I wondered whether it was possible to write the same story straight and gay, so gave it a go. Tony and Juliette is the straight version, this is the gay version!

Tony enjoyed working in his firm of solicitors. Now 26, he had been a partner for 2 years and he enjoyed his work, as much as some of it was pretty mundane. Sorting house sales and divorce settlements wasn’t the most exciting work, but it was lucrative and his company was thriving, and dealing with Joe Public was always interesting. The six partners worked well together, each bringing their own skills and specialities to the work they did, and to be honest it was an income generating machine, and annual bonuses were good. The income and bonuses allowed Tony to live in a nice flat, and although he had had a number of girlfriends, was living on his own at the moment. It allowed him to keep his flat as he wanted.

As well as the six partners, the company employed a number of legal assistants, as well as general office staff, mostly female, attractive, ranging in age from 19 to 40-ish. It was not that Tony was in a relationship or had ever taken any of them to bed – young, bubbly, attractive women always make a working environment good to be in if the office was managed well. In the office the only male was Julian, who had been working for them for eight months.

Julian was different from a lot of men working in the legal world. He was only 23, and had recently finished college. He was training to be a legal assistant, but probably wasn’t ruthless enough to make it in a legal practice. There was a gentleness and vulnerability to Julian that was different. He was also good at his work, and was particularly good dealing with clients when they were feeling vulnerable, perhaps upset in a messy divorce, or when a husband or wife had died. Julian was mothered by some of the older women in the office; he had dated one or two of the younger ones, but nothing serious. He still lived with his parents, simply because it was easier to have someone iron his shirts and cook his meals and clean his rooms.

Tony got on well with Julian. Julian appreciated Tony’s professionalism tempered by generosity, as he mentored Julian through those early months. Tony appreciated Julian’s openness and willingness to learn, and increasingly the suggestions that Julian was giving particularly for the company to deal more effectively on a personal level with the clients. Julian probably would never make it as a solicitor, but was a great asset to the company. On a level they enjoyed each others’ company. Occasionally they would spend lunches together, and sometimes would play squash on an evening or weekend, particularly when neither of them had a girl to go out with.

For Tony there was one further thought he constantly had about Julian, a thought he would never share with anyone and left him confused – he thought he had a fantastic ass. Tony knew he wasn’t gay and knew Julian wasn’t gay. But Julian was slim, and his ass was round and cute. Whenever Julian was walking away from him, Tony couldn’t help watching. Once he had seen Julian naked in the showers after squash, and had gone home and masturbated before he could even eat. Tony couldn’t make it out – he wasn’t gay. Luckily he managed to hide his feelings.


Julian loved his work, and enjoyed the people he worked with. It was great to work in an all female office, and to have young women to take out, and he had even slept with one of them. Julian also enjoyed the work, although knew he would never make it as a solicitor in the hard world that was the legal profession. He knew he was good with the clients, and could perhaps bring a different dimension to the work in the office. Julian also appreciated being mentored by Tony. The company had a good training scheme, and the mentoring was part of it. And he could sometimes beat Tony at squash.

Julian was comfortable for the time being and the money was good, although he would probably move on from the legal world in a year or two. For the time being he would carry on living with his parents, playing his sport, taking girls out – what else should a young guy do? Maybe there could be a bit more adventure in his life, and maybe he should make some more adventure.

There was just one thing that puzzled Julian. One thing that bothered him. Or made him feel funny. It was Tony. He was a great guy, and would never do anything wrong. But Tony looked at his ass. Julian knew that as he left a room, Tony would be watching his ass. He remembered the time when he and Tony had shared the showers after the game of squash, how Tony had almost stared at his ass. He had subconsciously wriggled it at Tony, and Tony had left in a hurry. Julian had also been careful not to turn around in case Tony could see his cock beginning to swell. It was stupid – he had gone home and straight to his room and masturbated. Perhaps he had to take things into his own hands if he wanted more excitement in his life……


Friday morning. Tony had turned on his computer, and turned to the Turner file. He double clicked on the icon on his desktop to open the folder which would have copies of all the letters, scans of pictures and plans, copies of the reports. The searches were almost complete – he was ready to give the okay to the sale – he had until the end of the next week. It was a good project for his company – a thirty million pound purchase, with his company getting a percentage of the price for processing the sale for the purchasers.

The file was empty.

Everything had disappeared. Luckily there was a back-up, but there was something wrong – these files should not disappear. No-one should be able to get at the files except those with passwords. No-one should be able to get on his computer without a password. No-one should use his computer. No-one should touch his computer. For minutes he wondered who might be able to access the files. And his computer. There was probably only one person who could access both, outside of his partners, only one person who also had access to his office.

Tony called Julian into his office. He explained what had happened. Could he explain?


It had been a great risk, playing with Tony’s computer. And now time for some great acting.

“I’m really sorry Tony, can I explain?” Julian stared at his feet as he looked guilty – as guilty as his limited acting skills would allow. Tony nodded.

“I’m sorry Tony, but my computer at home wasn’t working last night, and I wanted to order some flowers for my mother’s birthday. Came here last night late and tired. Went on your computer – the office ones were shut down, and there is a log kept on what sites are accessed. Ordered the flowers, but I was tired and clicked on the wrong thing, and it all went. I didn’t know what to do, just hoped you had a back up.” Julian spoke hesitatingly, then looked up and down again, grateful for the drama course he had followed at college alongside his major.

Tony looked serious. “This is a sackable offence. Using computers for personal ordering. Accessing the computer of a partner. Placing company security at risk. This could be the end of your career here.”

Julian looked up again. “Please, Tony, I’ll do anything, I don’t want to lose the job, I love it here. Please, anything.”

Tony paused, looking at him hard and long. “I need to think about this.” He spoke quietly. “Come back at two – I’ll have to consider this.” Julian nodded, stood and left. Tony’s mind spent the rest of the morning and lunchtime whirring. Through the morning Tony found an idea forming in his mind. An idea he rejected at first, but somehow, rather than going away, became stronger and stronger.

At 2 o’clock Julian was again sat silently the other side the desk from Tony. It was Tony who spoke to break the silence, after he had built up his courage. “You said you will do anything to save your job? Absolutely anything?” There was a long pause before Julian nodded, almost imperceptibly. Then Tony spoke quietly. “If you really mean anything, then be at my flat for 2.00pm tomorrow. It’s Saturday tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

With that Tony dismissed Julian. Julian left the office, his heart pumping, half smiling with excitement, half filled with apprehension. He had organised it to this point and it had worked. But from 2.00pm on the Saturday it would be out of his hands. Out of his control. Whatever Tony chose. Julian was fairly certain he wouldn’t get hurt. He just hoped Tony would be kinky, but not horrible. He didn’t think Tony would be……………


After Julian had left his office, Tony’s heart was thumping. He was amazed he had the nerve to set it up, and still had mixed feelings about the next day. Part of him was really excited, but part of him was still shouting out that he wasn’t gay. He spent the next few hours imagining what he might do to him. All of his fantasies were coming true. Of course he wouldn’t hurt Julian, but the more Tony thought, the more he knew he wanted him – and Julian wasn’t stupid – he knew what it was about – Julian sounded like he wanted it as well.

All Saturday morning Tony had prepared, and sorted out what he thought he might need. His heart pounded stronger and stronger as he imagined what would happen, knowing he was confident to carry off his dreams, or at least the dreams that had filled his mind since the previous morning. And he liked Julian – he hoped he would enjoy his time as well. His heart leapt when the door bell rang, leaping almost as high as Tony himself as he headed for the door. Julian looked little different from the day before, wearing light chino’s and white polo shirt. It was obvious Julian was even more nervous than Tony. Tony invited him in, offered a cold drink and a seat in his lounge. They chatted for a few minutes about nothing – the weather, families – the sort of chat that hides nervousness. At last after a pause Tony knew he had to make the first step. “You still want to go through with this?” he asked quietly.

He watched Julian go bright red, but nod very softly. Tony spoke again gently: “You don’t need to say anything, just do what I tell you. Everything I tell you. Stand up.”

Julian stood up, twirled after Tony had indicated with his finger, then stood facing him. “Remove your shirt.” Julian paused at the order, then slowly began to lift the shirt over her head. “And your trousers.” Again Julian paused before reaching down, undoing his belt, the buckle, lowering the zip then pushing trousers to the ground and stepping clear of them.

Tony gazed at Julian as he stood in green and black checked boxer shorts. Again he got Julian to twirl around so he could see him, see the wonderful ass he had dreamed of owning. He was even more stunning than Tony thought.

“Now boxers.” Tony spoke quietly, controlling his own nerves. He watched as Julian removed his boxers. He stared at him, looking him up and down. Tony looked hard at Julian’s cock. It wasn’t hard, but seemed to be twitching gently. It was maybe four inches long, and average girth, but when hard be another couple of inches. Julian’s balls were not huge, but nicely shaped. And everything was framed by black curly pubic hair. But Tony wanted to saviour in full the part he had been dreaming of most. He ordered Julian to turn around.

It was everything he thought it would be. His ass was round, shapely, perfect. Each cheek smooth, soft, divided by a crack which suggested wonderful hidden delights for the person who would explore further………

“Follow me,” Tony ordered, and led Julian to his bedroom. Tony had removed his duvet, but left his pillows in the middle of the bed. “Lie over those,” her ordered gently, and watched as Julian climbed onto the bed, and lay face down, his stomach over the pillows, raising his ass in the air. He carefully took the silk scarves he had collected earlier, looped one around Julian’s left wrist and tied it to the head of the bed. At first Julian had pulled his hand away, but after Tony assured Julian he wouldn’t hurt him, Julian allowed himself to be tied to the bed. Tony tied his right hand. Then Julian’s two ankles, so he was spread wide over the pillows. Tony looked him over again. Almost nothing was hidden – he could see the underside of Julian’s balls, his rose hole, puckered tight, both pushed up by the pillows into his eyeline. He looked at him for two or three minutes, before stepping to the bed……


Julian lay on the bed, calmly. There had been times when he had been frightened, as when Tony tied the first scarf, but his mind had told him – he had the trust Tony. It had been odd undressing for him. At first Julian had been embarrassed. He had wanted to run away. Again Julian’s mind had told him there would never be another opportunity like this, and he had to stay. Julian had liked the way Tony had looked at him. He was flattered by the way he had looked at his naked body. Then the bedroom, lying on the pillows – Julian had done it all almost mechanically. And now it was obvious there was nothing hidden, that Tony could see his most intimate parts. And somehow he didn’t mind. Julian waited, excited, frightened, wondering what would happen next.

Julian felt it at first imperceptibly. It gave him goose bumps. He felt Tony’s tongue very softly caress his asshole.Then it moved softly along the join of his bottom towards his waist, then back again, flicking, then gently caressing everywhere. He felt Tony push his tongue into his hole, then move it around. It was so wrong. It was so hot. It was embarrassing. It was so exciting.

Julian felt the tongue caressing between his asshole and his balls, before returning to his asshole. Julian knew his cock was rock hard, and knew Tony knew as well.

It seemed like ages Tony caressed him with his tongue, getting him more and more excited. It felt so good. His cock tingled, his balls ached, his asshole yearned for more. Then there was a pause. The tongue was gone. Tony wasn’t touching him. Almost instinctively Julian begged him “Please don’t stop, please.”

Then Julian felt the bed move again – Tony was climbing onto it. Then Julian suddenly realised where Tony was going. He felt it against his asshole. Julian tensed, pulling on the scarves holding him to the bed. He squirmed to escape, but there was no escape. Suddenly Julian screamed out loud – it hurt, it was so tight……..


Tony had enjoyed caressing Julian, but now was the moment he had dreamt of. He had quickly removed his clothes and climbed onto the bed, aiming his cock at Julian’s beautiful asshole. He thrust his cock three quarters into Julian’s asshole. Julian screamed as Tony plunged the cock deep into him, as he possessed the most intimate hole of all. Tony let Julian quieten, relax, then pulled gently out, the lubrication he had applied making it easy enough. He pushed back in, thrusting an extra inch. Again Julian had tensed when the cock was pushed into him but this time didn’t cry out. Another thrust and Tony’s entire cock was embedded in his ass.

It was so tight, it felt so good. Julian was holding tightly to the headboard, tense, pushing against Tony’s cock. Tony held his cock deep inside until he felt Julian relax a little. Tony whispered to Julian to relax, and he should enjoy it. Surprisingly Julian did relax, although his hole was gripping Tony tightly – and wonderfully. Tony lay on Julian’s back for several seconds, then eased his cock out about an inch and eased it back in to Julian’s ass.

And Tony heard him. Quietly. “Yes, please………” Tony continued to softly slide his cock in and out a little, feeling Julian responding to his thrusts. He heard Julian moan in pleasure.

Tony spoke softly into Julian’s ear. “When you are ready honey, just tell me to fuck your asshole. Tell me you want to feel my cock spurting cum into you.”

For a few moments Tony moved his cock in and out gently. Then suddenly without warning, Tony heard Julian cry out. “Fuck me. Please fuck me hard. Fuck my ass. Shoot up me.” Julian’s body was suddenly writhing. He was screaming “Harder, fuck me harder…….”


Julian felt his own body responding to Tony’s deep thrusts. It should have hurt – Tony’s cock in his ass, but it was too exciting. Julian couldn’t stop himself. He kept screaming obscenities. His body had never wanted sex so much, never wanted using by anyone else so much. Every corner of his body tingled with excitement as his ass was pounded. Any pain was hidden by the arousal. His plan had been worth it after all, Julian thought in a moment of clarity.

But only a short moment of clarity until he heard Tony cry out, tense, plunge deeply into his ass: as he felt Tony cumming pumping deep into his ass. Tony had taken his ass. Owned his ass. Julian felt that Tony owned him.

Julian felt Tony removing his cock from his ass, almost wanting it to stay there forever. In a moment Tony was sat on the side of the bed, panting, as was Julian. They remained silent for several moments until they had got their breath back. Julian was still wildly aroused, but hadn’t cum himself. It wasn’t fair.

Tony spoke first, aware of Julian’s arousal and desire. He smiled at Julian. “You’ll cum in my time, honey, when I choose. Do you want a coke?”


Tony left Julian tied to the bed and fetched a couple of bottles of coke. He had taken them back, untied Julian and let him sit up to drink. Tony saw Julian squirm and knew he was feeling cum seeping out of his asshole, and perhaps also feeling it hurt from being stretched and abused. Julian’s face only suggested desire and fulfilment. As Julian sat drinking slowly from the bottle Tony reached out to Julian’s smooth chest, letting his fingers play on the soft flesh, then gently rolling his finger around one of Julian’s nipples which seemed to go instantly hard. As he did Tony chatted.

Tony told Julian he was going to deal with his cock in a minute, that he’d cum as he’d never cum before. He continued to chat – He had an idea. He had always wanted to share his darkest thoughts with someone, anyone. All those dark fantasies he had hidden for so long. Most of which he never wanted to do for real. Yet here he could tell Julian. He didn’t know why, but he knew Julian had his dark thoughts, his dark fantasies as well, and he had discovered that perverted side of him that perhaps all men have somewhere, deep down. And a corner of Tony even thought – now he had probed Julian’s darkest thoughts, and Julian would know his, maybe they could make some of them happen………..

Tony almost perfunctorily told Julian what he was going to do, now he had stoked up the courage to open his fantasies to someone else. “I thought I would tell you my deepest darkest fantasies. That okay?”

Julian nodded, not knowing what Tony meant, but something inside him had leapt with excitement.

Tony told Julian how he would like them both to take Becky at the same time, the innocent eighteen year old office Junior from work. And how he dreamt of having a mother and son side by side in his bed. Or brother and sister. And take a woman while her husband watched. Each time he introduced a new kink Tony told Julian how he would like to do it……… None of them included hurting people, all of them included the other person enjoying it, in the end, which Julian appreciated. But Tony had a truly kinky mind, Julian decided…..

As Tony talked, his fingers had left Julian’s nipple and had slowly moved down his body, and was now resting on Julian’s cock. Julian’s cock was rock hard, and seeping pre-cum. At last Tony could resist no longer – he gently leant forward and touched the tip of Julian’s cock with his tongue. Slowly he allowed his tongue to swirl around the head, taking Julian’s pre-cum on his tongue, savouring it before swallowing it. He took the head of Julian’s cock in his mouth, slowly taking more and more of it into his mouth, until Tony felt he couldn’t get any more of Julian’s length in his mouth. He held Julian’s cock in his mouth, gently caressing with his tongue, grasping Julian’s balls firmly, but not painfully. Tony Heard Julian moan, so slowly slid his mouth up and down on the cock, Julian thrusting up from the bed to meet his mouth. It was clear Julian wasn’t going to last long, and was thrusting faster and faster, as his moans became louder and more out of control. Suddenly he cried, and Tony felt cum spurting from Julian’s cock into his throat. Tony swallowed as hard has he could, trying to take every drop of cum into his stomach, squeezing every drop of cum from Julian’s balls. Julian seemed to pump forever, but perhaps for a few seconds, before he began to relax. Then slowly his cock softened, and Tony allowed it to drop out of his mouth.

First series, would greatly appreciate feedback and critique..

Enjoy! PS.. All characters involved are 18+.


This is what I’ve been waiting for all day! But honestly, since yesterday the only thing on my mind was Ms. Wilson’s amazing curvaceous figure of about 5’4″ consisting of a long torso and longer legs; me pulling on her shoulder length, chestnut brown hair and 36D breasts but what if I’d never be able to experience the mind blowing sensations I felt yesterday. Lost in my own thoughts and fantasies, I mindlessly walked until finally arriving at her English class. She wasn’t there, and in a state of panic I hoped she wasn’t ducking out on account of me. But much to my relief she quickly walked to her desk a couple minutes after the late bell rang. Seeing her behind the same desk where we ravaged each others’ bodies was almost too much to bear, I had began breathing faster without even realizing it while my moistening crotch became hot. Hoping nobody heard my irregular breathing or smelt the fumes of my arousal, I had to conscientiously slow my breathing and clench my legs close together.

The class seemed to roll on as usual, except Ms. Wilson never even glanced in my direction. When I raised my hand to answer a question, she didn’t even try to hide how uncomfortable it was to look at me. But luckily no one appeared to notice the tension between us, differing from our usual friendly conversation and often looks at one another. I eventually took the hint and halfway through the period I solemnly accepted she would never speak to, possibly not even look at, me ever again. I was heartbroken, to say the least, and longed to make everything better by caressing her face and kissing her lips, to the point I almost did despite the fact we’d have a full audience. The only things I cared about were if she, in true, had abandoned me and didn’t feel any scope of emotion for me besides regret. With this in mind, I began to feel nauseous and my stomach felt as though a rock was pulling down on it.

Class was pure torture! I awaited the dismissal bell to ring, but with a minute or two to spare I heard her voice call my name, “Lily, I’d like to speak with you after class.” My heart soared as my stomach was doing somersaults. I couldn’t help but hope with all my might that this could be her about to ask for more, but it all crashed down when I figured she could be a decent enough person to tell me alone that she didn’t reciprocate the same feelings. When the dismissal bell at last rang I gathered my belongings and trudged my way, past fellow students, to her desk.

I prepared myself for the worst and demanded of myself not to cry in front of her. As the last students shuffled out of the classroom, she walked behind them and shut the door before clicking the lock. She even went as far to look around in the classroom until she asked, “are you okay?.. With what happened yesterday?” I stammered like an idiot and fidgeted with my hands, but it was all I could do to not drop my jaw. “Of course I’m okay with what we did yesterday! It was absolutely amazing and I don’t know about you but I’ve never felt that way before!” I started running to her and threw my arms around her. I was disappointed by a sudden push on my chest, then a very serious face looking back at me. I wasn’t out of the danger zone quite yet, and knew some persuasion was in order to convince this was the right thing to do.

After 27 minutes of talking about yesterday, I finally convinced her that what we did wasn’t a mistake. Then came the hard part of trying to make her believe it was okay to continue our relationship, whether friendly or sexual; obviously I was rooting for our highly sensual encounters to become a continuous affair. After 16 minutes she was warming up to the idea and I took this small window of opportunity to reach up and caress her cheek, suddenly plant a delicate kiss on her lips then move my arms to the nape of her back to pull her against my body. Only at first did she try and retreat out of my arms, making my grip on her body all the more tight. But sometime in between the third and fourth kiss, she looked up at me to which I responded with the words, “do you want me to stop?”

She giggled and looked down in either embarrassment, shame or perhaps both then rewarded me with a cute smile and big kiss; inspiring a wide grin to sprawl over my face. At this point, I couldn’t begin to fathom how much I absolutely adored her, I couldn’t comprehend how this adoration would grow into a deep love and respect. I’m sure she didn’t even know the emotions we were feeling. The only thing I did know was her hand was traveling farther down my body as our make-out session became more aggressive and passionate. All of which brought a gasp to escape from my mouth, as she continued to search my body with her hands then she ventured to pull her lips from mine and start kissing down my neck. When I arched my back up in response, she seized my breasts through my 36C sized bra.

By now, my occasional gasps turned into low moans that were constantly leaving me. It felt as though I had no control of my body and the sounds it produced, this woman had taken over not only my thoughts, but my body as well. I couldn’t understand the vast emotions that dominated my entire being! As her lips went further down to my breasts I almost screamed from the surreal pleasure that swept over my body. She suckled and nibbled all around my nipples, and when she finally bit down directly on my left nipple I groaned out her name, “Ms. Wilson!” And after ten minutes of this constant teasing she lowered her mouth to my panty line and ripped off my skirt before kissing over my panties, she had to have noticed how drenched I had become as she giggles then firmly licked my slit through the thin cheeky panties. I gasped and squirmed, causing her to grip my thighs to keep me in place.

I couldn’t take it anymore! I needed the sweet relief that I was so anxiously awaiting! Voicing this she smiled at me then pulled my underwear completely off, exposing my wet pussy. She came closer and drew in deep breaths which when exhaled cause me to violently shiver and clench my teeth. Without warning I felt her mouth enclose around my clit and she started to suck, I yelled and gasped, “OH GAWD IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD!!” But as quick as it started she withdrew to light licks along my lips, adding to a climax that was soon to come. And after a minute she suddenly sucked in my clit, I jerked and spasmed, before she again withdrew. This time I was frustrated and I couldn’t help myself from saying, “please let me cuu-” cut off as she fluttered her tongue against my clit. I shrieked in delight and ecstasy! In seconds I was squirting an inordinate amount of cum. I shocked not only myself, but Ms. Wilson seemed surprised at my over the top orgasm that she bestowed on me.

I reached up and pulled down on her neck to clash my lips with a sloppy, passionate kiss. My body was drained, but I desperately wanted to return the favor. As if she read my mind, she whispered into my ear, “I have a meeting in five, but tomorrow I want a proper thank you,” followed by a seductive wink. She straightened herself up and put the few clothes that came off back on, in two minutes she was out the door and on way down the stairs.

I was in disbelief at what just transpired and optimistic about tomorrow’s after school session!

Mark and Dan had spent most of their years in the suburbs living a quiet life where they never quite experienced any trouble. Mark was a working man at a law firm who spent most days at work and met Dan nights for romance, while Dan the loyal fiancé who spent most of his days in the local gym working as a personal trainer.

Dan was a larger more muscular man with short black hair who coasted around the gym making good cash while Mark was the thinner more reserved husband who was loyal to his husband. They’d spent their times going about their routines often, having breakfast, squeezing in a quick shower if possible and talking by the door as Mark left for work for the day.

That Monday afternoon Mark and Dan spent time by the door talking before Mark left for work, but things were different as next door there were now small trucks in front of the once vacant house. Dan and Mark took every chance they could to spy on the new neighbors hoping for new friends only to find some random moving men. Dan didn’t make a point to tell Dan but later that afternoon as Dan prepared to leave he could see the new neighbor walking in to his home.

He was definitely single and somewhat cold to the face, but Dan didn’t mind peeking at him now and again since he definitely was a looker. At least he had something to break the monotony during the mornings. That day Dan spent hours in the gym supervising new clients and meeting with his boss.

Shortly after lunch he’d stood in front of a young woman who wore herself out on the stair master and halted slowly as Dan encouraged her to keep running.

“Oh my,” she whispered.

“What?” he asked.

“There’s the new client,” she acknowledged.

“Oh right,” Dan nodded, “He’s my new neighbor.”

“How do you know?” she asked panting.

“I saw him going in to his house before I left.”

“Well, good luck to you.”

“Why?” he chuckled.

“He’s been in jail before.”

“Jail? How do you know?”

“We had a meeting at the neighborhood watch yesterday. He spent five years for robbery.”

“I’m sure he’s harmless.”

“Well, he isn’t ugly, I’ll give you that.”

Dan nodded discreetly agreeing whole heartedly. Later, Dan made a point of working out near the new guy who spent time lifting bar bells, showing his tight arms and toned chest off nonchalantly. After moments of lifting, he sat up panting and turned to Dan who lifted a dumb bell.

“You’re the personal trainer, right?”

“Yep,” he nodded, “I’m Dan.”

“Lucas,” he nodded looking over to him, “How much are you charging?”

“Can you uh…? You can…?”

“Afford it?” Lucas chuckled nodding, “I definitely can.”

“I was just curious,” Dan shrugged.

“No problem, I’m making my own money, even though I was in prison.”

“Yeah, someone told me about that,” Dan smirked.

“You must be a hit with the ladies,” Lucas acknowledged standing across from him.

“Well, I’m married. To my partner.”

“Oh,” Lucas nodded, “Hey, me too.”

“You’re married?”

“No, I’ve had “partners.” You know… partners like me.”

“You didn’t look it.”

“Yeah, it just kind of felt right for me. I was in a brief fling before jail, and then during jail I didn’t really go dry for too long…”

Dan smiled nervously.

“Once I got out I just started looking for the right guy, you know?”

“It’s tough out there.”

“Especially for me but I like a guy who can hold his own… kind of a guy like you…,” he muttered softly, “Rugged and built.”

Dan scoffed bashfully.

“Your husband must be smiling all day.”

“Well, I try,” Dan snickered.

“I’d definitely be smiling with you.”

They met eyes for a moment and Dan sighed turning away, “I should get going back to work.”

“Why don’t you and your partner come over tonight for drinks. I’ll show you the house.”

“Mark doesn’t get home til tonight.”

“Well, we’ll just have to keep ourselves entertained,” Lucas smirked, “What do you say?”

“Sure,” Dan nodded blushing.

“See you then,” Lucas smirked scratching his short hair and walking off. Dan knew it was the wrong thing to do, but all he could think about that day was visiting Lucas and spending more time with him. Mark was a great guy, but Lucas was alluring and insanely sexy.

Lucas let Dan in casually greeting him with a hand shake and they chattered for a while eventually making it to the kitchen for a few hard drinks. It took a while before Dan felt comfortable and before long the pair were chatting while Dan prodded Lucas for information about his life that Lucas kept cryptic from him.

“How long did it take to buy this house?”

“About a year,” Lucas shrugged leaning back in his chair, “I was glad to finally have it. It has a lot of room for me, and a big back yard. Plus you know, it has a great pool.”

“The agent always kept that pool out in the open for customers, it’s the biggest in the neighborhood,” Dan explained.

“Lucky me,” Lucas chuckled, “I’m a fan of parties and whatnot. I need open spaces.”

Dan smiled nodding, “I should probably get going.”

“It’s been an hour,” Lucas shrugged.

“I know, it’s just–”

“–Well, if anything you can at least go for a swim before you go,” Lucas stood up shrugging.

“No, I can’t,” Dan smiled.

“Yeah, come on,” Lucas insisted escorting him outside. by the shoulder. Dan wanted to run for the door and regret ever coming around without Mark to keep close by, but Lucas was insistent, and deep down Dan just couldn’t say no to him.

Lucas appeared moments later with trunks tossing one to Dan and quickly tore his shirt and shorts off revealing his bare toned rippled body that showed small scares and tattoos along his arms and back. Lucas wasn’t shy about his body, and Dan gasped softly in sheer pure arousal, reluctantly turning to take his shirt off and pulled down his pants quickly slipping on his trunks. Lucas had his eyes all over Dan as he turned, and for a moment Lucas looked up and down his body with a subtle arousal that made Dan nervous but somewhat excited.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I ask you wash yourself off first.”

“Sure,” Dan scoffed turning on the shower on the wall washing himself off. Dan turned briefly noticing Lucas washing beside him and they looked over at one another meeting eyes. Lucas poured water along Dan’s rippled chest playfully and rubbed his back as Dan sighed leaning against the wall.

Lucas leaned forward kissing his neck and back passionately as Dan leaned against the wall with both eyes closed feeling Lucas rubbing his chest with both hands and kissing his neck deeply. Dan turned stepping back as Lucas leaned forward kissing him deeply.

“I should go,” Dan whispered.

“No you don’t,” Lucas nodded pulling him closer by the waist, “He doesn’t come around for hours, we can have fun until then.”

“I can’t…”

“Are you scared of me?”

“Probably,” Dan whispered.

“You’re big and have an amazing body, but I know you love to be dominated by guys like me. I used to be the bull dog in my cell. I can show you something new and good.” He was now clutching Dan’s butt squeezing tightly as Dan weakened.

“Come here,” Lucas ordered softly.

Dan nodded leaning forward and they embraced making out under the shower, moaning passionately as Lucas handled Dan with care, clutching his buttocks and chest, and kissing neck and chest as Dan leaned back taking it all in.

Moments later, they sat pool side wrapped in make out session, their trunks thrown aside as they kissed and groped one another anxiously. Lucas led Dan in to the house and they dropped along the bed making out and rolling along the sheets as they entangled in to a 69 slowly reciprocating to one another in unison as they moaned and fondled each other’s bodies. Dan loved the thrill of the rendezvous, and Lucas made sure to stand out with a harder cock than Mark and much better cock sucking.

Lucas lay along his back moaning as Dan went to work on his cock, sucking passionately and moaning as Lucas looked down groaning. Dan turned lying on his stomach as Lucas slid over propping Dan’s tight butt and sliding his cock in to him. Dan grunted moaning loudly and lowered his head in to the bed submitting to the rush as Lucas whispered dirty talk in to his ears sliding his cock in and out of him with a thrust that made his blood rush, and a hard member that was new to even him. Before long they submitted to the humping as the bed rocked speedily and Lucas pounded on Dan from under the covers.

Dan lay submitting to his excellent humping from behind relinquishing control to him and moaned loudly as Lucas pounded on him with a passionate pant. He stopped for a moment kissing Dan’s shoulder and they met lips rubbing tongues. Lucas began again pounding Dan fast and hard as Dan groaned grunting in arousal, taking all of his passion happily and letting the day go away.

Later that afternoon, Lucas accomplished what he usually did in the prison. He established his dominance and fucked Dan so well Dan was putty in his hands. Dan lat along his chest in an exhausted gaze as Lucas cuddled next to him, almost soaking in his new prize. Dan didn’t mind the fuck buddy since Lucas was the best he’d had in a while, and the fear gave in to an amazing encounter Lucas made sure to re-live with him one more time that afternoon before Dan went home.

Mark returned from work none the wiser, but Dan could do nothing but think about Lucas. That night as Mark slept, Dan began re-arranging his schedule for the next year to fit in his appointments with his new partner. He knew he could squeeze him. Lucas pretty much insisted he do so. Dan didn’t mind; the prospect of being the submissive for once made him giddy as he dozed off watching Lucas’s window from their room. Lucas promised more mind-blowing pool antics he hoped would come soon.

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