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What happened next …

Karen slid off her desk and straddled me. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was. I felt like a virgin. My hands began to shake as I lifted them up to cup her size C breasts. She gently pushed my arms back down, and began unbuttoning my shirt. Her hands were strong but gentle as she swiftly pulled my shirt out of my pants and tossed it on the floor.

I, again, reached up to massage her breasts. Again, she pushed my arms back down. She placed her hands on my face and began to kiss me gently on my lips. Her hands slid from my face to my shoulders, then down my chest. I instantly became hard as a rock. My 7 inch cock was aching to spring free. I felt her moan of approval against my mouth. She flicked her tongue across my top lip. I obeyed and opened my mouth.

The kiss was demanding. It took my breath away. I was so drawn into her scent and taste that I had forgotten where I was. Her hands began down my stomach. She began to massage my thick cock through my trousers. I began to rub her back and shoulders, revelling in the strength. I had never been so turned on by strength in a woman before. As I began to reach for her blouse, she withdrew and sat on the edge of her desk again.

It took me a second to regain my wits. I stood and moved toward her. I began to kiss her again. She began to scrape her nails along my chest and back. I was so hard, I broke off the kiss before I wanted to. I had to get this moving faster. I moved my mouth to her neck. She practically purred. I guess she liked that. I began to trail kisses along her neck and ear. Alternating between licking and nipping; careful not to break the skin.

She shifted, and I realized she was pulling up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, and she was completely smooth! I needed no coaxing. I dropped to my knees. I began at her ankles; licking, kissing and nibbling. I didn’t want to miss an inch of these marvelous legs before I got to the ultimate treasure. She was smooth all the way up. She squirmed and wiggled and was breathing heavy by the time I reached her inner thighs.

She was already wet. I drank in her scent. Slightly musky with a hint of rose. I began licking the outer lips. She brought her feet up the edge of the desk. As her beautiful flower opened up, my cock jumped. “Patience, Alex. It will soon be yours”, I thought. I slowly traced a trail of kisses up and down her puffy lips until her clit was engorged.God! How my cock ached!

I then planted a kiss on her clit, and she shivered. Slowly, I began to lick her clit. Her hand grasped my hair, and she began to gyrate on my tongue. Pleased that she was enjoying this, I placed one finger inside her. I couldn’t believe how tight she was. My cock strained even harder against my pants. Her pussy clenched just one finger! I pushed downward, and she let out a whimper that told me I was doing exactly what she wanted.

I slowly put another finger in as I continued to flick my tongue across her clit. By this time, her breath was really short and heavy. The grasp on my hair was almost painful. I didn’t care. She was about to erupt, and I was going to be the reason. I slowly pistoned my fingers in and out of her as I continued the assault on her clit. Suddenly, her legs clenched on the side of my head so tightly, I thought I was going to pass out. She let out a moan so loud, I was worried other people in the building would hear.

I let her ride the waves of her climax, then stood up and leaned in to kiss her as I started to undo my pants. She quickly placed her hand on top of my hand and said, “Thank you. Good night.” Wait! What? I was stunned. That was it? What about me? I started to say something, but she was holding out my shirt. She said, “Hurry. You don’t want people to see you without a shirt on do you?” She started for the door to her office, and I quickly put my shirt back on.

Furiously, I stalked to my car. What the fuck was that about? I reached into my pockets to get my keys, and there was $100 bill with them. When the hell did that get there? How the …? That bitch! She just made me a prostitute! A male, fucking prostitute! How did I not see this? She had always been so kind, and she is so fun to be with. I respected her! I thought she respected me! How could she do this? I was pissed, humiliated, hurt, heartbroken and horny.

I couldn’t get her off my mind. I stopped by “Mike’s Bar” on the way home. Sam was bartending. Good. I needed someone to talk to. I pulled up a bar stool. Sam poured me a double Jack Daniel’s on the rocks. That’s what I love about him. He’s knows what I need when I need it. He simply said, “Talk.”

I couldn’t tell him the whole story. How could I tell anyone the whole story? This was completely humiliating. I had a college education for God’s sake, and now I was a fucking prostitute! I downed the Jack on the rocks in one gulp. Sam blinked, said, “That bad, huh?” and poured me another. I just grimaced. “It’s got to be a girl. That’s the only thing that could make the Mighty Alex crumble. I didn’t even know you were seeing anyone. Dude, I’ve never seen you like this before.”

I tried to find the words. The alcohol began to do it’s work. I slowly relaxed. How do you tell someone this? “She used me, Sam. We were friends, or I thought we were. I respected her, and she USED me.” Sam just waited. “She was so awesome. Smart, pretty, kind, has the most amazing legs, funny…” I slowly sipped my drink.

Sam said, “Wait. What do you mean, ‘was so awesome’ ‘kind’ and ‘she used me’? Those things don’t go together, Alex.” I replied, “You’re right. They don’t. She’s a bitch! She fucking used me!” I drank the rest of my drink, threw the $100 bill at him and left. I heard him shout something as I was leaving, but I didn’t care.

That night was awful. I showered when I got home. I replayed what happened in my mind over and over. I thought about her eyes, her smile, her legs, that kiss, her pussy … I ended up jerking off in the shower. Rage was the only emotion I would allow. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I couldn’t stop replaying that night in my head.

The next morning at work, I didn’t trust myself to speak to her. I avoided her by doing mundane tasks in the copy room. Whenever I saw her coming, I would duck into the men’s restroom or someone’s office. She was my boss. I loved my job. What was I going to do?

I managed to avoid her for the rest of the week. On Monday, as I was leaving, she called me into her office. Ok, Alex. You’re ready for this. I knew what I was going to say. She had worn a skirt again, and she was sitting on the edge of her desk. Memories flashed through my mind. My cock began to stiffen. What the fuck was wrong with me? This woman had betrayed my trust. Used me! And I was still physically reacting to her!

Emotions began to surface. The anger, confusion, hurt and lust all began to come back. I was dumbfounded by my own reaction … Both physically and emotionally.Maybe I wasn’t ready to face her. She asked me to have a seat.

“How have you been, Alex? We haven’t spoken since …” What? Why the fuck did she care? I was nothing but her fucking “toy”! She just used me and tossed me out! Why the hell would she want to know how I was doing?

“Um … do you want my honest answer?”

“Of course I do. We’ve always had an honest relationship. Why would that change?” Honest relationship? Who the fuck was she kidding? Is this the same Karen that got off on my face last week then tossed my out of her office?

“Ok then. I’m pissed, hurt and confused.” So much for what I had rehearsed in my head …

She looked genuinely puzzled. “What? Why?”

“Why?!?! Because last week you used me then sent me home like I was some … whore! Oh, and thanks for the cash by the way” I added sarcastically.

“Hold on. I thought we had an agreement. That link I sent you was an instructional video on ‘How to Eat Pussy’. That’s exactly what I wanted from you. I thought you understood that. You fulfilled your end of the bargain … quite nicely, I might add.”

“No! I did not understand that! I thought that was a pick up line. I thought you wanted to have sex. I was completely willing to be your ‘boy toy’ when I thought I was going to get my jollies too, but I’m not happy about this arrangement!”

“So you don’t like the amount I paid you? You didn’t enjoy yourself at all? Admit it. You got a great deal of money for 10 min of work, and you enjoyed every second of it.” I did have to admit that, but I felt so degraded.

“I thought you respected me. I thought we were friends. I respected you. I don’t know what to think now.” I didn’t realize how much this was affecting me. I am not an emotional person. When my father passed away two years ago, I didn’t shed a tear. Yet here I was really close to tears, and over a WOMAN. I could go out tonight, pick up four women, take them home and have sex all night. How did this one affect me so much?

In her ever calm and soothing voice, she replied, “We ARE friends. I DO respect you. That’s why I chose you. You felt how tight my pussy was. How many men do you think gain access to that?” She had a point, I thought.

“We can stop now.” She said. Although the look in her eye said that I would be unhappy if we did. How was she doing this to me? Everything she said was logical. She had played no tricks on me. It was me that had jumped to conclusions. Was she really that ingenious? Was she really that manipulative? Was I really that naive? I had never had so much doubt about one person. I had never had so much doubt about myself.

Just being near her caused me to lose all my senses. All I wanted to do was make her happy. Even at the cost of my aching groin. “No” I replied, “I did enjoy getting you off. Now that I understand the ‘rules’, I’ll know how to ‘play the game’. I was caught by surprise last week.”

She smiled her beautiful smile and asked me to lie on my back. She then lowered herself onto my face. I, again, revelled in her scent and the chance to please this magnificent woman. She began to ride my face gently. My tongue could barely keep up. This time I snuck a finger into her ass. She squealed her delight. Occasionally she would grind down on my face or use my nose to stimulate her cli, but, for the most part, I worked my tongue and fingers as fast as I could.

Again, my cock was rock hard and desperate to get out. I could feel her climax coming. I quickly finished her off. I thought, maybe, if I moved quickly enough, I could convince her to have sex with me. Maybe the afterglow of her climax would drop her guard. I rolled her over onto her back and moved between her legs. I almost had my cock free before she slipped away, and said, “Uh uh. That wasn’t our arrangement.”

Again, I had been left denied. Again the frustration and anger began to build. This time I wasn’t shocked, so it ebbed quickly. As I looked for my keys, I found another $100 bill, I decided I might as well take advantage of the situation.

To be continued …

“I can’t do this anymore” I said unto myself. Desperately trying to get his attention, going from sexy to slutty, my outfits were just pointless. He just did not see me as a woman. To him I was just the perfect little secretary, always punctual, overly creative, always there for him, but I wanted so much more, I wanted to be fucked. There, I said it. Hard and fast, slow and nerve wrecking, I did not care; I just wanted this long hard dick tearing me apart.

Marc Jacobson has been my boss for 3 years now. I started off as a temp at his law firm but I was so competent that he decided to keep me. I did everything from making coffee, to sending flowers to his numerous girlfriends. I was his secretary, his good friend, his back-up, but little did he know that all I ever wanted to be was his perfect little slut.

“Leah, Could you come to the office please?” I heard him say in the interphone. Yes Mr. Jacobson, of course, Mr. Jacobson. I would be happy just to come, period. I tried to repress my hormones as I entered the office, getting a view of his tight derriere while he was looking out the window; everything about this man was so damn sexy.

“Leah, did you find the Jackson’s file?” He asked, without even looking at me.

“Yes Mark, it’s in your left drawer.”

“Oh, thank you”, he finally turned around and looked at me. I was wearing a nice purple blouse, showing off a little cleavage, a pencil skirt, fishnet pantyhose and high heels. He looked appreciatively and said, “Oh, don’t you look sexy today!” This threw me off because he never complimented me before and Heaven knows how hard I’ve tried. I thanked him and proceeded to his desk.

I slightly bent over to take the file from his drawer. I was not sure if I imagined him whistling but I deliberately stick my ass out a little more, giving him a better view of my luscious backside. Then I felt his knuckles brush my ass. I didn’t even hear him moving. He suddenly bended over me and whispered to my ear, “Nice ass” and slowly grabbed the object of his notice. I was startled, where was this coming from, he has never come onto me before. I turned around and looked directly in his eyes and read purpose and desire. I couldn’t believe my chance but I was determined to make the most of it. I said “what are you doing Mark?” He responded, “I’m grabbing your ass” as if it was the simplest thing in the world. He got a little closer to me, slightly pushing me against the desk and whispered, “Leah, I’m going to kiss you”.

Not even giving me the chance to respond, he put his lips over mine, not moving one bit, just tasting. I couldn’t take it so I parted my lips, and I realized that he was just waiting for me. He slid his tongue in my mouth, tasting, exploring, and dancing with mine. He gently bit my lip and slowly grinned at me, making me melt inside. Gosh, the man was a great kisser. He looked at me and just said “Damn” and he kissed me again. This time, not so gently, he possessed me in one kiss, his hands running up and down my body, searching.

He slid his hand on my belly and broke the kiss, bent me a little more on the desk and started unbuttoning my blouse, I started protesting just to see what he would do and he just said “shhhhh” and slowly slid his hands from my neck, passing slowly between my breasts and down my belly to my crotch. He perplexedly looked at me, silently questioning and then smiled, whispered hotly, “you little freak”. Yes, I had no panties on, could you blame a girl for hoping? He kissed me again while groping my boobs, he was not gentle anymore, he slid his leg between mine and was gently grinding on me while he bent and kissed my neck. Putting little love bites all over my throat and whispered “careful, I bite.” To prove his point, he bit me right where my shoulder and my neck met then licked it off, repeating it over and over and I knew I was going to have a major hickey later. Wild at the idea of wearing his mark, I started grinding myself against him, meeting his movements, tilting my hips against his erection. He bent his head and caught a nipple between his teeth through my lacy bra, then he drew it deep in his mouth and hotly began sucking on it. My nipples are so sensitive that I can come just by stimulating them. The friction produced by his leg on my crotch set me on fire and I was on the verge of coming when he stopped. He looked at me and said” not yet”. He then kneeled in front of me and proceeded to take off my heels, he abruptly slid his hands up my skirt and yank my pantyhose down, grabbing a handful of ass in the going. I was now half lying on his desk and he slid his hand again up to my crotch, I was dripping wet.

He then said “Now, little girl, we wouldn’t want you to flood those papers, would we?” I got up, turned around and pushed the files that were still on the desk until they fell on the floor. I was about to turn around when he slowly caged me in, he was now grinding his hard cock on my ass. I started moaning, he grabbed one of boobs while his other hand was pulling up my skirt, he slid his hands between my legs and started playing with my pussy, just lightly touching while grinding himself still on my ass and tugging at my nipple. The tri-dimensional attack was more than I could bear, I was moaning loudly, pushing myself against him, on the verge of coming, I know that I would go crazy if he stopped and was relieved when he slowly whispered to me “Come for daddy”. I didn’t let him repeat himself and I reached for my nut, I was gyrating my hips wildly, surprised of this mind blowing orgasm in full clothes but he was not done.

My feet were barely touching the ground again that he violently pushed me on the desk, pulling my skirt all the way up. His eyes were burning hot, menacing flames of desire; he looked ready to self-combust. He opened my legs and ordered me one word “wider”. I obliged and he leaned in, smelling my unique female scent then he put his mouth on me, kissing the lips of my pussy, sucking at them, he then slid one finger inside me, finger banging me while he slid up to my clit and sucked it deep, twirling his tongue against it. He slid another finger, then a third, forcefully fingering me while he was sucking my clit, groaning his desire. Every vibration of his voice adding a notch to my pleasure, I had no more restraints, I grabbed his head, pushing him deeper between my legs, decided not to let go, I was totally using him for my pleasure and he was more than happy to oblige me.

He kept sucking on my clit groaning and he suddenly curled his fingers inside me, found my G-spot and cried out, squirting all over his face. I couldn’t even understand what happened because I never did that before. He kept licking me, thirsty for me, letting me gather my thoughts. He straightened up and said, “Look at me Leah”, he slowly put his fingers in his mouth and sucked deeply, getting every single drop. His move was so damn erotic, I was overwhelmed.

I already came twice and I already wanted more. Now I wanted his big dick all up in me, making me scream his name. I also straightened up and told him to take off his shirt, while he was doing so I cupped my hands around him, stroking. He groaned softly and said “baby, I am so hard right now, I won’t be able to take much teasing”. I smiled and responded “you take what I give you” and I dropped to my knees in front of him. I always loved his smell, and didn’t resist to the temptation. I unbuckled his belt and yank his pants down, taking his boxer briefs with it. “Oh my, what a monster” 10 inches of perfection sprung at me. I was literally drooling, he looked so fucking delicious. I wrapped one hand around it while my other one slowly wrapped around his balls, gently pulling. I started stroking him up and down, up and down, while looking straight in his eyes. Pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock and I slid my hand on the head of his dick, spreading the moisture, his loud groan and the way his eyes suddenly shut proved me that he liked what I was doing. I waited until he opened his eyes, then I slowly took the head in my mouth, sucking gently and sliding carefully. His size was making it really difficult on me and I was gagging repetitively.

He suddenly grabbed my head and took over. I stopped sucking and he was using my mouth just like he would use my cunt, grinding, groaning banging my mouth, Mark went wild. He forced himself out of my mouth and said ” I gotta have you now” he slowly pulled out a condom, I grabbed it from his hands and I unwrapped it, sucked a little on the tip and using only my mouth, I slid the condom down his dick, he whimpered and said “That’s quite impressive” I smiled and got up. Losing all control, he pushed me on the desk and grabbed me from behind. He slid his hand up my pussy and slid a finger inside, testing to see if I was wet enough. Relieved he told me to brace myself and slid, deep, fast, and oh so fucking hard. He didn’t take his time, strong long and fast strokes and we were almost there. He suddenly slapped my ass and that put me over the edge, I cried out and lost it. I managed only to keep pushing against him, until he gave one last powerful stroke and gave in.

Chapter One: Stationery

Work was moving slowly. He had plenty on his plate but it didn’t really seem to be going anywhere. He was constantly distracted.

Perhaps it was the construction site across the road or the strange smell coming from the kitchen or even his concern that he hadn’t locked his front door before he left that morning — these would distract anyone. The more likely cause, he had recently determined, was the new secretary. She had started a few weeks ago and it was about his time that his work had come to a grinding halt. He’d also noticed that she featured in his dreams a lot more than Robyn, the previous secretary had – granted Robyn was 65 and had only given up the job after she discovered her love for alpaca farming. He certainly wouldn’t like to see Robyn jump out of a cake in nothing but a pair of panties like Katie did in this dream the other night.

Katie, on the other hand, was 24 with looks that could kill. Her long blonde hair hung in loose curls framing her stunning face – big blue eyes with long lashes, a cute little nose and pouty red lips.

Her figure was breathtaking. Her shapely long legs were greeted by a perfect behind that screamed “spank me, kiss me, grab me.” Particularly in the tight trousers and little skirts she seemed to wear.

It was her breasts, however, that most often caught his attention. To describe them as big was an understatement. How they stayed in the tight blouses she wore every day was beyond him. They seemed to bounce and jiggle every time she moved or spoke.

Today it was raining and she was wearing a tight, white blouse and a skirt that about a third the length of her thigh. He had been the only one in the office that morning trying to catch up on his work. He saw her walk in with her blouse soaked through and simply go about her day. She obviously hadn’t realised that he could see her light pink bra through the translucent fabric.

As he thought back over the morning, he realised that this was probably the point at which the wheels had come off his plan to progress at least one project.

He looked down at his note pad and saw that he had been subconsciously scribbling doodles over the page so long that his pen had ran out of ink. As he looked around he noticed Katie heading to the hallway and thought he might as well get some new pens from the stationery room whilst taking the opportunity to enjoy the “sights of the office”.

As he entered the hallway he couldn’t see her anywhere but since was up he figured he might as well get his pens anyway. As he approached the stationery room he saw that the door was open and bent over some boxes was Katie, her perfect ass and pink g-string in full view. He felt his pants instantly become tighter and decided to wait to get the pens so that he could take in the glorious sight in front of him.

After a few minutes, Katie turned around, “oh, sorry. I was just trying to tidy up a bit but I’ve finished now. Can I help you find something?”

“I’m just after some pens,” he replied, hoping she didn’t notice the bulge in his trousers.

“Sure,” she replied, “there’s all sorts of them over there. Take your pick.”

And with that she got up and walked out of the room.

He started looking at the pens but as he was about to take a box he felt a hand grab the front of his trousers and grab his raging erection.

“Oh, somebody’s excited,” a husky voice whispered in his ear.

He turned around and there was Katie, stroking his cock through the fabric of the trousers.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me, George. Do you like what you see?”

“I certainly do,” he replied with some hesitation at first. “To be honest, it’s affecting my work.”

“Well, then we’ll see what we can do about that.”

She then bent down and licked the front of his trousers and then, after getting to her knees, proceeded to slowly, excruciatingly slowly, undo his belt and trouser front and pull his throbbing penis out of his underwear.

“What do we have here?” she asked as she stroked his shaft and licked its head.

He was beside himself. He wanted to pinch himself to make sure this wasn’t yet another fantastic dream.

After a while she wrapped her luscious lips around his cock head and proceeded to work her way down then up the shaft each time going a little bit further down, all the while stroking his hard, wet dick. Eventually, after a few minutes, she had let go was deep throating his whole cock over and over again.

She had grabbed his buttocks and was shoving his cock almost violently as deep as it would go down her throat over and over again. It was as though she wanted more and more every time and no matter how much she got.

As she did this he looked down and could see her massive breasts press against his thighs. It was breathtaking as he looked down at the enormous mammaries, the nipples covered the pink bra that he’d seen through the blouse that morning.

He moaned as he felt her mouth and tongue on his dick.

She was interspersing the deep throating with periods of vigorous stroking whilst she sucked the head and licked the shaft up and down. The jerking motion had caused a few more blouse buttons to pop loose and her bra to slip down so that he could see a hint of one areola. She was clearly turned on by sucking his cock — her nipples looked rock hard through the blouse.

As began moaning lower she, still jerking his dick, looked up and said, “are you going to come?” as saliva dribbled down her chin.

“Oh, yeah,” he managed to gasp out.

“Well,” she replied, stopping jerking, “you’re going to buy me to dinner first.”

And with that she let go of his dick, got to her feet, adjusted her bra, buttoned up her blouse and walked to the door.

She pressed her breasts against the side of the stationery room door and bent one of her slender legs up at knee and with a sexy look on her face she instructed him “meet me at 8 at Rascals’ down the street. We’ll see where things go. You treat me and then we’ll see if I can find a way to treat you.”

She was gone and George just stood there with his trousers around his ankles, his erection refusing to fade and the bluest balls he had ever experienced.

“Well, isn’t more always better…?” her fucking irritatingly saccharine voice rings through my ears as i enter Your office. i stop dead in my tracks. She’s sitting on Your desk…long legs crossed, batting her eyelashes at You. She doesn’t even acknowledge my presence.

i roil.

“you know Jessica.” You wave Your hand in her direction, continuing to type.

Her eyes don’t leave You…and Yours don’t leave Your computer screen, “I was just asking about all the…afterhours…work you two do…” she elaborates. She turns to look over her shoulder at me, her blonde locks shimmer “…how if YOU couldn’t seem to accomplish tasks on time, he must need more…assistance…”

i stare back coldly, “Working afterhours allows us to be uninterrupted by stupid questions from eager, slutty interns.”

You stop typing and look up at me.

“is she finished here?” my eyes burn upon her, my tone more edgy than You’ve ever heard me speak.

“I believe…” You begin.

“Oh, but…” she cut You off. i twitch. She leans over Your desk, inches away from Your lips…

You open Your mouth to respond, but she disappears…and You’re shocked find I’ve dragged her to the floor by her long, fucking perfect hair, hitting the wood with a resounding thud. “you disrespectful fucking WHORE.” I glower. she yelps.

“Bitch.” I spit carelessly.

“s-she can’t…” she whines, starting to pick herself up.

“Oh, I can, and will. How dare you. He is MINE, you fucking bitch.” My words drip like venom. “you think you could even come CLOSE to the pleasure I bring Him?!” she shakes, stuttering…My adrenaline courses…My eyes darken.

“Show Me.” I growl. “Or maybe you’re just a scared little girl, sitting there shaking on the floor.” I sneer. “Fucking show Me! I want to see you strip.”

Stunned, You sit back in Your seat, not saying a word.

she stands before Your desk, her hands desperately twitching, looking around nervously, “What?” she whispers.

“you want to work for Him? you think You can be Me? Get naked. Now.” I command coldly, walking around her, yanking her hair back viciously, “Fucking NOW bitch.” I growl in her ear, then throw her head forward…she scrambles to steady herself on Your desk.

You smirk, Your cock growing stiff under Your slacks.

I step behind her, shoving my hips against her ass, pinning her to the desk, and force her body onto of it. I wrench her head back, “Tell Him. Tell Him what a whore you are. Tell Him you want His cock. Isn’t that what you’re here for, jessica? Or did you really want to do paperwork.”

she falters, stuttering.

“you’re useless.” I mutter, disappointed.

“i-i want Your cock…” she cries quietly.

“What else, jessica?” I demand, twisting her head to the side.

“i’m a filthy fucking whore, and i want Your cock.” More tears.

Your cock throbs…You loosen Your tie.

“Much better. you’re much more tolerable when you stop pretending to be worth anything more than a warm place for His cock.” I let go of her hair, and step back from her, sitting as she had on Your desk just a few minutes prior. “Now strip. And leave those come-fuck-me shoes on. It shows Him what you, well, should be for, anyway.” I add, disgusted.

she, finally, quickly unbuttons her shirt, throwing it to the floor. Then zips down her skirt. she has a great figure, nice tits, a thin waist. I would have chosen more revealing bra and panties for the day I decided to seduce My boss, but hey, we obviously all can’t be Me.

“The bra and panties too.” I push, getting up to walk around the desk. I stand behind You.

“What do You think, Master? she is rather pretty, if a little trying.” i run my hand down Your chest, the other through Your hair…bending to bite and suck Your neck…You moan, responding to my touch, and my hand finds Your cock, stroking it over the fabric.

she takes down her white panties, revealing a bare cunt. Next her bra…at least they match, I note…and she stands before us, nude, twisting a lock of her now mussed hair.

“P-please…” she pleads…tears streaking her cheeks in embarrassment.

“Very trying.” i groan and stop my stroking. “Of all things, I thought you’d realize you were hired as eye candy.” I pull at Your tie, undoing it completely, starting at Your buttons. “Come here and kneel before Him, put your hands behind your back.”

she listens, quickly finding her place at Your feet. I unzip Your trousers, taking Your hard cock out…Your precum oozes, coating Your shaft.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” I tease her, stroking You. “Open your mouth, whore.” I run My dripping finger down her tongue, then slide Your tie from Your neck, walking behind her.

“Hold still.” I kneel behind her and bind her wrists to her ankles.

“There. Now, you want His cock?”

“Yes.” she whines.

“How bad?” I forcefully spread her legs, and she cries out, struggling against me. I run my finger through her slit…

…she’s soaked.

“Oh…so badly…look at that Sir…” I mock, holding My glistening fingers up to You. I search the floor…where are they? Ah. I wipe the juices on her panties, adding Your precum to the material.

Then shove them in her mouth. She screams…but it’s muffled. I smirk.

“…will You please give me the green toy?” I ask You as she struggles harder…and drips on the floor.

You shiver, watching us, and then unlock Your bottom desk drawer, pulling out a suctioned dildo and handing it to me.

“Generally, I fuck this while He rails my ass.” I mention distractedly, as I tilt the toy infront of her. her eyes grow round.

“Just in case you need relief.” I lick the bottom, and stick it on the floor so it teases her clit.

“Will You fuck me, Sir…i’m so wet…and it wouldn’t be fair to not give the poor girl a show after all she’s been through.”

Wordlessly, You pull me to You, shoving me down on the desk, and slamming hard into my cunt. i know better than to wear panties at the office (unlike that stupid whore)…and You decimate my pussy, thrust after brutal thrust, lifting my leg upon the desk to give her a good view.

You pull out, slapping Your thick cock against my wet cunt, coating my ass.

“Yessssssss – fuck my ass – so fucking hard. i want You to anal fuck me like a whore…” i plead…

She squirms on the floor, rubbing her clit on the toy…

You impale my ass and i scream…thrusting back at You…pulling myself open so she can watch. You grunt, thrusting hard and deep. Your cock tearing at me…relentless…You flick my clit and i cry and scream as my orgasm washes over me…Your cock growing harder and hotter…

You pull out and coat me with it, trembling and erupting, howling in Your climax…Your seed splashing my cunt…my ass…and i reach down to play with it, moaning in ecstasy.

We shiver and kiss, Your tongue strong and searching in my mouth…and i whine as Your lips leave mine. We cast our eyes down…she’s thrusting madly upon the toy…



…and desperate.

“Not bad, but not good enough.” You bend and whisper to her, buckling Your pants. i smooth my skirt, reveling in Your compliment…and Your seed.

“We’ll be back in an hour – do finish up by then.” I flick the lights, and close the door.

She heard the familiar sounds of typing and the hum of people talking about deadlines and work related issues. She zoned out, disappointed she couldn’t hear the sound she ached to hear. She stared down at the screen blankly.

Her head shot up as she heard strong bold footsteps approaching her desk. She made herself look busy and started typing, flicking pages over in the diary as a large strong hand placed a wad of papers in front of her.

“Jessica, cancel my three o’clock. These documents needs to be filed away as soon as you are finished with more….” he paused, staring at her with hungry eyes. “…urgent immediacies…”

She had to repress the excited shudder his deep husky voice had brought out in here.

She knew what was coming.

His aftershave smelt musky and masculine and she took a deep breath savoring his familiar smell. She looked up slowly at him noticing his body.

The fitted black pinstripe trousers flattering his noticeable bulge. She bit her lip, her eyes lingering on his dark leather belt with its silver buckle. Imagining the erotic sting of that belt on her bare virginal ass.

Her eyes traveled further up.

His blazer jacket showed his broad frame, a fitted white shirt underneath, a plain black tie drawing the eyes back down, down at the now tumultuous crease in his trousers.

Her eyes locked on his raised eyebrow and his mocking green eyes. His strong jaw line covered in dark stubble, his full lips turned up in an arrogant crooked smile.

She was his. She blushed noticeably and stared at the floor licking her lips as she responded.

“Yes, of course, sir.”

He met her gaze and held it. He smirked and laughed under his breath.

“What’s the matter Jessica? You look under the weather.”

“No sir I’m fine I-I-I’ll get this done now, sir, unless there’s anything else you need?” She stuttered, feeling her cheeks blush crimson

“Hmmm… Now you mention it,” he paused to think.

“After you have done as I have asked, come to my office. I may have another job for you.”

He smiled to himself and turned on his heel and headed into his office closing the door behind him.

Jessica let out a deep breath scolding herself mentally for being so stupid. She sighed feeling her face returning to her normal alabaster colour. She tucked a loose red hair behind her ear and tightened the rest of her fiery curls into the bun. She slipped her feet back into her 6 inch black heels and stood up calmly, straightening out her tight black pencil skirt and her white silky shirt.

Her hands clasped around the papers Mr Peterson had handed her and headed to the filing cabinet. Sorting the files, she readjusted her stockings feeling them slip a little but making sure the suspenders were keeping them up.

Jessica cancelled his three o’clock and walked nervously to his office and knocked lightly on the door. His voice boomed out

“Come in.”

She opened the door and stepped in. He was on the phone so he just motioned for her to shut the door behind her and take a seat in front of his desk.

She turned and closed the door and slipped into the chair in front of him. He licked his lips as his eyes danced over Jessica’s body. He put the phone down and spun his chair round to face hers, clasping his fingers together placing them on the table. He smiled arrogantly at her.

Jessica shuffled nervously in her chair, wondering what he wanted and hating this awkward silence that he didn’t seem to want to break. She finally cracked and looked up at him

“Was there something you wanted me to help you with, sir?”

“Bend over,” he said bluntly his face set in stone.

“What?” Jessica stuttered.

“You heard me. I don’t like to be kept waiting, Jessica.”

“But sir, I don’t… understand…What are you talking about?”

She looked at him shocked. Frozen in bewilderment.

“Jessica, do it, because I won’t be happy if I have to make you do it myself! So turn around and bend over…NOW!” His voice bellowed out the last word.

She jumped and turned around slowly in confusion and bent over slightly.

She could hear him stand up slowly and her legs trembled.

He was right behind her now and she could hear his steady breathing and smell his cologne faintly as she heard the sounds of him undoing his belt, the buckle clinking as he pulled it out of his trousers.

She shivered, blushing as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter with anticipation. She felt the leather of his belt stroke against her round ass.

“Sir… what…. are you doing?” Jessica whimpered.

One of his strong hands gripped her waist as the belt came down on her ass with a thwack. She let out a scream.

“I told you I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

He smoothed his hand over Jessica’s firm buttock.

“Are you going to behave now?”

Jessica managed a whimpered, “Yes” – now completely in shock about what was happening as she tried to straighten up. His hand firmly pushed her back down.

“Did I say you could stand back up again?”

“No.” Jessica murmured.

He took the belt to her skin again, “No, what?”


“Good girl. Now you can stand back up and when I ask you to do something I want you to do it straight away and with no hesitations…. What was that? I can’t hear your response”

“Ye-yes sir.”

“Good,” he moved away from her and sat back behind his desk.

“Now I want you to take off your clothes…And slowly.”

Jessica straightened up and looked at him for a moment and with her hands shaking, fumbled with her buttons, slowly undoing them all exposing her silky white skin and black lacy bra. She slipped it self-consciously off her shoulders and let it slide to the floor.

Unzipping her skirt at the back she stepped out of it as it fell to her ankles.

She stood before him clothed only in her black stockings, black lacy bra, tight black French knickers and her black heels.

“Come here, he commanded.

She slowly wandered over to him walking round the side of the desk. Standing before him he turned his chair to face her and pointed to the floor.

“Get on your knees.”

She looked at him blankly not quite believing that this was happening

“Jessica, do as I say or you will be punished.”

Jessica quickly dropped to her knees in front of him looking up into his face shyly.

He ran his fingers through her hair taking out the clasp and letting her crimson ringlets fall over her shoulders. Moving his hand away from her left her needing his touch.

Sitting back in his chair he slowly unbuttoned his trousers pulling down the zipper. The sound echoed in her head.

She watched wide eyed as he pulled out his hard cock. He gave it one stroke and watched her reaction. She blushed and looked away but he grasped her chin and forced her to her face him. Jessica looked up at him watching his face smile haughtily at her.

“Does this make you uncomfortable? Tough… Suck it,” he said roughly.

Jessica looked at him as he released her chin. She moved her face closer to his swollen tip flicking her tongue against the head, tasting his pre-cum. Wrapping her lips around the helmet she swirled her tongue around him sucking as she guided him deeper in her mouth, bobbing in a rhythm using her whole body to slide him in and out of her hungry throat.

Her tongue teased him as she did so. She heared him groan in pleasure and sucked hungrily, wanting his warm cum to fill her mouth.

“Mmmm, you hungry for my cock my little slut?” he groaned.

Jessica’s mouth was watering now, over his hard shaft her fingers massaged his balls squeezing and tugging lightly. She felt his cock twitch in her mouth and gagged as she sucked him deep into her throat. Her painted lips tight and constricting around his pulsating cock. Choking as her lips pressed against his base her tongue licked his full balls.

Mr Peterson grabbed her hair tightly making her gasp against his dick, holding her head there as she struggled, trying to gasp for breath. He finally released her and she allowed her mouth to release his manhood.

“Open your mouth wide,” he growled his voice strained.

Jessica sat back on her heels and opened her mouth wide as he stroked his hard wet shaft in front of her face, slapping his cock against her tongue. He moaned loudly, his cock twitched and warm cum spurted into her mouth and over her face. She swallowed his load hungrily tasting his salty cum savoring his taste. Licking her lips as his cum covered her face, dripping down her chin and in her hair .

He sat back in his chair, his breath coming out in heavy grunts of release.

“Come clean the cum off my cock,” he groaned.

Jessica happily moved closer to him running her tongue down his length, licking the cum from his large member. Sitting back he stroked his fingers through her hair, slipping his cock back into his trousers and turned away from her, pulling his chair back under his desk.

“I never told you to wipe it from your face. Now make me a coffee.”

He looked down at his desk and started typing on his keyboard not even looking up at her.

She stood up shakily and pulled on her clothes, still in shock as she walked out blushing, walking out into the main office with his warm cum dripping from her chin.

She wondered would one anyone notice. And then she realized she didn’t care……


My office Angel shows me her devilish side.

Tx Quickies (TxQ) are short little one shot tales. Quick reads which I have no intent to continue.


Linda had been working for us as a temp for a few months. She was doing a good job, had a nice attitude, and even though she dressed very casually, she looked good in what she wore. Nice addition to the office all around.

She was still in college, and had taken a semester off. She was a junior, but her funding had dried up when her parents split up. Linda was a referral from a friend, and it didn’t take long to figure out she really needed the job, and would work hard for it. Her car was in the shop, she barely had enough money for gas. Her mother was working, but couldn’t even pay their bills without help. The 20 hours of part-time work was like throwing a life-preserver to a drowning woman.

She was a good worker, and conscientious, but had no practical experience. I didn’t mind, she was offloading my work on the cheap, and making progress every day. She was excellent at some things, in particular making sure that nothing slipped through the cracks.

She had quietly asked for more hours, and I’d upped them to 30. I definitely had enough work for her. I was giving her more responsibility, but watched over her to make sure that nothing too bad happened. She made a few mistakes here and there, but nothing critical. I was very happy with her work, and she really did brighten up the office. Her youthful exuberance was infectious. Her kindness and goodness was inspirational.

My boss wasn’t crazy about her. She’d dropped the ball once on something he’d asked her to do, and he’d lost his confidence in her. I had to remind him she was only a temp and still in school. Not qualified to do half of what we asked of her, and quite the bargain.

When the group down the hall hired a girl for a similar position, she was making $1.50 more an hour than Linda. I raised her rate, thinking it only fair.

Simple enough, right? $45 extra a week wasn’t going to break us. But it brought tears to her eyes and earned me a hug. Kind of sweet.

Some people live a charmed life. Linda had the proverbial black cloud over her head. Every time things were looking up, something would happen to slap her down again. On occasion she was self-destructive, other times it was just damned bad luck.

Her car breaking down, right when she started, she’d earned through lack of maintenance. I understand she had no money for maintenance but that was a different issue. She and her mother carpooled for nearly two weeks before she had her car back.

Getting a ticket for turning left illegally was a questionable one. The sign saying no left turn was hard to see, in a busy intersection. She couldn’t afford the ticket, or the insurance bump, so she had to take online safety training. Like I said, kind of a wash, her fault and bad luck.

Having bees move into the walls of the tiny house she shared with her mother was just rotten luck.

Each time, it cost her more money she didn’t have, and she struggled. The raise seemed to be what was needed, to balance out the equation.

With school starting up, we worked out a more flexible schedule so she could start classes again. She was paying her own way, with about 80% of her tuition coming out of scholarships and such. The last 20% came out of her paycheck.

Linda worked hard. Coming in early to make up hours, working late when needed. She was studying, taking classes, working and helping her mother out. A good girl, going to a nice little Baptist college, and doing her best to get by.

She was less than half my age, but I liked her. Sure, I occasionally lusted after her, especially when she wore her ultra low cut jeans, or her shirts which displayed her more than adequate cleavage. But I liked her more than I lusted after her. How often do you meet truly nice girls?

When a medical bill for allergies rolled in, threatening to obliterate her school savings, I pitched in. I was notorious for not turning in business receipts to get paid back.

I dumped a box of receipts on her. “If you have some time this week, you might do a little chore for me, off the clock.”

She looked up at me curious. I’d never asked for anything like that. “Sure, what?”

“Deal with these expenses. Fill out the forms, make the copies, find the dates, you know, all that junk. Whatever I get back, I’ll give you 20%.”

She appeared dumbstruck. “That’s crazy, Alex. That’s your money.”

“We’re supposed to turn these in within 30 days. I’ve got some going back almost 12 months. I’ve already been told I’ll lose any expenses over 12 months old. For me it’s like found money. On my own, I’d probably never get around to it.”

Linda worked late, two nights in a row. Less than two weeks later, I got an expense check for nearly $3,000. I had no idea it was going to be that much. I wrote her out a check for $600, and had her crying again. I hated to see her cry.

It wasn’t one of those really messy cries. Her face would slowly redden, and I’d see her eyes well up. As the tears rolled down her face, she’d lose her breath, almost hiccoughing.

I walked over to her where she was seated and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. “Don’t cry. I hate to see a pretty girl cry,” I told her.

“You’re too good to me.”

“Nonsense. Things will be fine. It’ll work out for the best.”

She sniffled. “It never did before you.”

“Now you’re being silly. I’m getting out of here before you get me all weepy.” As I pulled away, she pulled me close for a second, hugging me tightly. Unfortunately it was around the waist, her face pressed into the pocket of my pants. Fortunately, she didn’t seem to notice when I responded to her impromptu display of affection. I didn’t harden completely, but I was feeling pretty weighty down there, and after a few more seconds it would be impossible to hide it.

I somehow managed to escape her sweet clutches with (most of) my chivalry intact.

* * *

I got a call. It’s complicated, and would be a real pain to go into, but we’d made a mistake. A big one. Probably about $20,000 big.

I was in hot water. Normally I was pretty untouchable. I did my job, did it well, and took on the tasks nobody else wanted. This had been one of those. A disguised time-bomb.

I called Linda into my office. She was looking cute as ever, with her stupidly tight low cut jeans, and one of the shirts I’m fairly certain she wore as a favor to me. Light, with a squared off drop neck that showed not only cleavage, but a fair amount of her upper boob. Sweet girl.

I explained the situation and we started our internal investigation. We worked until late, running through email trails, checking and rechecking documents. Calling vendors and grilling them. We were parked at her desk, while she worked the keyboard. I had chosen a strategically sound position standing over her shoulder, where I could look down her shirt on occasion without being too obvious.

Around 6:30 pm I found it.

I owned the problem. On a list of about 80 items, two of their names differed by only a couple of letters. I had chosen the wrong item.

I was devastated. I called my partner in crime on the west coast, figuring to catch him before he left for the day. We had discussed the choices in detail. I knew I’d narrowed the selection down to the right one. I was fairly certain of it. He confirmed all my choices to his recollection. We knew the right answer, and I’d written down the wrong one. I thanked him for his help and hung up.

I sighed, and ran my fingers through my regretfully thinning hair. “I fucked up, Linda. I don’t know how, but I definitely ordered the wrong part. This might get ugly.” I think it was the only time I’d ever used profanity in front of her. She was a darling innocent young girl going to a private religious college. I didn’t like to curse in front of her.

Her face was screwed up, almost in tears.

I stroked her hair, mentally castigating myself for once again looking down her shirt. “Don’t worry about it. It happens to all of us. Even me.”

She started crying. “I…I think I did it. The form you gave me was an old one. I used the updated one, and copied your order over. I know I checked the wrong one. I’m so sorry.” She was sobbing, trying to get it out.

I leaned over her, grabbing some tissues from the desk and passing them to her. “Don’t cry. It happens. We all make mistakes. If this is the biggest one you ever make you’ll be the luckiest girl in the world.”

I put my arm around her shoulders, as I had before, and she hugged me, crying into my pocket. It was becoming a habit of hers. “No! $20,000 dollars is not a little mistake. It’s going to ruin me!”

I hushed her. “I promise you it won’t. It happens, Ok? Don’t cry, Linda. Please.”

I was wearing khaki’s and it was obvious the waterworks were in full-flow. I had a huge wet spot near my hip. It was kind of embarrassing.

I leaned over and hit the speaker-phone button on her phone, before dialing my boss’s extension. “Dan, Alex here. I found the error. It was me. I screwed up. I definitely placed the wrong order.”

“Damn it, Alex! This is a fucking disaster! How could you do this?”

“I know. It’s late now, but I’ll do what I can to fix it. They owe me a few favors, I’ll see what we can work out.” Linda was still crying next to me, softer now. I was seated on the arm of her chair, holding her around the shoulders, while she soaked my side for a while.

Dan was still not pleased. “Do what you have to. But I’m still going to have to report in tomorrow. I can’t take the fall for this one, Alex.”

“No, I understand. Let Tom know I’ll do what I can. I’ll get it straightened out. I’m pretty sure I can resolve this.”

“Fucking miracle if you do,” Dan growled. “Call me tomorrow with an update.”

I looked down at my sad little helper. It wasn’t her fault. This was out of her pay grade. I should have double checked the order. Her face was lying across my thigh, while her back heaved in quiet sobs. I rubbed her back gently, and looked down to see her low cut jeans had shifted downward, exposing her lower back, and a plumber’s share of her cute butt.

She stopped her crying, rubbing her face against my leg to dry her tears. She sat up a little straighter, inadvertently giving me a nice view of her rack again.

I chuckled to see her mascara had smeared on my leg, leaving a dark stain where her head had been laying.

“You have to tell him it’s my fault,” she said softly.

“No way. It’s not your fault. It’s my decision, and my responsibility. So stop crying now. I’ll fix this. I always do. Things’ll work out Ok?” I stood and patted her shoulder. “It’ll be fine.”

She started crying, louder and harder than ever. I was worried she’d have the janitorial crowd calling the police on me, for abuse. Linda hugged me around the waist, wailing like it was the end of the world.

“What’s wrong now?” I asked solicitously, stroking her dirty blonde hair.

“You’re the best boss in the world. I don’t deserve you,” she sobbed.

“Shhh. Pretty girls shouldn’t cry. And it’s me who doesn’t deserve you. Relax, Ok? It’s not the end of the world, I promise.” I pulled her face up to look at me, and brushed the tears from her eyes. “Please don’t cry, Linda.”

She wrapped her arms firmly around me, and pressed her face against my waist once more.

All the holding, and stroking, and naughty views, had me in a very awkward position. My loose Khaki’s did little to hide it. When she pressed her face against me this time, I felt her cheek press against my hardness. I felt her stiffen then slowly draw away.

Damn it. Now I’d done it.

She looked up at me with moist puppy dog eyes, her face still red, her mascara a mess. Eyes locked on mine, she eased her face forward until she made contact with my obvious bulge. She rubbed against it like a cat, rubbing both cheeks against it, before she closed her eyes, and moved against it even more sweetly.

I tried to do the right thing. I slowly backed away, but she grabbed me by the hips, turning with me so that I was backed up against her desk. She twisted in her chair, her legs bracketing mine, and pressed her lips firmly against my aching shaft.

“Linda,” I whispered, but she looked up and shushed me, pressing her finger to her lips. Those same fingers moved forward, carefully undoing my belt, and unzipping my pants. It took her a few more seconds to have me uncovered to my knees.

I watched her young, innocent tongue trace my length, her lips bestowing a shower of tiny kisses anywhere she could reach. She sat up tall, and I was afforded the opportunity of watching my cock disappear between her lips. I moaned loudly while she took me deep.

She was so damn pretty, with her mouth full of my stiff rod. She made love to my cock, kissing it, sucking it, adoring it. I’d never had anybody before or since devote herself so completely and lovingly to my satisfaction.

I warned her when I was about to come, and she nodded for me, moving just a little more overtly until I filled her mouth. With my seed.

“Linda,” I moaned softly.

She looked up at me and smiled, putting her fingers to her lips again, requesting silence. Then her mouth engulfed me again, cleaning me thoroughly.

Good thing I was leaning against the desk. My legs would have given out long ago. She continued her loving adoration, patient and sweet, for a long, long time. She took a short break to remove her shirt and bra, and continued her loving actions until I started to harden for her again. All in total silence.

Her mouth, her sweetness, and her very, very nice tits, were a formidable combination.

When I was back to full hardness, a near miracle at my age, she pulled away from me and stood up. She worked hard to lower her jeans past her hips, then dropped them all the way to the floor stepping out of them.

She stood on tiptoes, and kissed me softly. “I’m a virgin, Alex, and I’d like to stay that way until my wedding day. If that’s Ok.”

“Ok? Of course.”

She kissed me long and deep, and when she pulled away she was blushing. “I’d like to feel you inside me, please. In my bottom, if that doesn’t bother you to much.”

“Bother me? Angel, that’s a dream come true.”

She gave me one last peck, her hand toying with my cock. She bent over at the waist, mouthing my cock, sucking me messily, until I was dripping with her saliva. Her hand was between her legs, playing with herself. When she turned to the desk and leaned over it, her tight little ass offered to me, I could see she’d lubed her butt-hole with her own, plentiful juices.

I guided my cock to her butt-hole, pressing firmly, holding myself tightly and pushing against her until I felt a little ‘pop’, and I glided in. She moaned naughtily. It took a bit of work but I slowly filled her ass with my full length, until I could manage no more.

“Fuck me, Alex,” she said softly.

I held her delicious young cheeks in my hands, and slid in and out of her, slowly and gently. My leisurely pace quickened, while I carefully extended both my reach inside of her, and the speed of my thrusts. Her soft whimpers were driving me crazy. I wish I could say I pounded that sweet ass into submission for an hour, making her scream for me over and over.

No I don’t. I was happy with what I could accomplish, opening her until she was relaxed enough for a nice firm deep stroke. I held her hips, using more of my body, leaning over her, fucking her. She was moving under me, moaning almost continuously pressed into the desk over and over again. She moved the papers out of the way, and pressed her tits into the wood, stretching her arms out in symbolic submission. She was at my mercy.

But I was at the mercy of that tight ass. It felt too good. It had been too, too long. And knowing who it was under me, added just the right amount of mental stimulation.

I grabbed her shoulders and fucked her ass as hard as I could, heedless of the pressure on the front of her thighs from the unforgiving wood. She cried out softly, her legs trembling while I used her. I groaned deeply, after a dozen strokes or so, burying myself in her bowels, and unloading for an eternity.

I eased out of her, grabbing some tissues, and cleaning myself as well as I could. I was already feeling guilty over what I’d done. Even though I knew it was very wrong, I also knew that I’d do it again given half a chance.

She pulled up her panties, wiggling her butt for me, then turned to me and gave me a shy smile. I saw that I had brought tears to her eyes, one more time.

“Are you Ok?” I asked, moving forward and brushing her precious tears away.

“Wonderful,” she said softly. She gave me a little kiss, then leaned down and started the battle to pull those skin tight jeans over that delicious ass. It required a bit of dancing and squirming, but she finally managed. She leaned back against the desk, naked from the waist up. It was a hell of a view. She didn’t seem to mind in the least when I moved against her body, and filled my hands with those soft pale tits.

“Did you like it? Was I Ok?” she asked hesitantly.

I gave her tits a nice little squeeze. “Did I like it? What do you think?”

Her smile was warming. “I think maybe you liked it, just a little.”

I laughed and hugged her tightly. “You were incredible. I don’t remember ever having felt anything that good. I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Maybe just a little,” she whispered, “but I liked it a lot. It was the naughtiest thing I’ve ever done.”

I kissed her. “It was amazing.”

She returned the kiss, until I released her. “You are the best boss, ever, you know. I…I could love you.”

I held her pretty face in my hands. “You’re too good for me. You’re too pretty and too damned sweet for words.”

She gazed into my eyes. “I don’t always have to be good. I can be bad, really bad, for the right person.” She pulled my finger into her mouth, sucking on it. “I want to be so bad. An Angel in public, a devil in bed. Your horny little devil?”

I saw her look up at the clock, and I peeked over my shoulder it was 8 o’clock. One hour. One crazy little hour that turned my life upside-down.

“Oh! I have to go, Mom’s going to kill me,” she moaned, quickly packing up her things, while I watched her youthful animation.

She jogged over and gave me one quick last kiss, before heading out. “See you tomorrow!”

“Bet on it.” Even in retreat, it was the cutest ass I’d ever seen. Attached to the sweetest girl I’d ever known.

* * *

I did manage to salvage the order, eating about $1100 in expenses. Nothing too unreasonable.

Linda blushed every time she saw me that next morning. She was generous with her hugs and caresses, and even the occasional kiss on the cheek. But no more than that. I was cautious not to return them, although my arms nearly cramped from holding back.

The caresses and hugs diminished over time. Within two months she was engaged to her boyfriend of the last few years. I took her to lunch to celebrate, and though our eyes and glances spoke volumes, we never talked about it.

I never was with her again. I knew I had to let her go. She was young, in the spring of her life, and I was well into Autumn. She was as pure as a cool mountain stream, and I had a checkered past so full of peccadilloes, just being around me would sully her.

She left us 8 weeks later. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a wedding invitation. She got married in a beautiful ceremony that I attended. When I kissed the bride, I had a hard time keeping it together, and felt the tears well up in my eyes. I was touched to see hers glisten in response. I didn’t stay around for the reception.

I wonder if things might have been different. What if I’d taken her home that night? What if I’d talked to her about it? What if I’d grabbed her ass when she walked by, or pinned her in a corner and kissed her?

I should begin by clarifying that the event I am about to describe to you is completely true and was somewhat life changing for me. Though the information I will divulge to you in this ‘story’ seems like a fantasy that could only possibly be devised by a porn writer or a very imaginative teenager, this took place just over seven months ago at the previous company I was employed at. It was a small firm with around 30 staff members, and at the time of my employment there I was one of only 11 women, most of them much older than I. Naturally, I have changed the participants names so as not to incriminate.

It’s a Friday evening and as it’s pay day, I have been strong armed into joining the workforce for drinks at a bar in central London. By the time the few women I work alongside have finished the one drink they have allowed themselves, they hurriedly say their goodbyes and disappear to their respective homes. The scene I am left to enjoy is akin to A-level results day at an all boys independent school. The men are drunk far too early into the night and become rather detestable company. Raucous laughter fills the bar area with such regularity that other patrons have chosen to move on, and I use the commotion as a chance to make my own exit. Just as I reach the door to leave, my managing director, Marcus, comes back inside after finishing a cigarette. He is a handsome man in his mid thirties, around 6’2″ with short, mousy brown hair and dark green eyes. Though he is dressed in one of his many work suits, I have seen him in casual attire once of twice before and I am certain he has a muscular, toned body. He stops in his tracks and I can already smell a potent mixture of cologne and scotch.

“Where are you going?” he slurs.

“Home, Marcus. I’m tired,” I reply, quickly losing patience.

His eyes wander from my face, down my body to my heels and back up again.

“You needn’t go just yet, have a drink with me. I never get to talk to you any more!”

I should point out at this point that I had shared an inebriated kiss with Marcus at the previous Christmas party. I cannot deny that I found him very attractive but like so many men I have met, alcohol causes such a dramatic shift in his personality that he behaves no better than a brute.I move toward the door and mutter under my breath “Goodnight, Marcus”. As I pass him, his hand swoops in and grasps the left cheek of my buttocks firmly. I spin my head around, glaring at him as I break free and leave.

It’s Monday morning and I am in the girls lavatory applying a deep red lipstick. I pause for a moment to observe my form in the full length mirror. My long auburn locks fall to my shoulders where they are met by a long sleeve white silk blouse with black collar and cuffs. Below, a black satin pencil skirt hugs my curves. I can just make out the faint outline of my underwear through the blouse; a matching set in red satin with black lace detailing. Bra, suspender waspie and tie side thong, completed by nude stockings with a black seam. My heels as always are very high, on this occasion I am sporting red suede peep toe courts with a 5″ stiletto heel. I choose to dress this way whenever I can, not necessarily from a desire to garner attention from potential partners, rather because I enjoy feeling sexy. Material is key to this, satin and silk being my natural favourites, though mesh and lace also have a place in my underwear cupboard.

Hours later, I am sat at my desk answering a call from an important client of the business. Over the top of my desk I see Marcus and the sales director, Hugo, leave the boardroom an begin pacing toward the elevators. Hugo is much younger than Marcus, closer to myself in age though I have never enquired as to his exact birth date. He is far less sophisticated than Marcus, with a scruffy, boyish look about him. Jet black tousled hair and designer stubble, he is not unattractive but he exudes arrogance, regularly displaying a level of self worship that would make the most appealing of men seem utterly repulsive. As they pass my desk, Marcus glances at me and then promptly turns to Hugo, muttering something I simply cannot make out. Hugo lets out a guttural laugh before proceeding to look me up and down as he continues on. I am glad when they are out of sight.

It’s now close to six and most of my colleagues have left for the evening. I still have a number of letters and emails to compose, yet I feel somewhat unnerved by the presence of Hugo and Marcus, who are once again congregating in the boardroom. I notice a set of eyes peeking through the blinds at me, yet as my eyes meet theirs, the blind closes once more. Laughter fills the room and I shudder, deliberating whether to leave and catch up tomorrow or stay a little longer. Whether it be an obstinate attitude to my work or plain stupidity, I stay. Before long, I have completed my tasks and start to pack my handbag. As I stand up, it becomes apparent that I am alone on the office floor. I make haste to tidy my desk but as I turn to leave, as voice calls me name from the direction of the board room. I turn and see Marcus, motioning with his hand for me to join him.

“We need to have a discussion, Hannah. Please come in.”

I swallow the lump that has formed in my throat and walk through the door that is promptly closed behind me. On the other side of a large, oval desk, is sat a rather smug looking Hugo.

“Sit down, please” Marcus tells me. I sit, soon to be joined at the table my Marcus, who sits beside Hugo. They have a devious look about them, as criminals devoid of remorse would look at trial.

“How long have you worked here now, Hannah?” Marcus asks.

Confused by this extraneous question, I respond accordingly “At least two years, I would think.”

“And in those two years” he continued, “not one man in this office has been granted permission to fuck you!”

At this point, you would expect any woman to retort courageously, taking great umbrage at such blatant misogyny. Yet, I hesitate.

“Excuse me?” I stutter.

Hugo sniggers.

“You heard him. I think it’s time we saw if you’re any good!” He exclaims before rising from his seat. Doing the same, Marcus then proceeds to walk around the desk and place his hands on my frozen shoulders. He leans down and whispers in my ear.

“Play along. It’s in your best interests. I’ll keep him in check and I promise, your silence will be well compensated.”

Before I can form a response, I feel Hugo’s hands grasp my arms and pull them behind the chair, before binding my wrists with what I can only assume is a plastic cable tie. Together, they lift me up on the chair and move me away from the table, before placing me down and standing side by side before me.

“You can and you will suck us both” Marcus boldy states, lowering his fly and pulling a large, semi-erect penis from the opening. Hugo quickly imitates this action, revealing a slightly longer, thinner penis. At a guess, Marcus is at least 8 inches and though I am stupefied by the horror of the situation unfolding, I cannot help but be drawn to the beauty of his cock, growing ever harder by the second. He steps forward and clasps my jaw with a firm hand. Mere inches from my face, I can smell his natural musk. I should be repulsed, yet I open my mouth wide and allow him to thrust inside, engulfing his shaft. The two of them let out a cheer as I begin to rock my head back and forth, taking more in each time. I gag slightly and he removes himself from my mouth and I look up at them both. By this point Hugo is masturbating furiously, eager to be granted a turn in fucking my mouth. This time, I do not feel so willing to succumb. I spit at him, managing to cover an area of his suit jacket. He glares at me, a look filled with vitriol and hatred.

“Stupid bitch! Why him and not me?” He barks, lunging forward to meet a clenched fist with my head, but Marcus intervenes and holds him at arms length.

“No marks, mate, remember? Just calm down and stick it in her mouth.” He shoots a look at me that I can infer means that I must obey.

Hugo steps closer and lets the head of his penis rest on my tightly pursed lips. I give in and lick the tip generously before having him grasp a clump of my hair and thrust his way in and out of my mouth for a minute or so. Once again, a deep thrust causes me to gag yet he continues to pump, seemingly gaining great pleasure from my discomfort. He pulls out and I am lifted from the chair, my hands still bound, onto the table.

Hugo frantically removes his jacket and stands panting like an exited dog.

“Shall we see what she wears underneath?”

Marcus reaches forward and begins to unbutton my blouse. By the time he is halfway down, I feel something begin to stir within me. Has this come to arouse me? Does my body long for this?

“Fuck, look at that, Marc! Look at what she’s wearing!”

Marcus has pulled my blouse wide open, revealing the seductive satin and lace lingerie beneath. The act of being exposed awakens me, initiating a sudden build up of juices inside my vagina. I can feel the crotch of my thong moistening.

“I always knew she’d wear this sort of thing” says a wide-eyed Marcus, “Let’s get her skirt off and see the whole lot.”

I am brought to a standing position by Hugo whilst Marcus proceeds to toy with my belt. Once removed, he unzips me and yanks the skirt to my ankles. They both step back and grin at me. I am an unwrapped birthday present, a toy long sought after. I look at Marcus, who presides over my form with such delight.

“Turn around and bend over, I want to see your arse.” I flinch slightly yet heed his request, though no sooner have I done so that I feel the hands of both men yank my legs apart.

“Arch your fucking back, arse in the air!”

As I lift my cheeks toward the ceiling, the thong is pulled to one side and a tongue dances across my clitoris before burying itself inside my vagina. I let out a deep moan, at this point not caring who has entered me. I grind up against the intruder, feeling a nose brush against my tight, puckered arsehole.

“Good lad, let her have it!” Marcus shouts.

I realise I have misjudged the younger of of the pair. His roaming tongue darts around, allowing for flourishes of titillation. I bite my lip as it probes my arsehole. I have not felt quite so aware of my own sexual desire until this point. My pussy is wet to the point I can feel a mixture of his saliva and my own juices running down my legs. I feel so completely alive.

Hugo stands up and moves around my left before leaning against the table, close to my head. Without hesitation I lean in and begin to lavishly lick his shaft, the taste of me still fresh on him. I relish the experience of taking him in my mouth, doing my utmost to heighten his stimulation. He gasps as I allow his erection to penetrate my throat. I have become so enamoured with pleasuring him, I have become oblivious to his partner in crime, growing jealous of the preferential treatment. I feel a metallic object pressed against my forearm and I my hands are freed. Yet I am no longer a rabbit caught in the headlights but a vivacious slut begging for continued arousal. I instinctively clasp my cheeks and pull them apart whilst continuing to engulf Hugo’s monstrous erection.

Marcus slides into me, almost cautiously. It feels like it was meant to be in there, that I am somehow defective without it. He begins to thrust rhythmically, his penis so deep inside it slams against my cervix. I am sandwiched between to domineering men and I am in heaven. A hand smacks one cheek, then the other. So scintillating, pain couldn’t possibly feel any better. A thumb rests itself against my arsehole then drives it’s way in. With my mouth full of Hugo, I let out a yelp that begs him to push the boundaries further. As I find myself with every hole filled, my body begins to spasm. This experience so alien to me feels more natural than breathing.

I soon find myself flipped over, laid on my back across the table. Hugo lifts my legs in the air and his cock dives into my throbbing cunt, pulling himself all the way out each time enters me. Marcus squats over me and dips his penis into my waiting mouth, though no sooner have I tasted my juice on him, he bounces off the table and motions Hugo to pull out.

“Let’s make her cum. I want to make her fucking scream” Marcus says as he pulls me up from the table. Hugo lies down in my place and I am helped onto the table. I am instructed to lay on top of Hugo, facing away from him and as I do so my legs are once again lifted into the air, this time coming to rest on Marcus’ shoulders. I am then entered in both holes at once. I shriek, a sound emanating from me that I don’t recognise. It is both painful and extremely pleasurable and I soon find myself riding them, allowing their penises to drive their way into me in a motion akin to a see-saw. I climax within moments, letting out an almighty moan that I imagine could be heard for miles. They soon follow with what seem like endless streams of hot cum, filling me with such satisfaction that my eyes roll back in my head.

I am left to lay, alone and near naked on the table. They have left an imprint on me that nothing could remove, yet I do not wish for that. Instead, I clean myself up and catch a taxi home.

I a matter of weeks after this most primal of interactions, I left the company. Neither Marcus nor Hugo mentioned our encounter in my remaining time there, but the way I felt when I came into the building each day had a dramatic impact on my work, my concentration almost non-existent. I relived the experience over and over to the point it drove me mad that it was not what I did every day at work. I have not talked with either of the men involved since, though I found a substantial transfer in my current account the day after it took place.

Hannah xxx

‘Jen!? Get in here.’

It had been a bad morning and the afternoon didn’t look like getting any better. The presentation I was working on just wasn’t coming together. I needed to take a break and relieve the tension. In other words I needed to take out my annoyance on my office slut.

Responding to my shout the intended reliever of my frustration tottered in to my office on ludicrously high heels. Her tiny black skirt barely covered the lacy tops of her stockings and her lovely hard nippled breasts jiggled under her transparent blouse.

‘Yes Sir?’ she asked, perhaps already guessing what was required. Her heavy, tarty make-up was as per my requirements and her crimson lipstick highlighted her smiling mouth.

She couldn’t type worth a damn but her other skills and proclivities more than compensated

‘Under my desk, with your mouth open. Now!’As she dropped to her knees and eagerly crawled under my desk I unzipped my trousers. I felt her hot wet mouth engulfing my hardening cock.

Now Jen is a good slut and she deep throats like a desperate crack whore. But I needed to be in control, so I grabbed her head and buried my cock in her throat, driving it in so hard that her head banged against the underside of the desk. Soon her bright red lipstick was smeared all over my cock as I enjoyed the sounds of her gagging and chocking, gasping for breath as I raped her mouth. But there were no sounds of complaint, no attempt to pull away from my relentless thrusting. Her mouth just took me in deeper and deeper..

When I was close to cumming I slowed my thrusts and, sensing my needs like a good slut, she changed her own pace and started licking my shaft slowly and lasciviously, then moved down to tickle my balls with her talented tongue.

‘On the desk!’ I ordered brusquely. She slithered out from under my desk and bent over in front of me. I admired the view that her crotchless knickers offered me of her leaking wet cunt.

‘You just love having your throat fucked don’t you Jen?’She looked over shoulder at me, eyes dreamy with lust. ‘Yes Sir.’ she admitted without shame.

From her arse protruded a fat butt plug. I grabbed it and pulled it out, admiring how her anal pucker gaped. Taking my saliva wet shaft I pressed the head against her arse and drove my hips forward. As I slid into her my breath hissed in my throat at the fabulous combination of resistance and acceptance provided to me by her sphincter – the ultimate combination that I was looking for.

She sighed as my cock filled her fully. ‘I think you should start on the 4 inch diameter plug tomorrow.’ I instructed as I began to thrust. ‘Just a little more stretching and your arse will finally be tailored perfectly to my cock.’

‘Yes Sir’she grunted as I started to fuck her arse harder. I felt her finely trained muscles contract on my cock, trying to milk my cock as she began to rock back against me, desperate to feel my cock more fully in her.

It wasn’t long before I was once again close to cumming, so I slowed the movement of my hips and withdrew my cock, causing my whore to whimper with frustration.

I laughed at her neediness and told her to turn over on her back. ‘You’ll get enough cock by the time I am done with you my little fuck toy.’

Once she was in position I pushed her legs back until her knees squashed against her tits. I marvelled at the usual swampy wet mess of her cunt, rivulets of excitement leaking from her.

I eased my cock back into her arse, making her squeak with excitement. I took her hand and placed it over her soaking slit.

‘Finger yourself, fill your cunt. But don’t cum.’ Eagerly she did as she was ordered as I ploughed her arse. I loved watching her face as she tried to fist herself whilst I ruthlessly buggered her. I could see her fighting the orgasm that was building, eyes screwed tight shut, whimpering with passion. But she never stopped burying her fingers in her slurping, sopping hole until her hand was wrist deep in her cunt and I was balls deep in her arse.

Finally I took pity and told her, ‘Stop.’ Gasping on the brink of orgasm, she obeyed; half grateful and half hating me for denying her release.

I grabbed a handful of hair and hauled her head up and shoved my cock back in her mouth.

‘Make me nice and clean whore and I might fuck you and let you cum.’

This was the sort incentive a good slut loves and she attacked my cock, slurping it deep and swirling her tongue around my throbbing cock. What I relished most about my slut’s cock sucking was how obvious it was that she loved doing it. Performing the act gave her as much pleasure as I got from receiving it. Nothing else was on her mind but giving me pleasure. She lived to be a proper three-hole fuck toy, existed only to be used by me.

With difficulty I pulled my cock from her needy mouth and laid her head down on the desk, lolling part way over the edge. I walked round the other side of the desk and dropped my trousers.

‘Let’s see if you can clean my arse as well as my cock.’ I told her bending over slightly to proffer her the target.

Without delay she parted my buttocks and lifted her head. Seconds later her nimble tongue was in my arse, flickering and probing, making me groan with lust and almost flinch as she found my most sensitive spots. It was filthy and taboo and she did it! That was the real, deep pleasure of this act. I wanted her to perform this degrading act and she willingly, happily, joyfully, expertly obeyed because I wanted it and because she knew it would give me pleasure.

Eventually, reluctantly, I straightened up and kicked off my trousers. With a motion of my finger I instructed her to turn around on the desk, so that once again her arse and cunt were in view. As she did, instinctively understanding my needs, she placed her hands behind her knees and drew her legs up and apart, revealing herself to me in all her unabashed, slutty glory.

I took up the butt plug from where it had been discarded earlier. I shoved it roughly back into her arse – and she actually smiled as it went in. With my other hand I took the shaft of my cock and rubbed it over her slit and clit. I could feel her hard button rub against my glans and see her twitch and writhe with the need to be filled and fucked. I imagined, almost felt, her cunt trying to suck my cock into her desperately wet, fantastically ready, incredibly enticing cunt.

‘You want my cock slut?’I teased.

‘Your slut needs your cock Sir’ she mewled.

‘Where?’ I goaded, as I pushed it in an inch

‘Anywhere you want Sir. Just so long as you fuck me.’

I pushed in another inch or two.

‘Do want my cum as well?’ I whispered.

‘I live for the gift of your cum Sir, please reward me with your sperm. In my mouth, in my ass, in my cunt..please….please fuck me, cum in me..please.’

Her begging was so abandoned, so desperate, so pure and lovely. Such submission deserved reward and I leant forward to spear ever last inch of my cock into her. Her sigh of pleasure as I did so was the sweetest sound I ever heard. I felt her legs move and entwine behind my back, ankles looked, heels digging into me like spurs, urging me to give her everything I had.

I inclined my head and gently bit a nipple. Her eyes opened and caught my gaze.

Smiling, finally, I told her, ‘when I cum you may cum’. I saw her beam with pleasure and then I felt her delightfully trained pelvic muscles squeeze my cock with expert control. She giggled when my face betrayed the pleasure that gave me.

But, as I started to move inside her, that control started to disappear. As the pace of my cock quickened the clenching of her pussy on my prick was not an erotic technique; it was the precursor of a mammoth orgasm. I could feel the plug in her arse rubbing against my cock as I fucked her harder and harder. With both her holes full she was soon panting, mouth opened, cunt opened, arse opened.

But on the edge of total abandon there was a slender tendril of control that held her, conscious of my instructions. I could tell that her long delayed orgasm was no more than an instant away, yet she delayed it, clamped down on it, biting her lip, postponing it; seemingly by force of will alone — until I was ready.

That tiny, horny detail was what it took to shred the last of my control. With a final, deep thrust I tried to split her with my cock and bellowed ‘CUM!!!’

I emptied myself into her, hosing her with the hot, pent-up, spurting, spraying jet of my sperm.

My thighs trembled, my vision blurred and my breath rasped — and all the while I came. And as I did I saw, heard and felt Jen cum too. Shrieking like a soul lost in Hell’s torments whilst shaking and twitching in an orgasm that seemed to consume her totally

Eventually I staggered backwards a little, almost collapsing into a nearby chair. As my breath gradually returned to normal I watched as the huge load I had just deposited began to dribble from my slut’s red, well-fucked, gaping cunt, pooling on my desk as she shuddered over and over.

My presentation wasn’t any closer to being finished. The difference was that, right now, I didn’t care.

As my cock slowly deflated I felt the familiar sensation of a full bladder. Jen was still sprawled on my desk, floating on a post orgasmic cloud. Well, I couldn’t let my staff lie around so unproductively during work hours could I? I stood, a little unsteadily, and moved till my cock dangled over her face. Languorously she opened her mouth and accepted my cock, perhaps thinking I wanted it cleaned. She must have almost immediately tasted the piss that started flowing into her mouth. She smiled impishly around my cock as she revelled in our favourite kinky type of ‘after-care’. I squeezed my muscles and slid my cock from her mouth. Relaxing again I released the last of my pee over her breasts, ensuring her blouse was as transparent as a contestant in a wet t-shirt contest, the flimsy material clinging to her breasts.

‘Clean my desk up – with your tongue.’ I instructed as I pulled my trousers back on. Diligently she licked up the mixture of her juice and my cum from the desk, getting her trailing hair soaked and chin smeared with the pungent mixture. Then she stood up with the satisfaction of a good job well done. She tugged her skirt down as she waited for my orders, make-up smeared, soaked with sex and smiling.

‘Back to the reception desk Jen. I am expecting clients in 30 minutes. Be sure to make them welcome when they arrive.’

She smiled even more. ‘You know I will Sir.’ Then hurried off to do my bidding

I couldn’t help feeling that yet another ‘excellent’ rating was coming for Jen at her next Employee Review.

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