Her eyes fluttered open and her vision was still blurry. Her head ached. He must have slipped something in my drink, she thought.

Confused, she tried to move her arms, only to find that they were stretched high above her and with her wrists bound and tied to some kind of mechanism on the ceiling. Christina blinked again, slowly then furiously trying to get her bearings.

The room was dark. She knew she heard whispers but could not make out what was being said or where it was coming from. The only light in the small space shone directly from above her as if it were acting like a spotlight. Her breathing intensified as she started to panic. She squinted, trying to make out anything more than shadows. She looked down and found herself completely naked, barely sitting on a chair with the ropes above her balancing her best they could. Her skin was on fire from embarrassment, and her heart raced from fear.

“Pull her up.” The voice came from in front of her. She yanked her head up to try and see. Without warning, the ropes were pulled which caused her to stand. Somebody whooshed in from behind her and removed the chair. She was again left naked, on display. “Spread your legs.” The same voice commanded her. She began shaking uncontrollably, unsure what to do. “I said, spread your legs, you whore.” Instinctively, she listened and spread her legs shoulder width. A collective “ah” was heard from her audience. “Check her.” The voice was obviously speaking to somebody else and she waited to find out what her fate was going to be.

A woman appeared from the darkness and situated herself in front of her. Her eyes were inviting, deep blue like the furthest depths of the ocean. Her hair was platinum blonde, and she was wearing the most magnificent red leather outfit. Tied tightly in the waist, her breasts hung out from the top. She came in close to her allowing her breasts to touch Christina’s arm. Christina’s breathing changed from panic to a sick kind of excitement. The blonde then turned into her, allowing them to be breast to breast and looked at her with an intensity that would turn anyone on. She came closer, their lips barely touching, yet the blonde was able to reach her tongue into Christina’s mouth, slowly rimming the inside of her upper lip. Without any kind of warning, she pulled back, reached down and violently jammed two fingers into Christina’s pussy making her gasp. As quickly as she put them in, she yanked them out, putting them in her mouth, deep-throating her own hand.

“She’s ready, Master. Tasty, and wet enough for your glorious cock.”

The blonde stood back, just barely.

“Excellent.” The voice finally came into the light. It was him. Her blind date. One minute they were sharing dinner, the next she ended up here. “My friends. Tonight is a special night. I bring you Christina, and I shall share her with you. You may do with her as you please.” He turned towards her. “Should you choose to ram your cock down her throat you may.” He forcefully opened her jaw with his hands. “Should you choose to fuck her pussy, you may.” He said as he fingered her. “You want to smack her ass? Go ahead.” He whacked her as hard as he could. Christina moaned in pain. “You want to abuse her tits?” He slapped each one, over and over before flicking the nipple. You want to fuck her in her tight ass…go ahead. “Again, another finger, but this time up her asshole.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Christina half whispered and half pleaded with her captor.

He flung himself into her, so close she could feel his spit on her face when he answered her.

“Do you dare question me?” He raised his hand to the side, ready to bitch slap her. She said nothing. “DO YOU?” He screamed at her.

“No.” Her voice was weak.

“No what bitch?”

“No, sir?”

He flung his hand across her cheek causing an immediate rush of pain to her cheek and tears to flow.

“It is NO MASTER to you stupid whore. You advertise yourself on the internet under the guise of looking for love, when really; you just want to be fucked. Well, here we are. Oh, baby…you’re about to get fucked. Hard.” As violent as he was, he stepped back and gently touched the redness of her face and wiped her tears. “Get her down.”

In a flurry, several men and one woman appeared. The ties above her loosened her arms. A table appeared. Quickly, she was hoisted on to it, tied again, but this time her hands above her and to the side and her legs spread and tied to the legs of the table causing her ass to hang off just a bit for easy access, if needed.

The first man appeared to her. He was older, balding and portrayed a disgusting grin as he massaged his own cock. His teeth were crooked and his breath smelled. His mouth went straight for hers, his tongue licking the inside and outside of her mouth.

“You like her Claude, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, sir. Yes.”

“Well, have her then.”

He licked her again, and then moved his tongue from her mouth to the side of her face, then down her neck to her tits. His tongue was in heaven as he sucked on her, still stroking himself.

Another man came forward, this one a little younger, skinny but with a huge cock. He gave no mercy as he jammed it into her pussy thrusting as hard as he could. The third man came, taking his already hard cock and filling her mouth with it. Another woman then entered, this one a brunette, and began licking the cock that was in Christina’s mouth, begging to taste his cum. One more man came to her, this one large, very large. So large, she could hear him snorting just to breathe. He stood at the end of the table, moving his hand all around her ass, before inserting his fat finger into her hole. She had never been fucked anally before, much less while her pussy was full of cock.

Claude was no longer satisfied by playing with her tits. He moved his mouth down to her clit licking it while she was being fucked. The man in her mouth was kissing the brunette, their tongues playing in the air. Christina was moaning, partly in disgust, but also in pleasure.

Her date put his mouth by her ear.

“You like this, don’t you?” He grabbed a hold of one of her tits and squeezed it. “You’re a fucking whore. You know that right?” He smacked her tit as hard as he could. “You know you’re a cunt who nobody wants? That’s why you’re here with these jerk offs. Because you’re a whore who will fuck anything.” He smacked her tits again.

The man who was fucking her pussy suddenly pulled out, allowing Claude full access to it with his tongue. His little tongue licked her from her asshole to her clit covering his face in her pussy juices. The fat man was still finger fucking her asshole, seemingly happy. With her pussy clear, the fat man moved his cock over to her and spread her ass cheeks. He crouched a tiny bit and then jammed his cock into her ass making Christina scream. Her only lubrication was her own juice and a tiny bit of pre cum from the cock that has just been inside her. The fat man ripped her apart, making her bleed. The skinny one who had been fucking her appeared in front of her mouth, jacking himself off. The third man moved, and the brunette put her face up next to Christina’s waiting to catch the cum. He stroked his cock, one, two three times before a wad of cum exploded hitting Christina and her new friend in the face. He jammed his cock into Christina’s mouth and she was ordered to clean it by the master. She gagged as he touched the back of her throat. The man pulled it out, and the brunette got onto her knees sucking him, getting him hard again.

The room hushed as the blonde appeared, wearing a 12 inch strap on dildo. The men backed away and watched, with their cocks in their hands and the blonde made her assault on Christina’s pussy. She spread her legs as far as she could, easing the dildo into her, again making Christina scream.

“Shut the fuck up.” The master ordered her.

“Take it like you took her man.”

The blonde slammed it into her, pumping her better than any man ever had. She crawled up on top of her, their bodies slammed together, tit to tit and she fucked her. The blonde kissed her, her tongue completely inside of Christina’s mouth and Christina kissed her back, furiously. Passionately. She fucked her like a man would fuck his mistress, keeping her legs open with her own, jamming the cock deep inside of her. The men watching could barely stand much more. The played with Christina’s tits, never touching the blonde, but attacking Christina. Hands were everywhere. On her tits, touching her clit when they could, in her mouth, on her hair. Tongues replaced the fingers at times and Christina could do nothing but take it. The blonde stopped and removed the strap on. She stood with one leg on the floor, and the other reached out over Christina’s body so their pussys were sucked onto each other. The grinded together, their juices intermingling. Both of the g-spots were found and it was all Christina could do not to cum. The blonde looked at Christina’s date. Eyes pleading.

“May I cum Master?”

“Yes, my love. Cum for me.”

He hugged her, kissing her while she grinded her pussy in faster to Christina’s. Moans of passion came from her, and Christina could feel her pussy tighten and then get more wet.

“May I cum Master?” Christina asked.

“No. Shut up you fucking bitch.”

The blonde was done with her, and the fat man took her place. He came inside of her, turning red as he did. As soon as he took himself out, Claude was ready, jamming his prick inside of her, cumming, and mixing his sperm in with the fat mans. Christina’s pussy was literally dripping out cum. The third man also fucked her, cumming inside of her as well.

As quickly as they came, they left and suddenly Christina was left alone, still tied to the table.

Her master approached, walking in a circle around her, tracing his finger on her body as he did.

He stopped at her pussy, put his finger inside of her and lapped up as much of the men’s cum as he could. She violently shook her head. He grabbed her chin, opened it with his hand and stuck his fingers into her throat making her lick off what was left of her assault. When finished he unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard cock and jammed it into her mouth. He pounded it into her making her gag. He continued to do this until he was ready to cum. As he came, he plugged her nose so she would have no choice but to swallow it. She did, spitting out a little as she gagged. He pulled his dick out of her, zipped it back into his pants and used his finger to clean up the cum on her face, making her lick his finger each time.

The blonde reappeared, this time dressed.

He addressed Christina first.

“You are now my slave. You will return here next Saturday. Do you understand?”


“You will not tell anyone unless I instruct you to. Do you understand?”


“If you defy me, your punishment will be severe.

Do you understand?”


“If you defy me, I will not only punish you, but I will rape your little sister you told me about and I will punish her for your betrayal. Do you understand?”


He looked at the blonde.

“Get the bitch home.”

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