“Ow damn it!” Tyler shouted at the top of his lungs, looking down at his wrist. Ew. His wrist was floppy and swollen.

“Hey, Ty, what you shouting about?” Matt asked coming into his room.

“Get the hell out Matt, I’m naked.” Tyler shouted again.

“Dude, were best friends I’ve seen you naked plenty of times.” Matt finally noticed his wrist. “Ew, what the hell happened.”

“I was jacking off too hard, what the fuck do you think happened?” Tyler shouted again, he was really losing his patience and his wrist hurt like a bitch.

“Yeah yeah, stupid question.”

Matt was standing in front of him with a pair of boxers in his hands. He wrapped his hand around Tyler’s underarm and tugged him up. Tyler watched Matt kneel in front of him and gulped quietly. He willed his cock not to get hard, luckily the pain in his wrist was enough to distract him from his best friend in a tasty position.

Matt tugged the boxers over Tyler’s hips doing his best not to look at the flaccid cock in front of his nose. Tyler’s straight you idiot keep that in mind, he kept thinking it over and over in his head. Next he grabbed jeans sweat pants and pulled them up and over Tyler. He stood up and sighed, Tyler was clutching his wrist to his chest.

“How the hell did you fall out of bed and break your wrist?” He blurted out, Tyler just glared at him.

Matt grabbed a shirt and held it up, “Sorry, mate this is going to hurt like hell.”

Tyler closed his eyes and groaned when Matt tugged his arm through the shirt sleeve. It was over in a matter of minutes. Matt helped Tyler into the car and buckled him in.



“I think I’m going to pass out.” Tyler said seconds before he did.


When Tyler woke up he was at home in his own bed. Matt was sitting at his laptop when he shifted enough for him to notice.

“Hey, sleepyhead, how you doing?”

Tyler lifted his wrist up and grunted when he felt the weight of the cast on it. He looked towards it and chuckled. It was bright orange and written in black over it was ‘ No more tennis for a while, hope it heals well, Love Matt.’ Tyler smiled at the ‘Love’ his friend always had a thing for showing his affections.

“I am tired and this is heavy.” He finally replied.

“Dude, they dosed you up on pain killers.” Matt said turning back to the computer and closing down pages.

“Hey, what you looking at over there?”

“Huh, oh nothing.” Matt whispered. He so was not going to tell Tyler that he was ordering sex toys off the web. He heard shuffling before a bare-chested Tyler was standing next to him. He held his wrist to his chest and was looking curiously at the screen.

Matt slammed the laptop screen down and put it in his backpack. Matt slung his backpack over his shoulder and walked into his bedroom dropping the bag onto his bed before going into the kitchen to get an ice cold beer.

“You know you don’t have to get touchy, I only asked what you were looking at.” Tyler said from the doorway of his bedroom.

“Sorry, I don’t want to know.” Matt said loud enough so Tyler could hear before chugging back the bottle of beer.

“Dude! You were looking at porn!” Tyler shouted.

Matt choked on the beer, spewing it out of his mouth and down his shirt.

“I was not looking at porn.” Matt growled. He tugged his shirt off and stuffed it into the washing machine. Tyler sat down in the kitchen chair and sighed loudly.

“Tell me please?” Tyler gave his best puppy eyes.

Matt swallowed hard and shook his head. He turned away and started washing the dishes from last nights dinner. Tyler came up next to him and started clumsily drying the dishes. Matt knew better than to tell Tyler to stop, he was hard headed. Matt finished and cleared the bubbles away.

“I’m going to bed.” He mumbled, rushing towards his room and locked the door. He had been best friends since they were toddlers. Just friends were just friend’s, he thought to himself glumly. How he wished could be more then friends.

Matt paced around his room, pulled his laptop out of his backpack, put it on the bed, paced more. He lifted the edge of his mattress and sighed, he hid his magazines under here, not the normal kind, the muscle men kind, Matt had always had a thing for dark haired, green eyes, muscle men, just like Tyler.

Tyler would never like him, Matt thought to himself. Tyler always fucked girls with big boobs, blonde hair and couldn’t tell left from right. Three things wrong with that sentence, one he was a guy and two he didn’t have boobs and thirdly he wasn’t stupid, far from it. He had the blonde hair and blue eyes, the typical Californian looks.

Matt stripped and climbed into bed lying on his back. His hand wondered down towards his cock and he gripped it in a firm grasp. He thought about his constant jerk off fantasy, Tyler fucking him, hard. Matt opened his bedside drawer and looked at the contents, a huge bottle of lube, condoms and a dildo.

Matt grabbed the dildo, slicked it up and shoved it in his ass, he relished in the slight burn, moaning he slammed the dildo in and out of his ass with force, Matt never was one for gentle fucking, he reached up and twisted one of his nipples painfully and groaned loudly. He gripped his cock harder and swept his hand over the head to catch the pre come, twisting the dildo he pegged his prostate just as his cock swelled in his hand and then erupted almost painfully. Hot gets of come landed on his stomach, his hand and some on his chest.

“Tyler!” he shouted when he came.

Matt pulled the dildo out with a gasp and a moan then chucked it carelessly on the floor, he’d sort it tomorrow.


Tyler woke up to moaning, he went to bed when Matt went to bed. He’d been asleep all of five minutes before the sounds woke him up, he climbed out of bed and followed the noises, they were coming from Matt’s room.

Tyler knelt in front of Matt’s door and peered through the keyhole, he barely held back a gasp. Matt was slamming a dildo in and out of his ass. Tyler’s cock started to harden so he reached down to grab it, but his rotten luck caused him to have broken his jerk off hand.

“Damn it.” He whispered to himself.

Tyler reached down with his other hand and started to clumsily jerk off with it. He groaned in frustration when he couldn’t grip it hard enough. Tyler looked around and spotted Matt’s shirt he was wearing a few days ago, he grabbed it, balled it up and started thrusting his hips into the soft cotton and sighing blissfully.

Tyler’s cock erupted and he stifled a moan, he always closes his eyes when he comes but not this time, this time he wanted to see Matt come. Half a dozen strokes later Matt came, hard by the looks of it, Tyler gasped when he heard the word being shouted. He quickly stood up and ran into his bedroom, he lied down on the bed with a sigh.

Soon, Tyler thought to himself, I’m going to fuck him. Hard.


Matt slammed the door closed and looked at the box in his hands with a grin. He sat on the sofa and placed the box on the table. Matt got up and grabbed a beer from the fridge and a knife. He sat back down on the sofa, opened his beer, then sliced the knife through the tape. He grinned and grabbed the black vibrator out of the box. Matt took a swig of his beer before switching it on.

The black vibrator buzzed loudly and Matt felt the vibrations moving his arm. He grinned and turned it off, he could not wait to put that in his ass. So why should I?, he thought, Tyler was out with some other friends and he had no where to be. He had more toys to look at but his cock was already rock hard.

With a chuckle he grabbed the big bottle of lube he purchased out of the box, stripped and sat back on the sofa. Matt spread his legs wide on the sofa and lubed his ass up and the vibrator. To be honest with himself he was kind of scared, this vibrator was a lot bigger than his dildo and thicker too. Matt grabbed the vibrator and placed it against his stretched hole.

Matt shrugged to himself and turned the vibrator on, he moaned quietly and pushed it in slowly. Matt whimpered quietly, he thought cocks must be bigger than this, he knew for certain that Tyler’s was. Matt was a virgin and there was only one person he wanted to take his cherry.

With a groan Matt pushed the vibrator in and turned it on full. He closed his eyes and moaned loudly, the vibrations going through his body where intense. Matt held his cock tightly and sighed when the vibrator started to move. Wait a minute, move!, Matt’s eyes popped open and he gasped and started struggling to get away.

“Matt, sweetheart, calm down, enjoy it.”

“T…Tyler…What are you doing?” Matt ended the question with a loud moan when Tyler pegged his prostate.

“Making you feel good, Mattie, always making you feel good.” Tyler whispered seconds before his lips descended on Matt’s. Matt kissed back shyly and groaned quietly when Tyler pulled away.

“Why?” Matt asked around a groan.

“I love you, Mattie, I have always loved you, I realised I wanted to be more than friends a few weeks ago, when I saw you with a dildo up you ass.”

Matt gasped and turned a delicate shade of red. Tyler chuckled, then stripped his clothes of quickly as he could with one broken wrist. Tyler knelt in front of him again and with a wicked grin grabbed the vibrator and pulled it out of him and just as quickly slammed it into him again.

“Fuck Tyler!” Matt moaned loudly and shifted around on the sofa.

Tyler swooped down and swallowed Matt’s cock whole, he sucked hard and scraped his cast along Matt’s balls gently, Tyler chuckled when Matt’s cock twitched in his mouth. Tyler licked the vein running up Matt’s cock and sucked the head inside his mouth, twirling his tongue around the slit and inside, all the while moving the vibrator.

“Going to come,Ty.” Matt gasped out.

Tyler swallowed his cock whole again and moaned along with Matt when he felt hot, salty come coat his tongue. He pulled off and licked his lips, then pulled the vibrator slowly out, turning it off. Tyler then pulled Matt’s legs down gently and kissed him, sharing his flavour with him. Matt moaned and swept his tongue inside Tyler’s mouth. The boys kissed for what felt like an eternity to Tyler. Eventually they pulled away from each other with smiles.

“I love you too, Ty, I always will and I always have.” Matt whispered against his lips.

“Good, don’t forget it either.” Tyler grinned and kissed him hard quickly.

“Will…we…you know?” Matt whispered.

“Will we what Mattie?” Tyler asked with a nasty grin.

“Don’t make me say it, Ty” From his hairline to his stomach was a deep red.

“Then I don’t know what your talking about.”

“Are we going to fuck?” He said quickly.

“What I didn’t catch that?” Tyler chuckled.

“Are we going to fuck?” Matt asked slower.

“No.” Tyler said.

“Oh…okay.” Matt said, trying to keep the disappointment out of his voice, he stood up and grabbed his jeans, but Tyler grabbed his arms.

“Were not going to fuck Matt, because were going to make love.” Tyler said sincerely. “You could never be a fuck to me Matt, I love you too much to just fuck you.”

“Oh…Okay.” Matt said with a grin.

“So what else is in this box of yours?” Tyler asked and grabbed the box.

“Tyler don’t, leave it alone!” Matt tried to make a grab for the box, but Tyler was too fast.

“You said you loved me, we share everything if were lovers, Mattie.” Tyler said, then tipped the box upside down, two more dildo’s fell out, anal beads, more lube, a cock ring and a catalogue. Tyler giggled and picked up the anal beads. Matt blushed again and turned away.

“You were going to use all of these on yourself, baby?” Tyler asked, Matt just nodded quickly.

“Kneel on the sofa and bend over.” Tyler said.

“W..Why?” Matt stuttered.

“I’m going to put these beads inside you ass, baby.” Tyler said seriously, “You let me play with you, then you can do anything you want to me.”

“Anything?” Matt whispered.

“Anything.” Tyler said and kissed Matt’s cheek.

“O..Okay then.” Matt knelt on the sofa and bent over the back, putting his hole on display, his cock already hardening. Tyler kissed the back just above his ass, then kissed each ass cheek, Matt shifted then waited for the beads to start pushing in, Matt squeaked when he felt a hot, wet tongue lick the his tiny rosette, Tyler kept licking at his ass, finally the muscle started to loosen and then Tyler pushed his tongue inside his hole.

Matt moaned and pushed back towards Tyler’s mouth, Tyler speared his tongue in and out of the tiny, tight hole, eventually Tyler pulled his tongue out and with one last kiss to his ass, Tyler stood up.

“W…Where are you going?” Matt moaned.

“To get a condom, I want inside that tight ass, baby.” Tyler said.

“Ty..Tyler…Can…Can we wait a little while first…please?” Matt whispered his head buried in his arms.

“If your not ready, babe, we will wait, you know I won’t hurt you right? You trust me, don’t you?”

“Y..Yeah, I do, Ty, but I’m a…a virgin.” He whispered the last bit.

“All those dates you went on?”

“Never touched them, they all knew I had feelings…for you.”

“Oh.” Tyler kissed his back and sat on the sofa next to him. “Hug me?”

Matt snuggled into Tyler’s embrace and sighed deeply. Tyler kissed his head and smiled. “I love you baby.”

“Do you still want me?” Matt whispered against his chest.

“Of course I do, Mattie, I’ve been dreaming about sleeping with you for a long long while.”

“Have you ever slept with a guy?” Matt’s blue eyes looked up at him.

“A couple, when I started dreaming about you, I thought it was just a phase, you know?, so I fucked and I fucked but I never got the satisfaction, so I thought what the hell, you either shoot me down or I get a chance with you. Then I saw you today and I couldn’t help myself.”


Tyler laughed, “I tell you all that and you say ‘Oh’, unbelievable.” Matt laughed along with him. “Lets go to bed, Mattie.”

“It’s only 2.30, Ty.”

“Who said anything about sleeping?” Tyler winked.

“Your bad.” Matt chuckled.

“Only with you, baby, only with you.”

“Love you.”

“I love you too, forever.”

Matt walked into the Tyler’s bedroom and lied on the bed, waiting for Tyler to come back, he came back with his arms full of toys and the catalogue, he dumped them all on the bed and climbed in with Matt. Matt sat up on his elbows and looked at all the toys, half of them where not his. There were dildo’s, a cock pump, vibrators and leather cuffs. Matt eyed Tyler when he sat with him.

“What?” Tyler asked innocently.

“Handcuffs, seriously?”

“What you never wanted to be cuffed up?”


“Liar.” Tyler whispered against his lips.

“Once or twice.” he mumbled. Tyler kissed him hard, teeth clacking together, tongues duelling for dominance, of course Tyler won. Kisses never were a good thing for Matt but when he kissed Tyler he was in heaven. Cuffs snapped around his wrists and then to the headboard.

“Er…Tyler?…What are you doing?”

“You said you thought about this.” Tyler murmured.

“Yeah…but…I want to touch.”

“I don’t want to let you touch me yet or I will blow.” Tyler licked his nipples. Matt shifted away.

“Sensitive.” he whispered. Tyler grinned and licked them again.

“I bet I could make you come from just licking and tugging your nipples.” Tyler whispered.

“No…Tyler…Please don’t.”

Tyler chuckled evilly and suckled one nipple while twisting and tugging the other nipple. Matt moaned and arched, Tyler laughed and swapped nipples, watching Matt’s cock twitch. Tyler bit down hard and laughed when Matt moaned loudly.

“Ty…Tyler stop…You proved me wrong…stop!” Matt babbled.


Matt groaned and bowed his back, Tyler bit his nipple again and grinned when Matt’s cock shot stream after stream of pearly white come. Tyler kept licking and biting until Matt started to whimper. Tyler sat up and grinned.

“I told you, I could.”

“Let me go, I want to make you come.” Matt whispered, his voice hoarse.

“No, I’m going to put the beads in your ass, then a dildo, then I’m going to put my cock up there if you let me.”

“Tyler.” Matt moaned.

“You’ll love it, babe I promise.” Tyler said before he gave Matt a rough kiss.

“I love you, Ty.”

“I know, sweetheart.”

Tyler pushed his legs up and pushed them wide, Tyler licked his hole once and grabbed the beads, sliding the smallest one in first. Matt moaned quietly and pushed back. Tyler kept popping the beads inside Matt’s ass gently and smiled when he got to the biggest one.

“Take a deep breath, babe, this one might sting a little big.”

Matt took a deep breath and just as he was about to exhale Tyler pushed the ball inside. Matt cried out and jerked his hips.

“How do you feel?”

“Um…full and stretched.”

“I’m going to start pulling them out, babe.” Tyler slowly pulled the string attached to the beads and pulled gently, the biggest bead came out with a pop. Matt giggled then moaned when Tyler tugged the beads out quickly. Tyler watched Matt’s hole clench and unclench. He ducked down and swiped his tongue over Matt’s cock, to his surprise come splattered his cheek, forehead and lips.

“Oh, God, I am so sorry Tyler.” Matt babbled to him again.

“Babe, it is okay, I promise.” He licked the come of his lips and wiped his cheek and forehead then cleaning his fingers off the come.

“Please, let me go, I want to make you come.” Matt gave Tyler the puppy eyes.

“Oh, babe you know I can’t resist those eyes.” Tyler said as he undone the cuffs and rubbing his wrists.

“My wrist is hurting like a bitch.” Tyler groaned and flopped onto the bed.

“I can make you forget, baby.” Matt whispered.

“Yeah, really?, what you going to do to me?”

“I’m going to fuck myself on your cock.” Matt grinned and chuckled.

“Oh fuck, Yes!” Tyler shouted and grabbed Matt’s waist, trying to flip them.

“No..No..I’m on top, Please?”

“Okay, then, not like I could fuck you anyway.”

Matt grabbed one of the condoms and rolled it on Tyler’s cock then burst out laughing.

“What you laughing…” Tyler’s voice trailed off when he looked at his cock, it was covered in green, blue and pink stripes. Tyler chuckled and grabbed Matt around the waist.

“Where did these come from?”

“The box, I got them free.” Matt stopped laughing enough to answer him. Matt stopped laughing when Tyler’s fingers started prodding at his hole. Matt moaned and grabbed his latex covered cock, putting it against his entrance. Ever so slowly he started inching down his cock.

Matt slammed down and sat moaning quietly then whimpering. It hurt, it burns, Tyler rubbed his back in circles.

“Take your time, sweetheart.” He said in a strangled voice.

Matt slid up slowly then dropped back down, moaning loudly. The burn turned into a magnificent pleasure and Matt started fucking himself on Tyler’s cock fast. They fucked like this what felt like hours, in Matt’s mind, but eventually his cock started to swell, Tyler grabbed it and jerked him off hard and fast. Matt’s cock erupted for the fourth time that night.

Tyler watched as Matt came again and finally gave himself over to the pleasure rippling around him. Matt flopped onto his chest and there sweat slicked chests stuck together. Slowly Matt pulled climbed off his cock and shifted a little.


“Yeah, babe?”

“I have come dripping out of me.”

“We used a condom though.” Tyler eventually looked at his cock and gasped, there was a huge tear on the condom.

“I’m clean, babe, I swear I would never endanger you.”

“I know I’m clean too, it just feels weird.”

Tyler pulled the condom off and chucked it on the floor, then pulled Matt into his arms.

Previously I chronicled a request made by my wife Sophie to ‘help’ her mom get over the death of her husband, George. That in itself was not unreasonable; Esther (my mother-in-law) and I got along pretty well and Sophie did care for her mom’s well-being. No, it was how Sophie wanted me to ‘help’ Esther – by sleeping with her to remind her she is a vibrant woman with a lot left to offer.

To make a long story short, I thought about this long and hard, because the method was unusual to say the least, and I didn’t want anything to jeopardize my marriage to Sophie. Sophie assured me it was her idea and she would appreciate it if I could help her mom get out of her funk. Then as a way of assuring me of her honest intentions, she began performing sex acts that I really like, but she doesn’t , such as taking my cum in her mouth and swallowing it and letting me fuck her in the ass. The former was great, but the latter was unexpected. We’d done it a handful of times while dating 23 years ago, but since then every time I tried to snuggle into her tush she complained I was too big and it hurt. My cock is 6 3/4 inches at its most stiff. It isn’t a pencil dick, but it isn’t an eggplant either. But she suddenly allowed, and even encouraged me, to penetrate her butthole. I couldn’t help but wonder why the sudden change in attitude. I found out soon enough.

We were home drinking wine. I asked Sophie why she was in the mood for anal sex these days. I used to always ask, actually beg, for it and she had always said ‘No’, but now it was like she couldn’t get enough. Sophie drank way more wine than usual and she was quite tipsy and her speech was slurred.

“Ya wanna know why I let ya fuck me in the ass, right? OK, Pete ol’ buddy, I’ll tell ya. I had some practice with a friend! Whaddya think of that, huh!”

It was like being hit in the face with a brick. Was Sophie admitting to an affair (or more than one?) where she allowed some other man’s (or mens’) cock(s) into the anus that for years she denied me? Had she blown these unknown cocks until they exploded in her mouth? I looked at Sophie. She drank more wine and continued

“In fact, I think I’m getting out of practice lately. It may be time for a booster session. Wanna watch me do it? Come with me and I know you’ll like what you see!”

Sophie was asking me to join her and watch her accept someone in her butt, or mouth, or cunt, or maybe all three. I couldn’t believe her nerve! And yet, drunk as she was and as hurt as I felt, there was something hypnotic in her facial expression and voice that make it damn near impossible to refuse. I stood up to leave but then my mouth said things my brains told it not to

” I don’t know if I can! I’m afraid of what I’ll see. Maybe it’s better off if I don’t know!”

But Sophie had lived with me for more than 22 years and she knew me better than I knew myself. She assured me I’d love it. At first I’d only watch, but then after a while, maybe I’d want to join in! She

swallowed her wine and looked at my half-full glass. She asked if she could have it and I waved my hand to take it.

Sophie was pretty drunk but I was the one with a massive headache. I tried to make sense of what she had just told me. But before I got too deep into thought, she unexpectedly yanked down my pants and BVDs and looked with lust at my cock.

“Come to Mamma! I want your cum, NOW!” she demanded.

My dick disappeared into her mouth. Her sucking was intense and sloppy and I got very hard in spite of my conflicted emotions. Soon I was bucking my hips trying to force it down her throat. Sophie’s eyes were closed and she let out sounds of pure delight. My dick was more completely in her mouth than I could recall. I guess getting it in the ass wasn’t the only ‘training’ she was receiving! But in spite of this, I felt my balls tighten in preparation for release. And then it happened, my cock exploded in streamers of hot sticky spunk directly into my wife’s mouth. She moaned louder and sucked me hard to tease out every drop. When I had no more to give she let me plop out of her mouth. Sophie tilted her head to look up at me and opened her jaws to show me the pool of spunk I had deposited. Then she swallowed with a loud gulp.

She licked her lips and said

“Mmmm, that was tasty. I hope you have lots more! Do you know I came just now without you or me touching my cunny? I didn’t know I could do that!”

I just staggered to the couch and fell in. Sophie sat next to me and began stroking my wilting cock. In no time flat it was hard again and I shot a fresh load of cum onto her fingers. Sophie eagerly lapped it up before telling me

“I’m going for a session tomorrow. I want you to be there. You may be shocked and surprised and maybe disappointed in me, but I know in the end you’ll love it! After all, we can’t be keeping secrets between us!”

She repeated to herself

“In the end”

and started laughing out loud.

With that she skipped like a young girl into our bedroom. Soon I heard gasps and other sounds coming from there. I went over to see what was going on. There was Sophie on the bed with her legs wide open furiously fingering herself into a gigantic orgasm. That was another thing she never let me watch. I was learning a lot about my wife of 22 years. My mind was reeling from all these revelations and I thought I’d be better off sleeping on the couch that night, assuming I could sleep at all!

It was morning. My head throbbed. I barely slept, imagining one, two, maybe a hundred or a thousand strange men having their way with my wife. And in my mind’s eye I watched them dumped load after load of spunk into her mouth, cunt and asshole. And each time Sophie made sure I witnessed every detail. And she laughed and the men laughed and I was the butt of their not-so-private joke.

Sophie padded into the living room. She asked why I hadn’t come to bed and mumbled something about feeling like death. Before I could answer she wandered into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of strong black coffee. She returned to the living room and sat beside me.

“I guess I shocked you last night. I didn’t mean to, but now that it’s out I think we should consider the present and future. I really meant what I said when I asked you to stop by and see what’s been helping me enjoy the kind of sex you want. I hope you do. I’ll be there no later than 5:30. I’ll leave you the address. Please come. You won’t be sorry!”

Sophie left the room and soon I heard the shower running followed by her getting dressed for work. She walked to me and handed me a slip of paper. Then she kissed me.

“5:30, don’t forget!”

With that she was out the door.

I opened the paper and saw a street address with no name and no phone number. I wondered if I should go to work or stay home. I felt like shit, but the realization I’d have the whole day to let my imagination run wild seemed the worse choice. I showered and shaved and got dressed. Then I went to my office.

Mercifully the day was busy and I had little time to fret about what might happen that evening. At 5:00 I got ready to leave. I wished my secretary a good night and walked out into an uncertain life.

I looked again at the slip of paper;

3134 Timmons Street.

That was where I was to go and watch Sophie do whatever she did with who knows who for who knows how long. It was a four mile drive and I pulled into the lot just at 5:25. About two dozen other cars were already there. I didn’t see Sophie’s car, so she might not have arrived or maybe she parked somewhere else. The building had no windows and appeared to be a warehouse. I noticed a single door and headed for it. I knocked but got no response. I turned the handle and pushed the door open. I stepped in. It was very dark, with occasional bare bulbs giving off weak illumination. As I went further inside I began to hear music and peoples’ voices. My mind told me to turn around and go home, that there was nothing here I needed to see, but my legs propelled me forward where I learned

My Wife’s Secret

Soon I came to a door on my left. The music and voices were behind it. I walked into the new room and saw a number of people in various states of undress mingling. Some were chatting, others were having drinks at the bar and still others were engaged in different forms of sex. I carefully looked around the room and didn’t see Sophie. I was about to leave when I spotted another door in the back of the room. I headed toward it, bumping into women and men until I reached my destination. I put my ear to the door and heard a female voice. It was Sophie’s! I couldn’t help myself, much as I didn’t want to I just had to know what she was doing!

I quietly opened the door and peered in. At first I didn’t see Sophie, but I followed the voice and found her on a mat completely naked, her arms, head and tits flat on the floor and her ass way up in the air. She was getting fucked from behind! I was in complete shock! I watched in a trance. Then I heard

“Pete, you’re here! I knew you couldn’t stay away! Come on in and meet my friend!”

I walked in. I had no control over my actions.

I just watched as Sophie got fucked from behind by a guy with a really thick cock. I got a little closer, still unable to believe my eyes.


She had a huge grin when she looked at me. Then her face contorted and she let out a loud, primal moan. Her fucker thrust in faster and harder and Sophie responded with “Ughs” and “Ohs” ending with an “AAAAAAH!”

Then all was quiet. After a minute Sophie looked over at me and asked if I enjoyed the show. Then she invited me to

“Come and meet Ronnie.”

She actually wanted me to get to know the man who had just fucked her to a very deep orgasm! And, as before, my legs moved me toward them even as my mind silently screamed “NO!”.

I stopped about 2 feet from Ronnie. He was a bit shorter than me. Unlike Sophie, Ronnie wore a flannel shirt and pants. I looked down and couldn’t believe what I saw — that cock was still hard and it was planted deep in Sophie’s butt!

Sophie saw my confused look and laughed. Then she wiggled forward and the dick plopped out of her rectum. It wasn’t a real cock, it was a large strap-on dildo! Then Ronnie said

“Hi Pete, I’m Rhonda, Ronnie to my friends. I’m pleased to meet you! Sophie’s told me so much about you. I feel like I’ve known you forever!”

That wasn’t a man’s voice! I took a good look at Ronnie and only then realized that he was really a she!

A wave of relief came over me.

“Hi Ronnie. Forgive my confusion, but I was certain you were a man and I was deciding whether to beat you up here or ambush you in the parking lot and beat you to within an inch of your life!”

She gave a laugh and replied

“Yeah, I can see how you might make that mistake. But as you can see I’m 100% woman.”

I asked my wife

“Sophie, is Ronnie your lover? Are you gay or maybe bi? I didn’t know, but it’s OK if you are!”

Sophie answered

“No Pete, I’m not gay or bi, well maybe a tiny bit bi, but then neither is Ronnie. She has certain needs and I wanted to please you, so we came up with an arrangement where Ronnie acts out her frustrations and I become accustomed to having a long, hard thing in my butt.”

As she said that, she grabbed the crotch of my pants and gave a squeeze. I asked Sophie

“What is this place? I saw lots of people screwing out in the main room. Since you say you’re not gay or bi, does that mean you’ve been having sex with other men?”

She answered

“First, this is a club where members can act out fantasies and experiment with new and unfamiliar things of a sexual nature. The prime rule is no one gets physically or emotionally hurt. In my case, you’ve been begging to fuck my ass, but I was always afraid. Those times we did do it my butt felt like you were tearing it apart. Your dick may not be the longest, but it’s thicker than most and that was the problem. After we had anal sex my butt burned and hurt for days. But I love you and truly want to give you my ass while somehow avoiding the pain. I just couldn’t figure out how.

Then one day I met Ronnie. We work for different companies in the same building. She and I came into the cafeteria at the same time for lunch. It was very busy and we ended up sharing a table. We started chatting and hit it off very quickly. At first we talked about work, but our conversations soon included things of a more personal nature. For example, Rhonda has a nasty boss who desperately wants to get in her pants. He massages her shoulders and coos sweet nothings in her ear and has her join him on out of town business trips , trying to convince her to share a room with him. She always refuses but his persistent pressure has weakened her resolve. Ronnie feels trapped because her job is really interesting with opportunity for advancement and a fantastic salary and great bennies. She hates her boss, but can’t get a transfer to another area and she knows she’ll never have another job as good with another company.

Then Ronnie heard from a friend about a group which allows people to act on their feelings and needs. She was intrigued but afraid to try it alone. Eventually I told her about your desire to do me in the ass and my reluctance to let you. Ronnie saw the opportunity for mutual assistance. She wanted to act out against her boss and I wanted to feel comfortable with a cock in my ass. The solution was simple; she’d dress like a man and fuck me in the ass with a strap-on dildo. I agreed to try and it was one of the best decisions of my life! Since Ronnie’s a woman, she’s more sensitive to a woman’s emotional state and understands when I say ‘Stop’ I mean ‘Stop’. She gets to fantasize about literally fucking her boss in the ass and I get experience being fucked in the ass. The dildo is smooth so it slides in easily. It’s a little thicker than your cock, so when you fuck me you feel comfortable. Ronnie and I think we have a ‘Win-win’ situation. I hope you’re willing to make it ‘Win-win-win’.”

“So you’ve never done a real guy here or anywhere else?”

“No, but I admit to being tempted. You saw there were a good number of men displaying their penises. I have to admit some of them look mighty interesting, but during our marriage I’ve never had another man inside me.”

At that precise moment a naked man entered the room. He was sweaty and a single droplet of cum dangled from his cock.

“Oh, hi! I’m Jack, Ronnie’s husband. I bet you’re Pete. Welcome to our club!”

I returned his greeting and looked at Sophie and Rhonda. I’m sure I looked like Mr. Spock when faced with something unexpected, i.e. my eyebrows were raised.

Rhonda asked Jack if he had had enough. He replied he was almost done except for sex with his wife. Ronnie stripped naked (nice body, small tits, ass and thighs with too little meat for my taste, but nice, nonetheless!) and squatted down. She lifted Jack’s cock and licked the droplet of sperm from the tip. Then she engulfed it and sucked like her life depended on it. Sophie and I watched in fascination. After a minute or two of oral sex, Ronnie got on her hands and knees and offered Jack his choice of hole. Jack looked at us with a leer. He got on his knees and sidled up to Ronnie’s bottom. He smeared spit on his cock and drove it deep into her cunt in a single movement. Ronnie just gasped. Almost at once Jack began plowing in and out of his wife’s pussy and she moved backwards and forwards, so that as he moved in she moved back allowing for maximum penetration.

It took maybe a minute before Jack howled and Ronnie gave out a loud grunt. Jack was ejaculating into his wife’s cunt! He finished cumming and moved away from her. Ronnie recovered from her orgasm and lifted herself to a kneeling position with her legs apart. Then Sophie did something I didn’t foresee. She got on her back and positioned herself such that her lips were directly underneath Ronnie’s cunt. In seconds Jack’s cum began dripping from Ronnie’s sex into Sophie’s waiting mouth. And Sophie took it all!

At last she moved back toward me and said

“This is the closest I’ve ever been to having actual sex with a man. Are you angry with me?”

Surprisingly, I wasn’t.

Eventually Sophie, Ronnie, and Jack washed up and got dressed. They joined me in the main room. Jack was a bit hesitant when he said

“Pete, I hope you understand I think your wife is a wonderful lady. She’s really sexy, but even more impressive is the way she won’t do anything with me or any other man, though we pleaded with her to. She said she wouldn’t ever consent unless you were there and gave us all permission. Speaking as a selfish and very horny man, I hope one day soon you will!”

I said I’d think about it but if I did Sophie would have to be consent to one or two things I might want to try. Sophie looked at me and with an impish smile said we’d talk about it.

The four of us had a drink and left the premises together. I drove Sophie to her car, parked a couple of blocks away. Jack and Ronnie drove away together. I waited for Sophie to get her car in gear and we arrived home seconds apart.

Once inside I admitted I was shocked that Sophie ate Jack’s sperm from Rhonda’s cunt. I guess technically it wasn’t cheating, but it seemed pretty close. Sophie said she had to learn how to accept cum in her mouth to enjoy the taste and texture. If she let me cum in her mouth and didn’t like it, she might spit it out and that would hurt my feelings. This way she learned to take it in a non-threatening environment and it worked because she’s happily accepted my sperm many times over.

“So I suppose everything that went on in there was for our mutual benefit, yours and mine, right?”

“Of course, dear!”

She kissed me and whispered that she had forgotten to put on panties back at the club and she was all wet. What did I think we should do about that?

I did the only honorable thing, I ate her out for a good long time (she later said she’d had 3 orgasms), then I fucked her from fore and aft. We went to bed quite satisfied. As we nestled under the covers, Sophie let out that her mom wants to visit again next month and she wants to go to the club.

“Your mom knows about that place and what goes on?”

“I told her last week. Mom said it sounded like a great place to meet men and get laid with no strings attached.”

How about that, Esther was a senior aged cougar on the prowl for cock! I hoped she had time for sex with her favorite son-in-law, too!

It was like Sophie read my mind

“Mom said she wants to fuck your brains out. She actually said it just like that! You know what, maybe mom and I will take turns with your dick and see which one of us makes you cry ‘Uncle’! You up for that big boy?”

Sophie took hold of my cock and jerked me off to a very happy ending for both of us. She smeared my cum over my chest and snuggled closer. We fell asleep like that and had pleasant dreams. I dreamed about Esther’s next visit and a family trip to the club.

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