I open the passenger door and shove you in. Climbing over you, I find the driver seat and get myself situated. You stare wildly through the windshield. You’re looking for clues to where I am taking you, and I cant have that. But what to do?

I’ve got an idea. I pull your shirt up, trying to get it over your head, but I realize your hands still tied behind you, won’t let me get the shirt off properly, so I rip it down the front.

“Mmmm. Those are some nice tits you got there, slut.” You look at me for the first time, and it’s shock looking back at me. Did you expect me to be hideous? Your eyes scatter across my face. First to my grizzly hair, my heavy, black-brown eyes, my full lips, the stubble running down my square jaw. I am, by all accounts, a good looking man, but I only find enjoyment taking girls like you—by force.

And something about the way you’re staring at me is making my cock go stiff again. You look down at it; you can see it throbbing against my jeans. I put a rough hand on your tits and massage them forcefully. “Your tits are perfect, whore, perfect. How about you suck my dick on the drive home.” Your eyes dart away again, nervous and scared. I’ll fix that for you.

I take the shreds of your shirt and tie them around your eyes, and you tremble as I finish the knot in the back. Pulling your bra down, I get my first good look at your nipples. They’re as hard as my dick and are begging me to pinch them, so I do. You scream out in pain. “Fuck. Yeah, cum slut, scream for me.” You go quiet as I release your nipples.

“Now bend over and suck me, bitch.” You shake your head. You really do know how to get me going. I grab your hair and easily force your nose down to my crotch. I bet you can smell my cum down there. I wonder if it reminds you of how you gobbled my cum down earlier like a hungry hooker.

Holding on to your head with my right hand, I reach with my left and unzip myself. My dick pops free and smacks you in the mouth. You jerk back, and I slap you across the cheek. “You’re going to have to start learning some manners, whore. I’m your master now, and you do what I tell you.” You nod your head. You’re starting to understand. “That’s a good slut. Now show me how naughty you can be.”

You open your mouth, and I thrust my dick into your warm hole, bottoming out in your throat. You start to gag; you weren’t expecting me to be so forceful, but you should’ve known better, by now. You get your gag reflex under control, and soon you’re bobbing your head up and down and slobbering all over my cock like a champ. “You may be the best slut I’ve ever had, but I’ll save judgment for later tonight.”

I put the SUV in drive and pull out of the alley. You can probably hear the sounds of traffic, horns, music in the background while you suck my cock like the good slut you are. Soon you hear the smooth sound of tires on pavement replaced by gravel being thrown about. I drive without turning for ten minutes, and I don’t know if it’s the bumpy road or my dick sliding against your tongue, but I feel pressure building in my balls.

You must realize it too because you pull your head backward, trying to keep the head of my dick in your mouth. “You’re not getting off that easy, bitch.” You shake your head, but I don’t give a fuck what you want. I slam on the brakes and grab the back of your head with both hands and fuck your face like my life depends on it. I can hear my ball sack slapping against your jaw with each rapid fire of my cock in your mouth.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming, bitch. Don’t you spill a drop on my seat.” I orgasm and keep pumping you until I feel my dick go limp in your mouth. “Suck out every last drop, you little slut. Every drop.” You do as commanded, and I feel the last trickle of semen dribble out of me. My dick’s had enough, so I pull your head off of me, but you must not have been prepared for that because a stream of cum falls from your lips and splashes down on my seat.

“What did I tell you? You’ll learn to listen to me if it’s the last goddamn thing you do, whore.” I pull you up, and I force you to straddle me, your back to the wheel. I reach behind me in the back seat, and I fumble around until I find what I’m looking for: a high-powered vibrator/dildo. I take a Swiss knife out of my front pocket, and I cut the packaging off; I had just been to the sex shop getting a few supplies for someone else, but I figure they’ll work just as good on you.

After I get the batteries in, I turn it on to see what it can do. The dildo is long, and it twists violently in front of me, balls at the base can be heard scrambling around, and the vibrator buzzes loudly. You start begging me to not hurt you.

“Shut up, slut. You broke my rule, now you get the punishment.” I turn it off and spread your pussy lips. I drive its thick nine inches inside of you, causing you to gasp, and I twist it to make sure the large, rubbery vibrator is resting against your clit. I push the on button, and you squirm and scream like crazy.

“That’s it, slut. Scream for Daddy. Go ahead and scream all you want. No one’s going to hear you but me.” I pull your head close to me, so I can see the road, and I hit the gas. I get five minutes down the road, and I hear your first orgasm coming, you can’t fight it any longer. You moan like a whore getting dp’d by a room full of hung black men. “That’s it. Moan for me. Cum for me, you little slut.”

Your legs shake, and I feel your body clench through what must be the best orgasm you’ve ever had. I look down and see my jeans are soaked from you, but that’s not all I see. My cock is fully erect again, flicking itself at your ass. Not a bad idea.

I pull to the side of the road, and already, your body is being racked by an orgasm. I pick you up and push you over the steering wheel and onto the dashboard. I place your feet, which still have their sneakers on, firm against the ceiling. Your whore ass is already throbbing for me. “Fuck. You’re loving this aren’t you? You want some more cum, you little whore? You want me to unload in that tight little ass of yours?” You nod your head. You can’t fight your inner slut wanting to come out any longer.

The head of my cock pushes easily into your ass. It’s like your ass is trying to swallow my dick whole. I thrust my hard cock into you, and you have the loudest orgasm I’ve heard yet and tremors rock your body. Your ass constricts around my dick, and I can feel every bit of your insides stroking my long rod.

I pound you hard for a good fifteen minutes, and you cum four more times before, suddenly, my dick explodes out of nowhere. Gripping your hips, I plow your ass. I try to lean into you as far as I can, but the stupid fucking vibrator is getting in my way, so I rip it from your cunt and force fuck you some more as I lean over. With one hand I reach behind your head and pull it close to mine. I part your lips with my mine and fuck your mouth with my tongue.

You must be in orgasm heaven because you don’t fight it all; you kiss me back. And for a minute, I fuck my dick inside you, pausing for a second before each thrust, and we tongue each other until my dick goes limp again. I let it slip out of you, and I can hear the cum dripping out of you. It’s getting all over my brand new fuckin car, but I don’t care.

I think I’m in love. Yeah. I just may be. And that only means one thing for you. “I’m never going to let you leave me, slut. You’re going to be my little fuck toy forever.”

I sit back down and tuck my dick back in my jeans. I push you into the passenger seat and press on the gas. Two more left turns, a right, a left, another left, and I pull into my driveway. I get out and type the code into my gate. You hear it slide open, and I get back in and drive forward. A garage door opens. I pull forward. The garage door shuts.

“Well, we’re home, fuck toy.”

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