Since that night, I couldn’t help but stare at Jessica whenever I got the chance. There were times I peeked at those firm breasts, which were the same that I sucked on that amazing night. Whenever I looked at that beautiful ass, I remembered stuffing my cock inside her, forcing her to take every inch. When I made her orgasm, I could feel her wiggling below me. She didn’t want to be there, but she had no choice. It was either put out or be fired. Every time I saw her when I came home from work she would always avoid eye contact, afraid that if I saw her looking at me that I would try to fuck her again. She was right; I did want to fuck her again. I wanted to fuck her so bad and whether or not she wanted it didn’t matter.

Yet despite what I thought, I pretended to be the exact opposite. When interacting with her, I would pretend that nothing ever happened and acted exactly the way I did before the night occurred. I was a complete gentleman and I even paid her more than I had to in an effort to not only keep her quiet but to give her a false sense of security. I was going to be inside her again, I was just waiting for the right moment to take her again.

That moment came quicker than I thought it would. Halfway through the summer, the idea came from my wife of all people. She was invited to go camping with a few other couples that were all going out to the wild outdoors for a week or so. I love camping so I was all on board with idea and that was when my wife suggested bringing Jessica. She was going to drink with her friends and in case I wanted to have some fun, it would be responsible to have someone there to watch the kids. I thought it was a fantastic idea. The next day, I intentionally stayed at work late to make sure the request came from my wife, because if it had come from me… Jessica might have suspected something. It would be two weeks out by the lake. At the same time I had to be careful, cause there would be a lot of wandering eyes, but I knew where we were going and had time to think about a plan.

To make sure we didn’t rough it too much, I took the time to rent a Winnebago for myself, my wife and the kids to sleep in. The kids preferred to sleep in a tent. So in the end it was decided that the kids would sleep in one tent, Jessica would sleep in another beside them and I would sleep in the Winnebago with the wife. The more I thought about it, the more turned on I got about the trip. All I could think about was cornering Jessica again and having my way with her. I wanted to be inside her again, feel her juicy pussy wrapped around my hard cock. I wanted to pump my sperm into her again, see the look on her face as I ejaculated deep inside. My patience would soon payoff.

When we arrived at the camp site, there were not a lot of people there. There were families spread out over various areas of the site. We had four families make up a small spot, with trailers and tents all set up. We always camped like this, which made us all secure to know that we would protect one another. Jessica was very quiet on the way up but I made an effort to give her some space, hoping she would relax and not worry so she’d let her guard down.

I made my first move three days into the trip. The kids and their mother were playing on the beach and I jumped into the lake for a swim. After about a few minutes of swimming around and relaxing, I noticed that Jessica had come into the lake as well. Like a shark, I approached my prey and came up behind her. As I got closer, I tapped her on the shoulder which scared Jessica and cause her to jump back.

“I’m sorry.” I said with a smile. “Did I scare you?”

“Yes, you did.” She answered. “I would also prefer if you didn’t touch me.”

“That’s not going to happen.” I replied. “Unless you want me to tell her what I saw you doing with her dildo.”

Her face was one of shock that I had the balls to hold that over her again. “And if you did that, I’d tell your wife and you did to me that night.”

“Do I look worried?” I calmly asked.

“You should be.” She said with a frown.

“I’m not.” I replied. “I’ve been married to her for over twenty years. If I told her that you’re lying to cover up what you were doing she’d believe me and you’d still be fired with no reference.”

“You wouldn’t!” Jessica was starting to tear up.

I could tell by that look in her face that I had her. I slowly floated closer, and with all the bodies that were in the water … there was no way anyone could see us from the beach. “I would… if you don’t do as I say.”

When I sad that I reached out and caressed her ass with my hand. She was wearing a two piece, which was a real turn on. What started up as a feel of her ass quickly turned into a petting as I slipped that hand between her legs and started to feel up her pussy, first on the outside of the bathing suit and then underneath it. Jessica bit her lip and I could see how angry she was as I slipped a finger inside her. “Please don’t. Not here.”

Despite her begging, I badly wanted to do her right then and there… but she was right. It was too easy to get caught right there with so many people around. So I decided to do the smart thing. I took the finger out of her pussy and leaned over. “Meet me at the shower pit in twenty minutes. Tell my wife you need a short break and she’ll be okay with it. Be there or else.”

As I was swimming away, I looked back once and could see the anger in her eyes. It didn’t matter. If she didn’t say anything yet, chances are she wouldn’t have the nerve to do it now. Trying to do so would only make things worse for her and right now I was in control. She knew it and had no choice but to obey.

The shower pit is a big hut that is located in the center of the camp site. There are six private shower stalls, each has a lock to assure the person inside each stall has complete privacy, which to me was the perfect place to have my way. Twenty minutes after I talked to her, I went to the shower stall carrying a towel and a small bag of toiletries … and much to my surprise (and delight), Jessica was standing there waiting for me. She was still wearing her two piece bikini, but also had a towel and shampoo to give people the impression that she was also going down for a shower. I walked over, opened one of the doors and then looked at her. “After you, my dear.”

There was no one around (most people were still at the beach) and I watched with complete satisfaction as Jessica walked into the stall. I walked behind her and closed the door behind me and locked it to assure our privacy. Once inside, Jessica turned around to look at me. I could tell she was eager to get this over with. She didn’t want to be there, that much I knew and the more I thought about it, the harder my cock got. “Take it all off.” I ordered.

Jessica stood there for a moment and then did as she was told, taking off her two piece suit and tossing it onto the small bench in there. I tossed a few quarters into the machine and turned on the water. I watched as Jessica walked into the water and started to clean her magnificent body. As she was washing sand off herself, I removed my clothes and walked into the water as well. My cock was fucking erect and bigger than I could ever remember it ever was. I looked back at Jessica with a smile on my face. “Get on your knees.”

I could tell the look in her face that she was begging me to stop, but that would make a difference. Slowly she did as she was told, dropped down to her knees. I didn’t have to tell her what to do next, Jessica knew why she was down there. I could tell she was still a little hesitant, so I combed my hand through her hair and forced her head closer to my cock. For the first time in months, Jessica’s soft pouty lips were on my cock again and it felt amazing. I grabbed her head and forced her to take more of it in. She gagged for a moment and kept stroking my shaft with her soft lips and I was loving every minute of it. Finally I told her to stop and get back to her feet. She eagerly got off the floor and I turned her around and put her hands on the wall of the shower stall. I didn’t want to waste this incredibly hard erection and I slipped every inch of it inside her soft and very wet hole. I don’t think she made love to a single man since I first had her because her pussy was just as tight as the first time I fucked her. Jessica whimpered softly as I pushed deeper with each stroke and she was moaning a little louder because this was a lot deeper than the first time I was inside her. I kept stroking, fucking her hard and I could tell by how wet it was getting down that that Jessica was having a fierce orgasm. I could tell she didn’t want to scream, but was panting and breathing deeply as I kept pounding her.

“Now time for something completely different.”

Before Jessica could respond to what I had said, I took a finger and inserted it into her ass. Jessica squealed out in shock and tried to get me to stop. She wiggled so much, my cock slipped out of her pussy and Jessica actually tried to make a run for the door. She had no chance as I cut her off and dragged her back into the shower kicking and fighting back. I put a hand over her mouth and pinned her against the wall. “Listen to me; you are going to do whatever I fucking please. You’re going to take it, and like it. If you resist or try to run again, I will make sure you pay for it. Are we clear on that?”

Jessica was crying at this point and all her tears did was turn me on even more. With her still pinned against the wall of the shower, I spread her legs out and squeezed my hard cock inside her ass. The moment the head of my cock spread her sphincter, Jessica began to scream and thrash around. I kept my hand over her mouth pressed harder. The second push was even better as I managed to shove a few inches of my shaft inside. At this point Jessica was screaming in pain, but it was barely audible with my hand over her mouth. I eased back and then thrust hard the third time, pushing as much of my cock inside her ass as I could. Her ass was so tight I could tell I was fucking where no one had gone before. Just the tears and screams would tell you that she had never ever had a finger inside her before let alone a big erect cock.

Sensing that I was going to get about as far as I was with her, I started to pump Jessica’s tight virgin ass with some hard thrusts, giving that little slut her first anal fucking. With each thrust in, I could hear her crying out in pain. This was the most painful thing she had ever experienced but I was super turned on. I kept ramming her ass with my cock and never stopped until I was finished with her. It must have felt like a lifetime to her, but mere minutes later I could feel that sensation crawl through me as I started to cum. As the liquid started to flow through me, I gave Jessica’s tender ass one final thrust… driving as deep into her as I could and then stopped as the sperm came shooting out. I gave out a deep, satisfied moan as I filled her up again with my semen. It was by far the best anal sex I had ever had and as I slowly released her, Jessica fell to the floor of the shower stall.

I stood there while the water still feel, cleaning off my cock and rinsing off before stepping out to dry up and get dressed. Jessica was lying on the ground, curled up in a small ball and crying profusely. I took a seat on the bench and waited for her to finish. Moments later she crawled over to the corner of the shower stall with her back to the wall, looking at me. “All done?” I asked.

“I hate you.” She quickly answered between tears.

“I can understand that.” I confessed.

“I can’t believe you did that to me!”

“I can.” I said as I stood up to leave. “I’ll leave you hear to clean yourself up. If you don’t tell anyone what happened here, I’ll leave you alone for the remainder of the trip. If you disobey me and tell someone, I will make sure you are ruined for it. I know people who have the power to make your life a living hell. Do you understand me?”

Jessica didn’t respond to what I said and only nodded. With that I grabbed my town and toiletries and left the shower stall. I went back the campsite and had an amazing day. I cooked up some amazing cheeseburgers on the grill, played with the kids until it was bedtime and relaxed to a cold beer around the campfire. I hadn’t seen Jessica at all during that time, which was all right. I was content to let the kitten have all the time she needed to lick her wounds.

A few hours after the kids went to bed my wife came up behind me and tapped me softly on the shoulder. “Hey Babe, what’s up?”

“Can we talk in private for a moment?” she quietly asked.

“Of course we can sweet heart.” I replied as I hopped out of my chair and followed her into the Winnebago. When I got into the big camper, I got an idea of what was going on. Sitting at the table, wrapped in a blanket and sipping a warm cup of hot chocolate was Jessica. She had been crying, so I had a good idea what the ladies were talking about. Jessica had likely spilled her guts and told my wife everything. I couldn’t help but smirk at the balls this woman had to openly defy me. As my wife closed the door, Jessica had no idea what was going to happen next.

Author’s Note:

This began as a request by someone who wanted gay teen reluctance/dominance, so here is a -slightly edited version- of that original, it is two characters from my main story not on Literotica

These stories I submit here are non-canon extras involving these characters. Please enjoy!

All characters and scenarios in this series are entirely fictional and any resemblance to real life people are coincidental


I shuffled my converses on the mat whilst I waited for her to open the door. Samantha had asked me to come round if I ever needed help with school work. I was 19 yet still trying to get to grips with college life.

The front door opened as a drop of rain hit my nose. I looked into the eyes of her brother. I gulped; his name was Jay and though we both stood at a neat 6ft he was a full two years older than me and way out of my league. I had had a crush on him for some time, but when he came to visit his sister at college he was always the bad boy with girls draped all over him and he played them like a pro.

He was glaring at me; I swallowed again. “Is Sam in? I’m Ethan; her friend…”

With another glare he ground out, “Sam’s not in she’ll be back later.”

Another raindrop splashed onto his cheek and he glanced up with annoyance. “I guess you’d better hang around, she won’t be long.”

Following him into the living room I stood awkwardly at the door frantically trying to think of something to say, “I…I heard you have a blade collection, c…can I see?”

It was lame and he raised his eyebrow, mirroring my thoughts. With a heartfelt sigh he started to traipse up the stairs, beckoning me to his room. Once I entered all I saw was the large board with a multitude of knives, daggers and swords. Entranced, I wandered over admiring a particularly nasty looking dagger and paying no attention to Jay until I felt his presence right behind me; I could smell his musky cologne he was so close.

The feeling of his hand on my hip made me freeze. The rain pounded on the window outside and I tried to concentrate on that and slow my heartbeats, but then he shattered it when he brought both arms around me, his head on my shoulder, inhaling .my scent. I shuddered and closed my eyes. It was a wrong move; my other senses made up for my blindness and I felt every part of his lips as they brushed my skin.

“You didn’t have to make an excuse; we both know you aren’t interested in these blades.”

I gasped and flung myself away from him. “I’m n…not like that…”

He drew himself up against me, pressing me between him and the wall as he covered my mouth. His voice was low and husky yet controlled, the words rolling off his tongue like a purr.

“Yes you are, I’ve heard you talking to Sam, you know she fancies you?”

I nodded, we’d talked about it before; she wouldn’t tell anyone or try anything with me as long as I didn’t tell her if I ever got a boyfriend.

He brought his lips back to mine again and if it wasn’t for his body against mine I’d have collapsed. This closeness scared me though, I had never done this with anyone and I didn’t want him to feel the semi I had. He let out a small taunting laugh, I groaned. Yep, he felt it. Slowly he pressed his hips to mine, pushing up as he did so; my lips opened in shock and he took advantage, forcing his tongue into my mouth, stealing my breath as he explored. Tentatively I licked his lower lip, he growled and wrapped his arms around me whilst pulling me away from the wall, caught up in the moment I did likewise, my hands at his back as our tongues jousted between our fused lips.

Eventually I drew back, struggling to breath. With wide eyes I realised how much lust burned in his gaze; they were a burning brown that looked almost red. He crushed his lips to my neck, digging my fingers into his hair as my legs weakened again, I struggled to think. “Jay? What about Sam?”

He froze then pushed me away in anger. I was confused and asked, “Jay?” before shrieking in terror when the wall cracked under the force of his fist. “Don’t mention her; she hates me because she sees me as competition!”

The information took some time to get through. “Sam knows?” My words were cut off by the force of him as he grabbed my T-Shirt and flung me onto the bed. Jay followed close behind; crouching into an animal crawl he lowered himself down my body. I let my eyes close and my head fall back when he ran his hands over my chest, but my sense came back to full clarity when I felt a tug at my jeans zip. Shooting up to the bed head I cowered from him, now noticing how dangerous he looked. His red hoodie sleeves were pushed up above his elbows, showing his muscles and promising more on his upper arms, his hair hung over his eyes so I could see only glimpses of the lust filled burning brown.

“How long has Sam known?”

“I told you not to say her name.”

“How long?”

“She found my magazines months ago but we’ve never seen eye to eye.”



He yanked my ankle, dragging me down the bed, his body covering mine roughly when he claimed my lips.

I clung to his back, the fabric stretched as far as it could with the force I was pulling. I felt his smile through the kiss.

“You’re kinda timid aren’t ya?” That voice, that low purr turned me on more than I expected. Once more his hands explored my body. I closed my eyes tight as they invaded. “Something the matter?” He sounded a little irritated and that was the last thing I wanted right now. I tried to make a joke, as usual I failed.

“Well you smell like cigarettes but yeah, s’all good.”

To my relief he laughed, “Sorry ’bout that Princess.” Sarcasm. Yay…

My thoughts were once again interrupted by him grabbing my chin and looking into my eyes, assessing me.

“I think you’d make a great little Pet.”

I gulped, despite my orientation I wasn’t that clued up on all this; did he seriously just ask me to be a sex slave or something?

“Now don’t worry Princess. I won’t hurt you. At this stage anyway.”

This time I was too shocked to react and stop him when his deft fingers undid the button. Something did react when his hand slipped under the elastic band of my boxers and held me.

I gripped his arms. My breath caught in my chest. He handled me gently but firmly, the combination making me harder than I’d ever been before. My wide eyes never left his, every part of me was tense and I gripped his arms for security, I didn’t notice my mouth was slightly agape but even when I didn’t I couldn’t move. The Cheshire smile on his face unnerved me a little but I was too lost to care. Then he began to move his hand, causing me to gasp both with shock and then horror as against my will a groan escaped my throat.

Shame mixed with ecstasy washed over me when I eventually came into my jeans. Again he laughed whilst my whole body lay weak and defeated, panting softly. The sight of him licking his fingers embarrassed but also aroused me, which was impressive in my state.

Sounds of shifting fabric reached my ears and I slowly opened my eyes to see him tug the last part of the hoodie over his head. He was breathtaking. His toned chest was lightly tanned and to my surprise it was devoid of extra hair, maybe I wasn’t the only late developer in that arena.

Wonderingly I reached out, my cold hand touched his burning skin and I felt his already racing heart leap, my own skipping in response.

The rest of our clothes soon joined the hoodie on the floor, mine were all ripped since Jay and I had different opinions on my decency. Suffice to say Jay was stronger than my clothes or my choice.

“Much better,” he praised. “You look less like an emo boy without the clothes.”

My already red cheeks blushed further. I was way out of my zone and the skin on skin contact was making me stiff again. Though the frightening thing was that Jay was already there, his hard desire pressed between us while he lay above me. Our lips were melded together, my nails leaving marks on his back. He was practically growling in victory against my mouth even as his tongue danced with mine.

A fresh wave of desire washed over me as his hips began to roll against mine. I was in heaven. Until he stopped abruptly, I apologised for the long scratch marks down his back but he shook his head “It’s not that, idiot; I gave you a climax, now you have to give me my payment…”

So saying he grabbed my shoulders and flipped me onto my stomach, his arms wound around my stomach and lifted me; I had instantly gone from lying on my back to kneeling on all fours.

Jay lay on my back, his hands either side of mine, one of his legs bent between mine, pressing against where he shouldn’t, kissing and nipping at my neck. I felt so good but then his leg met the other between mine. I could feel his member against my rear, his chin rested on my shoulder and his breath fell against my ear. “Well Princess, your call.” How was I supposed to make the right decision in this situation?! Simple; I wasn’t.

“Just do it.” Suddenly he put his left hand on my chest before he forced his entire length inside me. When had he applied lube?! Even with the gel I screamed with pain, my arms giving way; Jay put all his weight onto his legs and arm and used the hand on my chest to crush me to him, forcing me to remain kneeling whilst he continued to slide into me again and again until I was crying with both pain and pleasure.

Altering his weight distribution again he used his right hand to grip my member: I had started to roll my hips in time with his so when he moved into me I pushed up to him: this meant when I moved away again I was thrusting into his still hand.

I thought I was going to die…

Simultaneously we came together, his hot seed inside me. I moaned and gritted my teeth as he pulled out, both from the pain of the movement and the empty feeling of longing he created.

Finally he let me go and I sank exhausted onto my stomach, panting heavily. Jay lay down beside me. Seeking comfort I snuggled up to him; grateful for the strong arms that wrapped around my shaking body.


I woke slowly, feeling deeply sated. The cause was curled around me; we were laid in the spoon position, Jay behind me. We had only been asleep for not much more than half an hour, an hour maximum. Instinctively knowing my violator was awake I brought myself closer, smiling when his arms tightened in a hug. Peace drifted over me until the thought of Sam or her parents coming home jolted me into action. I shot out the bed and began to put my now ruined clothes back on. Jay rolled on his back, hands behind his head, and watched from the bed.

“I…ah…” What could I say? “Th-thanks Jay…” once again shaking his head, he sluggishly got out, pulling a pair of boxers on. I turned to pick up my forgotten bag and felt my side get rammed against the wall, my head connected with a sickening thud and I felt dizzy. Focus returned when the edge of the dagger that had previously fascinated me was pressed to my throat. I didn’t dare move as his deep, low voice from behind me was dangerous.

“Tell anyone about this or me and I will not be afraid to use this against you.”

Cheek brushing against my hair as he brought his lips close to my ear he whispered, “now run.”

I tripped, stumbled, and scrambled out the room. Just as I began to stand on two legs his foot pushed hard on my back and I was sent tumbling down the stairs. Frantically I got up and wrenched the front door open. Through my tears I caught a glimpse of him leaning nonchalantly against the door frame with his arms crossed in the reflection of a car window.

Sprinting away in pain and fear I heard his mocking tone drifting to me.

“Sam will want to know you visited, I’ll be sure to tell her you came.”

The double meaning was not lost on me.

My college roommate Artie was a basketball star, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at him. He was so small, frail, but there was no doubt he was a magician on the court.

He’d find seams in the defense, rocket fire passes with pinpoint accuracy, and dazzle the fans with his tantalizing dribbling.

Other than that we were normal college kids, students at times, partiers at other, and in our first two years as roommates I had seen and heard him bed numerous college girls, a professor and the wife of a local businessman. Oh, I mean, I wasn’t at the front door watching them go into his bedroom, but it happened.

Over the summer heading into our junior year Artie met and started dating Stephanie, a cute blonde who was vice-captain of the cheerleading squad. The two hit it off and were sleeping together by the time I got to the small, cozy apartment we’d rented off campus.

The apartment had a bedroom, Artie’s, a small living room that was my bedroom, a small kitchen and little workroom. Small, but cost effective and on the top floor of a three-story building near campus.

When I arrived Stephanie and Artie were an item, which struck me odd because he loved bedding different women, so I thought it a phase. But after a few weeks he seemed true to her.

I was dating a nice girl, Kelly, and to say the new living arrangements worked out was an understatement. In prior years we’d have to schedule are sexual liaisons as to ensure one of us didn’t enter at an intimate time. There were a few close calls, but it was all fine in the end. Now, though, with own rooms, it wasn’t an issue.

Once the year began it was evident that Artie’s prowess with women was, as usual, great. More than once I had to bail him out of potential trouble when seeing Stephanie on her way to the house when I knew Artie was entertaining some girl. Hey, that’s what roommates are for.

One thing about the rooms in our apartment was the thin walls. Many a night I spent trying to drift off to sleep while Artie was making love to some lucky lady. Or better stated, banging her like a drum as while their was lovemaking it was the incessant slapping of body parts and moans and groans that kept me awake. It was a bit embarrassing in the morning, waking up and having to wait for the bathroom as Stephanie made herself presentable.

Mostly, though, she went back to the dorm after her dalliances with my roommate. He was such a cad that me didn’t walk her home. And the other women? Treated them the same. Bang them and they’d leave.

“Did we keep you up last night,” asked Stephanie one morning after an evening that featured some real heavy head banging or spring bouncing. Of course I acted as if I had been totally asleep, but if the truth were told I’d taken care of my hard on listening to their lovemaking on the other side of the wall.

From all I heard the two were perfect in bed together. They surely were a great couple outside the bedroom, as they were always together, studying, playing, and partying. All of which meant that Saturday night in early October was an eye-opener.

Monday nights generally meant dinner at Homer’s, a local family owned restaurant that offered great portions on home cooked means. Then over to Branigans for drinks and darts. While he was in training, Monday was an off night, so Artie could have a little fun and still remain true to the team.

We left the bar at 10 as Artie had an 11 p.m. curfew, and he stuck to it. Back at the apartment we played some cards before I slipped off to my room. Soon I heard Artie and Stephanie in the next room, and they weren’t playing cards. I think Stephanie was playing Artie’s skin flute from what I could hear.

After a bit the two advanced to the old in-out, in-out, as their bed was rocking and I could hear moans escaping her mouth. “Yes, Artie, Yes, give it to me” and “Oh lord” were just some of the comments. They didn’t last long, but soon I heard Artie say he was cuming and I wanted to clap at their performance but thought better of it.

For whatever reason I couldn’t sleep. Their activities made the fact that Kelly was hitting the books extra hard and not available for any nookie drained my brain. I read some before wandering into the kitchen for a warm milk to put me to sleep. Sitting at the table I was startled when I saw Stephanie in her tee shirt and not much else enter the room.

“Hey Rob, what are you doing up,” said the pretty red head, sipping an adult beverage she pulled out of the fridge.

“Just catching up on some reading, you know, nothing really.”

We spoke for a little bit and along the way I started looking at those wonderful legs. My eyes went higher until I could see the pretty pink panties under her tee shirt.

“Rob, what are you doing?”

I was busted. “Sorry, just admiring the view.”

She luckily laughed. I know I shouldn’t be ogling my roommate’s girl, but I am a guy and she was so damn pretty. I think I deserved a pass on that one. Along the way she noticed a tenting in my pants.

She smiled, drained the brew, then pulled out another. After her third beer we traded shots of tequila and soon we were feeling no pain.

“So did we get you hot,” asked the girl in a somewhat slurred voice. It was at that point I realized that she had been drinking and was a little unsteady. Still, she wasn’t totally drunk or anything like that. “We were a little noisy tonight.”

Laughing, I said I hoped it was enjoyable. I was fine; it was nice listening to them.

Then came the shocker. “I wish he’d take his time….he cums too fast,” said the girl.

I must have looked incredulous, or confused, or something.

Out of the blue Stephanie started talking about intimacies with my roommate. “He’s a good lover, but he always finishes before I do. Damn, I am so horny now, I was coming in here to see if you guys had a banana or something I could borrow,” she admitted.

Once again I laughed, thinking that she was kidding.

“I’m serious,” said the girl. “I was going to do myself.”

I said something about not having a banana. Laughing I said she could borrow my meat! And she didn’t hit me. She smiled and said that was a great idea, but that I would shoot off my mouth and nothing good would come from that.

It is hard to believe, but after talking for another few minutes Stephanie slurred that if I could keep a secret, and if I followed the rules, then maybe we could solve her problem.


“You have to be real quiet. I don’t want to get caught. You can fuck me, but really, I will be doing you. And one more thing. You can’t cum in me. That’s for Artie. But I have to cum, I am burning down there. I need to cum.”

In a flash of the eye I agreed to anything and everything. Sure I could keep quiet. Sure I could hold back until she came. And sure I would wait until out of her to orgasm. Of course, I am a gentleman!

The girl was obviously more inebriated than I had thought and not possessing all of her senses, but what did I care. I wanted some of that pussy, no matter what I had to agree to as a way to get it. Oh yea!

Stephanie slipped back to ensure Artie was sound asleep, and then returned holding the wall as a sort of crutch. She was indeed drunk, but that made no difference to me.

We slipped into my room, throwing a couple pillows on the floor. She directed me to lie down and soon my pajama bottoms were off and she was stroking my cock, purring sweet nothings as she did it.

“Oh you have a nice dick,” said the girl, quietly. “It’s so hard for me. I think he likes me!”

With that she bent over and licked by cock from stem to stern for a few seconds, holding my balls in her hand. “You ever say a word about his and there will be some cracked nuts down here,” she said authoritatively. She licked a little more as I noticed she was slipping off her pretty pink panties.

Reaching around her backside and under, I slid my fingers up and down her soaking wet pussy. I was in heaven. It was hot, wet and she was enthusiastically willing.

“That feels so good,” she said, looking up at me while continuing to stroke my dick. “I have to have you.”

With that she moved around, but not before I slipped over and slid my tongue up and down her snatch. It wasn’t a long licking session as after just a minute or so she pushed me back and mounted me right there on the floor.

“Keep it quiet,” moaned the girl as she started to slowly bounce up and down on my dick. She controlled the action, as I was a mere instrument at this point. She used my dick, moving faster as she let our little gasps at the action.

For my part, I slipped my hands around her ass to help guide the action, but in reality she was banging me. It was awesome. Her pussy was so very hot and wet and seemed to cling to my dick as she rose away from me. Soon, her eyes clinched shut and she held her breath as she began to come.

“Oh my god that’s awesome, you’re getting me off, oh yes, yes,” said the girl holding it to a whisper but grunting it out. “Cumming!”

Damn, I wanted to shoot in her slot, I was close, but she sat on my dick without moving, luxuriating in the feeling of her orgasm. She remained there for about a minute before slipping off and kissing me on the cheek.

“That was awesome, wonderful,” said the now well-fucked girl, re-gripping my dick. “Your cock really had me going.”

“You felt wonderful,” was all I could muster, moving my midsection in time to her stroking.

She watched me savor the hand job, putty in her hands. Then she startled me by bending over and licking my dick again.

“Tell me when you are going to cum,” was all she said, then bent over and took my dick in her mouth.

Damn, that girl could suck. Of course, I was so hot that I couldn’t last, and while I tried to hold off I knew it was fruitless. She couldn’t have sucked me for more than a minute before I exclaimed that I was going to shoot.

With that she lifted off my dick but continued to stroke it like a true champion. Soon I shot several volleys of cum out my cannon as the girl continued to jerk me off.

The entire session couldn’t have taken 15 minutes, but both of us were satisfied. I couldn’t believe my luck, but have to admit she reminded me that I’d have broken balls if even a word were spoken about our little escapade.

Stephanie went back to Artie’s bed, and me to mine, and this was one of those nights where she spent the evening. I was dead to the world until hearing rustling in the kitchen and smelling coffee brewing.

I slipped into my pajama bottoms —- somehow I fell asleep with them on the floor — and made my way into to the kitchen and sat down. Artie poured me some coffee and soon Stephanie emerged from the bathroom dressed in jeans and a tee top.

Staring down at my coffee, I looked up when she asked how my night had been. A sly smile told me she remembered everything, but Artie was oblivious to the world. Stephanie kissed my roommate, not a goodbye kiss but a real lip-locker, and then said she was heading to the library to study.

There was an uncomfortable silence after she left, and I worried Artie knew what had happened. But soon it was evident he was none the wiser. Surprisingly he mentioned how hot Stephanie was.

“Damn, she was hot this morning,” said my roommate. “We did it last night and I woke up this morning to her playing on my flute. She was hot as a pistol. We did it again this morning. I’m a lucky guy.”

With that he headed toward the shower and I back to my bedroom. Shutting the door, I felt my hardening dick, thinking about my roommate’s girlfriend. I have to admit I licked my fingers tasting her still on me from our toe curling rendezvous.

The next few times we saw each other I blushed. I mean, it was so very naughty what we had done. I wanted to say something but thought better of it. Stephanie, for her part, didn’t mention a word.

Then, about a month after our inaugural meshing of body parts, my dream once again came true.

The basketball team had won a big game and the team partied for a while before Artie, Stephanie and I went back to the apartment with a buzz. Once again the two of them went to his bedroom and soon I heard those familiar moans and groans. This was a particularly hot and heavy session that went on longer than their normal good old in-out quick affairs.

I was going to take care of my own business, but the buzz from drinking and the lateness of hour sent me to sleep instead.

At some point I heard some rustling at my door.

“Jon, are you awake?” cooed Stephanie.

Of course I wasn’t but mumbled something. I saw from the clock it was a little after three.

“Uh, I have this little problem,” said the girl. “Like the problem I had last month. Want to help me out.”

Are you kidding me? I slipped out of my bed and she immediately pushed me to the floor. “Remember, keep very quiet!”

Of course I would. Lying down on the floor, pillow guarding my head, Stephanie once again stroked me hard. This time, she didn’t lick; she simply stroked my dick to full attention. Like before, she mounted me and rubbed my dick up and down her hot wet pussy before centering herself over and sitting down on my dick.

The girl had a way with fucking my dick, what else can I say. She grinded against me, working at her own rhythm, bouncing along until. She fucked me, first at a steady pace and then increasing to a grind that brought my blood to a boil. Damn, she had a hot pussy.

Soon she orgasmed without me doing much of anything other than being there. It was a super feeling. Coming down from her high she kissed me on the cheek and actually thanked me. “Oh, I needed that,” said the girl.

We lay side by side, holding each other, for a couple minutes before she mentioned that I was still hard as a rock. “Well, Stephanie, I could use a little help with that.”

She said something like I bet you could.

This girl was something else. I couldn’t believe she could make love to my roommate and then writhing a couple hours use me as a fucking board to take care of her nocturnal needs, but I surely wasn’t going to complain. Nor was I going to say a word of it to anyone.

Stephanie kissed me again on the cheek and I thought she was going back to the other room. She knelt though, and then bent over. This time the fascinating girl not only licked my dick but also actually started sucking on it. Up and down her head went, masterfully teasing my cock.

I was soon rocking in and out of her mouth and told her I was going to cum. She kept sucking and I couldn’t help myself. Holding her head in my hands I began shooting off in her pretty mouth. All the while she kept sucking me off, taking every drop of my sauce into her mouth.

She stayed sucking on me for a bit before moving up, smiling, and then swallowing my copious load. With that she bent over, kissed me on the mouth, and slipped up and out of the room.

Oh, what an interesting semester.

I had been with my boyfriend Anthony since I was 14. That was 5 whole years of my life. We met through a mutual friend and I was instantly attracted to his dark brown eyes and long eyelashes. I had a thing for eyes. We were the standard “high school couple” and I loved hanging out with him. Even though I had known him for what seemed like forever, he never pressured me into doing anything I didn’t want.

But this isn’t about the first five years of our relationship, it was about my 19th birthday.

He had planned everything that day: from the adorable breakfast in bed to the surprise party at his house, it was all so perfect. I was the luckiest girl in the world. When we got to his house and after everyone had yelled “surprise!” the party began.

Marc, Anthony’s older brother, came up to me and we started talking. He gave me a drink and we walked into the guest bedroom because it was quieter and easier to hold a conversation there.

Marc definitely got all the right genes from his parents. He had jet black hair and the iciest blue eyes I had ever seen. I knew he worked out because I would see him at the gym when I was on the eliptical doing weights right behind me.

He was 24 and I’m pretty sure he knew he was insanely good looking. He would always flirt with me but I figured it was because I was Anthony’s girlfriend and spent all of my time at their house.

Anyway, back to the party.

We sat down on the bed and I noticed Marc had brought a nearly full bottle of tequila with him. He told me that because I was finally legal to drink, I had to take a few shots with him. I didn’t see a problem with that so I didn’t stop him when he started pouring two shots.

He was really good at convincing people. That’s probably why I ended up taking four shots back to back with him. He wanted a 5th one but I was getting a bit light-headed and thought I should stop. That’s when he suggested I lie down. It seemed like a good idea.

As soon as I lay down, Marc told me to hold a piece of lime in my mouth and pulled up my shirt just enough to show my flat, tanned stomach. I looked at him confused and he explained that he was going to teach me what a body shot was. Afterall, I was 19 and should know these things by now.

He poured a tiny bit of tequila into my belly button and the coldness made me shiver, spilling it all over myself and the bed. Marc looked at me and for a second his blue eyes got a menacing glint in them. He told me sternly to be careful and not move again. I have no idea why, but the look he gave me sent electricity straight down from my throat to between my thighs. I squeezed them instinctively but I don’t think he noticed.

Marc poured the tequila again and then he wiggled my jeans just low enough to be able to tell that I had shaved that day. He smirked and sprinkled salt in a neat line from the top of my jeans to my belly button.

“Ready?” He asked

I nodded, not knowing why I was getting nervous.

He quickly moved his tongue upwards from my lower stomach and sucked the tequila out of my belly button. I felt that same electricity shoot to my groin but this time it was much stronger. He looked me in the eyes and swooped in the bite the lime I forgot I was holding between my teeth.

He tossed the lime into the trash beside the bed and looked at me in such a raw and seductive way. I could feel the blood rushing to my clit and my panties were getting soaked just looking back at him.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Anthony was standing in the doorway, completely oblivious to the thoughts going through my mind at that moment.

“What are you guys doing in here?” Asked Anthony

Before I could say anything, Marc was already mid sentence “Ashley was feeling light-headed so I told her to lay down until she felt better.” He looked at me and his eyes glinted as he said my name. I could see a huge bulge in his pants and desperately tried to regain my composure before either of them saw what I was looking at.

“I better get back to everyone, I feel a lot better now Marc, thanks.” I stuttered and left the room in a hurry.

As the night continued I’d notice Marc looking at me from time to time. Every time I managed to stop thinking about how huge that bulge in his jeans was, he’d show up again and either brush up behind me or lightly touch my hip. It never bothered me before when he’d squeeze behind me in their kitchen or casually touch my shoulder when I was at their house but now every time he did it, I felt my clit getting sensitive and could barely keep myself from gasping when he touched me.

I was a virgin. My parents brought me up in a religion that taught me to wait until marriage before I tried anything with a boy more advanced than kissing. That’s what I loved about Anthony: he never had a problem with my beliefs and I could be myself around him without worrying that he would want more.

After a while, the feelings I was having were getting to be too much. I excused myself and went to the bathroom, locking the door quickly. I might have been a virgin, but I knew how I worked. If I was feeling this horny, I had to take care of it before I lost control. Sliding my panties off along with my jeans, I sat up on the vanity counter and spread my legs. I always shaved everything because I just felt sexy like that. It wasn’t for anyone to see.

I spread my thighs apart and slowly started rubbing my clit in little circles. I started breathing quicker and could feel my muscles tightening as the feeling started to grow. I let out a moan and was just about to try and slip a finger into my pussy when someone knocked on the door

“Ash, you in there?” It was Marc.

I quickly jumped off the counter, yanked on my jeans and opened the bathroom door.

“Yeah yeah, I’m good, I just wanted to splash some water on my face” I lied, hoping Marc couldn’t see me blushing.

He smiled and before he could start up another conversation, I had spotted my boyfriend and quickly made my way toward him.

About an hour later, Marc came up to me as I was grabbing another drink and smirked. “I think these are yours.” He said, holding up a pair of black and red lace panties.

“Oh my God. I… umm… I have no idea how I could have forgotten those!” I sputtered, snatching them out of his hands and stuffing them into my jeans pocket before anyone could see.

“I didn’t know you were that selfish Ashley,” Marc started “I thought you’d at least let me watch you play with yourself after I taught you what a body shot was.”

I turned scarlet.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Marc.” I replied, just a little too loudly.

“Well, if you do get that urge again, I’d be more than happy to help you get rid of it. Our little secret of course.” Offered Marc. “Here, come with me and I’ll prove to you that I know exactly whats going on.”

I knew that I was raised too religiously to really be feeling these dirty thoughts so there was no reason for me to not follow him.

I walked behind him all the way up the stairs and into his room. No one saw us leave the main floor. But that didn’t matter because I was planning on coming right back down after I proved to Marc that he had no idea what I was thinking.

“Sit.” He ordered. Closing the door behind us.

I wasn’t going to sit on his bed and give him any ideas so I chose his desk instead.

Marc walked up to me slowly. “You might not know what you’re feeling right now Ashley, but if you let me show you, I’ll make you realize that this is just the beginning of learning how to make yourself feel good.”

He was facing me now.

“You can try Marc, but I’m not like all your girlfriends so you’re just wasting your time.” I replied. I was slowly getting less and less sure of what I was saying.

He put his hands on my thighs.

“Just let me show you okay?” He was waiting for me to nod. To tell him I agreed to whatever he was going to try.

I nodded, feeling completely uncertain about how I felt about this but something inside me was telling me to agree.

His hands slid up my thighs at a painstakingly slow speed. The shots of electricity were flying everywhere inside my body now. I was going to lose control any second.

He started kissing my neck. Slowly at first then harder as his hands brushed my clit and reached my hips.

He unbuttoned my jeans and his thumbs hooked into my belt loops.

I let out a gasp when he lifted me off the desk effortlessly and quickly slipped my pants off. I still hadn’t had time to put my panties on since he gave them back to me so I was sitting with almost everything exposed to him. No guy had ever seen me like this before.

As he leaned in towards me again, I found myself reaching for his shirt and trying to pull it off. While he slipped it over his head, I started unbuttoning my own shirt. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was like something was guiding me and telling me exactly what I should do next.

I was just in my bra and Marc was shirtless. I reached over to run my hands over his perfectly chiseled abs as he moved his hand to my back, unhooking my bra and sliding his hands down toward my ass, pulling he toward him as he kissed me. Hard.

As soon as I wrapped my legs around his waist I felt it: A huge bulge almost bursting out of his jeans. It was rubbing against my clit and as I looked down, I saw that I had gotten so wet that there was a dark, wet spot right where I was rubbing against him.

He looked at what I was looking at and chuckled “Looks like someones anxious to get going.”

I knew this was when I should have told him to stop. It had already gone too far and I was sure that Anthony must be wondering where I was.

Marc saw my hesitant face and his expression softened. “I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to Ashley. I just want to show you that what you’re feeling can be turned into something amazing.”

Just like that, he picked me up and carried me over to his bed.

He gently put me down, pressing his jeans into my hips. I instinctively pushed them against him.

He moaned.

“Now Ashley, you can’t do that to me and expect me to be able to keep it in my pants. I need to unzip my jeans before I cum. Is that okay?” He asked.

My throat got tight and I knew deep inside I wanted to see it. I wanted to see him naked.

He slipped off his pants and boxers and immediately his cock sprang out. It was so big and hard. The thought of me having that effect on Marc made me want to impress him even more.

I decided to stop thinking and just follow my instincts. As he pressed into me, I quickly grabbed his shoulders and pushed him over on his back. His hard 8 inches was pressed between us and the look on his eyes was priceless.

“You’re a quick learner Ashley. I gotta say I didn’t see that coming.” He said, looking up at me. He almost seemed impressed with my assertiveness.

Sensing that I wasn’t sure what to do next, he told me to turn around so that my mouth was over his cock and my knees were right by his shoulders.

“You can touch it if you want to” Marc said. Careful not to overstep my comfort level.

I gingerly picked up his throbbing cock and leaned over to put my lips over it. Just as I slid my mouth over his head he let out a moan. I knew I was starting off well. I made sure his whole shaft was wet and I got into a rhythm, moving up and down, careful to keep my lips over my teeth.

I felt his hand reach over me and pull my hips downwards. I let out a loud moan when I felt his tongue go straight over my pussy and start circling my hole. I let out another moan just as I was going down on him and his cock slipped right down my throat. I gagged and instantly felt him stiffen with pleasure.

“Oh fuck Ash. Do that again and I’m going to burst” he warned.

I was going to do it again but he spun me over onto my back before I could put my lips on him again.

His face was right by my hips and my hands grabbed the bed sheets as his tongue started fucking me. He kept barely brushing my clit and it was driving me insane.

“Marc, fuck me please!” I yelled. I knew I wanted this now. I needed him to be inside me.

Marc stopped and looked up at me. He moved up so that his face was right above mine.

“Are you sure you want this?” He was looking at me seriously now. “Its going to hurt at first but I promise it will get better soon.”

I grabbed his neck and pulled him down onto me, kissing him hard and forcing my tongue past his teeth.

“I need you to fuck me Marc. I know what I want and its your hard cock inside me.” I begged.

He looked at me for the first time in a genuinely loving way and said “Ashley you have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to do this with you. Tell me to stop and I will okay?” He looked right into my eyes when he said it.

I nodded and moved my hips up to him to show him I was ready.

Not taking his eyes off of me, he grabbed his cock with one hand and put it so it was gently in position, pressing against my hole.

He started pushing and at first it was okay, then I felt the pressure.

I squeezed my eyes shut but told him not to stop.

He leaned in towards me and as he kissed me, then suddenly rammed hard into me and I felt him break my hymen. The pain radiated into me and I couldn’t hold back a cry.

Marc stopped moving. “Are you okay? Do you want me to pull out?” He was looking me up and down, the worried look on his face told me he hadn’t dealt with a virgin before.

“I’m fine. Just go slow okay?” I looked up at him and then slowly pressed my hip up so that I pushed him inside me more.

He started slowly, and gaging my pain level he started increasing his speed, going harder and faster.

It started feeling amazing and I stopped thinking about my soreness and started focusing on how I could feel his shaft fighting to stretch my pussy.

“Holy fuck Ashley, you’re so tight, I’m not going to be able to keep this up for long.” He was panting now and I could see the effort he was putting in to try to hold back his orgasm.

As he continued to speed up I started to feel my pussy contracting and my calves starting to tense up. I wrapped my legs around him and immediately felt how much deeper he could go when I did that.

His breath was getting ragged and I was starting to lose control over staying quiet.

As I felt my pussy tighten up so that he almost couldn’t move inside me, I felt him ram into me completely one last time before he came, filling my tight little pussy with his hot cum.

He rolled over so that he was on his back and I was lying on top of him, his cock still inside me. We lay there for a while, just kissing and trying to catch our breaths when I saw the time. It was 2am! We had been up here for more than an hour. We quickly jumped up and got dressed.

Just as we were about to open his bedroom door, I pushed him against the wall and put my panties into his front pocket.

“You can give them back to me next time.” I said, kissing him hard and walking out of the room.

Anthony and I stayed together for about a month after that. Marc and I didn’t hook up during that time out of respect for him. Eventually I told him that I needed to try different things and because he was leaving for university in Ottawa soon anyway, it would be to hard to stay together.

As for Marc and I, We both go to Western University now and he has been teaching me a few things. I guess we’ll see how his family takes the news when he brings me over for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Either way, I know what I want now, and I have found a balance between church and my new boyfriend.



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