I’m in your kitchen getting a glass of water when you come to me. Our respective wives are talking in the living room, girl talk. I thought you were politely listening when I feel, rather than hear you behind me.

I start to turn, but I feel your hand on my hip, and then the other hand comes around in front of me and brushes the zip of my jeans. “Shhh” you say, and I feel a light kiss on the back of my neck which makes me shudder. I begin to turn my head, but again, you stop me with your hand, and I feel your finger against my lips, and your other hand moves up from my waist and squeezes my hip. I can feel my heart beating hard as you push your crotch against my bottom, I can feel something there, and I know you are aroused.

I’d made eye contact with you in the hour before a few times, blushing and looking away, hoping your wife hadn’t noticed, but she hadn’t, and neither had mine. And now what I wanted is come to me, and I’m not sure I can handle it.

I feel your breath in my ear, “I know you want me, question is, do I want you? And you giggle very quietly, and you slip the tips of your fingers into the band of my jeans, above my crotch, and I feel the blood filling my cock, and pushing out against the zip. I do want you, very much, and I want you to want me.

“Wait here.” you say, and I feel you move away from me, and I sag against the worktop, and I’m shaking like a leaf. I hear some voices murmuring in the background, and my wife say something to you, and then you are back.

“I told them I needed a lift to the shops, and you’re happy to run me.”

And then your fingers are entwined in mine, and pulling me to the back door of the kitchen. I only just manage to close it, hearing the latch before you slam me against the wall, and your mouth presses against mine and you shove your tongue into my mouth and down my throat.

I want you so much I open my mouth, and you push a knee between mine, and lean into me, rubbing your thigh against my cock, to feel it hard against you. Then you pull away, take my chin in your hands as I look at you, begging you with my eyes, and you push my face away, grinning at me. “Come on, we have some shops to go to.”

I climb in my car and start it, and you slip in next to me, and I admire your legs, encased in your jeans, but so much slimmer than mine, so much fitter than me, but you don’t let me in peace. You run your right hand down in between my thighs and I groan, while I remember we’re on the street, in full view of a row of houses, and a blush deeply. “Go straight on, I’ll direct you.” your voice is soft, almost feminine, and the shudder goes through me as I run through the fantasies in my head I have had about you and I, and I drive on.


We pull off the road underneath some trees. We only drove a few minutes, but for me it has been an age, glancing toward you while I drove. You took us away from the house, to some nearby woods, and no I wait for you to lead me. Instead of getting out though, you take off your seatbelt, and I follow suit, putting my hand on the door-handle, but then you come out of your seat, and climb over me, straddling me, sitting on my lap and looking down at me. Your loose hair covers your face, and you put your face next to mine and whisper to me “Do you want me?”

I nod, quickly

“I said, do you want me?”


You lean back, and you slap my face, I flush red and I’m confused and horny all at the same time.

“I said,” you shout at me, “Do you want me?”

You wait.

“Yes, I want you.”

And you lean in again, kissing me, wrapping your arms around my neck, and writhing against me. My breath comes with effort now, my heart going ten to the dozen, as I try to relax and let you rub yourself against me, feeling your hands over me, and I am sobbing when you give me a chance, as your mouth darts of my face, kissing me here and there, before slipping your tongue in and out of my mouth, teasing me, and then you stop.

My hands jerk up to you, and then down again as I wonder how to hold you, if you want me to hold you, and then your hands go to my jeans, and undo my belt, then the button, and then the zip, and I feel the air through my boxers on my cock, and you brush it through the fabric. You undo yours, and then there’s a fumbling few moments as you straighten up, over me, pushing against the roof of the car, as you slide them down your lovely legs, along with your boxers, and then sit back down on me, and I feel the warm skin of your legs and your cock pushing against my belly.

“I’m going to fuck you, lover.” And you brush two fingers against my lips, then push between them, between my teeth, and rest your palm against my chin, rocking them in and out. “But not just yet. I want something of you first.”

You guide my hands to above your waist, and I hold you, gingerly at first, but then tighter as I realise you want me to take some of your weight, and you fumble my cock out of my pants, and stroke it, roughly, freeing it as far as possible, before lowering your ass down so I can feel my cock against your anus. It feels moist, almost damp, and you snigger. “l lubed up before we came out. Didn’t think I wouldn’t be ready for this, did you?” I look up confused. I know what I want, but I don’t know if I can take too much too quickly, but then you drop your body down an inch, and I feel the tightness of your body over the tip of my penis, and I gasp deeply, trying to push down against the seat, I don’t know if I can just take you that quickly, but you don’t ease up, but you do slow down, and very slowly, I feel your anus relax a little, and then open around me. It’s a little uncomfortable as I feel my foreskin peel back against your sphincter, and I wince, but you just raise a finger to my lips, shushing me, and I feel you shaking, steadying yourself, your other hand gripping my shoulder as you push further and further down, and then I feel the backs of your legs meet my lap, and you relax, letting your weight come down on me, and you lean in, and bite my neck, hard. Shit, I think, not that, please. But you bite hard, then lean back and laugh, and I feel you swivelling on my penis, and you starting to ride me. Rotating your hips, gasping yourself, you rock back and forth, pushing yourself up off my shoulders, then lowering yourself back down, and I groan deeply with every stroke as you slide up and down on me, and close my eyes and you ride me, even at first, but rougher, and more jerkily, slamming yourself down on me,

“I want you to come inside me lover. Come inside me.”

I nod, not sure if you see it.

And then I move my hands to your waist, then under your arse, lifting you, trying to even out your strokes. I grunt as I push up against you as you push down, and you respond to me, holding my head in your hands, moaning softly, “Please” you ask me, in a whisper, “Please.”

A few moments later, and my head starts to swim, I find it difficult to breath, and then I let it all go, and grab your waist, pulling you down as far as you will go, and I come, hard. “Fuck, yes!” you shout, “That’s what I want.”

I fall back against the seat, and you continue rocking for a few moments, as I feel myself shrinking inside you, hot fluid against my waist as my semen drains out of you, and you rest against me, kissing my neck.

“Oh god, thank you.” you say, “Did you like that? Was that what you wanted?”

I nod, feeling your hair drooping across my face, and you kiss my cheek softly. “But there’s something undone lover. Something which hasn’t happened yet.” and I blush.

“sorry, I didn’t think.” I mumble, fumbling with my hands to touch you. I felt your cock against my belly as you rode me, but I never thought twice about you. But you know that, and you aren’t about to let me get away that easily. You slap my hands away.

“Get out of the car lover. I’m going to have my way with you now. Get your jeans off, and put the lights on.”

I climb out, and you follow me, pulling at the back of my jeans, and I have to squat, undoing my laces, yanking my trainers off, and looking round first, I drop my trouser, and step out of them.

You step out of yours, and in the dark, all I can see are the curves of your legs and ass, and then you lead me by the hand again, around to the front of the car. Pushing me up against the bonnet, and then bending me over.

You put your feet in between mine, then push mine apart, spreading them a foot or so, and then I feel the head of your penis brushing my thighs, and I suddenly fear what I know I want, and that’s you sliding inside me. But I’ve never done this before, I don’t know if it’ll hurt, I try and straighten up. That earns me a slap on my ass.

“Now, just you stay there, and give me a minute.”

“I don’t know if I can do this.” and I realise I’m telling the truth, I don’t know if i can.

“Shut up. And turn around. You had your fun. It’s only fair that I have mine now, isn’t it.” You pause.

“Now, how does this feel”

I feel a finger in the cleft of my buttocks, and a cold wet slippery feeling covering my skin, and then you get to my anus, and I feel myself tighten. You slap my ass with one hand, as the finger I felt pushes ever so gently against me. Then again, and again, circling, teasing, then pushing again, and again, and then into me, and I sob as you drive it as far in as your hand will let you. I bend down further, sagging against the car, and you pump it into me, once, twice, three times, before you slip it out, and I feel my ass tighten again. “Oh god” I moan, and you laugh, not at me, but with me, and then I feel two fingers probing me, then fucking me. “Oh shit. I can’t take that.” but I’m lying, it hurts a little, but it feels so good opening up to you. “Tell me it’s good. Tell me.” you command.

“It’s good.”

“Mm hmm.”

I feel something warm against my ass, but I also feel both of your hands gently gripping my love handles, and then you’re pushing into me, and I’m sagging against you, and moaning unintelligibly, felling you holding me up by my hips, and then I’m just crying, feeling the muscles of my anus twitching, flexing, trying to push you out while I want you deeper inside. “Please, please.” I moan. “Fuck me.” I whisper.

And you draw out, almost all of the way, but not quite. Just far enough to hold me open, before pushing in again, all of the way. I can’t hold back the cry as you finish the stroke, and then you do it again, and again, and then I lose myself in you as you start to fuck me, on the bonnet of my car.

You’ve been fucking me only for a few moments, and I just want more of it, so much more, and you push my feet further apart, until I’m lying on my belly on the car, hardly supporting myself with my legs any more, and I just splay my hands, letting you push down on me. Then Slap, your hand spanks my ass, and again. I wince, pushing down away from you, but you slap me, again and again. “Yes. Slap me again. Hurt me. Please.” I know I want it, I know I deserve it. You fuck me like you own me. And I want you to use me, and fuck me, and hurt me.

You wind your fingers into my long hair, and I gasp as my head is pulled back, and I almost gag as my jaw is pulled open by my head being yanked back. You pull my hair hard as a counterpoint to every thrust inside me, and it’s only now I realise how your cock feels inside me, and how I felt inside you, and that we didn’t use any protection. “Come inside me.” I beg, and I want to feel your semen inside me, as I feel mine on my belly after flooding you.

You respond by gripping both my shoulders, jerking deeply into me, and I feel you twitch, once. Twice. Three times, and warmth spreads inside me, and I feel it against my legs as you fill me up to overflowing.

“You. Fucking. Slut.” You tell me.

“Yes, I am,” and I smile as you slowly pull out of me.

“Kneel down, facing me.” you instruct me. Quickly, I comply.

“Now open your mouth.” I close my eyes and obey, and then your hot, wet, salty tasting cock pushing into my mouth, and all the way to the back of my throat. I gag slightly and try to pull back, but you grip my head firmly, and push me down on you. You are softening, but I suck on you, wrapping my tongue around you as much as possible as you fill my mouth. You moan, and after a few moments, I feel a little more of your come against my tongue, as you relax and let my head fall back.

I feel a little of the guilts begin at the back of my mind, as I stand, and look around for my jeans.

“so, what do you think your wife would think if she knew?”

I shake my head, “I don’t know.”

And then you’re standing against me, laughing.

“Well, I’ll tell her then. After all, she gave me permission to do it to you.”

“And I’ve received a notice that I’m to be burned as a witch next Tuesday.”

“Umm, that’s nice, babe. Is there any more coffee in the pot?”

“Because, silly me, I thought that living in Salem, Virginia, would be different than living in Salem, Massachusetts, where I lived the last time I was burned at the stake. But, of course, it’s not at all different—except that here we have unicorns.”

Mary Lou leaned over Doug’s chair at the breakfast table and rubbed her chest against his cheek as she poured him another cup of coffee. He murmured a pleasantry, but he didn’t take his eyes off the newspaper he was reading. She’d worn a skimpy teddy, with nearly transparent material, to breakfast, but it wasn’t doing any more good than it did last night when Doug had begun to snore while she was still brushing her teeth.

“Did you see what the Salem city council wants to do now, babe? They raise the reservoir two feet and those walking trails will be covered.”

“I painted my nipples purple last night? Like them?”

“Ummm. Wouldn’t ya think dredging would be cheaper in the long run?”

“Or I could just burn the house down around me before you come home tonight and save the vigilante’s the trouble.” Mary Lou returned the empty coffee pot to kitchen counter—she’d been saving the last cup for herself later; she’d have brew more now—and returned to her seat. She let out a long, drawn-out sigh as she sat down, which Doug didn’t notice. Nor did he notice when she then acted like she had to stretch and let an ample tit pop out of her nightie.

The nipple wasn’t purple, of course. It was pinkish brown, but she had thought about painting it purple last night. Before they had married Doug had said that purple was his “turn on” color. Just as well she hadn’t made the effort.

“Ah, yes, coming home tonight,” Doug said as he, too, let out a long sigh, folded his paper, placed it on the table beside the breakfast plate Mary Lou has lovingly spent more than a half hour preparing for him and that he hardly acknowledged—and had just brushed the garnishes off to the side—and stood up from the table. He vaguely smiled in Mary Lou’s direction, but his focus was on getting his arm in the sleeve of the jacket, the lining of which Mary Lou had just resewn last evening because he had a habit of thrusting his hand at the sleeve opening and missing.

That had been Mary Lou’s only moments of arousal last evening. When he’d been attentive—whenever in the past that had been—he’d had a vigorous thrust of something else. Thinking of what he did to his jackets had been what had prompted Mary Lou to make the bedroom effort—the totally unsuccessful effort—the previous night.

“About coming home,” he continued. “Stan’s bowling team is down one again. He asked if I could fill in.”

“Again?” Mary Lou asked. She had frozen at the first mention of Stan’s name. “Seems like that guy you substitute for is out more than he’s there.”

“Yeah, seems that way. Anyway, I’ll be pretty late. I’ll catch something at the alley.”

“Yeah, I am half-way afraid of that,” Mary Lou said under breath. “Better stock up on penicillin.”

“Eh, what was that?” Doug almost . . . oh, happy day . . . almost looked directly at Mary Lou now. But not quite.

“I said I doubt they fix a very nutritious meal at the bowling alley. I can leave something in the fridge for you to warm up, if you—”

“Don’t bother,” he said to the kitchen wall as he opened the door to the garage. “I’ll just catch something at the alley.”

And then he was gone.

“Oh, it’s no bother. No bother at all,” Mary Lou said in a low, pouty voice. But of course it had become a bother. One of the hairdressers at the salon, a perky little blonde with practically no meat on her bones and unnaturally big bazooms—Samantha was her name; nice girl, really, if you managed to look beyond the cleavage . . . Sam, she liked to be called—had let the shyster out of the bag.

“I didn’t know that the Doug I see at the Go Go Lounge was your Doug, Mrs. T,” she’d said over the noise of the hairdryer. “Sorry I even mentioned it. Tuesday nights, regular now, though.”

Mary Lou had already known that Samantha was also an exotic dancer—at least that’s what they were called now in Salem, which loved to speak in euphemisms. Of course, she hadn’t learned that until after she’d already grown fond of the batty little thing and included her in an eclectic little kaffee-klatsch that provided nearly the only rush that Mary Lou got at all these days.

Mary Lou pulled the cup of coffee across the table from where Doug had been sitting and took a sip. He’d barely taken a drink from the cup himself. He’d suddenly become interested in letting Mary Lou know he’d be late tonight—Tuesday night—and then was hot to trot out of there.

“Reality time,” Mary Lou muttered to the empty breakfast room. “Time to decide whether you’re better with him than without him, girl.”

She looked around the breakfast room and through to the kitchen. She’d just gotten the place the way she liked it. Doug’s last promotion at the LeeHunt pharmaceutical lab over in Roanoke had made life suddenly easier for them. It was even time to start making that family they’d promised to have as soon as they were on solid financial ground. Doug loved kids. Mary Lou couldn’t help but worry that he was putting off having a family more because he was putting Mary Lou off. She’d done everything she could think of to be a loving wife to him.

Now, when starting a family had become the next thing on the agenda, Doug was acting this way. Had they waited too long? Did midlife crises come in your early thirties now?

So, the house wasn’t the issue. She’d get that anyway. The better of the two cars, of course. But the family? She wouldn’t be getting that. She’d have to start out at “Go” again on that. And she wasn’t getting any younger.

“Whoa, girl,” she hissed. “This problem ain’t you.” She felt around her body, weighing her melon-shaped breasts in the palms of her hands. “Maybe I should have painted the nubs purple,” she murmured. Then she let her hand drift. Her fingers went down between her thighs, and she began to sway and moan. No it wasn’t her who had a problem.

But before she could drift off in total self-pleasure, she pulled herself back from the brink.

“The question, lady, was ‘do you fight for him or do you dump him?’”

She’d finished most of the coffee before it hit her that she didn’t give a fuck for the house and the car. She wanted Doug. Doug was a hunk. Doug was a stud. She’d walk a mile barefoot on broken glass to get it from Doug.

“OK, lady, then it’s fight. And, in that case, it means getting some different ammunition than we were using this morning.”

She stood and went to the kitchen phone. The call rang several times and no one picked up on the other end. That wouldn’t stop her, though. There were two other calls to make.

The task was daunting. So far the only good thing that had happened today had been that she didn’t need to make another pot of coffee. But she’d just go on making those three calls until they were all completed. This wasn’t spur of the moment; she’d been thinking about this for some time.

* * * *

The little blonde trick hadn’t paid much attention to him at all the last couple of times Doug had been in the Go Go Lounge. It was sort of strange. She’d come on to him like gangbusters the first few Tuesday nights he and Stan had been in here, and then it all Alaska with her—it was like she froze whenever he appeared the last couple of times. But suddenly, tonight, she was all unfrozen again.

“Sure, I’d like a lap dance, baby,” he answered her when she saddled up to the bar and gave him a wet one, with tongue, in his ear right before asking him in a husky, low voice if he wanted a private dance.

“Over there, honey,” she whispered, gesturing to one of several small, screened-off sitting areas in the shadows. “More private like.”

He gulped his beer—he didn’t want that waltzing off on him and being wasted—and turned and gave a big grin to Stan, who grinned back and gave Doug a double thumbs up.

They were in the shadows, Doug slouched down in the middle of an armless sofa, his hands on the blonde’s waist as she straddled his thighs with her legs and begin to grind to the beat of the loud music blasting through the bar and making a low babble out of all of propositioning and dirty talk going on out on the dance floor.

She leaned down into him and gave him a big, sloppy kiss, while she unbuttoned his shirt with her hands and ran her fingers maddeningly through his chest hair.

“It’s hardly unfair that I’m—” he started to say in a deep, guttural voice, thick with lust, as they came out of the smooch.

“I’m way ahead of you, hon,” she whispered. Then she laughed a low, throaty laugh as she unbuttoned the three buttons keeping her halter top closed over her ample breasts and pushed her tits into Doug’s face. He moaned, and as he fed on her breasts, cupping them in his hands to hold them in place, she lowered her crotch on his and began to grind into his basket.

“Oh, god; oh, god,” he muttered with a groan.

“You’re huge,” she murmured. “Momma’s gotta have some of that, hon. I got a room across the alley. I gotta have you inside me. You come with me, won’t you? Sam’s gonna polish that totem pole of yours.”

“Yes; oh, god, yes,” mumbled, his throat so clogged with want that he could hardly get the words out.

“There’s a bottle of whiskey there, hon,” Samantha said when they got into the dump of a room he took him to. “You can start without me; I’ll just be in the bathroom for a few minutes. Ya’all be down to just a condom when I come out, do ya hear? I can’t wait for any of that foreplay stuff.”

Doug gulped hard, stripped down, and fought, with shaky hands, to get the condom on. Then he padded across the room and poured himself a drink in one of two thumb-printed glasses that were sitting by the whiskey bottle on the top of the bureau. He quickly tossed the first drink off, willing his hands to stop shaking. He didn’t want her to think he was nervous, even though he was. He’d been going to the Go Go Lounge for the fantasy of just this, but he hadn’t thought in his wildest dreams that he’d actually hit pay dirt. He had a brief moment of guilt mixed with panic and looked at the closed door out onto the motel balcony with a thought that he’d leave with just the memory of what could have happened. But the second drink of the whiskey along with the thought that he’d have to put his clothes back on to withdraw, which would really have been awkward if she’d reappeared while he was hopping around pulling his trousers on, knocked that notion out of his head. He was beginning to feel groggy. He could usually manage his liquor . . . but then he thought of the two beers he’d already had at the lounge and the one earlier when he and Stan ate at the bowling alley just so he wouldn’t make the mistake of saying he was there if they read in the paper the next day that it had burned down.

The room was beginning to revolve as he moved over to the bed and sat down at the foot of the mattress. The room began to spin in front of him, and he laid back on the mattress and closed his eyes. He heard the bathroom door open and felt soft, cool hands on his thighs and then strands of hair, long a silky on his belly and his upper thighs.

Doug sighed as a warm mouth closed over his saluting hard cock, and he reached down and ran his hands through her hair and touched her head through the silky strands, swept with pleasure at the feel of her head rising and falling and of her lips and teeth and the warmth of her inner mouth cavity on his cock as she sucked.

He looked down, trying to focus on her head, wanting to see it move as well as feel it. He barely could focus and then only briefly, with his only thought being the idiotic one of thinking she must have worn a blonde wig in the bar, because her hair was auburn now. He was fading fast. The last sensation he was aware of was of her rising up over him and straddling his hips with her knees and the warm closeness of her impaling herself on his cock and slowly rising, then enveloping, rising, then encasing, rising, and . . . rockets going off from the force his ejaculation deep inside her.

She whispered, “It’s OK, lover, there will be more,” and then he blacked out.

His next sensation was of his face baking in the sunlight streaming through the window by the motel room door in the slit where the drapes didn’t meet. It took him several moments to realize he wasn’t in his bedroom. The feel of the woman’s arms draped over him while she nuzzled close to his side in the bed had an air of familiarity that fooled him for several seconds on location.

But the décor of the room within his slit-eyed, blurred vision was just too ghastly and tacky for him to be fooled for long. The woman was slowly working his cock with her hand. He was hard, and the rise of arousal was bringing him back into awareness. His headache was actually helping to bring him out of his stupor.

“This was such a good idea, Doug,” Mary Lou murmured in his ear. “You were a stallion last night. And I think we can—”

“Mary Lou!” Doug exclaimed in shock as his face turned and his eyes focused on the woman in the bed at his side—more like plastered on his side and half draped over his body.

“What? How?” But further questioning was choked off when Mary Lou rolled on top of him and possessed his lips with hers as she straddled his hips and positioned his cock at her slit.

He groaned with pleasure as she slid down his cock, realizing that there was no sheath, receiving full skin-on-skin attention for the first time for some time. He remembered that this had been a bone of contention. Mary Lou had wanted to stop the protection—had wanted to start a family—and he had been holding back. There was no holding back now. Natural instinct was taking over now.

He became lost in the fuck. His mind moved from guilt and confusion to questioning what had been real and what hadn’t. Mary Lou was riding him hard, and his hips began to move with hers, and by the time he ejaculated, he didn’t care in the least how this had come to pass. He just knew he wanted to be hard again as soon as possible and take another trip over the moon.

If Mary Lou thought that this special little encounter was going to turn Doug around, she was very much mistaken. But she hadn’t really counted on it. They had some good loving in the bed in their house for about a week and a half and then Doug became bored with it all and began his routine of treating Mary Lou in nearly the same way as he regarded the plate glass in their living room window.

He had decided that his encounter at the Go Go Lounge had all been a delusion. He even went back there with Stan one Tuesday night, and the little blonde trick, Sam, treated him again like he wasn’t there. So, he decided that his interlude with Mary Lou had all been an hallucination from his dissatisfaction enveloping him.

He could have gone a couple of ways after this experience, but, as Mary Lou surmised he would, he decided that he had enjoyed the fantasy part so much that he’d just turn that on and see if he could develop it.

A chance to do that nearly fell into his lap, when Maeve, another chemist at the pharmaceutical lab in Roanoke began to give him the eye. He’d worked with Maeve for five years and she had never given him so much as the time of day before. But now she unmistakenly was beginning to come on to him. She seemed to be using every opportunity she could to brush up to him and to give him those “needy” eyes. And to eye him up and down, her gaze lingering on his crotch.

He had quite a lot to look at at his crotch, and he knew it.

He was in great shape and he was a horse and knew it. Maeve was quite a looker herself, so he decided to give her what she so obviously wanted.

He began stopping on the way to work and changing in a gas station men’s room into tight trousers and no undershirt and gauzy shirts that let more than a hint of his dark body hair, fine musculature set up with a deep tan, and his large-nubbed nipples show through. Maeve’s attire became more alluring too, and her gazes at him—and his crotch—became bolder. But these lustful exchanges were always when they were alone together in the lab or his office.

Doug knew he was having a melting effect on Maeve. He saw that she had to use two hands in working with the test tubes in the drug trials they were working on. Doug had control of the work schedules, and he reduced those on his shift slowly and the hours they worked ever later so that eventually he and Maeve were there after everyone else in the section had gone home for the night.

She wanted him. Doug knew that. The fantasy of it all and anticipation of it was almost as good on making his engine rev, though, as the thought of getting his dick inside her. But he wanted that too, eventually. He wanted to know it wasn’t a fantasy.

He knew the evening it was going to happen, because she was moving around the lab in a lab coat with nothing on underneath it. And she was making sure that the flap accidentally parted now and again and gave Doug a flashing glimpse of her trimmed bush and her snatch.

“Here, some Irish courage,” she whispered in his ear as she stole up behind him, almost making him drop the test tube he had in his hand from the shock of her sudden rush to close the gap of the teasing and the anticipation. She wrapped one arm around him from behind and clutched his raging hard on through the material of his trousers. She was holding a tumbler with a golden-colored liquid in it with the other.

“You may not need it, but I do,” she murmured. “And I don’t like to drink alone. I’ll be in your office—splayed on your desk, my creamy thighs open to you. Come for me. But don’t take too long.”

And then she was gone, leaving Doug gasping and shaking. He tossed off the liquor to quell the shakes. It burned all the way down, but it seemed to help in reducing his trembling.

It was strong stuff, though. He was weaving and blinking his eyes in an unsuccessful attempt to clear the cob webs as he moved toward his office.

The light in his office was off and it was only dimly illuminated by the glow of the lab lights filtering through the opaque glass wall between the two spaces.

She was there, though, on her back, spread on his polished desk top, her legs open to him, the close-cropped bush and slit a beckoning target for his sword.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into her as he staggered between her legs. He was stabbing, stabbing, stabbing, piercing her every more deeply with every thrust. And she was meeting him with thrusts of her own, making almost animalist sounds of lust and want and need.

Doug quickly fell into the rhythm of the fuck, the noises they were making and the clutching and clawing and guttural laughter and moans ever more familiar, as his head slowly began to clear. Even before he had ejaculated deep inside her—only now remembering that he hadn’t worn protection—he realized that it was Mary Lou, not Maeve, he was fucking. By then he didn’t care.

But when they were done and she was fiddling with her clothes, neatly folded beside her on the desk, and remarking on how nice that was and that he’d had such a good idea and they should do this more often, he was shrinking from her. Confused and bewildered again, but now much more than that. Now he was beginning to be a little scared.

His mother had called Mary Lou a witch once and Doug had laughed that off, knowing that his mother couldn’t bring herself to use the “bitch” word, but when he’d laughed, his mother had given him the strangest look and all she’d said was, “You’ll see. One day you’ll see.” And then she had turned and walked away. A chill had gone down Doug’s spine, and he couldn’t, for the life of him, understand way. He remembered that now, because the same chills were traveling up and down his spine.

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Note 3: As always, a special thank you goes to Estragon for his copy editing. You are a blessing!!!



My sister was a pain in the ass. She always had been and probably always would have been if she hadn’t become my personal slut. For my whole life, I have had to deal with the fact that my sister was incredibly hot. Now it wasn’t that I didn’t know she was pretty, but I didn’t see her that way for two reasons:

1. She was my sister and incest was morally wrong.

2. She was easily one of the most shallow and bitchiest girls I had ever known.

While she got the looks, I got the brains. I graduated high school at sixteen and at twenty was in my last year of my college degree. Unfortunately, being smart doesn’t get you the chicks and I was a twenty-year-old virgin. I wasn’t hideous looking; I was just the epitome of average. Yet, even though I could debate eloquently and with a vengeance, when I was face to face with a girl in a non-academic setting, my brain became mush and I became verbally impotent.

That brings me to Christmas 2011. I came home from Harvard as I usually did during my Christmas break. Also, as usual, my younger sister, who just turned eighteen a couple weeks ago, razzed me, the moment she saw me, “So has my big brother finally got his cane polished?”

My sister had been obsessed with my non-existent sex life for the past couple of years. She kept taunting me with uncomfortable questions like:

“Do college girls spit or swallow, Matthew?”

“Have you fucked some nerdy virgin yet, Matthew?”

“Hey stud. Any luck munching cunt, Matthew?”

Each question was dripping with sarcasm, as she already knew the answer.

Like every other time, I ignored her blunt question, my face red with embarrassment, and walked away.

I heard her call out, “Does big brother need some lessons?”

I kept walking, frustrated that I let my slutty bitch of a sister get to me. In my room, on my laptop, watching porn (a daily or twice daily routine), I closed my eyes and my mind wandered to teaching my sister a lesson; turning off her aggressive bitchiness and making her my little fuck slut. I came all over myself fantasizing about my sister sucking my cock. Once spent, I pondered, was there some way to make this kinky fantasy a reality.


Next day, I had already been up for a few hours when Sandra finally staggered into the kitchen in a thin robe that barely contained her big breasts. She saw me staring at her and asked, shocking me, “Is big brother getting hard checking out his little sister?”

Rattled by the seductive tone and the undeniable evidence growing in my pants, I stammered, “S-S-Sandra, stop it.”

Her smile dripped with a perversion I often saw in porn, “Stop what, big brother?”

She walked towards me and I held my breath, nervous, like I get when any girl talks to me. My palms get sweaty and my mind muddled. I attempted to pretend I was not distracted by her body and the white flesh I saw peaking out of her thin robe. “Stop talking drivel.”

She laughed, her voice syrupy sweet, “I’ll take that as a yes, big brother.”

Her hands now on my legs, I stammered, “S-S-Sandra, don’t p-p-put words in my m-m-mouth.”

She leaned forward, her hot breath on my ear, her hand cupping her breast, “Oh, I have a good idea what you would like in your mouth, big brother.”

I let out an involuntary moan, brought on by her hot breath and naughty innuendo, and was paralyzed.

She stunned me again when she squeezed my fully erect cock and with her tongue now in my ear whispered, “Oh my, your cock is rock hard. Are you hard for your sister, big brother?”

My brain no longer functioning at its usual capacity, I responded incoherently with a bunch of grunts and half words.

She bit my ear, her hand rubbing my cock through my jeans, “Has your little sister made you so fucking horny that my Harvard brother can’t even articulate a complete sentence?”

Still paralyzed with pleasure and stunned by her inappropriateness, I was unable to answer.

Her breast hit my face and she asked, “Have you ever touched a breast, big brother?”

I shook my head yes, having once touched my chemistry partner’s breast by accident.

As if reading my mind, she added, “On purpose and with consent?”

I shook my head no, my humiliation burning.

“Do you want to touch your little sister’s big breasts?” she purred.

My conscience attempted to scream no, but was silenced by the little devil in my head.

She gave my cock a solid squeeze and whispered in my ear, “All you have to do big brother is ask and you can see and touch your baby sister’s tits.”

All the years of loneliness and fantasy had built up inside and instead of doing the right thing, I did the thing that felt right down below the belt and let out in a whisper of a plea, “Please.”

“Please what?” she asked, opening her robe a bit to allow me to see more of her white flesh.

I stammered, desperate to see and touch her big breasts that had been untouchable for so long, “M-m-may I touch your breasts, Sandra?”

“You want to touch your baby sister’s titties?” she questioned, pushing me even further to the brink of no return.

“Yes,” I replied, wanting nothing more.

She let the strap holding her robe together fall to her side, and her big right breast popped out in full view for me. Her nipple was erect, which meant she was getting turned on too from this little charade, and I instinctively leaned forward and took it into my mouth. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so right.

Her moan in my ear was all the approval I needed. I sucked it into my mouth and used my tongue to swirl around it, like I had read about on the internet. She whispered into my ear, “That feels so good big brother. Use your teeth a bit.”

Obeying her instructions, I bit her nipple gently and she moaned again in my ear, “That’s it big brother, you are such a bad, bad boy.”

Being called bad boy turned me on, as I had always been perceived as “Mr. Perfect” or “Mr. Good-Boy”. I bit her nipple a little harder and she let out a little yelp and gave a slight chuckle, “You really want to be a bad boy, don’t you big brother?”

I bobbed my head in the affirmative, refusing to let her luscious breast out of my mouth. She gave my cock another squeeze and said, “This is going to be your best Christmas ever, big brother.”

Suddenly, she pulled her breast away and kissed me on the lips shoving her tongue in my mouth. The sloppy but passionate kiss lasted only a second or two, but it was so intense I could feel my juices flowing like never before. Unfortunately, she broke it too soon and whispered, “All good things come to those who wait, big brother.” She pulled her robe back around her body and went back to her room. Just before she was about to disappear from view she turned and added, “And no jerking off big brother. I want you on the brink of pleasure at all times, understood?”

I nodded my head in reluctant agreement, my cock already near the point of no return.

She smiled, “Good boy,” and walked away.

I sat in my chair for minutes, waiting for my reaction to her sexual onslaught to calm down, as I reflected on what had just happened. I had just voluntarily attempted incest and wanted to finish the job. I tried to figure out what Sandra had in mind. She was a crazy girl and, I assumed, a pretty big slut, but seducing her own brother seemed unlikely. Yet, how else could you explain the past fifteen minutes? Unless she was setting me up to humiliate me completely. That scenario seemed just as likely, if not even more so than the scenario that ended with me fucking her. What was I thinking? Fucking my own sister was morally wrong on so many levels…yet, the only thing on my mind was making that absurdity a reality. I was even more determined to make my fantasy a reality, I was going to lose my virginity to my sister…one way or another.


That evening, around 11:30, I was in my room doing research for my one of my papers when my phone vibrated.

I reached for it, wondering who would text me at this time of night. It was from Sandra.

Sister: Big brother, get your ass to Beth’s house now.

I stared at the phone for another minute when another text came.

Sister: NOW!

I texted back: Fine, I’ll be there in fifteen or twenty.

I sighed as common sense had come to me after I had time to think about what had transpired between Sandra and me. Yes, my sister was incredibly hot and I desperately wanted to lose my virginity, but not to my sister. Still, I had decided she could be very helpful in teaching me how to talk to girls, and a party seemed like the perfect place to experiment with talking to girls. They would be younger, dumber, and I would not have to see them at school on Monday if I was rejected. I had also met a lot of her friends and they were all pretty hot and I assumed as slutty as she was. Maybe, she would set me up with one of her friends. Plus, the party was at Beth’s house and she was an incredibly hot British redhead friend of Sandra’s. On many occasions she had been the main attraction of my stroke fantasies. So I quickly got dressed and drove to Beth’s house. Quite a few cars were parked at the house and I quickly realized I was heading into a high school party as a college student. I had never been to a high school party, even when I was in high school, so trepidation quickly filled me. After reconsidering just turning around and going home, I figured fuck it, I am a twenty-year-old man, it was time to stop being a pussy. Suddenly feeling confident, I got out of my car and made my way to the party.

Once inside, there were wall-to-wall teenagers drinking, dancing and making out. I squeezed by the plethora of teenagers, looking for my sister. I was there for fifteen minutes, ignored completely by the masses, before Della, a chubby friend of my sister’s, saw me and grabbed my hand and said, while dragging me, “Come with me.”

She pulled me, through more throngs of people, downstairs into the basement and to a relatively secluded room in the back. She knocked twice and a few seconds later Beth opened it and walked away. I entered the room and Della closed it and locked it. Once in the room I glanced around and realized I was there with Della, Beth and Sandra. Beth and Sandra were playing some dancing game on the wii. Sandra was dressed in a short tight black skirt, a blue skimpy t-shirt and black pantyhose. She was shoeless; I could see her stocking-clad feet, a fetish of mine I could never truly explain. The sight of a girl’s feet in pantyhose was the ultimate turn-on, even though feet without stockings did nothing for me, just another bizarre quirk in my celibate life. Beside her was Beth, also in a black skirt, although not as short, and wearing beige pantyhose, with her stocking-clad feet also in full view. I watched, like a teenage boy, my cock erect, at the two girls moving their bodies to the beat of some song I didn’t recognize.

Della sat down on the floor beside the couch, which perplexed me, as the couch was completely empty. Although quite chubby, she was very pretty and had massive breasts that complimented her chubbiness. She was quite shy and seldom said much the few times she had been at our house. I didn’t move, but returned my gaze to Beth and her amazing legs. Every once and a while, my gaze would shift to my sister. As soon as my cock was erect, I began thinking with the wrong head and all logic faded away. My mind began to replay this morning’s events and I began to think dirty thoughts of my sister and me.

The song ended,Sandra turned, looked at me and smiled, “Hi, big brother.” She walked over and gave me a big hug, her large breasts squishing against my chest. The hug was definitely longer than any hug she had ever given me in the past, but not overtly sexual. However, after having her breast in my mouth a dozen hours earlier, the hug enhanced the sexual tension inside of me. When she let go, she kissed me on the cheek and walked to the couch, joining Beth who was already sitting down. Sitting down beside Della, her eyes never leaving mine, she surprised the shit out of me when she ordered, “Della, my feet are sore, please rub them like a good girl.”

I let out an audible gasp as Della, without a word, proceeded to take my sister’s stocking-clad left foot into her hands and began massaging it.

I continued to stare at the bizarre scene. I looked back to my sister. Her smile broad, confident and seductive, she asked Beth, “Are your feet sore too, Beth?”

Beth responded in a far too scripted way, “Actually, yes Sandra they are killing me.”

Sandra asked Beth, “Would you like my big brother to massage your feet for you?”

“That would be lovely,” she said, her British accent making my cock twitch.

Sandra looked back to me and said, ever-so-sweetly, “Would you be a dear, big brother, and massage Beth’s aching feet?”

I prayed this was all part of my sister’s plan to get me laid as foreshadowed this morning. If Beth was my first fuck that would be a legendary story. My cock leading the way, I walked over to the couch and knelt beside Beth. I eagerly took her sweaty left stocking-clad foot into my hands and began to massage her it. Her purple painted nails looked so sexy and enticing, covered by the beige coloured pantyhose.

My sister explained Della’s position to me as both beauty queens received foot massages. “So big brother, since you so obediently obeyed my request, I think I can explain what is expected of you. You are going to be my personal servant whenever you are home. This includes massages, getting me things, doing my homework and other, undisclosed, things.” Beth chuckled at the implication, as I assumed, of some things sexual.

“You see, at school, parties and cheerleading practices I have my own personal full service servant, Della here, isn’t that right Della?”

“Yes, Mistress,” she replied, never looking up from her current task.

My head spun with the power my sister had over this sweet chubby girl, and the power she assumed she had over me. It was the final straw. All the past two years of her condescending attitude over me had come to a breaking point and I decided it was time to turn the tides on my sister. My mind began racing at the opportunity of not just fucking my sister, but turning her into my personal full-service servant. She was like so many characters in the stories I read, dominant in theory, but really that was just a facade to her real sexual needs…to be controlled. I was suddenly determined and convinced I could make this happen, but I needed to set it up. So for the time being I would have to play along. Sandra continued, patting the chubby girl on the head, “Good girl. Now big brother, are you willing to be my unconditional full-service home-servant?”

Faking an eagerness to build her confidence and imply my weakness, “Yes, Sandra.”

“You will obey my every command?” she questioned.

“Yes,” I agreed, way too quickly to be considered anything more than eager to comply.

“Good boy,” she purred. “Do you want to fuck Beth?”

“Yes,” I replied, this time with no attempt at manipulation.

“If you earn your keep, you will get to do exactly that, fuck the tight cunt of my best friend,” Sandra bluntly announced, clearly showcasing her dominant power among her group.

I looked at Beth whose face was red, seemingly embarrassed by the offer my sister had presented to me, but she said nothing, showing the hierarchy of the group. Clearly Sandra was at the top of the cheerleader power play, with Beth beneath her and Della at the very bottom.

I briefly pondered if Beth too was a submissive to my sister. I switched feet and Beth let out a slight moan. Sandra asked Beth, “Does my brother give good foot massages?”

“Fucking amazing,” Beth moaned, her British accent making it sound even naughtier.

“Well, I better check it out for myself. Della go massage Beth’s feet while my big brother does mine,” she commanded.

Della and I switched places, making eye contact briefly. In her eyes I saw her embarrassment at how she was being treated, but also an excited eagerness to please, like so many subs I had read about. I took my sister’s stocking-clad foot into my hand and began massaging. I should note that I completely understood the science of a massage, and was pretty confident that I could get any women rather horny just by using the right amount of pressure and hitting the right spots…like I had been doing to Beth.

The room was silent as I attempted to trigger my sister’s erogenous zones in her foot that would bring spasms of pleasure throughout her whole body. A slight moan escaped her lips a couple of minutes into the foot massage and she eventually spoke, “Oh my, big brother, you are very good at this.”

I responded, pretending I had no clue what I was doing, “Oh really, I have never done this before.”

“Hmmmm,” she moaned, as I put pressure on a spot I was pretty sure would bring her tingles of teasing pleasure.

A couple of minutes later, Sandra talked to Beth as if I wasn’t there. “So, Beth, as I began to tell you earlier, my brother has a pretty big cock.”

Beth asked, “Have you seen it?”

“Not yet, but I got a solid feel while he was nursing on my breasts,” Sandra announced.

“What?” Beth gasped, clearly surprised by her best friend’s revelation.

My cock had been in an awkward erect position in my pants for a while now and I could no longer resist shifting its position. I tried to do it slyly, but my sister noticed. “Is giving your baby sister a foot massage getting you hard, big brother?”

Faking embarrassment, I stammered, putting my head down, “Y-y-y-yes.”

“Stand up, big brother,” she ordered.

I reluctantly let go off her stockinged foot, a touch I could hold onto forever.

“Show us your cock, big brother,” she demanded, her voice dripping with sexy sweetness.

Playing the game, pretending to be insecure, I responded with nervousness, “No, don’t be silly.” In reality, even though I was a virgin, and very nervous around women, I knew I had a pretty big cock. I had done a lot of research on normal size and so forth. I was a little over 8 inches long. And for some reason, maybe because I had turned this whole silliness into a challenge to defeat her and make her my sex slave, I was no longer nervous. I was determined.

“Now!” she demanded, her sexy sweetness gone. It was clear she was not used to having people say ‘no’ to her.

I shifted to fake pleading. “Please, Sandra, not here, not in front of other people.”

Her smile returned, “You have already agreed to be my personal servant.”

Again feigning innocence, I argued, “But that didn’t include showing my penis.”

“Your penis,” she cackled, “now that is funny. Don’t you mean your cock?”

I lowered my head again and pretended to be a prude. “I can’t say that word.”

“Say it!” she ordered, her smile gone, her tone demanding.

I whispered, so quiet no one could hear it, “Cock.”


I repeated the word loud enough to be heard, “Cock.”

“Show us your cock,” my sister demanded.

“Please don’t,” I pleaded one more time.

“Now, slave!” she ordered, pushing the envelope.

Deciding to look completely whipped, defeated and weak, I responded, making a very conscious word choice, “Yes, Mistress.”

As I began to unbuckle my pants, her smile returned and her tone implied complete triumph, “Mistress, I like that big brother. For now on when we are in private, you are to refer to me as Mistress Baby Sister, is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress Baby Sister,” I replied, like a brainwashed sub, as I allowed my pants to drop to the floor.

She pulled up her skirt a bit, opened her legs and tore her pantyhose at the crotch. I got a quick glimpse of her pink pussy as she was apparently commando. She demanded, “Slut, get to work.”

I watched as Della quickly crawled between my sister’s legs and dove into my sister’s pussy.

Sandra continued talking to me as if it was normal to have someone between her legs while talking to her brother, “Now your underwear, big brother.”

I discarded my underwear and released my fully erect cock to my sister and her beautiful redheaded friend. “Oh my,” Beth said, the impressed look on her face sending a chill up my back, and building me with much needed confidence.

“Oh my, indeed,” my sister concurred, staring at my stiff cock.

“Do you want to fuck it, Beth?” my sister asked, thoroughly matter-of-fact.

“Five minutes ago I would have politely declined, but now I may have to reconsider,” she said, standing up and walking over to me.

My sister offered, “Well, you better go and inspect the merchandise.”

Beth laughed, but surprised me by dropping to her knees. Her British accent was so sexy as she complimented me again, “I shouldn’t, but fuck, it looks so damn tasty.”

She took my cock in her hand and slightly stroked it. A spasm quaked my body and I was worried I might come.

Sandra, leading her on, teased, “Go ahead Beth, suck it. You know you want to.”

Beth looked back at Sandra and challenged back, “You want me to suck his cock, don’t you?”

Sandra shrugged, acting all innocent, “Maaaaaaybe.”

Beth turned back to me, looked up from her subservient position, “So Matthew, do you want me to suck your big cock?”

“Desperately,” I responded, no longer playing a game with my sister.

Beth looked back at Sandra and said, “Last chance to stop me. I know you want to suck it too, Sandra.”

Sandra shrugged, “Maybe, maybe not. But for now I will be content watching my big brother get his first blow job.”

Beth smiled up at me, “Matthew, you would get a lot more pussy if girls knew what you had hidden behind your geeky exterior.”

Before I could respond, Beth opened her pretty little mouth and leaned forward. Her warm mouth felt more amazing then anything I had ever felt before. My body melted and my mind went to mush. She began slowly moving up and down on my cock, taking about half of it in her mouth. In less than a minute, I could feel the undeniable boiling in my balls and knew I was going to come soon. Deciding to throw a slight amount of doubt into Sandra’s master plan of sibling dominance, I grabbed Beth’s head and held it in place as I quickly face-fucked the gorgeous red-headed cocksucker. She let out a surprised sound, but after only a couple of pumps between her sweet lips I was shooting my cum down her throat. When I was done coming, I let go of her head and quickly apologized, stammering for full-effect, “I-I-I am so sorry B-B-Beth, I don’t know what came over me.”

I looked up at Sandra who seemed surprised by my aggressive action, but seemed just as quickly to fall for my blithering idiot apology. Beth looked up at me surprised as well, but instead of being angry, responded, yanking on my cock one last time, “No problem, Tiger. I like a man who knows what he wants.” Standing up, she turned to my sister and added, “Your brother’s cum is yummy.”

Sandra moaned, as Della between her legs was clearly getting her horny as well, I assume, she was also getting horny from my little show with Beth. Sandra trying to re-establish her power in the room over the rest of us, demanded, “Get me off, my sub, now.”

Della’s head began to move back and forth a bit and I saw her right hand disappear between my sister’s wide spread legs. I watched intently while pulling my underwear and pants back up.

I announced, “Well I should get going.”

“Don’t you want to watch your little sister come?” she pouted dramatically.

“If you wish, Mistress Baby Sister,” I responded, attempting to manipulate her by giving her a deceiving amount of confidence.

“I wish, big brother,” she moaned, grabbing Della’s head and pushing it deeper into her pussy. “I’m so close, big brother. Watching Beth suck your big cock was so fucking hot. Be a good sub for me and you can fuck Beth. You can also fuck Della, she loves it up her plump fat ass. Ummmm, yes, I’m coming big brother, yes, yes, yeeeeeees!”

The thought of fucking Beth was enticing, as was the thought of getting in Della’s back door, but I was now more determined than ever to lose my virginity to the hottest girl I knew…my sister. I watched my sister collapse back on the coach as an orgasm exploded through her. Deciding now was the perfect time to leave, I looked at Beth and said, with sincerity and befuddled innocence, “T-t-thanks Beth, that w-w-was awesome.”

Beth chuckled, “No problem, Matthew, the pleasure was all mine.”

I had a witty comment back, but decided not to make it and said, “I hope to s-s-see you again, Beth.”

Beth responded, “You never know.”

“Oh, I know,” Sandra said, adding her two cents’ worth.

I gave a half wave and left the room and the party and drove home, my mind spinning deviously. Tomorrow I would start my plan to make my sister, my slut.


Sandra didn’t come home that night doing who knows what with who knows who, and didn’t arrive back home till the evening of the 23rd . I had a variety of ideas to turn my sister, but they all required being alone. Now that was no longer an option. Mom and dad were home and we were watching the news when my little sister dropped on the couch beside me.

Mom asked, her tone implying the answer better be no, “You are not going out again, are you?”

“No, Mom,” she replied, “the 23rd is tradition.”

“Good,” Mom responded, clearly relieved.

The 23rd was always Christmas movie night, a tradition since as long as I can remember. Sandra picks the first movie and I get second choice.

Sandra squeezed my leg subtly as she used it to push herself up. She stretched, her tight jeans leaving nothing to the imagination, and said, “I am going to get in my jammies, then it is time to watch Home Alone.”

Mom stood up also. “Well, I will go make popcorn and hot chocolate while everyone else gets comfortable.”

I too got up and went and changed into my evening wear. My parents’ house is quite chilly in the evenings, so it usually includes flannel pyjamas. In my room, I took off my jeans and, on the spur of the moment, with a potential plan popping into my head, I also discarded my underwear. I threw on my flannel pyjamas and returned to the couch. I grabbed a blanket, one big enough for Sandra and me, and waited. The genius of the plan spinning in my head was that the way the living room was set up, both Mom and Dad sat on their favourite chairs, and neither could see us without turning back, which they seldom did. My plan relied on oblivious parents and my blanket. Sis returned in what could in no one’s definition be called pyjamas. She wore a halter top that barely held in her big tits and Lulu Lemon short shorts. It was the exact outfit I imagined when I fantasized about an all-girls’ slumber party. She smiled at me and joined me on the couch, slithering under the warm blanket before either parent saw her whore-wear. I wondered if she was thinking of toying with me in the same manner I was planning on toying with her. It was a game of sexual chess, and I was a whiz at chess.

Mom returned with popcorn and hot chocolate and like the 1950s June Cleaver Mother she was, she made sure we were both comfortable before the movie started. As the movie began, my head spun with how and when I should initiate the plan. Knowing we were watching two movies, I played it cool throughout the first movie. Sandra attempted to distract me by putting her hand on my leg a few minutes into the movie, but she was clearly not as confident and brazen, with our parents in the same room, as she had been in the kitchen just yesterday. I decided to make my move when the bad guys in movie were finally inside Kevin’s house. It was now my turn to be brazen. I grabbed her hand, and in one quick lightning strike, led it inside my pyjama bottoms to my semi-erect cock.

She let out a surprised yelp and both my parents turned around. My Mom asked, “Anything wrong, Sandra?”

Her face flushed, her hand wrapped around my cock, my parents completely oblivious to the incestuous act currently happening right behind them, and she covered well. “Oh nothing Mom. I just always jump when Kevin almost gets caught.”

My dad chuckled, “Oh Sandra, you never change.”

I thought to myself, ‘If you only knew the half of it, dad.’ The movie continued and I looked at my sister, my timidity now gone, my confidence now growing along with my hard-on. I reached under the blanket and, using my hand, made it clear what was expected…a hand job.

She smiled, seemingly impressed by my aggressive out-of-character action, and began slowly stroking my no- erect cock.

The rest of the movie flew by as my hot sister slowly stroked my cock. The movie ended, and when dad stood up, Sandra went to pull her hand out of my pyjamas. I grabbed her hand, startling her, and held it in place. My dad turned to me and asked, still oblivious to the power struggle happening right in front of him, “So what movie next, Matthew? Let me guess, Jingle All the Way.”

Every year since I was eight, I had picked Jingle All the Way, an Arnold Schwarzengger Christmas movie that was just so bad, yet I loved it. I wanted to be the Turbo Man when I was a kid. I let go of my sister’s hand and, as I expected, she didn’t move it off my cock, and said, “Of course, Dad.”

He shook his head, “Well you two are nothing if not predictable.” I barely was able to let out a laugh at that comment.

My Mom asked, “Any more popcorn for you two?”

“Sure Mom,” I replied, “and some egg-nog too, please.”

“Sure thing honey,” Mom replied, before asking my sister, “And how about you, Sandra?”

Clearly flustered by the fact that my cock was in her hand with our Mother inches away, she was barely able to answer, “S-s-sure Mom, egg-nog would be fine.”

“Are you ok?” Mom asked, leaning in and putting her hand on Sandra’s forehead, “You are not getting sick are you? You are really flushed.”

Sandra stammered, going even redder, “I-I-I’m fine, Mom. It’s just a bit hot in here.”

Mom stood back up, “Well, you have no fever. That is good. Hate for you to get sick before Christmas. Make sure you get lots of liquids in you.”

“OK, Mom,” she finished, as Mom left the room. Dad stretched, “I’ll be back in five, I need to check my e-mail.”

Once alone, Sandra hit me with her free hand and said, “Oh my fucking God, Matthew, that was so close.”

Knowing this was a key moment in the power shift I was implementing, I said, my tone implying who was in charge, “Sandra, are you wearing panties?”

“Yes,” she replied, slightly confused by the frank question.

“Get rid of them,” I ordered, before taking her hand out of my pyjamas and standing up.

Her facial expression was exactly what I expected, bewildered, yet impressed.

“What is big brother planning to do?” she asked, in a whisper.

“Just do as you’re told,” I replied in a dominant tone and walked away, leaving her hopefully stunned and more importantly, obedient.

I went to the bathroom, praying my plan was working, that my assessment of my sister’s sexual needs was right.

Just as the movie was about to start, I sat back down beside my sister, and asked, “Mom, do we have any baby carrots?”

“I think so,” she responded, “let me go check.”

She left and returned a couple minutes later with a bowl of baby carrots. I thanked her for being the best Mom in the world and the movie began.

Knowing that anticipation is half the battle in any situation of control, I watched the first half hour of the movie without touching or even looking at my sister, but I could tell she kept glancing at me, wondering what I had in mind, or if I was just bluffing. Finally, I made my move. I put my hand under the blanket, moved between her legs and as expected learned she had obeyed my request. I patted her pussy through her short shorts and reached for the carrot bowl with my free hand. I could tell she was watching me closely and curiously. Yet, her face also showed, for the first time in memory, nervousness. I put the bowl on my lap and took one carrot. I looked directly into my sister’s eyes with a confident smug smile, the same one she had used on me so many times, as I put my hand back under the blanket. I grabbed her hand and with some awkwardness got her to hold her shorts open so I could have easy access to her cunt. Her eyes went big when she realized what I was about to do. I slid the carrot into her cunt, fucked her with it for three quick strokes, and pulled it out. My eyes never leaving hers, and my smile never changing, I tossed the carrot into my mouth.

Sandra’s mouth was wide open in stunned shock. I reached for another carrot and surprised her again when I slid it into her cunt and left it there. Her eyes remained wide, like a girl in a horror film, as she realized what I had just done. I inserted a second carrot and she just looked at me stunned, paralyzed by the turn of events, the shifting of power. A third followed, as did a fourth, fifth and sixth, each time she bit her lip to not let out a moan. As I reached for a seventh, she shook her head no. I shook my head yes and inserted a seventh carrot inside her gaping, but now quite full, cunt. I reached for an eighth carrot and she again shook her head no, this time quite adamant. I smiled and moved my hand underneath the blanket one last time. She pushed my hand away and I gave her a glare that seemed to startle her. I inserted an eighth carrot, barely, inside her and slowly pushed her legs together. The look on her face as she attempted to not let out a moan, grunt, etc, was priceless, better than any MasterCard commercial.

I had her return her hand to my cock. She took it in her hand and began stroking it again. My confidence rising, I allowed her to just sit there, carrots filling her cunt as I returned to watching the movie. About fifteen minutes later, knowing I was close, I decided to take a big risk. I touched her mouth with my finger and pointed to my cock. She shook her head no, clearly mortified by my suggestion. I pointed to my parents who were, as often happened, both asleep in their chairs.

I repeated the suggestion, this time reaching for her head. She again shook her head no, but as expected didn’t resist as I slowly pushed her head down onto her brother’s cock. She took it in her mouth and I held her head there as I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her mouth, my parents just a few feet away. If they were awake, there was no way they couldn’t hear the slight slurp sounds she made as she tried to not gag on my cock as I face-fucked her. In less than a minute, I shot a load of cum into my sister’s mouth. I kept pumping my cock between her lips until I was spent. I let go of her head and she moved back up and gave me a glare that should have scared me, yet only made me more confident that I would have her as my complete fuck-toy soon. I used my hand to open her legs again and pulled out a carrot. I popped it in my mouth and winked at her as I pulled up my pyjamas just as the movie ended.

Without warning, seven carrots still deep inside my slut sister, I said, “Mom, dad, wake up, the movie is over.”

Sandra sat up startled, closing her legs and letting out a whimper as the carrots still inside her teased her.

Mom rubbed her eyes and stretched before getting up. She looked at Sandra and said, “Honey, you are still flushed. You should probably go to bed and get some rest.”

Sandra gave me a look that could kill and agreed, “I suppose, I am pretty tired.” She wrapped the blanket around her and slowly stood up. It was all I could do to not burst out laughing.

Mom grabbed some dishes and Dad remained snoozing in his chair. Sandra glared at me one more time before heading to her room, walking so cautiously I couldn’t help but chuckle. I smiled, knowing she was going to be completely mine…soon.


I woke early the next morning in anticipation and preparation for the finishing move of my game. I had breakfast with Mom and Dad and they went off for their half-day workdays, promising to be home by lunch or shortly after.

Once they were gone, I stretched and went to put my final plan in action. One thing I knew was that my sister was a sound sleeper, which was perfect. I went to my parents’ room, grabbed some of my Mom’s pantyhose, and sneaked into my sister’s room. My sister was still in the same attire as last night and was sound asleep. I reached her bed and slowly pulled her arm up until it reached her metal headboard. I tied her right wrist snugly to the headboard and, as expected, Sandra didn’t even stir. I then gently rolled her onto her back and quickly tied her left wrist to the headboard as well. Content that she was restrained, I got naked and crawled between her legs. I pulled her legs apart and slowly pulled down her shorts. I was pleased to see she hadn’t bothered to put any panties back on. She was still dead to the world, but I hoped not for long. I moved back to my sister’s pretty mouth and started tapping her lips with my cock. I said, “Wake up, sleepy head.”

She let out a groggy moan, but didn’t move.

I continued tapping my cock on her lips and said, as I reached with my right hand to tap gently on her clit, “Baby sister, time for you to learn your place as my submissive.”

She let out an uncontrollable moan at my touch and her eyes attempted to open. She went to swat away my cock, but realized she couldn’t. She was awake in a heartbeat and staring at me and my cock.

“What the…” she began, but I shoved my cock in her mouth.

As my cock filled her mouth, I explained, slowly fucking my sister’s mouth, “I figured something out at the party the other day, baby sister. Although you play at being domineering with me and your friends, deep down you need discipline. My conclusions were confirmed last night when you obeyed my panties order, allowed me to shove carrots up your cunt and, of course, when you swallowed my load with Mom and Dad just a few feet away. All this time, as I thought you were teasing me out of spite, you were actually a very typical case of bully syndrome, hiding your true needs behind a false front. But I saw through it, you are a slut. A dirty little slut who has craved having her big brother fuck her forever, haven’t you?”

I pulled out my cock gag so she could respond. As expected, she played shocked, desperately attempting to hide her true needs and desires. “You sick fuck. Untie me right fucking now.”

“Oh yes,” I said, “your words say one thing, but your slut cunt says another. I bet if I touch your cunt right now it will be wet, probably drenched thoroughly, maybe even leaking a bit. So baby sis, what will I find?”

“Matthew,” she pleaded, knowing her pussy would betray her, “please don’t.”

“Really, baby sis? I think you want me to touch your cunt, don’t you?” I asked, my hand sliding down her belly and stopping just above her pelvis.

“No, I-I,” she stammered, clearly stunned by the turn of events.

“Beg your brother to check your pussy, little sister,” I demanded. I gave one soft slap on her clit with two fingers.

She let out a loud involuntary moan and begged, “Please, Matthew.”

I wasn’t sure if she was pleading for me to stop or continue, but decided to go with the latter and slid two fingers deep inside her very damp pussy, she let out a scream. “You are pretty wet, baby sister. Did the thought of becoming your big brother’s fuck-toy get you all wet?”

I sat in Karen’s lap for some time, gazing with love at my little sister’s beautiful face. A sheen of sweat glistened on our naked bodies. Her cheeks were flushed with passion, and a warm smile graced her beautiful face as I thought about the huge load I had just blasted into her mouth and she had hungrily swallowed.

I bent towards her and our mouths met in a hungry, fiery kiss. I could still taste traces of my semen in her mouth as our tongues wrapped themselves around each other. We kissed long and hard, the heat of our bodies against each other fueled our passion.

“You’re a warped little girl, you know that Sis?” I kidded. “So you think I should take advantage of my own daughter, huh?”

“Ha ha, you love it!” she replied. “And she needs it waaayy worse than you do. You have a little sister that will suck you off and fuck you whenever you want. All she has is her fingers, your picture, and that Trevor character, who squeezes her boobs like he’s milking a cow. She needs your cock, Bro. I think you’d be really doing her a disservice if you didn’t give it to her.”

“OK, I can see that you’re serious. I love Marisa, but believe me when I say I’ve never EVER allowed myself to think of her that way. But you’re right, we’re brother and sister, and we fuck like rabbits. I guess it’s sort of hypocritical of me to start drawing lines if she’s of legal age. How do I, uh, you know, hit on her?”

My little sister broke out in a fit of laughter. “Oh my god, Bro, you are so cute… you sound like you’re her age.”

I snorted. “Well, this isn’t exactly your standard dating scenario. I’m relying on you being right about her having the hots for me.”

“It’s simple, really, Big Brother. You already do everything for her she needs. You know she’s upset lately, right? Just invite her for a chat and have her sit on your lap. You know how she loves that! Cheer her up, tell her she’s beautiful, then start tickling her. She’ll be laughing, giggling and squirming against you in your lap! Her pussy will be hot and moist. It shouldn’t take much to shift things into a sexier vibe. It’ll be like taking a cherry from a teenager!”

“God, Sis, you make it sound so easy!” I exclaimed. “I wish I had your confidence…”

My sister talking about my daughter like that had my cock stiffening again. Karen didn’t fail to notice that development, and reached out and started stroking it.

“Seriously,” she stated, “this is going to be easier than cougar hunting at male strip clubs at closing time. You can’t fail. But I see you have a growing problem here that needs attention. My pussy is on fiiiiiiire, and you need to stick that cock into your little sister’s cunt and fuck her real hard, right now!”

I laughed and grinned at her. “You’re really in a mood tonight, Little Sister! OK, your big brother’s going to stick his cock into your snatch and pound it like a steam engine!”

She spread her legs wide and I placed the head of my cock at her lips. She was slick and hot, and in one thrust I slid to the hilt inside her. She exhaled at my insertion, and the look of pure lust on her face made me want to fuck her into oblivion.

“I love you, Big Brother,” she moaned. “Fuck me.”

I started slowly pistoning my shaft in and out of her dripping pussy, savouring the sensation on my penis. She was so wet that I was already making squishing sounds as I fucked her. Since I had just shot a load in her mouth, I had more staying power this time around, so I set to the task of thoroughly fucking the shit out of my baby sister.

I grabbed her thighs and scooted her butt closer to the edge of the couch, spread her wide and really started driving into her. My balls and pubis were making slapping sounds against her pudenda and buttocks; small mewling gasps started coming from her throat. My little sister makes the sexiest noises and faces when she’s being fucked, and right now she was kicking me into super overdrive!!

My cock was tingling as I started hammering into her twat, my prick slicing into her like a hot knife into butter, slapping and squishing noises attesting to the fury of our passion. I drove deeper and the helmet of my dick started beating against her cervix.

Karen started crying out, “AH! AH! AH! AH! YES! YES! GOD YES! FUCK ME! AH! AH! YES! GOD, FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT!!!” I didn’t think I could get any more turned on, but her words drove me to new heights of lust!! I looped my arms underneath her thighs and lifted her so I could stand on my feet with my legs bent. I drove my rod into her quim with a fury, ramming into her as fast as I could, my glans battering away at her cervix and g-spot, causing her juices to start leaking out all over her ass.

Her gasps and cries started building up into a keening wail. If there were any neighbours anywhere near the house, I was sure they must have been able to hear! “OHHHH FUUUCK, BRO, I’M GONNNA CUUUMMMMMM!!!!!!” she screamed, her head thrashing back and forth, her eyes shut tight and her hips bucking wildly.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” she howled out as her pussy clenched down hard on my dick. I huge spray of girl-juice shot out of her pussy, spattering all over me and onto the throw rug and couch. Her hands were flailing around and grabbing onto anything they could, the cushions, her hair, her boobs, my shoulders, as she convulsed and writhed as she came all over my cock.

I started slowing my pace and her eyes snapped open as her mouth gasped for air. “OK! OK! OUT! OUT! ENOUGH!! I CAN’T TAKE IT!!!!”

I withdrew my cock with a grin as she shuddered, her head rolling around and her eyes blankly staring at nothing. “Was that good, my sweet little sister?” I asked her.

“Fuck.” She replied, panting. “Fuck, too good. Soooo fucking good. I haven’t cum like that in a long time. Wow, did you fuck me good!!”

I just laughed as she gasped and heaved. “Ooooh, fuck, I can’t stand up!” she laughed. “Oooh, too sensitive. Wow, I’m vibrating.” She made half-hearted attempts to stand, then gave up, lying on her side curled up, shivering. “Hmmm, you need to cum, huh, Big Brother?”

“I’d love to, Little Sister,” I said. My cock was glistening with her juice and pointing towards the ceiling.

“Why don’t you fuck me up the ass?” she invited. “That would be soooo good right now, and I, uh, sure squirted out enough lube for it.”

“Fuck, Sis, you are a wild woman tonight! OK, I’m in! Get your ass ready, here comes my cock!”

She rolled over on her hands and knees, spread her legs and thrust her butt in the air. Then she started running her fingers over her butt and thighs, moistening her anus with the juices. She then gently stroked her labia, shuddered, and started inserting her fingers into her asshole. There was so much of her juice that in no time her fingers were slick and sliding into her rectum two, then three at a time. My dick was hard as steel and throbbing. I scooped some of her juice from her thigh, causing her to jump a bit, and rubbed it all over my shaft. She spread her legs wider and pushed her butt up and out more.

“Come here and fuck my ass,” she breathed as her hips gently rocked back and forth.

I moved forward and placed the tip of my tool at her puckered anus as she withdrew her fingers. I spat on her asshole, causing her to giggle, and gently pressed in with my cock. Karen spread her butt cheeks with her hands, trying to give me easier access. She gasped as the head of my cock popped in, and gave a low groan as my shaft entered her rectum slowly, inch by inch. She growled a deep, throaty “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh….” as my cock filled her fully, balls deep in her bowels.

“How’s that, Sis?” I queried.

“Sooooo fucking good….” She moaned. “Go slow. Slow and deep.”

I slid the length of my shaft back and almost out, then slowly back inside. She purred the whole way. The fronts of my thighs were sticky to her butt because all her love juices. I loved the feeling. I slowly withdrew again, spat on her anus, then gradually reintroduced my dick to the depths of my little sister’s ass. Her head was tilted to the side up against the back cushions of the couch, so I could see her eyes shut tight and the smile on her face.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she purred as I slowly drove into her ass to the hilt, briefly pausing with my full weight against her butt, my cock probing into her colon. Then I drew back out, paused again with the tip just inside her sphincter, and leaned back in, letting my weight push my cock all the way up her ass.

“OK, you can go faster now,” she guided. I started carefully increasing my pace, thrusting in and pulling back, using my hips rather than my full body. Karen made little cooing yelps as I penetrated her bottom to full depth. I continued pumping in and out. The sight and sounds of my little sister were always so arousing and exciting while she was being sodomized, and tonight everything seemed to be just that much hotter.

“Do you want to cum, Bro?” she rasped out in between her yelps.

“Fuck yeah, Sis” I rumbled. “I have another river of cum built up. I can feel it right in my guts. This is going to be a huge load.”

“OK, fuck me,” she prompted me. “Fuck me up my ass! Give it to me good and hard, Big Brother, and shoot you jism right up into my asshole!!”

“God, yes, Sis!!” I barked, as I shifted into high gear. I started driving my cock hard and fast, slapping against her ass cheeks as I plumbed her butt, reaming my little sister’s rectum, stretching it out wide with the force of my determined pounding.

I felt the beginnings of my orgasm start as Karen started crying out, “UH! UH! AH! UH! FUCK!! UHHHHH!!!” as I mercilessly fucked her butt. It was an incredible sensation, feeling the friction of her clenching rectum on the shaft of my penis as I hammered deep into her beautiful rump, preparing to fill her bowels with my white, thick load.

“Oh, shit, I’m gonna cum Sis!” I gasped. “I’m gonna cum right in your ass!!”

“Yeah, fuck, do it!!” she encouraged. “Do it! AHH! Cum!! AHHHH!! Pound me hard and cum right up my fucking ass!!!! AHHHHHH!!! YEAAAHHHHH!!!!”

My rhythm was blinding now, my hips and cock a blur of motion as I furiously butt-fucked my little sister, my balls tightening as I prepared to unload my sperm in her rear.

“OOHHH, FFUUUUUUCCKK!!! HERE IT COMES!!!” I roared as I felt the first spurt rise. Ecstasy seized my body as my cock spasmed and twitched, erupting in an almost painful blast of jizz, balls deep in Karen’s butt.

“God yeah!! Shoot your sperm in my asshole!! Oh, god, I can feel it spurting!! Oh, fuck, more!!” Karen yelled out, egging me on. She was such a sexy slut, and I couldn’t get over how hot she was. Dirty and nasty, better than any porn bitch I had ever seen. And she was my sister! And I fucked her all the time! I felt like the luckiest guy on the planet.

My penis kept swelling and pulsing as my semen pumped it’s way into her bowels. I could barely move as I came, spurt after spurt filling my sister’s ass to overflowing with white, thick cream.

I finally slumped forward, spent completely as my dick was lodged to the hilt in her colon. “Ohhh, my sweet little sister. That was so good. I love you so much,” I sighed, bending forward to kiss her. Our lips met as she twisted her head back to meet me. We kissed hard and deep, our mouths searching and reaching for each other, trying to find the depths of our souls through our mouths as I felt her anus clench periodically on my slowly softening rod. It was like her ass was giving my cock loving, gentle squeezes. I knew she loved to feel my cock grow soft in her rectum, so I stayed on top of her like that and we kissed, until after a few minutes my dick was almost completely flaccid, and I slipped out.

“Oh, fuck!” Karen giggled, “Uh, it might be a little messy!”

I got off of her and she rose a little unsteadily. My semen dripped from her anus. She giggled again. “I’m gonna run and clean up before we totally ruin the furniture down here!” she stated and rushed off to the bathroom. I collapsed on the couch, my body overwhelmed with sensation and my mind running a million miles an hour, with perverted thoughts of my horny, slutty little sister, and my sweet, beautiful, innocent daughter.

The next day was an agony of anticipation and anxiety. I imagined what I would say to Marisa, thought about how she might respond, slipped into fantasy about what might occur… My cock would start stiffening, and I would get freaked out, try to cool myself off, think totally unsexy things… I was terrified of what might happen if Marisa walked in and I already had a raging boner. That was sort of the point though, wasn’t it? God, it would be so much easier if she was like Karen. She had made the first move on me all those years ago. How had she gotten the guts? How did she know I would respond? What if I had wigged out, rejected her, said she was sick and needed help? Fuck, what if Marisa says that to me? My conflicting thoughts were giving me near panic attacks.

My phone went off. I checked it and it was a text message from Marisa. “Just got off the bus, Daddy. Be home in a min.”

My heart skipped a beat. My dick started swelling in my pants again. I gave my head a quick shake and exhaled sharply, trying to imagine geriatric nuns or dead puppies. “Look natural,” I told myself. “Be cool. No problem. What are you, like fifteen or something? It’s all in control.” Shit, was I sweating?

A couple of minutes later I heard a key in the lock, and then the door opened. In walked my gorgeous daughter, her chestnut brown hair held back with a barrette, her perky boobs straining against her black skull-and-crossbones t-shirt. She had on a pair of skinny jeans with black sneakers. She put her purse down on the table and came towards me. She had no makeup on her angelic face –she was such a natural beauty – but she didn’t have that million-dollar smile that I was so used to seeing.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said as she encircled me in a hug and kissed my cheek. Once again I was fighting the urge to get a hard-on at the sight of my perfect daughter. It was easier this time since I was so genuinely concerned about mood.

“Hello, Angel,” I beamed at her. “Where’s my big smile today? Didn’t you have fun with Julie and Jamie last night? I thought you girls always had a ball!” Don’t lay it on too thick, I told myself. Be cool.

“Yeah, we had fun, Daddy,” she replied distractedly.

“And aren’t you excited to go back to the lake next weekend?” I asked her.

“Yeah. You know I always like going to the lake,” she said blankly. “I guess,” she added.

“Oh, come on,” I said in a playful voice. “I know when my pretty little girl has something bothering her. What is it, sweetie?”

She looked directly up into my face with her deep brown eyes and a tiny frown. She looked like she was about to cry. “It’s nothing, Daddy,” she said in a defeated tone. She turned to go upstairs.

“Now, wait,” I began. “I can tell something is eating you.” Hm, I’d sure like to be the something that was eating you, I thought as my prick twitched. “Come on, honey. Talk to Daddy. You know you’re still my little Mars Bar!” I said to her, using the nickname I had given her as a child.

“Daddy, I’m not a little girl anymore!” she protested exasperatedly as she whirled to face me.

Oops. This wasn’t going so well. OK, time to pull out Karen’s advice.

“I know, Marisa. I know you’re not. You’re a grown woman. I know I have to start treating you like an adult. You’re smart, you’re responsible. I didn’t mean to make you feel like a kid, sometimes I just think of you as my daughter.” Oops. Oops again. Shit! Damn it, get it back on track! “I’m just concerned about you. You know I love you. I love you with all my heart. And you’re a pretty young woman. In fact, you’re about the most beautiful young woman I’ve seen in my whole life.”

“You have to say that,” she said. “You’re my dad.”

“No, but I really mean it. I’ve seen you grow into about the most beautiful, desirable woman in the world. Sometimes I have to catch myself when you come around the corner from the bus stop. ‘Wow, who’s that hot girl!’ I say to myself. Then I remember it’s you,” I grinned at her.

She giggled half-smiled back at me. “Thanks, Daddy,” she said.

“I do know something’s bothering you though, and I want to help. I promise I will talk to you and treat you like the grown woman you are, but will you indulge your old man a bit and sit in my lap so we can have a chat?” I asked, my heart racing a bit as I sat on one of the kitchen chairs. Down, boy, I thought to my dick, trying hard to keep control.

“OK, Daddy,” she said in a small voice as she looked into my eyes with her head sort of bowed and a pixieish grin spreading on her face.

She sat across my lap and sort of slouched, her head still bowed but her eyes raised to meet mine. Was that love in her eyes? Maybe that kind of love? Yes, I thought to myself. Damn, my little sister really seems to know what she’s talking about!

“All right,” I began. “I’ve noticed that something has really been bugging you lately. Let me take a wild stab at what’s causing it. Is it about a boy?”

“…Sort of,” Marisa said softly.

“And is it because you’re a little confused? Maybe things weren’t what you were expecting, or what you thought they were?” I continued.

“Yeah, sort of,” she said.

“Is it because Trevor maybe isn’t what you thought he was? Maybe he’s been not quite the total gentleman sometimes?”

Marisa’s smile went sort of half-cocked, but she said nothing.

“Well, let me tell you something. I was his age too once, and I did things that were a little less than gentlemanly sometimes. When a young man is attracted to a pretty girl, they will push for things in a way that isn’t so nice. Hormones rule their actions. I have never questioned you or your judgment, and I trust you to make good decisions. I just want to make sure that you put yourself first. Make sure that if you do anything, it’s because it’s what you really want. Having a boyfriend is one thing, but you’re past the puppy love stage. Things can get serious and I want you to always think about the future when you act. Think about what might happen next week, five years, or ten years in the future. If Trevor is the right guy for you, you’ll know it. But if he isn’t, or there’s someone else you think that is, well, you don’t have to do anything with him that you don’t want to, right?”

“Right, Daddy,” she grinned at me. She put her arm around me and leaned in to me more.

“Besides which, young bucks like that don’t know how to treat a lady anyway. It’s only wizened, experienced men like your dad that really know what a woman wants. For example, I knew you were feeling a bit sad, and I wanted to cheer you up. So….” I said, reaching for the bag that I’d hid under the table before, “These are for you.”

I handed her the colourful bouquet of flowers I had retrieved from the bag, watching as her mouth opened in a huge smile and her whole face lit up with delight. Reaching down into the bag again, I produced a small felt box, saying, “These are for you too, sweetie.”

Her smile broadened further as her as widened in surprise and curiosity. She put the flowers down on the table and opened the box, discovering the two small diamond earrings that I had bought for her earlier in the morning.

“Oh, Daddy, they’re beautiful!! The flowers, and the earrings!! I’m so happy, Daddy, thank you, thank you!!” she exclaimed.

She removed the studs she had in her ears, put them on the table, ran to the hallway mirror and put the earrings in.

“Daddy I love them! They’re so pretty!!” She ran back into the kitchen with uncontained enthusiasm exuding from her entire being. She fairly leapt onto me in a big hug. She wrapped her arms around me as she straddled me, kissing my cheek again and again. “I love you Daddy!” she squealed. I put me arms around her, returning the deep hug. “You’re the best!” she said. I was acutely aware that if it wasn’t for a few layers of cloth and about one inch of distance, her pussy would have been rubbing against my cock. I couldn’t remember the last time we had sat like this; it certainly had been at least ten years… My dick responded by starting to come to attention, this time I didn’t fight it as diligently.

A Finnish girl meets a very polite and gallant older man on a summer night in Helsinki. Language barrier makes getting to know each other tricky but the laws of attraction and arousal are universal. Yet a man, when teased, can forget his manners. This is based on a true encounter with an Estonian man in the mentioned places.

***Dima beckoned and when I came close he grabbed me and threw me harshly on the bed. Juice and water spilled everywhere. Ignoring the mess he got on top of me and pinned my hands down by my head. There was a hunger in him that made my cunt twitch. He was heavy and, looming over me like that, outrageously sexy. I struggled a little, an instinctive reaction, but my heart wasn’t in it. There was no point, he’d made me want him again. Besides, I loved to be pinned down, to be all helpless and vulnerable.

My pathetic wriggling amused him. With a cocky grin he pressed his crotch against me, massaging my pussy. My exhales came out as lusty whines but as he held me down his face changed and I didn’t like what it changed into. His eyes alone were enough to scare me.

“Dima?” I asked, uttering a short insecure laughter while trying to make a casual what’s-going-on face.

Seeing it for the first time, I discovered that his evil grin sat far more naturally on his features than his friendly smile had. He let go of my hands and used his arms to restrain my upper body. He kissed me roughly, my lips smashed between my teeth and his lips. He was hurting me and I tried to yell at him but nothing got past his violent kisses. He even bit my lips, not teasingly like a lover but hard. I couldn’t turn my head for his heavy palm on my forehead was holding me still. His weight was crushing me and I beat him with my fists anywhere I could reach but he was unmoved. It was hard to breath and more so with him covering my mouth with his.

I fought then. It wasn’t a game and I was scared. He grabbed my hair, bent my head back and growled in my ear, “No fight, baby. Good girl or I hurt you.”

I subdued my struggles but couldn’t stop them entirely. I didn’t beat him anymore but he sniggered as I tried to push him off me. He ground his swelling cock against my pussy. So, this is what turns him on, I thought ruefully, not a willing blowjob but forcing himself on me. His other hand reached down between us, and after yanking the towel aside he found my naked pussy. He fingered me roughly and I screamed in rage and revulsion.

While tears welled in my eyes he started forcing himself between my legs. Not again. Sensing my resistance, he pulled my hair and snarled his no-fight command again. I didn’t dare to defy him and gingerly let him spread my legs.

“Spread your pussy for me,” he commanded.

I couldn’t believe he’d make me do that, but his eyes terrified me and I did as I was told — with both hands. I’d never felt so humiliated, not even when his cum throbbed in my vagina after the first rape, and I squeezed my eyes shut moaning, “No, no, no,” in a barely audible whisper, waiting to be raped.

He grinned and whispered, “Now say please.” I felt like throwing up but he yanked my hair and shouted, “Look at me!” He was a monster, a madman and I was scared to death and whimpered his chosen word.

He leaned closer, toying with me. “Say it like you mean it.”

Breaking into sobs I wailed, “Please,” and the moment I said the word, he thrust inside me with a savage growl and I cried out in dismay.

Suddenly Dima spoke plenty of English. There was no grammar to speak of but he mastered an extensive porn film vocabulary. He fucked me hard, slamming into me mercilessly, making me groan in pain each time he speared me. Both of his hands were on the top of my head so my body couldn’t rock away from him and escape his vicious stabs. When he hit bottom he paused to stretch me and whispered, “Good girl,” while gently stroking my forehead with his thumb.

I tried to push him away and hit him, desperate to stop the agony of being raped. “Take cock baby or I flip you over and have your ass,” he barked at me and I did as I was told. Again and again he forced himself in me telling me how he’d fuck me until I couldn’t stand up. Every time I tried to close my eyes he slapped me to make clear there was no drifting away from him.

When the first shock had passed and I lay under him more compliant and adjusted to his ruthless fucking, he bent my legs up for better access. He kept hold of my shoulders and pulled me on his cock, forcing his way even deeper. It took me into new heights of pain and I trashed and screamed, thinking he would tear the bottom of my vagina. When I got too loud, he bit my neck until I understood to keep it down. When I did, there was the good-girl routine again and my cunt tingled and flooded for him. He’d said it so often there was a continuous squishing sound as his cock churned in my pussy. What’s happening to me, my mind echoed in self-disgust.

He left me no room to react, and with eyes full of tears I begged him, “Stop, you’re hurting me. Dima no more, please.”

When I blinked, I saw another Dima wrapping me in his coat, but this one fucked me so hard my buttocks made a sharp smacking sound hitting against his pelvis. My hands went looking for anything to grab on to but there was no respite to brace myself for his pace was brutal. As he kept me still by the shoulders, I had no chance to adjust my hips to slow him down even a little or lessen the pain some. All I could do was to give myself to him and hope it would be over soon.

It was horrible but I was getting turned on by him being totally in charge. Far from cumming he took his time abusing me, and the sharp pangs of his thrusts melted into the constant throbbing pain in my flesh. He mixed the tenderness of praising his good little girl with the cruel usage of my inflamed cunt and I moaned and jerked in arousal as my juices ran down my crack to make a wet stain on the sheet.

Suddenly the thrusts ceased and he stopped still inside me. I was relieved to have a break from the rough fucking and gasped for air. I let my body go limp and lay inert under him, recovering. His shaft pulsed inside me, acutely sharpening my awareness of my pelvic area. Without competing sensations the feel of fullness in my pussy became overwhelming. I grew restless and shocked myself by wishing Dima would fuck me more. He stayed unmoving for so long that my need grew too compelling and I started moving my body on his cock, rocking up and down.

“Please don’t stop,” I mumbled and he filled me slowly and gently and I could sense the shape and width of him. Dima stroked my hair and kissed me – passionate, erotic kisses that made my cunt squeeze him tight. He kept shushing me though I made little noise and that continued controlling made me shiver in excitement. Dima’s lips brushed all over my shoulders, chest and neck while he made love to me. He kissed gently and bit harshly and I arched into him to beg for more. His hands teased my body while his cock was stroking my insides. My clit ached to be touched and every part of me craved for the shudders that would bring release.

“Dima, please, may I?” I whispered timidly in Russian and glided my hands apprehensively down towards my crotch. He grinned triumphantly and straightened himself so I could reach to degrade myself in his eyes from an innocent to a wanton.

Dima was captivated. He stared at my nimbly shifting fingers licking his lips and huffing profanities in Russian. Contractions had started deep inside me the second my fingers touched my clit and they grew stronger with Dima’s precise movements. I was rapidly gravitating towards an orgasm when Dima leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Scream for me baby, be my little slut.”

That did it. My stomach muscles cramped and, body freezing rigid, I wailed a long incoherent scream. My pussy gripped his cock in a series of convulsions that went on long after I had slumped back on the bed, exhausted and blurry.

Dima kept moving in my pussy through my orgastic spasms. When I recovered a little I gestured him to pin my hands down again and he flashed me a wicked smile. I wanted him to take me like that, hazy and fragile. He pulled my hands over my head and the backs of my hands dug into the mattress. When he pushed into me I tried to push him out, imagining he was a rapist I wanted out of me. Dima immediately let out a loud spontaneous grunt and, his unwavering restraint cracking for a second, he forgot his steady pace and drove wildly into me with his cock. I wanted to push when he came in and squeeze when he pulled out, but his pace was so erratic I couldn’t keep up with his rhythm.

I decided on pushing out all the time as that got more noise out of him. I even went as far as to struggle against him, to which his cock twitched. I kicked, wriggled away from his cock, squeezed my thighs together and angled my hips to block him from shoving his meat inside me. I fought so fiercely his cock kept slipping out and he had to wrestle me to get back in. We were both worked up, feral, grunting and growling in anger. He let go of my hands and grabbed my hips preventing my evasions. He forced his spear in me so brutally I couldn’t hold back a shocked high-pitched shriek.

“Shut up!” he shouted and slapped me hard in the face. Breaking into sobs I tried to push him away, but he was lost in his own pleasure and fucked me viciously, punishing my bruised insides.

He grabbed my chin and made me look at him. “You like my cock inside you?” He leaned to lick my neck like a beast and growled, “Get used to it. You’re mine.”

With his primitive words a hot wind engulfed me and my used wet pussy tightened on him. “Yes,” I admitted and abandoned all resistance. His pace quickened, his rhythm broke and he started roaring. Thrusting feverishly, lowering his roar into a series of loud grunts he pumped his load deep in my cunt, shaking all over.

For a while he stayed still until gingerly, groaning like a man sliding a knife out of his flesh, he slipped his limp penis out of me. Gasping for breath, Dima collapsed on the bed beside where I lay still and sated, looking at the ceiling but not really seeing anything. He spread his arm and beckoned me to snuggle. Stroking my damp hair with his big rough palm he whistled quietly and sighed in Russian, “Baby, you’re something.”

That something was twisted and I couldn’t shake the shame and guilt, but at the time they were outweighed by euphoria. His semen seeped out of me and this time I didn’t resent it; he’d marked me with his seed and I loved it.

Dima fell asleep right away but I lay awake for a while reliving the night’s events. He smelled so sexy. Part of it was aftershave and such but the rest of it – his own scent, his sweat – was intoxicating. I lay my head to rest on his upper arm where I could inhale him. Pheromones, it just has to be, I tried to explain my behaviour to myself, sinking into a deep dreamless sleep.

***Though appalled and mortified by myself, I couldn’t help enjoying his ministrations. Dima held still in my cunt, filling me but not hurting me and in my ass the little dildo moved back and forth. Longing to be filled after his teasing, I wished he’d put his cock in my ass already. Too late I realized I was fucking back.

“My lusty little slut,” he praised and put the slick lubed head of his cock on my hole. I didn’t flinch and he chortled, “That’s a good girl, taking it up the ass like a whore.” I shuddered in heat, his words were poison but I wanted to drown in it.

Dima put some pressure on my anus and I pressed against him until I felt the tip ease in. Then, gasping, I moved away to ease the pressure when he pushed the rest of the knob in. He stopped there, giving me time to squiggle my hips and adjust. I loved the mixed feeling of intimacy and violation when my ring of muscle squeezed the stretching shaft, eager to suck more of it in.

Dima poured lube on his cock and started to push in. I thrust back easing him deeper. “Good girl,” he praised. An instantaneous surge of giddy goodness gripped me and my pussy and ass spasmed. The reaction I had to those words time and again was totally ridiculous, but I was in no state to figure it out now.

He pulled out a bit, poured more lube and pushed back in. I moved to meet him until my bonds stopped me. As he started pulling out again I heard myself let out a little disappointed mewing sound. Dima’s finger went to my pussy hole and slid right in to the flowing wetness I’d produced.

“If you had told me how much you like a cock up your bottom, I’d have taken care of my little slut before.”

Given the context I had no problems understanding his Russian. He pulled out entirely, leaving the tip of his cock touching my bud. After another drizzle of lube he pushed back in, stopping for a while to move only the head in and out through my tight sphincter. I moaned in pleasure and tried to fuck back and get more of him in. He shushed me and I forced myself to stay still while he teased me.

Finally he started the long strokes I’d been waiting for. He fucked my ass slowly, burrowing deeper with every thrust. It was pure ecstasy for is slow pace let me enjoy every sensation and I wished my hands were free so I could rub my clit. He kept putting on more lube and talked dirty to me when ever he wanted my pelvic muscles to spasm around him. His finger went to my pussy again. “Girl, you’re dirty. Does my little anal slut need something in here too?” My cheeks burned with shame and I couldn’t speak but yes, I damn well did. My cunt was raw, yet I desperately wanted to be filled.

I felt the cool touch of silicone on my pussy lips and a dildo, thicker this time, glided effortlessly along my wetness, stinging the sore flesh. Dima made a few strokes in and out. “I know what you need baby.” He’d found my inflatable dildo and pumped it rapidly until he heard me moan, pumped a little more and let go of it. He started to fuck my ass again and I was exalted. Nothing hurt too bad but I was stretched to the most satisfying fullness I ever knew. My clit throbbed ardently and I ached to cum.

Dima went on inflating the dildo. My cunt stretched and he praised the tightness of my ass. This really made me realize his age for he already had and seemingly still could fuck me for forever. He had enough self discipline to hold back when he was getting too close. I hoped he would cum soon though, for I longed for a grand finale. Besides, if he came he’d probably let my hands free and I could masturbate myself into the violent orgasm my body so vehemently demanded.

The air Dima pumped in between his slow strokes went where my pussy yielded space to expand and the dildo ballooned behind my pelvic opening. It was getting very uncomfortable but being at his mercy was also deeply gratifying. I hoped he would fuck me harder but he just pumped more air in the dildo, let some out and pumped again. The dull uncompromising pain swallowed my whole abdomen and pelvis and tears ran down my strained face under the hood. Still, I didn’t resist for I wanted to be good.

Finally he went too far with the pump and my resolve crumbled under the torture, I started to flinch and buck away. He mumbled his little darling to be still and take it like a good girl. I strived to please my Dima, but the next inflations were too much and I began to yell and struggle. Disappointed, he pulled out of my ass and the pressure eased some. He promptly compensated for it with four inflations in a rapid succession. I thrashed in my ropes, screaming in shock. He patted my butt, tugged on the dildo to check it sat snug and got off the bed.

I don’t know how long I was a prisoner inside my dark hood. I heard his footsteps around the flat. I heard the TV, the coffee maker and the balcony door. My arms and wrists were aching from supporting my weight. Frequently he returned to stand by the bed and the dildo inside me swelled and I screamed for him, having already been stretched as far as my cunt could go. Yet I had no way to flee the pain and panted like a mother giving birth while Dima ran his palm over the arcs and hollows of my naked quivering body. Whining weakly I pleaded, but he took no notice and when he walked away I sobbed.

The pain was too cruel to bear, but it was the pillowcase that threatened to undo me. It seemed to shrink every passing second and strangle me. The air I sucked through the tightly woven threads was warm and stuffy and each labored inhalation took me closer to the deep end of panic.

When I finally felt his weight on the mattress I was relieved. Being hurt by him was terrifying but it was better than being tied up alone in the dark. Dima tugged on the dildo and I yelped. Muttering something I couldn’t hear, he kneeled between my legs and rested the tip of his penis on my asshole. This time Dima wasn’t gentle. Trusting I was still stretched and supple, he gave me no warning and shoved the whole length of his cock in me on the first savage plunge. He took no pity on my asshole and I shrieked in pain as my ring of muscle was stretched so violently. What noise got through my gag wasn’t loud enough to alarm the neighbours and he let me howl all I wanted.

“Scream baby, show daddy how it hurts,” he urged.

Dima twisted his cock to penetrate me from different angles. I tried to get away when he grabbed my waist pulling me on his cock, but his legs held mine pinned. He forced himself a space where there was none left and my every exhale was a scream. His balls slapped against the handle of the dildo as his thighs smacked my butt hard enough to smart. There was no other sensory input to my brain than the pain in my sex organs, and the need to flee from it.

Any lube that had been left in my back passage had worn out and he was practically fucking me raw. I sobbed between my howls while he petted my ass and caressed my red and swollen pussy lips, telling me how good a fuck I was. His arms were around my shoulders to keep me from bucking away from his cock. I started kicking with all my strength, the pain, the ties, the hood – panic overwhelmed me and I was suffocating.

My fighting excited him and he started slamming against me without a rhythm, without thrusts even, just a blur of spearlike stabs in my anal tract. It lasted forever and my belly started to cramp with such violent usage of my rectum. I cramped and he tried to hold me still. Dima raped me impatiently, balls aching to cum, making the bulged dildo move painfully in my agonized pussy. At last he bellowed and filled my ass with cum, milking himself with my body, taking his time, getting every drop out.

He was totally spent and crashed on the bed. Mercifully, he reached to loosen my restraints and I collapsed next to him. I curled up into a ball, the dildo still in me, the gag in my mouth and loops still around my wrists. I was too groggy to even claw the hood off. I wanted nothing; to be nothing, to feel nothing.

“Next time,” he muttered short of breath, “I want to see you stay still without the ties.”

When I woke up it was twilight outside and the pain had dulled a little. Dima spooned against my back, an arm protectively around me, the other stretched on the pillow above my head. The ropes, the hood and the gag were gone. The dildo inside me had been deflated and slid out. He hadn’t showered, I could smell his sweat and the scent was warm and bewitching. I nestled closer to his bare skin and hugged the arm in front of me. I didn’t understand my emotions, moreover, I didn’t understand why I had any. I liked it when he was rough, but when he got carried away it was insanity. He hadn’t stopped when I begged him to, when it wasn’t fun anymore or kinky or exciting. Yet afterwards he’d be the gentlest and kindest man, taking care of me like I was the most fragile thing in the world.

I was never one to surrender to bullying or abuse, but what he did – what we did – didn’t fall into any category I knew. Due to our language barrier I couldn’t ask him what the hell was this all about, but the world with him was tempting in its simplicity: If I let him be the only scary thing in my mind, he’d also be a hero who would have the power to keep away all that was scary in the world outside. He was a drug I couldn’t stop wanting though I knew it was bad for me. I was still chiding myself of lunacy when I started kissing his rough fingertips to wake him up.

***Dima loved the obscene view of the monster cock spreading me and continued fucking me with it, coaxing and commanding. “Here it comes. Be still. Don’t tense up on me. Take it like a good girl. There, I know you like it. And out with it now, push, harder, good girl.” He made throaty sounds of lust driving it through the narrow gap between my pelvic bones. Each time the process to birth the thing was difficult and painful, for the dildo stretched my pussy and muscles so tight I had no room to squeeze inwards. From time to time he pushed back when I pushed out, testing the strength of my pelvic muscles and prolonging my agony. He was impressed with what my vagina, even after all he’d done before, still could endure.

When I was no longer distressed enough for his taste, he put another dildo on my asshole. I mumbled through my gag for him to stop, and tried to get away but my position didn’t allow it for he’d pinned my arms and legs beneath him. “Don’t make a fuss. You’ve been stretched well and good earlier. Take it, take it all now.”

I tried to wrench myself free and howled, “No, no, no,” but he didn’t care I really meant it. He had smeared the dildo in my juices and shoved it through my tight ring of muscle without mercy. In it went, deep up my ass without lube, chafing and burning, dragging the membranes as it went.

Dima alternated between plunging the dildos in simultaneously and in turns. Stuffed as I was I couldn’t tell my cunt from my rectum. There was just one torn hole and one huge nightmare of an object grinding in it. As the giant dildo in my cunt and the other up my butt met inside me and poked my abdomen, the pain was like menstrual cramps tenfold. Beads of sweat glistened on my skin as I screamed. The little amount of pussy juice on the dildo in my ass had worn out fast and he’d since been tearing fresh cuts and nicks in my already raw passage.

He was speeding up and getting even rougher and I wriggled my hips to get my holes into angles which would help to dull the pangs of pain. Dima laughed and let me do it knowing it had little effect on what he afflicted me with. He raped me with the plastic cocks so violently that nothing I did mattered. All I had left was crying and screaming, though they weren’t distinct screams, more like a constant ragged howling that lived in rhythm with my breathing.

I was drained, finished, dead and had a terrible thirst. I slumped down, my shoulders no longer able to hold my weight. I felt gross, a repulsive heap on the bed with dirty dildos sticking out. When Dima started wrenching me up I used my last strength trying to escape him. I scratched and kicked him as he dragged me to the bathroom. I tried to claw the gag off and scream to him that he was killing me, but he snatched my hands to his grip. I struggled to get free but he barely noticed my efforts.

He screwed the shower head off the hose keeping me tucked under his arm. I got the gag off and begged him in terrified sobs to let me go. There was nothing of Dima left in him and I was afraid the new bout of torture would end in my death. Then again, to me it was of little consequence, for I was in a state in which there was nothing left of me either.

He tested the water was lukewarm and left the hose to trickle water in a weak stream. He heaved me into the bathtub and lifted me up by my ankles. He swore and shook me until I supported my weight with my shaky arms. My stomach rested on his crotch, and my crotch against his stomach available for abuse. My legs rested on his chest with my feet sticking up in the air above his shoulders. He had abused my body cavities to such depths that my stomach was in shock. He barely got me steady before I twitched and threw up on my hands in the tub. He growled curses at me and slapped me hard on the hip to declare he didn’t approve.

He sprayed me clean with the hose and left it to trickle. He threw a towel in front of me. “Put that in your mouth and make no noise.” He drizzled water on my used anus and pushed two fingers in. I groaned loudly in futile anger kicking with my feet, while he spread my asshole, stretching the little cuts glistening with blood. Slowly he forced the end of the hose in through my wrinkly bud. He pushed it as deep as it easily went, some four inches, and I cried out, almost dropping the gag from my mouth, as the hard plastic end scraped the linings of my anal tract.

I had understood of course what was to come, but no amount of bracing myself prepared me for his homemade enema and I started immediately feeling extremely uncomfortable. Even the slow trickle of water had pressure that bulged my bowls and, adding to the effect, with the water the hose spewed air as well. I kicked frantically with my feet and — biting down on the gag — screamed in panic for him to turn off the water.

The pain of filling up was excruciating and I howled like an animal while trying to escape him. The gag muffled enough of my screams that none were heard outside the room but Dima heard, and ignored. I let my hands buckle and tumbled hard into the tub. My legs slid down his chest until I was cramping violently in the little pool of water remaining on the bottom. My treacherous anus didn’t let the hose slide out of me and when I reached for it Dima stopped me though deep down he knew he couldn’t keep it up for long. After listening to my panicked yelling and sobbing for long enough to get hard again, he turned off the water and I felt the hose twitch when the water pressure died down.

He grabbed me by the hair and jerked my face to him. “Keep all in,” he snarled in English. “Out, and do again.”

He pulled the hose out slowly and I curled into a ball, desperately trying to clench shut the anus he’d fucked so loose. I needed air and spit the gag out to take what shallow gasps of air I could without making the pain worse. Allowing me no rest he hauled me out of the tub, the manhandling almost making me loose control over my pelvic muscles.

When my feet touched the floor I cramped so bad I couldn’t really stand, but he made me walk around so he could see me suffer. I was in such distress I no longer had thoughts or words, my mind had regressed to that of an animal.

Drunk with his own power Dima muttered with a thick throaty voice, “I’m gonna fuck you like that.” In disbelief I stared at him, tears streaking my face. His whisper was cold as ice, “Look at your legs baby – you bleed. One way or another, you’re always wet for me, aren’t you?”

He stalked at me and I skittered away. I knew I wouldn’t last long and I prayed for him to leave me alone for the pressure had grown too strong. I pinched my sphincter as hard as I could but inevitably my efforts gave out. Enraged and crying, throwing everything I got my hands on at him, I yelled, “Get out, get out, get out!” But it was too late. I felt a spluttering flood splash on the floor and howled in shame. Stricken, I kept my eyes closed, too mortified to move.

Dima swore coarsely and stormed out, I rushed to lock the door behind him, trying to lock him out of my head to another dimension. I knew I could never face another human again, least of all him for he’d seen it. Sobbing, I washed my legs and crotch. I couldn’t believe what had happened; my anus felt numb like it wasn’t even there. I washed the floor and kept frantically scrubbing everything until I couldn’t stand up anymore.

The first degradation wasn’t enough. I had to sit on the toilet for an eternity, suffering sharp pangs of pain — and even sharper of shame — before my bowls were empty. I kept the shower in my hand, hiding myself during all of it in a cascade of lifesaving little droplets. I never wanted to get out from under the only comfort I had.

I crawled to cower in the tub and hugged the shower to my chest; the flow of water was the only thing that could wash away my dirt, soil and shame. I tried not to think for I couldn’t face the revulsion that would follow if I did think. Next to me thin swirls of blood danced in the water rushing towards the drain and I knew I was breaking down.

My fingers were wrinkled and the air dense with steam when Dima knocked on the door. He kept calling my name and asking what was going on. I stayed in my numbness, my solace and his voice got louder and distressed. When he was about to kick the door in I got up and slouched towards the noise. I turned the lock and started back towards my sanctuary for beneath the stream of water filth did not exist.

Dima saw I was unravelling and shook me until my eyes focused on him. I recognized my monster and eyes wide with fear shrank away from his touch but I was too weak to struggle. He wrapped a towel around me and pressed me against him rubbing my back, drying me off. I could tell he was talking but none of it reached me and, getting nowhere, he turned me around and steered me out of the bathroom.

Anxious to be separated from the shower I babbled incoherent nonsense about dirt, water and bath tubs — all in Finnish, since in that base state it was all I had left. I went to my wardrobe and tried to nest in the clothes lying on its floor and it wasn’t easy for him to get me out for I craved the privacy of that small dark space. To be seen and touched when feeling that unclean was horrible, it made me want to scream.

Dima was gravely aware he’d gone too far, gotten too deep in the role he had taken and misjudged how much I could endure. He was determined to get me out of my spiralling hysteria. Since getting to me in the bathroom he’d been speaking to me softly in his own language, he was past caring if I understood or not. Holding my hand he sat down on the bed, I resisted trying to back off as a wave of nauseating fear washed over me. Frantically I repeated the words ‘no more’ in Finnish, shaking my head, but he was adamant and pulled me to him.

Slowly, droplet by droplet, I was seeping blood. It smeared on him and the sheets but Dima ignored the mess and cradled me like a child. He began to sing quietly, his voice constantly breaking into a humming whisper and it was that gruff buzz repeating a lullaby-like tune that finally calmed me. When I was lucid enough to pay attention Dima started to stroke my wet hair. He quit singing and pressed his lips on the top of my head, hugging me tight he whispered, “прости меня пожалуйста моя маленькая, прости.” Prosti menya pozhaluista moya malenkaya, prosti. Please forgive me little one, I’m sorry.

To hear the pain in his voice demolished a wall I’d built inside my head. I forgot his English was nigh useless and sobbed in a flood of words how horrible I felt, how it hurt, how he’d humiliated me, how afraid I’d been, how used I had felt after his first indifferent taking of me and how used I felt now, how awful it was to have no way to communicate when gagged and tied and hooded, and he let me rant, stroking and holding me. Finally, after a dozen apologies we both fell asleep.



Transgender-themed stories which I hope will be of interest to those who like women, or would like to be a woman. Which includes me!


“His name is Ken,” my friend Isabella had told me as she recounted her own encounter and that of her friend. “I got to first base with him that first time he came in the club. Just a quick snog and then he seemed to take fright.”

“Were you wearing that red dress, the one with holes down the sides? That with your thigh-boots, my dear, is liable to scare any man off,” I’d joked.

She’d grinned.

“No, just a tight dress, hardly a mini really. My classic LBD, though it’s a very deep purple, actually. You’ve seen it, remember? And the next week Carina got as far as him caressing a boob, but again he made some feeble excuse and left. Pity, he really is gorgeous.”

“Well, maybe he’ll be there again this week,” I’d suggested in commiseration.

“I’m not so sure. Anyway, I saw him. In town. That shoe shop near the fountain in the arcade? ‘Lenton’s’ isn’t it? He’s the new manager.”

“Right,” I’d said. The thought was a tempting one. “And you’re sure he was up for it.”

“Well, we thought so. We both did.”

“And he knew?”

“Knew what? Oh, that. Yes, definitely, no doubt about that. You could tell by the way he looked.”

“And he’s gorgeous, you say?”

“Oh yeah, a real dish.”

That had decided it. A ‘dish’ working in a shoe shop. Perfect! I couldn’t wait for the next Friday club night, I’d gone into town and made my way to Lenton’s. All ‘equipped’ if you know what I mean. I’d timed it to get there on the Thursday, just before 5.30. To buy shoes of course.

It was deliberate policy to arrive late, and it worked. I spent a couple of minutes looking in the window, Isabella was certainly right, there had been changes there. I’d looked in that window several times in the past, well, of course I had. Any woman like me would take any chance at all to look in a shoe shop window though not at the boring black and brown men’s’ shoes. And the window was different from the previous occasion I’d looked in there, maybe a month earlier. Gone were the sensible shoes, the low heels and comfortable slippers, or at least there were less of them there. In their place right in the middle were five or six pairs most definitely more to the taste of a woman like me. Lovely strappy heels, and very high heels at that.

And at the side, though not entirely to my own taste, one pair of distinctly fetish-like high-heeled boots, black and shiny and very studded. I could see Isabella in them, I really could. Definitely, this place had a new manager and he was stamping his own mark on the window display. Well, I hoped so. I’d gone for a mini-dress, of course, and my favourite wig. As I’d moved towards the shop door to push, it had opened and two young girls had been on the point of leaving.

“Goodnight Mr Jones,” they had both called, almost in unison.

“Goodnight Evelyn. Harriet. Oh, hello. Er – good evening.”

He’d seen me. He’d stuttered. I’d known that a tall leggy blonde tended to do that to a man, that’s why I’d chosen to wear my long platinum ‘big hair’ wig.

I checked his name badge to be sure I’d heard the two assistants right. ‘Kenneth Jones’. This was him. This was ‘Ken,’ the guy Isabella had been talking about.

I’d missed two weeks in a row at the club, family commitments you know. OK then, my mother had been to stay and there was absolutely no way I could have worn such a short skirt and heels while she’d been there. Mr Jones turned towards me, he just couldn’t help looking down at my legs again!

“I’m afraid we’re closing now. Maybe you could come back tomorrow.”

I looked disappointed.

“Oh dear, I’m looking for a pair of really high heels. I was so hoping to find something suitable tonight. I know it’s late….”

That did it.

“Well, maybe – er. Do come in.”

I slipped in past him and took off my long coat to reveal my tight mini-dress, my long legs and my high-ish heels. Only four inch heels though.

“Well, if you don’t mind me serving you, madam. I’m sure we can find something quite quickly.”

Yes! Got him, I could tell. But if I wasn’t mistaken, he hadn’t got it, not yet anyway. This could be even more fun that I’d anticipated.

“I’ll have to lock the door, to stop other customers coming in. Since we’re really closed, if you see what I mean.”

“That’s all right – er – Mr Jones,” I purred, peering again at his name badge.

“It’s Kenneth. But please, my friends call me Ken.”

“Thank you, Ken. And though I’m really Mrs Wilson, my friends call me Selena.”

Well, my friends at the club do.

“That’s a very nice name. If I may say so.”

Yes! Yes! I tried to blush, a bit difficult really, my make-up was designed to cover all sorts and probably hid any reddening cheeks as well. I smiled, aware of the effect of a rich red smile on a man, it usually worked. I’d taken so much care with my lipstick, I’m the sort of grrl who thinks a rich, red, quality smile works wonders. Kenneth smiled too. He turned to lock the door behind him, then moved to take my arm and lead me away from the front of the shop, round a slight bend where we wouldn’t be seen by anyone walking past along the arcade. Turning the lights off in the entrance, he turned towards me.

“How can I help you, Madam?”

“Selena,” I said.

“Sorry,” he replied.

“I’m looking for a pair of really sexy high heels, really high, and one of my girl friends recommended you,” I said in as sweet and sexy a voice as I could muster.

I’d always known I sounded good, it was a big plus in my game. A sexy femme voice I could do.

“Oh yes,” he answered. “To impress your husband maybe. Mr Wilson.”

“Oh no, I don’t want to impress that bastard. No, they’re just for me really. And to impress — anyone who might be impressed. If you see what I mean, Ken. I do like to dress attractively. And most men seem to find a woman’s legs look so much sexier in very high heels.”

I smiled, maybe a little seductively as I sat on a chair, away from the view from the door, and crossed my legs. The thought did occur to me — was I being TOO obvious?

“I so agree. I myself really appreciate a woman who can wear high heels though I know some can’t. Well, anything special?”

I looked up at him, he was positively leering at me. I struggled a little to remove my jacket, his expression confirming to me when he saw my cleavage that I’d judged him right.

“Well – er – Kenneth. The higher the better really.”

He knelt down in front of me and took my foot in his hand, examining it.

“You look like a size eight, Selena, rather a large size for a woman.”

Just for a moment I thought maybe he’d got it, but from the look on his face as he turned towards me I knew he still hadn’t. Not yet. Hell, how far could I take this? Kenneth took my shoe off, letting his fingers blatantly caress my silken-clad foot. I’d picked sheer black seamed stockings deliberately, experience had shown me they can drive a certain kind of man wild.

“Oooooh, Kenneth, that feels good. You have a very tender touch. You can do that some more if you like.”

And I just sat there, wallowing in delight and shivering with the sensuality of it all, as he smiled at me and continued to caress my feet. I was so glad I’d painted my toe-nails, the red-tipped toes were just visible through the dusky nylon of my stockings. I knew damn well the experiences, both visual and tactile, were exciting him.

“I think I have just what you want, I’ll be right back,” he said, standing and moving away towards a door near the back of the shop. I breathed deeply for a minute or so, trying to calm down.

Coming back with three shoe-boxes, Ken laid them on the floor and then sat on a little stool in front of me. He opened the first box and began his salesman’s patter.

“This is a big seller in our London branches,” he said as he smoothly slid the shoe onto my foot and hooked the tiny strap around my ankle, taking a little time to caress my lower leg a little more. “Do you see how it accentuates your leg?”

Ken kept talking as he worked, but I could see that his mind was focused on my legs. I had on a short, tight dress that tied at the waist and ended a few inches above my knees.

The effect was alluring but not blatantly sexual, and Kenneth was definitely attracted in some way to the ‘woman’ he was dealing with. He looked up into my eyes. Smoky grey and framed by long lashes, if I’d got it right they practically smouldered with passion. As he slid the other heel on, the front seam of my dress opened somewhat to expose one long leg. I could tell he was desperate to see even higher but I knew I had to play the game. He watched as I stood and strolled back and forth, trying to emphasise the sway of my hips. Smiling, I turned and pushed my right leg forward, that leg chosen because I knew it would make the split in my dress part high enough for him to see the exotic lace trim of my thigh-high stockings.

“Well?” Ken said. “What do you think?”

He looked, he smiled, he stared, he leered. I sat back down and crossed my legs again. I tipped my head seductively to one side.

“They are nice and I like the straps, but do you have something even sexier?” I asked.


“Yes. Higher heels I mean. These are – what – about four-inch heels? Maybe four-and-a-half? Well, I think I could wear something higher I think. Would you agree?”

“Oh yes, Selena.” He was definitely getting turned on by then. “I have another pair here, black patent stilettos, they have a six-inch heel.”

“Ooh, they sound just lovely. Do you think I could wear them? I mean, have I got the legs to carry them off?”

And with that I stretched my right leg right out, pulling the hem of my dress to one side to blatantly reveal my stocking tops and an expanse of bare thigh above.

“Oh, yes Selena. YES!”

He was loving the teasing, he clearly knew where it was leading — or so he thought. I was being so provocative, so promiscuous, there was only one possible outcome. Actually, though he didn’t know it, there were two, and it was number two I was looking forward to. I smiled in anticipation of the classic black high heels he’d promised. As he took my shoe off I took the opportunity to move my toes onto the upper part of his thigh, slowly letting my foot just touch the now-visible bulge in his trousers. As he moaned slightly, I just smiled as coquettishly as I could. By the time I tried on the first of the gorgeous black heels my dress was sliding a little higher on my thighs, so high I was sure he would be able to see the vee of my tiny black thong.

Ken’s hand lifted my leg to slip the shoe on and in the process I opened my thighs just a little more, giving him a peek of that most intimate item of silk lingerie. He was having difficulty controlling himself, I could see. Trembling ever so slightly, he watched almost breathlessly as I slid my second foot in. He couldn’t take his eyes off me, I was damn near to cumming in my thong myself, everything was straining inside there. I’d dressed for the occasion, I knew my body was the classic hourglass shape, big tits, small waist, and full hips. My black bustier was straining to hold my bulging ‘breasts’ and I knew he’d be able to see the outline of my ‘nipples’ through the black lace of the bra.

After putting the shoe on, Ken let his fingers trail up my leg yet again, and even higher than before. The feel of his hands sliding gently up the nylon of my stocking was now sending shivers through me too. He must have heard my sharp intake of breath as his hands edged closer to the tops of my stockings. His eyes locked on mine, our faces moved together. He was watching as I teasingly licked my shining red lips, an act so sensual I almost felt his heart pounding. Abruptly Ken pulled back, and as he did he slid his hand smoothly down my leg.


He was going to say something significant, I knew, but I was puzzled. He’d brought three shoe boxes. I interrupted him, asking what was in the third box. He seemed disappointed, the moment had passed but I knew it would return. I was going to make damn sure it did!

“Well, these are my favourites,” Ken said, opening the box to reveal the most beautiful pair of high heels I’d seen in my life.

OK, so black stilettos, though that phrase didn’t do them justice. Black shoes, with a two inch platform and a silver dagger-thin spiked heel which must have been at least eight inches long, with silver straps which would be cross-hatched up the ankle and tied about five inches higher.

“Oh my God, Kenneth. They’re gorgeous, they’re obscene! They’re positively pornographic!” I exclaimed.

Ken was leering again. I know he wanted to see me wearing them and he knew I needed to wear them! I slipped off the previous pair and stretched a leg towards him.

“OK then Ken, it’s up to you.”

He slid the shoe onto my foot, caressing my ankles again and still having problems controlling his breathing, he was clearly SO aroused. And I myself wasn’t exactly calm as he laced the silver straps of the high heel around my leg and over my calf, where he tied them off. Holding my leg out straight he admired his handiwork.

“How about the other one, Selena? I’m sure you will fall in love with them.”

It was a rhetorical question and lifting my other leg he began to ‘dress’ my left foot. I was having difficulty coping too, he could tell the whole experience was doing something for me. It was doing a lot! My breathing was shallow now as he finished lacing the second heel. Reaching out to help me up, he watched as I paraded in front of him. OK so I’d worn very high heels before but never anything so high and so beautiful. I reached out a hand to Kenneth, he stood up and helped me to steady myself.

“Well, what do you think?”

He just stared at me, at my legs, at my figure, at my over-done makeup and long blonde hair.

“Yes, you’re right. Obscene is the word, you look positively orgasmic.”

I allowed him to pull me a little closer, pretending that I was using him to help balance myself. His hand slid round my waist, too quickly for me to do anything about it. Not that I would have done.

“Well, what do you think now?”

I knew what he was thinking, the whole dressing-up earlier that evening had been with that moment in mind. Perched on the eight-inch high heels and with my big boobs and my blonde hair flowing down my back, I knew that I was his sexual fantasy come alive. Or at least, one version of that fantasy. But — how might he react to a different version? I knew I would find out soon.

“I think – oh my God, I just love them!” I exclaimed.

I looked down at the reflection of my adorned feet in the low mirror, specially put there for exactly that purpose. I paused and grinned sexily at Kenneth.

“Now, you can see the full effect. What do YOU think?”

I thrust a leg towards him again allowing the folds of my dress to part, giving him a good eyeful of the tops of my stockings. He reached out a hand towards me, leering in a rather disgusting manner. I took his hand and squeezed it slightly. Part of me wanted him to take me there and then, I was desperate to thrust my tongue between his lips and feel his big masculine hands pawing my feminised body. Yet another part of me didn’t want that, I wanted to delay even more. I wanted to stretch out the seduction, to revel in my own anticipation as well as his, of the moment when surely he was going to give me a good old-fashioned shagging.

“Selena, I am so lucky to feast my eyes on the beauty I see before me. Come with me, into my office. I have a long mirror in there, you can see the full effect.”

Oh yes, I did so want to see that. I kept hold of his hand tightly to help me balance again as he led me towards a door at the back of the shop and into a small room. Not very fancy, more functional, a desk and a computer and a small wide armchair, almost a sofa. And facing me, a huge full-height mirror. I looked, I gasped.

“Oh my, Mr Jones, they are just gorgeous. I’ll definitely have them.”

“I rather thought you might, Mrs Wilson.”

I giggled, somehow we’d both become much more formal. Kenneth was standing behind me as I posed and turned to inspect my reflection.

“You were hinting, Mrs Wilson, that such an exotic purchase was maybe not for your husband’s benefit? If you don’t mind my asking.”

I was loving it, I had obviously ‘dressed’ so much more effectively than ever before. Or maybe – the thought began to worry me – either Isabella had judged him wrong, or even that this was the wrong Kenneth! I decided I had to continue.

“Oh no, he doesn’t really appreciate my attraction any more. After all, I’m not the young girl I once was.”


“Really, Mrs Wilson. You are not doing yourself justice. Many men would just love to be in the company of a stunningly-dressed woman like yourself, I promise you.”

“Why thank you, Mr Jones. That is so kind.”

And I turned and kissed him, just briefly, on the cheek. Kenneth enjoyed that, I could tell, but I wanted more and I was sure he did too.

“So, maybe I’ll be lucky soon. Find another man, I mean.”

“Maybe,” he said.

He was standing behind me, looking past me, staring at my reflection. I felt his body press against mine as he moved closer.

“Oh dear, Mrs Wilson. Your stockings, they have been disturbed a little, maybe I should smoothe them for you. It takes a special kind of woman to carry off stockings like that, I think.”

“Where?” I asked, knowing full well that there was nothing at all wrong with my stockings as I slid my dress to one side to ‘inspect’ them.

“Allow me?” he asked, looking into my eyes.

“Of course, Mr Jones” I muttered, rather coyly I hoped.

So I stood there as I watched Kenneth, in the mirror, reach down beside me, stretching his hand across to slide it smoothly but firmly from my knee and right up my right leg, lifting my dress to reveal my bare smooth thigh and approach my thong. I was shaking, I was desperate. The tightly trapped secret between my legs under my black thong was aching for release. I knew it couldn’t be long and so desperately hoped Isabella had ‘read’ this guy right – if it indeed was him. Otherwise he might not like his surprise!

I almost passed out with the excitement of it all.

“Oh my, Kenneth, that feels so SO good!”

He was caressing the upper part of my thigh, very slowly moving his hand towards my crotch. I was breathing deeply as he leaned across and amorously began to tease my ear with his tongue.

“You deserve to feel good, Selena, you so deserve it.”

And I felt for the first time that evening what I’d wanted, needed, I felt Kenneth pushing his erection hard against me.

“God Selena, I so want to …”

“What do you want, Kenneth?”

I was squirming, my thong was close to popping point.

“I want to ….”

He didn’t say it, he did it. His other hand snaked round and pulled the tie on my dress, allowing it to slip from my shoulders and fall onto the floor. The same hand then moved up to cup my bra-covered breasts as I began to shake uncontrollably. And is if that wasn’t enough, the hand which had been threatening to uncover my lack of cunt, if you see what I mean, changed direction. I watched as it slid round my waist and began to tease the crack in my arse. I shifted my legs apart, an indication that I approved – and I was ready.

“God, Selena. I’ve always dreamed of having a woman like you, like this.”

“What do you mean?” I managed to ask as his caresses became more vigorous, as

I gazed at his fingers sliding across my black bra and manipulating my breast-forms, the most realistic and the most expensive I’d ever bought.

I heard a sound. An unzipping sound. I felt Kenneth’s fingers sliding down the crack in my arse, then I felt – something else. Yes! Oh my God, yes, I couldn’t believe it, he was there!

My grandparents died close to each other in early summer. Grandpa passed away first and was followed by Grandma only a few days later. They had never been apart so it was what could be expected. Sad of course but also nice chance to meet many cousins. We had been very close in the old days.

My grandparents were farmers running a small farm in the south of Sweden. It was hardly big enough to give a living especially with modern standards but somehow they managed although they had six children. But I guess that they had to consider twice before buying anything. The children had to help with the living from early age and they all left home in their middle teens.

Three of us cousins had volunteered to go to the farm before the funeral to take care of things and prepare it to be sold. It was sad but we were too many to keep it in the family. Some were interested but if they wanted they could buy it at the auction.

I was the first to arrive at the old farm that Friday afternoon in early July. I was early on purpose, I wanted to be alone and remember for a while. I parked and stepped out. The yard was as tidy as I remembered it had always been. I knew that a neighbour had helped them in their old age and obviously had kept on doing it. I felt grateful.

I went up on the porch of the farm house and found the key where it always had been kept in a pot hanging from a peg. In summertime Grandma always had flowers in that pot I remembered. I went inside and opened windows in the kitchen and the room downstairs and the bedroom upstairs. The house was small and now felt much smaller than I remembered it from childhood.

I went out again to put my bedroll in the loft. A long time ago when the children were rather small grandpa had cordoned off part of the hay loft to a spacious room. The children had used it as sleeping quarters from April to October. Later on us cousins used it. Most of us spent some time on the farm each summer. I had been there all summers from the age of five to eighteen and had stayed for most of the summer holiday. My mother divorced when I was very young and had trouble taking care of me. To travel somewhere on vacation was scarce. She took me to the farm in early June and came to visit twice during the summer spending a couple of days each time. Maybe it was more. It was hard to remember. In late August I was brought back home. The loft really felt like home.

There was a faint smell of mild soap. Grandma had always given the floor a thorough scrub at the beginning of June preparing the room for our arrival. She had probably kept on doing that although no kids were expected. But I guess she hoped that we would come and visit and want to stay for a night or two. It happened, I knew that. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt. It was at least three years since I visited them and then only for a couple of hours.

I went back out again and into the cow shed. I found that Grandpa had kept it very tidy with fresh, white washed walls. The old, worn tools hang neatly on their pegs thoroughly cleaned. There was very little dust. The narrow milk chamber was a little moist and cold as it always had been. The row of big milk-cans sat ready on the rack upside down. Only the cows were missing. It was very quiet which it had never been.

The barn was as clean. All old straw had been removed from the loft and the floor swept. The old equipment was neatly stowed in the narrow space, plough, harrow, sawing machine and so on. A few carriages. I suddenly remembered the feeling of riding on top of a wagon loaded with hay, the soft stickiness and the spicy smell.

Near the front door stood Grandpa’s most valued asset, the Ferguson tractor. He was very proud when he at last could afford to buy a used one. The Ferguson was one of the greatest inventions ever for a small farmer with its revolutionary hydraulic system and carried equipment. One man could suddenly do so much more on his own. The sad part was that the horse wasn’t needed any more. But he bought the tractor when his horse had become old and had to be put down. The Ferguson was clean with only a thin layer of dust. It looked repainted, in the original grey of course.

I still remembered how proud I had been when Grandpa let me drive the tractor, on the field at first, later on even to and from the farm. I was only twelve the first time. I gladly worked the full day if it involved driving the Ferguson. I had spent so many hours in its swinging seat.

On one side stood his work bench and a rack with his hand tools. I remembered how often he had stood crouched over that bench working on something or mending his equipment. I thought his shadow was still there.

Grandpa had loved his farm and to work on it although there had been so much work that paid poorly. But he and Grandma had managed but it had needed that he worked in the forest and also took temporary jobs in wintertime.

I left the barn and took a walk around the fields. When I was young it had felt like a long way around but now I realized how limited it was. Also the land was well kept. Bushes were cut back from the ditch-sides and branches cleared from the tracks. Again Grandpa’s shadow was around the bends.

I walked back and sat on the porch waiting for my eldest cousin Anders and his second wife to arrive. Anders had become a respected layer and had taken on the responsibility to sell the farm and handle the division of the inheritance. Quite a few of the other cousins would come the following day to the funeral. But Elisabeth would also come this evening. I was both thrilled and a bit anxious to see her again. We had been close in those days she being only a year or two older.

They arrived close to each other and we soon found the old relationship from our youth. Anders was like a big brother to both Elisabeth and me. Elisabeth hugged me at arrival, a hug that was both long and close. It felt nice and I relaxed.

We had agreed that Anders should bring the food and I the drinks. We were soon busy to get a meal ready. It turned out that both Anders and his wife were good cooks and made a lavish meal. I was lucky to have brought wine that matched. We sat down to eat having a good time and catching up.

While the coffee brewed Anders’ wife checked the sleeping arrangements for the night. She went upstairs and found out that there only was one bedroom with two beds. She was worried when she came back down.

“Oh, that’s no problem,” Elisabeth told her. “You and Anders take the bedroom. Erik and I will sleep in the loft.”

“The loft? What’s that,” she asked a bit puzzled.

“Haven’t you told her Anders?” Elisabeth asked. “The loft is the sleeping quarters out in the barn. It will be just fine. I have slept so many nights there so it feels nearly like home even now.”

“Are you and Erik going to sleep together, alone in one room I mean?” She asked sounding prudish.

“But yes of course. We are like sisters and brothers, aren’t we,” Elisabeth said and winked at me.

That was the beginning of a pleasant evening telling Anders’ wife about our summers on the farm and especially about the loft.

“When we were young there never was a problem,” Elisabeth told. “But when the oldest reached their lower teens the girls got shy. They complained to Grandma that the boys sneaked at them when changing for the night or dressed in the morning. But Grandma as always solved the problem. She just hung bed sheets on strings dividing the room in two. Boys on one side, girls on the other. It worked just fine.”

“Yes, but all the girls weren’t concerned. Remember Doris? She liked to be sneaked at I think. I remember seeing her secretly making gaps between the sheets. But I never saw much. A tit now and then was all as I remember it,” Anders said laughingly.

“Oh yes, and do you remember when she borrowed Grandpa’s searchlight from the barn and put it up on the loft. We made silhouettes against the sheets and had great fun. But when it was bedtime and the boys were pushed to their side of the room she left the searchlight on and she and some of the other girls undressed in front of it. They gave a good show for the boys on the other side of the sheets.” Elisabeth told and laughed a bit throatily.

“Yes, I remember,” Anders said. “I think she was the oldest in the loft and already well developed so to speak. I can still remember how nicely her boobs bounced though it was only the silhouettes. She liked to show off already then, didn’t she? Well, she certainly does now, in her shows I mean.”

“Shows! My ass. She’s a stripper, that what she is if you ask me. And I bet she has implants,” Anders wife said with disgust in her voice.

“Oh no, her shows are really good Burlesques or Vaudevilles I don’t know really what to call them. They are humorous, quite funny actually and she sings and dances well. But well, yes, she gets naked all right.” I said wanting to defend my cousin. “I have seen all her shows. She’s an excellent actor in her form of art,” I said and really meant it.

“Yes, I agree and she has the body for it,” Elisabeth surprisingly said. “As you said Anders, she was well developed already in her middle teens with a marvellous figure. From what I have seen on the pictures she has developed and now looks even better. And those boobs, lovely aren’t they? I wish I had a pair like that.” Elisabeth said giggling. “Yes, I believe that she can give a good show being so uninhibited and with that urge to show off.”

“Oh, but you don’t have to be jealous of her. You look great, both of you,” I said, suddenly bold from a few glasses of wine. There was a sudden silence and I thought for a moment that they had taken it badly. But then I saw contented smiles although the light was dim and knew by instinct that they were pleased.

It was true what I had said. Anders wife was very well endowed in the boobs department. So well in fact that I wondered if she had had them improved. She caught my eye and it was like she read my thoughts. Her mouth formed a silent no. And Elisabeth could probably match Doris though it was hard to tell exactly.

“Let me give you an example from her last show,” I said. “Do you remember Josephine Baker? That famous singer actress who made a scandal back in the twenties at Folies-Bergère in Paris when she performed dressed in hardly more than a skirt made from artificial bananas? Well, Doris makes a very good number taking up her songs and is of course dressed like her. I don’t know for sure how Josephine Baker’s fastened her bananas but they were probably stitched on a small panty. At least on her public shows. But Doris has no panty. When she dances it becomes evident that her bananas are fastened only to a golden chain hanging from her waist. They bounce up and down in line with her big boobs. And when she sings she walks around in the audience letting people take a banana now and then. It takes three songs to get down to the last one. It’s offered to someone close to the stage and when it’s ripped off she climbs up on stage wriggling her naked ass. And guess what. That wasn’t the last banana after all which shows when she turns around. Another is put between her thighs as a fig-leaf for modesty but it doesn’t come out on the backside. No, it’s stuck in her . . . well, you know what and with the hooked end turned upwards loosely fastened to the chain with a thin thread. It gives a both comic and daring effect as she moves around with the banana sticking out from her exuberant bush.”

“Oh my goodness, you mean that she has had it stuck into her pussy all the time. It must have been mashed after all that dancing and walking. What a treat,” Elisabeth exclaimed obviously worked up by the vision.

“Oh yes it was. And she made crude jokes about the shortcomings of men when she in the end pulled it out flat and soft.”

There suddenly was a snorting laughter coming from Anders’ wife. She couldn’t stop and her laughter was infectious making us all to join.

“But she’s still a stripper although maybe a good one,” Anders wife finally admitted laughingly. There was much less disapproval now, maybe a slight admiration even.

We went on telling stories remembering each other of our youth.

“You know, I lost my virginity on that loft,” Anders suddenly said. We all got quiet expecting him to go on but he remained silent.

“Now, that I really want to hear about. Which of the cousins was it?” his wife said sternly but with mock underneath. “Tell us. I demand to hear it all.”

“Oh shit. I should have kept my mouth shut,” Anders said reluctantly. “Well, it wasn’t one of the cousins although I have to admit that I dreamt about a few. No, it was a grown woman. But that’s a long story,” he continued sounding a little proud and then got quiet.

“Come on tell us. At least give us a short version. The rest you can tell me later. I will squeeze it out of you,” his wife said. It was now obvious that she was both tipsy and horny.

“All right, all right,” Anders gave in. “Well it happened on one of those rare occasions when you Eric wasn’t around. It was only Gunnar and I staying that week. Grandma had hired Lena to take care of the cattle while she picked berries and made jam and fruit syrup. It was a woman grown up in the neighbourhood but working in town. I guess she was in her late twenties, ordinary looking with a very direct manner. She was put up with us on the loft.

Well, in the morning I found out that she had been sleeping in the nude which of course was very exciting. So in the evening Gunnar and I tried to sneak on her while she got ready for bed. But we got caught although she was very relaxed about it. She set up a few rules including that sneaking was forbidden. On the other hand we were free to watch her. Oh, I forgot to tell that when she caught us she was stark naked and she still was when she scolded at us standing in front of us hands on hips.”

There was a sharp intake of breath from Anders wife which made him to stop. She looked flustered. “No, no don’t stop, go on. What a slut,” she said.

“Well, she went to bed and left us both confused and horny. She found out that we had jacked off during the night after watching her. She accused us the following evening and we had to admit. Then she did something incredible. She jacked off both of us sitting on a foot-stool stark naked landing our come on her bare boobs.”

“Oh that was really sluttish,” Anders wife broke in panting hard. “Go on, you still haven’t got laid.”

“The following day we worked hard and were told to clean up under that outdoor shower behind the barn. Lena, that was her name, shocked us not only by joining us in the shower but also to tell us to soap her up. We were allowed to caress all over her body. It was lovely. She even got an orgasm when I caressed her pussy and Gunnar worked on her boobs. Well, I had no idea about orgasms at that time of course but understood that she liked very much being fondled in certain places. Then she jacked us off. It was just lovely especially as it happened so unexpected.

That evening she made us come again. Only that this time she took it a bit further by using her mouth. She got off herself when I fondled her breasts and pussy while she was sucking Gunnar.”

“Oh my goodness. Did she suck you both at the same time? What a tart. She must have become messy with all that come,” Anders wife exclaimed sounding shocked but also excited.

“Well, yes, she took turns on us but towards the end she focused on me first using hands and mouth. Then she did Gunnar while I fondled her. No, she didn’t get messy, she swallowed it all not spilling a drop,” Anders said casually.

“I thought you were going to tell us how you got laid. You are far from that,” Elisabeth said a little breathlessly. I noticed that her eyes were shining.

“Oh well, I was coming to that,” Anders said. “But all right, let me make a long story short. I will skip how it happened that she made me come between her big boobs and how I creamed between her thighs pressing against her clit while she cried out of pleasure. But let me assure you that both these things were essential for how it happened that I was allowed into her capable pussy. What I want to say is that it wasn’t just a short, one time happening but a series of events that led to the final thing. But I don’t think that she planned anything. She just did what came natural to her and was guided by her own lust. I now understand that she was a very orgasmic woman.” Anders looked at his wife who looked down blushing.

“Well, Lena should leave after milking on the Saturday. I followed her to the loft when she went to change. Gunnar was away helping Grandpa. I openly watched her getting undressed and walk around in the nude as she had allowed us to do. I guess that it was a turn on for her as well. After a while she asked mockingly what I wanted although it was obvious but she wanted to tease. I guess she was as horny as I.

Well, she stopped before me smiling broadly and asked if I wanted to come in her mouth or between her breasts. I was suddenly bold enough to ask if she would take me in between her thighs like the night before. She readily agreed and without fuss took position at the railing where I had stood. I grabbed her hips and pushed in from behind and started to move back and forth along her wet slit. It didn’t take her long to come. But then she was very horny and wanted the real thing. She pushed me backwards and spread her legs and then pulled me forward again. The path into her heaven was well lubricated and I slid easily all the way into her. She came twice, the second time just after I did. It was lovely.”

“Did she let you do it from behind and standing up? How selfish and sluttish of her. You had deserved more cuddling and sweetness being the first time,” his wife broke in sounding more excited and caring than chocked.

“Well, as I said before, I don’t think she thought or planned in advance. She just let things happen steered by sheer lust. And I didn’t complain. It was heavenly and she looked gorgeous from behind leaning over the railing.”

“I have met Lena,” I broke in. “She was back more summers helping Grandma. She wasn’t shy, slept in the nude and got naked when she changed. I especially remember that she wore no panties under her working clothes.”

“Oh, so she took on more of you cousins. Maybe all of you got the first experience between her thighs. It seems that she was very ready to spread them. Sluttish if you ask me,” Anders wife snarled.

“Well no, I never got invited I am afraid. Too young perhaps. And I saw no signs that anybody else got to savour her charms. So you were very lucky Anders,” I answered. He looked proud.

“Well yes I guess so. I don’t know because it was my last summer on the farm. Want to hear the rest,” he said trying to catch our attention. “Well, we did it again onla short while after the first time.”

“Oh goodness gracious me. Hadn’t she got enough? What a sex maniac.” The wife exploded but there were much excitement in her voice. “But tell us, what happened.”

“Well, Lena shrugged me off her back as soon as she had calmed down. She said she was pleased though before she went to the wash room. I slumped down on my bed utterly happy. When Lena came back she leaned over me and took my limp cock in her mouth. She had done that before. Well, I got hard in her mouth which surprised her and made her happy. She withdrew and asked if I wanted to do it again. Of course I did but she didn’t wait for my answer. She went back sucking me to full hardness. Then she mounted me and without any preamble impaled herself on my cock. She did a lot of pleasant things coming twice. Then she put in another gear and rode me strongly until we both came. . . . She said afterwards that she was very pleased with me,” Anders said very proudly.

There was a stunned silence.

“Well, she had every reason to be. You made her come very nicely five . . . no, six times in short order and that being your first time. Yes, you had every reason to be proud of yourself.” It was Elisabeth who suddenly broke her silence sounding impressed. Anders looked proud.

“Well, it’s getting late. Bedtime. Coming Anders?” his wife commanded. “Good night, I hope you will sleep well on that loft,” she added looking at Elisabeth. She smiled sweetly back at her. Anders reluctantly followed when his wife hurried upstairs.

“Well, he has to prove a thing or two tonight, hasn’t he,” Elisabeth said menacingly and broke into laughter. “Well, she is right. It really is time for bed.”

Elisabeth rose and busied herself a couple of minutes by tiding up the kitchen. We heard giggles from upstairs and muffled laughs from Anders wife when the old bed creaked. Elisabeth smiled knowingly at me.

We went out on the porch and stood for a while enjoying the nice night. It was still warm but with chilly streaks.

“You go ahead. I can wait outside until you are tucked in if you want,” I said.

“Don’t be silly. We are grown up’s, aren’t we? We have been together in the loft so many times in the past. There is no reason for being shy. Come on, let’s go,” she said laughingly.

Up on the loft Elisabeth opened her bag and took out bed sheets. Then she hesitated and looked at me.

“I wonder if there still are bed sheets in that closet,” she said and walked over to the built in cupboard where grandma always had kept the linen. “Oh yes there are. And they still have that smell of summer and the herbs grandma put in. I will use on of these. It will be lovely.”

I helped her make up the bed she had chosen in the girls’ part of the room. There was no dividing lining any more but old habits stuck. I remembered that it had been her favourite bed when she had had the chance to choose.

When we were finished Elisabeth looked at me and smiled. I got the meaning and went over to my bed. I busied myself by unpacking my suit to wear on the funeral putting it on a hanger and arrange my bedroll. By the time I was finished I heard Elisabeth walk to the tiny wash room. I got ready for bed myself but kept my shorts on.

Elisabeth came out dressed in bra and panties. She flashed me a smile when she walked over to her bed.

When I had brushed my teeth Elisabeth was tucked in with the bed sheet up to her neck.

“Come and sit over here. Let’s talk some more. I don’t feel like going to sleep just yet,” Elisabeth said and patted the bed beside her. “Remember all the fun we have had in the past? We were so many cousins in summertime staying in the farm, there were nearly always a bunch to play with.

“Oh yes, and the two of us were here more than most. You were just like the older sister I never had. Very comforting, you really took care of me.”

“Well yes, I took care of you. But not only in the sisterly way,” Elisabeth said and giggled softly. “Remember what we did in this room? In this very bed in fact.”

“Yes, of course. That’s something I will never forget. It was so . . . so unexpected and lovely. You really were kind to me.”

“Remember how it all started? We were alone, no other kids staying just then. You were already in bed breathing heavily. After reading on my bed for a while I went to the wash room feeling that it was safe wearing only panties and bra. After washing I should take my nightie on but discovered that I had forgotten it. I was naked and didn’t feel like dressing again. Since you had been asleep I took my chances to take the few steps to my bed in the nude. But you weren’t asleep, on the contrary. As soon as I came out I felt your stares on me. Well, I walked as fast as I could to my bed feeling embarrassed but also a little excited.” Elisabeth said giggling.

“You looked so lovely,” I said. “It was the first time I had had a good look of a naked girl. There had been glimpses before of course. Couldn’t be avoided when we slept so many in the same room. But I also got the feeling that you didn’t dislike being watched.”

“No that’s true. I got turned on but nothing more happened until the next evening.”

“Yes, you really surprised me then. Suddenly you stood by my bed looking down at me. And you asked if I wanted to see you again. Of course I wanted that. Under one condition you said. You wanted to see me as well. That was only fair, you said. And then you pulled the hem of your nightie over your head and stood naked beside me.”

“Oh yes, I remember how your eyes became like saucers. They darted all over me. I felt naughty but also thrilled and very excited.” Elisabeth smiled lustfully at me.

“And then you leaned over and pulled my bed sheets away. I was already hard. You looked at me for a little while then suddenly tugged at my pyjama bottom wriggling it down until my cock came free and being very hard.”

“I felt very bold doing it. It was the first time for me too. I had never before seen a hard cock. My first reaction was that it looked funny.” Elisabeth giggled softly. “Then I don’t know what came over me. My hand moved on its own and touched your cock. I examined it carefully. When I pulled the foreskin backwards you grunted. I thought that it hurt so I pulled it forward again which made you pant hard. I tried doing it again looking at your face. There was no pain but a pleasured expression so I went on pulling the foreskin back and forth. You panted hard and then suddenly you creamed in my hand.”

“It was lovely. I still remember the feeling of your hand jacking my cock for the first time and how you milked all of it out of me. I was in heaven.”

“Yes, you really looked like you were. I felt both awkward and relieved not knowing what to do with the handful of come. I think I went to wash it off.”

“Yes you did. And then you came back still in the nude but not looking like you cared. You moved so natural giving me a good look.”

“Well, I had to come and get my nightie, hadn’t I?” Elisabeth said giggling. “And then it happened again. I looked at your flaccid cock not understanding how it could be so small after being so long. I touched it and played with it and almost got scared when it started to grow in my hand. But I was also proud that I could make it hard. I started to jack like before. It took longer but in the end you again creamed in my hand. I was thrilled by my new knowledge and you looked so happy.” Elisabeth laughed heartily.

“The next evening I was very anxious hoping that you wanted to do it again but not at all sure that it would happen. You teased me for quite a while but then you let it happen.”

“No, I didn’t tease you deliberately. I was very unsure what to do. I wanted too but also felt that it wasn’t right. But well, I guess that I teased you when I made up my mind and went to the wash room in the nude.”

“Yes, and you went back to your bed without saying anything and not even looking at me.”

“But then I called you over, didn’t I,” Elisabeth said smiling broadly.

“Yes you did and when I came you lay naked on your bed. ‘Fondle me,’ you said and pulled my hand to your breast with closed eyes. And fondle you I did. To the best of my knowledge which of course wasn’t much.”

“Oh, it felt lovely. Your hands were so eager to explore my body. I loved that you spent so much time fondling my breasts. But when you went down my body I got nervous. Sifting through my bush felt nice but when you tried to go further down I got scared. It felt so good that I was afraid that I shouldn’t be able to control myself. I wasn’t prepared to let you have your way with me. That’s why I pressed my thighs together. But it felt heavenly when you rocked the skin on my mound.”

“So it was to put my mind on other things that you grabbed my cock and jacked me off? Not that I minded, I wanted that too. And after fondling you I was very hard.”

“Well, maybe it was a way to turn your mind in another direction. But I wanted that too. I liked jacking you. You creamed so nicely all over my body in no time at all.” Elisabeth laughed heartily.

“And then you did something incredible. After cleaning up you came back to your bed where I was slumping. You crouched over me and suddenly took my cock in your mouth.”

“Oh yes. It was just an impulse, nothing planned. Your cock looked so cute and vulnerable after having been so long and hard so an urge came over me to console it. And taking you in my mouth came naturally. It was nothing I had thought about in advance. I still remember its nice taste. It was still come on it I guess. But then I nearly choked when it started to swell filling my mouth completely. I had to withdraw but I took the head back in again. It felt very nice to suck on it and you seemed to like it as well. You panted hard and grunted. And then suddenly it swelled even more and got real hard. I had no idea what that indicated but I found out moments later when you started to come in my mouth. There were several gushes welling out of your cock and filling my mouth and throat. There was nothing else to do than to try to swallow to avoid being choked. I think I did rather well although some of it spilled out. But it came so sudden.”

“It was a tremendous feeling to be sucked by you. I of course had no idea that it could be done that way. It really turned me on.”

“Yes, I felt that. You came so hard. But then you got very sleepy. You stumbled to your own bed and fell asleep instantly.” Elisabeth laughed at the memory. “I was a little disappointed though but I wanted to do it again. It was a turn on for me too. So the next evening I called you over to my bed again.”

“Oh yes, you did but only after having teased me. You lay on your bed for an eternity in bra and panties before you went to the wash room. But when you eventually went there you were braless and when you came back out completely naked. You were lovely to watch. But then it got heavenly.”

“Yes, I wanted to be fondled and had an idea how to reduce the risk. So I jacked you off as soon as you were standing at my bed and then pulled you down to fondle me. And this time I let you fondle my pussy. I wanted to get my clit caressed and you did it quite satisfactory I must say.” She giggled. “You made me come and it was much better than when I frigged myself. And I was reassured. You didn’t try to rape me although you got hard again although I felt that you wanted to enter me.”

“Yes of course. But you told me that was forbidden. And I was satisfied with your promise to suck my cock later on. Which you did heavenly after you had come.”

“It was nice to suck you being very content myself. It was a soft turn on. But the next evening I wanted a little more so when I sucked you I placed myself so that you could fondle me at the same time until we both came. It was lovely.” She purred and kissed the palm of my hand.

“And then we discovered a safe way to take it a bit further,” I said.

“Oh my goodness, yes. It was just by chance,” Elisabeth exclaimed.” I will never forget that night. It started as usual that you lay on your bed watching me getting undressed. When I returned from the wash room in the nude I lay down on my bed. And then I softly called for you to come over. And you came, naked and ready with your cock jutting in front of you. It had become a lovely habit to calm you down before going to sleep. Well, not exactly what a sister is supposed to do, is it?”

Elisabeth laughed happily and took my hand.

“Well, I grabbed you and you came rather quickly in my hand. But I knew that it wasn’t enough to calm you for the night. So I took your soft cock in my mouth and sucked it back to hardness. You always were so quick to recover and get ready again. It was so lovely to feel the cock grow in my mouth knowing that it was for me. Then you came, filling my mouth with fresh, spicy seed moaning of pleasure. I savoured it not wasting anything and making sure to get every drop out of you. I kept you in my mouth gently sucking until you were totally limp. Oh, I remember it just as if it was yesterday.”

Elisabeth got quiet lost in memories with a happy smile on her face. I wasn’t unaffected either. My cock had swelled under her telling.

“I knew that you were totally spent after two rounds and that you wanted to sleep. I felt very content too but I wanted to cuddle some more. So for the first time I let you sleep in my bed. It was a very warm night so I decided to skip the nightie. I lay on my side with you close behind me and I pulled your arm around me making sure that you cupped my breast. Then we both fell asleep.”

“Yes, I remember how lovely it was to lie behind your soft body drifting into sleep. Of course all of it was lovely but the new was to be allowed to stay in your bed,” I said.

“I woke up in the middle of the night. Something was poking my ass. I realized that it was your hard cock that had found its way in between my buttocks poking around. I wasn’t alarmed though. I knew that boys get erect several times during the night. I was sure that it would go away and it felt good. So I drifted into half sleep. I guess that I squirmed around a little pressing against you. The next thing I know was a feeling that my ass was penetrated by something. I squirmed and felt my ass being filled some more. I realized that your cock head had slid into me without any resistance. Well, you weren’t very big at that time, you were long enough but rather slim. So it was easy to enter my butt hole.”

Elisabeth looked at me with a pleased smile.

“Well, I didn’t know what to do. My first reaction was to push you out but I realized that it felt good. I pushed my butt backwards to get more into my ass. You woke up and stretched out which made the cock to slide all the way into me. I pulled your arm around me to avoid that you were pushed out. You really got surprised when you realized where your cock was buried.” Elisabeth giggled heavily and pulled my hand to her face.

“We started to move slightly trying to find out what to do. It didn’t take long until we found a way to make it very pleasant. You grabbed my hips and made sure not to slide out when you moved your cock in my ass. I met your thrust eagerly. It felt heavenly and for the first time I felt an orgasm build up with a cock inside my body. I came in a shuddering orgasm that was far stronger than I had experienced before when you just fondled me. When my orgasm was winding down you started to spurt hot seed deep in my ass. It felt heavenly and my orgasm was prolonged until you finished coming.”

She kissed the palm of my hand lost in thoughts. She looked happy.

“Yes, it was heavenly. And you kept me inside your ass for a long time by flexing your sphincter muscle hard around the base of my cock prolonging my hardness.”

“Did I? I can’t remember that I did it by will. But I was happy that you stayed hard for so long inside me. Well, that wasn’t exactly sisterly love, was it?” She laughed happily.

“After that we slept fitfully the rest of the night. In the morning you asked me shyly if it had really happened or if it was a dream. Do you remember? I assured you that the way my butt hole felt it certainly had happened.”

“Yes, and I could hardly wait to the evening. It seemed that you never wanted to go to bed.” I said. Elisabeth laughed out.

“But grandma asked me if I wasn’t feeling well when I said that I should go to bed. It was about an hour earlier than normal. You were hovering outside waiting for me. I deliberately took my time getting ready for bed moving around in different grades of undress. When I came back out from the wash room in the nude you were more than ready with a very hard cock. You exploded more or less instantly when I grabbed it.” She laughed but kindly.

“Oh yes, it was very embarrassing. I had dreamt all day about how it would feel to enter your ass being aware of it all the time. I thought I had blown my chances, pun intended,” I said, joining her in the laugh.

“But you got hard quickly again when I took your limp cock in my mouth for the second round. And you stayed longer this time, much longer. I had to work hard to make you come.”

“Yes, and it was lovely. As I remember it you took me to the brink then calmed us down and you did it several times. No other woman has done it so skilfully to me and you were so young at that time.”

“Oh, thank you,” Elisabeth said and giggled. “Yes, you are right. I was totally inexperienced. You were my first in everything. I did only what came natural to me. I am happy that you liked it. I love to do it and the men I have sucked afterwards also seem to like it. Not that many though, mind you.” She laughed happily.

“Well, I remember it clearly. You came so hard in my mouth and so fast that I had trouble to swallow without spilling,” she continued. She looked happily at me and we sat quiet for some time remembering.

“When your cock had left my mouth you just stood by my bed waiting. I saw in your eyes that you wanted to sleep in my bed again and I wanted it too. But I put on a night dress.” She got quiet again. A smile trickled in the corner of her mouth.

“Yes, you did and I was a little disappointed. I was of course happy to be allowed to sleep with you but I guess I had hoped that you would be naked as the night before. Not that I really expected to be let into your ass again but to feel your naked skin against mine and to hold your naked breast. But of course I climbed in behind you and the nightie was thin so it felt nice anyway.”

“Yes, and it turned out that it wasn’t in the way. You ended up with your cock deep in my ass.”

“Well yes. We fell asleep but I woke up later in the night. Suddenly I felt that your ass was naked. The nightie must have eased up. I got hard instantly and wriggled around to get my cock in between your buttocks. I was lucky. You wriggled in your sleep and my cock easily got in position with the head against your ass hole. I pressed forward, lightly at first and then with more force when you didn’t seem to wake up. When suddenly you wriggled your body the head slid into you. I pushed on when you woke up and pushed back making my cock to slide all the way inside. You cried out asking what I was doing but then seemed to accept the situation. It became a very nice butt fuck.”

“You think that was how it happened?” Elisabeth said laughingly. “I will tell you the true story. I staged the whole thing. I soon regretted having put the nightie on. It was so nice to feel your body against mine. So under the first part of the night I eased the nightie out of the way up around my waist. You obviously didn’t notice. Then I woke up when you started to poke my ass and wriggled to help you to get into position. I tried to relax my sphincter muscle and wriggled my ass to get you inside. Then I faked waking up but made sure that you were secured deep inside me before I cried out claiming ignorance. Oh, I loved the feeling having my ass filled up. And then we fucked and your warm seed felt fantastic gushing into me. I came so hard.”

“Oh, was that what happened? I have always thought that I with some luck managed to get inside your ass before you woke up. But it explains what happened the next evening.”

“Yes indeed. I wanted you in me and didn’t want to wait until later in the night. So I started to take you in my mouth to take the edge off. Inexperienced as I was I did understand though that you would come quickly if I let you into my ass directly. I think you got a nice blow job to start with that night. Afterwards I let you rest for a little while but you got really interested when I told you that I wanted you in my ass. You fondled me so nicely that I came under your hand. But then you were ready again. I had an idea and told you to stand up beside the bed. I stood on my knees and you probed my ass from behind. When your cook found the target hole I told you to grab my hips and press forward. I used all my will power to relax my ass muscles and after a while your cock head slipped in widening my hole. Then you pushed deeper inside filling up my canal. It became a lovely ass fuck. I came twice, the second time when you deposited your hot seed deep in me. Lovely it was.”

Dave and his wife Clare were sitting at the bar, quietly watch Carlo holding court in the corner booth. He had very high dollar escorts sitting at either side and some extremely large hired knuckle men standing guard. They were trying to appear unobtrusive but a matched pair of six foot five thugs are hard to miss.

Dave was a private eye, an ex-cop hired to dig up the good stuff; the embarrassments that might convince someone to take another direction. Somebody pressing you for an unpaid gambling debt? Dave was the “go-to” guy. He was good at digging up mounds of sellable dirt. Clare was his trophy wife, 15 years younger and hotter than a nickel pistol. She was into the cheap thrills of detective work and always happy to help Dave.

“Sit tight,” Dave told her after a few minutes of observing Carlo. I’m going to walk by his booth and listen in with this.” He showed her a very small mic that blue-toothed to his ear piece.

Playing the slightly tipsy drunk, he staggered by Carlo’s booth. Tripping just as he approached, he reach out with his hand to break his fall, sticking the listening device to the side of the banquette. He wandered over to the men’s room.

Knuckle dragger number one followed him. Dave continued the drunk act and staggered into a stall, waiting for the bad guy to get bored and leave.

Carlo, gazing around the room, spotted Clare. She was his type, a tall blonde with a world class chest. Just a little too much side boobage made his mouth water. He reach down to ‘readjust’ himself. One of his companions noticed and leaned over to whisper, “Baby, you don’t have to do that all by yourself. I’ll be glad to give you a hand.” She dragged her fingers across his cock.

“Damn, this bitch is going to earn her money tonight,” he thought to himself. He motioned to the waitress. She walked over to take his order.

“The babe sitting at the bar,” he gestured toward Clare, “What’s she drinking?”

“Looks like a vodka martini.”

“Get her another and give her my card.” He wrote, “Please join me for drinks” on it and handed it to the waitress along with two $100 bills.

The waitress took the card and looked at the money then glanced up at Carlo.

“One of those notes is for you, the other goes under her drink.”

A moment later, the waitress placed the martini in front of Clare, using the $100 bill as a coaster and handed her the card. She pointed toward Carlo and said, “The gentlemen over there would like you to join him.”

Clare read the card and glanced toward the gentleman. Carlo raise his glass. Clare nodded and raised hers. She mouthed “Thank you” and then shook her head, turning down his offer.

Carlo slid out of the booth and walked over to her. “You must not disappoint me. You are a gorgeous woman and I would love to spend the evening getting to know you better.”

“I’m here with …..a friend. I’m sorry but I really have to turn down your kind offer.”

“Maybe some other evening? My card has my phone number. Please call me when you’re free. I would very much enjoy your company for a few hours.”

He reached out and touched her cheek before returning to his booth. Carlo was a sexual predator and he intended to have her. The wedding ring he noticed made the challenge of bedding her even more interesting.

Dave heard the thug leave the men’s room and waited a few minutes before walking unsteadily back to the bar.

“Your friend Carlo just came on to me,” said Clare when he sat down. She showed him the C note and the card.

They sat at the bar for another 15 minutes while Dave listened to Carlo’s conversation on his ear piece. Aside from a few comments about “That blonde’s suckable tits” and a comment from one of the hookers, “I bet she squeals like a little piggy when she gets buttfucked,” he heard nothing usable.

Dave and Clare left and climbed into their car. “I got nothing. I’m going to need to break into his house and snoop around. Gotta find a way to keep him occupied for a few hours though.”

Neither noticed that one of the thugs had followed them out and was just a few car lengths back. He trailed them all the way home and made note of the address.

“Would you want to risk taking him up on his dinner offer? You could dazzle him for a few hours while I searched his house.”

“Sleaze bags like that don’t want a few hours of witty conversation unless it leads to a big payoff at the end of the evening,” she replied.

“You know how to handle yourself. I’m sure you can finesse the grand finale he expects. If not, I’ll be nearby as soon as I finish.”

“You’re going to save me when he’ll have those two body guards standing by?”

“This is my great equalizer,” he said, patting the 38 in his shoulder holster. “I’ll give it a few days and call him.”

Meanwhile thug #1 had traced the house number and was back at the bar. “Dave and Clare Politano. He’s a private eye. I think she helps him out from time-to-time.”

Carlo smiled. When you’re playing cards, he thought, it always helps to stack the deck.

Two days later, Carlo’s phone rang. “Hi, this is Clare. You introduced yourself to me the other night.”


“You left your card and a $100 bill. If you would like to meet me for dinner tomorrow, I would like to return the money.”

“I have more money than I need. Shall I send my car at 7?”

“No need. I’ll meet you at the same bar. We can have a drink and go on from there.”

“My pleasure. And I hope it will be yours, too.”

Carlo beckoned to thug #2. “Tomorrow night, I’ll be entertaining the lady I met at the bar a few nights ago. Your brother told me her husband is a private eye so I’ll need you to watch the house. If you catch him on the grounds, take him down gently. I want him to watch as I do his wife.”

Thug #2 nodded and smiled. The house was rigged with hidden cameras and the control room was in the basement. He had often watched while Carlo played with his catches. Some were willing; some weren’t and had to be ‘chemically’ convinced. The videos always convinced even the most unwilling to forget about what happened. In either case, Carlo liked to take his time and enjoy his conquests to the fullest. When he was feeling generous, he would often share his lady of the evening with his body guards when he was finished.

“How do I look?” asked Clare as she finished dressing for her evening with Carlo. She was a little nervous but she enjoyed playing detective.

Dave checked her out. Upswept hair, short but still demure dress that showed some interesting cleavage at the top. It fit snugly without looking slutty. “Very classy,” he said. “You’re miles ahead of those working girls he was with.”

She stepped into her heels which had a very pleasurable effect on the shape of her ass. The three inch boost put her at an even six feet tall.

“You have the panic button in your purse. Hit it if you’re in a jam that you can’t get out of. And be careful.”

She smiled at him, a still nervous but excited little grin, then walked to the door. Dave watched her ass twitch as she went. He would definitely have to help her out of that dress at the end of the night. He watched as a cab pulled up front and took her away. He went to his car a few minutes later and drove to Carlo’s house. He wanted to get this part of the evening over as quickly as possible so he could be near Clare and Carlo if anything happened.

Clare walked into the bar. Carlo was sitting at his usual place, two vodka martinis in front of him. He stood and offered her one, admiring her as she walked across the room.

“You are magnificent.” he whispered as he helped her to her seat. He lingered a moment, standing over he and enjoying the view. He resisted the urge to slide his hand down the front of her dress, plenty of time for that later, he said to himself. He sat down beside her and raised his glass. “To a very memorable evening.” he said. He noticed that she had left her wedding band at home. He smiled.

“Yes,” she said, sipping from the very potent brew. It was almost pure vodka.

Carlo noticed the little nervous quiver at the corner of her mouth. “A very wide and generous mouth,” he thought, “but she will probably need a little ‘help’ to completely relax.”

They chatted for almost an hour with the drinks coming constantly. Whenever the waitress saw a glass that was more than half empty, she whisked it away and replaced it with a fresh drink.

Early in the evening, Carlo would make a conversational point by touching her leg. At first, she would immediately brush his hand away. Later, when she had consumed several drinks, her reactions were not as quick. He was enjoying the warmth and smoothness of her leg for a few seconds, touching her just above the knee. After the third drink, he had grazed her inner thigh with his finger tips.

She would look slightly annoyed and then slowly reach down and pull his hand away. He moved closer, lowering his voice when he talked. He leaned in, whispering much of what he said. The warmth of his breath alarmed her.

He signaled Thug #1 as he whispered to Clare, “One more drink and then we go.”

She nodded.

Thug #1 went to the bar and ordered two more martinis. “All vodka, no vermouth,” he said.

Dave climbed the fence surrounding Carlo’s house and made his way to the back. He noticed one of the windows was slightly raised, making it easy to break in. Thug #2 was watching the video screen and had tracked him from the moment Dave was on the grounds. He was surprised, though, that Dave had taken the open window bait. Very amateurish, he thought.

Dave entered through the window and found himself in a back bedroom. He listened for a few seconds to make sure he was alone. Hearing no sounds, he quietly stepped into the hallway. Thug #2 delivered a powerful kidney punch that left him writhing in pain on the floor.

Dave felt the barrel of a gun on the back of his neck. “I’m going to drag your sorry ass to the basement. We’re going to watch some video. You’re going to learn the hard way not to mess with Carlo.”

The thug grabbed Dave by the collar and dragged him down the stairs. He slammed him into a metal chair and duct taped him to the frame. His arms and legs were secured, his mouth covered and his head forced straight ahead so that he had to watch the monitor. When his eyes cleared, all he could see was the couch in the middle of the living room.

Thug #2 said, “It will be a lot harder on your assistant, though. Clare is her name? We’re going to both watch her get fucked hard and often. When Carlo finishes with your little bitch, he’ll put the video on one of his porn sites.”

When Clare stepped into the cool night air, her senses dulled and that pleasant little buzz she was feeling exploded. Suddenly she felt very faint and staggered against Carlo’s side. His arm snaked around her, much lower than necessary. “Here, let me help you into the car,” he hissed.

His Ferrari sat low to the ground and as she collapsed into her seat, her dress rode up high on her thighs, exposing her very tiny thong panties. She was unaware of the exposure but Carlo took his time, drinking in a view of what he planned to ravage very soon. “Old fashioned nylons and a garter belt,” he mused. “She is a very sexual woman.” Grabbing her ankles, he swung her legs into the car and shut the door.

He got in and fired up the engine. “You seem to be feeling no pain,” he said. “I know a quiet little place where we can dine and no one will notice.” She nodded, still confused about what was happening. She hadn’t been this drunk in years.

He checked his text messages. “All is ready here,” said the one he was looking for. He slipped the car into gear and headed toward his place. Clare was blissed out, nodding occasionally somewhere in that never-never land of near sleep but not quite out of it. She felt warm and safe. She was neither.

Carlo drove up to his front door and helped Clare out of the car, once again enjoying the view as she struggled to get her long legs planted on the ground. “Those delicate little panties,” he thought, “Shall I rip them off, bite them off or just slice through the side straps with my knife?”

Once inside, he sat her down on the couch. “Where are we?” she asked.

Dave watched, stunned by her disheveled appearance. Carlo knelt in front of her and said, “You’re in my home.” He placed his hand on her knee and pushed her dress upwards.

“No, no. I shouldn’t be here. Take me home.” Her words were slurred.

“Soon enough. Let’s sober you up first.” He walked over to the bar and poured a small coffee, spiking it with coffee liqueur. He watched as she leaned back. He walked over and handed her the cup. Standing behind the couch, he spent a moment enjoying the view. Her large breasts were showcased by the criss-cross arrangement of the top of her dress. He had moved the lower part of the dress upwards, exposing most of her legs and the tops of her stockings.

He bent down and whispered, “Drink your coffee,” His breath sent shivers down her back. A small voice in the back of her mind was warning her to flee. Another voice, more attuned to her growing physical needs, was telling her to relax.

Carlo began the slow seduction, massaging her shoulders in ever widening arcs. His quiet whispers were strangely exciting to her. Soon those whispers turn to soft kisses on her neck as his hands extended downward. She was almost in a stupor, her head resting against the back of the couch. She had slipped forward, exposing her panties to the camera on the other side of the room.

“What do you think of your little bitch, now?” asked the thug. He pressed a button and the camera zoomed in on her panty-covered pussy. Her legs were splayed widely apart, giving both men full view. He tilted the camera upwards until he had Clare’s chest and face onscreen.

Dave twisted violently, trying to get loose. Thug #1 backhanded him, a vicious slap that knocked the chair over. He righted the chair and moved it closer to the screen. “Sit still and maybe I’ll let you live to take her home after the boss is done with her.”

Carlo bent forward moving his hands across the top of her dress and then hesitating just a second before plunging downward, palming those delicious globes. The sudden move surprised Clare and she started to lean forward. Carlo’s held her in place. She turned her face toward him. Dave thought she would protest.

Carlo covered her lips with his, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. A strange moan escaped, Dave thought it was an attempt to protest this callous treatment. “Your sweet little bitch wants some Latino cock between her legs,” laughed the thug.

Indeed, Clare’s lips were becoming softer and after a moment, it was painfully obvious to Dave that she was returning the kiss. Carlo removed one hand from the top of her dress and reached downwards. Thug tracked his hand with the camera. When he got to the hem, he pulled it up to her waist. Very slowly he moved his hand down her belly, slipping under her thong and palming her pussy. She twisted sideways, resisting this most intimate of intrusions but the warmth of his hand and Carlo’s expert touch soon had her relaxing and responding almost imperceptibly.

Carlo began massaging her most private parts, listening to the tell-tale changes in breathing that signal a woman’s approaching orgasm. When he heard the little gasps and moans, he thrust two fingers deep into her pussy and began finger fucking her. Her hips started to move, gently at first but much more forcefully as she felt the first cum of what would be several before the evening was over.

Thug #1 pulled back the camera so he could capture the expression on her face as she came as well as the furious finger fucking she was getting. She kept her lips glued to Carlo’s, sucking on his tongue like a 2 dollar whore sucks on a small cock until the “Big O” hit. She thrust her hips hard against his fingers, lifting her ass off the couch and screamed.

Dave was crushed at what he had just witnessed. “Tell me something,” said the thug. “Was she a whore when you met her or maybe you’re just watching her become a cum slut for the first time?”

Clare rested against the back of the couch, trying to catch her breath. Carlo was surprised that she had succumbed so easily. Knowing that she was now his to do with as he pleased, he slowly disrobed and walked around to the front of the couch. She was startled by his appearance and stunned by his size. His cock was long and fat and already rock hard. He knelt down, slipped his thumbs under the straps of her panties and jerked outwards ripping them loose. He pulled down the wispy front and admired the soaking wet pussy he was about to enjoy. It was already beet red and wide from the abuse he had just given it.

“First she cums with my fingers, next she’ll cum on my tongue and I’ll let her ride my cock,” he smiled to himself. “I wonder if she does squeal like a little piggy when she gets butt-fucked?”

He grabbed her knees and pulled her ass to the edge of the couch. Kneeling down, he slid his hand up her sides, lifting her legs high and wide. He pulled the top of her dress down her shoulders to expose her breasts to the camera. Every intimate part of her body as now on view. As he palmed her tits he let his warm breath sweep over Clare’s pussy. His thumbs began playing with her rock hard nipples and he used his tongue to tease her clit. Her hips involuntarily jerked and then settled into a steady rhythm to match the expert tongue-fucking she was now getting.

There seemed to be a direct line between her nipples and her clit and Carlo knew how to play them both. Several times he would bring her almost to the brink of an orgasm only to slow things down, leaving her panting and just short of the relief her body needed. It was only when she grabbed his head and began forcefully humping his mouth that he brought her off for the second time. It was a screaming, thrashing orgasm that left her limp. Carlo settled back on his heels to survey his newest conquest; to savor her body and what he had done to it. She slid off the couch. Sitting on the floor with her dress bunched around her waist, she looked well-fucked already. Her nipples were beet-red and distended. Her pussy was wide open and still running with her juices. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was soft, warm and open. Perfect for throat-fucking, he thought.

He was torn between two thoughts. He would love to take her gently, using long. deep strokes to bring her off again and send her on her way. He also knew that Dave was watching and had to be taught a lesson. The lesson could only be taught by totally dominating his wife.

Carlo laid her out on the floor. He stood over her for a moment, making his decision. He reached down and undid the three buttons that help the wrap dress together. Pushing the dress aside, he had her almost completely nude, just the garter belt and stockings framing her thighs and pussy.. He squatted over her face, leaning forward, he pushed his cock into her mouth, meeting only slight resistance. This was not to be a willing blow job. He meant to fuck her face.

Thug #2 smiled and adjusted his hard cock, making sure Dave saw what was about to happen. “Your sweet little wife is about to become his puta, his little whore. He will take her around the world; sex French-style, Americano and Greek.”

Dave struggled hard against the tape that held him in place but it did no good. Thug turned up the audio to make sure Dave heard everything.

With half his cock in her mouth, Carlo pulled back and then thrust hard, forcing as much of it into her mouth as he could. Dave heard her gag as he hit the back of her throat. He held it there for a few seconds, listening as she gasped for air, before rapidly pounding in and out of her mouth. Her tongue felt fantastic. She grabbed his hips in an attempt to stop the oral assault but changed her mind. “I’m one of his whores,” she thought. “He’s turned me into one of his whores and whores do this.”

“Lets finish this scotch and head upstairs” he said, with a wink.

The evening started innocently enough, with a wonderful dinner of crabs, steaks and a fabulous zinfandel. They ate as if they had never eaten before, then both sat back at to savor the moment. Later, reeking of crab juice, salad dressing, red wine and steak sauce, they both rushed off to wash their hands and face, just before mutually attacking a delicious tiramisu.

“It’s a pleasure to cook for you, you know,” she said. But don’t think you’re going to sleep here tonight, and we’re sure not going to have sex!” The comment took him a little by surprise since he wasn’t really planning on having sex on this, their first real dinner together, and so soon after just casually flirting a few times over burgers and beer at a neighborhood bar.

“That’s fine,” he said (a little disappointed nonetheless).

“Is it time for scotch yet?” she asked, touching his shoulder as she passed by.

“Sounds great” he enthused. (Never being one to turn down a nice single malt.)

She stood at the sink rinsing off plates when he walked up behind her and placed both hands on her shoulders. He gently pulled her back against him then whispered in her ear:

“Two ice cubes please.” Then he excused himself to the bathroom.

She liked how he had pulled her back against him and thought (for a moment) that she could actually feel his cock against her ass. She felt a twinge between her legs. “Hmmm” she though. That was exciting. Quick and sexy, just a hot little moment.

He returned to the kitchen table to two glasses of scotch perfectly poured over ice. Toasting the night and a perfect dinner, they chatted well into the early morning. Taxes, life, politics, family, everything was fair game and much of it was filled with laughter. Lots of laughter.

Being a gentleman, and thinking he had finally worn out his welcome, he said “Well, I should go. Goodnight.” He stood up and leaned over to kiss her goodbye while she sat at the table. She raised her lips to his and they kissed their first kiss. At first their lips just brushed against each other, pulling back ever so slightly, feeling each others breath. Then came the long, hot, wet sexy kiss they had both waited for all night and both wanted so badly. Warm tongues finding each other, he lightly bit her lower lip. An electric shock shot from somewhere in her brain straight down between her legs. This felt good. Really good.

It had been a while since she had been kissed like that and it was good to feel her sexual juices running again. She thought she had turned them off, but here it was again. That feeling. He brushed his hand lightly over her breast and squeezed it ever so softly, and her hand started it’s slow trip up his inner thigh, as he continued to lean over her. They continued to kiss that way as her hand made it’s way up his leg. She couldn’t wait any longer and felt for what was obviously growing hard between his legs. She’d noticed the bulge in his pants as he’d gotten up to say goodbye. She brought her slightly shaking hand up between his legs. She squeezed and rubbed at his balls and felt how hard he had gotten. “Nice.” she thought, a big hard package just for me.”

She squeezed his thick throbbing cock in her hand and started to rub it back and forth through his jeans. He felt a little drop of pre cum leak out and wet the inside of his leg. He took both of her hands and helped her up from the table, then took her in his arms. Holding her tightly and kissing her neck, she could feel his hard cock pressing against her. She was aching for him to be inside her now, when he said:

“Let’s finish this scotch and head upstairs.”

He took her by the hand and led her up the staircase to the room where his big comfy bed awaited. Here they could stretch out and be all wound up in each others legs. Standing on one side of the bed he got half undressed in front of her as she waited to see what was inside those jeans. She removed her top. He walked over to her in his open jeans and told her to take them off. She sat at the edge of the bed as he stood in front of her, belt hanging open and fly half way down. She smiled as she finished the job, and let the jeans fall to the floor.

Reaching out for his now fully erect cock, she placed one hand on his balls, and held them tightly, while the other started to stroke that thick pulsing cock and bring it towards her. She held it next to her cheek admiring what a massive, thick hunk of man meat she was about to enjoy. Stroking it from the base to the head, she noted that she couldn’t even get her whole hand around it. His hand grabbed behind her head and pulled her hair lightly as she took him into her waiting mouth. He moaned out loud as he too had waited a long time for this.

It had been a very long time.

She stroked him slowly at first and sucked his dick like a pro. Dripping wet, licking his balls and the shaft, her lips moving up then down his wet dick, in and out of her wonderful warm mouth. She could feel her pussy getting wetter by the minute. She so loved sucking a hard dick, and knew she was also making a good man very happy. Secretly, she smiled inside knowing her ability to give any man exactly the thing they all want. But it had been far too long. She was good. Very good. And she knew it. But it was never without getting really hot herself. She liked how she got so wet while giving a blow job, and usually masturbated the entire time hoping to make herself cum at the same time as her lover. This time however it was mostly about him.


One of her hands quietly slipped down between her legs to verify what she was feeling. Yup. Soaked. Flowing. “I want this man inside me. . . Now! Fuck me!” (Words she didn’t normally use) flew out of her mouth before she could even think about it.

“Well, I hate to stop you, but if I don’t, I’ll be no good to you at all. Get up on the bed.” He said.

She squirmed up onto the clean white sheets and lowered her head into the huge soft pillows. He moved up and over her and again began kissing her sweetly.

Holding one breast in his hand, he started licking her nipple with the tip of his tongue and sucking on her soft white flesh. He hovered over her, moving from one breast to the other, teasing her, until she was ready to explode. He moved back up to her neck sucking lightly and tasting her sweaty skin. Thousands of kisses. When she couldn’t stand it anymore, she put her hand on the top of his head and gently pushed him down past her stomach to her waiting pussy.

He shifted his weight to be between her legs and softly kissed her hot little clit. He took two fingers and separated her outer lips. His warm tongue on that beautiful pussy made her moan. Not a regular, everyday just getting off from masturbating moan. No. This time, she made a sound that she had never heard herself make. Something between a cat purring and a slow orgasmic convulsion. His tongue felt incredibly warm on her and he obviously knew how to find her excited little clit.

Using just the tip of his tongue back and forth, then up and down on her cunt made her close her eyes and leave this world behind. She was steadily flowing her female juices into his mouth like a warm summer stream and boy did it feel good.

She got closer and closer to an orgasm then suddenly, somehow, it just kind of went away. They rested for a bit and he continued licking her still wet pussy. She so wanted to cum with this man because he had her so hot. This wasn’t the old quickie grab-squeeze-pull-this and I’ll eventually cum stuff. This guy really liked what he was doing and she felt like she owed him, and herself, a raging orgasm to reward him for his expert skills.

“No problem he said. It happens. Don’t worry about it! I have an idea. . . roll over.”

She buried her face in the pillow and she could hear him taking something from the night stand. She heard the drawer close and her curiosity, as well as her excitement, grew even more.

“Let me just relax you for a minute.”

He had taken an oily lube from the night stand on his side of the bed, and was rubbing the small of her back with it. He first warmed it in his hands then massaged it into her leg and back muscles, still tense from trying so hard to cum while he was eating her pussy. His greasy hands felt so good on her legs and inner thighs. He kept teasing her, rubbing everything but her hungry pussy. She just knew that that was the eventual target, but wondered when he would let her feel those hands and fingers on (and in) her again. The was making her crazy. Her breathing quickened once again. He ran one slippery finger up the crack of her ass, slowly passing over her asshole.

“Oh god yes! Stop there. Right there.” she thought. Hoping she hadn’t screamed the words out loud.

Still he teased her. Moving his fingers underneath her to softly touch her throbbing engorged pussy.

She instinctively raised her hips to meet his fingers which were gradually finding their way inside her. She couldn’t tell which finger was doing what to her, but she didn’t care. A hot passion was growing inside her once again from the top of her head down to her toes.

“He could fucking touch me anywhere he wants right now,” she thought. And it would all feel amazing.”

But this was going to be a very special massage.

She started shaking from the gentle probing his fingers were doing. He had his middle finger slowly fucking her sweet wet pussy while his thumb massaged her tight little asshole. She suddenly felt that cuming was not such a distant possibility anymore. He squeezed her soft hot pussy with his whole hand while his thumb, slick with her juices, slid slowly into her ass. Very slowly. Deeper. . . then deeper still. Then pulling back out. Over and over.

“Now THIS was different!” she thought. It wasn’t something she’d let just anyone do to her. At first she felt shocked and strange and a little bit embarrassed that this man was inside her ass! While he slowly fucked her with his thumb and middle finger at the same time, she wasn’t going to protest. It felt wonderful, dirty, taboo, and very sensuous all at the same time. She was no stranger to sex but still called herself an “anal virgin” and at this point, had no idea what would come next. And she didn’t much care. She gave herself entirely to him, trusting him completely, and knowing that he too was totally turned on by seeing her react to his touch this way. She began rocking back and forth, fucking herself with his fingers. She was breathing much harder now, and moaning out loud. “Oh god, oh fuck yes, you’re amazing!” Her face was still buried in the pillow. One of his hands was fucking her fast and hard while the other was softly rubbing her back. Her senses were screaming. Every nerve in her body was yelling out for still more.

Slowly, he completely removed his fingers from inside her and kneeled over her from behind. She felt his massive, rock hard cock rubbing up and down against the crack of her ass. She raised up to meet him and he slowly slid inside her waiting cunt with one steady, continuous, painful stroke. He felt even bigger inside her than when she was blowing him earlier, and she had to relax her inner muscles to take him in. Gradually she opened herself to him and he slid into her all the way to his balls. She felt them banging against her pussy with every forceful stroke. While they fucked, he reached around to rub her clit. “Let me do it!” she said, and she began playing with herself while he continued a steady pounding of her juicy wet pussy. She felt so good inside. She squeezed him tightly inside her with every stroke of that enormous cock. She felt like he was going to pound her right through the mattress and into the floor below.

He couldn’t stand it anymore. The urge to fill her with his hot cum was building. His huge balls were aching and ready to let go their load. The two lovers were sweating like prize fighters and breathing heavier and heavier in each others ear while heaving up and down on the bed like two wild animals. His beautiful partner started shaking and it sounded to him like she was about to cum. Just before she did, he pulled out his cock, soaked and slippery with her juice and slit it into her ass with a single stroke. So tight at first, she let out a loud painful shriek, shook violently and after relaxing her tender muscles, took him again inside her. She couldn’t believe how incredible his hard cock felt inside her ass.

She continued rubbing her clit faster and faster, while he continued fucking her tight little lubed up asshole, then with a loud scream which sounded something like: “AAAARRRGGGG OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD!” She came in torrents of orgasmic pleasure, bucking wildly and shaking from head to toe.

He grabbed her tightly by the hips and pulled her in close to his body in order to bury his cock as deep as it would go and pumped every last drop of his hot cum into her. Exhausted and shaking, they both fell over onto the sheets in a puddle of sweat and sticky cum. He had cum while buried deep inside her, exactly when she did, and now she could feel his warm cum dripping from her ass. They kissed once more and would soon fall asleep for hours.

As he drifted off to sleep he thought he heard her whisper…”Remember, we’re NOT having sex!”

The End

This is a true story.

Before I describe how Sam took my virginity you should know that I was married and totally straight. To this day I wonder if Sam seduced me or was I always bisexual. I was 23 and Sam was a few years older than me. Sam was married and seemed as straight as me. We met while we were in the military. We were both from Kansas. Sam was married at the time and I was single. We became close friends while we were in the military but got assignments that slit us up and we lost touch with each other.

After I finished my military service, I got married and moved to Long Island, New York. Sam must have done some research because he looked me up in Kansas but I was no longer living there. My mother, who still lives in Kansas, told him I had moved to Long Island and gave him my telephone number. This must have been a pleasant surprise for Sam because he too was now living in New York.

Sam called me up and we talked for over an hour. He asked if I was interested in getting together. I said okay and we set a date to come over to their house for diner. The four of us had a nice diner and then started to drink and drink and drink. Since neither I nor my wife could safely drive home, we accepted their invitation to stay overnight.

The wives went to bed early and Sam and I stayed up and continued to drink and watch some porn. We talked about the usual crap then the conversation turned to sex.

Out of the blue, Sam asked, “Joe, have you ever had sex with a man.”

I quickly responded, “No way man, I’m not gay.”

We continued to watch the movie. This is when Sam made a bold move. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his pants between his legs. Being high from drinking must have lowered my inhibitions because I did not remove my hand from Sam’s cock. Even through his pants I could tell his cock was huge. Sam unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. He started to stroke it. I took this as a hint that I should be doing the same to him. So I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock as well. I have an average size cock but Sam’s cock was very thick and long with a large deep purple mushroom head. We stroked each others cock for a while but I was too freaked out to continue. So I suggested we call it a night and we retreated to our bedrooms and wives.

I was thinking to myself all night that maybe he was too drunk to know what he was doing and left it as that. Again, I believed we were both straight and just drunk. We left the next morning for home with neither of us mentioning the late night activities.

A few weeks later Sam called asking to get together again. I suggested that this time it should be at our house. We set a date and I told them to plan on staying overnight. Much to our surprise, Sam arrived alone. He made some lame excuse for his wife not being able to get away. Being the good friends that we were we didn’t let this spoil our evening. My wife made a nice meal and afterwards we had drinks. As the night went along, the wife got tired and decided to go to bed. Sam and I continued to drink. Then Sam suggested we take a walk so we could talk.

As we were walking around the neighborhood, Sam told me that he was actually gay. Naturally I asked him how he could be gay and be married. He explained that he tried to be straight but it wasn’t working for him. He was getting a divorce. He told me he had been to the adult book stores where he met guys looking to meet other guys. He told me that he really enjoyed making love to men. Sam was very explicit in his description of his sexual activities. As he was telling me his stories, I was getting turned on not only from his stories but remembering how huge his cock was from our jerk off session just weeks ago.

As we approached a wooded area in the neighborhood, Sam suggested we hang out there for awhile. I remember the night like it was yesterday. The sky was clear and there was a full moon and the weather was warm. We found a bare patch of ground and took a seat on the grass. Sam asked me if I ever thought of making love with a man. I had to admit that I had never given it much thought so I answered, “No.”

But with that, Sam started to rub my crotch and I was getting hornier by the second. I did not resist Sam’s advances. Sam must have taken this as a sign to proceed because before I could say anything, he had my cock out of my pants and into his mouth. The feel of his warm mouth sucking on my cock under the stars of night was breath taking. Sam really knew how to give a blow job. It was the best blow job I had ever had. I was as hard as a rock and getting close to climaxing. Sam must have sensed I was close to cumming because he suddenly stopped sucking my dick.

Sam looked me in the eyes and said, “Joe, I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

I was so turned on by his blow job that there was no way I wasn’t going to proceed with fucking his ass. My inexperienced became very obvious when I attempted to penetrate his ass without lubrication. Sam chuckled and gave me instructions.

“Joe, spit on your hand and coat your cock with lots of spit.”

I spit on my hand and started stroking my cock until it had a nice glaze of spit on it. Sam was on all fours with me behind him. I slowly inserted my cock into his spit lubricated ass. It didn’t dawn on me until later that he must have had a few cocks up his ass because he took my average size cock with no problem.

As I was pumping my cock into Sam’s ass, I was in sexual heaven. I had never fucked an ass before as my wife thinks that it is gross. So this new found sex act had me going crazy. I plowed Sam so hard that he collapsed onto the ground and I collapsed on top of him. I continued pounding away into his ass until I came. I had an intense orgasm. I filled Sam’s ass with a massive load.

After we calmed down and got our composure we headed back to the house. We cleaned up and went to bed. I lay in bed next to my wife that night thinking about the great sex I had just had with Sam and wondering what it would be like to be on the receiving end the next time.

As luck would have it, my wife had to go to work the next day leaving Sam and I alone all day long. My wife left for work and Sam came out of the bedroom with just his robe on. We discussed last night events. We both agreed it was outstanding but we both knew there was some unfinished business on my part. I knew it was my turn to be the bottom boy. I got the nerve up to ask Sam.

“Sam, can you please fuck my virgin ass?”

Sam teasingly responded, “Only if you beg for it.”

“Sam, please fuck me in the ass with your big dick.”

“Really Joe, you sure you want me to be the guy to take your virginity?”

“Yes Sam, I want you to fuck my virgin ass and I want it bad!”

Sam said, “Go to the bathroom, take all yours cloths off and return with the Vaseline.”

When I returned, Sam had already removed his robe. He was completely naked standing in from of me. Even semi-soft, the size of his cock was impressive.

“Get on your knees,” Sam commanded.

“Open your mouth and cover your teeth with your lips and suck on the head of my cock. I want you to experience the taste and feel of cock in your mouth first.”

The feeling of having a cock in my mouth was wonderful. It was something that I would know to love from this day forward. I knew right then that I was going to become a cocksucker for life.

“I want you to slowly fuck your face on my cock,” Sam ordered.

“I want you to take me as deep as you can into your mouth.”

I did as he instructed. His cock slowly passed deeper into my mouth. It filled my mouth almost immediately. Sam grabbed the back of my head and slowly started to fuck my face. The taste of the fluid leaking from his cock and the feeling of his manhood filling my mouth had my head spinning.

His cock continued to grow in my mouth. I tried to take him deeper and deeper. However, the deeper I went, the more I gagged. When I gagged, Sam pulled out a little and allowed me to try again. As much as I wanted to take his big dick all the way to the base, I was unable to being it was my first time giving a blow job. I later learned how to take his whole cock down my throat but that is a story for another time.

When he was completely hard, he took his cock out of my mouth and said, “Lay on your stomach on the living room rug.”

I heard him opening the Vaseline jar and scooping up the Vaseline with his hand. I figured he was coating his cock. But then I felt his greasy hand spreading my butt cheeks. Sam proceeded to stick a finger into my ass. I felt my ass start to burn a little but eventually the sensation subsided. That was until I felt a second, then a third finger being stuffed up my butt. Sam continued to work his three fingers in and out of my ass until he thought I was ready for the real thing.

He positioned his big cock at my virgin ass and asked, “Are you ready to be fucked?”

“Yes Sam, please fuck my ass, I want to feel your cock in my ass now!”

Sam got into position behind and on top of me and slowly pushed his cock forward at the entrance of my ass. Holy shit did it hurt. I screamed in pain and Sam withdrew his cock. I took some deep breaths and waited for the pain to subside before speaking.

“Fuck Sam, you’re too big, I don’t think I can do this.”

But I could see in Sam’s eyes that there was no way he was going to pass this opportunity to fuck a virgin to completion. Sam spooned my body as he massaged my neck and shoulders with his hands and gently pressed his body back and forth against my back in a humping motion.

He gently kissed the back of my neck telling me how much he loved me and that he would never hurt me and that he knew I could do it if I would only relax. His words of encouragement and his kissing of my neck were having a soothing effect on my body. I was starting to relax.

I could feel that Sam’s cock was still hard as a rock as it nestled between butt cheeks.

Sam asked, “Are you ready to try again?”

With tears running down my eyes, I said, “Yes, yes, I want your cock to fuck my virgin ass. I want to please you more than anything in the world. Take my virgin ass Sam, take it now!”

Once again he positioned his cock at the entrance of my ass and proceeded to push it in. I was determined to take his cock inside me this time. Sam was very compassionate and was taking his time. I was moaning as his cock started to penetrate my ass deeper. My entire body spasm as his cock popped passed my sphincter muscle. Sam had taken my anal virginity. He must have felt me shutter and heard me moan loudly when he broke my cherry. Sam asked me if he should continue.

“Yes Sam, don’t stop, please, please fuck me deeper.”

With that he proceeded to penetrate my ass even deeper. His big cock hurt like hell going in. My ass burned like it was on fire. I bit down on my lips as tears starting running down my face. I told Sam not to stop no matter what I said or did. Sam did not need to be told twice as he continued to insert more and more of his massive cock into my tight ass.

It took a long time but I finally got use to him being in my ass. I really got into the pleasure of having my ass stretched and filled with his cock. I eventually took his cock balls deep into my ass. Sam continued to fuck me slowly and deeply. He would insert the entire length of his cock into my ass and slowly withdraw it until he had just the head of his cock was at the entrance of my ass; then he would slowly plunge into my ass again all the way to the base of his cock.

Sam started to pick up the pace and was pumping his cock in and out of my ass with more speed and his thrusts were getting deeper and harder. He started to grunt and grow even bigger and was now really pounding my butt at a furious pace. I knew what was going to happen next. My ass was going to become a sperm receptacle for my best friend.

I heard Sam shout, “I’m gonna cum, I gonna cum, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

“Yes Sam, cum, cum in my ass, fill my ass with your cum,” I begged.

I felt him cum in buckets in my ass. I’ll never forget the feeling of his cock exploding a load of cum in my ass and later it dripping out of my ass and down my leg after he withdrew his cock. That was my first time having gay sex and it was the best sex I had ever experienced.

I had met up with Sam several times since our first time and every time we met, I was always the bottom boy. Our affair continued for over 10 years until Sam move out of town. I didn’t know it then but I know it now. I had become addicted to cock. My wife never found out about us and doesn’t know what a cock worshipper I have become. I am always looking for a cock to service. I truly believe Sam let me fuck him the first time we had sex so that he could then take my virginity and have me as his bottom bitch from that point on. Sam had turned me from straight to bisexual and I could not be happier.

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