secret agent

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Nick was blankly staring at his laptop. It has been 46 hours since he had mailed the headquarters about his availability for the next mission. As per the policy he should be hearing from them within the next two hours. He was sitting on a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean few hundred kilometres from Los angeles.

Along with him on the boat were a dead body and a few gadgets. His previous mission was to recover the body of an agent who was thrown overboard from a ship few weeks ago.

Nick stared at the body for a moment and shifted his concentration back to the screen. He wondered why his missions were always so lonely. Since his association with the agency two years ago, his missions have all been like this, he never had a mission that dealt with normal people. He wondered if the agency thought he wasn’t capable handling combats.

He stood up on the boat and looked at his reflection in the water, he was short, around 5’6″ and thin, his face looked immature. He still remembered his 18th birthday when he joined the agency as a junior agent, the agents there treated him like a kid and made him work as an attendant in the office for over an year.

He looked at the screen again and remembered that he would be sent back to the office if he had no on-going missions.

*beep* *beep* Mail Received!

He opened the mail hastily and stared in disbelief, it was the mail he was expecting but the content was new, ‘an impersonation mission.’

The mail didn’t have any other detail, it just requested him to report at the headquarters immediately. He closed the mail and with all the excitement of going back to the city he switched on the boat’s motor and headed towards land.

Next day he reached the headquarters at noon after dispatching the body. He wanted to look as sociable as possible so, he had shaven his face and put on his best suit.

As soon as he entered the headquarters he was directed to the discussion hall, there he was met by Mrs Kellerman. Mrs K wasn’t an agent, she was the one in-charge of assigning agents with their missions and she was popular because of her stubbornness.

“Agent Nick, nice to see that you have shaved, it sure suits the mission”.

“I am gla…”

“No interruptions, please, as I was saying your mission requires a lot of preparations and we felt that you suited the mission more than any other available agent.”

Nick felt excited at having a special mission and wanted to know more, so he listened carefully as the words continued to flow from Mrs K’s mouth. On the screen behind her appeared a picture of a high school.

“Lake view Girls high school, this is the place of your mission and this…”

The screen now showed a picture of a small green colour gem stone. Though it looked a lot like Emerald, Nick felt that it was different in some way.

“The stone you see here is a new variety optical storage device and it contains information of high confidentiality. The stone slipped off from the transporter when he was amidst a quarrel. We believe that the stone is with one of these three girls.”

The screen flashed a picture of three girls in school uniforms crossing a road. All three of them looked cute and sexy in their short skirts.

“The blonde one is Debra, the brunette is Amanda and the black girl is Sylvia. They are very close friends and since they are from respectable backgrounds, we need utmost sophistication in this mission.

Initially the Mission was designed for Agent Bella and a new recruit Agent Elsa, in which they would join the high school as interim students, befriend the girls and retrieve the stone. But due to unavoidable circumstances Agent Bella will not be able to take up the mission.”

Nick looked at her sceptically and wondered what the unavoidable circumstance could be. Nick had heard about Bella the teenage agent. Rumours were around that she was the hottest agent in the agency, so sexy that she got to choose her missions. And for Agent Elsa, the name was new to him. He reckoned it must be one of the newbies.

Mrs K continued, “But, the arrangements have already been made for them to join the school. So, we are sending you as a replacement for Agent Bella.”

Nick blurted, “Should be a piece of cake, I am very good at flirting. I will get the girls to talk in no time.”

Mrs K looked back sharply, “No flirting! You are not going in as Nick, you are going in as Bella. Bella Crawford.”

Nick stood there in complete panic, he was about to say something when.

“Your small stature, long hair makes it easy for the impersonation and if you fail to accept the mission, you will resume your work at the office. So, are you ready? “

Everything was thrown at him so quickly that he was finding it difficultto comprehend. He looked into Mrs K’s eyes and it was cold and stern, she meant business. Nick despised working in the office so much that he just nodded his head in agreement.

“And by the way, meet Agent Elsa.” Mrs K pointed at the door way.

In walked a lovely teenager wearing spectacles, she was as tall as Nick, with sumptuous curves and cute face. She looked excited and anxious.

“It is Agent Elsa’s first mission, so she might look a little tensed. Agent Nick you will be in-charge of the mission, you report directly to the headquarters and, you start tomorrow as per school timings. Collect your paper works at the front desk and all the best with your disguise.”

Nick walked out of the discussion hall, went straight to the front desk got the papers, put them in his back pack and headed for the door when a voice from the hallway yelled, “Agent Nick!”

Nick turned to see Elsa walking towards him with her copy of the papers. She was trying to arrange the papers, and held them precariously in front of her. Nick offered to help her, he grabbed a few papers from her and tried to arrange them when he accidently brushed her breast with the back of his hand. He looked at her face to apologise, but she was still busy arranging the papers as if nothing had happened, but her cheeks were turning beat red. He realized that she was very shy girl, and felt that this made the mission a lot more interesting.

After a brief discussion with Elsa about the mission, Nick headed home. Thoughts about Elsa kept disturbing him throughout his ride back home. Back home he had a huge parcel waiting for him, it was from the agency. Immediately he knew what it was — the preps, it contained all the costumes and accessories that Nick would need for the mission; to transform into Bella.

After stripping down he stood in the shower and started shaving his body. He applied cream all over his chest, stomach, arms and legs and removed all the small pecks of hair from his body. Then he applied cream on his genitals and around his penis, with his hand he spread the cream around his manhood and this gave him an instant erection.

His mind wandered to his meeting with Elsa. He imagined her in front of him on her knees playing with his balls and licking his hard erect cock. He stroked his cock as cum started to build inside of his genitals. He imagined her eyes staring from behind her glasses and her round juicy breasts as he shot a huge load into the air. He thought about the days ahead and wondered if he would have any chances with Elsa. After shaving completely he stood before his mirror and ogled at his reflection.

He took a pair of silk panties and matching bra from the box. The silky material sent down a wave of shiver down his body, causing his then limp cock to harden. He realised that getting a hard on will only make his task tougher. He waited till the hard on subsided and then got dressed. After adding all the accessories including the breast pads he looked like a sexy teenager.

Next morning Nick got dressed and headed for the Lake view Girls high school. He wanted to test his disguise so he chose to travel by bus. He sat next to a geeky boy and noticed that his eyes never left his body. Nick got down at the bus stop and went towards the school.

On the way he could feel all men looking at him in a way that made him feel a little excited. At the school’s entrance was Elsa, in a short skirt and a tight top, her breasts were straining against her top. She was still tensed and looked anxious, he went and stood in front of her, she was not able to recognize him in the disguise. He got a little bold and hugged her, he felt her breast pressed against his fake breasts, and then he gently whispered in her ears, “Its me, Bella.”

Nick and Elsa were in the same class as the three girls. Nick sat next to Debra, Elsa was right behind Sylvia, Amanda was in between Debra and Sylvia. As per the plan Nick’s first target was Debra and Elsa’s was Sylvia. Debra was into sports and hockey was her favourite, she was the main striker for the girl’s team. Bella (NIck) joined the hockey team and started practising with Debra. Sylvia was a nerd and it suited Elsa, to befriend her.

By the end of the first day Elsa was discussing strange formula with Sylvia and Bella caught Debra’s eyes on field.

Since the three girls were staying in the school’s hostels, Bella and Elsa were also assigned a room there. They were supposed to share that room, the prospect of sharing a room with Elsa turned Nick on. As soon as they entered their room, Elsa went to one corner of the room and occupied the bed there.

Nick was tired from all the hockey, so he decided to take a shower. He went inside the bathroom, dressed down to nothing, started running the shower and cleaned himself. As he rubbed soap all over his body, he wondered what Elsa was doing, he crept towards the door and through the keyhole peeped into the room, Elsa was standing over her suitcase in her bra and panties searching for a something.

He decided to have some fun, he called for her and asked her if she could get him a towel. After a few moments he heard the bathroom door creak open, she stood there with a towel in one hand and the other quickly covered her eyes when she realised that he was naked. She was now wearing a robe that was tied in haste. It showed off her slender legs and ample cleavage.

He stepped out of the shower and got the towel from her hand and started wiping himself dry in front of her. Through her fingers she sneaked a look at his body, what caught her eye was his fully erect manhood. Instantly her mouth became dry and she started sweating. Drops of sweat appeared all over her body, and having noticed this Nick, with a smile on his lips said, “Look at you, it must be really hot in here, you are sweating so much.”

With that he wiped off the sweat formed on her tits with the towel. She was shocked and her legs started to tremble, she turned around and rushed out of the bathroom.

Later that night Elsa bought dinner for both of them and they discussed their plans for the next day. All through dinner she had flashes of Nick’s manhood from the evening. She was getting very horny and decided it was her turn to tease him.

After dinner as they were having coffee she accidently poured some coffee on her t shirt, in an act of response she instantly removed her t shirt in one flow, her breasts sprang to plain view, they were round and perky and the brown nipple on top looked like its crown. This sudden exposure made Nick gasp for breath. Further she bent down and mopped the coffee from the floor, her boobs hung like ripe mangoes on a tree, after cleaning the floor she looked up at Nick and gave him a wide smile and then she slipped into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. All the while Nick stood there in the middle of the room like a lost child, unable to believe what had happened.

Then he heard Elsa call him from the bathroom and ask for a towel.

The whole night they were teasing each other and they both enjoyed it. The next morning Nick left early for Hockey practice and Elsa left for school laterat 8′o clock. Bella was rather good at hockey and the team was glad to have her, Bella stuck around with Debra as much as possible. Debra liked the new girl and was glad the she was very friendly.

Coach Mrs Patterson on the other hand was also excited but for a different reason. In Bella’s eyes she saw a timid teenager wanting to be exploited. In the evening after practice she asked Bella and Debra to meet her at her office.

When Bella reached her office she found Debra already waiting for her. Before entering the room Debra said, “What happens inside this room stays inside this room.” With that she entered and Bella followed.

Mrs Patterson was a tall, well -built lady in her late thirties. She had an aura of command around her and she demanded control in her demeanour. She had huge boobs and her ass was very tight in her sports dress. She was sitting on the couch in her room when the two girls entered.

She smiled at Bella and motioned Debra to come near her, Debra walked right next to her and suddenly kissed her on the lips and sat next to her. Bella couldn’t believe her eyes, Mrs Patterson was still smiling, she stared directly into Bella’s eyes as Debra unbuttoned the coach’s jacket and revealed her bra. Then she slid the bra clasps off her shoulder and brought into view huge a pair tits topped with dark brown nipples, she bent down and started licking them alternatingly. Bella’s jaw dropped and she gazed at the breasts in complete disbelief. Mrs Patterson motioned her to come and sit next to her.

Nick was starting to have an erection and he thought standing there would be a dead giveaway so he obliged and went and sat next to her. The coach kissed him on the lips and started rubbing her hands on his soft thigh. She asked him to get down on his knees. Nick couldn’t believe what was happening, his legs bent automatically and now he was kneeling in front of this huge woman.

Mrs Patterson said, “Bella my girl, you will do as I say and this will stay in this room. Understand?”

Nick looked at Debra who was busy sucking those nipples, and nodded his head in agreement. “I see you like what Debra is doing, now to reach where she is right now you ll have to start from the bottom.”

With that she opened her legs wide and gestured him to start licking. She was wearing a red panty that was wet near her crotch. “Do you see that wetness there? I want you to take care of it now. Lick it off completely.”

Nick moved in closer and reached for her panties, she lifted her back a little so that he could remove them easily. Her pussy appeared in front of him, it was covered with neatly trimmed hair. He bent forward, once again looked up to see if Debra was watching, but she was still busy with the nipples.

The smell of the pussy juices filled his nostrils as he moved his mouth nearer to the clit. He stuck out his tongue and touched the inner edge of her pussy lips. The coach let out a soft moan and asked him to proceed. He licked around the edges of the pussy tasting the juices, he felt his erection going out of control in his pants.

Then suddenly a hand buried his face into the pussy, it was Mrs Patterson’s hand and she exclaimed, “Dig deeper.”

Nick moved his hands behind her grabbing her ass and pulling her forward. He penetrated as much as possible with his tongue and sucked on the pussy lips. Mrs Patterson started to moan loudly and Debra let go off the nipples and started rubbing between her legs. Mrs Patterson came in a few minutes, Nick started licking off the juices from her pussy and he was joined by Debra. After the pussy was licked clean, they licked off each other’s face. Debra kissed him passionately and Nick was enjoying every bit of the Lesbian fun.

Meanwhile, Mrs Patterson got dressed and said, “You two out.”

Elsa on the other hand was finding it very easy getting to know Sylvia. Elsa had learnt that Sylvia was from a strict family her father was a retired army General; she was very much interested in biology and hoped to become a doctor in the army; She was very studious and very shy around boys.

Sylvia was tall around 6 feet and had the body of a super model. Elsa felt that her shyness was a total mismatch to her attributes. Elsa found it very tough getting her out of the school campus even for a cup of coffee. She was very conscious of what the men on the road thought about her, she wondered what made her feel that way and wanted to know a way out of that feeling.

“It is very bad on my part to feel this way around men, this could ruin my dream of working in the army.”

Elsa tried to console her by saying it was natural for a girl her age to have such feelings, she also added that she had a great body and that men were simply astonished by it. She also quoted that not long ago even she herself was very shy around men, but she is normal now.

“So, how did you overcome it, the feeling?” enquired Sylvia.

Elsa said with a naughty smile, “face what you fear!” Sylvia looked at her and begged her to help her out of this. Elsa added, ” I know a guy, he is small, submissive, like a slave and will do whatever you tell him to do, if you wish I can arrange you a meeting with him, you can feel free around him. It should be a good start. And I guarantee no one will know about this.”

Sylvia was feeling very excited imagining what she could gain from this but felt slightly uncomfortable. Elsa took a photograph of Nick from her bag and put it on the coffee table, Sylvia looked at the cute boy’s picture and wondered what will happen if her father found out. He will simply shoot her head off, but she wanted to get over the feeling as early as possible so she nodded her acceptance with a smile.

Elsa announced, “So, tomorrow after school in your room, don’t worry he knows his way in the hostel.”

Nick was standing in the shower, thinking of what his next step should be. He remembered how much interest Debra had shown in Bella, he knew sooner or later there would be a moment of intimacy between the two which could end up blowing his cover. He looked at his cock and felt sorry for it not being able to find a way into Mrs. Patterson’s sweet juicy pussy. He finished bathing and wrapped him in a towel, sat on his bed and started preparing a progress report for the agency.

The room door opened and Elsa entered with a wide grin. She said that she had a surprise for him and threw her bag and books on her bed and started to narrate her deal with Sylvia as she undressed.

Nick’s cock which was already neglected during all the action from the evening sprang into attention. She told him what he was supposed to do the next day. She was completely naked now, bending away from him digging into her bag, her pussy was in clear view for him. His cock formed a tent in the towel.

He did not know what caused this reaction the news that she told him or her pose she was in. She took a towel from her bag turned around and headed towards the bathroom, on the way she went near him, adjusted her glasses, looked at the tent in his towel, smiled and said, “he will be busy tomorrow” and she patted the top of the tent and trotted to the bathroom.

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