“They’re finally ready… Cody, Ryan and Leo,” the Scientist announced, making some notes briefly on his clipboard, and then asked, “But where will you keep all three clones, Sir?”

“An Island,” I answered, “A little one just off Maldives… Tell me, Doctor, why did you need so many of my pictures, a video of me, and even a sample of my DNA? How am I a part of their creation?”

“We factored it all in. The technical details are rather tedious to outline. But in the process of manufacturing these boys for you, we had to give them each a personality. Since they were made to be already 18 years of age, they also needed predefined preferences. We’ve done many things. As you requested, we increased their sexual receptiveness. In addition, we genetically engineered them to be absolutely sexually attracted to you,” he replied.

“Made it their official job to love me,” I said softly to myself as we walked into the room in which the boys were about to wake for the first time.

It was less a ward, more a bedroom. It was actually a pick-up room. I felt as if I’m going to buy a brand new car straight off the showroom. Three in fact. The room smelled sweet. Thin rays of sunlight were everywhere. It was probably the closest I’d ever get to the feeling of entering a heaven for the first time. And there they were. My three wishes… Asleep. Cuddled up together on the bed in white oversized t-shirts and shorts. Their legs, arms and slender bodies curled in and out, delicately wrapping around each other. They looked so perfect, comfortable and complete. The sight of the boys together felt like a never-ending foundation of layers and layers of boys, like decadent layers of moist sponge cake and double-thick cream blending carefully together.

“When will they wake-up?” I asked impatiently with my heart doing a break-dance in my chest.

“I thought I’d give you the pleasure… They are your property after all,” smirked the Scientist as he left, leaving the door to swing slowly shut behind him…

The Island — Day1

Dinner time and our table was in the ankle-shallow stretches of water just off the shore. The waves came in trickles but I could still hear them breathing. I felt as if the night had blue hues in its colour-palette tonight. Bright blues stars. Dark blue water. Candlelight. Blue flames. Navy blue sea-roses in full bloom on the sand. And Ryan… in deep blue swim-briefs.

“Did you know the stars are actually holes, punched thru by old trapped birds in the black blanket of the night sky?” I asked.

“I thought they were giant balls of flaming gases in space,” Leo said proudly, “And the ones that burn twice as bright, burn half as long.”

How did they know so much? For clones, they seemed perfectly natural. And naturally perfect. The four of us spoke and laughed the night away. But there was always something dark, mysterious and naughty pulling just beneath the surface of our night. Blue is the colour of lust and obsession after all.

(Genetically Engineered Trait #1: All the boys have heightened sexual receptiveness. They’re always horny. I could sense this in the little things they said and did.)

“True. You’re good,” I told Leo and giggled as I ruffled his hair with my fingers.

“When I’m good, I’m very very good. When I’m bad, I’m better,” he replied with a naughty half-smile.

Cody chased some little blue moon-fish with his feet in the water under his seat. It was as if he was deliberately trying to boast his beautifully free-flowing legs. What he was doing left him in a rather provocative position with his legs spread widely on his chair. He smiled cutely at me and then said quietly, in that smooth-soft voice of his, “Spread me open slowly. Lick me with your tongue. Dip me in your milk… Damn, Oreos are soooo good!” He grabbed the Oreo jar excitedly.

It’s so easy to lose yourself in another world. So easy to lose control. Like you’re watching yourself from the outside. A story that writes itself. You forget to track the path of things. They just happen. And you let them.

Back inside the house and it was far passed any normal bedtime. Cody was tugging at Ryan’s briefs which started a wrestling match between the two of them on the bed. Leo was sitting on my lap facing me. Like a little brother. But we both knew he wasn’t.

Amidst all the noise, screaming and laughing, Leo’s smile suddenly faded to seriousness, and he whispered in my ear, “I want you to fuck me so hard”

There was a tingle on my ear where Leo’s lips gently brushed me as he said it. I almost didn’t notice that Cody and Ryan weren’t wrestling anymore. They suddenly grow quiet too. Were they kissing? When I finally looked directly at them, they appeared to be biting each other’s lips out. It looked cruel. It looked passionate. And I could tell they were having a wickedly fun time.

“Sorry I left a bite mark… I tried not to bite that hard,” said Ryan to Cody looking completely guilty and super-cute.


A huge cumulative energy just burst forth. I didn’t even get time to think about it. There was just too much happening. I was hypnotised by Leo’s blue eyes, distracted by Ryan’s green ones but in love with the sheer purity of Cody’s hazel ones. There seemed to be eyes like laser-beams all over the place. And so were there ripped clothes and pillows littered like snow and ice.

Everything had been cloaked in sensuousness to the point where details seemed fuzzy and languid. We were pressed up against each other. Naked skin on skin. It felt so refreshing. All at once I felt them around me. Cool parts then warm. All that silky flesh. Moving and exploring. Kissing and biting. Inside me, outside me and all over. Unable to distinguish one boy from the other in the ecstasy of just being swallowed in a soft cocoon of all three of them. They felt firm and defined as if they had been regular athletes all their lives. At the same time they had skin as soft as babies’. Their bodies felt so new. Skin tone in complete balance. Not a mark, not a crease. Entirely and absolutely perfect. We’re sensual beings. We love that.

Then there was this moment in which I was lying on my back and all of their hands were exploring my raging hard-on. My cock was lost in this consuming mound of six of the prettiest hands ever. They acted like the animal selves they might have tried to hide. Then their warm and wet mouths were suctioned on my cock, lips and tongues in a thousand overlapping paths about it. But the sexiest feeling was my cock being rubbed by all six of their gorgeous young feet at once. Their feet had stunning natural sensuality. My cock was sliding between smooth ankles and high arches. Their feet were so perfectly boyish but also so soft and silky – they were literally new, barely used.

There were bright capsules of light burning in Cody’s eyes. He looked so cute when he was horny that I just couldn’t ignore him — My dream wrapped in a wish. I wanted him so bad. And to keep him. He was so slim and exquisite. His gorgeousness was indescribable. Deliciously-looking pink nipples. Sun-kissed curvatures and crevices. He was just covered in hotspots of fuckability. The greatest shocker was Cody’s cock.

(Genetically Engineered Trait #2: Cody has a monster cock. It’s the longest cock I’ve ever seen! Especially for an 18-year-old.

Many large cocks come at a price of obscurity, but not Cody’s. His cock was of amazingly balanced shape. It didn’t look clumsily big. It looked agile and athletically big. Like something only fault-free robots in a production-line could construct.

“Touch me there,” Cody whispered. His voice made me shiver. Those words sent a strong answering pulse through my body. His tongue curled around syllables that weren’t there, like a promise.

I felt his cock with my fingers. His whole body jerked at my first touch, and he closed his eyes. Its smoothness. Its power… He was moaning slightly in my ears. I pressed it, poked it and wanked it until it leaked. It was so hot and slippery. He was biting his bottom lip the entire time. Just looking at those angelically-crafted lips made me just want shove my cock down his throat. I continued to rub its pre-cum over his cock-head and then sucked it dry. He was trembling all over. I never expected to want to suck him more and more.

“You’re delicious! I can’t resist,” I moaned out before I rubbed his cock-tip into every corner of my mouth and throat. That skin was electric to the inside of my mouth. I licked him like a cherry lollipop. It needed so little force to just slide through. To just glide into.

(Genetically Engineered Trait #3: All the boys leak sweet pre-cum. The taste is addictive. It reminds me of exotic litchis with a subtle hint of lime.)

“Mmmmmmmmmm…. yeaaaaaaahhhhhh…. suck that up,” he hummed out.

And then his cock grew longer in my mouth!

(Genetically Engineered trait #4: Cody can voluntarily change the length of his dick at will. He can grow it longer and thicker within a second or two. It’s a priceless sight to watch it grow and adjust — it looks fucking sexy! Like a superpower. It’s a wonder how it works. What a system this boy is.)

I found his mouth with mine and kissed him. He pulled away and smiled victoriously. There was something both frustrating and madly arousing about that. His restraint made something burn low and deep in my belly. And then his mouth, Oh God his sexy mouth. We kissed again and every now and then he’d pull away just a little, just enough to make me want to drag him back, before getting a teasing lick with that perfect curling tongue of his. It set all the nerve endings in my upper lip on fire. And then our mouths truly locked.

(Genetically Engineered trait #5: Cody’s tongue is like a fucking anaconda! I loved the feeling of it invading my mouth. I broke the kiss and bit his juicy pink boy-lips while I pulled out his tongue with my fingers. I loved the way it slithered and tickled me.)

Then I slowly sank down my cock into his mouth and his tongue wrapped around it, swirling and twisting around it coupled with the motion of his head sliding up and down. I had my fingers through his hair. I couldn’t believe that sight in front of me, bowed down to my fuck-stick with his butt angled high. I positioned his neck straight and then forced my cockall the way down his throat. He didn’t even gag, but I could feel his throat muscles contracting around my cock as I entered them. While I was fucking Cody’s mouth, Leo had snuck under me, had his mouth attached to my balls and massaged them with his tongue as his little nose rubbed the base of my dick. What a combo.

Ryan looked like a little puppy yearning for attention. His long Spanish-boy hair was covering his eyes but I could still see those slivers of green burning with lust. Ryan has the slickest 18-year-old body on the planet. He had the smoothness and flow of a girl, with the athletic feel of a young boy. If you look closely you can spot smooth natural abs on the hugging wings of his torso – It’s something you’d want to make your pillow for life. Those dimples and smile were simply irresistible. And his neck, oh his neck was so succulent and tantalising with its intricate neckline, patterns of delicate boy muscles and just valleys of pure silkiness. I dug my teeth into it again and again until it bled, while I pressed the length of mycock up against his and dry-fucked him. His erection was of impressive proportions.

I loved Ryan’s bellybutton — it blended in so cutely on his taught tummy. It was so cute thatit frustrated me. I tried to bite the sides of it, but my teeth couldn’t find a grip. It’s delicious puppy-like smell was driving me insane too. How appropriate. Ryan giggled as I tried and tried. He arched his back to push his tummy out to give me better access but it barely helped. Then I stuck my tongue in.

(Genetically Engineered Trait #6: Ryan’s bellybutton is fuckable! I don’t understand how.)

I stuck a finger into his bellybutton. Then another. Ryan was holding my hand as I fingered him, as if unsure whether to stop me or force me in harder. He was looking down at what I was doing and his head angled in so cutely. A trickle of moisture was leaking from his cock. I couldn’t resist it any longer. I lifted myself up on my knees and guided my cock in. It was a bit of an intense squeeze. But then my cock was all the way inside Ryan’s tight wet bellybutton and I was fucking that hot taught abs and smooth tummy of his. Its slipperiness was making me go all funny inside. His slick hard dick bobbed up and down as I fucked in and out. The whole scene blew my mind. It looked so awesome.

“Awww… That. Ahh!! Tickles!!! But it feeels… Awwwww!!! Soooo Goooood!! Uhhhhhhh! Ahhhh-www!!!” moaned Ryan through wet smacks of penetration, with his green eyes rolling back in his head.

“I was going to fuck this boy,” I thought, now that I had gotten the taste of actual fucking and I could barely stop. I pulled out of Ryan and he looked like someone had just cut off his air supply.

“You are so perfect,” I whispered.

“I need you to really fuck me now,” he pleaded desperately in his childish voice. A look of cute seriousness on his face.

I turned him around and shoved my cock all the way up his cute bubble-butt all in one quickmovement. He yelped. It literally echoed. My dick in his ass felt so good, like every feeling in my body was focused and concentrated in my cock. My thrusts grew faster and harder. Ryan’s screams grew urgent and louder. As if fucking him till he taps out.

“Oh Yeah!!! Oh Yeah!!! Fuck Me!!! Fuck Me!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ” screamed Ryan. His voice now sounded like molten metal. As if he had something thick at the back of his throat and it was making him sound deeper and richer than he actually was.

His screams were drowned out as Cody pushed his mighty dick down Ryan’s throat. I could see the valleys of Ryan’s neck twist, struggle and widen as Cody fucked all the way down inside of it. Cody’s cocktip probably entered Ryan’s stomach, if my mind measured correctly. And so Cody and I were both fucking either opening of Ryan’s single love-canal. Ryan was skewered and almost suspended a bit in the air by our cocks. It was just raw hard sweaty pumping. After a few minutes of fucking I remembered something.

(Genetically Engineered Trait #7: Ryan has a tight asshole, but it can also stretch to accommodate almost anything.)

We pulled out of Ryan. I just took a second to recognise what was happening. I thought about how much I just can’t wait to fuck him again. The curve where his butt ends and his thigh begins looked so slick. And his lovely legs. The cute tendons at the backs of his knees. I loved the control I had over it all. I started at his legs and kissed him moving up to the inner sides of his thighs, and wriggled my tongue all along his newly-fucked cunt. I stuck four fingers into his cunt. And then I pushed harder. Cody realised what I was doing and he pushed my back to contribute to the force. Ryan reached out and pulled me inside him. In one sudden gulping sound, I succeeded in shoving my entire hand up Ryan’s cunt. At the same time Ryan screamed so loudly it made my ears ring.

“Aaaugh!! Awwwww!!! Uuuuuuugh!!!! Aww My Ass!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” screeched Ryan, his voice like a rolling wave.

I’d never imagined I’d be fisting an 18-year-old kid. I continued sliding my arm up his hole. Ryan’s entire body jerked and vibrated with each inch I etched further in. It was so wet and warm inside. What an indescribable feeling. Then I started fucking my arm in and out of him. He couldn’t keep in his screams. I loved the look of it. The sight of my entire arm getting swallowed and then Ryan’s screams and reaction of pain and ecstasy, and the way his anus stretched inwards and outwards with each thrust. Cody brought his face up close to the action, and rubbed a finger along Ryan’s hole as it stretched wildly. He even poked a finger into it against my arm.

This time when I pulled right out of Ryan, his anus was a gaping hole. But it was perfectly round with smooth lips for edges and, like everything about this boy, it looked fucking incredible.

Cody was then sucking Leo’s dick, flicking his tongue on its head as they both moaned so hard that I admit it made me sort of jealous. I broke them up and pinned Leo down. I stared down those burning eyes. He was so beautiful. I could feel his breath stirring against my lips. I was holding his wrists. Those perfect chewy 18-year-old hands, and its wild pulse. He was whimpering. Face-to-face I lifted his little feet up into the air and tickled the little pillows of his boy-clit with my tongue. I tongue-fucked it for a few more seconds before I stabbed his asshole with my huge cock. Leo almost choked on his own scream. My penis only made it half-way up his extremely tight boy-pussy before I had to force another thrust.

Then I began fucking in full swing. Hard and strong. His feet were up high and I rubbed my face on his smooth ankles and rested it in his arches as I was slipping my long rod in and out of him real deep. Nothing could stop me now. His anus swallowed and re-swallowed my dick with each fuck.

(Genetically Engineered Trait #8: Leo’s anal canal is lined with muscles that massage and literally suck my dick as I fuck him. I don’t even have to keep fucking. All I have to do is keep my dick fully submerged in his hole and the inside of his ass will swirl, slide and move along my cock. His ass would do all the work.)

But I kept fucking him like a wild animal, which meant twice the amount of pleasure and intensity on my cock.

“Ahh!! Aww!! Ahh!! Aww!! Do Me Harder! Faster!! Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!Aha! Yeah!! Ahaa!! Fuuuu-uuuuucccc-cccccckkkkkk!!!!! Oooooohhhhh Fuck!! Uhhh!! Uhhhhhhhh!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” squealed Leo. Head over heels in love. Legs over shoulders in lust.

Then I put Leo on his side, legs spread wide up into the air, stuck my cock back in, and continued the fucking. The hungry clenching of his pussy lips on my shaft was electrifying. Ryan found his way to the other side of Leo and then pushed his cock into Leo’s ass with my cock still in it. Ryan’s cock slid around a bit before he could finally force it into Leo’s already-full anus. Leo gasped. The two of us fucked him like that for a few minutes before Cody joined. He pushed his monster cock between my cock and Ryan’s. Cody’s huge cock went further up Leo’s ass than both mine and Ryan’s could go. I thought Leo’s ass would probably rip apart by now. But it sustained all three cocks! There might as well have been a smell of burning rubber. And it felt like the muscles in his cunt were trying to milk us dry. We fucked in unison. Our moans marked each thrust, so we wouldn’t miss the mark and break our rhythm:

Me: Aww! Aww! Aww! Aww! Aww!

Ryan: Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!

Cody: Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!

Leo: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Our moans blended together to create this massive wall of sound. Almost like a song with different layers of sound placed in front of each other to create the final result.

When we finally pulled out, still none of us had cum yet, even though we had come close to so many times. My cock felt like a fish out of water. I turned Leo over and his chest was heaving as if he had just ridden the most adrenaline-pumping rollercoaster of his life. I pushed my cock forward so the tip of my cock kissed the tip of his cock. And then I pushed it inside.

(Genetically Engineered Trait #9: Leo has a fuckable dick! His piss-slit

expands to accommodate a cock.)

I pushed my cock inside Leo’s cock and resumed my ferocious fucking. Leo shivered with pleasure. His cock was twice as thick now because mine was deep inside it. The mushroom head of his cock looked so different now, and hotter. It was bigger, shiny, taught and his piss-slit stretched open to receive my cock like a little fairy’s mouth swallowing a giant’s dick. It was exhilarating. Leo was scream-moaning and his head was thrown back in lust. I stopped when I realised that I was on the verge of cumming, and I let Ryan take my place. It wasn’t much longer before Leo himself was on the verge of cumming.

Chapter 01 – Unintended Consequences

Aeryn Rayner stared up at the young man who had just thrown her hard against the floor. The suddenness of the attack as well as his brute strength had caught her unprepared and it was taking a visible effort to breathe after having her breath knocked out. She could also feel a pain in her lower back despite the padded floors.

“Aeryn, how many times do I have to tell you, you can not go up against a physically larger and stronger opponent muscle against muscle? You are faster and more agile than he is; use more of your throwing techniques against him.” Her martial arts instructor told her again.

“Yes Sensei.” Aeryn replied as she got off the floor and rubbed the small of her back.

“If you were to actually engage a larger opponent in a real world scenario, you would need to do one of two things. You could either use his own weight and force to throw him to the ground so you can escape or you would have to disable him within the first few seconds of conflict. You are black belt in multiple disciplines; it is within your capabilities.” Her Sensei continued.

“Yes Sensei, I will try and do better.” Aeryn replied. She knew he was right. She was an average height for a female at five feet seven inches tall. Weighing only a hundred and eight pounds she had been sixty pounds lighter than her opponent.

The martial arts instructor then turned from Aeryn and addressed the class. “Alright students, everyone grab a shinai off the wall and we will practice kendo.”

Aeryn approached her martial arts instructor before he walked towards the wall. “Sensei, I will be unable to finish the class today. I have an appointment with the doctor this afternoon.”

“It is nothing serious I hope”

“No Sensei, I have finally saved up enough money for the longevity therapy.”

“Ah yes, you have just reached your twenty first birthday. Congratulations, I hope to be seeing you for many decades to come.”

“As do I Sensei.” Aeryn replied. She then bowed to her Sensei, grabbed her things and headed for the showers.


Aeryn walked into the human enhancement clinic. She was excited to be there. It had taken her six years to save the twenty thousand dollars for the anti-aging therapy. With the perfection of nanotechnology, medical scientists were able to introduce microscopic machines into the human body to assist in cell regeneration.

Scientist had discovered in 2019 the cause of human aging. It turned out there were two causes. The first cause is called the Telomere Effect. The structures at the end of chromosomes are called Telomeres. Each time a cell would divide the Telomere would shorten. When enough damage to a cell occurred due to the shortening Telomere a mechanism within the cell would activate and prevent any further cell division.

The second cause turned out to be a genetic limitation. This limitation is called the Hayflick Limit Effect. First noticed in the 1960s and later proven in the early twenty first century, the Hayflick Limit Effect is a biological kill switch that allows cell to divide a certain number of times before a built-in genetic program tells the cells to stop reproduction.

Nanotechnology allowed scientist to replace the missing information in the shortened Telomere and thereby circumvent the normal damage and eventual death of cells. The microscopic machines also reprogrammed the cells so that there were no longer a set number of times it could reproduce. The result being that since the year 2023, humans no longer had to die because of old age. Scientist had discovered that when introducing the anti-aging therapy to older people it would revert there appearance to a time in there mid-twenties. When introduced to younger people, it would stop the aging process at the time of introduction. The end result was a series of laws that prohibited people under the age of twenty-one from receiving the anti-aging therapy.

“Aeryn Rayner,” called the woman at the front desk.

“Yes, that’s me.” Aeryn responded. She got up and went to the desk and showed her ident card. Once her identity had been verified the nurse buzzed her in. Aeryn was greeted on the other side of the door by an office assistant and escorted down a series of corridors to a medical office.

“Dr. Edwards, you’re two o’clock appointment is here.” The office assistant said to the doctor sitting behind a large marble desk.

“Thank you,” said the doctor dismissing the assistant. “Aeryn, please come in and have a seat.”

“Thank you.” Aeryn replied as she walked into the lavish office and took the offered chair.

The doctor typed a few strokes on his keyboard and pulled up Aeryn’s file. “I see you are here to get the anti-aging therapy. Are you sure that’s all you want to do. We do offer a wide range of human enhancement treatments.”

“I wish I could, I am a full time student at Cal Tech and only work part time. It took me six years just to save enough money to get this.” Aeryn replied wishing she could get some of the other treatments.

She immediately felt Dr. Edwards’s eyes examining her entire body. She was pretty sure it was not entirely a professional appraisal of a client. She knew she was beautiful by any standard of the definition. She had shoulder length raven black hair and a perfectly sculpted face reminiscent of many models. With an Asian mother and white father she had gotten the best of both worlds. She had a light olive skin color that gave her the appearance of having a perpetual tan. A combination of eastern and western heritage gave her slightly raised eyes and an exotic look that was difficult to place unless you knew her parentage. Her pouty lips and flawless features had brought the attention of many want-to-be suitors.

“Let me tell you a little about what we can offer and maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement.” Dr. Edwards started to say.

“Dr. Edwards, I know my financial situation. I assure you this is all I am able to afford at this time.” Aeryn said before he could go into more detail.

Dr. Edwards looked at Aeryn for nearly a minute before he spoke. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be money.”

Aeryn shot to her feet, indignation clearly showing on her face as she made ready to walk out of his office.

“Wait, give me a couple of minutes to talk to you and if you don’t like what I have to say then you can either have the treatment you came in for or you can leave and get another doctor.”

“You want me to have sex with you for a boob-job. You can’t be serious.” Aeryn said still standing up.

“Normally that is all I would offer a woman, as I am one of the best enhancement surgeons in California and the procedure is not cheap. For a chance to be with you, I would gladly offer you an Entire Enhancement Package.” Dr. Edwards said quickly.

“What exactly is an Entire Enhancement Package?” Aeryn asked, blinking a couple of times because she could not believe she just said that.

Dr. Edwards typed on his keyboard and pulled up a list of the procedures that entailed an entire enhancement package. “First, you get what you came in for, anti-aging therapy. Also included is a breast augmentation which most people are familiar with. You can also get a follicle removal therapy. This is where we introduce a specialized biochemical over the body you don’t want hair on. It completely stops the follicle growth and does not affect any area that is not treated, like your scalp. You wouldn’t ever have to shave again. You can also receive the Human Defensive Nanobot Therapy. This is where we introduce a small amount of nanobots into your system. These nanobots serve two functions, the first is rapid cell regeneration, which can heal cuts, scrapes and bruises up to 100 times faster than the natural healing process. Please be advised this does not make you invincible. If the damage to your body is too extensive you can die before the nanobots can heal you. The second function is as a back up to your immune system. It can fight off disease and infections that your body would normally require antibiotics or vaccines to handle.”

“You told me you’re a student at Cal Tech. I will even through in the latest generation of interactive ocular lenses and an Information Bio Pack complete with the latest and most complete encyclopedia. The ocular lenses fit just like the contact lenses people use to wear twenty years ago with a few minor differences. First they don’t ever have to be removed, second they cover enough of your eye so that they can not be accidentally knocked out and the information the lenses display are visible only to you. The Information Bio Pack is implanted subcutaneously and is connected to your brain stem. All information is pulled up by focusing on a small icon in your field of vision and thinking a certain way to open the file.”

“What do you think?” Dr. Edwards asked.

“I have heard of the ocular lenses and bio pack but not the Human Defensive Nanobot Therapy.” Aeryn said stunned both at what he was offering and that she was actually considering it.

“It’s very new; we just got the approval from the FDA and Medical Board two months ago. The total cost for everything I just told you would be an additional forty thousand dollars.”

“You do this a lot don’t you?” Aeryn said.

“About once a month, although you are the first one I have ever been willing to offer the entire Human Enhancement Package to.” Dr. Edwards replied.

Aeryn would never have thought she would ever sell her body, however this was too much to pass up, sixty thousand dollars worth of upgrades for twenty thousand dollars and a couple of hours of sex. “When…I mean where would this take place?”

Dr. Edwards stood up and walked around his desk. He stood to the side of Aeryn and took her hand. Placing it on his crotch he said, “Why don’t we start here.”

Aeryn closed her eyes for a moment. Having made up her mind she opened her eyes and began to unbuckle his belt. She unbuttoned his pants and lowered his zipper. She could see the huge bulge straining against his boxers. Pulling his boxers down she released the hardened piece of flesh.

“Oh my god!” Aeryn said taking a grip on the nine inch cock.

“I am a doctor at a human enhancement clinic. I wasn’t born with a cock this large.” Doctor Edwards replied with a smile.

“I am surprised you didn’t get it twelve inches. Don’t most men want a ridiculously big penis?”

“The average woman when aroused can only handle up to nine inches. What’s the use of a having a twelve inch cock if you can’t get it all the way inside her?”

Aeryn began to stroke the shaft a few inches away from her face. The smooth skin of the penis felt warm in her hand. Aeryn could not believe she was doing this. She had only been with two guys in her life and now here she was, about to have sex for what amounted to money. ‘Oh well, woman have sex with men sometimes because they think they owe them that for taking them out to a fancy restaurant. I’m about to get forty-thousand dollars worth of human upgrades that would have taken me another six to ten years to save up for.” Aeryn thought to herself, trying to justify this unprecedented behavior of hers.

It had been over a year and a half since Aeryn had last had sex. The long thick cock in her hand caused her sex starved young body to respond by sending a torrent of warmth and wetness into her panties. Her legs spontaneously opened and closed beneath the knee length white summer dress she wore. Aeryn felt the doctor’s hand slide underneath the low cut top of her dress and work its way under her bra. His hand massaged her left breast and she could feel her nipple respond at the tender touch.

“About a size A,” said Dr. Edwards as he correctly guessed her breast size. “We could make that a nice size C.”

Dr. Edwards removed his hand from her bra and dress and place it on her head. Gently he guided her lips to his straining cock. He was desperate to feel the lips of the most beautiful young woman he had ever seen wrapped around his flesh. She was easily worth all the upgrades he had offered her and more.

Aeryn placed her pouty lips around the bulbous head of the cock. She wasn’t entirely sure she was doing it right. She had slept with two guys but only had sex about a dozen times. None of the times had she given oral sex. Aeryn licked the head of the cock and then down the shaft. She had seen a couple of porn movies and had vague idea what she was supposed to do. She took in about three inches of cock before it hit the soft palate of her throat and she started to gag. Withdrawing the member from her throat she took a couple of deep breaths and placed it back in her warm mouth. She took in just enough so she did not gag. She couldn’t figure out how woman in the porn movies were able to get enormous cock down their throats with out throwing up.

Aeryn stroked the remaining six inches with her hand. Her hand beginning to slide up and down the shaft as it became lubricated with her saliva. Her strokes were mechanical and without enthusiasm at first. She sucked on the head and was a little embarrassed at the slurping sound that was coming from her mouth.

“That was not bad,” said Dr. Edwards. “I would guess it is either the first blowjob you have ever given or one of the first.” Dr. Edwards withdrew his cock from her mouth and watched as a single string of saliva stretched from her pink pouty lips to the head of his cock. He took her hand and helped her up.

“It’s the first time.” Aeryn said as she was helped up.

“Like I said, it was not bad. I think if it something you are willing to pursue you could become an expert in a very short time, especially if you overcome that gag reflex. It’s not difficult, many woman are able to train their throats to accept an object into it. Those beautiful pouty lips of yours are already enough to drive men insane with lust.” Dr. Edwards replied.

Leaning against the front of Dr. Edwards’s desk with her butt, Aeryn watched as the doctor ran his hand over her body. She could feel her nipples hardening whenever his hand brushed across the sensitive nipple. After a couple of minutes of being fondled she watched as Dr. Edwards grab the chair she had been sitting in and pulled it up to her.

“Take off your bra Aeryn; I want to see those beautiful breasts of yours.” Dr. Edwards said as he took a seat.

Aeryn slid the thin straps of fabric off her shoulder and slid her arms out. The top of the dress came down to her stomach and stayed in place. She reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra and slid it off.

“Not a freckle or a blemish. You are flawless.” Dr. Edwards said as he leaned forward, placed his hands around her waist and began to suck on her tits. He ran his tongue around the pink erect nipple. He alternated between flickering his tongue against the protruding nipple and fitting as much of her small breast as he could into his mouth. His hands moved slowly from her waist to her ass. He moved his hands further down to her hem-line and then back up under her dress. His hands slowly caressed the smooth skin on the back of her legs as he made his way back up. Dr. Edwards gripped the most perfectly rounded ass he had ever felt.

Aeryn closed her eyes as the Doctor’s hands explored her ass and his mouth explored her breast. She could feel his finger follow along the string that went down the crack of her ass. Silently wishing she had worn a pair of plain cotton panties instead of the thong she had worn to avoid a panty line.

“Let’s see what treasure is hiding beneath that skirt.” Dr. Edwards said as he lifted the front of Aeryn’s skirt. “Beautiful.” said Dr. Edwards as he saw the thin material of the panties cling to her mound. Holding her skirt up with one hand he ran his fingertips over her thong.

Aeryn gripped the edge of the desk tightly as her body responded with overwhelming desire to the Doctor’s gentle caress. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt his finger go underneath the fabric and glide across her drenched lips. She then felt him pull aside her panties. Opening her eyes for a moment she saw his head lean further towards her until his mouth connected with her pussy. Aeryn groaned more audibly as the Doctor’s tongue slid across her shaved mound. She unconsciously spread her legs a little further apart.

Doctor Edwards was enjoying what he had found. He preferred a woman to have completely shaved pussy and hers was bald. There was not even the slightest hint of stubble when he ran his tongue all over her. His tongue and mouth were now soaking wet as her body produced an excess of dew. He drove his tongue deep inside her and was rewarded with another moan of pleasure. He slid his tongue up, parting her slit and then hit her clitoris.

Aeryn felt her hips thrust forward when the doctor hit her clit with his tongue. Her knuckles were white from the death grip she had on the edge of the desk. Leaning back she could feel the impending orgasm. Aeryn’s eyes shot open and she inhaled through her nose deeply as she felt two of the Doctor’s fingers slide deep inside her. She felt him move his fingers in and out of her while twisting his hand. With his mouth still sucking on her swollen clit, her body shook violently as she had an orgasm. “Doctor, I’m cumming.” Aeryn screamed as her body was sent over the edge and all thought of impropriety had disappeared.

Dr. Edwards withdrew his face from between his patient’s legs; his face was glistening with her juices. “That was one hell of an orgasm you had,” said Dr. Edwards a little envious. Leaning back in the chair he stroked his swollen cock a few times. “Why don’t you come and sit down.” He said patting his lap.

Aeryn having finally stopped trembling from the orgasm took a step towards the doctor. The chair didn’t have any armrest and she was able to easily straddle him. She hiked up her skirt around her waist and lowered herself onto his flagpole of a cock. Reaching underneath she grabbed his cock and lined it up with her drenched pussy. With her panties still pulled to the side, she felt the head slide in her overheated hole. She raised and lowered herself a few times to let her juices coat his cock. On about the fourth time she had him completely inside her. She was a little surprised that she could fit him all the way in. She could feel her pussy stretched to its max to accommodate the thickness of his member. This time it was the Doctor who moaned loudly as she impaled herself on his cock. With a grip on his shoulders she began to ride her Doctor. Raising herself up until his cock had almost come out of her and then lowering all the way back down.

“That’s it Aeryn, ride my cock. Your pussy is so tight; I can feel it gripping my cock.”

Aeryn did not know how to respond and simply kept riding up and down like she was no a merry-go-round. Once again her body responded to having sex. She could feel her juices flowing again and knew she would be leaking all over him. She closed her eyes and reveled in the sensation as the nine inches of flesh pushed its way deep inside her. She felt every inch as her pussy expanded and slowly filled with flesh.

After about twenty minutes Dr. Edwards put his hands around her waist and lifted her off. He turned her around and bent the beautiful and exotic young woman over his desk. “I want you from behind.” He hiked her skirt back up, reached under her and pulled the string of her thong over her left cheek. He guided his cock to her wet hole and pushed in the head. There was no friction as his cock penetrated her completely, only the tightness of her young pussy squeezing his cock like a tight lubricated glove.

Aeryn felt herself being pushed forward with a little more force each thrust. Her hands once again gripped the edge. With her head leaning down and her back slightly arched, she had finally relaxed. She was surprised at how horny she was. She had been sexually aroused before, but never to this degree. She didn’t know if it was having sex with someone she had just met, having sex in a Dr.’s office, having sex for money or some combination of all three.

After about ten minutes of being fucked from behind, Aeryn felt the Doctor intensify his assault. She could feel him slamming into her harder and harder. His balls were slapping against her clit and she could see her small breast moving up and down. The Doctor then began to grunt with exertion as he plowed into her for everything he was worth. On one stroke he buried his cock deep inside her and held it. She immediately felt a jet of hot sperm coat the inside of her vaginal walls. She could feel his cock swell inside her as it released a huge load of semen. She could hear the Doctor’s breath catch as the intense orgasm caused him to stop breathing for a few seconds.

Dr. Edwards slid his cock in and out of her a few more times before removing it and walking around his desk. He opened a drawer and pulled out two small hand towels. He handed one to Aeryn and used the other to wipe down his cum covered cock. “That was worth everything.”

“I certainly hope so,” replied Aeryn. “It’s not something I usually do, or have ever done for that matter. You are the third man I have ever had sex with.” Aeryn replied as she used the towel to soak up the wetness from between her legs.

“That makes it all the better. I have already offered you every procedure and therapy we offer for human enhancement but if we get any new ones, I would be more than willing to provide that service for free if you are willing to repeat today.”

“As I said Dr. Edwards, this is not something I would normally do. If I do a repeat performance it will have to be a very spectacular enhancement.” Aeryn said with a smile as she put her bra back on and straightened her dress.

Dr. Edwards reached for the intercom button on his computer and called the front desk.

“Yes, Dr. Edwards,” said a feminine voice on the other end.

“Please prepare operating room three for Ms. Rayner. She will be receiving the Entire Enhancement Package.”

“Yes, Dr. Edwards,” said the feminine voice again. If she had any suspicion of what had just happened she gave no hint of it.

“Alright Aeryn, lets get you to room three.” Doctor Edwards said gesturing towards the door and resuming an air of professionalism.


Aeryn took a deep breath outside the door of her Physics class. She looked down and giggled as she saw her new size C breast filling her Cal Tech sweatshirt more than it had ever been filled before. Despite the Doctor’s perverted nature, she was thrilled with the work he had done. His reputation as one of the best enhancement surgeons in California was well deserved. Her breast were perfect in every regard, they were round and only as firm as they needed to be in order not to sag. It was like she wore an invisible push up bra. Her nipples were perfectly centered and not like those stories she had heard about when women in decades past use to have nipples at odd angles.

Aeryn walked into the classroom and immediately felt all eyes turn to regard her. She had always drawn attention, both from males and females. She walked to her chair in the auditorium style classroom. Sitting down she caught her Physics teacher Dr. Allen Foley staring at her new breasts. Slowly averting his gaze he approached the grease board and began to write out the day’s lesson.

Aeryn absently scratched at the back of her neck, a slight itch where her Bio Pack had been imbedded. Dr. Edwards had told her it would take a couple of weeks for her body to get use to the small object and she would eventually no longer feel it. Aeryn pulled out her computer tablet and began to take notes on the day’s lesson. She noticed that every time Dr. Foley turned to address the class, his gaze always fell for a few seconds on her.


Aeryn waited nervously by the door as her physics class let out for the day. It had been five weeks since Aeryn’s enhancement surgery and there was only one week left in the semester. She had applied for the much coveted spot as a research assistant for Dr. Foley and his summer work at the Large Hadron Collider. It was a chance to get hands on experience working in particle physics, something that increased your chance of a position as a research scientist at any of the physics labs upon receiving your Doctoral.

When the class had left Aeryn walked up to Dr. Foley’s desk. “Dr. Foley, do you have a moment?”

Dr. Foley smiled. “For you Aeryn, of course, what can I do for you?”

“I was wondering if you have made your decision about who you will be taking as a research assistant to Switzerland to work at the Large Hadron Collider?”

Dr. Foley swiveled his old fashioned wooden chair so that he faced Aeryn. Leaning back he replied, “I have given it a lot of thought of course. As you know there were many applicants, many of whom are qualified including you. This is something that will greatly increase your salability as a research scientist to any of the leading particle physics labs. As such it is the most sought after summer position we have.”

“Yes, but I do have one of the highest GPA’s. And I would be fully committed to this.”

“I am glad you are so committed,” said Dr. Foley. “However several students have expressed that very sentiment as well as a willingness to go that extra mile. A couple of my female students have even suggested that they would be willing to…prove that commitment to me.”

Aeryn could immediately sense where this conversation was heading. She could feel her stomach beginning to knot. She reached inside the pocket of her warm-ups and activated her smart phone by touch. Intimately familiar with it she set it to record. “Are you suggesting I prove my commitment to you?”

“How serious are you about going to Switzerland? No one who has taken this summer apprenticeship has ever had trouble getting a position after graduation.”

Aeryn took a deep breath. “What is it exactly you would like me to do to prove my commitment?”

Seeing that Aeryn understood his not so subtle innuendo and did not bolt out of the classroom, Dr. Foley relaxed at the prospect of having sex with the most beautiful grad student he had ever had. “I think you know exactly what it is I would like for you to do.” Dr. Foley said as he leaned forward and ran his hand up her leg.

Aeryn didn’t slap away the unwanted hand. “You are saying if I have sex with you, you will guarantee that I get to go with you to Switzerland and work at the Large Hadron Collider.”

“I am glad we both understand each other.” Dr. Foley replied.

“What about the other two girls who said they would be willing to…show their commitment to you? Did you already promise them the trip?”

“No, though you are lucky you came to me when you did. Besides, you are incredibly beautiful, far more beautiful than the other two. In fact, I would be willing to say you are the most beautiful young woman I have ever seen.”

“I want to hear you say it. I want to hear you swear I will be the one to go.” Aeryn said with a neutral tone.

Dr. Foley got out of his chair and walked to his classroom door. Locking it he said, “This is my free hour.” He walked up to Aeryn and began to massage her breast. “I have wanted to do that for the last five weeks, ever since you walked in to my classroom with those beautiful new breasts.”

“Aeryn,” he continued. “Let me have you for the next hour and you get to go with me to Switzerland as a research assistant.”

Aeryn just nodded her head. She had already had sex for human enhancements. This was the same only it could lead to a life long dream and career as a particle physicist at a major University.

Dr. Foley seeing Aeryn nod her head immediately pulled off Aeryn’s sweatshirt. He reached around and undid the clasp of her bra. His eyes grew wide as he took in the sight of her beautiful size C breasts and their perfect symmetry. Like a kid with a new toy he began to roughly squeeze and play with them. He sucked on her nipples and was pleased to see them get erect. “I see you are enjoying this to.” He said as he nibbled on the pink nipple with his teeth.

Aeryn grimaced as the clumsy man bit a little too hard on her nipple. He lacked any of the tenderness and skill that Dr. Edwards had shown.

After spending a couple of minutes on her breasts, he grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around. He pushed on her back so that she was now bent over and leaning on his desk. “Only an hour, don’t have time for all the foreplay.”

“What is it with desks?” Aeryn mumbled. She felt a hand grip the waist band of her warm-ups and panties and pull them down around her knees. She then heard him frantically trying to get his pants undone.

Dr. Foley could hardly contain himself. His wife had had a perpetual headache for the last ten years and most of his sexual experiences had been limited to the one female college student he took with him every year to Switzerland. Now he was about to have sex with the sexiest girl he had ever seen much less been with. He fumbled his cock out of his boxers and placed it against her bald pussy, spreading her pink lips.

While not even slightly attracted to Dr. Foley, her body did respond to the pressure against her mound. She could feel the heat begin to build and her body start to produce fluid. She felt him pushing his cock in and out until the tip had gathered enough moisture to slide in. With a sharp intake of breath she felt it go in about two inches. He continued to work his cock in and out of her until he had completely penetrated her. He was average, about six inches long. She was just glad he was in a hurry and didn’t ask her to suck his cock.

Dr. Foley humped his student like a rabbit. He reached around and squeezed her tit with his left hand. He knew women like that because they always moaned in the porn movies when guys did that. He was thrilled to see how wet Aeryn had gotten and knew she was enjoying it as much as he was.

Aeryn fought the urge to reach down and break Dr. Foley’s hand that was squeezing her breast. Nine years of martial arts training had given her the skill to actually do it if she chose to. She was a little surprised at how easily she got wet. The pervert probably thought she was enjoying it.

“I knew you were like this deep down Aeryn. A girl as beautiful as you probably gets fucked all the time. The way that pink pussy of yours got so hot and wet so fast, you must be horny all the time.” Dr. Foley said as he thrust his cock in and out of his student.

Aeryn rolled her eyes. May as well give the old turtle what he wants, she thought to herself. “Yes Dr. Foley, fuck me, I love the way your cock feels inside me. Fuck me hard.”

“Yes you little whore. I knew you liked taking a cock. You are probably fucking half your Professors. I wish I had known. I would have been fucking you since the start of the semester.”

Aeryn could feel him intensify his thrust. “Tell me how many students you have fucked like me?” Aeryn asked.

“Six over the last ten years, there’s always some little whore willing to fuck for advancement.” Dr. Foley replied between grunts. “Here it comes Aeryn, I’m about to give you what you want. I am about to fill that beautiful pussy of yours with my cum.”

Just like Dr. Edwards, Dr. Foley gripped her tight around the waist and thrust as deeply as he could inside her. She immediately felt a warming sensation as his cum ejected inside her. A few grunts and few more thrust and he had shot his entire load.

Aeryn felt Dr. Foley pull his cock out. When she looked behind her she saw him pull up his boxers and pants. Deciding he was finished she pulled up her warm-up bottoms and put her bra and sweat shirt back on.

“You are by far the best piece of ass I have ever had.” Dr. Foley said smiling at Aeryn. “We will be having a lot of fun in Switzerland.”

“You didn’t say I would have to have sex with you the entire time. This was just supposed to be a one time thing.”

“Aeryn, honey, I disappointed to hear you say that. I bet one of the other two girls would be more than happy to show their appreciation to me all summer.”

“You already promised me.” Aeryn replied hotly.

“Did I?” Dr. Foley grabbed Aeryn’s arm tightly. “If you are serious about going you will do whatever I say.”

Aeryn grabbed his hand and put it in a Judo hold. Pulling his thumb back at a painful angle, Dr. Foley went to his knees. She then reached out and gripped his throat. “You listen to me you fucking freak. First, right now I can break your hand or tear out your throat. Second, if you do not keep your promise I will go to the President of the University and your wife.” She released her grip and he began to massage his wrist. She pulled out her smart phone and pushed playback. “I have the entire thing recorded. I also have a coochie full of your sperm. Back out of our deal and you will lose your job and everything you own when your wife divorces you. Not to mention, I seriously doubt you will ever get a job at another University again. Do we understand each other?”

Dr. Foley looked up at Aeryn with naked hatred on his face.

“Answer me.” Aeryn said with a dead serious tone.

“Yes you bitch. We understand each other.” Dr. Foley said with a snarl.

“Good.” Aeryn said, changing her expression to a smile. “You had better go wash that blood off your face before the next class.”

“What blood…” Dr. Foley said half realizing what was about to happen.

Aeryn kneed Dr. Foley in the face and his nose exploded with blood. “That was for calling me a bitch. See you on the plane for Switzerland next week Dr.”


Aeryn stood nine paces from her opponent. Both kenshi faced one another and performed a standing bow with their shinai, a sword made up of four bamboo staves and leather held down in the left hand, blade facing upwards. Aeryn saw the judge give the go-ahead to begin and brought her shinai to a position on her left hip where a katana would normally be sheathed and her thumb moved up to cover the tsuba or crossguard.

The two kenshi took three steps forward while drawing their shinai in a large arc over their heads and down towards (chundan no kamae) or center guard. While doing this they slowly crouched down into a position where they balanced on the balls of their feet. Aeryn had been studying kendo for seven years now and the (sonkyou) was perfectly executed.

Aeryn looked at her opponent without expression. She was (Yon Dan) or fourth Dan. She still had three more years before she could try for (Go Dan) or fifth Dan. Each additional rank required a set number of years before you could advance. You are required to spend at least four years as a fifth Dan, at least five years as a (Roku Dan) or sixth Dan, six years as a (Shichi Dan) or seventh Dan and so on. Aeryn was facing a fifth Dan, one level above hers.

“Hajime!” The judge called out.

Aeryn immediately went on the offensive by making a (Men Uchi) or strike to ‘men’. ‘Men’ being the top of her opponents metal grille helmet. She followed up with (Kin kasha), a repeated diagonal strike to the ‘men’. Her opponent quickly deflected the combination assault while taking three steps back and counter-attacked. Aeryn deflected the attack and saw an opening. Only a fraction of a second opening, she performed a (Do Uchi) or strike to ‘do’, ‘do’ being the padding around the waist.

Feeling emboldened by her success she circled her opponent and once again went into a combination attack. Her opponent deflected the assault and swung his shinai at her head in a swing that would have taken off her head if it had connected and she had not been wearing armor. Aeryn took two steps back and her attacker stepped forward sensing weakness. Her opponent conducted a high then low attack and Aeryn deflected these with ease. Once again her opponent opened himself up by overextending himself on a down swing and gave Aeryn an opening. She performed a (Men uchi) and was rewarded with the solid sound of her shinai connecting with his helmet.

‘Two points,’ Aeryn thought to herself, ‘One more to go.’ Aeryn’s opponent attacked once again in a combination of furious blows. She deflected these strikes as she had the others. Her opponent made a high, two handed chop at her ‘men’. She deflected the strike, brought her sword up and did a (Tsuki) or thrust to throat guard and the match was over just like that.

The judge declared Aeryn the winner of the match with three points to none.

Aeryn saw her Sensei approach and bowed to him.

“You have done well Aeryn. I have noticed some changes within you in the last couple of days. You showed none of your usual hesitation in attacking and went on the offense more.”

“(Ki ken tai I-chi) Sensei, spirit, sword, body as one,” replied Aeryn.

“You have always had great skill. I was referring to the change in your mental attitude.”

“(Tamashii), fighting spirit and (Hei jo shin), calmness of mind, I understand these better. I was attacked a couple of days ago and defended my self.”

The Sensei smiled. “Yes, a real life victory can often change the nature of a person by giving them a courage that was there but untapped.”

“Sensei, I will be unable to continue my lessons this summer. I have received an opportunity to work in Switzerland at the Large Hadron Collider.”

“Congratulations Aeryn. I know this is something you have been striving for, I wish you luck. Just remember to practice your Kata and we can pick up when you return.”

“Thank you Sensei.” Aeryn said and bowed.


Aeryn walked around the ATLAS detector. At 46 meters long, 25 meters high, 25 meters wide and weighing 7000 tonnes it is the largest particle detector ever constructed. She had been here for nearly a month and was still awed by the enormous machine.

Dr. Foley had seemed to accept the situation and had resigned himself to the fact that he would not be getting between her legs again. He had been understandably stand-offish even to the point were he had taken an earlier flight just to avoid her. While he was unable to avoid her in the close quarters of the control room of the ATLAS, he did limit his conversations to strictly work. This was fine with Aeryn as she had no desire to get to know him any more than she already did.

Aeryn walked through an enormously thick set of steel doors and into the control room of the ATLAS. She found Dr. Foley sitting at a computer terminal checking some data for the test they were about to conduct. She was naturally excited about this experiment since they were about to try and create a microscopic unstable black hole. There had been lots of protest to the research but anyone with an understanding of particle physics new that the black hole would only exist for the tiniest fraction of a second. In addition there were many safety protocols put in place including a high energy field that would keep the microscopic black hole in a position where it would not come in contact with anything.

“Alright Aeryn, let’s begin the test. I am activating the magnets.” Dr. Foley said as he began to charge the 1600 superconducting magnets that went around the seventeen mile circumference of the Collider.

Aeryn watched the monitors as each system came online and displayed the data that let her know all systems were functioning properly. She called off each green light to Dr. Foley as they appeared on her screen.

“Aeryn,” Said Dr. Foley. “I am not getting any readings from the Muon Spectrometer. I need you to go inside and check the connection. It has happened before; just push the connector more securely in.” Dr. Foley said staring at his screen.

Aeryn was a little concerned about this. “Isn’t it dangerous to go inside while it’s activated?”

“It is if the particle accelerator is activated. It’s not dangerous with only the magnets activated.” Dr. Foley said over his shoulder.

“Yes, Dr.,” said Aeryn as she got up and made her way to the ATLAS chamber.

Aeryn walked in, closed the door behind her and approached the Muon Spectrometer. As the Dr. had said, the connection was loose. She reconnected it and made her way to the door. When she tried to open it she found that it was locked. She couldn’t figure out how it got locked. The lock was on the outside and can’t be accidentally locked by the person who enters the chamber. Aeryn went to the side of the door and pressed the intercom. “Dr. Foley, I seem to have been locked inside. Could you come down and unlock the door?”

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