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“These are so big and full,” Wonder Woman said, groping Lois Lane’s breasts through a black lace bra as they sat on the roof of the Daily Planet.

Diana placed her finger under the black lace bra where it met Lois’s sternum, and ripped it swiftly. Lois’s generous breasts bobbed pleasingly as they were released from their prison, and her round, pink nipples hardened in the midnight air. A small sigh of delight escaped Lois’s ruby red lips as Diana grabbed her chest and began to knead with hungry authority. Pings of excitement washed over her.

“Don’t be shy Diana. I deserve more, especially after you fucked my husband so well right in front of me. Suck on my big tits,” Lois said, licking her lips.

Diana smiled and lowered her head to Lois’s bosom. Her tongue extended towards Lois’s teat, and brushed it ever so lightly, barely teasing it. Lois pushed her chest forward, hoping Diana would give her more, but the amazon kept pulling her tongue back, still teasing. Whimpers of longing came from Lois, needing to feel the warmth of Diana’s mouth. Wonder Woman pulled her head back and let out a little laugh.

“Don’t worry dear, I will give you what you want,” she said devilishly.

Diana grabbed Lois’s arms and twisted them behind her back with blurring speed. She turned Lois’s restricted body towards Kara, who was sitting next to the duo, quietly watching. Lois could feel Diana’s giant, exposed chest melons press against her back as she held the beautiful reporter on display for Kara to see. Kara’s mind raced through the possibilities of what Diana had in store for her, even though she did not have much experience. All she cared about was relieving the frustration building in her womanhood.

“Let’s give this slut wife what she wants Kara, come here and suck on her fun bags,” she demanded.

Kara timidly shimmied forward, her chest bouncing with each scoot, her bosom easily being the largest of the three women. Never before had she engaged herself with another woman intimately, and she felt nervous. Somewhere deep inside her, she knew Diana’s order could not be ignored. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to follow it. She reached Lois, who was twitching uncomfortably, obviously feeling pain from Diana’s hold. Kara lowered her head to Lois’s chest and turned her eyes up at Diana like a young doe.

“Do it, Kara. This is the wife of our baby daddy. Suck her big tits,” she urged.

Kara lowered her gaze back to Lois’s firm tits. Her thoughts raced. She knew Lois was as sexually frustrated as her, and wanted to orgasm badly. She knew this was the wife of the man she would be mothering a child with. Should she listen to Diana’s command? Would this make Kara a lesbian?

Every thought in the back of her mind suddenly stopped. The voices of uncertainty silenced themselves. Kara decided. In a swift motion, Kara groped the breasts hanging in front of her face and shoved Lois’s right nipple into her warm mouth.

“Oh yes! Suck my titty Kara,” Lois said as her breasts swelled with pleasure.

Kara was amazed at the delicious taste coming from Lois’s nipple. It was sweet tasting, and Power Girl wanted more. She sucked harder, bringing more of Lois’s large melon into her mouth. Lois moaned and Kara took the invitation to suck even harder, enjoying the candy taste overloading her taste buds.

“Oh am I jealous,” Diana cooed, “I want some too.”

Holding Lois’s arms in their brace with one hand, Diana positioned herself in front of Lois’s left breast. She eyed it hungrily, desperately wanting a taste like Kara was having. Lois watched her, guessed what was about to come, and purred in excited anticipation. Diana hummed with satisfaction as she opened her mouth and pushed the round nipple past her soft lips.

Lois’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and her mouth hung open. She tried to speak but words failed her as the immense pleasure of two women sucking her nipples washed over her. Her body squirmed and her blood heated as Kara and Diana groped the breasts they were sucking on.

Kara and Diana teased the nipples inside their mouths with their tongues, sometimes poking, sometimes tracing, and sometimes licking. Lois cried out in bliss each time their technique changed, finding the variation exciting and surprising. Diana and Kara’s pussies became wet as they cravingly continued their work. All three women were losing control of the excitement building inside them.

Diana lifted herself away from the delicious breast and positioned herself behind Lois’s quivering body. Lois gave a short moment of protest, but Kara’s continued sucking quickly occupied her attention. She knew not what Diana was plotting, and was taken by surprise.

Diana released her grip on Lois’s arms, pulled her up in a standing position, grabbed the collar of her work suit and tore it down the middle with swift force. A surprised gasp came from Lois as Diana continued to do the same with her business pants. What remained of Lois’s clothes were in tatters on the roof of the Daily Planet. She now only wore a tiny black thong, which Diana noticed framed her sculpted ass most pleasingly.

“Let’s see how wet you’ve gotten,” Diana whispered in Lois’s ear.

She started to place light kisses on the back of Lois’s neck, and extended a trail of them along her spine as she descended towards her shapely ass. Diana admired the firm ass cheeks Lois possessed and caressed them in her hands. She groped for several moments, playing with the beautiful behind, and then placed her hands on Lois’s thong where they met her curvy hips.

Diana pinched the thin, soft material on both sides and pulled it away from Lois’s body. The part of the thong covering Lois’s womanhood began to press lightly on her clit, making her hum in excitement. Wonder Woman pulled the strings farther, painfully slow, torturing the wet pussy. Lois longed for more as her pussy became hot, and her body quivered slightly. Without warning, Diana released the thong and the stings hit Lois with a snapping sound, and both sides broke like a rubber band stretched too tightly. Lois yelped in surprise, and the cloth fell to the ground, revealing her clean, pink pussy.

Diana smiled and ascended up Lois’s naked back, to her neck, planting playful bites and small kisses every few inches. She rested her hands on Lois’s shoulders and let them slowly fall down her back. When they reached her smooth ass, Diana gave a quick hard squeeze of both lobes, and caressed roughly.

“Time for some real fun now,” Diana whispered in Lois’s ear.

Diana quickly shoved her index finder under Lois’s butt and entered her warm, wet pussy from behind. Lois squeaked in joyful surprise as Diana swirled her finger inside her tight cunt. Her hips began to roll on Diana’s finger, savoring each ping of ecstasy thrown at her brain. Kara, still on the ground, noticed Lois’s hips moving, and took initiative of her own.

The blonde Kryptonian rose above the ground and floated in air in a position as if she were sitting in a chair. She spread her legs to expose a pleasing view of her wet slit right in front of Lois’s face, and floated towards her. Lois knew what she had in mind and gladly awaited the taste of her warm cunt. Kara threw her legs over Lois’s shoulders and forced her pussy on the reporter’s mouth.

Lois continued to roll her hips as she licked Kara’s clit gleefully, gasps of increasing pitch coming from the Kryptonian. To Lois’s delight, Diana increased the number of fingers pleasuring her from one to two, and quickened her pace. She allowed Lois to enjoy the feeling for a moment and then decided to give Kara a surprise. Diana used her free hand to push Lois’s face forward, forcing her to stick her wet tongue into Kara’s womanhood. Kara shuddered in ecstasy as Lois’s twirled her tongue inside her hot walls and she griped her head with her thighs. Both Lois and Kara were reaching climax quickly.

“You two sluts better not finish without me,” Diana warned.

The Amazon retracted her fingers and pulled Lois to the ground. Before Lois was able to yelp in shock, Wonder Woman had already lifted herself off the ground. She grabbed Kara by the hips, positioned her body flat in the air, and slammed her hungry Amazonian pussy against Kara’s Kryptonian cunt. A crack of thunder sounded on impact and Diana viciously gyrated into Kara, who was convulsing as ecstasy shot through her. The duo engaged one another violently in the air, shouting as their desire grew. They scissored so ravenously their humongous breasts hit them in the face as they lost themselves in sexual bliss. Lois watched on the ground, pleasuring herself.

Diana pushed her clit against Kara’s, driving her to shriek in pleasure. Kara responded by dipping her hips lower to gyrate around Diana’s wet lips. Her whirling and spinning boiled Diana’s blood and her body filled with euphoria. Wonder Woman rewarded her by pushing Kara’s body downward in the air, hanging her upside down, and scissoring her pussy vertically. Kara’s giant chest hung in front of her face as Diana worked her hot pussy. Kara knew her body was filled to the brim with ecstasy, and she was about to shoot over the precipice like a waterfall.

“Diana, you are gonna make me cum, keep fucking me!” Kara shouted, waves of elation bombarding her every second.

“My pussy will cum all over your orgasming cunt Kara. Cum for me you slut,” Diana snarled through barred teeth.

A mind-numbing delirium overtook the Amazon and Kryptonian and their eyes rolled to the back of their heads. Kara bit her lip and Diana’s toes curled. The women’s’ hips were so locked they couldn’t have been torn away from each other by a black hole’s gravity. Diana pushed onto Kara’s clit as Kara gyrated into Diana and both could no longer take it.

Their orgasms exploded inside them.

“FUCK! YES DIANA! YESSSSS!” Kara screamed, her body convulsing as her ultimate ecstasy flowed through her body.

“I’m cumming on that sweet cunt of yours, you slut!” Diana yelled, rolling her hips harder than ever before into Kara’s spasming body.

The next few minutes consisted of a series of shouts and gasps, the spasms of pleasure lasting long and controlling their bodies. Power Girl caressed her enormous breasts as she rode the waves of her orgasm, while Diana’s huge titties shook as her body quivered with intensity. The minutes of euphoria completely sated them. Satisfied exhales came from both women as they drifted away from pure bliss, floating from the air, back down to the ground. Both women wrapped themselves around each other, kissing deeply. Their passion was interrupted.

“You sluts came without me!” Lois said, annoyance and anger filling her voice, stopping the rubbing of her womanhood.

Diana and Kara slowly released each other, reluctantly. Diana was still breathing heavily, but ran her hands through her raven hair and stood up. Kara followed suit. Wonder Woman approached Lois.

“You fucking bitch, I’ve earned an orgasm,” Lois insisted, glaring at Diana.

“I will decide what you have earned Lois,” Diana retorted, her eyes drifting behind Lois’s naked form.

Clark had regained his composure and was secretly yanking on his huge twelve inch member as Kara and Diana had climaxed. Standing away from and behind Lois, he masturbated quietly. He stroked his dick harder when Diana eyed him. After a moment, Clark nodded to her as if she had told him something. Diana grabbed Lois into her arms swiftly and bent her over, her curvaceous behind facing Clark.

“Kara!” Diana shouted as a command.

Figuring out her plan, Kara immediately rushed to Diana, grabbed Lois’s left side as the amazon secured her right side. Lois’s tried to struggle against the two and began cursing protests. Lois’s holders positioned her ass in a view Clark found quite pleasing.

“This is for trying to tell me what you deserve you bitch wife,” Diana snarled, looking behind her towards Lois.

The duo lifted the reporter, and as if Lois’s shapely ass were a battering ram breaking down a castle door, they charged toward Clark. Clark ceased his stroking and stuck his hips outward, his cock standing fully erect. Diana shouted an amazon roar as she and Kara neared him with his weaponized wife. Lois began to shout in confusion. The Amazon and Kryptonian used a free hand to spread Lois’s lovely cheeks to reveal her small, pink asshole at the last second. Then they rammed her ass onto Clark’s massive erection with superhuman force.

Lois’s face contorted in blinding agony.

Her tight, round asshole was painfully forced to accommodate the shoving of an entire foot of cock in less than a second. The bloodcurdling scream escaping her throat made it hoarse, and the unbelievable pain overloading her senses caused immediate tears to roll down her face. The tears of pain turned into a complete sob as she realized Kara and Diana were gripping her hips, making escape from her discomfort impossible. She struggled to form words through her blinding pain and cruel torture.

“STOP! It hurts too much!” she sobbed, her breathing erratic.

“Take your punishment bitch,” Diana commanded, “Punish her Clark.”

Clark grabbed his wife’s ass lobes and gripped tightly. The inside of her asshole felt ridiculously good, her tight walls had no choice but to hug him with an iron grip. He extended his super senses to feel every warm inch of her insides at an atomic level, and it was exciting him like never before. Lois cried and screamed, breaking his concentration. He knew he was hurting his wife, and he reluctantly began to slowly retreat from her insides, one inch at a time. Lois let out little sobs as the slow withdrawal hurt her, but she spoke when Clark had eleven of his twelve inches out of her.

“Oh thank you, thank you darling,” Lois said, her voice filled with relief.

“I’m sorry dear,” Clark responded.

He shoved the entirety of his member back into her warm asshole. Lois shrieked loudly, the thrust of Clark’s enormous dick sending a more powerful wave of pain through her than before. All of the muscles in her body tensed and locked as she hoped her violation would come to a quick end.

“Your splitting me in half Clark, please stop,” she pleaded and cried.

Clark did not oblige as he started to pump his thick pole in and out of his wife’s tortured ass. Squeals of protest spilled out of Lois for minutes, but her husband paid no attention to them. He focused on ramming her tight hole deeply, gasping as it squeezed him with each thrust. Clark wanted to quicken his pace, but knew his human wife would not be able to handle it. Kara made a whimpering noise next to him, watching his python snake in and out of Lois. Clark saw her bite her lower lip.

“You want to be violated too, Kara?” he asked her, still thrusting.

“Please Kal,” she responded, nodding enthusiastically.

Clark gave his wife a few more deep pumps, and withdrew from her, his giant manhood throbbing. Lois gasped in relief and Kara and Diana dropped her on the floor. She curled in a ball holding her ass, praying for the shocks of pain to end soon.

Kara immediately jumped onto Kal, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She kissed him deeply as her soft, huge breasts pressed against his muscular chest. She pulled her lips away from his and stared into his eyes.

“Take care of the rest of my costume for me Kal,” she requested.

Superman concentrated his pupils on the already ripped costume material and accessed his heat vision. He started at her collar and moved his gaze down her body, his vision burning her costume away as he went. When he finished Kara flipped her boots off, the only thing his gaze could not see. Kal admired her body.

Kara’s body was irresistible. All of her curves were finally exposed and each was lovelier than the last. Her physique was toned, and felt warm to the touch. Her humongous titties heaved as she breathed in anticipation. Kara’s womanhood was in position to be entered by Kal’s cock, but she lifted herself to position her asshole in front of it. She pushed it on Kal’s tip, teasing it. Kal’s throbbing sent a tingle through her, and she was ready.

“Don’t be shy Kal; I’m not your fragile wife. My Kryptonian ass can handle you,” she dared.

“Watch this you bitch,” Diana said sitting on the floor, lifting Lois’s head up.

Kal grabbed Kara by the hips and shoved her body down on his pulsing pole. Kara threw her head back as his twelve inches pushed through her back entrance, her body tensing at the immense pressure. Kal let an outcry of pleasure as her walls snuggly hugged him, and he began to thrust. Kara squealed excitedly to the pleasant surprise of pleasure she received from her violation. Kal grabbed hold of her firm ass, and bounced her on his cock, making her large melons bounce wildly. Kara continued her moans of ecstasy as she began to rub her clit.

“Harder, Kal!” Kara demanded, the ecstasy building inside her.

Clark complied and began to fuck her tight asshole at the speed of sound. He grunted excitedly, never being able to have his fragile wife this way. Kara’s chest was bouncing faster than ever as Clark pounded himself into her, and it only made him more excited. He lowered his head and hungrily sucked Kara’s enormous right breast. That was all Kara could stand.

Kara’s body tensed over Kal’s giant member as he pumped at super speed. Her full lips parted and her mouth opened widely to accommodate the shout of ecstasy sounding from it. She vigorously rubbed her clit as the tidal wave of her orgasm washed over her.

“Punish my ass Kal! I’m cumming so hard!” she yelled as walls of pleasure hit her wildly.

Kal continued to suck her ballooning breast as she rode her orgasm, which lasted for minutes. Moans and shouts of euphoria filled the night as her body convulsed over Kal’s impressive cock of steel, her orgasm all the better knowing he did not hold back. After her rapture concluded, she hopped off his dick, leaving it throbbing in the night air. He began to protest, but Diana did not allow him.

“Kara already knows it is my turn Clark,” Diana purred.

Diana and Kara switched places, Kara held Lois’s head up to watch, Diana stood near Clark. Clark’s erection pulsed in anticipation. Diana turned to face her magnificent ass toward the Man of Steel, and tore the shreds of her costume off.

Clark admired her fully naked amazon build. Her back curved pleasingly and her hips were perfect for holding. Her sculpted ass was round enough to set a drink on, and Diana showcased it as she slowly bent over. Clark went mad with desire staring at her prefect ass as she spread her cheeks apart.

“If you don’t make me scream Clark, I will kill you,” she warned.

Clark did not hesitate as he plunged forcefully into her small asshole, jumping in at the speed of sound. Diana’s face contorted in agony, feeling as if his solid member were reaching into her stomach, and screamed. Clark’s blurring thrusts did not stop, several pumps of his long shaft hitting Diana every second. The amazon’s shouts did not cease, but they slowly changed from unrelenting pain, to indescribable pleasure. Diana looked towards Lois as her back entrance took its punishment.

“Clark can never fuck you this hard Lois, and I’m taking it all in my asshole,” she bragged.

Diana surprised Clark by swiftly pushing her hips back into his, which threw him on the ground. Anticipating his fall, she followed him to the ground, keeping his entire firm dick inside her ass. Clark moaned as Diana took control and rode him with her ass reverse cowgirl style.

Sitting on Clark’s massive erection pushed him deeper into Diana than ever before. Wonder Woman welcomed the painful pleasure the pressure of his head hitting her so deeply bestowed. She thanked him for it by rolling her hips on top of him. Clark gasped in ecstasy as her walls hugged him snugly.

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