Chapter 6 – Tommy’s Story – Second Thoughts.

There was a loud knock on his bedroom door, “Come on Tommy what’s keeping you.”

Tommy opened the door and before him stood Victor dressed immaculately in a suit and tie. Victor was his new friend, well sort of.

“You look like you’re going to a wedding,” Tommy joked.

“Very funny,” Victor snorted, “what’s keeping you? You’ve been in here for ages.”

Tommy looked at himself in the mirror, he looked amazing, he rarely ever got to wear a suit let alone a tuxedo. In fact he had to borrow the one he was wearing right now.

“I just wanted to make sure I looked ok,” Tommy said.

“You look fucking beautiful,” Victor replied, “in fact I’d marry you myself if I could.”

Tommy raised an eyebrow to him, “Only kidding,” Victor quickly replied.

In truth Tommy was stalling, he was taking a huge step today, today he was getting married.

* * *

Tommy had written his first letter to Ryan as promised and it turned out to be a real love letter, he hadn’t intended it to be, it just turned out that way. None the less he was delighted when he received a letter back. He ran to his room and read it more times than he could remember. Ryan spoke of his undying love for him and how much his son Dylan had grown since he had been away. When it came to his wife it was a different matter. It read like a horror story. She had let the farm deteriorate so bad that Ryan had to work hard to restore it. It just sounded like everything was going wrong, Tommy felt sorry for him.

For months they wrote to each other, speaking of how much they wanted to be together, of how Ryan was trying to think of a way for this to happen. Tommy had no idea what Ryan’s plan was but he hoped that he would do it soon, it was driving him crazy without his man.

Then suddenly the letters stopped, at least Tommy never received anymore. He was beside himself with worry, Ryan’s last letter hadn’t indicated that anything was seriously wrong. He didn’t know what to do. All he had was Ryan’s address but going there was out of the question, he just didn’t earn enough to do that. What could have happened? Did he stop loving him? Did his wife find out? Perhaps they moved? Not knowing was sheer agony.

Most nights he would re-read all of Ryan’s letters, now his only link to the love he once had. He’d lost count how many times he would cry himself to sleep and it was a good twelve months before the crying finally stopped.

During this time he was victim to the pressure of village life, Doris now boyfriend-less had taken a shine to Tommy. Being devious and manipulating she engineered things so that Tommy without realising was spending more and more time with her. He really wasn’t interested to begin with but people started asking questions and making comments about them.

“Oh, are you and Doris dating?”

“You two make such a lovely couple.”

Tommy wanted to fit in, wanted to belong and be part of the social life in his village and he found himself looking at Doris as his ticket to an easy life. God knows being a homosexual in a small village would certainly not be easy. Better to bury the past and his feelings and try to lead a normal life. What hurt the most though was that his time with Ryan did feel normal, it felt the most natural thing in the world. But that was two years ago.

He remembered the night he proposed to Doris. It was a warm summer night on the steps to the village hall. Why he picked there he wasn’t sure, it may have had something to do with it having some romantic significance to him. Shortly after he had taken Doris home and told his Dad.

“Thank fuck for that!” His father had said causing Doris to blush at his profanity, “I thought you were a fucking puff for a moment.” That embarrassed Tommy.

It was through Doris that he met Victor, her brother. Tommy hadn’t had much to do with him before he started dating Doris, their paths rarely crossed. But now they had become quite good friends or so it seemed. Victor was nothing like his sister who was tall and beautiful (and she knew it), no, he was quite short and plump.

Things were now going well for him. Mr Rogers was taking a less active roll in the store and gave Tommy more responsibility, a little more money too. His father seem to be less hostile to him, although not much, he still swore and shouted a lot.

The letters from Ryan were now resigned to a shoe box under his bed, he stopped reading them, unable to stand the heartache anymore.

So here he was, dressed up to the nines and about to marry Doris.

He took a deep breath he said, “Come on, lets go.”

It was a thirty minute walk from his house to the church and by the time they arrived most of the guests were already there. Tommy stood outside the church and greeted them as they entered. He hardly knew any of them, the vast majority from Doris’s side of the family. The few that was from his side he never really knew either, an uncle and some cousins that he’d never met before. The only people he really knew was his father and Mr Rogers with his family.

As the guests was entering Tommy noticed a tall man some way down from the church. He stood by a large black car and wore a trench coat with a trilby hat. He looked familiar. Tommy squinted, it couldn’t be, his heart raced, it looked like Ryan.

The man entered the car and it pulled away, Tommy in a panic ran down the path to the church gates after the car.

“Tommy!” Victor shouted, “Where you going?”

When Tommy reached the gate the car was clean up the road and out of site. If that was Ryan why did he not come over? Why was he here? As he walked back towards the church Victor met up with him.

“What was that about?” he asked.

“Nothing,” Tommy replied looking back up the road.

What if Ryan had come over? What would the consequences have been? Would I still have gone through with the wedding?

His mind span as he entered the church and sat down with Victor. He was sweating now, was he doing the right thing? He looked back at the entrance hoping to see Ryan appear but instead the doors opened and Doris appeared looking beautiful in her wedding dress. Tommy swallowed hard, his heart racing, This is it. He turned and looked ahead.

The church organist began playing the precession march so Tommy and Ryan got into their place in front of the vicar. Tommy kept looking ahead as Doris drew up next to him, he couldn’t look at her. The vicar started with the usual speech, “We are gathered here…”

Tommy wasn’t listening, he was fighting a raging battle in his mind, Ryan is the one he loves, always will do. He started questioning his feelings for Doris, he likes her, he thinks he likes her, but like isn’t enough is it? Marriage is about love and compared to his feelings for Ryan, that was a million miles away.

He was bought back to reality by the vicar, “Tommy?”

He looked up at him.

“Do you take Doris Anne Jacobs to be your lawful wedded wife?” He asked again.

Tommy looked at him blankly, he knew he was supposed answer. There was a long silence, all eyes was on Tommy.

The vicar was patient, he had seen this happen before, “I’ll ask you again,” he said softly, “do you take Doris Anne Jacobs to be your lawful wedded wife?”

Tommy looked at Doris, “I-I-I,” he could see Doris willing him on. His eyes began to well up, he knew his life was at a turning point. If he said ‘I do’ then he would be with this woman for the rest of his life, but he couldn’t get the image of Ryan standing by that car out of his head. He is the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, not this woman before him. They hadn’t even had sex, she wanted to but Tommy always put her off, saying they should wait till after they was married. In truth he was petrified, the idea of having sex with a woman scared the shit out of him.

He took a deep breath and said, “I can’t!”

“What?” Doris said.

“I-I-I can’t,” his eyes full of tears now, “It wouldn’t be right, it wouldn’t be fair to you.”

“What do you mean?” She asked angrily.

“I’m a h-h-h-homosexual.”

The whole congregation gasped in shock.

“Is this some sort of sick joke?” Doris asked fuming by now.

“No, I’m sorry,” Tommy replied looking at the floor in shame.

Doris bawled and ran out of the church. The next thing Tommy saw was a fist smashing into his face as Doris’s father floored him. Tommy ended up looking at the vaulted ceiling of the church, his nose throbbing. Then Victor came over threw the ring at him and kicked him hard in the ribs, he doubled up in agony. As soon as the pain subsided he got up, people were staring at him in disbelief. He picked up the ring and ran out of the church where he saw Doris sobbing over a gravestone. He felt sorry for her, he’d ruined her special day.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

She looked up, then briskly walked over to him smacked him hard on the nose.

“OW!” Tommy screamed, the second punch more painful because of the first.

Tommy ran, he didn’t stop until he was back in his room. He sat on his bed and contemplated what he had done. He knew now that marrying Doris would have been the wrong thing to do. He didn’t want to end up like one of those men he witnessed in London. Suddenly he remembered what he had said to Ryan. I never want to sully your memory. He nearly did. If he couldn’t be with Ryan then he wouldn’t be with anyone. In a flash he decided what he was going to do.

He went into his father’s room and pulled a suitcase from the wardrobe. He was packing when he heard the front door.

“Are you fucking insane?” his father barked.

“I’m leaving,” Tommy replied.

“I should think so too, you can’t live round here anymore, especially after telling the whole fucking village that your a fucking queer.”

“I’m not a queer! I’m a homosexual!” Tears filled his eyes again.

“Queer, Poof, homosexual, it’s all the fucking same. What possessed you to tell everyone?”

“Because I am!”

“I know, but you didn’t have to tell them that, you could have lied or something.”

Tommy stopped and looked at his father, “You knew?”

His father sighed, “Always have done, I’m not stupid you know.”

Tommy couldn’t believe his ears, “How? When did you know?”

“Your mother and I spoke about it often, she was very perceptive, guessed you would be when you was five, she wanted to make sure I wouldn’t freak out about it.”

“Mom knew?”

“Mothers intuition I guess.”

Tommy sat on the bed and began to break down, “Oh god! Dad, I’m so sorry,” he bawled.

His father just grunted, “finish your packing before the lynch mob comes after you.”

Silence descended the room as Tommy finished packing the suitcase, he looked under the bed and found the shoe box, opening it he took out the letters.

“From your soldier boy?” his father asked.

Tommy looked at him in shock again.

“I saw you two together, I could tell you had the hots for him.”

“I don’t understand, why didn’t you say anything?”

His father grunted again, “not my place to, figured you’d tell me if you wanted to.”

Tommy was seeing his father in a new light, a bond had appeared he never knew existed. But he realised it was all too little too late as he put the letters in the suitcase.

“Where will you go?” his father asked.


“Figures, all the poofs live there,” he said trying to make light of the situation.

Tommy headed to the front door and paused looking at his father. “Will you be ok?”

“Now what sort of stupid question is that? The whole village is going to ridicule me for having a queer son.”

Tommy dropped his head, “I’m sorry.”

“When has anything like that ever bothered me? Of course I’ll be alright, I’ve had much worse said to me. Now fuck off before I kick you out.” he grunted.

Tommy opened the door when his father spoke again, “I’ll miss you.”

Tommy flung his arms round him and hugged with all his might. “I’m sorry dad, I love you.”

Tommy’s father quickly cleared his throat, “Well er.. What I meant is I’ll miss having to shout at you and kick your ass.”

Tommy saw him blush, his father never once kicked him but he knew what he meant.

Tommy left, closing the door behind him, he had this strange feeling he would never see his father again.

He would need to catch a bus to Chichester before taking the train to London so he ran to the bus stop. From there he could see the Inn where he and Ryan had spent several nights together. Outside was the dark car he had seen earlier and getting into it was the tall man.

In a flash he was running with all his might but as he drew closer the car began to drive off.

“NOOO!” He screamed, “RYAN!”

He ran harder than he had ever ran in his life, it felt like his lungs was about to burst and his legs turn to jelly but it was no good. The car was gone by the time he reached the Inn, he collapsed on the pavement outside, clutching his suitcase sobbing and panting heavily.

Through bleary eyes he looked up at the Inn, they kept a register, he had to know if it was Ryan for sure. He picked himself up and entered, finding Mrs Delaney at the reception.

“That man who just left, what was his name?” he demanded.

“Tommy Anderson! You have some nerve showing up here after what you did to poor Doris!” She snapped. Tommy wasn’t surprised that she knew, this was a village after all.

“Please Mrs Delany, I need to know,” he begged.

“Why? Was he your lover?” she asked sarcastically.

“Yes, please I need to know.”

“Oh, I’m not sure,” she said surprised by Tommy’s admission.

“Was his name Ryan Monroe?”

“Er, no, Mr Richardson I think.”

Suddenly Tommy was in shock, the full realisation of what he had done came crashing down on him. He had just outed himself to the whole village for a stranger. Someone he thought, no was certain was Ryan.

Later that day as he rode the train to London he realised that in the end it didn’t matter.It had saved him from a life with someone he didn’t love. As he headed towards his new life he resolved that he would never love anyone else, he would never let his love for Ryan be marred with feelings for another.

He remembered he still had the wedding ring. Fishing it out of his pocket he placed it on the third finger of his left hand. This will help keep others away,

Here I was thirty’ five years old, finally getting ready to tie the knot with a girl I had met and started dating five years ago. A lot’ of my friends were busting my balls over it; telling me I was selling my soul.

I didn’t’ take them seriously. I loved Kathy. Otherwise, I never would have asked her to marry me in the first place, right? Anyway, what did I have to complain about; I’d’ had my fair share of sexual experiences over the years.

I’ve’ been with plenty of different women, all kinds of women. Women with blonde hair, red hair, brown hair. Women with big tits, small tits and’ in between.

Women with dominant personalities and women who just wanted me to fuck the hell out of them. Even two women who weren’t’ exactly….women, Yes, that’s’ right; I’ve’ been with two transsexuals, or shemales as they liked to call themselves.

Let me tell you the story about the time where I was “raped” by two beautiful shemales. Possibly the greatest sexual experience I ever had in my life,

Thinking back on it, I am getting married now and this whole story happened right about the time when my friend Jay was getting married; in fact, I met Kelly and Jamie through some stupid bachelor party activity that we all decided to do for the fun of it all.

I was twenty’ two years old at that point. The night of the bachelor party, we all decided to go out to a bar and get some food and beer. We ate and we drank and we drank and we drank until it was pretty’ late; probably around two o’clock in the morning if I had to be exact. Anyway, once closing rolled around we’ all stumbled back to a motel up the street that we had decided to rent a room at, since we were staying in a city other than our own

Into the motel room’ we stumbled, laughing, slurring and goofing off like the drunken idiots that we were. Jay passed out a few minutes after we got there and so did our one friend Chris. Now it was just me, Mike and’ Josh.

Josh pulled his laptop from a bag sitting on the floor and flipped it on and within minute’s he was online surfing the web for porn while Mike and I sat outside smoking cigarettes and bullshitting for a little while before coming back inside. That’s’ when we saw Josh on a chat room of some sort,

“What the fuck are you doing,” Mike asked laughing. I gave him as shove on the shoulder and grabbed a seat plopping down alongside of him as Mike sat on the opposite side and we both leaned in closer to the laptop screen.

“It’s a website called Chat for free,” he said.

“You talk to different people. There is a button at the bottom of the screen; when you’re done with one conversation you click that and it sets you up with someone new.”

“Sounds like fun,” I said.

“So who are you talking to now,” asked Mike.

“Some girl named Maria; she’s sort of boring though. So let’s move on,”

Josh clicked the “next” button at the bottom of the screen and sure enough, the page began to reload before starting up again with someone completely knew. We sat around for a few hours doing this, talking to different girls and the occasional gay male that the room mistakenly set us up with’.

By about four am Josh was passed out cold and now it was just me and’ Mike. We took over the computer without even asking Josh, not that he could have stopped us in the goofing off kind of mood that we were both in.

We surfed’ the site for a few minutes, not really finding anyone interesting at first and eventually we started to get bored; but neither of us were willing to call it a night just yet.

I clicked back to the main page of the website to see more information on it and to the left side of the page there was actually a row of different selections of the type of people you could talk to’. We scanned through it a bit and then started cracking up laughing when we saw the link for “Shemales,” at the very bottom of the list.

Thinking it would be plenty of fun to just give it a shot and see who’ we came across, I clicked the link and we laughed as the page began to load. Soon we were being connected with people who like us, we were looking for shemales and plenty of shemales themselves though as soon as they would send pictures, we would realize they were not exactly all’ that attractive. That’s’ when we would move on,

We were just about to give up, when the screen blinked indicating that it was about to connect us with a new person. I suppose it was curiosity, or the fact that I just didn’t’ feel like calling it a night yet, but I decided to see what this person had to offer. And’ of course, the first words they spoke had our attention with no effort at all,

Stranger: Hi, I am Kelly and I am your hoe’ baby. I looked at Mike and’ Mike looked at me and we both busted out laughing before turning back to the computer and I started to type back.

You: Hi Kelly, I am Tom. I’m twenty’ two years old; how old are you?

Stranger: Hi Tom, I am twenty’ eight.

“What do I ask next,” I asked Mike running out of things to say. He leaned over and started to type.

You: How big is your cock?

Once again, we were both cracking up laughing as we waited for a reply to come through.

Stranger: I am nine inches hard, and around 8.5 when not hard. I love my cock baby; I would love for’ you to come here and suck it for me too,

“Oh shit dude,” I laughed hysterically.

“See that Tom; she wants you to come suck her cock. Better get to it,”

“Fuck you,” I said nudging his arm. Mike laughed, standing up and rustling my hair as he walked towards the bathroom still staggering slightly.

“No man, Kelly is the one who’s going to be fucking you,”

The bathroom door closed behind him and I resumed typing with Kelly. We went on for about five minutes, throwing sexual questions back and forth at each other until finally she shot me a photo of herself. Instant erection, I couldn’t’ help it even knowing that she had a dick in her pants. She was a beautiful, sexy red head with the bluest eyes I’ve’ ever seen in my life. She had some sweet ass tits too. Then she sent me a second picture, this one of her cock and I found myself laughing again; but she definitely looked about the size she claimed to be.

Just as I was about to start messaging her back, the conversation was’ cut; obviously she had been the one to end it for whatever reason. But’ now I was left here alone, bored and slightly aroused with no one to talk too. Mike had been in the bathroom for almost ten minutes; I assumed he had probably passed out with his head in the toilet.

I got up to check on him briefly and sure enough, there he was passed’ out next to the toilet. I flushed it and not wanting to carry his heavy ass to the bed I instead grabbed a pillow, brought it to the bathroom and set it under his head on the linoleum floor. Then I returned to the laptop and sat back down, glancing briefly at the clock at the bottom of the screen; it was 4:30 in the morning.

I clicked the “start conversation” button and after a few seconds of loading a new conversation was’ initiated; and it was obviously not going to be any less interesting than the one I had with Kelly.

“Hey there baby, I’m your hoe’”

Well that sounded familiar; I found myself wondering now if perhaps I was talking to the same person?

You: Hi, I am Tom.

Stranger: I am Jamie.”

Jamie…well, I was obviously wrong it wasn’t’ the same person. So now I was wondering if perhaps these two girls worked for some sort of company or something that had them come on here and talk to guys and that was their phrase or some shit like that.

You: Jamie is a pretty name,

Stranger: Thank you.

I decided to ask out right; part of me was also wondering if this was indeed the same person, just using a different name.

You: Why do you girls both use the same catchphrase?

A few seconds passed with no response and I was starting to expect the conversation to cut. Then finally, the answer I was waiting for,

Stranger: Cause’ we can; you know that girl Kelly right?

Here we go, I thought, I was definitely expecting her to tell me she was the same person just using a different name or something. This site operated by connecting you with total strangers and there was no option to create usernames; it was up to the person you were talking to to give you their name if they wanted.

So’ with all the people…and the top of the page read roughly about 28, 105 people…it was easy to end up talking to the same person once or twice without ever even knowing they were the same person, unless you exchanged names.

You: Yeah, actually I just talked to her right before you lol.

Stranger: Yeah we talked not to’ long ago too. We want to rape you; it was her idea until she convinced me of it as well.

Well that was far from what I was expecting, but it got a sort of rush going through me. Maybe it was the alcohol on top of the fact that I was actually kind’ of horny, reading something like that just got the sexual nerves going. I had no idea and honestly what was I even thinking? Drunk or not, I knew these girls were both shemales, they both had cocks.

You: Well its’ not rape if the person is willing.

Stranger: Oh so your’ willing to have sex with me and’ Kelly.

You: Of course, though I should warn you I am a virgin. At least with Shemales that’ is. I have only ever been with regular girls.

Stranger: Oh don’t worry me and Kelly will fix that up for you.”

You: Sounds good to me.

What the fuck was I doing; this had all started out as fun, why the fuck was I talking to her so seriously now. Whoever looked at the screen’ would never be able to take it seriously, but there was something deep down in my gut. My cock was hard and I had this buzzing feeling in the head, I was so turned on by this conversation alone, it just wasn’t’ even funny.

I should have logged off and gone to bed at that point, no questions asked. It was nearly five in the morning anyway…but I couldn’t’ bring myself’ to end the conversation.

So’ we carried on for another fifteen minutes going back and forth with our sexual flirtations. Eventually, she started telling me what she and Kelly wanted to do to me, everything from handcuffs, to pinning me down, to her throat fucking me while Kelly rammed my ass. Then we started talking about how big Kelly told me she was.

I asked how big Jamie was and she replied that she was only about eight inches or so and had always been jealous of Kelly because she was the bigger out of the two friends. Then she sent me a picture, as Kelly had done. Jamie was a bit shorter than Kelly she had blonde curly hair, green eyes and a cute little nose. She was just as sexy as her friend was though,

You: Well you both put me to shame. So I guess it only makes sense that I would be the one getting plowed, since your both bigger than me lol.

Stranger: How big are you Tom lol

You: Probably around average, sadly

Stranger: Aw’ that’s’ too bad. I guess we are going to have to ram you then. I was looking forward to a nice pounding myself, but I guess not. We’ll’ have to get you instead,

I figured at this point that it went without’ saying no matter how horny I was and how horny these two claimed to be…this wasn’t’ actually going to happen. They probably weren’t’ even anywhere near where I was right now, for all I knew they lived halfway across the damn country or they lived in England or something like that. So I went ahead and just carried it on for the fun of it as I had been doing in the beginning.

You: Well I am ready for you two to rape me,

Stranger: Well what are’ you waiting for Tom, come get us.

You: Well, should you two be’ the ones coming to find me? I don’t’ even know where you are anyway.

Stranger: Where do you live?

Again, figuring these two lived halfway across the country or world for that matter, I went ahead and told her where I was at the current moment. In a motel’ in New Jersey,

To my surprise, they apparently did not live far from where I was. I started to feel sick to the stomach the more the conversation progressed and the more it started to seem like they actually wanted to come meet up with me. I still kept trying to convince myself though that there was no way this was really happening; there was no way these two would really come out here to meet.

They were probably just saying they lived as close as they said they did, they probably did not really live anywhere near here at all.

Stranger: We cannot be there until morning baby. Is that okay?

You: Should be fine.

I was ready to sign off at this point and sleep…I had convinced myself they were just yanking my leg at this point and decided it was time to end this. She promised they would be here in a few hours and laughing to myself, I went along with it saying I could not wait to see them. Then I logged off, crawled into bed and I was asleep in minutes.

I woke to the sound of the motel room door shutting and I jumped in my sleep opening my eyes. Looking around the room, it took me a few seconds to remember where I even was; Jay’s bachelor party had been the night before. Now I remembered everything, all of it came rushing back…even the website on Josh’s computer and the conversation with those two transsexuals, Kelly and Jamie.

Groaning, I sat up, rubbing my head at the feeling of this morning’s hangover. That’s’ when I noticed the others were not here…Josh and Jay were both gone, I got up and checked the bathroom and even Mike was gone. The bathroom was wet; water dripping from the faucet in the shower indicating that someone had recently used it to clean up.

I came out of the bathroom and found a note that I had missed sitting on the kitchen table. It read:

Tom. We took off early. Did not check out though, so when’ you leave make sure you turn in the key and pay the motel manager. We left our money in the top drawer. Don’t’ worry pal, not leaving the whole tab on you. Mike,

Well at least they were not leaving me to pay for the entire thing on my own. I would have been pretty pissed off if that had happened. Sighing, I crumpled up the note and tossed it in the trashcan before grabbing my duffle bag and pulling out a towel and some fresh clothes. I made my way to the bathroom and removed my old t-shirt and shorts, which I had slept in.

I was just about to turn on the hot water, standing in the bathroom with nothing but my boxers, when I heard a knock at the motel room door. Groaning in frustration, I walked towards the door hoping it was not the manager getting ready to kick me out’. If it was’ hopefully he would at least let me shower beforehand.

I peeked out the curtain over the window first; I could not see all’ that well as the sun was shining in and making it difficult. As my vision cleared though, I thought I saw two women standing there in front of the door in skimpy looking clothes. Confused, I backed away from the window and unlocked the door turning the knob and pulling it open.

“Hey,” said the one girl with short red hair smiling seductively at me.


“Are you Tom,” the blonde girl asked.

“Uh, yeah I am’.” I was trying to figure out how these two girls knew my name, or who the’ hell they even were for that matter. Then as I looked closer and examined the seductive grins they both had, it dawned on me what was happening. The red head was the exact same girl I had seen in the picture that Kelly sent me, and the same went for the blonde’…that was obviously Jamie. I couldn’t’ believe this was happening, this was real, they had been serious when they said they were nearby and they would be here by morning.

“Uh…you were being serious?”

“Of course we were,” Kelly’ laughed. “You thought we weren’t?”

“Well it’s just…I don’t know. It’s’ the internet, it isn’t’ easy to just believe what random strangers that you just met tell you. I thought…it was a game,”

“So,” Jamie said with a start. She leaned into the doorway real close to me and I could smell her sexy perfume mixed with a faint odor of cigarettes. She was wearing purple lipstick. “You don’t want us to…rape you?”

Kelly leaned in alongside of her and whispered in my ear “Are you sure?”

She grabbed my package and squeezed and I groaned as they both pushed me into the room and Jamie brushed past me. Kelly shut the door and pushed me up against the wall, pinning me there as she continued rubbing my cock through my pants and smiling at me the whole time.

I just stood there…completely shocked and frozen. Still unable to believe that any of this was actually real,

“So,” Jamie said. “Here we are.” Kelly smiled at her friend then back at me and leaned in kissing me on the lips and I broke right away. Her lips were so soft and she tasted like strawberries; I just couldn’t’ help but kiss her back.

I felt her tongue slip into my mouth and it started fighting with my own. After a few minutes of this, Kelly was kissing me on the neck while Jamie kissed, licked and sucked my nipples. I was so horny,

Yet I still clung to that one thought that this was so very far from a straight heterosexual act. What the fuck was I doing?

I had no time to keep thinking about it as I watched their clothes start to come off now, one by one until they were both in front of me in nothing but their panties. I could see the outlines of their cocks, but Jamie lifted my gaze back up to her tits as she continued kissing me and reached into my boxers to stroke my cock. She pulled my boxers down and dropped to her knees, leaning in and swallowing my dick in one swift move.

I groaned, her mouth was so wet and hot and it felt incredible.

As Jamie sucked my cock, Kelly laid’ down on the mattress and’ slid out of her panties nice and slow so I could watch as the slipped past every curve. Finally, they were off and I was staring at her huge cock, which was throbbing and leaking pre-cum as well. Kelly wrapped her hand around her shaft and started stroking it nice and slow as she watched Jamie continue to suck my dick.

Then, she pulled away, stood up and pulled me away from the wall leading me towards the bed. She tossed me onto the bed and I landed in the most awkward of positions…with my face right in front of Kelly’s dick.

“Mm, perfect,” Kelly said running her hands through my hair. “C’mon baby,”

I leaned in and wrapped my lips around her cock. I took a few moments to register the taste; it wasn’t’ bad. She tasted clean, like she had probably just showered not too long ago, though there was a faint odor of sweat. However, even that seemed to’ simply’ arouse me further. I inhaled the musky aroma of sweaty balls and moaned as I felt Jamie slip underneath of me and’ take my cock back into her warm wet mouth once again.

So now, I was sucking Kelly while Jamie was sucking me and stroking her own dick all at the same time.

Then, I felt Jamie’s hand grab at my ass and squeeze before giving it a slap. The loud sound of something smacking up against flesh echoed through the motel room like in a porno. I felt her hands pry my ass cheeks apart and one finger traced over my anus; I tensed up just a little. She pulled her finger away and stopped sucking my cock just long enough to wet her finger before returning it to my asshole.

She swallowed my cock once more and I gasped, as I felt her wet finger slide into my hole nice and slow.

Even as she began to finger fuck me, Jamie continued sucking my cock like an expert and I was starting to feel like I was getting ready to cum, she stopped, and I felt her warm breath suddenly over my ass and then jumped in surprise at the feeling of her wet tongue diving into my asshole. She was giving me a rim job, the first time I had ever had one in my life.

I stayed focused sucking Kelly’s cock while Jamie worked my asshole with her tongue and fingers and Kelly smiled and laughed. “Someone’s enjoying himself,” she said.

I never liked night clubs; noise, sweat and drink were not my style. It wasn’t where I liked to find a woman, no finesse, no charm, just the animals in a pack waiting for the rut. No, definitely not my style. I stared into my beer, it tasted like piss. A little blond brushed against me, dark roots, leather shorts barely covering her big arse. Her friend staggered behind, an early casualty to binge drinking. As I said, no finesse and definitely, no class. If only there was one woman here to tempt me; no chance, time to leave. If if I was lucky I could pick up a lonely shopper in the local all night supermarket, or get a microwave curry. As I turned I caught sight of a dream, a vision of loveliness.

Leaning against the bar was a woman, no as I said before, a vision. Petite yet elegant, a body sculpted by an artist, slender but with an arse made for caresses and small pert breasts that begged for a tongue to tease their jutting nipples. Her hair, red and long, flowing down to her shoulders. She turned toward me, I could see her deep blue eyes, actually I was already drowning in them. She smiled and tilted her head on one side, an unspoken invitation. How was this woman alone, why were there no men hanging around her? I should have suspected something but here was my dream woman, perfect in every detail. She was here for me, to be my plaything. My throat was dry, my heart pounded in my ears, my cock was hard and aching for her touch. She had me on a leash without saying a word, without a touch. I was powerless, without a hope, without a prayer.

I was frozen to the spot, the music faded, nothing seemed to exist but her and me. She pushed her drink along the bar, ran her hands down her dress, smoothing it over her curves and floated, elegantly across the floor. She reached out and ran her finger tips down my thigh. She took my hand.

We were on the dance floor, her hips locked to mine. She moved around me always touching, her fingers tracing my cock, her hair against my cheek, her lips on mine, her buttocks pressing and sliding, her inner thighs gripping my leg and she move down almost to her knees and back up, her tongue on my neck. The heat of her soft flesh burning away any self control I had. She took my hands again, moved my fingers over her hard nipples, cupped her breasts with them. I could feel her mound moving slowly along the length of my cock. I could feel my cum boiling up my shaft only for her to move away, a laugh in her eyes, quenching the immediate urgency of my lust.

I was being seduced on the dance floor oblivious to everybody else, it was if they didn’t see us. I hardly moved, I couldn’t move, the room and this temptress spun around me, I was being sucked into a vortex, a whirlwind of lust and I couldn’t resist. She teased my ears with her tongue, breathed the words I wanted to hear, “shall we go?” I followed like a puppy.

The street outside was deserted, damp from a recent shower the slickness reflecting red neon lights, the pavements steaming. The only sounds were the clicking of her heels and the rustle of her dress. She led me up the steps of a hotel I had never noticed before. The doors swung open and we were in a faded, once grand, lobby. The hotel clerk didn’t pay any attention to us as we walked to the lift, his dog made to bark, but decided against it.

The lift swept us to a room, it could have gone up or down, her scent, her touch, her presence filled my senses and left no room for anything else. She kicked off her shoes and draped herself around my neck. My hands worshipped her body, my mouth covered hers, I mumbled loving words to her, undressed her slowly. Her dress slipped down her gorgeous curves, I kissed her breasts and her belly, licked her inner thighs as I rolled her stockings down her lovely legs. I sucked in the scent of her, my tongue caressing her pussy lips through her silk panties. I pulled them down and tasted her wetness, sweet and dizzying. I lifted her camisole over her head and moved my hand over her firm breasts. My hands slid down the elegant curve of her back to stroke her rounded buttocks, parted them to stroke he puckered anus, my cock straining, my cum rising once more. I could not have believed the beauty that was laid before me, her nipples erect; I ached to suck on them, her pussy lips swollen and pouting inviting my fingers to stroke them. Her head went back, my mouth on her throat as my thumb rolled over her clitoris, making it erect, making her sigh and moan. Her finger nails raked down my back, pulled me on to her

I was naked, how I don’t know, but her soft body calmed any fears. My cock felt almost unnaturally hard against her belly as I strained to touch and kiss all of her at once. “Fuck me,” she said in a husky voice. Her fingers held my shaft, easing it down towards her waiting lips. My cock brushed her clit, and rested against her opening. Something held me back, but what? Safe sex, or something else. “Do it,” she growled, there was nothing for it, I plunged into her waiting depths, her lips gripped me.

What the hell? Where there should have been warmth there was cold, where there should have been ecstasy there was pain. I tried to pull out but I was gripped with ice. She laughed, a guttural, awful sound as her hips moved me back and forward. Her cunt clenched and squeezed, I plunged into her despite the pain despite my rising fear, again and again I thrust. I felt my body being turned until she was astride me. She rode me, raped me, feeding on my pain, delighting in the agony she was inflicting upon me. Her breasts bounced in time with the rhythm of her fucking. In spite of it all I moved my hands to caress her, her erect nipples in the palm of my hands. Her face now took on a look of bestial glee, of twisted beauty. The agony increased as I felt my skin tear inside her but still she moved up and down, plunging onto my stiff and tortured manhood bringing me to an indescribably painful orgasm, above my screams I heard a cry out with her own orgasm and felt her juices flood over my shaft like a melting glacier as I passed out.

I woke to see her standing over me, I looked down and my penis was OK, except it felt cold, I touched it, it was like ice. She knocked my hand away and started to wank me, hard and fast, her grip tightened and tightened, swelling the head, bigger and bigger. I screamed but her grip only got tighter and tighter still. My cock head felt like it was ready to explode. Her hand was relentless, cruel and pitiless, I was dizzy. She moved her head over me stretching her lips to cover my glans. Her mouth was a blast of antarctic cold, her tongue swirled over the ridge, teased the slit. I wanted to cum, needed relief but she slowed and licked my shaft down to my balls. The cold made them ache, her fingers moved to my glans, as they moved they burned my flash adding a whole new pain but bringing me close to another orgasm. Her tongue and lips moved back up my shaft and over my cock head, her teeth gripped like a trap and my cock erupted, I felt it tear apart, blood and semen spewing into her. She opened her lips like a maw, showing me the ruination of my manhood. Blood and semen slipped down her chin, she licked around her mouth her tongue flicking like a snakes. I wretched and collapsed.

I came round in time to her naked hips and arse slinking through the doorway, a laugh floating on the air, containing all the humour of a disaster. The room stank of sex and suicide, of blood and rot. My head ached, I was exhausted and I felt empty, dirty, violated, but I wanted her, missed her already. Her panties and stockings lay on my chest, I looked down, my cock was whole but cold, so cold, ice against my belly, it ached like frostbite. Placed neatly next to it was a calling card, all it said was…..’You are mine’.

The following story is a work of fiction.

Any resemblances to persons real or imagined is coincidental.

“It’s way too far out. Got to be miles from the ridge.”

“Closer than you think.”

We pulled in around noon, with the sun still going strong. I hadn’t been up to my uncle’s lodge, but from what I’d heard about the mountains nearby, it was great scenery. My cousins used to hunt quail in the forests back home, and I remember tagging along with them, staring wide-eyed up at the trees that loomed above me. The forest here was different, with a much quieter feel to it. It seemed to stretch for miles.

The road was dusty, and we pulled into the garage with all windows up. My uncle looked around for his keys. The air inside the car was dry, like the road.

“Need any help?”

“Close the garage door. Lever’s broke, so it goes by hand”

We entered the house, which turned out to be more spacious than I thought. Every room smelled like dark wood, with large beams that stretched high.

“It’s really something.”

“Yeah. It really is.”

We unpacked, and my uncle soon fired up the grill. I broke out cards later and got a few games going. It was a routine we knew well.

My uncle and I were never really close—it basically came down to a few sparse encounters at family functions, but ultimately that was it. Recently I’d been trying to get down to the mountain region where my uncle spent his summers because I’d heard there was world-class hiking in the area. After several trips over the summer, I must say, it looked promising. My uncle even dropped by on one of my hikes, the summer before.

“We have anything to drink?”

“Might have some beer.”

He sent me downstairs to the cellar. There were a few empty cases, but I managed to find a few beers, and several bottles of rum,



“You’re full of it.”

We drank and played dice for several hours. With already half the day gone from our drive, there wasn’t much point in hitting the trails until tomorrow.

My uncle was in high spirits. I couldn’t blame him, as far as dice was concerned, he was always the better man. The better drinker too, with only twenty two years under my belt, I could hardly say I was out-classing him. His dice playing was still solid. But nearly a bottle later, it was clear that I was starting to get the upper hand. Not to be outdone by my uncle’s typical drinking hardiness, I began hitting the remaining beers harder. He laughed at me, and I scowled back.

After another hour, it was clear that neither one of us was in much a state to play further. I managed a grin, but found my uncle staring at his shoes, blankly. With swaying steps and slow plodding, we managed to pull ourselves upstairs, leaving the dice below. I wasn’t sure which rooms were which, so we headed for the first room we could find.

From the look of it, we had stumbled into my uncle’s room. I recognized the wooden chests from earlier.

With a grumble, I shoved my uncle onto his bed. He lay on his back in a drunken stupor, the sight of which I found quite funny. I had rarely seen him this drunk before.

My head began to spin, and the stairs had begun to catch up with me. My entire body was warm, and seemed to radiate hot energy. I had never felt this finely buzzed in my life. The feeling was incredible. I looked over at my uncle. He seemed to be mumbling something, but from the look of it, he was happy.

I wondered how much of this night he would remember?

Without thinking, I drew closer to my uncle. He was still lying face up, but by now had fallen asleep. If there was ever a chance to feel this, it was now.

A wave of drunken energy propelled me onto his belt line, forced his pants down to his ankles, and without another thought, I thrust him into my mouth. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. His cock was limp and warm, but it seemed to like my wetness. I began to work it over in my mouth, tugging hungrily. Unbelievably, I could feel it growing. It tasted soft, and tough. Breathing hard, I enjoyed the feeling. His body was at my command, and I wanted nothing more than to service it. I tasted cum at the tip, and drew it deep into my mouth, savoring him.

He did nothing, but take me. I was to make sure of that.

Rocking with drunken satisfaction, I drew deeper onto his cock. My head bounced happily as I tasted his fullness. His dick was too much to pass up. I had to have it.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I slid my belt off. Then trousers. Down to my ankles. Swinging one leg over, I found myself entirely against him. He barely felt a thing.

His body was warm, and heaved with a slow drunken deliberate stroke. His wet cock pressed against my own. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction. He was still mine.

I dug my face into his chest, and reached down for his cock. I could feel heat radiating from my body, heart pounding, skin tingling.

I had never done this before, and I wasn’t ever sure that I’d get the chance to do it again. In my drunken stupor, all I wanted was to put his moist cock into me. I rubbed gently against his tip. It was warm and familiar. It slowly began to break into me, with a weight that I craved.

I pressed down, eyes shut. To my surprise, he entered me fluidly. I gasped for air, pressing down harder. His long cock spread inside me, and I could tell my oral handiwork earlier was now sliding in and out of our bodies. It was wet, and it drove me crazy. I wanted him to fill me, I wanted him to pound my body and cum inside me. I wanted him to wake up.

With a drunken half-lidded smile, I knew what to do. I took off all of our clothes. Anything that could get between our bodies went on the floor. Without saying a word to my uncle, I spread myself on top of him once more. I pressed him inside me again, and I could barely contain my excitement—his cock flooded my body like a hot shockwave. I began rocking gently into him, slowly working up the courage to go faster, faster until his piston began to roll small white-hot streams of cum between our bodies, rolling down his hips and soaking the bed. I bounced harder, taking him deeper inside me, filling every space—

My uncle slowly opened his eyes. In his drunkenness, he made no sounds. He stared blankly at the sight of my naked body bobbing furiously on his cock, looked down at the puddles of hot cum streaking along his sides. Seeing all there was to see, he nodded drunkenly, and drifted back to sleep. I grinned, victorious. His cock slid in and out of me—

I was going to have to change these sheets.

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