked up the following Monday, by the driving instructor. After two hours, she was dropped at the computer school where she received her first lesson.

By midweek, she had done great progress, both in her driving as also on the computer, especially on how to use it. For Athina the computer was still an alien but she was doing extremely well. The first lessons were about starting up and how to use the Microsoft programs. The internet browser came later. That same day the equipment was in place in a well ventilated room on top of the bedrooms. Everything was explained to Sam, but he was sure that Athina already knew enough. The suppliers guaranteed that everything was working, including the internet.

When Sam was on the oil rigs he had enough of computers. There, they were extracting valuable information when they were doing seismic surveys, both on land and water which was quite fascinating. They were a different type and Sam had already got fed up analyzing all the information in semi dark small compartments.

When Athina was back and after she had lunch, Sam accompanied her upstairs. There he showed her the installed equipment which with her eyes she was evaluating how much she already knew, from what she had learned. The place she chose was ideal with windows from which she can enjoy some perfect views of parts of the country side but not to mention, enjoy the cool breezes, flowing inland from the sea. There was a small kitchenette as also other facilities including a small bedroom.

‘Thanks dad. You think of everything.’ Athina not only thanked him but hugged him. It was a warm embrace but down there, between her legs, there was already some itching which she tried to restrain. She wondered whether Sam had noticed anything; only hoping that he did not. The time was not yet right.

Athina made great progress with her computer studies. She spent time working on it, sometimes alone, sometimes with Padme. But she was very cautious on how to control herself. There was time for everything and she made sure there were priorities and priorities.

During the next days she started to explore the internet. A couple of hours or so a day on the internet; was more than enough. She had work to do on the computer like the use of the Microsoft packages such as Word, Access and other programs not to forget emails, saving, opening folders and the many other functions.

The days passed quickly and she even got her driving licence on the first try. She felt proud, especially when she proved herself in something she thought she would never ever do.

The last week of April Athina got the shock of her life. On Saturday afternoon a call came from Athens asking Sam to meet an important businessman at Athens airport. It was on a Monday morning. Sam instead, flew into Athens on Sunday afternoon and stayed at a hotel by the airport.

It was after breakfast that Sam waited for his counterpart, whom he expected that he will to be waiting for him from about a few minutes from the agreed arrival of the morning flight from the island. The place where they had agreed to meet was at a pre-mentioned coffee shop. Sam sat on a chair at the coffee shop but nobody showed up. He tried to call on the registered number with his mobile, but the answer he received was; “the number you dialled does not exist”.

Sam was furious. His mobile came to life with Athina crying voice at the other end. He asked her what happened, but he only heard her cries. There were shouting and sounds of big machines working.

When she woke up, as usual after breakfast, she went to her property to relax a little, feed the few hens, rabbits etc. There to her amazement she found a huge bulldozer pushing the outside wall of her garden down while being pushed inside. She was shocked. Then she saw her cousin. He was none other than the one, known as Black Dog of the family. He had already stolen half of her father’s property; the part Sam had bought. That was a god sent, because Sam happened to be a real gentleman.

As soon as her cousin saw her, he started to insult her. ‘Where the hell, are you going, you whore. You got nothing here, at least not anymore. Where is your protector, you bitch? Ahhhh he ran away, eyyy. You are nothing more than a bitch; bitch; bitch. Did he fuck you last night before he left?’

“The devil cried Athina thought.”

She took a deep breath which filled her with courage. ‘You always been the black dog of the family and you will always be. Just relax cousin. You should have been named after the devil and not what parents named you. C-H-R-I-S-T-O-S…? I think maybe today, they realized that they made a big mistake. That dirty tongue you have stuck in your mouth must be longer than that of the, devil’s.’ Athina cried as laud as she could, so the others could hear her.

She walked away while he filled himself with rage. She got Sam on the mobile and in a few words she explained the situation. He was furious, but he asked her to go back home and let him handle everything.

Within less than an hour the police surrounded the area and arrested Christos and summoned his lawyer.

The black Dog, as he was well known within the family circles and whose unfortunate real name was Christos, asked on what grounds he was arrested.

‘You were arrested because you insulted a female with improper words, and that you entered into somebody else’s property, which did not belong to you.’ The inspector explained.

‘That property belongs to my family and I have every right to do with it, as I feel fit.’ Christos answered.

‘The ‘will’, says otherwise. We have a copy here which we just got from the archives; and we were assured that it was the latest one. Do you have a more recent one?’

Christos just shouted. ‘It was that whore who fucked everything and her protector.’

The inspector asked the sergeant to record the last sentence when he referred to Athina as a whore. ‘Be careful what you say. On these words and the many times you had already insulted your cousin, you are going to be prosecuted.’

‘What about my land?’ Christos shouted.

‘Your land!!!, I think that is something which her protector has to decide. Remember; she calls him dad. There is more; you called him; “her protector”. Remember, you have asked him to get to Athens on false pretences and sure it is going to cause you more hassle. I believe, you better shut your big dirty mouth.’

‘She’s nothing more than a fucking whore; a fucking bitch.’ Christos shouted

Comments continued until Sam showed himself up at the lockout, where he discussed the present situation with the inspector. By then Christos seemed that he had calmed down, especially since his lawyers advised him, to better keep his big mouth shut. The penalties for insulting a woman are high.

Sam conferred with the inspector that; that the issue about the insults etc he was not interested how far the police will go about; but the other issue about entering her private property, Sam liked to settle that out of court.

‘Inspector if he will not pay Athina the sum I am about to ask, I will order you to keep him locked up until he pays. I am ready to pay all the expenses involved to keep the bastard locked up.’

‘You know Sam, that, for such a situation we need special permissions from far, far up high. You know what I mean Sam.’

‘Yes I know. Now I want to talk to that Black Dog; isn’t that what they call him.’

‘Permission granted.’ The inspector took Sam to the lock out where he left them to settle their problems.

Sam set on a chair far enough that if Christos put his hand out, he would not hit him.

‘Are you enjoying yourself?’ Sam asked.

‘Fuck you Mr Playboy. Wasn’t it enough that you fuck every woman that comes your way?’

‘That’s why everybody respects me. I never took advantage of any of them; they knew precisely what they wanted and new also the consequences. I’m proud, because they seduced me and not the other way round. If you were a woman during those periods, you may had been lucky and tried your luck.’

‘Fuck you Sam!’

‘Unfortunately it is not something I cherish. I prefer the other… you know what I mean?’

‘Let’s cut the shit. I want out of here, now or?’

‘It’s very easy to say so. I have no jurisdiction to settle or better, have a say in what the police are going to do; what action and how they are to going or on what grounds they are going to persecute you.

‘Fuck the police; this is Greece.’

‘But this is an island and here we won’t tolerate that type of shit, which as you have indicated, is tolerated elsewhere. You are in the wrong place at the right time. This is today’s price… listen well. Half a million Euros to be deposited by tomorrow before the banks close. Listen well… in Athina’s account… and which account the manager had already been advised to have it ready by bank opening; first thing in the morning.’

‘Did I hear well?’

‘Yes, fortunately you heard well. You have less than twenty hours to do so. To be precise first thing tomorrow morning I will pass the number of the account, together with Athina’s bank’s details. Good day…’ Christos started to shout.

‘What percentage is that bitch offering you?’

‘Do you want to know how many? Remember, she is my daughter now, and not my whore, and for you information she never been my whore, ok. I love her and respect her as if she was my flesh and blood; therefore make sure that you and with that long poisonous snake you have, keep it where it belongs; deep in your mouth.’

At last he seemed he had no more words. He felt that with Sam, he was nothing more than a looser.

‘There’s more. If you won’t transfer the money before bank closing time and leave them for the next day, the amount will increase by ten per cent. From the following day onwards, add five per cent plus the cost of keeping you locked up and with respect it will include the cost of food. So it will be better, if you start working hard. Tomorrow morning, I will send you the details where the half million Euros will be deposited.’

Sam stood up, gave him first a dirty look, then a smile and walked away. Christos was stunned. He knew that it would be better if he starts working on that damn problem. He had more than enough money; but they were too precious to loose them in such a way. He was never a looser. He was always a winner, but it didn’t matter how.

Sam jumped in his thoughts. ‘I have piece of paper where I just scribbled this agreement, but I’m missing your signature.’

‘Is it really necessary?’

‘Just depends who the gentleman is; if he is or if he’s not.’

Christos just signed on the original. He probably did not realize that there were three copies. Sam left one copy with the sergeant and drove home.

Christos still, was not ready to accommodate Sam and his bitch; his cousin; but it seemed that in those circumstances there were no other alternatives. “Sam is a hard nut to crack. He played his cards right and left no doors that I could open, whether by the wrong arm or the good one. He was too fucking bright! I couldn’t believe I’m going to make that fucking bitch, so rich.” He talked to himself with venom coming out with every word.

When Sam arrived home he looked at Athina with a big smile. She knew that he won. She knew that she did not need to ask any questions. He asked Athina if she got a scanned I.D. for which she answered in the affirmative.

‘We have to send it to the bank manager preferably as soon as you can do it.’ Quietly they went up the stairs to the computer room and as soon as the computer was connected, Sam handled a copy of the bank manager’s email address; then she scribbled a few words well written, and attached a copy of her I.D. to the bank manager.

‘Dad this bank is in Athens?’

‘Yes sweetie; you are right. It is a foreign bank operating there, and in other parts of Greece but not on this island. I believe it is safer and the manger is great, still young and practised banking in England. Therefore, next Monday we will have to go to Athens, together.’

‘Is it true dad? I can’t believe it. How long are we going to stay?’ Athina excitedly asked.

‘I just hope that by then they will get rid of your cousin from the island. It was a long day, but I think you are going to be well paid, for all the hassle he caused you. I assure you, he will never get closer to you again, especially if I am around.’

‘I was not scarred of him dad; I told him a few words and sure I hit where I wanted; just under the belt. Isn’t that’s how you describe that type of act?’ She asked with her blood filled red face.

‘Yes, that’s right. The bank manager should send us the details of the bank account I opened in your name, first thing tomorrow morning. When we receive them we pass details to your bright cousin; hopefully before the bank closes tomorrow, the payment I asked for, will be safe in your account.’

‘What does it amount to, the final amount?’ Athina curiously asked.

‘At this moment better if you don’t ask?’ Sam answered.

‘So it means that I have to wait until we go to Athens; is that what is right?’ Athina asked.

‘Precisely right, Athina… better if you can wait until next Monday.’

Sam, Athina and Padme spent the rest of the evening quietly. They enjoyed dinner, chatted, but what happened during the day nothing was ever mentioned. When the time for bed arrived everybody went to his bedroom, lights out but although both Sam and Padme were sound asleep; Athina took some time before she really relaxed and slept. Those words, which her cousin had insulted her with, kept creeping in her brains.

They all slept late and the last one to wake up was Athina. Sam was anxious to get into the computer, but he did not dare wake Athina early. He knew in what situation she had to go through, dealing with that piece of shit.

It was after nine the next morning before Athina crawled out from under the covers. While Padme was preparing breakfast for Athina she went upstairs to work on the computer. She had forgotten about Uncle George, but Sam remembered that he had to go to the airport to pick him up.

Athina checked the mail and found the email Sam was waiting for. The bank account number and details were all there written on the e-mail; therefore she printed a couple of copies, one of which had to be taken to the police headquarters where Christos was being kept, locked up. What happened after; it was all taken care of by Christos himself with his Blackberry.

When Uncle George arrived he took her in his arms, excused himself for what happened the previous day. He also showed his respects to his brother Prodromos, Athina’s father.

‘If I knew, I’m sure I could have come to give my respects to your father. I know that after what Christos had done, your father never wanted anything to do with the rest of our family. I think he knew what Christos had in mind. If Sam did not save you, today you have got nothing left. What your father has done, asking Sam to protect you; I agree he was very right. I’m sure that your father knew; that by asking Sam to protect you; you were getting more than another loving father.’

‘Uncle George, you are right. I have more than a father. When my dad died, Sam took care of everything. It was a relief not to go to such an ordeal, especially with all those necessities, after he passed away.’

‘You had been very lucky my dear. When can I visit your father’s rest place?’

‘When you will be ready, we can go?’ Athina answered.

‘Well I will ask Sam if he can drive us there, otherwise if Sam is busy you can drive. I don’t think Sam will mind.’ Sam was available and joined them on a visit to the cemetery. Sam waited outside. He wanted to give them some privacy, so Athina and her uncle walked within the boundaries until they came to the place where Prodromos, her father was laid to rest. George took a look at the grave with the tombstone on which, details were engraved in the marble.

‘I’m proud of you Athina.’ He turned towards her and hugged her and kissed her while tears leaked from his eyes.

‘Uncle, Sam took care of everything. From the moment he passed away I was devastated, even though I knew that there was no hope that I was ever going to take him home alive. From there on, I just cried for loosing my dad. Sam even paid for everything. I had been living with Sam since that day when we took him to hospital. My father’s choice of a surrogate father worked very, very well.’ Athina explained.

‘You are lucky my dear. It is very rare that you can find somebody to look after you and for free; nowadays not even for money. My last advice is, look after Sam.’ He did not say another word. He knew that Athina knew how to handle certain issues.

From the cemetery they drove to the police headquarters, but before they stopped at a coffee shop where they enjoyed drinking something hot while they got acquainted with the many issues in the family, about which Athena knew very little.

The payment entered Athina’s bank account a couple of hours before the bank closed for business. Athina was checking the emails with Sam sitting next to her. When she saw the amount deposited in that account she was shocked. She could not believe her eyes.

‘Dad, are you crazy? Is that amount, right? I don’t think I can even read it.’ Athina stayed looking at him with an open mouth.

‘Are you happy?’ Sam asked.

‘Why did you ask for so much?’ She asked back.

‘There is another cheque which Uncle George left, also in your name. It is another one hundred thousand Euros. Uncle George is a respectful person.’

‘I know dad. He was very pleased that you looked after me when the bad times came. Thanks dad, a hundred times more. I always appreciated your help, but now I am not only appreciating it, but I understand what a gentleman you are. Thanks again and again.’ She cried again and again as she hugged him.’

When the night came she could not sleep. She thought of going upstairs and work on the computer, but she decided it was not the right time. She tried to work the numbers she saw on the email. She wondered; how was it possible… half a million Euros. She wondered what guts Sam had, to extract half a million Euros as damages. Not only that, Uncle George left another hundred thousand.’

It was after midnight when Athina finally closed her eyes. She was very tired, her eyes wanted to close but she was not yet ready. At some point she slept.

The days passed. Christos was arraigned in court on Thursday before the magistrate who in a few minutes, the case was decided. The Magistrate first called the foreman who was in charge of demolishing the wall. He confirmed that Athina was insulted with the words mentioned. Then it was Athina’s turn who confirmed what the Forman had already said. ‘Just ten thousand Euros and you can go.’ The Magistrate closed the case.

The island came back to normal. Sam and Athina started to prepare to go to Athens on the coming Monday. The flight was perfect. Athina was excited watching her island disappear while they were flying over the blue sea of the Aegean Sea. As the plane started to loose height she felt a bit uneasy until the wheels touched the tarmac and taxied to a parking area away from the main Terminal. An airport bus drove quickly towards the arriving aeroplane and by the time the bus arrived, the aeroplane engines had been shut down. The transfer to the terminal was very efficient.


After Sam and Athina arrived at the Athens’s hotel they left the luggage with the concierge they took a taxi to the bank where they were welcomed by the bank manager. Coffee was served and Athina had to sign a few documents. She was also presented with a visa card. Small talk took place until the manager showed them a page from a local paper, where there was the story of how Christos was devastated by a woman, bla; bla; bla. Athina’s face turned red. There was something about the amount of Euros which she had extracted from him, which was not the right amount, but not too far out. He also gave Athina a photocopy to keep it as a momentum.

‘Don’t be. People like that, deserve nothing better.’ The manager encouraged her. ‘You were very lucky you had Sam behind you.’

‘After I lost my dad I found another one, as good; as the first.’

‘Respect him. I know he deserves such respect.’ The manager insisted.

They spent some more time talking about banking, interest rates; the Greek problems and much more. Before they left, the manager invited them to join him and his wife for evening dinner at a well known restaurant. He also informed Athina that he will bring her a Gold Master Card too.

There was still time, so Sam took her on a tour on one of those open top buses, which roams in every city in Europe; a taste of the real Athens, suffocated with all kinds of transport and overly populated. They stopped close to the Acropolis from where they walked all the way up. From there, there was a breathtaking scene which Athena enjoyed, trying to look as far as she could.

From there, they took a taxi back to the hotel, where after they checked in, they sat at one of the restaurants where they enjoyed a light lunch before they retired to their separate rooms. Sam’s was on the 2nd floor and Athina on the 4th floor.

‘Sam really wanted a rest but Athina had other ideas. She made a tour around her room, then she took a second to check of her wardrobe which was not much but she had brought the best. She left the room after she made sure she will remember the memorized secret number of her visa.

First stop was at the beauty salon at the hotel shopping area. After she discussed what she wanted she made an appointment for around six in the evening. Happy that she managed to get away and became independent in a town she knew nothing about; she built courage and started to discover a strange place all on her own. She walked around the area where the hotel receptionist had indicated on the map. She was delighted, felt certain freedom as she walked around that locality where the modern shopping archives were situated.

From one shop she went into another. She tried those clothes which she thought they can transform her into a modern day princess. She even wondered what clothes the manager’s wife would come dressed with. She wanted to look terrific; exceptional. She wanted Sam to be proud of her, being in such company. Although she never met the manager’s wife she started to evaluate in her mind, what she may be wearing for such an evening. Nothing more than something classical, she thought.

She went through six or seven shops where she tried about five different dresses of which three of them looked perfect for the occasion. She had to eliminate two. Two were from the same shop; therefore she thought that if she eliminates one of the two she could have made the best choice. She tried them both, again, and out of which she made her choice. After that she wanted a pair of shoes. A three inch heal made her look like a star. She walked a few steps to get the feeling. At first she looked scared as she had rarely, wore high heels.

Being rather tall; more than 1.7meters, she was very careful how many centimetres she would add. She did not want to be about Sam’s height; she may not look right. She preferred to be slightly shorter.

When she returned back to the hotel she went straight to the beauty salon. She arrived a little earlier than the appointed time. As they had an available place, they promptly started setting her up. She showed them the dress she was going to wear that evening and seemed it helped. Accordingly they applied the makeup, lipstick, and the setting of her hair.

Satisfied with herself, Athina sat on the sofa in her room wondering about her first official evening. She wanted to feel relaxed before the appointed time, when they had to leave the hotel and go to the restaurant. She thought about Sam, his looks, the way he looked at women; the power he still has on women; the way he manipulate them with his eyes; making them shed their clothes and offer him their naked bodies.

She was not jealous, none in the least. She knew he loved her both as a woman and mostly as his daughter. He made one distinction; his love for this new daughter was too strong. His other love, that of Athina as a woman, would never get closer than it was proper or necessary.

‘To-night is my night.’ Athina said to herself as she was dreaming about her future. It was planned and she knew many things that were going to happen and which Sam did not yet know; or better understand. ‘Tonight Sam will not run away from me. I know why. I know he is not ready. He is still scarred that he don’t make a success, or better, he thinks that he does not, fit in a marriage. He always had any woman he wanted; a look in their eyes and they melt. To-night is the night.’ Athina said again and again as she was alone waiting for that first moment when she Sam’s guest at that dinner. She was sure that Sam was going to enjoy the first shock of his life.

She stood up and walked around the room, once…twice. She looked at herself wherever there was a mirror. She looked superb; even in the other dress she had brought with her. She had not yet tried the new one, which she had bought that afternoon. She shed her clothes one by one, until she was down to her panties. She noticed, she was wet, rather too excited and too much love juices sticking to the insides of her inner thighs. She felt she was more than wet!

She removed her briefs and checked them. They were drenched, full of the hot liquid which leaked in the last couple of hours. There was enough time left, to get into the shower. She was very careful not to wet her hair; therefore she concentrated from under her arms downwards, carefully using a face cloth. Comfortable with herself, she started to dry herself. First she put on a G-string and a pad between her legs. She knew she was going to get wet, again. The rest was easy. In the few remaining minutes she just made sure that she would look nothing less, than the best.

When she walked out of the elevator, Sam was shocked. He could not believe the transformation. She walked towards him with her face lifted, her eyes looking straight into his eyes; her lifted breasts partially exposed, but within limits. In one hand she had a small rather longish purse without any handles and on the other, she was carrying a cape with which she will cover her partly bare shoulders, if the need arises.

Sam wondered if she was the same Athina he knew until that morning. He could not believe where she had made that transformation; that dress he never saw; that hair-do was like it was made on the head of a queen; and what about that dress; the colour and the design. His cock jumped in his pants and became as hard as steel. He never thought about Athina in a sexual way, at least not until that very moment.

They walked out of the hotel where they found a taxi waiting for them. They sat next to each other on the back seat, relaxed and watching people roaming the Athens’s streets. There was little talk until they arrived at the designated restaurant. As they alighted, they found the Bank Manager waiting, together with his wife.

‘Did we keep you waiting?’ Sam asked.

‘We just arrived a little early, only by few minutes.’ Then they made the introductions and entered the restaurant. The food was good and there was a lot of small talk across the table. Sometime during the dinning period, when the women decided to retire to the powder room, the manager asked Sam. ‘Sam, what are you waiting for? She’s the most beautiful lady I had ever seen… you must be crazy not to marry her.’

‘Relax Demetrius; the time is not yet right. I prefer life as it is; being free.’ Sam answered.

‘When do you think it’s going to be right?’ Demetrius insisted.

‘I never asked myself such a question. I have no idea, even though sometimes I thought about it. Better, don’t ask.’ Sam continued to insist that freedom is less expensive and less painful.

The manager was ready to press the subject but Athina and his wife were returning back. There was no time. After they sat down with Athina next to the manager he presented her with her Gold Master Card including a sealed envelope, which usually is posted separately.

After they finished their dinner they went to a bar, where they also danced to Greek music. Athina, although she did not seem that she had danced much along the years, she still remembered how to do so from her school days. She had done very well and Sam felt very proud with her at his side. She really lifted his moral and made her presence, recognized.

Tired, they said their goodbyes. It did not take them long before they shared goodbyes kissed and good nights. Sam got off from the elevator while Athina went up to her room on the 4thfloor. As she entered her room she took all her clothes off, except for her G-string. The pad was wet but she decided to leave it. It had already started to smell. Before she wore the hotel’s white housecoat she put on one of her flimsiest nightdresses she had brought with her. It was sexy and barely covered her beautiful small bums. When she was ready she walked to the elevator with nothing more, not even a pair of shoes.

As soon as she arrived infront of Sam’s room she knocked, even though there was the ‘DON’T DISTURB’ sign hanging on the outside. Sam wondered who the devil was, who interrupted him. Slowly, he slightly opened the door. He was shocked when she saw Athena clad in just the hotel housecoat.

‘Is there a problem sweetie?’ Sam asked.

‘There is only one problem dad…’ She was standing close to him, very close. Then she looked straight into his eyes. Sam felt a shock he had never, ever felt the like of it, before. No woman had ever done that to him.

‘May I come in, Saam?’ she asked while emphasizing the word “Sam”. Sam noticed the way she pronounced his name; and he wondered where did the word ‘dad’, had gone. He had no idea how, she just slipped into his room, without waiting for his permission. He had no idea what was happening. He just watched her, while she walked around the room so slowly; step after step; evaluating what was around. It was pretty much the same like the one she had on the fourth floor. The only difference was; that Sam was accommodated in a room with a double bed, compared with the two single beds in her room.

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