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The dope wore off exactly when she had planned it to. As she slid out of her restraints and took several gulps of air, the space outside the ship’s windows was empty. No big planets looming, no huge starships coming in for the strike or a cheap slash-and-grab job. The tiny mercenary vessel was in the middle of nowhere, for now. Just as she’d planned.

Slowly she slipped from her hard plasteel seat. She briefly checked over the stats for the other mercs. They were dead asleep, totally incapacitated, doped to the tits. They wouldn’t wake up until the ship neared its destination, Crematoria. Only when the ship’s navigation system detected the right starsign and coordinates would the medic program slowly decrease the “dope” coursing through the intravenous tubes and into each merc’s arm. They’d wake up slowly, groggy and disoriented for the first few minutes until their natural-born-killer instincts kicked in and they began to eye each other warily. Not one of them would ever know that Eve alone had woken hours earlier for a very special task.

The female merc looked over each individual sleeping mercenary. She knew better than to trust the medic system. It’d been nothing for her to hijack it for her own purposes. Who knows what these guys had planned? She didn’t trust them, trust wasn’t part of the game of being a merc. One of them could have planned to wake up early and simply disconnect each of the life supports they relied on while asleep. Or worse yet, they could have died from heavy overdoses of the cryogenic medication meant to put them into a nearly comatose state; it wouldn’t take much, just a few milligrams more, and they would have just died quietly, never waking up. And never claiming their share of this very huge bounty.

Eve chewed her lip as she looked to the back of the ship’s small and tight cabin. There he sat, the best catch of her young career. She pushed a strawberry blonde lock of hair behind her ear and stepped carefully around Toombs’ big feet, determined to quietly make her way to the back without disturbing anyone. Toombs grunted in his sleep and she grimaced in disgust as the merc pig grabbed tightly at his crotch. She could only imagine what he might be dreaming about. The position of his hands, protectively over his crotch or maybe caressing himself instead, made her wish she couldn’t imagine the nasty thoughts the contemptuous leader of the group was dreaming. Carefully, she moved on.

Everyone else remained fast asleep as Eve made her way to the back of the ship. It wasn’t far to go but it felt like the short trip over toes and boots took forever. She moved shrewdly, freezing in place any time someone so much as breathed too heavy. Someone farted and she almost threw up, smelling the stench of stale Bogart beans. Soon the air recycler took the smell away. And then the only thing wafting sweetly to Eve’s nose was the scent of sweat.

Man sweat.

His sweat.

Riddick’s sweat.

Mercs didn’t make a lot of friends. They didn’t stop and have java at the space ports. They didn’t read over holographs together in cafes on the many dark worlds they visited. But that didn’t mean they didn’t talk, shoot the shit, gossip. And once, a few jumps ago, Eve had met this chick. This chick, she was a real freak with a super muscular body and wild pink hair chopped in sections that showed shaved scalp between the pink tufts. While helping Eve’s then-crew haul ass out of a certain prison’s warehouse with more than they’d paid for, the girl had shared some pretty wild stories. And one of them had been about how she got off fucking the sleeping crewmembers. She’d been detailed, flamboyantly specific in how it was done.

“You just watch, if you watch you’ll scoop the codes for the medic program from the right bastard. Then it’s golden, girl. S’all golden from then on. You just temp your own tubes down when no one’s looking, and arrange for a wake-up stimulant a few hours from the next stop. Everyone’s dead asleep, totally tranked. They’ll never know, they never do!”

And she’d laughed so hard, Eve had wanted to shoot her. Laughing like that during a quick escape wasn’t helpful at all. But the information the girl had shared sure had been.

A few times since then, Eve had tried the method out. Once she’d masturbated all over Chen’s knees, just to see if she could get away with it. When he woke up with another now-murdered merc’s hand on his thigh and wet slime on his pants, he’d totally freaked. No one had known or suspected Eve, the tiny tough chick. From then on she’d kept her own dope on low, just incase someone else knew these kinds of tricks. The last thing she’d want is some fuck like Toombs screwing with her while she was tranked. That’s why she kept the shiv tucked just inside her waistband, out of sight but not out of reach should she feel something funny going on while doped out.

This time, though, with the big bounty at the back of the cabin, this time would be her first time taking it all the way. And she couldn’t think of a better target than the infamous Riddick. He was known to be a merc-killer across all the systems. Everyone either wanted to snag him or was petrified they’d stumble across him. Wrong place, wrong time, and they’d never see Death coming. His skills with sweet spots had made him notorious, and the bounty on his head was huge. All the big prisons wanted him, and all the mercenaries told stories about him.

But how many, Eve wondered, would be able to brag about fucking him?

She licked her pouty round lips and inched closer to her prize. There were no more sleeping mercs between her and the prisoner. Just him now, before her. Just Riddick.

Eve looked him over visually, examining each of his binds. The chair Toombs had thrown the prisoner into was made to hold men like him. He still managed to bulge out in all the right spots though, Eve noticed. He practically strained at the tight impenetrable steel wrist bands, even though he was as tranked out as the rest of the crew. And the bands that went over his shins and his ankles, she knew they’d hold him but somehow she didn’t think they’d last if he really tried to escape. The man was big, massive really. It made her want him more.

Slowly she put her hands on his thighs. They were so big, so wide. They’d be able to support her easily. Eve moved her hands upwards over his hips, sliding her palms across his stomach and over his tight black tank top. His pectoral muscles pulsed and beat with his doped out blood beneath her fingers. His breathing was steady, even, the sleep of fucking Sleeping Beauty for all she knew. She had made sure he got extra dope for this run, had programmed it in herself. There was no way she wanted him waking up in the middle of this.

Eve moved a hand across Riddick’s face. He didn’t move. He still wore those crazy goggles he’d probably stolen from somewhere. They supposedly protected his eyes from the glare of normal light. He’d gotten an infamous shine-job at one of the many prisons he’d been known to frequent. Now his eyes were super sensitive to any kind of bright light, but also incredibly effective for seeing in the dark.

She didn’t remove them. They kind of made him look sexy, all mysterious and dangerous. Maybe that was what excited her the most about him. Aside from the fact he was a merc-slayer, and that no prison had yet been able to hold him, aside from the fact that he scared the crap out of Toombs but was such a high paying job that the merc leader had still gone after the guy — aside from all that, Riddick was damned sexy on his own. Was it just how scary he was? The strength in his muscles, how strong he had to be to achieve so many impossible escapes. And the cold and calculating way he did it, a trick here, a scam there. He conned his way out of circumstances that were too tight for anyone else to break out of. How did he do it?

Eve didn’t really care though. She had read up on the guy at Toombs’ insistence and left it at that. Whatever Riddick had or hadn’t done, whatever tales they told about him in all the ports, she had plans for him that were all her own. Elaborate plans that involved as much of his flesh as she could get a handle on.

Carefully she peeled up his black tank top. His whole body was covered in a sheen of sweat. It was exciting. Eve lowered her mouth to one of his hard nipples and began to lick at it. He was salty, dirty. It excited her. Given how tiny she was, she managed to maneuver herself onto one of Riddick’s thick thighs, wrapping her own around his knee and grinding slightly. She could feel the wetness of her own pussy beginning to seep through her military-issue trousers, she was that excited by the prospect of fucking the sleeping prisoner. And as she dipped her head to his chest and began to lick again at his taut nipple, she ground her pussy harder against his leg. Her budding clit demanded attention and she pushed down even harder, finally feeling the beginnings of her first orgasm.

Eve let herself collapse then against the sleeping form of the prisoner. Panting, she waited as the almost-casual waves of ecstasy rolled over her and passed. This would be the first of many orgasms, she knew. She intended some real hard-core things with this guy. And she had hours to enjoy her every fantasy. It’d been so long since she’d had a real man, had wanted a real man. Sure, she’d had to fuck her way to the position she now held in Chen’s crew. She was an excellent gunner, a great navigator. But chicks don’t get by on skills alone, not out in the blackness of space. Many times she’d had to give in and let every single member of an all-male crew fuck her, just to get passage to a new port. Those didn’t count though. She didn’t list those as part of her true sexual experience. In her eyes, her future looked really bright and her real sexcapades were only just beginning, right here with Riddick.

Eve lifted herself up, panting still as she ran both hands over Riddick’s chest. His stomach was so tight, his pectoral muscles so smooth except for the occasional scar or scabby cut. No pock marks, no evidence of disease.

Well Eve, how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? she asked herself.

And she already knew the answer — she wanted to go all the way.

Eve slid off of Riddick’s thigh and moved between his legs. She couldn’t push his knees further apart or she would have. It would be hard to get his pants all the way off, which would have really been exciting. Eve bit her lip again and knelt down in front of Riddick’s crotch. He was bulging, even though he had to be soft and completely un-stimulated. That girl in the prison warehouse had warned her that sometimes the dope would make a guy stay soft for ever. It might take a lot of work to get him aroused if he wasn’t awake. That was okay, though. Eve wouldn’t mind helping Riddick’s body remember the feel over a woman’s hands.

Carefully she pried open the front of his pants and peeled each corner of the fastening to the sides. He was naked underneath, no boxers, no trousers. Just smooth bounty flesh. Slowly, Eve reached into the opening of his pants and pulled out Riddick’s dick.

It was an amazing piece of well-muscled manhood. It was thicker than her thumb and finger, even soft. And it flopped in an almost commanding way this way and that as she examined it. Nope, no marks here of repeat infection or sickness. Sure, there was no way to be sure in today’s age of space-port sex. But Eve felt safe that Riddick was probably the cleanest sex she’d ever come by. How he managed that while being almost a permanent fixture in the penal system, she didn’t want to know. He had blood on his hands, and not all of it was merc blood.

Eve held the thick cock in two hands and eyed it. It felt alive and warm between her fingers, like a snake. She licked her lips and leaned in to the long dick she held in her hands. She rubbed it over one cheek, then over the other. Men like Riddick could make a girl want to suck cock for a living. She rubbed the bulbous head of his dick over her lips, sighing happily.

Eve opened her mouth as wide as she could. It wasn’t wide enough though. His dick was that big. She suckled over the head and the hole of the penis in her hands, sloppily slurping all over the tightening flesh.

I guess I’m better than I thought at this, she told herself smugly. He’s already reacting!

She suckled more, tasting the oozing precum from the slitted hole on the top of the dick head. It was salty sweet, and definitely healthy. She tongued the slit furiously, then watched as her hands squeezed the whole cock from the base right up to the head. More cum seeped out and she quickly gobbled it. She had hoped to really suck him off, not having done it for such a long time. But the size of this cock made that obviously impossible. Slurping over it would have to suffice.

Eventually Eve leaned back, breathing heavily. Her pants were soaked and so was Riddick’s penis. She rubbed her palms over her breasts, feeling her erect nipples under her shirt. Without even bothering to look over her shoulder, she pulled off her top and tossed it to one side. It landed on Toombs’ shoes but she didn’t notice and didn’t care.

Now her breasts were exposed to the humid air of the ship’s cabin, and to her warm and sticky hands. She looked down at her chest, watching as she mashed her own tits together. She pinched at her nipples and moaned. Then she looked up at Riddick’s very hard dick.

Eve scooted forward again, sitting up straight as she maneuvered Riddick’s cock between her tits. It bounced and she looked up at his face quickly, to see if he was awake. He didn’t move, and his breathing was just the same. He’d have to have some amazing self control to be awake and not give himself away at all. He was still tranked and hers to toy with.

She pressed her small round breasts around his cock. She wasn’t a big girl in the chest department but she had enough soft pliable flesh to mold around his big cock, enough to excite her anyway. She moaned and groaned as she tugged at her nipples, watching as Riddick’s cock began to ooze more cum. She quickly dragged the head of his dick over her nipples, first one and then the other. Then she let his penis drop and toyed and fingered the silvery strands of cum over her chest. She licked her fingers, and tried to tell herself to wait. But it was impossible.

Eve reached down and rubbed her crotch through her pants. She had created so many elaborate plans, the minute she’d put the cuffs on Riddick’s wrists.

“Let’s go, big boy,” she’d said in her toughest I-don’t-care voice. And he’d just smirked and followed along like an obedient puppy. All the while though she’d begun planning how to have him.

She knew she wanted to suck him off. But now she’d discovered he was too big. She wouldn’t have minded just titty fucking him for awhile, but his penis dwarfed her small soft breasts and it frustrated her. Her pussy was aching for some real action. Maybe she could just spend some time masturbating before getting the real deal.

Eve stood up and began to peel off her pants. Her tight naked ass felt good in her hands as she squeezed and rubbed it, teasing herself. Then she moved her fingers deftly over her shaven pussy lips, tugging on them. Her clit still throbbed from her earlier orgasm, but in such a way that it really wanted more attention, and not to be left alone. Standing with her feet slightly apart and her pelvic area tucked upwards, Eve began to masturbate. She reached out and touched at the head of Riddick’s dick, her other hand furiously diddling her clitoris and pussy hole. Her tiny hidden inner labia were extra sensitive and she knew they needed to be fucked and soon. If only she could have had Riddick awake, and know what it was like to have him sucking at her pussy. The thought of really fucking him, no dope, no binds, pushed Eve beyond what she could handle. Before she could help herself, she was cumming, her whole body shaking as her juices coated her fingers. She avoided entering her hole, wanting to leave it hungry for the prisoner’s cock.

At last, Eve let herself collapse to the floor and lean against Riddick’s shins. She was breathing so loudly that she thought she might wake someone up. Then she realized how tranked they all were, the crew and Riddick. And she knew she had nothing to worry about. Slowly, catching her breath, Eve stood up, naked and bold between Riddick’s knees.

“So what do you think, big boy?” she said coyly. He didn’t answer of course but in Eve’s mind, he was begging her. He wanted her in every way he could have her and was begging her to take him.

“Have it your way then,” she whispered.

Eve turned around, slowly backing up towards Riddick’s sleeping form. She rubbed her ass over his sweaty and taut stomach. Then she parted her buttocks and began to lower herself. Grabbing his cock from between her legs, Eve managed to position the big fat dick just right. Soon, she could feel the wet head of his penis pressing against her asshole.

She’d never had anal sex like this before. She’d had it, plenty of it. That was the best way to avoid certain diseases that festered only in the vagina. It seemed like there was a new disease popping up every cycle, every port. Some you took drugs for, others you just avoided certain body parts. Getting fucked in the ass was fine once in awhile, if it meant your pussy lips didn’t shrivel up and fall off.

Eve had never guided a man’s dick into her ass before. She’d always had them pushing demandingly at her tight pucker. She felt clumsy and awkward at first, but then a stronger sense of control came over her. She could decide how hard to go, how fast to go. And how far to go. Did she just want to tease herself for a bit? Eve dragged the wet cockhead up and down the wrinkled hole between her ass cheeks. Maybe she wanted it slow. She carefully pushed herself back, gripping one of Riddick’s thigh muscles in a vice-like grip as she forced his cockhead to begin penetrating her ass.

The burning sensation that followed was terrifying. Maybe he was too big, maybe she was doing it all wrong. Did she dare take him in her cunt then? She looked over her shoulder and saw her own face reflected back at her in the prisoner’s goggles.

“Fine, fucker,” she grunted. Then she pushed his cock forward and down. It was so much easier to aim for her pussy. She did so expertly, and felt herself stretching around Riddick’s massive cockhead.

He was big, he was huge, but it all felt so incredibly satisfying to the young merc. She let him slide right up inside her, wincing quietly as she felt him stretch her. Slowly she sat down in Riddick’s lap, letting her body adjust to his size. He was fucking huge, and she swore she could feel him pressing against the surgically-stitched entrance of her womb. She’d had herself done up right by a doc at a prison a long time ago, once she’d saved up enough money. No kids for this chick. Of course, the operation didn’t take into account that some dicks like Riddick’s were going to be so big, they’d push right up inside a girl and bang against that cervix. Eve hoped it didn’t make a difference. What the hell would she do with a screaming brat anyway?

Slowly she lifted herself upwards, feeling her pussy tightly slide up around Riddick’s shaft. She lifted herself almost to standing, just to get him to the point where he was about to fall out of her hole. Then she sat down again, hard. It felt so good, she was moaning loudly again. She let her head drop back and began to ride the sleeping prisoner. She squirmed forward and back, feeling the immense penis thrusting helplessly inside her. She wriggled around, forcing him as deep inside her hole as she could get him. Then she lifted completely off of him and stood up, turning around to face him.

With great care, Eve straddled the prisoner, fidgeting with his cock until she could get it up inside her again. He filled her completely as she put her hands around his neck and dropped herself down. Holding onto him, she pulled herself up. There would be no slipping or escaping from this position, she knew, not til she was done with him. Eve began to ride him again, bucking forward and back in the throes of passion. Still he didn’t wake up. It would have been funny if he had. Some strange girl riding his cock. What would he do, she wondered. She pinched at her breasts with one hand while the other held her on Riddick’s lap. His cock felt like it was swelling inside her, and Eve imagined that he was fucking her, that there were only the two of them in the ship’s cabin, in the middle of no where, fucking madly. Would he suck at her tits, she thought to herself as she rolled a nipple between her fingertips. Would he grip her hips and grind hard up into her?

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